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The Marriage of a Relative
Causes Disgruntledness
is New Learned That Quinton Was First Capt
ured and Then Murdered by Natives
J tic WIH Knock tho Throne rrom
t inier Iittlo lYrIIiia id Massing
of Itussian Troops A Fa
tuous Writer Dead
Literary Character Dead
A Edmund de Hault do
m i well known French
r and writer died to day In
- elected to the national assembly
nor of a large number of re-
1 i oners 3Iurilereil
April Y A letter has been re-
from a leader of the
l iuing that Chief Commissioner
V vnnnton and all his colleagues
taken prisoners at the time of the
m the British presidency at Man-
i iwen murdered This news is
jliv There has been further
i Alinipier and another British
s been murdered
A trund DuKo in Disfavor
iii rmo Apiil S The czar is
pleasi d at the action of Grand
i l Michilki itch cousin to the
- Imvii privately married at
1 1 1 he Countess of Moromberg
i In- Djke of Nassau The czar
In grand duke s name to be
ii tlie list of the Russian army
I bus eliminated from the army
s of regiments named lor the
and of which he was colonel
i tint the marriage was arranged
i inn f the season at Rovira
fir UHii it being concealed
e his sanction to the
in- secrecy that was observed
The Dr il mid Treaties
April s The Vienna
t lie Times says that the reports
ir buid has been recemented
rme hough negotiations have
wile I for a live year renewal on
I iiffeisive basis without
ires and the compact will be
i r shortly
-In consequence of
sstjn massing o troops
Galacian and Silesian
the German government
d to strengthen the eastern
Massing or Troops
- April s St Petersburg and
respondents continue to report
1111111- the Russian troops great
w hereof are being massed ou the
uian trontier
Ihe irar ami ic rdinund
i it ii mi April S The Uussian
i will take no diplomatic steps
he reap ointmeut of Prince
c viee royalty of Eastern
ttie expiration of his present
ill decline to recognize Prince
a i my capacity
Interest on Her B nniis Iroinptly
le leileliieut Over the lrci
dmtial Election
di Mrsini April The employes
i ion mil at Tepam strui k against a
mi ot wages
luglisn war ship Canada has lolt
ni for Cuba
i Jich ha abandoned her reception
merii an legation due to the
s illness of her mother
i of Mexico will soon have a lire
ms leaves to morrow for the
i mrcnt lias poliivflly decided to
iiinistry of posts and
u l tie financial condition of
nijustitiabie as Gautcmala is
rest on hoth interior and exter
v ith the greatest regularity Tho
i budget amounts to 5a000000
uditures this year will be no
a e lion for president of
i act tip less attention there
a mil notwithstanding rumors
m - formal ticket is pre-
- ot curs here next Sunday
to s mi ill that a consultation
Ill id
1 m Mexican mixed claims
pi ir all claims presented so
hi but it is expected new
lie iitv sented
t rt jn ti Cloth Departments
iiiiiu Without Keiuiiiienitloli
-111 April The Guardian in
1 article says There is
s i i the cloth department in
1 s and there are few
1 1 s from any where
ii increase in Eastern inquiry
- executed Much of the
iirlv well under contract but
- 1 re new instances of pressure
IV cut to impart a liatncss to the
1 at to prevent firmness and
stuppjue of looms is prevented by
of very low and sometimes
lucrative rates Yarn depart-
ir to be in n worse condition
mi deiiartment There is more
sel nd prices weaker
1 it exporters lindimr the supply
n 1 y pmvhasing even at rates
use of Iriday last Bleaching
- the Kast are fairly steady
1 1 j i - especially common shirt-
Tne best prints are steady
os are in slow demand
V Trip Overlautl to Deliver
e Carlll
1 x ki Tex April S Messrs A
I 111 of London and Henry Haynes
N i k left this morning overland to
iN iner They intend to cover every
e distance ou horseback and will
tH tiusrhout the trip Their outlit
consists of two saddle horses
ek horse a Winchester rifle and
- in a sack containing coffee anda
iuve sitie and a blanket each
f in1 owed will be via Boeme
Tort Coicho Pecos City Santa Pe
11 Pucino Colorado Springs and
1 Vive Not being pressed lor tune
s ris breaking the record
iousuuii three months on the
Carnegie Will Testify
rit bu Pa April S A year ago
v Carnegie was summoned by the
nee i ounty court to give testimony
the master in chancery in the
n d the summons Late yesterday
ernoon an attorney accompanied by a
deputy arrived from Newcastle the county
seat of Lawrence county and placed him
under arrest but he -was almost imme
diately released on the promise to appear in
Newcastle to day II C Frick the coke
king point on his bond He left on the J
oclock train this morning
Sew York City Sea Approaches
New Yokk April S The New York
board of trade and transportation to dav
adopted a resolution petitioning the senate
and assembly to pass a concurrent reso
lution requesting the president of the
United States to call the special attention
of congress to the sea approaches to New
York city and Brooklyn and ask imme
diate action of congress looking to better
protection to the same
Chief of Lncle Sams Signal Service
Galveston Tex April S Gen A W
Greelv chief of the United States signal
service arrived this morning and spent the
day in the city He left this evening for
San Antonio and will go from there to the
Pacific slope Gen Greey is making a
tour for the purpose of improving and eng
larging the scope of service
Congressman Train at Houston
Special to tte Gazette
Houston- Tex April 8 Hon W II
Crain who represents the shoe string
district in congress was in from Cuero
last night In speaking of national poli
tics Mr Crain said among other things
that Hon U Q Mills will probably be
elected speaker of tne next house and
thinks the famous tariff reformer has the
IKle in the present race Mr Crain will
leave the city to day but will be
again in a week or ten days
Superintendent or liiiuiiE ration ami Steam
ship Authorities Who famfed
Some Liidersirulilcs
New Yoik Aprils The controversy be
tween Superintendent of Immigration
Weber aud agents of the steamship Inize
tiva which brought to this port a number
of undesirable Italian immigrants is not
yet ended Col Weber is determined that
the immigrants shall be conveyed back on
the steamship that landed them and at the
expense of the vessels owners In a
sharp letter the agents of the Inizctiva
say that the superintendent had no right to
crowd the undesirable immigrants back 011
their vessel without proper notification
The agents hivc declared that the Incze
tivsi is not going back to Italy and that
they will not be responsible for their re
turn unless the immigrants arc retained at
the barge office until such lime as the
agents are ready
This discrimination on the part of the
agents lias aroused Col Weber and he has
laid down the laws on the subject Col
Weber adds in his letter -It cannot bo
that the authorities of the foreign alms
house or prison may place inmates thereof
in a ship destined to this country which
vessel was not to be returned to port
whence she came and that such convicts or
pauperb might be foisted ou our people on
the ground that business or other interests
of the steamship company have made it
necessary for the vessel to ply between
other ports-
The Inizctiva cleared at the custom house
to day for Lisbon
Italian societies here arc deeply inter
ested in the controversy
Physicians have examined some of the
immigrants in the interests of the societies
and they have averred that none suffer
Iroin either disease or poverty
Twenty four Italian immigrants who
landed from the steamship Burgundia yes
terday were sent back by that steamerto
day by the barge oflice authorities The
immigrants had contagious diseases and
were without means of support
Second Hay of the Annual Meeting
cers Elected To Meet at
rticana Xet Vear
Special to the Gazette
Waco Tex April S To day was tho
second day of the annual conclave of the
Kight Eminent Grand Coinmandery They
met in secret se sion this morning and most
of the morning was spent in discussingsub
jects of interest to the order At noon the
election of grand officers for the ensuing
year resulted as follows Sir Knight James
Garrity of Corsicana right eminent grand
commander Sir Knisrht D C Proctor of
Cuero vice eminent deputy grand com
mander Sir Knight T 1 Beal of El Paso
eminent grand generalissimo Sir Knight
E 1 Fry of Marshall eminent grand
captain general Sir Knight S C Carpen
ter of Sherman grand prelate Sir
Knight lohn McDonald of Austin
eminent senior grand warden Sir Knight
1 Bunkerhoff of Waco eminent grand
junior warden Henry Scherff of Houston
eminent grand treasurer Robert Brewster
of Houston eminent grand recorder
At oclock this afternoon the competi
tive drill came off To day and to night the
Sir Knights were entertained at different
private receptions In thecoinpetitive drill
Waco eommamiery No 10 was awarded the
The next place of meeting will be Corsi
Ilx llecciver of the Land Ollice Lu ltoute
to Austin to Stand Trial on
Two Charges
Special to the Gazette
QtANMi Tex April S O N Ilollings
worth receiver cf the land oflice at Austin
who was indicted by the last grand jury of
Travis county on two charges one for em
bezzlement and one for the misappropriation
of the public funds was arrested at his home
near Kirkland on Monday night last by
a couple of Capt McDonalds rangers
after which a warrant was served upon
him by Sheriff Gibson of Hardeman county
and he was turned over to him and brought
here He will be taken to Fort Worth to
day by Capt McDonald and delivered to
the sheriff of Travis county to await trial
A lural Citizen Coloring the Town Shot
Special to the Gazette
Loveiaiiv Tex April S A fanner who
lives a few miles from here was in town
last night and was drinking He abused
the landlady of the Commercial hotel by
using very insulting language He ihen
went down in town and he and J B Fifur
a saloon keeper got into a row and Fifur
quietly Fifur has surrendered himself to
the authorities It is said that Fifur was
Senators by a Direct Vote
Madison Wis April S The congres
sional reapportionment bill was passed by
the assembly to day The bill providing for a
unnorm system 01 text books -was
um Pa wire nail works case He I feated Resolutions providing for the
tion of Lnited btates senators by a vote of
the people were adopted
The Senate Resolutes to Ad
journ Next Monday 13th
Congressman Culberson at the Capitol City
And Will Speak To day
Speaker Mflncr ISanquetted IJy Houston
Ladies Six Thousand Applications
for Notaries Public SeiT to the
senate and Continued
j Spealcer Miiner Itcmembercd
Special to the Gazette
ArsTiN Tew April S The desk of
Speaker Milner was to day ornamented by a
1 beautiful boquet presented by a number of
Houston ladies thoughtful enough to re-
memoer me speaker in that becoming man
An Executive Session
Special to the Gazette
Austin Tex April 8 The senate held
an executive session this afternoon and
continued a large number of notaries pub
Culberson lit Austin
Austin- Tex April 8 Hon D B Cul
berson visited the cipitol to day and
mingled with the members of the legisla
ture lie will speak in the hall of repre
sentatives to morrow night and will
doubtless have a full house
Tevas to he Well Supplied with Notaries
Public- -Chartered
Special to the Gazette
Austin Tex April S The list of appli
cants for credentials as notaries public has
been closed and no more applications will
be entertained by the governor Nearly
six thousand names of such applicants
have been sent to the senate for continua
Chartered The Amarillo improvement
company capital JiOOOO the Uvalde ice
gin and milling company capital 20WX
the Texas iinmigraion and industrial com
pany of Myrtle Springs capital 15000
j The Hoys Want to Go Home but to
j ISreak Away is tho Hub
Special to the Gazette
Austin- Tex April S When tho senate
I concurrent resolution providing for a sine
die adjournment at 4 oclock next Monday
was read in the house this afternoon it was
welcomed with such a clapping of hands as
indicated an earnest desire and purpose
among the members to affoid it and wind
up business on the day named but it does
not now seem very probable that an ad
journment can be reached Monday Tho
appropriation bill will claim the attention
ot the house to morrow and will not get
into the hands of the enrolling clerk before
Friday A day is necessary to enroll the
bill and it cannot reach tho sc ate until
Saturday Unless the senate shall throw
opposition to the winds and accept the bill
practically without change it cannot get
back to the house in time to admit of an
adjournment Monday
Members are eager to go home and are
willing enough to hasten matters to that
end but it is considered hardly possible by
members of the house to do so Monday
Again there are many members interested
in bills which they want rushed through
at tho fag end oi the session and to that
end they are willing to hold on a day or ttvo
longer Of course bad legislation is apt to
result and that may induce the bulk of the
members to hasten the hour of adjourn
Irom Will L Sargent to KvauIoues That
Austin Manifesto Defended
Kayxeh Stonewall County Tex I
April 3 1W1 f
Evan Jones President Farmers State Al
liance of Texas
Deau Silt In the Southern Mercury of
March 10 iyil your high cockaloruin
ship seems from your edict to be offended
about a manifesto issued from Austin eng
March 4 As a signer of the address 1 feel
it my duty as a member of tho Alliance to
reply to you
You say you denounce said manifesto as
an unprovoked falsehood upon every- Al
liance man in Texas Where is it false
Aud must the Alliance people understand
that this is the way the president of the
great State Alliance answers manifestos
Sir wc arc constrained to say that guilt
hovers around or you would produce some
argument and not vilification You abovo
all others have been placed in a position if
your memory is not defective to know that
that manifesto contained coid stern facts
Can you refreshen your memory and give
us the salaries paid to the manager of tho
Exchange anil his many assistants when
the concern was inaugurated and let the
people have a say
Will you further state how many thou
sands of dollars was paid into that concern
the compress and the manufacturing estab
lishment and for the sake of poor men and
women throughout Texas stato what be
came of them
I Is it not a fact that on one trip North
the manager of the concern Exchange
presented a bill for 4000 traveling expenses
aud that the executive committee paid it
Is it not a fact that just prior to the con
vening of a certain State Alliance in Dallas
that the president of that body drew out
of the treasury through the executive
committee as a salary of SIMM and that
after adjournment the delegates presented
their vouchers for pay when they wore
politely informed that they could only get
50 cents on the dollar many having to
borrow money to get home to their families
Now to the Mercury 1 tell you sir that
you know that that paper was wrung from
the people and for a deep laid purpose Do
you remember on August -I lzV after
adjournment of the days session of the Al
liance in Dallas Tex that you Perdue
and myself in conversation on our way to
the Piuenix hotel for supper after the mo
tion of Brother Hewitt of Koekwall county
to lay the motion of Tracys on the table
which was to sell or lease the Mercury and
which motion earned by a large majority
You or Perdue said the question would
come up again that night I then plead with
you not to allow it to be done and that if it
was I certainly would expose the fraud
You manifested great surprise at my re
mark and said Brother Sargent it cannot be
possible that anything is wrong I told you
that it was a deep laid plot to rob the State
Alliance of all we had left and for you to
help down it You wanted some proof for
my assertion I gave it to you and now
pass it to you once more Maj B of
Taylor county told me that a big scheme
was on foot for certain parties to got con
trol of the Mercury have beenoffered
suoi mm twice in me DaCif ana in ine 1 110 m r r ii
ankle The wounded man is rcstinir 1 nnwrt m mnl i moiiin fai nf
- -
selling or leasing said paper I have also
seen the further stated articles of agree
ment drawn up by a joint stock company
I cannot say auything said the major and
gave his reasons which wero perfectly sat
isfactory to us but I will put you on for
it is sure to come up and a plot that ought
to be downed After supper you
feigned sickness and Perdue was in the
chair and sure enough the Tracy resolu
tion to sell or lease the Mercury was called
from the table between the hours of 10 and
12 p in when some seventy of the eVIc
gates had gone home many from promises
and with the understanding it should not
be called up How was it passed By the
chair casting the deciding vote by casting
the vote of the delegate from Young county
who had gone home some three days be
fore That night never would the chair
recognize the writer of this though many
times had the floor before others J L
Goodman of Kobertseu was treated like
wise Why was this done Simply to
carry their point they were afraid for the
truth to be told
Am I correct in placing you in the ranks
of the sub treasurites
Is not the present state lecturer and two
of the executive committee and tho mana
gers of the Mercury believers and teachers
of that doctrine the sub treasury bill Is
it not a fact that that a majority of the
officers of the State Alliance are sub-
treasury men
Now isnt it an indisputable fact that
tho last Democratic convention at San
Antonio declared against tho sub treasury
seheme and did riot the Republican con
vention which convened shortly afterwards
declare in favor of the bill You say -the
Alliance never has is not now nor can it
ever become partisan in politics If you
are telling the truth pieaso explain to me
what is the sub treasury idea but a parti
san political question In Texas iiolitics
for the Republicans favor it while the Dem
ocrats denounce it in their respective plat
Did you not state a short time ago that
you were a true Democrat and that the
party in Texas was good enough for vou if
so now can you harmonize your Democracy
and support a Republican measure
Did you claim that political faith before
you left Iowa to come to Texas to brand
Southern men and Democratic Alliance
men as falsifiers when they dare expose
wrongs perpetrated upon an order they
were members of
Did you and the skew ball outfit that was
at your back in Erath county claim 10 be
Democrats when you were fighing the
Democratic nominee for state senate Sena
tor Frank and supporting a sorghum mill
grinder by the name of Davis
wno did not know the first princi
ples of Democracy and you succeeded in
carrying the county- against Frank I will
ask yon a few more questions since you are
making sacrifices to yourself and family
by tilling the office you now hold
Is the report true that the Mercury is
paying you SI 00 and expenses per mouth
also free passes over railroad lines to work
for it If so it seems to us that the presi
dency of the State Alliance is not bothering
you much nor creating much sacrifice You
say you demand charges Who wants
charges to go before a stocked jury Yes
we were present when you did so and
every member of the legislature who had
signed that request for you to remove your
self appomted steering committee from
Austin f till stuck to their demand You
w holly disregarded their request Was it
because Sledge was at the head of the Mer
cury and also one of the committee while
you and Tracy are working on salaries for
the paper Havent you and tho Mercury
since then tried to whitewash said commit
tee to tho order of the state
Why all this thusness just at a critical
moment when the commission bill was up
and the house was on the appointive clause
Your presence bobbed up serenely in
Austin so you said you were passing
through to a member of the house and
just stopped over for a day or so Still
you had a meeting called that night and in
the caucus you gently- informed the boys
that the people were in favor of an elective
commission which doctrine George Clark
and his allies with the steering committee
thrown in railroads and alh
and all antinewspapers were
clamoring for
If the manifesto is false why did not
your employes Mercury publish the ad
dress and show where t was untrue and
at the same time givo space to those who
would defend the manifesto Hon G W
White of Freestone county one of the
signers of the address in person asked this
of tho manager of the Mercury So you
see a request for a fair discussion of both
sides before the people was asked but re-
lused 1 would resjioctrully ask you the
chief mogul of the order is it right for a
paper that claims to be tho organ of the
Alliance to refuse to publish honest Alli
ance mens convictions who have built tho
paper up always stood by it and have to be
pushed in tho background and the people
can hear but one side presented and
that not by argument but to vilify and
brand honest men who have done much for
the Alliance cause in Texas men who
people have recognized their merit and
ability by placing them in high and honor
able Ksitious In conclusion it might be
well to state that you and your henchmen
can never by cowardly inuendocs and
branding honest men in an honest endeavor
to save a grand order from prostitution and
ruin keep them from the step The signers
of that manifesto are only too willing to
meet the wolves that oppose them before
the Alliance men and all other good people
of Texas Your edict has gone forth but
it is seed sown by the wayside
You can no longer hoodoo the Texas
people That manifesto you nor those that
believe with you can climb over She will
always look rough and tough to you So
my brother take home with you this fact
that the -truth is mighty and will prevail
The eternal years are hers Fraternaly
Will L Sakoext
Press of state pieaso copy
The Jacksonville Southeastern Withdraws
from the Western Passenger
CnicAOO III April S President Hook
of the Jacksonville Southeastern road
has knocked the bottom out of the recent
agreement by which a settlement of the
trouble over the passenger rates between
St Louis and Chicago was supposed
to have been effected In a letter
to Chairman Finlev of the West
ern passenger association he writes
I informed you in my letter of my motive
in making application for membership and
it will bo necessary to give formal notice of
our withdrawal I hereby give you that
notice In thirty days from this date
wc shall terminate our connection
and withdraw from tho Western passen
ger association This letter was received
by Chairman Finley and the Jacksonville
Southeastern will be released from mem
bership May 3 It is probable that Presi
dent Hooks action will lead to a cancella
tion of the tranie agreement between the
Jacksonville Southeastern and the Atchi
son Toieka and Santa Fe
Iturglars at ISrenham
Special to the Gazette
Bhexh am Tex Aprils Quite a num
ber of thefts have occurred in the city re
cently The Central school building was
recently burglarized the thief finding
nothiug save a few books and a small
amount of stationary to reward his search
Only a night or two ago Mr Clint Gid
dings residence was entered and a lot of
canned goods stolen from the pantry Last
night the premises of L M Simond were eng
tered and his pantry- emptied and just next
door to him on West Sandy street the
residence of W G Rogers was entered aud
the burglars secured some few valuables
Louisville Sets tho Pace
Louisville Kr April S The Associa
tion champions set the pace for the other
clubs by snatching victory from defeat to
day winning the game after two men were
out iu the ninth inning There was a
baseball parade in the morning headed
by the Louisville and Columbus clubs
with Eychhorns orchestra and a concert
at the park The pole was planted by the
two teams and the championship pennant
was swun r out to tne Old Kentucky
Embracing inventors and Manu
facturers at Washington
The Berhing Sea Proclamation--Two Generals
Sick Gen Ruger Promoted
Investigation of the C S Steamer
Alert Incapacitated Kincaiil Declared
Tot Guilty How the Ver
dict Was Keceivetl
A Compress of Inventors
Washington April s Tne opening ses
sion of the concreos of inventors and man
ufacturers of patent inventions the cele
hration of the beginning of the second cen
tury of the American patent system was
held this afternoon in the academyvf music
President Harrison and a large number of
prominent men who have been selected as
vice presidents of the congress occupied
seats on tho stage The hall was tilled with
a representative gathering of inventors and
manufacturers of the country Thomas
Edison Alex G Bell Georce Westiug
houe Mr Gatling and others whose
names are well known in the annals of in
ventions have co operated with the execu
tive committee in making the celebration
worthy of tho event The president was
introduced as chairman of the meeting aud
when the applause with which he was
greeted had subsided he proceeded as fol
My fellow citizens members of this first
convention of inventors and manufacturers
assembled called to observe the centennial
of the patent system of the United States
my connection with this meeting must nec
essarily be very brief and may seem to be
quite formal Other engagements will pre
vent my enjoying that treat which is in
store for you in addresses which will be
delivered by those distinguished men whose
names are apon tho programme 1 can only
by my presence here and these few
tnis lnieresting voiigrcss express mv ap
preciation of the importance and interest of
this occasion and my hope that your gather
ing here may be promotive of those
branches of science and art in which you
are respectively interested It distincily
mai KS I think a great step in the progress
of civilization when the law takes notice of
the property ard fruit of the mind Ap
plause I At its conclusion the president
said that urgent affair- prevented his re
maining at the meeting and after calling to
the chair Secretary Noble the president lcU
the hall
The Kineald Verdict
WxsniXGTox April S The jury in he
cae or Kineaid newspaper correspondent
charged with the murder ot ex-Congressman
Taulbee of Kentucky to night brought
in a verdict of -not guilty
Washixctox April S The case of
Charles K Kineaid newspaper correspond
ent indicted for shooting
Taulbee of Kentucky in February
lbH which has been on trial in the district
criminal court for the past few weeks was
given to the Jury this afternoon After be
ing out nearly three hours due to tiie fact
that the iirst Jury was not a unit they re
turned a verdict of not guilty
When the jury came into the courtroom
there was a large number of Kincaids
friends present Judge Bradley reminded
the spectators that he did not know the
nature of the verdict aud cautioned them
against making a demonstration in the
When the foreman of the jury announced
the verdict many of the defendants friends
arose from their seats but the judge again
cautioned them and the verdict was re
ceived quietly
Kineaid then walked up to the jury box
and heartily shook the hand of each juror
thanking them for tho verdict
Kineaid then left the courtroom and was
soon surrounded by many of his friends
who warmly congratulated him on the
happy termination of tho trial
His sister and other ladies who have been
constantly in attendance during the trial
also expressed to Kineaid their sympathy
and joy at the result
Tho ir S S Alert
Washington April S The rejiort of the
board of inquiry appointed about six
months since by the navy department to
investigate the charges preferred by officers
of ithe United States ship Alert that
repairs made at the Mare Island navy
yards upon the ship had been scamped
rendering the vessel unseaworthy was
given to the press to day The report
which linds that such was the case has
been approved by the navy de
partment and naval Constructor
Feasor has been relieved from duty
at Mare Island Master Shipfittor Webster
has been discharged Shipwright Will
iams referred to in the findings of the
board composed of Commodore Irwin
Commander Bartlett Constructor Feriiald
Assistant Constructor Stahl and Chief ICn
giueerKutz has been ordered to survey the
Alert again and report what repairs are
necessary while Constructor Femald has
been ordered to assume charge of these
The anndlan toveruinent Protests
Washington April S Progress of nego
tiations between the United States and
Great Britain respecting the improvement
of commercial relations with Newfound
land is shown by draft of a treaty- made
public to day which was ready for signa
ture aud ratification when suspension of
negotiations was ordered from Great
Britain owing to the protest of the Can
adian government
Chinese Launilrymen Laorer
Washington April b Assistant Secre
tary Spaulding has informed an Associated
Press correspondent that Chinese laundry
men are laborers and that a proprietor of a
laundry is also a laborer wittiin the mean
ing of the Chinese exclusion act
Iava Will Sail Saturday
Washington April 8 Baron Fava the
withdrawn minister to the United States
left Washington for New York whence he
iuteuds sailing on Saturday for Italy
Two Generals Sick
Washington April S Gen Rosecrans
is confined to his room with pneumonia
Gen Spinola suffered a relapse and is
very ill
Genpral Km er Promoted
Washington April S Tlie war de
partment to day sent an order to General
Rurer commanding the department of
Dakota assigning him to command the
Division of the Pacific with headquarters
at San Francisco
Jchringsea Proclamation
Washington April S The president
this afternoon issued his Behring Sea
proclamation It is in its usual form
A Barn Destroyed By Pire
Special to the Gazette
Van Alsttne Tex April S This
evening at about 2 oclock G B R Smith
who lives live miles from here had his
barn to catch Sre from an engine while
shelling corn destroying about titJOO bushels
of corn the barn and several out cribs
A Blfr aiemphls Firm Assigns
Memphis Tess April 8 Toof Mc
Gowan Co one of the most prominent
lirms of wholesale grocers and cotton fac
tors in this city made an as
signment to day Liabilities flitiTii
assets ssr4s The causes civen are poor
collections brought about largely by hich
water now prevailing and laige balances
carried over from last year ard the year be
District Court at Iockhurt
Special to the Gaette
Lockuvkt Te Anril S court
is in session The case of the State vs Dr
A A Tigir for killing lohn Kavauaugh
colored dismissed State vs Freeman
Fleming colored for tne killing of Abbott
not guiky State vs K B loon for the
murder of Morgan acquitted
To morrow the case of the State vs Elijah
Farmer for the murder of Tom Hill will
come up
All Ouiet in the Coke Itcgions
HinitisBi Ko P v April Maj Gen1
Snowden division commander who is
in the coke region to day sent a telegram to
Governor Pattison stating that everything
was quiet and in good shape
The last dispatch from Gen Wiley after
referring 10 the resumption of work in sec
tions of the district concluded as follows
H is expected that this week will see the
strike completely broken up and all works
in operation
Thrown from a llor e
Special to the Gazette
New Bnu sfel Tex April H
Brinkoeter a well known citicn if this
county was thrown from a runaway horse
to day and his spine fractured He is
A Dinner With Cover Iaiil
Ilumlrei ami Ten
tary Tracy Talks
BosTOx April The largest
political gathering of tho kind held in Bos
ton for years the lirst dinner of the Repub
lican club of Massachusetts was held in
ductory words opening aud constituting I Music hall this
Tor Kiq
evening Covers were laid
for sl Besides the guests and speaker-
I aud with the spectators in the gallery
j more than a thousand people were present
President Roger Woleott sat at the mid
dle of the head taole Ou his right were
It F Tiiitetnntf
i ei nnr William If flnile Hon lnotli
Walker Congressman Klijah If Morse
and ex Governor Oliver Ames On his
left sat Senator Nelson W Aldrieh of
Rhode Island Governor J Q A Bracken
Congressman Henry Cabott Lodge Presi
dent Henry Sprague of the Massechiisetts
senate Congressman L T Greenhall and
Gen N P Banks
Precisely at 7 oclock President Woleott
rose to open the speaking When President
Woleott introduced Secretary Tracy the
latter was greeted by rousing cheers
Secretary- Tracy after expressing his
thanks for the welcome extended him paid
a high tribute to the Republican party and
present administration He recognized as
underlying the power of the latter tho clear
intelligence firm will and high conscien
tiousness of purpose of President Harrison
The secretary then gave a detailed ac
count of the work in which the navy de
iiartment is at present engaged and con
cluded as follows One last point in naial
affairs remains to be considered the ques
tion of diplomatic labor at the navy
yards For fifty years this has been
one weak spot in the naval administra
tion Whatever party in control of the
government it scorns hitherto have been
powerless to exclude political influence in
tne employment ot navy yard labor Jt is
not enough apparently that mechanics and
workmen in the government shops should
bo Republicans or Democrats
they- must wear the collar of the
ward bosses who run the local political ma
chine The practice is a source of demor
alization to any party that attempts to use
it as destructive to the government serv
ice and debauching local and national
fiolitics It is an ulcer in the naval ad
ministration system and I propose to
cut it out Applause My atten
tion has been directed for some
time past to the system adopted
here in the city of Boston for the selection
of laborers employed upon the citys works
I have caused an exhaustive study to be
made of that system by which you
have largely succeeded in eliminating
politics from municipal labor and
i believe that by- extension and
inodihcation of it the same result can be
made reasonably- certain in the government
navy yards Details of the system which I
propose to adopt are being prepared aud in
a short time will be in full operation
I propose to carry out this new system
so as to regulate it that two ends
shall be secured First employment
upon the grounds of merit to
be determined by- non partisan experts
engaged in responsible work and
second absolute publicity of every detail
And having began in the way I have indi
cated I do not propose to stop until the
principle of etticiency aud worth is
the only test of navy yard employment
I am satisiied that such system will bo in
the interest not only of working men but
that it can be carried out so that it will re
move not only machine politics from the
navy yards but all suspicion of
machine politics that economy and
efficiency of work will be promoted
while the community will be
sure that the navy yard in its midst in
stead of being a focus of local political in
trigue is a place of employment of a body
of independent self respecting workmen
whose only road to promotion lies in good
work and where slackness indolence or
bad habits will surely lead to discharge
A Prominent 2ichmouil Va liusinc s
Mali Under Arrest
Richmond Va April S Lewis Booker
one of the most prominent and highly
esteemed business men in Rich
mond and for many years treasurer
of the historic St Pauls church was
arrested to night on four warrants sworn
out by Edward Hanewickle charging him
with embezzlement of s JVOiJi from tiie
Hanewickle estate valued at several hun
dred thousand dolars and for which for
many years he has been agent
Governor of North Carolina Dead
Raleioii N C April Governor Fallis
died suddenly at an early hour this morn
ing from heart disease
Lieutenant Governor Thomas M Holt
was sworn in to day by Justice Merriman
as governor of the state
The funeral takes place to morrow and
interment win oe in the cemetery of this
Senator Idniunds hnecessor
Boston Mass April A dispatch to
the Journal from St Albans Vt says
The resignation of Senator Edmunds was
unexpected in Vermont and is a surprise to
his constituents The appointment of his
successor devolves on Governor Page as
the legislature is not in session The can
didates are Secretary of War Proctor Con
gressman C H Powers and ex Governor I
Gregory Smith
Executions Acainst Lumber Dealers
Lancaster Pa April S Executions
for 1P0500 were issued to day against
N Byers Co lumber dealers and saw
mill operators ot Columbia Edwin Eber
nian who assigned Monday was the
principal member of the firm They
claim assets of 140000 in plant and
The Bold Utterances of Senator
Sherman on 1892
Blaine Will Not Aspire on Account of H
Health Harrison All Rllit
The Senator i Iiisupiioiutcil That Clevi
I1111I Will Not lie Noiiiuiatril u
terestinjr Interview ou Iohtital
Issues The lnrii Hill
Sherman on tlie Issues
Special to the Gazette
Washington April
Sherman in the course ot
mg interview at Manslicii
said among other thiigs
administration ij all right Man j
given the country a quiet ivimti
ministration and I am of tie upi
the people applaud and admire s n 1
icy They like safety and business sU
in a president
Do you think he will bo renominate
No I do not It seems ti ee ti i
sitiou of the people to an nvy v -
older party loaders and look for mr -the
younger element of tie p r
Mii Miriinley for O
the convention is a long - o
judgment is thai some man oui -
Harrison will lie nominated
Do you think that Mr Biaut u
presidential aspirations
No 1 do not i think that Mr ii
is quite unwilling to go througi -
campaign as a leader He is eu i
health and that one consideni lmi
will keep him out of the lis o
Do you think that Mij Melviiuey n -elected
governor of Ohio in u -fact
that his
vvi t i
tariff and silver issues
Yes I think he can be elect i H
lose some votes on the silver issue
mist remember that there are Deti
in this state who are not in favor oi 1 1 u
limited coinage of silver For no in
right in this district is nnriv m le
Ilarter who is an man i
think hough as a rule a 1 t
Usually sticks to his part v c in e
what the issue is bul i v n v
what Republican vote we may losemii
silver question the Republicans v earrt
The senator thought that the North vves
in the next presidential campaign wouki v
back into the Republican fold
Whom do you think the Dcinorrrs
I am not now quite so sanguin thi
Cleveland will be the nominee A ti
time 1 thought so but in view of tV oi
position 1 now see and read of I do no
think he will nominated
How about the force bill
It should have been passed he an
swcivd Not that I tavored the eng n
bill which passed the house ot represent
tives Under our magna charter the con
gress has a right to regulate congressional
elections and it should have done so I
lavored a law which would have been it ii
oral applicable to every congressional ilis
trict in the land This would have removed
the cry of sectionalism
Why was not that feature a part of the
Because strange to say of the ouposi
tion from New lngland Some of the New
Ungl nd states have election laws which
such a law of general application might
have conflicted with and from sueli quar
ters developed the opposition to the general
law Then again we had a division in the
senate There was Senator Stewart of Ne
vada In iiis general desire for free silver
he drifted away from the Republican party
Then there was Plumb who is erratic ou
nearly everything
Tim rcu i aktictiaks
of the presidents trip to the South ami
West will be ready to be given to the
public on Friday Assistant General Pas
sengcr Agent Boyd of the Pennsylvania
road will submit his time schedule to the
president to morrow and the exact lonjth
of his stay in each place will then be de
termined Mrs Harrison has derided to
go with the president and perhaps Mrs
McKee aud one or two other will
go also Secretaries Tracy and Noble anil
Postmaster General Wanainaker are tho
members of the cabinet who have de
cided to go One or two othe s maj ac
company tho president Whether Private
Secretary Halford goes will oe deor
mined by the health of his wife Slit ha
been ill for live months at Thomasvi le
Ga and to day Secretary Halford was
advised that the doctors were bringing
her North She has to carried on a net
but the doctors think her health somewhat
The KIghtIIour Day Will Not he Con
ceiliil Operators antl Miners Deter
mined Shut Down Inevitable
PiTTsnuno Pa April S To night af
fairs at tho interstate convention of uinen
and operators indicate that coal operators
and miners of Pennsylvania and Ohio are
about as far apart on the eight hour a uiv
question as it is possible for them to be a il
next month will see lfJiOO miners quit uu
less their demand is granted or a corapri
inise effected This is the position of th t
men and they are met by tlat footeil
statements frcm the operators that an eighi
hour day will not be conceded and
that a shutdown is inevitable if the men
refuse to make a modification to that It is
the leading question before the inters jto
convention and if it is not settled amicably
all other considerations wib be thrown
aside and the interstate agreement and
convention will be a thing of the past
The miners have the assurance of tho
Federation of Labor that they will have Urn
support of that powerful organization and
are disposed to be jubilant while the opera
tors assert that especially in the Hocking
valley region many burdens not borne by
competitors in western districts are sus
tained and that it is impossible to concede an
eight hour day to tho workers in and about
the mines
To night caucuses are besng held and
the battle will be renewed to morrow
when Peesident Rue will speak for tho bet
terment of the mines in Ohio and Pennsyl
They Attack Kangas City Jail After Will
lam McCoy Who Murdered Ills Mis
tress Ills Chances for Life Slim
Kansas CiTr Mo April S A crowd ot
500 negroes has just attacked the county
jail with the intention of lynching William
McCoy who brutally murdered his mia
tress Nellie McGruder last Sunday night
by beating her head to a jelly with stones
chances or life are slim
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