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Eight with her In my
A extremity I tried the Cc-
1 coiiIeiS I hed no faith in
It tfce m for I had iir
seen them trieu to my
Treat surpri e In ono
weeks time after
to u e Vv ClTRl rA
Kimkiies the bore were
well bai I coatmcia to
use the Resolvent for a
little while and now she
Is as fat a baby as you would lias to and as
uund as a dollar I believe my u toy uum
huve died it I had rot tred the Cirri ia
I vTie tM t every InlHfT
that there 13
a baby like tuee c n feeoniident
u that ii cure w worti -ii
i at atLtTlwiK the I tTTIiilTfti uuilw
illLTlli llinKNKWochharl leias
vt C U RyRM Elite
nihifaor of 3Be sain and tCTPWlC
fanev and feifebood vSwjfcr tortaris
njunn iiu
thil hlrt EC
Died of Smallpox
Correspondence of the Gazette
I buniin scaly ecru td pimply
tin pie n n Iuious or
rv n aiid at other
fp Twiii2ve your ciiudren yeari
of mental aid Bhylicai buffer up 15i pn cow
c rts muu ii illuinwl are peimanent
tUTiaCKJiajtMEiiIESare the greatest skin
cr s ijiTSjrpui - ad in jr remedies of
niidi rn timSare absolutely pure and may be
in the rytagest Infant wih the most
gratifying lii teSDj
Sold eYrvwT rJ Iricc CcncuK i Mc Soap
Kk htsObVcNT it- lrcrand by the Ioites
Lmr j a MnOliii icij CouioitATios boston
rnr ntiSfir lirtv to I ui p Min Diseases
Jb 71 1i1ci
lpu t oo iTgurBfon aiiuity
nrPLK hat In ai c uppeu and oily hiia
IS Ctii niA Mei icateu Suap
s J
g Sufi
In one minute the Cuticiira
Ahtl liln Iluutcr n Hews
I natk sciatic hip Uuney cnei
Hl muiuiar r ins ana weak-
The Krst and only Instantaneous pain-
Fifth Mtivtlns to be Held at Houston
April 14
ACSns TEI March 1S31
To the Lumbermen of TVia
Gentiehen lhu time is drawing near
Tin n n shall apain meet in cum untioii
Jbs will be lho Dfth nieutin of tho pres
ent organization and each has been better
attended larger and more interesting than
it1 pi nieeessor therefore tve have a right
to expect that this will be larger and better
intended thm any airrjUar meeting ever
In in tho South
1 here are several reasons why this should
be a articular krp oiy attended
i ust on aivouut of thy largely in
creasinc interest being manifested all over
the country in organizations of this charac
ter and the attejiion that has been drawn
U aid our association on account of the
new departures that we have taken in organ
izing an amalgainated association combin
ing manuiactuiv s and dealers There are
a large number of visitors expected Iroa
other states giving manulaeiurcrs and
dealers a better opportunity than ever be
fore offered to gain both profit and pleas
ure The citizen of Houston who enter
tained us so hospitably last year have as
sured us that they will arain do their part
touards making our meeting a success
You are caniestl invited to meet with
us at Houston April 11 lbJl If you arc- 3
m mber it is our duty to be there if you
at e not come and s how you iike our or
ganization mid if you do not Join we cioi
at least assure j ou a good time
Till Lt MllEIlllESs AssociakJn of Tejah
li D G hi WLC President
C F Dhkc hecretarvCtuiTreasurer
a rrry lnflnmailnn JOS all jfi
- curedftiy Ponds T5sSrict Jiwu
puvtriiae Iml
f Stkiws Tea March ZO No 3 we
Tirtmi1 li nniir trtin v 1 liH if7 IiniH fnr
of hero Xo one hurt
i he cegro that had thosmaUpox died
Thunidsy afternoon at TJjSrber No now
eaes dS iS
t Advice tauSolhers
rf ltr Syr a for citfidrea
teevhtaif tcothes thaihlld Kften ihjs Funis
iillnTS li0 tures S Jy cijllft VindJWthe best
rehiudpfor uai rua is vSctriuSvobie
Kaufinau County KUlin
Correipondence of the Gazette
Kilt-Mi- Tei March 29 JHarion
llatrptuu kbot and killed Cuarley Hav
at Scurry yosterdu morning and in so
iing shot a child whii h it is thought by
he physicians will die Hampton
reuderod to Sheriff Keller in the afternoon
II plea is self delence bavin
soma thirty yuruU before shootiug Hawkins
V hei her on pleasurebent or business
should take on ever trip a bottle of Syrup
of Hgs as it acts icon pleasantly and ef
fc ually on thMjinncys liver and bowels
pie eming leijtji headaches and oher
tiuuis vt siikntVFor sale in SOe aud 1
botuo by oil lL linVdruggLts
A ls Raid
i Jiket Citt N J March SI The
Jfnejv sov of Adolpli Walker was
bvr7 arized ibis morning and diamonds and
Vvolry amounting to SiOCOO were taken
Thi First Slepy
I Perhups you are run do 6 cant eat cant
Sleep can t thnk cant ddTnythlng to your at
Jiaoi and vofeonr what alls you You
Should heed the rgnist you are taking the
Jrst step Into NervME Prostration you need
tNerrf 1c c anJKy Flcclric Btters you will
find the exact rcaffifjklor rt trum jour ner
vou ysiem to 1W nonnal healthy louuillon
Sarpr tine resffi folltSL the ue of this greai
crte limit atltcraHje Your apictite re-
u foidiiycstioii Is rAtored and the Liver
mill Kidney ie healtirr action Try a hot-
lTico iU cents at Ilro yhin i Xlcki uiur
Thu Iubernutorial Huddle
HiRTroiiD Cons March 31 The non
partisan commute has been in continuous
session seeking a way out of tho guberna
torial mudde Nothing is given out for
publication but one member stated that tho
situation looks more hopeful this morning
than It did yesterday
Horest Doctcrt
All honest conscientious physicians who
give B B B Botanic Blood Balm n trial
frankly admit its superiority over all
other blood medicines
Dr W J Ada Hockmart Ga writos
I regard B B IS as ono of the best blood
me licines
Dr A II Rosooe Nashville Tenn
writes All reor s of B B B are favor
able aid its speedy action is wonderful
Dr J Khodes Ga
vnC I ctAfess B Bj B is the best and
quickest m dia
ever tre 1
Dr S
Dr C H
Ala writes
fretting B B
tvritos I chee
as a fltio tonic a
excrescence of
dioi effected in
casa stubborn
foraeumatism I have
Crawfor lville Ga
Iv recommend B B B
ativo Its use cured an
kck after other
krncrv Jacksonville
My rjAther insisted on my
lor hcrueuinatism as uer
I v resistedithe usual remedies
She exioriencod immediate relief and her
improvement has been truly wonderful
Dr G W Earle Pickens S C writes
v jomnoaded B B B to a man who had
S uTri 1 for years with a malignant ulcer
Nn uis log that seemed to resist all other
Tried Everything Without Relief o Kent
Nlelit or Day Curod by Call- j
cum Kemrdlps i
Sly baby when two months old had 3 break- j
leg out with what the doctor called eczema i
Ber head arms feet and hands each ono
golid sore I tried eTerythinff but neither tho
Coctors nor anyunn cifco
did her any cood AVe
ffinld rnt no rst dav or
Items of Interest Picked Up
from Visiting Gentlemen
The Uniform Text ISuok Monopoly Poll
tics at Cleburne Somewhat at Sea
on Mercantile Corporations
Other Items
sqjanvniT political
Messrs Sp lloblcy and H P Brown
of Cleburrrttare very interestiuggentlemen
but at t3sent they aro figuring their
thun Wfete on tlie result of the Ddlas
maOHjy contest and tho aldonnanic fight
in Qwrurno They say that all the
buapltieoplc are deeply Interested in tlte
tst contest and bets are runcin hir h
gard to the bitter contest being made
or aldermatile positions on the Clebumo
city council they state that the feeling is
more pt rsonal than political and that all
the canuidatcs in the field will make pro
gresshe and able aldermen The race is
freu for aJ and no party nominations have
been made Speaking of state politics Mr
Brown who is an attorney said I am
for Mr Mills for any position ho desires I
really think ho is rather high spirited to
hold a icsition like speaker of the house of
representatives but nevertheless he will
make a Jne presiding officer If he desires
to go into the senate after his term as
speaker expires and I am of the opinion he
will be elected speaker 1 think he will
make a very strong race In fact I do not
think that there is aman in Texas who can
stand before his opposition Mr Hogg is a
very popular gentleman and would make a
strong race but I think that his position in
national politics would give tho victory to
Mr Mills However 1 have no idea that
Mr Hogg will be a candidate and mention
him as the only man who could meet Mr
Mr S E Mess is a prominent banker of
Cleburne and is a present greatly excited
over trie municipal war going on in that
city Addressing hat Not he said
ihis is a light between the progressive
and noss back elements of the city Try
inier tho present mayor has been an ex
celliii officer progressive and enterpris
ing aud this aldermanie light is really
against him He cast the deciding vote
that deeded mo the city waterworks plant
and this is being used against him as well
as the argument that my bank is running
the city administration This latter argu
ment is advanced simply boca e tho city
funds are deposited with me Die water
works kick arising from the fact that the
city gave me the right to furnish water for
tho cry provided f secured a supply suffi
cient lor a town of 20000 cople I bored
one well which is inexhaustible in its su
ply and petitioned the council to turn tho
works over to me retaining a lien to eng
force a supply of water sufficient for a
town of 200LO people in order that I might
continue operatiou without loss This pe
tition was granted by tho mayors deciding
vote and the alderaua now running aro
candidates for the positions of two of tho
men who voted naj to the proposition
We are having a lively time and it is hard
to toil which side will gain the victory
ting Mr D C Crown mana rer of
the Welch company of Vernon What Xot
asked him what he thought of the mercan
tile corporation bill In reply he said
Speaking of ihat bill I am like tho farmer
who was plowing some corn that was al
most hidden from view by the weeds Ho
was ising an old blind mare without roins
and eiery now and then he would stop his
mare go in front of her and blaze out a way
by Liocking the weeds down with a club
Finally he cams to a place where the weeds
absolutely covered the corn and he began
an industrious search for the green sprigs
stooping down to peer through the weeds
and tramping some distance along the row
Failing to find any evidence of the corn ho
returned to the plow whacked tho rnaro
o er the back and said Get up I Its free a
ij itthink Mow this is an age of pro-
T irt i i ici ri t rn in t 1 1 nnfiuMHi
rilJJllU I I VJ HUUV AlA lAi WAl LJi AflitllUU
live hKirsou account of an enirinu and ca- oveiop our sune umou uio ouier nana
hein wrecked some three miles west
mere may oe a cnance ior snrewu men to
jwindle the public when they are not liable
to tho full indebtedness of the mercantile
establishment Besides they place mer
chants who operate under a firm name and
are responsible to tho complete indebted
ness of the firm at a great disadvantage
and will drive some men who are not pre
pared for close competition and who havo
large sums of money out in the country to
the wall But I admit that they will do
some good aud can only whack the legisla
tors over tho back and say Get up J Geo a
little I think
Mr C E Gwinn is a prominent citizen
of HuntingtoUj V Va and is an interest
ing and well informed conveisationalist
In reply to What Not3 questions ho said
retreated Politically our state is now quiet A year
or two ago we had quite an Interesting
j contest between Goff Republican and
Fleming Democrat for the gubernatorial
chair But Governor Wilson held the office
three months over his term and the
courts decided in favor of Fleming Wo
also had a congressional contest in which
a Republican concrress seated Jackson a
i Republican by giving him a majority of
j two votes Since that time Fleming has
I been ro clected aud the Fifth
slonal district defeated Jackson by 2700
votes Thus you see Vest Virginia has
I returned to the straight and narrow road
aud we expect to keep the grand old stato
straight or break a suspender
What Not -What about the Democratic
nominee in ISM
I Mr Gwlun Well I think West
1 ginia will send a Cleveland delegation
Wliile our people aro against his views on
silver wo think that ho is a Democrat and
if instructed by a Democratic platform will
recommend the passage of a free coinage
bill as a party measure It is true that ho
is opposed to such a bill but we feel that
ho will bow to the will of his constituents
and assist his party in every legitimate
and honorable way In other words we
do not think that Cloveland will stand in
the way of his party
I ax ixiQurrocs measure
Judge F E Piner of Denton an ex-
senator and ex district Judgo of tho Gaines
ville district was met by What Not yester
day and was found to bo strongly opposed
to the uniform text bill He said Now
honest will The Gazette permit such an
iniquitous measure as that to pass tho Icgis
ture My fricud that bill Is loaded to the
muzzle and not a state in the union has
1 adopted it without kicking Itself for doing
it The feature that 1 most strenuously op
pose is that It creates a grinding monopoly
Besides no legislature will enact a law
that provides for a certain grade of paper
and a certain body type and a company
after securing tho monopoly can rob the
public by printing tho liooks on an inferior
grade of paper Of course the books will
c in vogue for at least two years and the
firm that has tho stato contract has tho
electrotypes and material for printing the
books on hand when tho time rolls around
for another bid They are thus prepared
1 for a low bid and it is reasonable to sup
iwse that no other firm can successfully bid
airainst them as it will be put to tho ex
pense of preparing tho electrotypes etc
for tho now publication This will give
the successful company a perpetual monop
oly and wo may expect that it will use it
with vim and energy extortins from deal-
ers and robbing tho poor If the legislature
will give us a district system by which
every district can adopt its own
books and leavo a way for
competition to regulate prices I may
be induced to support but lam uncompro
I misingly opposed to tho creation of a in
fernal monopoly that will grow rich
treatment After using four or five bottle3 i iCnt and powerful off the earnings of the
the ulcer began to heal and his IcgiajMrflefc poor mechanics and already Impoverished
- Sr wwj va vuuwu lima uc cuuuiuil
STwiJii but wo should not make thoir education an
Subscribe for thoVoeajGi2ErrB J agencof extortion that make their mental
culture an unbearable burden upon the poor
parents Of course our public schools aro
for the benefit of tho poor and they should
be operated in such a manner as to place
them within reach of this class Thus
while a few school teachers who think
they aro tho embodiment of wisdom and
learning attempting to manipulate legis
lation in the interest of a trust the great
state of Texas should consider the interests
of tho public and give the poor people a
chanca to give their children a common ed
ucation if our schoolteachers are anxious
to experiment with Eastern fads let
them combine themselves to the children
whose parents are willing to foot the bill
The Texas school fund is not in a condition
o be frittered away on pedagogical notions
that in no manner facilitate education and
the only way that tho children can secure
an education is by application and study
It is a matter of little consequence what
text books they study if they apply them
selves and all tho teachers and text books
in the world will not make a scholar out of
a boy who is compelled to help his father
in the cotton field in order to procure a
ie visible supply of wheat is much less
l it was at this samo period last year
says the Venion Guard The visible
prospect in Wilbarger county is 75 per cent
better for a good yield than it was at this
time last year The estimates place the
acreage in wheat alone in the county at
100000 acres The chances are that it will
average twenty bushels per acre but if it
Is only fifteen that Is 1500000 bushels for
this county alone while nearly that much
will be received from Greer
In Bastrop county the corn acreage will
be considerably greater than last year
Tho farmers of Montague county are pre
paring to plant a largo acreage in cotton
The acreage now devoted to wheat corn
oats etc Is fcreater than last year
Corn is doing nicely in Tom Green county
and oats have an excellent stand A great
deal of cotton will be planted
Farming in LaSalle county is preceptibly
on the increase says the Cotulla Time3
The litc rains have done incalculable good
in this direction Our neighbor Mr Lake
has planted 100 acres in cotton which is
doing finely
The Coleman county fruit which was re
ported destroyed by the cold spell is all
safe Only the very forward blooms were
injured and not enough to hurt the crop
WicntTA Falls March 3 The outlook
for an abundant crop in this county was
never better than at this time
The dedicatory services of tho Baptist
church at Iowa Park were held Sunday
Church conference began Monday morning
and will continue during tho week
Ladonia Fannin county has takon
chargo of her schools and contemplates
building a SIOOOO public school building
The Sherman Register in an article on
church extension recently had the follow
ing Second Baptist Pursuant to notice
there was a business meeting at the Second
Baptist church yesterday afternoon at
which it was decided to make an improve
ment in the paco of worship in this city
A number were in favor of making an addi
tion to the present fnfee building bat
others were in favor of building a new
brick edifice that would be a credit to tho
city The matter is now in the hinds of an
executive committee Ono thing is certain
some improvement of a creditable nature
will bo made at once St Marys Catholic
The present church building is entirely too
small to accommodate the congregations
who gather there at regular services Work
will begin on the enlargement of tho build
ing in a very short time It is estimated
the improvement will cost about 52000
Weatuerfoiid March 31 Wealherford
is Justly proud of her schools Tho system
of publfc free schools of the city cant bo
surpassed anywhere and the several pri
vate schools aro first class Tho Texas
female seminary Just being completed a
state institution is a credit to Weather
ford and would bo to auy city Tho
Woatherford college a district institution
of the Methodist Episcopal church South
is a very fine institution of learning It
gives a thorough college course in every
particular and now has nearly three hun
dred pupils in attendance more than half of
which are from forty odd counties in
Texas aud four other states
Wichita Falls March 31 Rev W S
Wesley the cowboy preacher Is holding
a revival at the court house this week Ho
says he herded cattle in Indian days on tho
spot of land now occupied by the magnifi
cent courthouse of Wichita county in
which he is now holding divine services
Dr Thomason at Texas Wells Wiso
county has contracted for the building of
six cottages in his beautiful Woodland
park ono of which was finished last week
two more aro in process of construction
and the others will follow as fast as tho
carpenters can put them up
Two new bridges have been erected on
tho Newport and Archer City road on
lAdge creek Clay county
Beaumont Journal A considerable num
ber of buildings are now receiving the fin
ishing touches and will be ready for occu
pancy in tho course of a week or two
Among these aro the two story residences
of Dr Cunningham E L Wilson and L
B Pipkin all of which aro roomy and neat
in architecture In addition to these now
under construction Mr Solinsky is erect
ing three cottages on Pine street and Just
nbove on the same street Mr Biddle Lang
ham has nearly completed one and will
build four more cottages Three builders
of the city make report of the following
Messrs Frazier Robinson havo contracts
for ton buildings Mr Frank Smith has five
on hand and tho Ory brothers havo con
tracts for five moro Here are about thirty
buildings to bo erected as soon as possible
Other contracts are being let every day and
the year is out there will be perhaps as
many as 150 buildings erected
Asdersox March 20 The new court
house is now being built A Buffington
one of the oldest Masons in the county laid
the first brick and then turned the trowel
over to the workmen when they com
menced to lay the walls in earnest A O
Watson of Austin the architect is hero
suporintending tho building
WEATnEiiFORD March 31 Last night at
a meeting of the stockholders of the Mutual
building and loan association of Weather
ford the constitution and by laws were
adopted and the association is now ready
for business and will begin April 1 with
bright prospects as nearly five hundred
shares have been taken to begin with Tho
officers of the company aro It W Kindel
president W W Davis vice president
Matt C Cameron treasurer C R Van
Gieson secretary and directors R W
Kindel W W Davis John B Taylor
Henry Mullen Matt C Cameron E D
Oliver and George A McCalL
Fifty of the mechanics and artisans of this
city havo formed an association to be called
tho Mechanics mutual building and loan
association They now have their charter
prepared They will pay in to begin with
S10 each and So each thereafter But fifty
can Join This is a good move in tho right
direction a3 it will afford a savings bank
for their savings and earnings
Bellville Austin county i3 going to have
a stock fair in connection with tho annual
Malfest Tho prizes given will be of suf
ficient value to bring out tho best stock and
warrant a fine show
The largest farmer in the Panhandle
says the Carson County Chronicle is K F
Jones of Wilb3fer county who lives in
Vernon He has in cultivation this year
1413 acres of which TOO are in wheat 503 in
oats and balance in cotton millet and corn
Last year he had 450 acres
Xhs Waco Xows or ths 29th ult had the
si -- ititftSifitiiiaiifLi
VWil -
following The News has taken more than
one occasion to announce that the Right
Eminent Grand Commandery Knights
Templar will meet in Waco on the 7h
proximo and will continue thereafter for
four or five days Waco commandery No
10 Knights Templar is advised that Sulphur
Springs will be here thirty strong and of
these eight will be ladies Beltons delega
tion will be about the same with the samo
proportion of ladies Dallas will send sixty
and Fort Worth about the same in each of
the latter cases the attendance of ladies
being about 20 per cent For all these
quarters have been secured The Shrinen
will havo their parade and banquet ou the
second day Many points have been heard
from besides those referred to but without
the figures Tho attendance at the Grand
Commandery will not fall under -600 and
may reach 1UO0
Nacogdoches March 20 The society
circles have been in a flurry of excitement
for a week in anticipation of the coming
nuptuals of Dr Link of Palestine and Miss
Eliie Scale a beautiful and fascinating girl
of Nacogdoches To day is the time and
the Episcopal church the place for the con
summation of the vows Two days ago Miss
Seale wa3 attacked with a chill and fever
and she is now thought to be very danger
ously ill with pneumonia and in conse
quence tho wedding bells will not ring for
an indefinite time The groom is on hand
as is also the family generally
Decatur March 31 Hon Dempsey
Sparkman of Henderson county attorney of
Rusk county is in the city visiting friends
Ho will also visit his brother Dr J T
Sparkman in Alvord while here
Atlanta March 31 Rev J P Thorn of
thi3 city who has been appointed chaplain
of the penitentiary at Rusk will leave here
to assume his official duties in a few days
He is a very estimable gentlemen and his
appointment is very gratifying to thu peo
ple here Senator L A Whatley
who was home on a flying visit returned to
Austin last night
Tho first blast of the Wolfe City stovo i
foundry was mado last week and every
thing worked like a charm The work will
be continued
The Colorado Clipper has the following
on tho salt works located there This great
plant uses steam power extensively for
raising tho brine and running all machinery
connected with tho solar and steam
orating appliances Tho solar vats cover
about five acres of ground and tho pumps
steam vats storage buildings etc cover
about one acre This plant is fitted up with
fine powerful machinery and the yield per
week of pure salt is about 200 tons Quite
an addition in tho way of steam
drying machinery has been added to
this plant recently and the output
will be much greater in tho future in con
quence This company turns out a largo
quantity of salt in the grades steam re-
lined dairy steam refined table fateam re
fined packing house besides a stock salt
which is very popular from its purity etc
This company has not been able to fill all
their orders for two years the demand be
ing so mucli greater than the supply and it
is the companys intention to make largo
additions to tho plant during the coming
summer and falL
There is a promso that the Sherwood j
canning factory will yet become a feature
of this placesays the San Antrelo Standard
as Messrs Dan Parker and W H Rushing
having purchased the franchise and ma-
terial of the old company and promise to
have the plant in readiness for tho seasons
crop of tomatoes beans and corn j
A now gin will bo put in at Mineral City
Bee county Tho machinery is eng route
An ice factory wiii soon be in operation i
at Wichita The plant will cost i000 and I
will have a capacity of twelve and a half i
tons per day
The Beaumont Journal has the following
ou the lumber market Same largo orders
for both yard stocks and construction ma
terial havo been placed here this week and
there is generally a better feeling regarding
trade conditions prcvai ing among manu
facturers than for some time past Tho
spring trade is rather ate in opening up
but information from the interior encour
ages tho expectation of large business dur
ing the coming months
Tho D R Wingate lumber companys
new mill at Oranjji hxs been completed
says the Post and is now in full operation
making an average daily cut of 31000 feet
of yellow pine lumber It is claimed by the
proprietors to bo the only fire proof mill in
the state Every piece of timber used in tho
construction of the mill is covered with
iron Judge D R Wingate the president
of the company is perhaps the oldest active
lumberman in tho state he having owned
and operated five separate and distinct
mills at Orange of which all have been de
stroyed by fire save the ono Just com
A furniture factory company with a capi
tal of ilOOOOO has been organized at Beau
mont The manufactory will be erected
immediately The stockholders elected tho
following directors John N Gilbert W
C Averill S M Land S A Van Buskirk
Thomas H Laneham H W Potter and
Gcorrre OB Millard Theso met and
elected officers as follows John N Gilbert
president s a van isusinrK vico presl
dent and general manager W C Averill
secrotary and treasurer
Mr Alfred Lawson and Miss Callie
Whited Waco March 25
Mr Joe Lee Jameson and Miss Ammie
C Routh Waco March 23
Dr Frank WcaTcr Grecneville March
w iz -
- tikB5iZis3mBBS si
- -
Tlie G eizette Ifcva3sLes 1liis
now tho People Can Save S35 on ajaBf
Class Sawing 3IacliIuapK
A machine IsiJgjPiTOiur neces
sity and when a fijattWBniachine equal
in all respeetjtMgpWrcr machines can bo
boughBggRTOalf tho money it is tho
pajjjrfBWlsdom and economy to save the
useless expenditure Ladies who wish to
buy a first class high arm Xo 4 sewing ma
chine can see such a machine at Tun Gaz
ette business office and they can buy such
a machine for only 23 if they subscribe to
the weekiy daily or Sunday Gazette
The Gazette invites the ladies to call
Tuo More Ccld Waves Cc
Foster has two blizzards nuMJiBoSca for
Mr WL Bloodworth and Miss M EJ jV TA T
pt c nrinn ti 1 tlu acite nut McASIWrTump and Piedmont
VTT -1 CL m cfoMi
Rev J H Day and
bright JUarch Si
Mr John Nelson and
wards Temple March 24
Miss Mollie Ed-
Mr J D Chappell and Mrs Mattie F
Goulsby Temple March 23
Mr Will Murray and Miss Annio Wilker
son Temple March 23
Mr Kelson Hardy and Miss Mattie Bow
land Temple March 25
Mr W J Uhlman and Miss Roxie Ayers
Quanah March 23
Mr Hall and Mrs Cornelia Archer Tex
arkana March 2S
Mr W H Douglass and Mrs Amanda
Huckabay Sherman March 2-
Mr S A McCall and Miss Florence
Dean Wallts March 27
Mr Gus Lourvien and Mis Dorothia
KoiT Boeville March 22
Mr R II Reddle and Miss Alice Black
wood Abilene March 23
Mr Frank Warshow and Miss Rosa
Straueh Abilene March 20
Esquire Moggard and Mrs Todd Ennis
March 23
Mr George Baisden and Miss Sarah Tay
lor White Chapel March 22
Mr W S McDufiie and Mrs L Smith
Sherman March 23
Mr Gei omo W Shields and Miss Emma
Emerick San Augelo March 22
Mr Earl H Silvern and Miss Xellie V
Dority Corpus Christi March 20
-Mr u B Falen and Miss Lizzia Salman
Stockdale March 25
Mr Adam Herman and Mrs Lizzie Forns
worth Canadian March 23 -
Mr Joe Moora and Mrs M GatiS
XTowrtl oo r
Mr D L Green and Miss M EtWalker
Comanche March 20
Mr William Brown and Miss Millie
Belyon Comanche March 20 X
Mr George W Vnu jhn and MTSAlico ir
Richardson Comanche March 21 -1 T
-Mr G T Smut and Miss P H Lee Co-
Mr J A Thompson and Miss Lizzie
nmiu vjcmuucue iarcn Zo
Mr Ed McAllister and Miss Sophi
Santlebaum San Antonio Jlareh 2-
Paris March 31 Mr Jesse Hoffman and
Miss Belle Crazer Mr J B Owen and
Miss Mackie MeCullough all of Antlers L
T were married here yesterday
Rev J A McClure Rising Star March
Mr Louis Haby Catesvillo March 27
Mr W E Smith Oran re March 24
Mrs Laura J Wafer El Paso if nrrfi tx
Mr Dillard Anderson El Paso March 27
ilr Mack bimpson Grceneville M
tort worth uel com-
F Stevakt Manager
Scip Orleans Races
New Okleaxs La March 31 First
race five furlongs Phantom won Surcent
second Harambbure third Time 1 02lf
Second race six furlongs Rita won
Maud second Roily Bolly third Time
11 5
Third race four furlongs Adalia won
Koran second Phelan Doran third Time
Fourth race one mile and seventy yards
Whittier won Mamie secondCashierthird
i lme
Many subscribers ignore the stipulation that the pfofa offer dates
for one subscriber without doing sofaMRo those who subscribed
prior to tho 11th day of JanuarjJR and to apply this offer to all
who were subscribers to THJMShzETTE on the 10th of January-
would cost THE G AZEXjJpffibre than it coidd afford to doevcn for
ne uonar uniy
Address all orders and money to THE GAZETE Fort Worth
January 11 1S31
Mrs John R Fallenstoin Cotulla March
Mr Geo D Gould Eaglo Pass March 23
Mrs Dons Duncan Sherman March 23
Hon N W Edwards San Augustine
March 23
Mr A Wesscndorf Richmond March 27
Mr West McGuire Llano March 23
Paiis March 31 Mrs Geo T Sanders
died here Sunday aud was buried yesterday
at Blossom her former home
Mr L D Williams an old citizen and
brother-in-law of Dr Buekner of the Buck
ner orphans home died last evening
EjIvlek March 31 Died last night at 10
oclock Col A J Sandrid re at bis homo
in Tyler Texas Col Sandridgo although
a resident of this place only for five years
has identified himself with every uew eng
terprise in Tyler and East Texas and his
death is generally mourned throughout this
part of the state
i arlcer s Oinrs Tonic ireum the vort Couirs
ii cu Lungs ueDuirj Laajzuoo xran iue in uaicuu
I rpQ n n Ycwin3pKotITiuu
MV a
iForJxaswrofaitailto conujSl
f I Ll e1 OllmmmSr
AyiPKpcanfeftnd other IKdrra ti arcdTSTAl ress
aMacine iprins wagons
ifh nrMi
n A -I W
mnjSEUBmmm 1
tLmr lABuiiwirra ui 1 1 iiin i iiiii im
K jiPK JPlv V z mil
rfcMriral Iroi ml a Sneciaw
The Fort Worth Gazette
Will do it For every dollar received we will send to you for one year
12 pages 84 columns and another copy Free One Year to any person
you name Outside the State of Texas
THE GAZETTE has for eight years been a willing and liberal worker in behalf of Texas and now when tho people of tho s
to nave awakened to the necessity or effort and to the benent to accrue to this stato from a truthful and comprehensivo
From and after this date for every subscription mado to tho WEEKLY GAZETTE foairr another subscription to the WEEKLY
GAZETTE for one year or two subscriptions to the WEEKLY GAZETTE for sijJMlWnf wiU bo donated by THE GAZSTT3 and
entered on our books provided such donated subscriptions are sent to parties jBpipTnE stvte or Tex v and provided thi suoscrbr
sends us the name for one year or two names for six months to whom hjgMPnes tho WEEKLY GAZLFlE sent ot ioe the satu
This offer applies only in cases where wo receive Ono Dollar the fuiyjaptof one years subscription to tho WEEKLY GAZETXK
To secure this extra copy of the WEEKLY GAZETTE for
irom January 11 only and uoes apply wapwriptions received ycar or two extra p foP six m0nths thev must be sett
ln tr hot lntn IETl fl A V I I Il imnldHiif ntikjln 1 -
This office must receive SI in full for the paid subscription
this offer dates from January 11 lyi tho day it was made
docs not apply to subscriptions received prior to that date
Texas Sample copies free on application
Witib TPeople
You can get a first class newsoaper
Subscribers paid prior to January 11 cm have lienefi of this offer by renewing or sending 50cis for tlie paper to p to
Miss Laura Estello Oblitz Marshall
March 27
Dr Alex Morrison Sherman March 29
Mrs A E Atkins Sherman March 29
Mr Wm Reinbert Marshall March 25
Mr George Stafford San Antonio March
Mr Sam Hedesrcr Bellville March 21
Mr Thomas Bunch Bloo mmr Grove
I March 20
I Judgo C Payne Sulphur Springs March
Mr Wade 3arren Collinsville March 24
i Mrs R A Solser Waco March 21
High Arm improved Singer Sewing Machines
High Arm Singer the finest and best made machine of the Singer pattern in the market
e machineswjjpBlBh
1 oilaninBnl
JBTftico named
With each of these 1 rufiler 1 tucker 1 set hemmers 1 foot hem
mer 1 screw driver 1 gauge 1 gauge thumb screw 1 extra throat plate
1 extra check sprin 0 Dobbins and 1 instruction book Theso articles
are all mcludedJjJeTnico
Bear in mind that these machines are thoroughly made and of first class workmanship
and to every mail subscriber of tho Daily Gazette we will send the High Arm Improved
Singer and paper one year for 33 or Daily six months and the machine for 2 S5u pur
chasers pay freight
61 for Only 24 70 for Only 33
01 ID To every saail subscriber of Tun Scsday Gazette we will send
VJU fl VJTririi the High- Arm Improved Singer and paper one year for 325
Every machine warranted for five years Address all orders and remittances to
GAZETTE Fort Worth Texas
i so
Vep ok Tex March 21 1891
The Democrat Pub Co Fort Worth Tex
Gentlehet The machine came all O K It is a good
one so much better than was looked for at so small a price
It is just as good as my 45 one and looks better to day
and does just as good -work as any machine Thanks for
bargain in it Grood luck to Ihe G azette Respect
fully yours K P Saees
Box 65 Vep so Tex March 23 1891
Democrat Publishing Co Foil Worth Tex
Gentlemen The No 4 High Arm premium sewing
machine was received in good order and my wife finds it to
be all you claim for it and is quite satisfied that it is equal
o any other machine of twice the pjjifcf you ask for this
ine Tha case too is exceedingly Jfypusome and very well
finished I am vours truly fJT E L Mouraot

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