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Publishers and Procrietors
Office Oner Fiflh and Rusk Street
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tor vrhiih rcreiuance Is irad
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po l ge
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wn TiiEnronn
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jin guarintee the insertion of adtertlse
11 nt itteived after that hour
1 he Democrat PublKhln cornrary will paf
tic i in of i 10 for the iTest ai d conviction of
anybody tttealiug ipcrs from tlie residences cr
tTi e of subccrbcr
I ditorial Kooms
tlunluess Oruce
sfs t7
to ti b ruisiic
lheonlv traveling persons male or female
u pncut autUoiiztd to leielte and neeiptlor
bvtripi tiis to Till GvyilTF are C T Ilojran
1ml MtUulT J I Uarbce 1 lSi wlev
v l Miirchman Mrs Minona Jfoss Mrs C 1
11 ih T lfovier L Calhoun O W
f iiKion Miss nnle Miapanl and Mr M 1
f tv 1 he public rt caLtliincd not to piv
i lo an olht r pi vyii lepic enling tliiii
i v iraielinj aemstiftllv pipi r w all
ti i liereltifore ivvud o anv olh r person
U ove named is heie iv revoked
liive > eivr iCLLsiiiMCoviit
I i 1 ISuil
Cotton Kixlon ltulleliti
I ii ti 1 states sicna sort lee cotton region
in for twentyfour hours ruilnifr aU
ii < sttili sliowinar the tiiainiuiu
n > lrluro tlu nunimtmteiiipcratuitami
in I i i b nitlios and hundredths
H vl there ever a time when the
iiMiule of Teas had less caue to be
ciiwativhed with the administration of
heir alTnii < If so whenJ
CiiicvGO boy who had his fool cut
oT in a ltulroad accident recovered
s0 000 damage v It va a big price
tii a foot hut then it was a L hicygo
Wade Hampton sav s he is not dis
ai bed about tho thhd party move
neni Too true alas too ti ue After
< wianehe has run over a fellow and
i tw ri on in its mad career he need no
longer be disturbed about it
iiow Gitibs has made himself
moio talked about than any man in
T as H has also mado the people
i k abo it the necessity of a new basis
ti a banking svstem A man who can
set a v hole stat to talking and think
ing has done a thing to make his
em mins jealous
siccr Sullivan and Xigger
1 > on met in a ban 1 iaiicisco saloon
a woud have had a roughaud
t iriVie light if their friends had not
j i v on d it TlIK Gazeite is a great
l Iistian tiewspa > t i tlje apostle of
pcaco and a beiievei in the doctrine
that when an encmy mites thee on one
cheek turn the other to him but for
all that we cant help feelin < r a bit put
out on account of the ofliciousne = s of
the pencemakers in this case
Joaquin Miller lias written a
newspaper article on How to Marry
Happily and Stay Married Joaquin
knows all about it for the reason that
he never trod that path himself
Shakpcarc married at eighteen and
afterwards wrote that A vouns man
married Is a youtij man marred
WunN a man really doe1 not want
an office he can ahvavs had vvoids
plain enoujrh to make his meaning
clear if he tlie When Frank Hurd
said the other dav that he vould not be
a candidate for governor of Ohio
thou < rh every man iu the state should
vote for him people had i right to
infer that Trank was not dying to be
Tin Charleston may never overtake
or cjjitui e the Itata until the latter
racer surrenders toluntuiily But in
any event the country ha a right to feel
proud of the cha = e made from rian Fran
cico to Callao w here the Charleston
was last he < rd from To know that an
American manofwar could get out of
port and trael that distance without
being docked iu sand or getting foul of
another craft or scow as 0 many of
tlicin hate done i a matter for gen
uine congratulation
Tin Qucii Bee is a Denver news
paper published as an adocate of
women s lights AVhilo standing up
igoioul i for womens rights it has a
lively < ne of womens lights and
neter tites in the labor of exposing the
tyranny of the male principle Here
is an illustration When the female
osti udi wishes to feed the male takes
her place upon the eggs and when he
lliinks he has fed long enough to keep
he r fi om pel ijhing he goes after her
and kicks her all oer the farm until
Uo refilln to the nest Women always
haw thcmoiulend of any fact in nat
ure howeer Tho male otrich is
li tie enough for the masculine nature
to select the short term for sitting
while the female is expected to bear
the term of the iiccevtr confinement
On the 1st of March S78 there were
11S8b70 of national bank notes in
t irculilicn A the national debt was
paid oil and as bonds liecamo scarce
and higher priced this cit dilation de
eleased until on March 1 1SSS it
amounted to onh SlWTTOOll TJiis
11 ck ess 1 still going on and if we have
no war to create another debt and the
country continues as pio pcious as it
has bvii the national debt will be
wiped out in eight or nine earv With
lie debt will go the bonds and with
tlie bonds will go the banks and the
hank t imitation which will contract
the citculaling medium to the extent of
about SJOOOOOOOO With theeeertain
tieaahead thereai emei and they aspire
to be leadeiv who say the national
banking sy U m is good enough and
there is no Use agitating tho question
of changing it by substituting anything
hut bonds as a basis of circulation
A ti lumph of the people over priv
ileged classes pi otected indusli ies and
the mon < v pow er upon the tarifl only
would leav < > those engaged in agricult
ural puivuits and all others who aie
not the beneficial ies of the existing
financial policy of the government at
the halfvav house on the road to geno
me geneial prosperity
The financial policv of the govern
ment should K reformeu Xo people
however frugal economic and indus
tuoiisthev maybe however just and
equitable may lie the bin dens of tax
ation imposed upon them can pioper
w ho are denied by the government a
volume of circulation a medium of e
chaige sulheientto meet the wants and
demands of business commerce and
trade The logical and inevitable ie
ult of such a condition > s to increase
the pin chasing power of tho money in
circulation l educe the wages of laboi
and < heapen the values of all kinds of
property except fixed securities
Those who are fortunate enough to
be pose < sed of monev dealeis in
nionev the money power prosper and
gi ow l ichor but the tillers of the soil
who must iciv upon the pioeeeds of
their annual crops a id ail the toiling
millions who live on the pioducts of
their biin or hands jriow poorer
Dave Culberson s Bonham Speech
The action of the Presbyterian as
sembly in the Briggs ouo is very de
cisive It vetoes his appointment to a
professoi ship in Union college the v ote
against hha being 4 > to o iu his
fav or
We cannot see how the church could
have done anything eKe but condemn
Dr Briggs He had proclaimed hi
holding of a belief antagonistic to its
creed His position in Union college
was that of a teacher He could not
teach the Presbyterian confession of
faith for that he had denied The only
thmg left for the Presbyterians was to
reject him orsubmit to having doctrine
that was fatal to their creed taught to
and impressed upon the young men
who were to be the instruments of
spreading that creedthioaghout tho
vv orld
Tlie merits of the Westminster con
fession do not enter into this epiestion
That may be antiquated behind the
age of reason an excessive ct > ain upon
the credulousnoss of thinking men but
none of these things can be pleaded by
Dr Biv ggs in his defense The West
minster confession demands certain
concessions of belief and faith and
whoever cannot subscribe to the
V fi VPWpjp V V >
articles of belief as contained therein
should be honest enough to withdraw
from a position where duty calls upon
to instill in the minds of others the
truths that ho holds to bo untrue He
puts himself in a fal = c position when
taking the place of a teacher with a
rigid dogma to defend he announces
that in his mind a part at least of that
dogma is false or at best uncertain If
Dr Briggs finds hiinself unable to
agiee with what Presbjterians bold to
be esential doctrine he should have
withdrawn from tho church Instead
he insists upon remaining in it while
holding that it is in part wrong in its
faith Such disloyalty to tne piinciples
of an older which lie is in honor bound
by his position to defend vould not re
ceive toleration anywhere The won
der is that e en sixtyfour men in 4S9
could find such charity in their hearts
as to vote to sustain him in so inde
fensible an attittitie
There weie about 1400 delegates in
the National Alliancelabor convention
at Cincinatti twothirds of whom came
fi om Ohio Indiana and Kansas The
latter named state furnished onethird
of the com ention This is a significant
fact that ptoses the nivcUlcd and
chaotic condition of politics in that rc
c nt foi tress of radical Republicanism
It is quite clear that the movement that
last fall retired lugalls from the politi
cal aienaaud made kindliug wood of
the party machine has lot but little
if any of its oiiginal force and may
still have sufficient momentum a year
hence to surprise the country once
moie It is plainly the storm center of
revolutionary polities in tho West if
not in the country Neither Providence
nor the government has been jriaciou
to Kansas
A combination of IngalK the tariff
and drouth is lesponsible for the
political turmoil there It was a com
bination that destio cd the crop of
cereals v ear after v ear and produced
instead a crop of reformers many of
vvhoii aie honest and manvate not
3ioii 3iom
There is haidy one of the many
visionary schemes hi oached today for
the issuance of nioiemonrj that has
not been tried with the most diastrous
icsiilts at on2 lime or another in the
past Anyone who will take the trou
ble to look over the lecords can voly
soon satisfy himself on that point The
instance aie many anil stiiking antl
leave no doubt of the wild and extrava
gant pitch to which popular clamor
mav and sometimes does rise when the
money question leads all otheis
That it is becoming a more or less
prominent political issue in this coun
tiy can not be doubted With the Alli
ances it is a leading isstip one that i3
liade to outrank every other in what
appears to be a more or less e eagger
ated impoi tauce And the Alliance is
it = elf becoming mi impoi taut institu
Theto can be no doubt and leading
financiers and statesmen now admit it
that there is not mon ° enough to do
the business of the world Mbie money
is absolutely needed and the need is
imperative Qnly think of it Of tho
business done in th world today only
5 per cent is cash and 05 credit and
that because theie is no more cash Is
it wondetful that stringencies and
panii s occur or that people should lie
in constant dread of them Only a few
davs ago Mr Coschen chancellor of
the Bnglish exchequer admitted the
need for more money when he declared
his intent ion to i = stie XI notes At present
and for many vears tlie English have
had nothing less than the 45 note
That Europe needs more money than
she has is made evident by the fact
that she was compelled to import from
this counti v since the first of the jear
aboutS50000000 in gold coin Ths very
circumstance more than any thing that
lias happened in recent jear has em
phasized the pressing demand for
money for gold and silver Europe
Ostracised silver in ls72and 71 and is
now being made aw aie of the injutioits
effects thereof The United States fol
lowed suit but letiaced her steps five
j ears later a foi tunate circumstance
to w hich she is now largely indebted
for her ability to go to the rescue of her
European cousin If that circumstance
does not powerfully impress European
governments with the beneficence of
bimetalism of silver coinage nothing
will What if this country was with
out the SSG0000000 of silver coined in
recent vears And if there were more
still the country would lie so much the
better oft and Europe even would pro
fit by it as she has already profited by
that coined As recent events prove
the money question is one whose press
ing importance is not by any means
confined to the United States But
now here else is the subtreasury or the
land mortgage plan of creating money
The true reaon win this stunted
and starved volume of circulation has
been maintained is that the money
power of Xew York and New England
has dominated and contiolledtho finan
cial policy of tho government since the
beginning of the war between the
states The Democratic party has
never had the power in congress to
break and overthrow this linaucial
despotism The financial policy under
w hich the v ast and varied business of
the country is conducted contemplates
gold as the only standard of value and
national bank notes as the only proper
paper curiency The exceptions as to
tho silver in circulation at this time
and gold and silver certificates and the
three hundred and fortysix millions or4
legal tenders have been eufoiced bvf
WFeyar y ffw v
the Democratic party inCe 1875
You must remember that tlie Republi
can party controlled the lawmaking
departments of the government abso
lutely from the beginning of the war
until 1S75 when the people revolted
against the financial policy of that
party and returned a majority of Dem
ocrats to the house of representatives of
the Forthfourth congres Wheu tho
congress assembled silver had been
demonetized onehalf the metal money
of the country had been destrojed
Gold had been enthroned as the true
standard of value and that too when
silver was at a premium of > per cent
over gold provisions had been mado by
law to cancel and burn up all the green
backs except S100000000 I have not
the time to refresh your recollections
of the effect which the legislation pio
duced upon the agiicultural inteiests
and all other interests not the benefi
ciaries of this policy Bad as the con
dition of those interests are today it
is better than in 1S75 Remember now
if you please that since 1S73 when for
the first time the Democratic party had
a majority in the house that party
has never had the power to enact
a law It never has had except at
onetime for a few davs onlv all the
departments of government vhich are
required to concur in the pas = age of
laws and whatever changes have been
engrafted upon tho financial policy of
the Republican paity since 1S75 what
ever laws have been passed since that
time to promoto the interest of agri
culture and labor generally w ere origi
nated by Democrats and their passage
secured by the influence and power of
the Democratic pai ty in the house of
representatives Xow fellowcitizens
when the Fortjfourth congress as
sembled the Democratic party in be
half of the people inaugurated the
fiercest parliamentary war ever waged
upon the waste of public money and
upon the financial policy of the govern
ment After a long and despeiato
struggle culminating iu 1S78 theie
was a partial victory for tho Demo
crat Wc had attested tho destruc
tion of legal tender which was pro
ceeding under a provision in the special
resumption act and made them a per
petual volume of circulation by requir
ing their reissue as they mght be le
ceivedinto the treasury We had re
monetized silver yet forced to consent
to its coinage only by the government
upon its own account at the rate of not
le = s than two noi more than four
million ounces per month or c2000000
of silver dollfis annually Thus it w ill
bo seen that from 1S7S to lr91 by tho
force of laws seemed by the Democratic
paitj there weie preserved to the
volume of circulation 5I00l0000 le al
tenders and 5ai000000 of silver have
been added to it every jear during
that time amoaiiting to 1410000000 or
about and to facilitate its circulation
silver certificates were lequned to bo
During all the lime that tho Demo
cratic party has had the majority in
the house it has sti uggled for the free
coinage of silver even under circum
stances that seemed to reuder the cffoi t
hopeless The financial policy of the
Democratic party contemplates the
free and unlimited coinage of silver
and paper currency con rertable into
coin on demand of the holders so that
our volume of circulation may consist
of gold and silver or their representa
tives certificates and legal tender
treasury notes convertable into coin on
demand The Demociatic party has
never enforced this policy except as I
have shown for the simple leason it
ncv er has had the power in law making
departments of the government to do
so If the Democratic party possessed
contiolof all the lawmaking depart
ments of the government it would en
forco that policy and instead of a
stinted and starved volume of circula
tion there would be provided a liberal
adequate volume of circulation with
which to conduct the vast business of
this great country How can this bo
done Gold and silver must be coined
free and without limit This would
msuie the volume of ciiculation a
yearly addition of nearly 100000000
which when the volume of circulation
had leached the pioper limit would ba
ample to meet the requirements of the
v early increase of business and popula
tiouThe gold and silver now held by the
government or of which it may he pos
sessed when requited should be used as
a basis for tlie redemption of legal
tender note as far as may be neces
sary In order to obtain gold and silver
sufficient to constitute a proper basis
for the necessary issue of legal tenders
silver and gold certificates as they are
receiv ed by the treasury might be can
celled and legal tenders issued upon
the gold and silver this would not be
neces ary Dave Culbeison s Bon
ham speech
A shoit history of the Confederate
States bv Jefferson Davis Belford com
pany publishers New Yotk is now before
the public The book is divided into three
Daits the first dealing w th the secession
movement and the causes antedating and
leading to the civil war then folio vs an ac
count of the secession and confederation of
the secedimr states and the third aud last
is devoted exclusively to the narration ot
what belonged to the active prosecution of
the civil stufe that ensued Tlie widow cf
the distinguished author has given her per
sonal supervision to the compilation of the
volume arranging he matter leading and
carefully comparing the proof sheets with
the oi urinal copj Few men are better
qualified than ws Mr Davis for the work
chose and although there may have crepi
into it some osponties as an accurate rec
ord of tho dav s in which he pluv ed so con
spicuous a part this history can have no
rival Tho iKirtrait whch forms the front
ispiece is mi admirable likeness of Mr
Davis at the time of his election to the
presidency of tae Confederate States and
the one neaFthe close which shows him as
he wa when captured teJs as no word
can of the corroding care that tho brief
struggle for supremacy entailed upon this
leader of the movement The volume will
form a valuable assistant in a thorough un
derstanding of a contest so momentous and
no library of any extent is corupete with
out it
THE FORUM Tune Tlie Forum publish
ing company Union Square Xevv York
Terms s5 a j ear
In view of the prominence piven to Dr
BrigRv by the general assembly of the
Northern Presbyterian church the majority
of Forum readers will bo first attracted to
an article fiom his pen Church and
Creed that is found iu this number
While it is littlo wonder that the church
can not esteem a man repudiating her cher
ished dogmas as a suitable person to occupj
a chair in a theological seminary strictlj
under the guardianship of the church still
everj just person must feci that Dr IJrisss
is entitled to a fau hejnnjr and that he be
judged intcllhrontly by a jury of his coun
trymen 1 he fact that almost without ex
ception the different denominational courts
are having battles with what thev please
to term heresy ts a significant fact and
should lead to an investigation of the
creeds as to their Uarmonv with the teach
iiies of Him who taught as never man
taught and jet with authority It would
bo well then for the churches to ascertain
if the heretics are not approaching truth
while the creeds are at a standstill while
the dogmatic defenders entrench themselves
behind tradition As Dr Briggs savs in
this concive but pi recant article this is
certainlv a period ot transition and there
is need ol patience chanty courage and
sound judgment as well as of devotion to
tlie ti uth
Our Boik TaWc is under renewed ob
ligation to the Evening News association
Detroit for tho second number of The
Quarterly lfcgstcr of Current History
With this in hand one mav casilv distance
Nelly Rlys iceord for tho reader is not
only earrieil around the woild in a shorter
tini but is familiarized with all such
events and popular movements for three
months of which record is made In scope
and purpose this i > eriodical is unappt oached
and is invaluable as a wi iters assistant
tho politicians book of relet enee and tho
record book of cooval events to which the
busy man can come and obtain such knowl
edge as he is unable bv piessure of business
to spend the tunc in sifting out This
quaitcrlv which is indeed valuable can bo
obtained by addressine the Uvenina Xews
association Detroit Mich and the subscni
tion pi ice ls 1 00 per annum
fice of publication Boston Sfi Federal
sttcet Pi ice a vcar
Tlie leadirg article m tho June number
treats of Wagner and the severe mortifica
tion he suffeied from the reception by a
Pausian audience in litil of Tinnhauser
his last compostioii Thearticleis illustrated
bv two portraits ot this distinguished coin
poser tlift aie now published for the first
time There is an jppieciative sketch of
the late Benjamiue Shillaber the cicator of
Mis iaitinston bj Mrs Allen Carly
Davs of tho First Electric Telegraph is an
lrteicsting and compiehensivc accojnt by
btephen Vail a son of Alfred Vail whose
name is so mdissolublv blended with enrly
experimentation in the study of electricitv
A Tair Fi h uigc a story infused w ith a
vondeiful fiesh spirit Doiothv Picvcott
beaig the author is conduced In this Two
other stoi ies Gilcad by Isabel Gordon
ami Tiio Giant Misteiia by Charlotte P
Stetson aro admirable tj pes of that st le of
w l ltimr The Cit J of Lynn is the bit of
loealstudythit is given in the current
number and the arUle contains a number
of dlustratiors of the pictuiesque places to
be found theie
pnblii aticn Dallas Tonus 2 per an
Tne letter this month of the senes
of letters on Mexico bv Roan Camp
bell vividly descnlies the combat of
flowers one of the many hestis ot
Mcaico ihe illustrations eoavov an
excellent idea of the lioral battle and the
prottj scenes ttendmg it There is a well
written dialect stor b Mrs E S Jcmi
son entitled A TVxas Vendetta a de
scription of a game of whist with living
cards bj our v oung ft lend Will Iconaid
also a storv Issue by Miss Teanette
Swing 1 he niagnziiie is fast reaching a
high standard of excellence and the cn
cocaaeemont of a large patronage
Scenes fiom Life in Bohemia by
Ilemj Murgei is tlie first issue uf a weekly
publication tiom the Gould hbiary New
Vol It The amial subvci ipioii is sjp and
the cost of a smile volume b0 cens
The Baibour Brotheis omuany Boston
has published tho initial volume ot its
piue iieeulewoik s > < tics a treatise on laco
nuikuig embraiaery and needcvoik This
brochure is sold at the nominal sum of 10
cents and contains vvondciful amount of
liiloimaton on the industries miiitioned
Patterns andduections for woilaug them
aro given and are well vvoitri the cost of the
little book to the epoit as well is to the
MACZlfs J LCniVlD Jlt
editoi New Vork office Fifth avenue
Bioidvay and Twenty fifth sticet Price
Slav ear
liublishingcoiiipanj Tunes building New
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ST NICHOLAS The Century companj
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ners Sons New York a year
company Chicago 50 per annum
Mifflin Co Boston Yearly subsetip
Courtroom Dillleiiltv
Hamilton Tev Maj 21 IS91
Editor Gazette
Theie was quite an exciting occurrence
in our couttroom jesterdav with one of
our leading citizens Col W S Brunk in
vv hich he objected to some slanderous re
niark made bv our states attorney during
his speech to the jury against S If
Doronev for stealing a cap in which case
CoL Brunk was a witness and only aslsed
the judge if a man had as prosecuting at
torney any right to abuse him inside of Ja
courtroom in a way tiiat would cast any ic
flections on him that is calculated to mortify
the dignity of himself or his family all of
whom are so highly respected in our com
munity On his asking this question the
judge it is supposed let his anger get tlie
upper hand of him and ordered the colonel s
arrest and a line of 10 which he remitted
a few minutes afterward Col Brunk is
one of our old and wellrespected citizens
has been living in Hamilton near twenty
j ears and has the reputation of belnsr a
gentleman in every resjiect and our citi
zens are sorry to see him griev eel oir ac
count of what happened A C Fcqca
jrr Tracys Position
Bosnvii Tex May 311831
Editor Gazette
Iu the report of Mr Tracys speech sent
j ou j egterday j ou have made some errors
Mr Tracy did not say that there were
9000000 of moitsrages on farms in this
country but that 9000000 farms vere mort
gaged in this country He did not say that
lands were worth 52000 per aerc but said
20 per acre He did not say that it would
take AlOOOOOjOOO to put the suVtreasury in
operation but that it would only cost KJO
000000 He also denied that the subtreas
ury was paternaL We are not a shorthand
writer and could only take a brief synopsis
of Mr Tracj s speech which was a long
one abounding with statistics to prove his
position on the questions discussed and
was ably delivered
We jierhajis should state further that the
caie presented CoL Culberaon was a pres
ent from Mr W T Ga ss
E H Lrn fe
l ur every dollar recel g PGazette
In snb < criptionuyfgP RyedltIon an ei
tracopyl g ycar will be sent to any
atld gim icnated outside the state or
g rjcopies for one yt r will be sent ontslde
the < tatc
Cat I
The Tnii rcr for the Month Number MS
Tho Accord for the Year 1891
Up to Date
st mil an > qual Clinnce Tt itli the
leiiieii ilTliev AViltstintl Together
The Itight of leinl I ami
HEVDQtTVUTlns tfxas Om vhoviv
Vmo stirns vVmi Tvruivr c
ClILNTV liv Vlav 27 lfl
To theCa7ette
Inourfoimer coirmunieatiois we have
been woikiug for our Union members who
arc living at a distant e from the lrdiar
Tcmtcrv Wc will row answer enquiries
fiom thesetfleis m tlaj Wuiiia Wn
bariror and Greer touuties and maiti
others As to the right for settlers to go
into the Fort Sill countrj our answer is
none at all neither as such will we claim
am Oui ushts to go in tho Fort bill
i ountry is under a eitlenians lease on
21 soo uires with eMlusive contiol As
neii a4 we know tl at nclit is and over iiis
been possvsion with ubilitv to hold it
10 Weekly Gazltte
Some PI mi Talk lfrings a 3Ian to His I eet
at sam tones Meotmg at IInus
ton lestetlav
Special to the Gazette
Houston Tea May HI Duiing the
progress of the Sam Jones meeting at tho
tabernacle this morning Rev Dr Stuart
was preaching to 10000 people and he said
he was going to talk plamh
regardless of sluis thrown at
him bv a scumlous afternoon
sheet edited bi a man of questionable char
acter E II Ballei brother of W H
Bailey editor of the Herald jumped to his
feet and in a loud voice said You refer
with ditticulty that the clergy could
the vast asemblj
Itit lituoutlOLeiry Walk
Sherviav Tev May ai J II Rich
mond and Daniel OLearv stuit on their
1100 mile walk at College Park pavilion
Monday evening at 8SO Ol eary has been
training at the plow handles in Fannin this
week nnd will be here tomorrow He
w utes that he is in fine condition for a fast
record It is not generally known in this
countv but when OLeary won the cham
pion Sir John Astley belt in London years
ago ho was iuvited to an audience
New York
Richmond is training ia the city and will
make a good record
Commencement A aud 31 Colloje
We are requested to announce that the
commencement exercises of the A and M
college will t eL place onthe7th 8th and
0th of June me publifKare cordially in
vited to attcnomI he fiouston and Texas
Central and f ntenkPmal and Great North
ern railroads havojfcidly eranted excursion
rates for the oejKr Parties desiring to
visit the commjpieml can find accommo
dations in BryK A Tfecial train will run
between Bryan and tm college day and
night on tho three days
Shot Five Times
Special to the Gazette
Houston Tax May 31 Bill Gaines a
colored exconvlct was tonight shot five
times by Armistead Watkins another col
ored man Tlie trouble grew out of thp
by Gaines
N > iSStlj
Davis Building
Persons ovrning arable land
bodies of not less than 1000 acre
to sell are invited to submit pr
the sale of same to tho Board
Commissioners on or before
June bald lands are to be p
ductofconv et labor to be wo r
purchased Ildders are rcq
their proposals in two forms tae
v intruvteu to ait ti
iun lex
before x
rrT HJ
the bidder paving out of tLe crop
cspenve of maintaining tlie UWpfi t
ployed upon the place the < < c t
state supporting
over the sro
thf ns0 > fc
nids are invited ami
noon limeJI ton or
boiler house tor the
uvvlum u o lor a
steam I etiini dllt
It is true we were all oldeied out aiidlJ al lit gt o i
while wc staid out the others staid in and
are in now Therefore our lights
iu the Fort bill i ountry are
just the same now as the
cattlcmMi who have the Terrtot v fenced
in On sutcoss seems smof in doi
just as near like tlie other eatleinen as
possibe Avoid alltontiict with oMeers
whack up uoi and then with the
Trdians never do anything that vou cm
not prove to the oflieers thrt tho big cow
men ji e doing and hav5 donn for jear3
If the officers molest jou tutn loose jour
evidence to him that the bg < owinen are
doirsrthe same Ho will turn vou loose
or arrest the bg fellows The eountrv will
be iinened to settlement after the cow men
aiodone with it and not befo e Y ha do
we ehuge for a eowman s right7 Nothing
at all We bougnt it for the colonv
union and aiii onucun juiu us bv sending
a stamped and addressed envelopo foi the
letuin of certificate and instructou As
to where each ouo lavs his claim that is his
business Our people will probably claim
ti c northern sti ip ou tlie not tli bauk of I Jed
liver extending fiom opposite Henrietta
Clay county to Mangum G cer countv
with enough to make H t acres and OtiO
acres moro in the Wichta mountains Ourj
lease contract is as great as any can be
made in thoTeintoiv We are rca y to
defend it in court if any ofllctr wants our
nglt tested iu compai ison wrh jnj cow
lrm s right in the Indian Tcmtory
iho advantage of each one lading his
claim opposite present home on the south
side of the nvei is apparent reserving 5000
cies for those that wait to graze m tho
AVnhita mountrins W aie awaie that
this atticlo may be cutiiised ard perhaps
our claims disputed bv those who dont
want us in theie We do iot object to it
neither do wc expect to cli miko our claim or
position except it be done in the courts
If our claim is not as good as any busi
ness theie we will baek down and qiit but
as long as it is evciv settler on that border
fiom Henrietta to Mangum shall have equal
rights with cattle kings if he demands his
rights as a cattleman and the seniors stand
united on that demand Past expcilence
proves that a settler stands no show against
the cattle ung Wc have brought our light
into the ring and have fuPy liftj to onii
cattlemen majontv Now aie
ma ntain our rights in it I
J S WoKKiayBgSfflfSiaralrer
LJjolWPeTpressIon support
labor as herein used is mea
guading clothing ad f n
tentipn to aid convictv 11
the right to reject any a I
Propoval aro requested to
spa ev st t rt urj Perilentnr
Itxav f it iaiiB
Attevt 1 VV spivEV s
Vuvn Tct Via 27 l
of the fara
Utle jbTrV
lag to iJiiaijrija F > r u
BOfOSjUitWo flidl gs it s
b frrriic ollico o Lini i n
tects Austin 1e
Iht rtM is tiimir
our tr I i
Pour eatirs of s nool
di r t f t le i inini o v
countv leav IluU vwi bo re
purebav or s 1i actL
1 ult v iiiuntyJetiia
i Ai v
THin or r I
lorurtlur parte lars ar
cciuntv jldce of sr hcr < o
v riled bidv vv II be rece r
countv juiitri for the t ret o
houvt bji diiir to be bt rt t a
Archer touti Tev s Ijn r
are on bleat Ihe count v j d
ln Te jndat tl
tv ot i t
son Vitli teeiualCou pt
Worth Tetis onand U
until the 1 mie of reit nni uii
> th iai ttJ jiS
A cc
ccrtiiIiiUl fC > otuTri i v
m j
trf Ue1noo
bitlcfcf will fumish food aids
the airoun of bid Hi it I
iDttKoiiiract uiMi tin tt i
mg aec nt Tgto tin paii
Illds rt 1 t be opt in t o i t ii v
at 1 o clock p in I b <
verredbv the countv comu
Inv a id al Onlv
Iort Worth Tex Mac f is
attended to
j n rnosT
S =
j ibeui oMfwV I
in the Lsm
tmr Ba j lor County Teiai
ce up stairs in Johnston Uullcny Krona
wood Texas
Valuable Lands for Sae La Ttc
UJI wvrF rA UJeasf
Hurley Office Uuiidln lort Ho yl <
Office 2irt Main s n
insuiam i agi
l s
V7f r tf
ene ral Insure Agents
7 > i
SVaiaauWf Xil
Oa gJ csMenob Prnt tig He
tjttest feide Square twi A 1
tomy brother and what vou say is a lie i u DAWSON
OVC Herrenkmd iUp aicLile
Pooms 73 and 74 HuIer Build
e Kooras 1 and 2 comr cfcoi
Houston streets Po tofUce dox
tho queen and on landing in this country I JrfZSr
was banqueted by the leading citizens o rirOWfroTd postofflce 509 Main Gold
Crown and bridge Work a spscialtv
M ents
r aW
r = i
This caused terrible commotion and it was learr Vi or
strictly first cla s EsUblisted H70
Solicitor ol AraerJsit B tl s = i
13 Buildinr vorner
Washinjton D C >
experience includiEg service n
mlng Corps U S Patent office bend s
of model for report as to patentability
ressondence invited
KFJU 0mmon Fort Worth Tel
Sears experience in the J
b Patent Office WaUioSoa
vwri ITrV > JJ ii < iils
vrant aJter
tiseil at

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