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01lr vj
jHzrtte Tre
for Cast
iis to the Ftiii
p e
v UH jlBp
v u SiuriM
Gstt Circulators Cfflct
wlio wimi to
KuaNMrTh Daily
eaycjatflrour ofliee 104 Main
iuierioru ana rirsi at
Iru l bland Itespt ctfiuly
Lt F imi J B SruisKiE
City Cir ulators
I uf 1 csterdayt Oirorineinil lrlcci
n April At the wool sales to-
jalei were offered The stock
iairly representative character
- houth Wales and Nutals at-
c most attention There was a
tendanoe Initial bidding was
later bujcrs became eager to
pieces Prices were
ranged Good greasies were
Scoured tended to become
Vieereasv crobs breeds sold with
i snow while capes equalled pre-
i - There are 2s4000 bales avail-
i nt is details of to days offerings
ith Wales 1000 bales Scoured
- scoured locks and pieces bd
isy tea lid creasy locks and
uu 2700 bales Scoured ls Kda
m cured lH ks and pieces Jd Is 3d
7ils2d greasy locks and pieces
run and Victoria 1500 bales
lO jttrals Sd scoured locks and
7 tlVd greasy 7ldils 2d
and pieces Diulld
i Australia ro0 bales Scoured
d pieces UtulOVd greasy 4
is ud pieces 4iri Jd
A i tralia 100 bales Scoured Is
- 1 scoured locks and pieces 9d
i -Id
iland 2000 bales Scoured Sdli
c hi red locks and pieces 7Jjdiils
i 7141dtls 2d greasy locks and
i f ood Hope and Natal 2300 bales
Is Jjvrls 5v4d greasy OilaJd
k and pieces tif dftd
M300 bales Greasy 9fdls
rr i y locks and iieces 4425--id
an 300 bales Scoured 4ti3id
Ittircun or Meteorology
if the News during the past few
ii have been struck with the ac-
tie weather predictions inado by
vV J Foster of St Joseph Mo
i instant has ho failed
i - in advance in predicting the
i uf weather wo would have at
I luds The recent sevens storm
luied ten days or two weeks agj
ry storm thai has occurred
been predicted in ad-
1 In biirna servieo department has
iiiil out of sight beside the weather
1 of Professor Foster The accu
r t rfessor Fosters forecasts ha3
cl demonstrated that a very
imI Ls being made for the
r a aepartment of agricultural
i y Su h a movement is indorsed
ti rs Sherman and Reagan and
I i ishituii will be asked by the
- i with that end in viuvv The
v ill bo discussed by tho Western
- Denver on Mav 19 and by other
t niiimeriial bodies in the near
u - u
resolution will be brought
r consideration
that we demand the
departmert of agricultural
at Washaigton D C in
ti the weal her bureau for tho
g viiig to producers tho earliest
rmation ol the eiTucts of tho
i lie crop products of the world
sluij of the eSTects of thu
plant life ami to discover if
causes of drouths oxcessho
iuigerou storms and other
m cs in tho weather in order
mre forecasts may be made
of a department of this kind to
s of the country can readily be
i With an absolute knowledge of
it of the weather to be expected
riodsof the jear they would
enabled to prepare for every I
me present weatner uurcau
lie changes that will occur in tho
twenty -four hours While this
i - if some httlo value it is cot al-
ie Professor Fester tells us
i v ance tho kind of weather wo
at certain periods Certainly
imu of agricultural meteorology
sum with the present weather
parts of the country would lie
know in advance tho changes
iir in the weather information
be of incalculable benefit not
- n rs but to all classes of people
1 1 -News
Wiu s arlcttyptr ri
line MLjyirrcis when aObctrd
trHUlffS Creole Female
i L Southern rnetl fnrjllnf wi
It s f
i ie of 4UyfTd 300 shoes for
uiM9ffvc better satisfaction
u UiBRter appearance than anything
e Weltman Bitos
Notes from Multifield
I es living six miles
had his fine residence now in
icction blown to the ground last
oclock No one was hurt
and oat crops about Mansfield
iu is all planted and is coming
Cotton planting is now tho order
men report business good with
ects for the future
Wcnde fjl Words of Lift
e - rr Mia upon the bank ttercof
roek toXruit thereof thall bo
a a iefejtr medicine which shall
t cihnspS the nation Taylors
- iiisitfct 2tn ee Gum and Mullein
lacyi acilvvre coughs colds and
e- a u if f
XIus ISydrupboblu
S the Gazelle
- slt Tex April 2 John Willis
T ii a io was bitten through the
tierce dog and last night hi went
md had to be tied in bed It is
i a he has hj drophobia He
tw at being bitten by tho dog and ex
1 sjmplums
interest is manifested in local
r Fort Worth is looked to to set the
lvx m ra i pace
Bmltlitleld Notes
A fearful storm struck Smithfield last
evain about i oclock comias from tke J
Highest pt all ia Leaiining Power U S Govt Report Aug 17 iS8f
1 a
rKfi cs ic the city and out of town can
r tpe matter cast in plates any
fni UzrTTC ofikc This will be a
uiiiiu to Job printers enabling
1 in type and press work
V cui ge reasonable
pared tu rUTJjjT
111 1 1 Tii seuie
northwest Citirens who have resided in
that vicinity thirty two years never saw
anything- like it before
Mrs William Hudgins living two miles
west of Smithfleld had the misf ortune some
days since of losing one of her fingers The
wind was blowing very hard which slam
med a door against her hand crushing a
finrrerso that amputation was nccessara
Tanners pre well up with their -work
and prospects were never better for a full
crop of every kind
Burglarised Dcstroyod by Ilre
Special to Kc Gazette
Gainivillk Tex April 2 The resi
dence of F K Sherwood v as burglarized
last night and Mr Sherwood lost a line
pild watch and chain and a few dollars in
The residence of Nona Ham a woman of
ill repute who lives in the western part of
town was destroyed by lire early this
morning The insurance on the house and
furniture Is 17W which will cover the loss
The Eoys of Dallas Enjoying the
Campaign Boisterously
Intense Excitement at a Connor Meeting
Arreted fur Disturbing the Peace
Jlie Cable Miles lEelng
luithed JEupIdly
Special to the Gazette
DiLiis Tlx April 2 On yesterday Ed
Cornewcll assistant chief of the police was
presented with a large and handsomely ex
ecuted crayon portrait of himself as a gift
from the members of the police force Pa
trolman Martin made the presentation
speech with a few well chosen words and
Mr Cornewell acknowledged the gift in
appropriate terms
At the south end of Crowdus street
stands an old shanty that has for some time
been the home of Charles Swatz and his
aged mother This morning word was
brought to police headquarters that the old
lady had for two days been dead and yet re
mained unburied and furthermore that the
son would allow no one to go into tho
house and that a case of foul play was sus
pected The police ofticers at once sent to
the Crowaus street shanty and gained ad
mission The body of the woman was
found between two feather beds and in tho
advance stages of mortification Undertaker
Liuskey stated that the son Charles had
been to him yesterday presented a death
certificate signed by Dr Benners and had
paid for the burial expanses of his mother
He diu not want the burial to take place at
once but would let the undertaker know
when he was rendv It nnnears that Swatz
days j js an eccentric character and wished the
remains o nis mother to remain undis
turbed until relatives telegraphed for could
arrive There was nothing to indicate foul
play but the whole proceedure bore evi
dence of being conducted by one of unsound
DisoitAcnm to an ExronMn
The affair at the Connor speaking last
night in the Second ward was disgraceful
in the extreme Joe Heno was paid for
constructing a speakers stand and arrang
ing for the exercises While the crowd was
assembling some boys started to overthrow
the stand and kept up a perfect bedlam
and creating a ceneral disturbance Reno
picked up a rock and threatened to throw it
at tho boys if they did not desist from the
courso they wore pursuing At this John
Willio interfered and told Reno he would
not hit the boys Blows followed between
tle men and various statements were made
A number of men were knocked down and
at last Willie pulled a pop and said that he
would shoot the first man that advanced to
ward him Reno drew his knife and ad
vanced toward Wiliie Order was at last
established and Willie and Reno were both
arrested The court however after hear
ing the testimony let Willie go and Renos
case will be heard to morrow After
the fuss was over an attempt was
made to hold the meeting but
the excitement was so high that it was
given up It is well to state that a number
of the Cole leaders were present and did
their best to restore order and deplored
very much tho disgraceful row Matters
must mend at the meetings being held
nightly or some one will be the loser of a
life before the election is over The lead
ers on both sides should use every precau
tion possible ana seo to it that the vast
crowds are kept under absolute control
beino lAiiniy prsiiEi
The Dallas cable road is being rapidly
pushed Two hundred men are employed
in the construction of the power house in
JEast Dallas and on the street grade For a
milo along the line the work is going on
The heavy iron yokes are bsing distributed
the entire length of Kim street These
yokes weigh 200 pounds each and 10000 xif
tlu m are necessary to build the road T6e
full line will be finished by September
and will be in fine working order by the
opening day of tho fair
A 2Ian Ules from tho Effects of Kicks and
Urul eii InBlcteil by a Companion
IlotU lielnc Intoxicated
Special to the Gazette
ItoxuiM Tnv April 2 About nine
days ago William Davis Sol Vaughn and
others went to Kavenna a small town about
nine miles northwest of this city They
went in a wagon and while in Uavenna ail
cot drunk and lato in the evening started
home which was on Ked river a few miles
north of llavonna On their way Davis
was kicked out of the wagon and Vaughn
was seen kicking him which he continued
unmolested until ho was satisfied They
then got into the wagon and proceeded to
Vaughns house Davis and Vaughn
entered and Vaughn was heard
cursing and abusing Davis and
it is supposed that he continued
beating and kicking lri However next
day Vaughn hauled D r to a neigh
bors bouse and there leit him where he
lingered in great pain for nine
days and died County Attorney
Meade and Dr H E Hancock went
down yesterday and held a post mortem
examination and fo d that Davis came to
his death from the s and wounds so
iuilieted A warrant issued for Vaughn
charging him with murder Sheriff Cha
ncy and Constable McICee went to the
river yesterday and arrested Vaughn and
committed him to jail about 9 oclock last
widrintr I win uei -- JS - a
Mr fcciaring i
If it is really truo
fin tn T PMiHT
and mastStG
iSiTr 7
Tor the finest liverv
Hpiete rigs in tho city
Cut This OjUggSS
If you want BennuaBrDhnson orango
amber cane feMtiPtRrman millet
AtyjSs - Miljlx PxTTEiuoar
Senate Bill Validating Certain
Land Titles Passed
The House Adopts the Conference Cos
nilttrc ISeport on the Text Book
Bill Normal Schools for
White Teachers
Special to the Gazette
Austin Tex April 2 Mr Tyler Intro
duced a bill to provide for taking tha
scholastic census under the district and
community system
Mr Kearbys joint resolution to amend
the constitution so as to provide for the
election of railroad commissioners for six
years was takon up and ordered engrossed
The house road bill was taken up
amended and passed under susnensionitif
rules 4
cation of certain volumes of Texas reporis
was taken up amended and passed un4er
a sustiension of the rules
A resolution to amend the judiciary arti
cle oi tne constitution was taken up an
Senate bill to amend the law regardin
the payment of interest on municipal bonds
anu to provide a sinking lund to pay in
terest was taken up and passed under sus
pension of the rules
The house bill making it a penal offense
to drive too rapidly over bridges was taken
up and passed
The senate bill to validate titles of land
located under Confederate certificates was
taken up and pending discussion the sen
ate adjourned until 330 oclock
Consideration of the Confederate certifi
cate bill was resumed upon reassembling
After amendments and discussion the bill
passed under suspension of the rules
Special to the Gazatte
Tex April 2 Senate bill 101
fixing the commission at 1 per cent which
county treasurers shall be entitled to for
receiving and disbursing free school funds
House bill 4S2 amending the law to au
thorize the building of branch lines of rail
roads by charter amendments was read
but postponed to take up the appropriation
bill the special order for the hour The
house resolved itself into a committee of
the whole Melson in the chair for consid
eration of the bill
Mr Doggetts amendment reducing tho
appropriation for rewards and contingent
expenses in the executive department from
15000 to 510000 was defeated
Mr Lindseys amendment to increase the
amount for the improvement of the gov
ernors mansion fromJCOOO to fllCS was
On motion of Mr Gresham a salary of
state revenue agent S0J was provided
Department appropriations were adopted
without question
Mr Raker of Tom Green offered to
amend bv increasing the appropriation for
tho rangers fronft lOOd to SXJO
Mr Gough aslJed to cut it down to 3000
The house adopted the report and ad
journed until 3 p m
The house adopted the majority report
of the conference committee on Mr Brown
ings validating bill which recommended
that tho senate recede from its amend
ments to the bill
Two out of five senators on the commit
tee enjoined in a minority report
On motion of Mr Browning of Lam
pasas a call of the house was ordered
House bill 4a2 relative to the building of
branch line railroads passed
House bill a companion to the former
providing a method without special legisla
tion for perpetuating the charter rights of
railroad companies that have not built the
required number of miles of railroad each
year under tha provisions of their charter
The report of tho conference committee
on the text book bill was adopted after some
The house refused to concur in the senate
amendments to the general county road
bill and asked for a conference committee
Senate bill creating two additional normal
schools for tho training of white teachers
one of them to bo located in North Texas
and called the Albert Sydney Johnston
normal the other at Salado to b3 called the
Ben McCullough normal was read and dis
Mr Oliver which means the death of the
Expiated tbe Crime or Killing a Farmer
Died of Strangulation
SoMEitSET Pa April 2 David and Jos
eph Nicely brothers were hanged at 143
oclock this afternoon They both died
game and protesting their innocence Death
resulted from strangulation The bodies
were cut down about nineteen minutes af
ter the trap was sprung On the night of
February 2T 1SS9 both brothers went to
thx house of a farmer named Umberger and
under the pretense of searching the house
forjewclry which they said was stolen be
ganjsearching the house under what pur
ported to be warrants Umberger tried to
project his property and was shot and
t -a i fj Hi
Irs Wrlawdootnjf3bp for childrenir
Arching otbcahe SkM oWtheW
iuiupresainuolic affrjeteBucst
temedy for dfon hnas iSccnU a bottle
Shooting at JVfcrteus
Special to the Gazette
Mektevs Tes April 2 A quarrel oc
curred hero to day between James Arm
strong white and Henry and Jim Barnett
colored Armstrong shot Henry Barnett
three times all flesh wounds
Died in Jail
Correspondence of the Gazette
Brtax Tex April 1 The candidates
for tho city election are making things
Leo Hughes a negro boy convicted and
sentenced to a term in the penitentiary for
burglary at the recent session of tho dis
trict court died in Jail hero on March SO
nV Contention Called
Montgomery Ala April 2 Tho legis
lature of Alabama having failed to make
appropriations for tho Worlds fair the
citizens of Mobile Birmingham and Mont
gomery have issued a strung call to day for
a convention to meet in Montgomery May
20 to formulate plans for securing creditable
exhibits from Alabama
Voman Arrested for Theft
Special to the Gazette
Terrell Tex April 2 To day Officer
Joe Keller arrested on or near the Sabine a
white woman named Mrs Fronia Weath
ers on a charge of theft of S70 On exam
ining trial the bond was fixed at
Some firsggiMijMMices and sleeping
apai tjpapfipPTeHvcll block for rent Ser
rgfgwr Apply to John V Wnu room
6afrbm 9 to 12 a m tjHSfc
Teeth withasajjIlSiDrs Abdill
MatUioiipMlFFifth and Main streets
Greenvall Opera House
at Anders
Tbe People of Ilhode Island Unable
laecta jovcrnor The Democrat
KeceHes 1luralty of tho
Votes Cast
ProviDEXCE It I April 2 Election re
turns available at 1 o clock this afterno
make it certain that thero has been no
choice by the people for any ofllcer upon the
I general ticket The IJcpublicans have car
ried a suMcient number of to wns to give them
I the fifty five votes necessaiy on joint ballot
The total votes for governor stands Bur-
ton Nationalist 3i Davis Democrat
I 222 10 Ladd Hepublican 21bOS Lairy
After a lengthy discussion the bUl i luion lS tf llie next general as
indeiinitely postponed on motion of i sembly stands benate 21 Republicans 9
vuuimiJ w iw i iaauou mrul
puuucaus Democrats ia to
The Finest CKiWnna World
Special to the Gazetto
Siieuman 1 vJ April 2 Thomas
Brown an unsophisticated young man
was Jailed to day on a charge of criminal
assault The victim was a child only eight
years of age The young man plead ig
norance of the law says he does not mind
going to the penitentiary but dont want
to hang The mother of tho child is mixed
L up in the affair the young man claiming
that she gave her consent
Another big speaking on the municipal
campaign is announced for to morrow Fri
day night
A YouncOrnn round Dead Under onlm
inense Tile ofltocks
Special to the Gazette
Visn A I T April 2ames Salisbury
n young man conducting a coal bank teu
miles northeast of this place was found
dead under about five feet of rocks aud
earth this morning Tho custom was to
mine the coal by stripping but Salisbury
had drifted a few feet when the bank caved
in He went out alone yesterday at noon
and was not found until this morning His
parents live near Southwest City Mo
Arkansas Appropriation Uefeated
Little Rock Ark April 2 The senate
to day refused to pass to a third reading
the house bill appropriating 530000 for a
state exhibit at the Worlds fair As the
legislature adjourns Saturday this action
finally defeats the measure
ltonham Democrats
Special to the Gazette
Boxiiam Tex April 2 The city Do
crats held their primary to day MjA
Bridges the present incumbent for mafer
received 133 votes M B Cox 120 vo
There were scattering votes for other c
ctiuaies tsruiges was nominated by
teen majority
Box Cars Burned
Special to the Gazette
ardmore i X April 2 Two e
Atchison Topeka and banta Fe box
A Young Man Jailed at Sherman for
lnal Assault His Victim liisht Year
of Age Municipal Campaign
standing on sidings here were discovered j
uu mc ik au isul uuur liiis morning anu
when help arrived it was impossible to save
them and they were entirely consumed by
the flames The fire is supposed to have
bean the work of an incendiary 1
Saturday Matinee April 4 WR M
Reserved seats now on sale V g
For maps
tor McCoy
Rectal anil Geiiito Uriiry Specialist
Pilar nr fulr and
organs Office
of the
detention from
nrf ro without cutting or
9ill7 aailall diseases of
vyjJIIIIlz tht Kenito unnary
Where is the
tivejlufer write or apply to
jsififGraham at the Exhibit
Hall Union Depot Port
Worth Texas
The Proceedings Aroand the Conrthouso
In the Forty eighth Judicial district court
Stedman judge the non jury suit of G W
Helm vs Bateman Bro came up and was
disposed of by a judgment for the plaintiff
in the sum of U92 Several small judg
ments on garnishees in the original suit
were also rendered
In the same court the suit of T R How
ard vs the City of Fort Worth is still in
In the county court yesterday the Jury
rendered a judgment in the sum of 130 in
favor of the plaintiff in the suit of Julia
Williams vs the North Side Street railway
In the suit of A C Cason vs the Gulf
Colorado and Santa Fe railroad for damages
for burning grass the jury gave judgment
for the plaintiff in the sum of JC0
Only one couple dared brave the approach
of hot weather by- entering into connubial
blils yesterday They- were Acy Hendricks
and Kosa Williams both colored
Killing Near Parmcrsvllle
Special to the Gazette
Farmersville Tex April 2 Early this
morning about twelve miles north of this
place Israel Boreu an old man about eighty
years of age killed a young man by the
name of Nance The weapon used was an
ax Boren surrendered to an officer
Miti thi Lift Beit
jra2re your wave battered dismasted hulk Is
dished to pieces upon that cruel reef by the
istless waves Save too a shattered
que last yielding to tne attacks or alsease
ith that imperial
trength Hostetters
koratk BsmuseMta
eljliraarJrkvousness malaritf
iIISmK rtmajrcealja inactlvUtfar
anRilAvnnnhit nhvctdK
witint apmrent Wase wBMHBPRf
ovator of health and
mach Bitters The
m of ifcpowjhs ls tc
its action prompt
lys Eafe Cbronic
mature ale speedily Becked ana tdtlmately
cured by tMs medicine of many uses and sure
results Sleep appetite and vigor are im
proved by this helpful tonic and regulator the
use of which likewise tends to rtmedy undus
y 1
s -
i nre - - I 8 1 1 6 1 Da
With the Famous J i lywSJr f
MenflRWn MttBJHF MS1
tit i h sy i v I r sprmsr suit or our
dlstinnlllHWucallst vr V I V ii xl l tf
9M Tp riair Vvm irnr hwH L VJS nxWJWM BfllXL ft 8
Many a Fortune Has Jf p y oil
566n r Coupled with
at choice selecUfi
ztttscccesccexcsgczxzccscccsvx AND yQfC
Made bjLWwimFng r Jp
V f S
vN v X m7 iS QD
JMIak e as
1 s i JflL tv xT
A v i A 1
4kver Lost By It myr y
Captured and will be Tried at Fort Keno
Hotel Keeper Commits Suicide at
Oklahoma City
Special to the Gazette
Oklahoma City O T April 2 A few
days ago three soldiers deserted from the
fifth cavalry stationed at Fort Keno They
went across the country to Guthrie where
they were apprehended The military
authorities heii were notified and to day an
escort went to that place and brought tha
deserters here They will be taken to Fort
Reno to morrow whero they they will bo
Charles Bluhmc a noted hotel keeper
here committed suicide this morning by
taking morphine He was a prominent
German and leaves considerable property
Domestic trouble was the cause
Bob Connellis a noted horse thief and
general outlaw was arrested at Shawnce
town Pottowattamie nation yesterday and
brought in hero to day He is charged
with horse stealing and murder
Board Wanted for Tiro Foremen and Forty
Laborers in a Certain Wrrd Until
After Election Day
and Mr Lindsey to i OOO All failed
Tho appropriation as fixed in the bill was cti
permitted to stand
The appropriation of f 13000 for the hold- I t s ACO April 2 A great deal of ex-
ing of the state encampment and for militia tement was created here by a statement
expenses was allowed i ia bi Mr Jumey that he was approached
Thj committee then arose reported by a nian who asked where he could get
and asked I i d for himself two foremen and forty
rcss leave to sit again at J30 to-
liiuuniis mi auiney pornieu uut two
places The man agreed to one but tiny
other he said would not do as it wa3 in tho
First ward and he wautcd his men in tho
Second ward until after the city election
next Tuesday This remark soon spread
and a great many citizens are excited about
it The Gazette correspondent dees not
know what the man wants or that it will
have any bearing on the election but somi
of the politicians are attempting to make
something out of it
- gfyf
The mammfljPTOreioue at foot of Main
street fojragffiy occupied by Joseph H Brown
alto vytffa9utory block in rear thereof and a
nufljofr of other lots In Fort Worth are now for
sale at a bargain and on easy terms The un
occupied part of the store also the factory for
rent Apyly to J Y Hocsett
Onice over Traders National Bank
uial estate jjxii
CKJJjjjflrjeet - Fort Worth Tex
notisTOX texas
Oiler four farms In HfjtflRounty ready stocked
and plantedrAVfQs years crop on very
MmaUyJffflms Alto a valuable patent riht
CorrespoajplrPe will receive prompt attention
f i
PnuttiaftTmited to diease of tho Evo Ear
KjK5d throat Cor oth and Mais JVj
SPEgjiTr I
And waltz with us The music is lively and you are certain to
enjoy yourself We want you to waltz yourself into a new
new ana won selected stocK or tnose com-
If you want to travel
A thing you can Easily do by counting the sa
ouying your ciotnes or us instead or
prices asked by some of our
i idc oai
make in
war time
re muuo atourot our store and soo tne
ive array of FINE AND MEDIUM SUITS for OLD
MEN Prices are so low that you will wonder
yourself tho question Kow can they do it
Lier -- Bro
Mm m m I W
have you looked ihrougn our tailoring
department lately
W 1 Pfa Co
Mlii7iu5BSi vSSsfi sa
508 Main Street
whore we will open the finest re
tail jewelry store in the city Our
stock of diamonds watches jew
elry solid silver and silver plated
will be com
plete Visit us
508 Main Street
l High Arm Improved Sioger Sewing Machines
nigh Arm Singer the finest and best made machine of tho Singer pattern in the market
p a g coiMffif srtBmBmk
90 E33aS8fSeKSrK
of these machinrupreTnish
r driver ljlirend o
t spriaKrr5aper needles
includRrihe pneo named
With each 1 ruffler 1 tucker 1 set hemmers 1 foot hem
mer 1 screw oil 1 gauge 1 gaugo thumb screw 1 extra throat plate
1 extra check 0 bobbins and 1 instruction book These articles
are all
Bear in mind that these machines are thoroughly made and of first class workmanship
and to every mail subscriber of the Daily Gazette we will send the High Arm Improved
Singer and paper one year for 33 or Daily six months and the machine for 2350 pur
chasers pay freight
61 for Only 24 70 for Only 33
fIIP rCCCDi T every mail subscriber of The Susdat Gazette we will send
UUli W I I C ili tho High Axm Improved Singer and paper one year for 4fii
Every machine warranted for five years Address all orders and remittances to
GAZETTE Fort Worth Texas
Verjton Tex March 21 1891
The Democrat Pud Co Fort Worth Tex
Gentlemen Tlie machine came all O K It is a good
one so much better than was looked for at so small a price
It is just as good as my 45 one and looks better to day
and does just as good work as any machine Thanks for
the bargain in it Good luck to The Gazette Respect
fully yours R P Sandees
Box 65 Vernon Tex March 23 1891
Democrat Publishing Co Fort Worth Tex
Gentlemen The No - 4 High Arm premium sewing
machine was received in good order and my wife finds it to
be all you claim for it and is quite satisfied that it is equal
to any otJjeFmachine of twice the price you ask for this
one TMe casie too is exceedingly handsome and very well
I ain yours truly
E L Moueant
M V Tm0

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