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A Rot in FlorenceHouses
and Windows Stoned
the United States Five Thou
j M ters Strike Near
ia Capitals lu a State or Tevcrlah
meat All Day o Serious
4oliiion Thousands of
Men Idle
i Heady for an Kmcrcency
ii The weather is unsettled
- al traffic is running smoothly
outward signs that this
rs will be disturbed during the
f dav Troops of cavalry
- vast night steadily patrolled
j rtcrs the clanking of sa
ang of the iron shod hoofs of
- iirses riving the streets of
- bat peculiar air and flavor
Mmiliar to Paris during the
immediately followed the sup-
commune Paris in fact
in tn active state of siege for
ci valry and police patrols
jurv regiments now in this
iidcr arms rifles loaded
- j j ii ht and they are still in
i iiUeuts notice to occupy
iMtinns previously assigned
i ii e are not idle even if the
mainly relied upon to
disturbance Acting
ny that an ounce of
i niund of cure the police
ne arrested about 300 au-
- and other persons com-
uory of dangerous char-
men will be held as prison-
- n of danger have passed in
1 1 ihtm from inciting riot or
taking steps which might
- 1 iircs to the peace
lllot at 1Iorence
A crowd composed of
met this afternoon on the
Tlio iolice and
- tu anticipation of a
id upiid the plaza and its
v tb strong pickets of police
I firing the progress of the
i lu made a most violent and
in railing on the working-
0 niundur the houses of the
3 The police thereupon in-
tit r making a short sharp
r J churgo into the midst of the
il the man who was making
- riinrks A tumult followed
luijtaen began to handle tho
i n attempt to rescue the
riai a squad of cavalry
rioters causing the latter
v from the square As the
iid down the neighboring
Ip iifj store windows right and
n ute of their flight Several
were most prominent in the
ii- arrested and tho stores
I renee have been hastily
fared that there may be
Lances after nightfall
ioitstratlnn at Marseilles
- Miy 1 1 p in A socialist
m took place here this inorn
l a disorderly character and
tiiiiig part in it refused to
ncred to do so by the local
rc suit was that
wore called for and they
vd the socialists many of
tuv ted Among the prison-
- M Antide Boycr social-
i t ie chamber of deputies
Inrope Oaiet
-The socialist papers in
i day indicate that the so-
o ue the celebration of
Sind iv next There seems
Mb - of auy disturbance to-
i rom provinces are of a
No Disturbance
1 Paris anxiously looked
umy quarters presents tho
with the exception
a somewhat more lively
cjirtei s inhabited by art l
ami the minor classes of
v uanee is anticipated
to Yards ISurnetl
l Tt is rumored hero that
J timers ship yards at Bilboa
i to the ground The lire
Dei n of incendiary origin
i been made according to the
iiNjiviima Miners Strike
P May 1 This morning
i ii WOO railroad miners of
strict went out on a strike
- expired yesterday and they
ja adjustment of wages
t hit nothing to do with the
1 e w Orleans Strike
La May 1 The strike
fiiiujcs which commenced
oiitiuups with no sign of
i he part of either tho mill
-- The demand is not for
-1 r shorter hours but for the
in iiuion men from service
lleim la Harnett
May 1 The threatened
V i 1 began in earnest this
la- is house smiths are con
b them incidental trades are
Itniiic it was stated that at
e hundred men representing
ie are on a strike
V General Strike
i Omo May 1 Telegrams
-wilts in Ohio Indiana
Indicate that the miners in
went out on a general strike
VwXamo lor a Strike
ii May 1 The miners of
t i lnw a laid down their tools last
l lu v will not take them up
to do so by the supreme
ir order They declare they
but havo merely
Indiana Miners
- ic Ind May 1 Not less
housand miners in Indiana
it night because tho wago
ear beginning to day had not
o erlous Trouble
w iiu May 1 May day noon
hh Europe show that May day
- u off more quietly than was ex-
n 1 aris and Marseilles there was
j and in Belgium a large
rt lit out on a strike but
his been reported
n - irom the coal districts of
iVtinsylvania show everything
4 no strike has been inaugurated
- ire reported to be uneasy in a
1 S hut all are awaiting the out-
-- the eight hour movement in the
lu Southern Illinois
3rWi jy j x iay iEvery mine in
k l hborhood except one was closed
Ctr iui morning and 1400 miners and
mino laborers came out on a strike for an
eight hour day and wookly pay Fully
400 people are directly interested In the
strike here All of tho mines south of here
are out Tho outlook is for an idle summer
in Egyptian mining circles The operators
say they will not pay the demand
Situation In the Northwest
Chicago III May 1 With the excep
tion of Iowa where the miners in nearly all
the coal fields in the state havo quit work
advices from the numerous Northwestern
mining and industrial districts indicate
that there was no concerted move
ment on the part of the labor
ing class looking to the adoption
by employers of eight hours as a basis for
a days labor There are isolated instances
of serious trouble incident upon tho May
day holiday and wanton destruction of
property out of revenge for some real or
Jancied grievance
Incendiaries this morning fired the large
buildings at shaft Xo 7 of the Consolidated
coal company at Oskaloosa Iowa and they
were destroyed entailing a loss of 10000
with no insurance
A majority of the mines are now closed
but it is thought most of the miners will
resume work to morrow
At the Spring Valley 111 district by
common consent all tho miners stopped
work to day Neither miners nor ojiera
tors havo proposed a basis of
settlement for the coming year Every
body seems inclined to patiently await de
velopments The miners are underinstruc
tions of their state officers and no demands
will be made until sanctioned by them
The operators are in the main non-committal
and no meetings have been held
Ilousesmith i and Trainers
Xew YorK May 1 Late this afternoon
it was stated at the housesmiths headquar
ters that there were about 4000 housesmiths
out in this city Brooklyn and Jersey City
and about seventy five firms were
involved The agreement which
tho housesmiths union has drawn
up stipulates that none but union men shall
be employed and only for eight hours a day
The agreement extends over a period of
one year
It was learned this afternoon that nine
teen firms had acceded to tho demands of
t he ranters union There aro still six
teen firms to hear from Six hundred
framers will return to work to morrow
morning and about the same number will
remain on a strike
At Youugntotrn Ohio
Cleveland Ohio May 1 Five hun
dred carpenters quit work at Youngstown
to day because the contractors refuse to
recognize other unions in the building
trades Negotiations looking to a compro
mise are in progress
Carpenters Strike
Covington Kv May 1 All carpenters
have struck for a nine hour day at 250 a
day and bricklayers and other workmen
say that if non union carpenters arc em
ployed they will stop Builders declare
they will not accede to the demand
A Powder Kxplosion Ignites the frame
Deatli Trip anil all lllnrU to Save
Them were Iowcrless
Xrw York May 1 Three young girls
were burned to death in a fii eworks fac
tory in the annexed district this afternoon
Fire broke out in the one story frame
building No iy02 Union avenue in Mor
risania Tho building was occupied by
George Kramer manufacturer of fireworks
The flames were started by an explosion of
powder They spread rapidly and in a
few seconds tho entire building was on fire
Several alarms were sent out but the fire
men were powerless to save the building
Tillie Hammond nineteen years old
Mary Lynch seventeen years old and Jen
nie Harpley seventeen years old wero
caught in tho building and burned to death
in sight of the crowd that had assembled to
watch the fire George Kramer forty years
old was badly burned about the head and
body and Lottie Horn fifteen years old
was horribly burned about the body
The damage to the stock and building was
Seven Corpus Christ Prisoners Escape
From fall Five are Captured
Special to the Gazette
Conrcs Ciiristi Tex May 1 Seven
prisoners confined in the jail here mado
their escape at noon to day by running over
the colored cook when he opened the door
to give them their dinner By some means
he had opened the door to the corridor in
which they were ermitted to remain during
the daytime and the cook had just opened
the outward door when the break was
Officers and citizens at once went in pur
suit and all but two of the escaped
prisoners were captured and returned to
the jail
The two who escaped are Tysasky an
Austrian forger and Manuel Jininez a
Mexican burglar Tysasky is an avowed
anarchist and is regarded as a dangerous
character Every effort will bo made to
catch both prisoners and officers are now
in hot pursuit
While Wanilcrlnjr Aimlessly Around tho
Streets Ills Son Notified of the Dis
covery by Telegraph
Hutch Pound
Evansvtlle Isd May 1 Hutchinson
of Chicago has been found here by tho
In Custody
Chicago III May 1 B P Hutchin
sons son Charles has received a telegram
from the chief of police of Evansvillo that
his father Old Hutch is in custody
Walking About the Streets
Evaxsville Ixd May 1 3 P Hutch
inson the missing Board of Trade man of
Chicago is now in custody of the chief of
police who is waiting instructions from Mr
Hutchinsons son to whom a message has
been sent The old man was walking aim
lessly about tho streets when arrested and
appears to be entirely unbalanced in his
Cnder Sentence of Death He Slurderonsly
Assaults a Fellow Prisoner
Special to the Gazette
Hocstox Tnx May 1 Ben Clark is
under sentence of death in the county jail
but has not yet been placed in a separate
cell In the jail is Bill Harrison on charge
of theft and ho tho man Clark says did
the murder for which he Clark is to die
To day Clark made a vigorous attack on
Harrison with a heavy bottle battering up
the back of his head and cutting the back
of his neck seriously
Sheriff Ellis now has Clark where he will
remain until his last day is come
A Kansas City Sun Correspond
ent Roughly Handled
Fort Worth and Corsicana It is Claimed Sent
The Tilllflcr of 2Ien Women and Children
Strapped Round Gagged and
Treated to a Spring Suit of
Tar and feathers at Waco
Special to the Gazette
Waco Tex May 1 The outrages per
petrated on the citizens of Texas by that
scurrilous sheet known as the Kansas City
Sunday Sun have in part been avenged
For some time past that paper has con
tained articles from different Texas cities
alluding to leading citizens and often ladies
who are above suspicion were made the
objects of the base attacks The writer of
these articles worked incognito and he
could not be held accountable for what he
had dore Fort Worth Waco Dallas
Austin and Corsicana were most promi
nently mentioned in the paper Some
things that appeared recently caused the
Waco young men to swear vengeance
against tho writer should he ever be dis
covered and a sharp lookout was kept for
him The young men not only suffered as
regards their reputations but financially
some of them going so far as to buy every
copy coming to Waco to prevent the articles
being circulated
this nr wat of lXTnontXTiox
Tnn Gazette of Thursday contained the
announcement that W Koll Keel had lieen
arrested here charged with criminal libel
consisting of publications in the Kansas
City Sunday Sun Keel remained in jail
hero Wednesday night and all day Thurs
day He employed counsel to defend him
and this morning at 1 oclock he gave bond
In company with a number of friends who
wanted to secrete him ho entered a hack
and was driven from the jail in a westward
direction out Austin avenue thence by
Padgitts park When tho carriage reached
the park it was overtaken by another oc
cupied by a crowd all of whom were
masked Tho pursuers covered tho pursued
vith pistols and taking Heel from them
they transferred him to their carriage and
started in the direction of Bells hill where
the famous artesian wells are located
Here tho crowd took their captive from
the carriage and each gentleman adminis
tered to him a few licks with a strap The
whipping over Reel was treated to a ride
on a rail
The worst punishment was yet to come
The party was prepared to administer to
him that which is most dreaded by those
who are offenders of public opinion
Reel was bound and gagged with a copy
of the Kansas City Sunday Sun A bucket
of pitch and a bag of feathers were pro
duced and an elegant coat was administered
to the gentleman He got it in nice shape
and before ho is ablo to get rid of it he will
havo an opjrartuuity to ponder over what
Waco wants to know
The scene of the tar and feather picnic
was near- one of the artesian wells and
after he had been covered with his dress
suit similar to that worn by tho feathery
tribe he was given a ducting in tne lanious
thermal water of the Waco artesian wells
Before the punishment was administered
to tho villifier of the ladies he made a con
fession He bared his heart of his acts
He told of the different articles he had
written dating them Fort Worth Dallas
Waco Corsicana or whatever place the
circumstances suited He told how he had
writton the article about
He said that on that job he had assist
ance a talented writer who expressed in
words ideas that were suggested by him as
He told with a smile what he had done
He lot his pen fly strike whom it might
be it the fair name of a lady or tne black
ened character of a demimonde Ho con
fessed to an attack on a young lady at Cor
sicana and spoke of the desire of that
young ladys father to see him having
offered iaw reward lor nun out ce aia not
care to be seen so ho said
In each town he said he had an accom
plice who gave him pointers and he put
the pointers into readable shape
All of these things he told and for all of
these his captors punished him
Waco citizens were not alone implicated
in what was done Delegations were pres
ent frem Fort Worth and Corsicana who
represented themselves and their cities
Some may say that the punishment was
too severe His back was lashed until it
was lacerated and then the coat of tar and
feathers were put on Severe or not as it
may be the fact must bo taken into consid
eration that in the crowd of regulators wero
young men who had lost positions by his
writings fathers and brothers of ladies who
were slandered and friends of villified per
sons Crazed with rage at what had been
done by their captor to damage tho char
acters of men and women they knew not
what thoy did As the citizens of New Or
leans avenged the death of Chief Hen
nessy and struck a death blow to the Mafia
so did the citizens of the
avengo the publications in the shiny light
of tho Sabbath day of Kansas City
Public opinion is the law and this man
who stabs in tho back with his mighty
faber received the penalty of an unwritten
law The statutes provide for tho mur
derer but the man who debases the fair
name of woman is left to tho tender mer
cies of an indignant populace and
That mercy he to others gave
That mercy he received
When arrested Reel asked that he be ad
mitted to bail but his bondsmen were not
forthcoming About midnight last night
he made bond in S200 He -was warned to
beware if he should be seen but he felt
safe in tho hands of his friends and secure
within a closed carriage he left the jail He
reckoned without his host The jail had
been under close surveillance and when he
left a party of regulators followed
It was quietly arranged and none but tho
participants were aware of what lay in
store for him
was a grove of trees on a hill overlooking
the Central city From his position the
young man could look down upon Waco tho
nome of those he had maligned Sur
rounded by artesian wells from which
flowed pure artesian water synonymous
with tho characters of those ladies who
suffered from the productions of his vile
pen he had a few minutes in which to pon
der and a few mere in which to ask forgive
ness from his God and confess
What followed is written above as well
as words will express it
The punishment inflicted upon Roll Reel
will be a lesson to all who in the future rep
resent the Journal he has so ably repre
sented and which proved a sad thing for
him It is probable that they will give
Waco a wide birth While it is expected
the city will be roughly handled by the
journal which is bent on reform which in
one column contains Sunday school lessons
and in another base allegations against
men women and children it is to be hoped
that their correspondents will not visit
here The reward given Reel awaits others
of his class
The talk of the town to day is the ad
venture of W Roll Reel Occasionally one
can hear a word of sympathy It is the
talk of the town and many have expressed
w - -- jgif t
themselves as of tho opinion that he got
what he deserved
As tho north bound Missouri Kansas and
Tesas passenger train due hero at 3 a in
pulled into Hewitt a flag station eight
miles from Waco the conductor was ap
pealed to by a young man who was coated
with tar and feathers and had on very little
clothing He said he had been mistaken for
the Sunday Sun correspondent and Waco
people had used him roughly Where he
went or what assistance the trainmen ren
dered is not known here
Special to the Gazette
Waco Tex May 1 The newsdealers
here have agreed not to handle the Kansas
City Sunday Sun Only one firm have
been doing so but they have resigned by
wire and the others have agreed not to
touch it
The Seymour Excursion
Correspondence of tho Gazette
Setmocr Tex April 30 Tho much
talked of excursion to Seymour came in to
night There were five coaches crowded
with excursionists Four hundred and
ninety people came in and to morrow will
be a gala day for Seymour and Baylor
Cars Collide Broken Lee
Special to the Gazette
Austin Tex May 1 Osborne and Ter
rys excursion car returning this forenoon
from Hyde park collided with an electric
car breaking Mr Osbornes leg throwing
the car from the track and doing considera
ble damage
Aiuarlllo Celebrates and the Town is
Planted In Beautiful Shade Trees
Correspondence of the Gazette
Amarillo Tex April 30 This was ar
bor day in Amarillo and many hundreds of
trees were set out Along tho Main street
a row of trees fully a mile long were placed
at intervals of about fifteen feet Every
merehant in town closed their houses and
turned their clerks loose at 4 oclock this
afternoon to take part in the good work
Trees wero planted all over town so that
wo will soon have beautiful shaded ave
nues in every direction
The Amarillo cornet band was out all
the afternoon and dispensed sweet music
Amarillo has the best band north of Fort
Worth and we are justly proud of it
A military company was organized here
last week with l C Highsmith captain
The boys will soon bo thoroughly equipped
lor drilling and will endeavor to take some
of the prizes offered by encampments
Looking for a Stroke of Judicial
lie Indorses Mr leechs Remarks About
tho Surplus but States that the Debt
Stateuieut will Not bo Clianj
To be Held la Abeyance
A Rumor About Edmunds
Special to the Gazette
Washington May 1 A prominent
Southern senator one of the ablest lawyers
in that body said to day
When Senator Kdmunds said some
weeks ago that he would resign from tho
United States senate it was a general sur
prise to the country and it is said that the
most intimate friends of the distinguished
statesmen were wholly in the dark as to his
intentions Satisfactory reasons have been
given which seem to have been received by
the public in the proper spirit but it has
been quietly hinted that still more honors
await him in the near future Justice
Bradley is old and in feoblo health and may
retire from the supremo bench next winter
Senator Edmunds entertains the conviction
that an appointment from the senate to the
supreme bench would be in bad taste as
that body is a confirmatory one When
Senator Edmunds successor has been se
lected the acknowledged judicial attainments
of the great Vermonter will certainly place
him in the front rank of the list of available
men to succeed Justice Bradley
said to a Gazette correspondent to day
As for the proposed change in the debt
statement my views are very decided I
do not like the present form becauso it
seems to me that it shows as liabilities what
are not liabilities and it fails to include in
the available cash balance all that properly
belongs there However in view in the ox
tremcTscnsitiveness which part of the pub
lic manifests at the prospect of a change of
form I havo thought it wiser to leave the
matter open till the president returns and
it can be laid before him and the cabinet I
do not consider that the treasury is in any
trouble in spite of tho anxiety of some of
our friends about our condition It is possi
ble that even if the maturity of the 4f s
should find us prepared to pay them all in
cash and with more to spare we might
still regard it as wiser to give tho bond
holders the option of extending some of
them It is not always the best plan for a
perfectly solvent man to pay out all the
money ho has in his pocket at once It is
prudent to look ahead a little
Suppose that a season of uncommonly
heavy crops should take all the ready
money out of the Eastern markets and put
it into the agricultural states and there
should bo a serious stringency in conse
quence Might it not be best for the public
welfare that we should be in a position to
relieve the market by having some money
in the vaults to draw on
These are subjects which cannot be dis
posed of by
snap judgment
I am trying to get the best thoughts of the
people in helping me solve problems as they
arise Take those interviews for example
which Mr Leech has recently given to the
press They are drawing forth comments
from all sides I get a great many letters
every day some of which convey sugges
tions well worth considering
There were a few particulars perhaps in
which Leechs views did not precisely coin
cide with mine but in the main I approved
of them and I was glad to have them all
go forth so that the country should have a
chance to discuss the ideas presented
I think one or two points in the first in
terview might have been made clearer and
critics would havo passed more intelligent
judgment on them
Tubllc Debt Decrease Cash In the Treasury
Washington May 1 The debt state
ment issued this afternoon shows a de
crease of the public debt during the month
of April amounting to 157 4aJ742 Total
cash in the treasury T0016iS5i01
The Financial Question
Washington May 1 The whole finan
cial question will be held in abeyance until
President Harrison returns to this city
A Mad Dog at Omaha
Special to the Gazette
Omaha Tex May 1 Intense excite
ment was caused upon the streets of Omaha
yesterday afternoon by the actions of a
rabid dog He tackled everything that
chanced to come in his path biting hogs
dogs and cattle Mr J H Harts son
Howard was the only person bitten re
ceiving a wound in the left wrist Excited
men with firearms could be seen every
where and the dog was finally run down
and killed Mr Hart left this afternoon
for Texarkana with his son in search of a
pp v- t 1 - -v j - yuy
Fourth Annual Convention of
the T P A now in Session
The Stale Well Represented About Two
Hundred and Fifty Members Present
The Association Shows Wonderiul Growth
Within the Last Year Resume of
tho Days Deliberations Tho
Trades Display
Special to the Gazette
Austin Tex May 1 This his been a
gala day for Austin on account of the trades
display and parade and the gathering to
gether of the drummers
About two hundred and fifty of the latter
assembled this morning in the Board of
Trade hall to hold the fourth annual con
vention of the Travelers protective associa
tion They had assembled from all parts of
the state bringing bands of music with
them the San Antonio delegation being ac
companied by the Twenty third United
States infantry band
The convention was owned with prayer
by Rev Dr Chappell imd an address of
welcome was delivered by A P Wool
drjdsre of Austin which was responded to
by Mr Cheatham of Houston
The president of tho association Mr S
A Brown of Houston then addressed the
convention saying among other things I
am more than pleased to be able to say that
the past year has been marked with a de
gree of prosperity
An impulse has been given to the ener
gies of the association and its progress has
ceased to remain silent and unseen Our
membership increased during the year to
such an extent that it was necessary to or
ganize posts at San Antonio and Dallas
making three posts in the state of energetic
and enthusiastic members
He recited the history of the various
drummers organizations and tho advan
tages derived from such associations and
complimented the ofiicers of the Texas di
vision on their faithful and eflicicnt serv
A grateful tribute was paid to the organ
of the association tho Texas Commercial
Traveler and a complimentary allusion
mado to the pamphlet known as the Texas
of To day
The secretary Mr V W Jones of Hous
ton read his report setting forth the prog
ress of the association whose member
ship he said had increased steadily until
it now amounts to 400 an increase of SI per
cent over last year The assets were put
down at 1235 and no liabilities
The board of directors made its report
complimenting the president and society
on their showing which was confirmed
Gold medals were giveu to W J Hanley
and W W Harding for having procured
the largest number of recruits
Chairman Kennedy of the committee on
railroads submitted his report which said
among other things that he had inter
viewed a number of railroad passenger
agents all of whom asked him to make no
demand on them until after the legislature
adjourned on tho ground that they antici
pated radical and adverse
The legislature had now adjourned and as
far as known the roads have not been hurt
and ho felt that the time had come when
the association of traveling men should have
recognition at the hands of Texas railroads
The report favored active and aggressive
measures He therefore suggested the ap
pointment of a committee at onco to draw
up a petition requesting every railroad in
Texas to place on sale a 5000 mile inter
changeable ticket at 2 cents per mile the
same to be non transferable except to other
traveling men representing the same firms
this ticket to be honored over the entire line
of these roads that arc built through other
states the ticket not to be limited for less
time than
and in the event of the death of the holder
of the ticket the company to redeem the
unused portion at the same rate paid for it
this petition to be drawn with a provision
that if it is impossible to harmonize the
different roads in the issuance of this ticket
to request that each road place on sale 2000
mile tickets at 2 cents per mile with a limit
of not less than eighteen months as a limit
of less time than this would destroy the
and would discriminate againstfa majority
of traveling men who rcpresred foreign
houses the conditions of tho ticket to be
the same as the other ticket
Regarding transfer and redemption tho
report goes on to urge that the national
association and tho Boards -of Trade of
different Texas towns be requested to join
in the endeavor to issue such tickets
The committee on rules reported in favor
of five minute speeches except in case of
original motions or resolutions and no
member be allowed to speak more than
once on the same subject except by per
mission of tho majority
All elections shall be by ballot
The president announced as the commit
tee on constitution and by laws H L
Benson R C Cheatham William Payson
P Eldridgc and J Donovan
A telegram was then read from George
D McGrew president of the national T P
A saying The growth of the Texns
division has been wonderful Ac
cept my congratulations and best wishes
Would adviso to let dues remain 10 The
Travelers protective association is on a
solid foundation that will endure to tho
end because the corner stone is laid in
justice and benevolence to each other
The convention adjourned until 2 pm
were enlivened by a number of speeches
and the strains of the United States mili
tary band which played at intervals during
the session
Business was taken up and after much
speech making and moving it was finally
decided to increase the directory to seven
three to be a quorum and three to reside at
the state headquarters
George H Mundy moved that the dele
gates to Denver be paid for their expenses
and several delegates among them Henry
Hardy Kennedy Cleveland and Ed Scholl
said they did not want the money that
there was too much fun ahead
H J Lubb offered a resolution making
the insurance feature of the association
Stewart moved to table tho motion
Ed Scholl was allowed twenty minutes
to explain Lubbs resolution and said the
association must increase its dues or go
into bankruptcy or withdraw from the na
tional association He thought the associa
tion had been deflected from its original
purpose by the insurance feature
He merely wanted tho matter left
optional The association had to have a
paid secretary more that J1300 had been
put into tho treasury by tho fidelity of
the officers of the association and Mr
Border of St Louis otherwise the associ
ation would have been in debt at least 500
George Cleveland discoursed on the
healthy financial condition of tho order
an4 said that he opposed anything antagon
istic to the national association
John A Kennedy declared the whole
scheme unconstitutional and a waste of
valuable time He had done much toward
getting an interchangeable railway ticket
but thought more of tho insurance idea
than of the railway ticket for if he were
killed his wife and children would get the
Jake Keller thought the money for the
insurance feature ought to be kept at home
and the officers of the association be paid
fortheir servicc i
Harry Harby favored optional insurance
some might want it while others
might not but make insurance
optional He said the object of this move
was to pay salaries to the officers but
didnt think the time for that had yet come
To adopt the resolution would defeat the
President Brown calling Vice President
Bartholomew to the chair took the floor to
advocate the adoption of the resolution
which he said the national association
should adopt if it saw fit
The application of Dan Malvcn
of the association was received and
he was unanimously elected a member A
number of other speeches were made pro
and con after which a vote was taken on
Lubbs resolution instructing the national
convention at Little Rock to declare the in
surance feature in Texas optional Tho
resolution was defeated
A motion by Edward Scholl to make dues
J10 was tabled
William Payson of San Antonio post re
ported ninety members in post D with
a hall well filled up for all traveling men
coming that way and 100 in the treasury
Morgan II Amiited acknowledged that
he had been whipped on the iusurance reso
lution and invited the boys all to cham
pagne punch at the Driscoll
R Chatham chairman read the report of
the committee on constitution and by laws
There was some discussion over the sec
tion fixing the presidents salary at 500
It was finally placed at ioOd on motion of
II L Benson
The section fixing the secretarys salary
at SC00 was discussed treely some wanting
to make it double that and others less It
was finally placed at 900
The number of vice presidents was in
creased from three to five
On motion of George Cleveland dues were
put at -51250
The report of the committee was then
Adjourned till 9 a m to morrow
Special to the Gazette
Austin Tex May 1 The banquet ten
dered the Travelers protective association
at the Driskill hotel to night was an ex
ceedingly swell affair Tne graud march
began shortly after 10 oclock the United
States infantry band stationed in tho cor
ridor discoursing sweet music the while
On being seated at the table George W
Cleveland toast master delivered an ad
dress of welcome
After full justice had been done to the
menu Hon John L Peeler responded to the
toast T P A a response thataliouudt d
in compliments to the travelers and praise
of their character and work
A II Graham of Austin responded in an
eloquent manner to the toast Commercial
iind Manufacturing interests of Texas
The orator predicted a glorious future in
this line for the state
The next was erhaps the most interest
ing event of the evening being the presen
tation by Miss Archer of a beautiful ban
ner from the ladies of Austin to the Travel
ers protictive association Miss Archer
made a handsome address in accopanying
the act of presentation
The accompanying toast was -The Ladies
of Austin which was fittingly responded
to by Mr Ed Hall one of tho travelers
George A Hill responded to tho
toast The Urummcr in a charac
teristic vein and Transportation was
responded to by William Payson
Austins Dam the last toast on tho pro
gramme had its inning at the hands and
tongue of Mr M M Shipc the builder of
the electric car line and manager of Hyde
After some impromptu talking at a late
hour the banqueters scattered and the
grand symposium ended
3Iarliu Knees
Special to the Gazette
Maislix Tex May 1 The first day of
tho spring races was beautiful and clear
The attendance was good The following is
the score
First race three minute class trotting
Three entries Joe D by G V Griftis of
Rosenthal Bob Lee by Jackson Thomp
son of Eddy and Midnight by A Cham
berlain of Reagan
Half mile heats best two in three won
by Joe D Time 140 Second Midnight
Time 142
Second race running half mile dash eng
triesBessie B by W Baker of Waco
Cripsy C by R P Tyler of McLennan
county May Rose by F W Stalhvorth of
Marlin and FIox by Will Harmon of Kosse
AVon by Bessie B time 55 seconds Cripsy
second time 55Ji
Third race pacing three minute class
entries Harry G by J W Griflis of Mc
Lennan county Buck by E Gurley of
Waco and Hogback by Burns of Marlin
Won by Harry G time 130 second
Buck time 13S
Fourth race trotting or paling horses
that havo never started for a purse En
tries Hogpack by Gerald Burns of Marlin
Bob Lee by M Thompson of Eddv and
Buck by E J Gurley of Waco Won by
Bob Lee time 127 Buck second time
Fifth race free for all trot mile heats
best two in three Entries Madge Hatton
by G Mitten of Corsicana Jockev bv J
W Baker of Waco Won by Madce Hat
ton Time 245
Racing will be continued to morrow
Chicago III May 1 Chicago Runs
2 Pittsburg Runs 5 Batteries Luby
and Xaglc Galvin and Mack
New York May L New York Runs
11 hits 14 errors 1 Philadelphia Runs
S hits 10 errors 4 Batteries Welch
and Clark Kilroy and Clements Umpire
BostonMa3 May 1 Boston Runs G
hits 13 errors 2 Brooklyn Runs 13
hits 20 errors 0 Batteries Clarkson
and Bennett Caruthers and Kinslow Um
pire Lynch
Cleveland Ohio May 1 Cleveland
Runs 12 hits 15 errors Cincinnati
Runs S hits 10 errors 3 Batteries
Young and Zimmer Duryea and Kcenan
Umpire Powers
Cincinnati Ohio May lM3incinnati
Runsl hits 4 errors 4 St Louis
Runs 3 hits 1 errors 2 Batteries
Dwyer and Vaughan Ncal and Boyle
Umpire Kcrins
Colcmbcs Ohio May 1 Columbus
Runs 2 hits 2 errors 2 Louisville
Runs 0 hits 3 errors 0 Batteries
Kneel and Donohue Ehret and Ryan Um
pire Ferguson
Charles 3Terfcel Dies at Fredericksburg
Iron tho Treatment
Special to the Gazette
Ftbdericksbckg Tex May 1 Charles
Merkel a young man twenty six years old
died to day of consumption He had been
taMnginjections of Kochs lymph
It is believed Old Hutch will come out
50000 ahead
Chicago had a big eight hour demonstra
tion yesterday
Last night there was a bull fight in Vera
Cruz by electric light
Nearly 12000 immigrants landed at Balti
more Md in April
President Harrison ana party returned
to San Francisco yesterday
Ten thousand miners are on a strike in
the vicinity of Wheeling W Va
His Home People Tender Him
a Cordial Reception
Speeches by Mayor Long N W Finley W
S Herndon R B Hubbard and Others
The Xew Senator Kespoml to tlio Ad
dresses in a Fine Democratic Speech
rutting Himself in Touch
With tho Ieople
Special to the Gazette
Tvler Tex May 1 Pursuant to call of
Hon R B Long Jr mayor of Tyler a
large and representative audience gathered
to do honor to Hon Horace Chilton re
cently appointed United States senator
The stage was decorated with flags ns
and flowers and a large oil painting of Sen
ator Chilton surmounted by a large picture
of Governor Hogg standing on an easel
covered with flowers and evergreens
Hon- R 15 Long Jr called the house n
order and in a short address explained iU
purpose and introduced Hon V Finle
who madu the congratulatory address as
address op n w riNLEV
Mr Chilton
The mayor of our city acting for the peo
ple of Tyler has appointed this occasion for
the purpose of formally tendering to you
the congratulations of the whole people uf
our goodly city upon the distinguished
honor which has recently been conferred
upon you by Governor Hogg in appointing
you United States senator to liif the vi
cancy occasioned by the resignation of the
great commoner of Texas Johu II
In your elevation to this high otfieial sta
tion is exemplified one of the distinguish
ing features of our republican form or
government Its crowns of honor and Us
scepters of power its high places of publir
trust and emolument are not the exclusive
privilege of those of royal Uncage and
blood neither are they reserved to those of
princely fortune to be bought for a price in
gold they are the freij gifts of a free in
dependent and patriotic people to bk be
stowed upon a citizen in any of the ranks o
stations of life only in return for that in
dividual personal merit which takes jws
session of their respect confidence and
esteem as sovereign American cmviis
Born among the quiet and uninspiring
scenes of farm life of a parentage loor m
linanees though rich in patriotism virtuo
and intelligence you have bravely struggled
in poverty fortho cultivation of your mind
and development of your manhood and
have one by one overcome tho obstacles m
your pathway and have risen to a position
of Independence usefulness and dignity in
the private walks of civil iife And now
before you have reached the meridian of
life in appropriate recognition of that su
perior capacity and worth which you have
iloveloied you are called to a station which
few of your friends can hope to reach and
of which any American citizen may well bo
proud a station where Clay Webster
Calhoun and other illustrious statesmen
embalmed their names in tho history of our
country and in the minds and hearts of the
American people You aro called to enter
by at onco stepping to the most lofty and
responsible position at a period pregnant
with issues of the most vital imiort to the
prosperity of our country Shall taxes con
tinue to te gathered from the many for tho
benefit of the few with incidental revenue
to the government or shall the govern
ment take from the citizen only that which
is his just contribution to tho expense of an
honest economic and efficient government f
Shall tho volume of our money be controlled
by the goldbugs of Wall street or shall Wti
have a circulating medium commensuratn
with the vast and growing business of tha
country Shall corjiorate power hold in iti
merciless grasp the commerce of the coun
try or shall it be subordinate to govern
mental control and regulation and be mad
a useful and convenient vehicle for a fvn
and prosperous people Shall we resort it
the vicious schemes of paternalism pro
posed of the government loaning money M
individuals in order to get relief from a
condition produced by an iniquitous pro
tective tariff an inadequate volume of
money and the oppressions of corporate
power or shall we hold to the constitu
tional landmarks of the fathers and righ
our wrongs by methods consistent with our
form of government leaving every man ai
he was designed by the Creator and tha
framers of our government to be th
architect of his own fortune These aro
issues calling for the best thought couravl
and patriotism of our country
To stand firmly by the principles of tho
Democratic party and in tlio interest of tha
great masses of the people ujon all of thestj
issues may and doubtless will call forth
the opposition of the combined forces of tha
protected barons gold hugs coriorata
power demagogues and
but loyalty to Democracy and patriotism
for country alike demand it and knowing
that you are rooted and grounded in th
principles of Jcffersonian Democracy ami
loyal to every interst of the people we con
gratulate the governor and tho people umn
your selection to represent the state of
Texas in the senate of the United States in
the battles to be fought
You and tho state you represent aro
further to be congratulated upon the fact
that you are the outgrowth of peace and
your influence and usefulness cannot be im
paired by bitter seotional partisans dubbing
you a Confederate general colonel or
major Whilo I allow no man to lead mo
in reverence for tho Confederate soldier I
do believe that the time has come when an
infusion of the fresh blood and young man
hood of our beautiful Southland into na
tional politics would be of material beneflt
to the Democratic party and the country as
In conclusion let me say that tho people
of Tyler who have with sympathy anil
interest witnessed your struggles from
boyhood are greatly rejoiced and feel
commendable pride in the honor done vou
and they confidently predict for you u
bright useful and successful career in your
newield of national politics and in behall
of our united citizenship I extend to you
the hand of congratulation
was introduced and in a short speech ex
pressed his satisfaction in the appointment
of Chilton He said Governor Hogg th
greatest governor Texas ever has had has
seen fit in his wisdom to break thu
old established record in not appointing
to office any one but old men
grown old in politics in the appointment
of Horace Chilton a man in tho prime of
his manhood to the highest office in thy
state The greatest deeds to man
kind were done by middle aged men Texas
is proud of Chilton and points to him with
pride as the youngest man in the senate of
the United States When tho public ca
reer of Horace Chilton goes on record thii
people of Texas will look at it with pridi
and Joy Cheers
was next introduced I am glad to be per
mitted to be able to lend my voice in this
public reception tendered Horace Chilton
a man I have known from boyhood You
will pardon me if hero I give you a littlo
reminiscence of his young life and thu
man is here to night who can testify to it
About twenty years ago one day whila
returning from Longview ho spied ahead
of liim a tow headed boy walking along tha
road toward Tyler with a stick across hU
is- lA
rtr4L 1 1
r 5 i

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