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liscount on all shoes at
Rev Dr Talmages Sunday
Evening Sermon
Jobs Exclamation Upon Comparing Religion
and Crystal His Text
He Take3 Occasion to Iteinark That the
Number of Pockets You Picked or
Chickens Stole Makes Poor
Prayer Meeting Rhetoric
Special to the Gazette
Xew York April 19 The eagerness to
hear Dr Talmages sermons at the Christ
ian Herald services on Sunday evenings in
this city continues unabated As nsual
there was this evening a dense mass of peo
ple waiting outside the Academy of Music
long before the hour for commencement
and every seat in the huge building was oe
cupied in a few minutes after the doors
were opened Dr Talmagc had preached
to an immense audience in the morning in
the Brooklyn Academy of Music His
text was Tlie crystal cannot equal it
Job xxviii 7
Many of the precious stones of the Bible
ave come to prompt recognition But for
ie present 1 take up the less valuable crys
tal Job in my text compares saving wis
dom with a specimen of topaz An inlidcl
chemist or mineralogist would pronounce
the latter wortli more than the former but
Job makes an intelligent comparison looks
at religion and then looks at the crystal and
pronounces the former as of far superior
value to the latter exclaiming in the words
of my text
Now it is not a part of my scrmonic
design to depreciate the crystal whether
it be found in Cornish mine or Hartz
mountain or Mammoth cave or tinklinr
among the pendants of the chandeliers of
a palace The crystal s the star of the
mountain it is the iiueen of the cave it
is the eardrop cf the hills it iinds its
heaven in the diamond Among all the
pages of natural history there is no page
mure interesting to me than the page
crjstallographic But I want to show
you that Job was right when
taking religion in one hand and the crystal
in the other he declared that the former is
of far more value and beauty than the lat
ter recommendiug it to all the people and
to all the ages declaring -The crystal
cannot equal it In the first placo 1 re
mark that religion is suierior to the crystal
in exactness J he shapeless mass of crystal
against which you accidentally dashed
your foot is laid out with more exact
ness than any earthly city There are six
styles of cryslaliiation and all of them di
vinely ordained Kvcry crystal has mathe
matical precision Gods geometry reaches
through it and it is square or it is a rec
tangle or it is a rhomboid or in some way il
hath a mathematical figure
in the simple fact that spiritual accuracy is
more beautiful than material accuracy
Gods attributes are exact Gods law ex
act Gods decrees exact Gods manage
ment of the world exact Never counting
wrong though he counts the grass blades
and the stars and the sands and the cycles
His providemes never dealing with us per
pendicularly when those providences ought
lobe oblique nor lateral when they ought
to be vertical Everything in our life ar
ranged without any possibility of mistake
Each life b a six sided prism Born at the
rig ht time dyiug at the right time There
are no hippen sos in our theology If I
thought this was a slipshod universe I
v ould go crazy God is not an anarchist
Law order sjmmetry precision a perfect
square apcrleit rectangle a perfect rhom
boid a perlect circle The edge of Gods
oi government never frays out
There are no loose screws in the worlds
machinery It did nut just happen that
Napoleon was attacked with indigestion at
iHiBon nl mo so that he became incompetent for
the da It did not just happen that John
Thomas the missionary on a heathen
island waiting for an outfit and orders for
another missionary tour received that out
fit and those orders in a box that floated
ashore while the ship and the crew that
carried the box
The barking of P AY Kobertsons dog he
tells us led to a line of events which
brought him from the array into the Chris
tian ministry where lie served God with
world renowned usefulness It did not
merely happen so I believe in a particular
providence 1 believe Gods geometry may
be seen in all our life more beautifully than
in crystallography Job was right -The
crystal cannot equal it
Again I reuiark that religion is superior
to Iliocostal in transparency We know
not hen or by whom glass was first dis
covered Beads of it have been found in
the tomb of Alcander Severus Vases of it
are brought up from the ruins of Hercula
nitnn There were female adornments
made out of it 3000 years ago those adorn
ments found now attached to the mummies
of Egypt A great many commentators be
lieve that my text means glass hat
would we do without the crystal The
cr stal in the window to keep out the storm
and let in the day the crystal over the
watch defending its delicate machiuery
yet allowing us to see the hour the crystal
of the telescope by which the astronomer
brings distant worlds so near he can in
spect them Oh the triumphh2of the crys
tals in the celebrated windows of Rouen
and Salisbury But there is nothing so
transparent in a crystal as
It is a transparent religion You put it
to your eye and you see man his sin las
soul his destiny You look at God and you
see something of the grandeur of his char
acter It is a transparent religion Infi
dels tell us it is opaque Do you know why
they tell us it is opaque It is because they
aie blind The natural man receiveth not
the things of God because they are spiritu
ally discerned There is no trouble with
the crystal the trouble is with the eyes
which try to look through it We pray for
vision Lord that our eyes might be opened
When the eye salve cures our blindness
then we find that religion is transparent
It is a transparent Bible AH the moun
tains of the Bible comes out Sinai the
mountain of the law Pisgah the mountain
of prospect Olivet the mountain of in
struction Cilvary the mountain of sacri
fice All the rivers of the Bible conic
out Hidekel or the river of paradisaical
beauty Jordan or the river of holy chrism
Cherith or the river of prophetic supply
Nile or the river of palaces and the pure
river of life from under the throne clear as
crystal While reading this bible after our
eves have been touched by grace we find it
all transparent and the earth rocks now
v ith crucifixion agony and now with Judg
ment terror and Christ appears in some of
his 235 titles as far as I can count them
the bread the rock the captain the com
mander the conqueror the star and on
and beyond any capacity of mine to re
hearse them
The providence that seemed dark before
becoming pellucid Nowyou find God is not
trying to put you down Now you under
stand why you lost that child and why you
lost your property it was to prepare you
for eternal treasures And why sickness
came it being the precursor of immortal
juvenescenee And now you understand
why they lied about 3ou and tried to drive
you hither and thither It was to put you
in the glorious company of such men as
Ignatius who when ho went out to be de
stroyed by the lioas said I am the wheat
and the teeth of the wild beasts must first
grind me before I can become pure bread
uyesus Christ or the company of such
Xn as Polycarp who when standing in
the raidst of the amphitheater waiting for
the lions to come out of then- cave and de
stroy him and the people in the galleries
jeering and shouting The lions for Poly
carp replied Let them come on and
then stooping down toward the cave
where ths wild beasts were roaring
to get out Let them come on
Ah yes it is persecution to
put you in glorious company and while
there are many things that you will have to
postpone to the future world for explana
tion I tell you that it is the whole tendency
of your religion to unravel and explain and
interpret and illumine and irradiate Job
was right It is a glorious transparency
J remark again that religion surpasses the
crystal in its beauty That lump of crystal
is put under the magnifying glass of the
crystallographer and ho sees in it indescrib
able beauty snowdrift and splinters of
hoar frost and corals and wreaths and
stars and crowns and castellations of con
spicuous beauty The fact is that crystal is
so beautiful that I can think of but one
thing in all the universe that is so beautiful
and that is the religion of the Bible No
wouder this Bible represents that religion
as the daybreak as the apple blossoms as
the glitter of a kings banquet It is the
Joy of the whole earth
People talk too much about their cross
and not enough about their crown Do you
know the Bible mentions a cross but
twenty seven times while it mentions a
crown eighty times Ask that old man
what he thinks of religion He has been a
close observer He has been culturing an
aesthetic taste He has seen the sunrises
of a half century He has been an early
riser He has been an admirer of cameos
and corals and all lands of beautiful things
Ask him what he thinks of religion and ho
will tell you It is the most beautiful
thing I ever saw
Beautiful in its symmetry When it
presents Gods character it does not pre
sent Him as having love like a great pro
tuberance on one side of h s nature but
makes that love in harmony with His
justice a love that will accept all those
who come to Him and a justice that will
by no means clear the guilte Beautiful
religion in the sentiment it implants
Beautiful religion in the hope it kindles
Beautiful religion in the lact that it pro
poses to garland and enthrone and einpara
dise an immortal spirit Solomon says it
is a lily Paul says it is a crown The
Apocalypse says it is a fountain kissed by
the sun Ezekiel says it is a foliagcd ce
dar Christ says it is a bridegroom come
to fetch home a bride While Job in the
text takes up a whole vase of precious
stones the topaz and the sapphire and the
chrysoprasus and he takes out of this
beautiful vase just one crystal and holds
it up until it gleams in the warm light of
the eastern sky and he exclaims The crys
tal cannot eqmd it
Oh it is not a stale religion it is not a
stupid religion it is not a toothless hag as
some seem to have represented it it is not
a Meg Merrilies with shriveled ai m come
to scare the world it is the fairest daugh
ter of God heiress of all his wealth Her
cheek the morning sky her voice the music
of the south wind her step the dance of
the sea
The Spirit and the Bride say come and
whosoever will let him come Do you agree
with Solomon and say it is a lily Then
pluck it and wear it over your heart Do
you agree with Paul and say it is a crown
Then let this hour be your coronation Do
you agree with the Apocalypse and say it is
a springing fountain Then come and slake
the thirst of your soul Do you believe
with Ezekiel and say it is a foliagcd cedar
Then come under its shadow Do you be
lieve with Christ and say it is a bridegroom
come to fetch home a bride Then strike
hands with your Lord the king while I
pronounce you everlastingly one Or if you
think with Job that it is a jewel then put
it on your hand like a ring on your neck
like a bead on your forehead like a star
while looking into the mirror of Gods
Word you acknowledge the crystal cannot
equal it
Again religion is superior to the crystal
in its transformations The diamond is
only a crystalization of coal Carbonate of
lime rises till it becomes calcite or aragen
ile lied oxide of copper crystalizes into
cubes and octachedrons Those crystals
w hich adorn our persons and our homes and
our museums have only been resurrected
from forms that were far from lustrous
Scientists for ages have been examining
But I tell you in the gospel of the Son of
God there is a more wonderful transforma
tion Over souls by reason of sin black as
coal and hard as iron God by his comfort
ing grace stoops and says -They shall bo
mine in the day when I make up my
What say you will God wear jew
elry If He wanted to He could make the
stars of heaven His belt and have the even
ing cloud for the sandals of His feet but
He does not want that adornment He will
not have that jewelry When God wants
jewelry He comes down and digs it out of
the depths add darkness of sin These
souls are all crystallizations of mercy He
puts them on and He wears them in the
presence of the whole universe He wears
them on the hand that was nailed over the
heart that was pierced on the temples that
were stung They shall be mine saith
the Lord -in the day when I make up my
jewels Wonderful transformation The
crystal cannot equal it There she is a
waif of the street but she shall be a sister
of charity There he is a sot in the ditch
but he shall preach the gospel There be
hind the bars of a prison but ho shall reign
with Christ forever Where sin abounded
grace shall much more abound The car
bon becomes the solitaire -The crystal
cannot equal it
Now I have no liking for those people
who are always enlarging in Christian
meetings about their early dissipation Do
not go into the particulars my brothers
Simply say you were sick but make no dis
play of your ulcers The chief stock in
trade of some ministers and Christian
workers seems to be their
The number of pockets you picked and the
number of chickens you stole make very
poor prayer meeting rhetoric Besides
that it discourages other Christian people
who never got ilrunk or stole anything
But it is pleasant to know that those who
were farthest down have been brought
highest up Out of infernal serfdom into
eternal liberty Out of darkness into light
From coal to the solitaire The crystal
cannot equal it
But my friends the chief transforming
power of the gospel will not bo seen in
this world and not until heaven breaks
upon the soul When that light falls upon
the sold then you will see the crystals
Oh what a maguificent settiug for these
jewels of eternity I sometimes hear
people representing heaven in a way that
is far from attractive to me It seems
almost a vulgar heaven as they represent
it with great blotches of color and bands
of music making a deafening racket
John represents heaven as exquisitely
beautiful Three crystals In one place
he says Her light was like a precious
stone clear as crystal In another place
he says I saw a pure river from
under the throne clear as crystal In
another place he says Before the
throne there was a sea of glass clear as
crystal Three crystals John says crys
tal atmosphere That means health
What weather after the worlds east
wind No rack of storm clouds One
breath of that air will cure the worst tuber
cle Crystal light on all the leaves Crystal
light shimmering on the topaz of the tem
ples Crystal light tossing in the plumes of
the equestrians of Heaven on white horses
But the crystal cannot equal it John
says crystal river That means joy Deep
and ever rolling Not one drop of the
Thames or the Hudson or the Khine to soil
it Not one tear of human sorrow to em
bitter it Crystal the rain out of which it
was made Crystal the bed over which it
shall roll and ripple Crystal its infinite
surface But the crystal cannot equal it
John says crystal sea That means multi
tudinously vast Vast in rapture Rap
ture vastus the sea deep as the sea strong
as the sea ever changing as the sea
Billows of light Billows of beauty blue
with skies that were never clouded and
green with depths that were never fath
omed Arctics and Antarctics and Medi
terraneans and Atlantics and Pacifies in
crystalline magnificence Three crystals
Crystal liirht falling on a crystal river
Crystal river rolling into a crystal sea
But the crystal cannot equal it
Oh says some one putting his hand
over his eyes can it be that 1 who have
been in so much sin and trouble will ever
come to those crystals
Heaven we must have whatever else we
have or havo not and we come hero to get
it How much must I pay for it you
say You will pay for it just as much as
the coal pays to become the diamond In
other words nothing The same Almighty
power that makes the crystal in the mount
ain will change your heart which is harder
than stone for the promise is I will take
away your stony heart and I will give you a
heart of flesh
Oh says someone it is just the doc
trine I want God is to do everything and
I am to do nothing My brother it is
not the doctrine you want The coal
makes no resistance It hears the resur
rection voice in the mountain and it comes
to crystallization but your heart resists
The trouble with you my brother is the
coal wants to stay coal I do not ask you
to throw open the doer and let Christ in
I only ask that you stop bolting it and
barring it O my friends we will have
to get rid of our sins I will have to get
rid of my sins andou will have to get
rid of your sins What will we do with
our sins among the three crystals The
crystal atmosphere would display our pol
lution The crystal river would be be
fouled with our touch The crystal sea
would whelm us with its glistening surge
Transformation now or no transformation
at all
in your heart and the transformation will
be downward instead of upward Instead
of a crystal it will be a cinder In the days
of Carthage a Christian girl was con
demned to die for her faith and a boat was
bedaubed with tar and pitch and filled with
combustibles and set on fire and the Christ
ian girl was placed in the boat and the
wind was off shore and the boat floated
away with its precious treasure No one
can doubt that boat landed at the share of
heaven Sin wants to put you in a fiery
ooai anu snove you on m an opposite direc
tion off from peace off from God off from
heaven everlastingly off and the port
toward which you would sail would be a
port of darkness and the guns that would
greet you would bo the guns of despair and
the flags that would wave at your arrival
would be the black flags of death O my
brother you must either kill sin or sin will
kill you It is no wild exaggeration when I
say that any man or woman who wants to
be saved may be saved Tremendous
choice A thousand people are choosing
this moment between salvation and de
struction between light and darkness be
tween heaven and hell between charred
ruin and glorious crystallization
The Uniform Text Law
Merit Tex April IS 1S91
Editor of the Gazette
I have noticed several articles in different
newspapers on the uniform text book bill
I have just carefully read the bill I
think it a very conservative and proper bill
It limits the uniformity to spellers readers
arithmetics grammars histories and
physiologies It gives the state board lati
tude enough perhaps Much will depend on
the action of that board No doubt they
will do their whole duty to the people
It is just about what is needed in most of
the country schools and in villages It need
not work any special hardship if the board
arranges for a liberal exchange rate I do
not see how this board with its chances of
knowing can go amiss
It will work a temporary hardship on all
schools that have a well selected and well
defined course of text books But those
cities and towns which have taken charge
of their own schools are given a year to get
Anv series of readers spellers or arith
metics revised or published in the last
dozen years that I have seen will satisfy
me and ought to satisfy all concerned I
predict then will be wrangling over the
grammars And yet I think the board is
likely to adopt a suitable book A gram
mar suited to the large strictly graded
eight and ten month schools may not work
so well in the three and four mouth schools
Any good work on physiology is likely to
give satisfaction
Were I on the board I would object to any
old geography or history merely revised I
want a geography or United States history
based on the census of lbJO and not written
exclusively for New England My expe
rience is that the errors of a first edition of
any work incline to creep into the revised
editions I have been using a text book on
history founded on the census of 1S70
Some copies of our geography men
tion Galveston Houston San An
tonio and Austin but do not
mention Dallas Fort Worth or El Paso
I do not thinkit is at all likely that the
board will make the condition of the coun
try schools worse than they now are Some
of them are using raiders and arithmetics
not revised since the war
When we organized Celeste college in
lST we had sent in to be studied nineteen
different kinds of readers and an arith
metic revised in ISoj was principally used
in that and some of the adjoining neighbor
An arrangement can be madj to put in
all these old worthless books in part pay
for the books introduced and then a coun
try teacher can teach fifty pupils as easily
as he teaches thirty in many places now
I want to see the bill have a fair chance
I do not want the prejudices of the people
or the teachers excited for that will tend to
defeat the object of the bill
Some twenty years ago the Do Gress
Davis board gave us a pretty fair selection
of the text books but at exorbitant rates
and without any chance of exchange The
prejudices of the people prevented the
schools from doing the good they ought to
have done and there was a hue and cry
raised against free schools that is echoing
even now The result was that the schools
and the school interest ran down each year
for the next eight or ten years from 1S7
I predict that if the present law is met in
a spirit of fairness by the teachers and the
people that there will be considerable im
provement in the schools in the next two
or three years C C Perkin
Bucklens Arnica Salve
The Best Salve in the world for Cuts
Bruises Sores Ulcers Salt Kheum Fever
Sores Tetter Chapped Hands Chilblains
Coins and all Skin Eruptions and positively
cures Piles or no pay required It is guaran
teed to gii e perfect satisfaction or money re
funded Price 15 cents per box For sale by
Browning Nicks
Want It Over as Soon as Tossiblc
Miss Laura who has been listening to
the conversation of her learned caller for
about two hours Yes the English lan
guage is indeed a wonderful thing By
the way professor how many words are
there in it
The Professor About 250000 Miss
What an immense number How many
of them are in common use
Perhaps 40000
And how many are technical or scien
Estimates differ Miss Laura I should
say there may be 100000 Surprising is it
Witb a glance at the clock It seems
almost appalling But go on professor
Chicago Tribune
Large Tracts and 111c ISargains
Thirty thousand acres in a solid body
within two hours ride by rail of Fort
Worth and within four miles of a flourish
ing railroad station One half good agricul
tural and all fine grazing land 12000 acres
under fence several finely improved farms
all splendidly watered by numerous never
failing streams We will sell this land for
4 an acre and on easy terms It will
bring double this amount in one year
Twenty thousand acres in Taylor county
on Texas and Pacific railroad all first
class farming land This property is in
reality worth to day S10 an acre It must
however be sold at once and is therefore
offered at 0 an acre and on easy terms
Also lands in all parts of Texas at from il
to 10 an acre in quantity and quality to
Texas Land and Livestock Agency-
401 Main street Fort Worth Tex
Hon John P While P J J 31 Hurt and
W L DavlriHon Associate Judges
J Walton Clerk
Sam Hammons vs the State from Has
kell Burglary 1 After setting out the
former parts the indictment charges that
the appellant on or about the 20th day of
March 1SS9 in the county of Haskell and
state of Texas did then and there unlaw
fully at night in the county and state
aforesaid by force threats and fraud
break and eater a house there situate
and occupied by R A Anderson without
the consent of the said R A Anderson
and did with malice aforethought make
an assault in and upon the said R A
Anderson and said house with the intent
then and there to murder the said R A
Anderson against the peace and dignity of
the state Held The indictment is de
fective as to charging burglary in that it
fails to allege the intent of the appellant
at the time he -broke and entered the
house At common law this character of
pleading was permitted but under our
statute it is not allowed IS App 127
7App 277 We have the express statu
tory provision that where a particular in
tent is a material fact in the description
of the offense it must be stated iu the in
dictment C C P Art 42i
The intent is the very gist of the offense
and is as essential to the conviction of
burglary as the breaking or the entry
lb App 127 7 App 27ti The conviction
was for burglary and the indictment does
not charge that offense but it is a good in
dictment for assault to murder upon which
appellant might be lawfully convicted 2
Appellant anil two others went to Ander
sons drug store where he slept on the
night in question and lircd twelve or thir
teen shots from a Winchester and two six
shooters into various parts of the house
Appellant was not in a good humor and as
one of the witnesses stated He was mad
but not mad enough to kill It was well
known iu the little town that Anderson
was not at home on the night iu question
but was visitidg a sick lady he being a
physician Appellant and one of his co-
defendants made an examination found
Anderson was not in the house and then
stepped back and fired the shots as afore
said Held This eviience negatives the
idea of assault to murder and we therefore
hold that the evidence as shown by the
record will not support a conviction for
that offense Reversed and remanded
Davidson J
L Holmes vs the State from Grayson
1 It being shown to the court that appel
lant has settled and paid off the line and
costs herein adjudged against him on his
motion the appeal will be dismissed So
ordered Per curium
V C Brinson et al vs J H Irwin
from Collin 1 No error in sustaining ex
ceptions to the answer of defendant setting
up what Tompkins said etc The evidence
is sufficient to sustain the conversion by
appellants 2 The amount of the judgment
is supported by the evidence As to other
facts of the case they are as usual conflict
ing but this conflict was settled by the
court below Affirmed Per curiam
N J Dulaney vs L F Otey from
Nolan 1 There is no statement of facts in
the record and appellee having entered a
remittur for the amount of the exemplary
damages awarded him auctthis being a case
of the trial of the right of property we
find no error iu the judgment in so far as it
gives appellee the property Affirmed Per
S A Thompson vs Gage Bros from
Jeff Davis 1 The petition stated a good
cause of action and a cause within the ju
risdiction of the county court 2 The re
duction of the amount below the jurisdic
tion by exception on the ground of limita
tion did not oust tnis jurisdiction there
beingiio fraud alleged as to jurisdiction
Affirmed Per curiam
G E Clayton vs Burnet County from
Burnet 1 The transcript was not brought
up to the county court until the second
term after appeal was perfected No error
in dismissing appeal Affirmed Per cu
Fort AVorth and Denver City Railway vs
J AV Chewoweth from AAise 1 Petition
was good as to exemplary damage Evi
dence of Patterson was admissible to show
gross negligence on the part of appellant
and in rebuttal of appellants testimony
on this score Under the facts proved the
judgment is not excessive Affirmed Per
Jim Norris vs thecState from Haskell
Theft of cattle 1 The charge was suffi
cient and there was no error in refusing de
fendants requested instructions 2 The
evidence complained of was clearly admis
sible The court did not err in refusing to
require the state to elect upon which count
it would seek or ask a conviction Affirmed
Per curiam
G II Ash vs B F Houston et al from
Collin 1 No question of exemplary dam
ages shown by the record 2 The jury
found the title to the mare to be appellees
and this eliminates the question of dam
ages from the case o The evidence was
conflicting but was sufficient to sustain the
verdict and judgment and we will not in
terfere therewith Affirmed Per curiam
Gulf Colorado and Santa Fe Railway vs
AAT F Hurry et aL from Coleman 1 cTcs
timony objected to was admissiDle The
charge of the court wis correct and there
was no error in refusing special charges
asked No reversible error Affirmed
Per curiam
C L Nevil vs Lizzie Crosson et al from
Brewster Motion to strike out statement
of facts 1 A statement of facts which is
not agreed to nor approved by tho court be
low will not be considered in the absence
of a reasonable excuse for not complying
with the requirements of law Motion
granted Per curiam
Philip Tankersly vs the State from
Fisher Theft of property of the value of
20 1 The charge of the court was cor
rect The evidence is sufficient to support
the conviction for a felony 2 The bills of
exception are untenable and show no re
versible error Affirmed Per curiam
Jim Hanks vs the State from AVallcK
Murder in the second degree 1 The evi
dence is sufficient and tho charge fully pre
sents the law of the case as made by the
facts 2 The facts did not call fora charge
on manslaughter Affirmed Per curiam
G P AVatkins et al vs AAallace Mc
Afee from Collin 1 AVe think the affi
davit and bond for attachment are suffi
cient There is no reversible error
Affirmed Per curiam
C L Nevil vs Lizzie Crosson and J M
Dean from Brewster 1 In the absence of
a statement of facts tho assignment of
errors present no question that can be in
telligently considered by the court No re
versible error Affirmed Per curiam
Gulf Colorado and Santa Fe Railway vs
J B Johnson- from Runnels 1 Appel
lants were liable for damages occurring on
connecting lines under their contract with
appellee 2 Exceptions to the plea of ap
pellant setting up failure of appellee to give
notice of damage properly sustained 3
The damage that was sustained to the cat
tle eng route to destination was fully proved
by Gentry who accompanied the cattle to
Chicago and who witnessed the causo and
extent of the damage Affirmed Per cu
George A Eddy et aL vs City Bank of
Sherman from Grayson Motion to file
transcript 1 The transcript iu this cause
was not filed within the required time and
no sufficient ground is shown for such fail
ure The motion to file cannot be granted
Overruled per curiam
Coleman Lysaght vs Nellie Henry et
irrvDT jadtu rv
i vi i i vy jr l i i wj ru
Wholesale Groi
The Annual Sacritice of Teacher
Aekora Tea April IS 1S31
Editor of the Gazette
To several thousand teachers in Texas
this is an intensely critii il season of the
year It is the annual election period the
period in which teachers are held up to the
public gazecriticised ejected and spit upon
They are swapied like so many horses one
kicked out another led in
From the largest cities in Texas down to
the humblest rural district the alarm pre
vails No one is exempt all have fallen un
der the bail public sentiment that most
dreadful enemy because ou cant knock
his teeth down his infernal throat is busied
in weighing in the balances the aggregate
of teachers and the majority have fears
that they may be found wanting
Jt matters not how conscientiously the
teacher has acted the more conscience he
has put into his work the slimmer his
chances for permanency of tenure it is the
unconscionable hustler whose chances are
best The teacher ought to Know how not
to vote what church to frequent whom to
pat on the shoulder how to dispense the
most advantageous charity what children
to hold down severely which to wink at
in short he must -know his failing and
rustle These are tlio instincts of the suc
cessful teacher
I blame school trustees most for this in
famous custom AVhenever the old wooden
headed hypocrite thinks his chief function
is to chop oft the last years teachers head
he is a criminal and a loo But he must
let the world know that he is in office and
how under the sun can it be known unless
he shakes up things a little
He knows a few things when ho can
think of them he knows a hawk trom a
handsaw he does And besides didnt
the teacher commit the flagrant error of
whipping Bill Jones son John and aint
Bill Jones a good deacon in our church and
an influential man in the neighborhood
Preposterous The good of the community
demands that we lift the soft haired rascal
out of his boots to teach him a lesson The
lesson will do him good in the future
In cities as in country districts the su
perintendents and principals must suffer
at the hands of these officials It ought to
be scored into trustees that their highest
function is to encourage sustain and fight
for the teacher to grind into powder
every opposing faction to put their
heel upon every disgruntled loud
mouthed Pharisaical old meddler
in the city or rural district and literally
masli him into unrecognizable pulp To the
trustee who will do this heres my hand
May the good Christ give you a pre emption
toa reserved seat where theteaehcrsall go
You are a man in the right place you broad
liberal high minded congressional pos
sibility The contracted conceited humau
owl seeing things in the darkness only
who spends his official leisure in mousing
for vermin that he may present a plausible
bill of indictment against the poor defense
less teacher in his district ought to be
what the Colorado river is below Austin
You understand
I wish trustees and jioople were more
lenient Not that I have any personal in
terest at stake whatever but 1 wish they
would be more considerate Teachers are
not perfect 1 grant neither are ou teach
ers do not always meet public expectation
who does Tho fact is it is a cold blooded
topic in life and character and is a burning
shame upon our civilization I protest
against it in the name of hundreds of good
men and women whose hearts are bleeding
for a settled home I protest against it in
the name of humanity in the name of God
Are teachers dogs that they should thus
suffer Can they not feel 1 dont blame
good men for leaving the ranks of teaching
They see lawyers doctors farmers me
chanics editors merchants congressmen
and loafers with respectable homes settled
down for life and in a prosperous condition
They grow tired of their shiftless grace
lesslives and simply throw up the sponge
I repeat I dont blame them AVe deserve
better consideration than we get at the
hands of the public in general and the
school authorities in particular
There is something almost ludicrous in
the shifting nomadic life of the teacher
He seems to be a descendant of the lost
tribe of the house of Israel I shouldnt
blame him if he should fall back upon the
custom of his forefathers and carry his
tent whithersoever he pitches There is
only one class exempt from this raking
lire that is the small game whose small
ness eludes the fine tooth comb of official
inspection The large ones all tumble
They may dodge successfully for a season
but sooner or later their guilt will find
them out Their blood will tell
The blacksmith thinks the teacher did
not whip enough the deacon thinks he
whipped too much tho doctors children
did not learn anything and the lawyers
children were crammed the Methodists
object to him because hes a Campbellitc
the Baptists want him removed because he
does not pay the minister and the Camp
bellites are not stuck on him because hes
too conservative the Presbyterians fight
him on general principles These factions
pour their differently colored wines and
differently brewed poisonous decoctions
into one decanter rrom which the already
half intoxicated administrators of law be
come howlingly insane Their pious ver
dict is Away with him The poor
teacher seeks new pastures Another
horse is led into the old stall and thus the
eternal annual swapping goes ou Respect
fully J S TOMLJ
various other substantialaways
On Saturday May 2 l21ifflHacific Ex
press company witejjplrrauctiou over Mi
pieces of uitcJaJpKexpress matter
tl juoi11 iiuuit venu
The Kight Men with Capital Are Offered
Inducements Worth Considering by
Mlneu las People
Mineola Tex April 19 Our city needs
lumber and salt men men who are well
supplied with capital to build extensive
lumber and salt mills here AVe are within
a few miles of vast forests of the very finest
kind of pine and if mills were erected
here salt could also be manufactured by the
same poorer and witkf very moderate ex
pense as ie siaDsexc iroin mo saw mills
would savma guy
is salt in gRNtfEi
and within iHSbne1
limits TjHELare
quarter jK lite
our citjpo sung
that aRiing vml
our dKzcns have
cropjRgs and mas
make a fine distrS
expense in fuel There
bundance under our city
s throw of our corporate
acres of ground within a
of the corporate limits of
y impregnated with salt
grow ouit and some of
taken the surface out-
salt of it This would
uting point for the out
put of both mills a v e have unexcelled
shipping- facilities north south east and
west and events have recently transpired
which almost assures us of another railway
and possibly two which would give us six
These mills can be located sufficiently
near to the railways to ship directly from
the mills and there would be no doubt
about there being a readymarket forevery
thing the two mills could manufacture
Our people will donate the lands for fac 4
i xory purpose
d r rv cjamrs
Kjmrj j
mflMSssion Merchants
kMfr c
orders for Fort t orih Packin
product and bu d up home adustrlesJ
al from Parker I Failing ir insovent
debtors have the right to prefer creditors
2 The instrument Was a transfer or bill of
sale of the goods and the parties went into
possession There was no f aad shown in
the transaction Affirmed Per curiam
George A Eddy et al vs City Bank of
Sherman from Grayson Motion to affirm
on certificate 1 Tne motion to affirm is in
due form and will be granted Affirmed on
certificate Per curiam
Kemainicg in the postoffee at Fort Worth
Tex Monday April SO lj To oatain anv of
these letters the applicant must call for ad
vertised letters and give the date oi tne
Also all letters advertised shall oe char x
with 1 cent in addition to the retiulu - i
to be accounted for as part of the
enue as per section 531 page SIS Umteu a s
postal laws
Ladies List
Ausborn MrsM A Kline Mi s Errma U
Abbott Miss F li Moore Mrs Mary
Ball Mrs A V Mores Mrs V s
Heau2iontMrs Frankie Mabry Mr- S M
Bowers Miss Lizzie Mavsun Mrs ipw
ea Miss
Beall Iiss Laura
Broon Gorsa
Banes Miss Maitie
Brjaa Miss Mattie
Cook Mrs Bella
Corn table Mrs ISC
Crews Mrs M 7
Coal Miss Martha
Chatman Andrew
Chiles FB
CarroTnSev J
Call 1
Clark CM
Clark Wi
Dixon Charles
Earley O car
Eznew J L
Ellsworth Frank A
Elliott D li
Evins J C
Emery James
Eater W H
Foottneyer Adolph
Flaherty J C
Finnegan James E
Farrell Mr
Goldsmith Joe
Hall T AV
Harris S S
Haynie II P
Halton E U
Hanson AV F
Hankird Mike
Henderson Upton
Hecinau James
Houston Sam
Holt George
Jaynes K E
James J
Teannett I
Jmison E J
Johncs James
Johnson Frank
Johnson Uillie
Johnson Kay
Johnson Mai
Johnston O V
Johnson Link
Jones B T
Jones Kobert
KingS AV
King AV D
Kinder Julius
Kelley AV AV
Kaufman F
Mendcs Mrs S P
Hunter AV J D
Mendes S P
Smith F S
Marshall I B
Matuey Mus Nora
Maden Mis Matio
Marfan Miss Wray
Moore 1aneria
McClelland Mrs J D
McCabe Mrs Saiie
Mr- AleK
CatalootellMrs Evans Perkins Mrs Irena
Davis Mr Clara V
Biftindorf Mi Marv
Bob on Mi Erne II
Dayley Mis JLizzio
England Mrs Lizzie
Fobis Mrs Lizzie
Forster Mi s Mary
OBrlan Mrs John
Pattcr on M ss Annla
Pool Mi s Si vn
P ckett Miss Mary
Ueed Mr- Mary
Kaudlc Mrs T C
Koberts Mrs i F
Hubert Mus Mary L
i ariss ui s 1 lorence Kobsoa Miss Mar
iuenan airs lannte nice Mis Celii
uner Mr- M A
Urulln Mrs
GUli pie Mrs Eliza
Gilli pie Miss Eliza
Gibbon- MrsMattio
Goens Mi s Julia
Gray Mi s Lizzie
Harris Mrs Kate
Human Mrs Mattie
llen kv Mrs L M
Hill Mrs Lizzie
Holland Mrs Nind
Howard Mrs May
Hunan Miss Katie
Jon on Miss Anue
Jerry Miss Ida
John on Miss Eliza
Jones Bertha
Jackson Mi Nannie
Kennedy MrsTS
Allen DrJH
Armstrong B
Armstrong Jim
Alters i u
Albion C
Alger 1 f
A usee S
Archer K
Arpequi t A M
Burgess S F
Huns Arthur D
Button A M
Butcher J S
Broderick Dr Martm
Brower P
Brin Wm
Bowinn ry
Blair U
Berkley tA
Beall Ur ft H
Beauchamn G
Bates Edward
Barker Jes e A
Baxter B F
Brook Ben
Brooks Harry
Cuthbert r L
Crawford Ernes
Colson A M
Coffee S T
Champion AV N
ltich on Mi- Fitunie
Keighnej Miss C A
Bailey Miss arv
bchiru Mr- O I
SniiU r Mrs Mattie
Snider Mrs Harriet
Snyder Mrs YV F
Tmpteton Mr- T
Tajor Mi s Parthian
Walsc Madame
AVarren Mrs Pat
AVarner Mr- Anne
AVheeler Mr- I K
AVood on Mr- Marsha
Williams M s
Woods Miss Annie L
AVmiinore Mi s L zzl
Walstoa Ant u
AVrifrut E Liz ie 1
Zook Mrs ilall e
Kihan X V
Lange Dan II
Landhamer Franc
Lawrence J V
Lee D M r
Leach Johnnie
Lichtersteia s
1 ott It N
Loe ou Lovei
Long 1 P
Lyme GeoTe YV
John M C
in 1 A
land J D IJ
Inn Gci rsre
aniel J W
McArthur Fiank
Kugent Jo t ph
Sfes Gousless
NWlin H B
Xetlson Hans
Olliver Wm
Pulliani W P
Jolke James
Pederson Ole
Peterson Harrv
Peterson Charlev
Peek F AV
atterson Frank
Parker D D
Farrish James
Parmon 1 K
Palmer VP
Kathceber George
Keich John H
Kubirth Kobert
KichauNon N J
Keynolds K B
Smith Orran AV
Smith Calvin
Saunders L M
Saunders J C
Saiace W D
Salisbury L M 2
Schlabach D 2
Sefeer H F
Shell L A
Skagss John
Spence C J
Strieker Harry
Strapp H F
Stall J M
Stuart Dr C II
Steven Chuney
Shugart F
Sugiett Frank
Sumner Tore
Stirling Kock
Sepero Antonino
Tucker E M
Tovery K H
Tenncry Nuny
Warren J K
AVarren Ed b
AVebb G AV
Wells AV ii
AVillis J T
AVord V W 2
Worth James
Wolfest JnoS
AVoolsey G T
Avulster Aus
AVilliams C IS
AVilliams George
AVilliams Prut A B
AVilson Carl
AVilson Jim
AVilliams Clarence
Aoiing J
Pittock George
hite Harry
Evening Call managing editor
Brown Lansing Bellinger Funk
AVharton i Bryan
Hardin Loa Winsworth Mrs Laura
Chamberlain AV D Koot Co
A HUUop Who Skates
Bishop EUicott although 72 years of age
is a great lover of skating Many years
ago his lordship in the course of a severe
winter was staying for some days at a
house several miles from the church whero
he wus to preach The roads were in such
a state one morning that it was difficult to
ride or drive Fortunately the bishop had
brought his skates as well as his sermon
and very soon he was making good progress
over the ice of a neighboring canal His
lordship reached the church among the
first of the worshipers preached an excel
lent sermon and af terwara skated back to
an excellent dinner London Tit Bits
He was a very swell young man and she
was an old woman It happened in a cable
car He arose to get out and as he got op
posite her she dropped her purse lie gal
lantly stooped to pick it up but she mis
took his motives and said in an easily
heard voice No yes dont Gimme that
pocketbook oryez dont git away and she
grabbed his coattails madly The poor
man blushed and after handing the pursa
almost fell off the car in his embarrass
ment Cincinnati Times Star
fiotm from OTerl
Browns II
system aids dj
and cores mi
Dallas Seed Store Establu
ns ere broTcta
Br household cues
titters Rebuilds ths
uoirVenioTcs excess of tile
utrviae genuine
AVhoIesale and RetalLMBBrer Just re
ceived 13J00 bashsGjPraillet 2000 bushels
sugar cane KeeaPWBiiioa setts stock peas
and aid the enterprise in J grasciMSKllouiaIletomaloandcabbK

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