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w KWic jjvuij it- xrz v vrj v i i n iijiui j I
Nariy 73000 Deposited with
Jhe Comptroller Yesterday
- p nv Board Discussing the Con
ct Labor Question
hnaf Secure Tiro I arce Farms Tor
ye u a1 Work ConIcts Upon
lfD More About Boomer
a i Promoter Dunn
Camlet Labor
April 30 The penitentiary
jnsidered the plan adopted
njr about seven hundred
s for woik on farms and
- use for the purchase of one
io of the 3razos in
u i junties the land sugar
1 ud for in cash or convict
j agreed upon This was
ii v more in consonance with
u which opposes tha
im r and Promoter
April SO Tiie business
u not greatly surprised
j mtl by the arrest in At-
i i f the boomer and pro-
1 1 am Several weeks ago
i t turn up that something
u li 1 tln boomers methods
in business principles
i - departure for New York
i iii a detective arrived
for a man of his exact
fcd with forging bills of
i of iOOUO in Sedalia Mo
Uowcd him hoping u over-
touis where ho was to
o fn -d
ti Austin about threo
1 n i Jo qutie a stir in real
i n a number of
f citv and suburban prop
i c an interest amounting to
I ii Statesman The total
h re foot up about 50001
little cash was paid
i f sOou tho balance of
a l iug settled by vendors
1 j i a for example 300 cish
Mth the Statesman He
i it tit bi for tho only re
here was to drop about
it ii a month ago to New York
n 10KX on his invest-
tn purpose of erecting a
- i - nuiliiiUg to contain an opera
i k i oial architect with him
u - in- lit st plans for a modern
ji i hi Wet returned a week
assurance that Dunn had
h Inj Las ever since been busy
ii j pan of the proposed build-
i idi r among other things
jj Gorce
i is Ml- state farm at Harlem
f i i iln i ntire proceeds from
ii i tm 000 besides He would re-
- t n i ollecting the bounty on
u w hn h is estimated at -25000
i i the governors veto the
The board considered
and liially concluded that it
i i ok to accept the
i in effect be an evasion or
i io policy laid down by the
nn sage and acquiesced in
or ct mmixs
n - by the geological dc-
t agate and report his
n iiiu rumored extinct Indian
I iu oil the Hod river in
i h - mule his report He
i ill ovk n f Hod river threo
i nouth ot Kim fork and
i i ilancriim the county seat
mains of two villages one
other a Mexican or Aztec
tho latter show that it was
iried brick although granite
it b in the Wichita mounts
evidences such as copper
m instruments glass beads
MiMimii origin It is
i s mscoery will aid
hi claim of Texas to Gretr
iut ut tiou Apportionment
April 30 The stato
wportion this month
1mu instruction which
iifj head for each scholar
iMoortionmeut was only
I he ii cession this month is
iu it of interest on county
V Vlamo fruit and
rvers association of
fital 4100000 thoScarff
uij iiy of Dallas capital
i pi iiitiug and publishing
u an is iu stationery blank
l umptrollcrS OIIIco
pil 40 Tho following
i i fin- per cent of their net
- Texas Mexican rail-
j is Sabine Vallov and
iiy 1000 Southern
ii 1 i ial agent of tha
i Ijit for the month of
i ivllers department for
e try Said report in
i iwiug balance on hand
receipts from all
i disbursements at
i collector of Lamar
he best in the stato is
i - nnal settlement with
1 the j ear ending May 1
in and school taxes
i iC0J 13 and
12 14075
-x-collector of Trinity
Tho total state tax
NJJ7L17 occupation taxes
i l nber deposits amounted
1 ue iioioroorri Slate
i April 30 The
governor who has about
- re will announce his ap
5 uj tiow for three additional
ut appeals threo modifiers
a commissioners It is quite
a must sure that the latter
ivid go to North Texas
for a Hccelver of a Sn Antonio
5 street Itailnaj
if a jitte
P mj Tex April R0 In the
to day the Sac Antonio
t ipy company alleging an in-
t f 1310 asked the Alamo
s n ay company to show cause
3 t -e ver should cot be appointed
uti that more than the act-
- uf thi road is covered as there is
uu3 oi kuouoo an Dut isuoo or
f i taTe te n Placed upon the Now
icaraet and that it is running at a
10SS of Slrrtl TTinnth fhlt it ilofnlilto1
the January interest of Its bonds
which has not yet been paid that it owes
the city of San Antonio and other parties
and that it is helplessly Insolvent
The cause has no been set for hearing
The Alamo electric foad was built with
New York money by Delafield McCrillis
of Denver It owns about sis miles of
track and some very valuable franchises as
well as a large amount of rolling stock
An Aced Lady Demented
Special to the Gazette
Houston- Tex April 30 A demented
old lady named Mrs Holfmaster is wander
ing about this city and balks all attempts
to care for her though she has been taken
to a private house and also to the Sisters
hospital She says she has a daughter
named Mrs Alice Keynolds living near fort
The Y SI C A at ITomton About to Go
Under In Debt S1O0O
Special to the Gazette
Houston Tex April 30 The Young
Mens Christian association in this city Is
in a bad way as the secretary and the phy
sical director have resigned because their
salaries have not been paid The association
is about 1000 behind and interest is greatly
on the wane
Nashville ltai es
NAsnvnXE Tenw April 30 First race
seven furlongs Sull Ross won LemOine H
second Red Sign third Time 1295
Second race six furlongs Linlithgow
won Bonnie Bird second Milt Young
third Time 115
Third racp mile and seventy yards Bank
rupt won Carter B second Brandollctte
third Time 1 4C
Fourth race half mile Huron won Tom
Paxton second Addia third Time 50j
Fifth race nine sixteenths mile Henry
Juukins won Maggie Lebus second Mantio
third Time 57
The Salacious Trial of Verney
Member of Parliament
The Argentlnn lCepuuilc In a Wretched
iintiictul Condition Gold Held ut
S50 Tent Cent
French Troops Drilling
Vernejs Trial
London April 30 At the Bow street
police court to day the trial of Capt Ed
mund II Verney member of parliament
for North Buckinghamshire charged with
instigating the procuration of tho gov
erness Miss Nellie Beckett for immoral
purposes adjourned from Fridaj last was
continued The courtroom was crowded
with people of all classes who were de
sirous of hearing the sensational testi
mony which it was expected would be
the feature of this days hearing of this
celebrated case Many letters signed Wil
son tho name which Capt Verney is
charged with assuming wero identified as
being in Capt Vemeys handwriting Hall
porter of a fashionable club testified
to the fact that tho letters addressed
to Wilson were duly forwarded at
Capt Vemeys request to the various ad
dresses This testimony seemed to have
considerable effect upon the friends of
Cain Verney who were present in court
and the prisoners assurance seems to be
decidedly weakening
But this evidence had a mild effect in
comparison with the great sensation which
was caused in the police court when the
woman named Louise Adeline keeper of a
hotei situated in Rue Lafitte Paris
testified to tho fact that Capt
Verney had called upon her on
seven or eight different occasions and asked
her to procure for him two or threo girls
promising her 100 frances if she succeeded
Witness added that in spite of the captains
solicitations and the inducements which he
held forth she positively refused to under
take the procuration referred to
Capt Verney was finally held for trial and
the bail was increased from J10000 to 25
Germany and Austria
Berlin April 30 Baron Wittek under
secretary of tho Austrian ministry of com
merce has anived hero on a special mis
sion from his government His object Is
the unification of tho German and
Austrian railway system by the
enactment of congress and the adoption
of common regulations especially as to the
management of the lines tariffs for freight
and passengers timo tables for through
trains etc In the negotiations to be un
dertaken by Baron Wittek special atten
tion will bo devoted to tho arrangement of
military and strategic lines with a view to
rapid mobilization of troops in both -countries
Politicians see the most important results
if this negotiation is carried to a successful
conclusion It will bind Germany and Aus
tria in closer union and insure the perma
nence and greatly increased strength of tho
triplo alliance
Gold at a High Premium
Buenos Atiies April 30 Gold closed
S10 per cent premium
Tho report of tho examiners appointed to
inquiro into the affairs of tho National
bank was published to day Tho rejiort
shows the most scandalous state of affairs
and has resulted in causing tho National
banks shares to fall 10 per cent It is un
derstood tho disclosures made will be a
death blow to state banks so far as the
Argentino Republic is concerned
France Preparing for War
Paris April 30 The French armies on
the German frontier will be exercised in
night military maneuvers on an immense
scalo early in May The troops thus placed
under arms will occupy all vital positions
which they would have to hold in an effort
to repulse tho supposed invasion of German
Portuguese Occupy Mnsslkegse
Capetown April 30 Tho Portuguese
have occupied Massikesse Upon the ap
proach of the Portuguese the British set
tlers guarding stores there left their posts
His Tailure Slightly Affected the aiarketa
but it Kapidly Recovered His Son
Think that He will Pay Out
The Effect on Sales Vanishes
Chicago III April 30- The H P
Hutchinson incident so far as its effect on
sales is concerned has disappeared from
tho Board of Trade as suddenly as did that
erratic individual himself Before the
opening of the Board of Trade this morning
an official anouncement was publicly made
to assembled operators that all of Mr
Hutchinsons open trades would be assumed
by C B Congdon Co
Hutchinson will Hare Margins
CniCAGO III April SO Frank Mangum
ono of Old Hutchs confidential brokers
says that when Hutchinsonsjopen deals are
settled it would leave him part of the
marginsalready up
Aifefki C
The Governor General of Can
ada Announces
Liberal and Government Parties Caucusing
The Liberals Will be Aggressive
Canada Ready to Make Reciprocity Vr
rangenicnts With tho United States
Governor Speech to the
House and Senate
Ottawa Ont April 30 At 3 oclock
this afternoon his excellency the governor
generaljprocceded in state to the parliament
houso and members of the house of com
mons having been summoned to the senate
chamber his excellency was pleased to
open the first session of the Seventh par
liament of tho Dominion of Canada with
tho following speech
Honorable Gentlemen of the Senate and
Gentlemen of the House of Commons I
urn glad to welcome you to the first session
of the new parliament which I hope will be
momorable for its wise deliberations and
for measures adapted of progress and de
velopment to the Dominion
My advisers availing themselves of op
portunities which wero presented in the
closing months of last year caused tho
United States to be notified of tho willing
ness of the government of Canada to join in
asking efforts for extension and develop
ment of trade between the republic and the
dominion as well as for friendly adjust
ment of those matters Of international
character which remain unsettled I am
pleased to say that these representations
have resulted iu the assurance that iu Oc
tober nest the government of the United
States will be prepared to enter into a con
ference to consider the best means of ar
riving at a practical solution of these im
portant questions
Papers relating to this subject will be
laid before you Under tho circumstances
and in tho hope that tho proposed confer
ence may result in arrangements beneficial
to both countries you will bo called upon
to consider the expediency of extending for
the present session the principal provisions
of the Washington treaty of 1SSS known as
the Modus Vivendi
A disposition having been manifested in
the United Kingdom to impose on seagoing
ships engaged in the cattle trade increased
safeguards for life and greater restrictions
against improper treatment of cattle care
ful inquiry has been made as to the inci
dents of that trado in so far as this country
is concerned While I am glad to learn
that our shipping is free from reproach in
that regard your attention will bo invited
to measures which will remove all reason
able apprehensions of abuses arising in the
future in connection with so important a
branch of our commerce
You will bo asked to consider amend
ments to acts relating to Northwest terri
tories to the exchequer court act and to
acts relating to trado marks
Gentlemen of tho houso of commons
Accounts for the past year will be sub
mitted to you The revenue after pro
viding for the sen ice to which jou appro
priated it has left a surplus for works
which you design to bo carried on by capital
expenditure Estimates for the coming year
will be laid before you at an early date
An Aggcessivc Policy
Ottawa Ont April 80 Supporters of
the government in tho Dominion depart
ment held a caucus which was largely at
Sir John MacDonald president did not
deal with the governments polio- but
urged his followers to make suggestions
from timo to timo Ho was well received
as also ware other speakers who included
Sir Hector Longevin and Sir John Thomp
son Liberal members also held a caucus
to day when it was decided to adopt an
aggressive policy from tha start
It Is Supposed That He Entered the
Womans Iloom Quarreled With Her
and Killed Her
New York April 30 Inspector Byrnes
this morning made a public statement to
the effect that the man known as Frenchy
No 1 was ascertained to have slept in the
East Rvrr hotel on tho night of tho mur
der The murdered woman Carrie Martin
occupied room No 31 while Frenchy No 1
slept in room No 33 On tho evening of
the night of the murder Carrie Brown was
seen going into the hotel in company with a
strange man This man left the place be
fore midnight It is believed that Frenchy
No 1 then went to Carrie Browns room
that they quarrelled and that the result of
the tow was tho murder of the woman
The belief that the murderer has been
found has been substantiated by the follow
ing facts
When Frenchy No 1 completed his
murderous work he recrossed the hall to
room No 33 In that room he left evidence
of his guilt When the police made their
investigation traces of blood were to be
found on every side The only chair the
room contained was covered with blood
smeared over it from tho clothes the mur
derer wore he having sat down upon it
when he entered tho room Tho bed
clothes were found to be covered with
blood the murderer sometime during the
night having thrown himself upon the bed
His stockings he having removed his shoes
to do his bloody work were soaked with
blood and his clothes were also covered
with blood
On the walls and ceding of the little
room many small spots of blood wero found
the man having evidently entered tho room
with his hands red with blood and in his
desire to remove it had shaken and slapped
his hands and fingers thus literally dis
tributing blood about the room
When the fellow was arrested Inspector
Byrno examined his hands and finger
nails The latter he carefully scraped and
found plain and distinct traces of human
blood To positively establish tho fact the
scrapings and dirt found under his nails
wore submitted to chemical analysis
From the time the man was arrested but
little could be learned of him He has
made few statements but all have been so
very contradictory that the police have
been able to make but little use of them
The Election of Presidential Electors by
Congressional DUtrlcts
Lansing Mien April 30 The bill pro
viding for the election of presidential
electors by congressional districts with
two delegates at large one from tho East
ern and the other from the Western dis
trict passed the senate This is a Demo
cratic measure to divide the vote of the
stato on president and it has already
passed the house The senate also passed
a congressional apportionment bill which
as calculated will give seven of the twelve
districts to the Democrats
The Jury Failed to Agree
Sioux Falls SDApril 80 The Jury in
the case of Plenty Horse the Sioux Indian
on trial for the murder of Lieut Casey at
the time of the lata uprising composed of
Indians in this state at 9 oclock this morn
ing reported their inability to agree and
were discharged The recalcitrant Jurors
refused to vote for a conviction hecauso tho
court refused tho defendant an Interpreter
the refusal being based on the tround that
Plenty Horse was able to talk English
fluently and understood it perfectly
Narrow Kicape Fir
Special to the Gazette
Hillsbobo Tx April 30 By the cap
sizing of a fishermans boat two men made
a very narrow escape from drowning Tues
day at Towash 1
The postofflce at PeoriaTex with con
tents was destroyed by fire Monday night
Fell From a Porch
Special to the Gazette
Denison Tex April 30 The two-year-old
child of E Johnson a tailor fell off tho
porch at the family residence last night and
fractured his skull and sustained other
bruises A physician was called and dressed
tho injuries The little fellow is suffering
but tho physician thinks on account of his
age he will recover
Health Ofilcer Swearingen Says Quaran
tine is Unnecessary Threo of the
Five Cases Convalescing
Correspondence ot the Gazette
Rockwall Tex April 2S State Health
Officer R M Swearingeu M D arrived
here last night and to day visited the small
pox patients The following is his report
To His Honor It Y Kercodes Mayor of
Sir I have this day examined tho pa
tients sick of smallpox five in number and
the places infected and think that every
precaution necessary to prevent the further
spread of this disease has been promptly
and intelligently taken
I hereby give assurances to neighboring
towns and contiguous counties that quaran
tines against Ro kwall are altogether use
less and all such quarantines should be dis
solved I have the honor to remain your
obedient servant R M Swearenqen
Three of the sick are convalescent and
the people are hopeful that we are ncaring
the end Some of tho neighboring towns
have quarantined against the town of Rock
wall but as there are no cases of smallpox
in the town it seems they are more anxious
to secure the trade of Rockwall county than
to protect themselves from smallpox
Indians will Receive Their
Black Ticer Sleeping In His Own Tepeo in
Peace A Territorial Gang
adoes Defying Arrest Forty
Acre and a Mule
Struck a Coal Vein
Special to the rsnzetti
AliDMORE I T April 30 The Ardmore
coal company have found a new four foot
vein of cool one half mile south of their
present shaft At a depth of twelve feet
tbo coal is said to bo by far superior to any
yet found in this section and the quality of
the strata improves by the depth
Eugene B Stark deputy supreme pro
tector Knights and Ladies of Honot for
Kansas UKiahoma and tho Indian terri
tory has lately instituted Chickasaw lodge
No 7 hero with forty three charter mem
Territorial Desperadoes
Special to the Gazette
Eupaitla I T April 30 A gentleman
in from Wewaka district says that Cudgo
Barnett Ross Reilly and Paro Johnson
the three condemned men in tho Wewaka
district whom tho chief failed to pardon
and five others some of them the recipients
of executive clemency for the killing of
Reed and Walls are banded together mak
ing a rather strong resisting power and
defy the Creek authorities There is also
said to be a white whisky peddler an all-
rounu oesperauo with them making a
gang who are ready for anything that will
tackle them It is reported that thoy de
clare that they will die before they will
surrender to any authority
The same authority is a neghbor to
Black Tiger who a Paris correspondent
has been making the hero of recent lawless
uanng l asKed mm especially lor news
regarding these reports but ho says they
are without foundation It turns out that
Black Tiger has been peacefully basking in
the sunshine at his home on Little river for
the past three years and that he has not
been away from his homo during this
period He has had no recent fight with
the marshals for the Paris court nor killed
any Indians as was recently credited to
him by the Paris correspondent The last
fight he had was with Tyne Hughes Char
ley Bernhill and Tandy Walker from Fort
Smith We have made considerable inquiry
regarding tho Black Tiger fight and tho
killing charged to him but noono in his
neighborhood or elsewhere knows anything
of such an occurrence
Allotment by the Government
Special to the Gazette
Guthrie O T April 30 Hon John C
Robinson the Iowa alloting agent and CoL
Eugene F Weigel special traveling agent
of tho interior department wero in the city
yesterday direct from the Iowa country
and concerning the dispatches recently sent
out from the Sac and Fox agency which
states that tho Iowas had refused to re
ceive their land in allotment Agent Robin
son said
The facts set out in that dispatch were
true a week ago but since an amicable ar
rangement has been brought about and the
Indians are taking their allotments without
objection Tho principal trouble in both
Iowa and Sao and Fox allotments has been
to get the Indians out of the idea that they
could have a body of land for a village
where they could come in for their sun
dances have a congregation of tepees and
a place to graze their ponies during the fes
tival The Indians are loath to give up
their last home where they were allowed
at least a little freedom and while tho pro
vision of the treaties which they have al
ready signed forbid their having dance
grounds tepees and the like as a matter of
course they now at the last moment mako
objections but to no avail and the alloting
is now in rapid progress
Mr Robinson has sixty days from April
IT to allot the Iowas but will finisk his
work before then Thero are 111 names on
the rolls They get sixty acres apiece
3o00 in cash and 2400 in breeding and
farm stock agricultural implements and
seed besides the US annually the latter
being due in September and tho former as
soon as the allotments are completed
There are three agents at work in the Sac
and Fox reservations and the allotments
are being rapidly made In the Cheyenne
and Arapahoe reservations five agents are
required to do tne work The agents have
been appointed and will soon begin their
work Each allotting commission has a
corps of surveyors and the greatest diffi
culty andlmost the only one to yetimpede
progress in this work is thezdifftculties in
finding the old corner stones placed there
seventeen years ago by the government
Boomers and Indians have almost totally
destroyed them It is thought from May
15 the invincible boomers will increase their
clamor and that shortly thereafter the
president will issue his proclamation open
ing these lands when another grand rush
will be made
Blair Laboring Under the Opin
ion That He is Left
Refusing to Be a Candidate for the Nomination
Expected in the Shape of a Letter
The Friends of the Merit System Look on
Hills With Fear Mills Enemies at
Work on the Appointment of
Mr Chilton A Suicide
The Merit System
Special to the Gazette
Washington April 30 Civil service re
form may not play a very important part in
the contest for speaker of the house of rep
resentatives of the Fifty second congress
but the friends of the merit system will
watch the fight with a good deal of interest
There will be a good many men among tho
majority of the next house who have had
no opportunity to acquire any personal
knowledge of what the merit system really
is and who may be very lukewarm in its
support A hostile speaker can do a great
deal of indirect damage to the cause in his
make up of committees and in hindering
the needed legislation and its friends will
do glad to see an advocate ot tne merit sys
tem obtain the office
It seems to be taken for granted by a few
politicians now in Washington that tho
failure of Governor Hogg to appoint MilLs
as Senator Reagans successor and the evi
dent disposition of some of the Texas Demo
crats to try and prevent his election to the
senate by the next state legislature has
hurt his chances forgcttingtho speakership
next December It puts him in the light of
being less popular in Texas and it w ill be
used for what it is worth against him in tho
speakership fight Mills has not much of a
record one way or the other ou the question
of civil service reform but adherents of
reform have never regarded him as one of
their number They do not assign him to
the ranks of their active opponents but
they would be agreeably surprised if as
speaker ho should be found taking any
active interest in keeping up or extending
tho merit system They are therefore not
at all disturbed by the suggestion that
Mills is losing ground
that Secretary Blaine will not allow him
self to be considered as a candidate before
the Republican national convention next
year was the general topic of conversation
here to day Nothing was heard to throw
any light upon Blaines positive withdrawal
and it is expected by many that he will very
soon come out in a letter
The friends of the president are in a much
more satisfied mood than they were a few
days aero when they feared that the sec
retary of state would be seduced to enter
into tho fight again They have had assur
ances such as Russell B Harrison prints in
his paper for some time but that satisfies
them that Blaine is sincere in fact that
his confidential friends have heard some
language from his lips and that they are
quoting it with the evident knowledge that
it will not displease him
The fact that Quay and Clarfcson have
bowed to the inevitable is also taken as
is to be made against the president
Neither of these gentlemen love Harrison
over much and each have been looking
about for a candidate more to his taste but
they are shrewd politicians and have been
quick to catch the popular drift in the
It will be Harrison by acclamation
was what another warm friend of Blaines
said discussing the situation Blaine
could have the nomination if he wanted it
but he will not allow his name to be pre
sented to the national convention He can
not be a candidate whilo he is in tho cabi
net and he will bo loyal to his chief
This is probably one of the secrets of
Blaines early decision If ho meant to
take the nomination in spite of Harrison he
would be obliged to leave tho cabinet This
he cannot afford to do in the midst of his
reciprocity negotiations and he likes his
place too well to give it up if ho can keep
it If Harrison shovld be elected next year
Blaine would bo retained in the cabinet an
other four years and his enthusiastic
friends say he would deviso new measures
for extending our trado and adding to our
prestige which would be as novel and suc
cessful as the reciprocity policy
Blair on the Back Track
Chicago III April 30 Ex Senator
Blair in obedience to a dispatch from Sec
retary Blaine left on his return to Wash
ington this morning Previous to his de
parture he said to a reporter
My diplomatic future is somewhat prob
lematic now but I have been given to un
derstand that I may be sent to
Japan to succeed Minister Swift
deceased That will suit me equally as well
If not better than China The Japanese
mission is as satisfactory both as to char
acter and the dignity of tho country
and salary Of this possibility as to Japan
however I know nothing definite I should
have proceeded to China emperor or no em
peror but for the order of Secretary Blaine
recalling me
A Physician Commits Suicide
Washington April 30 Dr R G Mauss
ono of Washingtons leading physicians and
a most respected citizen died at noon to day
from a self inflicted bullet wound He was
crazed by an attack of grippe which de
veloped into pleurisy and this in turn to
pneumonia Ho sent his attendants from
tho room and rising from his bed crossed
tho chamber to the mantel where his re
volver was He took it up and placing the
muzzle against his breast fired a ball
through hLs body just below the heart
Against 3Iose aiofan Charged With Kill
ing James Ward Though It be En
tirely Circumstantial
Special to the Gazette
Paris Tex April 30 Moses Morgan
who is charged with the assassination of
his nephew-in-law James Ward is being
tried to day
Ward was shot in October 1SS3 after
nightfall as he was returning home from the
village of Blossom Several grand juries
have investigated the matter but no action
was taken until the present session when
Morgan was indicted Others are suspected
of complicity The evidence is circumstan
Rufus Morgan a brother of the de
fendant swears that Ward borrowed his
saddle in the morning to go to town and
came by to return the saddle about night
fall He asked Ward to stay all night but
he declined and started on home In a few
minutes several shots were heard close to
gether and someone screamed Rufus Mor
gan hurried out and meeting a neighbor
also attracted by the shots they went to
investigate Near where they found Ward
they met Mose Morgan coming from the
direction of the place where Ward was
found He did not go with them to inves
tigate When they found Ward he was
dead and had been shot in the back of the
bead and body
E Byrd testified that on the evening of
the killing Moses Morgan came and bor
rowed his gun and before leaving said he
had taken all off Ward he was going to and
HitSmiMSskjt sfekk zmS
that Ward should not run over him any
longer In three quarters of an hour
Morgan returned and told Bryd he would
find his gun in a certain fence corner that
he w ent and got the gun where Morgan
told him that when Morgan got the gun it
was loaded in both barrels and when he
got it in the fence corner both barrels were
empty and freshly discharged and that
during the time Morgan had the gun Ward
was killed
Other circumstance were introduced
tending to support the charge and stronger
evidence it is said is to follow
The Judicial Council Makes a Llirlj Re
port The lteport in the Uurch
Daniel Case Dismissed
Special to the Gazette
Waco Tex April 30 The third days
session of the Texas state medical association-convened
this morning with Dr Hurts
of Fort Worth presiding The programme
was carried out and some very interesting
papers were read
In the report of the judicial council tho
case of Dr J D Burch against Dr F E
Daniel Dr H C Ghent was exonerated
and the charges brought against Dr Daniel
by Dr Burch were dismissed a- not sup
ported by the evidence
The judicial council reported iu con
clusion that m the future personal differ
ences between physicians should be settled
outside of the association This was
The following officers were elected to
serve for the ensuing year
President W II Wilkes Waco vice
president P C Coleman Colorado second
vice president W L Rogers Temple third
vice president B H Baughu Hill county
secretary II A West Galveston judicial
council J D Burch Aurora J C Ixiggins
Ennis C H Hudson Alvarado and OJ
Halbert Waco
The Bank of England Does Not
Raise Its Discount
London Operators Buy St Taul Exten
sively Also Other htocks to a Lesser
Extent Some Stocks Jump Up
ward Hulls Hammer
Special to the Gazette
New York April 30 London was chief
factor iu the stock market to day Arbitrage
houses receiving an immense number of
orders in all American stocks dealt in ou
tho other side including inactive securities
like Kansas and Texas and Norfolk and
Western preferred The total purchases
for London account in tho first hour
amounted to 330X10 shares or nearly one
half the entire business
Although the weekly statement of tho
Bank of England showed quite heavy losses
in reserves the directors did not raise tho
discount rate Tho monetary lightness in
London is due chiefly to tho liow of funds
to Scotland and Ireland and tho fact that
the rate was not raised was apparently
enough for London operators and London
prices for Americans wero strong and our
own market opened strong St Paul was
by far the most active feature of tho
market London operators bought it ex
tensively They also bought other
stocks to lesser extent Union Pacific
Burlington and Quincy and Missouri Paci
fic were other strong stocks
It is noticeable that trading has been
gradually diminishing in volumes during
the past few days This is not generolly
suppcrcd to mean that tho bull movement
is onthe wane but many persons are dis
posed to think that some definite news of a
favorable character must come out before
the market will again become as active as
it was a week ago
To days market was more active Stocks
of anthracite coal roads are rery strong
Money wa3 bid up to 0 per cent in the
Tho bond market was active and strong
and the notable features of the market were
Reading issues Oregon Improvement 5s
and Kansas and Texas 2s which wero all
actively dealt in and advanced sharply
Wisconsin Central incomes were also strong
and advanced over 2 per cent Final prices
were generally about yesterdays
vances and declines ot to day
Stock Ad
American cotton oil I
American cotton oil preferred
American coon oil trust I
American sugar refined 1
American sugar retined pfd
Athifon Topeka and Santa Fe ii
Bufljlo R and P preferred
Cleveland CAcinnati Chicago
andSt Louis 1
Canadian Pacific I
Chicago Burlineton and Quincy Ii
Chicago Milwaukee and St Paul 1
Chicago Milwaukee and St Paul
preftred S
Chicago Rock Island and Pacific IJi
Chicago and East IlllnolB it
Chicago and Northwestern
Chicago and Western preferred Pi
Colorado coal U
Col U V and Toledo
Delaware and Hudson li
Delaware Lackawanna and West
ern Hi
Erie U
Erie preferred u
Lead trust
Louisville and Nashvile 1
Manhattan consolidated yi
11 L S and W preferred i
Missouri Kansas and Texas ZA
Missouri Kansas and Texas pre
ferred i
Missouri Pacific s
National cordage company 4
National cordage company pre
Newj Jersey Central H
New York and New England h
North and West preferred 1
NorthJAmerican company Jf
Northern Pacific j
Northern Pacific preferred la
Ontario and Western i
ieaaing 7i
Rio Grande Western
RIo Grande Western nrcf erred
Silver bullion certificates
Tennessee coal ana iron 1
L Texas and Pacific land a
Texas Pacific a
Union Pacific
Union Pacific Denver and Gulf a
Wabash i
Wabash preferred Ji
Western Union
Wheeling and Lake Erie 1J
Wheeling and Lake Erie pre
ferred tt
Wisconsin Central Ji
The Laborers of Pemuylvanla Preparing
for the Strike
PrrrsBCQG Pa April 30 The pro
gramme for the long threatened strike is
that tho carpenters shall quit work to night
for 12S0 per day of eight hours They at
present receive S275 for nine hours work
Stone masons of the city who are not now
on a strike will also go out for the eighth
hour day and 45 cents per hour
Contractors and members of the Builders
exchange have signed iron clad articles to
refuse the demands of the carpenters and
when the strike occurs to lockout every
carpenter who strikes Thoy have agreed
to lockout all other branches of building
trades because they are all closely allied
and work under a system of federation
Marble cutters bslieve their scale will be
signed They have agreed to extend the
time until next Monday
A Question of the Autonomy o
the State of Texas
The Request to Permit Mexican Troops to
Cross the River in Uniforms
Answered by Governor irogjr During tho
President Trip Throuch Texas Tho
itlpht of a Stato tv ltcgulato
it Domestic Affairs
Special to the Gazette
New York April 30 Tho Evening Pot
says editorially An interesting incident
cf tho presidents iiissigo through Texas
escaped the attention of the press agent-
who accompanied the party Shortly after
Governor Hogg joined thf partj at Palestine
a message was received bv the
from the acting secretary of war at Wash
ington iuformiug him that the Mexican g
had expressed a desire to do honor
to him and the natiou he represented by
sending a guard of tho Mexican army tc
partiUpate in the reception and p irudu at
El Paso and requested tho permission ol
the president allowing Mexican soldiers t
cross the line and cntr r the state of Texas
in uniform and wearing their side arms
Governor Hogg learned of the receipt
the message and he promptly declared thai
the president had no power to grant tho
permission asked
If any one was to say whether or not
the soldiers of another nation in time ol
peace might cross the borders into the ter
ritory of the sovereign stato ol Texas ho
said it should oo the governor of that
The discussion that followed ended in thu
presidents acceptance of the governor
jiosition and tho request was answered 1
the governor who of course granted tho
The incident is not only interesting in it
self but significant of tho restoration of tho
ancient relation between states and thu
Federal government which wero estab
lished by the constitution but was dis
turbed hi- war and left for some timo after
ward in an uncertain condition until tho
supreme court came to tho rescue of tho
Late Justice Miller laid down principles
which governed the decision of such ques
tions as that just raised in Texas when hu
said in his striking address before the law
alumni of Michigan Uhh orsity in ls
It may bo considered now as settled that
with the exception of specific provisions iu
the the new and last constitutional amend
ments for the protection of tho personal
rights of the citizens and people of tho
United States and necessary restrictions
upon the power of the states for that pur
pose with tho power of the general gov
ernment to enforce those provisions no
substantial change has been made by the
civil war The necessity of the great pow
ers conceded by the constitution originally
to the Federal government was an equal
necessity to the autonomy of the states and
their power to regulate their domestic
affairs remain as great features of our
complex form of government
lie is nn Opponent of Governor Hogg
But Says Kuuiorsuf a Preconcerted
Arrangement between Jllui
Chilton are Fulte
Special to the Gazette
Sin Ajttosio Tex April SO It ha
been freely charged in all portions of tha
state that Governor Hogg made Senator
Reagan a member of die newly created
railway commission and then appointed
Horace Chilton to succeed Mr Reagan in
tho expectation that in the struggle bcfoio
the next legislature that Chilton would step
down and allow Mr Hogg a walk over for
the United States senate
Ex Governor Ireland talked upon tho ru
mored deal to day He is an opponent ol
Governor Hogg in that he is opposed to ths
railway commission and tho Alliance at
tack on corporate jiower and consequently
cannot be charged with favoring the pres
ent executive He said As for the com
mission I know nothing about it and I
know of no one who does As for the a
pointment of Chilton Ican say unquali
fiedly that it was a good one tho appoint
ment may have been a disappointment to
Terrell but that Chilton is an old time
friend and boyhood companion of Governor
Hogg and a man fitted for the position
What do you think of the rumor that
tho appointment of Chilton was to subservu
the ends of Hogg two years from nowl
Knowing Chilton as I ao now I can say
that it is false He is a man who could not
be brought to bo a party to such a scheme
1 think tho appointment was made in tho
spirit which I have already suggested
Hogg may be a candidate for tho senate
Whether or not I cannot say He is an am
bitious man but certain it is that there is
no preconcerted arrangement between him
self and his appointee
Mr Ireland has no idea who will be tha
third commissioner and Judging from his
remarks in general he thinks it is possibly
a matter of small moment whether or not
the vacancy is ever filled
The Young Woman Arrested at Garreitos
on Information from Colorado Spring
Express Jlegienger Murphy
Special to the Gazette
Galvestox Tex April 30 The result
of the habeas corpus proceedings in the cast
of Pearl Patterson alias Pearl Ashley liad
before Judge Stewart this morning resulted
in her being admitted to bond in the sum of
J100 for her appearance before him Satur
day morning when ho will render his decis
ion in the case
Pearl was remanded to the custody of thu
chici of police and late this evening gave
bond for her appearance on Saturday next
In hearing of case this morning she testi
fied that her arrest was spite work on tha
pan of George Geiss a bartender
at the Hoffman house Colorado
Springs with whom she had
been living and had been engaged to marry
him Hearing that Geiss had a wife in tha
East and his brutal treatment of her she
resolved to leave him and started for Gal
veston Saturday She emphatically denied
the theft of S200 and the diamond rings
The officer eng routowith a requisition for
her is expected to arrive Saturday morning
Pearls attorney says if Judge Stewart
decides against his client he will appeal
the case to the court of appeals
J C Murphy the express messenger
arrested yesterday charged with embez
zling 120 from Wells Fargo Co waived
preliminary examination this morning aiii
in default of 500 bond was sont to jail
SnlllTan on Slavln
St Louis Mo April 30 Yesterday
John L Sullivan while in a saloon pulled
out a wad of bills and threw them on the
floor and said Thero is ray stuff tlial
says I can lick Slavin right now He hai
no business following me around the coun
try making bluffs

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