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Dallas Texas
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th t rt Lit fnimioutLful follies
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To Young ana Middlo Aged fon
A Oil DC PI IDC lS avful Cfecto Of
OUHL LiUltll cirjMcr whlililrmzs
tiji l tr llii Loth initld and
Ltn vih an iti duadid Ills permanently
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nnp PPTTQ Address those who have
URO DLI IO impaired theireHts bv
In pruj tr indLlj ri and olftarj habits which
lum 1111I and tol unUttin thtni for husi
n - l iv or m rri te
MAI Ml 1 Ml V or those entering on thit
ha iij aarc of phjbit al dtbllitj QultaH
L Kd
lu iton frte In per on cr by mail If
you a i lIiiieJ and cannot tall write to
htnmp fur renly Cll upon or adurcss
1005 Mala Street Opposite rottoflUe
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Ond Young 2Iun taln nother In the
Nortluabt lortlou of WUu County
Spina to the Gazette
Dee in it Ti March 31 Xews has
jus roat lie 1 the nv of aserajus stabbing
iai iv w h i h took plai e at Sidell in the
northeist iiortioti of this countj on Sun
daj A ou i nan bj the name of Muncy
st ibbeu aiuir joung man a neighbor
lioj bv the name of Cunpbellse von limes
C unpbeil is i1 mgeroi slj wounded and will
lich dw Muiiij mado his escape
A llru or Guilty
Srecial to the Gazette
Foiit Siiitu Aitu larch 31 William
Tucker J M Schreech James V I
lluam S i hreech and William
D West were all lodged in the United
State iail heie to da charged with break
ing into a csillerj m Madison countj
Aik andseilia laige quantitj of un
stamped vvhiskv nv plead guilty at
Fajcttevie bfore Luued States
Kloner liar laou rt y
Wonderful Words of Lifa
J3y the river and ifpoj
sJWll srovv aKtrFes jpe fruit
jffr neat atflsnhe leattMjdH
Ve for thhealirjxrtisin8t6n
ue KK meeui m
UHtof shallbe Jjj
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Ctierole medrbf bweet OdffajarJC
vill ileal t Jutji aad euro couBS colds al
cuusuiiiLiLiuir -
Electing of the Miner
Paris Mareh 3i The luernatio
miners conference called to i msiuer tl
best means to take in order to m prov e the
condition of mine workers turoughout
Europe met iu this citv Thei o v ere
ninetj -nine delcg res present representing
9J3ibi miner Lngiand sent acieirate
there is often
timely and
le 1 onie for a few
ect the tjirl into
ot great ei
SubscrUyJMFtBB V
eekly Ga2ett3
Stock Market a Repetition of
the Past Two Weeks
Coffee Tnturcsfroin 5 to lSToInta fligher
Money Liy at 3 1 S ilver 08 1 1
Wieat Active and Wool Dull at Pre
vious lricea a agar Stiady
Special to the Gazette
New York Alarch 81 Money Closed
easy at 2 The highest was 4 and the
lowest 24
Exchange Steady nested rates 4 Su
4 9
Silver fcsjf
Sugar Kaw refined steady at provious
Wheat ODtions active and strong on
pood buying for forcimticcounts dosing
I 9iaKc loiver Spolots closed firm
1 Wool TS11 VAl 1- Tna
Cotton SpoJ
lands Jc
Eio CalpuglfEOkc
stetiilr Middling
Bres closed steady
lots closed que rair
Futures closed 3 to 13
points Jmicr
Buenos Ayres dr 13c
csas iu
Dull to daj and prices irrejrular
At openi cr under the head of the sugar
trust wh h vas veiy siong and advaaied
- pel coit on a icported combination be
tween the Pacilic coast sugar kinpr Claus
bpreckies and the Eastern trust there
was an advance of to y0 but this vras
lo t later on on reports of poor earnings
of Westorn i ods and prices closed to 2
percent lower
Atthson 2
Bonds Dull
Denter Texas and Fort Worth certifi
cates T
Foit Worth and Denver ls 103K
Atchison eneial moitgage is TsJ
Auhison imones 44 j
Kans s and Uej as ls 773
Kansas nd Teas 2s 3s j
Missom i Kansas and Teas 2s 39
Missouri K uisas and Texas ls TT7
St Louis Arkansas and Tesas ls i7 j
Teia and Pa lfic 2s 31 s
Xtw Yoi iv March 31 To da s stock
r like suon becime a lepetition of those of
the pa- two v eeks and all inteiest m it
m io fined to pangers and the industrial
srenrh in the latter being accomp uned bv
a rumor that pools iu them were preparing
fur a dull campaign Final changes in all
ses aie for small frctions only thougn
iieralj in the direction of lower pn e
Kailmad bonds aio a little more aniniaU d
Government bonds dull
btte bonds without feature
itnuDd Vioictt Cos Cotton Report
Sp ci i to the Gazette
New Oilcans March 31 Atwood Vio
lent A Lo saj
morrow 3 to 4 01 our market will be 6 to 10
lower Under ordinal j Circumstances this
vould occur as the spots supply grows
dailj out of all proportion to the demand
Poit receips to day iire 25000 against
5000 last yeai while poit stocks to night
nave- ichcdthe cnoimous in lease over
iiist i ar of 301000 bales Large receipts
aelj hare appirentiy onlj stiengtuened
iu ji s Tiplained howeer b reuSQi of
ilc si rts taking adantage of the result-
ins dt line to uner It lemains to be seen
whether the market will continue to act in
tin same w i
e fcel th it should anj w eakness de
velop he dei line would be quite rapid and
tho vuLiicu would come principal fiom
aai cotton ine sttange part oi tins
arg increase ovr last jear s movements
i O B Ivo offerings from the country
bales 300 lrom fatoi s tables
Spots luiet Sales 2400 Offerings very
lai e Prices easier but quotations are
cror comitios
ifrt 3
Xfr Cwo Season Compared How tho Vroblem
or Trice ifc to bo bolved
XcwOriLiVs March 2a Wo have al-
re ulv enteied the second half of the cotton
t ison of iaJ0 91 and the comparison with
tue last cotton jear is veo stniing
It w ill bo remembered that at tho com
mmeement of the j oar lsX prices began a
marp upward movement which bj this
1 me a ear ago had earned the price of
juiv ueuveri to iii unu on naj -3 inu -
ri ord shows tint Julj delivery sod at
U M and December at 10 31 the highest
prices reai hed dui me the season
We nturallj look for the cause of such a
denJed improvement and find it in the fact
tljit thicinTi whi h in tin fill hnd liin
fEjCmiPIlfft ejnmated as rangiugabout seven iud a half
UULiJSflfclRtir mUions later promised a vield of less than
seven and a quarter and the world was
face to face with the prospect of consump
tive demand in excess ol the suppl
i Jue iiiiiuuueus utciaiiu uiiuu luu ill and
ITrdunng the season of 90 91 hae bc n ex-
tiotbVigraiBhraeTtiiaiiiF actly me reverse oi tnoso controlling us
ucir o c irren Snariiooici rrt3SSaSso course during the previous vear
ii w will ajus a co oo iioutoa st mites Imve stead 1 risen from 7UX000
until now it is believed by
a great manv
that the total jield will leach s30JuuO
bales While consumption ha3 unquestion
ablj made a good advance encouraged bj
the low prices and a part of our increase
has been oUset bj a falling off in the supply
from other sources of about two huudrej
and liftj thousand bales theie willsiill le
iuam at the end of this season an amount
of cotton to be earned over vatiously es
timated as between live hundred thousand
and one million bales largelv composed of
the low giades and uudesrabV styles
which have been so pleutilul this vear
Such i a hi let compaiison of the ciop
conditions of the two seasons
Convinced from the lepoits which we re
ceived from our numeious conespondents
that the j ield promised to exceed all ex
pectations we have steadily cautioned our
mends against bujing and have pointed
out day by day in our dispatches to tho
Associated Press the reasons for the
steady and pronounced decline which vv e
In our maiot reports as published daily
in a number of the leading Journals of the
South we have made our remarks upon the
situation as applied to actual cotton a spe
cial feature and as crop estimates in
creased during the season wo felt that an
inherent weakness in spots would develop
that would prevent permanent advance
The onlj reaction of consequence that has
taken plaea throughout the past six
onths occurred in Januarj impelled bv
he bu ing of thoso who looked for a repe
tition of the course pursued bj the market
about samo time tha year before icgard
less of the almost entire reversal of the
conditions then existing Such a senti
mental advance could not but fail to holdand
the downward turn which prices then
took was not arrested until market con
tracts Uad declined jc When June was
ol Jc on for 4 and tneie
seemed a general inclination to consider
that price as oTering an opportunitj for
cheap purchase we predicted without
eiiuiv ocation that a crop in excess of
Germanj 19 Bohemia 1 represcutiug 100- b000000 bales meant in tnis market sJc
000 mine Belgium 13 and Franco for Julo and July The record shows that
23 Mr jillip sen letarv of the Labor e- since then June has soid as low as a 40 and
change elcomed the Jefegates m a speech Julj at S34 while spots languished with
In which he sought to impress upon them
the imp jrtance of he results which might
he tha outcome of her deliberations
- hen jtii
onlv nominal demand at for middling
Our belief in a monster crop has been de
cided since the beginning of tho season
though of course we did not expect any
thing like so large a yield as now seems
likely and w e havo taken actual cotton as a
basis lor anticipating lower prices So far
as such a belief would have any effect we
have encouraged speculation on tha bear
sido since prices were 2 cents higher with
considerable profit to those of our many
friends wno nave followed our advice
and entertaim
All dancer
avoided by addm
stun uiuers
had sold them
at Anders
whether the price nameJ discounts a crop
which will certainly bo bSOO000 and may
possibly reach b500000 which latter figure
the movement to date and the reports of
cotton still to come forward from planta
tions and small towns would seem to indi
cate as an easy possibility
Our daily salo3 of spot cotton are small
and out of proportion to tho amount of stock
held here which is now 139000 larger than
last j ear and receipts coming in and It
would be much easier in the absence of
outside supporting influences to creato a
declme than an improvement unless there
should be a more active demand for spots
than now exists
Despite such unfavorable influences there
are some indications of a feeling in favor of
better prices not Justified however by tha
outlook It is argued bj some that the in
crease in the worlds consumption makes
an American crop of seven and three
fourth millions a necessity and as it is
enerallj conceded that the present season
ias been simplj a phenomenal one like
thjse of lbTO 71 and lssJ 3 and just as
like j as thej weie to be followed bj snort
ciops tho surplas ueccssnnlj carried over
from this ear m ij be needod to supplj a
1 possible deficit nest j ear
The problem of price is thus to be solved
bj the outcome of the crop not jet planted
t Before the seed is in tac ground it would
require great hardihood to venture a pre
diction regarding either the yield or the
course of prices dependent upon the j leld
Should the planting season be unfavorable
inanywaj the natural would be a
general suengthemng of the whole line
particularly of the winter months while on
the other hand a favorable outlook would
leave summer months depressed by the
weight of heavy stock3 everywhere and the
prospect of so largo a surplus to be carried
over to another season would weaken new
crop positions
In speculation contradictions are a pre
vailing feature at times and upset all cal
culations and statistical reasons whj the
maiket for an article should pursue a
course different from vhat it actually does
Statistics and the laws of supply and de
mand will tell in price in the long run but
in the meantime scntimrnt is a dangerous
factor and often runs counter to conditions
that should cause the market to go in an
opposite direction
The conditions seem to us to favor lower
priies Whether sentiment can be created
to ignore them is something the near fut
ure will determine Your respectfully
Atwood Violxtt Co
Closing Exercise of tho College Fruit In
jured ttut I Ittle
rirmor3 in the vicinity of Bedford Tar
rant county are putting m large crops and
aie well up with their v oik
The seeie cold wealier a few wcks
since injuied the fiuit but very little if mj
at all and the piospect is still faoiable for
an auundanee of fruit
Health is good In fact taking every
thing into consideration Bedfoid is as dc
sirablo a place to l osido as can be found in
Tanant county It is a healthful location
the soil is lertile and the citizens aio a
moral intelligent and eneigetic peopie
Piofcssur Warren piincipal ot Bedford
college closed his school lastFudaj and
pave uii exhibition on the following night
Although but little time had been spent in
pi sparing the exercises and tne students
Tu ures If Li verpool should decline to- wcremo3t all small they did adinirablv
3jA a
Tre Fines
lai ge crowd forsoetal
of mt
ing impure water is
rops of the genuine Angro
tuxej ny ut siegert
1urU Court Xotc
Special to the Gazettu
Paki Ti x Aliroh 31 In the Federal
court j esterda Juuge Er ant in ido ordere
for the draw ing of lortj pei sous as giaiid
i jur panel and of liftj for peit juiors
Giajson countj now being p ut of this dis
ti let several of the jurors will come from
John Oaten was pulled by Marshal
kiresint movement is that stoiks at -visible ShanLlia jestcrdav for a buiglaiy com
ovod fWifeJjr Towns has lost comparatively little nutted about ten dajs ago Paitofthe
smmiug iiuiv imiiia iu is a u luvisiuie i pmnuer was lounu on mm ana
ow us arc still iuiuishingmauilj this very t les v ere traced up to parties to whom a-
Theio havo boon no further proceeJio
in the Tomliss and John Williams tual ow
ing to the serious Illness of the 1 itter
State distnet court opened yesterday
with Judge McClelland on tne bench and
a very large docket
Be sure to cai
and nay iort
save costs You
to City Taxpayers
the 1st day of April
foi l9d if j ou wish to
speetf ullj
icon r ilsov
Aiessor and Qi
Cotton Exports
Special to The Gazette
Gaivitov Tex March 31 The ex
ports of cotton from Galveston for the
moilh of Match is as follows To Great
Britain 20141 bales 1043334 to Ger
manj 30 bales l5C37 to Russia 15i3
bales 73739 to Moieo 40 bales 21s
Total 22030 bales 1139933
Cotton Unchanged Fut
ures One Point Lower
Wheat Opened Irregular Fluctuated Nar
rowly Closed at an AdTauce Coffee
Wojl and Sugar Markets Un
cbnged Money Easy
Dally Iteview
Office of TnE GvzETTn 1
Fort Worth Tes March 31 ls91 f
Clear and quito pleasant to daj and busi
ness general was good considering it was
the last day in the month and people nat
urallj purchase moie cautiously The
btieets were thronged with peopie at anj
rate and everywhere piesented scenes of
liveliness Upon tho couitjard square
w here the couutrj people do mostlj eon
presrate a pleasing spectacle met tho eje
for tho plaza was crowded all day with peo
ple and vehicles and some product or other
w as offered for sale and as a result tho
general produce markets were prettj well
supplied with all commodities Thero are
uo especial changes to note however in
the country produce lines except in poul
trj ond chickens which are lower the
supplj being better Butter is quite film
for choice and the supply is limited
A general revision is noted in wholesale
nuts also in fruits and vegctaMes a slight
revision in dried fruits and a thorough re
vision in packing house products
Wholesale sugars are off though quota
tions have not been revised A drop may
be looked for
Western Core il Crop-
The Cincinnati Price Current says
Snow has fallen over a wide area in the
West the past vv eek and has served as an
important protection to wheat dunng some
hard freezings within this period In vari
ous districts more notably in Missouri and
Kansas than east of the Mississippi thero
appears to bo some widening of apprehen
sions as to injury to the crop but our wide
range of correspondence does not Justify
the View that any essential change in the
generally good promise has recently oc
curred It is evident that tho wheat plant
is loss advanced in growth thaLit frequently
Is at this time in the seasoa but it is al
most uniformly conceded that it is well
rooted and in healthy condition favorably
situated for rapid advancement under mild
and settled weather naturally expected to
Tho question to determine now is I be inaugurated soon There is no lack of
moisture in any considerable area of the
winter wheit belt and when growing
weather shall lie rc ched the progress of
development should be rapid As a whole
there is no essenti U change in the average
condition of the growing wh jat crop in the
Tho freezings and the moisture recently
ccperiecced havo checked the progress of
oats seeding operations and other work on
tho land but more than usual progress had
been made in plow ing for spring sesding
previous to the cold weather within the
past six weeks
Ujtmrii the World
QBHSun store
Lively Competition IromUcd by the Ex
porter In Japan
The following report from Japan in re
gard to the nco crop of the present season
will be a matter of interest to the many per
sons in this state interested in the cultiva
tion of the staple The leport is official
being from he United States consul at one
of the largest Japanese ports
The reports concur in estimating the
j ield of nco this season as unusually large
173 701 ECO bushels is a good average crou
but this j ear as much as 24S143000 bushels
will juooablj be produced If this esti
mate be realized the quantitj of rice avail
bdIo for expoit will not be far short of
74443 00 bushels which is bclie ed to be
rnoic than America and Europe ean possi
bly take and is about ten times as much as
th3 lai gtst export hitherto made in any one
j ear from Japan
Judging from this report it is highly prob
able that the Carolina plantera will find a
veiy lnelj competitor in the exporters of
Japan T he C iroliua rice is al waj s of such
an excellent quality however that it is able
to hod its own in auy market and under
any circumstances
All Quotations below are revised daily by lead
I iag dealers and will he found reliable whole-
sale and retail as speeiLed 1
I Following quotations are on the basis of Job
i lots
Fish New mackerel hilf bbls No 1 J9 ro
i WW half bbls No 10 todtish3U bniks
ttd7c p tt lccse ccuiish bCtj JC per E
pickled herring per bucket 1 10
Holland herrn0s Kegs 51 501 75
Diud herrings Per box 40c
Hologn 1 sausage 210-
Moai btndird hi C hams ItVjllc do
hrcafast baton Je short tlear bacon sides
7 t short clcr dr al 7c shoulders 7Jc
dried beef ICa
llomiav New per bbl S4 25
Grts Perbbl il ii
Oatmeal New per half bbl 100 as SI 00
per bbl 7 fO
Cracked wheat Per case 72 Its S3 60
Crackers Factory prices goods in 1 B paper
boes It above rritcust quotations per pound
Animals etc lc Hoston butteis h butters
XXX te butter stotLh lie chocolate snaps
lie creams jcav t5c creams A K corn
hihs or nicl nacks Oe cocoinut snips Ut
craekneils 13c cream pufTs 2K coife takes
XXX 9t cocoinut tatT lit cotoanutbir IK
tracker meal c drop cake- 11 c Jinglr h
j toffie IO exec Isiors lor monitors 7c frosti d
crtaris sio finder- lHje lingers spic and
1 nijcr 10c fruit sultana He fruil saltana
lied re fruit currant lc ginger snaps
i XXX b jC ginger X at graham is
graham and oatmeal waers and gems lOj
grandma s cooiies iov ho iej goods iced I ie
j honey goods plain l iced creams XXX
creams leeaiVjC impenas iuc enj lingers
lis jelly wafers le Jumbles U5c jumLes
and ginger 10c lemons XXX fcjc
lemons X Sc lemon snaps 13c lemon waft is
lot lemon biscuits round XXX creams Uhsc
mdks sL jaol isses coukies ginger cakes gems
etc sc o1 siers XXX tc oi sters d la 7t
ovsters shell eti oatmeal he pie biscuits
1 prezels machine oic pretztls hand
made lie pretzellettes lie penny cakes
pi nn 10c pnnj elite decerned lie rihe
nuts 10- soda peerless princess etc lirgc
scidi tream fce sodv snowiiikes 1 c select
sodas 7c scd is XXX Cc sawtooth butters
ftv stage pinks 2s Oe 3s 0 4c smaller 7c
smjriia biscuits He Southern mixed sisc
sjars XXX SjC sugirs Xbc sugar cookies
10l vanilla wafers etc 13c vanlU squares
crisp cakes etc 10c wine wafers reveres
etc 13c
Coilee Wholesale quotation- Eio o JSSic
prime t07jc choiwC tlsj2Ju5c f uicy JVSi
ti Java TOjf Coidova SJ41 Pel Ilcrry
JlsC Arbackles Ariosa i63c Market
s verv nrm
M iple sjiup Old tiro one gadon cans per
dzci IU half gillon per dozen u J3 quarter
gallon per dozen iJ f
Sugar btandard granulated 7c powdered
in bbls 7 at do in L ilf bbls 73aC cut loaf
bbls7jc do half bbls 7 c fancy jellow
tlarined GjC thoite jellow tlarirled 6c
nme ellovT tlaniicd 5jt fancy seconds f4c
Molasses Fancy open kettle 4Sc choice
1 open kettle 4V prime open kettle 4Ja choice
centnfugal 33c prime centrifugal 33c
Iaekirio house lard Im e leaf tierces Sc
M ft tins Sec HO tins fcHc 10 tb tins Sc
fi 1 tins sse 3 3 tins Uc Famil ticrtcs 7t
VB tin- 7Jit JJ ft tins iu 2 tins 8je
fi iti tins Sc 3 te tmsbjC
liite New crop prime 6c choice 7sic
he id 7ju
Cheese rancy full cream 1 in box 13 c
fancy full cream - in box la- Young American
4 in box liif bwiss per cake about UX ibs
ICit suull quantitv 17c ehcese safes
PltKies Mtuium bbls ill uo medium halves
J5 small bbls SU 11J small halves ST S3
cd bbls mm mixed halves 7 00 half
bbl chow chow 4j small ten gallon ii W
gaerkins per bbis 3U VI
Pigs feet Half bbl i 1 00 quarter bbl 2 20
kits 41 00
lnegar cider Apple cider half bbls S4 03
apple v inegar J3 grain per gallon lCc 60 grain
per gallon JOc w hite vv ine per gallon Jc si
xtra lor half bbla
Flour vvhole ale quotations Best patents
SJ per 103 Os half patents 1 70 third grade
J 40 fourth grade U 23
SUNDKIES Starch pearl 5c lump 5Sc
Herring imported Jl -3 per keg Cider crab
apple 40c Missouri JOc per i bbl SI 0021 t
Vinegar 13Qa3c Concentrated lye S2 73 fojr
doz in ease per case Jugs glazed 10c per
gal crocks glazed 10c per gal Indigo 71c per
tti blueing 301 UO per doz Coleman sius
tard ii to l 2a per doz Maccaroni Imported
llCtJllaC Per 5I American 63c per box Tubs
No 1 oak grain U SO No 3 fa 30 No 3 S7 00
per doz No 1 fiber 317 30 No S SI3 DO No
S1J SO per doz Redwood No 2 S3 0 No 3
b 30 three in nest white cedar ti S3 eight in
nest oak grain il 83 Huckets two hoops
SI 03 per doz Baking powders bulk lie 1 ft
cans U SO Vermicclla small box b3c Cat
sup in bulk per gal jc Worcestershire
f luce in bulk per gal 81 25 Hope grass 5
inch basis lie cotton V lsc 6 lb 16c S issa
f as root 1 V per ft Butcher paper 24c per ft
Candies Vv holesaie quotations Stick full
weight 23 ft boxes O iHPic light weight U3
ft boxes PSJSc caromcls assorted llitors
5 ft box 80c Jellv beins 3 ft box 73c gum
drops A H assorted flavors B ft box 4c
Jaiiauese strips cocoanut Kavor 6 ft box 63c
rock assorted and white 73c French kisses p
ft SOc chocolate tream Al Si 00 Jelly rolls
and almond drops 3 box 1 00 cocoanut cream
balls box 1 00 hand made No 9 and orange
dlp V box SI 00 apricot and jelly ice and
nougatlnes M box tl W sultana dips tf box
SI 00 vanilla croquets and mlrabels i box
il 00 missing link y box 1 JO chocolate
cigars box 63c cream bar assorted 5 lb
box UOc peanut blocks 5 ftbox 63c peanut
bar p box ttc lozenges assorted con 5 ft
bo 73c gum drops Mound City 5 fi bo 63-
mai shmallow s bantam 5 ft box 63c dainty
1 mixed candv pails 3 ft 10c candy crys
tal cut ft Uiie candy Nellie Bly -fl ft 13c
fact - flint S s candy assorted In pails and
boxes V ft 10c
Chewing gum Danhelsers fruit tolu per
box 90c peppermint and lltrctta per box CTc
mana tolu per box Mc Ada jis tutti t rutti
Wo magic tritk bOc bailcv malt Wc sweet
fern 60c carmel tolu 23c No 1 New York35c
Whites Yucatan per box 70c 5 box cartoons
61 23 Valentines euchre per box tuc Panama
per box b5s California fruit per box 00c Ber
rys beautj 80c tolu 23e per doz S2 DO sw eet
gum per box E3c
Nuts Wholesale quotations Almonds new
soft shell small quantity per ft gOc by bag of
CO fts lie English walnuts extra large small
quantity per ft ic DO and 100 ft bag lots ISc
Brazds new crop 15c walnuts Chili per ft
13c tdberts per ft 14c nuts assorted 23 ft
boxes Comet brand 16c pecans new crop
12tc peanuts fancy white by the sack 715c
mall quantity Sc choice white by the sack
7c roasted white best quality Uc peanut
roasters No 1 Peerless size il6
Canned goods Pice apples standard 2 fts
II t031 73 peaches standard 2 fts 51 M 3 fts
53 63 seconds 3 fts 51 50 3 fts aJ 40 straw
berries 2 fts Jl 30 blackberries 2 fts Si 30
green gages S raspberries 2 Os SI 50 mar
rowfat peas 2 fts 81 50 oysters full weight 1
ft 1 33Q1 40 2 fts S3 2 30 torn itoes stand
ard 2 fts 1 W3 03 3 fts tl 1001 13 green
corn 31 131 30 salmon 1 ft Si SOIjl 45 Colum
liia river salmon tl 75e31 S3 sardices 43 do
mestic S3 253 50 Imported S12 00315 to
Eagle condensed milk S3 00 California canned
goods standard brands Apricots 2s ft ei 35
peaches yellow free 52 73S2 DO poaches white
cllntr U 733- M plums U l22 10 pears
SJ 3LC2 75 grapes j 0O32 10
Oils Brilliant bbls lac Eapion 9c Bril
liant 2 1 3 case3 U 13 Brilliant 12 1 3 cases
54 14 Eupion 2 1 5 cases S3 15 Gasoline
S3 li
Whisky Rectified 51 1021 20 as per proof
sour raash two years old 81 7031 90 three
vears old S3 0022 2a fancy extra old whisk
Si U025 CO
Wholesale quotations Apples fancy Mis
souri per bbL J7 30 Oranges Florida per box
M 00 5 to 10 box lots S3 75 California bright
seedlings S3 T5y3 00 fancy California
seedlings 3 003 13 Lemoas fancy Messina
rXOs CSOs and 420s U 50 5 to to box lots 54 25
Bananas iitrfvjsoo Cocoanuls per sack of fO
to 100 S3 30 per dozen 72c Cranberries fancy
bell an I cherry SliU half bbL SfjOO Potatoes
California Burbanks and Pecrles per bu SI S3
5 to 10 bag lots ti as California seed
Rose JI 2tVl 23 Onions choice red and
yellow per ft 5vlC Krouu half bbl hand
made JJ 7 cabbage Cahforniv per
ft 2iC Navy beans small California
45c Lima beans new crop 6c
Bayou beans new crop 54c Garlic single
string new extra 75c Caili pepper balo per ft
W less quantity 21c
Preserves Jelles etc Jelles assorted 20 ft
wood pails V IlSsic 5 ft tin pails doz
S3 23 preserves S ft tins p doz S 30 peich
and pear pails lie assorted 0 and s0 ft pails
2 in case extra fl ft lie apple butter ft gal
kegs extra ft J tjc 2 ft kanakins SSc
mlucc meat kegs y ft jc
Dried Fruits Raisins etc Eaiins London
layer California new crop 9 box S3 fO Lon
don layer 3 i box soc loose Muscatels Cali
fornia 3 23 grapes new California
Soft jJ ft 6tc Appies evap
orated rings in boxes I6c Peaches Call
fornii evaporated unpeeled 25 ft box s 23c
Currants new crop cask about J20 fts y ft 6c
casks about 200 ft 6c boxes abcut 70 fts
7c Prunes French fO to S3 to ft 53 ft boxes
13 c CO to bj to ft 33 ft boxes 13c Turkish
new trop bigs about 300 lbs 10c 30 ft lots
boxcs10ic Apricots California evaporated 23ft
botes 23c Figs choice layers 6 10 13 ft boxes
V ft 16c In 15 ft drums it ft 13e hairs nboat
tofts V ft jc oval Kis per 10J boxes si tO
Dates Persian fO ft boxes Sc C ltroa Leghorn
1 23 ft boxes j ft 22c
Buyers are giving dry butchers hides first
class c ft lights 7c dry fallen 6c dam
aged saie pelts 2030o dry salted heavy 5c
bull hides 4c green salted Caic butchers
preen 3jc shearings 100 horns hoofs and
bones y ton SO 00 deliv ercd
Wool Light medium liC lc light tine 133
16c heavy line 13315c
roliow mg are w holesaie quotmons for Fort
Worth packing house products Prices are rc
vlsd each day and loIowicg quotv
tions are subject to change at anj time Yes
terdiv s tlosing
ilarns Is to 3u fts SIjC 16 to IS lbs 9Hc 12 to
leftsQc sto 12 fts luc breakfast bacon wide
or narrow 8if Cillfornia or picnic Lams8ce
New York shoulders 5isc boneless hms Vc
dried beef hira pieces onlv extra dry Jc
Dry salt Short tltar so 10 smoked SO 60
long t3 smoked S3 40 batksja iu sraoked
56 W shoulders SI 75 smoked J3 2
Fresh beef Stec s 44610 oows 4 25c
hind quarters steers SliGc hindquarters
covvs back halves choice 6c plate
halves sc chucks ac rounds 35tic swtet
breads uie brains 10c beef loins isiiI0212t
short loins lOHc stindardribs bN rib
rolls e tenderloins r31St fiank steak 7
livers each 12o tongut each 20c kidncjs
per doz 30c oxtails per doz 20c
1 it h mutton Dressed sheep 7QS5C
drtsi d Iambs lUe fore quarters mutvm ir
6c rackj mutton MSiec lees mutton 53t
t diks muttcn 10c breast 2tf
resh pork Dressed hogs iie c pt k
loins 7o Irish shoulders 4VjC fresh h mis 9c
frtsh be Hits 7c spare ribs 7c red bonis 2t
bail boats 2c tenderloins 10c pigs fret per
do72 tongues per doz tOc he rts per
doz rK lvers per djz Oc
Sausigeain loupoand lots Jc lessl Pork
siusagt 7c head cheese 6t liver sausigt6c
blood vvurt tio bologna 60 large bologna tc
ieuna 10c
lUEt imi hed STcrrs
Jit Vllister coal dtlivcrcd from live tons up
55 i0 McAllister toal single ton delivered
57 U0 MoUUstcrcoil two to four tons delv
tied So7j cars W00 McAllister nut toil for
cooking one ton dl vtn d SiUO McAllister
coal one half ton dell ered S173 McAllister
coal one fourth ton ilehvcitd 3U0 McAllister
co il less than oue fourth ton per 1UO ft 43c
liner creek coal eirlojd lots on track J3 30
deliveiei two tons ii5ii Victor Colorado
lunipccal carload 03 track S3 J per lon nut
S175 Pennsvlvanianard coal one ton deliv
eicd SIJC0 Pcnnsvlvunki hard toal one half
ton S700 blacksmith coal one ten S121 Pitts
b rg coal one ton 57 ri0 two to four tons 57
1lloPInto mines Newcastle screened lump
coal carload on track S 1 00 per ton Cimiron
Col lump Jo 00 per ton on track carload
lots 1 delivered singleton irtxi two lon lots
Hi 7 j half ton S3 75 quartc r toti S3 00 Robin
son Co lump on track 43 75 airload otsl
Quotitions aie on yard sales except v iere
otlierviscexpres ly stated Deliver maie at
DUc per ton or half ton extra
Cord wood On cord dry delivered II 50
gten Si 73 cord wood cord delivirtd t3 35
-imp wool 1 cord deliveied S3 DO ccrd de
livered 53 75
feor in and feedstuffs Quotations below are
on grim lrom store
oru uc per bu in shucks in sacks SOc
Vheat Choice Texas 41 00G1 10 Panhandle
II 15
O its Sacked 63c
Bran il 35 per 130 on carload lots f o b
Jl 40 per 100 ins icks delivered
Cotion sttii pir bu 23c retail
IIV Loo e local SHuuOIiciU best prairie
haj biled 51a U0IS 00 per toa In carload lots
fob C15 00 small bales best b5o best For
nej 513 CO per ton
sorghum seed C2 23 per bu
Mulct Per bu SI DO
Chcken3 Commission men are getting S3 73
per doz for hens retailers are petting 3 OOS
o oj per no- iigni suppi anu 111 uemana com
mis ion men get JJ 00 per doz for frying
chlcktns retulers get 5J23J30 per doz
Light supply nni in demand For turkeys
retail nens DJjJtx gobblers SI 00 eommis
sion men are getting Sj0uQ13 per doz tho
lattir for extra demand fair Commissljn
men are getting S3 23 for ducks slow sale
lggs Commission men are getting 12jC per
doz for Texas eggs retailers are getting 15c
rcr simle uoz Fair supply good uemand
Butler Commission men are getting 15320c
tier ft lor good counrj retailers re getting 2 1
SOc per ft for touutry 30c for strictly choice
iglit supply and In demand Choice creamery
oat retail
Quotations based on small lota to retail deal
ers Actanlld y oz 13o aietic acid No s i
ft be c arboliaacid crjst V ft 40c muriatic
acid C P 8 ft 21c nitric acid C P t ft
23c sulphuric acid C P y ft 23c tannic
acid bulk t ft II 33 alcohol 05 per cent y
gal ii 40 alum V ft 4c antifebrine y oz
2acantiprine oz140 amronta carbon
ate ft 15e blue vitrei i ft 10c blue mass
0 ft 50c blue ointment ft DOc bora t ft
lie e implior gum i ft 60c capsicum pow
dered y to 23c topperas y ft U23e Dover s
powder y ft 1 20 ether sulphuric U S P y
1073c gum arable tirst pick y ft 11 gum
shellac f ft 30c glue brown ft 13c glue
white i ft 20c mace 9 H Wc aiercur t ft
83c morphine sulph P A ijs y oz 53 -la
mo phme sulph 1 A W oz bottle tf oz
43 JO nutmegs y ft TOc c istor oil y gal
II 1VJJ1 20 olive oil I gaL SI 10 linseed oil
gal lu30c sperm 01k W B y gal il 2U
opium t ft V3 30 opium po ft tJ SO black
pepper y ft ISc potash bromide y ft 44i
pot ish chlorate y ft 20c potash iodide y ft
13 832 SO quinine P V oz bottles y oz
40c quinine I i W oz tans y oz 3sc qui
nine P A W 5 oz cans y oz 33c quinine
Brunswick oz bottles y oz 3tc quinine
Brunswick 5 oz cans 29c sal foda y ft Jc
saltpetre rerined y ft 10c saltpetre commer
cial y ft 6c salts Epsom y ft Sc salts
Rochelle 43c Bicarb soda kegs y ft Sc
sulphur Flowers 5 bbk lot 3iC sulphur
llowers small lots 4c spirits turpentine
mirket rates per gal whiteleod b P y ft
7ic cream tartar y ftC2c
Special to the Gazette
London Marth 31 Consols closed 93 11 lGd
for money tor silver 44 sd
New York March 31
Special to the Gazette
Sterling Bank 60 da s 4 S54JJ4 STi
Commercial to days 4 ba m B314
Relchmarks Commercial U days Sa1
rrants Bank 0 days 5 la
Commercial bO days 5195
New Orleans La March 31
Special to the Gazette
Sterling Commercial 60 days 4 S134 S3
Frencs Commercial 00 da 5 0
New York sight Bank IiO premium
Commercial 40 premium
Galvlstox Tex Marth 31
Special to the Gazette
Sterling 60 days 4 S2
New York sight oar
New Orleans sight
American silver
s Aef3s
New Yopc March 31 BontU and stocks
closed at the following prices bid
United States 4 s registered Y2X
United States 4s coupons 1334
United States 4is coupons 102
Central Pacific 1 s Ius
Denver and Ri 3 Graudo 4s 2S
Missouri Pacilic consolidated 6s
Missouri Kansas and Texas general 6s 773
St Louis and Iron Mountain general 6s Wi
St Louis and San Fran general mortgage 101
Texas and Pocige land gaants a7i5
Texas and Pacinc Rio Grandes 303i
Union Pacilic l luSt
Central Pacific 29i
Chicago and Alton Ex Div 131
Chicago Burlington and Quincy Ex DIv 79
Delaware and Lackawanna Ex Div 133s
Denver and Rio Grande 1
Erie common 19
Fort Worth and Denv cr
Houston and Texas Central Sii
Illinois Central- ssjj
Kansas and Texas Ex 2d mtg bonds 11
Wholesale Grocers
CEGive us you
ciay s saics
31 id M Id- I
torts TONE dllng dling Sales
To da Ysdy
Livcpool Holiday
Galveston Stiady 9 9 51S
New Orleans Ouiet 8 11 16 8 11 10 2700
Mobile Quiet SJ a 300
Savannih Qaiet 8 5 10 S 5 16 930
Charleston Steady a S 1MX
Wilmington Steady S-
Norfolk Steady Ss 8 130
Halnrnore Nominal 9 9
Ne Yoik Dull 9 9 100
Bos on Quiet 9 9
Philadelphia Quiet 9i 9S
Augusta Quiet Si 8i 467
Memphis Quiet b ki 600
SuLoals Qaiet aJj aJ W0
Galvestos Tex March 31
Special to the Gazette
Receipts bhipments blocks
Augusta 469 737 27MM
Mtmphts 913 1667 64 -04
bt Louis 2 058 2390 8S74o
Total to day 3 TO 4791 131141
Galvkstos Tex March 31
Special to the Gazette
Reieipts thus far this week 59399
Receipts same time last year 16915
Receipts this day 2siJl
Receipts this day last year 5713
Total receipts thus far this siasan 62I92s J
Total receipts thus far last season S597
Difference 696 311
Exports to Great Britain 1441S
Exports to France 515S
Exports to continent lv7tJ
G iLVESTON Tex March 31
Special to the Gazette
Stocks this day 664 803
Stocks this day last year 3a3907
Galveston Tex March 3L
Special to the Gazette
Galveston K2
New Orleans 15168
Mobile tiU
Savannah I 70S
Charleston 17j0
Wilmington 62
Norfolk 501
Baltimore Iisa
New York 3133
Boston 51
Philadelphia 913
West Point lI3d
Other ports
Total thisday 3S301
Total this day last year 5743
Special to the Gazette
Galveston Tex March SI By steamship
from Galveston Tex
To Liverpool Jd
To continent 17 64d
To New York 40cy 100ft
Special to the Gazette
Galveston Tex March 31 Coffee cl03ed
Ordinary 20
Good ordinary jay
Fair 20i
Prime 21s
Choice 2114
Cordova Sli
Special to the Gazette
Galveston Tex March 31 Sugar Planta
tion agents prices In round lots by the carloails
for Louisiana sugars
Market closed steady
x ianiauou granuiatea
Fort Worth racking Cos product aofl build up home lndutrf2 El
Lak 6hore i09i
Louisville and Nashville 74S
Missouri Pmiic cOtj
Northern Pacific 27
Northwestern 105
New York Central Ex Dv 103c
Reading 30
Rock Island Ex DIv H91
ht Louis and ban Francisco
St Louis and an Francisco preferred
St Paul common 5R
St Paul preferred Ex Div ltw
Tenneisee toal and Iron S
lexas and Patitlc 13 i
Union Pacific 41s
Wabash bt Louis and P cIiic tcrtif vtes 9U
Wabash St Louis and Pacinc preferred ISs
Wells ra -go express 140
Western Uuion ttiegraph SJ4
American cotton oil 34U
Atchison Topeka and i auia Fe 37 5
Denver Texas anu 1 ort orth tertificatcs 31
Denver and Itio Grande preferred 5s4
Liverpool Marth 31 Holiday
Specal to the Gazette
New York Varch 31 Cotton futures ciosid
dil nt 1 imrt nJT
I April S 701 s 72
uav T ct o J
June 11 isz s VJ
Julv a a 97
Aagust 9 OUt 9 Oi
September 9 ut 9 Ol
n irt o iri i ni
I November VII 9 OJj 9 Ot
Detember iliNtJto
Januarv 9 LXi 9 13
baits 3171U bales
Special to the Gazette
La 3Iarch31 Cottoa futures
April t43J3 47
Miv S 53cl a 51
June a fsiJ s ie
July S6eViS6s
August MS s ia
September S b7ui a ej
October h u C a ey
Noviinber a iisvS a 19
Deccmbtr a ed S 70
Sales 74UO bales
Special to the Gazette
LrVLRPOOL Marth 31 Hollda until April 1
Special to the Gazette
New YoiK March 31 Spot coton closed
Ordinary C
Good ordinary 7 11 16
Lon mddliug S 7 10
Middling V
tiooil middling OS
Middling fir 10
Salts 100 bales
Special to the Gazette
New Orleans La March 31 Spot cotton
Low ordinary 6a
Ordinal 7
Good ordinary 7c
Low middling
Middling S 11 18
Good middling Vi
Middling fair life
bales 2700 bales
Special to the Gazette
G ivestos Tux March 31 Spot cotton
Low ordinary
Ordinary 7 1 10
Good ordinary 7J
Low middling El
Miadliig 9
Good middling 9 13 16
Middling fair IU 6 16
sles 51s b lies
Stotk 11193 baes
Special to the Gazette
GUVESTON Tex March 31 The following
nre the closing quotations for cotton on the spot
I to da at the leading markets togother with
I the closing for middling yesterday with to-
Louisiana choice white 5
LouslinvoS whte t ne
Fancv yellow clirified - j
Choice veltow tlarined j A
lnme vol v lUiiicd c e
Off elkm clarified
Inme seconds c
seconds e
Corrmon stconds Loue
Rehned sugars
Stardard granulated Sx
Standard tonfectloccrs A t
Cbes t t
Powdered 1 3
Crushed and cutloaf
t holesaie grocers quotatii as s c hlgair
Grdcs omitcd cot in mjr sl
Srecial to the Gazette
GalvetonTia alarch 21 Wool M ret
Unscoured wool
I 3 ester-
Sprlngtwelve months tlin This day day
rice j I1 i is 1
Medum ljia --
Flee le ftj i V
Medium is
Mexican ircprovtd I
Mexican carpet I 1 la 1 1 a
seourtd spring twelve rconcs
No 1
Sping Six months
No l
No 1
St Lot Is Mo M well 1 -V 1 d r tt
clo td VtCItf above vestti d iv lr t 1
No 3 red tash JlOtltC Ma ilc Ju
tSSaSslc August Wc
Corn Was e higrerit opinrg an 1 c r
zfc above isttdav s lasi ss u t
Cshblrl5jC MltSIiC JUiV bj
Oits lliglur ealv bu e sd cS 11 N
2 cash 3leol 3c Mj 6U
Corn me J Jt u 41 jj
Whislv steady Si P
Provisons Quiet and not so 1 1 a je
Pork Standard mess 513 2acl2 j
L ird Prime sie im 56 65
Drv salt meats Fasier Closed ho v r
54 rcr4 75 longs 56 UljO IU rbs 50 ax6 c
short clear 6 IUC 3V
Bacon A sh iuc easier Boxi d shea Jer
S500 longs SI7j ribs CO J7v3j 50
clear JO 526C5
One too lit Mirch 31 The rrvkets t
day were high rand lirui al opui u tni
in tl e Ja lust suciitrch auu 1 Ibstd also ac a
loss for wheat corn ad provisions
Leading futures tlost i
V hiat March J O Ma 5101 Jcy
SI o u
Corn March CSc Mav6sic J 1 r
loriv Jiaj il bt July iljo s r
temoer ia j
Lard May J W July
17 40
Short ribs May S6 10
lemtir Jo a
Cash quotations
bpring wheat f 1 03J5
No 3Com 6355c
Pork SI3 O
Lard 16 7a
bhort ribs sides S3 0316 05
Dr salted shouldt rs 5 eeV6 10
bkort clear sides 56 2a6 i J
K osas City Mo March 3 Wheat
Steady No 2 red cash 97c bid
Corn lllgtitr No 2 cash 63c bid
Pork Boxed 511 03
Dry salt meats Boxed shoulders 1 1 short
ribs sides S3 M long clear aides 53 50 short
clear sides 53 W
Breakfast bacon Boxed ia CO
Rcllced lard 50 60
New Ori evvs L v March it Firm
Rio ordinirj tu fair 1930ViC
W lislv stiady at Si UIl aj
Bran Finn at Si 20
Sugar Dull and nominal
New York Jlarth 31 Wheat Spot
higher and irregular No 2 red Jl 171 17
Options up nrm Marth 51 17 H uul lK
M tl 13t July 51 1J4 August Si Xjr
Corn Spot wea tracu fairly aitivi No 3
7Js8Ic Options up and slow March 0c
31 1 743c Julv 73c
Coffee Options dull and unchanged to I
Joints up Sales 10730 bags May 517 SO
ul J16 75 Snot Rio quiet and e asy 20c
Sugar Refined dulL
St Louis Mo March 31 Cattle receipts
13 WO shipments 400 Higher Good to fancy
native stttrs i3U3i9 fair to pood native
steers tl 2053 00 stoci crs anj fee iers S3 COJ
4 25 Texans and Indians S3 23j5 40
Hogs Receipts 4ICO shirmenu 800 Higher
Tices ranged from 1 1 UR5 UO
Sheep Receipts lel shipments 130
1 trong Good to choice Si 500 uu
Kansas City Mo March 31 Cattle
3100 shipments 7CU Market higher
stters il S326 15 htotkers and fetdira J co
Hogs Receipts oro rhirmerts 7C0 M
kei hightr All grades SI3UuJ73
SLcep Receipts 10OJ shipments noae Mar
ket steady
CniCACO lit March 31 Cattle Receipts
60u0 shipments 6000 Slow and weak Steers
S3 7tC5 10
Hogs Recclps lfOO shipments 12 000 Mir
ket fairly actlv e and steady All grades S3 uocj
6 73
Sheep Receipts HBO shipments 2300
rairly active and stead Natives SI Dt5 73
Western S3 KC3 75 Mexlt acs SI S3
NEW York March 31 Beeves Receipts
1100 head No trade nrm
Sheep 53 0O6 60
St Louis Mo March 31 Wool Receipts
17210 pounds Steady and unchauged
Special to the Gazette
Boston Mass March 31 Wool Steady da
maud unthaccdpriccs
Indljestlon ani
All dcalerj kei
tttda muk
more than U
17 15 September
July S3 43J Stp
h disorders use
bottle Genuine hu
ed Hd linen ox wruppiMr
Dallas Seed Store Estab
Wholesale and Retail SctSJpWeTs Jut re
cane seedJHaMou setts stock peas
alfalfa rflpvPrriiermuda nnc Ccadian bue
tAm30iiie mllo maize tomato and caobagc
plaits HOLLOWAY ii CO Tex
Wm Jwwh
f Jfi I U I JU Is
1a m
fwt m
v tj p n u
A msiL
or Sugar an
a cup It is
pone jm
Vf i5r JT 3 Jf
mixcvua btnj
from which thfccxccss of
oil lias been repved ii
l ami itfSjSohible
M Chewrfls
ee tunSteihc
tion it has
strength of
1 Arrowroot
lore far mora
less titan one cent
elicious nourishing
and admirably adapted for invalids
as well as for persons in health
fold by Grocers cvorywhore
BAKER CO Dorchesiar Mass

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