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Gives His Views on the Political
Situation of the Country
And Its Relation to the Two Great Parties and
Third Party Probabilities
11 Iiit Think Hlir VFII1 He an Issue
JScl tlifi Itcpubliran and
rraiir Jartlcs The Ireseut
Vi iiirTiS April C In the course of a
jL - j vr wth 2 Gazlite man on the
p situation Senator Edmunds of
vrajnt to lay said of tuo Farmers
relation 50 the parties
t v e in its
f eon t tmtik there is any danger to the
lii -ii r i jirt he replied with a faint
j ii fir i this respect all is fish that
J is nit or indeed goes in the net
rV I - Alliance for the next presi
tiju lithe Farmers Alliance
i v
L ill arrj many states without having a
a I v of the hole electoral college the
-- r u would be there would be no
t i ciir by he people as It is called and
e -- house of representatives
iviv jnro Democratic majority of
Vtat a av vi I is members would elect
a diiales in the constitutional
- r win although they may have
- - in- danger of the Republican
r aid that the Farmers Alliance
ii urij in the next presidential election
iie as that would otherwise vote for
-- itpblicun candidate and thus in
i if ti iv should be no election by the
cive the lection to the Democratic
iji i ialc ni I lie uouse oi n jjiocnuuncs
Whit do you think will be the issue of
C iiWitial campaign proper r
ni 1 have said before substantially
j v ymr question The Republicans
fii blle stand by v
and equality of rights among
- ci f tin- Inied Slates lair elections
- protection of American labor and
- t hi kiil it has maintained hitherto
iM you think silver will be the issue in
1 Ill i tioii
i think it will bo an issue between
i i lubl can and Democratic parties for
he Democratic party will hardly
i make the silver question an issue
i iiiit of running any considerable
- i n aliiig silver and gold as coin
ci i nt the country and certainly a great
tii tle Republican party I am sure
t i p to the point of afety 1 have
in -lithe Republican party will bo in
f i i
- irutev as it always has been AYhat the
i in i s Alliance platform if it should
ii iti a candidate for the presidency
n be on this topic I am quite unable to
third party movement likely and if
v an might it lead to Is communhin
i tin hi ttiiiii of it I
A tliu ijity movemont now exists in
- lari Alliaance enterprise if sue-
s fi to the extent of having a
avl both houses of congress It
no ii iiinibtlesB lead to the enactment of
thev have ali eady indicated
hi i then m a very short time whether
h - ere good for the farmers
i i inij bad for them would
jiin r I do not think com
v i 1- at the bottomof the Farmers
A i e movement A percentage of tho
i ii in this country is I believe at
jrefut almost
he preit oo ii of laboring people of the
iMUiiri which taking all departments of
i ivity embraies probably lij 100
j in- w hilf number of grown up people is
ei t j intelligent and too honest to
i h i namsui will be of any bene tit to
i woikinp peuplo or their families but
- iie ni that ii is destructive of private
- ni jieisoiial prosperity and personal
i - - and if carried into practice
i the maintenance of the vicious
j - mil ignorant out of the toil of
d industrious people
I - might the finances of the country
b i el
i in- kin am rs or the countiit
- ijteiid very largely upon the con-
i e t it people have in the
- iTiuermnent If any of the
- of which we have been speaking
Iluur formidable a3 to make un-
litiou at all probable finances of
iry would be very greatly
ml that of course would disturb
i iiu ii of labor and business This
perfectly understands
Mt Itllaiiil of the Iarid UUtrict
uurl lUlutrr u Deiilon hi till Ijuus
Ituitnu llurdwart Compuuy Cute
1 i
i o I e Gazette
i - T- April ii In November 1S50
Ihiinashardwarecompanvof this
i in a to L 1 Ilarrison
ti of certain named creditors
e preferred classes That
- i ii iiiJ was about jHJaW The
- i -1 far as ascertained are about
t Alter the assignee took charge
- w nv company who were named
- second preferred creditors and
ui claim of fiJOO sued out a writ
-ration and had a large
et the goods sold by them
i aaie by thesheriX The ground
fr sequestration was that the
- Ttcinas company knew themselves
i ii a failing condition when thev
ihe iroods and that the goods were
it lor bona tide use in due course
l bat were fraudulently purchased
ieir assets and without any in-
payment TJiis sequestration
nvelby others in favor of the
in cutlery company of the Wilcox
ioiipiny aud of ICdward Williard
l of Meriden Conn all alleging
e irrounds When these ivrits be-
i in the assignee sued out a writ
i nil restraining the parties from
ier molesting the assignee in his
of the goods and also enjoined
i o law- finus engaged in the suits
oi any more suits of the same
ljunetimi came up for hearing at
u ei the district court and after a
i argument Justice McClelland de
i injunctions had been erroneously
- ami disolved them
lii ldiug of the facts were as stated in
-ions for sequestration that the
- had pood causes and were entitled
o their goods and seize them in the
iij f raduiont debtor
i sc- will now come up on the facts
f he parties can prove up their allega
i e will pet their money as the in-
V rits were backed by good bonds
i it mini- rc attacking the
he ground that a corporation can
must pro rate assets
i Vrkunsai Town Almost Destroyed
i b Ruck Ark April C The town
op thirty niies north of here was
lVjs Hstroycd by fire thismorniug Loss
SiOOoo insurance 0000
jtU Shermans Grave
St Locis Mo April ti Work of inclos
ing and securing the grave of Gen Sher
man referred to in these dispatches as
being in progress has been finally com
pleted and the military guard which has
been stationed at the grave since the day
of the funeral will be removed probably
during the present week
San Antonio Farllion llurm
Special to the Gazette
Sax Axtoxio Tex April G At 4 oclock
this morning the pavilion of Riverside
park in which the walking match closed
last night was burned Loss 10000 in
surance f 3000 The cause of the fire is
supposed to be the stub of a cigar or cigar
ette The pavilion will be rebuilt
The Micliljran Sleep Kant
Detroit Mich April 0 Georgo Cun
ningham to day completed a sleep fast of
1CS hours He was the only one of the con
testants to complete tho prescribed limit
Townsend an old time pedestrian avoided
sleep 150 hours aud then collapsed He
exhibits strong symptoms of insanity
Strikers Ouiet
Mocxt Plehnt Pa April 6 Quiet
prevails in the coke regions to day There
have been actually no disturbances of any
Two Thlrils oithe Town of Uretnii on tho
MlfeUilppl Alloat The llrcak
In the Allies Crevasse
Special to the Gazette
New OiarAXs Lv April C Despite the
eflorts of the people of Gretna the trans
Mississippi suburbs of New Orleans and
the county seat of Jefferson parish more
than two thirds of the town is now under
water water in consequence of the Ames
crevasse As soon as that crevasse oc
curred the Gretna people seeing the dan
ger to their town set to work to build a
levee in its rear to keep out the wateraud
nearly the entire population turned out to
work on it The water however rose
faster than expected and the new levee
being hastily constructed was weak and
caved badly and yesterday gave way in
several places The probabilities are that
all Gretna will be Hooded within the next
ten days The danger will be very great
as the numerous vegetable and stock farms
there will suffer and the factories be closed
A large proportion of the people in the
Hooded section have moved to other points
where they have been given accommoda
tions by their neighbors Those who have
remained are constructing false lloors to
their houses and will try to weather it out
if the water does not rise much more
Can a Person lie llouml by Contract to
AliHtaln from Following Ills
Special to the Gazette
Pauls Tex April 0 Several months
ago the firm of Trigg Bankhead bought
the stock fixtures and good will of the firm
of Hepler Bros Some disagreement arose
about settling up the trade and the two
firms had a lively fight over it When the
Heplers engaged their services to a new
linn in the same line aud Trigg Bank
head applied for a writ enjoining them from
engaging in the same business in Paris
either lor themselves or as employes of
anohor claiming that by the terms
of tho sale they were debarred
from so doing The injunction
came up at this term of the district court
aud after full argument Judge McClelland
perpetrated the writ holdinsr that having
made their crood will in a certain line of
trade a merchantable commodity and hav
ing received value therefor their again eng
gaging in the same business here was a
violation of their previous contract and that
the lact that they were only employes did
not relieve them since their personal influ
ence on trade would inure to the benefit of
their employers to the detriment of their
former vendees
Authnrlzoil to Go Into Effect Liitt Night nt
1 Oclock General Kejoiclng
Special to the Gazette
Denios Tex April C Mayor Tone to
night received the following telegram from
Governor Hogg
Austin Tex April 0
II Tone Mayor Denisun Tex
The Denison city charter will become a
law at 12 oclock to night April 0
Signed J S Hogo
Governor of Texas
There is a general rejoicing hero on ac
count of the new charier becoming a law
and the election to morrow will be held
under its provisions
lie Casts Jt In Tyler To day Io the Cltr
llect Ion Chartered
Special to the Gazette
Aistix Tex April 6 Governor Hogg
went to Tyler to day in order to vote at the
city election there to morrow
Chartered tonlay Texas loan aud sav
ings icjupatiy of Fort Worth capital c0
000 incorporators A L Matlock S J
Hunter J B Zrugler O A Crandall and
H C Warren The Hale county town
company capital S2OO0
The Full Hoard Expected at Amtln To
Ilay The Excursionists Keturu O K
Special to the Gazette
ArsTix Tex April C The court of ap
peals aud commission of appeals judges ar
rived here to day to hold court but ad
journed as the Judges of the supremo court
failed to put in an appearance They are
expected to morrow when the full board
will buckle down to business
The legislative excursion party which
went to Aransas Pass Saturday returned
to night in good shape
To Visit Ills Fathers Grnvo in Kentucky
Carrying Cedar with lllin
Special to the Gazette
CorsiCANA Tes April C Hon Roger
Q Mills left to night for Henderson Ky
the home of his childhood After an
absence of many years ho will return there
and take with him a littlo cedar which
he will plant on the grave of his father
A Searcy Ark Itlaze
St Louis Mo April 6 A special from
Searcy Ark says fire destroyed to day
five stores the White county bank and the
I ostoffiec The heaviest losers aro C A
Price Mcintosh Bros Wyatt Bros Co
the Beebe drug company- and N B Lasur
Total loss 1S 000 insurance 6000 All the
buildings were frame except that owned
by the Mcintosh Bros
Dallas Grand Jarj Indictments
Dallas Tex April 0 Tho grand Jury
to day returned 125 indictments against P
PMartinez agent for the Louisiana lottery
company He says he will quit the busi
Russia Closing the Columns of
the Newspapers
Trouble Brewing for the English Troops in
India Ambushed and Shot
TIio Ilnuif of Commons Discussing the
Withdrawal of Itritlih Troop From
Egypt Gladstone on Farnell The
London Times on Our Navy
Liberty of the Fress Keitralned
St Peteicbukc April C The govern
ment censor has ordered the Russian press
not to refer to the movements of tho
troops who aro to take part in the ma
neuvers on the Polish and German frontiers
The OShea Divorce Case to bo Reopened
Drmix April C Capt OShea in a let
ter acknowledging the receipt of an apol
ogy from Hev Father Furlong who had
duriug the course of a political address er
roneously stated that the house and ex
penses of OSheas family were paid by
Parnell savs Mrs Wood an aunt of
Mrs OShea allowed her Slo000 annually
for such expenses Capt OShea in con
clusion also hints that the OShca Pnrnell
divorce case will probably be reopened and
that should this be done further revela
tions damaging to Parnell will be made
Laid in Auibusli
London April 0 A cablegram from
Rangoon announces that the Hakuchins
laid in ambush in a favorable locality
awaitiug the passing of a small British
column on the way from one military iost
to another When tho British forces
were well inside tho trap laid the Haku
chins suddenly oi ened fire upon the sol
diers instantly killing Lieut Forbes aud
five men and severely wounding eleven
men The British returned tho enemys
fire with such effect that the British force
was enabled to retreat Irom the dangerous
position and thus probably escaped total
Watching Our Navy
London April 0 A Philadelphia cor
respondent of the Times gives a long ac
count of the new American navy and the
Times devotes a critical editorial to tho
subject dwelling mainly upon the likeli
hood that when the American clatls are
carrying a full coal supply the speed will
bo largely reduced The Times concludes
If the greater boldness of the American
designers is really based upon sound judg
ment we need not regret it We shall
equally profit in the long run by their ex
periments whether it results in failure or
success Wc may therefore watch with
keen sympathy the associated friendly
workers on the same problem
England Egypt and France
London April C In the house of com
mons to day William Henry Smith first lord
of the treasury in reply to aquestion in re
gard to the proposed purchaseof the French
treaty rights in Newfoundland by the with
drawal of the British troops in Egypt said
that the government had not received any
communication from France on the subject
of British evacuation of Egypt
The Drlcbunil Treaty Perlecled
Berlin April 6 It is reported from
Rome on competent authority that the re
newal of the Driebund is an accomplished
fact but that the treaty will not be pub
lished as Italy desires secrecy
Gladstone Denounce it ns False
London April G Gladstone in his roply
to an inquiry whether ParneUs statement
made yesterday at Phoenix park Dublin to
tho effect that he Gladstono has received
dynamite at Hawarden was true telegraphs
that the utterance referred to is an abso
lute falsehood
Trouble Hrewing
Calcutta April C If present indications
turn out to be correct there is serious
trouble browing in India for the British
forces Emboldened by the success of tho
Manipueris who recently crushed the
Ghoorkas escort accompanying Chief Mis
sioncr James W Quinton in his efforts to
settlo disputes which have occurred
among the rival chieftains of Assam the
Miranzi in Kahat Territory District of
Peshawer division of Punjab have risen in
arms aud are attacking the British troops
along the whole length of their lines It is
also known that the Miranzi attack is being
pushed so vigorously that strong reinforce
ments have been hurriedly dispatched to
the front Full details as to this new up
rising nre withheld by the British author
ities here In addition to the Miranzi
trouble telegrams from Rangoon announce
that the Hakuchins laid in ambush in a
favorable locality awaiting the passage of a
small British column on the way from one
military post to another When the Brit
ish force was well inside the trap laid for
it the Hakuchins suddenly opened fire
upon the soldiers and instantly killed
Lieutenant Forbes and five men and
stretching eleven officers severely wounded
upon the ground This column however
returned the enemys fire with such effect
that the British force was able to retreat
from the dargerous position into which it
had been led and thus possibly escaped total
Married and Not to Mrs OShea
London April 7 A sensation was
caused in the lobby of the house of
commons this evening by a rumor that
Parnell has been privately married since
the OShea divorce case proceedings
According to this rumor thej lady whom
Parnell married is not Mrs OShea
Several Parnellites in the house of com
mons vmro interviewed on the subject to
night but they refused to say more than
that tho mystery of their leaders
inner life often referred to recently as
certain to clear ParneUs character will
shortly be explained
Sharp Fighting Continues
Simla April C Sharp fighting with re
bellious natives continues The Marianzis
rising is extending Yesterday the Twenty
ninth regiment lost nine men killed and
four wounded
An Old Story Keloid -
London April ft Tho Telegraphs St
Petersburg correspondent says that an
other conspiracy against the life of the czar
has Just been discovered there
A Canal Opened
Kiel April 6 The ceremony of piercing
the dam of the North sea canal took place
to day Emperor William made tho breach
and water poured in in immense volumes
On conclusion of the ceremony the emperor
and his party proceeded along the canal oc
board a launch to Rendsburg
Smaller Attendance Good Varieties in De
mand Advances Looked For
London April 0 At tho wool sales to
day 10000 bales were offered mostly of
moderate quality Attendance was smaller
than on Saturday good varieties were in
active demand while poorer sorts were
slow continental were large purchasers
It is probable that there will be a further
advance in Melbourne and Victoria New
- - m Se-
South Wales and Cape of Good Hope and
Natal wools
Following is a detailed statement of to
days offering and prices obtained
New South Wales 1100 bales Scoured
Tdls 4d locks and pieces Sd
Is 3d greasy 7fdls 12d locks and pieces
Queensland 2000 bales Scoured lOVd
ls 5d locks and pieces 7dls 4 jd
greasy 7dls Id locks and pieces Sd
Melbourne and Victoria 1300 bales
Scoured OdglsVfd locks and pieces
7d Is 4d greasy 7dis3d locks and
South Australia 2900 bales Scoured
10dls ijd locks and pieces 7ls Vd
greasy Glf10id locks and pieces 7idS
Is ld
West Australia 1700 bales Scoured
lsrtls4d locks and pieces 9Vd
lld greasy tVdlld
Cape of Good Hope and Natal 1200 bales
Scoured 7dSls Sd locks and piecesrt
My Is Id greasy 510d locks and
pieces 5KA1
The Governor Statu Ollicials Legislators
Senators ami Congressmen Invited
to be at Galveston When tho
Fresldent Arrives
Special to the Gazette
Gaive ton Tex April ft The city
councilsiu regular session this afternoon
received a message from Mayor Fulton re
citing the fact that President Harrison ac
companied by a distinguished party would
arrive here on the IStiT and remain until the
20th inst As this was the first time in tho
history of the state and city that the chief
magistrate had honored Texas and Calves
ton by a visit and as tho people of both
state and city were under obligations to
President Harrison for the deep interest he
had shown in the development of both by
his approval of the appropriation of 0200
000 for harbor improvement he suggested
that the city council resolve itself into a com
mittee of tlie whole and request the Cham
ber of Commerce and Cotton Exchange to
appoint a committee of eleven each to meet
and formulate the place and tho projier re
ception aud entertainment of President
Harrison and party during their stay in
the city also that invitations bo extended
to the governor state officials tho legisla
ture senators and representatives in con
gress and other distinguished men and all
leading commercial bodies to come here
join wrrn oalveston
in giving to the president and party such a
reception as will be commensurate with
the grandeur and dignity of the state and
as will fully represent the broad and liberal
hospitality of its citizens
In consonance with the suggestions of
the mayor the council adopted resolutions
resolving itself into a committee of the
whole and requesting the Chamber of Com
merce and Cotton Exchange each to ai
point a committee of eleven members to co
operate with the city council in making
arrangements to receive and entertain
President Harrison and party also to
invite the governor state officers legisla
ture senators and representatives in con
gress and other distinguished men and
commercial bodies of the leading cities of
the state to participate in the reception
The Chamber of Commerce and Cotton
Exchange have each appointed such com
mittees which will meet with the city
council as a whole at the Cotton Exchange
to morrow evening at 7 oclock to arrange
and give scojie for such a reception as will
accord with the dignity nnd respect duo the
chief magistrate of the United State
Snit Filed at Galveston to rrevent the Sale
of a Certain Hody of Land In Bra
zoria County
Special to the Gazette
Galvestos Tei April C There was
filed to day in the United States circuit
court here a suit by J Gordon Brown an
Englishman from Austin against Cornelius
Davis aud wife Harris Masterson and
Archio Masterson all of Brazoria
county Brown alleges in his petition
that in February liHJ C Davis applied
to him for a loan of 3C00 on 50 acres of
land in Brazoria comity alleging that said
lands were free from encumbrances except
a lien of 700 held by H Masterson that
the said Masterson assisted Davis in mak
ing the loan stating that a portion of it
would be used in paying off this lien of 700
that Archie Masterson prepared the abstract
of the property showing that the land
was free from incumbrance This Brown
alleges he knew was faLse that at tho
time tho abstract was mle he knew that a
deed of trust had been filed on said prop
erty to secure Branch Masterson the pay
ment of Q15 in which he Archie Mas
terson had been named as trus
tee The petitioner alleges he
has been deceived and defrauded by the
defendant and as tho property is adver
tised to be sold on the first Tuesday in
April to satisfy Branch Mastersons trust
deed of I2173 he prays the court for a re
straining order to prevent the sale taking
place uutil his claim can be heard and
adjusted by the court
United States District Judge Bryant
granted the prayer of Petitioner Brown
and issued a restraining order preventing
Archie Masterson from selling said lands
under deed of trust until the case can bo
heard on tho first Monday in December
A Body ofltalvs Sons Apply at the Kansas
City Kan Fackin House and
Fropose to Cut Wases
Kansas City Mo April ft There was a
small riot at the Phoenix packing house at
the corner of First street and Osage avenue
Kansas City Kan this morning For
some time past rumors of the reopening of
the packing house which has been closed
since November 17 have caused large
crowds of laborers to congregate about the
gates of the place every morn
ing seeking work This morning
as usual there were there about
300 in all About oclock twenty Italians
came up in a body to apply for work They
told the superintendent that they would
work for H a day When the others who
had assembled there learned of the offer of
the Italians they seized fence pickets
stones and other missiles and charged the
Italians The Italians made a stand for a
moment but were soon forced back and
ended it by making a precipitato flight fol
lowed by storm of curses and missiles They
ran down First street to Kansas avenue
and across the Kansas river to Missouri
The crowd followed them to tho bridge
and there stopped
It is not known whether any of the
Italians were hurt or not None of the
others were injured
Knights Templar Conclave
Special to the Gazette
Waco Tex April ft Delegates to the
grand commandery of Knights Templar
which convenes to morrow arc coming in
fast The Knights will be hospitably enter
tained by the local members The ladies
are taking aa active part
-V -
The Canadian Cabinet Visit
Washington to Discuss It
The United States Supreme Court Affirms
Two Decisions of the
Coarts of TPismniiin anil Colorado anil
KcverNes Tuo Opinions from Ten
nessee and Montana Decision
by Secretary Noble
The Canadian Cabinet
Washington April G Canadian cabinet
officers who are in Washington for tho pur
pose of discussing reciprocity with Secre
tary Blaine left their hotel just before noon
to meet Sir Julian Pauncefote at the Brit
ish legation Accompanied by him they
called upon Secretary Blaine at his home
Their stay lasted but a few minutes and
returning to their hotel they announced
that they were about to leave Washington
in a few hours
As arrangements had been made by
the members of the party that indicated
their purpose to stay in Washington at
least a week the news of the intended
sudden departure caused some surprise
This was set at rest however by a
statement from Sir Charles Tupper Sir
Charles said he had visited Secretary
Blaine last Thursday and says he was
courteously received by him He ex
plains the desire of the Canadian govern
ment to lay the foundation for negotiations
that should broaden the trade relations
between the Dominion and the United
Secretary Blaine met the proposal favor
ably and Sir Charles returned to Ottawa to
reiwrt the result to his government and
secure tho presence in Washington to day
of Mr Foster minister of marine aud Mr
Thompson minit ter of justice Secretary
Blaine having arranged to receive them
Subsequently Secretary Blaine learned
that tho president desired to be present
when negotiations were undertaken and
his projected Southern and Western trip
would not admit of that if negotiations were
to proceed at once and accordingly Secre
tary Blaine informed Sir Julian Pauncefote
that a postponement would be desirable
and the minister so telegraphed Sir Charles
Tupper at Ottawa but the party had
started for Washington before the telegram
was received and was not informed of the
chauge of programme until this morning
Messrs Foster and Thompson will leave
Washington at oclock this afternoon for
Ottawa and Sir Charles Tupper will go
straight to London He says that Sir
Julian Pauncefote will notify the party
when to return to Washington which will
be as soon as the president can conveniently
give his attention to the negotiations
After an interview with Secretary Blaine
this morning a party called at the White
House and left their cards for the presi
An Erroneous Report
Washington April 6 A dispatch from
Denver last night stated that orders had
been received by Admiral Brown at San
Francisco directing that the steamer San
Francisco sail Wednesday for Chili and
that the cruiser Charleston return to Hono
lulu at onco to guard American interests
Secretary Tracy when shown the dis
patches said that it was entirely erroneous
aud that no such order was given
Decisions Atllrracd
Washington April 0 In the supreme
court of the United States in an opinion
by Justice Harlnn the judgment of the su
premo court of Wisconsin in tho cae of
Patrick Manning vs George Weeks
warden of the state prison was affirmed
Manning was convicted in the court for
the district of Ashland Wis of man
slaughter Ho contended that his convic
tion was without due process of law bas
ing on the ground that under the state law
the governor had no authority to appoint
the judge who tried him and that he was
tried and convicted by an unlawful Judge
Tho United States supreme court says
that the highest state tribunal held that the
Ashland court had already existc 1 and was
a court de jurercgardloss of whether ornot
the governor had the right of ap iiment
of the jsdgo The court is bound by that
judgment and there being a court de jure
and judgo de facto the court holds that
there is no ground to order Mannings dis
Tho court also affirmed the judgment of
the circuit court of tho United States for
thcdlstrictof Colorado in favor of the Max
well land grant in a suit brought against that
company by the Interstate land company to
recover a large tract of land in Laslnimas
county Col In tho course of the opinion
by Justice Lamar the court holds that the
questions affecting the validity of the Max
well land grant are no longer open but tho
action of congress on the land departments
of the courts has settled that question for
ever In order to acquire title to any part
of the Maxwell land grant the court holds
that the claimants must show a grant from
the Mexican government antedating that
under which the Maxwell company holds
Chief Justice Fuller announces the
opinion of the court reversing the judg
ment of the circuit court of the eastern
district of Tennessee by which an injunc
tion was granted restraining tho sheriff
and other officers of Hamilton county
Tenn from retaining property of the
United Statos express company to satisfy a
tax levied by the state for the privilege of
doing express business within the state
The court does not in tho present pro
ceedjtg go into the question of constitution
ality of the law imposing tho tax
The court reversed the judgement of the
supreme court of Montana in the case of
Andrew J Davis appelant vs Henry
Wiebb and ordered that the case be re
manded for new trial This was a suit for
damages aud involved the title to certain
lands in the town of Butte Mont The
case turns upon tho construction to be given
to provisions of the town site law of the
United States Davis held the title under
tho town site entry act of which the pro
vision was that no title should be acquired
under the act to any gold silver or copper
mine or to any valid mining claim held un
der the existing laws Wiebb claimed that
under the general mining laws and when
Davis offered to prove that at the time the
patent of the Butte town site was issued
the premises in dispute were not known to
be valuable for minerals of any kind
Objection was taken on the ground that
the Wiebb patent showed that as a matter
of fact the premises did contain valuable
mineral land and as such could not be
granted by a town site patent
The court sustained the objection and
this ruling which was really decisive of
the controversy this court overrules
The Kincaid Case
Washington April 6 Assistant Dis
trict Attorney Claggett to day closed his
argument for the prosecution in tho Kiu
cad case and C Maurice Smith opened for
the defense but before he had con
cluded his address the court was obliged to
adjourn until to morrow on account of the
illness of one of tho jurymen
Decision by Secretary Noble
Washington April 6 Secretary Noble
to day rendered a decision rejecting the ap
plications to perfect about forty three eng
tries under the timber and stone acts made
by members of the Keweas cco oporative
colony in California now within the Se-
uoia national park reservation created oy
e acts of congress auproveil beplemDer
i and October 1 lSJO
Presidential Appointments
Washington April G The president to
day appointed Thomas F Wilson of Ari
ona Territory to be United States attorney
for the territory of Arizona
Michijran Flection
Detroit Mich April ft Michigan
voted to day for justice of tho supreme
court and two regents of the state uni
vetsiiy Judge K I Montgomery heads
the Republican and Justice John WChaplin
the Democratic ticket
lllaze at Albany N Y
Aliunt N V April ft Tho centra of
fico of tho telephone exchange is burning
Tho flames arc gaining rapid headway in
the building The thousands of wires se
riously impede the progress of the firemen
reaching the burning building
Secretary Tracy Discovers that Slv ships
Can be Frepareil for War at a Cost of
About 10000 Each A
ful Calm
Could lis Put in Fighting Order
New York April ft Secretary Tracy
who has made regarding their
condition finds that six of the single
turreted monitors now laid up in James
river could be put into flghtingorder within
thirty days at an expense of 10000 each
Kvciteiiient Subiliieil
London April 0 A correspondent of
the Daily News says Owing to the mod
eration of Italys demands the New Orleans
dispute has entered a quiet phase and all
dangerous complications will be avoided
The Times con esponilent says- The
arrival of the text of Baron Karas first
note showed the misunderstanding was due
to tho interpretation of the demand for 9
trial as the demand for conviction The
ministry is indisposed to push the matter
beyond a demand for recognition of the
principle of international justice The ex
citement has entirely subsided
A Fond ami Totinj Husband Minus a
Wire anil SlOO In Money While a Des
titute Wife Mourns a Husband
Special to the Gazette
Galveston Tex April ft Th fact is
developed to day that the wife of Christian
Benmati a tailor residing on West Market
street eloped with Emilo Petersen a cook
and near neighbor of the Beumans Mrs
Benman left with her child a gui two aud
a half years of age and 82U0 of her hus
bands cash Petersen left an invalid
wife taking a gold watch and leaving her
destitute and in arrears for three months
rent The elopement took place last Fri
day but was not discovered until yester
day Mrs Bennian on Friday last said
she was going to visit her sister at High
land Station u few miles in the interior
She departed and not returning Bennian
wired his sister-in-law if his wife was
there and received a reply that she
had not been there He began an investiga
tion and found that Mrs Petersen was
minus her husband This aroused Jlrs
Petersons suspicions and she joined Ben
man hi the investigation which resulted
in ylhe discovery that the faithless hus
band had purchased tickets for himself
wife and child at the Mallory steamship
office for passage to New York on tho
steamer Leona and had sailed Saturday
morning under the namo of Erlandsen
Petersens mothers name Benman started
to day by rail to overhaul the guilty couplo
at New York recover his child and Mrs
Petersens watch a gift of a deceased hus
band when he says the worthless couple
can go as he doesnt want to have anything
more to do with them
Several Klotc rs ami Deputies Placed Under
Bonds in the Colic Keglons The
Latest Outlook
Pittsecrg Pa April ft Up to to night
several more rioters have been arrested aud
eight deputies who did the shooting
The squiro before whom the hearings
were held found the president somewhere
and held those charged with riot and carry
ing concealed weapons in 1000 whilo
the deputies charged with murder were
released on 5300 bail
It is said the two wounded strikers
previously reported as having died Satur
day will be privately buried to morrow
General Manager Lynch of the Frick
company has just issued a statement in re
ply to an appeal of Rev Father Lamb
ing who has great power over the
strikers Lynch says it is no
longer a question of wages but of per
sonal liberty lights of property and po
tency of the laws
Regarding the general impression that
an amicable conference will settle the dif
ficulty the general manager of Fricks
interests says it will be time
enough to confer with the leaders
of tho strike when tho military of the state
cannot enforce the law This means fight
to a finish no matter what results
Lynch is empowered to tvoice not only
the sentiment of the Frick people but of
three fourths of the operators
The Cry of House ou Fire Caused a
a Stampede in a Negro Theater
Special to the Gazette
Galveston Tex April 6 The curtain
was rung down suddenly and wild pelimell
confusion ensued to get out at the Bucking
ham theater to night when tho cry rang
out Tho house is on fire
The Buckingham is a negro theater on
Bath avenue between Strand and Mechanic
street run by Alex Simpson Tne fire origi
nated in tho hallway upstairs and
beyond burning up a lot of bed clothing and
bedroom furuiture it damaged the building
but slightly as it was extinguished beforu
it got under full headway Tho house
however was thoroughly drenched Simp
son places his loss at 500 in building
clothing furniture two silver sets 00 in
money and loss on stock One hundred
dollars will repair damage to building
Origin of fire unknown
A King Flht Stopped
Philadelphia Pa April ft The fight
between Jim Daly of this city and Pat
Farrell of Pittsburg was stopped by
the police to night at the end of the third
round At that time Daly had the best of
the fightinghaving told on Farrell severely
The fight was held under the auspices of
Quaker athletfc club and was for a purse
of 500 contributed by the club 400 of
which was to have gone to the winner and
ICO to the loser six rounds of Marquis of
Qucensberry rules About 400 spectators
were present
The fight was awarded Daly by the
Horrible Scene in a Tenement
House at Rochester Pa
List of Dead Most of the Victims a
by the Smoke Bodies Recovered
A CSIrl Iit I e p
ing from an Fpper Morv inline
sin Talks Incoherently
the Iloloi Hiiit
Pa April ft A most awf
calamity occurred early this inorta
the result of which nine Hm wrn
A tire broke out about midnight 11 1 a
frame building occupied by 1 F K
as a dwelling and shoe store aJ M
Hall millinery aud George Edwj
and coffee store The lire started 1
kitchen of Keenes residence aid
his son Walter wore overioweriJ j 1
smoke and were not discovered 1 t
late to save them Other per- s
tioneil escaped but a nuintn r of I
occupying tin upper rooms of 1
of the building wen burned to itcat h
the exception of one of them
Marie Tickio a girl sixteen rs j
who escaped death by leapin r from
per window talks incoheren i
seems to remember but little of -
ful struggles of her kinsmen St
that when she awoke the lire b r
below and their rooms till- t 1
She slept in a back ri
mother ami the children in the uiui i
and her father his brother and
Tickio and Joseph ifaem both v itvr
eupied the front room Mar tin
arouse her people but they were rcu
asphyxiated She says thaPth Irc t
her and she was compelled to Mint 1 r
life to the ground below The o a
ben recovered and they now iufs 1
by side in an adjoining buildinc
The dead wen 1 Keene aged turi
Walter Keene his son aged nine Hup
Tickio aged forty Annie luin
thirty five his wfo Jojef Tu kio
thirteen Uo a Tickio aged eihr A
Tickio aged two Victoria lluvin
thirty two brother of Hqitistc jnd 1
Raem aged thirty live
This afternoon Coroner King 0111111
a jury and after reviewing the rciua s J
journod till to morrow afternoon u n
ybienci of important w itnes f
The loss is i SOOOu insurance 10 000
The ShcrifTof Lipscomb Couuty Itestruiuvd
from Selling Certain Lands The II
and T C Mlveil Fp
Special to the Gazette
GaivesTun Tex April ft 3u the United
States circuit clerks oiliee to day uniir
the caption of Suit of Kaston and lieu u 1
trustees vs the Houston and Texas Le
tral Railway Company ct alan order u
granted on petition lilod by Cbario
Delliugham receiver restraining Samuel Y
Cupps sheriff of Lipscomb county from
selling under execution on judgment -ma
nating from the district court of riinit
county S000 acres of land suuafd tu
Lipscomb couuty the property of de
fendants valued at 30000U to s
isfy a judgment of JIdOO 1 is
judgment is in favor of Mrs Fannie I
Thomas Anna B Thomas Marsrurette fc
Tliomas II Thomas May II Thorn u
and Annie B Thomas residing in Grime
county Dillingham petitioner states
that unless said sheriff 1
restrained by an order of the court lie wiJi
proceed to sell the land and irreparably
damage and injure said receiver re
fore ho prays that said Cupps be enjt ieil
and restrained from executing said jUi
ment in conformity therewith
The court ordered anil decreed tha
Samuel Y Cupps sheriff of Lijisvun
county aud plaintiffs in whose favor jau
ment was given show cause on tho first day
of next term of the United States disirct
court why injunction should not issue j
prayed for in the receivers petition
It was further ordered that during thi
pendancy of said rule to show
Cupps et al are restrained under penalt f
the law from executing the writ frun tl 3
district court of Grimes county u mn ti
property described in said petition or 1
any other property of defendant ra v j
Leave was also granted defi ndan
Cupps et al to move to dissolve resra
ing order on cause shown and on t
ten days notice in writing to receiver or li
attorneys Hearing is to be before atn
United States district judge with circu
court powers
An Immense Comiorltu Demonstration a
a Denert A Few Fights Tempt
In llets Offered
Special to the Gazette
Dallas Tnx April ft The
wound up to night by the Connorites w u
the largest political demonstration er
Dallas over 2OU0 men in line by act ai
A few lights followed As s the
usual custom some men started in
clean up the procession and when
asked by the policemen to break away
one of the men strjek at a pol
officer three times with a knife Hu
was promptly arrested and a charge of
assault to kill was lodged against him
The pool rooms are displaying bets of
100 to iJO that Conner will be the next
mayor with no takers
The Members of tho Legislature lleturb
front Their Kxeurslou to Ilockport
Plenty of Knthuilaxu
Special to the Gazette
Austin Tnr April ft The legislature
excursionists returned from Kocfport to
night pretty well tired out but with plentv
of enthusiasm They were loud in their
praises of the hospitality which they eng
joyed The citizens of Rockport and
Aransas Harbor entertained the whoia
party about SM from Saturday evening
until this morning no invited guest being
allowed to pay for anything he got The
tourists left Rockport at 730 ran over to
Corpus Christi and stayed an hour then
started for Austin arriving at 9- this
evening Beyond sunburnt faces and raw
looking noses no one suffered a mishap
Died at Lexington O T
Special to the Gazette
Pckcell I T April 0 J M Stewart
died at his home near Lexington O T to
day His remains will be sent to his old
home at Van Alstyne Tex for interment
by theside cf his wife
Another Vestibule Car
Bcffaio N Y April ft Manaeer Bis
scll of tho Wagner car shops has invented
another vestibule interchangeable vith the
Pullman vestibule He has received letters
patent and carpenters will proceed to man
ufacture them Experiments to day proved

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