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Fort Worth gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.) 1891-1898, April 18, 1891, Image 7

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rallas Texas
7 wmf
jtw i r iiknni jk J
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te AW
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v -- Jesuit
JgfiPi - for j
lAsS v ii the numerous 1
ii ami ski
- - nrin
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lit- ein1
slllf al
Ieuut pu or ueieuton
unv ixn d ineverv case
ual eakness Lost Manhood
- Ii cjyed Fac uines Female
a e ve disorder peculiar to
jr l as well us alJ
i sut tiom youliful ioUies
p f7 guaranteed permanently
e uirrd removal complete
dilatation Cures
i - or
patient without a moment s
and Middle Aged fien
In- awfu ede ts of
early -cc rcbieh brings
IC both inmd ana
iliuded I- permanent1
JlTTQ Adult- those who have
L L lO quired themselves bv
aj solitary habits which
v Milting thein for
oi ti use entering on that
e Aweal viebiliiy quicklv
titr nD or hj ma3 If
id i jiino eail write ton
il I all upon or address
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8 i onlerlnl tpina
I - i b bold viiiia
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J jl or t of lbs
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li l lul up
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5 milt - irefie
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LiituLir frcs
CO U unc1 Office for V S A
-St t iHirt0 ILL
ur vroirni texas cr
hs pearl top and
as lamp chimneys
break from heat not
-- -
riu AiJrait con-
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lit they
ot a lamp
i dealer three
as common
they do not
be anxious
and ffess profit
ratable to im
- two sides to the
i lave a talk with him
ff5v s W H
m i li
4 nil Cipr fall Weisht
iJi vt on Earth
0 by
- J4
Tc he vt adver
su LC
to the Revival of the
port Duty on Wheat
Spilto tne Gazette
York April 17 Monev
uty at j per cent Ihe aighest
4 pel ceil
Eebaii3e t bC 4 SO
Silver r
Itaw and rclined dull and
v PfiOi
Miles 141100 Unle
H IS - f v41 twartrrlrltm - ft
v I 1 liffl
ui nn iiuinsilnn AKfttltXI
STJBif sao titsiiszl2r
r Jr -v tfc sva 1
W ClKicfTiftlr vijSf3aEtro
TfeJ ih isirp52arihfyMleia
ecu I iosntiv usns
S u si Sacts
4l Park Place N
r Ljiltb Did
I f VSrX Vltlnaldl
i v
A3 OS3 K
piece- -1 fctyd
5 5 C imU y 1
I 9k -
sfCXS oflfl
ifl Krtk -I VCiwapTZi
ffS n wuniiu Xv KIMR
uuci i o td40 i T
SOS till
rT r ir l s jii i
U000 ri m - Atir e 1uptr
Melbourne and Victoria 3700
i ImPT I1
Subscribe for ti
The Upward Tendency slightly onset by
Ilxport of S EOOOOO of Gold Wheat
i Higher Stock Prices
Close 1 Per Cent Higher
rate was
Wieat Ojitions active excited and
hler o da The suspension of the
ort Lix on heat caused vigorous bajiliy
and the Uiarket closed 2aaJc higher
spui lots closed stronir
Wool Kail lv steady Prices show no
decided change
oiton Spot lots steady Middling up
lands S lo-KU- Futures steady
Coffee Spot lots steady Piir Rio -0
Fituivs linn 1U points hither
Ilidi s Kirih CueaOi Ares dry 13k
Texas 1U1
sun Unli moderately active to day
jut p iocs aio Iho chief feature of
Irene in was tho removal of its import
curie- on wheat by the French There
were heavy purchase of wheat both here
anil in Chicasro for export and it is believed
that this will bring money from Europe and
consequently make an easy money market
n re This was off set somewhat by the
farther engagement of r UUXX of gold and
rumors of further financial trouble in the
Atfjeatine Republic Nevertheless prices
closed generally ij to 1 ier cent higher
Atchison 3irV
Dry goods The situation shows but little
cliaiiiie IJhe movement is still confined to
narrow limits
Bonds dull
Denver Texas and Fort Worth certificates
Fori Worth and Denver ls lfJli
AtchLsou general mortgage
Atchison incomes 4T1
Kansas aud Texas liTT
Kansas and Texas 2s AQ
Missouri Kausas aud Txas ls 77
Missouri Kansas and Texas Ss 40
St iouis Arkansas and Tesas ls S3
Texas and Pacific ls iijt
Texas and Pacific 2s
atwood VIOLETT i cos kcpoist
Pperuil to the Gazette
Xcw OiiLEivs Li April 17 Atwood
Violelt Co say
Futures As anticipated Liverpool was
lower this morning by 1 lOc on the near
months while pot s continued
neglected The natural result was a
mall decline on this side
the loss in Xew York being J points and
here 3 points on the near options Xew
crop deli cries were in better demand and
cliscd 1 point below yesterday To day is
quite ratable for 1 he double liivumstances
thai the amount of cotton so far brought
into sight exceeds the S0OdU0O limit
being sU ii 7S and tho excess over last
year has reached the enormous ligures of
iMljli ii Ues The passage of the liubi
co ol sojoOOO was signalized by tile set-
erii ot of a number of bets made
eav in the season on estimates
laoeing from 7SUU000 10 fcOOUUlt
biles From the way in which
the movement keeps up without interrup
tion at port and interior points the
brought into sight lhs week
lione beiug over 410001 there seems
iij probability that the total crop
marketed will foot up fully S5X
uua Despite the heavy load of cotton
that these ligures represent we are m
loimed this afternoon by our Xew York
friends that some stroug parlies have been
quiet buyers lately doubtless with a view
to making investments on the long side
K o b Xo maruet to day and no sales
Spo s Quotations still remain unchanged
but the market is quoted easy with sales of
3150 Offerings as liberal as ever
Xuw YeuiK April 17 To days stock
market started ofT v ith the most confident
lone and maintained a firm front through
out the day although certain adverse in
thionces were not without their effect on
the rest The evident tendency of prices was
to The general list was barren of
f 1 1 - wl 1 itij T nntr
a hundred they break i and steady with most stocks at insignia-
I t i 1 ini thim t i ilnrifr rtfiin Mn1
are made of clear
veil as tough as
rstal Theyjfitthe
V are meae lor
thedfaft lhey45
small fractijiis bett r than last eveniLg
SxiUrojd qu
Gowrnmcnls and state bouds dHit
Couipetition Animated
riees leady
Iondov Apiii 17 At the wool sales 14
iOO bales comprisine a mixed quantity
were offered Competition was animated
aid prices were generally steady Faulty
cro s breeds were sometimes cheaper Xew
Zealand aud Tasmania greasies were most
in request French buyers purchased well
and home buyers fairly
Following are the offerings and prices
Xe l eUlh Wales GC00 bales Scoured
OdC Is 7d locks and pieces U1 jdals J d
S1 iu lid locks and pieces Cd
Queensland yuo bales Scoured OVdiiJ
elvasy 5j i lid locks and
Seoured 10M3 i 4d locks aud piccej
Is lUoc greasy dTls Vi locks and
pie - 4Vlld
Soitii Australia 100 bales Scoured
links and pieces sftflld greasy tWjyd
New Zealand 1000 bales Scoured loCd
i Is yd locks and pieces 71idiils d
7 dus Id locks and pieces
- it d
ana 500 bales Greasy
af Good Hope and Xatal S00 bales
Rl 7 duls 4d locks and pieces
1 jU grcasi 44nj31d locks and
i d
The ile6age Submitted to the Council by
the Mayor necomniemiations
u n iheJazette
TrC April 17 The message of
C C MiCuilocli mayor of Waco to
c i Ojicil at the close of the year
lyi winch was read last night is
h e docnnient and notes the
iity during the period of the
ths covered His
reveivcood ne lavors bondimr
he ioiIov iujr amounts
Street improvement bands SI 40 00d fund
ing bond- sehool and sewer elebts io0eiJ
sc ar e r bonds 10000 public pari
Kspet laig the public free schools he
total number ot enrolled punils
uur wiiic and eolored Ussi
rmpiovisg lorxy cme leacuers enuring eie
ar a se noolhouse e osting S1300U was
ab to aevoniraeidate increasing white at
oitincH Tie value of city school
irty is i w J1CJ3000 The schools are under
ile suier isien of a lady She
LeiieuiA diseiurged the duties of her office
nd the public generally commendr he aith
tul wo i
Pas- ne to the volunteer fire department
hena - U vish in his coniphments of
he bra e men who answer to the tap of the
bell aud work in all kinds of weather for
t pvyatioi of the city He speaks of
this department as follows -It is
o say for the nast year this deiiart
nit ht s cveu the eitv sue etm ent aud
valuable work that no language of mine
would serve to convey that appreciation of
it which should be felt by the citizens at
He recommends that the council make
provision for three public parks the first to
bo the city hall erounds boring a display
artesian well in front of the city hull The
Charter allows bonding for city parus
In regard to streets he stated that Waco
had been bonded for 275000 for s treet im
provements Out of this fund bridges have
been built sewers laid and streets paved
The city now had pavedstreets as follows
Telford macadam about five miles cedar
blocks about two miles gravel macadam
about live miles Twenty thousaud dollars
were expended in briek and iron bridges
About three and seven tenths mile- of
sform water sewers have been laid
The messaue co ers considerable gr
uuu v in orngooei eo tiaeo li car
Bee baras Pills
cjjjftgjjpErina nervous
pH7 6
The EnslUh Steamer Barkentine Wrecked
Xo Livo3 Lost
Special to the Gazette
Calvestok Tex April 17 The
English steamer Marino arrived this morn
ing from Vera Cruz having on board
seven sailors from the crew of the En
glish steamer Barkentine which went
ashore during a heavy gale on March 14
outside of Tonla Mexico The Barkentine
whilo Ijingat anchor parted her cables
and went ashore She was loaded with
inahogony The sailors threw a life
preserver overboard with spun yarn
fastened to it The life preserver was
washed ashore and picked up by people on
the beach The spun yarn was fastened to
a slightly heavier line which was hauled
ashore By this means the entire crew
were saved Their experience was very
thrilling The captain remained
Beware cf iEyi3k
A Young Hallway Fireman Xamed Kaius
Attempts to Swim Across a Lako
and is Drowned
Special to the Gazette
Loxoview Tex April 17 One of the
raddest of accidents happened yesterday
A clear lake six miles south of this place is
a great resort for fishing parties Several
young railroad men walked out to this lake
yesterday and prepared to camp there
This morning at b30 after much exertion
two of the party succeeded in cajch
ing some minnows in a creek near
by and returned to tho lake very warm
and they both plunged into the lake to cool
off They slruckout for the opposite shore
some seventy five yards When near the
center of the lake Sidney Ruins began to
struggle in the water and was asked by his
companion if he needed assistance to which
he shook his head The other soon reached
the shore and saw young Rains Just sink
ing and thought lie was divimr but to his
great consternation elid not again appear
The alarm was given to the other compan
ions at the extreme end of the lain when
every effort was resorted to rii e the body
till noon when he was caught by a long
fish hook in his overalls
Young Rains was about twenty three
years old and a Texas and Pacific fireman
and had been a resident of this place u long
time His mother sisters and littje broth
ers are completely prostrated With gnet
when buddms
ofca much sutler
and repuiar u e of
lew weeiis u ass
a nealthy uoman l
wives and motners
the fc male organs
IvL i
tn rcr
iri jfMC
hood there is
Tue timely
einale Tonic lor a
rfeet the inrl luto
of great benefit to
ith disorders or
Spot Cotton Unchanged Fut
ures I to 3 Points Lower
Wheat Opened Strong Fluctuated Xar
rowly and Closed atun
Wool and Sugar Markets Un
changed Money Easy
Dally ileview
Office op the Gazette I
Fort Woiith Tcjl April it isai f
Trade in the early houi s to day was
rather quiet the rain of last night and
threatening clouds keeping buyers from
coming out in any great numbers Later in
the day trade was lair
The general family supply markets show
no especial features of note other than all
are fairly supplied with seasonable com
modities vegetables beme more plentiful
while poultry eggs and choice butter are
Changes in quotations are few in any
commodity exe ept in packing house pio
ducts and to days revision applies to the
entire list and attention is especially called
to it
Winter Wheat
The average condition of winter wheat is
higher than since iss2 aud 10 points better
than last year so that the estimates of the
increased value of this years crop of wheat
alone at the advanced prices ransre f om
jioOOOOOOO to uOO0OAK Under these
conditions it is naturally expected that the
railroads before the close ol lbjl will enjoy
a season of unusual prosperity
Cuban Sugur Items
The Havana Weekly Report has the fol
low iug general crop news Complaints
about the drought continue unabated
specially at Pto Principe where most of
the plantations have been compelled to stop
grinding on account of the scarcity of
water all the wells brooks and small riv
ers in the locality being totally exhausted
At Cien f uegos which seems to be the most
favored district this year it has rained a
little but not sufficiently to interfere to any
extent with the crop which is expected to
turn out from 20 to 23 per cent larger than
the previous one In all the other locali
ties the grinding operations proceed with
out interruption but the results attained
in the sugar house generally fail to satisfy
A Havana market report to April 4 has
the following A very active demand pre
vailed at the close last week aud the com
mencement of the one under review giving
scope to large sales at advancing prices
among which was one of S0000 bags of cen
trifugals of the previous crop at 65rs
basisJS test by a speculator but owing to
advices of quietness in Xew York and weak
ness in London the demand subsided
further on and the market closes to day
very quiet but in spite of buyers with
drawal sellers firmly maintain their pre
vious pretensions some having even eng
hanced them on account of the recent sup
pression of duties in the United Stat3
which they expect will soon cause a favor
able reaction to take place in the American
Al quotations below are revised daily by lead
ing dealers and will be found reliaoe w hole
sale and retail as specified
Following quotations are on the basis of job
Elsn New mackerel half bbis Xo 1 S3 5e3
10 00 half bblsNo 2 S3 CO codash a 2 bricks
6ig7c y 2 loose codfish GSdijC V pickled
herricg per bucket ti W
Holland herrings Kegs St 5C1 73
Dried herrincs Per box 40c
Bolopna sausage 9C210C
Meat Standard S C hams lttlle do
fcicon 9le short clear bacon e
s hort clear dry salt 7c shoulders 74c dried
beef 10c
Homlnv Xew per bbl 4 25
Grits Per bbl l Si
Oatmeal Xew per half bbl 10 fSll CD pT
bbl 57 SO
Cracked wheat Per case 7 a 5 M
Cofee Wholecle quotations Kioi2ai24c
prime aiTac choice 2lJjJ2iic fancy 23 YS
23V Java SUV Cordova SVc Pea Berry
23Va24ie Arbueklcs Ariosa 2005c Market
is very firm
Maple syrup Old trac one sallon cans
dozen 812 half fallon V dozen S3 25 quarter
gsllon 3 dozen i3 50
Sugar Standard granulated oiSc pow
dered In bbls BSc powdered in hal barrels
SiC cut loaf bb 6 c cut loaf aalf bbls
Bc fancy yellow clanlled 6c choice yellow
clarillea 0sc
Fancy ooenkettle 4e choice
open kettle 15e prime open kettle 2c choice
centrifugal 3Sc prime centrifugal 33c
Packing house lard Pure leaf tierces Sc
-MS tins SHc J tins- Sec 10 3 tins biC
VI tins Si 3- ins lie faiuilv tierces 7c
ro Ei tins 7 X 22 tins tc 10 3 tins Sc -
fns 8Jc 3- tins s c
Rice Xew crop prime Gic choice 7ic
head 7 ae
Cheese Fancy full cream 1 in box 15 fancy
full cream 2 in bo 14 c Young Americas
i in bos la jC Swiss per cake about tts
ltf c small quantities 17 c cheese safes 5J
Pickles Medium bbls ill U0mediuin halves
50 25 small bbis S12UJ0 small halves 47 25
mixed bbls fi2 50 mixed halved i7u half
bbL chow chow S3 SO small ten gallon iJ 50
gherkins per bbl 412 50
Pigs feet Half bbL 4 00 quarter bbl i225
kits Jl U
Vinegar cider Apple cider half bbls t IX
apple vinegar 35 gram per gallon lttc 50 grain
per gallon 20c white wine per gallon 2uc il
extra for half bbls
Flour wholesale quotations Best patents
a 25 per 1C0 s half patents SO third grade
i250 fourth graGe ti 35
Sundries Starch pearl 5c lump 5ic
Herring imported tl per keg Cider crab
apple 40c Mi souri ax- perhalf bbl U Ue
4 2a Vinegar 15325c Concentrated lye 2 75
four doz in case per ea e Jugs glazed 10c
per tral crock glazed luc per gal Indigo 75c
per tb blueing 30K51 00 per doi Colemans
mustard H31 1 25 per do7 Macccronl im
ported 115jll4c per tt American tSc per1
box Tubs Xo 1 oak grain 53 50 Xo 2 53 30
Xo 3 87 00 per doz Xo 1 tibre S17 50 Xo 2
S15 50 Xo 3 413 50 per doz Kedwood Xo 2
ij 50 Xo 3 IS 50 three in nest white cedar
is 25 eight m nest oak grain vi h5 Buckets
tvo hoops Si 65 per doz Baking powders
oulk lie cans 62 50 Vermicelli small
bax C5c Catsup in hulk per gal 85c Wor
cestershire sauce In bulk per gal 51 25
Rope grass e ineh ba is lie cotton 13c
5 18 16c Sassafras root 12c per li Butcher
paper 2c per it
Crackers Factory prices good in 1 S paper
boxes lc above price list quotations per tt
Animals etc 12c Boston butter- Sc butters
XXX Be butter scotch 14c chocolate snaps
lie creams XXX feic creams X Sc corn
lulls or nick nacks IV cocoanut snaps He
craeknells 15c cream puffs 2Uc coGee cakes
XXX c cocoanut taffy 1 lc cocoanut bar Jlc
cracker meal 6c drop cakes lli c English
coffee lCc excelsiors ior monitors 7c frosted
creams wc angers 11 jc lingers spice and
ginger 10c fruit sultana He fruit sultana
15c fruit currant lie ginger snaps
XXX Ssc ginger snaps X Sc graham S c
graham and oatmeal wafers and gems luc
grandmas cookies 10c honey goods iced 3w
honey goods plain 12c letd creams XXX
creams iced 0lc imperials 10c elly lingers
15c jelly wafe rs 15c jumbles lHc Jumbles
spice aid ginger 10c lemons XXX SJc
lemons X be lemon snaps 13c lemon waft rs
15c lemon biscuits round XXX creams sl3c
milks Sc molasses eookis ginger cakes gems
etc Sjc oysters XXX tie oysters daisy 7c
oysters shell elc sc oatmeal bc pie biscuits
12c pretzels machine SCjC pretzels hand
made lie pretzellettes lie penny cakes
pliin 10c penny cakes decorated lie rifle
nuls 10c soda peerless princess etc large
soda cream Sc soda snowliakcs 12c select
7c sodas XXX GC saw tooth butters
Cc stage planks 2s Cc3s CjC smaller 7c
Smyrna biscuits lie Southern miied Sjc
sugars XXXSic sugars XSc sugar cookies
100 vanilla wafers etc 15c vanilla squares
crisp cakes etc 10c wine wafers reveres etc
Chewing gum Danheisers fruit tolu per
box 90c peppermint and limetta per box 05c
tnana tula per box30c Adams tutti fruitibOc
magic trick 60c barley mall 60c sweet fern
00c caiinel tolu 25c Xo 1 Xew York 35c
Whites Yucatan per box 70c 5 box cartoons
3 25 Valentines euchre per box C5c Panama
per box 65c California fiuit per box 90o Ber
ns beauty V0e tolu 25c per dozen i50
sweet gum per box s5e
Xuts Wholesale quotations Almonds new
soft shell small quantity per S 20c bvbagof
00 2s lie English walnuts extra large small
quantity per lb 20c 50 and 100- bag lots lBc
ISrails new crop 15c walnuts Chili per 2
13c tllberts per fi 14c nuts assortce 25 a
boxes Comet brand 18c pecans new crop
12c peanuts fancy white by the sack7c
small quantitiTSc choice white by the sack
7c roasted white best quality 12l5C peanut
roaster Xo 1 Peerless size H6
Canned goods Pine apples standard 2Its
51 m 1 75 peaches standard 2 Its 61 h5 3 16s
42 05- seconds 2 lbs H50 3 IDs 2 10 straw
berres as 1 50 blackberries 2 His il 30
greengages S raspberries 2 los S150 mar
rowfat peas 2 Its Jl 50 oysters full weight
lib Sia5140 2 lbs 2 402 60 tomatoes
standard 2 as 41003105 libs Si 101 i
green corn 1 15Q1 50 salmon 1 51 3oyl 45
Columbia river il 751 S5 sardines
i4s domestic S52555 50 imported S120O21
1500 Eagie condensed milk 1300 California
canned goods standard brands Apricots 2
H Si 35 peaches vellow free -75542 20
peaches white climr 12 752U plums tSOoa
2 10 pears 82 5U2 75 grapes 12 0022 10
Oils Brilliant bbls 17c Eupion 20c Bril
liant 2 14 cases 4200 Brilliant 12 1 5 cases
4 li Eupion 2 l Scases ii JO Gasoline ti 15
Whisky Rectified 11 10ai 20 as per proof
sour mash two years old 51 701 UO three
years old 52 UX22 25 fancy extra old whisky
Wooes Ou
rnurrs and vegetabijs
Wholesale quotations Apples fancy Cali
fornia bu boxes il 00 Oranges Florida SO S
12S sizes 53 75 Messinas M boxes KX to box
1 65 California bright seedlings a oo 5 to 20
box lots s2 75 fancv Riversides 53 25 5 t 20
box lots S3 00 Xavels regular size 55 00 64s
Hs 98s 1 50 Lemons fancy Messina 360s
and Xis Jl 50 5 to 10 box lots f4 25 Bananas
2 25 S3 00 Cocoanuts per sack of 100 b5 50
less quantity ij 00 Potatoes California Red
Rose bu il 25 r to 10 bag lots V bu Si 20
Burbank and Peerless v bu 51 30 6 to 20 bag
lots V bu 51 25 Goodrich seed V bu 1 10 a
to a3 bac lots V bu II 25 Onions choice red
vl 16 niC Cabbage California y lb 2iiC
Xavy beans small California 16 4c Lima
beans new crop 6c Bayou beans new crop
5ic Garlic double string new extra 75c
Chili pepper bale y B 20c le s
quantity 21c
Pre erves jellies etc Jellies assorted 20 5
wood pails V 55Je Mb tin pails 1 doz
55 25 preserves M tins doz SS50 peach
and pear pails lie assorted 20 and 40 2 palls
2 in case extra B lie apple butter 5 gal
kegs extra 1 Sic 2 2 kanaklns Sic
mince meat kegs lb She
Dried fruits raisins etc Raisins London
layers California new crop box 52 50 Lon
don layers is v box tOc loose Muscatels Cal
ifornia 52 25 grapes new California S0 2 bags
IBeic apples evaporated rings in bozes
10c peaches California evaporated unpeelcd
25 16 boxes 25c currants now crop cask about
320 s M 6c casks about 2O0 2s 64c
boxes about 70 lbs 7c prunes French to to
bo to 55 16 boxes 13c 60 to 65 to 16 55 16
boxes 15c Turkish new crop bags about 200
ft- 10c 50 1 lots boxes 10Lic apricots Cali
fornia evaporated 25 16 boxes 25c tigs choice
lavers 610 15 S boxes V tblGc n 15 5 drums
2 13c bags about 00 Bs 16 9c oval Ks
per 100 boxes S4 W dates Persian 50 2 boxes
be citron Leghorn 25 2 boxes i 36 22c
Buyers are giving Dry butchers hides first
class sc per 2 lichts 7c dry rallen 6c dam
aged 2S3c peltsraxaiO dry salted heavy 5o
bull hides 4c green salted 3r33c butchers
green 3ic snearings 10c horns hoofs and
bones per ton 53 CO delivered
Wool Light medium l21c light fine 13CJ
16c heavv line 12315c
Following ere wholsale quotations for Fort
Worth packing house products Prices are re
wsed each day and following quotations are
subject to chance at anytime Yesteidays
closing based on job lots
Hams IS to 20 2S 9c IS tolSSs 10c 12 to
10 lbs lO c S to 12 16s lie Breakfast bacon
i wide or narrow 9ljC California or picnic
hams sc Xew iork shoulders 7c boneless
hams uj dried beef ham pieces only extra
drv loc
Dry salt Short clear He long 7c backs
7c shoulders 6c fiitchesse bellies Sc
smoked Short clear 7sjO ioug7c backs
7c shoulders eac flitches Sic bellies SV
Bologna i Long middle and roundi 5c li er
sausage 5c blood 5c Vienna loc head cheese
c pork sausase 7c
Pickled goods Tripe kits SSc U bbls Si TO
M bbls J3 25Pigs feet kits S5c lj Dbis 41 70
bbls 13 25 Pigs tongues kits Jl 70 bbls
S3 SO bbls 17 LO
Lard Basis tierces Pure leaf 7V pure
family 7ee prime steam 7jC Bakers special
Lard scale For tin cans 50 IBs 2 in case add
4c 20 lb 4 in case add c 10 2 ein case add
5 2 12 in case add 7c 3 2i2J in case
add lc
For wooden packages 10 lb pails add ic
20 16 pails add fc 60 2 tubs add c U bbls
add 4c barrels add c
One hundred pound lots of one kind of sausage
or bologna less than list price In car lots
c less
Fresu meat department Dressed beef sides
and carcasses steers 6l57c cows SejQGc
hinduuarters steers 10c cows5yc forequar
ter 3 c
Beef cuts loins 12iS13c rounds 5ic plates
chucks 4c hearts 10c livers 15c brains
10c kidneys 5c oxtails each5c sweet breads
l nc rumps 4c standard ribs S10c back
hidves 63c loin srrios pc loin butts 10c
rb rolls 10c llank steaks 10c short loins 15c
lendtrloins 20c btef tongues 2uc
- - -
Mutton Dressed sheep 9c racks 15c breast
c ddies He legs 10
Pork Dressed hogs 6ie pork loins 7-
tcncerloins 9a spure ribs 6c frc h
5c fresh hams 0c freh bellies 7 ic buck
bones 2c neck bone 2c tonrus v5 dor 60o
ftyt y doi2Sc liver V doz iOc hen ts
y doz 40c
Sausages Pork sausage 7c head dices 6c
boneless hjm tc bologni lvr arst 6c
blood wurst 6c WiPner war- 0c
rtEi and ieed srerrs
HcAJiister coal delivered from five tons up
M fO McAllister coal single ton delierei
S7 uO McAllister coal two to four tons deliv
ered 56 75 cars H iJ McAllister nut coal for
cooking one ton delivered 53 00 McAdi ter
coal one half ton delivered 53 75- McAlbster
coal one fourth ton delivered c00 McAih tcr
coal less than one fourth ton per 100 2 45o
Bner creek coal carloau lots on truck 55 50
delivered two tons 56 25 Victor Colorado
lump ccal carload on track 55perton nut
53 75 Pennsylvania hard coal one ton deliv
ered SIS eu Penu ylvania hard coal one half
ton 7 00 black mth cool one ton 512 50
Pittsburg coal one ion t 5J two to four tons
57 50 Palo Pinto mines Newcastle screened
lump coal carload oa track J 00 per ton Cam
eron Col lump 6 OJ per ton on track Carload
lots delivered sincie ton 57 00 two ton lots
53 75 half ton ii 75 quarter ton 52 00 Robin
son Col lump oa track 55 75 jcarload lotse
Quotations are on yard pales except where oth
erwise expressly stated Delivery made at 50c
per ton or naif ton extra
Cord ftood One cord dry delivered 54 50
green 5175 one half lord delivered 52 25
stove wood one cord delivered 55 50 one half
cord deliv ercd 52 75
Grain and feedstuffs Quotations below are
on grain from store
Corn 752S0c per bushel in shucks In sacks
Wheat Choice Texas il 0e31 10 Panhandle
81 15
Oats Sacked 67370e
Bran 51 20 per WJ on carload lots f o b
51 40 per 1U0 in sacks deluered
Cotton seed Per bu 25c retail
Hav Loose local S14 IU215 uu best prairie
hay baled 515 0eva20 OX per ton in carload lots
f o b 15 00 small bales best Sou best For
ney SIS 00 per ton
Sorghum seed 52 25 per bu
Millet Per bu 51 00
Chickens Commission men are getting - 75
per doz for hens retailers are getting 3 0Li
3 25 per doz light supply and in demand com
mission men get S3 00 per doz for frying
chickens retailers get 53 25G3 SO per doz
Light supply and in demand For turkeys re
tail hens 50S75e gobblers 41 GO comrai slon
men are getting 5i 0O212 oj per doz the latter
for extra demand fair Commission men are
getting 42 25forducs slow -ale
Eggs Commission men are getting lfi e
per doz for Texas egg- retailors are getting
20c Supply short good demand
Butter -Commission men aro getting 15SJ20C
per 2 for good country retailers are getting 25
J30o per tti for country 30c for strictly choice
Supply short in demand Choice creamery
35c retail
Quota ions based on small lots to retail deal
ers Actanlid V oz 13c acetic acid Xo b p
16 8c cirbolicacJ cryst V 16 35c muriatic
acid C P i tb 21e nitric acid C P p
25c sulphuric acid C P W Tb 23c tannic
acid bulk t 16 51 35 alcohol 25 per cent
gal 52 40 alum per 16 4c antifebrine c
25c antipyrine t oz il 40 ammonia carbon
ate v 2 I5e blue vitiol y 16 Sc blue mass
V 16 50c blue ointment f 16 50c borax 11 16
14c camphor gum vl 2i 55c capsicum pow
dered t 16 22c coperas 16 2iiJc Dovers
powder y B 51 20 ether sulphuric L S P
v 16 72c gum arable lirst pick f1 2 SI gum
shellac i 2 30c glue brown 16 12c glue
white 2 20c mace v 2 Wc mercury 16
V5c morphine sulph I W s oz 5 45
morphine- sulph P W u bottle oz
52 20 nutmess 2i 70c castor oil fi gal
41 UV21 20 olh e oil gal 51 10 linseed oil
gal t5370c sperm oil W B f gal 51 20
opium 2 ii 50 opium po i 2 ti 90 black
pepper v2 isc potash bromide J 2 4c
liotash chlorate V 2 20c potash iodide V 16
S52 V0 quinine 1 W oz bottles oz
3c quinine P i W oz cans J oz 36c qui
nine P W 3 02 cans V oz 33e quinine
Brunswick oz bottles tt oz 33c quinine
Brunswick 5 oz cans 2Sc sal soda i 2 3c
saltpeter refined 2 10c saltpeter com
mercial V 166c salts Kpsom 2i3ac sails
Rochelle 45c Bicarb soda kegs XI ti 3iic
sulphur Flowers 5 bbl lots 3Jie sulphur
Flowers small lots 4ae spirits turpentine
market rates per gal white lead S P ft Hi
7c cream tartar H 2 32c
Special to the Gazette
Londos April 17 Consols closed 96
money for sib er 4i5
Xew Yoke April 17
Special to the Gazette
Sterling Bank 60 days 4 SO
Commercial 60 days 4 rUi 86
Relchmarks Commercial 60 days U5i
Francs Bank 60 days 5 lbJi
Commercial 60 day s 5 lUSi
New Orleans La April 17
Special to the Gazette
Sterling Commercial CO days 4 S3yl S4
Francs Commercial 60 davs 5 20J3
Xew York sight Bank 100 premium
Commercial 33 premium
Galvestox Tex April 17
Special to the Gazette
Sterling 60 days 4 S2
New York sight par
Xew Oi leans sight par
American silver i discount
New York April 17 Bonds and stocks closed
at the following prices bid
United States 4s registered 122
United Slates 4s coupons ex div 122
United States 4 s coupons lOIii
Central Pacific ls 108H
Denver and llio Grande 4s S2
Missouri Pacific consolidated Cs
Missouri Kansas and Texas general 6s 701
St Louis and Iron Mountain general 5s
ex div SO
St Louis and San Francisco general mort
gage 105
Txas and Pacific laud grants 90
Texas aud Pacitic Rio Grandes 32J4
UnionPacitlc ls 10S
Central Pacific 29
ChieaeO and Alton ex div 121
Chicago Burlington and Quincy ex div S7H
Delaware and Lackawanna ex div 135li
Denver and Rio Giande 5Sl4
Erie common 2U1
Fart Worth and Denver
Houston and Texas Central 3i
Illinois Central 97
Kansas and Texas ex 2d mortgage bonds lS1
LakeShore llli
Louisville and Nashville 7S
Missouri Pacitic 70
Northern Pacific 25s
Northwestern luS1
Xew York Central ex div 103
Pacific Mail 37
Reading U2
Rock Island ex div 74
St Louis and San Francisco preferred
St Louis and San Francisco
St Paul common 61s
St Paul preferred ex div 112 j
Tennessee Coal and Iron 35
Texas and PaciUe 1J
Union Pacific 43
Wabash St Louis and Pacitic certificates 97J
Wabash St- Louis and Pacitic preferred 19
Wells Farco express 140
Western Union telegraph S14
American cotton oil 25
Atchison Topeka and Santa Ie 31rs
Denver Texas and Fort Worth certificates 21
Denver and Rio Grande preferred ss1
Special to the Gazette
Liverpool April 17 Cotton futures closed
barelv steady 1 to 2 puints lower
April 4 42043
April May 4 424 43
May June 4 4S4 47
June July 45rtji 51
July August 4 5534 50
August 4 5S askd
September October 4 57S 4 5S
Oclober November 4 574 f3
November December 4 iSSl 59
Special to the Gazette
New York April 17 Cotton futures closed
quiet 1 to 2 points lower
April S57S53
May 8 62i5rf 63
June S 70TftS 71
July S7tyiS73
August S BaS SS
September S 4S 90
October 8 9iQS 12
November b SSft8 4
December 8 96US 97
January 9 019 0J
Sales 49100 bales
Special to the Gazette
New Orleans La April 17 Cotton futures
closed steady 1 to 3 points lower
AnriL S 23C13 31
Wholesale Grocers an
JtGie us jour od
Toul this day
Total this day last year
v S -
I Same
I This Time
I Last
j Sea on Season
5S376 S3b07
16431675 S620637
I281S837 25US017
j 5014SSI 466320
1978601 126W
50290 3 45359 JO
5rtlS52 2926UI
900 120 S41SS3
10602 6362
165t 2212
Galveston Tex April 17
Special to the Gazette
Receipts thus far this week 71714
Receipts same time last year 20S3
Receipts this day- 12078
Receipts this day lsst year 5095
Total receipts thus far this season 6431879
Total receipts thus far last year 5562ul
Difference bOSa
Exports to Great Britain 4J60O
Exportstorraree 143U
Exports to continent 24546
Galveston Tex April 17
Special to the Gazette
Stocks this day SfiO652
Stocks this day last year 292690
Galveston Tex April 17
Special to the Gazette
Galveston 2330
Xew Orleans 2637
Mobile 6SJ
Savannah 1014
Charleston 1022
Wilmington 2i3
Norfolk 10S2
Xew York 519
Boston 51S
Philadelphia 379
West Point tS6
Other ports 631
Special to the Gazette
Galveston Tex April 17 By steamship
from Galveston Tex
To Liverpool ld
To continent 17 64d
To Xew York 40cr1002
Special to the Gazette
Galveston Tex April 17 Coflee closed
I steady
Ordinary 19i
I Good ordinary 20U
Fair k 20 X
Prime 21
Choice 21
1 Corduva Sir
f If VJS
on Worth Pacliing Co s product and ouud up home industries
Oct ber
Decern ber
Sales 253vJ bales
S 4KJ3 45
oltoS 52
S 533 54
8 5itS 65
8 5SJJS 59
b 5SS 5J
S 61
Special to the Gazette
Liverpool April 17 Spot cotton closed
Ordinary 4 1 16
Good ordinary ae4
Low middling 4 4
Middling 4 13 16
Good middling 5
Total sales SeeO bale- American 4ej bales
Imports 10UJ0 bales American 7 n bal s
Special to the Gazette
New York April 17 Spot cotton
Good ordinary
Low middling
Good middling
Middling fair
Sales 3 jTi bales
I Easy
I Easy
Nmnl I
Quiet J
4 13 16
5 916
8 J
S 3 18
S 13 16
13 16
b 9 16
4 12 16
O 9 16
5 3 16
S 15 16
5 16
s 15 16
9 5 16
10 1 16
Special to the Gazette
New Orleans La April 17 Spot cotton
closed easy
Ordinary 7
Good ordinary 7
Low middling S
Middling S 9 1G
Good middling 9 9 16
Mddliug fair 11 1 16
Sales 3150 bales
Special to the Gazette
Galveston Tex April 17 Spat cotton
closed elisy
Low ordinary
Ordinary 6i
Good ordinary 7 5 16
Low middling S 1 13
Middling SJi
Good middling 9j
Middling fair 10
Sales 146 bales
Exnorts 7159 bales
Stock 29UO bales
Special to the Gazette
Galveston Tex April 17 The following
are the clo ing quotations tor cotton on the
spot to day at the leading markets together
with the closing for middling ye terday v 1th
to days sales
New Orleans
New York
bt Louis
Mid- Mid-
J dling1 filing Sales
I today yosdy
S 15 18
S 9 16
Galveston Tex April 17
Special to the Gazette
Receipts j Shipment- Stocks
Augusta 279 1099 25017
Memphis 1211 s S 45136
St Louis 2S5 1014 73413
Totals to day 1773 3129 j 141896
Liverpool April 17
TtUS ve k
Friday lay
Sales total 41003 901U
3700 47U0
To speculators fSun 5800
To the trade 37U0 79400
American 3luu0 370UJ
Other sorts 7UUI 23000
Forwarded from ships 630MJ 831U
Imports total 65000 1 581U
American 51UJ0 23UJ0
Other sorts HUM 3110
Actual exports 6UU1 BlJO
Stock total IIWOJUI 111200
American fci3eJii SOSJei
Other sorts 251i
Afloat total ltOiUJI 170000
American rilOuo 45000
Other sorts 40CeO 125U
Stock beginning of sea on
Receipts up to date
Aggregate supply
Exports to Great Britain
Exports to France
Exports to continent
iexports to channel ports
Stock to day
Balance to spinners
To spinners this week
To spinners last week
r Special to the Gazette
Tex Apr W Plan
tion agents prices in round lots by the caroai
for Louisiana
Market closed steady and storg
Plantation ganulutert Noac
enoice white -
Fancy yellow clarified N
Choice yellow clarified s
Prime yellow clarified 4
Of yellow clarified Note
hoice second- Nore
Price second- No -
Fairseconds Nor
Common seconds Nui
Standard granulated 5a
Standard confectiouiis A -
Cubes i
lowderei 3 ii5
e rushed and cutloaf iil
Wholesale grocers quotations v m
Grades omitted not in market
Special to the Gazette
Galveston Tex April 17 Wool
Un coured wool
jTId day Y i
Fine j lSi r22 is v
Medium 222 j 2i -
Mexican improved
Mexican carpet
Tw el ve month
Six month-
Xo 1
This day Yeste
IVJ 17
I This day 1
55c 57
l u I
1- i
lvi i
II 1 1
St Louis Mo April 17 Wheat -The opi
ing was llrm and ValHc higher than yesV
days closing tigutcs and the market for ihe
first few rnomeuls was escited but short v
quieted down and values weakened sijghtj
and while the feeling was rluctuai ui s
were wilhin narrow range Later it agaia t
came hriit and near the close Lee anie evcitet
and prices shot up rapidly closing strone at tie
highest for the div No 2nd cash il us ut
1 11 Mav 11 11 July 51 0I bd ugust
1 U21i
Corn At the opening the market was Jj7i t
higher than ye terdu s close then t
and ruled quiei and ea y until afier the 3
etl w lien values and uld iliu
to the close No 2 cash 7uEc Mav 7ii
July 6bvc
Oats Firm No 2 cash VTee bid May 53i
July 4if
Cornme il Hicher
Whuky Higher 51 IS
Provisions Market higher on all hog pro
Pork Higher Standard niess 512 75212 37
lard Prime steam 56 62 S6 73
Dry salt meats Stronger Boxed shoulders
55 ii1 Ion land ribs 58 73 short clear to -7
Biean Boeed shoulders 55 75 longs 57 eJi
7 12j ribs 47 127 25 short clears J7 25
iLms Firm at 510 OOffilO 50
St Louis Mo April 17 Wool
24145 pounds Market quiet Arrivals of new
clip are slowly increasing but shippers priei i
on large lots already here are materially above
buyers views
New Orleans Lv April 17 Sur -Steady
Open kettle strictly prime 4 5 I6c
common to good common 3e centrifu a
off plantation granulated 4c prime vefioiv
clarified 4Jc
New York April 17 Wheat Spot up
auiet No 2 Red 51 20isl 211 Options up
strong May 51 177 July 51 15
Corn Spot unsettled dull No 2 SIHSisSi
Options more active May SlJe July 76rc
Coffee Options steady 5S10C up Dun
Sales 1050 bags April and Mav 117 40 Juv
517 00517 10
Sugar Refined active hieher No 6 4i
No 7 4 1 lec No b 4c No 9
315 16c No 10 3c No 11 1 13 lCc No 12
3V off A 4 3 1634 V mould A4c standard
A 4 918c confectioners A 4ec cutloaf 5 J e
crushed S je powdered 5c granulated 4jC
oibes 5c
- 3 p VV IV v
leans firm and fairly active
Rice Firm and in good demand
Kansas City Mee April 17 Pork Boxed
12 50
Dry salt meats Boxed shoulders S3 00 Short
rib- sides ij 2e long clear sides VJ 20 short
clear sides 6 40
Breakfast bacon Boxed JS 00
Refined larc 56 65
Chicago III April 17 To day was one
be remembered bv all who operated in tb
w heat pit To those w ho hit it correctly it w a
a Good Friday indped for there was unlln
ited opportunities for making money on botu
-ides ol the market while to those who cursed
it wrong it was a decided ISlack Indav
which exhausted ordinany safe margins in a
twinkle The net re alt of to diys trading s
an advance of 3eiC in the price of May optous
and 2Jc in July a- compaied with the closing
price yesterday the extreme high touch of Tho
day and of the season being ac better than
those figures
The feature of the corn market was its wr
vous strength early and the evident desire ot
holders to accept this profit and bulge Ma a
the opening sold lc higher than it closed ye
terday Later it declined and closed V dov
from the opening
Leading futures closed
Wheat April 51 104 May ll 10 Juv
51 0S
Corn April rjejc May T2c July OS V
Pork May 5l2i July 51332 Septem
ber 413 72
Lard Mav 56 97 5 Julv 7 September
57 52
Short rib May io 30 July 56 S2VJ Sep
tember 57 12li
Cash quotations were-
Spring wheat 51 10V21 10i
No 2 com 73c
Pork ilS 8012 ST
Lard 56 S72
Short ribs sd fi 3D
Dry salted shoulders 53 103 13
snort clear sides 1 6026 63
Special to the Gazette
Boston Mass April 17 Wool Dull Ohio
Pennsylvania and Michigan fieeces Slc em
ier Sales during the week 16993W pounds or
domestic and 352801 pounds of foreign Re
ceipts 6003 bales of domestic and 3677 bales of
ST Louis Mo April 17 Cattle Receipts
4000 shipments laux Market strong Good
to fancy native steers S3 fytJS 10 fair to good
native steers 54 1025 25 stockers and feeders
53 iW 10 Texans and Indians ii 5ei5 40
Hogs Receipts 3--00 shipments 4uo Mar
kets higher Prices ranged 54 7035 30
Sheep Receipts XO shipments none
Market steady Good to choice 5 1 505 93
Chicago Ill April 17 Cattle Receipts
2710 shipment- 300 Market steady to strong
Steers t3 756 15 stockers and feeders
52 2304 30
Hogs Receipts S100 shipments 40CU Mar
ket closed weak All grades 13 30C5 10
Sheep Receipts 7W shipments 5eU Market
Chicago III April 17 Cattle Receipts
80U0 shipments 30W Market steady Steers
53 40SJS 25 stockers 52 b3fc4 40 Texans 53 0O
Hogs Receipts 1S0U0 shipments 9000 Mar
ket higher All grades 44 003 45
Sheep Receipts 8000 shipments 50CO Mar
ket active and irrejular Western 55 606 40
New York April 17 Beeves Receipts
2U0 Shade firmer Native steers 53 0U8 40
carload 4 53
Sheep Receipts 1000 head Steady Shorn
sheep 45 50576 80 clipped 14 50500
deeding tonleVr chij who
InedlBeufd te
It is plesJvtujjPvTAe rures Malarin IncU
restion BiunflCess ana Liver Comphunu
jic 7
Dallas Seed Store Established I82
Wholesale and Retail Seed DcaJglilst re
ceived 3U00 bushels GernaipampIaKlO bushels
sugarcane seed cornJlfEetts stock peas
alfalfa red cloiw3jfifSBHn and Canadian blue
grass teaiijliJJjjJsS5iize tomato and cabbaga
-ii y vi uauas xcA

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