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Jill iuuauiii jjiii
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D C BENNETT Vice PrtaiSeat
tB Tex
Triuiicts a General nankins Business
Surplus 3125000
llarrold M B T ova C H Hlfbfe Zane Cetti D C Bennett ueorji
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- P esiaret TE03 A TTDBALL Vice President
uccesors to Tidbal VanZan
Paid Up
flMyjlripP Texas
MMiFr Surnlus Fund 50000
aaMW csirsJss iKM ST iSSra
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a P es ient E E CHASE 1st Vice Prtsiasnt MOEGAN JONES 2d VicePrMiigM
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Mt7iro I nurlcv a J Swasey A P Lnciett E E loweu E w
i uth ML PMfla it P iiHnrton Joe Maver Xathan
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gt exchange foreign and domestic Correspondence solicited Collections
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EirupvLaicv m m rt mm m r
The President Will Open the
Sea to All Comers
Causes Western Silver Miners to Raise Objec
tions to the Classification of Mexican Ore
Secretary Blaine Keplies to Itildlnis Criti
cism ot Ills Discourtesy The Tele
gram Sent by lluuinl Sub
ject to Criticism
1atontiMl to Texaus
Special to the Gazette
AAasiiixgtox May 5 The list of patents
for Testis is as follows
Animal trap II C Anderson AVhites
boro cotton pressing machinery J Bach
man Austin balance staff for watches II
J Cooper Marshall cotton conveyor and
cleaner AY E Flam R S Thomas and S
AY Horwick Dallas propeller for boats
Ij Gillespie San Antonio
Seal Catchlug
Special to the Gazette
Washington May I am informed
that Secretary Blaines proposal for total
suppression of seal catching within
Behring sea will be formally communi
cated to Minister Pauneefote by AVednes
day at the latest Not tho least interest
ing circumstance connected with this new
departure in our Retiring sea policv is the
direct and active part played in it by Pres
ident Harrison notwithstanding his tem
porary absence from AVashington I am
assured that it is due to the presidents de
cisive judgment and instructions that tho
British government is now to he invited to
join with tho United States in stopping the
further killing of fur seals in the waters
and islands of the Behriug sea upon terms
equally fair to both parties So little had
the presidents course been anticipated
that the lessees of tho Pribylor islands had
made all their arrangements for a busy
season of seal slaughter Their vessels
supplies and working force are all ready to
start from Kan Pranrisco The treasury
agent who wa to supervise and tally their
catch of seals had been designated and or
dered to proceed from his eastern station
Lttfctj4i Francisco to take passage for the
SKwiahds The faet that the president has de
termined to face pecuniary loss to
oovnnxMFvr levees
and natives of the islands and accompany
ing disappointment and inconvenience in
dicates the serious view he takes ol the
consequence of an unsettled policy and an
unrestricted pursuit of sealskins in Bearing
Sea this year It is presumed that Lord
Salisbury and colleagues will not fail to
perceive and appreciate the convincing evi
dences of sood Jaith and conciliation im
plied in President Harrisons tender of a
modus viviendi by which the the govern
ment and citizens of the United States will
be subjected to pecuniary losses Besides
this los to the llritish Columbian sealing
interests must appear as inconsiderable
More than this the proposal about to be
made to the British government carries
with it the virtual abandonment by our
government of its
to an exceptional iosition and control in
Behring sea with regard to the seal fishery
Should the modus vivendi now projected
by President Harrison be effected there
would be no further delay in accepting the
British proposal of last year for an investi
gation of the seal fishery by cither a joint
or mixed commission of exierts Conse
quent upon the report of such a commission
there would be a convention by Hie mari
time powers for future regulation of the
fishery and the placing of it under the
sanction of international law
was passed with a proviso exacting a duty
of z cents on lead ore it was the exjiecta
t ion of owners of argentiferous property
that they would enjoy a monopoly of sale
iu the United States The men who owned
smelting works in the AVest were opposed
by mine owners of tho Xorthwest which
piocured the insertion of the clause pro
viding that silver ores and all other ores
containing lead shall pay a duty of 1- cents
per pound for lead contained therein ac
cording to the sample and assay at the port
of entry
AYestern silver miners are not satisfied
with the low rate at which tho Mexican
ores are admited and have raised the point
that such ores should be classified as lead
ores when containing a certain per centage
of lead
as now being administered Mexican ores
are paying about ffi per ton of 2000 pounds
Lecture in Favor
Ilk ii itiiiiawni i
ni JWWW ii iiii
- rsm
FRiBAr Himfruy sth
At Fort AlM8Greenwall Opera House
Admission 50 Cents
Tickets for sale at box office Friday morning
duty being assessed on tlio lead contained
American miners hoped that the duty on
these ores would prohibit their importation
from Mexico and thus compel Kansas City
and other smelting works working Mexican
ores to work American ores The ques
tion thus raised has been under considera
tion at the treasury department and there
is no doubt whatever that the decision will
sustain the construction placed upon the
law by the customs ofiicers
Medical Asjociatio
May 1 The American
medical association was called to order at
1010 by Dr C Patterson of AAashington
chairman of the committee on iocal arrange
ments after which all delegates standing
prayer was offered Patterson then intro
duced Col Ross one of tho commissioners
of tho District of Columbia who welcomed
the delegates to Washington Patterson
then introduced President Dri AV Y
Kriggs of Nashville Tenn who ilelivcred
his annual address i
More Diplomatic Correspondence
AAashixgtov May I The follojving dis
patch was sent by Secretary Baiic to day
Dkpahtmlnt of S jutu i
Washington May 1591 i
To PorterAmerican Minister at Koine
The series of statements addijcsscd to
Marquis Imperial by Marquis Rimini was
telegraphed from there yesterday and was
published by the Associated Press of tiie
United States to day j
The only part of the Marquis Rudinis
communication which this government
desires to notice is the one here quoted
namely -I have now before me a note
addressed to you by Secretary Jlaine of
March 14 Its perusal produces a most
jiowerful impression upon me I will not
stop to lay stress uion the lack of confor
mity with diplomatic usage displayed and
make use of it as Blaine did not hesitate to
do of a portion of a telegram of mine com
municated iu strict confidence in order to
get rid of a question clearly delined in our
ofllcial document which alone possess a
diplomatic value
The telegram of March 20 concerning
which public use was made the marquis
complaint is as follows which was quoted
I in iuu in my dispatch of March -4 to Uar
I quis linperiali charge daiTairs at- the capi
KoxiE March 1 1S91
Italian Minister Washington
Our requests to the Federal government
are very simple Some Italian subjects ac
quitted by American magistrates have
been murdered in prison while pndcrthe
immediate protection of the authorities
Our right therefore to demand and obtain
tho punishment of the murderers and in
demnity for the victims is unquestionable
I wish to add that public opinion of Italy is
justly impatient and if provisions were not
at onco taken 1 should tind myself in the
painful necessity of showing openly our
dissatisfaction by recalling the minister of
Ins majesty from the country where he is
unable to obtain justice
SignedJ RirniNt
The intimation of Marquis Rudini that
the telegram in question was delivered in
strict confidence is a total error As the
telegram expressed a demand of the Italian
government it was imtwssiblc that Mar
quis Do Rudini could transmit it iu strict
confidence As I have already stated it
was communicated to me in person by
Baron Fava written in English in his own
hand writing without suggestion oT pri
vacy and the telegram itself has not a sin
gle marl upon it denoting a confidential
character I have caused a number of
copies of the telegram to be forwarded to
you to day in fac simile The usnal mark
for italic printing was used byme under
four lines and they appear in the copies you
will see These fac similes are made in
such a manner as will most efficiently prove
the error into which Marquis Hudini has
fallen SignedJ Blaine
To Suppress Seal Iishing
AVashinotox May 3 Secretary Blaines
proposal for the total suppression of seal
catching in Behring Sea will be formally
communicated to Minister Sir Julian Paunee
fote to morrow or by AYednesday at the
Irwin Will Bo Promoted
AAashington May 5 Commodore Irwin
has been offered an examination for promo
tion to the grade of rear admiral
IWeelinjrto Convene nt Houston
Among Those Present
Special to the Gazette
Houston Tex May There will be a
meeting of the Texas Associated Press to
morrow Among those present will lie
Messrs Frank J rice of th San Antonio
Kxpress Frank Doremus of the Dallas
Xcws Peyton Brown of the Austiu States
man John H Hedges of tho Fort AVorth
Uazettk C AA Hayes representing the
Sisoetatcd Press in Galveston and J L
vaisouoi uiu fusu
Acted in Self Defense
Special to the Gazette
Houston Tex March AVright Au
tery the negro shot by Constable Butcher
in Harrisburg last Monday was resting
easier yesterday Constable Butcher was
given his freedom having acted purely in
self defense
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set Covers Infants Slips hildrens
Short Dresses and DrawersAll sub
stantially made full size gamients
regular price ouc
At 50c Each Worth 1
Same style garments as abore elaborately trimmed fine muslin The above
two lots are spread out on our center counters
The Finger of Suspicion Point
ing to Mr and Mrs Worrell
A Servant Girl Who Knew the History of the
Bottle That Contained the Poison
The Neighbors on Speaking Terms With
Sirs Barnaby Knew Nothing of Her
Death Until it Was Published iu
the Papers An Investigation
The tinnier IytTT
Special to the Gazette
Denver Coi May i The mystery still
shrouds the Barnaby murder The shadow
of vague suspicion which has rested until
now uiwn Dr Graves of Providence has
come at last to east a bliuht upon the name
of Mrs AVcrrell of Chester Pa and son
E S AVorrcll of Denver Attention was
first tlirectcd toward the conduct of teh
Worrells through jhe strange utterance ot
District Attorney Stoveus iu regard to the
case and after it became known that Mrs
AVorrell was a beneficiary iu the will al
most to the same amount as Dr Graves
Mr Stevens says it is strange very strange
the manner in which the case was con
ducted by the Worrells He has sent word
Knst to have Mr Worrell and his mother re
turn to attend the grand jury investigation
and he has announced his determination to
investigate the action of everybody con
nected with the case the coroner the doc
tors and the friends of the dead woman
I do not mean to make any charges
atrainst anyone he said but when the
AYorrells return we shall see i hat they
There is however no direct evidence
to convict the woiifiis
with the crime and their high standing in
Denver will no doubt cause their friends to
resent the imputation cast upon them by tho
Detectives say they have secured it is
understood thcevidenccoT the servant girl
Jfellie AVilsou iu regard to the bottle con
taining the poison
She gives a biography of the bottle from
the time it landed iu the AVorrell household
until the poison was taken by Mrs Barnaby
She said that the box containing the bottle
was brought to the house in the buggy on
Monday evening April 13 along with
several parcels of groceries She was very
positive about the date She was seut to
bring the parcels in and took front tho con
veyance all that she thought were there
AVhen she returned Mr AVorrell asked her
for the box containing Mrs Barnabys bot
tle and she then discovered that it had been
left The buggy had been driveu away in
the interval and she says Mr AVorrell went
himself after it and returned with the box
Thutsarne evening Mrs Barnaby camedown
snairs with a glass in nor hand which
the girl says was one quarter full of dark
stuff not at all like whisky The color
made her remark to Mrs Barnaby that it
did not look good but Mrs Baruably said
she knew what she was taking She de
sired some hot water to make a toddy and
the servant girl said she would break the
glass but she says she paid no attention
From that night Mrs Barnaby was taken
sick and until her death tho girl did not see
much of her
hefoke she went east
Mrs AVorrell the younger told the girl
to empty out all the remaining inediciue iu
the house The servant says there was a
The same secrecy in regard to Mrs Barna
bys death seems to have been maintained
around the AYon ell house as in other quar
ters The people who live next door and
who were on speakiug terms with Mrs
Barnaby did not know of the death until
they read it in the morning papers The
departure of Mr and Mrs AVorrell was not
generally known either It is said that the
visit was made mostly on account of Mrs
AVorrells health and was recommended by
tho family physician
Mr Stevens said to day that he had no
desire to
upon the AYorrells except so far as their
own actions would warrant it
Isnt it very stransre however that Mr
AVorrell should have employed an attoruey
to advise him as soon as he learned there
was a death in tho family
The grand jury began its work of in
vestigation in tho Barnaby case at 2 oclock
this afternoon
The Republicans or Jacksonville Adopting
Democratic Tactics
Jacksonville III May 4 Two weeks
since the Democrat elected a mayor city
clerk and live out of twelve aldermen just
exactly Wie reverse of what was done lout
years ago Then the seven Democrats re
fused to proceed to business until the Re
publican mayor stated just how he would
divide the apointive offices and he was
compelled to yield Xow the Republican
seven want the Democratic mayor to take
the same course but he refused and the
ccccoccoo ds ocooocsccoccocc
TS fe - TZ
K l l rf l
outgoing council refuses to approve the
bond of the Democrats and city clerk until
the matter of patronage is settled Yes
terday the Democratic mayor elect took
two deputies of his own appointing and
going to the city hall demanded of the city
clerk the keys of the safe in his office The
clerk walked our but kept the keys The
Democrats held several meetiiiL s but the
llepuDlieans staid away and therefore there
is no quorum
Alignment at Wentlierforil
Special to the Cizrttr
AETHEirori Ti Ma To Jay
Mr W C Blair shoe merchant of this
city made an assignment naming Mr 1
H Caruthers as assicute Xo preferred
creditors Liabilities j000 assets lietween
foOOO and J000 1 in stock there being less
than 100 in accounts The creditors are
principally iu St Louis The cause of t he
assignment as given by Mr Blair is that
he had several bills and notes due and tho
refusal of one house to extend the paper
although the largest creditors were willing
to carry him over
A Girl Diby KoiiihI
Special to the ijneue
Coksicana Tex May 5 Passengers
who arrived from the west on the Cotton
Belt train this evening rejort the finding of
a four weeks old girl baby under a railroad
bridge near Dawson to day The baby iu
alive and healthy No trace of the inhuman
parent can be found It will probably be
turned over to County Judge Rice to
Knocked From a Molug Train While
Paisin Under a Bridge Over Deutou
Creek Crime ol Iont
Special to the
Denton Tea May 5 J L Moore
a brakctnau on a south lwund Mis
souri Kansas and Texas freight
train was killed last niirht at the bridge ou
Denton creek about fourteen miles south of
this city Moore was a new man on this
part of the line anil was braking on top of
a furniture car which was more than the
usual heighth and while passing under the
bridge was knocked off between the cats
and horribly mangled It is not di finitely
known here where he lives but it is said
he was registered from Alvarado and that
he has a wile and two children It is not
known where his family live An inquest
was held over the body by Justice McGin
nis of Roanoke last night
Sheriff J 11 Mars arrived here this morn
ing with one AViliiam Donaldson who killed
a man by the name of Cal Coker in this
county in Is ls Donaldson was arrested
yesterday in Hope Ark by Sheriff Mar
of this city ami Deputy Sheriff Sabine of
Texarkana and the constable at Ark
He has resided near Hope Ark for a num
ber of years and has a wife and a son about
seventeen years old living there It is said
that he stands well where he Hies and has
there as well as here a number of iuiiuen
tial friends who will doubtless render him
valuable assistance in making his defense
Donaldson was raised in Denton county anil
was always regarded as a good citizen be
fore the tragedy The man he killed was
looked upon as a desperate man Donald
son is now about sixt veals old and says
tho difficulty in which he killed Coker is the
only one he has ever had iu his life
Many FIores Burned anil Great Io4 or
Property No Cause A ssIjiiedlor
tho Conflagration
Special to the Gazette
Kl Paso Tex May 5 The large stable
and corall occupied by the Kl Paso transfer
company as a storehouse livery and board
ing stable was burned to day about I
oclock All the lioarding teams were in
for the noon rest and most of them were
killed by Ihe llanies or had to be shot
AVells Fargo Co lost heavily also L II
Frudcnthal Co and many other firms
and private parties Xo cause can be as
signed for the conflagration The loss is
estimated between 20000 and JoO000 to the
transfer company exclusive of other linns
Mail vritli Whisky lie Chases lli Wjfo
Aronntl a Boom Leaps from Window
anil Buries the Knife iu Ills Side
Special to the Gazette
Rinoe Tex May 5 Last night a man
named Smithwho eanio herefrom Yoakum
Tex with his family became drunk Ho
poured down raw whisky for three hours
then went home in a crazy condition Ho
drew a bowie knife and attacked his wife
She lied from him and he chased her around
and around the room and made ineffectual
slashes at her Finally the frightened
woman leaped through a window to the
grouud twelve feet lielow The madman
instantly followed His foot slipped when
he landed and he fell the knifcentering bis
side to the hilt He is dying
At 25cfiach
Lais MMf
lid Pi K MS
AT 15d
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Tans Grays and Unbleached
1 if War Sals Mils
i The New Orleans Grand Jurys
i Interesting Report
Talesmen Approached With tne Remark That
Big Money Could Be Made by a Jurcr
Wlio Woulil Act ltight An Ktiterprilng
Detective Agency select Tliirtr
Tffi Xallies trnm a Wlifil tou
tiinin moo jdis
nir EEttiiiT
XewOrxevx l May After
weeks investigation the grand jUt1
pieied its hibois in the Heimessev rj e
the kiliiug of Italians at the parish pi
bj presenting the following speca rei
at 4 oclock this afrernoon
To the Hon l H Jlarr Judge of lb- in
litiiei Court of the ljrih oJ Orita -
tion A
AVhen this grand jury entered ui
its term of service tiiere was ieuii i
in section ii this tribunal the trial of nino
I men indicted for participation in
nation ol this late siiivrintctident ot pom
D C Henuessjon the night of Ciobi
11 lsh The enormity of that crime cv
cuted ar the midnight hour created iitinsu
interest throughout the whole eunir
while in our own cit v vitally conce ud n
the administration of itistiee as deptj a
fecting her social political and
welfare The sentiment of the iwpuiat
hail erystalized into concrete form ui e
pression that justice should be rendered
through the recognized channels of critn
mil jurisprudence that the guilty perpi
trators whoever the were should be tried
by an impartial jurj of American mucus
and meet with a righteous conviction
One fact stood out in awful prominence
aboveand beyond dispute or question In an
man the fact that a crime of uiiparah i o
atrocity had been committil evidenced iv
live terrible death dealinu veapoiis nuni
erous slugs and bullets tired on their errand
of human destruction anil found in lie
fences and houses at the scene besides
those that struck down the solitary man
who would not have been marked 3s a v
tim had he not tilled the responsible position
of chief ofliccr of the law
it is sot to hi uiniiciki
that attention should be directed to the
trial during the many days of its promvss
in the selection of Jurors evidence ol w
nesses argument of counsel charge of
judge and filially coccentnited on twelx
men who bi virtue of their solemn oaih
sat in awful judgment on their fellow men
The verdict is now of ofllcial record
bearing date of March lt IM1 Wccamio
be mistaken in the assertion that Hie
verdict was startlingly amazing A bitter
disappointment shocking to public opinio
provoking rojvatcd accusations that somu
of the jury had been unfaithful to tlieit
high office We feel that we do not trau
seeud the limits of our duty as a grand i
quest to refer to tin strong presentation
the cMse as made by the state through its
counsel associated iu prosecution clear
continuous complete convincing indirect
testimony and material circumstances it
apjvoared more than sufficient to convince
most unwillinglistcners with its truth and
convey i full measure of its power to those
who ventured a doubt
As the trial neared its termination it
was not possible for any observer to fail to
realize that comment was made on every
side touching the action of members of tho
jury When the case was submitted
charges ami speculation almundcd coupled
with the well known connection of certain
parties of unenviable notoriety as shown
by their presence during the day in the
courtroom and building arousing the sus
picion that the most ruthless dangerous
and poweriul inlluences known to practice
of criminal law were Iwing exercised in be
half of the dcferee
These considerations have led ns to inves
tigate the subject embracing all its attend
ant conditions and incidents
has been conducted with the utmost dili
gence devoid of fear of partiality with
the single purposes of fastening gmt on
the proper persons and presenting them un
der indictment to the tribunal
Kaeh one of the twelve jurors or the trial
was summoned and asked to make a sate
rrcn t
Xono objected but all rather welcomed
the opportunity It was a notable feature
of the sworn statements that they primarily
sought to justify their verdict by attacking
the lino of evidence presented by the state
and attaching much weight to the
of the defence It was freely adm tted
by the jurors that remarks hud ben made
in the jury room as early as the first dav
w hen the testimony was offered and a re
peatd number of timc3 afterwards -that
the state was making a ioor case and was
positively repeated at thecloseof the slate s
oni QiAitiKL
at least was reported arising from an ac
cusation by 010 juror to another with the
exptessioii -You talk ike you were fixed
before you came here They formed no
conception of the tension to which the pub
lic mind was strung though impressed
with the deep interest as shown each day liy
crowds of spectators iu courtroom
Careful observers testify with speeia
reference to the marked inatteution of the
jury as the witnesses submitted their evi
dence conduct most unbecoming and
fraught with the gravest consequent s
when the momentous iinjiort of the issje
is considered AVo are led to conclude that
the jury undertook to
tiy tub case
when it was submitted by their own
estimate of the value of statements made
by the parties not tailed as witnesses
AVith strange unanimity they dwell upon
what they knew by leading and hearsay of
certain incidents of the assassination prior
to the trial and made those the basis of
powerful persuasion for giving the ac
cused the benefit of doubt and concuding
deliberations in their favor
It is clearly brought out by the evidence
of the jurors that as affecting three of thu
aceusedPolitzScaffedi andMonasterio the
jury engaged in their case some four or live
hours attended with intense excitement
On all reported ballots the jury vote stood
This is clearly defined as an indication of
the convictions of the jury as to throe ot
the accused It impresses us deeply as
it must everyone to whom the fact is
conveyed and forces the conclusion that
the evidence was sufficient to justify six
jurors who stood resolute and determined
of a verdict of guilty making it well nigh
impossible to reach any other conclusion
than a mistrial These three accused be
fore named were probably unwilling ac
tors designated by leaders of 11 conspiracy
to execute the villianous part in which they
had neither personal motive or interest
Following this investigation it was
quickly learned from various sources that
talesmen had liecn approached were vis
ited at their homes interrupted while on
their way to the courthouse stopped in the
corridors of the courthotue and that work
was deliberately carried forward in thu
courtroom during the trial One favorite
expression was that -big money might bo
made by going on the jury and doing
There is co possible doubt that
were made ny various parties in the service
of the defense entertained by some of the
talesmen and scornfully rejected by others
These are facts given on evidence of tales
men who quickly discerning the true
meaning of the men who addressed them
and indignantly repelled any attempt to

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