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Congratulate the of Fuit Worth and the great West of
having secured a
r man Tirrmn tit ttt a mm
WuU nun mfrliWT
jJU VU H 1113 1
We are a money saving institution
for the
tu n
n l KM
ilfll bJUlJo
1 B S D S I
- miu monev and time from going to Dallas Aiwa vs make Your
- u home Dont fail to iro to the
Y - will save you from 30 to 4J per cent on all your purchases
I n i
ivlts of Hilts and Bonnets to make your selection from Fine Flowers
-on and everything new and nobby pertaining to the Millinery line
li ritt in Hats that other houses will charge you from 88 to 20 we will
mi Tin- ain lor just half the price and we have the largest variety to
i iiv ii in the state See our styles and low priced
Great Continued Rush to the
rupt Dry Goods Store of Fort Worth
- to the B C Evans Dry -rood Company at their old stand
First Houston and Main Streets
Bankrupt Dry Goods Stores of Dallas are well known all over Texas
epthe best goods for the least money
nave 7 stores 175 feet fronton Elm street and by our immense pur
we can sell you the goods for less than other merchants pay for them
will keep a first class stock of Dry Goods Clothing Shoes and Car
Iroiii the cheapest to the best at the Fort Worth Bankrupt Dry Goods
and our low prices will meet everybodys pocketbook
can suit the poor the middle class and the rich We will give you
i the best goods for the least money
uccessors to the B C Evans Dry Goods Company at their old stand
First Houston and Main Streets Fort Worth Texas
We will run in a few days a Passenger Elevator up to the 3
Third Story of our Building
She Proposes to Heat the
mosphere if Proscribed
Queen Natalie
Special to the Gazette
Vienna April lb Queen Natalie of Per--it
has had her spirit stirred by the re
inrt thai the efforts to proscribe Ler
trom Servia were about to be renewed
She ha- issued u declaration calculated to
sirke terror to the souls of her enemies
that on the day the decree ex
iiidintr her from Servia is promulgated
her memoirs will be published in Parib
Paii us of ex King Milan are not likely
to underrate the significance of this declar
ation The revelations which Natalie has
in her power would complete the ruin of
that least admirable of kings in exile
Napoleons Will
Special to the Gacile
April Is Figaro in an evidently
inspired account of the scenes of the open
in of Prince Napoleons will states that
during the reading of the document when
the clause was reached in which Prince
Louis was ordered to read the correspond
ence between the Prince and Princess
Clolhilde in order to be able to judge
of the merits of the separa
tion of his parents Prince Louis
s runs to hi- feet with au indignant and
tearful protest crving Never never
mv mother you who always showed such
adorable abnegations I will never consent
to sit in judgment upon you It is my duty
tu return to your hands all the correspond
ence w ithout reading a single word The
piuii i ss iel weeping in her sons arms
a i a 1 pit enl cii and embraced one an
other in the spirit of a iainily reunion
Dull social Season
London April is It is expected that
parliament will be prorogued about the
middle id July winch means the eVrl close
of the London dramatic musical ami social
season From present appearances and
past events this hies been the dullest season
experienced in many vears
ernuj Arrested
- Aprl apt Edmund Ver
riil niembiTu paiiiaineMt against
a vvijrrAj win issued on a cliaruo oi
ml a girl lor immoral
arii steo to nav Miss iireckett
ii u victim identitied him as the
n v Lei had been introduced to her in
liis a Mr WNuii
Tlio HntislL forces Victorious
Siuv April l i The Britisii forces
hue engaged and defeated a large body of
ihraiizals The vietorv was not obtained
uiitil alter a stubbornly contested engage
ment had been fought and until in the heat
of the light the British troops made a
dashing advance carried everv thing be
lt ire them and completely routing the
Mirunzals Several English soldiers and
two officers were severely wounded The
genei al advance of the Biitish troops will
be made to day the object of this move
ment being to break in the enenij s line
and clear the Slmanoa range of hills which
the Mirunzals occupy in force The enemys
loss in the engagement which has just
taken place is not known but is believed to
have been heavy
Interesting Days Irncee dtug at the Con
tention at Wuni l Social
Uu tertainuient
Special to the Gazette
Waco Tkx April IS Tlio session of
the convention of the Young Mens Chris
tian association of Texas jesteiday after
noon contained no sMviil feature except
an address by Gam Sing Quah of the I ort
Worth university who is preparing him
silf for ministerial duties in his native land
Ilis remarks on the subject of Our Kespon
sibility to the College Young Men in For
eign Iiuds were listened to with interest
A short session was held last night at
which several addresses were made and an
adjournment was taken to the association
rooms where the ladies auxiliary enter
tained the delegates at a social reception
The report of Slate Secretary Waytc
showed the following statistics of his per
sonal work i
Leters written 719 addresses delivered
II association meetings held IU board of
directors meetings attended 1 associa
tion meetings attended 3 committee meet
ings attended J training classes attended
J days spent in visiting twenty nine places
110 days spent in office worki miles
traveled 9900
At the session this morning the commit
tee to whom was referred the report of the
state executive committee made the follow
ing recommendations
1 That the question of organizing a state
association be considered
1 That the state be divided into dis
tricts as soon as practicable and that dis
trict work be under the direction of the
committee on district work of the state ex
ecutive committee
A That the corresponding members of the
state executive committee be appointed in
unorganized towns to co operato with the
state committee
4 That the sum of 4000 be raised for
stato work during the ensuing year to ad
mit of the employment of an assistant state
secretary if found practicable
5 That the associations become ncor
porated and secure as far as practicable
Dy purchase or donation eligible building
sites and then start building lunds
0 That college deputation work be
adopted in the state and that special atten
tion be given extension college work
7 That we indorse the plan known as the
extension fund and we urge local associa
tions to adopt this plan of systematic giv
b That special evangelistic meetings for
young men be planned by each association
to be held if possible during the week of
pra er
9 That district and local conferences be
held in connection with the secretarial
lields of the state
10 That it is the sense of this convention
that a Southern secretarial institute be ar
ranged to meet in the Southwest for better
qualifying secretaries officers and commit
teemen for their work
Theso recommendations were adopted
Following is the report of Thomas
Conyngton chairman of the state executive
-We have to report for the past year a
steady and continuous progress not so
much in the direction of new associations
though there have been five new associa
tions started
The most important step of the year was
the employment of a state secretary Mr
W E Wayte who has proved most satis
factory He entered upon his work zeal
ously and though he has been with us only
six months his labors have borne fruit
The total number of associations in the
state at tho time of the list convention was
iJt S -- 3emSFZ5r7
Frince Lous Plays an Engagement During the
Rtading of His Fates Will
Verncy Member of 1arliamcnt Under
Arrest harsctl with i liaso Crlinc
Parliament will Adjourn In July
A mill suclal season
wvnt -four Th nmbr nv ti
niose leporv ii at the i vi n
wo have iiisbarccd One year i
was iwy one association in i oniiet tinn vi
school or college now there are five
Four new places have employed general
secretaries making a total of general sec
retaries in the state of thirteen and iu au
tliiou Fort Woith and San Antonio have
employed assisart secretaries and IIoiis
ton Waco aiid ban Antonio have employed
gymnasium instructors Tills makes a
totid ol twentg one employes of the assot ii
tion in the state gi iig their whole tine to
the work This total last er was nine
New libraries have been started iu Fort
Worth Denison Crot kett Laredo T ler
Vernon and Ilcndei son There are now
twenty one libraries in the state aijains
lourteen last year
Dallas Fort Worth Denison E Paso
Man in Mar shall and Waco have enlarged
aud refitttnl their rooms
Lartsjo and Waco have established
gmna iums Fortheflist lime Houston
San Antonio and Waco have employed in
structors for their g mnasiums which
makes a total of such employes of four in
stead of one last year There has been an
uiciease oJ over 1100 members in the thirty
associations duriusr the year and over iliio
secured b subscriptions for the work in
tile lie- fields
There has been au increase of lfiliKex
pended in association work in the Mate in
the ear
ie are receiving calls from cities of
over MK0 population not oigaiii ced asking
thar attention be drtcted to them and that
general secretaries be apiiointed for work
in the respective fields
After due consideration it has been
deemed advisable io move the headquarters
of the executive committee to the nertberu
pai t of the state and Oaiias was selected
We are pleased to report mat the work
throughout the state is iu an admirable con
To morrow the pulpits of the churches
will be b gentlemen
attending t iie eon intion
Dwelling Ilouse Jlarn anil Hurse Swept
Away tlio tloraos Killeil
m Left in Its Track
Special to the tazeue
Claidi Tuv April l o farther
damages than weie reported resulted from
the e clone esterday but additional par
ticulars have been obtained The cloud
form d near the J Jv headquarters in
the Palo Duro canyon and traveled north
passinir two miles wesi of Ciaude Tne
ground in its course was swept as clean
as if a lire had passed over it About
four miles northwest of Claude it struck
Mr J C Patchings house Two men were
staving with him and when the storm
burst upon them were busily engaged
fixing supiier One of the men ran out of
doors while the otuer two Patching and
Chamberlain remained in the house and
were picked up and carried off with the
Patching was found by a neighbor some
six or seven hundred yards from the house
dead all all of his clothing except one shoe
Chamberlain was picked up about two
hundred yards from the house in an in
sensible condition and died to day at 13
The other party will recover
Patchings horses were killed and carried
some four or live hundred j ards from the
house and the house and wagon were com
pletely demolished
Mr Patching was a very popular young
man and his tragic death has east a gloom
over our town Ilis brother J A Patch
ing is expected in to night
lira living about nine miles
south of here received a telegram from her
old home iu Illinois that iier husband
William Newby supposed to have been
killed at the battle of Siiiloh was not dead
and had returned to his old home
Two Deaths Near Me qtiUc Nil Cases at
Special tu the Gazette
Mesviite Tex April IS The young
man Adolph Orr reported jesterdai as
being very low with spotted fever died
last night He lhed live miles east of
To day Dennis Murphy lost alittle daugh
ter ten ears old Mr Murphy lives three
miles west nf Forney
There is a new case near Housley seven
miles north of here at the residence of Kev
A N Keen his grandchild
Mesquite is et clear of any cases what
ever and fumigation etc is kept up regu
larly which probably has much to do with
there being no new cases here for so long a
time ten da vs
A Xainily Fortunately Hscapo Death from
Special to the Gazette
Mesquite Tkx April 1 Yesterday
during a thunderstorm lightning struck the
residence of Mr lliliott Smith a tanner
living a mile out of town and completely
riddled the west side of the building The
upper lloor and joists were split into kind
ling wood The family were in the east
room aud were thrown violently to the
lloor and stunned for a short while but all
soon recovered The room struck was used
for a kitchen and the time it was struck
was a little past noon but fortunately Mrs
Smith had put off getting dinner till late
owing to having had a late breakfast Had
the family been diuing at the usual time
every member would have been killed
Their escape seems miraculous
The rresident of a Negro Itenevolent So
ciety at Waco Under Arrest
Special to the Gazette
Waco Tnx April IS Ex President
Edward A Graham of the Home becelo
lcut society has been arrested and put on
bond to answer a charge of converting to his
own use belonging to the society It is
a colored peoples organization The com
plainant is the financial secretary Emiline
Conley a colored woman of unusual intelli
gence She claims that
1 The president of the society was not
the proper person to draw checks on the
societys deposits
2 That when he drew tho check he was
no longer an officer but had tendered his
resignation which had been accepted
Itis a scandal in high life among the
District Court at TSairil
Special to the Gazette
Baikd Tex April IS District court is
still in session and that branch of the case
of the State vs Ferguson charged with
murder involving the present alleged in
sane condition of defendant is now being
tried There are some fifty or sixty wit
nesses most of whom up to the present
have been examined The case will be sub
mitted to the jury this evening
A Kevenue Cutter Darning
New Yoik April IS The revenue cutter
Chandler that went down the bay with
the revenue officers to board the City of
Berlin at noon to day took fire off the quar
antine and at last reports was burning
briskly with every prospect of all on board
being a total less
Colorado and Wyoming Cattle
men En Route
A Tremendous Loss of Cattle Will Result Unless
a Change is Made
Tills Taet Thoy will Lay iteforn Secretary
Kus at dnlicstou unit Endeavor to
Dissuade the llnfurceuient
of the Act
Special to the Gazette
Denver Co April IS A party
posed ot ten Warren of Wyonmga
ii A
A hoicomb veu renaiiati of the
Senator H W Teller Judge S IX Svmet
J L Brush state veterinarian of the sani
tary board of Colorado iiui JC Lear
general stock agent of the Cnhm Paciiv
system let Dei ver la t night orlhei r
prse of mooting Secretary Kus k of
depart men at Gavtstori
to the recent governmental i a if
the Southern livestock suuitarv i
object whl be to dissuade the t
of this act by which it L eng u a
loss of over 61000000 vvi ies
tie growers of Colorado Wnii 1
Under the new order over Tow f
vudng cattle will have to oe p 5 e
Northern markets immediate I i i -
tlemen say ihat such a step wj e- i
a tremendous loss as the rmti ti i e r
be carried out Therefore ais m ng
osition that i is impraetiealie l
do all in their power to resins in- a t
hlllEU OP AXiMAl IMK I ill
Addresses to this effect will o t e
by Secretary Kusk at Uilc i v i
presidential party arrives at hr nn r
Westcrn men will endeavor s i o
Uncle Jerrv to modifv the nu n -
enable them to take in tho c f
the old limit
Should such relief not be sociied the -tracts
for the past three von- w ie
Broken The burden of such s hnl iiii
resting upon the shoulders of the t i -
When a representative of Tui tv c
eaded upon Secretary Metealf of the f i
ratio cattle growers association tha -
said that owing to the presen
passed by the cattle bouuis tf
Colorado Wyoming and Montana no fever
had ever been developed This under
the rule that no cattle can bo -hipped from
a iess elevation than S50U feet Carrviug
out the rule of this proviso they have foind
it perfectly safe to ship cattle within tue
old line by
Continuing Mr Meicalf laid that the
vast amount of good work performed Dy
Dr Salmon while chief of the bureau of an
imal industrj would amount to nothing and
bo utterly obliterated it the order stood
Seeretaiy Kiisk had never visited the cat
tie section of the West and hi nee was to
tally incapable of forming competent un
derstanding of this matter Theoretically
he possibly might be correct but practically
In conclusion Mr Metealf said that the
order had caused the greatest surprise ami
trepidation among cattle growers generally
After six jears of successful shipping liy
both trail and rail they could not but help
recognize the utmost stupidity in the
measure especially when there was no
cause for it
The general sentiment of the cattle-
ginvers of Colorado is decidedly against it
and voicing the sentiment of tin- cattle
growers of Wyoming the Northwestern
Livestock Journal of Cheyenne will say
editorially to day
Four j cars experience in the handling of
these cattle by rail has satisfied our scien
tific investigators and the practical men
whose money was invested that there was
absolutely no danger from disease to be
feared lrom the movement of herds from
this wide area In consequence there has
been purchased since the beginning of this
j ear not less than fifty thousand cattle by
Colorado Wyoming Dakota and Montana
ranchmen in the district above mentioned
for shipment this spring to their various
Northern ranches to take the place of
beeves shipped out and be matured for fut
ure marketing Most of those have been
tallied out paid for aud are now on the
trail to various shipping points in North
west Texas aud New Mexico They are
being driven through pastures and over
ranges already fuliy stocked by sufferance
and there is absolutely no place where they
can stop and find a range The purchases
believing that the quarantine lines estab
lished by law in the respective states
could be respected as herctoforeaud know
ing that no damage could result to any one
Hence the order of Secretary Kusk if eng
forced not only means the loss of f 1000
000 but it means financial ruin to many of
the operators The oixler savs in plain
English that all of these fKM000 young
steels must be shipped direct to thegreat
markets lor immediate slaughter It is
jiossible that under some former ruling of
the department on the general unwritten
law that the lapse of time purges all quar
antined subjects The secretary may per
mit their removal northward after ninety
days quarantine at the fever line
Should this he done and the cattle be
so held it would simply be
for the reason that there is no grazing
ground adjacent to the shipping points
Ninety davs of fasting and purging would
mean arrival on the Northern ranges in the
autumn so poor that the first blast of win
ter would send them to the bovine heaven
unannounced The loss would be total If
shipped to market for immediate slaughter
the freight charges would amount to more
than tne proceeds of sais
Arrested for Kmbezlement aud Adultery
A Criminal of the Worst
Special to the Gazette
DeLeon Tex April is Our little city
wa thrown into a state of excitement jes
terday when Professor J W Stotts princi
pal of our public school was arrested on a
charge of adultery with Mrs Bcttie Saun
ders Professor Stotts came here last fall
and was employed by the trustees as princi
pal of our school He brought a woman
named Mrs Bettie Saunders and her little
boy with him claiming that she was his
sister and with whom he has been rooming
Our people thought it all right as she was
his sister but it now turns out that she is
not Hence the arrest Our justice of the
peace has letters and telegrams from
Mitchell Ind charging Stotts with aban
doning his wife aud three children also
charging embezzlement and stating he is
the worst kind of a criminal He will have
his examining trial Monday and will also
be held for the papers from Indiana Our
people are very indignant at such treat
An Appeal Will be Taken
Special to the Gazette
Wichita Falls Tex April IS News
has just reached here by wire that in the
Marlow mob cases at Graham Logan Wal
lace and Wagner were convicted and Lov
ell Cook Hollis and Wilkersou were ac
quitted It is understood that an appeal
will be taken by the parties convicted and
ex-Attorney-General Garland has been em
ployed It is also understood that they j
1 -- 1 he kuiilnx act
Mr liiiiMi ii- is tTcnnsi
ise piies have a host of irautis
these par
Ollerec 1 CommNMonershiit
Spe ca to the Ganette
Papis Tev April 17 -The
Ant lers and other points -T
road have been at i -
have Shackle ion of v
joint a commission m -commissioner
prvt e
criminal jurisdictit -
iSOM place Yc I ri J i
received the folowu
AiiMitM I T Ai
Paris Judge Sk
cuuiniunicdt lir 1 a
United Sta - toii
Aiters V juj pt K
I v
11 I
v hea i
eng i i b
merit v
at Lvi 1 1
I llOT ai Dent- in
- An
ire a
rred i i
M i -
i W i
l jki - -
sin uipot at nu lljj
i -ii
i lie
down a
or nurses
gnat tteiiiantl
pec i
io ulo
Ileports of art Absolute ItHurof the 1 u
ropenu Crop ems tt be True Mav
Options Greatly Exeiteil
l i
jl 1
I v ci
ha- 1 1
-Id i
V it
i ong
in i
then said that the mark
jumping by quarters anil I t
a minute the price was 1 i
utcs later it iirkcd 1 Vi i
assisted by stnie of the heavy
to day evidently ennvincin
Euroeaii crop situation is -10
a May was quoted at il 14 a
tl v
d w
1 04
The bottom figure on tho breik
LlJl arul another excited advance l -
carrying prices to the highest mhl v
Piuueriionium reigned in the pit v
wheat advanced steadily tiSlii the u
price on the first bulge passed it unit -went
toSltej and it was imported on- -
made as high as sllt That was th
Another deluge of realiing -ales folio v
and inside of ton mautes the price v
down to jlVVi
Still l ACitClI
Special to the Gazette
New Yokk April IS Shorts In v hei
weio squeezed to day heie The who-
at the Produce Exchange was tilled vvrii
moo ot excited ojieraiors W itlun one m i
a half hours of business transaetiur -
footed up to the enormous total of in a
six million bushels of wheat Prices -
booming within five minutes after the up
of the market May wheat opt
jumped from SI lJ1 the opening tig n -
tol3lJv At 11 15 oclock the close
noon was slightly lower at 51 21 - on i
iing by longs who were disposed to tak
the profits Shorts for May wheat thi
sellers of wheat for delivery in Mat
that month comes nearer and nearer hai
oecome more and more fearful of gctfg
caught at top prices
Stories apparently well founded rep t
enormous damages to the European
and the resuting heavy continental epnt
demand have thoroughly frightened tl
The price of May options iu wheat ne
and oats has IhOii advancing tor ve i
past and within the last few days lias be u
booming To dajs figures were the high
est so far this season Not onl was JUj
options up but in sympathy vvereas a
other option months of wheat Corn pried
sympathized with wheat
A Human Skeleton and a Clay Pot Con
tainiug Spanish Coin
Special to the Ua7ette
Pauis Tex April IS Tho follow rg
story was told here last night by Condi r
Jack Carr who hail just pulled his tia i
down from Monett
Last Wednesday a valuable discovery was
made by H F Close an employe oi im
Frisco railway who has charge of tho
water station at Washborne Station
Berry county Mo twenty miles this sj
of Monett While making an excavation he
unearthed a portion of a human sktet a
and a clay pot that contained 54 in Spanish
coin also two pieces of gold the largi si
estimated to be worth about twenty doll s
The point where it was found was on H
line of what is known as the old Span
trail that led from St Louis to Santa
N M It is supposed that thy place wheje
these things were found was once u supply
station on the trail and the coins hod been
buried for safe keeping One of the coin
was shown hero last night It was a Span
ish coin of the denomination of t reals and
was coined during the reign of Ferdinand
VII in lbll It looked as if it had been in
a lire
A Jealous Ulan Attacks a Woman of III
i jiute and Knocks iler Duwu
Special to the Gazette
Gainesville Tss April 13 Jim Little
a young man residing near Healdtoa I T
assaulted Tillie Marshall a woman of bad
repute iu her room last night with a large
file about two feet long and three inch s
wide He slipped up behind the woman
and struck her three hard blows on tho
head making deep and dangerous wounds
The assault is said to have been tho result
of jealousy on the part of Little who hud
been endeavoring forseveral days to induce
the woman to marry him When taken to
jail by a deputy sheriff Little remarked
that he had but one regret and that was
that his blows had not killed the woman
Guilty of Manslaughter
Special to the Gazette
BcrNET Tex April IS In the case of
G W Lacy for the murder of J R Phillips
in this county which case has been on trial
for several days the Jury returned a ver
dict of manslaughter and fixed tha sentence
at three years in the state prison A mo
tiod for a new trial was overruled by Judga
Six felony cases have been triea so far
resulting in five convictions

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