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Publishers and Proarietors
Office Corner Fifth and Rusk Streets
Dav and Sunday one year HO 00
Daily and Sunday six months 5 M
Mondav Wednedey and Friday U
Tte Sundav Gazette IS pages lyr 2M
Ti e Weekly Gazette lipases one year 1 XI
tiy carrier In the city and suburbs 25 cents a
t cek or CI per month
Give Postofsce Address in full including
County and State
If address la to be changed give old address
a well as new
Tub Gazette will be sent or ly for the time
for w hich remittance is cade
Entered at tte PostoSlcc In Fort Worth Tex
as Second Class Matter
Kor the benelit of our patrons who desire to
FCuii cmgle copies of Tun Gazette through
mail uc give herewith the transient rate of
Toreign and Domestic Per Copy
Light and twelve p ige paper 1 cent
Siieenand twenty pae paper is cents
Aix Postmasters In the state arc authorized
to ike subscriptions to The Gazette
limiiAi Commissions alijwed Write for
U r and sample copies
tHirrAMjis By draft check postoface
mtrf crdir or registered letter can be bent at
ot iik All other character of remittances
m senders risk
- t r can be sent in registered letter
A ecUs monev ordci etc must Le made
to The Gazlttk Fort Worth Texas
Persons unable to obtain Till GAZETTE at
r w ancies on railway trains and in other
y acr where usually old will confer u favor
fj iurtiiig the fact to us giving dates and
The Gazette will not undertake to return
it il iparitM rips Persons wishing to pre-
e their literary productions should retain
p - of oi communication- sent this office
i p itiication
tSAll letters or communications for The
azette whether on business or Mr
p Oould be addressed to The Gazette or
niirt Publishing Company loit Worth
i a d not to any Individual
i n mmumcatioiis intended for publication
I in- Louipann d by the writers name and
J not lor publication but as an
i of good faith No attention paid to
ttih communications
Ii is untitis to The Gazette on business
iMHial to tuemselvcs will please enclose
an p for reply
C W Wilson Correspondent and Duslncrss
rnt Offlce WJ Main street where orders
f i u ascriptions ad advertising should beleft
i he azetie can be found on sale at all news
taniis In the city
H 13 DoESET Agent and Correspondent
i IADroiiD Agent and Correspondent
t ifiVe Postofilce building 5 Chestnut street
fh t nnor wuerr all orders tor subscriptions
td advertising should be left
W II Bnu Agent and Correspondent
M G PoiNDEXTEH Agent 103 West Sixth
E it cL
fh ft paper skept on tile and ADVERTISING
T S iiav bo ascertained at the oflice of the
Temple Court New York or
roin its
4 Tribune IJulldmg Xew York
603 The Rookery Chicago I1L
Al Ttipinrnts for publication in the Sunday
tu i mi or The Gazette should be handed in
t s oclock Saturday evening Ad ertiscrs
w inisult their own interest as well as our
c v i nience bv heeding lis suggestion as wo
r 1 1 uarant e the insertion of advertise
ments received after that hour
sio ivaio
t I- Iiemocrat Publfsliing company will pay
of Ulfor the urrestaud conviction of
fi ImiU stealing papers frcm the residences or
utis of subscribers
Svnorlal Uooms 110
UuMiuess Office 100
TQ THE ruitric
The only traveling persons male or female
o present authorized to receive and re-
1 1 r subscriptions to The Gazette are
i r Hogni John 1 McDiiff J 11 ISarbee C
lieu ley W II Marchman Mrs Mtilona
ims -Mrs C B Baugh W T Iloyater L Cal
l iun Mis Anntc Shapard and Mrs M J Kob
pr Tie imbiic are cautioned not to pay
ffidev to any other person representing them
i - as trurijiig atvnts of tins paper us all
i J heretofore issued lo any other person
an ihose named is hereby revoked
Api 1 H 1M
Comentliin to Take Xrasuros to
i i Teis Itcpresentiil at tlii
mini Exhibition at Chicago Hi 1803
p chamber of cqmrnerve has issued the
fo vitifriali
ne iefisUituro of the state of Texas has
iNtiueil to make an appropriation in
1 mi he Columbian exhibition and unless
i iiiatestiiis are taken our great state
ie no wav of shovins to the world
ivYtness and vast undeveloped re-
s With a view to oven nmia the
i t ii the Chamber of Coiinnive of Fort
U in asla that the various cities of thu
the Chambers of Commerce and
I i iis of Trade commercial organizations
i sive oisjanu ations and county
ii MUion societies send delegates to a con-
h1 to be Iu ld at Fort Worth on May
1 J m to discuss plans and if possible
i e for the purpose of having ihe state
i nly represented at the Columbian
exi osUinu
it is therefore requested that each com
i 1 organization appoint one delejrate
at one -lady uea irate for every ten mem
bt rs Kacli inimipi ition and progressive
- iaion one delegate and one lady dele
gac lor every twenty memlvrs each city
o1 i deloeato one lady delegate for every
2iK0 iiiiabitauts Kindly aclaiowledge the
ei pt of this call and forward to the sec
ifurv of the Chamber of Commerce the
i of the delegates appointed Truly
1C MVanZasot President
i S Bintv Secretary
AT atlier ltailetln
Soi iiil to the Gazette
i n etov Tev April 20 The atraos
pi u preure is greatest over tiie lake
and least over the 1oeky mountain
Soutlierly wiuds with warm
v at tier prevail generally Haiti has fallen
geierally over tho Kooky mouulain slope
aid the Gulf states
The city engineer should be a man
who is engineer for the city and not for
The year of our Lord 1S91 is preg
nant with good to Fort Worth The
pine mouths will be up January 1
FRATRICIDE is not common in the
Snuth wiiere blood is accounted agreat
ttcal thicker than water When there
fee two cases are reported in one day
wlicro brothers have turned in rage
against one another and where one ia
dead and another is not expected to
live it is worth while to inquire the
cause of such unnatural crimes
Fort Worth will have a park some
day and delay in purchasing the
ground will add to the cost of it And
the same real estate that is here to day
will pay the taxes to meet the cost of a
park in the future
TnE contract was let at Fort Worth
Monday for the extension of the Rio
Gi aude to Brownwood but TnE Gazette
of Tuesday ignored the fact Brownwood
The purpose of the Bulletin in mak
ing the above statement is not appar
ent The Gazette reported the con
tract Wednesday the day after it was
made which was Tuesday
Perhaps it would not be out of place
for tho sensible citizens of Texarkana
to hold a meeting and avow to the
world their abhorrence of the rowdy
conduct of the out-of-date Cleveland
and Thnrman club If high govern
ment ollicials cannot pass through the
South without insult they will keep
away from the South
The contractors who recently numbered
the houses of the city certify to over 7000
houses With an averaue of one and a half
voter to each house Dallas would have 10
000 male citizens of voting age There is
no doubt but there were many illegal votes
cast at the recent city election and little
doubt either that the male population of
Dallas over twenty one years must be
close to W00 giving Dallas a population
with that of suburb of 70000 Dallas
Times Herald
Of these alleged 7000 houses how
many are vacant
If Dallas and its suburbs have 70000
population the rest of the county must
be very desolate as the census of 1800
tlhes the entire county and city but
little over 00000
The Kansas City Star appears to
take about the same view of Mr Mc
Gralhs of Kansas late threat as THE
Gazette The Star comments
Advices from the South indicate that the
Alliance in tliat section will ignore the call
of President Mc rath of Kansas for the
third party convention at Cincinnati The
sentiment among the farmers of the South
appears to be against the idea of an inde
pendent movement in national politics
They have been pretty successful in eon
trollintr nominations and elections within
the old party with which the large body of
t hain are allied and they will probably be
content as long as they are able to accom
plish the reforms al which they are aiming
in that way The failure of the Southern
Alliance to co operate in the Cincinnati
movement would practically settle the
question of organizing a t hi rd party for isfti
President McGrath has declared that un
less the Alliance of the South severs its
connection with the Democracy and comes
out in the middle of the road the Alliance
in tho North will disintegrate and the mem
bers will soon return to their old parties
In view of this threat and the seeming dis
inclination of the Southern Alliance to go
into the third party scheme the convention
at Cincinnati will bo awaited with much in
terest by the politicians
Nothing can surpass the profound
respect which the anti administration
organs now profess for the sovereign
people save and except the profounder
contempt in which they held them
last fall after they had declared their
choice for governor When the peo
ple said they would have Jim Hogg
and no other for governor they were
playfully and flippantly alluded to as
anarchists communists and tho
rill rail of creation Now when war
is declared against the governor these
same anarchists and communists that
elected him are told that they are tho
salt of the earth Solomons all and
that it was a cruel shame to rob
them of the privilege and tho right
of electing three railway commis
sioners Six months ago they did
not know enough to elect a decent
governor Now they are each and
all bubbling fountains of wisdom
sagacity and patriotism If the peo
ple believe what tho organs alluded
to said of them six or eight months
ago they will swallow the sickening
treacle that is now being ladled out
to them but not otherwise
The Day publishing company lias filed an
amended charter authorizing it to reorsran
iu and increase its capital stock to
The present company will take
of the new stock and offers to the peo
ple of Waco 11000 ot the issue reserving
further issue for the future as circum
stances may warrant or demand It is in
tended jo apply tho increased capital to
the betterment of the plant and general
improvement of the paper The stock
w ill be issued in shares of 100 each sub
scriptions payable as follows n per cent
on call per cent in sixty days from lirst
call 25 per cent in ninety days and 25
per cent four mouths after lirst call No
tice will be given Tuesday where books
will be open for subscription and author
ized representatives of the company will
also call on citizens for subscriptions
The Day PcblisUIXo Compaxt
Waco April IS 1591
lteferring to the above notice of its
reorganization the Day editorially
The proposed reorganization of the Day
publishing company and the offer of a
lortion of the stock to the people of
Waco is a step warranted it is believed by
the crowth of the city and the need anil
iield for a better equipped local morning
newspaper The recent action of tho
Board of Trade in adopting tho resolution
offered by Judge Williams gives further
warrant for the belief that the proposi
tion can hardly fail to meet the approval
and co operation of the community It is
a plain business proposition The Day
aspires to print an improved paper that
will become creditable and helpful to Waco
and it asks the co operation of the com
munity in which it has labored many
years and put forth its best efforts to carry
out those aspirations
The Day might well have put the
matter more emphatically to the peo
ple of Waco By their newspapers
bhall they be judged and if Waco is
advancing and is more ambitious it
should strengthen the paper that rep
resents it The Day has labored zeal
ously and deserves well of Waco but
as the Day itself says this is a plain
business proposition no sentiment or
gratitude enters into it If Waco is
more than it has been if it has aspira
tions and growth and opportunities
more than it has had who shall know
of it unless the Waco papers tell of it
Not in editorial words but in appear
ance in news service in all that im
presses the reader To reap the bene
fits of its own efforts Waco should have
a paper that would in all respects re
flect those efforts By their newspa
pers shall they be judged the Day
has done all in its power and has ac
complished much for its town but as
the town demands more Waco should
strengthen its morning paper for doing
more It is a plain business propo
As the census reports testify 2912
per cent of the population of this coun
try lives in cities and towns Very near
one third of all our people are towns
But this urban population is very un
equally distributed over the country
The North Atlantic states have the
largest proportion where 4922 per
cent or about one half of all the peo
ple live in towns and cities In
the South Atlantic states and the
South Central states the percentage is
but 779 and C29 respectively
The Southern cities must grow
They will never perhaps be as popu
lous in proportion to the whole people
as the cities of the Northern states for
we are more purely an agricultural
people in the South and there is so
much more good land unoccupied in
the South than in the North to allow
for expansion in that direction but the
Southern cities must reach a place of
far greater importance than they hold
at present As the Northern states
overflow the surplus seeks the South
aud these people bring with them their
preferences for city life
The diversion of manufacturing eng
terprise southward will have the
greatest effect in changing the char
acter of our population and bringing
people to the cities
In 1900 there will be at least two
cities in Texas that will number 100
000 people or more One of these cities
will be Tort Worth The other that
President Harrisons speeches along
hia route contain many wise express
ions of broad minded statesmanship
Do they give tone to his genuine feel
ings or are wo to regard them only as
diplomatic utterances to keep accord
with the good will of the people who
have delighted to do him honor
If the president really metMis what he
says wo shall be justified in looking
for something better from his admin
istration when this journey is over
with and he has taken up the cares of
government once more than we have
been getting There will be no more
of the spirit that exerted itself to ty
rannize over the South by means of the
vicious force bill There will be more
considerate Federal appointments than
the thrusting of negroes upon a South
ern community as postmasters and
other officials where they are neces
sarily brought in close business rela
tions with the whites There will be
less of sectionalism and more of Cathol
icism if the president has really had a
change of heart toward the South
ern part of the country of which he is
the highest official representative
And the South in this work of get
ting together will meet the president
more than half way We are a part of
the United States of America and wo
want him to feel that he bears the
same relation to us that he bears to
the people of Massachusetts or Kansas
We will bo none -the less Democrats
nor need he be less a Republican He
can still hold to his belief that pro
tection is the main stay of our pros
perity and we will continue to strive
for a lower tariff but we would like
for him to do as he talks in his future
official dealings with us
the couxtky xeeds people
During the discussion of tho Brown
ing bill to appropriate money for a
Texas exhibit at the Worlds fair the
state press that assumes a sort of pro
tectorate over the farmers interests
was bitter in opposition to the bill and
not to the bill alone but to the setting
aside of any public money for that pur
pose The Gazette does not believe
that these papers voiced the sense of
the intelligent and progressive farm
ers of Texas in their utterances on this
Theie is no reason for the farmers to
standagainst the usisig of the public
means for settling the state Their
very interest is in line with such a pol
icy As tax payers they want men to
take up the vacant school lands and
contribute to the state revenue
Some twenty odd million acres now be
longing to the state are untaxed When
this land passes to private ownership
it becomes tax bearing and the as
sessed valuation of real estate would be
swelled by 50000000 if all this land
were in the hands of farmers from
which the state and the school fund
would draw a revenue of about S150
000 a year And the purchase money
would increase the pennant school fund
to 75000000 or more the income from
that principal doing away with taxa
tion for school purposes
As producers they need the waste
lands settled and towns built up for
trading centers Population makes
towns and cities and their citizens be
ing consumers they become the best
local markets for farm produce We
have an example in the Fort Worth
packing house Fort Worth would not
be possible but for the people that have
settled the country around it The
packery would not bo here but for Fort
Worth And there would be no local
market for hogs and cattle but for the
packery Give us double the country
population to draw from and the mar
ket at this place will be more than
As landholders the farmer more
than anybody else want the country
settled Close population makes land
valuable The farmer owning a section
of land in a county of 10000 population
has a property worth may be So an
acre Double the number of people
and it is worth S10 an acre and if in
consequence of the added population a
railroad is built and a town spring up
near it the land is worth from 25 to
S50 an acre Immigration brings
From whatever side we look at the
proposition it must be held that the
welfare of the farming world goes side
by side with a close settled well tilled
country Those papers and those self
made leaders who presume to speak
for the farmers have misled them and
misrepresented them in claiming that
they were not friendly to an appropria
tion for a Texas exhibit at Chicago
It is at Denver on May 19 that Texas
should be well represented And it is at
Fort Worth on May 12 that Waco should be
well represented Waco Day
Col John T Dickinson secretary of the
Worlds fair commission telegraphed the
Express yesterday as follows As Fort
Worth has called a Worlds fair convention
for May 12 please urge upon the press of
the state to unite and make that conven
tion a grand success I will be there witli
prominent Worlds fair representatives to
furnish tho progressive enterprising peo
ple of Texas with complete information
about the Worlds fair of 1SU3 The Ex
press gladly accedes to the request
of Col Dickinson The Fort Worth
convention is a movement look
ing to the advancement of the states
interests by having it properly represented
at the Columbian exposition The failure
of the legislature to make any provision for
this important work should and doubtless
will cause the people to all the more keenly
appreciate the duty devolved upon them
There is undoubtedly a strong and wide
spread sentiment in Texas favorable to a tit
and creditable exhibitioc of the stales ma
terial and climatic resources at Chicago in
lb9o The Fort Worth convention is de
signed to aud should crystalize that senti
ment San Antonio Express
Fort Worth through her Chamber of
Commerce has called a state convention to
meet on May 12 to take steps to havo Texas
represented at the AVorlds fair The real
estate men have taken steps and are step
ping briskly The lumber men will see
that they are represented The iron men
will be there Houston will have another
meeting no doubt and formulate some plan
Dallas will no doubt propose to the counties
to send to the Dallas exposition and state
fair an exhibit and that they will see that
it gets to Chicago these will all finally come
together and present a sight at Chicago
never before dreamed of by New England
the East West or Europe New Birm
iughan Times
Sensible Sugsestions alade by City Marshal
Madilox on tho Subject The
Kale in Other Cities
Fort Worth has been growing rapidly in
the past few years but with the growth of
population the increase in number of police
men has not kept pace This
city is a great railroad cen
ter and those petty thieves who
find a city Of activity a good place for them
to ply their nefarious calling find it an easy
matter to reach Fort Worth A city of
24000 people cannot be well guarded by four
teen policemen is the judgment of all who
have given the matter the consideration it
City Marshal Maddox has given the sub
ject much attention both before and since
his election to office and his opinion should
have much weight on the subject
Marshal Maddox said yesterday I have a
natural ambition and desire to make Fort
Worth the most orderly city in Texas I
want to see it a city shunned by crooks
thieves and vagabonds but these
classes can not be driven out
and kept out unless we have adequate
police protection Thieves and thugs are
always alert and the same alertness should
be found in the municipal authorities in
running thieves and thugs into the jxil In
all the cities of the country the almost
universal rule is to have at least one police
man for every 1000 people Fort Worth has
24000 people or nearly that number but
has only fourteen policemen The council
in my judgment should just as soon as
possible increase the force to twenty four
men Dallas has 3S000 people with forty
two policemen In San Antonio I am
told tho number of policemen is still
greater xuere snouiu ue ui icuu
two mounted policemen on the South
Side and two mounted policemen in the ter
ritory north of the Texas and Pacific to
guard the residence portions I will try to
have the patrol or hurry up wagon moved
to the city hall and have
on duty there constantly a mounted
policeman so that at any hour of the day
or night a message can be sent to the cen
tral police station that an officer is needed
and he will with the patrol wagon proceed
immediately to the place Irom which
the call came I would also have the city
divided into beats and have the patrolmen
constantly walking over their dis
tricts If the city had a force of police
men sufficiently largo to do it I would
detail several officers to guard people at the
depots during train time from the wiles
and machinations of the confidence men
pickpockets and other thieves who
find it so easy now to rob and
defraud strangers As was stated in The
Gazette this morning a policeman is not a
burden to the tax payer he earns his salary
every month by the cases he makes and the
lines cominir into the city treasury-
by his arrest of those
who violate the city ordinances I think it
would also be a good thing to double the
number of sanitary policemen The warm
weather will soon be here and it will
be a simple impossibility for two
men to see that the city is kept clean Tho
salaries of two policemen will ba a small
item compared to tho vast amount of good
they can accomplish in seeing that the
city is kept clean It would beyond a
doubt be worth thousands of dollars an
nually to our good citizens could they say
the thief and law breaker cannot live here
unless he lodges in the city or county jail
and again Fort AVorth is the cleanest city
in the state I am confident the city council
has the best interests of Fort Worth at
heart and will carefully look into the ques
tion of more police protection
Memphis Kaces
Memphis Tens April 20 First race
one half ot a mue iieien won tranK ivm
ney second Lewane third Time 52
Second race three fourths of a mile Tim
Bourland won Bob McCart second Scho
main third Time 100
Third race oue and one eighth miles
Sherman won Joe Carter second Alphonz
third Time 103
Fourth race three fourths of a mile Red
Light won Madolin second Eugena third
Time 117U
Fifth race three fourths of a mile Ban
King -non Miss Mary second Maud B
third Time 1 17
Sixth race one ralie Mob L won
j ioru secuuu uoiiuu naruy luiru aiuie
Louisville Kt April 20 Louisville 13
St Louis 4 Base hits Louisville 11 St
Louis S Errors Louisville 3 St Louis
4 Batteries Daily and Ryan Neil and
Boyle Umpire Ferguson
Boston Mxss April 20
Boston 1 2 0 14 0 0 1 0 9
Athletics 1 0 110 0 0 0 0 3
Base hits Boston S Athletics 9 Errors
Boston 0 Athletics 0 Batteries Daley
and Murphy Chamberlain and Milligan
Umpire Snyder
Washington April 20 Washington 4
Baltimore S Base hits Washington 11
Baltimore 13 Errors Washington 5 Bal
timore 5 Batteries Bakely and McGuire
McMahon and Robinson Umpire
Colcmbcs Ohio April 20 Columbus
3 Cincinnati 4 Base hits Columbes 6
Cincinnati 7 Errors Columbus 4 Cin
cinnati 2 Batteries Columbus Gast
right and OConnor Cincinnati McGill
and Vaughn Umpire Kerins
A Xegro Hoy Lynched in Massachusetts
for Criminally Assaulting a
White Girl
Gloucester Mass April 20 A negro
boy named Charles Curtis was taken from
the county jail at Liberty last night by a
mob of about seventy live white citizens
and hanged to a limb Just outside the cor
porate limits and his body literally riddled
with bullets The crimo for which the un
fortunate victim met his fate was an at
tempt to rape an eight-year-old white girl
He 2says Cleveland is ot in It Palmer tho
Man for 05 Only That lie is
too fur in Years
Senator Yance Inter iiiwed
Special to the Gazette
Wasuinuton April 20 Senator Vance
yesterdav at Asheville N C said in re
gard to the presidential nomination in 1S92
There can be no accurate prophecy of tho
subject but for Clevelands position on tho
silver question I think he would have the
lead but that letter of his on free coinage
weakened him with all classes and especi
ally with the Farmers Alliance
The senator then said that John M
Palmer of Illinois had won a great victory
and was one of the most popular men in the
United States If he were strong enough
and not too old to stand the fatigue of the
campaign Gen Palmer would be one of the
strongest Democrats that could be named
and undoubtedly could be elected I dont
think the Democrats can elect any man who
is straight out against free coinage
As to the speakership of the next house
the senator said he had always expressed
himself against the policy of the South
claiming this position for oue of her repre
sentatives lie thought the North ought
to have it
Senator and Mrs Vance wiil sail for
Europe in May next
Extensile Military 3Ioveinent
WAsniyGTfiv April 20 The most exten
sive movement of the regular army troops
that has taken place in time of peace
for many years will shortly be ordered by
the war department All regiments that
havo been at one station for four years and
upward will be moved provided the ap
propriation wiil permit The details will
not be perfected until the secretary returns
in the latter part of the week
It is the general impression that Col
Kautze of the Eighth infantry has been se
lected for the brigadier generalship that
was made vacant to day by the retirement
of Gen Gibbom
Investigating Their Nationality
Washington April 20 The department
of justice is in receipt of u letter from Dis
trict Attorney William Grant at New Or
leans who was requested by it to ascertain
the nationality of the Italians who were
killed there last month and the cir
cumstances under which they came
to this country The district
attorney says he has encountered much
more difficulty in getting some of the par
ticulars in the case than ho had anticipated
which resulted in delaying his report
These particulars refer to tho nationality of
the men Ho has made a request to the de
partment for certain information in connec
tion with the matter
Attorney General Millar Improving
Washington April 20 Attorney-General
Miller is slightly improved but still
confined to his room Col August Valen
tine Kautze of the Eighth infantry was to
day appointed brigadier general vice Gen
John Gibbon retired at the age of sixty
The Alton Itoycotr
CnicAGo III April 20 Members of the
Central traffic and trunk lines associations
declare that the majority of Eastern lines
which have thus far refused to join in the
boycott agiinst the Chicago and Alton will
swing into line in a day or two and make
the fight on that road practically unani
mous What pressure has been brought to
bear upon the lines in question to bring them
into harmonious action with the majority is
not known in fact officials and friends of
the Alton insist that it is all bluff and there
is really no change in the situation except
that the boycott is proving beneficial racher
than detrimental to their road Western
roads have decided to pay up all commis
sions to Eastern agents due on February
and March business in order to stand even
with the Chicago
Western Traffic Commissioners
Chicago III April 20 The board of
commissioners of the Western Traffic asso
ciation met to day and considered a number
of appealed cases One of these was the
proposition of the Southern Pacific to ad
vance second class passenger rates from the
Facific coast Another was the request to
divert the salt traffic from the Hutchinson
Kansas amongst competing lints No de
cision was reached by the commission
A quorum has been assured for the meet
ing of the advisory board in New York
May G and 7 and a formal call for the meet
ing was issued to day
Exhibition of Parneils Strength
London April 20 In the house of com
mons this evening the Irish land bill made
slow progress in the committee stage
An amendment offered by Nolan Par
nellite was defeated by a vote of 202 to 5
Of the five members who voted in support
of the amendment two did so by mistake
This exhibition of the Parnellite strength
of three members which was planned by
the McCarthyites in response to Parnells
boast on Sunday that the help which he
was rendering the government would pass
the bill was the occasion of much merri
In Floridas Legislature
Tallahassee Fla April 20 Call men
went into joint Democratic caucus to night
prepared to support Walls resolution that
no election of United States senator should
be made until the nomination has been
made by the caucus under the two thirds
rule The question came up as soon as roll
call was over and a motion to adopt it was
carried unanimously The twentieth bal
lot resulted Call 57 Speer 40 Block
ham 1
Dallas Twins
Meckel MalL
It is surprising to read of the number of
twin negroes living in Dallas In the city
election last week every time a negros
vote was challenged he would say that it
was his twin brother who had voted and
in every case thej twin brother was pro
duced to prove the statement
Building Operations Xoir Cmler Way and
Soon to be InauguratedThe Meth
odist CollegeOther Xotes
The material development of Fort Worth
continues steadily and for the times rap
idly and on this development being made by
our people with the assistance of somo out
side capital and on the extraneous forces
at work for the upbuilding of Fort Worth
do our people reasonably look for renewed
activity in real estate transactions Every
sicn points to such activity and the recen
increase in the number of sales leads
close observers to come to the
conclusion that this activity is
near at hand The area of Fort Worth is
but little over foursquare miles and in the
city confines as they were when the Unite
States census was taken at which time
Fort Worth covered exactly four square
miles the enumeration showed 23000 peo
ple On every square mile of territory
tiOOO people lived In other words Toit
Worth is to day the most compactly built
and densely populated city in Texas The
people living in this territory have
grown rich and are growing richer The
assessed valuations show that every man
woman and child even to the infants have
10 OS per capita The result of this accu
mulation of wealth is that people are leav
ing the hotels and boarding houses where
they have resided and are building houses
of their own which they will make their
homes Thus it is that the present active
building operations are seen The houses
that are going up are of the better class
from the cottage costing 500 and J10XW to
mansions costing J15UJ0 iisOOO and 30
000 In the month of March always a dull
month for building building permits were
issued fur residences aggregating in cost
tlO500 In April tne new residences that
will be constructed or on which work will
begin will aggregate in cost something
over 125000 The Chamberliu invest
ment company alone will build
fifteen houses to cost about
sixty thousand dollars Some twenty
houses ill be erected in North Fort Worth
that will cost over eighty thousand dollars
Ten houses are now being completed in the
cotton mill addition and jesterday The
Gazette was informed that fifteen other
houses would be built at once Twenty
houses are being finished on Prospect
Heights and sixty five houses will soon be
under way on Lexington IleK hts
The foregoing enumeration does
not include the houses being built
by those who will occupy them such as
those built by John D Temple ton Hyde
Jennings W D Farris Jake Zitu N
Blanehard W M Bering and others This
is what is being done in the way or resi
ilence building several store nouses are
now under way aggregating in cost 175
000 and several large public buildings will
certainly be in course of con
struction within the next few months
a Federal building a city hall two school
houses and a lire hall in the Sixth ward are
certainties The Masons will before long
build a temple that will be a credit to this
city St Andrews congregation will build
a line church and one property owner has
decided to invest 100000 in store buildings
on the principal streets All this shows
that in tho building line Fort Worth will
lead all lexas cities this year
The Methodist College
Fort Worth will soon see work under
way on tho Methodist Polytechnic institute
to be built near this city by the great church
which numbers its members in Texas by
the hundred thousand Yesterday Rev W
L Nclms presiding elder of this district
Rev W P Wilson and T T D Andrews
were busy inspecting plans submitted by
arcniiecis in liiis ciiy uiiu cisewneie ioiv
the first building to be erected Thei
college will be composed of a number of
buildings and work on the first one will
be under way in a few weeks and the
building will be ready for occupancy by
The Cooperage Works
Capt McKee of Kansas City the head of
the firm that is to build and conduct the
larue cooperage plant in North Fort Worth
was busy yesterday making out his J
lumoer outs anu oruers ior oiner material
that will enter into the construction of the
buildings This cooperage institution
finds a trade ready for it in the
quantity of barrels and casks used
by the packery brewery and the
four Hour mills that will make 1200 barrels
of flour every day as soon as the great
wheat crop is marketed Mr McKee
will build a residence on the
North Side where he will live
Notes of Progress
Some twenty five to thirty hands are now
employed at the cotton mill and next week
it will be nearly in full operation
Work is well under way on the residence
of J J Massie on Pecan street
The fine boathouse on Lake Como will
soon be completed
Bids were opened yesterday for the bridge
over Sycamore on the road to the cotton
mill and the contract agreed upon Work
will begin in a few days
Recorded Transfers
O W Parry et ux to Ella Y
Tatum lots 1 2 and 3 College
avenue in Jake Johnsons addi
tion 3000 00
State of Texas to J B Boyd tax
deed south y lot 1 block 10
Fort Worth 20 S3
James TTownsendet ux to W B
Townsend north of cast
block 70 5000 00
W L Ligon to B D Shropshire
lot 9 block 3 Grangers first
addition 1900 00
W L Logan et ux to William
Capps east J of lots 24
and 25 and all of lot 20 block 2
Wolcotts sub division 3000 00
Texans Abroad
Special to the Gazette
New York April 20 San Antonio H
Clau Hoffman Austin G R Warner
Died of Heart Disease
Special to the Gazette
Corsicana Tex April 20 J P Haley
a butcher of this city dropped dead at 4
oclock this evening of heart disease
She Gets Her Lover Out of the Lock Up
and Marries IJlm
A young man named George Lawson
was arrested at the Union depot on a
charge of vagrancy He had been loafing
around the Union depot and was considera
bly surprised when told what the officers
wanted him for He was well dressed and
a genteel appearing fellow but being a
stranger in the city was unable to account
satisfactorily for his presence there It
turned out that he was smitten with the
charms of Minnie Britton employed at
Ginocchios hotel and was hanging around
the depot in the hope of getting a glimpse
of her As soon as she heard of the arrest
of her lover she proceeded to intercede
with the recorder Her pleading was so
successful that Lawson was re
leased whereupon the words were
pronounced that made Miss Minnie
Britton Mrs George Lawson The bride
is said to be a very handsome girl and by
this action has shown she possesses a large
amount of grit Other newly married
couples have commenced life under more
favorable auspices but it is safe to say this
couple will wio their way
A Case of Smallpox at Paris
Special to the Gazette
Pakis Tbi April 20 A man named
William Sweeney who came here from
Cleburne a week- ago and ha3 since been
working for the ice company was takers
down to day with smallpox He was1 at
once conveyed to the pest house a 1
precaution necessary taken to prt ei
spread of the disease
Hot Itlooded Official
Little Rock A uk April 20 V
Cotton Belt train arrived at Scott
this morning Mose Barber a dt
stable attempted to board the tr
the passengers were endeavoring
but Barber obstructed the m
brakeman threw him off the stei
upon Barber drew his pistol am
the brakeman but the bullet in
mark and striking Allen Furgusi
senger between the eyes killed ju
stantiy Jne muraerer was ars
Subscribcdplvveekly Gazs
100 PjaglPP
r F 11111UUI1UI11U1
The Governor of Tubear llfty seeii Uovl
Soldier and Thirteen Custom
OUicluls Killed
Maksefles April -The
Madagascar brings the report
atavas of Marrenbo have tin- -a
governor of Tubear and tift s
soldiers after the Sakatav t
Ked the governor an am
victims were
mutilated Thirteen Hova c
were also murdered I e
Tubear tied in terrior to tne F
on the island of Nossi G e n 1
car At last accounts 1 Fi
was cruising alone the Mat 1
waiting for Hova reintorccim
The commissioners court o t ioUay
Tt x will recen e sealed bidsuljif ot
iay 13 nwi ior me purciugalffi
Floyd county schooUtoSjrrto be
Hailey county XMjjffgsale on it
time at 6 peMplPpeT annum in er
tor eacjutMPpayable In auvaat
clyjjSNUUO must accompati sen
ier3rtreser es the right w iud
Address all bids to K I MMir
Floydada Tex liy order oi
court A II u
E T JMlLlEH CVutitj lie 1
1 t lASi TtJC Fe 1
The commissioners c iur if - 1
Te will rcce e Mued r nds for izi
of 177I2 acres uf 11 Paso scho
in Fisher county lea
May 11 issil
containing fouMPRni
acres wUjABFTollowin bu uit
t corn- r of at u
countv I tu in e
fffhehee south 3VW vrcs tit mi
tnence norm w varus t ai m 11
to beginning Is liin farunn 1
county seit of 1wirr o ui 1
cash The court
ami all bids Address a 1
Thomas countv cli rl 1- 1 1
01 concmssioners court
II TllOM IS CnunU iprlj
The regular anjMjJWrTetin
holders of tJjjpWnTianule Ia v
will be likWKi the ence v tti
AVBsiiiWrTe on Tut day i
tjKWSTnsuction of ach misim
come before it V A Koss
Tort Worth April 1 IS 1
jBr i
umMkWkWrls ti
Gejmjfmmfsurance Agents
n 1 1 1jlJjtwfnTii Inn Auu j
0 5
Bl 1
p I
jR i Lw -
nurley Office Building
Tort Woutt Teavi
Offlce Northeast corner Sixth and Mill Sx
Second flonr
n a
iJtfWfiTattentloa gucn to land aauon
riil litigations Mont itae T
j r rnosT fteic to
Offlce SUdMarST
rTet un stair Wlf
tlceJaHTBe courts of Texas and xn lie It-
es supreme court s
Svmour Bavlor Countv T1 1
Jl H MOORE jHafagZ
up stairs In Johnston Bundioi B
wood Texas iJrr
Valuable Lands for Sale Li 3
Davis Building Wasat fS
AamGrrcr ri idai CO
06ilerrenlind Stperai J1
Eooias73and74 HijrleyBUwSSi
JTAstina I nnrf 1 InrnfP
la Leading Dentists
Over old nostnface 509 Main Gold
Secoi J
Citlstrn utrti PntnfflPft ImT 33 -
Crown and bridge Work a specialty
strictly flrsvclass Established 1370
urn --
ixTMJiTS wm g HBBa
tjf rjwff
20 to
pvnciiDroi American uu 1 ej I
Trademark and Lab- rfi I
V A TTTcraBWrm
I 9 I nllLAIV
sa Norris Bulldin Wr V
and F streets Washington D C f
Bins Corns U S Patent office bi
of model tor report as to patenusp
respondence Invited WsCts51
patenL write ws
OR Fortttortt J
11 years- experience in a
corps D S Patent OSlce ws
C and practice
I in

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