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The Rebels and Government
Troops Win Alternately
A Bloody Battle in Which the Government
Troops are Repulsed with Great Loss
Vi lllown to Atomi by Torpedo
Torti lotiiiarIelind Penplo
red in j ct
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red at D nores
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tuaue was tuailv ruined and lJ O pr op
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retvress tuttM was fiirh o
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1 Iaist
vesterday After arresting Stewart the
I prisoner made an excuse to get a drink and
after putting the dipper down he picked up
l a scouring brick that was close to the
j ouch et and threw and hit tho marshal over
I the eye bringing him To the floor but the
j marshal was on his feet in an instant drew
i his pistol and fired at the fleeing prisoner
I Mnirtr him in the elbow which
diately brought him to time The wound is
I considered dangerous as it is likolv he will
lose his whuie arm The prisoner will be
I taueu care of until able to go to Ardmore
uL iuio me coiamisjoner itie prisoner is
considered a dangerous and desperate man
Caught tin i Harbcd Wire leace
Special to tbe Jazette
San Angelo Tet April 1 A large
crowd of young people attended a dance
ten miles in the counTy last nk ht and
just before they reached their destination
one of the horses they wcro driving ran
into a Tiro fence and the suddenvjar
threw Miss Molhe Keating from the hack
on the barbed wire cutting several large
gashes u her face She also sustained a
number of severe bruises on her body by
being trainied on by the horses
Severnl Tralnmpn Klliiil and Uany
lAounded Itt Sleeiice on tho Iart of
Itallroad Officials Wreck TkiIiiu
Spccia to tho Gazette
riEiin Lui April 1 A Santa Fe coal
iran on its way down from Canon City ran
into DiJiver and Kio rande freisrht No 1
theintosiiir of the two roads live miles
iii- of Florence a 11 oclock hist nisht
Uoth trains were badly wrecked Tho
Santa l trains brau man Arthur
liflilen f Puobio ws killed a id the lire
man K Cokely ao of Fuebio was so
bally injureJ that he died from his injuries
early this moniins Waller Hcrrineton
the secntirl brukeman on ttie i osj train
as M riytisiy hurt and it isthouirht he will
not Mirrie his injMries Several other
emnln es of the Santa Ke train were in
junvi but their woinu i are not Kkely to
I rovi fatal It s n iHirted on the street
i h a iiimlHrof the eivw of the Kio Grande
train were inure 1 but ro definite inform i
tiuu can be aiit l on account of
of the rairoad oiticiais who pos
itively refuse to say anything more than
tint there is an mvident and that several
were JiilU d and seriously irjured Super
inicniKtit Dean ad Iii dnuisior VcGreiror
of the Uenverand Hioraude aciompained
by Suiveon Arnistreij of the Santa Fe
went to the scene of 1 he friclitful disaster
as soon is the accident was n iiortml here
I anil early th muruiujr Niht Yaid Master
i Coniors of the Santa Fe also snt out a
Itvinsr trm Aoneof the railway oTi
cias i n turnid from the miw of the
r ck t so they cannot be interviewed
iter V ultun C i oflrimanof ihe Santa
IV had h h rlLht let inoi Fraik lvi
r nvvr on tin- Sna Fe was badly
bnisei No bones oioci The dead men
v lii lv Inried here fr i will to the
I rtiun hospital at fa luna The train
1 imr 1 1J 1 1 1 a
Ho mv uc au iu iiiuivu arrivuu a
1 JW
Fatal Affray st ISrenhaiu
Sprctl to tc flaette
InnMWM Ti April 1 In a difllculty
ui vveeu i i i retr ini i nry Allen
cm ireo lat ni lit Kve
v heiviimiii Alen pick d
ii iver ai ti T Jwietr or six Inks on
the Bead imictnir Jsime serious and uly
rounds Iho uiuls are considered falaL
Bnq irT nl Car Collide
Spetil to the tiazefe
V aco Tn April 1 This afternoon an
i i e st t car collided i ith a buir y oe
ini 1 l irs John S 1m l and seCeral
ilidiii Tie ocftip its if the vehicle
Ui ovn out out net seriously hurt
wnile fbjL7 was crusne i into splinters
si -cat
t rw
1 ll n
i - Ii a
III ill
til i ii
toh Oazette
Tii Apit 1C R MlKmqtiest
-in wlie h is a finn ahmit two
tort n and is an iiidiisiriuis
man has reeentiv tM eng act-
st ran -e way n mv riiiieuious
iinus Br yes rday he rme in
ii led Wile h st r and InM iieople
t hat sumem v had hvetinied him
and liiit B inker LeWiux and John P
lltlrsoii together vith thiee of his
r hlius in the en- inrj had i eng
i umi the sn ll and thi tle only
i luce fer his ivji f was tn kill the live
pel suns v ho held the i haim on hici He
1 m a so wrtcn letters to the gentlem
aoove uiiied stating his condition through
ii i v ilia iiva eniug wliat ne in-
tndi One if lies letters li
il in p rson Beftre he had time to
i lite his ilireats yes he was
warned by some one that 1 is conduct made
h tii liable to an est This so frightened
htm that he tii d from town Offi crs were
ioiilied and started to take charge of him
Hi- vvis at his home and as
the officers approach he came
t i Mo ir flourishing his gun
J he changed their direction when he fired
tnwiri them His arrest was made bylwo
of the party driving up in a buggy and tell
ing aim that they wanted to buy some of
s sheep The man is no doubt erazy and
is now confined to prevent his doing harm
Si ce he was disarmed he made out a bill
for fltlciKi lor damages lie has suatamed by
bciniT conjured and declares he will press u
suit in th courts
Nevs of the death of Frank K Larimer
at ttushiig i v City rn the tlnh has been re
ceved Mi cejod was one of the early set-
- of Cisco a prominent iroie v owner
id fi r severii years one of the
oi uie i newspaper it is likelv
his remains vvtl be brought here lor inter
iiaiit beside his wife who died nearly three
fuars ago
Jie Williams n Man or Tamtly Arrested
lor Assaulting a lilrl lie Denies the
Cliarje and Tell Ills Side
Special to the Gazette
Dl mshn Tex April 1 Word was re
ceived o iiiy from Van Aktyue Tex to
I ai e Joe Wlliams under arrest on a charge
i issit iig a girl in tht
st Saturday Williams drives an ex-
wagon and the oflrors had no trouble
nnl and phu e him ni liin the arms or
le law A lvpi iter was on hand and
lined tle prticulars from Williams
l his atlcrrev G G Rmdall
It eems hat W Hnus has a bi oher
-in th cotir ry near Van Alstyne
-is s - rt hut week arid to
i v is di Srurlay afertoen
s ht whe vvkiig towaris his
or hrs house a voung irirl d
Fri- rcai bed
at the same ime He wakil iu Iter
1 h i h sac entered saying
-1 Stewart living frimtis livi i thvtv Wilirjrssaili the r
as seen in the act of j appeared very much irurhtcned vhile
rom Steve Cole over I walking by him for which he could vol ac-
m es west of ht i j rent He s rt alv denied the i barge He
es aiu L uv Mr- is a man apparent- fifty jeai s of age has
o make the arrest a wife and i hud who accompanied him to
n i Mland Countr ilirmfr IeelHr He
lla lleen Hypnotiel Iteitdy to
Kill the ioujurer
A Little DometIc Allalr Vill Iroliably
llesult in the Heath or One Man
Tlio Miootisfn Storv
Special to the Gazette
Sax Antonio Tex April 1 Mas Rutor i
j was shot and probably fatally wounded by
Joe W Oensler at 1 oclock this morning
The shooting occurred in front of the Gensier
residence situated on av nue C between i
Sixth and Sevcth streets Officer
OConner heard the shots and came
i up He had Sutor conveyed to
his residence Xo luo Avenue I A
sieiau was called in and examined Sutors
injuries It was found that a bullet had
entered the stomach just below the ribs
Xo effort was made to prone for it and it
j0 j still remains lodged near the spine
jmuiediaely alter the shooting Gensier
went to Sheriff Mi Calls house woke up
that officer acl narrated tne circumstances
1 Sheriff McCall took him in charge and
Iodized him in the county jail I
Jensler was seen at the county jail this
morning He was not in a ceil but ws
sitting in the iarge lower room used as
the oflice He slated in regjrd to th shoot-
ing that he did not know Sutor before last
niirht but his wife had told him that Sutor
i had several times made advances of an
amorous nature toward her and on oneocca
j casion had offered herasum of monev Sutor
had also several niguts called at the house
When he came home List night he saw a
man on his mint door step and ran around
j the house and fired at him He rau out of
j the gate He used a Us caliber pistol He
did not say why he had been carrying the
1 pistol
Sutors wife claims that Gensier had
come to Sutors house woke him un on
Plhisuers some pretense and got him to accompany
Gensier to his house
j Sator was unconscious when seen and
I ui a iie to mate a statement Sutor is a t
m u ic agea man wnnout cnuaren He is
I a i a ive of Bavana Germany and has
lioeu in San Antonio about three years
j His present engagement is a clerk in the
j office of City Asessar Frazier
Gensier is a tailor having a shnn on
Sdedad street He tried to commit suicide
recently by attempting to leap of Maverick
street bridge at night He has been mar
ried about oe year His wife is not at all
prepossessing in appearance
No Decrease In Public Debt
Washington April 1 Owing to
the heavy disburser nt from the United
States treasury dinttg March it is esti
mated tint there h s been little if any de
crease in the public debt
Presidential Appointment a
Washington Ap ii 1 The president
this afenvii ippoirtc i A H Darkleil
coiner of the mint t Xew Orleans and J
C Lcgoi e smelts ad refiner at the same
Van Alstync on the afternoon train Those
who knew Williams and have talked V aim
bout the matter feel convinced th3t tho
whole thing is a MutT and speak vjiloi
i him
Murder Case at Waiahaclile
Special to the Gazette
Vixaii vciiie Tnx April 1 Yesterday
N M Kobnett while trying to board a
stvet car made a misstep and the car rau
over his foot mashimr it badly
The J II Thompson murder case was
called for trial this mornin Tho statu
and defendant both announced ready
Itesolutlou Adopted hr tho Hoard ofTmde
of Vercijn
Special to the Gazette
Tes April 1 Mondav alr
noon the directors of the Vernon Uoarlof
IVade held a call meeting in the citv 111
Amonp the deliberations of that body fie
following resolution was enthusiastic ulv
Hesolved that we demand the cstabl h
mctit of a department of aprieultural
at Washington D C in
with the weather biiruau for the
of pvinir th producers the earnest
possible information of the effects of the
v i ather on the crop products of the wot I
to make a special study of the effects of ho
weather on plant life and to discover if
possible the cause of drouths eieesiio
rainfalls dangerous storms and other sud
den changes in the weather in order tlut
loinr ranpe forecasts may be made and
that Professor W T Foster of St Joseph
Mo be placed in charjre of said depart
ment R B Iast President
J 11 ItoTHMAX Secretary
He TclN or the tnte of TIiIiirs li ror ami
up to tho or Tauibee
IJoejUIy iiaiullt il
Wamhxotox April 1 The defendant in
the Kincaid liiid was put upon the -stand to
day He lestiiied as to the poor state f
his health for some years before the shoo -it
to the repeated insults heajied upon
him and assaults made upon him bv Tau -bee
and to threats made against his life b
deceased The altercation which had
shortly preceded the shooting was praphii
ally described the witness testifiimr that
Taulb e had called 1 in a d n little cow
ard and monkv and told him to arm him
self lie had fired the shot becauje ho
believed il was Tauloees life or his
Witness further testiiied that on one oc
casion when he met Tauibee tho iatirr said
puttm his hand into his rijjht hanu pocket
1 ought to cut your throat or -1
will cut it
On the day of the shootin r and a little
before Tauibee seied him by the shoulder
and used him rousrhly wrcnehius his ear
applied most offnisve lunsriuure to hitr
and pushing him away told him to po an 1
arm himself This iie hissed in his ear
Kincaid said that after this he went to hs
room and laid down and after a while con
cluded to return to the capitoi to his work
lie put into his pocket a revolver which he
had never carried
Witness described his movements at the
capitoi and after completing his work
said he decided to co to the lunch room for
lunch and see Mr Goodnight He went
down stairs at his ordinary pars leaning
on his cane He pissed two men near the
top oi tbe stops He had L nne down to th
tt curbed Allen t nrst pmtlorm and a step or two on the next
up an iron nail- nisrm tie saw Jaiibee standing there
wnn another man who was whispering to
him Tauibee was not les than livo steps
below witness the other man one or two
steps above him As soon as we recog
nised each other said Kincaid
came toward me with his right hand in his
pocket Isaid You are goine to kill me
ire ye j At the same time the other man
wnel d and interrupted Tauibee for a
moment Tauibee came on I retreated to
t lie platform and said Stand bai k 1 stand
back Drawing my revoher as hi ea ne i
on tho upper step I fired He was close to
me lie was within reaching distance
I stood there said the witness expecting
a Seoul attack
Xpou cross examination Kincaids
j rnony was unraken
Cll eiiiletis lnst ifllce j
Washington Ail The postofCco at
u - 1 1 was tv Uay ruined to UMdH
president la e iss S1
The WeekivGjjprSts he best adver
Usecent jmHJL s to be had
Governor Hogg Will Hardly
Consider Appointments Until
The Excess of Private Appropriations Over the
Two Previous Years
The Land Lps9p ItiU at It raised
lloe Satisfactory to Western
Meuiberr CommNsiollur lie
Gaughcy Indorses It
DiiCUSrion Over tlie 1 and Cm S
sliip Wales Warm
Special to the Oaitue
ArsTix Tc Apr 1 1 A lively time oc
curred in tho senate to day over the reso
lution to investigate tho International re
ceivership livery mcjiber but one wanted
the resolution to pass but there were a
number who wanted to amend first It was
thought by some that the preamble was a
direct thrust at Juuge McCord and a
breezy debate took place over a motion to
strike it out Then Mr Kimbrouuhs
amendment was agreed to and on a motion
to reconsider some very biting speeches
were made Mr Carter thought it strange
that senators were so willing to investigate
railroad men judges and attorneys but
crawlished when it was proposed to
ask what a great daily newspaper had been
doing He also made some very sarcastic
remarks about what he seemed to think
solicitude on the part of Burney to keep
the Aransas Pass receivership from being
Burney said he was perfectly willing to
have that receivership looked into butdid
not want to weight tlii resolution with it
Speaking of ICearbys amendment provid
ing for invest igat ion of all the rei eiverships
in the state Burory said it was done to
sidetrack the resolution
Mr Kearby arose excitedly and said if
the si nator meant to say he was trying to
sidetrack the resolution he stated what
was untrue
The debate was decidedly interesting all
Heceivers Bonner and Campbell Attor
neys Duncan and Chilton aDd Master in
Chancery Stafford were all interested lis
teners during the debate The matter now
rests wilh the coinaiit a to oe appointed
Those who pressed the resolution
say a proper investigation will uncover
somo very sensational matters
As It Passed tlio House Is Satisfactory to
the Western Members
Special to the Oazette
AtsTiw Tnx April 1 The land lease
bill championed hv Baker of Tom Given
provoked an earnest disciasm in the house
I this morning that reminded members of tho
I free grass debates of previous sessions
i The bill as presented provided for a gradual
j reclassification of graing lands with a
I view to encouraging setlement of tho lands
1 and its ultimate vvitUdiivvl from tho lease
system It ermitted the leasing for ten
years of all public free school and
sity lands except in Andrews Gaines
Terry Yoakum and Winkler counties
west of the Pecos river and betweeu the
I Colorado and Iecos south of the Texas and
I Pacific railroad excepting Concho
i loch Coke Stirling Glasscock Midland
Ector Tom Green Howard and Martiu
counties All other such lands should be
leased for not to exceed live years
Mr Browning offered to amend allowing
no exemption and reijuirkig that no such
lands should be leased for a period longer
than five years
Mr Brown of Grayson opposed it because
it would involve a radical departure from
tho lease system under which stockmen
now use the land and pay a large revenue
to the school fund Hecontendedthit the
adoption of Ihe amendment would virtually
kill the lease system as valuable leases
would not be taken for Ave years
Mr Curry and Mr Williamson aso op
posed the amendmeiit vigorously and Mr
Baker thought it not advisable unless the
bouse should decide to abandon the lease
system altogether The amendment failed
27 to M
As passed the bill limits all leases to five
years except of lands west of the Pecos
and south of the Texas and Pacific between
the Colorado and Pecos exempting only
the counties of Concho McCulloch Coke
Sterling Glasscock Midland Ector Tom
Green Howard and Martin these counties
coming within t be five year limit
The bill provides that all future leases
shall be made subject to the right of any
settler to enter ujioa any part of such graz
ing land and erect thereon substantial im
provements of the value of SOI within four
months afier making his application to
hase said land for agricultural purposes
In such cases a pro rata credit shall be al
lowed the lessee on his next years rental
In the counties affected by tho five year
limitation the lease system is viruary
abandoned as the conditions imposed make
i unprofitable and the result is a virtual re
classification of ai the school land north of
the Texas and Pacific railroad as well as in
the counties mentioned south of it and a
throwing open of the free school and
university lands over that wide area as
present leases expire to the public for act
ual settlement
The bill ts entirely satisfactory to the
fforts and good management of Judire
Commissioner McGaughey heartily in
dorses it
A icsv MAX
some Important Appolntiucnts lenilin
Which May be Deferred Some Daj s
-special to the Gazette
ArsTix Trx April 1 Governor IIo
has a number of very imjiortant appoint
ments to make especially the three judges
i f the commission of appeals and tho rail
way commissioners Owing to the press of
iiusmess and the number of bills roiling in
t pon him at the ciose of the session all if
hich have to be examined he has not
1 ime to consider the eiaims of those who
nay be recommended for the various posi
t ons to be filled It is probable therefore
1 hat the quesi iou of appointments will be
deferred until the close of the term when
irore tine will be at the governors
osa for a proner consideration of tho ap
I intments to be made
It is probable that L Tj Foster will be
o e of the railway commissioners and Sen
ior Whatley of Cass superintendent of tho
Jtevisetl Tooting show an Hcess
000 for the Two Preiious Years
Special to the Gazette
AtsTiN Tex April 1 The printed ap
propriations bill was placed on each mem
l rs disk in the house to day Ifeviseil
1 iolings show that the total appropriations
f r two years amount to tltJToO0o or as
r Grcsham says about 400Oj in excess
i the appronnations for the two years
1 evious This excess is due mainly to the
1 ruianent improvements made in the
v rious state asylums and other institutions
t which necessary additions were made or
i dered to be made The bill will be taken
ijfclo morrow and considered from dav to
sy till passed
New Orleans itaccs
New Orleans Ua April 1 First race
five furlongs Dutchman won Surprise
second Belle Redmon third Time 10
Second race six furlongs Red Stone vui
Vatrel second Emma J thinL Time
1 lis
lhird race seven furlongs Lcman won
Jessie McFarland second Crisnino third
Time 12U4
Fourth r cc one mile Louise M and Ai
phonso ran a dead heat and divided first
money Miss Leon third Xo time
Waco Came Near Having
gration Iait XI
Special to the Gazette
Waco Tex April 1 At SeO to night
fire originated in the butcher sho of
Wheeler Boyd eng Sixth street It was a
two storv frame structure and in a few
seconds tho entire building was a mass of
flames A very strong wind was blowing
at the time and caused the spread of tho
flames to a brick bakery adoining Waco is
protected by a volunteer tire company and
on this occasion under the direction of
Chief Irescott tho members did most ex
cellent work
Then were three buildings burned the
property of Dr George D Streeter and
i uninsured-
Silverman fc Cos bakery is a total loss
Wheeler Si Boyd butchers suffered a
total loss
August Zimmerman chili stand nominal
Mrs V A Payne millinery total loss
The last is a widow lady with live children
ana is destitute
Would Like to Icil u Dlirerrnt Lire Just
to Sep How it Works but iuctmt
Declare His Intention to Do do
Special to the Can te
Galvesthv Tex April 1 The cracks
man John B Curry alias Saunuers is still
ir town under peine surveilian e When
seen to night he was undecided what to do
or where he should go He said he had
been notified by the chief of police that Gal
veston was not a healthy place for a man of
his repute to reside in He said he was
dead broke and while a good watchmaker
wilting to work honestly at his trade he
could not cxjHCl any reputable
man to give him employment after the pub
lication of ihe El Uorado affair in which ho
had no participation and knew nothing
about it until six weeks ago when he was
advised of it aid the p rttes wio were in it
If- said tilings looked rather black for him
ami while he wls anxious anil willing to
lead an lionet upright life in the
tutue i seemed that every mans
hand was against him and foiling him to
associate with animals and pursue their un
lawful wy hous for a liviehji J The world
however owed al men a living and he was
going to have his While down in luck at
present he was not discouraged but would
bob up serenely somewhere but where
he was too discrct to tell
When asked where he hailed from he re
crime committed in their resiieetive states
but being unable to identify him Curry was
turned loose
Curry has been in the clutches of Pinker
tons men who foiled in making a case
against him He was also arrested in other
parts of the country but will not disclose
wheie and is also wantd in other parts
He first came to Galveston last April under
the name of W B Miles and worked in
Miguils pawn shop at his trade where
he was employed when recently ar
rested and while here was approached
to do a job but declined and scon after
i left audivent to Kerius Tex and after re
maining there a short time went to Minne
sc a
Curry seems to make it a point to follow
up booms and generally succeeded in get
ting in his work in boom towrs but Gal
veston not being of that order he did not at
tempt to queer anybody here
A Janitor Lighting tin for 3 Dallas Politi
cal Meeting is Assaulted Dallas
Opcra IIouse Directors
Special to the Gazette
Dallas Tex April 1 To niirht while
plied lojiin Mo where he was employed j
in a pawnshop on whose card was the i
legion Things goes
Vv hen asked what had become of his old
ter several weeks ago trem a mutual friend
ofCreighton and his that Jim Creighton
was out of trouble and that the friend
had signed Jims notes for SJOO
All efforts to draw out facts a3 to his
past life proved unavailing but he has been
all over the West Pacific slope and South
west iu the past fifteen years and is one
of the keenest slickest men on the road to
Despite Currys cautiousness tho follow
ing facts were gleaned of his career in tho
past four years He was pinched in Lcs
Angeles Ca during the boom there for a
trick of i2C0 and after detention of
twenty days was set at lib
erty He was arrested in Kansas
Ciy September 25 lyjO with 1501X1
worth of diamonds which he sent another
man after to the express office and when
taken before Chief of Police Spears said
hs name was J P King Spears turned
mm over to Pat O Keeie chief
tective of tho Cnicago and St
Paul railway company for an ex
press job done in Austin Miin
where a lot of good money was taken The
express officials not being able to identify
Carry he was held one day in Austin and
then taken to St Paul where there was a
sheriff from Iowa Illinois and Wisconsin
Western members is mainly due to the I h with relons for him for some
Italy Hints that America is Not
a Civil Government
System of Uncle Sams Government lily Un
derstoodLetter Misleading
Opinion tpon the International Compli
cation Italian Cabinet Mretlug
Tho United State Poorly lTe
paretl for War
Not a Oue tion of Diplomacy
Cninso III April 1 juik c Ciesham
in speaiing about the Italian ministers re
el said The war dttiartmi nt is un
willing to believe the Itaum government
had recalled Baron Fava Tho stae of
Louisiana is invest igatiig the lynching
affair and until the investigation is fin
ished no conclusion can be reached I do
not think tnat any eucstionof international
law is involved An Italian in New Or
leans has the right to the same protection
that is extended to our citizens and if some
one lawlessly harms the Italians the
The wind was blowing a terrible gale at j eminent has no more to do with it than if
the time aid had the tiro not been checked
it is probable the loss would have been hun
dreds of thousands
The mayor prepared tho following for
publication in the Day to morrow morning
after witnessing tho conflagration
To the Fire Department J
I deem it a great nleasure as well as a
my I owe the patriotic efficient fire deport-
meut to congratulate you upon your
Wurk this evening Considering the local
ity of the fire and the severe norther blow-
itig at the time it is indeed wonderful that
the li e could be controlled in time to save I
the projiertv lying to tho south Had - r r
the HaiU not been checked when Italian Cabinrt
they were tho whole r ouh oi CMn Arl The minors cin ulale
tle city would have been dest roved tho tinted States that a nimberof Am
Your courage and brave rv and skiii limst - wiaiied in custoity her- as
praised bv all aimiveiative ciiiens of f vs So future trctmenl of the it
Waio I coi nitiilate win n hhilf of the 1UHV ii lf Lmted Stae
citizens of Wa o on vniir work
C C McCtLLocn Major
the Italian citizens should be assaulted
here in Chicago In the latter instance it
would be expected that the city would lake
measures to punish the offender but tho
Italian government would have no occasion
to interfere
Kxplaiulog the Maitrr
Rem Apil 1 Porter the Amerh r
minister yesterday requested the It t
government to be patient
obstacles iu a way that promises a si v
settlement of the questions involved in the
Ij nching
I April looi s dav lose of verv uuitii
The substance of the dispatch - e huj
between the Italian and United -
erumeuts is tuat nly asked tn
that fair legal processes should In
tod against the culprits reirarditi
common assassins -
indemnity for the families of the n a I l
in New Orleans oy he mob which iuv u d
the jail there To these requests the I i
ted States authorities answered iit te
constitution of the Lnited gave but
limited powers to the Federal ie nrr
in regatd to interference with t lie van- i
states of the Union but ie I
ted States government hni 1 -good
int ntions in tho matter A
this stage of tho pion d g
Baron Fava in one of his I-V-is to
Italian government rcmakedtl at
reply shows a desire to gain tie u d vrts
io practical solution of the quest to e
a sv r from Washington vvl ngmVi as
lsfactory and Italy ninl
Iaron Fava on March r
press tho two original demands up m
tLe United Slates govvrumeiit and ii te
event of his failing to obtain sitiictin to
leave Wash to after consigning the are
of ihe legation at Uishlngton to nts first
seeretarv Baron Fava next reported to
his government that its instri fns h 1
iieen carried out and dec re i tnat is
Washington had not fuililie 1
duties as a civil govcinuu m
presence was unnecessary iu Uoai
ington This action on the part of
Baron Fava and his government is not re
garded as a diploifatic rupture It is
merely the first step towards such a rup
Later in the day Fava cabled his govern
emment that the hitters note to the United
States government had been presented and
ho was ready to leave Washington if within
a reasonable time no satisfaction was re
ceived from ihe United States government
This is the end so far as know-
the exchange of telegrams The Italian
cabinet w l meet to day and will resolve
what fin i her steps to lake in the Now Or
leans matter
partner Creighton he said he received a let- I The Ililladclplila Consul Knows Nothing
PmivPELPniA Pa April 1 The Italian
consul here knows nothing of the reason
for Baron Favas recall Sjieaking of tle
possible outcome of the disturbance at New
Orleans the consul said I dont know
what reparation my government might ask
provided the United States fails to take anv
action in the rnatti r Crtainly the stnd
taken by the governor of Louisana has not
been diplomatic The first moral repara
tion that can be made in an affair of that
kind is the arrest of the leader of the mob
That certainly has not been done iu this
The New York Times on Italy
New York April 1 The Times says
If the Italian government wishes to mako
itself the defender and vindicator of the
persons who were killed for the assassina
tion of Cnief Hennessey and if it wishes to
constitute itscit a claimant for damages in
de- their behalf it must first assume certain
I clearly defined obligations For one it
must demonstrate ihat tho victims of the
mob or some of them were Italian citizens
That iioint is yet in doubt Next it will
t have to answer the ijuestion whether any
or all of these men had a record of
i nalitr and law breaking in Italy whether
they were or were not members of a band
of murderers aid assxs ins in their native
country and u nether their native country
sent teem here because deportation was
I cheaper than hanging Shaking of this
I question internationally as men viow it
I humanely the Italian government cannot
go lar in pressing its claim for compensa
tion in this case without virtually consti
tuting iiseif the upt and defender of
the cut throats of tho mafia
llio Peeling at Washington
Special to the uazrtte
Washington April 1 People hero who
are best informed of tho movement made
in diplomatic circts place no reliance in
the sensational versions of the Fava affair
It has been an open secret for a good
while said ono of them to day to vour
correspondi nt that Baron ln a is rot in
highest favor at uome and that the Italian
govemmi nt has been on the ioint several
times of recalling him but ha3 been wait
ing for a good excuse This has now come
Premier Kudini having recently been in
stalled in office and l ig supposed to rep
resent a youngor and more spirited element
in Italian pilitics has bo n anxious to make
a stroke of some kind which would insure
the popularity of his government
has given him thischance The sys
tem of states and Federal relations in this
republic is little understood even by the more
iiiieiu eni xitiiiaii siaiosmen oecretnrv
the Janitor was fixing to light up the hall in i Blaines first response to the Italian note of
the second ward where a Connor meeting inquiry was therefore seriously
VOL XV XO lfij
govemmor would not i e 1 r r
his representations nrn esv
longer iOspore procutton r
their point of view was iieiniueu j
the whole matter is tpvitei er
aau ie uuu oi impending war s
At thonavy departirert bi v
is not a littlo activity cause rv
Everyone in authoritv scoffs
war bat no one loses an p
1 press the lesson of the 1 i
I were to result from suer
that at Jtw Orleans
Minister I
Romk A le
er A
arijts f i
vieier v as u
in tie ins- t
uer er
I e
Aio I
HeAi s
com e i
I llile 1 1
Hi lister e- -
t la
I I ill iille te
tt night t -I
n at we in
JUliaii irovi t
1 iru ss in i
OUlIsCll 11 l i
r iveiiitiii i r
i i
asef n 1 -
rter ai o --
imeiit - nl
I tore tat ti - i
i at a s im
i a veil i
1 ft S-
i an cit
w ich ti i
tl vvha
large 1
-re u
bv th ci
V s
i r de Arco tt
government t
Ml tt
ail we
1 J
S ill
i would be in a very s
any navy One at -
I who ts in petition to spc w
said this mornitig to - r
I I have no doubt in my i t
could do pretty intah as
us She ls tho
TUinn nival m
in the world now A I-
progress made in the i
and equipments daring th
jears all over the woiV
I uunts made by Italy I
I She has about twenty im
to depend on some o
latest design They
eight steel shins sever
of iron and steel tog
i ones Out of the
I Barbette ban
j ally rei
j are gri
j send al
in trisje
which v
Of cese
at 1- it
We hA
and she i
t -
J tin 1ml 1 ii lt c e i
Wa iii
1 is an i
ll VVll SiO1
rnte i t
re p e
e govi r in ti
I ily
t It
ll tn
s I
OCl i
1 th
i to ii
to ii
i on- of
Vim i
not sat lstied repled s
Wu hMi thing to do nil vo
tion II it is found wi
it You knovrtii n it
tionwot hv of a free aid rr
if it does not insure pui h if
and protection forth weal
Iu conclusion Porter ic in pi
pace oefoio the United St s
the substance of the fniniM
had taken place between himsel
de Arco
IiW in the day Baron Fava sen
gram to Marquis Di ltudni -tat
hiul seen President Hani on aia
v as an improvement a lim o
Speedy Legal Action
ROME April 1 The tenor
f It
Favas nolo to Lllaine is that w
asked and still asks is thai tie- 1
gi verninent guarantee tint
proceedings will be talo n a
culprits in the New Orlens
that the t edera government
pnnciple its obligation to pa
the families of this victims
1 he HO
that Italy cannot and is not
discuss American instill nuns
urge upon the Iederal gov n t
servation of the principles nf nei i
law Italy hopes that the riimi
iront will iiiipreciate the ubiii n
bent on it as a government eel a i t
country and accede to Uilvs insi 1
If this should not be h is-
minister must by order of his -
declare that he is at a point w in
mate action as the king s n p si
has proved inefficacious It is l i
uness Baron Fava receives a f
reply within a week ho will H a
ton for this city
Political circles hero fuliv indorse
action of the Italian m
newspapers of this citv priiinniv
selves very strongly against tin i
the United States goverui ion Ii
Italians advise the Italian go fria
send a circular note to the ft-
denouncing the United States o t
fcsseuly uuabie to insure jusne u t
ted Slates and as impott iit to lu
duties of a civil government
During the course of an ini rvi
with an Associated Press on n
ManpuLs De Kudini said that in-
was kindly disposed toward i
States government and evpn si d tin
that tho civil authorities in tn I
Suites would not fail in their duties 1111
society justice moralry and law b
lic opinion however he added maims
a more energetic course ot aim 1 m
United States government do- n t t
that it s in ho wrong and diplomatic
rupture is inevitable
nmr Otlleial Correniioitiencp
Washington April 1 The following
correspondence between litaiuw
rud Baron Fava is made jiubiii by tin de
partment of state
Tran slatio
VAsnisrTMN u C Mart- si isit
Secretarv of Suite-
By my two notes of the lVh and ivh
icsts I had the honor to call your el
lencys serious attention to ho occim men
of exceptional gravity which tooK pla e ui
New Orlrrns on tho Uth whereby f tir suo
Jccts of the kirg of Italy who were con
fined in the prison of that city were mas
sacred by a crowd under the leadership of
was to be held am mg others young ing to the Italian press and people It i3 j two American citizens After having form-
teiiows entered and threatened to turn over t sua incomprenensible to them how a local ally protested against the untustifiablo
the tables The janitor threatened to rh
tise them if they did A man interfered
and a light followed in which a pistol and a
knife were pulled but not used A number
of biows were exchanged The whole
aflair occurred in the dark and it is a won
der that some one was not seriously hurt
The leaders were arrested
At a meeting held to night by the di
rectors of tho Dallas opera house
they decided to reject all bids
for the lease of the same and
run the house themselves in the interest of
the stockholders The house will still be
managed by H Greenwall son and brother
and remain on their circuit as heretofore
court in a city a thousand or two miles from
the seat oi tue government can be more
Iowerful than the president himself and
sacred from his interference Their under
standing of tho position which Blaine first
isumed appeared to justify them in inter
preting that Federal investigation would be
made at once and the offender punished
The long delayed and almost contemptuous
response of Governor Nicholls to the secre
tarys request for information gave polit
ical agitators fresh fuel for their work and
they could not or would not condone tho
inactivity of the Italian minister under the
circumstances They argued that if he had
asserted himself as he ought tbe American
conduct of the local authorities which were
evidently recreant to all their duties on
that occasion I reserved to tho government
of his majesty the right to demand such
satisfaction as he might think proper
Since the occurrences in question consti
tuted a patent violation of tho stipulations
of the treaty in force between our two
countries which secuias to Italian subjects
residing in the United States the samo pro
tection that is enjoyed by American citi
zens and which hits always been extended
to the latter in Italian territory the rep
aration demanded by tho government of
the king as I had the honor to inform you
in our Interviews held during the last few

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