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Fort Worth gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.) 1891-1898, June 01, 1891, Image 8

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will be presented for the benefit
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To Insure nulillcition In Tlig Sj gS
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1m been in attcndiiit at the Buti hers
monal Protective assooiat ion convention
i s ssjon in Alleghonv He imiih in tho
n uiMil the Ch imber of Comment of
J hi Worth toollei a site of wi aiiesof
i imi to hi used s a distribut i g st ition tor
i it le Cen Cameron is a 1 itw finelook
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i nt advoi ite m the future possibilities
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J > r imi 1 1 Si ixki i
< it > emulators
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it Worth within the past twoxeais Cou
mi ron s tui
I lie g imth of Tott Woith is phtuom
i i I s than twentj vcars ago thote
i is but one house to marl tho tin of to
1 otn jp irs 1 iter it was t town ol 112i
i nut mts J he < ens si ist iar showed
P ipul it ton of Js nK people t is nov
i gniod as the capital anil distiihuiing
1 mi for Western and Noithun Texas
I iio wonderful growth with nluh the i itv
r i l n blessi it is in a large pait owinir to
i lot ition t issiliiited at the noithun
ice of the cotton iult mitkiug it the best
i ton market in Texas It is loiattdin the
mm uieast portion of tho Ianhindle who it
H on of Texas whiih is one of the greatest
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i imiiiestit and tire purpose ml met
I i one of the best iUi si stems in the
i ntiv Ihe tity is suinmndcd with
i dn < l of urts of aiiitultuial lands
i d tin famun purposes and stoikias
ii tin tannul be suipissed am w ev A
w iv lOMipanv is not slow to leeo nue
idvautaires to be obtained in lnvadinir a
s ui of < ountii and ieali7in that Tori
111i would soon uj one of the most pnpu
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littideof Wl feel atd is 120ftet above
n rivet Aiimiicr its mdusti les the
i out mis live srim olevatois with < i
t lor SMI Kbushels four Hominrmills
I i ipiitv of ntWbairtls a d i stoi 1
i with iipu itv for SUikl luvui of ntle
t JiKHl iiosrs theonlv moss < ollit in the
< States t lie largest n on foundi v m
is i iiuhet fittoiv eonsuminir liftj
i isof lloti i dav the onlv tielsio r
in Tevis tht onlv granite rooli < a
pun in the southwest thiie iunoul
pae iis house vvitli a tapititv of
> hui tin v ivfijeiator i ipautv i < V
bivwuv tapatitv 100 IKM burels
mium v ooli ii rolUii aul tott in
s and numerous other enteipiises
h aiv to be loimd in thiiving and pvs
Is tltlls
llieeitv has also seventeen ihurches
i mt Idueattonal fauli ns le tinnvaled
tue h s a sthool fnnd of Sir 000 00
t pibin si hool 1 mis worth ovei soO ooo
oo i d rapidh nitieLn in value Tue
I W ortkumtorsitv is situated in the
1 t of the i itv and is a prospeious insti
t i m 1 nat people are rapidh fratherny
t 11 his set tim of the slate is provui bv the
amount ot al estate bousrht and sold dur
in the eu Dunne the hrst eleven
m mt lis of lsKi statistics show that real cs
t i to the amount of tl 01M4J was sold
Tin iitv has seven national banks aud the
p ue Ii is bteon i lit utiiuaitcrs for numer
o is wealthy loan and investment tompa
If a Mai is Guilty He Needs No Accjser a
m in roin dovn M un stre EMrtn ea
souk al tut ion bj his lKj lrrinto every
hi i he passitlWjjjwitf Tinal he pot be
liiun iijl1 < Slv < Brr inthstivetshL was seen
t t r tt rtftiooi and then the turn i c Tie
J hi had spilled lior e liniment on his new
s i iiot id took it to Gaston B > os
s mini houe to have it i leaned aud
w tun in left with the coat O K he said
an advtitisement eausht lmn
Mill maintain Independence
BriiLiv Mav 11 t a meeting of tho
atloIlal Libeials attended bi about four
humired persons a motion offeied bj Hen
I inirstu was adopted that the partv was
iti erinmed to inainLctn its indeendenee
aim to preserve Us liberal sentiments
he meetuijr aiso approved the sending of
fnendlj tcieuram to Prince Bismarc
Go to J
Commercial Convention Concluded
JAtmtt > av 11 At a meeting of the
cabinet toda lie queen regent presiding
Pcuner Canoras De Castello announced the
commercal convention with the United
btates had been ccatltnled
Tnda at TunyfS DIngeos nejt month
if j ou want coQ r ty ngs to eat
Old Soldiers Again Honor Their
Departed Comrades
Dr Tinnon Ircathes an J Ioquent Sermon
to I ee Camp ami friend G it
Services at the Opera House
Dr 1 liters ddres
The memorial nuc at the Cumbei
land Piesb tcnan thuii h esterdai con
sisted in an cerant address delivered b
thepastot Kev I M linnon D D who is
also eh iplaiu of thelv E Jee post of cvCon
foticrates to both the boys in blue and
gi a The attendance of the boj smsv ery
large and the audit nee and friends of the
old soldiers tilled the church
The s > eukor took for his text Isiiih i 9
Ihei shall not hurt nordestiov m all mv
hoi mountain for the taith shall 02 full of
the lmov lege of tho Lord as the waters
tovei the sea
Aire idj ages hive rolled avvij and men
have begun to think that tins is but a poet s
dream Hie longtonllitt in this woild has
been between the spu it of hurting and the
spuit of helpniL
Mlie two that have divided empies have
been the God of hate and the God ofclove
Kveiv moining the pioimses lung like
golden t louds that greet the coming ol the
sun anueveij oeningthe sun goes down
in blood c mopitd in daikness
Nations have tome ami pissed and have
come again and penshed revolutions seem
jjto have brought forth nothing but blood
i Jnnd for genei itions w hile the rai seemed
to go up on an ascending se lie the > have
bi in pceipitiled agai
Oiientalectmtia s with thei high state
of tivilization and their mocitchs woe
quenched in the vv jrs and never lekindled
lvtn Giccce with her own statesmen
poets and aitists went out and thouch
new eliannels were found m the
toman einpne what has become of
Koine with all her greimess ouiy to
be i cast heidlonga to linn And the
imdueval poweis nourished for a while
giowmg blighter and nesting itself with
bfautv onli to be sutteeded by lKe pei
ishable waves
j nd is he ejclc of huimn life and soeietv
to oe this a vagrant evei thangiug ai d
< vei the same exptritnte Is man is inui
kmllike the vegttabes of the eat th th it
esovn sping toith aie cut down and
ncn n no more W hat is the pros i t be
tweeii h He nut love between God ransom
mg icionstriieting and saving and the
spirit ol ill evil tieading under foot good
ness evei vwl ee
How noes ihe simit of love m the hum m
rate compae null tne spuit of
lovtin hiii oilier a rc Close observa
tion shows unquestionable ovidtnies
that the gieat b ittle is turning at last in
favor of benefiecnie aid the spuit ol the
iire worcs sv mpathj kindness beucvo
lente love God
K is true that nowhere i love the abso
lute spnt but in the 1 ousfhod Inbusi
ness selhshntss moie or less modihed is
the law Intheitalm of pohtii selhsh
ness self seeking is still more egiegnoiislv
the law of pioieduie Ihe law ol love is
ttitainlv not the law of politics
Even in oui mtional and niteriiation ll
life it would seem as if seltshness
dinost ginned Uvei i elision has been
found not infieitentlj lighting on the side
o1 selfishness and asrainst tiue benevolcnie
lot allattemptsit right thinkimr and light
wot ship ate not well understood Yet on
the whole in business in politns m mtii
l monal eomitv and in religious adminis
11 at ion theieisa thango from winter to
spiingnd from spun to summer and the
v v ist who follow the hundof Piovidenee
and disiein whit ate those chjmes
in the gicnt iclesti il seasons tint now be
tokti the advnte of that bltssed time
v hen the earth shall be full of God of that
God whose name is love
11ns spun is sten m the striking of
hands ovei ihe gi ues of the blue anil gi i
is witnessed vsteidu and in oui gathei
itig here and in the luenioiials all ovei the
land orh t > outh E ist and West where
all hive itheied with one heirt to
dicorate the gravos ol depaitcd
heioes Tears havea mingled togetliei
tnbutt s have been mutual and the hands of
those who weie foemen hive been lotkid
in ti Icinai grsp ovei the giaves where
1 iv the tiue hcuts of tiie Noith anu fouth
To d n in our luarts and bi our acts we
ai knowledge and p iv hoiiiart tothcheioisii
ot the eiti7en soldiers on both sides o til it
gieit toutest Theie weie stilling quali
ties in the heioes on eithei side
We aie poud of the heioie
spirit < lisilued bv them Heioism
with tin i ws a lommon possession
whether jund nj the Xoith or the South
Hmht tu w rong that irrand qualitj abides
And now that the old pain has gone out it
is bettci foi us all and we aie all proud
alike that while on the one sdo there was
a e lvsses S Grant on the othei there w is
a Uobeit U Lee while on the one side
there was i Wllnm leumseh tihenuaii on
the other theie was a Stonewall Jackson
Heroism I sav was a common
qualitv and a fairtr light rests this dav on
those grives because m them are heroes
who fell lighting with heroes m battle
Aud we are ft lends v orthv of eai h othei s
fnendslup bceause we wciefoemen worthj
of eu h other ssteeL
But what we see to dav of unitv and fel
lowship and love is not the result of wai
Suih fiiits gio not ou the soil of the
b ittleheld dreut hed with human blood as
a nation il grow th
It is something deeper mightier grander
It tomes from a seed pi mted bv the hand of
God anu watered bv His love It tomes fiom
tho teaching of the bessed Spirit thai in
dicted in tet and is illustrated m the life
of the son of God He came to snatch
victoi v from the crest of hate He taught
th it of one blood God had m ideall peope
th it one is our Mastei even Chnst and
all are brethren J
W lnle candorcompels the admission that
there are those of the North who chensli
then wounds as me ins of gain and feed
their hate as thev feed their bodies on what
their souls eoniene to be the honest spoils
or iovaltv and that there aie those ot the
South ho fan their hate and keep it alive
bv hoarding in memorv the things thev
oiee possessed while these may still hate
on as they will heroes and patriots can
feed on no such carrion blt turn
awav in disgust from the sickening feast on
which only ittlturcs could fatten But
true men who have imbibed the principles
of the Gosiiel aio everywhere striking
hards and catching step in the great march
of progress are keepuig time with the
wingbeat of the angels as they sinsr their
jjpng of peace The speaker heie showed
Trow his own chuich the Cumberland
Presbv tenan denomination had led
in illustration of this gospel of
love He stated that less than
a week ago jthe general assembly met on
the lustone ground Owensbcro Kj where
in C6 thev came together alter all the strife
and division of war Thej cime from the
h ittleheld of both sides and met here
There on a boat making an oxturston on
the Ohio river to another historic point the
suivivers of the assembly of C5 were called
together aud gave remniscences of that
ealhenng Here the speaker read several
extracts from the Cumberland Presbvte
riau showing the spint of love manifested
at tint carh day
With these men in the presence of God
there was neither Corth nor South There
was a reversal heart undivided bv latitude
gitudc Thej sang and wept together
so the bells of this united church
which knows neither North nor South have
in them whenever rung notes of prophecy
that the day is coming when even Christ
ians will learn to love one another when
churches and sects will lav down
their arms Thou shalt love God
and thou shalt love man nations
can be brought into unity with
that and with nothing else Let us there
fore as we behold the signs and tokens of
the day < understand wnence thev come and
as we see a people so latelv divided bv
hate doing those aets that are in the fui
Hilinem of the hiehest interests of human
dunng the war If it is fat
ting that I a stranger should
speak of these tluncs all well But Den
ver and Fort Worth arc united bv iron
bauds Colorado and Texas bj closest ties
I was present at the services jesterda and
heard the manly words expressed I felt
like a boj at a Fourth of July celebration
who is asked to make way for the
veterans of lbl2 the brave men of times
gone bj I felt no part except as a bov
But these services are intended to unite
these affairs of yours to Christianity
After war more blessed is sweet iieace
for which we all long The good book
speaks of it Christ is called the pnnce of
peace Notwithstanding this we are in
formed that wars must be while men are
imi > erfect so way back bej ond time we
learn there was war m heaven and the fm
of that war was casting out evik
Wo hear of Moses at the Red
sea shouting for his deliverance
over Pharoah We find God using the
armies of men to put down error and estab
lish truth Somehow the noblest and
bravest of men join issue and
truth through God comes There
is no soothing like the unrest
which brines Gods eternal peace Some
of the fruits jou ot the late war have
bought are very beautiful in ourejesand
thoughts The speaker alluded to the
great cemeteries where the dead
have been remembered He told
of an old man who had been
drafted and who had a wife and childiemi
A son of a neighbor had come and thrown
his anas about him and said You need
not go stay with jour famih I win go
for jou The boy was killed and the
old man joumejed a thousand miles on
Decoration day to lay a wreath of flowers
i s V
JEy v
ity and the noblest revelations of Chris
tianity let us gird airatn the loins of our
souls and tcgin to believe that
in His own wav slowlv but
smclj and thoroughly God is bringing
to pass his promises
And when the last day shall come and
we shall receive our discharge what a jov
to hear our great commander say Ye did
help and inasmuch as ye did it unto one of
the least je dd it unto mc
Tis coming up the steep of time
And the old world is growing brighter
A e mav rot see in dawn sublime
Yet high hopes make the heart throb lighter
Wemaj be slet pin in the ground
Wl en it wakes the world in worder
But we have ftlt it gathering round
And beard its vo i in living thunder
Tis comingl ve tis coming
rraternity Loves othurname
Dc ir heaven lonnectiug link of being
Then shall we grasp the golden dream
As souls full staturtd grov farseeing
Then shall unfold our better part
And in our life s cup itld were rorej
Lm up with jov tne poor man s hean
And loie s own worldwithsiniiesmorestinnv
Tin coming es tis coming
Ave it must come Hates trrant throne
Is trunbling w ith our hot tears rusted
The sword earth s might ones hail leant on
Is cankered with our hearts blood crusted
Room for the mn o mind make way
e doubters hinderus nolongtr
Ye cannot staj the opening d ij
The world lolls on the 1 ght grows stronger
And love s eternal adv ent s ccning
The N > rlccs aj ji1P Opera House Ilie
The sen ices at the opera house estcrdaj
afternoon were under the auspices i the
Grand Armv of the Kepublit with the
nieinbeis ot R E Lee camp as invited
guests As eurh as J 10 the audience be
gan to assemble and bi Jo dock when the
services began the lust hoor seats were
well tilled Comminder Goodell piesided
at the meeting and did his pait well
The commander called upon the ad
jutant T W Mitichester to lead
thcordcis lie iiist lead the general order
fiom naional headquarters and then
GIAN1 > Al Ml Ol Tilt IEII 11 le
Dvilvs TEx Maj 1
fGenerll Ordei No C
Pursuant to goueial order Xo 22 fiom
national headquaiteis dated Apnl 22 liil
directing the obseivanc of Memonal
daj on Sattrdav Maj 30 lsJI the
depirtmcnt cnminandei requests and
snicerelv hopes tint evciv post
in the department will appropnateh ob
seive this div especialh set apait to the
memmj of the departed patnots Let Un
then at the time appointed gathei atound
then sacred ltmuns and gailand the pis
sonless mounds above them with the
i honest llovcis of spiinglimc ard lnse
above them the dear old Hag thej helped to
save Let us renew our pledges to aid and
assist whonitht v have left among Us a
sacred ibarge upon a nations gratitude
the soldiers and sailors widow and orphan
All comrades are eaincsth urged to 1 iv
aside their ordiiin avoiation on the 10th
d iv of Maj and participate in the teiemo
meswhiih m iv be deteimined upon Let
no eomit de w hose othei duties vv ill jiermit
be absent on this octisiou
It is recommended that those loval and
pitriotie oicuniAitions tho Womeifs
Relief Coins and the Sons of Yelerans
be invited to puticipate in the exernses
of the d ij
Post th ipliins will make detailed l epoi ts
upon entlosed bl inks to the A A G and
to Dep n tment Chaplain Rev 1 fe Hieke
at Dec itui Tex as to the observance ot
thodavbv their lospeitive posts to be
embodied m his lepoit to these head
quarters Ofhtul B command of
1 C Bkoli M W Mvn
A A G Depaitment Commander
Tlie choii Messrs DeSale Orelnid
BavrhoferandX M Washer advanced to
thj front of the stage and rendered Amen
can hjmns m a pleasing in innei
Theiiual of the G A R piovidcd in
such cases was read at length most of it
being made up of exttatts horn the Bible
At tho conclusion of the ritual woik the
choir sam Consolation
Commander Goodsell announced that Dr
Tinnon aud Di Fisher had consented to
make brief addresses and introduced Dr
T innon to the audience who sa d
Comtades and fnends I had the pleasure
thismoiiiingof addressing a Iaige tongre
gation and on jestciilaj p utieip iti d m the
gailandimrof the grav es ol our depaitcd com
lades whei owe mingled oui tears of sonow
We aie hoie this aftenioon to do honoi to
patriots None willdenv the patnotisin of
the South 1 speak especialh for H E
Lee cup when 1 sa we tlaini to have been
as pitnotie as anj men in anv land under
the sun Apitnotismthit rose above all
was the patnotisin of thebouth Our judg
ment muv have been wrong we maj have
been mistaken in out positions
but we w ei e pati iotic The South w as our
mother and 1 sav dead would he theheuit
that would not liso up aud defend the
mothei Foi her we fought and for her we
bled It was thesame p itiiotism that caused
jouto leave home and neived voui mm
and it was equallv that which called us out
I would that I had the nower of eloquence
to show the p itriotism exemplified b the
Southern women The like the women
of the JNoith pjo their sous and their
sweethearts to the cause It was a com
mon love there may have been a mistake
but it was a common feeling
The women of the North and the women of
the South were tiue in those dav s that tned
women s souls and they are tiue to day to
the destinies of this great nation He
alluoed to Mr Hurlcv s remarks of the pre
ceeding da > in which he said it was
proposed to have the 504000 schoolchil
dren of Tctas w ith millions of dollars to
educate make the Texas exhibit at the
Woild s fair It would show that the chil
dren of the blue and the children of the
giaj were united that thev were
one in heart and that there was
one union in Texas Tne war
was gone but theie was anothei war to
light the wai for light for truth for jus
tice We want the spirit of our sires to
come into our heaits until our country shall
be free from evcrv des iotism whatever until
we aie as men made in Gods image Mav
we ever be able to saj this is indeed the
laud of the fiee and the home of the
T he choir then sang Soldiers rarewell
which was heartily applauded
Dr Fisher president of the Fort Worth
univcrsitj was introduced bj Mi Goodell
Dr Fisher said he came as a volunteer
there were a great mauv of them
on his grave ard to put a headstone in
scribed He died for me Aciossthe sea
theie is another sriave now empty it
contained for a brief time the body of
Christ He died for me could be said by
ill aud may all tho blue and the gray evcry
nation and every tongue in jonderworld
that John saw when lie said triumphantly
and there shall be no mote sea
The choir sang America and after bene
diction by ChatiJwn Gavin the atdicnce
Havana Sugir Market
Ha vanv May SI Sugar bujers arc
more willing tovield to tellcis but later
have asrain increased their demands to
hgures above ruling prices abroad Little
business was done during the week and tho
market closed quiet Quotations are a
follows Molasses sugar regular to good
polarization 2 Sl ffa TO gold per quin
tal Musovado fair to good refining Soto
Prt degs polarintjoa i2 Jofu i ii cen
hifugal 92 to degs s7 U
Stocks in warehouses at Hivana and
Matauzas 2 boxes 1 227 500 b urs and TOOt
hossheads Receipts for the week 0yC00
bags and 4 It hogsheads Exports for the
week 175 UK bags and 21U hogsheads of
which lb 000 bags and all hogsheads went
to the United States
Ior every ilollir received by tin
in hujscription to Its weel
3 carjMBllWr
tra copy for one sent to any
address ric igygjMV tlie state or
ne i ear will be sent outside
A Tamilr AITiir at Norfolk i a Causesa
Gun Ilav to be Made and a Serious
shooting Kesulu
Nobfoik Vi Mav 31 The talk of tho
town to dav has been a shooting affmr
which ma turn out to be murder The
patties concemed were Otto Kihler aud
John Ivellv Kelh inamedKahlers sistei
who was the widow of Petci MtLeana spott
ing man who was mui del ed here a little ovei
two j ears aro It is said that owing to the
tact that she would not allow Kelh to
handle her monejit brought on trouble
and she left him He tned to get
aninteiview with he at the house of her
brother whom she had been living with
since the separation Kelh was met on
making an entrance to his house by the
lcvr bj Kahlei He claims that Kahler
threatened to kill him if he did not get
out of the house Kelly replud that he
would save him that trouble bv killing
him hist and diawinga pistol hred hie
shots two ol which took effect one on the
head which will in all piobabilitv
piove fatal and the other in the
stomach which did not cause a dangerous
wound Kelh was arrested bj two citizens
at d taken to the station house where he
now is A bullet was removed bv dot tots
from Kahlei s head and he is still alive
but with little chante of letoveij
Worlds Kecords llroktn
Nrw YorK Maj 31 Two worlds
retoids were biokei vestordaj at the held
meeting of the inter collegiate assotiiion
T H Cainav of Princeton ian220 jaids in
218 seconds woild s record 22 seconds
II L AWUiams of Yale lan 120
vaids in 15 4 5 seconds worlds
recoid 10 seconds Five lntei
loUegiate lecoids weie broken One huh
dtcdjards was lun bj T II Camej of
Pincetoii in ten seconds Pole vault b
Ed Rjder Yale ton fet seven and one half
inches running high jump bv G R Tear
ing Haivard six feet tunning board
jump bj Victoi Mapes twentjtwo feet
eleven and one quarter inches Harvard
won the most points
As ahcjil Have It
Mir iv Maj 31 Tho international peace
congress here has approved the motion that
the dillicttltv arising liom the Nev Orleans
hnching ought to be refened to the Intel
national institute at Ghent for abtration
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las M H Haute Kansas Citv II II Scar
borough Surset T C Shoemiker Texas
E J Russell South Bend Joun s > Spanks
Canton Geo Fnon F Doriuau J T Cross
Dallas Newton II Lussier Will Curne
Jno Bardon and wife Texas RP Ruggleu
and vile Clirendon H D Chapin N Y
CEStowait Dallas Mrs Howell Smith
and children Haskell DPSkelton Dallas
A B Robertson Coloiado lonn J Gilmoie
St Louis J E Remsbuij Atchison John
AI Melson Sulphui Springs JWChenj
Texas B B Fitzpatruk Louisville
Kj Miss Gertrude Latimer Mosbj
H H Gilmore New York E B Carvei and
wife Hentietta Tex D D Sweanngen
Quanah L II Hill Albanv A E Shepard
Texas Ed L Thomuson R D SpeedWeath
erfoi d T J High Wills Point Mrs Fannie
Justun Sacramento II C Smith W E
Devereux Decatur
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Mead Denver Col II G Kelh CottonBelt
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New York Thomas Brinton Onon Ala
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Boston C M White Kansas Citj Geo
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Midland J D Collett Missouri Norman
Nelson Memphis Geo U Mallerv St Louis
L Drukker Cincinnati W R Shevler N Y
J J Dickinson San Antonio J V Meek and
wife ICTaude TeiB AVejl F Wood San
Large because it athounts
to a great deal in a years
time small because you
dont notice it at the time
Just try our special Oxford
sale and see what you will
Ssecial Prices Ladles Rnsset Oxfords
Saturday Monday and Tuesday all
125 Russet Oxfords 75c all 150
Busset Oxfords St all S250 Russet
Oxfords 150 all 3 Russet Oxfods
2 All of above are genume bargains
Iractice limited to diseases of tho > > e Tar
Xose and thro it Cor 5th and Aain sts
Doctor McOoy
Rectal and GenitoUnuary Specialist
nifall diseases of therec
turn without detention from
Urethra Strictures JSJ cuttin
Gonorrhoea Syphilis fj
or ins Oftlce
Francisco Cal J L Pennington Gulf
Colorado aud Santa rcrnlwav W G
Human TjlerTS Mahonej Pails Tex
A A Wagner Texas and Pacilic railwaj
TTDodson Cincinnati Ohio AP Hams
Chicago 111 JT Johnson Boston Mass
DD Davis Baird Tex C R Keller St
Louis K P Mills Connth Miss A Bax
ter Fostorio Ohio P V Montgomerj
Statesville N C
OB Holt Midland SM West Dallas
Chailcs MiFaihind AlcdoW R Hanner
Oakland 111 1 PStephens Texas FR
Authonv Sherman R W West Dallas
Trunk Santh Katis is Citj A Pan Cit
R II Chiistian TP R Tex J D Sadhr
Dallas Tex S H Pierce Sulphur bpnrgs
Tex II B Whitwoith Stephenlllc Tex
A Laird Chillicothe J B Elliott Sedilia
Mo Jos FEdwaids Wehita Falls Jas A
Evads California Mose Aston and ladv
Childless J Brown Tiov N Y
AV S Scott New York J 1 Loving El
Paso TexG A Miller Beaumont Tex
Kisser Lee PansTex W B McDowell
St Louis Mo J Lipmau Chicago
111 Mrs R T Bairett Paris Tex
R H Specr New Orleatis Li T C Giten
Pans J A Fain and wife Geoigetown J H
Wombwell Itaska E R Jennings StLeuis
Mo A T Tarns Okalcna Miss
Charles Toisvtb R B Blackburn At
lanta Ga J L Cow Bg Springs
A H McElwee Fort Scott F F Dnsmoor
Covington Kj AV J Caldwell and wife
Temple S S Wilson New Orleans E E
Cahler St Louis
To the Fort Worth Gaette
Gentlejiev The HighArm sewing machine is all jou claim for it It is
first clasN in every respect It is as good as one mv son paid K for on the same
daylieceivedit No one can be dissatisfied with it at the pi ice paid for it
Trnlj vours j A SCOTT
PLAT ° XIA 189h
The Gazette Fort Worth Tex
The machine received in good order and is pronounced a jewel bv myself and
neighboi It ib as near perfection as it is possible for anv thing to be In fact
only one fault could be found and that is the thread post is too short Yours
lespectfuUv jIrs A Hanoaer
Joshua Johnson Co Tex Ti MbtV
Democrat Pub Co Fort Worth Tex tl <
Gentlemex I received the HighArm premiuml4 glllmachine in good
order My vvife has given it a thorough tesUsi iPrIsitto be evert thino rep
reNented and is well pleased with it I 0W I II that want a good machine
subscribe for the AA eeklj GAZETjprtHrget a premium machine The paper is
just splendid lours iesnt l ry7 AAr P Flcic
rTT Box 65 Vekxont Tex March 23 1891
ublishing Co Fort Worth Tex
VTIE1IEV The Xo 4 HighArm premium sewing machine received
in good order and my wife finds it to be all j ou claim for it and is quite satisfied
that it is equaKo any other machine of twice the pnee jou ask for this onT
Ihe case too is exceedingly handsome and very well Iimshed I am xourt
T ° L ° SA Kactmaj Cototy AprU 201891
To the Gazette
Slf ymacnin e arrived in due time and is all or more than you recom
mended My wife is well pleased with the work that it does Your
respectfully G M PITTArANf
Hoave Tex May 121891
Democrat Publishing Company Fort Worth Tet
Deak Sir In answer to yours of recent date in regard to setvin machine
bought of you can recommend the machine As to work it does equal to any
high priced and is neatly finished runs light and we can recommend the ma
chine to all those in need of a good machine You can save 20 to 825 by one of
these machines and jou will be well pleased with our bargain Yours truh
Howe Tex Bos 31 A G Marael
riA v jjsfJ < C HHiA I
Have yell bought a pair jpf
At 98e
fence Ihey arpnt tie
P r WcjM illg
1412 n Eain Stree
At OneHalf Pri
HighArm Singer the Finest and Best nvde
chine of the Singer Pattern in the iVlartvt
AAitheachof these machines wo fmnish 1 miller 1 ttuker 1 s t hemires f
mei 1 screwdriver 1 oilcan and oil 1 gauge 1 gauge thumbsuew i ex a j
1 extra check spring 1 paper needles 6 bobbins aud 1 instruction book lmse r
are all included m the price named
The New and Greatly Imprpgl
Bear in Mind that Tb 30t3 fTfKr are Thorough
MadeauTftFirstClass Workmanship
il FOR ONLY 24 i
To every mail subscriber of Tnt Scnihy Gazct u < it
the HighArm Improved Singer a d paper me a
to every mail subscriber of he Daih Gazette we vill send the Ii t tn a
Singer and paper one j ear for ii or Daily six months and the mat nine U f
chasers pay freight AVeeklj Gazette one J ear and machine 4
Eveiy machine warranted lor five j ears Addrrjs allotdersand rem i <
GAZETTE Fort Worth Te Aas
Box j VxJjnon Te
Tlie Demociat Pub Co Fort Worth Tex
Sihs I leceived the HighAnn piiiiiium sewing machine in
well pleased with it It
does excellent work and is a nov
lours respectfully mis
Tltlia Ti v
Democrat Pub Co Fort Worth Tex
GkNW I have one ot jour HighArm premium sew ing mat
delighted with it It is neat well finished light runum an i
inaction I like it better than anjthing I have had oileio a
Foi t Worth Gi7ette
I icceived jour HighArm ptemium sewing machine W hav >
ottghlj and hnd it lii st class It is a3 good a machine as tho it
paying SoO for Thete is no humbug about it Resiiectfui v i >
Vernon Tex Ma h
The Democrat Pub Co Fort AArorth Tex
Gentlemen Tha machine came all O K It is a good oae so rr o
than wa3 looked for at so small a price It is just as good as an
looks better todaj and does just as good work as any machine T
bargain in it Good luck to The Gazette Sespedfulh jotir
iar ri
Democrat Publishing Co Fort Worth Tex
Gentlemen The No 4 HighArm premium sewing machine ra
in good order and my wife finds it to be all j ou claim for it and is q
that it is equal to any other machine of twfeo the price you ask lor
Moody Tex March
eaown it to several and they say it cant be beat
afe j WJ Si
s s f r >
m +
The case too is exceedingly handsome aud verv well fintshea f T
truly E LilOlRU1
Democrat Pub Co Fort Worth
Gents The machine I ordered from you arrived safe and after a l j
test my wife says she likes it fully as well as any of the highptieed pl pp
the market r U1
now Respectfully
n 6 v
Tulu Tex A
To the Gazette
GENTLEiiEN I received The Gazette machine in good order tt jj
m expectations in finish and is simple in construction and convenience j

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