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Message to the Dal
lc City Council
B diRs Destroyed Amounts to
jIU Contents 2118350
Attnipt to Open a Safe A Sa
lt l a It 1 Stirnril Sau
oration Postponed
iiiC Ititcr otes
tit TO CRACK a sate
jjrU 20 An
last night to blow
Dallas ice company at
1 Akanl street A hole
safe near the conibiua
y powder used hut with-
ilers must have been
of their tools were
in the office where tlie
k a srGro
- morning had some
i i Urhng a nf srro working
hi Orr hit the negro
c i the hatchet iniiicting
ros cheek bone and
i was arrested but at
rrvs saloon
iiwn outfit a few nights
linir and again they came
ji affair that at first was
e fatal to Katie Trebute
bid repute Kate had a
i Ceilings Clara
r - claim to the affections
and Harry went to the
i er and sent for Kate
1 ris led to a luss and the
r a light in tt hiiU a cane
brought into use Kate
iut the head face neck
i m tors at first thought
i -ho is now thought to be
says when slie reached
others tide a war of
i ii rry struck her with his
I the knife Josie
1 pulled her away Josie
i and but Kate cannot
i it or not Harry
fie Wilson woman was
a year ago during the
ia at Wilder John
1 1 1 d of men aud boys
wi killed by one of the
r uned Uuinlelt was scri
AMld was indicted on twu
n i der the other lor as
t i murder The murder
in ic to day and will not be
i t i morrow
v ii gauizcd city council
m ide at noon to day
Iuual message was a
-ant document and is as
eves mo pleasure to
t an fourth annual message
tiuii of the members of the
with such recommenda
ue of our city as I be-
i Juients passed by the
iveuinraended by your
i lines the mayor of the
-- iter your deliberations in
J in- in my judgment will
it -e measure giving tne
I the government much
iuiiund thoueht upon
- uhichcan bo submitted
to time aud which I
ItVial period will receive
a at jour hands as the
- ay warrant
of a city is in many re
tsenient of private
conducted on somewhat
Success in any business
that there should bo a
isr and while it is true
iiially in their views of
be pursued where
yet it must neces
iiuoriti yield to the ina
i idle ground must be
m iiiinc together and
- for the
purpose If this cannot
- iirations and bad feel-
sr the parties inter-
i takings whatever they
niii failure The people
nly control its
ceiply interested in
- faction must com-
ik st interests of the city
he people through the
he judges as to who
r interests and in that
iv the servants of the
and bad policy to al-
or business to
i interests all classes
i under the manage
ii government should
v of recognition No
should not be injected
t of municipal
ilea and one thought
the highest to the
the management of
No one should arrogate
i alone is right and all
A common interest is
inl economical
- of the city should pre-
action of every man
n himself the obligation
subscribed to and in
t the following
he time of your hon-
w the various depart-
L overnment as I have
n to do but submit
e reports of the
city which are
v prepared aud con-
i touched the
that they be at once
i w pumpiug machinery
sewerage subject ft
t an expert engineer
1 ige be employed by
conjunction with the
aud that these men
- - r the completion of
in The messasre also
by tho city of
-e and auditorium also
ic city was also rec
e method that would
present The council
- trday night
- vis taken from the
the chief of the fire
department has au-
- as against 113 of the
an increase of eighty-
lose laid 104200 feet
- -1 Alarms for each
- day 20 Moudav 25
iy 33 Thursday 31
- tings aud contents
1327020 00
211S50 00
3445350 00
150030 63
21ST03 T9
414S0 41
Insurance on buildings with contents and
amounts paid
Insurance on buildings 500000 00
Insurance on contents 1419303 00
Total 2310205 00
Insurance adjusted on buildings 103324 12
Insurance adjusted on contents 1475S9 79
Total 314013 91
Excess of loss over insurance
paid 99910 50
dumber of fires less than 5100 fifty
between 100 and 500 twenty one between
500 and 1000 nine 1000 and 5000
twentv six 5000 and 10000 ten 10000
and 50000 three 50000 and 100000
two more than 100000 none
The following list will show the charac
ter of the premises in which fires have oc
curred during the jear
Brick buildings 4 1
Frame 142
Stone 3
Concrete 1
The expenses of the lire department for
the year ending April 1 1S91 were as fol
Wages 29022 S5
Feed 2129 10
Gas 153 12
Fuel 375 75
Oil i 73
Shoeing 232 50
Repairing 431 35
Expenses 2022 Ot
Fire alarm 4S0 S3
Total expenses
By credit sale of old stock
S3 1031 29
32 00
Xet expenses 31 09 29
The expenses include new stalk paints
and kalbomine new feed rooms new desks
fire alarms and office furniture
The valuation of the department property
is estimated as follows
Apparatus 35000
Building 15000
Ueal estate 25000
Fire alarm 15000
Total 590000
The report is a most exhaustive and com
prehensive oneand Chief Wilkinson lias cer
tainly covered all the ground He calls at
lention to the admitted fact that more men
and more engines are necessary that there
are now in ue 250 lii o hydrants in the eng
tire city that a lire patrol or salvage corps
is one of the absolute necessities of the near
futureasks forthepurchaseof chemical eng
gines in connection with hose carnages
He calls attention to the fact that without
the addition to the central station it will be
impossible to extend the fire alarm system
for North and East Dallas and also the im
portance of ereatingthe office of inspeetorof
buildings and Hues The chief also makes
many excelleut suggestions with regard to
the proper construction of buildings
material used etc and closes by extending
thanks of himself and department to Mayor
Connor the city council tire committee
Superintendent Mahoney and other officers
of the city government
An important jury trial was held to day
in the city court Henry Dahl has been
running a saloon in the resident portion of
the city in violation of the city ordinance
touching on that joiut which is that the
consent of the council has to be obtained
before such a saloon can be run The jury
found Dahl guilty aud his fine was fixed at
On Wednesday one of the strongest cock
ing mains ever held in Texas will begin in
this city
The San Jacinto day celebration for the
benefit of the Girls co operative home has
been postponed until May 7th Tho bd
weather made the postponement necessary
The river is rapidly rising at the rate of
six inches an hour The water is over the
pike leading from Dallas to Oak Cliff The
indications are for an extremely high river
and a repetition of the overflows of last
spring are now looked for
The Town or littsburg Ter Visited by a
DLa truti Sturm UuIIiIIiirs Wrecked
anil leoplo Injured
Special to the Gazette
PiTTsiirito Tex April 20 One of the
most disastrous cyclones passed through
our town this morning about 3 oclock
completely destroying the residences of
Mrs Powell and C U Davis and badly
damaging the residences of V C Saufly
Mrs X C CredeUe G W Davis Mrs
Mollie Greer and D P Smith
Mr SautlysandMrs Greers houses were
thrown oft of tneir blocks and moved
several feet
Mrs Greers houso was partly unroofed
and torn to pieces
Mrs Powell and her daughter Mrs
Burns were seriously hurt It is doubtful
whether Mrs Powell will live She did
not speak for several hours and is still un
Joe Gomer his wife and Miss Dean who
were in the house were slightly hurt
Parties living in the other buildings were
unhurt If it had not been for the cries
and groans of the ladies no person would
have thought that any damage had been
The cyclone was only about twenty five
feet wide and lasted but a few minutes It
completely destroyed everything in its
reach twisting off trees killing chickens
and birds and was a fearful thing Your
correspondent happened to be one of the
first parties on the scene and helped carry
tho wounded parties to the residence of Mr
W S Kesterson where their wounds were
dressed and proper medicine given them
Our people are very much excited over the
great disaster and great crowds have been
gathering about the ruined houses and re
moving the clothing and furniture
Tho Texas Delesation at Home The Attorney-Generals
Ablstant raid
to the Comptroller
Special to the Gazette
Avstix Tex April 20 The Texas dele
gation to the commercial congress at Kan
sas City has returned and those of them
that have been seen speak very confidently
of the results to be expected from the con
W J J Smith of Dallas will enter upon
his duties as an officer assistant to the attorney-general
May 1 He makes the third
in the office and is a young man of about
thirty years of age and a graduate of tho
university law class of 1SS7 of which he
was valedictorian
The following counties paid interest to
day to the comptroller Aransas 1200 La
Salle 1523 Donley 1550 Stephens 49
Tyler 330
The Fair are Bound Over to Interview the
Grand Jury Court at WeatherforiL
Special to the Gazette
WEATIlERFOItD Tex April 20 In tho
examining trial before Justice Winston
to day of John Roberts and Allena
Randolph charged with incest Roberts
was bound overin the sum of 1000 and
tho woman in the sum of 750 to await
the action of the grand jury The defend
ants were first cousins and the witnesses
were Roberts two sons
In the county court to day the first
day of the criminal docket Ed Harbenrer
pleaded guilty to a charge of disturbing
public worship and was fined 30
Abram Mejia Jim Blocker and Samuel
Williams pleaded guilty to tho charge of
carrying pistols and were fined 25 each
The State vs Ab Lewis charged with
theft of 500 pounds of seed cotton is now
on trial
Portuguese Authorities
Anxious for a Fight
The Portuguese Fire on Two English Vessels
British Settlers Preparing for War
Three Thousand Hebrews Expelled From
Jtussla Miainclkm8 Confession of
Conspiracy Against tho Czar
Sainiua Ilidgo Captured
Keady to Fight Portugal
Special to the Gazette
London April 20 Advices from Capo
Town confirm the statement previously
cabled that the British settlers in Mashon
lad and Manicaland are everywhere pre
paring for a fight with the Portuguese
Gungunhama has sent messages repudiat
ing allegiance to Portugal and asking to be
taken under the protection of the British
government The chief is said to be deeply
enraged at the abduction by the Portuguese
of two of her sons and one daughter
as hostages The sous were taken to
Portugal to be educated and the daughter
is detained at Mozambique Gungunhama
was frightened into submission at first but
a British trader has informed him that the
Portuguese would not daro to injure the
children and now ho wants to fight Young
Chief Umbati of Gungunhamas kraal to
whom tho daughter was to havo been mar
ried shortly has already started with a band
of warriors to fight the Portuguese
The British South African companys lead
ing representatives in London held a meet
ing to day to discuss the South African sit
uation The opinion was freelyjexpressed
that unless Portugal promptly ceased her
high handed measures the company would
have to take action in defense of its char
tered rights
Shameikin the would be assassin of the
czar is said to have implicated a number of
Jews in his confession and as a result
3000 of that race have been expelled from
Kieff where the plot to murder tho czar
had its origin Shameikin it is now
known is not a real Russian but
a Lithuanian in origin aud
his family prominent once had boen re
duced to poverty by unfortunate specula
tions He has told the police that he did
not care to live and he had forfeited his life
when he agreed to kill tho czar he and his
fellows being pledged that the ouo chosen
for the task must die whether he succeeded
in his mission or not
A Vienna dispatch says that Count Taafe
Austrian premier is accused of favoring
the anti Jewish movement in order to draw
anti scmitics to his support He has suc
ceeded for the present in holding together
a majority for the government in the
reichsrath The Ydung Czechs have pre
sented their demands that the emperor
shall be crowned king of Bohemia and that
other changes be effected in recognition of
Bohemian nationality
The German East African company have
coined an immense quantity of silver tor
use in that colony and this week will see
the new coinage on its way to Africa
The Germans declare that they will hold
to Damaraland whether the English help
them or not and that the country will be
developed both for its agricultural and min
eral value The announcement is a disap
pointment to an Enciish syndicate that had
been formed for the purpose of seizing
Damaraland as soon as the Germans should
give up and which has resorted to con
temptible methods in order to rid Africa in
that quarter of Germans
The St James Gazette to day expresses
the hope that Lord Randolph Churchills
journey to South Africa will have valuable
results The St James GazeUe predicts
the growth of a great Anglo African empire
in the south part of that continent
Gen Booth has issued anappeal in behalf
of the Salvation army and his work The
general says he is short 20000 in
his current expenses and fears
that much of his work may have
to be abandoned as he had already gone as
far as he dared to go without substantial
All parties in parliament are rather hop
ing that Cobaiu the Irish Conservative
member will not be brought to trial as the
developments would be of a nature to -hock
the country and could hardly fail to have a
demoralizing influence
Latest Instance of Hostility
Loktjox April 20 Dispatches received
here from Ourban South Africa show that
tho Portuguese authorities are trying a high
hand in Mashonlad The largest instance of
their hostility to British interests in that
district is likely to cause further tension
of the relations between the governments
of Great Britain and Portugal There
are a number of British colonists who
have settled in Mashonlad and the malls
destined to them are carried by way of
Beira a Portuguese settlement A short
time ago upon the arrival of the British
mail sacks the Portuguese authorities
held them refusing to allow them to be
carried to their destination Great indig
nation on the part of the British colon
ists has been aroused by this high handed
proceeding of the Portuguese
Further details regarding the firing upon
the British steamer Agnes which was eng
gaged in the expedition under the command
of CoL WUloughby and tho seizure of the
cargo boat engaged in the same service
show that Col Wiiloughby tried to secure
the release of his vessel by the payment
of this usual custom duty of 3 per cent im
posed by the Portuguese The official who
commauded the force which seized the
boats refused to accept this pay and ordered
the British flag hauled down and hoisted
the Portuguese liag in its place The Por
tuguese declare that the British are ex
cluded from Pungeve river which the boats
were navigating when seized and which is
the chief water route to Mashonlad
Several of the British colonists havo been
imprisoned aud most of the British set
tlers have returned from Mashonlad on
account of the arbitrary action of the Por
tuguese There is every evidence that a
serious rupture is pending between the
Portuguese and the British governments
A dispatch from South Africa says that
CoL Wiiloughby has reached Deltroa bay
He reports that on arrival at Beira he ap
plied for permission to proceed up the
Pungive river and offered to pay the pre
scribed duties but as he received
no answer after forty eight hours
he started without permission
when the Portuguese opened lire
upon him seized his two steamers with
mails and provisions and imprisoned six
teen of the crew Col Wiiloughby says
that the lives of the British at Beira are
in great danger
The explanation of the seizure given at
Lisbon is that Col Wiiloughby attempted
to proceed to the river without paying the
The report of a fight between the Brit
ish and Portuguese published to day is be
lieved to refer to the seizure of tho Wii
loughby expedition
Reciprocity with Spain
Madrid April 20 The reciprocity con
vention between Spain and the United
States as drafted by Premier Canovas del
Castello representing Spain and Gen J
W Foster representing the United States
is based as far as the United States is con
cerned upon the third or reciprocity
section of the new American tariff
law In return for the privilege
of the free entry into the United
States of Antilles sugars molasses
coffee and hides and the reduction of the
make a good starter
duty on tea America will obtain oxemption
from duties on most of her raw and manu
factured products and a reduction of the
tariff on cereals and Hour
The negotiations wero protracted upon
the question of the entire abolition of tho
tariff on cereals flour and oils
including petroleum and lard
The same question in regard to
tobacco was also raised but not coming
within the scope of the third section of the
American tariff law was put aside
Premier Canovas assented to such reduc
tion of the tariff as will place American
flour on an equal footing with Spanish
flour Spanish merchants declare
that taking into consideration the
cost of transportation of Castile
grain of which the bulk goes
to the Antilles American flour will crush
out the Spanish product in the Spanish
West Indies Cuba now consumes 500000
barrels of flour yearly chiefly Spanish
which enters free of duty and pays for it
12 per barrel The prospect of a danger
ous tension of the relations of Spain with
Cuba and Porto Rico resulting possibly in
a civil war obliged the government to sac
rifice home industry to colonial interests
Under the new convention America will
obtain free of Zollverin with Spanish An
tilles her wheat beans flour lard petro
leum Manufactured products and machin
ery v ill enter practically free of duty
Among other Spanish exports olive oil will
be replaced by American lard and beans
now exported to Cuba in large quantities
will cease to be sent
The advantages resulting to Cuba will be
great but it is impossible to estimate the
injury to the Spanish trade
A Mutiny
Londos April 20 The members of the
artillery battery at Portsmouth mutinied
yesterday in order to call attention to their
grievance They complained of the exer
cise drill and other onerous duties The
leaders of tho mutiny wero arrested and
will be courtmnrtialed The officials at
Portsmouth tried to keep the trouble secret
Samina Kiigp Captured
Calcutta April 20 The British advance
force in three columns have captured
Samina ridge The cuusualties of the Brit
ish side were slight The Miranzas losses
are not known
Kus ian Armcil ItesiTW to Kntl
Loxuox April 20 A dispatch to the
Graphic from Kitff says that it is stated in
military circles that the go vernmeht intends
to increase the forces on the soutwestern
frontier by 50000 men There is a growing
belief that the period of armed reserve in
Russia is about to end
A Xew Itepuhlic
Loxdox April 20 A telegram from
Pretoria a South African republic an
nounces that a Boer expedition with the
consentof Portugal will establish a republic
in either Mashonaland or Xanicaland This
project if carried out will affect the Manlca
territory claimed by England and will re
sult in further trouble between England
and Portugal
Opera Ueforms
Papis April 20 The governor has ap
pointed AI Bertram the successful man
ager of the varieties to be director of tho
opera with M Golonna as musical director
It is intended to introduce many reforms in
the 0era The new works by tho French
Italian German and Russian composers
will be given once a week with a special
musical reception for subscribers on
alternate Thursdays and a gala perform
ance will be given on the first Saturday in
every mouth
Huron Fava Talks
Paris April 20 Baron Fava arrived
here eng route to Rome The baron is much
annoyed at the action of the United States
in regard to the Xcw Orleans affair Ac
cording to Goleil Baron Fava assured sev
eral fellow passengers on the -La Gtiscoge
that Marquis lmperiali the Italian charge
daffaires at Washington would be recalled
Italy would not have diplomatic represen
tatives at Washington until the New Orleans
affair was finally settled
The Case of John Connor Alias Charles
Parker Called Some of the
tlcnco Given
Special to the Gazette
Sheiiman Tex April 20 he murder
trial of John Connor alias Clia les Parker
was called to day aud three witnesses have
been examined up to the close of court this
evening Marshal Blain Charles Connors of
Missouri and the newsboy on the train
Connors admits that ho was to get half
the reward for the conviction of the ac
cused and was asked and did copy the
letter in court He wrote to Blain inform
ing him of the whereabouts of Parker
Connor claims that he was on the irain
and that Parker was the man he put offand
who fired the shot
It was developed on the stand that the
witness was an ex convict and had borne a
bad name which will have its weight with
the jury there can be no doubt in favor of
the prisoner
The newsboy could not identify tho
Marshal Blain had him in the calaboose
for being drunk some days before the kill
ing and he was also here afterwards The
opinion prevails that he can never be con
victed upon the evidence thus far adduced
A Quartette of Oklahoma Horse Thieves
A Damaging Storm A Prisoner
Ituse to Get Married
Special to the Gazette
Oklahoma Citt O T April C0 The
trial of Mark Bean Marquis Dupree W
L Hiett and J Randall charged with horse
theft was concluded to day by the jury
returning a verdict of guilty against all the
The greatest wind and rain storm ever
known here visited this section last night
Trees were blown down houses unroofed
and streams are all out of banks doing
great damage to growing crops
Jack Rucker who is in jail on charge of
abducting Birdie Fuller a fifteen-year-old
girl for immoral purposes created another
sensation to day by making an effort to get
out and marry the girl The scheme as
planned was that Rucker was to feign sick
ness and get taken out by an officer for an
hours airing His attorney had the girl
prepared and a marriage would have cer
tainly taken place had not the sheriff dis
covered the plan
Frank Clemings while unloading beer
to day from a car had his right hand cut off
by a keg falling upon it
First Day of Paris Federal Court Makes a
Good Record
Special to the Gazette
Paris Tex April 20 U T White a
resident of Post Oaks Clay- county Tex
was convicted in the Federal court to day
of robbery The crime was alleged to have
been committed in Pickens county Chicka
saw Nation the victim being an old white
man named C E Wills The amount
taken was 250 The case was one of purely
circumstantial evidence but dovetailed to
gether enough to satisfy the jury which
was out only five minutes
This is the first day of court and one con
viction and seven bills from tne
The Septuple Execution in the
Indian Territory
A Successful Break for Liberty With Little Re
sistance From the Officers
Three Who Had Already Been Pardoned
ltecaitured the Other at Largo
With the Unexecuted Sentence
Hanging Over Them
Special to the Gazette
ErnAVLA I T April 20 Those who gath
credjat We waka courthousefif ty eight miles
west of here this morning to witness the
execution of seven negro murderers aud one
negro thief were disappointed Throe of the
condemned Prince Hawkins Lake Andy
and Jell Brown were pardoned by the chief
on Friday last Yesterday all the others
by the aid of their friends escaped from
their guards a few shots being exchanged
by the light horsemen and the friends of
the condemned Your correspondent with
representatives of other journals left the
scene at 7 oclock this morning at which
time there was no prospect of a recapture
as the men were being well taken care of
by their friends and the water courses are
much s oiled from recent rams
Tnoso who escaped wero Ross Riley
Perry Johnson Cudge Barnett Ca sar
James murderers and Douglass Brown
larceny Under the laws of the Creeks
the penalty for the first offense of stealing
is fifty lashes second offense UK and the
third is death Douglass Brown had been
convicted for the thiitl time
All of them were convicted and sentenced
to death about three weeks ago since
which time they have been chained and
guarded by light horsemen there being no
jails in this Nation The light horsemen
had been summoned from Deep Fork and
Tulsatown to assist in the execution but
did not arrive until after the escape which
was effected when there were but two
guards present The murders these men
committed were of the most brutal charac
ter and occurred in October is9 the vic
tims being Robert Reed aud Wiley Walls
who were at the time acting as light horse
Tho Indians are much dissatisfied with
the turn of affairs and more trouble will
yet grow out of it
St Lons Mo April 20 A Post Dis
patch special from Eufaula I T says
News has just been received here that the
execution of Ross Riley Jeff Brown
Douglass Brown Cudge Barnett Perry
Johnson Lake Andy and Prince Hawkins
in the western portion of the Newaka dis
trict Creek Nation which was set for to
day has been frustrated Dy the escape of
the prisoners
The Indians mode of dealing with pris
oners is different from whiles and admits
of more crookenness and bribery There
are no prisons in the Creek Nation but
when a prisoner is under arrest awaitiug
tiial or execution he is guarded and moved
from place to place over the district until
his time comes
There was quite a body of light horsemen
guarding these men and Friday evening
about 5 oclock they went out to the stable
and all but one negro guard the only negro
among the guards went into the stables to
look after the horses Taking advantage
of the opportunity purposely given them
one of the prisoners made a break for lib
erty aud while the guards were attempting
to capture him the balance of them es
caped They were all
in their flight aud only one of the guards
shot at them as they left
Three of them Jeff Brown Prince Haw
kins and Perry Johnson were recaptured
but they are the three that it was supponed
would bo pardoned by the chief They were
taken before the district judge yesterday
aud there it was found that pardons awaited
them Those at large are still under sen
tence of death
Special to the Gazette
Pars Tex April 20 The account from
Eufala I T of tho erirae for which tho
seven negroes were to be shot at Wcwaka
to day docs not give all the features of the
case Bob Reed who was a Mexican and
Creek only by marriage and Wiley Walls
alias Sorelip Wiley were members of the
Coehalustec or Black Tiger gang as were
Tover and Greenleaf who were with the
two former when the Bruneis were killed
The Creek olhcets as stated from Eufala
got these four worthies to hunt the Brun
ers down on the Jonathan Wild plan out
laws to catch outlaws They could enter
and pass through the Bruner settlement
without causing alarm and were thus able
to get in sight of the Bruners but only to
kill them The negroes say that these men
Reed k Co were not possessed of any
legal warrant and did not really make any
attempt to take the Bruners but having
the drop used it for death and not capture
The negross after catching and tilling
Reed and Walls at Eagletown twenty
miles west of the church where they had
killed the Bruners kept up a hot hunt for
Tover and Greenleaf as well as for Black
Tiger and made it so uncomfortably warm
that they changed their lairs from the
Creek to the Chickasaw side of tho Cana
dian where they would only have deputy
marshals to watch
Special to the Gazette
Paris Tex April 20 In regard to the
condemned men in the Creek Nation it is
strongly believed that the escape tho re
capture of the three and their pardon was a
well planned scheme to avoid the conflict
between the Creeks and negroes over the
execution Such a conflict would have been
disastrous as both bloods are equally
matched in the Creek tribe
A Chicago Man in Denison in the Interest
of the Proposed Texas Exhibit
Throughout the Xorth
Special to the Gazette
Tei April 20 W A Bowen
of the Chicaeo Press is in the city in the
interest of the proposed Texas exhibition
cars to be sent out throughout the North the
coming season A meeting of leading citi
zens is being held to night at tho rooms of
the Denison club and considerable interest
in the plan is being manifested Mr Bowen
explained the plan very fully and active
steps were commenced to raise Denisons
pro rata of the funds necessary to defray
the expense of the gigantic advertisement
Desperate Assault on a Judge
Charleston W Va April 20 Sim
Johnson a negro who ravished -Eva Baley a
respected white girl has been sentenced to
day to be hanged After tho judge had
pronounced the sentence Johnson made a
desperate attempt to kill the judge The
officers rushed in and after a desperate
struggle secured and dragged the negro
Foreign Grain Market
London- April 20 The Mark Lane Ex
press in its weekly review of the grain
trade says English wheat continues in
sellers favor The average quotations
are SSs 6d Foreign wheats were active
during the week and there were large
sales at a rise of 6d for maize There was
increased inquiry which with a decrease
or imports raised the prices Is Trado is
realizing profits Dealings in cargoes on
passage wore brisk at a rio of Is on white
wheats fl on red wheats 6rf 10d on maize
Continental orders heishteu values of to
days market Londons average for
English wheat is 39s for white 29s bit
was paid for good red Foreign was Is
higher for reds and Is 0d for whites
Threatened Strike
Louisville Kv April20 Ten thousand
coal miners are expected to strike to day at
JelUco unless an agreement is reached re
garding the scale of wages
Smlden Death of a Farmer
Special to the Gazette
BoNHAJi Tnx April 20 W II Lock
one of our oldest and most prominent
farmers and Alliance men living one and a
half miles northwest of this city late yes
terday evening went out to feed his stock
The family becoming alarmed at his long
absence went in search of him They
found him lying on his back near the hay
rick with a pitchfork in his hands dead
He was apparently in good health when he
went out to feed and had been dead about
an hour before he was found Tho doctors
say he died from heart disease
The Sheriffs Afraid to Serve Their Writs
Coroners Verdict on the Death of tho
ltiuters Trouble Expected
The Coke Works Surrounded
Scottdalu Pa April 20 The rioting
by the strikers continue in the coke re
gions Leisinger No 2 a plant of the Frick
Coke company has been kept hi an uproar
continuously since Saturday night The
works are surrounded bj a mob day and
night and explosions of bombs firing of
guns blowing of horns and beating of cans
can be heard at all hours The injunction
papers and warrants which arc continually
being issuedhave been placed in the hands
of sheriffs and constables but they claim to
be powerless to serve them without the as
sistance of the troops
Coroners Venflct
Mount Pleasant Pa April 20 This
afternoon the coroners jury returned its
verdict in the Morewood riot cas e as fol
lows That deceased came to his death at
Morewood on Tuesday monuinr April 2
1S01 about 3 oclock by a bullet discharged
from a gun or revolver in the hands of dep
uties of the sheriff of Westmoreland
This applies to each man killed in tho
Delegates Rolling into Waco front
incut Members Present Interview
With Hon 7 F Tillman
Special to the Gazette
Waco Tex April 20 The delegates to
the first annual meeting of the Farmers
Alliance conference or association will
take place in this city to morrow morning
beginning at 10 oclock in the blue room of
the city hall therefore to morrow will be
nominated the first day
The ouening address will be delivered by
Hon Evan Jones the president of the
Farmers Alliance of the state of Texas
To morrow afternoon there will probably
be an executive session
To morrow night Hon L F Livingstone
president of the state Farmers Alliance of
Georgia will deliver an address on the sub
ject of Transportation This will close
the first day Interest appears to turn
particularly on the address of Hon C W
Macune the chairman of the national
executive com mittee
There are already here over one hundred
delegates Of these such distinguished gen
tlemen as tho following registered at the
various hotels Hon Evan Jones president
of the Farmers Alliance of the state of
Texas Hon L F Livingstone president
of the Georgia State Alliance also repre
sentative of the Fifth congressional dis
trict of the state of Georgia Hon J F
Tillman of Tennessee member of the na
tional executive board Hon Alonzo Ward
all of Huron S D and E T Stoekhouse
of Little River S C
In an interview with a Gazette reporter
Hon J F Tillman member and secretary
of the national executive board of the
Farmers Alliance and Industrial Union
said The nature of the Waco convention
is to be non partisan members of all
parties belonging to it therefore
there is to be no political significance in it
It is for the purpose of a full and free inter
change of opinions aud discussion tending
to the upbuilding and strengthening of the
entire organization throughout the state
by credited delegates state and national of
ficers and not for the purpose of
tearing down an legitimate interests what
ever The organization in other states is
on a boom and on the ICth had organized
the state of Ohio into the Farmers Alliance
and Industrial union and in the
fall we desire to give John Sher
man just such a dose as we
gave Ingalls in Kansas Have recently
taken some 35000 of the Patrons of Hus
bandry into the order Also will on the
22d inst organize the state of New York
into the order The speaking will be pub
lic We desire to create a better feeling to
wards the order than has heretofore ex
Ite Arrestetl After Having Made a Good
Jump from a Train A Report Cor
rected OaauaU Has a Uouil Jail
Special to the Gazette
Quaxati Tex April 20 An eight pound
boy was bom to the wife of J L Elbert
nee Rosa Lee Brown formerly teacher in
the Fort Worth high school at 030 a m
April 19
Sheriff Warde arrived yesterday from
Marlin and took into custody one J Cald
well who was arrested the day bef oi e by
Capt McDonald at Clarendon and will re
turn with him to day Caldwell was ar
rested in Falls county last summer on a
charge of swindling and while in the cus
tody of an officer jumped from a train while
it was running and made his escape and
nothing more was heard of him until ar
rested by McDonald
OThe Dallas News a few days ago said
that Lou Brown alias Belle Starr and
Casky charged with horse stealing were
carried to Vernon for safe keeping This
is not a fact as there is a good jail at
Quanah These parties were carried to
Vernon to be tried for horse theft as they
came through Wilbarger county on the
horses stolen in Montague county
Capt McDonald goes to Fort Worth as a
witness against Clayton one of the pick
pockets who robbed old man Adamson on
the Fort Worth and Denver platform at the
Union depot and made such a good run
mention of which was made at the time
in The Gazette
The Brazos Booming
Special to the Gazette
Waco Tex April 20 The Brazos river
is on a rise It lacks considerable yet of
being to the high water mark of last year
The heavy rains of the last few days caused
this and if the rain is general above here
the rise may be disastrous
u 1
The Presidents Party Arrivs
San Antonio in a Storm
The Citys Gay Colors Show Up as One Tne
Ladies Remain in the Cars
Escorted to the Opera House Speech
Making by Prominent Personage
lUe Party Departs lor Kl Paso
Austin Delegation
The Austin Delegation
Special to the Gazette
Austin Tex April 20 A few of tho
state oftieialsiEcluding Land Commissionr r
McGaughey Commissioner Post r S
intendent Pritchett and Secretary of i
Smith went to San Antonio to joui n
the welcome there to day of the pivs tet
The governor is expected home to uighc
The Arrival at San Antonio
Special to the Gazette
San Antonio Tex April 20 The pre
party arrived at oclock ths u m
ing in one of the huc viest rain surms
corded A salute of ariiilerv v is tireil -
the train ran in the depot 1 he oind
puyed Hail to the Chief Thu we
prevented the ladles leaving the car Tl
streets had been beautifully decora d but
the weather made the flags all one color
The president Mr Wanunaki r M
Rusk Governor Hogg and other prunu Ti
people of the parly entered hue its ihI wrru
driven to the Grand opera Ttia
president spoke followed by the post ua tf -general
the secretary of acricuii re M
Hog and others A general
The contemplated combat of roses w
The train left for El Paso prompt- it
rooi It will reach there about lo n iLj
morning No stops will be made
Y Ptso ill
Special to the Gazette
El Paso Tex April 20 Greaf prepara
tions are being made to receive The presi
dential party The whole city is in ga j
A grand ball will be given to morrow
night in honor of the Mexican visitors
Interviewed Secretary Ztusk
San Antonio Tex April 20 Fo1 lott
ing the presidential party to this city r -day
with a view to an interview with So
lvtary Rusk was a body of men composed
of Senator II M Teller of Colorado Sen
ator F E Warren of Wyoming Judge IG
Synies of Colorado Dr A A
state veternary of Wyoming 1 L Brusn
of the state veterinary board of Colorado
H G Hay a Worlds fair commissioner
and J C leary stock agent of the Union
Pacific road at Denver This pirty
arrived this morning anil had an intertietr
with Secretary Rusk regarding the recent
alternations by the government of the Texas
fever line as established by tho Colorado
Wyoming and Montana convention Tho
representatives of these states had adopted
the thirty sixth parallel as the Southern
quarantine line below which all cattlo eng
route north should be subjet to
inspection A short time ago this lino
was changed by order of the government
and moved southward until it shut out
many thousand head of cattle from enter
ing into the North Tho Western union
beef company alone had 15000 head of cat
tle thus cut off when almost ready to move
them Tho conference hero to day was
very satisfactory and a telegram was sent
to Washington abolishing the new govern
ment quarantine and restoring the old Tha
quarantine party went north to night
A Tmin Couple In New York Go by tho
GaaFnhatUK Koute They Prepare
for tho Occasion
New York April 20 A young coupla
registered at the Grand Union hotel Forty
second street and Fourth avenue Sunday
morning as Bernard and wife and
were assigned to room DS a large room on
the third floor To night at S30 they wero
found locked in each others arms They
had employed the familiar method of enhai
iug gas through rubber tubes held in tho
mouth On the womans breast was a largo
and beautiful boquet evidently purchased
by the young man for the occasion of death
No one within the hotel knew who the
couple were but they were evidently Ger
A Man Shot ami Instantly Killed While
at Preaching
Special to the Gazette
Lake Charles La April 20 At Dry
Creek in the northern portion of Colcasicu
parish as the people were congregating to
attend religious services to day a quarrel
arose between one Miller son of L IJ
Miller a member of tho ioliec jury and
Dr W R Libbey ol Sabine parish in
which the doctor was shot and instantly
killed by Miller The latter is in jail No
cause for the shooting Is given
An Mexican Fatally Stabbed in a Quarrel
While Drinking
Special to the Gazette
Yoakcm Tex April 20 An Inquest
was this evening held over the body of
Joseph E Acome a Mexican Acome lived
about three miles from Yoakum and had
met up with two strange Mexicans whom
he had invited home with him Shortly
after arriving there a dispute began which
was ended by one of the strangers stabbing
Acome He fled and has not been found
All parties were drinking
Congressman M H Ford died of apoplexy
at noon yesterday at Grand Rapids Mich
The United States steamship Dispatch
with Secretary Blaine aboard sailed for
Washington Monday from Fortress Mon
During a quarrel near Cumberland Md
yesterday John Lutraan shot and killed ons
man fatally wounded a second and then
shot and killed himself
The Federal grand jnry at Chicago has re
turned a true bill againstGeorgeLGibbons
former secretary of the whisky trust oa
the charge of attempting to bribe a frov
ernment officer to blow up ShufeldVs dis
In addition to the monumental fund of
50000 raised in belalf of the late Gen
Sherman personal friends have been able
to secure an additional sura of 70000
which will be turned over to his two un
married daughters
At Vieksburg Miss Judge Warran
Cowan aged fifty three one of the most
prominent citizens died yesterday of heart
disease He served in the Confederate
army and won distinction as city attorney
Judge of the probate court circuit Judgu
and chancellor He was an earnest Demo
crat and did valiiant service In ridding tin
state of Radical rula

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