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Sick Headache
Digestion Ooi
in r tulN I ron the Ia r to Protect
Her 1 rmii Her stl
t the i a otie
i i - iNta Trs Mrehll Yes-
a mi c je 1110 oun y ludpo
I e afli he wot id like to hare
nice fer be ng assui iil by
tun he desire 1 information
irivei he priced ed to sate his
ad iiee was a wii ro lady in
jr iol vtiu wisicd o hi pro-
i Ler soi that he ouug man
j an 1 ss broken
an 1 kcii i i tin door and
i ii mjher d to
v ric nn he la a to protect
A Courtftl
tiis i ei i in nunin lonti
irnej Fn s was made ac
u tho fi ts in the eas and will
i c o a nd to the y n
r 1 he pai les ire well i oinet ted
d fi oi ii di nation is being
i over the coiduii of Un boy
s cltotil Exhibition
with a Nhot lun
Trx March 31 They st 1
VA e moiTi by that that many f
eft this county and sought otb -
i j iir ivturoinK und aro no
1 nil TtTrell and Kaufman coun
ui old that mie or to lirpo crc X
u if with oijutil bifkbone and
pet i ennincnt hold b
u I tlrell Now we dont bay th -
itoof truth in the stitLnieut i it
wiHtlnpto Lnmv can ery ei iy
l tominp to Terrell It muv or
1 pos iblo Any one on the
u KHtion of th it land will be a to
i even f e iiiisted on his
lout ou bjhevo that to be so
on ret ul merchants stajins
l n ell that n e had enouph of
i bofors we thought of it here
piping in and sotting up houso
mil atfounl nisponsiuili
without askinp advice ot anj
i 1 wotint help it dont want
i lp to ii we odld
ii IKiveme ts are coming vfi hope
s nous e wait thuui anl need
sorts of pen c hero are dited
places stdl re i an to suit i ihers
iei a treat 1 Ml of unr
iv Some as licbasthcNi valley
is poor as the selndce edce of a
dpi ire piisshopp r on th bleak
- if the ereat fcjh ira Ifjukuow
In i w iiitiiip u tritt of lud poor
i tor in j piipost ia here Vc have
ul iid mdilcrent very p od very
aid ery in iTen it We opa jou
i w uii ii w in d of it ami v il ae forced
mi e and see for wura If A nan must
a fi it deu of Mtt ald moi to
e herewithout ttorLinromehow
v i he iborer cnuzettc an honest a
1 1 is stoied away
s no tehnp vihit Te ell would
h i e Ve need seven more rail
lunk linos of course We would
to hie two or thre foundnes
s incubators and oil t immense
Any thnip pooc and big
I trrell w ill pet rich ft t
o couununo with small farm
1 1 lally
a vicious
Tired Into
1l Ma eh 1 AfW si 1 1 ooL
and conceit at ai sirf
he whof s Ida
Uas ist n Ofekm
fW Ti
lo J SMASitaiic i
I jpd afftit
i lur eolor d children while
r lmr yPi wore siiPig rJJ
inicu of a 1 irge au ieie iif
V id qu atiubrof white-
aid ill le the lmi OMscd
lOiiud wih leathers pupils
rs a ilub ej vred shot
ch ii -oil witi snot was fired
32 V AS
tomacli Jjnpaired
ic Disordered Liver etc
ital organs strengthening the
muscular svstenand arousmn with the rosebud of health
The WhoIcS1 Physical Lncrof the Human Iramc
Beechams i7 taken as directed mil quickly RESTORE
FEMALES to complete health
Price 25 cents per Box
Jiepaifd only by THOS EEECEAiT St Iarcitsare Jiglm
n yr iiipv rfy Soli 4amts for Tltitid Stair 3G3 3G7 imal St 2ciB
Turk rrhn kfyourdniig1 n0 fV tltein u Ul mail Jirerliamt lUU ajju
receiptor vrtec1ui inquire jji ijumiiviuuisjMincnm
- - - --7-
i wfrfaMSyttlMti
IFortortli Texas
710 Mala snfiSlft
thrcc quarters of a
FoclUc Roilrood
mile west of city limits on Texas aod
Manufacture iVonfie Fronts UVtngs Ventilators Sa Weight Artesian Well Drilllnp Ma
th ner WH DrlN Ir 11 Itir Hope Sockets Jare r shlng Tools Engine and Car Casting
Rcpulr ltnl rtbulu i nmi HoiIt Pump- Etc ur do a generil Foundry acd Michno
Mt feps i btlinateh fiuo oa id niuds of machinery vrchitecturol Iron work ot oil kinds o
Aa orders lert ai Pouk inil Machine and Implement o will be promptly attended to
Best low prte ni chittaiUotffiKrnarktr Excels In Speed quality
JgsPTvork and D- ability
PRI 1500
rffl JONES CO Gen Agents
Correspondcnoe Solioitsd
Dallas Toxelb
nnnno i loiiOTiPifTi Pfi aBv
WIMbd LMpeil bilJMu
ifer Anheuser Lernp and Schlitz Beer
Ron Worth
If I In j I i iv TIicj CiiVt t ij Anuy Hut
KLturu Hotter riLcil
Th m Uur
- - -
- stGMinns on all brands of ITent lclry uhiskles from stocfc here or trareliouaes in Kec
- mi i p in jppWation
make arrangements for the national con
tention to be held in this city on Hay 19
to organize the new political party with the
Farmers Alliance as ctho basis of power
lie is the national orpamzer of what is
kiuwii as the Citizens Industrial Alhanco
lie says there will be a thousand delegates
present representing thirty states and that
the conference will put a ticket in the field
this summer
The Market still Dull but the Merchants
urc Hopeful The Combination Ut
terly 1IU to Materialize
Speclil to the Gazette
New Yoitu March 31 Jobbers in dry
goods still experience the dullness that has
prc ailed for nearly two months
Distant customers who should have ap
peared in great numbers long ago have not
yet been seen and in some minds thero is
fear that they will not tome at all as the
season is so far advanced but buyers from
and I idl points are coiihdently expected before
ivtib iiuuijut luu uisiaui iu iiuus u uu
cntry which usually sends many buyers
to New York The weather has been very
ramy and business unprosperous Buyers
fom these sect ions undoubtedly puicha3ed
bevond their needs hist fall before the Mo
Kin law went into effect
The general feeling in dry poods is one of
hopefulness however and leading dealers
look for a favorable change w ithin a few
w ec ks as they have looked for it all along
1 he efforts of the Southern plaid manu
fitturers to form a combine to control
P ites bos resulted in a railure Alter
i meeting with strong opposition from lead
ing mill owners tho projectors of tho move
runt ulled a convention in Charlotte N C
At this gathering Dr McAden owner of
large mills at MoAdeniille N C refused
to join the association but said ho would
put his goods into its hands for sale if
I termed At the second session of the same
toni ention at Danville Ya tho directors
I of Hiicrside mills firmly announced that
t hey would not depart from their previous
resolution to hold aloof from any combine
unless all tho mills in the South making
the same class of paods were parties
thereto The convention adjourned without
ctconiplishing any thing and It is thought
in New York the project will bo abandoned
The Correspondent Under the Rule Two
Atltnesei Examined
Spec il to the Gazette
iRuiam Tex MatihSl In the Marlow
mob coses in the Federal court the
w r losses were sworn in Monday and
plated under the rule Two were examined
yesterday and two to day Up to noon
y our corresimudent is excluded from tho
court room as a witness under the rule and
not allowed to disc ass the evidence John
Levell one of the defendants on trial was
sick Sunday and Is hardly able to attend
Territory Whisky
Correspondence of the Gazette
Akdsioue I T March 30 W C Ho
patt and P Baker of Ardmoro were
m in I icsted and brought beforo United States
Commissioner r lemming to day on tho
chorpe of introducing and selling whisky in
the Indian Territory They were committed
to Pa is in default of bond to which place
the will be taken to night by Deputy Mar-
i t x
te Sometimes a Contfdfratlcn t
Terferine cures quickly and effectually
wir by isflt bv J T Shjptrine i Ero ftTCunah
ixtsous borne of thenij
tilers sughlly
111 Tut u Ticket in the Pield
Clscivxati Ouio March 31 Capt C
A Poiror of Terra Haute luii is hern to
r K njrworm Groand Itch Eczema Ery
a I eb n P les Intani s torfe Head
liar -ha t sjn iijrrN tiites oUMBCts etc
-if o tte speces jtfalnjpeai
c u 4ur uiu JW I yi J
y or apttenne o loaeiy
ihOM IL Trice roc il i nsOT
Ua trade supplied JBy il Vi wuuanissuo
To Stockmen
Tho Daily Hi I i i lijfsfi Tl bo found
s de at BCJjaftrows stand No 533
sumauniniowu iin sysagniotel liansos City Mo
i i t t
For Rent
A pasture of two thous
miles of stockyards abjaJIFwater good
Further Evidences That the Re
vival of the Business is On
Says the Chicago Drovers Journal The
General Outlook for Itauge Cattle
1 Certainly not Bad borne
Opinion Notes
Short Talks Personal
Mr Harry White a cattleman and mer
chant of Meridimwas in the city yesterday
Capt J J Wilson livestock agent of the
Chicapo and Alton took a run over to Dal
las j esterday
Seaily all the home traders were out of
the city yesterday They were out on some
big trade or other but where could not bo
larned Thero arc some big trades on
foot this is a certainty but until thoy are
closed an outsider aint in it
Capt E B Harrold returned yesterday
from a trip to Henrietta and i icinity Said
ho tj a reporter yesterday Cattlo up in
that country are looking well grass is line
and soon therell be an abundant supply
Usually grass is backward up there but
this year it is the reverse Wheat well I
never saw a more favorable outlook not
only up in that country but all aloug the
line and reports from all sources are sim
ilar With a fine wheat crop grass better
than for years cattle in good condition to
start with prices now up and advancing
with every indication of a continued good
market Ill tell you this i ear will bo one
of the most prosperous Texas has expe
rienced for a long time It makes me think
of our old cattle days Yes I think the re
vival in the cattle business is a genuine
The packing house is now killing daily
from 500 to SOO hogs and quite a number of
sheep and beeios thaie is a heavy ship
ment in and out of the state of tho pro
ducts and soon there will be an unusually
heavy killing of choice beeves as arrange
ments have been made for a choice lot of
cattle to be shipped for this purpose
Among the receipts of beef cattle yester
day was one bunch of twenty six A 1
Texans ready for the chute Twenty four
of these weighed up 2 J20 and brought
3 25
Hog receipts were light but 1600 were
expected in List night
Sam Lazarus Says the Cattle Market was
Netrrln Better Miupe or Prospects
Cattlemen are takmp a lively interest in
the Times predictions of a better market
for some time to come They are confident
that matters hae gone as low as possible
and that things will soon take an upward
turn Mr Sam Lazarus one of the largest
cattle dealers in Texas recently said that
the prospects for a better market were
very bright Ho thought that there would
be no repetition of the lorced sales of last
summer when the CherokeeS trip was
evacuated This ho thought had a bad
inlluent e on the market but he was confi
dent that the prices would go up this year
While the demand for meats is constantly
increasing according to Mr Lazarus the
supplv is cojtinually decreasing and tho
natural tendency will be to forui prices up
several points
Mr C M Bruce the manaeer of the
Barbacomari cattle company the largest
cattle company in Southern Arizona said
that the producers on the Pacific coast had
reason to be thankful for tho improved
condition of things He said that to his
mind the editorial and local article- i tho
Times expressed the situation exactly Ho
believes in a new era of prices and in an
other season of the general prosperity for
tho cattle producers of tho West Mr
James Converse one of the youngest and
most successful of the business men of
North Dakota ecpaged in tho cattle busi
nesses also confident teat prices will bo
hrttp r for the next month or two but he
docs not wish to make any assertions us to
tho far future He has recentlv traveled
over Texas and thu Southwest looking at
the cattle interests there and he finds a
great many reasons for encouragement be
sides the mere question of tho prices
Mr J C Leary of Denver the livestock
agent of tho Union Pacific is also a firm
believer in the good prices and the good
times that are to come He bases his pre
dictions upon tho fact that the shipments of
cattle from tho South to the Northern
rangos havo decreased in a great measure
He thinks that the sum total of tho cattlo
to be sent from south to noi a this year
w ill not amount to more than 10000 Mr
Leary believes that tho railroads may pos
sibly transport 100000 cattle but that the
cow boys will not drive more than 20000
cattle north The usual migration has run
from two to three hundred thousand head
annually Mr Leary believes that this is
indicative of a shortage These four opin
ions coming from widely different sections
of the country demonstrate that the Times
is not far out of tho way when tho predic
tion of higher prices and better times are
Mr James W Johnson of Hamilton
Kan is at the Midland He say3 the pros
pects for increased prices and for a steady
market are brighter than they have been
for a long time Mr Johnson is one of tho
largest feeders in the vicinity of Kinporia
and he is a close student of markets rather
than maxims He says that the farmers
and the cattle breeders of the Southwest
have reasons to feel greatly- encouraged
over tho situation Kansas City Times
grass and steuatmK Apply W M G
Ellis or TYitMFlHTiii ilililm
Heros tho War tlie Chicaco Drovers
Journal Pats It
Late advices from the Northwestern
range country- are generally favorable the
lato heavy snowfall guaranteeing plenty of
moisturofor summer grass In some sec
tions however the rcKrts say that the
snows were so deep and remained so long
four weeks that the cattle became bndly
emaciated and losses were much heavier
than were thought ssiblo a few weeks
If the range cattle are good there is littlo
doubt about their meeting a good demand
Tho best of them it is thought will sell
readily for exportation Some well in
formed men are very sanguine about high
prices It is all right to be sanpuine but it
Is better to be prepared not to be too much
disappointed if hopes are not realized
In the southwest there is a livelier trad
ing in range cattlo than there has been
since the old boom days of the early
eighties Owing to the late money strin
gency buyers who had cash were able to
make some highly advantageous deals in
Texas cattle this spring Thousands of
cattle were bought at prices that even now
show a profit of 3a7 per heod The high
price of feed stuff has caused many feeders
to merely rough their cattlo along until
they can be more cheaply fattened on grass
This coupled with the fact that grass was
too wet in the southeast and too dry in the
southwest portion of the state to make
early beef has caused a decided decrease in
marketing of Texas cattle this year com
pared with a year apo Many of the best
cattle in tho Southwest have been con
tracted by Chicago buyers and the move
ment to Northern grazing grounds has been
larger than last year
Tho general outlook for range cattlo is
certainly not bad
LThe Charco Made Ainlnst tho Milwaukee
lS Road Morris Bigr Shipment
The Milwaukee is said to be plavinp a
shrewd game on its competitors in the ship
ment of livestock from Kansas City- to Chi
capo Tho Kansas City stockmen are com
plaining bitterly and charge that they are
ea at a disadvantage uy tne scneme
Is charged that the Milwaukee has
gone into the stock business and that the
company has an agent in Kansas City who
Is buying stock to ship to Chicago for the
J company Ttjtocr to bcugat xaweur to
get the freight and it is alleged that the
roads agent is capturing all of the most
desirable lots and shipping them over his
A couple of weeks ago s row was raised
over the Milwaukees action but the affair
has quluicd down somewhat either because
the shippers could not help themselves or
tho proof positive could not be secured
Nevertheless tho road is still accused of
investing in stock for tho freirht there is in
it and the fact that its stock shipments are
larger than those of any other lino and that
they are made by the alleged apent is con
sidered proof enough for tho stockmen
The cattle business through Kansas City
is likely to receive a new impetus soon
Nelson Morris has a big lot of cattle down
in Texas which is to be moved soon and
negotiations with the railroads are already
on Tho Santa Fe it is said will probably
do the business althouph tho Katy and
the Wabash and Burlinpton are fipuring on
tho deaL It is said that extra mileage on
the Morris cars is asked for and is mode a
condition of the contract Kansas City
Kane Gossip Here and There
Sheep are higher in Nebraska than for
several years
Thero is always a cash markot for good
horses and mule3 Breed the bast
The commission rustlers aro in Texas in
full force So are the livestock agents
Large shipments of stock are daily made
in the icinity of San Angelo which are
mostly billed to tho Territory
The Cotulla Ledger savs that stockmen
are beginning to lose cattle at a lively rate
for want of water and grass
Old Brindle s shaking -ho soup from
off her flank Tho fat Texas steer was
lately elected for the long term All he
w ants now is a short hauL
It is reported that over fMOOOO have
been invested in sheep in the vicinity of
San Angelo In the past three weeks by
Northern and local dealers The average
price paid is about S225
W II Jennings shipped five car loads of
beeves to tho company
livestock commission firm of Chicago dur
ing the past week He also bought 2200
head of steers for spring delivery
It is Jui as bad policy says an ex
change to give poor food to good stock as
to give good food to poor stock Both
should bo good the food and tho stock
then there may be some profit in the com
The wool grow ers of New Mexico are or
ganizing local associations all over the ter
ritory looking to the enforcement of the
new scab law which has been recently
passed They propose building dips and
corrals in order to comply with tho provis
ions of the law in regard to dipping and
they thus hope to havo tho cost reduced to
a minimum
The horse show at Round Rock last week
was a success Pearson Bros exhibited
some of their imported and registered
horses among them being Edgar S17 7sG
Viewlv Boy 15sG b 1 and Beodlam Won
der 12S1 These horses are all registered
and each models of their breed W T
Tisdalo also exhibited a French coach a
Canadian coach and his imported Tennes
see jack
The Raton New Mexico Range says that
the high prices or grain in Kansas has
proved an expensive experimentto the New
Mexico cattlo owners who have been win
tering their stock in that unfortunate state
Fifty cent corn and the present low prices
of steers has impoverished a number of cat
tlo raisers
Mr J W Blasingame a large cattle
buyer of Denison Tex is Just in from a
trip to the Territory He reports cattle
looking well and says that the Ter
ritory has been free from much bad
weather this winter Ho recently bought
1S0OO head of ones and twos in the vicinity 1
of Alice and Beeville which he will shortly
move to tho Territory
Capt Schreiner will start about COOO head
of beof cattlo tho first week in April for
Amanllo near New Mexico and Colorado
They will bo divided into three herds of
about 2000 each the first to take the trail
on tho 1st of April tbe second on tho 3rd
and tho third on tho 5th Another herd of
about 2000 hed will bo rounded up and
ready to leave on the 20th of April His
cowboys aro booted and spurred and put
ting in the best licks of their ponies to havo
tho herds in readiness by those dates
Kerrville News
He Will Found His Tale During the Time
of Cortez as He Thinks the People
Were More Civilized at that Time
Admires tho Country
New YortK March 31 H Rider Hag
gard English novelist arrived from Mex
ico where he has been spending several
months studying the country with a view
to collecting material for a new story
Ho sails for England on tho Germanic
Mr Haggard was seen yesterday and said
Yes of course I enjoyed the trip
but the traveling in Mexico is hard
How did you travel
Railroads horseback muleback or on
foot according to the country The climate
is very trying there with heat and insects
tho air swarms with them mosquitoes jig
gers and a kind of tick called garapapota
They make life a misery We made the
City of Mexico our headquarters and mado
short trips here and thero We visited the
Chispas country where valuable mines
havo recently been discovered
How did you manage to livewhilo trav
eling asked the reporter
Livo I Oh as we could like dogs said
Haggard laughing Sometimes we found
huts to crawl into at night and if not we
stayed in the open air Yes I have plenty
of material for my story but I cannot stop
to talk about it I shall tako the timo of
Cortez to fill it in as I believe the Mexicans
were more civilized then than they havo
been since However thero is not much
left of tho old spirit among the people You
only find it in tho Indians and they aro
crushed and half enslaved
What do you think of the country
It lsvmagnlficent immense It has not
begunfoT developed In fact we have
oniy scratcnea it as yet
Subscribe for the WcektasHKrK
One of the Oldest Private Banks la Ala
bama Assigns Capital Stock
MoxTGOMEKT Aia March 31 The John
McNab bank of Eufaula a banking institu
tion incorporated with a capital of 100000
with reported surplus of over 30000 as l
signed to day to Jonn w Tunis 01 tuiauia
Assets and liabilities unknown Yet un
der old man McNabs deceased manage
ment it was considered one of the strongest
and most conservative private banking in
stitutions in Alabama as well as one of the
The Prostrating Shocks
Of malarial fever are not to bo counteracted by
quinine with any degree of certainty or for
any length of time The eradicaticn and pre
vention of diseases ot a mlasrna tic type are
however ascertained possibtfrties Long ex
perience has shofcn that
preventive efncoi
Uostetter3 Stomal
loids drugs and
the only recognlziKramns
ticipatlng attajflrdf fel
remittent VjHn the 1
by perfodiclHy recurrini
agreeable restorative renew
ana is not oniy a positive s
which were formerly
the damose to the general healfl
zecrue comniuus nartajaag
is infinitely more
e botanic medicine
than in the
of r Tioviag and an
an to and bilious
L eng depleted
ms this
lefnnd of energy
nc but repairs
inflicted by all
rn fwertaf
AU persons seeking employment or desiring
help of any character aro invited to use this
column free of charge such advertisements not
to exceed three lines
Notices of articles lost and found In tils col
umn not exceeding three lines will also be in
serted free
It Is tbe desire of Tnn Gazette to facilitate
the search of persons for emnlovment and the
recovery of lost property and all ore cordially
Invited to use this column for such purposes
Parties answering advertisements below must
address tne advertiser and not the u zctte
as this paper has nothing to do with tho adver
tisement further than to pnnt lt
TnEGt7ETTE cannot undertake to forward
replies unless prepaid and addressed envelopes
accompany advertisements
No personal notices printed unless accom
panied by the name of advertiser
Advertisers should remember that letters di
rected to initials only are not delivered through
the nostoSce If initials are used they should
be directed to the care of some person inn or
postoOlce box Adt ertlsements con b left at
our ofJce or sent through the mall to The Ga
zette Fort Worth Tex
In answering advertisements mention this
paper a
List of letters remaining uncalled for In the
counting room on yesterday Persons
rcr tnem will please say advertised
Advertiser L MandlitlrJ
R3 tKcJiffcd
Justness L WfegBfflTSL
C W a w otfcEPKr 14a 1
Cathre MvCji i Merlin- Mr 1
Fomttian L K IT Zone L
Ilubin Paul t W S 4
Limestone 3
TArifeCN Wanted th
and Deakr
licwle Tet
wbo was attoy
railroad last
of Lawyer
ort v ortn
G Turner
26 1
T lUKsiSjLiiitinormation tsltanied ol Jtre
XJ mlah Edar Dressier Ills father is dead
and he is rtqutsted to write his brother D u
Dressier Dimmsvllle Junita county Penn
ft CODING The address of Marion E Good
OT lug would De appreciated by his friend T
L S box -13 Morgan Tex H5
VT would like a few gentlemen correspondents
object fun or perhaps matrimony Address
L Wells Ill est Weolherford street Fort
Worth Tex 31
IT young lady of seventeen years of age would
like to ba e a few gentlemen correspondents
Address Mamie Nickelson 111 West Weather
ford street Fort Worth Tex 313
F HEAUMONT Anyone knowing
the whereabouts of Henry F Beaumont
will please communicate with the undesigned
at Waco Tex Ii W Beaumont 0 5
Isaac Johnon last heard of was
JOHNSON I T His grandson William
Thomas would be thankful to learn his here
abouts Address William Thomas Cedar Mills
Gray son county Tex zd
T ILPATRICK Wanted to learn the w her
IV abouts of r M Kilpatncu Address T
KilpUrick Houston Tcv
y o
rDY CUUiiJsjiUNDfNTs v ontea jouug
lady correspoudents ace 17 to Vi T K K
Dallas Tex room 411 Exall building 1 3
correspond with a young lady between eigh
teen and twenty photo exchanged Address
Frank carjGazette 303
I ADrfCORREbPOjip5T Wanted young
OJ lawvprresponucnt ml 10 is year
AddRs X1161 CoopejP Dallas
iU tells past pri
wnere oine
future succeeds
Sdv ice free 303 First and
JlfSNAWAY My son Willie E
XL left home on the 33d day of
Anyone knowing of his whereabouts will
confer a great favor upon his parents by
informing them where ho is He is eighteen
years old about six feet and six inches high
weight 117 pounds red head fair complected
blue eyes in delicate health I forbid any per
son corporation or company from hiring or
harboring him Address Milsap Porter
county Texan Dr G W Boruughs
M V Bray of Dublin would
STOTTSMrs the whereabouts of George W
btotts I hav e something of great Importance
to teU him 1 8
j dys nlllpator card case Reward for its re
turn to the Chamberlin Investment Co tf
J A1CH Lost a small open lace atch with
V short ch iin with ball pendant- Suitable
reward If delivered at 310 W Belknap 30 5
Lost ladys gold watch and chain
T V w ith basket charm and 10 cent silv er piece
attached Reward for its return to Clark house
corner Fifteenth and Rusk streets M t
YyATCII Lost open faco ladys gold watch
1 f qLeeen chain and monogram M M on
back Reward for its return to Gazette ofllce
C1CARF PIN Found a pcntlemans scarf pin
O ow ner can obtain same by calling at Texas
and Pocinc city ticket ofllce and identifying
nroDertv 31 3
DIN Found an I O O F pin with Initials
X W C B engroved on same Call North Side
railway companys oclce prove ownership and
LCL ItllllC w
Wanted a good woman cook Apply
at S16 Burnett street corner of Jackson
street- 39 4
OOK Wanted -0 good womon to do general
housework Apply at S03 East Belknop
street Fort Worth Tex 39 4
Wanted a good white cook Apply to
COOK B Loyds residence bis Lamar street
37 2
OOK Wanted a good cook who will be w 111-
ing to assist with thewoshlngand ironing
References required Apply to Mrs W A
Huffman 113 Wst Second street
Wanted servant girl to do house
work for family of three and take care of
boby Apply at 315 West Rollroad av enue 1 7
C IRL Wanted a girl to learn hair dressing
v Miss Eidreoge mrsnueid
building Fort
31 0
IRL Wanted girl to do general housew ork
Gt r Mrs J W Norvell 605 East Sixth street
Fort Worth 29 4
hit woman wanted to do house-
family of three Apply at SOI
East Third street SO 5
FULL and complete course of shorthand by
A mail consisting of twelve easy lessons and
containing every pri tcipie necessary to at
a speed of 135 w ords per minute rc
until 100 more students nave earciJjsplilstruc
tlons thorough practical gajST1ctlon guar
anteed The iwenuiinsKDest students receive
prizes amounUjafWrSoO Leading largest and
only exfiJuMHsfnorthatid institute in the South
weiBsffTor trial lesson and particulars ad
dress the Hansen College of Phonography op-
poslte postoffice Dallas Tex
BAKER Citv bakery and family grocery
wants a first class baker A permanent
iob Man without family preferred R T Dal
las proprietor Ardmore L T 29 4 Jb
Wanted a man to till position where a
MAN salary will be paid witb chance of
rapid promotion Address with stamp for
particulars lock box 517 San Antonio Tex 39 4
PRINTER We want a sober steady young
man with about two years experience We
cant pay a big salary bnt will give the right
man permanent employment at reasonable
wages Addrcs stating qualifications and
wages wanted Budget Alvord Tex 1 7
Wanted at once an -all round
PRINTER who Is sober industrious and will
work at reasonable wages to take charge of the
mechanical department of a live paper
Steady employment to the right man Will lo
cate you on homestead three and one half miles
from county seat town Must work reasonable
and be competent State wages wanted acd
experience Aadress George 1 Blakely Hart
ley Tex 1 7
PORTER Wholesale grocery house wants a
strong white man who can read and write
for warehouse man must be sober and ac
quainted with the business Give experience
and refereicss Addreii P O Box 450 Aus
tin Tit SSs3
1 iU
jcnw Ascc5wA
U w ritv t
wants po
HALE jf4
must opera
nter and be w
n law once
I Ardmorc I
amcdjW male stcno
wtilirfiph or Kerning
ilrnr to do general of-
b apiIarj expected
W 26 1
-Wanted a man to take position of
rust pood salary or part of profits with
small investment mciose siamp nor vm
Dollas 39 4
PAINTERS Eight or ten painters wanted
immediately in Coleman City Coleman
county 30 3
Wanted a cook at railroad lunch
center at Cleburne Tex I 7
STENOGRAPHER Young lady wints posi
tion as Btenographer ana typewriter copy
ist cashier or saleslady Good experence in
oU No objection to leaving the city Address
O W care Gazette gj 4
STENOGRAPHER Experienced lady Mn
ographer writes pencil system ovi cs type
writer desires position Al city reftrcuces
Address R 145 Gazette SS 4
Vj good law arm or loan company in or out of
Fort Worth Will take position on trial Good
references and new machine Address A U C
care Gazette 3s lu
STENOGRAPHER Position wanted by ex
O perienced stenographer and typewriter one
who understands bookkeeping Audress Mat
tie SlIOVi O between Twentj urst and
secona uaiveston Tex 35 3
QEAMbIREs Wanted position to do plain
kj tewing oj t e cay
406 Louisiana avenue
ilUUKKKKPEK Al bookkeeper
desires a
set of books to keen Will also do ccneral
work salary v ery reasonable Address Busi
ness care of Gazette 31 5
BO v hite boy bixteen years of age bright
and a rustler wants a situation at anv
work he can do
Jones street
Please address Eddie L 17U3
1 0
BOOKKEEPER Al bookkeeper wants posi
tion Twelvemonths experience Best of
references W II M care Gazette
BARBER A good white sober and industri
ous barber wishes a position where ce caa
makj good w ages Address box to Pittsbu g
Tex 37 3
BOOKKEEPER an position by coin
pelsintjJiookLeeper ofTliejre j ears experi
ence MBst class referencSpL J A B care
TexasJBtaand Ranch DanasSTex 3tH
rOOK Acbok wants place in hotel Ilrst clasS
Vj all round strictly temperate Al references
uiu viiu j 111s s cuci otitic tiogcs uuu iruty
Address U L Cook 1W Mam street Dallas
Texas 1 7
1LE1EK Situation wanted as clerk In
J eery store by a joung
SJ clerk
man of twenty seven
ten years experience first class reference
Address R T B lui9 Walton street Denver
Col 7
CLERK Grocery clerk with best of references
desires position in a wholesale or retail gro
cery house Address Groctrjman care Gazette
CLERK Waited by a tirst class salesman a
position Worked for the B C Evans Co
dunn ltJO in clotbin g deparfcent and am a
graduate of f cil course ot Lexington Ky busi
ness college References Address Sam F An
derson Front Hoy I Va 31 5
CLKRK vVantc d 3 position as clerk with
some isponible tlrm References if de
pired Addtesrf S P Jones Hicks Tex 39 4
ClLERK A young man of experience wonts
position as clerk References furnished
Address J B B box IS Itasca Tex 3S 4
COLLECTOR Young man well acquainted in
city wonts a position as collector or oftlce
work Address Business eore G izettu 37 3
CLERK Wanted a position as clerk or as
sistant in business indoors preferred Hove
had ten years experience in postoffice Can
furnish some money If properly secured Apply
to 603 Missouri av enue 37 3
Is Rclioble manvwith first closs re-
ces wauis suuauoirutrwnoicsoie nouse
rocery or onicsjudres3 A M J
55 36 1
Wanted eitUa ts drop
by man thirty two years on r
v ears experience Beat of references Address
lock box 400 Vernon Tex 37 J
ouug mon who sneoks and
Sponish andFrencl lonpuapes
n as drummer w JBlrespondent
n G McLoughlinJUcAllistcr I T
i 36 1
ER I want to do tne office work and
LA study lav with some law man ln a city
Will work fornyjxpenFes Am Jftrnty yeors
old and am at Ssrscnt waiting aRpuWtry new s
paper AddroJjKi nqx 42 MorcanTex 36 1
Wanted situation as houseman or
porter in hotel six years experience Ad
dress C Q this office 31 6
PRINTER A printer wants a job can do
job news and press work George E
Averts Houston Tex 39 1
First class tinner wants position
yeors experience Annlv at 1313
X Twelve
East Fourth street 31 5
Only paper in couity
Cornelius Emory rex
X and experience s
Wanted good competent white girl JiitrwiU call on parties
GIRL do general housework in fomily of two P0 3tck of unredeemed
Apply to Mrs George Lettler Mi Eost Fifth
street tf
GIRL Wonted a nice respectable girl to
live as companion in a respectable fam
ily with no children A good home to the right
party Address jr u nox ua Cisco lex --3-0
GIRL Wanted a competent houso
HOUSE at 309 South Main street 31 37
eamstress at
70MAN Wb
IT work in
once u
WOKK Wanted a situation to do any kind
IT 01 honorable work by a responsible man
References given Address H H Gazette
oDlce 39 4
T yOHK Have a family to support and must
11 have work of some kind Am tnorough
office man and bookkeeper Walter D Klapp
old Main street Dallas 37 3
nfOIlK A stronp
TT Acoarbf anv kind
fTstreet P
IJ10R SALE A good paying
7 a small capital required
X gentoM
IP man wonts
James Coggins
31S 1
ness belonging to the hcoaMRiaodOhn
Young at Panhondl 3eSii7cm3lsting of gro
ceries harddviufyxiiSfy and gents furnishing
roods anavatTWalcs about taoOvO stock now on
hand alxitft tnooo A splendid Investment for
party with small capital Applications to J F
Hall Clarendon Tex
business only
larco proilts
goods are sold at wholesale Office at W R
sanner ceo noiei oiock vv a
Udick Co owners
TEWsPAPER Half interest in a taOO outht
11 for fl0 Terms 50 cosh balance time
Apply quick to A R
armed with diplon0
particulars address Ed F Bates Llovd Den
watches and jewelry Business
nddential F A Boerner 607 Moin
S Correspondence solicited
I hlMlWII 1 I
TcJsE La
ng 304 Houston j
BROS is thssisss8aee in the citv
IT where clothuaSjitMvaned by steam Re-
irs and dispatch WS
Liters sold on easy terms
zfelm tfsh Ti v
729 Main street Dallas Texas
Q TOREROOM For ijj MjsjpillTOe public
O square InausjsjSfJrTrcnch Hlrshlleld
QsWfU Oil 1 or rent one imifVtv
nj storeroom 25x95 feet aUIBfrn conven
iences on HoustonftssVtwo doors south of
postoffice jMpWWTj V French Uirshdeld
TjIOH RENT NfMlslMlrTsllcd ichjiu with
J foWIaejjM3PgJJwBthwest corner Seventh ami
4JiUIUaSHD ROOM5Sil1liiiiuilsUed
J rooms overpgMH0ana Mechanics
JkiflLY furnished nnisdsss1MWanLalso
11 cav board ct vn 1 MrtlTT 1 nn 213 TQTfaw
cevt TxBtMsNTrxU lolielted
n -
a l soutccrni
S For rent three
T OOM ror rent
1 floor Pythian
Al rent also brick
East A eatherf
O f TtpasT
I ton iiW
vpply to
Calhoun street
bNicely furmsiej
XL w ite and child in nnvatfl
posmonwita exenanii dirno public boa
Audress Anna Hoetle
dlress K G
ront room
venient to business
roroSiccs or
L Cro Stl
furnished rooms
block est of
reoms for
nat AturtssJJU
M jtobnis
SNT Two newly built collates of
rooms eacn locaieu at iiarot
adjoins Arlington HcirhtjglSMl are bona
somely ptntedaniljiisjTfid hivo a wen 01
irood w ateraasWrrntv of rich ground for g r
tunJJrJ very low Apply at once to c
ClxmDerlin Investment company corner of
Fourth and Ruskstreets itfjf
o and all modern lmjaoBMrbtsV on ltcir o
street betw eenflJBWyftnd Florence streets
Apolv touaPVfBrri an rherrv strrr
houses need
It KA I lsT T E
kive been uppomtcd uent to sell four
leagVes 1 1771J acres otchool Uid beio lgi u
to lli counly it liiVinSoid todv tu
Cochran jaffl Bitley couniMT would lKe U
corresiMra with partle vjMsirlnir to percha ie
11 ohjVT corns Adore v ai ramus
lawjlractt laud agent Memphis Holl countj
TTIOE SALE- Three I 1 1 mm 11
X with 13 feet -us -
and strtipsifine on soum
iku feci
1 block of coUecN
aide Auura
TOii Front Rov ol v a1a
way near - Apply to or
address 1
10 K SALE Or rent 111 iilMsTsf nTT Brood
inJisFTvortii lev
Ranch ca
X good rolli
two j
1 -v
iV va uiaF
tl mnnrJit TWeruuy
etc Business strictly coati- J culafd
Jf fnCtll 1111
mtinti 1 a l 1 w tSssK
11 ill Jfff Mi
Texas Paw nbrekMfHPnouston stroet
can on forms
nd city property
venaor s lien notes
ForjJeVth Tex
X the Texas
Lost v eotherford street
s AND LOT Three bouses lot
UJx3cX feet for sole Corner eroded street
ond in good neighborhood One houie two
story eight rooms plostered oil
tw o live room cott ices Price reasonable Ad
drcssLB care tjK
LC WALL7Broker IlirskJjsiawilJing
Fort ortii TeXjJljsjssl3selis real es
tate hive bu jautyl LsJdence propertv in
mi lcsjiiissr tor soie or exenonge tor west-
Correspoidenie of non residents s
SALE orexchan
erty Stock ofuufl
TOR SALE- Four choir 1
X Worth Tex
tjior sALiirni
X raaXSE
IO KADtyioexcbange rate go
berenJBtiertV a JI5UU enuB
lineinsidaCusincss property in t
Address11 box St Dallas T
rtb prop-
groceries in-
Wall Hlrohheld bahd
Lbesoldota bargain my residence a
il block of c round 31W1 K bordered b v
Eliajcd FirtvitefBi3nest shrubberrv
ausWvfist tlowersjpihe stoic a-U-room houso
modern built wijjr outbuiWfjigsfcomplele G
iW Gillespie r
n Fort
box li3
CHANGE AH lcreiiflar
tylunl sr cottle UI istrr ami
pood stallions 3 laoiaMrKnuets Will
take Tort Worth praaijWrw Ud lanos for tho
11 In ill 1111 1 1 liJlOT II Tun Hi 1 Co Fort
ALE Old popcrs 35 cents txxJKMrid
at Gazette oCIce jiAjS
Je for land two
ne at Cleburne one at
A iiuuman implement
item Tex 19 on
c railroad and will ex
changeJ3ifPboa cattle ond horses or city 1
Aauress u ner care iMirilUT
VTO TROUBLE to jUCfRiuiotcs fur mUed
V car lotsoujiiaMr shingles doors soshnLc
i 111 ciccixt to any point la leuivuvuu
cjTEERs Wan
to 300
rs Apply taajifcKtiwy
et Dallas jasvy
ANUjfsMInr sale by Howard W
KirrniRion street
pOTTAGE WantedJastaMWrve room cottago
yj cnu 101 onjsajflapsiue small casn pay
ment badB04ajnthly installments Address
J 1odW6x3s3 Fort Worth
riLOTHING deoned or i
KJ list sent on
prompt 3tUafiisGaston
1 I 1 1 1 isl mill Tex
orders piven
Bros Ud Mais
fEcOND HAND r rj fiaJilia -
Tv -- - - ---- vwo vn
a specialty
I I lllllll
lain street
some one to take core of
ear odbov w 111 nav for some Address
at once Mrs Bessie Franklin St Charles hotel
1 7
anted bids on artesian well for
orks Address Bastrop Improve
ment co uastrop lex
pay pa
Main street
1 ele in si
Ol in any pod
uey ana par
7 ANTED Thirty
1 t mares
ii lalCnVil and
sdsre Bstrv nledl
Ito drones or turii
res w Ith 3 cent st
e shoo Store 43
rTdoiy lonft anl nfakl
for lady to drivjsJlHrTcT W W
of hardware J1W1
vn in Texas will
F PmattBt
loved youny
JjlCu with
capital to
rioting Cleveland
per day
Ks to copy and
advertising and
t agents 1
maKe lib
less than J
adlress illb stMp
tr cJi ChicSo IIS f
rancnes sjsfTaLBE sssssssi
uuyaMrBan cqwp n 3 BlkjUH
swojjsKyirrea nsjja r iisssB I T KBsu
From 11
I A1N to jiooja 9 w w 1 fiKT BsSH
Wi 514GE Bi
Every family wants a dictionary Most
families want ten dollars also
Some families want the ten dollars also so
mucn that they go without the dictionary
Tee Gazette has the best reprint of tha
Original Websters Dictionary
It has tho best print the best binding tha
most words the best illustrations
with the Weekly Gazette ono year it
costs only wild tne Daily one year 1
Kegiilar subscribers
secure a copy of
sent by express
for S3C0
50 delivered at our
Yoisftivited to call at our office and
insgrtTthe book itself and see how much
Superior it is to other cheap dictionaries
Kopperl Tex Jan 311991
The Democrat Publishing Co Fort worth
GEST3 I regard the dictionary 03 belnr
worth 15 ari would pay that price if I could
cot get one for less It Is a better book than I
expected to get for the money No ono can
aHordtobe without the Daily Gazette and
dictionary at the price Hoping double succesj
to your paper am respectfully
Fort Worth Tex Feb 3 1S91
The Democrat Publishing Company Fort
Sirs I received the Websters unabridged
dictionary as a premium with The Gazette
As book of reference and instruction it Is In
valuable And the price M for it and one years
sub icrintlento the Weekly Gazette is but
-- nil when taking lato consideration its siza
anUvalu Youa t B y KXewct

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