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H 0
The influence of Governor Hogg
in National Affairs
- of Mills as Senator Will Carry
- Speakership from the South-
lotcr the Tower to
1ederal Koiurntnrnt
aaa DtnrtcutP the Currency
Situnre Xebcker
Governor Ilogsa Power
April 24 It is stated here
Iws gof Texas may change
- for the
-second congress by early
v i I he stntc of Texas has
-a m id commission with live
1 1 1 hoin is to receive a
i lull ofli e for five years
- UMgan in the senate
i iii liSS Thero is a re-
oLi nor Hogg may offer
the commission to
i - o i
iiiia ihainnaa and that he
jlic in the senate by
ii a is not certain that he
1 1 horn lie will select to be
i tne impression is given
u Representative Mills
f dbtin who is author of
i ui who is a mtv able
i 1 aspirations might be
- iiia to the goieruor of
I of Mills would
jn pin him out of the
If the
uili have settled the
- the time for the
i r ihero is no question
df Mlls to fill the place
ie jh fiplo of Texas but
i nouirts about the necessity
i speakership fight by taking
i - b the strongest single
lie removal of the name of
- would not in the
i h llhern man Some of
m orates of Mills are
It iieition of a Northern
i u cuse it should be found
t the man they have
i lirst choice They aio
apposed to anv
n u eil as a decoy for
who uih to get into
1 - over the shoulders of
is To sonic of the
v 1 be decidedly
a man simly because
ilronasro of Hill and
s not necessary to name
ii r alliances but it is
i mlluence will not be
i iL lit is made to and in
j i i c fur the speakership who
r v tti a Hill and Gorman
j about his
crtKT foster
k and ingenuity to save the
i ikruptcy and his party
ii hi uu thunder clap of last
1 1 jlie cash on the treasury
u cll44i 354 This is scat
1 it sub treasuries on all
rii li coiuiieates silver
in i legal tender notes
t i iii- The government
f i W uOO at any one sub-
ii icuiar land of money
i ae been made to pay the
1 I ive kept the treasury
- Vi iphing and dispatching
i a afci ly seeking by
i h o uia sing his torts at the
- to prevent punitive failure
i me r drafts Thirty million
1 ued vf drafts which thu
i - m meet each quarter to
- n - t amis are still
nuL ip
j ii under a bill which the
tti - ii ii -d to railroad hrough
ic minutes debate for
i fLUd that day but they
later tud it has uot
1 hirty millions of
fuu rmneut has to taise
l day lune 4 The
hg Secretary Foster is
1 i it to meet all current
o i r departments which
- mresed uy tlie billion
- - d he has to save beg or
i iinre to meet the pension
i t ie pajincn of national
1 iasuiy is practically
auj thing remains which
is the gold reserve
Secretary Sherman
i tlf a Feneration ago as a
i e resumption of specie
n more Jugrting with
- t a Jew more millions
ttty of new taxes upon
ii mngress will be eco-
of ueiessitv Another
- would send the
ne money markets of the
diredit and a
in Wnihlnston
Til 21 Hon Enos II
a recently appointed
Jr rciched Washing-
Later m the day he
i Foster with whom he
w -Mr Nebeker also
r ft performance of
1 not hoeer enter
onice until next Mon-
in- Icntly raid
a J4 Sinco June 1S0O
m ictments for viola-
aws and 115 convictions
od There has been
it a total of JSsCWO
-- paid
id- Wantt lUoIproctty
1 24 Signor Manuel
uaiissioner is here to
agreement between
tU United btates
ater Contract
Ai il 24 Secretary of
- fi to OConnor Laing
- 1 a contract for
iiv of the Galveston
j w i5 j40Jno which
s or nearly a dozen bids
litir lni ln a lo1 ct od
IUL downed Marks
- vul
- res
pr 24 -Mack the Rip-
v ork at last His
wirt A t muraer com
uurijin in ti v i i
- 3U 11U1C1
ohivestcrn corner of
lector Bfon and is one of
sii uHil aa sharpest de-
ro came Iron aad nhylui
murdered the woman who is the victim no
one knows as yet The womans name is
not even known She is known about
the neighborhood as one of the lot of half
drunken creatures who hang about bad re
sorts and the water side
It was 1045 oclock last night that a man
came into the hotel with a woman and reg
istered they do register in the hotel as
Knickler and wife He and the woman
took a room on the upper floor and went to
it at once Nothing was seen of either of
them during the night No cry or unusual
noise was heard
This morning the attendant rapped on the
door of the room occupied by the couple
No answer came and he rapped again with
no better result and finally he broke down
the door An awful sight met his gaze
On the bed lay the woman in a mire of
blood She had been dead for hours The
abdomen had been fairly ripped open with
a dull broken knife that lay in tne blood
the viscera had been cut and from appear
ances part was missing
The man had escaped A very imperfect
description of him was given to the police
and they went to work on it Little leaked
out except that the murderer was a man
about thirty two yeara old and khabbily
George Salmon in tho San Antonio Jail
Or Good Family
Special to the Gazette
San Antonio Tex April 24 George
Salmon the young man arrested and jailed
yesterday on a charge of forgery came
from Belton He was a high llying real
estate dealer aud during the boom of last
year created a stir in dirt circles He is of
excellent family and address While eng
gaged in business here he was unable to
get along with his partner a man named
Crake and the firm dissolved Shortly
after Silmon left and was not seen here
until quite recently The charges are
based on two cheeks one for fiiSO drawn
on the Lockwod national bank and the
other for 710 on P Groes Co to which
the name of B R Sappington had been
forged and they were made payable to G
Simmons the alias by which he went The
ib0 check he passed on Morris the Com
merce street clothier and the 710 check
on Kipfor Seng His arrest did not seem
to abash him a particle and when con
fronted with those on whom he had passed
the forgeries he did not quaiL He de
clined to speak about tho matter Ho was
sent to jail in default of furnishing bond
in the sum of 1000 The officers say they
have several other cases against him
Twenty Tons of loses Used ln Commrm
oratiU San Jacinto Day An Im
posing Procession
Special to the Gazette
Six Axtonio Tex April 24 A battle
of flowers in commemoration of San Jacinto
day postponed this afternoon was one of
the most brilliant spectacles in the history
of Texas For days the gardens of the city
have been despoiled of every bud and blos
som that grows in this clime The affair
was under the management of the ladies of
cf San Antonio In the procession
were ono hundred and fifty vehicles in
cluding four large floats that were banks of
roses and lilies and filled by the most beau
tiful women of the Southwest In some
cases tho floral decorations were so exces
sive that not only the wheels but horses
were practically hidden T nenty tons of
roses were used The procession passed
through the piincipal streets and on Alamo
Plaza in front of the historic building of
the Alamo for a quarter of an hour the air
was filled with roses tossed by the beauti
ful ladies Tha odor was oppressive
During the festivity a team ran away and
crushed a little boy named Jesse Chapman
He is fatally injured
The battle of the roses will be repeated
on each San Jacinto day
For the Championship of America
MixxEtPOLis Minn April 24 Charles
ICemmic of this city and James Scully of
Woonsocket K I fought to night at the
rooms of the Twin City Athletic club for a
purse of 200 to the loser and the
championship of America Tho mon were to
weigh in the ring side at 140 give or take
two pounds Kcnimic weighed 14iX and
Scully 142 Henry Seely officiated as
Tho third round saw a conclusion of the
fightfor after a few seconds sparring ICem
mic landed on Scullys jaw and the latter
was unable to rise at the call of time
A Uoxinc Tournament
New York April 24 Frank Slavin and
Charley Mitchell are expected to arrive in
this city some time to day on the steamer
Germany Madden together The Madison
square management has arranged a mon
ster boxing and wrestling tournament to
take placeApril 13
Memphis Races
Mxiirms Tenn April 24 First race
one mile Hocksey won Bertha second
Hardee third Time 147
Second race three fourths of amile Miss
Courtney won Kehaina second Bon Ton
third Time 120
Third race one eighth of a mile Verge
DOr won Red Sign second Cashier third
Time 1 59
Fourth race seven eighths of a mile
Bankrupt won Athens second Ben Narch
third Time 1 32
Fifth race ono and one sixteenth of a
mile Insolence won Whittier second Billv
Pinkerton third Time 152
Cincinnati Ohio April 24 Cincinnati
Runs 5 hits 8 errors 1 Cleveland
Runs 0 hits 12 errors 2 Batteries
Rhines and Harrington Mars and Zimmer
Umpire McQuado
Pittsburg Pa April 24 Pittsburg
Runs 11 hits 19 errors 2 Chicago
Runs S hits 16 errors 2 Batteries
Maul and Fields Gumbert and Kit
tridge Umpire Powers
Brookltn N Y April 24 Brooklyn
Runs 5 hits 9 errors 1 Phila
delphiaRuns 8 hits 13 errors 3
Batteries Terry and Kinslow Esper and
Clements Umpire Hurst
New York April St New York Runs
6 hits 17 errors 6 Boston Runs
9 hits 11 errors 2 Batteries Rusie
and Clark Getzein and Bennett Umpire
JLouisvillee Kt April 24 Louisville
Runs 9 hits 13 errors 8 Cincinnati
Runs 10 hits 12 errors 3 Batteries
Daley and Cook Kilroy and Kelley Um
pire Ferguson
ColcmbuSj Ohio April 24 Columbus
Runs 4 hits 7 errors 2 St Louis
Runs 3 hits 6 errors 2 Batteries
Knell and Donohue Stivetts and Boyle
Umpire Kerins
Washington April 24 Washington
Runs 4 hits 6 errors 4 Athletics
Runs 2 hits 10 errors 3 Batteries -Casey
and McGuire Weyhlng and Cross
Umpire Jones
Boston Mass April 2t Boston Runs
23 hits 20 errors 4 Baltimore Runs 6
hits 10 errors 2 Batteries OBrien and
Farrell Cunningham and Townseud Urn
pise Snyder
- Mtkiiiagbil
r iUH
The Paris Authorities Dreading
the Demonstration
Elegant and Historical Works of Art Totally De
stroyedThe War in India
The Statement of the Premier of Sew
foundland A French Dnel That lie
suits in Wounds Capt Verney
on Trial Identity Proved
Want an Eight Ilonr Day
Paris April 24 The May day commit
tee of worlrinemen of this city has issued a
manifesto calling for the passage of an act
making eight hours a legal days work
through France Seventy five thousand
copies of this manifesto have been printed
and are being distributed in circles where
it is expected they wHl do the most good to
the cause of the workingmen At all pre
liminary meetings which have been held by
those who intend to take part in tho May
day celebration the socialists and others
of that ilk have caused scenes of stormy dis
cord which has developed the fact that
much bad feeling and want of harmony ex
ists among the various sections of the work
iugmens party The municipal authorities
of this city have shirked taking any re
sponsibility for the possible outcome bf the
proposed demonstrations
The Explosion In Italy
Rome April 24 The explosion of efiS
tons of powder yesterday in the powder
magazino at Pozza Pantalo which caused
serious damage and loss of life created
great alarm at tho Vatican All the win
dows of the popes library were broken and
a number of precious relics destroyed In
addition many valuable panes of colored
glass in the principal windows of St Peters
basilica were smashed to pieces The hand
some stained glass window over the chair
of St Peter was also broken At St Pauls
church all the stained glass windows were
damaged In fact the damage done at the
church was so great that the building has
been closed to the public while debris is
being cleared away and work of temporary
repairs inaugurated Much of the destruc
tion wrought by the explosion is irrepara
ble as valuable works of art which have
been destroyed cannot be replaced Many
of the stained glass windows which have
licen shattered are works of celebrated art
ists who flourished hundreds of years ago
and though in some cases the windows can
be replaced in many other cases their his
torical and artistic value is destroyed for
Many of the most valuable relics of tha
monastery of St Paul have also succumbed
to tho force of the explosion As already
stated some time must elapse before the
full amount of damage will bo known as it
will require a personal visit to and inspec
tion ol tens of thousands of artistic relics
before the full story of disaster can be as
It now transpires that the pope had just
conducted the celebration of a low mass and
was engaged in prayer when the explosion
shook tho Vatican building So severe was
the shock that his holiness tottered and
would have fallen had not one of the serv
ants in attendance sprung forward and
caught him His holiness has now recov
ered from tho shock he experienced through
the explosion The investigation made by
tho military authorities into tho origin of
the explosion shows that it was caused by
the accidental explosion of some shrapnel
shells capsules A few of the people who
were injured at the time of tho explosion
and who were taken to the hospital have
since died
King Humbert to day is calling at the hos
pital and is visiting tho wounded peopla
The kings sympathetic action in conveying
some of the wounded in his own carriage to
the hospitals yesterday and in visiting
the wouuded to day is highly appreciated
by the populace of this city
Among those who were hurt by the acci
dent was Billot French ambassador who
was slightly injured by falling glass
Tho Explosion an Accident
Rome April 24 The investigation by
military authorities in the region of the ex
plosion shows that it was caused by tho
accidental explosionarf some shrapnel shell
capsules Some of the people injured at tho
time of the explosion were taken to the hos
The War in India
Simla April 24 Information reached
here that the column advancing on the
Manipur is under Generals Loekharc and
Turner to day reached a large native set
tlement in the Bhagri valley Tho British
force halted when within sight of the set
tlement and sent scouts forward
to inform the Manipuris that
the British generals were await
ing proposals of peace from the insurgent
tribes Tho rebels however refused to
answer this peaceable suggestion and con
sequently the British troops were ordered
to advance Tho British columns pushed
forward and burned twelve villages which
had been occupied by the Insurgents The
latter in prcat force retreated to the hills
The British forces shelled the hills with
shrapnel shells killing and wounding
large numbers of the enemy and it is now
believed that they havo been completely
WhltciwayH Statement
London April 21 The Post in an edito
rial on the hearing of the Newfoundland
delegate at the bar of the house of lords
says that Sir William Whiteaway hasnt
made out a very substantial case
The News says the Newfoundland pre
mier presented a temperate statement
which deserves tho full estimation of the
government and country
The Chronicle sajs that Newfoundlands
objection to arbitration cannot have much
weight now but the assertion that New
foundland was not consulted upon the adop
tion of the renewal of the modus vivendi if
correct is good ground for complaint
A French Dnel
Paris April 24 Gen DeNegrier com
mander of the Seventh army corps sta
tioned in the neighborhood of Belfort was
to day wounded in the chest in a duel which
ho fought with Gaston LeGrande Tho
latter was wounded in the jaw The dis
pute originated at the Theater Fanciaise
Verney on Trial
London April 24 Tho trial of Capt
Edmund H Verney Liberal- member of
parliament for North Buckinghamshire
who is charged with having been instru
mental in procuring a governess named
Nellio Beckett for immoral purposes began
Saturday last and was continued to day at
tho Bow street police court The Bow
street police courtroom was crowded The
proceedings to day included the examina
tion of several witnesses who testified to
having repaired the house for the man
whom they knew as Wilson in which SIme
Rouillier another name for the procuress
was eventually placed in charge After
some further evidence proving tho ident
ity of Capt Verney with the man known
as Wilson further hearing of the case was
adjourned until Thursday next Capt Ver
ney was again liberated on bait
Against a General Strike
Berlin April 24 The Socialist journal
Vorwarts in its issue to day expresses it
self as being opposed to the workingmen
of Germany engaging in a general strike
under the existing condition of things
The Vorwarts sais that tho strike would
bring misery to the workingmen and that
it would destroy their organization
A Legal Work Day
Paris April 24 Tho May Day commit
tee of workingmen of Paris issued a mani
festo calling for the passage of an act mak
ingeight hours a legal days work through
out France
Another Dnel Arranged
Paris April 24 A duel between M
Dreyfus andM Gaumeau members of the
municipal council has been arranged
Churchill ln Africa
London April 24 Lord Randolph
Churchill left the city for South Africa this
Aon Moltke Dead
Berlin April 24 Tho - death of Field
Marshal Count Von Moltke has been an
Switchmen or Trinidad Tie Up the Fort
Worth and leni r City Mine Sus
pended and 3000 Miners Idle-
Trinidad Col April 24 Striking
switchmen at this place have completely
tied up the Fort Worth road Not a freight
car has been moved for twenty four hours
and coal mines at Sopries Fobes Victor
Elmo ana Glenvillo have been compelled to
suspend throwing 3000 miners out of em
ployment The trouble will probably be
adjusted to morrow
Orders Issued Ousting All In
truders Non Citizens
Those who Have Crops in and Improvements
will Loose All that Cant be Carried
Tho Work or Removal to bo Taken Up at
Once Under Instructions from
Washington--Great Alarm Exists
Among the Unfortunates
non citizes whites
Special to the Gazette
Ardmohe I T April 24 It is rumored
that another attempt on the part of tho
Indian government to remove tho white
people whom the Indians are pleased to
call intruders from tho Territory will
soon bo made aud it is said the United
States authorities will aid the Indian gov
ernment in this measure
The Chickasaw government imposes an
annual tax of 5 per head upon all white
people living in this Nation except such as
havo married citizens of the Nation and
havo become citizens by adoption Only a
small proportion of the non citizen clement
have paid tho tax Thoso who have paid it
will be allowed to remain until December
31 when said permit expires There is
much speculation as to what will become of
the immense interests acquired in this coun
try by the non citizens Some fear that
their improvements placed upon Indian
lands will bo confiscated by the Chickasaw
government as being attached to the soil
the title of which is not vested in any indi
vidual but in the Nation and is regarded
as public domain
There are only thirty six hundred natives
in the Chickasaw Nation and about thirty
thousand white people and should an at
tempt be made to remove the whites it
would provo a failuro unless tho United
States aids them and then force will have
to be used to accomplish the desired result
Some few non citizens of this place have
become alarmed and havo sold their im
provements and some havo moved away in
anticipation of what is soon to follow Only
small number of citizens attach any im
portance to the rumor before mentioned
and say Uncle Sam will not permit the In
dians to run his subjects out and confiscate
their property
What the result will be cannot bo fore
armed wrrn authority
Special to the Gazette
Denison Tex April 24 Ex Governor
Burney and Judge Love of the Chickasaw
Nation passed through the city to day eng
route home from Washington where they
have been as delegates to protest against
tho large number of intruders who have
been permitted to congregate in the Chick
asaw Nation They succeeded in their pur
pose and brought back with them the fol
lowing instructions from the interior de
Department of the Interior
Washington March 31 1831 f
The Commissioner of Indian Affairs
Dear Sir There are herewith submitted
you papers concerning the removal of per
sons unlawfully residing in the Chickasaw
Nation about which you sent mo your
views December lo 1S90 It must bo ad
mitted that the policy of the government
has been somewhat dilatory and vaccinat
ing with regard to these people but there
is much to account for the same the
great number of individuals affected and-
the results to them of such action on tho
part of the government as would break up
their present homes Nevertheless I think
with you that the situation now demands
positive actionand inasmuch as large tracts
of land near the Chickasaw country are
about to be opened to settlement I have to
direct that you proceed to have these in
truders removed in such manner and with
such precautions against unnecessary se
verity as you may judge best Yours re
spectfully John W Noble
Secretary department of the Interior
Office of Indun Affairs I
Washington April 15 isoi f
Leo E Bennett Esq United States Indian
Agent Union Agency Muskogee I T
Sir Referring to your letters of Novem
ber 14 and 1 lb90 transmitting in accord
ance with instructions a list containing the
names of over 6000 persons alleged to be in
truders in the Chickasaw Nation and to
previous correspondence on the subject of
Chickasaw intruders I am now in receipt
of a letter of March 24 1S91 from the sec
retary of the interior replying to my report
of December 13 1S90 in which he directs
me to proceed to have those intruders re
moved insuch manner and with such pre
cautions against unnecessary severity as I
may judge best Inasmuch as the intruders
in the Chickasaw Nation wero warned by
you in accordance with instructions con
tained in my letter of July 17 1S90 those
intruders who have remained and planted
crops have done so at their own risk and
with a knowledge of the fact that their re
moval was contemplated by the govern
ment A copy of the secretarys letter is
herewith transmitted with the list of in
truders above referred to and I have to di
rect that you notify intruders in tho Chick
asaw Nation of the instructions the secre
tary has given this office with reference to
their removal and that these instructions
will be carried into execution at the earliest
practicable moment
By a report of even date herewith I have
recommended to the department that the
secretary of war be requested to cause a
troop of cavalry to be detailed to assist you
in making tho removals required hereby
Very respectfully T J Morgan
The work of removing by force of all in
truders will begin at once and be kept up
until the last family is beyond the borders
gs i
A Resolution Adopted Killing
the Third Party Move
Harry Tracy of the Steering Committee Pleased
with the Result of the Convention
The Snb Treasury Kill Will he the Issne in
92 Some of the Newspaper Iteports
Xot as Satisfactory as They
alight ISe
Executive Session
Special to the Gazette
Waco Tex April 24 As was announced
last night the Alliance delegation held an
executive session this forenoon and it is
learned from the best authority that there
were quite a number of important resolu
tions offered and passed one of which was
a resolution killing the third party move
Quite a number of the most prominent
Alliance lights do not hesitate to say that
the substance at least of tha sub treasury
bill will be an important factor in the polit
ical atmosphere in 92 and that the would
be congressmen will havo to come out on
that subject They claim for the sub-treasury
bill tho quality to heal all tho sores
that the laboring classes aresuffering from
to daj aud that this aud other questions
will bring about the greatest political revo
lution of this quarter of a century
The executive session adjourned till 2
p m
Itegarding the Newspapers
Special to the Gazette
Waco Tex April 24 In executive ses
sion to day the Alliance conference adopted
the following Whereas the annual con
ference of the state Alliance of Texas now
assembled in the city of Waco has opened
its doors to the public in its discussion of
matters concerning the public and has
treated courteously the partisan newspaper
reporters who have attended said meet
ings for the purpose as was supposed by
this conference in good faith ol giving a
true and faithful account of the proceed
ings of said public meetings and
Whereas some newspaper reporters have
reported only garbled extracts of the
speeches made in such occasions insinu
ating in much of their report where they
failed to give the languago of the speaker
false and misleading conceptions and judg
ments clothed in their own language and
AVhereas insinuations that the tendency
of the deliberations of this conference has
been of a partisan political character have
found their way into the press and
Whereas the only political feature of the
Alliance is the study and promulgation of
the truo scientific principles of economic
government in a strictly non partisan
spirit therefore be it
Resolved by this annual conference of
the Texas stato Alliance now assembled at
Waco 1 That we view with distrust and
disfavor the unfair inaccurate and mis
leading reports of tho partisan press
2 That wo believe the reporters es
pecially when they are treated courteously
by a deliberative body should give in their
reports concerning that body the truth
the whole truth and nothing but the truth
3 That we view the insinuations of the
partisan press that the character of the do
liberations of this body are politically con
sidered partisan as unwarranted impugn
ments of the motives that actuate the great
brotherhood of our order
4 That as a great brotherhood of unity
and charity we will stand up like men for
the true scientific economic and conserva
tive principles and demands of our organi
zation and will fight our battles for God
humanity manhood and our right in our
own way on an open but non partisan field
5 That we view with patriotic inspiration
and love the noblo and effective efforts of
our brave and conservative leaders and
would veil with charity those whose in
effectual efforts to fence them round with
calumny and slander fall helplessly to tho
Varlons Resolutions Adopted
Special to the Gazette
Waco Tex April 24 Among the reso
lutions adopted by the Alliance in execu
tive session to day was one congratulating
the New York State Alliance upon its or
ganization under the principles of tho order
Also one complimenting Representative
Taubencck of Illinois for sticking to
The resolution reforring to W S Hall
president of tho Missouri Slate Alliance
mentioned in these dispatches last night
was adopted as predicted
An indorsement of tho verdict rendered
by the jury in Travis county in the libel
case of Fields against McArthur was agreed
to The verdict was referred to as a -vindication
of tho honor and integrity of the of
ficers of the order
The usual resolutions of thanks to the
city Board of Trade and others were also
The Alliance in secret session yesterday
passed a resolution denouncing Mr Mills
as a friend to the national banks and
against the free coinage of silver and de
claring that they would beat him for the
senate with Governor Ross
Snb Treasnry Plan
Special to the Gazette
Waco Tex April 24 Col Sledge who
seems to be the High Muck-a-Muck of
the present Alliance meeting after Ma
cune said to a Gazette scribe to day that
the sub treasury plan w ould be a leading
issue in 1S92 He thinks Texas congressmen
will be compelled to declare plainly on that
question belore the next election
Not Iopnlar in Texas
Special to the Gazette
Waco Tex April 24 The third party
question was sprung in the executive ses
sion of the Alliance to day and was killed
almost without a struggle The movement
has been backed strongly by representatives
from other states but has been coldly re
ceived by the Texas Alliance men
Duncan for Hallway Commissioner
Special to the Gazette
Waco Tex April 24 The Alliance con
ference to day agreed upon the following
open letter to his excellency Governor
James S Hogg
We the Farmers Alliance of the state of
Texas in convention assembled do demand
of you the appointment of a faithful true
and tried Alliance member to the position
of one of the railroad commissioners and
we do herebv recommend the Hon S D A
Duncan as a faithful competent and
able person for the position
Secretary Tillinan
Special to the Gazette
Waco Tex April 24 Hon T J Till
man secretary of the national executive
board of the Alliance stopped a Gazette
reporter on the street to day to thank him
for the courteous treatment with which the
paper had reported him and the third party
movement He declared the reports abso
lutely fair and impartial
Special to the Gazette
Waco Tex April 24 The first annual
conference of the Farmers Alliance closed
to day and the result as nearly as could be
learned has been given to the world by the
press Tho exact object of the meeting
may never be agreed upon but it is pretty
well settled that the chief object sought
was a discussion and indorsement of tho
sub treasury cheme The denunciation
of Hogg and the other state matters re
ferred to were matters of secondary consid
eration and were ovidently not contem
plated when the call for the meeting was
promulgated It was thought by many
that the third party movement would bo
indorsed but the spirit of Democracy was
too strongly entrenched in the hearts of
the Texas Alliauce members to be shaken
by the emissaries from other states and it
was incontinently sat down upon Tho meet
ings to day were all secret and the business
transacted could only be learned by skillful
applications of the exhaust pump
Ocala IMatforin Indorsed
Special to the Gazette
Waco Tex April 24 The following in
dorsement of the OciU platform was
adopted We the undersigned do hereby
pledge ourselves on our sacred honor as
men to work for the promotion of the
abovo principlc s with the view that they
be incorporated into the law of the land
and further agiee to support no man for
office who will not pledge himself it
eiectea to carry out these principles
We further agree to co operate with any
movement that may be inaugurated in con
ference by the Farmers Alliance Knights
of Labor and other industrial organizations
looking towards these ends
We further agree to not divulge any of
the secrets or business of tho organizations
to ani ono who is not a member of the same
Harry Tracy Talks
Special to the Gazette
Waco Tex April 24 Harry Tracy ono
of the editors of tho Southern Mercury
a member of the late steering committee
at Austin and a leader in this meeting
was seen by a reporter to day and asked
what he thoucht of the conference
It suits mo down to the ground ho
said It couldnt bo better It was a suc
cess in every particular surpassing the
mosts sanguino expectations of its pro
moters There was a good deal of third
party talk as you know but it was all talk
This is a fight between honest Democrats
and party bosses a fight that is in to
stay until bossisra is wiped out
We Alliance men aro true Demo
crats There is not a principle in our
declaration of purposes that is not Demo
cratic This was not a political gathering
but a conference of Alliance men seeking a
clearer way to the great end sought by tho
order that of placing tho people of tho
country beyond the prasecutions of mo
nopoly Tho Alliance is growing rapidly
and steadily in Texas Of course we shall
lose some members among those who hao
been sat down upon so haid but their loss
will be an absolute gain to the order An
other conference will be held at Dallas next
of Huron S D the president of tho Na
tional Alliance insurance department tho
plan or which is to have tho government or
state issue policies has something to say
about the Texas public school fund I un
derstood he said that you had the most
princely school appropriation in tha world
This I learned before 1 came
It is 100OCOOCO and will be 00
000000 in ten years This is an enor
mous sum of money No wonder it puzzles
the people I agree with thoso who de
nounced Gov Hoggs proposal to lend this
money to railroad companies That would
be risky Thero must bo no risk in such a
trust Tho childrens money is too sacred
to place at the mercy of railway wreckers
My plan is to build a railroad with the
school money from British America to Gal
veston across the two Dakotas Nebraska
Kansas Indian Territory and Texas Tho
state of Texas should own control and
operate this line It would carry
the great wheat aud corn crop of the North
west to deep water at Galveston and the
cars would return loaded with the products
of the Lone Star state It would be the
best paying railroad in the United States
Then let the dividends pile up to the credit
of tho school fund There is no danger of
having too much school money
COL r i sledge
of Kyle Tex president of the National
Economist publishing companyand also the
president of the Mercury publishing com
pany said The ultia politlcal clement
seems to have entirely subsided It was a
little rampart on Thursday by to day the
loudest was still as a mouse There
was unanimous support of the
conservative majority in its success
ful effort at carrying out the
programme on the last day by a free dis
cussion of tho demands in the executive
session and thorough organization of the
lecture work so as to secure tho best edu
cational results Several facts have been
positively demonstrated at this conference
of the Farmers Alliance The delegates
may discuss with great heat but they will
not split on the question of politics Tho
radicals used every means to urge the con
servatives to action but when
they failed they fell into
line The Alliance as an order is reorga
nizing and is growing rapidly in many sec
tions of state its membership having nearly
doubled in the last three months It has
implicit confidence in its leaders and those
who have attacked the leaders have won
the resentment of the order The Alliance
if treated right will not favor a third
party It is strongly disposed toward tho
Democratic party and is looking to that
party for its just demands
Keform Press Association
Special to the Gazette
Waco Tex April 21 To day a state
reform press association was organized
with W R Lamb of Montaguo county
president and R W Coleman secretary and
treasurer The obiect of the association is
to secure unity among the papers advo
cating reform
Citizens Alliance
Special to the Gazette
Waco Tex April 24 Mr W E
Fanner organized a state branch of the
National Citizens Alliance with the follow
lowing officers W E Farmer of San An
tonio president Thomas Gaines of Co
manche vice president W R Lamb sec
retary and treasurer Executive board
Dr G B Harris Stump Ashby I S
Hodges J B Barry
Split by the Austin Circular Tho Presi
dent Criticised in a Set of Resolu
tions Denouncing the Circular
Special to the Gazette
San Antonio Tex April 24 There
has been a disruption in the Bexar county
Farmers Alliance ranch W II McEleveo
president of the county Alliance and a mem
ber of the the last legislature was one of
the signers of a circular letter issued from
Austin last winter and tending to prefer
charges of a very grave character against
the leaders of the organization in Texa3
Last night a meeting of the county Alliance
with ten organizations represented passed a
strong set of resolutions denouncing tho
circular and reflecting strongly upon Presi
McElevee It is supposed that MeEleveo
will resign under the circumstances but if
not an attempt will be made to impeach
Houston Are Twenty Counterfeit Halvei
bat the Shorer Is at Liberty
Special to the Gazette
Houston Tex April 24 At the police
station repose twenty counterfeit half dol
lars in exchange for which a citizen gave a
genuine tendollar greenback The identity
of the shover of the queer is said to be
known though no arrest has yet been made
For some time spurious coin has been found
here at raro intervals and in most in
stances badly executed and the officers
claim they will soon have the utterers in
Jitfrife - V8S4rtfefllWdfeWH fecte
Latest Mail Advices Relative to
the Chilian Revolution
Over Thirteen Hundred Killed and WoLnde
One Struggle
Workmen Appealing for Provisions are s et
Upon by Armed Ton cs and Mur
dered Together With Thoir
Wites ami Children
PiVAMA April 24 Following aro K9
latest mail advices relative to tho Ch
The Lima Comercio published the
ing on March 23- Tho headquarf i
commissary otliccs of tho aruij hae la
removed from Valparaiso to Santiago a
Gen Juan Velasque has been ip x in I
staff commander general On the -1
March the Imperial returned to a ir j
after one of her risky trip- in Vail atai
Secret meetings were being held b
favorable to the revolution Ex ii
London stood at hid on Paris at 1 7
and on Hamburg at lm Si pf
A correspondent writing in Co o
March 24 said Passengers who I i -
rived by the Arequipa which j
raiso March 14 stato that the CI Uia an
is almost entirely in favor of rev
though tho government has it its
over IX0CO men
Scnor Honicio Lyons was am tei wh
in bed by othcers of tho govemi
Santiago business houses won i i i
drafts drawn by the govermaei t
this reason all silver held bv tm
ment was sent by land to Bum o Ari
whence it will be sent to
this movement all passenger i raflu w j
closed for some days
thirteen hunirei men kili1 u
Five thousand men were engageu i t
Poso Almonte affair and rumor- s 1
about five hundred of tho goe i
foreo and S 00 of the revolutionar t r
wero killed and wounded in that i
Tho German steamer Lotos lanued i
Valparaiso seventy three refugees f
Iquique The bitter feeling felt at
paraiso against the government is asi
by the fact that ladies and j iun gir i
distribute bulletins averse 10 thn gov r
and in favor of revolution
The following terrible iiari auvo s from
the pen of a newspaper correspondent
Office of Komiuez Saltpetok Woku i
TAiuiACAFeb a i
On the 4th Martin Larrain arrived here
He is the same man who on the 4th nstai I
saved the workmen who were on ti sfnku
Iquique At 030 a m on the morning i i
the 3d upwards of 3000 workmen collects t
at Poso Almonte in order to pro cd tj
Iquique and make a formal rcprcscntatiuu
respecting tho
scarcity op provisions
Shortly after they reached the worl -
Manager William Johnson gave them tc
ban els of biscuits and 1000 tins of pre
serves which w ere distributed among tl
strikers They remained thero that lug
and on the following day sent some of thi
leaders on toNegreiresThere more men wi j
to be collected Suddenly however a trai
appeared loaded with government troc i
under Martin Larrain Without hatting i -parleying
these troops opened lire c i
the defenseless workmen women arJ
children Shortly afterward the forct
marched forward and killed all tl j
men Meanwhile the mon from thu
Negreires works with commissioners fro i
Kainirezreturned to their housesothcrwisa
they might also have fallen victims Soma
who escaped from theslaughtcr took refuge
in the nitrate fields but wero subsequently
After theso deeds had been committed
some MK men wero an ested and of thU
number ISO were murdered
Cable message received in Callao March
31 reads Tha revolutionary squadron
has left Iquiquo for Valparaiso after re
ceiving on board the and trans
liorts the whole of the revolu
tionary shore forces Tho object is ta
attack Valparaiso Twenty two men-of-war
and transports compose tho fleet
Tho schooner Cletia which has arrived
from Iquique PLsagua and Mollcndi
brings the terrible details of a combat as
Poso Almonte between government forct
and rebels It is stated that after tho fight
the soldiers in a state of drunkenness vio
lated the bodies of the women who had
perished during the combat
Tho Cletia also rejiorts that the whoia
regular array was routed aud broken in
pieces with the exception of cavalry whic
7000 strong retired toward Bolivia hoping
to join the forces which it was cxeetjd
were marching from Tarapacha
Tho Balmaceda iron clads Almiranto
Lynche Almirante Condell and Sclcomayo
which were in Valparaiso with crewi
which aro principally composed of fort igr
had declared they would remain
neutral but preparations were under way
for naval operations
An approximate calculation makes tho
revolutionary forces in Tapahan number
300 without counting the men of Barua
cedas force who havo joined the reoa
lutionary cause
The Lima Chronicle publishes the follow
ing on March 2i It is known the squad
ron has left Iquique and gone south and it
is supposed the vessels havo gone to Val
paraiso in order to capture and to sink thu
Alminate and Lynche prior to their having
been completely fitted m Valparaiso
Provisions were recently so scarce in
Iquique that K0 were paid for a can of pre
served milk and beef sold at 10 per
pound These prices were caused by tho
port being blockaded by the
The officers and crews of these vessels
state that they have signed a round robin
binding themselves not to lay down arms
until they hang President Balmaceda
in the principal square in Santiago
A cable message from Lima dated April
11 reads A dispatch from Iquiquo the
Sh says that news has just been received
there that Arica and Tacna had been taken
All of Tacnas department is now in
the hands of the congressional party who
also controls all the northern jjortion of
Chili and as far south as Capiapo thero
was no lighting the government forces hav
ing fled toward the frontier of Bolivia
Clint Davis Shot by Charli Dixon at 31c
AUHter I T
Special to the Gazette
McAllister L T April 24Clint Davis
was shot and fatally wounded by Charlie
Dixon between 9 and 10 oclock last night
He had been drinldng and got into an alter
cation with Dixon at the Central hotel
Dixon put him out of the house when Da
vis made an attempt to draw a weapon
Dixon drew a revolver and shot Davis
through the stomach the ball lodging in tha
backbone with the result as stated above
Dixon gave himself up to Officer McCoy
Verdict Agalnit the Santa Fe
Special to the Gazette
Houston Tex April 24 In the district
court to day Mrs Carrie Riordan and her
two children were awarded damages against
the Santa Fo railroad in tho sum of SS00O
for tha death of her husband a switchman
of the company who was killed by a switch
engine la3t year A former verdict for J10
000 was set aside by the court on account of
some lechnichulity The case will baap
sealedit is said
A i
Si I

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