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1 lAustin 193
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Ie New Orleans 543
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S April 2 Extradition
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I A the Texas embez ler arested
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Kuhwaibe tax ie Weekly Gizrrr
The Katy Will Put on Reduced
Rates from Northern Points
The Qnren and Crescent and the Cotton
Melt Hustling The Denvers Traffic
Tho Strike Ended The Shops
Shut Down Tail Lights
Livestock Slattern
The Gulf Colorado and Santa Fe has
issued amendment No 1 to circular No 40
B relating to state territorial and Federal
quarantine laws and the rules and regula
tions under which that road will handle
livestock It is similar to those of other
roads quoting the laws and regulations of
livestock quarantine as established by the
authorities mentioned
Thn Denvers Traffic
Officials of thn Fort Worth and Denver
railway say that trade on that line has re
ceived a wonderful impetus since the re
cent rains and that the tonnage has
largely increased and is still increasing
They are coniident that if no disastrous
Hoods occur causing heavy woshouts etc
that the present year will be the most pros
peious one financially the road has ever
The Shops Shut Down
The following notice is posted in the Fort
Worth and Denver shops and is self-explanatory
All work in these shops will be sus
pended on Saturday April 25 and all work
in tho car department will be suspended
until May 1 unless countermanded before
that time J F White JI II
The Strike Ended
Information was received in the city yes
terday that the strike on tho Denver at
Trinidad had been ended A satisfactory
agreement was reached by the train men
and the company and the result is that the
men have resumed work and all perishable
and livestock trade can again be handled
v itliout delay There w as no trouble on
the Fort Worth and Denver proper the
difficulty being confined entirely to the
Colorado division
Rales Tor tho Slal Fest
The Missouri Kansas and Texas is con
sidering reduced excursion rates from
Hannibal Sedalia Kansas City Junction
City and intermediate points to Fort Worth
on account of the Mai Fest Tickets go on
sale May IS with a return limit of thirty
days from date of sale It is not known
here what the rate will be but it will prob
ably be fixed at one fare for tho round trip
A rate of one fare for the round trip from
all points on the lines in Texas to Fort
Worth account for tho same event has also
been authorized
Santa Fc Excursionists
On account of tho Texas Sunday school
association at Paris May 12 to 14 the Santa
Fe announces a round trip rate of 4 cents
from all points on its lines in Texas Tickets
will be on salo May 10 11 and 12 good re
turning until May 10
Hound trip excursion tickets from all
points on the line of the Santa Fo in Texas
to Iampasas will go on sale limited to
thirty days from date of sale and will be
on sale until September 30
How Our Denver Road Standi
To the Editor of the Wall Street Daily News
I hold some Union Pacific Denver and
Gulf stock and would like to have your
opinion as to Its worth Yours respect
fully H Lucas
At current prices we should consider it
safe to hold It runs through a territory in
which it has comparatively little competi
tion with a fair chance of growing rapidly
Its present earnings do not show a large
surplus over its fixed charges but they
should be large enough to protect the stock
Wall Street News
Hendrys Successor
The Gazette a few days since announced
the resignation of J A Hendry of the
Santa Fe to accept i more lucrative position
w ith tho Mexican Central at the City of
Mexico It also stated that J G Wessendorf
viould probably succeed him The following
circular gives the official notice of the
Gulf Colorado and Saitta Fe Railway 1
Company Office of Auditor V
Galvistos Tex April 21 1S91 J
Mr J A Hendry having resigned Mr J
G Wessendorf is this day appointed trav
eling auditor of this company with head
quarters at Bellville Tex
W E Lcfkix Auditor
Common Car Coupler
There will be a general effort to bring
aoout the adoption of a common car coupler
says tho Memphis Commercial There are
about one hundred different kinds in use
and few of them will fit into each other
The action of tho Vanderbilt lines in adopt
ing the plane couplers on freight trains to
the exclusion of the link and pin patterns
will have the effect of hastening the gen
eral adoption of the plane couplet The
Vanderbilt lines have tried the Jauney
Gould and Standard patterns and
their experience shows tho superiority of
couplers of this class So large a percent
age of accidents is referred to coupling
freight cars that a general change to auto
matic couplers is expected to reduce the
percentage of accidents very largely
Advertise the Excursions
John Howard writes to The Gazette
urging that steps be taken to raise a fund
of from 5000 to 15000 to thoroughly ad
vertise tho home seekers excursions an
nounced by tho Missouri Kansas and
Texas and tho St Louis Arkansas and
Texas the first of which occurs on May 13
The plan proposed is to advertise the ex
cursions in the daily and weekly newspa
pers of the states of Missouri and Kansas
and in the Southeast from whence come
tho excursionists The roads have done all
they can in authorizing and announcing the
excursions and Mr Howard thinks it is no
more than just that the people of Texas
should co operate in making them a suc
cess The roads can be depended upon to
do all in their power to induce large num
bers to tako advantage of the reduced rates
and if the people of Texas advertise them
thoroughly in the North and East the de
sired result will be attained
ATciaaa Invention
Mr W E Vernon of Sine Springs has
invented an elevated railway that promises
to revolutionize the present mode of
travel There is a certain chestnuty
fivor hanging about every device of this
character as so many have been intro
duced only to be cast aside as impracticable
and dane erous but Mr Vernon has some
thing that may astonish the scientific
world before many weeks His model
will show an elevated railway on which
will run a shuttle shaped car holding as
many as twenty live or thirty people
This car rests on six steel slides that run
in deep grooves out into the rail and these
lt 00 ves aro supplied with lubricating oiL
Between the rails there is a hollow tube
mo which driving projectile is arranged
n propc the car by means of compressed
air The car can ba run at
he ritic speed of rXM miles an hour with
perfect safety and stop quicker than a
jil vay train supplied with tho finest air
brakes The principle of the pneumatic
tube which is now in successful operation
h s been utilized to a certain extent in this
marvel of locomotion compared to which
the lightning express may some day be
looked upon as an ox cart With ihis dis
tance annihilator a beef steer can ba shot
through the air from Comanche to St Louis
in three hours There seems to be no limit
to the rate of weed that caa be attained
and the best machinists and mechnies of
Comanche and Slpe Sprincs say it is so sim
ple and practical that they all wondar that
it has not been thought of before A patent
has been applied for and the compressed au
motor may yet drive electricity and steam
from the field as a motive power Coman
che Chief
now the Boycott of the Alton by the
Eastern Lines AfXcct Them
The ticket brokers over the country are
viewing tho boycott of the Eastern trunk
lines against tho Alton railroad with great
complacency says tho Kansas City Times
The attempt to abolish the payment of coin
missions by the Western roads to the ticket
agents of tho Eastern lines has already
proven the greatest boon to the scalpers
especially those in the East that has be
fallen them for several years
The Western roads will pay commissions
for business no matter who secures it for
them If the Eastern ticket agents are not
allowed to work for their interests then
brokers will be patronized and that too to
such an extent that they will soon become
as great a power in the transaction of
Eastern passenger affairs as they ever were
in the past
This is the view that prominent Western
passenger officials take of the situation and
the daily developments strengthen their
position The Alton has already sought tho
co operation of Eastern brokers in the
localities where they have no regular
agents and it is making no secret about
it either The other Western roads who
have openly complied with the order of
the board of rulings it is said on pood
authority have also turned their patronage
to the scalpers
It is a question with the Western officials
which is the greater evil the payment of
commissions to the regular agents of the
Eastern roads or the building up of the
business of the Eastern brokers
It is said that the scalpers will make
enough money out of tho boycott and the
attempt to abolish the payment of commis
sions to successfully fight hostile legislation
against them for many years to come
ft is the general opinion that by their ac
tion the Eastern roads are encouraging the-
very thing that they do not want to be eng
couraged For several years they have
waged a bitter war against tho brokers and
have sought by every means in their power
to minimize the scalpers business and they
have had considerable success It would
now seem that the labor of all these 5ears
has been undone by one injudicious action
So far tho boycott has had no apparent
effect on the Alton It is doing as much
business as it ever did and its passengers
aro meeting with no inconvenience
The Thirteenth Annual Convention at Kan
sas City
Tho following circular relative to the
thirteenth annual convention of the Ameri
can ticket brokers association to bo held
at Kansas City next month D E Hirsh
field the only association broker in Fort
Worth will attend the meeting
Louisville Ky April 20 1S91
To all Members
The past year has been tho most eventful
in the history 01 the association a history
by no means meager of stirring events Al
though the most strenuous efforts of those
anlagonistic to the interests of ticket bro
kerage have been exerted to destroy us not
the puny efforts of pygmies but of giants
they have failed thanks to the committee
on hostile legislation Although the asso
ciation itself has felt the shock of war
peace has long since been restored thanks
to tho wisdom and prudence of tho execu
tive committee
So then the assembling of the thirteenth
annual convention in Kansas City on Wed
nesday and Thursday the 13th and 14th of
Ma- 1S91 should be recorded as the larg
est and most enthusiastic ever held and
should be an occasion of great interest and
Business of the utmost importance is to
bo considered by tho convention and no
member can afford to permit others to
legislate for him in matters so deeply affect
ing his interest and the u elfare of those de
pending upon him Each member ispio
foundly concerned in the proposed amend
ments to the constitution relating to mem
bership and should be in attendance to
spealc for himself
The circular of welcome issued by tho
Kansas City brethren is in the hands of
every member and it speaks in tones so
hearty and extends so cordial an invitation
that it cannot be resisted
The convention will be held in tho now
Coates house corner of Tenth and Broad
way where accommodations have been
arranged at 350 per day Those wishing
special accommodations can secure them
by addressing any one of tho Kansas City
committee Ladies arc cordially invited
Members will please notify the committee
of arrangements by returning their pos
tal cards duly filled out as promptly as
By order of the executive committee
W B Carter Secretary
Some of the Features of Interest Along the
There is yet ten days before the rate to
Birmingham made on account of tho South
ern Baptist convention at Birmingham will
go into effect but already the traveling
passenger agents are making Rome howl
The Queen and Crescent which runs a spe
cial train out of Fort Worth on tho evening
of May C over the Texas and Pacific is
making strong efforts to secure the busi
ness E W White general soliciting
agent and Traveling Passenger Acent
Kretschmar were in the city yesterday in
the interests of the excursion
leaving Fort Worth at G40 p m the
train arrives at Shreveport early in the
morning Crossing Red river on the
mammoth iron bridge a beautiful view is
had of Shreveport find surroundings
Monroe the parlor city located on tho
Ouachita river is next reached This little
city with its stately live oaks beautiful
lawns and comfortable homes is a pleasing
sight From Monroe on to the Mississippi
river the route is though the most fertile
lauds in Louisiana
On reaching tho Mississippi river a
magnificent view of Vicksburg the Gib
raltar of the Confederacy is had Cross
ing the father of waters and passing
through Vicksburg mauy historic points
are to be seen Jackson the capital of
Mississippi is next passed with its splen
did public institutions schools and lovely
shaded streets Pearl river is crossed at
this point and the journey is continued
through Mississippi towards Meridian the
wonder and gateway to the marvelous
miueral region of the South Birming
ham the objective point is finally reached
where the excursionists will be landed at
3 a m May S
The St Louis Arkansas and Texas is
also in it and has issued a schedule of the
leaving time on the various roads at various
points in Texas and the arriving time at
Texarkana whore all the delegates will
combine and be run through on special via
Memphis and the Kansas City Memphis
and Birmingham railway The train leaves
Memphis at 930 p in May 7 and arrives
in Birmingham the next morning at S
oclock W II Winfield general passen
ger agent of the Cotton Belt will accom
pany the party from Texarkana
Tail Lights
E W White general soliciting agent of
tho Queen and Crescent was in the city yes
W B Groseclose general freight agent
of the St Louis Arkansas and Texas rail
way was in the city yesterday
Maj Sam Hunt general livestock agent
of the Missouri Kansas and Texas railway
will return from Alabama this morning
W V Newlin general freight and pas
senger agent of the Fort Worth and Den
ver went out on the line yesterday
F W Dill has been appointed assistant
general freight agent of the MexicanCen
tral with headquarters at tha City of
The business at the Texas and Pacific
offices in this city is increasing so rapidly
that the rear end of the bcildins has
o 0000000
Railway Meeting at Dublin
Special to the Gazette
Dublin Tex April 25 A rousing and
enthusiastic railroad meeting was held at
the opera house last night called by the
president of the Board of Trade to consider
the new railroad proposed to run from the
coal mines at Thurber and running through
Dublin Hamilton Lampasas and on to
Llano the great iron region of Texas The
importance of this road to Dublin was ably
portrayed and 24G00 wa subscribed in
about one hour and it is confidently as
serted that forty or fifty thousand will ba
raised in the near futuro for this project in
time to be acted on when the reports which
are being prepared all along the line are re
ceived which aro to be sent to the president
A A Chapman by May 1 1S91 This is no
idle move and you need not be surprised to
hear of the engineers in the field at a very
early dav and as soon as tho route can be
established dirt will fly in a hurry And
when this road is secured we count on our
city containing 10000 population inside of
two years
Rates Advanced
CniCAGO III April 23 The commis
sioners of the traffic association have issued
an order advancing second class passenger
and excursion rates from tho Pacific coast
points to eastern terminals of the transcon
tinental lines At a meeting of the passen
ger rate committee of the Transcontinental
association February 1 the Southern Pacific
submitted a proposition to make tbo second-class
rate from the Pacific coast Sj
higher than at present and sis months
excursion rates 10 higher Atchison op
posed the advance and the Southern Pa
cific appealed to the commissioners who
now decido that the rates proposed should
be authorized The advanced rates are to
take effect on a date to be fixed by tho
chairman of the Transcontinental
Automatic Couplers s
New York April 25 The Enginring
News in this weeks issue win say tncfjueed
of an automatic coupler for f reignt cars
been eeuerallv recoamized for probably twi
score years and thousands of inventors
have labored to produce a device which
would fill all requirements The great ob
stacle which for many years prevented the
introduction of any automatic coupler was
the lack of an agreement 2mong the rail
ways concerning what should be adopted
United action in this case has been an abso
lutely necessity In October 1S57 after a
series of tests the master car builders as
sociation adopted a standard type of auto
matic coupler -This type has now been ac
Leaves Union Depot 9 a m APRIL
chance to see the wheat country of Texas
cepted and is being applied to new freiiht
cars by railways controlling 71S11 miles of
road and 702443 cars wliich is about 00 per
cent of the freight cars in the United
States The number of cats equipped by
these companies during lsflO was 53300 and
more than 21000 mote have been equipped
sinco tho beginning of 1S91 making the
total number now equipped about one hun
dred and twenty three thousand These
figures show beyond doubt that the old
link and pin coupler whose victims aro
many times as numerous as those of car
stoves will have to go
Cliauncoys Drnial
CrNCiNNATi Onio April 25 Cornelius
Vanderbilt Chauncey M Depew and party
left the city at S oclock this morning for
Cleveland Mr Depew while here said
There is no truth whatever in the report
that Gould avd the Vanderbilts are at ours
Our interests are east and Mr Goulds
west of the Mississippi river We have no
intention of making a parallel route with
the Union Pacific and we do not intend to
cover the territory of Goulds roads
Unlimited Ticket
Chicago III April 23 It is officially
announced to day that tho lines in the Cen
tral traffic association will discontinue the
use of unlimited tickets on May 1 Vice
chairman Donald has issued a circular an
nouncing this as the result of a vote that
has been taken of the membership The
Western passenger association cannot take
such action until the Alton boycott is over
For although tho Alton is one of the orig
inators of the movement to abolish unlim
ited tickets it will probably withhold its
consent to tho arrangement until peace has
been restored
Returned to Work
Trixidad Col April 25 At 2 oclock
the strike of Union Pacific employes heio
was formally dcclated off The men re
ceived a telegram from Clark at Omaha
saying Go to work Send a committee
and the affair will be adjusted-
After a conference with Superintendent
Duncan the men decided to go to work on
the above terms
Whera Shall We Go For Health zni
Nowhere on thokflplWTbero to ba
found a varhdaTpipBimate scenery and
cheap resjrappfequal that tributary to the
tlnioaSBWcinc Route
SttJPourist rates to Colorado points to be put
on May 1
Ticket office 401 Main street and Union
The Itcsalt of Being a Cripple
Special to the Gazette
Fort Smith Ark April 25 Henry
Effort a one legged man was sentenced
to day in the United States court to three
years imprisonment at Detroit Mich
On September 21 last he was convicted
of assault with intent to kill and the next
night escaped from the jail hospital He
was run in a few days ago and has prob
ably gotten a much longer term than he
would have received had he stayed in tho
hospital On account of being a cripple he
was given too much rope of which he took
A Duty on Lottery Tickets
Washington April 25 The treasury
department has ordered a duty of 25 per
cent on Mexican lottery tickets sent in
through LI Paso by express
Get One Free
The Fort Worth and Denver
nection with the Union PafiUjgMWffuad is
first in the field wiUgpRlBorate illus
trated WestenMpiWook free for those
contemplairipKummer trip Call at city
officljiain street and secure a cycle-
tof i
information regarding the
d cheap summer resorts reached by
onj Pacific railway
JT Cold Cold CodJod
j M pi- n r i iw tuSn K M
On easypajments
This Is the Best Route
The Fort Worth and
way in connection
the only directaBMBPToutc
3 north and northwest
TialgRomce 401 Main street and Lmon
iit XM rj
The Red River k Southwestern Railway
Has let the contract and now have over 100 teams grading along
The first 30 miles to Archer City will be completed by July 1
If is lorn Tie for taint at HemiagpiilirSii Is tin of Eoafl
This country is settling up rapidjgjaWPfltgood class of people Fine land
along this line of railway cjjWrDought very low and on easy terms We
have assurance that JjLajNSrak Island will be built to Henrietta soon con
necting with thajpBKiver and Southwestern Railway The Gulf Brazos
Railroad wiUjgrTDe built from Henrietta to deep water via Waco to the
mouth oMneErazos Now is the time to mve3t in city property at
For particulars adddress
fallen out Workmen are busy repairing
tho break
Corsicana Xote
Special to the Gazette
Corsicaxa Tex April 2 General
Superintendent Fleming of the Cotton Belt
arrived to night and will remain hero until
to morrow with Receiver Swanson of the
same road
R R Robins has charge of the Houston
and Texas Central ticket office until Ticket
Agent Martin moves his family from Waco
Stonewall Countys Prospects
Correspondence ot the Gazette
Rayser Tex April 21 All claim for
Rayner one or more of tho four lines now
chartered through Stonewall county in the
near future The Fort Worth and Albu
querque the Houston and Texas Central
from Albany the Santa Fc from Weather-
ford ana tho ichita alley railroad from
Seymour are all looking this way and it is
said all will build westward this fall or
winter Rayner the county site of Stone
wall is situated twenty three miles west of
Haskell thirty two from Anson forty trom
Roby and sixty five miles from Abilene Al
bany and Seymour on the beautiful and
fertile valleys of the Double Mountain Fork
of the Brazos river and Fouk creek Ray
ner occupies a position that any inland
town might be envious of exactly half way
between the trunk lines of the Texas and
Pacific railroad and the Fort Worth and
Denver railroad and the grounds of tho
only accessible route to tho plains of New
Kates to the Worlds Fair Convention
Special to the Gazette
Dallas Tex April 25 On May 10 and
11 the Texas and Pacific railway will put
on sile tickets at reduced rates from all
stations to Fort Worth and return good
until May 14 The tickets are for those
who wish to attend the Columbia conven
tion to be held in Fort Worth May 12
On May G a through sleeper will leave
Fort Woith for Birmingham Ala to ac
commodate thoso who wish to attend the
Southern Baptist convention
W J Young agent at San Antonio for
the Mallory steamship line is in the city
Traveling Freight Agent J E Leith of
the Gulf Colorado and Santa Fe has re
turned after a two weeks trip
Col H C Archer of the Ohio and Missis
sippi railway is in the city
H R Irvine division superintendent of
the Santa Fe is in town
Col J P Moore general livestock agent
of the Texas and Pacific railroad is in the
Locals handled to dav by the Texas and
Pacific 1 172 of which 227 were stock This
road has handled so far this season 317457
bales of cotton a decrease of 9350 bales over
last season
Hon R S Lovett assistant general at
torney for tho Texas and Pacific railroad
left this morning for New York
30 and Returns May 2 3Xow is your best
Tho Rumors About tlio Waco Municipal
Election Cause Many Wrathy Citi
zens to limit the Woods
Special to the Gazette
Waco Tex April 25 The grand jury
has just adjourned having been called to
gether to investigate tho fraud in connec
tion with the late municipal election It
was alleged that in the late campaign
considerable fraud was practiced consist
ing of bribery betting false swearing and
illegal voting This campaign was inter
esting only as regards the treasuiers office
and many prominent citizens took part
and as a result the district pudge recon
vened the grand jury charging them to
make a rigid investigation and where pos
sible find true bills The report of tho
grand jury returns thirty four indictments
and somo of these against wealthy and
prominent citizens It has caused a great
sensation and during the sitting of the
grand jury somo gentlemen were conspicu
ous by their absence from the city
Following is the report of tho body after
five days deliberatious
Hon L W Goodrich Having clearly in
mind the matter given us in charge by your
honor and feelinr the importance of
investigation by tho grand jury we have
made dilligcnt inquiries as to matters per
taining to the election held in this city on
April 7 While wo find that the report or
rumor of irregularities at said election ex
aggerated the facts and thus caused uneasi
ness in the minds of many still the facts as
developed show that it was well to call tho
attention of tho grand jury to such rumor
While this grand jury secured facts upon
which to return indictments in several in
stances there is on the mind of the jury the
idea that all the facts have not been had
nor can they bo had at this time From
this investigation we recognize the impor
tance of throwing aroundthis question of
suffrage every safeguard and in our large
cities it would seem well not only of all
voters but to adopt some such system of
voting as that known as the Australian sys
tem Respectfully
John T Battle Foreman
Tbo Order at Arilmore and Visiting Breth
ren Celebratp and Take Possession
of a New Hall A Ball
Special to the Gazette
Ardmore I T April 25 Tho seventy
second anniversary of Odd Fellowship in
America was appropriately celebrated here
to dav Ardmorc lodge No 9 was assisted
by thirty members of the order from
Gainesville who arrived in a special coach
about 1 p m Tho visiting brothers were
met at the depot by the reception eoinmittee
in full regalia headed by the Ardmore cor
net band The procession was then formed
and marched to the Odd Fellows hall
where a splendid banquet was spiead and
all invited to partake freely After the
banquet the Odd Fellows were formed for
parade headed by the band and fol
lowed by the home lodge with
tho visitors from all neighboring lodges
After traversing the principal streets of our
city the procession moved to tne courthouse
whore the address of tho day was delivered
by Judge C L Herbert followed by J R
The lodge at this place has just complcwd
and taken possession of a new hall and
justly feel proud of their elegantnew home
All pronounced themselves well pleased
with the days exercises but that none
should go away dissatisSed they arc now
having a dress ball at the hall in which all
aro enjoying tho hospitality of the Inde
pendent Order of Odd Fellows
Postponed Until Ocaober
Washington April 25
parte Thomas Henry Cooper
schooner Sayward brought at
tion of tho government of Great Britain to
test tne question ot jurisdiction oi ti
United States over the seal fisheries
chring sea which has been in disput
the two crovernments during se
rations has been postponed by the
nremrtjnrt or tne united states until
OctoberlOnext when argument will begin
SrtmrK n V
is TUB
9P points In Texas
Lis Chicaro Kansas
cla and all points in tno
West I
zant Pullman Palace EuSct Dra wins room
Ipmitii Car arc rim irnih vrv A lv in lh
year to Kansas City Clncajo and St Louis
connecting at these points with fast limited
trains or the East
United Sfates Canada and Mexico
Tor any desired information Tickets Folden
Maps etc call on or address
1VJI DOHEKTY C P T A 31S Houston
street Fort Worth
C D LUSK Ticket Afent Union Depot
V A TULEY T P A Dallas Texas
11 THOMPSON G P T A Galveston
The Cotton
Belt Routs
Shortest Quickest and Only Lino
Delivering passengers In den
lines nitnout a long ana
transfer across taal
T trains as follows
Fort Worth S 25 a m nd 800 p a
tArnvcs Texarkana 7a pm and 73a p m
Arrives Memphis 853 a m and S5o a zn
Tirasu coacles ail Pnllman BnffeJ Slegcsr3
Fobt Worth to Memphis Aao
Pullman Buffet Sleepers to Texarkan on th
night train connecting In MempMB with
through trains to all points East and Southeast
All further Information cheerfully furnished
on application to any ot the following
G W BARXHART General Agent H Mala
street Fort Worth
W H WINFIELD General Passenger Ajent
Hre3 in Texas Tevarkana Tex
H G FLEMING General Manajer and Cclel
Engineer lines in Texad Texarkana Tex
I em Pacific Hailwav
To Shreveport and New Orleans to Texarkana
Memphis St Louis the North and East and to
all points In Texas Old and New Mexico Ari
zona Colorado ana aniornia
Via Sacriaiento
to QgHMnnd Washlngton
lata a Gnn
Ste5tva Texarkana Shreveport and New Or
Between Fort Worth and St Louis The fasten
time between Texas and the North and East
Double daily line of Pullman Palace Sleepier
Cars through to St Louis via the
ThrouEh Sleeping Cars between New Orleans
and Denver and St Louis and 1 Paso
For rates Tickets and all Information ppy
to or address any of the ticket agents or
C P FEGAN TraveUng Passenrer Ajent
E W McCULLOUGH General Pasienjer and
Ticket ARent
JNO A GRANT Third Vice President Dallas
Many a Fortune Has
JjvA jfijmr
I mr ft
prxi JCX33 ana
Close connections In all of the above cities till
fast trains of Eastern and Northern iins
makes tho II K T the best lias to
New Tori Boston Maatresl an SL PM
J E SMITH City Ticket Agent corner Fourth
and Houston streets
C D LUSK Ticket Agent Union Depot
VT D LAWSON Texas Travellaj I assener
J J PREY Gen SupL Sedalia Mo
J WALDO Gen Traffic Manager Sedalia Ma
G P HUGHES Av t Gen Pasenger Ajert
Dallas Tex
GASTOV UESLIER General Passenjer an
Ticket Agent SeUalla Mo
GI Colorado Santa Fe Ry
The ISlCTPaiSfi Direct esfe
Popular SaSlaK9
Between Fort Worjflil
Kanras CitYAMBoT
Njppr East and
One Was
Never Lost By It
r -
lae case of ex- 7n
Werof thib a a- K
AtaMMfws UVUtWMktfM 4 ti
I nKiaVu3mii SMSBIB
E taWMvioTVMpH U0vlRcle bad reiul
akiOaiey leimuau II HOI BTTCDrneHaaU 01- v
eents stamps for seled partlmxlars
Dr WASS CO 117 H 6th St St Xoois Ho
The Coke Kc jlou Quiet
Scottdale Pa April 25 Tho general
condition of the coke region to dy Is of
quietness No evictions has taken place
and no troiibie is

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