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V i
70T p m
Jl 40 p m
ro iiinoc n Leave
No22dailv F4S a in
No3ldail > 3Sa in
No n dairy
Txas ond Iacitic trains Nos Sand oonly stop
at Texarkana I C Junction Atlanta Jeffer
tnn Marshall IorTicw Junction Uig Sandy
Witicola Wills Point Terreli East Dallas
Dallas and lort Worth
Arrive Iave
DO p in No 1 fiaily
No 2 daily 930am
31Xi m No 5 daily
No i daily 440pm
jl fa m
i iuji m
No lOdailv
No Mdaily
No 1 daily
No J dally
reflS eratorjBf thi
1145a in
10p m
8j0 a m
303 p m
Arr < Leave
j uf m rort Worth
200 p m
Arrnc Leave
Xo 44 mail r0p m
No K accommodation 1115 a m
r ifa ro No IA mail
V in p mNo47 accommodation
All tin above trains from the Union Depot
C D Lcs > k Ticket Agent
jii iw Leave
i > p in Memphis Express S0o a m
it iriii > oi tlii line make direct connection
Uir TVxaaml 1jcilic railway traiiNo
> mil Mai WVallurforil leaving Fort Worth
it > jsaiid lacitlc railway and arriving at
it UVlla lulior
< Leave
i m Fort Worth fT P Rv 90 a m
t in 1 trl Woith iT i 1 Hl 4 Sip ill
ii m Miinil YJN 720a m
in limril Wells 3UUpin
The following table shows the distances from
Tori Woith o oiiie of the important points in
well i s oLtsidc of TcyAs
Transcontinental Division
Boutlur by Drtiin Keat
We passed heavily laden jnnks slowly
worLmg their way upstream amid what
t auy but the Chinese would have ap
peared insurmountable difficulties A hua
ilred naked shouting and arm swinging
1 rai kera dragged each one slowly along
ittw straiuiug every muscle at the low
tow line now slacking up as a man seated
0 the bow of the boat directed them with
TL beat of ii small drum held between his
u ices Below the rapids other junks were
jfep ring to enter them with much burn
ing of Joss paper and firing of crackers
and near by was a little lifeboat station
with two or three red bouts ready to
pick up auy one in case ef accident Be
low all of the rapids on the Yangtzn are
lifeboat station which like many other
chanties in China are kept np solely by
private subscription and render the great
fist service to the enormous population em
ployed ou the river Jj tuJ Bockhill in
Get One Free
The Fort Worth and Denver Ci
jiection v ith the Union Pj 0WALroad is
Jirst in the field AviypWrelaborate tllus
trateiJWestjyii W5rt book free for those
oonU uiiiJllWig a summer trip Call a city
Ul Main street and secure a cyclo
pedia of information regarding the numer
ous and cheap summer resorts reached by
the Union Pacific railway Jf
If you wan n reJ geryor buy a xwall
orth hln Co
tr <
He Causes Considerable Sur
prise in Railroad Circles
Another ran Run With Stork Made by the
Katy Astu siellinjj Railroad Passes
General itailroail Notes or
How Diiiil Heats AIium tho Courtesy of
Free Trnnsptirtiitloii
The extent in which railroad companies
are imposed upon by pass dead beats is
MipprisinfT to an outsider says the Denver
Neivs The oflicials accept the situation as
it is reeosnizins that tiiey are bound to ba
cheated out of their revenue to some ex
tent but when a railroad man or some other
person who is entitled by reason of his posi
tion to pass privileges after having ob
tained a pass soils it to a scalper it is pro
voking Rut there is no law to reach this
class of cheats and they continue to thrive
in spite of the strictest supervision it is pos
sible for the railroad companies to exercise
over the pass department
Within the past few weeks the Denver
and liio Grande lias had several interesting
cases turn up A man by the name of f
V Van Alstyne who was agent at Malta
obtained a pass throush General Manager
Smiths office from Denver to Chicago and
return representing that his father was in
Chicago sick The man had obtained a posi
tion in Mil higan and when ho got to Chi
cago sold the return portion to a scalper In
order to insure the purchase against detec
tion lie left several of his private letters
with the scalper
Another case was that of a Chicago Bur
lington and Quincy man by the name of A
H Fulton who got a pass from a point in
Iowi to Denver and return through his
road and after reaching Denver obtained u
position on the Denver and Uio Grande at
Ked Cliff and sold the return portion of his
pass The oflicials learned of the transac
tion and he was promptly discharged
lolm Lichteburger chief clerk in Gen
eral Manager Smith s office while speaking
of the above case said Such tricks as
these do an injury to every legitimate
railway employe because the companies
tire afraid to issue passes when the privi
lege is so much abused It is to the inter
est of ewrv railroad man to catch up such
How a 1reisht Agent Cot Himself Ouickly
straightened Out
When Gen Lew Wallace succeeded
Governor Samuel 15 Axtell of New Metko
a few vears ago says the Chicago Mail the
latter shipped a car load of Mexican pro
ducts and curios from Albuquerque to
Cleveland Ohio The lot included a
collection of valuable furs specimens of
ores oml woods Mexican furniture farm
ing tools and household utensils The
governor also sent as a gift to his little
grandchildren two pack burros the iuot
diminutive siieeimeus of Mexican donkeys
he could l aitt When the car reached its
destination the freight audit at Cleveland
in checking off the lreiirlit noted the receipt
ot all the articles enumerated in the ship
ping lull except burros two He wont
over the list again chucking off each articla
carefull The odd Mexican bedstead wa
there the peculiar Mexican chairs were
tluii but the burros were missing Hi
had never met the word burros before
but he had not the slightest doubi
that this was the phonetic method em
ployed by t he illiterate agent of the Albu
querque to spell bureaus After finish
ing his second inventory he noticed that in
some unaccountable way the bureaus had
been lost and two little donkeys had been
stored among the goods He Inst m > time
in telegraphing the usual routine report to
the shipping point announcing tiie dis
crepancy thus
Agent Albuquerque X M Car Xo
ZHii consignee Atcll Albuquerque to
Cleveland shipped May ti is hero minus
two bureaus plus two jackasses Please
advise Joxks Agent Cleveland Ohio
This answer straightened out the matter
very satisfactorily
Agent Cleveland Change places with
tho jackasses SMiTn Agent
A Fust Hun
The Missouri Kansas and Texas has
again lowered the record for fast stock
trains A few days since two trains of
stock started from Gonzales for St Louis
at the same time One went by way of tho
Southern Pacific International and Great
Northern and the Iron Mountain the other
via the Araasas Pass Missouri Kansas
aad Texas and Frisco The latter train
reached St Louis twentyseven hours
ahead of the former
Tail Iisliis
President Hornby of the Ttio Grande and
a party of friends went south last night
Col J A Wilson livestock agent of tho
Chicago and Alton goes north today
apt J P Moore livestock agent of the
Texas and Pacific is in from a trip after
W D Lawson traveling passenger
agent of the Missouri Kansas and Texas is
in from a trip
A 1 Kateliffo traveling passenger
agent of the Fort Worth and Denver went
south yesterday
A S Dodge general freight agent of the
Missouri Kansas and Texas is expected to
arrive in the city today
A heavy shipment of what are said to be
the finest cattle ever shipped out of Texas
started to Chicago yesterday over the Katy
and the Alton
A Decision of Chairman Piuley That Causes
Considerable Surprise
CniCACo III May 31 A genuine sur
prise was occasioned in railroad envies to
day by a decision of the chairman of the
Western passenger association in which
that official gave the Chicago and Alton
railway a severe rap over the knuckles
He holds that if the Alton was not enjoying
equity with its competitors because of the
alleged operation of the boycott or because
of the alleged continuation of the conditions
under which it was granted such mutters
should have been presented under article
b section A for determination wihin the
extent of the agreement Finleys decision
is that the Chicago and Alton should pay
over to the association j200 for its offense
in failing to make effective the rule in
connection with the rate from Kansas
City to St Louis and 100 for a similar
offense in regard to the late from St Louis
and East St Louis to Chicago He further
requires that company to report to him all
tickets sold by it at unauthorized rates ba
tween the points named from May 12 to
June 4 inclusive and to pay the association
the amount that should have been charged
for such tickets at full tariff rates The
Alton is allowed until June 4 to appeal
from the chairmans decision and it will
probably either take that course or with
draw from the association
Plantiew Hale County Ti
Come to AmarillosLai g Wl1 hikets at
the Iloxcl iim t o er the Clisbee daily
Taiuvievv the county seat of
Hale the best county on the central plains
Dying from Grief
Correspondence of the Gazette
Woutham Trx MaySO A few evenings
ago about ten miles east of this place a
little sevenyearold son of Mr B F What
ley while carelessly throwing stones from
a slin accidentally struck his sister four
teen years old near tho temple while she
was hoein in the field She fell insensible
but soon resuscitated resumed her hoe and
chopped a row across the field when she
began to grow weak She walked home
and was soon unconscious She dlad about
4 VfcWJWAiai
midnight of the same day from concussion
of tho brain caused by the blow An older
sister of the victim of this sad accident is
todny reported to be dying from grief so
attending physiciatts say over her sisters
death This will make the third death in
Mr Whatleys family this year
Late yesterday evening a littlo three
yearold girl of our townsman Mr 1 L
Bays foil from a desk to the floor and its
elbow was badly dislocated
She Pitied the Uorsss
A sweet faced elderly woman was en
countered in a Broadway car the other day
to whom the Society for the Prevention of
Cruelty to Animals should send a medal
The car stopped in the middle of a block to
take somebody on Before it could start
she rose signaling to the conductor her de
sire to leave A young woman with her
retaonstrated This is not our street
annt she said No but we are within a
block and it will save the horses starting
again So they left Everybody who
gives the matter any thought or observa
tion knows it Is the strain to get a heavy
car under way which wears upon the ani
mals drawing it but there are probably not
many people who thus considerately seek
to lessen the necessity at the expense of
extra personal effort New York Times
The farming outlook of Dallas county is
excellent Cotton corn wheat and oats
all are growing nicely and if no unforeseen
calamity befalls Dallas county next fall
will bring good times
So far this has been the finest crop year
Kaufman county has had for some time
Prospects for a fruit crop this year in
Kaufman county are better than for several
years past
Beneficial rains during the past week in
Hays county give still greater and surer
promise of rich harvests in this section
Crop prospects of Brown county are very
fair for corn and cotton and wheat and
oats will be belter than was anticipated
Grain is made now and nothing short of a
cyclone will prevent farmers from harvest
ing big crops in all parts of the Concho
Reports of good crop prospects reach us
from every portion of Ullis county This
will undoubtedly be a big crop year
Cotton corn wheat and oats are looking
fine in Palo Pinto county now and the pros
pects for a good general crop are better
than they have been for fifteen years past
The entire Plains country has had a
thorough soaking
Heavy rains have recently fallen
throughout Lavaca county There is
abuudaree of water for stock grass and
field crops
The hay crop on the black land in Kauf
man county is very fine and haymen are
very busy cutting and baling Prices are
Armstrong county had fully six inches of
rainfall in May Crops of all kinds are now
in a flourishing condition Wheat oats and
rye bid fair to give tho farmer a flattering
yield at harvest time Claude News
There is a considerable amount of
sorgham planted in Swisher county this
year which will insure plenty of stock feed
for next winter
The prairies of Armstrong county aro
perfectly green Cattle and horses are fat
tening up very nicely Wheat that some
people thought would not make anything is
going to make a very nice yield
Hilisiioko MayJJO Two wagon loads of
new oats were offered for sale on the public
streets today The parties bringing them
in say that they will average fifty and sixty
bushels to the acre in their neighborhood
Baird Many farmers have made much
headway in reaping their wheat and all
seem confident of a line yield Oats In
places are not so good as last year but the
yield will be an average one
Delia Plain May 9 Bounteous rains
up to the present time promise bounteous
crops at the harvest time Wheal and oats
arc assured and corn sorghum and milo
maize are in line condition
Woktoam Tex May 31 Farmers in
this section are in good spirits over present
crop prospects All their crops are clean
and in a thriving condition
Graham May 2S Ground was too wet
to plow the first of tho week in the Farmer
neighborhood also on the Cedar south of
us but generally work has steadily
progressed during the week and crops are
generally in good condition Crops are
three weeks late except cotton Some
years we make good cotton hero when it
doesnt come up till June Now most of
the cotton is chopped to a stand Harvest
ingis going on in earnest this week Most of
the May wheat is ripe and some of the
Mediterranean both excellent The worst
average crop this year is oats ranging from
first class on some farms through all grada
tions down to a failure plowed up on other
farms Weather too cool these mornings
for cotton to grow much mercury reaching
as low as fiO deg this morning but there is
no danger of corn burning up as long as
the temperature stays anywhere near what
it iias been while such crops as Irish pota
toes will be splendid The country along
the Brazos in Young county about the
mouth of Clear Fork is a great corn gran
ar > for Stephens Throckmorton and other
counties It may be because we have good
farmers while they aro more pastural
GitocsrECK May yo A new cotton wharf
is under course of construction We are
preparing for a large cotton crop this year
though at present we are needing rain
Tnc Gazette is in receipt of the Sam
Houston state normal school commence
ment programme Huntsville May 30 to
June 3
CoMixcriE May 29 Kev Mr Hendrick
a Cumberland Presbyterian vangclist of
some note from Tehuacana is conducting
a meeting here in the courtroom Large
audiences hear him day and night and
great interest is being manifested He is
assisted by Mr Herrick of Dallas who is
a fine singer and adds much to the interest
of the meetings
Vernon has been selected by the state
superintendent of public instruction as one
of the places to hold the district normal
schools It is the only one in Northwest
Texas and will be attended from a large
territory The school commences Wednes
day July 1 and will continue one month
The Baptist state Sunday school and col
portage convention meets in Huntsville Fri
day before the fourth Sunday in June
Subscriptions aro now being taken to
raise money to build a 3000 schoolhouse for
Tulia tho house to bo owned and controlled
by those holding paidup stock
Tho Texas state teachers association will
be held at Austin June 2320 inclusive An
interesting programme has been arranged
and a large attendance is expected
Texakkaxa May 31 Bishop Fitzgerald
of Dallas arrived in town yesterday and to
day assisted by Rev Father Granger of
Jefferson dedicated the new Catholic
church on West Clinton street The con
gregation was large and the ceremonies
very impressive The rite of confirmation
was administered to nbout forty persons
just before dedication services The new
church edifice cost 15000 and has a seat
ing capacity of SIX
Sherxiax May SO The enrollment at
the Sherman public schools just closed was
1412 Ninety per cent of the pupils are en
titled and will be promoted
Dextox May 30 At the closing exer
cises of the Denton city school last evening
the following young ladies and gentlemen
received diplomas Miss Lena Rudell Miss
Anna May Berry Messrs Samuel L
Brown Ollie P Ripy Harry Abney
Charles Daugherty John E Cook Reuben
A TerrelL At the close of the ex
ercises Capt E F Comegys superintend
ent was presented with two valuable pres
ents one a gold medal ittltafcij ioeraveti
> S3X > jiJk j
presented by the students another a fine
rocking chair presented by the teachers of
the schooi The presents were altogether
unexpected by Capt Comegys and his sur
prise and feelings of gratitude uj on their
presentaLou was very apparent to all pres
ent His remarks ujion the occasion were
impromptu but appropriate Capt Co
megys has been in charge of the school for
six years and has conducted it to the gen
eral satisfaction of the patrons and has
built up one of the best schools in the state
He however has for the next year ac
cepted tho position of superintendent of the
public schools of Gainesville and the
patrons aad students regret very much to
lose him and in giving him up they com
mend him to the people of Gainesville as a
man in an educational line without a peer
in the state and congratulate them on their
success in getting him The position of
superintendent at this place has not yet
been filled
HorsTox May 30 Twelve thousand peo
ple from all parts of this section of the
state are at and around tho tabernacle to
night hastening to hear Rev Sam Jones
who is doing a great work here
New buildings are going up
over Taylor
rapidly all
The brick business houses on North Main
street Granbury are rapidly nearing com
pletion and greatly adds to the apjiearance
of that end of the street
Propositions are pending for rebuilding
the burnt districts of Stephenville on the
south and west sides of courthouse square
during the present summer
The electric lights will be shining in
Colorado City in a few days from this date
Messrs Kahn Stanzel propose to erect
a grand opera house and double store room
at Hallettsville on the west side of the
square some time during the coming fall
In dimensions the building will be oOxlOO
feet and two stories high
Gkoesheeck May30 Groesbcecks boom
is still on There are several fine residences
going up all over town The city hall has
just been completed Work has begun on
the courthouse We aro to have a iiro
proof courthouse to cost in the neighbor
hood of 00000 It will be substantial as
well as one of the most beautiful houses in
the state when finished
DurKAf May 30 Daffau will get a sus
pension bridge in the near future The
contract has been let and work will begin
soon The Daffau flouring mill has been
put in gtol running order by J W Dodgen
its entei prising owner and other improve
ments for Duffau arc under way This
town is surrounded by one of the finest
farming districts in Texas
The main work shops of the Tyler coffin
factory will be a building lOxloO feet and
work on the same is now well under way
This building will be two and three stories
high An army of workmen are very busy
and it is expected the establishment will bo
ready for operations by the 1st of July The
plant wLl bo devoted to the manufacture of
coffins and trunks
Messrs J N Hughes and J B Dale
Bonham of the Greenville cotton seed oil
mill and manufacturing company were in
Greenville last week for the purpose of
pushing the work of building their mill
The mill is to be ready for business by tho
first of October
The ice factory at Colorado has resumed
Teiiuell May 30 The Ice Light
and Water company is to be one of the big
enterprises of Terrell In connection with
the waterworks will be operated the elec
tric light ice factory and probably other
enterprises The canning factory this year
is to be another big rutiner New boiler
and additional machinery are being added
and when it starts it is proposed to run it
going full tilt twentyfour hours in every
day and night Several trains will be
needed to ship tho produce of this factory
Rockdale May 20 Mr A T Schmid
of Cuero was here yesterday and opened
negotiations with leading business men
looking to the establishment of a cotton
seed oil mill On the part of the town a
committee consisting of Judce J S Perry
J F Collield and J K Longmoor was ap
pointed to investigate
With the cotton compress the grain ele
vator the ice factory the planing mills the
three flouring mills the cotton mills and
manufacturing company and five cotton
gins all tunning at once this falwill make
the suburbs of McKinney fairly hum
Prospectors have been plentiful in Mc
Kinney the past week A real business
town will always come to the front
The scholastic census has oxceeded 600
pupils in Terrell This list will probably
be increased
The Indies of Vernon are arranging a
trade carnival at the opera house June 19
The well at the Gay hotel Brownwood
has reached a depth of 300 feet and still
goes down
The scholastic school enumerator for
Ballmger district has now enlisted 350
names of children in the district within the
scholastic age which shows quite an in
crease over last years repor
There will be a barbecue in Cameron oi
the 4th of July Senator Horace Chilton
will be present and will address the people
on that day
The Marlin artesian well is now down S00
feet The drill is still going through blue
marl It has gone through over 700 feet of
this strata
Haiuiold Tex May 30 A company has
been organized here and 2000 subscribed
for the putting in of a water system The
plan is to dig gang wells and force water by
wind power to the center of the town where
a 350 barrel tank is to be elected and the wa
ter conducted therefrom through pipes to
all parts of the town and hydrants erected
upon the principal streets With this sys
tem a lire department will be organized and
great benefit in every sense derived there
from New buildings are going up on every
side and improvements arc the order of the
Terrell May 30 Terrell wants 10000
steady small farm men who have the dispo
sition to work Small lots of laud can bo
obtained on reasonable terms
A move is on foot to secure raw land in
quantities sufficient to locate from ten to
forty families with from fifteen to eighty
acres each on the same tract and on term s
that will allow the soil to pay for itself
Baird Our city ordinances now are in
force and the lawbreakers must be careful
Several parties have been to see the water
works committee but as yet no contract has
been let
Our court has just adjourned after the
disposition of several cases
Hillsboro May 30 The iron stairways
and vaults are being placed in the new court
An artesian well is being bored by a pri
vate individual Ham Carter on his farm
two miles east of town It is over four
hundred fjet deep and so far has every in
dication of proving a success
The twentyeight suits of uniform re
cently ordered for the Uniform Ranks of
Knights of Pythias have been received and
are pronounced perfect in every particular
Rockdale May 29 The Rockdale Rifles
gave a lawn party and calico hop at their
armory last night which was handsomely
decorated The grounds were handsomely
illuminatel and music was discoursed by
the local brass band Rev W E Copelani
delivered a good address to the young peo
pie and citizens generally after which as
had been announced the election of a spon
sor for the company was held Several
young ladies were placed in nomination
each at first receving a good vote at 10 cents
a vote all being permitted to vote early
and often At the close of the polls the
two leading factions rushed in heavy vote
in the money forone of which a due bill for
fa was included objections was at oijee
urged against the due bill which was at
once cashed but technical objection to its
being counted after the polls were finally
closed led to high and angry words The
judges finally poured oil on the troubled
waters by declaring both young ladies
tested acd presented them to tho com
pany After this the entertainment pro
ceeded harmoniously and most pleasantly
Over ijO was realized from the voting but
the Rfles wi hardly elect another sponsor
in a like maimer again
The mayor has been advised by the presi
dent of the Waterworks company that tho
material for the works has been ordered
and work will begin as early in June as
CoMAxenx May 29 At a called meeting
of the Masonic lodgo a few nights since it
was determined to lay the cornerstone of
the new courthouse on the 0th of June
The master of the grand lodge of Texas
Mr George Tyler of Belton as been in
vited to be present and officiate on that oc
casion All the neighboring lodges have
been invited to attend and cerything will
be done to make it one of the most interest
ing episodes in the history of Coinauche
Aurora wants a good school
Garland wants more shade trees
One of the greatest needs of Alvord is a
good college building
Sweetwater wants a flouring mill
Floresville wants a town hall a bric
yard and more houses for rent
A national bank is one of the great needs
of DeLeon
Beeville wants a military company
The Sunset oil company Brownwood
have again entered a black shale of richer
quality than ever They may go down 200
feet more before making a test of this well
as they desire to get the largest returns
possible from their first well
The rumor has reached us that a rich
gold and silver mine has been discovered
several miles south of DeLeon fDeLeon
Sax Axtoxio May 30 A dispatch from
Sonora Tex says J C Sutton began
boring on his ranch a month ago in search
of artesian water He went to a depth of
370 feet and struck oil In order to get rid
of it hewent fifty feet deeper but the flow
increased The well is now yielding from
five to seven barrels of petroleum a day
Sutton has made no effort to market the
stuff It bubbles out of the ground and
has saturated it for an acre around He
has started another well and is still boring
fur water
The Western Baptist published at Dal
las came out last week in a line new dress
of the latest style
The Hays County Times has enlarged
from a sevencolumn folio to a sixcolumn
quarto The Times is published at San
Marcos by George A McN aughton a live
newspaper man and is a good exponent of
its town
LinrnTT May 30 G K Morris for six
teen years sheriff and tax collector for this
county died last night at 11 oclock aged
fortyfour years He was buried this after
noon by the Knights of Pythias
GROEsisrcK May JO Mr T L Morris
one of our oldest and most highly esteemed
citizens died at his residence this city this
morning Deceased has been a citizen of
Limestone county many years He
was a man of unquestioned honesty
a staunch Democrat agood citizen
and a kind husband and an in
dulgent father His remains were interred
this evening at 4 oclock at the old Spring
field cemetery
Ronr May 31 Fisher county is at tho
top of the list this year as an agricultural
county Her wheat and oat crops will not
be excelled per acre by tiny county in the
state The corn crop at present is very
promising and bids fair to be the heaviest
ever raised in Fisher county Cotton
throughout the county is in fine condition
and the acreage this year is far in excess
of last The rainfall so far has been im
mense and we apprehend no danger of a
drouth this season Koby our county site
will make some grand strides this year in
the way of improvements Heretofore she
has been surrounded by large tracts of
land owned by nonresidents who kept
them off the market The most of them
are now being placed on the market and are
being bought up very fast and put in
farms The El Paso four leagues of land
lying just south and adjoining the town are
now being cut up under the supervision of
Boall Uagland k Beall or this place into
small tracts and will be placed upon the
market in August on easy terms and long
time This will add greatly to Koby anil
make it such a town us will invite capital
and men of enterprise and business
Summer Excursion Tickets
Commencing June 1 the Mis touri Kan
sas and Texas railway will begin the a >
of summer excursion tickets iQjartfffiTal
points in the North Eas ppj West The
Missouri lCansasauMfHTas railway is the
short and moj 0tWtTuno to Kansas City
St LouLiJ unicago Also the only lino
nurtBJniouble daily trains with Pullman
HSffet sleeping cars from Texas points to
the above cities without change Take the
Chicago limited leaving Fort Worth
730 p m arriving in Chicago sec
ond morning For sleeping car accommo
dations maps rates tickets or other in
formation please call on or address
C D Lusk Union depot
J E Smith City Ticket Agent
corner Fourth and Houston streets
Fort Worth Tex
Plenty of Game
Jordan L Mott president of the Harlem
Democratic club and exCongressman Kd
Einstein were recently on a hunting trip in
Virginia What particular branch of
hunting they were chiefly engaged in we
do not know but what we do know is that
Srall We Go For Health aad Pleas
Xowhere on the g
found a varietx1 iMPmc scenery and
that tributary to the
acific Route
Ticket office 401 Main street and Union
Bright Iruspectft
Mr Bullion I notice sir that yon call
to see my daughter quite frequently and
as she er appears to be favorably im
pressed by you I think I have a right to
inquire concerning your prospects
Young Man 1 shall be rich some d3y
I am glad to hear that
Yes Your daughter and I have been
secretly married and she has promised ine
half you leave Xe Yoi
< tuj u Lav v j f su uji trt B ga rv aA V > ft
Brownwood 485
Brownwood Round
Teeth without
Maltison cort
way in connection with Upii
the only direct aud
Salt Lake Ci
one day in the old town ot Roanoke they folders
entered the restaurant and asked the sa
ble attendant what he had that was good
to eat
Oh everything bos3 Anything you
want to order
Got any oysters nsked Mr Mott
Xo oysters sah Oysters jis out
erything else though in bundance
How about your fish
Jis out of fish Got bout everything
Well some game would suit us said
President Mott What game have you
Any game you want sah Billiards ia
a back room pool tenpins in de cellar
and a very lively game of poker in de third
story front More game than anything
else sah
The New York party concluded not to
indulge in any game and sought another
restaurant to satisfy their hunger Texas
May 24 25 26
Return 15 Days
May 30 31 Re
turn in 10 Days
June 1 Return
in 4 Days
Third and Main
Union Depot
UreshuiuKers of tho Juture
Dressmaking is h noble art In the pur
ity of its ideas it is a type of the highest
culture Ladies should go into it for it
requires tho testtietic instinct and the edu
cated taste and these belong only to the
higher and more refined temperamegi
The most beautiful dress we have evei
has been the Greek dress and in some pe
riods the Konian that i < according to
real art But such dress is not available
for our climate with its abrupt transitions
from hejit to cold nor for our business vo
cations aud conventional usages The art
ist or dressmaker of the future must study
the laws governing dress as it was in those
days and at the bame time take into con
sideration adaptations to climatic and so
cial conditions
Woman particularly when she is beauti
ful is the most attractive being in the
world and more pains should be taken to
drape and dress her than with almost any
other brunch of art I do not think that
dressmaking has ever revealed theupsthetic
beauty that is possible We have had
style and fashion but we have never had
what I regard as the highest forms of art
in dre 3 and we never can have until such
u time as it is legarded as a fine art in
stead of now as a trade aud until the time
shall come when women or men who aro
dressmakers shall be treated with the same
consideration socially or otherwise as we
today treat a painter or a sculptor Mrs
Anne JenntssMiller in LadiesHome Jour
were hunting something good to eat Thejetp KSJetagent co
h d and
Main street
This Is the Best Route
The Fort Worth and Denver
ms rorth and northwest
401 Main street and Union
An Kye to the Kutitro
Ministers declare that in nine cases out
of ten brides are much more self possessed
than are bridegrooms when the marriage
ceremony is being performed
A shy modest looking little creature
robed in white will stand perfectly erect
looking the minister calmly aud squarely
in the eye without for an instant losing
her self possession while the big blunt six
footer of a bridegroom by her side is pale
nervous and trembling
One stalwart
bridegroom was so dazeuv
and overcome that he held out one of hU
own finRere for the ring when the minister
said With this ring I thee wed
Banhful Isridezrooms
Another bridegroom lost his head to such
se that when it came time for him to
r I Horace take thee Annie to be my
lawful wedded wife he said in an unnat
urally loud tone I Annie take thee
Horace tobe my lawful wedded wife
and when the time came for him to intro
duce his bride to some of his friends who
had not yet seen her he did it by saying
awkwardly Ah er Miss Carter this is
my wife Miss Barton calling her by her
maiden name
Few men say my wife easily and nat
urally the first time they use the words in
public London TitBits
Elihu Burritt was often called the
Learned Blacksmith He was learned in
several dirsotlons but especially in lan
uages and he acquired much of his learn
as while vofking at his trade of black
Between 1on
Close connectionsn
c v
tist trains oi Taste
mkLes tte M K
New Wi E0it03
The Cotton
I dont see how you can be pleased at
the idea cf your brother marrying her
Shes so fast and harumscarum Shell
never make a good wife
Oh but shell make such a delightful
chaperon Life
Pacific railway wi
mer excursion ticket
tho North and Eas
and rate
or C D Lusk
rsioa Tickets
Texas and
> s sale of sum
principa points in
ced rates For
ke F Zurn city
Third streets
nion depi
Tor every dollar reeeivedJha iP Gazetto
in subscription to U tt ayefUtion an ex
tra copy for jM pWrvf ill be sent to any
adilre pBti7na ted outside the state or
one year will bo aent outsid
S trie state
llll St
and Houston re I
C D LUSK Tttlet
J J FKKY lien p
J WAIDO Gen Trut 1
Dallas Tei
Ticket Asent Stu a
6f Coloraao Sa
Between Fort Worth aaa
Kansas City St To <
Colorado Ciiliorznu ana a
North Eas
Elegant PuUtaB fcisi
U i v
TlroHSli Coicies ni Mm hl S
VV st I
SecpincJ2jpffrre run tn t
City 11 i
at Ihee po
lins for the Last
tkpiotjckh tickets
TO AjO rolNiS
United States Canada and iSi
For any desired informal m
Maps etc call on or a dr
stieet Fort Worth
C D LUSK Ticket A at
Shortest Quickest and Onlv Uri
Delivering passengers in u > p < r u o j j
lines wliliou a long ami umoniror a uu j
transfer across that cty
I > aving Fort Wfflrtai RS a m an i t p a
Arrives Tiucju ijiurr 7 3 p in aca o
1 Arrl > < MijB nini3 oiiain iubM c
FonT Voirni to Mkmphs am >
Pullman Hufft Sleepers to Teiarlca n
night train connect n in mo
through trctins to 11 points Last anil Sou a
All further information cbrun
en application to any of tho fciow rff
W UAltNIIAR General Ajeat + ji M
street Fort Worth
V H WINFIELD Genera Passes r
lines in Texas Texarfcana Tex
II G FLEMING General Ma ac m v
Engineer lines In Tex Texai tai a
Texas Pacific Railway
to Shreveport and Nen Orleans < o TeijrK
Memphis St Louis the Xor h ns w u
11 points ir Texas Old and ai u A
ona Colorado and California
the3 favorite XjII flt
Via Sacramento to OregonaB WWaltr
rhoice of routes to fon i th
rrtstviu Texurkana Snreepurv ma N Or
Between Fort Worth and St Louis 11 astrt
time betwseu Texas snd the Nortii anS
Double dally line of rullman 1aaie b
Cars through to St Louis > ia the
Throush Sleeping Car between ew JtinS
and Dener and St Louis and I r o
Por rates Tickets ana all lcfornnno pfx
to or address any of the tliket aers ur
C P FEJAN Travelici Pfs =
U W McCULLOLGH Genera f 5r ail
fO A GRANT Tfctrd VicePrea eat Lii
Fort TV
and the only line rurjBpto throuffhs eL
on night trains to Kans
Manufacturers of the Celebrated Kort
Worth Well Drilling JIaclue J
ArcMtecteral Iroa fori a Spulfc
jcr <
Enough lso VTa
MJS3 Twitter Papa the paper s
that Mrs Oldstagers wedding rus
never off
Mr TwitterHumph Piy as
be said of her m1
cant of one or more
riages Jewelers Magazine
Excursion Tickets to Summer Resors
Commencing June 1 tho Sana F r
way will be n he sale of summer
cursion tickctsTlp the pr eipa
North and East at JucedJaRes
The quickest timlVra r Fort T orth
Chicago and the East JKnade via u >
ticket reads the
your pa > >
All information as to ratesTtoWer
sleeping car accommodations fisn s
application to C D I =
TiCKet Aeent Union aepv
V > 1 UoHEBlf
Ticket Aceut 31C Houston siw
Al X W H i VwB

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