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tt crop prospects were much
the vain
prrts for a fine crop were never
than at present says a
Ilivm Mosquito In fact the
K for this part of the state is
The dry weather wo have
- 1 i given tho farmers ample
e heir land and the rains we
umost insures a pood drop
- jhle to use a little more
iuii was very beneficial
farmers are well up with
u ant more rain Late rain
i in the ground and insures
i and grain are doing well
- acres of cotton are being
- sruing to be a very pros-
- i her county1 says the
never more promising
i rcaco of corn and cotton
tic but a small acreage of
n the latest from Bosque
reported from Holland
rails Granger Taylor
DcLcon Valley Mills and
neat is now an almost as-
ltbarger county says the
r ier Wheat and oats are
liiomise an abundant
3f very hopeful that the
filtilfed Corn is very
iA t not yet up but as
r is jilanted no one has
growing weather are re-
i Mineola Troy
finners are busy pre-
and if the weather con-
i il be all planted in two
irin says in the
n was a magnificent
- y night and it was
by farmers and fruit
coiie just when itvtas
ik 1 ever saw fruit pros-
they an now Pears
i mrries of all kinds are
ili well The peaches
i this I can not see a
1 A very heavy rain
I In- ground was already
- 1 makes it worse if
a week before any
ie In the meantime
i - thug a good start
Aii lJ The rain for the
i s has compelled the
I- tlur tields They are up
Vi -A good rain has boon
ii iously throughout the
ie past three days
- - iwi no signs of
r I ins season are a
id to none ever pro-
iroughout the west
ii- iv -There has leen no
ii This country yet but
hivo lallen in spots all
rng the pist week so
tioii is now pretty well
oomiug on fastand all
m April 19 TliLs even-
i ii- severe rainstorms
- Ii d this section The
i ni torrents for two
iiiani hes and creeks aie
Api IS Jewett and vi-
i ti a very heavy ram
j great deal of damage to
- 1 iriners report the
- nut siv they arc damaged
is washed up and fences
rl plowing for several
ii- Had considerable hail
mage anything Cot-
ii come in farmers held
i - i nit made a sad mistake
cents for it and
i s Experience isadear
i Fields in good
i v ill have to be planted
t b eii plenty of rain Cot-
head rapidly as soon
i Oats is doing well
1 acreage of say 20 per
i ciiuiid corn will have a
11 acreage Good pros-
- etc
-- i hi ti April I A fine
Farmers are very
m irk Corn is looking
weather set in
in order Oats arc
Arl IS Tho date rains
- effect on our farmeis
id not be better Wheat
white a larger
- being planted in cot-
IS Acreage of
cinnty compared wit
- rea eof 50 per cent
ci pared with last year
i f 10 to 20 per cent
mured with last year
-ii per cent acreago
it wall last year shows
- are in fine condition
Is very heavy rain fell
it culverts being con-
- and it will require
t icpair the waterworks
i mi will be of great
1 TV A Taylor a
ii e is putting in thirty
mn Memphis has two
leraid and the Keeord
- Tho hailstorm
- in the memory of the
I here was very little
aiaage would have been
- down in torrents
t iv was a moNt
iiilway dam was de-
orulge just east of the
uired by the Hood but
u uiie to permit passage
Had a good rain to-
irood time as the farmers
rrmers are complaining
i It was pulled up by
- te planted over Cot-
- uj and coming up all
i A fiiierain fell here
prospects for moie
v and cloudy Our crop
t are flattering
i irl IT We had a heavy
A big rise in Elm is
ti labor is at a stand-
T Uain commenced fall-
tr at 2 oclock and still
- rop is in tine
u Ntockmen arc happy
- -T This section of the
i of a splendid rain
ih which was needed
aro assured of
now- planted come up
u good rain in a month
a few light showers
general thing backward
i n in i count of the late cold
ave planted cotton
- pnl 17 Good rains have
and wheat and oats
1 1 nere are prospects for a
iri 19 A heavy rain and
- this place this even-
- fCd a large and enthusiastic
1 to build a 5000 school-
ai efforts are being made to
winch lo build another
Bi uion
-- terecce of the Methodist 1
Episcopal church South meets in Hubbard
City on May 2S The new Methodist church
will be dedicated on the fifth Sunday in
Active preparations are being made says
the Huntsvillo Item at the normal for the
commencement exercises next month
They promise to be of a splendid order this
A Young Mens Christian association has
been organized at Childress
The Presbytery of Eastern Texas is to
meet at the Presbyterian church in Crock
ett on next Tuesday the 21st at S p m
Dr Crozicr of Palestine is to preach tho
opening sermon
Valley Mills April IS There is con
siderable interest manifested in the revival
going on at the Baptist church Our
school continues to flourish under the man
agement of Professor J B Layne and his
worthy assistant Our people are proud of
the school here and will be glad to retain
Professor Layne another year
TnrnELL April IS Rev Joseph Jones is
booked to arrive at Terrell on the 30th of
April to commence a meeting at the Meth
odist church Rev F A Ilosser is making
necessary arrangements for the meeting
The Ladies guild of the Episcopal church
netted quite a little sum by dinner and art
exhibit to day
CAiiroLLTov April 17 The Union Bap
tist church will celebrate he forty fifth an
niversary on the 10th of May Distin
guished speakers aro invited and looked for
This is the second oldest church in Xorth
Texas Lonesome Dove church in Tarrant
county is the oldest
Faikfield April 17 The Baptist church
has been completed and services held sev
eral times yet the church has not been
dedicated but will be as soon as all indebt
edness is paid off
Biook tom April 19 The ladies of the
Methodist church will give an entertain
ment Friday night April 24 for the
benefit of the church A good number of
visitors are expected from Honey Clove
Petty and Paris to attend
The construction of the Denton county
jail is under way It is to be of pressed
brick and stone 54x3J feet and cost SlbS5J
The corner stone of the large Rosenberg
building at Hallettsville has been laid
Beevilles artesian well is on the down
ward way
The commissioners of Limestone county
have awarded the contract for the new
courthouse at iS700
Stcphenville is rising from her ashes
better than ever Three new stores are al
most completed
Dr A Murchison of Merit has had a well
sunk near the town plat and at tixteen feet
struck a good t upply of water but he and
others think it has very much the rastc of
the famous Mineral Wells water He will
have it analyzed
Doss City Clay Cocxtv Tex
Democrat Publishing Company Fort Worth
Mil Emror Doss City is on the Mis
souri Kansas and Texas railroad on the
line of Montague and Clny counties This
town is certainly on a bourn The saw and
hammer arc heard early and late every
day several business and residence houses
are going up and the location and surround
ings are the best for a pood town that I ever
saw Town lots and good farming lands
around the town are abundant cheap and
sold on good time Crops are good We
have been having some rain and hail for
two or three days The health of our town
is good water good etc
J B Sellmax
The Colorado ice works got promptly to
work last week and are now turning out live
tons of very line ice daily
The Colorado electric light company has
closed a contract with the manufacturers
for a -400-light electric dynamo the plant to
be ready for operation on July 1
Esxis Tiii April IS An agent repre
senting Dakota capital was here yesterday
in the interest of a building and loan asso
ciation and your leporter has been in
formed that the building of a new brick
hotel on tho east side of the railroad is be
ing agitated Eunis has a strong home
building and loan association which has all
the business it can handle hence others arc
coming in The handsome and commodious
mansions of W Joleseh II C Jones and
Mrs F Livingston are near completion
cither of which would bo a credit to cities
of larger pretensions It is expected that
the waterworks ice factory and electric
lights will be in running order by the sum
mer months There were several prominent
business men of capital from Alvarado here
yesterday who were viewing our city over
and will probably make a purchase
Valley Mill- April IS There is con
siderable improvement going on in and
around Valley Mills Carpenters aud
painters are busy all the time
Colokapo City April 19 The handsome
new Commercial club building is nearing
completion and will be ready for occupancy
about May 13
The Cisco and Eastland lodges of I O O
F will celebrate at Cisco the Seventy
second anniversary of the order on April
The stock show last Saturday at Mc
Gregor was well attended by those having
showy stock horses and many citizens
viewed the line bloods with delight The
exhibit was confined principally to stallions
Esxis April IS Rev J A Pace who
has been holding u protracted meeting in
Dallas county for the past ten days re
turned yesterday
Holland April IS The firm of K H
Underwood Co of this place has dis
solved by mutual consent Murphy assum
ing all liabilities of said firm
Tekkell April 17 The supply fire com
pany No 3 elected the following oftlcers
to day Moss Phillips foreman Albert
Monday first assistant Taylor Phillips
second assistant Ravenal Andrews secre
Teiiisell April IS The coal find is
creating some speculation and efforts will
be made to get at the facts The quality
and quantity of coal supposed to be here
would be an immense thing for Texas aud
especially Terrell
Tekkell April 13 Since 5 oclock much
excitement prevails over the fact of the
coal find at the asylum artesian well
A Ferrell and John McGraw having ex
amined the samples of the coal pronounced
it equal to the Piedmont and other mines
The coal is found in a vein twelve feet
thick 2000 feet under tho surface If these
are facts then Terrell has a corner on
future prosjiects The people are much
agitated over the fact which beats a gold
At this season when the different press
associations are about to meet some of the
papers begin to talk business The Vernon
Call has the following bit of sense
If the newspapers of Northwest Texas
would form an association to regulate rates
for foreign advertisements a great deal
could be done to help the needy newspaper
men in having ready cash to pay his print
ers and buy his supplies at wholesale prices
But how can this be done when three
fourths of the newspapers of Northwest
Texas carry such a large sheet of foreign
advertisements placed in their respect ivej
papers by an auxilliary house over whicn J
the local newspaper man has no say so or
control of his columns The Call would be
glad to join an association to regulate living
prices but cannot be a party to carrying
advertisements for a company for which we
receive no pay or beneSt
The Waxahachio Mirror says suppose
we have a business meeting and the Dal
las Times Herald seconds the motion in this
That is a pertinent suggestion The
Texas press association would have been
much better off or rather its members
would have been benefited had more time
beei gven to questions of business than so
much to less important matters If the
Texas uress association would asrieuponi
a basis of advertising rates and more
thoroughly understand tho real value of ad
vertising and then work together in the in
terest of maintaining that rate the news
papers would be practically benefited and
tho membership inci cased The Mirrors
suggestion is worthy of being made the
chief topic of discussion at the approaching
Corsicana meeting
The West Texas press association meets
at Colorado City to morrow and they would
do well to give some attention to the sub
ject as it is one that touches tho business
closely The boys are going to be royally
entertained by the Colorado people and Dr
Tolar will show the craft that he is no
slower outside than he is in the Clipper
wluch is one of the best edited papers in
the state The Saline Call will also have
a chance to show that Colorado salt has
lost none of its savor
If reports be true the San Angelo Stan
dard will be represented by Editor Murphy
alone as Editor Guthrie had at last accounts
taken a bad case of grip to bed with him
TheStandard however is one of the papers
that scissors looks for regularly and treats
with due consideration Thats because it
is a newspaper in the true sense of term
Mr J H Phillips and Mrs Hattie
a machine lor only fsi n they
the weekly daily or
The Gazette invites lltfdSRSs to call
Chew near Clarksville April 14
Mr B T Goggans and Miss Clara Neal
Henderson April 14
Mr Ben R WolfTarth and Miss Ada
Scott Memphis April 12
Mr Frank Polka and Miss Kalida Mc
Neil Victoria April Yi
Mr James Hermes and Miss Mattie Par
ker Beeville April 15
Mr Irvin C Jarvis and Miss Matha Sta
bin Gate City April 15
Mr Charles W Beck and Miss Rosa
Levy Texarkana April 10
Mr James C Finley and Miss Alma C
St Clair Jewell April 12
Mr J II Harbin and Miss Millie Howell
Eastland April 12
Mr Frank Gabriel and Miss Celia Bur
gynska Brenham April 12
Mr Ruben Shannon aud Miss Oueen
Williams Brenham April 14
Mr Ignaz Wesnnefsky and Miss Francis
Matchekef Brenham April 15
Mr Antonio Gonzales and Mrs May
Burker Tyler April 10
Mr Gerald Hughes and Miss Louise Met
calf Sherman April 10
Mr Julius G Smith and Miss Eva Ingra
hain Nacogdoches April 12
Mr Henry Terry and Miss Bertha Fra
ley Marshall April 10
Mr Robert K Turner and Miss Eleanor
Kyes Marshall April 10
Pakis April 17 Since Boarmans famous
decision invalidating white marriages in the
Nation not only have the runaway Texas
couples become scarce going there but
resident Americans white now come to
Texas in order to be certain of tho knots
holding power Yesterday two couples
George McKce and Elizabeth Vaught Will
iam Douglass and Mary Williams were
married in the clerks office by Magistrate
Mr Willis TollUon near Cuero April 10
Mrs McLennon Clarlisville April 10
MLns Lillie B Proctor Pittsburgh
April 12
Mrs Laura Adair Dublin April 14
Mr George Bradley Lucas April 12
Mr Paul Fain Palestine April 10
Mr H It Cordell Dallas April 17
Mr A J Proffer near Gainesville
April 15
Mr Tom Croley Gilmer April 13
Mr Sidney Rains Longvicw April 10
Mr E F Carter Bryan April 1
Mr Delmore Fort Davis April 10
Mrs Mary L Whitfield near Waxa
hachio April 10
Mrs Emma Bowers Iown Park April 11
Mrs Sarah Fite Sherman April 12
Pakis April IS Mrs Sallie Thompson
living near Biardtown died last Thursday
She had been partially paralyzed for a long
time About a month ago she fell and
broke her thigh aud being very fleshy and
heavy the bones could not be kept in place
Bivixs April IS Mr Oliver Blanc hard
died of typhoid fever here yesterday
Taylok April IS Georgie Hugh died on
the 10th aged eighteen months
The Wool Association Angered at the Ac
tion of Mount Vernon Merchants
Will Go to Sulphur Springs
Special to the Gazette
Moot Veiinox Tex April 19 Yes
terday tho Wool association of Franklin
county held a meeting here for the purpose
of deciding whether or not the association
would move to somo other town on account
of the hog law having gone into effect
which has caused a great deal of ill feeling
among farmers against some of our mer
chants who were very active in getting tho
hog law passed It was decided by an over
whelming majority to move the association
to Sulphur Springs which will work con
siderable injury to our town
The Number Dorketeil Including Those
froui the Territory to Come Up at
the Taris Term
Special to the Gazette
Paius Tex April 19 Hon David E
Bryant judge of the Eastern district came
down from Sherman and will to morrow
open the April term of the court at this
place Covering as it does the Indian
country it has a large criminal docket in
cluding over twenty murder cases
Two Youths ISrolheris Ouarrel and One
is Killed
Special to the Gazette
Coouville Tex April 19 Yesterday
evening about 3 oclock six miles north of
Cookvillc Charles May and Reuben May
N C Mays sons became engaged in an
altercation in which Charles May knocked
Reuben May over the head with a hoe
handle twice and immediately Reuben May
stabbed Charles May in the main artery of
the neck Charles May dying immediately
The two brothers were fourteen and six
teen years old
Since the killing the justice of tho peace
of the precinct has had a coroners inquest
and bound Reuben May over to await the
action of the grand jury which meets to
morrow the 20th
Special to the Gazette
Mocst Pleasant Tex April 19 A ter
rible tragedy was enacted yesterday even
ing about 4 oclock ten miles northeast of
this place N C Mav and a younger brother
were at work in a field when a quarrel
arose between them the younger brother
striking the older on the head with a hoe
handle knocking him down When he
arose ho drew his knife and stabbed his
young brother to the heart killing him in
stantly Sheriff G B Dickson is m
after the murderer
BeechamsrJJSBHpfDiou3 and nervous
ills iJiwy
- nSMKi
EfrH l
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the Weekly Gazette
S tFjS
One of the Most Beautiful Fetes
Witnessed in Mexico City
A Procession of Forty Carriages Entirely Hidden
by Fragrant Flowers
A Week of Pleasure Commemorative of
the GreatCNt Truedy the World
Ever Witnessed Thousands
of Sight -Seers
Special Correspondence o the Gazette
City of Mexico April 12 Of all the
beautiful fetes ever witnessed in this city
the combat of flowers which took place
to day has eclipsed them all Can fancy
imagine anything more beautiful than about
forty carriages of aU sizes and shapes eng
tirely hidden by fnnrant flowers To give
a description of each carriage would take
too much time and space so I will only
speak of the most notable
The American colony represented the
first steamboat It was an immense cart
covered with sky blue cloth on the top of
which was placed the ship which must
have measured about twenty five feet in
length Tho wheels were covered with
smilax fuchias and heliotrope The sides
of the ship were garlanded with roses ger
aniums aud gardenias and at each angle
rose palms and some beautiful shrubbery
on the poop was written New York and
on one of the wheels -Robert Fulton 1S07
The car was drawn by six horses the
drivers wearing the costume of Napoleon
The carriage of the British minister was
wholly decorated with tea roses
The victoria of the minister of Italy was
hidden by lilies roses and camelias
The minister of Brazils carriage was
very tasteful with its decorations wholly of
pansies and heliotrope
The Jockey clubs break was among the
most notable The spokes of its wheels
were nothing but artificial violets so
natural as to provoke discussions as to
whether they were natural or artificial
The rear ot the carriage was hidden by
heliotropu and the sidesby roses camelias
hyacinths and azalias During the drive
the members of the club who were in the
break threw out more than 2000 bouquets
of camelias and gardenias
Tho circus Orrin represented a large
Roman car with the United States colors
and only palm and other tropical fruits for
The private carriages were numerous and
more artistic in decoration
The carriage of Miss Romero Rubio sister-in-law
of the president attracted con
siderable attention by its tasteful decora
tion the spokes of the wheels of violets the
axles of marguerites and the box of roses
carnations easter lilies and camelias and
crowning it all four of Mexicos prettiest
girls bewitchiugly attired A buirgy was
arranged so as to represent a large basket
offlowers in the midst of which was a lit
tle willow crib from which could be seen
peeping from among a layer of pink roses
the pretty golden head f a little baby from
two to three years of age
A minature dog cart almost a toy in
which were two little children disappear
ing almost in their nest of flowers the
whole being drawn by a little goat also
adorned with flowers
Another was a wind mill of the old fash
ioned kind composed of white roses
lilies of the valley and marguerites The
front wheels showed the colors of Mexico
in flowers and evergreen and the rear ones
the colors of France One of the most
original was adorned of sheaves of wheat
dried knotted wherever necessary with
bright red ribbon The sight was so guy
ana so different from others that it was
among the most admired
Another represented a swan in which
were two pretty young girls
Still another represented a pavilion of
camelias roses lilies and magnolias
Ono which carried off the first prize had
a canopy of roses camelias gardenias and
magnolias each different garland was sepa
rated by another garland of tropical leaves
Another which received a prize had a
huge umbrella hidden by flowers and at
the rear a beautiful lyre
One quite unique was a small carriage of
camelias lilies white roses and mar
guerites and it was drawn by the prettiest
of silver gray donkeys The carriage con
tained four lovely little children two in the
costume of pages and two a la Pompadour
Flowers were tin own on all tho friends
and also whenever a carriage met another
of the adorned ones the combat would take
The weather marred the pic lsure for it
was one of the dustiest afternoons I have
seen in Mexico The rainy season has al
ready begun this year although it is said
never to begin before June but this little
annoyance was not a drawback to the
crowd for the pesco from the statue of
Charles IV to Chapultepec was crowded
by carriages and pedestrians
A great many residences were all adorned
with flowers and small boquets were
showered upon the passer by
The prizes given numbered some articles
of great value the most remarkable being
a writing desk all inlaid with mother of
The Easter festivals although almost a
thing of the past must not nevertheless be
passed by without making a few remarks
about their mode of celebrating com
mencing with Holy Thursday
The afternoon was spent by the faithful
in visiting the churches At 4 tho last sup
per took place Just before had been
washed in most all of the churches little
childrens feet instead of the beggars
which are always spoken of as being the
The Mexicans arc quite different in their
decorations from the Catholics of France
or those of the poor little Texas churches
With those countries flowers aud over
greens always form tho chief decorations
while here it is always gold and silver pic
tures and wax figures It is true that at
night the cathedral Sagrain Professe San
Domingo and Santa Brigita presented a
gorgeous aspect with its hundreds of lighted
tapers On the streets aud in all the public
gardens visitors from all the republic had
come to swell the crowd of tho city Booths
had been built all around the Zocalo where
all the native drinks sherbet and lemonade
could be had At the Alameda music was
kept up until 2 a in It was all decorated
with Japanese lanterns and colored glass
globes It all seemed more of a week of
pleasure and recreation than of the week
which commemorates the greatest tragedy
the world has ever witnessed
Good Friday all the altars and paintings
were hung with purple and on that day
Mexico really looked sad not that the peo
ple looked penitent but because the citv
was deserted for from early morn families
could be seen with largo baskets taking the
tramways to some of the surrounding vil
lages to spend the day under tho shade of
somo large tree in the flowery meadow
To be doing as the others I also left the
city my destination being the village of
ixtacaico in which was to be played Les
trcs Caides the three falls of our Savior
on his way to Calvary Istacalco is one
of tho most picturesque villages on the
Viga canal and for many a year it has been
a i eligious center as it is said that since
decades upon decades the poor Indians
have continued to represent this play
Years ago it contained a monastery ami
churches but now all have
peareu ino now remaining church con
tains a large yard in iront wnicn is r
closed on the sides bv high walls In
spacious yard the Passion Play was h
At J o clocK m the afternoon the pa
priest tried to bring to our minds the
of Christ from childhood until Hi
After this a curtain was drawn aside and
jvooden figure of Christ borne on the
Pflioulders of costumed Indians represent
ing the Rornuu soldiers was taken
through an aisle crowded by kneeling men
women and children In the yard were
more costumed Indians among whom were
Caichas Annaaias and Pontius Pilate The I
wooden form of Christ was borne across
the yard and made in some mechanical
way to fell three times as it is recorded
of Christ on His way to Calvary Then
tho figure was taken back in the church
Every available inch was taken up by the
Indians who were bemoaning and wailing
Then the Christ appeared in tho person of
aydung Indian His accusers tho Jews
snubbed spat and flogged him until he and
they finally disappeared A few moments
later they reappeared carrying a limp fig
ure of wax which they fastened to the
cross by means of ropes and after is hafjp
oecn uoisicu two Indians with hammers
and nails nailed the hands and feet to the
Taken altogether all was so real the
poor Indians wailing as if their hearts were
breaking that I was very glad to find my
self far from that erving multitude and eng
deavoring to shake that sinister picture off
my mind
Next day Saturday of Glorv as it is here
called when the bells of the cathedral
broke their two days silence followed by
all the other church bells it was the signal
for the effigies of the arch traitor Judas to
be burned It was a curious sight to vis
itors and new comers
D Easter was very quiet the churches not
having any extra adornments and no flowers
on the altars to remind one of the risen
Lord Makic Locuens
Another Letter on the Subject
Tort WoitTH Tex April IS 1S9I
Editor Gillette Vf
Judge Finer is a great man His commu
nication on the Stlf inst sets this question
forever at rest I am glad that in his inter
esting and elaborate autobiography he told
us something about his father Otherwise
some of us might have supposed that he
had sprung directly from the brain of Jupi
ter And if ho had only known how it
would humiliate me to be informed that my
humblo name had never before fallen within
tho range of his great optics I feel sure he
would have spared me that pain I suppose
that now having succeeded in bringing my
self to the notice of that prodigious gentle
man I ought to be ready to die happy- But
1 am not There is one thing I want to find
out first That is how the sages who live
over the creek and -up the hollow and
wear such legends as -colonel -judge
and squire prefixed to their name can
come to town and get interviewed in the
paper and then have the gall to upbraid
anybody else for seeking novrspaper noto
Tho -judge says he knew how the great
body of Texas teachers stand on the text
book question He also expresses great
affection and high esteem for the noble
profession It is passing strange that he
was not as careful at first to exhonerate the
many of that noble profession us he was
to blamothe few
But our judge plays the rhetorician in
differently anyhow He hardly seems de
cided what to do He starts out apparently
to deny the correctness of the intcrviewthen
suddenly wheels about and tries to justify
it Perhaps he thought he might want to
be interviewed again some time So he
lets the newspaper man off lightly and turns
the full force of his pent up thunder loose
upon the school teacher One thing
seems certain While the judge is not
willing to say that Tun Gazettes report is
exactly correct he evidently saw the report
as published and thought about a correc
tion but declined the idea It was not
necessary because he is a private citizen
forsooth and Oh judge Who does it
hurt but a few teachers J His maiii
object seems to be to make it appear that
his language does not include all the
teachers nor the majority of them It is
true that he said a few teachers but if
the reader will take the trouble to look up
that famous interview he will find I think
that nowhere in it does the judge try to
blame anybody but the teachers for this
bill The entire odium is cast upon them
Ho draws no contrast between tho few
teachers and the majority of them lie
does contrast i few teachers with the
people A few teachers are trying to
manipulate the measure through The
legislature is exhorted to look to the
interests of the people rather than the
wishes of the few teachers Tho judge
has probably heard the lawyers say that it
is sometimes necessary to look at the con
text in order to get the meaning of a word
Looking at the whole interview the obvious
lorcc ot as mere used is not to sepa
rate a small number of teachers from
the main body of teachers but
to separate the teachers as a class from the
main body of the people The teachers
aro designated as few in comparison
with the people It is done by way of a
sneer just as they are said to think them
selves the embodiment of wisdom and
learning by way of ridicule It is all in
the same high strain of swelling scorn
This will be perfectly clear to any persotl
of ordinary intelligence who will trouble
himself to read the full interview Of
course if the judge did not use this lan
guage he is not responsible for it
The Denton statesman next grows angry
and gets red in the face because I spell it
jedge Ho should remember that whom
the gods would destroy they first make
mad and keep lus temper The judge
them grows wise in his own estimation and
thinks I aui not smart Another wise man
has said Seest thou a man wise in his own
conceit there is more hope for a fool than
for him or words to that effect It has
also Deen saiu mat priue goetn ocloro a
As the judge draws to a close he ap
parently wants to bo real ugly In my
former communication I said that it is
popular to abuse the teacher The judge
says I do not believe the statement nor
does anybody else Of course this is a
matter of opinion and any attempt to raise
an issue of veracity about it would be piti
ful indeed I am willing for an enlight
ened public to decide between our contrary
opinions on this subject My statement is
a matter of common information and com
mon remark llie judge probably has
observing faculties of too refined an order
to take in anything so common and may
not therefore know it
But I hope he will not try to brow beat
Let us not my dear judge resort to hard
names I have heard that it is a confession
of weakness
You will notice Mr Editor that I have
quit spelling it jedge because the
judge did not seem to like it Having
made this ample concession to the gentle
mans wounded dignity I hope he may re
gain his serenity of mind and be able to
proceed in a more peaceable mood
W II KiMBRouon
Note This reply was left at The G i
ZErrn building a week ago but the editors
did uot get it and it had to be re written
One Abuses a Woman the Other Inter
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Paius Tex April 19 Jim Fernandez
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The men were at Alice Halls bagnio when
Jim who was drinking got mad at her be
cause of her favoritism shown other men
and began cursine and trying to beat her
She ran and drawing a knife he began
chasing her through the house Louis
who was sober tried to stop him and thus
throwing Jims anger at himself and he be
gan cutting at Louis who cut back in
flicting a severe gash across Jims arm and
and then ran Finding ho could not catch
his brother Jim took his knife Mexican
style and threw at Louis striking him in
the stomach and giving a very dangerous
wound thorns is now in a pwwicians
charge and may die
n jr t
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