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Dallas Texas
< ir m a arerably known spe
r u Staler Their long expe
n and niveral suclcs
< i t oof Xeri ous Chrftuio
i entities tlitie eminent
< cldenteof tbe aSttcd
r e untee
rj vice and the tiuweroj
arir jptiianrnllj cured
u th r sUiiful
i i A AVD
1 VAMCCELB porma
Mu v rured In every case
hv rmlv gilIt sptr
err tt aiiiSH List Manhood
i IJiayed I arultiet Femaiu
ale disorders peculiar to
i if y i ured a well vs nil func
ib t rrutfrom youthful folllci
ntuic ycarp
Unr uarautffd permanently
ll C cured rcmoial complete
tuuMr or dilal tiun Curca
r b paucnl without a moment s
To Yung and tniddo Aged Men
A IMDC p11 D ET The awful effect ot
lOUnL OU nil early vice ubich brings
i detroying both mind and
q o oieaded ills permanently
> Ov iJCTTQ Addrr s thoe who have
U wi tL I I J iriired themseh cs by
r Lt1 and nlitiry habits whfui
u tot unburns them for bu i
ltrf aire
i > < ll N ur thie entering rn that
> physical d biny quickly
e in person or by mail If
d cannot call vote to us
iii o replv C il unon or address
> t Oppy te Povofi t
i ip of whatever kind
it pil IJlmd or Uit il
h > J flijE
ii or Hereditary
iifviT ben knot a
ot WJ tnl i > v uviil
A tvWtt iirai
jcli pur haor of 6
on turn refund
< < > v il
O 111 ll
i ii r
j 2Sets a wox JJ
fi AIJC DRTJGfJelgTg p
V s <
I Wondurful tjpinih
S a
t n ue nil V oi > P
1030 u h M ttk
Mpiuorjr Loss of Kraln
lo v r Jiesdachc
Wakefulness LeitMau
li iou Nrnoum j Ljs
all Urjni
lw > Of PQW
tit n > Tjit TJ n
Aisril ty
mas or ilie jt 3 iv
lmuU its w m n ttltlmat iy
p u4i d Iniamt 1ut up
vtn tli leit pocWct JrUe
Wth r fl order we Civp
i 4 t cnr or refund the
i aiVadurtM ciruUrfree
wiAL CO Urancli Office fee U S A
4 M t CUIitiO ILL
V in Mt
Mam St
v1 articles
owtvico of th patient tt i
kud win c ct a per man eat and
I S the patient i a modcrat
v Trrcelt ii NEVER FAILS
ajTdft hav been cured wlio hava
tbs > ir collec without tbeir
di belifv tlioy quit drlnkmp of
IP piC 3ook of Fartieularo Free
A CO 0t Koastoa St
WuiTh T xrs
npnime UxfonI Teachers
ttlanv a Fortune Has
ffofe 6 Advertising
One Was
Never Lost By It
Appropriate Morning Sermon
by Dr Talmage in Brooklyn
His Text I Will Say lo the North Give Up
and to the South Keep Not Back
Tito Wreaths of Iteuuliful riower Sus
pended Oier Hie Jnlplr Linked To
gether Served us Au Object Lesson
to tbe Subject Presented
Special to tilt Uaette
BhooIxLjx May 31 Yesterday having
been oWmd as decoration day Dr Jal
uiasre this morning jtreached an appropriate
sermon Il was a novel and unprecedented
serM < < as in different parts of the audi
eme tere iuan > of those who had l > elouged
Kith Fedenil and Confederate armies
the subject having been previously an
ivUiiifil namil Two Garlands for
Northern and Southern Graves Overthe
pulpit were l vo wreatlis of beautiful flow
ers and they were liukrd logether so that
they were an object lesson ot the subject
presented Tet Isiah xliii 0 I will say
to the North give up and to the South
keep not back
Just what my text meant by the Xorth
and South 1 cannot say but in the United
States the two words are so point blank in
their weaning that no one can doubt They
mean mere than Ka l and Vest for al
though between those two last there have
been rivalries and disturbi ambitions and
cities and silver bills and Worlds
controversies there have been between
them iiu batteries uiilhnbered no etitrencli
meat dug no long line of sepulchur mounds
llirown up It ha never been Massachu
setts lourteenth regiment airiinst Wiscon
sin Zouaves it lias never been Virginia
artillery against Mississippi rifles
arc distinct words and soitietnnes may mean
diversity of interest but thero is no blood
on them They can be pronounced without
any intonation of wailing and deathgroan
JSut the Xorth and South are words that
have been surcharged with tragedies They
aiv > words which suggest that for forty
j ears the clouds had been gathering for a
four years tempest which thirty years ago
burst iu a fury that shook this planet as it
has never been shaken since it swung out
at the lirst worldbuilding 1 thank Jod
that the words have lost some of the inten
sity which they posses = ed ihie decades
ano that a vast multitude of Xlrthenipco
n e have moved South anil a vast multitude
of Soul hern people have moved Xorl h and
there have been intermarriages bv the ten
thousand and Xortlicrn colonels have mar
ried tun daughters of Southern captains
and Texas rangers have united for life with
the daughters of Xew York abolitionists
and their children are half Northern and
half Southern and altogether patriotic Hut
North and South are words that need to be
brought to still closer harmonization I
tlious t that now when we are half way be
u positlenthil elections and
arc al the lowest ebb and now pist after a
presidential journey w hen our chief magis
i rae w ho was chiefly elected by 1 he Xorl h
has been cordially received at the South
Und now just after two memorial days one
of them a month ago strvwiutr flowers on
Southern graves and the other yesterday
strewing llowers on Northern graves it
might be appropriate and useful forme to
preach a sermon which would twist two
garlands one for the Northern dead and
the other for the Southern dead and have
the two interlocked in a chain of llowers
that shall bind forever the Two sections into
one and who knows but that Ibis may be
the duv when the nronhecy of the text
made in regard to the ancients may lx ful
filled iu regard to this country and the
Xorih irive up iu prejudiiTS and the South
ieep no back its confidence will say to
tli North give up and to the South keep
ijoi back
But before I put these gurlands on the
graves 1 mean to put them this morning a
litte while on the brows of the living men
and women of the North and South who
lost husbands and sons and broth
ers during the civil strife There
is nothing more soothing to a
wound than a cool bandae ano these two
garlands are cool trom the ni ht dew
What a morning that was on the banks of
the Hudson and the Savannah when tbe
son was to start for the war What fath
erly and mot heriy counsel
wniriitAUs iiuiT nrinrrUEAKs
What charges tn write home ofen
What little keepsakes put away
m the knapsack or the bundle
that was to be exchanged for the
knapsac i The crowd around the deuot or
uinboat landing shouted but lather
Tud mother and sister criedjt And how
kmelv the house seemed after they went
home and vthil an awfully vacant chair
Unre was at the Christmas and Thanks
giving table And after the battle what
waiting for news What suspense till the
Ion lists of the killed and wounded were
made out Ail along the Penobscot and the
ionnccticut and the St Lawrence and the
Ohio and the Oregon and the lames and
the AUvmirlc am p Alabama and
the Mississippi and the Sacramento there
were lamentation and mourning and great
woe llachel weeping for her children and
refusing to be comforted because they were
not The world has forgotten it but father
and mother have uot forgotten it The
may be now in the eighties or the nineties
but il is a fresh wound and will always re
main a fresh wound Coming down the
steep of years the hands that would have
steadied those tottering steps have been
twentyeight years folded into the last
sleep The childlessness the widowhood
the orphanage who has a measuring line
ong enough to tel the height of it the
depth of it the infinity of it What a
mountain what an Alps what a Himalayan
of pileduu agony of bereavement in the
simple statement that 300000 men of the
North were slain and r00000 men of the
South were slain and hundreds of thou
sands long afterwards through tne exhaus
tions there suffered
lolNli UOWN TO III T11
j Ffiffflrain from the top of the tomb these
n wo garlands that I am twisting for a little
while that I may with them soothe the
brow of the living Over the fallen the
people said Poor fellow I What a pity
that he should huve been struck down I
We did not however often enough say
Poor fatlier poor mother poor wife
poor child and so 1 say it now Have
you realized that by that wholesale massa
cre hundreds of thousands of young people
at the North and the South have never had
any chance We who are fathers stand be
tween our children aud the world We
fight their battles we plan for tleir wel
fare we achieve their livelihood we give
them the advice of our superior years
Among the richest blesinss of my life I
thank God that my father lived to light my
battles until I was old enough to light for
myself Have you realized the fuct that our
civilwftr pitched out upon tho farmfields of
j Rrfrlh and the plantations of the South
multitude that no man can number chil
dren without fatherly help and protection
Under all the advantages ivhich
vte had of fatherly guidance what
a struggle life has been to the
most of us But what of the children two
and live and ten years of age who stood at
their mothers lap with great round won
dering eves hearing her read of those who
perished iu the battle of the Wilderness
their father gone down amid the dead host
Come young men and women who by such
disaster have had to make your own way in
life and 1 will put the earland on your
young and uuwrinkled brow Yes you
have had your own Malvern Hill and your
own South Mountain and your owl Gettys
burg all along these twenty years Como
And if I cannot spare a whole garland for
your brow I will twist in your locks at
least two flowers one crimson and one
white the crimson for the struggle of your
life which has almost amounted to carnage
and the white for the
Before I put the two garlands I am twist
ing upon the Northern ard Southern tomb =
I detain the garlands a little while that I
may put them upon the brow of the living
soldiers and sailors of tho North and South
who though in variance for a long while
are now at peace and in hearty loyalty to
the United States government and ready if
need be to march shoulder to shoulder
against any for gn foe The twentysix
winters that have passed since the war I
think have sufficiently cooled the hatreds
tha one burned Northward and Southward
to allow the remark that they who fought
in that conflict were honest on both sides
The chaplains of both armies were honest
in their prayers The faces that went into
battle whether they inarched toward the
gulf of Mexico or inarched toward the
north star were honest faces It is too
much to ask either side to believe that those
who came out from their homes forsaking
father and mother aud wife and child many
of them never to return were not in earnest
when they put their life into
awful exigency Witness the last
scene at family prayers up among
the green mountains or down by
the fields of cotton aud sugar cane Men
do not sacrifice their all for fun Men do
not eat mouldy bread or go without bread
at all for fun Mendo not sleep unsheltered
in equinoctial storms for fun There were
some no doubt on both sides who enlisted
for soldiers pay or expecting opportunity
for violence and pillago or burning with re
venge and thirst for human blood but
such cases were so rare many of you who
were in the war four years never con
fronted such
ax ixsTANrr or nnrrAViTT
As chaplain of a Pennsylvania regiment
and as a representative of the United States
Christian commission 1 was for a while at
the front and in those hospitals atHagcrs
town and Williamsburg and up and down
the Potomac where all the churches and
farm houses were tilled with wounded and
dying Federals and Confederates I forgot
amid the horrors to ask on which side they
fought when with what little aid I could
take them for their suffering bodies and
the mightier aid I could pray for their
souls I passed the days and months
amid scenes that in my memory seem
like a ghastly dream rather than pos
sible reality When a New Orleans boy
unable to answer my question as to
where he was hurt took him
from the folds of tho only garment that had
not been torn off him in the battle a New
Testament marked with his own lifeblood
and I saw the leaf turned down at the pas
sage My peace I give unto you not as the
worV giveth give I unto you it read just
as though it had been a Northern New Test
ament And when I sat down and took
from a South Carolinian dying in a barn at
Booncsvillc his last mes ngo to his wife
and mother and child it sounded just like
a message that a Northern man dying far
from home would send to his wife and
mother and child And when J picked up
from the battlefield of Antietam the frag
ment of a letter which I have somewhere
yet for the name and tho address were
torn off I saw it was
the woii > op a wirr
to her husband telling him how the little
child prayed for their father every night
that he might not get hurt in the battle and
might come home sound and come home
wellJbut that if anything happened to them
they might all meet again in the world
where there are uo partings it read just as
a Northern wifo would write to a husband
away from home and in peril conveying tho
messages oflittle children Oh yes they
were honest on both sides And those who
lived to getjliome andare livingyet were just
as honest and ought they not for the suf
fering thev endure have a coroual of some
Yea there was courage on both sides
They who were at tho front know that
When tho war opened the South called
the Northern men mudsills ard the
North called the Southern men brag
garts and pompous nothings but after
a few battles nothing more was said about
Northern mudsills and Southern brag
garts It was an army of lions against
an army of liens It was a Hock of eagles
midsky with iroa beak against auother
Hock of eagles ironbeaked It was thun
derbolt against thunderbolt It was arch
angel of wrath against archangel of wrath
It was Hancock against Lougstreet It
was Kilpatrick against Wade Hampton It
was Slocum against Hill ll was O O
Howard against Hood It was Sherman
against Stonewall Jackson
And the men who were under them were
just as gallant and some of than are here
and 1 detain the two garlands that I have
twisted for the departed and in recognition
of honesty and prowess put tiie coronals
upon these living Federals and Confeder
ates North and South vc will make a
great fuss about them when they are dead
There will not bo room on their tombstones
to tell how much we appreciate them We
shall call out the military and explode three
volleys over their graves making all the
cemetery ring under our command of
Fire We will have long obituary in
newspapers telling in what battles they
fought what sacrifices they endured what
Hags they captured in what prison ihey
suffered but all that will come too late
One word in the living ear of praise for their
honesty and courage will be worth to them
more than a military funeral two miles long
or a pile of flowers halt a mile high and ten
bands of music playing over the grave
Star Spangled Banner or Way Down
South in Dixie Now while they are in
their declining years and their right knee
refuses to work because of tho rheu
matism they got sleeping on the wet
ground on the banks of the Chickamauga
or their digestive organs are off on fur
lough because of the six months of prison
life in which their ratious were big slices
of nothing and their ears have never been
alert since the cannonade in which they
lieard so mucn they have been able to hear
but little since in these cases I call upon
the people of North and South to substi
tute a little antemortem praise for the
good deal of postmortem culogiuin
These two garlands that I twisted for
xoktiieux axp soiTunrx craves
shall not be put upon the grass of the tomb
until they have first encircled the foreheads
of the living I will let the front of the
wreath come down over the scar of a scalp
wound made by the sword of a cavalryman
at Atlanta anddroop a little over the eye
that lost its lustro iu the mine explosion at
Petersburg Huzza for the living Calla
lilies camelias and amaranths and palm
branches for the living
But we must not detain the two garlands
any longer from the piliows of those who
for a quarter of a century have been pros
trate in dreamless slumber never oppressed
by summer heats or chilled by winters
cold Both garlands arc fragrant Both
have in them the sunshine and the shower
of this springtime The colors of both are
mixed by Him who mixed the blue of the
sky and the gold of the sunset and the green
of the grass ard the whiteness of the snow
crystal And I do not care which you put
overthe Northern grave and which you put
overthe Southern grave Does any one
say What is the use None of them
will know it your Decoration days both
sides Mason and Dixons lino are a great
waste of flowers Ah 1 see you have
carried too far my idea that praise of the
living is better than praise for the departed
Who says that the dead do not know of the
flowers I think they do
The body sleeps but the foul lives and is
unhindered No two cities on earth are in
such rapid and constant communication as
earth and heaven and the two great Deco
ration days of North and South are better
known in realms celestial thau terrestrial
With what interest we visit the place of our
birth aud of our boyhood or girlhood days
And have the departed no interest in this
world where they were born and ransomed
and where they suffered and triumphed
My Bible docs not positively say so nor
does my catechism teach it but my com
mon sense declares it The departed do
know and the bannered procession that
marched the earth yesterday to Northern
graves and the bannered procession that
marched a month ago to Southern graves
were accompanied by two grander though
invissible processions that walked the air
processions of the ascended processions cf
the martyred processions of the
sainted and they heard the anthems
of the churches and tlio salvo of the
batteries trad they stoapid down to breath
the ircense of the flowers These august
throngs gathered this morning in these
pews and aisles and corridors and galleries
are insigniiienntcompared with the might
ier throngs of heaven who mingle in this
service which we render to God and our
country while we twist tha two garlands
Hail spirits multitudinous Hail spirits
blest Hail martyred ones come down from
the Kings palaces How glad we are tliat
you have come back again Take this kiss
of welcome and these garlands of reminis
cence ye who languished in hospitals or
went down under the thunders and the
lightnings of Fredericksburg and Cold
Harbor and Murfreesboro and Corinth and
Yorktown and above the
Among the thousands of gatherings at
the Xorth and at the South for Decoration
days I am conscious that this service is
unique and that it is the only one in which
there has been twisted two garlands one
for the grave of the Northern dead and the
other for the grave of tho Southern dead
O Lotd God of the American Union is it not
time that we bury forever our old grudges
My My Can we not be at peace on earth
when this moment in heaven dwell in per
fect love Ulysses S Grant and Robert E
Iee William T Sherman and Stonewall
Jackson and tens of thousands of Northern
and Southern men who though they once
looked askance at each other from the oppo
site banks of the Potomac and the Cliicka
hominy and the James and the Tennessee
now are on the same side of the river keei >
ing jubilee with some of those old angels
who near nineteen centuries ago came down
one Christmas night to chantbver Bethle
hem Glory to God in the highest on
earth peace good will to men
I have been waiting for some years for
some one else to twist the two garlands that
I today twLst but no one doing it in tho
love of Gcd and my country I put now my
hand to the work and next spring about
this tune if I am living and well I will
twist two more garlands for
xoirrnEux axd soiTiiEnx grave
and every springtime until some man or
wonuii whom I may have cheered a little
in the struggle of this life shall come out
and put a pansy or two onmv own grave
But if the time should ever como when this
land hall be given over to sectional rancor
and demagogism and North and South or
East and West shall forget what the good
God built this nation for ami it shall halt
on its high career of righteousness and lib
erty and peace and become the agent of
tyranny and wrong aud oppression then let
some young man whom I havo baptized in
infancy at these altars go out to Greenwood
and scoop up my dust and scatter it to the
four winds of heaven for I do not want to
sleep and I will not sleep in a land ac
cursed with sectionalism or oppression
And now I hand over the two garlands
both of which are wet with many tears
tears of widowhood and orphanage and
childlessness tears of suffering and tears
of gratitude and as the ccteinony must be
performed in symbol there not being
enough flowers to cover all the graves take
the one garland to the tomb of some North
ern soldier who may yesterday have been
omitted iu tho distribution of thesacrament
of flowers and the other garland to the
tomb of some Southern soldier who may
a month ago have been omitted in the dis
tribution of the sacrament of the llowers
and put both the wreatlis gently down over
the hearts that have ceased to beat God
bless the two garlands God save the
United States of America
Hones Cus
neinaiiiing in the postoftice at Port Worth
Tex Monday June 1 1 H To obtain any of
these letters the applicant mtit call for ad
verti Hd letters and give the dale of the list
Alfo all letters advertised shall be charged
with 1 cent in addition to the regular postage
to be accounted for as part of the postal rev
enue s per section XO pise 315 United Stales
potal laws
Avre ta < ri Mrs
Allen Fannie
Mir n Fannie N Mrs
JJrowi Lizzie
Ilrown Kmnia
llrooks May K
Han Xora Mrs
liarli Carrie Mrs
Hrjor Clara
Cooper C P Mrs
farther Mamie
Cobb Ulauch
Curtis Minnie
Cunningham Sallle
Da vies Xannie Sutten
Dennis A X Mrs
Donalasou K Mrs
Drcsniaii Jennie
Edwards Edna
Lngland L K Mrs
Forbes Mary
Ford Xellie
Greene Katie M
Oltiucer Maude
Gordon Maggie
Gray Nancr
Holly SalliB
Harris Florence
lladley Viola Mrs
Hart J
Herbirt Iuiv
Hill Lizzie Mrs
G < <
Adams A 11
Allen William
Allen Dr J A
Anderson Kobert L
Abernathy D H
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Asuby John U 2
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Dougas John
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Garrett R B
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Marshall S A Mrs
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McCain Dollie
Orr L J Mrs
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Perry X M Mrs
Parks lpcinda Mrs
Parker Linda Mra
Parijn Sallie Mrs
liyals FannieLMrs
Kelford Lucy
Randolph Amanda Mrs
Robertson Lizzie
Shannon K G Mrs
Thompson X W Mrs
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Trawick Stella
Trimmer Addie Mrs
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Williamson Kate
Woo ton TV J Mrs
Hollinnswortb Henry
Holt Lem
Hui Marshall
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Hanson Ed Watkins V H
Kroha Edward Walker Harton
H ear Burton i Co M core B ros
Cumciing B Y Whetstone Pattle
Fine fresh clfees
And jumblesV
and Commission Mer
What the Iniquitous SobTreasury Hill
Meant nicriminatinn Against the
Poor Farmers Miuers JEtc
SrniXGTOTVX Tex May 231S91
Editor Gazette
The object of tho subtreasury advocates
is to get cheaper money and more monev
to the people Their object is right but
their plan is wrong because it is class leg
islation paternalistic impracticable etc
In this article I will discuss the first ob
jection class IegislaLon
The products to be stored in these pro
posedtobebuilt subtreasuries are cot
ton wheat corn oats tobacco TBill in H
The leading national pursuits of America
are Farming mining stock raising and
manufacturing Tliis bill or theory pro
vides for the farming class only Now lets
examine the theory as explained bv the
bill with the farmers
Section 1 bill II It T160J provides that
the average gross amount per annum ot
cottou wheat oats corn and tobacco prod
ucts sold in a county for the last preceding
two years must exceed the sum of < 00U0Cti
before the farmers of such county can have
the benefit of a warehouse Now examine
this with Texas and note the result Of
course other states would show a greater
difference In this state there are aT or
ganized counties 119 of them produce less
than the requisite 00000 worth of prod
ucts per annum and a majority of them
produce less than 100000 worth yearly
So it is plain that the poor class of farmers
the persons mostly in need of equal rights
must spend half of their time in going to
market or do without any subtreasury
pie The poorer class of farmers such as
are compelled from their financial standing
to be tenants seek the newly settled coun
ties that even produce less iu quality and a
much less quantity and oltcn make total
failures in order to obtain a home of their
own This class of farmers is discriminated
against by the subtreasury plan
All glans that will not reach the poorest
man contain no reform principle at all
Nay are they even characteristic of such
Now as to mining Moje than 131970000
000 pounds of coal 2o00tHW0iXI pounds of
steel and 0300000000 pounds of pig iron
are produced in the United States How
are those engaged in this important indus
try to get money advanced on their prod
ucts The subtreasury plan makes no
provision for it Howare they to pay the
oppressed laborers who arc forced to
neglect their education endanger their
health and lives live half clothed and a
cast off from society more cramped than
slaves to earn the plainest diet on which to
live The subtreasury plan does not make
the first provision of assistance for this
class of people Thev can reply in but one
possible way namely That the miners
and mine laborers can get their money
through the farmers But this answers
nothing The trouble today is that the
money must go through so many mediums
from tho government to the laborers that
they the laborers are kicked if they
clains the right to handle money at all
In all the jumbo argument advanced by
the nubtreasury bosses not once have
ever heard of one of them asserting much
less showing wherein the miners or mine
laborers were to bo benefited 5 cents worth
by this newly named Greenbacker s
scheme What can our laboring friends
of the mining class say of this wildcat
theory They can but answer Away with
your class legislation
1 he fanning class is not the only class
that is depressed Next we will examine
the bill or theory in regard to stock rais
ing Does this new plan of relief make
any provisions for the woolgrowers who
furnish more than three hundred million
pounds of wool annually to clothe the
farmers as well as any other class of peo
ple Will it furnish warehouses in which
to place this 90000000 worth of sheep or
the annual wool crop when put on market
No tho sheep raisers is not the class the
sutresury leaders are tooting their
horns for
Hie value of the hogs in the UnPed
States amounts to more than i90 > 0000
Is this reform plan to assist the hog
raisers by building warehouses through
which to sell the hogs to the factories
No the subtreasury partisans are not
bothering their brains about this class
Is this poppy subtreasury plan to build
warehouses with plnty of stalls selfwa
tered and fecded in which to store beef
steers until the market is better Not if
the subtreasury fiddlers know themselves
Only think of it there are more than
900000000 worth of caUle in the United
States more than the value of two cotton
crops yet the subtreasury whoopers
dont know or dont heed that they should
be included in legislating for the masses
Another dose for the subtreasuryitcs Ixi
the name of equality why should there not
have been a mule and horse and jackass
provision in the egg before it was placed in
the incubator Did you not know that
il000000000 is much less than the horses
and mules in the United States the cost of
more than three cotton crops How is > t
anyway that you are so inspired as to make
no warehouse provision for the sale of
mules and horses sheep hogs cattle etc
Then when you made a henscratch and
roostercluck over your late discovery
from a dream you could have come more
nearly saying that your scheme was for tho
general welfare and not been crowing
The greatest good for the greatest num
ber a correlative to Kqual rights to the
greatest number and special privileges to
the same but with a clearer conscience
said The greatest good to all a har
mony to Kqual rights to all and special
privileges to none
Now to the last part of the subject man
This subtreasury scheme provides for
the sale of textile cotton but turns a deaf
ear to textile wool to the manufactories
Now properly and very appropriately arises
the question does this plan provide for
the sale of goods through the government
to tho consumers
Not in any one of the bills introduced is
congress or stated in the socalled Ocala
platform is any such provision made Is
not manufacturing an authorized honest
beneficial yea I an essential industry
Are not those engaged in this industry de
serving legislative notice Do not the
million honest laborers engaged in this
pursuit who are by class legislation that
is so absorbing their financial vitality that
they are compelled against their most
sacred desire to strike iu order to obtain
equal rights with those who have been
blessed with the cream of legislative pro
tection deserve a notice in legislation for
the masses I answer emphatically that
they do and any proposed plan that is
gotten up for one class detrimental to an
other as is true of this subtreasury
plan should not occupy the time oC reform
1 say this sabtrEasury pian is discrim
inating in favor of one class and detri
mental to another probably some one will
ask how is that It is easy enough
answered because the class for which tliis
scheme is wncocted is to get money direct
from the government while the other classes
regardless of their depressed condition
must get their money through the favored
class at any rate of per cent that might be
The subtreasury advocates who are un
able to meet the argument of the plan being
class legislation have hatched out a new
definition an absent one of class legisla
tion If any one doubts it an investigation
will prove it He who studies tho general
welfare cannot advocate class legislation
I will consider all the objectionable features
to the subtreasury plan and then Xollow
with a Democratic plan
Geo T Mcrpit
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The Finding Hon John P White Pre
siding lodge 1 M Hurt unil w L
Davldon Asocbite Judges 1
Walton Clerk
Thomas Kinley vs the State from Llano
1 This was a prasecutior commenced in the
county court by information charging a >
pellant with aggravated assault predicated
upon a complaint charging him with assault
with intent to murder Held A complaint
charging a feloiy cannot form the basis on
information and where on information
charging a misdemeanor is predicated upon
a complaint alleging a felony there is such
a variance exhibited as renders the whole
proceeding void and the conviction with
out warrant or authority of law Bccaus
the information is without an authorized
complaint to support it the conviction is
without ii legal basis Reversed and dis
missed Davidson J
E I j Henry vs the State from Llano
Conviction for violating the local option
law Assistant AttorneyGeneral Harrison
files a confession of error which tho
court compliments by adopting it as their
opinion holding that under the local op
tion law prior to the amendatory act of
1bs7 it was necessary for the commis
sioners court to be petitioned before they
could order an election aud that an order
ordering an election iu the absence of
proof of the tiling of a legal petition was
inadmissible as evidence Beirjr no proof
of a iietition it was error to admit proof
of an order of the court ordering the
election Reversed ami remanded
Davidson T
Gulf Colorado and Santa Fe Railway vs
A Key from Coleman 1 On a former
day of the term this cause was remanded
because of the exeessivo verdict On a
motion for rehearing of which appellant
has been duly notified and makes no an
swer appellee files a remittitur of that
portion of the verdict held to be in excess
of the value of the auimal sued for the
judgment will be affirmed for j tT So
ordered White P J
TV J Warder vs State from Noian Un
lawfully separating a fence 1 Under a
prosecution for a violation of the act of
April 15 Iss9 it is incumbent on the slate to
prove the want of consent of the owner or
joiut owner of the fcee to its removal as
well as the failure of the party prosecuted
lo give the statutory notice before such re
moval and without this proof the evidenea
will not support a judgment of conviction
2 The assistant attorneygeneral in his
able brief confessing error which is
adopted by the court says The complaint
and information stato no offense the com
plaint in that it does not allege that the re
moving was without the consent of the joint
owner and the information in that it
neither alleges tho want of consent nor
want of notice It is the want of consent
aud the failure to give notite that is the
gravamen of the oTejse Reversed and
dismissed Davidson 1
Andy White vs the State from Lamar
Conviction for aggravated assault with a
gun by using same in an angry and threat
ening manner vith intent to alarm W K
Caston 1 The evidence sliows that tho
alleged injured party was a deputy sheriff
who with others went to the residence of
appellant at night to arrest him having
however no warrant and no process or any
kind for his arrest When tho parties
reached his house appellant was not at
home and they secreted themselves about
the house and yard awaiting his coming
When finally appellant came the party ac
costed him asking him his name He asked
thorn who they were and they replied
rftleers He then commenced backing off
elevating his gun and keeping jame elevated
until he finally ran for his horse and
escaped Held The evidence does not sup
port tho verdict in that no intention to
alarm anyone within the purview of the
statute is shown Reversed and remanded
Davidson 1
Arch English vs the State from Jones
Horsetheft 1 For the three reasons ard
under tLe samo circumstances as iu the
Dixon English case decided on a former
day of the term tho court erred in over
ruling the motion for a continuance As
sistant AttorneyGeneral Harrison with
characteristic candor confesses error Re
versed and remanded White P 1
T N Kemp vs the State from Palo
Pinto Conviction for slander by imputing
a want of chastity to a female 1 The
complaint and information are both suf
ficient and set out sufficiently the slander
ous words Tho middle initial of a name
is immaterial The information and com
plaint were filed at the same time as shown
by the indorsement on same The al
legations as to divers other words etc
was properly treated by the court as sur
plusage and besides it is not necessary to
prove all the words or language set out in
the information specifically 4 The alle
gation that tho slanderous words were
uttered in presence or Gabriel and divers
other witnesses did not require proof that
other persons were present 13 App 2J0
Affirmed Per curiam
Fred Spray berry vs the State from
Brown Malicious mischief 1 The corpus
delicti was fully proved independent of ap
pellants confession 2 The horse was shot
allover on one side with shot It is evident
that somebody shot that horse and that he
did not shoot himself Appellant stated
twice that he shot the horse Affirmed
Per curiam
T W Barker vs the State from Live
Oak Creating a disturbance at an election
1 Plea of jeopardy proiierly strickeu out
Assault set up in the pea is not the same
offense as disturbing an election 2 The
evidence is not sent up in the record As
there are no exceptions to the action of the
court with refererre to tho perons com
plained of in the motion for a new trial the
matter complained of cannot be considered
here Affirmed Per curiam
Steve Killman vs the State from Cole
man Keeping and exhibiting a gaming
table 1 No error in overruling motion to
quash indictment Bad spelling does not
vitiate an indictment Tho court did not
err in permitting Morris to testify as to
the facts constituting the offense No
error Affirmed Per curiam
Jim Jenkins vs the State from Llano
Unlawfully carrying a pistol 1 No state
ment of facts and no bills of oxception re
served 2 The record shows nothing
with reference to the danger or who was
the dangerous person or the occasion of
the great and imminent peril to defendant
3 The opening sentence of the charge was
rather comprehensive but the court
subsequent portions thereof aided by ap
pellants special instructions presented
tho law in rood form Affirmed Per
Henry McKissick vs the State from
Limestone Adultery 1 A bill of exs5 f
ceptions to the exclusion of evidence can
not be included in the statement of facts
7 App 194 12 App rl 13 App 523 13
App 90 2 Evidence of marriage by the
person who married the woman was suffi
cient Affirmed Per curiam
James Dychca vs the State from Bell
Exhibiting a gaming table 1 The motion
in arrest of judgment was properly over
ruled 2 The indictment isnotduolicitous
to simply allege two phases of the same
offens °
which may be done in the same
AfaiTued Per curiam
Wylie Harris vs State from Parker
Unlawfully tarrying a pistol 1 No staie
ment of facts that can lie considered as
same was tiled after ad oatinient of court
and there is uo order copied in the record
authorizing such liiing No bils execu
tions Affirmed Per curiam
Iouis Cane v the State from Ii o
Unlawfully carrying a pistol 1 T ine the
evidence is conflicting the jury have founu
against appellant aud we cannot disturb
their fading Affirmed Per cut 11
W S Lewis vs the Sute from Brew
ster Selling liquor iu quantities of a
quart and more and peraiittim same to b
drank on the premises 1 Indictment gooo
wnether defendant had a license to sell t >
the quart of not was imraalsrrir He hi
no right to pemit liquor to be drank at xc
same place where sold if sold in quant ue
of a quart and more with or wttio u
quart license It was not neccssar
allege in the indictmenthat the ueieuu u
was outraged in the occupation of seltut
liquor Aflrmed Per curiam
lyda Ryan vs rre State fro > 1
Keeping a disorderly house 1 Ch
taken as a whole was siifiiceut 2 The
idence having been ffund to be sufficient
the jury this judgment will no be
turned Evidence sul iicient AftirmM I
Stowers Piano ami Furniture i imp
ctal vs L Benjamin et al Application
injunction 1 Ts injunction
on the answer is defendants I he pro i
mgs in contempt arc also dismissed uu
parties arc discharged en their a s > i
All costs of thts jiiocedint for iiij net
and contempt are adjudge agai st
Stowcis piano company et al So erde
Per curiam
Bud Tucker vs the State from I
Unlawfully publishing writing aiid
ing indecent composition etc I The <
deuce is sufficient ami there is no cee r
error Affirmed Per curiam
Tho measure wffJtttteJIou iana tofterv
cojnpaiiy cliallcngi KjDrTore the siiiirrue
coaafecaii be defendeirsuly on the ground ot
m aT Kdiene v Unokuotedly it is as au
abstract pruoaitioii an mvasic of the lib
erty ofUic hcsKftwl a infringe unit o
personal rTsttjJJt lUiftatetpilly if congress
may deny the ltssf Hj fcr1 ° n < spapers
containing lotteVfjaj isements it may
with equal proprietyTaWtanuar action i
thecaso of liquo idvertiseWnts playing
card advertisement bucketshop advertise
ments or any othef which the pn y iu the
majority at the ijment may choo < to e
gard as imujjgLaTid pernicious There i
indeed no ciuFTSWho mischief and oppres
sion to which suCthu principle once estab
lished may not leaSji It is but natural
therefoifjljdiat tho conMitution should re
pudiate i fifip generic way and that t
should be destfl infsulix > rt in precedent
We can readily scWtafiH the attorney gen
erals office may havefcuiid it impossible to
defcnd Jshe law on any oil moral aud to a
certaw cxt > ot sc tiirerttal grounds As
we sqc it this fatfttttrjs Vot whether tlm
govejiunent can fiSsVanyXEefense in laws
already existent butTtbc cr the supreme
courtwill iu view of ffie Vravity of tha
case feriginate a law to ht this particular
emergency The strictures en Mr Maurv
strike uas unjust He hasuio case ard
he virtutlrjjconfesses as inucji What Ins
brief nicaiiSgis that the jpreine eouiii
should make a r ij6jprlii > Washingtoi
D C CriticRccoWr
The X ew York World comments on tit
above as follows
Why did not the attorneygeneral leu
discover the limitations of power and see
that the bill was so framed as to be const
tutional The World urgently pointed ou4
the necessity for such caution at the liiie
and the reply uniformly was that the a ttoi
neygencrals office had thoroughly i ji >
sidered that matter How comes n thiii
that the momect the law is questioned tho
best the attorneygeneral cai do j to con
fess that he has no case and pray the eoi r
to make a case for him
Opposed to iroienur
St Louts Mo May 30 Louis Bertlioli
chairman of the executive committee of tlu
GermanAmcrican societies of the Lniid
States and presideut of the convention <
that organization recently he1 in Washing
ton sent a telegram to Hon Charles Fo
tcr rccretary of the treasury request ut
the withdrawal of the appoint tient of Gen
Grosvenor as immigration cunimis ion > >
Grosveuor it will be reiiiem ertl in an i
tcrview recently published intmated o i
immigration laws were too lax a A in su
port of that statement cited the ini rease of
foreigners landed in this country from Ita i
aud the peculiar condition of affairs as i
thougl t iu Wisconsin where t i erma
elernj > rrttS gaining control of Hj > state
rf f
on < l Ttraft LaJze irt oS
spent jVy thc UctedrtiiUflri > i
IOMtm ExltW ctirfrf Pile
QMSncnting on the postponement of o
lottery case the Xew York World s
The supreme court has postponed
hearing until autumn in order that the i
may be determined by a full hence but t
briefs are In ard a careful reauing of ti >
is not very reassuring to those i liu il e
to see some effective restraint paee upi
this lcgilied gaublliig XJC argetueu f
tin lottery law or upon thewonsi ii it > i
questions involved is verv sfVung that
Assistant Atoriiey eneri Mairy foi
government seems irucii weak
really capable attorney gcueral wod hj
made it If the law lies vih the
the case we must depend upon toe
discover the fact w bout much iielJ
thoattonvygonciji s om e as at
manned j
This is scarcely jtJBkto the attonnj
oral s office Mr MatfeftJias made
case that was pas iblesfn 3
in t ± s controversy ar < fBS sumab
actdffrivj ull 1
eral Jajlfg
ness frogr
The trou
harmony wttli Attorney Ie
hUB38 > tAprcvcntcd by i
ngtiie brief i > ersoii
it tiieStnvcrmiipnt lias not
ce of the pape1
Assign 1 at Delia Ilaiu
Conrspomif nee of the Gazette
Deiia Pluv Tnx My 27 Ewing and
McLain the leading merchant of tli j
place made an assignment today to J L
Loftin of Delta Plain forthe benefit of their
creditors Liabilities about J7W0 assets
not known but supposed to bo soinewhati
greater than their liabilities
Ful Hardy of this ciunty had his loweit
jaw dislocated aud fractured by a runaway
team yesterday He is doing well at
ror every dollar received by the Gazettg
in snbseription to its weekly edition tj A
i i
tra copy one year will tiJIJMtr Y
address Uesirnatad lKPwr iie state op
tWf saatoffivr > fie year will be seat octsldg
District Court Adjourned Ht Sherman
Suerma Tex May 11 District court
adjourned Friday evening and Judge MusQ
will open court at McKinney early in June >
50 for the round trip to Papfi X me 1 p
Kiiiits via Fin r TViH jljiji imT Wit TT T ni K

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