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2 fa nci irinnv xbi
3 II OJH 8 ill -vs
j Ju vanhMK aP Jo Jail pi jf
1 14
Lemon -Orange
Of perfect purity
Of great strength
Economy in their uso
Flavor as delicately
and doliciously as the fresh fruit
anil Colorado wipp tne centennial con
verged in lrTiV had spi rt large sums of
money on exhibits and that the population
of 7 va cuuld be increased in the same
manner He also exhibited a canvas upon
I nt appeared all of the buildings of the
tjTaij will apijr when completed
a mooted out the various buildings ox
t - - stating that nil of the structures
vuiii ivit iHO acres of ground in Jackson
Park Chit ago fronting on the blue waters
of lKe Michigan
Hi- i fj his speech with a rhetorical
r r 1r1ton which elicited rounds of ap
1 -e
Irrigthe intervention the hand played
uiin Hurley then introduced Judge
1 in the commissioner of status for the
1 is a very pleasing speaker and
ns address won hearty and fro-
wi i 1 pplaute A synopsis of his remarks
j u -
I -fin - and lenticmen
iiuM rial state one that you may
jii niiil of and i can readily
in 1 why the Texan who was travel-
ii Europe was so proud of his native
1 i Ins man had traveled through
J ill had seen the majeetic sploudorsof
1 -its palace but had pronounced
1 - fn- surpassed by the uarjietfil
1 ii - mil wild flovviji gardens or Texas he
t fit- ancient art galleries and viewed
1 I 1 marbles of ancient sculptors but
11 ii i llieiii o i rslmuowcu by the- lavish
id nature lhat had pictured a stale of
hi and valleys that reuVcted the
n 1 - nl divinity and in fact he had
11 the magnificence of his nativity
cm npanions determined to startle
in mm his rtrsl liivo by piloting him
i atacoMibs of KouiP the
11 which wen slri wn with shaking
lis and the bleaching bones of those
- 11 c gat here to their fathers Hut
ii- t is invulnerable and maintained
i 1 - is could lea t the catacombs in the
whiie marble slabs marked the
iij - of the piom er who insisted
mir lies beat six shooters Finally
1 mi wearied with bis travels sat
11 ii a stout to rest Falling asleep
ii iiilniis piled skeletons around him
1- inj if there was anything in Texas
1 Mint surpass this
-ii Teas awoke ho was for a second
1 J iv tiie row of grinning skeletons
- 1 1 minded him but in a moment a
iile illuminated his countenance
1 nilion day by grab and Im the
111 1 p Texas to the front as usual
i nuntrymen wo are here with a
is 1 iiniiL lor Texas but it can fret along
hi uur assistant- However we are
in I nl 11i1rprea1 state We desire to sco
1 1 I lii fiiiv the people of in its
nh ind wo want the Jcxans who
r the Wirlds fairto be slartled by the
1 nl st evnibit in that galaxy of
nd u into sayiug Texas to the
I 1 t as usual
th Tlumaii then spoke of the wonderful
of the state its rich alluvial
is tr ad urea wonderful products and
r bustling jieoplc paying a
11 sr tribute to the ladies of the stato
hii the prominence attending the state by
1 ni M e of Mcsiinmes Hyan and Turner
t I ir management
ii knev that Texas would be
s led as that innate Southern chivalry
1 1 ever crowned the Southern peoplo
t 1 1 ii iiilem of manhood seldom reached
1 - in r lieoplu
1 lingering upon the magnitude and
1 M 1iiis greatness of tho coming fair
id ihe story of the old man who
1 in custom of holding family prayers
t ruing He said -One evenini
L intleman announced the chapter
li Hiile that he would read that night
te Ikis who had grown tired of the
ii pisit J two of the leaves of the Dible
1V whuli made the chapter much
1 As usu U the old man oiwncd tho
t ic turned to the chapter and read
r when Noah was 10 years old he
s into himself a wife tl have always
Id this chapter as it gives mo hope
II 1 t urued the leaf -She was eighteen
- high six cubits wide made of
wood and cocered with pitch
- li nut As the old man read the
iVr In- said 1 never seed that ar
- nefore but I guess its so and is
1 evidence of how fearfully and won
in1 are made
fe low citi7ons you have never seen
1 ends fair but when vou stand under
mine ir these buildings towering to
1 was in somber grandeur resplen
iii Mil architectural beauty you will
v tun it is another evidence of how
y aud wonderfully we are
passionate appeal stirring the
res nut of their lethargy Judge
ui osed amid a rouudof enthusiastic
use Chairman Hurley announced that
nviiu ion had expected a speech from
liiiiH but owing to illness he could
niieution then entered upon busi
11 nl the committee eng credentials re
d js follows
1 J l rler Chairman of the Convention
Your committee on credentials beg
submit the following reiiort
la ii ot 1 ho large number of delegates
- i 1 1 attendance and to amve during the
1 i 11 111 ii ier to expedite the
n ef tin important business before us
unnecessary delay we recommend
- II the ladies and gentlemen whose
mes appear in the several lists or cre
inas 111 the hands of the secretary or
it ruiv be furnished to him during the
be and they are hereby recognized
uemhers of this convention and entitled
part ic pate in its proceedings Kespeet
1 y ibixiitul
GtoiiGE W Tvilt Chairman
Tie r port was adopted without dissent
1 ie committee- on permanent orgauiza
i then reported as follows
tie Iiniii ree on permanent
ti respect fully submits the following
1 treed tHroui as permanent officers of this
tireriion Henry Exall president Wal
i t ireshim vice president Mrs E F
honorary vice president II M
l omes secretary James Maddox
Mrs A L Cochrane Mrs Lilla C Bax
t r Mrs Ida L Turner and Mrs Hosina
K -an members of the Worlds fair com
rvssion are invited to seats on tho plat
form S W Statpes
Che report stood adopted on motion and
tiie ladiis and gentlemen were escorted to
Ihe platform
committee was appointed by Chairman
H jrnv to escort Permanent Chairman Ex
1 to the chair where the gavel was grace
f uy surrendered to him
Mr Eal addressed the convention
tliat mug the body for the honor coiferred
jti Ljui and spoke at considerable length
Ais address being received with heartv
He slated that Texas was a
piatsuie so great that if its inhabitants
u re spread over the state equal distances
om each other that they could not hear
ti e voice of each other without a trumpet
H made a s irring appeal to the patriotism
Of the people of Texas to rally to the
gle and collect an exhibit of which they
would feel proud He said
It secm3 as if there was a constitutional
inhibition that prohibited our lczilaturc
from appropriating a respectable fund for
the purpose of exhibiting the products of
Tas at the Worlds fair but there is no
byspTohibition on the people of Texas and they
are exacted to do their uuty to themselves
and their children There is no need for me
to tell you that this exhibit will redound to
the infinite advantace of our state Thirty
years ago the population of the United
States amounted to onlv 30000 OuO of people
To day we have overco000000 of heppy
prosperous people In Texas alone these
UO000000 of people could live and be pros
perous and in order that our property val
ues should enhance in value and that our
state may be dotted with farms and com
fortable homes we must take steps to
brine these people to our state In order to
do this we must take advantage of every
opportunity to advertise our soil and re
sources and an exhibit at the Worlds
fair placing before the best people
of the world our products the character
of soil and hospitality of our people will
bo worth millions of dollars to our
Mr Exall spoke to some length during
which ho ref rred to Texas as the peer
of any state in the Union and appealed
to the delegates to take steps to disabuse
the sentiment in the East aroused by tho
malign influence that misrepresented our
stato and placed her in uncivilized light
before tho Eastern public
At the close of Mr Exalls speech the
committee on resolution asked time on a
rejwrt and a motion was made to adjourn
until Wednesday at 10 a m
Pending the motion to adjourn Mr Hur
ley announced that the Santa Fo railroad
would furnish free transportation to the
delegates to tho stockyards where a barbe
cue will be held The train will leave the
brewery at 1 p m to day and all the vis
itors in the city arc cordially invited to at-
The motion to adjourn until 10 a tn to
day was then put and carried
The lroccciiligs or ttil Imporiutit Aux
iliary Yrstenlay
Quite a number of the representative
women of this town and ladj delegates
from other cities assembled at the opera
house yesterday morning to hear Mrs Ky
an address In her capacity as state com
missioner she visited Chicago and is well
informed as to tho work that will bo nec
essary for the women of this state to do in
order so secure a proper exhibit for Texas
Mrs Turner of Fort Worth also a state
commissioner introduced Mrs Hyan to the
Imbcs to whom she spoke brielly but effect
ively It was apparent to al that the
sjieaker was moved by earnest loyaty and
tiie marked attention of those present
proved that she awakened she responsive
hord in the hearts ot her listeners It is
only possible to give in this issue a short
sy uopsis of her remarks but it is the pur
Kse on Sunday to publish in the Ladies
Department of Tiiu Gazette the entire
Mrs Hyan began by saying that devotion
to her state and a lixed desire to have it
creditably represented induced her to say a
word to the ladies She then spoke of her
visit to the convention at Chicago humor
ously pictured the oieiiing scenes in which
pn veilent and rule played as small a part as
they have done in congress She spoke of
the president elected at that meeting Mrs
Hotter Palmer as being a woman pre-eminently
qualified to discharge the duties of
so responsible a position and of the eng
thusiasm manifested by delegates from
places remote and in many respects un
promising The speaker then outlined the
plans approved for advancing the work by
the women in this and in foreign countries
and submitted to the ladies a recommenda
tion tu organize in every town one or more
societies tor the study of American history
as a preparation for intelligently appreciat
ing the exposition and the members by a
weekly contribution of a small sum
would have money to use as thuy
deemed most advisable She then urged
the consecration of money to this lorious
object aud in passing paid a handsome
compliment to the people of Fort Worth
She urged that the women in every county
of tho state secure by jiersonal effort ex
hibits of the natural and manufactured
products of their several sections and that
they specially secure specimens of the
handicraft of women Mrs Ian closed
her address by an eloquent appeal to tho
ladies in behalf of Texas that her Lone
Star might shine in the galaxv at Chicago
in iJi with a brilliancy commensurate
with her grandeur and her wealth
roit tiii ntytis to iiiiu
Kules CJmernliig state Kxhiblts at
Worlds Columbian lposltluu
Definite rules as given below have been
adopted to govern the erection of state
buildings at the Worlds Columbian expo
sition and to regulate the admission of ex
hibits No manufactured goods of any de
scription will be allowed in the buildings
and all articles entered for awards must he
installed in the proper departments for
which buildings will be put up by the ex
position company This ruling does away
with an endless duplication of displays and
gives each state a lino opportunity to make
an extensive exhibit of its natural re
sources The regulations are as follows
All exhibits intended to be competitive
and within the jurisdiction of juries or
committees authorized to award prizes
must be located in some one of the general
exposition buildings and be grouped ac
cnling to the official classification ex
cept such exhibits as can only be properly
and advantageously displayed in the
grounds provided however that this ex
ception shall only operate in those cases
where in the judgment of the director sren
eral he shall deem it expedient to grant
the express permission
Each of the states of the union the ter
ritories and the District of Columbia shall
be entitled to erect and maintain on the ex
position grounds a building for the use of
such state territory or District of Colum
bia or two or more states or territories if
so desired may erect and maintain a build
ing in common and each state or territory
desiring to erect such a building or two or
marc proposing to erect a buildiug to bo
used in common shall through their offi
cial representatives or their state Worlds
fair board tile wiiii the director general an
application in writing for ground space for
such building and as soon as possible give
a general description of the character and
stylo of the building proposed to bo erected
and tho sum of money appropriated for the
construction thereof and after the ground
space shall have been allotted as herein
after provided and before any occupation
thereof there shall be tiled with the chief
of the bureau of construction detailed plans
and specifications lor each of such proposed
buililings and when such plans and speci
fications shall have been approved by the
chief of the bureau of construction and bv
the director general a permit to erect a
building snail be issued by the last named
That preparatory to the assignment of
ground space for state buildings the director-general
after conference with and
the concurrence of the grounds aud build
ings committee of tho exposition shali
cause the states and territories of tho
Union to be grouped in such a manner as
shall appear most likely to produce tho
best results to the imposition as a whole
and shall allot suitable ground space to
each of such groups and after such allot
ment shall be made the space in each allot
ment shall be agaui properly sub divided so
as to provide suitable independent locations
for each state or territory or any two or
more of them desiring a location in com
mon and the location of each individual
state or territory or any two or more of
them desiring a location in common within
tho territorial space assigned to that group
wherein they are included shall be de
termined in the order of their application
subject however to harmony of grouping
of buildings which shall be determined by
the supervising architect and landscape
gardener and director general
That correct plans and specifications for
every state building as approved bv the
chief of thoburcauof construction and tho
director general shall before the issuance of
the permit be filed iD the office of the
LU4J UniJIJXXJJi A J HUllilJl J liWlU lliaiilJJJUiiil ilinL J
rector general and bo preserved as a record
of the exposition
That m the construction of such state
buildings each stato or territory may use
such material or materials produced in such
state or territory as the state board shall
determine with a view of promoting a full
exhibition of the structural materials pro
duced in such state or territory
Such state buildings shall be maintained
as a state or territorial headquarters under
the control of the state board but subject
to the rules and regulations governing the
exposition for the convenience and enter
tainment of residents of the particular state
or territory and the reception and enter
tainment of their friends and such guests
as they may invite to share the hospitality
of such state or territory and shall also if
desired by the state or territorybe used as
a depository for a collective exhibit of
such a line as shall best illustrate I
ond exemplijy the natural resources of
such state as well as its historical and
archaeological features Each such col
lective state exhibit shall however be in
stalled aud maintained only subject to the
following conditions limitations and re
strictions to wit
These exhibits shall not be catalogued
nor considered as competitive or at all eng
titled to participate in prizes or awards
nor be within the jurisdiction of the com
mittee or juries of award They shall
embrace no manufactured goods or pro
ducts No processes shall be included
therein and no motive power permitted in
any such building
Thc Supplementary Krpnrt of the Hoard
uf Direutori
The following statement issued May 1
shows the present status of the Worlds
Columbian commission both as to finances
and to the officers
Finances The second installment of the
capital stock has been called in by the
directors of the Illinois corimratiou and is
now being rapidly collected When com
pleted this will leave upwards 01 SJJSOOUJ
in the hands of the treasurer and it is ex
pected that within a few months as the
work of preparing the grounds and con
structing tho buildings advances necessity
for a third installment will arise Upon
the payment of this third installment the
city of Chicago will issue its guaranteed
bonds for JoOOOOOO thus placing at tho
disjiosalof the directorate at least 5SOOOOC1O
for the work to be accomplished within the
current year Since the beginning of the
year a majority of tho stato legislatures
have been in session and taken action
upon the subject of appropriations for
exhibits at the exposition Independent
organizations have been formed in various
states for the purjiose of raising money for
the same object and the result of these
united efforts disclose- a probable aggregate
of over T000000 which will be devoted to
exposition purposes Tho grand total of
capital to be invested in the exposition al
ready show s Sil500000 excluswo of the
enormous amount which will be expended
by foreign nations several of which have
already officially announced their intention
to be represented individual industries
and private enterprises such as the Proc
tor tower water palace etc
l lie buildings lhe board 01 architects
which includes ten of the leading repre
sentatives of the profession in the United
States has been at work for months upon
the details of the great buildings The
general design has already been decided
and gives promise of a grand array un
lualed at any previous exposition The
structures to be erected by the construction
department alone not including thoso by
individual states industries or foreign na
tions will cover more than one hundred
acres of ground space and cost something
like 10000000
Dedicatory ceremonies As provided by
congress the formal dedication of the expo
sition grounds and buildings will occur Oc
tober lli lsy The president of the Unite
States will take part in the ceremonial
which will oe made the occasion of appro
priate festivities including military par
ades iii eworks display public meeting-
processions musical entertainments tab
leaux elc The programme for the dedica
tory exercises which has been compiled
promises a fitting prelude to the great ex
position itself
State exhibits Preparations are already
under way in every state and territory of
the Union looking to a splendid display of
its industries and resources The appro
priations already made or under considera
tion by the stale legislatures amounted in
April lt 91 to the sum of S30I5000 From
individual efforts a further sum of 2113
000 is specifically promised making a grand
total of T730000 likely to be available for
state exhibits Many states contemplate
erecting separate buildings some of which
will be unique in construction aud design
Officers of the Worlds Columbian com
mission Thomas W Palmer Michigan
president Thomas M Waller Connecti
cut first vice president M II De Young
California second vice president David
sou B Penn Louisiana third vice-president
Gorton W Allen New York fourth
vice president Alex B Andrews North
Carolina fifth vice president James A Me-
Keuzie Kentucky vice chairman executive
committee John T Dickinson Texas sec
Board of lady managers Pirsident
Mrs Potter Palmer Chicago Vise-presidents
1st Mrs Ilalph Trautmann New
York fd Mrs Edwin C Burleigh
Maine 3rd Mrs Chas Price North Car
olina 4th Miss Catherine L Miner
Louisiana 5th Mrs Beriah Wakens
District of Columbia Gth Mrs Susan II
Ashley Colorado 7th Mrs Flora Beall
Giuty Wisconsin Mh Mrs Margaret
Blaine Salisbury Utah Secretary Mrs
Susan Gale Cooke of Tennessee
Officers of the Worlds Columbian exposi
tion Illinois corporation W T Baker
president Thomas B Bryan first vice
president Potter Palmer second vice
president A F Seeberger treasurer Ben
jamin Buiterworth sccretari1 and solicitor
general W IC Ackerman auditor J I
Kingwell assistant secretary
Executive committee V T Baker
Thomas B Bryan Potter Palmer Ferd W
Peck E T Jeffcry Edwin Walker W D
Kerfoot Charles II Schwab James W
Scott M M Kirkman C L Hntchinson
R A Waller Robert C Clowry II N
Higinbotham L J Gage M A Rycrson
Board of reference and control Worlds
Columbian commission Thomas W
Palmer Michigan president James A Mc
ICenzie Kentucky vice chairman executive
committee George V Massey Delaware
William Lindsaj Kentucky Michel H
De Young California Thomas M Waller
Connecticut Elijah B Martindale Indiana
J W St Clair West Virginia
Worlds Columbian exposition W T
Baker president Thomas B Bryan Pot
ter Palmer Ferd W Peek Edward T
Jeffcry Edwin Walker Frederick S Win
ston Lyman T Gage
Executive George R Davis director
general Moses P Handy chief denart
ment publicity and promotion W I Buch
anan chief department of agriculture
Professor John P Barrett chief depart
ment electricity and electrical appliances
Professor F W Putnam chief depart
ment einnoiogy arcnaorugy etc Capt J
W Collins chief depart fish fisheries
etc Joseph Hirst secretary installation
It will Take llaco at tho racfciiijr House
To Uay
When tho Worlds fair convention was
first called one of the first things to attract
the attention of tho entertainment commit
tee was some method by which the visitors
to the city could be entertained and in
what would ba the most acceptable
manlier Various methods were discussed
and it was finally decided that a good old
fashioned barbecue was just the thing and
accordingly it will be given this afternoon
When this was decided upon the nest ques
tion was as to the method of rapid transit
and means of transportation Owing to the
North Sido bridge being out the electric
cars were out of the question as a method
of transit and carriages were not available
in sufficient numbers In this emergency
J J Mullane commercial agent of the
Santa Fe took the matter up with his com
pany and though the Galveston fire ren
dered it almost impossible for the coaches
to be spared that road at considerable
inconvenience to itself wired that
an engine and coaches wnnid be
placed at the disposal of the entertainment
committee for tho purpose of conveying the
visitors to and from the packing house to
day Accordingly at 1 oclock the tram will
start from the brewery and afford transpor
tation for all who desire to attend and eat
Texas meatsbarbecued on Texas soil An
eSicient corps of waiters will be in attend
ance upon thegrounds and will afford ample
attendance upon all There is no doubt as
to tho abundance of good things to cat and
the hospitality for which Texans are famed
will bo fully exemplified to day Arrange
ments have been made to feed 1MO0 people
so that none need go away dissatisfied or
hungry Much of the success of the barbe
cue will of course depend upon the condi
tion of the and whether it is pleas
ant or rainy If the day is pleasant photo
graphic views of the train and the crowd
will be taken before the start from the
brewerv is made
One of the Kvcnts ot the Pe isoii at the
Commercial Club Parlors
At 9 oclock last evening the handsome
parlors of the Commercial club pa
Sixth and Main streets were ablaze with
light and thronged with gallant men and
ladies fair The occasion was a reception
given by tiie ladies of Fort worth to the
delegates and gentlemen from Chicago
It was a scene of bcauy Fragrant flow
ers covered the tables in the billiard room
which resembled huge beds of roses while
the loveliest blossoms from Fort Worths
flower gardens hung in rich festoons inter
mingled with gay bunting Professor
Aults orchestra discoursed the latest and
most popular musical selections while the
moving throng with the dark dress suits of
the gentlemen and the radiant costumes of
the ladies conspired to form a kaleidoscopic
picture of mirth youth and beauty that
can hardly be excelled in the Southland
Group after group of guests could be seen
chatting for a moment together then gradu
ally dissolving to form anew in other por
tions of the room Around above and over
all breathed that spirit of hospitality for
which the South has become so famous
Each and every guest was made to feel that
he had a hearty welcome and that Fort
Worths citizens were glad to see him there
Attentive ushers paid every possible atten
tion to the guests and every method was
employed to render the occasion an unusu
ally brilliant success
A description of this reception would be
incomplete w ithout mention of the musical
feature of the eveuing the numbers ren
dered by Professor Aults orchestra being
as follows
1 March Austrian
S Medley Kerry Gow Irish airs
3 Piiritara i rand selections lielllni
4 Over the Mexican
Uoom Zing loom Metllev Brooks
Selections from Somnamuula
Xislitlngale wait IScnnei
Then Youll Wink the Other
Grand selections Krnani Verdi
Selection from Knnine
Kemembranco of Naples
Flowersong Langyer
uaiop Liumuye
The merry making continued until the
noon of night and when the nearness of
the wee sma hours ayant the twal
warned the revelers it was time for them
to disperse they did so reluctantly The
greatest charm about the affair was its de
lightful informality aud tho entire absence
of that forma coustrainment that marks
too many affairs of this kind
III tin Wings
Col Tom West was an interested ob
server of the procedidgs
Professor Aults baud discoursed some
very Cue music between the speeches
Hon J T Dickinson was presented
wilh a handsome Dadge by the Austin del
The ladies were out in large numbers and
took a deeji interest in the proceedings of
the convention
Col K I Parrott of Waco is not making
much noise but his presence and work are
felt just as plainly
Judge Tiioiniii has not been in Fort
Worth long but is thoroughly imbued with
the enthusiasm of the uent
Thomas J Hurley made a very efficient
chairman Under his rule the business
was conducted expeditiously and in older
William W OLeary city editor Moso
Harris J B Roberts aud F B Wood are
doing tho convention for the Dallas News
Mayor Connor of Dallas is not a very large
man but his work among the delegates is
just as effective as though ho weighed 3WI
The decorations of the opera house and
stage speak volumes for the tate in decora
tion possessed by the ladies doing the work
Mrs Ilosina Ryan is doing good work for
the Texas exhibit and has aroused great
enthusiasm among the ladies of Tort
Mayor J V Smith loses no opportunity
to drap a word in sayson in behalf of
the movement aud always remembers Fort
Senator Tylerof Belton is heart and soul
in favor of a Texas exhibit at the Worlds
fair and is using every effort to aid the eng
If was unfortunate that the rain pre
cluded the proposed drive around the city
by tho ladies of Fort Worth with the lady
delegates as guests
The reception last night despite tho
muggy weather was a very brilliant affair
It was a credit to tho ladies having it in
charge and to the city
P L Dana secretary of the Chamber of
Commerce and Hon Walter Gresham both
of Galveston arc doing good work in be
half of a Texas exhibit
The programme for to day is not a very
extensive one consisting of the closing
work of the convention in the forenoon and
the barbecue in the afternoon
The stage door being kept open so groat
a portion of the time rendered it exceed
ingly cool for those on the stage though it
was probably none too much so iii the
Tiie hose that supplied tho fountain
proved a serious obstacle to the band boys
at first They would get their instrument
cases etc on the hose when the fountain
would suspend business much to the dis
gust of the stage carpenter
E S Bidcn secretary of the Chamber of
Commerce rejoices that the agony is over
and his arduous duties at an end He has
done good work in behalf of the convention
and is deserving of a largo meed of praise
for the work he has done
lJell U Keprcsenteci
Special to the Gazette
Trot Tex May 12 Hon G C Pendle
ton passed through here eng route to Fort
Worth as a Worlds fair delegate Glad to
see old Bell in it this time as heretofore
she has not had pride enough to show up
outside of herself
Telegrams nrcelptl
The following telegrams were received
and read in open convention
Chicago Ilu May 11 1891
To Secretary John T Dickinson tttre Worlds
Fair Convention Fort Worth Tex
The board of lad managers appeal to you
to speak for them and to create an interest in
their work in the great state of -Texas As
your stale Is so ably represented ow this
board it must not fail to make a suitable
appropriation to carry on tho important
work which they have in view It is also
most essential that the Texas representa
tives on this national board bo made mem
bers likewise of the state board in order
that their purposes may be carried out
Mrs Pottek Palmer
President Board of Lady Managers
Sax Antoxio Tex May 12 1591
To the President of the Worlds Fair Conven
The San Antonio International fair asso
ciation sends greeting with the hope and
belief that your labors will result in un
limited good to Texas and the assurance
that our association is heartily in sympathy
with you J J Dickixsox Secretary
Hon Lock McDaniel of Anderson Tex
telegraphed the convention that he regrets
ted his inability to attend the convention
The following dispatch was sent to Juan
Hart president of the Texas editorial asso
Thejjeople of thsgteat state of Texas in
convention assembled at Fort Worth in or
der to aid in an exhibit of tho unparalleled
resources of tho ttato at the Columbian
Worlds fair in 1S92 and 1S03 recognize in
the editors now assembled in their annual
conclave at Corsicana the levers fulcrum
and moving power in our state and send
regard of high esteem and fraternal regard
TnoMxsT HuuxKY
Temporary Chairman
A Merican Given Ninety Nine Years for
Criminal Assault two Year Ago
Special to the Gazette
Sax Astoxio Trx -May li Before
District Judge Noonan to day Francisco
Garcia Ortiz a powerful and brutish young
Mexican missed the rope by the skin of his
teeth lie was charged villi assault and
a sentence of ninety nine years was giver
Two years ago nezt July Ortiz went to the
house of Juan Flores who is a small farmer
living upon the Medina river Sfteeu milts
from town The daughter
Isabella an exceedingly bright aud hand
some girl was at home Ortiz s ilied her
cries and outraged her with every circum
stance of brutality The verdict of to day
is condemned as too light
1 he Prescribers of Little Pills
With Big Results Deliberate
Tho Constitution Amended Klcvatlpg the
Texas Homeopathic Medical
Association Amiutl
Keports Itead
At 9T0 the delegates to the state conven
tion of hoincopathists met at Dr J It Pol
locks ouico and repaired to the Board of
Trade in a body Dr T H Bragg of Aus
tin the president of the association imme
diately assumed the chair and after an ap
priato prayer by the Rev W F
Liovrt of the First Methodist church
Dr II F Fisher of Fort Worth was
elected temporary secretary in view of the
absence of the permanent secretary After
the roll call ami the adoption of the minutes
of the last meeting of the association Pres
ident T H Bragg delivered his annual ad
dress Following un interestng excerpts
from the address after the delivery of
which a rising vote of thanks was tendered
the president
Another j ear has passed and another
milestone has been reached our live have
been precious to the Father of all mercies
our natural profe sional and legal rights
have been maintained The sorrows and
joys the failures tntl triumphs that came
to us during the year have been such as are
common to physicians and humanity Of
the lessons of the past year the cue that
concerns us most as a school tae sys
tematic and determined effort made by the
allopaths to down us and dominate to them
selves the entire practice in this com
munity and notably so in Teias The av
erage allopathic physician has lost none
of his biogtry or hU zeal for this code of
ethics nor his willingness to spend time
and money if ho may only bring reproach
upon the homeopathic cause Hence has
been demonstrated more clearly than ever
the absolute necessity of a hand in hand
and shoulder to shoulder stand and
a pull altogether for professional
and legal rights As your retiring presi
dent I congratulate you that not only has
all vantage ground been held but that in
roads deep and wide hat c been made upon
tho decimating ranks of antiquated medi
cine aud victory decidedand subs tantialsuc
ccss has perched upon our banners in nearly
evtry state in the Cinoii thanks to the
most powerful of all human agencies the
public press that they have sjioken so
fairly and fully for our rights Thanks
to the legislators and senators
who havo fought our battles imd
won our victories
Dr Bragg who is the chairman of tho
legislative committee of the association
then detailed the history of the allopathic
funeral in Texas and what lie designated
as class legislation with the allopaths as
the class to bo benefited Senator Popes
medicine bil which was to regulato the
practice of medicine and surgery by tho
creation of a stale board of seven hippo
cratics and one each of the homeopathic
aud eclectic schools was the measure that
brought forth the cohorts uf each school in
battling for their side of the question Tho
homeopaths and eclectics claimed that the
hippocratits would forever dominate
the practice of the stato with
such u brutal majority on the
board while the allopaths claimed
that on account of the large proportion of
the medical profession being allopathic
they should have a larger representation on
the board They fought and lobbied in the
committee rooms ante rooms and before
the open house and common sense and
ridicule killed the bill Senator Tyler
wanted to amend so as to include on the
the board three botanical yarb tea or root
doctors This amendment although
titillating was decided not in order Sen
ator Carter of Tarrant stated that ho was
educated in the peach tree oil cure rub it
in either way it always cured
With the grand achievements of the
past and the financial and moral support
i hat has gathered and continues to gather
in our favor it behooves as to lift high and
move in triumph our banner of similia
similibus curantur How may this be
done 1 answer by a persistent and daily
exemplification of our ability to relieve the
suffering and cure the sick according to
this great law To the allopathie who bo
lieves and delights only in material things
and who iefues to give himself to tho finer
shades of thought and investigation our
law of selection and potentization of drugs
is as foolishuess and a stumbling block
While to the homeopath the verity of our
law of selection and the power of potentized
drugs is not based unon theory or belief
but a knowledge obtained by actual demon
stration the law of similia is an unerring
guide aud the physician who selects and
administers his remedies according to this
law may be as sure of obtaining
tiie desired result as the mariner
with chart and compass is certain of reach
ing port A familiarity with our materia
medica and a knowledge of the range and
power of potentized drugs places within the
hands of the homeopath weapons with
which to oomuat disease that is a superior
to all other known methods as knowledge
to theory or the possession of true religion
to hollow pretense
The presidedt went on to sav that as
alleged by their opponents homeopathy ia
not synonynomous with small doses sinco
homeopathy does not prescribe tho dose
The question of potency high and low
should b3 left to individual investigation
observation and preference
My own experience justifies the belief
said he that remedies selected according
to characteristic indication under the law
of similia will cure any curable disease in
dependent of the attenuation Tho crude
or attenuated form sufficiently low to call
forth physiological resistance the doctor
thought was disturbing and destructive to
vital life force and is only curative by its
secondary action and that potencies even
beyond the ken of anything but chemical
tests do yet bring healing to the ills of
A special committee composed of Drs
Jones Pollock and Fowler were appointed
to report on some of tho most pertinent
suggestions fitting the necessities of their
practice The recommendation of the pres
ident whereby it was necessary that the
applicant should be a graduate of some
legal reputable and chartered institution
was the most material amendment to the
constitution which was reported by the
A telegram was here read by Secretary
Fisher to the effect that the Southern med
ical college of Baltimore sends greetings
Resolutions of respect to Dr Wolff of
Gainesville and Dr Hulsey of Brenham
were introduced and passed
Under the presidents recommendation
the reward of 100 for tho best compet
itlvo mntiript to be written with a
For a good srring medicine we confidently
fecoauuend Hoods Sarsaparilla By Its use
the blood Is purified enriched and vitalized
that tired feeling Is entirely overcome and
tha whole body given strength and vigor
The appetite is restored and sharpened the
digestive orgaC3 are toned the kidniys and
liver invigorated If you havivievcr tried
do so this season I Is a thoroughly
and reliable preparation purely ve
sSSaiW thRna PIS
8 Si as PtJSlt t2
rrfr 1
and contains no injurious ingredients what
ever Thousands who havo taken it with
benefit testify to its peculiar curative power
I take Hoods Sarsaparilla as a spring
tonic and I recommend it to all who hao
that miserable tired feeling- C IABiirixs
319 Bridge Street Brooklyn N Y
Makes the
Weak Strong
X E If yoa decide to taVe Hoed Sarsaparilla
do not 10 induced to tr17 anj other preparation
view of popularizing cither principles was
approved by the committee and will ba so
The board of censors composed of Drs
Pollock Kdwanls and Mercer to examine
into the moral and legal qualifications of
the new members was appointed by the
Drs J W Barnett BigSprings S Mills
Fowler Gainesville T J Houghton and G
E Blackmail Vernon 1 C Vest and A P
Davis Dallas and T C Braden San An
tonio aie the new member elected to
membership yesterday
The convention came to order in Dr II
F Fishers offices in the afternoon as the
Board of Trade was to be uscil by some of
the members of that body The president
announced that a formal invitation had
been tendered them to attend the Worlds
fair convention which was accepted
During the afternoon session the question
of the committee on statistics and informa
tion came up Drs W F Thatcher and S
Mills Fowler were selected on that com
mittee the province of which is to compile
statistics for dissemination and give infor
mation to prospective locators its to the un
occupied fields During the debate on this
question the mortuary statistics of four
largo cities for the years of 170 anil
lsTl comprising the two schools of
medicine bv them strike an aver
age of 1021V for the old school
and 1S71V for tho homeopathic One
member suggested that tho records of tho
two schools of medicines in any decimating
sickness or epidemic are the tests by which
they were willing to st jnd or fall by
Dr J K Pollock invited tiie delegates to
attend a reception in their honor in the
evening which was accepted with thanks
Weatherford is represented by Dr W Y
This is the third meeting the association
has held in this city
Dr M B Stevens of Bristol was elected
to associate membership yesterday-
The Panhandle sends Drs G E Black
mail and T J Houghton of Vernon
Galveston and San Antonio and possibly
other cities will bid for the next meeing
To day will be largely spent in the con
sideration of medical and surgical papers
Dr W M Mercer of Galveston is in at
tendance He is one of tho pioneers in
Dr S Mills Fowler of Gainesville is the
clerical looking member He is a ready
speaker on the Uoor
Dr J T Thatcher of Bowie a brother of
Dr W F Thatcher of Dallas is the
youngest member in attendance
Dr C Ii Fisher is physician and surgeon
to tho San Antonio proiestant orphans
home The home has about fifty inmates
The homeopathic doctors are very much
in earnest in their work and act as though
they have reasons for the faith that Is in
Drs W F Thatcher and I C West of
Dallas came in yesterday afternoon Dr
A P Davis of the same city eaino over in
the morning
In tho absence of tho secretary Dr
Fisher of this eitywas called upon to preside
at the desk filling the office to the satisfac
tion of the association
Dr Joseph Jones of Pan Antonio is an
interested attendant Dr Jones is one of
the most prominent homeopaths of Texas
and enjoys a large practice
Dr G G Clifford treasurer of the as
sociation is county physician at San An
tonio IIo has charge of the county hos
pital with about sixty beds
The visitors are loud in their praises of
the reception accorded them by the local
physicians Fort Worths latch string al
ways hangs on the outside
Dr G W Barnett of Big Springs is one
of the seniors present Dr Barnett was a
member of the constitutional convention of
ISToanda member of the Twentieth legis
What the homeopaths of Texas may lack
in numbers is compensated for in dignity
character and ability The association now
in session is certainly not lacking in these
Dr J R Pollock is not on the floor as
often as some of the other members but as
a committeeman seems to be a whcelhorse
his abilities being more literary than of ora
torical nature
Dr M Ellen Keller of this city is the
only lady physician present There are
live other lady homeoptahs in th state
one each at Waco Batcsville and San An
tonio and two at Denison
Dr T G Edwards of Blanco the first-vice-president
is one of the powers of
homeopathy in the state There were only
three or four small pill doctors in Texas
when he came away back in the fifties
Dr Bragg of Austin president of the
association is tho leading homeopatic phy
sician of the Capital City He presides
with grace and dignity and as yet no ap
peals have been taken from his rulings
The homeopaths are loud in their expres
sions of gratitude to the state press for tho
attitude of friendliness it has always as
sumed toward the weaker vessel in medi
cine The press is largely credited with tho
defeat of the medical legislation embodied
in the Pope bill
Dr C li Fisher of San Antonio brother
of Dr H F Fisher of this city is one of
the hard working members He was the
organizer and first president of the associa
tion and is the able editor of the Southern
Journal of Homeopathy which was for
merly published in San Antonio but now in
sew Orleans
I It Tollock actl Wife
Itecelvo the
The members of tho medical profession
assembled hero in convention were received
last evening at the offices and the parlors of
Dr Pollock on Sixth street It was a
pleasant meeting of cultured and congenial
people and the hospitality added to the
knowledge of the social amenities of this life
of Doctor and Mrs Pollock made it a re
ception in the true sense of the word
The epicurean part of the programme
seemed to bo accepted in a purely allo
pathic manner although the elegance and
delicacy of the repast indicated a homeo
pathic training
If the argument for what Fort Worth
can do in a social way exemplified by thef
host end hostess last evening were allowed
in advocating this city as the permanent
place of holding their conventions no other
city in Texas would catch the disciples of
Hoods Sarsaparilla is prepared from Sar
parilla Dandelion Mandrake Do k J
Berries and other well known b
remedies by a combination proper ia j
process peculiar to itself and by sCeh u3
fall medicinal value of all tho lnredit
used Is segared Ilencc it possesses sape
and pesjtivo curative power
fc pejt
Evemgrrirg for years I bnv m
practice toke from three to five
Hoods Sarsarcftlla because I know
tho blood and thoroughly cleaiib s -of
all impurities That languid r
spring fecr will never usit the st
has been properly cared for by tts
failing remedy Y II iAwnrx p
Agricultural Epitcniist lndamtr l
0t -
I 16
Iloodj Sariaparitlal sold bj druritft c
lozi IV pare d b C L llood A Co Lu e jj
Kluilall re4ea Everj thln I
to the Health and Hapm u
LIaisi4 ami 0011111110114111 uv
Human raunH
Canton- Citv Tex M
county is one of tho central
and a liner section of u
found in Texas When p
ilo Washburn Claude
die City they talk v
about the great p
Judging the plains from t
Ujtut about as erron o
opinion of Texas aft
Denison Palestine and 1
ively The plains co r
country and vary as much m
any other M etion of the -
try between Claude and Ai
press a stranger with tt
plains is a vast expa
destitute of trees uu tii
Just off the road eight 1 1 u
Amarillo is Canyon Cu P
where there is abundance n u
in the Palo Dm o and T -
ons and along these sti cr
of cedar cottonwool a
trees Well water can be -
dall county at from forty in
lirst class water Canyon r -
self on tho moss covered na
bound bucket that hang t
wells In view of this fi the
ing so near the surface am the 1
tif this soil to a dry cur ite
pre eminently a small c
Wheat corn alfalfa and u
well here now as they tlo in
the state according to the 1
bosh about its not raining
There is much moreauprchei 1
ptHhn is ever realized It w
the samo amount of rail 1 e
crops that is required in lntia
ern Xpxas Other portions of I
demonstrated beyond i 0 mo
seasons chango with tho u
tho country and there is no r
the rule will not hold good 1 er
Randall is the best nat ra
county iu the plains and few town
occupy a prettier site than t
City being located on a hch tr
junction of the two noted caL it a r
and Terra Blanco
Randall offers superior im cr -the
man with the hoe in the v ul t
land rich soil line clime and low tx u
line land as can be found iu Te m ia
bought for 350 to t50 and term- -
tho purchaser These opporro 1
not last long lor immigration - i
and inside of twelve mouths ta su
Kansas railroad will be 1 -
lands will climb right ujiofM
acre There is a great itr 11
tills country as a stock raising 1 1
It Conner founder of Can n i
lurnish all desired information uj i
this country
1 queen in colored soi ic
Tom Hilleus a compress r
cottoned to
a birch at a count 1
aud Ilalbert hankered ft
get things up loanoi
earnings Tom ami Ami
tried in dWers ways U i
also on and played trui -
last night tired of schemt r a -scheming
he sent for j
and had tho screaming 1 1 -testing
Mollio made into
Torn Hillens heard of lit- r
with his friends tricu to
doors were strongest and J
until the police came and
It is not believed that liaij -it
be any comfort to him
Alderman I locker rosier rd
Change of residencj carri c L
other ward
Paris wants the pre gi 1
and has sent Fred Games r 1
them The city council las
a formal invitation ati
Trade o night will da likc w s
L women ton
Biing Boai
Happy Wonr
What is it that makes ww
ing and happy looking than
them on the cars on 11 -
country by the
teeth a glistening 11 s a 1
secret is they aim to plea- i
in many instances for tnctn t
were it not for a desire to I00K t
pretty many would ac ver mi j
Why Became in a large mamr
stances they ofct feeljTike
feel more like cmingj Y nh lh
aches wcaknesstsF bearing d 1
life to them is a buRm W ha
to many a physiciimi m t
Why should hiaitnkcurc
himself the pic
with the U3U3
tho following
way for inval
strength is by
am to
A Colored IMrcnl lorct Hi IiutlUfr ta
IVrl Against Her U ill
Special to the Gazette
Iaiiis Trx May Vi J -citizen
of Boanllown and a uu 1
own household Jacks u r
Mrs J A White SIO Wtr
tersburg Va writes -I have -- b o
B with happy results and o tie 4
taken it at my advice and are de jli J
its curative results
J K Gregory Butler Pos- fil
writes My wife had oopd a
treatment of several good phv - 7 f
continued in poor health so 1 tw ai J
bottles of Botanic Blood Balm and i
her more good thau those doctors t jj
her in ten years btie is now oj
own washing a thing she had n
to do for four years
Diamond rings Jv
Diamond pins and broocheiefcf
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jjiamonu stuus
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uianywrw1 art pins
Bond necklaces
it lowest prices at
Pfaeffie Hickox Co
EOS Main street Fori Worth Texu
A reffigeaftorjb
a Co

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