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Rose ctcrj
Of perfect purity
Of great strength
Economy In their uso
Flavor as delicately
and dellclously as the fresh fruit
Reoorea TiEFimplcj Freck
le Mota PatchM KmIi auAf
bkin diifc2 C5tacd ei
it 1 lftvc owned tais
ptst foutKcn ears and
1 consenicil Jo sell it m
the aoove propert is
1 hi price of lots call on Krank 1
107 Vtni si iv who iil tiUe
i stum n in property and e
in ditiI
i lad s cold wa
am a
Trocers Pipauce
the test
0 ear3csd la
r we
tlrt It to l HUTU
it la irojrly
xnade Actxit no
counterfeit cf eim
ilar name Dr L
A S i < r said lo a
lady of the hair
ton < a ratierit
v w tnenj I rteoai
mend Oourands
Cretin a tho lact
harmful of 11 tie
Stin prepara
jaaOT lor tale by ill PnitfylPts and FaccyGooda
Jtajra io tun U HCantda and Kurort
> lIUIKlN i a7 lireat Junes
1i Wednesday night the Fort Worth
K rsitv pupils will jrive t public cntrr
t at the opera House
r similay Mirror has been sold by 1 1
itiian i lo living who pioposes to
the leaning society paper in Texas
1 suit brought in tlie United Slates
by the Whipples of Kansas Cilv
t K i Maddox and lames W
ne has been dismissed at plaintiffs
Stein for several years assistant
a u < I h Sail Antonio international
i i sciat ou will come to Fort Worth to
as assistant secretary of 1 he Texas e
i > oriuiioii
Ir Charles II Thaekcr of Waco enr
secretary of the Wheelmen s
i1 i il association and Miss IC Douglas
if Lamasco Ky will be tnarriod in
l unwood Tex on June 2
i > Friday night several of the grades of
i li ehool will give an entertainment
i i ciiiiiihouse There iill be no high
graduates this year because the
n i ud of the school has been materially
I Orophilian and Athenian literary
jis of Fort Worth university will
pi in programme this evening at s
k iii the college chapel A delightful
promised The public is coidialh
I iHrer recti wall of the opera house
l it after this week work on theim
i i1s in the opera hnu e will begin
dropcurtain will be painted new
> put in and many other improve
> node Something oxer eighty at
mi > have already beeit booked for this
i ni inteiest appears to be taken in tne
i Dante Druen fir the object ami
i i erforniniieo are both such as to com
n i The Feneibles deserve and neeil
era patronage just now as a represema
institution or fort Worth and 1hc
iceuieut and all arrangements for the
> scntatiou show that it will receive im
Ti1 i attendance A full descrit
< m ni lie plav with its quaint incidents
i pr iiioiiiiieil charicteriatioiis ami the
i ainl ccperietc e Inictitic 11 point M
i once as amusing and llsru iie
1 lie Arlington lc3
UnflmiiT jnu hoar of an one w
ins a line tnenl on sJiafiJrdBS or
piuar mual aslwT nvariably lind
lie has fjij idSfst tlio Ariiiiirtun restau
t ItfrzRe that double discounts all
1 il
it up and try it
ics desirmjr firstclass residence
sr in lots fOx 100 ieet or lOOx
out ei whii is known on the city
neck 1 I his propem contains
tne iiiisi desirable lots to be
I it Worth beui close iu ami
i natural srrovo of larue xwk
i touiitl in Ihil par of lhe i liv
can r bouftit si < C tii faee
est Fir
lit allejthroti li
rtms Tlcre
iiTtiectnc liirht on
fnral or tne W catli
j S sas
atotits return to tl
10 tiA
ii tcnaisold TVgd KJfiK
n crved tr
x yw
Sluninn on ity
s student of iral statistics hasfii
1 t lie physical lortuue of any pivpu
htimuu l > eincs on the march from
ui MotT kiii To begin with the
i s made up of 511743 males and
ulis More lhau onefourth of
s < iiiidren will die before they are 5
s in etct number 14143 boys
jrh This very nearly corrects
cproportion of births of the sexes and
s MUalies tiiem The next live years
row much less tatal
ii iheap of 10 to 15 xears the mor
a i ill be still furth < r reduced lu
i fcr both sexes this is the most healthy
od of life the death rate however is
wer for boys than Rirl < There will be
ae advance in ihedeaths in the uextlive
ri and it ill more in the next teu to fol
VKout tX301 > will eerfiinly enter on
e i wentx sixth y ar Before the next teu
r are at an end twothirds of the uiui
n will have married The deaths during
nut period will be C2052 and of these no
ver than 7131 will iw caused by con
Between 35 and 45 years of ace n still
iger death ratw occurs Hardly more
T3 half tlAj original numbet say 50i912
nil eater on t heir forty + ixth year Kach
etsim decade up to 75 v r1 now be
ae more latal At 75 only 101424 will
pain and of the e liif 59 will have pcr
i fM by tho eightylifth year of the inarch
c uJjtB that remain will soon lay down
< iiinieus Only il ii of them will
ujiglei ou to 05 and to be 100 years
l Finally in he one hundred and
ath year the last life will flicker out
is the average l t of 1000000 human
tup ul both sei s iiliiinore Saa Al
ekly Gi
ir j i ii Mw c 4V <
> ecr cy Maintained by lie Negroes in lie
Jerrnrliiunce i > r IJui Irarticrs lie
latiugn lie Superstition
The superstitions more or less current
atuougthis negroes of Louisiana under tho
ganeral name of votidoo are without doubt
relics of savagery brought by the ancestors
of the civilized negroes from Africa The
voudoo ceremonial has never been de
f crilA in detail by any writer on the sub
ject because for the most part there is no
regular routiue or form of the rites which
whatever they may have been in the be
ginning have doubtless become confused
and mingled with various superstitious
customs some of which were derived from
the whites themselves and were preserved
from the mcditsval times when even tho
most enlightened people of Knrope believed
in witchcraft and the practice of ma ic
Voudoo ritci its practiced in Louisiana
have usually b ei coudurted in secret but
cthey are commonly believed o consist of
prolonged and violent dancing by persons
of both sexes sometimes with little or no
clothing Tales are told of scenes of wild
debauchery which occurred atthese dances
and from the frequent statements that liv
ing snakes are used in iome of these exer
cises it would appear that a tort of serpent
worhip makes up nt least a part of the
groundwork upon which the rit s are
In tho We3t Indies but most particularly
in llayti these survivals of negro savagery
are quite common and the rites aiT de
scribed as revolting in the extreme em
bracing serpent worship the most aban
doned debauchery with human sncriKces
and cannibalism Sir Spencer > = t Tonn in
his work on the Illack Republics of tho
West Indies has related at length ac
counts of these mattero which appear to
be established as facts by testimony en
tirely credible His narratives of the vou
doo practices in Hayti are detailed and cir
cumstantial and while all the testimony is
conclusive as to the Africau origin of these
supertitions the writers who have paid
most attention to the subject have not been
able to trace the myths to the particular
tribe and localities from which they were
The first writer to give any apparent ac
curate circumstantial account of the Afri
can superstitious rites is Major A 11 Kllis
a Uritish oflicer who it seems has made a
study of he negro tribes in theirancient
Africa In The Popular Science Monthly
he prints an article in which we find some
interesting matter He gives the follow
ing as to the derivation and definition of
The word vodu blongs to the Ewo lan
guage which is ppoken on tiie slave coast
of We 1 Africa between the Kiver Voltu
ou the west and the kingdom of 1orto
Xovo ou tho east and extends inland as
far as it is known about 100 miles It is
derived from tho verb vo to inspire fear
and is used in just the same way as En
glish speaking people used tbe word
fetirh that is to say it is utd as a
descriptive noun god nud also an ad
jective in the sense of sacred or belonging
to a god
Thus any native god may be described as
a vodu and his image paraphernalia nud
acred tract of bush called vodu A priest
is termed voduuo He wiio stays with
the vodu The word is not an epithet of
any particular god it is a general term
and it is therefore incorrect to say that
it is the name of an imaginary being of
vast supernatural powers residing iu the
form of a harmless snake
No doubt the python god worshiped by
the inhabitants of thesoutheasteru districts
of Kwo territory may very correctly be da
scribed as a vodu but it Is not more a vodu
than Khebio < o So Lcgba Ilo iiunti Wu
and other gods of the Kwo pantheon The
expression vodu worship means then
god worship which is a rather compre
nftisivc term
The Whydahs a people of the Ewe na
tiou are well known worshipers of a
python or serpent god and they about
the year 17C9 were wholly subjugated by
tho Dahomeys and sold into slavery Many
of them were carried to the French West
Indies where they mitntained their relig
ion Some of these Whydahs were brought
to Louisiana and hence the snake cult
which is found here But many mon
tribes which were net snake worshipers
were nlso reduced to slavery and some of
their nnmber were brought to America so
that their superstitions were mingled with
those of the others
The Whydahs had a very elaborate ser
pent cult maintaining temples where
bands of youug girls ministered and took
part in tbe dances and other exercises
These female attendants
were organized as
a sisterhood known as Kosio The name
of their snake god is Danhgbi rays tho
writer quoted above
The Kosio of Danhgbi Usually appears
with the bosom smeared with palm oil but
their distinguishins mark isaneeklet call
ed adunka made of the twisted filaments of
asprouting palm leaf On ceremonial oc
casions they wear a fillet of the same ma
terial with anklets armlets and neck
strings of cowries
As is the cas3 with the women attached
to temples in India this life is not consid
ered dishonorable because it is regarded
us a part of the service of the religion
Tlie kosio are indeed not considered as re
sponsible for their actions It is the god
say tho people who inspires them at such
The voodoo rites as practiced in Louisi
ana are far less brutal and atrocious than
Jtiose in use in Hayti but they are savage
and demoralizing There is no statute
against them here but the dances have
been stopped when characterized as disor
derly assemblages It has been supposed
that these superstitions will be extermi
nated by civilization but feuch a result has
not yet been attained It is to be doubted
if superstition is ever eradicated from hu
man nature it is claimed even that the
negroes are returning to their savage
myths This is an interesting question
New Orleans Picayune
Four Men in a Tunnel alcet with a Ilorri
blu Death l y tlio lrematuro Kiplo
sion of Ilynamlte
Georgetown Coi May 31 A terrible
accident was reported at an early hour yes
terday morning as happening at the east
end of the Atlantic Pacific tunnel the
property of Kelso Mountain about eight
miles from Silver Piunie by wluch four
men lost their lives Trio names of
the dead men are Harrv Taylor William
Coughlin J E Richardson and John Mul
holland They were employed at the breast
cf the tunnel in loading poles The tunnel
is very long and worked by power drills
so they carried with them about seventy
tl e pounds of dynamite or giant powder
io complete the loading from the breast of
the tunueL There is a draft on one or leads
on which M Faraton was walking It was
customary for tho boys iu the shaft to come
back and warn Faraton of the coming blast
but the sudden and unusual explosion threw
him off his feet stunning him badly After
he recovered he started to the mouth of
the tunnel wondering why the shift had
cot notified him as usual On getting to
the engine room he told the engineers that
the boy had set off without telling him and
that he was hurt and wanted to know
why they were so careless asking
where they were The engineer
said that he had not come out
A search parly was organized and found all
four men named had been blown to frag
ments by the premature explosion of
nearly 100 pounds of dynamite How the
blast was fired and what caused tho awful
accideut will never be known Theaceidem
was5500 feet from the mouth of the tunnel
The force of the explosion lore a great hole
iMln i of the tunnel and a arrat quan
tity of rock blocked the way of the rescuing
party for a lime
A majority of the stock of the Atlantic
Pacific tunnel company is owned by Brick
A few Facta and Figures About the Ouccii
oflhe 1rairies and the nil or the
CountryWheat Yicdd
uutl beacons
May 4 we boarded the train at Fort Worth
for tjuanah to make a visit to Greer
county Found the Fort Worth and Den
ver railroad well equipped for the accommo
dation of the traveling public and the con
ductor laud and courteous Saw more
pretty country than ever before iu one day
There was prairie to the right of us prairie
to the left of us stretching far away in Hie
shimmering sunshine ieomiugly iuiiting
immigration and civilization Flourishing
towns along the line reflected credit on a
country so new Vcrrou is quite a city
would like to see more of it
Quunah the Queen of the Prairies is
growing beautiful and substantia There
are over 000 inhabitants almost every
business needful is represented an eleva
tor that lias a capacity of 25000 bushels
will be enlarged to twice that size soou
Several hotels and lxiardiug houses one
hotel iias 100 rooms We saw romo large
stone and brick buildings that would be a
credit to older cities Schools and churches
are infantile as yet characteristic of new
cities though lajing good foundations on
which to build that will do more in the de
velopment of a country than ten railroads
Well may the muse sing The Panhandle
is a pruire liowcr and Quunah is tho
DOur friends were in waiting so we start
with them to liver r > even miles over the
prairie lauds ami we reach lied river Be
ing tired ol riding we walkacross the river
which is a mile wide On the way over we
saw a prairedog crossing too Doubtless
his indignation was aroused at the advanc
ing footsteps of civilization into Greer and
had concluded to emigrate to the promised
land These dog area nuisance They
sit upon their dignity as a fixture in the
land barking Quit quit quit but
they are surely doomed to go as the farmer
lias learned to put carbon down the deep
holes they dii in the ground and throw in a
l < w clods to confine the gas and they cease
to be
The soil changes after crossing Red river
But here we advise all strangers to go by
the bridge when water is over the bed of
this river as tho soapstone mixed with the
sand makes it slightly quicksand that is not
to be trusted Traveling in a northeasterly
direction we passed strango scenery tho
mesquite groves wild sage bushes salt
bods on the stream gypsum hills or brakes
as called here p along some other streams
These gxpsum rocks act as fertilizers and
are the lile of the soil in which found at
tracting and retaining the moisture
After coins twentytwo or twentythree
miles towards Aaron postoltice we reached
our destination rested and drank in the
pure fresh invigorating air to our hearts
content There are three things iu nature
we intend to have enough of good water
pure air and sunshine these can be had in
abundance in Greer so come and refresh
As there has been but little said in the
papers about Greer county wc propose to
give a few facts and ligures This county
i Con feet in altitude drove Fort Worth
The sic of the county is 1U0 miles in length
by Id miles in width It is a land of beauty
as well as fertility Vast stretches of un
dulating prairie makes it a country of
J macmincent distances The soil does
gTiiot bake like the black waxy though it has
f some of its nature It sucks up the water
like a sponge forms a thin crust on top be
low tliis as far as it has been stirred it is
line and mellow
Dry as it was last year wheat averaged
twelve bushels to tho acre while one man
north of Mangum made forty bushels to tho
acre Oats range from thirty to sixty
bcshels to the acre Some corn made forty
live bushels to the acre year before last
itotton barley and millet do well here
This year is so seasonable th crops are
liner than ever known Owing to the uni
form late spring and fall it is certain that
fruit will do well Though the resources
of the soil have not been fully tested yet
wc have great faith in its future
Tanks can be easily liuulc in some of the
draws and some good wells of water
have been secured at eighteen to twenty
live feet deep Those who have missed
these living streams and gone to a depth of
100 feet have generally l cached salt water
unfit for use Mr T 11 Johnson has a well
twentylive feet deep which affords clear
cold water at the rate of twenty barrels a
day Water slightly gypsum is pleasant
tn the taste and healthful
Four years ago this country was the cow
bo s home with only a few houses in the
county IS ow section after section has
been taken up until but little land can be
had in this vicinity except by buying out
claims while there are thousands of acres
of vacant laud north east and west of this
These sections ean be taken up without any
cost at present save what improvement one
chooses to put on them When the
vexed question to whom docs Greer
belong is settled then each claimant can
pay for his land after three years at 5 per
cent interest under the government of
Texas homestead laws If to Texas one
haif goes to the schools and the other half
as state lands
A movement is on foot to build two rail
roads through this county oue from Okla
homa to Quunah the other from St Louis
through Oklahoma to Clarendon and on to
Mexico Stock has been taken in the latter
road to the amouut of 100000 These roads
are much needed
Quanah now gets about fivesixths of her
trade and Vernon about twothirds from
this county
For miles around Aaron tho country is
level only slightly rolling covered with
foxtail grass a winter grass l that looks
like timothy One vast stretch of this
beautiful prairie land covers an area of
forty to sixty miles in one body of tillable
Headquarter mountains have abundance
ol wild fruits blackberries raspberries
dewberries mulberries plums and other
wild fruits
Of tho marvelous beauty of this country
we cannot now speak definitely The
mirage on Navajo mountain is far beyond
the ordinary sometimes swelling the
mountain to immense proportions suddenly
dividing into great peaks with yawning
chasms between then tipping topsyturvy
as a vast umbrella apex downward
dangling in the air Xow and then at right
angles to the sun are seen as it were vast
lakes floating iu mid air while other
mountains iu the Indian Territory not
visible to the naked eye rise up in these
mirages seemingly 100 feet high with
flattened tops How strangely beautiful
CLrMMA Bridlev
Aaron May 151S91
A Telegraphers Trouble
St Lotis ilo May 31 W C Lips
comb aWestern Union telegraph operator
well known in this city Chicago Memphis
New Orleans and other cities has been ar
rested here on a charge of bigamy and will
be sent back to Memphis where he com
mitted the act of which he is charged
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isS + itAtSivriSSifimte IvWtta
ufctjtKi Cs Sl K
A divorced Wifes Kye oil tier lir t Ioe
A liad V ushuut on he > anta Ve
Near Wayne I T
iipid the s > aucy Imp
Special to he Gazette
AmnioRE I T May 1 At the fall
term of the Arduiore com a well novn
business man of the city obtained a divorce
from his better half because another had
stolen her affections and this alter grand
children had come to bless the twain
Immediately after the divorcement the iady
wed the idol of her later love and her de
posed Hesre lord soon began to tamper v ih
the coy little God with a zest whica meant
matrimony if Barkis was willing
much to the displeasure of Lis
late frou who more than intimated
that something would drop when the
orange blossoms came again Nothing
daunted the old gentleman led a bride to
the altar the other day and
awaited iuth fear and trembling
the sliding of the avalanche and
last night it slid The former Jpaitner m
long years of connubial joy or woe came
down like the wulf on the fold and the
rejuvenated bridegroom Jretired ftnin the
encounter iu bad form and tis said his
bride came near sharing the samegfate
The war clouds still frown and theiejis
talk of a peace bond
A I5nd Wtisllutlt
Special to the Gazette
Wayne I T May 31 A great deal of
damage has been done to the roadbed of
the Gulf Colorado and Santa Fo railway
company by the high waters of the Canadian
river some five miles north of here Early
Friday morning owing to the recent heavy
rains the rier commenced rising and by
10 oclock the track was completely sub
merged for a distance of several hundred
yards The morning southbound passonaer
train was annulled By noon over ti > 0 feet
of a sevenfoot till was hid away and the
track lay nearly in the river At night a
transfer of passengers was made Train
master Martin with a pile driver bridge
men and a large force of laborers Mas
promptly at the sccue to repair the damages
and at a late hour last night the first train
in over thirtysix hours ran through with
out Iransfer It will be some time yet be
fore the damage done can be repaired
A Man Alleged tn Have Snimlled Trinidad
Citien Out ofSevera Thousand
Dollars and Skipped
Special to the Gazette
TmxiDAD Col May III A man named
Cummings who has been in Trinidad the
past year representing himself as an ex
tensive dealer in coal lands today
left town and it is alleged
to have been discovered thai he
had victimized residents of this city io the
extent of at least sOOOuO as that was the
amount he Whs known to have in his
pocket when le left town His scheme
nas fo locate coal land for parties they
paying a certain amount for entry
development working each quarter
section It is charged that he promised
each that as soon as the land was proed
up he could readily sell the same for a hand
some profit Afterward he announced that
he had perfected a sale and through an
other party paid each one a small amo ut
as an option on the sale
When the option expired another deal was
worked and a little option money again
paid In this way lie kept the owners
quiet until today when one of them
suspected irregmar methods and no
tified others Cummings is said to
have got wind oC this fact and
later hired a carriage and drove to Chicosn
on the Denver and Uio Grande where ha
took the afternoon train A deputy sheriff
has gone to Pueblo and it is believed that
he is iu custody at that place lie will be
brought back
About One Humlret ami Twrntj Heirs
31 eel In Louitxillc Ky lo Alojit Steps
to Secure the rubulons Fortune
Yesterday there were about seventyfive
heirs who remained to further discuss plans
to secure tho Edwards estate On the dai
previous there were as many more in at
tendance Those that left gave their prox
ies to others The organization having
been completed the day before and with a
smaller number present much more prog
ress was made
D C II Edwards of this city was
made one of the vicepresidents There
wcie three sessions all of which were
held at the Willard hotel
The lirst thing taken up was an effort to
find the whereabouts of the lease which
was in the possession of the lessee There
were two copies of the document one in
tho possession of the lessor and the other
was held by the lessee The latter copy
fell into the possession of one of the
Edwards heirs who went to Mississippi
and took it with him It was lost during
the war but there were parties in attend
ance who claimed to know where it is and
they will put the associated heirs on the
track for a consideration A committee
was appointed consisting of Senator D II
Smith and F F Fox attorneys and J M
Culpof Centralia Mo and J D Poll of
San Augustine Tex who are claimants to
confer with these parties
In the afternoon the committee reported
what had been learned It seems that the
heirs who claimed to know tho whereabouts
of the lease gave all their information and
the heirs think they have a trace They are
not dependent upon this lease as the other
copy is in the hands of the lessor and the
instrument is recorded It is in their
opinion best to procure both if possible
Last night there was a committee ou gene
alogy appointed f which 1 B Workman
of Spencer Ind is the chairman with the
following representatives Indiana 2 Ken
tucky 2 Illinois 2 Ohio 1 Tennessee l
West Virginia 1 North Carolina 1
Canada 1 Virginia 1 Missouri 1
loiva 1 This committee will begin work
at once They will proceed to secure at
tested copies of the genealogy of cverv
heir and when they arrange the entire list
will draft a diagram of the family line
This will bo forwarded at once to the sec
retary Fontaiue T Fox of this city There
was a committee on titles appointed which
will proceed to investigate the various
titles to the property Before adjourning
the meeting passed resolutions thanking
Manager Logan for furnishing the room iii
which they field their meetings also the
courthouse officials for courtesy and the
press for its recognition and reports of their
meetings The meeting adjourned subject
to the call of tho president W II Ed
wards of Versailles with the understand
ing that a meeting will be held some time
in December In all probability it will be
called to assemble here During the day a
resolution to raise sufficient funds to carry
on the work was passed and 51550 was sub
scribed subject to the call of the secretary
and treasurer F T Fox The heirs sub
scribed in different amounts and it was de
cided if it was proved that if any had sub
scribed mouey who were not heirs the
money would be refunded
Work will begin at once and suit will be
brought on or before July IC in the New
York courts to recover the property and
rental for the use of it since the expiration
of tho lease over seventeen years ago
The New York property alone is esti
mated to be worth from 250000000 to
550000000 Besides this there is property
in New Zealand and London
All the heirs seem Very confident that
they are onthe right track and that some
thing will result from their efforts in the
nearfuijnro The greatest thing in the way
rffrrogress is todetermino who is the heirs
+ I and the geneooj committee will do all in
i Mftffiimtii 1 11 s agffj
i ir Wf
> ie
its power to decide upon the question This
done the rest will be practically easy The
entire cost of the litigation is roughly esti
mated at S250D Louisville Commercial
nml Gnanls for Jar
The rrew of a freight train take great
risks of life in performing their duties
Among the hazardous things they have to
do is to pass from car to car by means of
the roof This is necessary whenever a
brake is to be set or communication is de
sired from oue part to another of a train
In thus passing from roof to roof of the
train i a misstep which is most easily
made may plunge c man between the car
and under the wheels To avoid this dan
ger an invention has been patented The
device consists of a series o rods that pass
through apertures in the end of the car
and connected by cros bars at their outer
and inner ends
Coiled springs embrace the rod and bear
upon the end of the car and the outer cross
pieces thus keeping the rods extended and
the bars u contact with each other The
rocs are placed three inches apart and ex
tend the whole width of the car In this
way the cap or space between the cars is
always protected and should a trainman
make a misstep he is caught by the guard
and prevented from falling between the
cars New York Commercial Advertier
When She SpoLe
She was a sweet faced blue eyed young
girl with great waves of golden hair
brushed carelessly back from the noble
looking suow white brow Her ruby lips
were lull and sweet Innocence itself was
in her great blue eye Fair and sweet
was she in ail the purity and guilelessuess
of her fresh young womanhood
Two young men had long been watching
her with eager interest Her glorious
beauty had enthralled them
What a superb girl said one Never
was lily fairer
How 1 would love to hear her speak
said the other Nosweet bells jangled
could lie like the words she must utter
with lips like those and a face like that
She spoke A friend came down the
aisle and said cirelesslv
A cold day Miss 1
The full nd lips parted slowly the
lienutiful head turned with superb grace a
smile of seraphic sweetness illuminated
the noble features soft nud sweet was her
artless answer
Cold Cold aint no name for it Lou
don TitHits
Uiieinul to City IVumlnn
An up town family wanted a servant re
cent ly and wrote to a Connecticut acquaint
ance requesting him lo pay iliem a visit
and to bring along an honest country girl
to do service Au eighteenyearold girl
was forthwith engaged who gave promie
of lillinjc the bill but who had never been
out of her native town She was therefore
a little timid when she made her maiden
trip on the steam cars Her impressions
of the different phaaes of lifo incident to
railroad travel served to entertain the gen
tleman and his wife At the Grand Cen
tral depot the hustle and bustle made her
stare iu undisguised wonder and when
the long line of cabs were bighted she
ejaculated GoshI there must be a funeral
A trip through Macys again aroused her
wonder and brought forth tho declaration
that it was Just like Danbnry on Satur
day night Metropolitan life proved too
lively for the unsophisticated maid and
after a crying spell of fortyeight hours
duration she was shipped back to the Nut
meg state and the servant girl problem is
still unsolved iu that household New
York Telegram
apsja twnuBjt
siqj Dqniasj
sjpsqo pan panoj ut mlnuo sjaS pcuoj U3V
an 3tiJ M3iI 10 iiZjT ra noQ
tsjqj 32HI pants
Aoqj llinn qDq pu tpiiu pav ipipt XaqX
slAi J p3tii tisq oaiojoq SJicqi puy
tqs ssj jAoja oi suiiws trefn
tup jo op oi ipu uvjjeo qjlAv
s itl iji
Bjpqjaiuc9ilsaj ponju axvia zrj pas oSjj pay
sintav soi > 3 iqSnuu iuoo ioqi os puy
iqSjjq jnnw uuotn ox nooj AUW509
ijqSra srj nqof qiuv ruo umooi inaw
001 os s piiqi avuii uilrq in r
P lLMtnw > ii spu s ° L VfI3
5rqi 8 > m piSuct
Jissjp2q3 qjuVUBoq aaq pan joiqSnsp Jtaqj
Bsqq 018A o pau pjq o uo 09
4q3 aiputij aq aieiu paewndpny
nSra poo3 zri mjff MqSm poo
juoa jj kjujjKU aoq uaqj ma
aqs s itzzr rnjn9tq sTTBfHjr
stjbj 3atu3w puu auop aau isoioqa noqV
sca otzzi siq uo qvfujT
eiiuio ohj Jo si v
Hi Figures Lied
Say began a teamster as he entered a
Krocery on Grand River avenue I want
you to do a little figuring for me
I worked for a man five days at 275 per
day How much is that
That s 1375
Well he paid me 925 How much was
the balance
Why 450 of course
Sure about that
Certainly How else can you ti2ure it
I made it 7
Theu you are way off How did the
other man make it
Same as > ou but
But what
Why I called him a liar and a fraud
and punched his head and I have just paid
a fine of 415 in the police courtl Hang this
new way of figuring anyhow Detroit
Free Pres
Tayius to See Himself Perform
The following amusing incident hap
pened to Mr J W Turner proprietor of
the Turner Opera company while at the
Grand Theatre Birmingham Being rather
late arriving at the theater one evening he
proceeded to the front entrance to save
time in going round to the stage door As
he was passing the ticket office he was
pnlled up rather sharply by the collector
Wheres your ticket
I havent got one was the meek reply
Im Mr J W Turner
You dont say so was the sarcastic
rejoinder Ive had your sort here be
fore but youre not coming in without a
AU his efforts to prove his Identity were
fruitless so seeing that further argument
was useless ho was on the point of paving
for admission when he was instantly rec
ognized by one of the officials who taking
in the situation at a glance came and ex
plained matters to the thunderstruck tick
et collector who was profuse with apolo
gias Mr Turner laughed heartily at the
idea of paying to see himself perform
London TitBits
Full line of e
ted f raitsat Turner k
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100 per year
1uunicst or Alt Was a Cute Little 1et Iloj
That Whs Wrapped in a ltuntlle
Thieiet Ortrniii the Audience
About 11 oclock on a bright morning a
fashionably dressed woman called at the
box office of the Union Square theatre
She was uccompanied by a colored maid
Did jou lind r little pug dog in tho
theatre last night she asked the man m
the office
A pug dog aked Treasurer John Cos
in afl tctcd surprise
Yes said the woman her voice rising
to a trembling treble a tiny little dog
He was only a few days old My maid here
left Lim tinder the seat O u did you find
him sir
At this the colored maid approached the
window und said that she had unwittingly
Jeft the dog under the seat when she and
hermistiess left the theatre and neither
one had discovered the loss till they reached
home Theu it was too late to hope to fin
the theatre still open
Yes put in the girl and I hardly
slept all uight for thinking of poor little
But how did you happen to brin a dog
to the theatre asked Treasurer Cox
frowning darkly Of course you know
that dogs are not allowed here
focsd urn doggy
Oh but my little doggy was so little
and so young replied the young woman
and I couldnt leave him at home all
aloce you know So I told Dotty here to
put him in a cigar box and briug him
along And he was asleep iu the cotton
you know and we were both so pleased
with the play you know glancing ap
pealingat the treasurer that we both
forgot ull about him You free I thought
she had him but it seems she had put the
box under the seat and forgot all about it
Oh do tell me did you find him
The youug woman gazed o earnestly
iiitii the treasurer s faee that he relented
and asked what the dogs name was
Uyppy she replied drying a stray tear
with a tiny handkerchief Treasurer Cox
then produced a cigar box from under the
desk lifted tho lid and disclosed a tiny
dog curled up in a mass of cotton and
sleeping peacefully Tho young woman
seized the box with a joyful exclamation
anil with profuse thanks to everybody in
sight that seemed to lie connected with the
theatre tripped happily out with the col
ored maid following behind
Well said Mr Cox with all my ex
perience I never knew such a curious arti
cle left in the theatre before Women arc
always letving things behind them in their
chairs and boxes but who would ever think
of their leaving dogs behind them Now
we dont allow dogs in tho theatre and she
had to smuggle that little fellow in Why
do you know she had that cigar box neatly
tied up in brown paper as if it were some
package she had got at the stora or had
forgotten to send by eipress
AH the theatres have rooms in the cellars
where lost articles which are unclaimed
after a reasonable time are stored away
The general custom is to hold found arti
cles in the box office for a week or more
according to their value and if then un
claimed to seud them down to the cellar
I fere they accumulate sometimes for years
They herd with the dust and theatrical
trappings and effects long since abandoned
and stored for possible but not probable
future use till some of these cellar rooms
are veritable curiosity shops Little of
real value is unclaimed nml these subter
ranean collections are usually far more
curious than valuable
I have had people come back for their
hats said a theatrical man the other day
In warm weather even women occasion
ally walk out of the house in blissful for
getfulness of the fact that they have re
moved their hats for greater comfort and
hung them on the backs of their chairs
Overshoes umbrellas canes opera glasses
overcoats cloaks wraps furs handker
chiefs there are the articles more com
monly left behind But purses are fre
quently lost and these little reticules that
women carry oftcu containing valuable
articles Then ladies very frequently leave
packages containing purchases behind
them after the matinee They come back
iu great hasto and often in great alarm
I remember a lady coming rushing into
thetheatrc about oclock oue evening and
sobbing out that she had lost a cost ly dia
mond necklace and must have dropped it
in the theatre after the matinee We sum
moned the entire staff of the theatre even
to the sweeps and gas lighters but every
man and woman of them swore that no
such thing had been found We searched
the chair she had occupied and the aisles in
vain Then we gave it up She started
away sobbing After a while she came
back and told us the necklace was done up
iu a small package
Oh said I why didnt you say so in
the first place We supposed it was on
your neck
Why I didnt think to tell you that
So we brought out several packaged
that had been found and she selected one
that looked like her package Before
opening it she described the necklace ac
curately Then I opened the package and
there was the necklace indeed a costly
thing of the most superb workmanship
She said she had bought it for a wedding
present and handed me a card containing
the name of a very well known woman
A man encs came back after a perform
laca and said with a white face that he
had left 5700 in the theater We went to
hUseat and found the roll of bills caught
in the joint The sweepers had overlooked
it But people do not of ten get back money
or pocketbooks You cant control the
honesty of the theater employes jou
know We have the most stringent rules
governing this matter
People ia the audience I believe in
very many cases steal lost articles I have
observer audiences leaving the theatre
many times and have good reason for say
ing s > It it > ry easy in passing down an
aisle wick crowd to place a hand on the
head erf en unbrella or cane standing up
againu a hsir where somebody has left Ir
or upon a HTap carelessly left on the back
of a cu Ir You will seldom see a thief
pick anything up that has fallen to the
floor however for the act o stooping
down attracts attention
So it Is that money and small articles
dropped on the floor are seldom stolen by
thieves la the audience though I have
known thieves to drop an umbrella or hat
in order to make an excuse for stooping
down It you see any one stoop dowu and
openly pick a lost bill or article from the
floor you can always take it for granted
that the finder is anhonest man and meams
to leav It at the box orfiee New York
Ytrr frTiftrvf fr ii T Bfgrfr l l atiffiim > tit > T > rinVtfiliftrTii
Mrs Mittie Holmsley of Comanche is in
the city risking Mr and Mrs j u Coj
J J Dickinson for years with the San
Antonio Express now secretary of tho San
fair association
ytlpnio was in Fort
Vorth last night He says San Anton
Hoods SarsaparmT
a pecullariaedkiae It j ear
narapaiilla Dandelion > t
fipsissewa Juslpcr lt rrj 9
fcnown and Tilmble ve5Ub
peculiar combination
ffilne to IJpoda SariaparllLi calu T f
possesseilu gther medli ic j u
Vp r V
able cures nlfti other prepatat tsa
< ar
Hg > atsforjt8 s
I tho best blood p
Tsdicatea eterj IffipnjWr anj etre er 5
Salt Rheum Bolli JpuptU a h cT0
pepsla BIliousneMsWcl HeiSa l D > 1
Goaoral Debility itarrb Klw a V
and Liver Complwtts orerr r t i t r 7 >
las creates anypetiteuiil b otfti
Hoods Sarsa
Has met peculiar and ticjuri
Lome Suoli uasbcciiiiM ri
Mas wherd it I made nai
hood are takia it nt ho
drugglsU sell more of II ids s
of all other sjrapar V > c
Sold L j drtLsgisU I x r
a I HOOD i CO Apoiiu
IOO Doses On
low Doc Jt llapi >
New fLshjons for spnn
Do is
will have a great f
Dickinson goes to Dai s
a meeting of race < < <
a Texas circuit
1 M Melson ihe 1
Hopkins count in tne 1 1
in the city last night
Louis 1 Wortham o S
yesterday in Fort Wort
Gazette a pleasant ei
D D Sweariiigen < > t v
city last night He
under way iu Hard tiiii
S C Towns 01 ar
with tho Crescent V >
long time is now horn 1
Clark Arnold and Tl 1
crs of the Southern s
city yesterday Thev 11
per to Fort Worth
sir loliu 3iclJ < Hml t
llasy lalsi
Ottawa Oxr Ma
tending Sirlohn McDoi
Hon at Farus Olift c
and at its conclusion iss
Premier haspasedaii
uo marked alteration ia
He retains consciouii >
days and is free from
i Ur
crop up ic aBeuk
IJut how are they made ami ij tZ4kr
Men laugh at the laprits r J
code by which the oiiii
has liecomealmost as ra
course of the female mind
conformity to custom n t t
drejs shows no appreciate < e a
into the balance ngamst sr t
sponsibilifies time and tme avi
this simple little problem 1 ivi i an
scoffer to the poin of ahsiwdi
A man still be homa
may m a ht 0
last yejir sshape butto insist up m e
iug it is togo heaiy iuj a
odds are ten to one that 1 run i ir n
kunce at him his fellow 1 M
charge him with ecceu
grave doubts about h 1
himself suddenly forcci
ing to set aside his own tas
the whole civilized w > rM >
thinking his brim mi inch
has the world partieinat I
to this just conclusion I
assumliugas any traasin
alchemists it defiesaugir
opher s stone Scribnfr
1 ia e a
Hi1 Lai
me m l
1 h t
Ic 1 t
A famous I i ei t
A correspondent ask 11 n < 1 1
presaion Skeleton in t he n c ji e 1
bu applied to a concealed liiagnvnienr t
tween relativesortootherl limuv ruaf
The originoC this sitigmarsm q v > a
is found in almost every language iu c
rofH is found iu one of those cun jus
lections of stories which ths raonls cf
Middle Ages wen fond cf inak bca
for their own amusement and ir u m
traction of youth In one of tuie cvit
tions compiled by an imit > l
about the middle of the T h nf >
there is a story of a wvbviadj wtj
having a secret grief confided to a
friend who was app < rentl > a p fist
happy woman She was the w a
blemau who lived In hi3 castle in tin 30ia
of France she and her husbaul we c
wardly on the most loving tiis c t
care cloud seemed u > < ast 1 L i v r t
After hearing the story of b r a il
friend the noble lady took her by < i
and led her to a secret chamber un n
her bedroom there opened tie r
closet and exposed a shMrtun ft
my friend she haul no i e 1
Every day I am forced by mv hi rJ
kiss this grinning dpith L ad au >
that of a gentleman who was mv Ir <
rival and whom I would ha e imiT 1 1
not my parents willed o ei
Louis GlobeDemocrat
Wumaa and Her AVatre
When a woman becomes 1
for executive ability ud ttif j u
ent and enterprise competes u if 1
with the fctronger sex it ls rather 1
fill to see a delicious little bit a a
inconsequence betraying itself asi n
to do once in awhile Oneif uie
est women in New York took h < J
the jeweler s the other day t < v
i cannot imagine what s itiena e 1
it she said to the clerk rattier pu
I have been very carefui of it r
you sent it home and it has not bau a
or shock of any kind and turum j
lady who was with her while the mm
examining it it is such a nu am o
busywoman like me to be without a v
I have missed two enggam > ii
week simply because I had no t uicpiece 1
shook it she went on to the jeweler a t
even warmed it by the lire but tt w ad >
go The man with a perfecttv gn s 1
but with laughter in his eves said
haps madam you did not try wluuos >
and handed the watch back to her tut
witb steady regularitj
You dont mean to say that was a i >
was the matter with it taid tbe i < J
ished owner That was all mtdaiu
swered the clerk with evtr u s
smile New York Tribune
Cheap RoundTrip Tourist T w J
The Fort Worth and Denver li j nKir
have on sale cheap roundtrip Qf
ets to points in Coloradr rfWf l rv
cific coast andJAfSt KiGn with at a
PacificjjfiB csqualed attrac irns for
caches the leading hea a iPi
pleasure resorts operaes i mlij
complete passenger equipmen a id s c
only line running solid dailj rams w
Texas to the above ixrints wthou < naure
City ticket office 401 Main sre V
Under new managemi eSSS ettiii ft
finest tablejaJgaaiiflftiiEms has becciw
ttflJort Rirters for commercial men a
mien who visit our city
TjtitSXuJt I

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