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The arming outlook of Dallas county is
client Cotton corn wheat and oats
ii ar irowinii nicely and if no unforeseen
il ° befalls Dallas county next fall
good times
u o >
so fa tits has been the finest crop year
Kijfc ao county has had for some time
Pr for a fruit crop this year in
A ounty aro better than for several
vpas l 1V
BeBt ialrams during the pastvreek in
Hat ounty piTO still ereater and surer
e of rich harvests In this section
tod prospects of Broia county are very
fiu i > ° rn an cotton and wheat and
c Da belter thanwas anticipated
i u w made now nnd nothing short of a
e prevent farmers from harvest
eroDS m ui parts of the Concho
s f pood crop prospects reach us
i iwrtion of Ellis county This
itedly be a big crop year
wheat and oats are looking
Co u Pinto county now and the pros
r a pjo < 1 general crop arc belter
1 are been Jor fifteen years past
< Plains country has had a
rains have recently fallen
Lavaca county There is
if water for stock grass and
op on the black land in Kauf
< r line and havmeu are
rig and baling irices are
p cnuutv had fully six inchm of
i v rops of nil kinds are now
u rnditiou Wheat oats and
i wrivi the farmer a nattunnsc
u > t time Claude Xews
t considerable amount of
wl n Swisher county this
insure plenty of stock feed
uf Armstrong county aro
H Cattle and hordes aro Jat
nuelv Wheat that some
wi > util not make anj thing is
a r liico yield
li W Two waffon loads of
utTtred for sale on the publl3
I lie parties bringing them
will average fifty and sixty
i ji iv in their neighborhood
farmers have made much
iji g ticir wheat and all
i i f a line yield Oats in
si good is last year but the
i a i erage one
lis iiy 29 Bounteous rams
i lime promise bounteous
II l t ime Wheat and oats
mi coin sorghum and milo
l < mnditioii
11 Alay l Farmers in
in good spirits over present
A1 their crops ate clean
iiir > ondiLion
> C round was too wot
n Mf the week in the Farmer
ilu on the Cedar soutli of
i v work has steadily
nr tlio week aud crops are
i hmI condition Craps are
Mt except cotton Some
i toil cotton here when it
> til luue Xowmcstof
hiied to a stand Harvesl
ii iiu anibltiiKeek Most of
i i i ipe and tome of the
i Ixith excellent The worst
n i ins ear is oats ranging from
n i i in farms through all grada
i idure plowed up on other
i 1 t loo cool liee mornings
i much mercury reaching
ii this moraine but there is
i burning up as long as
ii Mjs iijwhero near what
1 Jch crops as Irish > ota
l > cmliil The countn along
i i i Vnuiig county about the
Fork is a great corn gran
is 1 ockmorton and other
i be because we l ire good
tliej are more pasturaL
showers gaddened the
i iinuers aud stockmen of Car
5 ost week
t armors of Cooke county com
i harvest this week A lino
is of the new crop were on
IJenhun Friday selling at
iidivd pounds
mc of Clay countys immense
t begin this week Then the
J suns of toil will bo in it until
i threshed nnd garnered
i r durations us to quantity
ill nvc plenty of green
si it lileniicUti ImUpend
P in Unshur county is better
ii inr some years just though
hi killed jud damaged from
the Duffau mail carrier re
ii I lie Duftiu country eitra
In some places it is said it
i bushels to the acre Hico
frc falling all last week in
l titj which insuie good crops
around Nev Birmingham arc
ii l hoped for at this season
1 e he fruit crap is an aver
has been having plenty of
inautyhad some uuusal cold
w eKaswell as somo hard
if the county Yet the crops
n e and the farmers are put
buir they i > ossibly cau at
fil in Fairfield last llonday
s < mod to extend seerul miles
st of town and did an immense
tod to corn and cotton
v crop this year in Kaufman
They are being brought to
i larse quantities and sold
i Farmers are all bn y eut
J here w ill be 1000000 bulels
fi mi Archer county this year
i vwth the beef and wool wU
mense quantity of money to
Carbon county Holland
r 11 unty have planted 100
i i melons looking line They
aw acres of fall wheat that bids
tiii tj bushels > er acre
M Wo had a good ran last
l > are booming
1 ijitovn Juno 1 Crops in this
< s > n a fine appearance Wheat
1 Ojiuost ready for harvest Corn
l are doing splendid
K i Juno 1 The millions of bugs
n e devilment among the corn
t gord iis llalu is smartly needed
no and the indications are very
i uetungsoon
i mo 1 Wheat is fine most of
i lx > harvested this week corn
ron is thrifty and in a line state of
The appearance of worms ten
c j o in some localities created some
out the damage was small and the
f r is thought to be over Some sec
1 i1 our country have had rain enough
e uiners have not
t Gitovr June 1 The compress
° Mi > is preparing to rebuild the com
r destroyed recently by fire
1 new bank and Jlasonio hall build
e u well under way This will be the
business block in Fannin county
e new school building is about ready
occupancy and is a great credit to the
B < o June 1 Hico Is still on tho 1m
r e Dirt lias been broken for two more
saess houses one stone the other
in type
brick These make twelve substantial
business houses completed and under con
struction since the 1st of March Some of
these will bo occupied this weak A great
many beautiful and tasty residences have
gone up in the Peters addition of Hico
Archer City Archer county Ttiere have
been fortytwo now houses built in Archer
City in the last three months and there
will hi as many more under construction ia
the nsit ten days
Paris The government has approved the
title to the Federal building site and ac
cepted the deed Work will60on begin on
the building
Canyon City is growing rapidly
Crowell is building up and towro lots are
selling rapidly
Abilene is soon to nave an electric street
The Presbyterians of Fairfield have
made a nice addition to their church build
ing by adding a handsome cupola to it and
ornamenting the front with a large vesti
buled window
The Childress Bsptist folks hare secured
81000 with which to comaence the erection
of ther house They will erect a sub
stantial church at a cost of 2000
Tho Old School Presbyterian society of
Childruas will build a temporary church
Tclia Tune 1 Tho citizens of Tulia sve
contemplating building a twostory building
for a high school This w ill bo a good open
ing for a permanent situation for a compe
tent teacher
A tile factory is one of the things that
ought to pay here We hao the clay and
the niirket for the product Gainesville
Tho Iowa Park Tcian says a firstclass
bakery will pay large profits at Iowa Parle
Professor Malono has resigned his posi
tion as principal of the Deport school for
the next ensuing year A iir = tclass teacher
is wanted to Jill his place A good open
ing Depurt Times
Blooming Grove wants houses to rent c
Cisco wants a new depot
Kerrvillo wants a la ge firstclass bote 1
Why dont somebody build houses to
rect Tno families neweAmers to this
county aro occupying the old schoohouse
for wnnt of better quarters Throckmor
ton Times
Wanted a good physician at Babyhead
This is a good field for an enterprising
phjsieian Llano Gazette
Belleville wants new sidewalks
Comanche wants waterworks
The Alvord canning factory commenced
running May 22 canning peas and beans
Arrangements have been perfected to run
ihe factory at full capacity the entire sea
son day and night Corn will soon bo ready
for tlu fietor and the farmers who have
planted the factory corn this year report a
prospict for an immense crop Tho fruit
crop for this year is the best tor many past
and this with tho tomatoes will make tiio
bigircst canning scastt since the factory
his been in operation
Hoxit Gitows June 1 The citizens of
Honey Grove are making an effort towards
hii oil mill with the possibility of a gin like
wise being started on a large scale
Prospectors aro going into Crowell daily
and il express themsehes as well pleased
w ith Foard county and the tow n
There has been more rain in tho Ama
rillo country this spring than has be n
known for a long time Crops are fine
aud immigration is pouring in
An immigiation society is organized in
Franklin liobcitson county They will
send out i live immirrratiou agent soon
The societj has engaged Capt P R Brown
who is an old and experienced agent He
has the best of references and much experi
ence Tho captain can settle up a county
quickly His address is Franklin so all
who wish a colony would do well to write
Mr Moso Knight and Miss Laura Adams
near T ler May Jt
Mr Lon Burson and Miss Josie Tisdale
Post Oak May 13
Mr Ben F Davis and Miss Z LKuykcn
dall Henrietta May 17
Mr Wm E Witehcr and Miss Lydia C
Fatquhar neat Hopewell May 21
Mr Hardy Johnson and Miss Alice Burke
near Hopewell May 17
Mr J H Foster and Miss Iucy Foster
Austin May 25
Mr Albcn Xanee and Miss Lucy B
White Bruceville May 22
Mr J M Mullins and Miss Ada Jones
Bclton Mnj 21
Mr S M Witt and Miss Belle Marshall
Bclton May 22
Mr M M Vaughn nnd Miss Jennie
Honeycut Bolton May 21
Mr 15 L Honeycut and Miss Lena Pur
tle Bclton Mav 23
Mr J W Caldwell and Miss Klttio Blak
lcy Bellon May 22
tfr It S Patterson and Miss Josephine
Hawkins Bclton May 20
Mr M L McCrumming and Miss Hettie
Kives Paris May 2r
Mr W B Williams and Miss Maggie
Wallace Marshall May 2a
Mr Charles Clark aud Miss Jennie
Hughes Marshall May 20
Mr K P Canaut aud Miss Lucy E
Boone San Antonio May 2o
Mr S E Wagner and Miss Bettie Stev
ens San Antonio May 23
Mr J A Kidd and Miss Maggie Under
wood Bonham May 20
Mr It Moulden and Mrs T L Daven
port Bonham May 23
Mr T B Williams and Miss Tilla Kim
mins Bonham May 21
Mr W P Pitt and Mrs C Ray Bon
ham May 24
Mr T J Cox and Miss A E Turpin
Bonham May 25
Mr K D Rice and Miss Ellen England
Bonham May 27
Mr R J Johnson and Miss M Shepherd
Bonham May 2G
Mr Ed Baker and Miss Mamie Harris
Gatesville May 23
Mr Walter Pcndergraft and Miss Annie
Aultman Mnngum May 20
Mr W T Key and Miss Mattie Jernigan
Hcndersou May 23
Mr Tom Tidwell and Miss Lizzie Mingus
Iredell May 24
Mr F E Hollis and Miss > L L Mc
Glann Greenville May 21
Mr John Ashford aud Miss S A Brown
Greenville May 22
Mr A X Fanning and Miss Jennie B
Ballow Greenville May 24
Mr J A Rampy and Miss Maud Defee
Greenville May 25
Mr W F Pierce and Miss Delia Jerni
gan Greenville May 27
Rev Volney Johnson and Miss Ada Farth
ing Gainesville May 2S
Mr Walter S Magner and Miss Bettie
Stevens San Antonio May 2C
Mr IJobcrt Grimes and Miss Hattie
Evitts Moffat May 24
Mr T A Thompson and Miss Belle
Lewis Tan Alstyne Mav 17
Mr W C Coren and Miss Fannie Wehu
rel near Prattville May 17
Mr D H Russell and Miss S A Saun
ders Coperas Cove May 17
Mr J L King and Miss Fannie L Tal
bot San Marcos May 27
Mr Tom Tidwell and Miss Mollie Min
gus Meridian Mav 24
Mr W P Pith and Mrs C P Ray near
Brownstown May 24
Mr A A Gattys and Miss Laura Has
kell Paris May 23
Mr WT Atkinson and Miss Iona Payne
Paris May 23
Mr J L McClure and Miss S A Lewis
Paris May 2i
lng no use of
roenced w 1th thl
freely One son
matter forming
ones Just before
crow loose and were
bc3Ure 8 t One of
I pitsen edSlfter taking
bo ies he w3cpmpletely
at tt
MATS lSfft 61J
My grandsonrema
of scrofulaandcqsor1
Fed 71S30
The new Blood Pi
the blood of all lmpitics
ments and thus renjve the
Cuba the great Si CureJ
Soap on exquiAn S
externally to clear tfatkln
store the hair cure eve > e1
of tho skin and blood from phn
Pr p wP
Mr Jacob Fein and Miss Augusta Nor
holzer Paris May 23
Mr W B Fair and Miss Sollssa Coble
Paris May 23
Mr L M McCrummen and Miss Hettie
Rives Paris May 27
Mr John W Wormington and Miss Dora
Albright Palestine May 20
Mr J S Key and Miss Pearl Barkley
Hubbard City May 20
Mr Will F Trenthardt and Miss Louis
Ischy near Georgetown May 23
Mr Charles L Boynton and Miss Maggie
Walker Leander May 20
Mr Frank Marrs and Miss Effie Kincaid
Georgetown May 20
Mr Elbert Wells and Miss Annie Brown
rigcr Marshall May 27
Mr R F Simpson and Miss Eloiso Mc
Gregor Cameron May 27
Mr M W Adams and Miss Julia A
Bunting Cameron May 20
Mr C W Smith and Mrs M C Brooks
Cameron May 22
Mr Ed McWilliams and IIiss Lina
Gohens Cameron May 23
Mr Isaac Martin and Miss Roxey Fifer
Cameron May 25
Mr W G Martin and Miss Nannie Wal
lace Cameron May 24
Mr Charles Dobbs and Miss Susan Jack
son Cameron May 20
Mr H M Craiu and Miss OUio Lights
Cameron May 25
Mr William Gray nnd Miss Delia Kudle
Cameron May 20
Mr Walter C Cole and Miss Lou
Remschel Gonzales May 21
Mr H K Ferguson and Miss Lena
Spaulding Gonzales May 20
Mr T C Coperton and Miss Mattie
Franklin Cuero May 1G
Mr B C Smith and Miss Emma Baicy
Cuero May IS
Mr Bidal Billarcal and Miss Amanda
Galvan Cuero Jlay 21
Mr A F Swartz and Miss Bertha Sasse
Cuero May 20
Mr J S Dudley and Miss Maggie
Higher Dallas May 2S
Mr Dan WaUing and Miss Lillian Millen
der Corsicana May 27
Mr John Miller and Mrs Emma C Cam
mer Cameron May 27
Mr J B Palmer and Miss Minnie
Cooper Wylie May 24
Mr M L Jones and Miss Alice Hicks
Wlie May 20
Mr R T Edwards and Miss Cora Hol
land Clio May 27
Mr S M Graves and Miss Emma Green
Gordon May 21
Mr E L Wells and Miss Annie Brown
rig Marshall May 27
Mr Walter M Colo and Miss Louise
Remschel Gonzales May 21
Mr Henry Burr anil Miss Minnie B
Kinscy Dallas May 27
Mr Martin Janezak and Miss Agnes
Watdina Brcnham May 25
Mr August Dreydapplo and Miss Jennie
Hyatt Palestine May 21
Mr W II Freraan and Miss Josephine
Vinson Sherman May 24
Mr Harvey John aud Miss Ida Manning
Waxahaehie May 21
Mr John Bobalik and Miss Annie Lomica
Waxahaehie May 22
Mr J W Cummiugs and Josie E Jen
kins Waxahaehie May 24
Mr David Gaut aud Miss Lizzie Gardner
Waxahaehie May 2 i
Mr Wash Bales and Miss Sarah Davis
Waxahaehie Mav 25
Mr J P OMaUey and Miss Nettie Brit
ton San Autonio May 21
Mr Juau Diaz and Miss Antonio Sanchez
San Antonio May 25
Mr K M Grimes and Miss F A Mal
aby Cleburne May 12
Mr J S Hill and Miss Lucy A Smith
Cleburne May 12
Mr Will Parman and Miss Lillie Burrow
Cleburne May 19
Mr Lon Smith and Miss Mary York
Cleburne May 22
Mr R IL Lockctt and Miss Mittie Whot
ley Atlanta May 21
Dr W OCounell Glen Rose May 23
Mr W W Witterstatter Texarkana
May 23
Mrs Rebecca Shanks Austin Mav 23
Mr Eugene Wright Llano May 17
Mr Frederick W Kingston Galveston
Mav 20
Mr G W Cottrell near Iowa Park
May 21
Miss Matilda Schuber Galveston May
Mr C S Elliott Corsicana May 22
Mr George Minus Uvalde May 21
Mr J B Brown Wichita Falls May 23
Miss Adele Hernandez San Antonio
May 25
Mr II C Wilson Gainesville May 24
Mrs William Stephenson Whitesboro
May 27
Mr W G MeCluro Palestine May 27
Mr Itobert Watson Palestine May 23
Mrs D Ridley Paris May 27
Mr Charles Rudesill Terrell Jlay 29
Mr J C Tabor Colllnsville May 23
Mrs Copeland Juno May 23
Mrs Henrietta Johannes Cuero May 22
Mr Robert Hoad Waxahnchie May 20
Miss Ella Watly Wortham Mav 27
Mr Robert Watson Palestine May 22
Mrs Annie C Hubby Waco May 25
Mr Irvin Yearbv Bovce May 22
Miss Edith May Hunt Waxahaehie May
° °
Mr R N White Corsicana May 25
Mr Eduardo Valdez San Antonio May
Mr T E Moore Archer City May 25
Mr J E Sawyer near Ennis May 20
Mr William Gleason Kaufman May 25
Dr W O Connell Glen Rose May 22
Mrs Emma Glass near Gatesville May
Mr Robert Hood Waxahaehie May 26
Mr II L Bering Houston May 27
Mr J Justl San Antonio May 27
Running Sores Covered His Body
and Head Bones Affected
Cured by Cutlcura Remedies
When six months old the left hand of our
little grandclifjd began to swell and had every
appearance ofco large boiL We poulticed It
but all to no purpose About five months after
it became a rfbinlng sore Soon other sores
formed He then had two of
them on each hand and as
his blood became more and
more im tire it took less
to breakout
l sore cami3 the chin be
jueath the ujiaer Up which
flenstvo His
solrt seabdis
eat deaL This
ition at wcnty
old hea I un
the care of him bis
having died when he
lie more than a year
old of conf umption scrormn of course He
could w alk a little but comfenot get up If hi
fell down and Wi not mov3f hen In bed hav
edlately coin
dies using
ealea a bony
theso live deep
i wonld finally
hen they would
ne formations
n and a half
and is now
rs a stroljt and healthy
t BIoominfTton DL
lywelh Noslgns
ington 111
fler ih fEffly to cleanse
poisonous elo
ise nnd Ccti
nd CencrRA
scalp and re
e and humor
S to scroiuri
Sold everywhere Price CuncrA 50c Soap
5c Resolvent ii Prepared bl the Pottfh
Dune and Chemical CoitroRAaox Boftoa
ragSend for How to Cere Bkxll Diseases
TUpVJO Skin and scalp punHjft and beauti
fled by Ccticcba Soap Absolutely
Rheumatic Pains
In one mlnuta the Cutlcura Antl
Paln Plaster relieves rheumatic sci
atic hip kidney chest and muscular
pains and weaknesses Price S5c
The Great Contes
jy a
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and of this jreat Southwestern empire and is the best immigration agent
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> J1MX lUlJJUAlt UllJJl PARTMENT which is alone worth the price of the paper and you cau
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I ij

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