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cxGov Thompson of South
Carolina Will Take the
Herbert of Alabama Will it is
ired Retire From Public Life
l en ion Helnjc Tightened Ipon the
rlHiixi Clerks One AuiongThein
t > o esis and Petitions the Pre
iclcnl Must lay Up
mill Carolina State College
rn June3 Mention in news
iiiil in various parts of South
ivornor Thompsons name
vitli tlie presidency of tiie
= which lias Iatelj become
i t in motion here another re
iminion was going to resign the
< anniissionership When his
i ailed to the matter today
tiomour correspondent he
i have not seen tlio news
i which you refer
> f South Carolina is situated
It is an institution greatly
miiilioul that state It was
id ami a very large propor
it < uiiuent men in the history
< InIna during tlio last thrce
i i n ury have been students
its destinies are directed
im fifteen tntstees with the
i state at their head ex
ill i < tiru Iroin Public Life
ii la has been causeh in con
i ics by the aunoiaicemeiit
tentative Hilary A Herbert of
i retire from public life tpon
mi of his present term in
i hi reasons that have led to
Mr Herbert said today
111 v made up I shall engage
I ei law at Montgomery Ala
have a prospect of an ngree
in eve profitable law partner
i said lhat like many another
n i < i arrived at the time of life
iid that i seat iu the
i cvntativos i ° a costly gratili
ii lion There is cortaiuly no
i puiin it When his present
lM expired it would be six
iierruitionof his professional
are other worthy aspirants
ami he is in favor of their
Huntunity As for himself
Mil not be in congress again
Ilusnm Oilier AO iiir
u oinmissioner of pensions
1 several pension office clerks
a because they had borrowed
i i ich other The misconduct
sa nothing of his own busi
i so inide him very solieitious
i i employes should be above
Vi it ast mie of his subordinates
1 Itests airaiust having the com
any other government oilieiul
hs purely private attains
ti signed bv James Seldon
i > in the pension office and ad
h president was received at
House yesterday The petition
ii iieut to issue an order to the
iurtmrnts forbidding them or
under them to coerce any
e ot the United States into pay
in debt or judgement what
icison that the courts and
i lie are authorized by law to
Itct claims debts and judg
i < uors tromdebtors
uer further says that as he
it service by merit through
i inmission he protest s against
1 except for demerit
iergoeson to recite that he
til under duress on account of
ii intimates that he is a victim
erk of the pension office has
i i hat debts contracted for
iint be paid if clerks expect to
I ilic service and remarks
ina be used for oppression
bnates Puplioservants who
> ii this ease would rather sub
in reasonable robbery than
t i t had a copy of the petition
< ti tlie Charlfton Tells of the
Mt eliujat Acaputro with
the JNiiieruItla
ere Keatly to Tight
to Cu June A letter
er of the Charleton says the
rived at Acapulco the morning
4 o clock iu the morning she
tle Esmeralda The Charles
i coring to enter the harbor
no Esmeralda threw out her
ind all hands on the Charles
ed to general headquarters and
vi for action The crew were
us lor three hours and every
lcadiness Her six and eiuht
sere piled on deck and every
icd The Esmeralda followed
i into the harbor but the iat
lvsuiued the chase as soon as
nother Kebel Virtorr
ii June y Chanaral a few
es north of Calderit vras the
4th of Apn of another battle
ed in sinking one merchant
i del eat of the entire govern
i a the hands of the insurgent
a rie
> s 1 ransartid at the Autin Sitting
ti Calotte
Ti i Juno 3 The court of ap
disposed of the following busi
i Nichols vs State front Wil
Ul d vs State from Tar
hetl vs state from Bowie
i State from Bowie Kclton
iioin Bell Johnson lias Jcfi er
ate from Limestone Marshall
from Limestone Graham vs
m Coryell
t J and remanded Canada vs
in Milam
i d on Certificate Baylor vs Hau
m Maverick
ai dismissed Rankin vs State from
iring overruled
Harrison vs State
untsville Takes Two Hours off to Hear
Him Speak
> to the Gazette
in stsvilie Tex June 3 The whole
11 took holiday this evening from 4 till
B t lock in order to hear Governor Hoggs
ijress to the graduating classes of tlie
twin Houston normal Stores were closed
aim business generally suspended The
governors address was short and very in
t Ung to all present At the conclusion
a general reception was held when many
of those present took advantage of the
opportunity to shake hand with he
Jn ane After Damages
Special to the Gazette
Denton Tex June 3 H B Rodden a
fanner living about fifteen miles south of
here was tried and adjuaed insane hero to
day and was placed in the county Jail until
he can he admitted in the asylum at Terrell j
He has a wife and live small children
Anna E Park brought suit against the I
Culf Colorado and Santa Fe railroad com
pany in the district court here today for
4000 for killing her husband near Krum
iu this county last fall The decease was
foreman and was killed by a train which
was making a running switch without his
knowledge The suit is brought by the
widow for the henelit of herself infant
child and the father and mother of the de
Th Man With the Hoe
lSrownwood Country
Special to the Gaxette
Invades tiie
Santa Ansa Tex June ihc man
with the hoe took possessioty f the Ma
honey pastuV idjoining thijWilaee todaj
Over three hunked farme raud business
men from the ohTO yjs mi older counties
in Texas attended the Klic auction sale
of farm lands here auP banner land
sile of Texas was nvim Tn k imount of
sales 107001 Av igc pnelli er acre
paid was 7 V lar amounr
propeitv adjoining Sis town was soTH at
good prices This il
kind ever made iu the state and is the W
j ginning of the end of the big pastures in
j the Browmvood countr
Indians are Much Displeased
with One of the
Guessing as To Secretary Xoules Future
Movements V Prisoner Takes
iesi rate Chimces liut
J capes intruders
A SmellDisliked Agent
Special to the iaene
GCTiiuiK O T June 1 The allotting of
lands to the Indians iu the Sac ami Vox and
Iowa reservations is progressing as rapidly
as possible In the first named reservation
a great deal of dissatisfaction is being ex
pressed against Amnl Patrick who was
appointed hy President Harrison and
who formerly lived in Ottawa
Kan Agent Amos Ncal who
Harrison removed was much loved by the
tribes over which he had jurisdiction the
Sacs Foxs lowas Kickapoos Pottawot
omies and Seminoles Then came Patrick
and by his dictatorial manner he soon in
curred the disfavor of the Indians more
especially tlie members of the Sae and Pox
tribes An open fight is now on between
the tribe and Agent Patrick and Indian
Commissioner Morcraa is daily in receipt of
complaints aud denials from both sides
George Whistler treasurer of the Sac
and Fox Nation is iu the city at present
and has retained Hackney Speed fc Aspas
his attorneys in acase which will soon
come up it is thought where Pat
rick seeks to oust Whistler as
a trader among bis own peo
ple Whistler once had a license
from the government hut it has expired
and he now does business without a license
from the government alleging that he has
taken his allotment and is not an intruder
Being an Indian he naturally controls an
immense trade and licensed trader John
Charles formerly of Humboldt Kan is
making a big kick
A Prisoner Kscapes
Special to the Gazette
Aupmoke I T June 3 Joe Mars high
sheriff of Benton county Tex captured
utie Alonzo Wright on Kock creek twenty
miles north of this city yesterday wanted
in Denton county for disposing of a large
amount of mortgaged propertyIIe reached
Ardmore late last night with his prisoner
and put up at the Commercial hotel While
the officer of the law was wrapt in the
realms of slumber his prisoner took French
leave making his exit through a second
story window and reaching the ground in
safety made good his escape and has not
been seen since
Secretary Xobles Juture
Special to the Gazette
Akiimoue I T June Thoreisastrong
impression on the part of the people of the
Indian Torritor competent to Judge that
Secretary Noble will not leave public life
as talked but will retire from his present
position in the cabinet Diifercnt reports
are constantly coming from Washington
and continually alarming the noncitizens of
the Territory One story is to the eftect
that Secretary Noble will accept a promi
nent place in the diplomatic service another
is that he will take Minister Smiths place
at St Petersburg another aud more proba
ble one is that if Secretary Proctor should
be elected to succeed Senator Edmonds
which now seems very certain Noble will
bo made secretary of war Whatever the
truth of these statements are it is to be
hoped that Secretary Noble will retain his
present position until after the intruder
question is settled Unless he sees lit to
issue different orders the Indian militia
will be reorganized at Tishomingo June 11
and on the 17th instant the work of ejecting
the intruders will be begun in dead earnest
The United States troops will be sent from
Fort Sill and the scat of war it is learned
will be at Ardmore and the ejecting will
commence at Parr a little town in the
northwestern part of the nation
Compliment to a Ilright Teran
Special to the Gazette
AnriMORE I T June 3 A meeting of
the Ardmore bar was held this afternoon at
ttie courthouse for the purpose of inviting
Hon J W Bailey of Gainesville to address
the settlers at their picnic to be held here
June 1
i on
Secretary Dickinson of tlie Worlds Fair
Joitis Fort Worth Lodge
The handsome lodge room of the Benevo
lent Protective Order of Elks was well
filled with the members of the order last
evening the occasion being tho reception of
Hon John T Dickinson secretary of
the Worlds Columbian exposition at
Chicago into the magic circle power
so to do having been conferred
upon the lodge by virtue of special dispensa
tion of the Supreme Exalted Ruler Tho
officers were in fine condition and the work
was exemplified in a manner to the Tex
ans taste Mr Dickinson learned much
that ho did not know before and the offieers
of the lodge took particular pains to let him
know all there was in it
After the business session a social ses
sion was inaugurated and the evening
passed in a very enjoyable manner with
sparkling champagne ou the side It was
near the noon of night when the session
came to an end and Texas favorite son is
now a member in good standing of Fort
Worth lodge of Elks and entitled to all the
rights lights and benefits of the same
fe > j Sffc S I jfe ii t yv kk g
It Causes a Disastrous Tail
End Collision Near Aledo
And au Alleged failure tu Observe tlie
Time Card Iules Ilegarclinjr tValer sta
tions Itesults iu a Wreck The
Particulars of the Affair
A tail end collision occurred at the water
tank west of Aledo yesterday morning and
ten cars a caboose and engine were burned
while Engineer Kuhlhoff and Conductor
Johnson are lying at the point of death
Between 10 and 11 oclock Tuesday night
freight train No 17 on the Texas
tnd Pacific bound west pulled out
from Fort Worth iu two sections
All went well until Aledo was
passed when the first section stopped at
the tank a mile and a half west of
that point to take water While stand
ing at the tank engine si pulling the second
section darted around tlie curve aud came
Hying down the lone erade at a high rate of
speed Engineer Kuhlhoff was at the
throttle and as soon as he saw the
first section called for brakes reversed
his engine and made a liying ieap Iu tho
meantime his fireman had gone on on the
left side Tlie momentum of the train
was too great however aud the
engine dashed into the first section knock
ing way car Of aside as though it were a
feather and plowing through ten cars of
merchandise The trainmen of the second
section seeing their engine was bound to
strike the train ahead incontinently tum
bled overboard without waiting to choose a
convenient spot in which to alight Con
ductor Jo L Johnson of the first
section saw the second section
coming and attempted to get out of the way
ear but was unable to get tlie door open in
time and was caught ihthe wreck his right
leg being cut off about four inches below
the knee He was caught by the shattered
timbers and deluged by the steam fiom the
wrecked engine scalding him seriously
and it is feared fatally Engi
neer Kuhlhoff it is said jumped dear
of the engine but was evidently struck
in the head by the cars of his train or fell
upon a stone as his skull is fractured arul
it is feared that the brain has been
wounded by the shattered bone None of
the remaining members of either train crew
were injured
The accident occurred at 140 a m The
ivas very dark and just east of the
the track curves sharply and
there is a very heavy down grade
Under the time card rules Engineer
Kuhlhoff should have had his train under
An English Conspiracy to Keep
Our Gold Coin
If the Bank of England Has a Fictitious Rate
We Must Have One
The Veteran 1inaiicicr Clews Sees the
Jlouein he Meat iu this Gold Ex
port Husiness liow to
Stop It
Henry Clews Suggestion
Special to the Gazette
New YonK June 3 The steamer Teu
tonic which sailed today took li > 00000 in
gold coin for Enrope Lazard Frores to
day took S7 U0OO and I oeb Co took
JKiOOOGO for shipment tomorrow The total
exports so far this week including > 0A000
going lrom Boston amount to f4i > 00XJ
The continued drawing of gold is
now exciting the public to lively
comment Henry Clews today in a publie
statement said It appears that the Bank
of Eusrlaud managers have entered into a
conspiracy with English banking institu
tions agreeing to keep up fictitious rates
for money iu that capital purposely to in
terfere with the laws which should cover
trade and commerce and not only pre
vent the return of the gold al
ready shipped but acquire more
of our gold and retain that too To coun
teract this conspiracy I suggest that the
clearing iiouse banks aud trust companies
here meet the challenge and so long as the
Bank of England late is kept up artificially
at i uer cent make the rate
of interest arbitrarily on this side
say 1 per cent tho funds to bo kept until
such time as the rate cannot be obtained
He also suggests that the treasury refuse
to give gold for export in higher denomi
nation than > pieees in order to put all
the obstacles possible iu the way of ship
pers It is stated this suggestion ill be
laid before the secretary of the treasury
Xot an ActUe Day
Special to the Gazette
New Yoiik June 3 The foreign news
was meager and as our security markets
are at present entirely under the sway of
foreign conditions the day was a dull one
Iondon sold iu the morning aud prices ou
our exchange were weaker
I ouisville and Nashville was heavily sold
The announcement of the proposed issue of
new stock is not received with favor
Chicago Gas was very strong
Kock Island was sold ou its poor state
ment of May earnings
St Paul May earnings increased
The bond market was dull and feature
less The closings were fractionally beiow
j esterdays Chicago gas was the strong
Gold to the amount of 31500000 went out
today makingS2rt0O00 for the week In
addition1S5UH00 has been engaged for
tomorow and 300000 in Boston for Sat
urday Advance and declines for the dav
Ail Ie
Naiuc vancc cline
American sugar refinery U
Atchison Topclia and Santa Ie i
Cleveland Cincinnati Chicago nil
St Louis a
Chicago Hurlington and Quincy
Chicago ga
Chicago Milwaukee and St Paul
Chicago Kock Island and Pacific
Colorado coal
Delaware lackawaiina and Vet
Dcnverand llio Grande preferred
Great Northern preferred
Lake Shore
Lead trust
Louisville and Nashville
Louisville X A A
Manhattan Consolidated
iiisouri Kansas and Texas pre
Missouri Pacific
Mobile and Ohio
National Cord company
Xer Jersey Ctntrul
New York Central
New York and New England
North American company
Northern Pacific
Northern Pacilic preferred
Klchmondand Wheeling preferred
Iticlunoiid and West Point pre
Silver bullion certificate
St Paul and Duluth
Southern Pacific
Texas aud Pacilic
Union Pacific
Wabash preferred
Wisconsin Central
complete control and been on the lookout
for the Srst section as he must have
known they would stop there for water
The conductor of first No 17 was not
expected to protect his train by a flag
especially as the conditions governing the
approach to the tank were exactly the
same as governs in enterin a station
As to why Engineer Kuhlhoff
came down the hill so fast is iiwxplicable to
trainmen unless it was that his engine be
came unmanageable and got beyond his
control so he could not hold ais train or
check the momentum of thd vast ton
nage behind him The night was
not rainy and the track was not slippery
The most charitable construction and the
one railroad men are inclined to put upon it
is that the engine for the momeit got beyond
control and that he is not morally responsi
ble for the collision It is impossible to as
certain tlie rate of speed at which second
17 was ruuning though it is apparent from
all that can be learned that Kuhlhoff was
whirling them for ail that was in them
more especially as both sections are said to
have been behind time
It is said that the company recently dis
pensed with the services of a
night operator at Alerio and
that if one had been stationed
there Engineer Kuhlhoff could and doubt
less would have ascertained just how far
first 17 was ahead of him and would then
have known to a certaintv that she would
be found at the tank
The wreck caught fire from the firebox of
engine SI and ten cars of merchandise the
wayear and the engine which Was beneath
them were totally consumed The cars
were loaded with bacon flour sheep
and general merchandise The ba
con only added fuel to the
flames aud rendered it impossihlo
to have rendered assistance to any of tho
train crew had they been unfortunato enough
to have been caught iu the wreck It was
rumored that one of tho brako
men of first seventeen was impris
oned in the way car and that he
was burned with the wreck but this is
denied by the trainmen who say that all
persons on the train are accounted for and
if any human being was caught in tlie
wreck it must have been a tramp engaged
in beating his way though they do not
believe this was tho case
Passengers from the west who passed the
scene of the wreck yesterday state that all
that could be seen of the wreck was a mass
of warped and twisted iron bearing every
appearance of having been through a hot
fire aud that some of tho wheels were
melted sufficiently to become firmly welded
to the rails The engine is a total wreck
and is fit only for the scrap heap
A telegram was at once sent to Fort
Worth for an engine and coach aud the in
jured men were brought back to the city at
40 > esterday morning Conductor John
son was taken to his room over the Local
Option saloon on Main aud Front
streets and tlie crushed limb ampu
tated three inches below the knee
and tlie other injuries dressed At 7
oclock last evening when the atmosphero
was cool ho was removed to the hospital
His recovery is regarded as almost impossi
ble He is a young man twentyeight years
of age and has been in the servico
of the company running a freight
train for seven years He was
regarded as cne of the most capable men on
the road He is unmarried and hus no rela
tives iu this city He has a brother
running a passenger train out of
Les Angeles Cal and a sister
who also resides in California He
is a member of Evergreen division No 17
Order of Railway Conductors aud of Fort
Worth lodge Knights of Pythias No 93
These lodges are giving him every care
aud attention and every possiblejchauce of
saving his life will be carefully takeu ad
vantage of
Engineer Kuhlhoff is a man of about
fortyfive years of age married and resides
on the South Side He was taken to hi
home immediately upon the arrival of the
traiu He has no children He lias been
in the service of the company five years
running an engine in freight service during
that time He was reported to be a coo
careful aud thoroughly experienced engine
man one of the best on the road He is a
member of the local lodge of the Brother
hood of Locomotive Engineers
It was reported at a late hour last night
that both men were alive but their death is
regarded as only a question of time
Morris 1ark Kaccs
Morris PutK June H First race five
furlongs Exotic won Clotho second
Promenade third Time 1004
Second race one mile TullO Blackburn
won Chesapeake second Diablo third
Time 1 W
Third race one furlong Reckon won
Kildeer second Orageus third Time
1 i V
Fourth race one mile IJzzic won Wood
Cutter second Drizzle third Time 141
Fifth race six furlongs Lyceum won
J B second Uno Grade third Time 113
Sixth race live furlongs Hijacinth wou
Little B second Recess third Time 1004
Latonii iaee
Latoxia Kv Juno 3 First race one
mile and seventy yards Alphonze won
Woodvale second Royal Garter third
Time 1 W M
Second race one mile and twenty yards
Tenacity won First Lap second Gen
Caldwell third Time 1 Vjf
Third race one and onesixteenth miles
Glockner won Eli second Bertha third
Time 1 >
Fourth race six furlongs Ignite won
Two Bits second The Hero third Time
120 V
Fifth race five furlongs Dora won W
L Munson second Curt Gunn third Time
St Lone Mo June
Runs 11 hits S errors
Runs 0 hits 2 errors ft
Locisviiie Ky June 3 Louisville
Runs 2 hits S errors 7 Boston Runs
e3hits 13 errors 2 Batteries Ehret
aud Cook Buffinton aud Murphy Umpire
Cixcixxati Onio June 3 The Cincin
natiAthletic game postponed on account of
PiinADEirinA Pi June 3 Philadel
phia Runs 12 hits 13 errors 2 Pitts
burg Runs 3 hits S errors 2 Batter
ies Thornton and Clements Galvin and
Mack Umpire Hurst
A > iiia SsS S
3 St Louis
2 Baltimore
The Dally Itrcad of tlie San Antonians
to he Denied Tliem
Special to the Gazette
San Antonio Tex Juno 3 Next Sun
day has been set > y the bakers of this city
for a general strike for better wages fewer
hours of work and it is also claimed for
better meals The bakers in the employ of
Mr Bryant tho largest baker here went
out today There is serious danger that
the bread supply of San Antonio will be cut
off unless the proprietors comply with their
bakers requests as it is hard to get men to
fill their places
Iondou Doesnt Want the Jews
London June 3 Lord Rothschild speak
ing at the council of the united synagogue
yesterday said the Jewish community was
on the brink of a precarious and dangerous
period oving to the influx of destitute
Jews The adoption of a scheme of relief
at present seemed unlikely AU Jewish
immigrants who were able to go would go
elsevThere and the poorer had been warned
of the condition of the labor market here
Marine Intelligence
Special to tne Gazette
Galveston Tex June 3 Arrived
Steamship LeODO from New York eeneral
An All Over the Country Forger
and Confidence Man
His Principal Pastime Obtaining Money From
Banks on Overdrafts
Uii PocketsTnll of Iorfett Draris n0111 the
Texas state Pair Association of
Dallas Forfeits Against
Evidently a Professional
Special to the Gazette
plauded ExGovernor Hoard then formally
presented the statue to the city on behalf
of the donor
ExGovernor Hoard of Wisconsin in
tendering the memorial 01 Gen Grant
to the citizens of Catena paid a
glowing tribu to Mr II H Kohlsast of
Chicago as a man whoe soul delighteth in
goodly deeds No narrow lined horizon
he continued confines the significance of
this event Speak the name of Grant and
woiro in touch with the heart o the na
tion Once more we are strugirliiiir iu tlie
pitiless embrace of that mighty stream of
history borne only God knows whither
Instinctively now our thoughts are upon
him > vho was ever our invincible aud un
eonquerabte pilot God given Grant In
separably connected wit i theuaiieof Grant
will always stand the city of Galena He
was your beloved citizen Here he uttered
the words that were pregnant with all the
after meaning of hi career Entering his
store the morning after the dispatch came
announcing the surrender of Snmpter he
put on his coat and said The government
educated me for the army and although I
have served through one war I am still ir
debt to the government aud willing to dis
New York June 3 Detectives Mc ayo the obligation
Naught Sheldon and Lyman of Inspector words and mi the lig
Byrnes staff this morning arrested in front
of tho Morton house E A Cameron alias
E Allain alius Ernest Allaiu Chirritou as
a forger and confidence man wanted in
Tampa Fia Los Angeles San Diego and
San Francisco and Jamaica West Indies
The prisoner was taken before Judge Mc
Mahon and remanded until tomorrow
His swindling operations extend over t
period of twelve months and ho may
be wanted iu many places not yet heard
from His method of operation was a
shrewd one and according to els own state
ments after his arrest the banks in most of
the towns which he visited were glad to
cash his botrus drafts
About the middle of May Inspector
Byrnes received a letter from the chief of
police of Tampa Fla asking him
to arrest E Allain wanted there
for obtaining S00 from tho First
national bank of Tampa on forged
drafts On May 20 the inspector received
a letter from C F Knollie inspector gen
eral of she constabulary of Jamaica asking
him to arrest E A Cameron for obtaining
200 from the Colonial bank of Jamaica on
forged drafts Both letters gave accurate
descriptions of the man wanted and both
The case was given to Detectives Mo
Naught Sheldon and Lyman with instruc
tions to watch coastwise steamships This
nioiniug they found their man standing iu
front of tlie Morton house He had arrived
in this city only a few hours before his
arrest When searched his pockets
were found to be filled with
blank checks forged letters of
credit business cards circulars and a
batch of forfeit drafts from tho Texas
state fair association of Dallas Tex These
were forfeits against horsemen v < hu > e
horses had failed to start They seemed to
bemade out aud approved in correct manner
When arrested he guvo the name of Ernest
Allaiu Chirriton stated that ho was
and thirty years old He had printed cards
with the name of E Allain on them and
they set forth that he was the authorized
correspondent of a scoie of leading papers
throughout the United States He also
had a number of cards of the Southwest
ern Press syndicate of Louisville
Ky which authorized him un
der the name of E A Cameron
to act as agent and correspondent to the
syndicate in certion territory in the West
He also had au alleged letter of credit from
the cashier of the AngloMexican bank of
Juraz Mexico The letter set forth that
his father in England had made
him a j early allowance of o000
and authorized him to draw on
Mellville Evans Co 7 i Lombard street
London for that amount The letter was
written on a printed letter head There is
no such bank There is no Southwestern
press syndicate at Louisville and most of
tlie printed drafts and checks found on the
prisoner were from banks that do not exist
The prisoner made a confession and
Eighteen inontlis ago he left this city
went to Philadelphia and there had all his
bogus checks drafts and cards printed
Then he went to Denver and from there to
St Paul and then to Fort Worth and Dal
las Tex He commenced his swindling
ojierations in the latter city From there
he went to Los Angeles Fresno San Dieuo
and San Francisco Then he went to
Tampa Fla aud from there to
Jamaica In the latter place he
met some old schoolmates from
England was elected an honorary member
of the Jamaica club and had no trouble in
getting bogus drafts for 200 cashed His
method was to represent himself as a news
paper man writing an article for a syndi
cate 011 methods of banking in all countries
He would present one of his bogus bank
drafts to the cashier and ask him
to fill it out for some small amount
and sign his name to it telling him a fac
simile of it would appear in his article In
this way he obtained signatures and names
which he would forge in the next town
Another plan was to present his bogus let
ter of credit for i000 deposit for collection
a draft for the amount and get an allowance
of a few hundred dollars ou it He said
that the only bank that ever refused to
cash his drafts was the Bank of Havana
Address of ExGovernor Hoard ou Deliver
ing the Grant Memorial
to Galena 111
Gaieva Iix June 3 The town which
sent to the front the greatest general of the
late civil war if not the greatest of modern
times is in gala attire today in honor of
her illustrious citizen Through the lib
erality of one of the towns former citizens
and at tho suggestion of another both
now residents of Chicago a bronze
statue to U S Grant was un
veiled and the new park bearing his
name in the center of the city was inaugu
rated today Tho statue is the gift of II
H Kohlsaat and the park a tract of six
acres from which the buildings formerly
occupyirg it have been removed is the out
growth of a suggestion by James W Scott
The statue is eight feet high It represents
the old commander standing bareheaded
with his military suit unbottoned and
thrown bacK with a touch of incongruity
in view of his dress The inscription on
the base reads 4
Throngs of people arrived during the
forenoon from every direction Tlie public
schools in Dubuque Freeport and other
towns Weis closed and largo delegations of
their citizens came to take part in the cer
emonies Business in Galena was en
tirely susjiended Two special trains
from Chicago brought delegations
of Grand Army men and distinguished
citizens Among them were tlie Hon
Chnuncey tl Depew orator of the day
Governor Joseph W Fifer of Illinois ex
Governor D M Hoard of Wisconsin Gen
Nelson A Miles Judge Wabtcr Q
Gresham Joaness Gilent the sculptor
H H Kohlsaat the donor of the
statue Senators Allison and Cullom
Congressman Henderson of Iowa and Judge
H W Blodgett The exercises were opened
with the Star Spangled Banner rendered
by the Fifteenth regiment band from Fort
Sheridan After prayer by the diaplain
the bands there in unison struck up with
Hail to the Chief as little Miss Paul
Kohlsaat daughter of the donor unveiled
tbesUtuB and the gathered multitude ap
agfegjg g
Loyal words brave
t of all thev meant
for the wea of the American nation thev
arc sublime word Fortttnate is the nation
that has such an example of manhood
patriotism courage and fidelity Citizens
of Galena receive this gitt made doubly
precious by the sublime life and devotion to
his country of him it represents As you
have always guarded the name and fame of
Grant so guard and preserve this memo
rial aud round and about you shall be the
prayers of all the American people East
and West North and South
The statue was accepted in a brief ad
dress by Park Commissioner McLennan on
behalf of the city He was followed by the
Hon Chnuncey M Dejiew who delivered
the oration of the day He met with an
enthusiastic reception Addresses were
also delivered by Governor Filer and Judge
This afternoon many of the visitors to
the city made ri pilgrimage to the old
house occupied by the general before the
war to the store from wliich he was sum
moned by the nation and to the housn
subsequently presented to him by his ad
miring fellow citizens
At Buenos Ayres the run ou the banks
continue Thy creditors of the Italian
bank will be paid almost in full
Three men were killed and three seri
ously injured at Chicago jest onlay by a
frame building built ou posts falling
Massenet lias agreed to comjiose 1111 opera
for Harris who in collaboration witi
Masenzueo will write the plot which is
found in Kenilworth
Under the act of March IS the treasury
department yesterday assumed control of
the immigration into Maryland Pennsyl
vania aud Massachusetts
At Ozark Ala Lee Carroll a negro sec
tion hand who was trying to indue other
hands to quit work was shot and killed
yesterday mornimr by John Porter a broth
er to the section boss
At Tuskegee Ala yesterday th citizens
rcse en masse called on the blind tiger men
and told them they must stop selling
whisky and pour out all the stock on hand
The tigers agreed to the demand
The Shufeldt distillery the Chicago nuti
whisky concern for conspiracy to destroy
which with dynamite Secretary Gibson of
tho trust wjis recently indicted was
damaged by fire yestcrduv to the extent of
100000 Several attempts which the
Shufeldts have attributed to tho trust have
been made to destroy it within the past
four or five years
Cardinal Tase nereau and other member
of tlie Quebec clergy aii petitioning parlia
ment to amend the election law so as to
make it au offense punishable by imprison
ment to use liquor for corruptive purpose I
during election times Free whiski tliov
assert has a demoralizing effect 011 such oe
Tho election to fill the vacancy for the
city of London in the house of commons
caused by the death of Sir Robert Nichols
Fowler Conservative exlord mayor of
London took place yesterday and resulted
in the return of Mr Hanson Conservative
against whom there was no opposition
Mi and Mr > M A Spoonts will leire
for Seattle Vancouver s island and AksLa
in a few days ana will pend tho summer
Mrs Zeno C Ross left yesterday for
Beverly Mass for the summer
Miss Eliza Trigg who ha been visiting
her sister Mrs J B Moore of Dallas re
turned yesterday
Dr William G Wlieeler and wife of Bos
ton Mass are the guesls of A D W1ipI t
his brother This Is the first tmvtinsrpf
the brothers iu tuiny years
Thomas Ross left yesici day for England
on busiuess
Miss Florence Smith is visitiu ia
J F Edwards of Wichita Falls was in
the city yesterday Tnc Gazette is always
clad to see Mr Edwards as his presence
means business
A Ncwby the ice manufacture of Wich
ita Falls is in the city
Edward K Gay of Atlanta Ga southern
manager of tho Insuraice Company of
North America is iu the city the guest of
Mrs J H Matthews and Miss Mattio
Gwaltney of Bowie are in the city and leave
this morning for California for tho summer
J S Weaver suierintendent of the rail
way mail service and family left yesterday
for Denver whnrt his family will remain
during th Sttninier
Mrs N J Baxter leaves on the Fort
Worth and Denver this morning for Den
George G Noyes superintendent of the
college at Colleire station Tex and wife
starts for a summer tour of California this
Ben Boyd left for Denver last night
Thefollowing gentlemen went out on the
Fort Worth and Denver on a prospecting
tour yesterday T II Egglcston Kyle
Tex J H Harrell Grandview Tex and
R S Abernathy and J S Dowien of
Professor J R Hall loft on the Katy
yesterday for Cleveland Ohio
H Y Jewell left on the Katy yestcrday
eveniijg for a brief visit to Louisville Ky
Miss Minnie Vcazio of Paris who has
just finished a two years course at the
Boston conservatory of music is spending
a few days with her friend Mrs Time cor
ner Third and Pecan Miss Vcazio gives
great promise of developing into a musician
of rare ability
A Post IIortem Story
Paris June 3 The Figaro 10day pub
lished a letter from M Lucien Milcvoyc
member of tho chamber of deputies toj
Henry Labouchere claiming that yie late
Prince Napoleon informed him in lSfiO that
King Humbert told him Prince Napoleon
he had no fear of being unable to defend the
Italian coasts in the event of war with
France as England had given Italy a
written pledge to send a fleet to protect
Italy against a naval attack on the part of
Salt for Damage to Property
Special to the Gazette
Houston Tex June 3 W J and J J
Settegast sue the Houston Belt and Mag
nolia road for 10000 damages to their
propertyon Commerce street New York
capitalists own stock in this road
Thats What Lovett Said When
Cheating Was Charged
Prince Edward Alberts Best Frinds Donl
Like the Trial Up to Date
The Third Day of t lie iaeenrat Trial Ta
1 p liy Argument for the Uo
feudauts > eathing Iteinarks
ut itusseli
The Third Day
Loxpon June 3 One u ould i atine
that after days of listening to ha apj ail
to be intensely interesting testimony re
gard to the baccarat scandal the oubuo
would begin to tire of i on tht tmrj u
Such however is not the case tjr < v
interest iu the seartalous revelations bi x
made in connection with the Priecf
Wales as the jjiifcer at the gam 01 cards
vhc cheating it is a ioged was ind etl
in is unabated and on tlie third da > 1 s
case vt y much celebre the scones utsuid
of the queen s bench diviion j tier
majestys hisrh court of justice in tie new
law cou and nn tne stand were again ri
> eated with hardly any vv iations T it
same policemen seem to lie toer he
same interest manifested in distinguish I
arrivals it court was displaced m 1 fair
amount of guying and iiiaftinj was 11
dulged in To all apiiearances tic ame
crowd of fashionable people iadns st t
predoiuii ting was found itisk tin c mr
and lunch baskets and i > oeIet tlasks worn
out iL if anything stronger force h 1
It is too early to sum up the effect of
testimony already Taken upon the mini
< t
the VUitKh matron who as these g 1
ladies will admit lias a gren deal to do
moulding public opinion It is safe to sa
however that boti the plaintiff 111 1 > ir
Sir William Cordon Cumming and the de
fendants Mr and Mrs Lyceit en M
and Mrs Arthur Wilon and Mr Lerke v
1ovotl to say noihi g of the Pnn ot
Wales have not shown up in very bngh
colors Even the Prmee r Wahs ties
friends are said to admit unwillingly that
lie testimony he gave > estona was ae
from being of a nature to vi lleet cred t
upon the
llTLR KING or CXf Wli
Tlie lord chief justice took his sea un the
bench ut pveNely 11 o clock aio as lie did
so the buiz of feminine conversation wlinn
pervaded the court stopped giadim1 diwt
and then ceasil entirely as ail attention
was once more conccnti itfil upon tlie i ief
actor in the baccarat scantli develop
ments The lord chief justiv had hard >
settled himself corfortably in the en jus
of his chair and hd just emitted a solemn
hem preliminary to sajimr something
when Albert Edvjd Prince oi Wales
still accompanied by his faihftd iatu
secretary Sir Francis Knolieys entered
the court bowing and smiliiur to the au
dience assembled who ieKVtfnlii rose to
their eet as the jovial heirn Parent ap
Sir Charles Pussell leading counsel for
defeudauts slow aroe from his scat
bowed to the lord chief justice to tho
members of the bar and to the ladies unit
commenced his addnss on ehalf of his
clients Sir Charts Ivsmii speakim iu a
low distinct vie the tones of which hu
gradually raised until the distinguished
lawyer was eeard learly throughout the
court He said that his clients had been
much against their wishes compelled to
trkt > the course which they had adopted
There weie nine jiersons concerned in this
continued Sir Charles in a low vrie full
of feeling all f whom knew the plaintiff
Sir William Gordon Cumr ng for many
years Plaintiff admitted he said raising
his voice slfhtl tha his accusers
were acting conscientiously iu this matter
and the jury would find it impossible to
believe that those perfiL s were
mistaken in regard to the character
of plaintiffs conduct on the night of
the Mb and Hth of September ISiK
The plaintiff had admitted that tltey wcro
all persons of honor and honesty and hav
ing made the charges they adhered to
them The pi intifl had n aslad to be
confronted with either oT his accusers Tho
objeetoii to secrecy came from Mr Lycett
Green who askeil that the matter bo
thrashed out then a d there in oider to
pi vent the possibility olJplL itiff s after
wards repudiating the charges The plain
tiff continued Sir Charles Hussell after
au effective pause and again raising
his voice slightly had signed a de
grading and humiliating dcVuiuent and
lip did not take steps to bring
his slanderers t > justice until
he found himsalf in another jiosition Then
he ti Tied upon thosie who had been quite
prepared to keep their agreement thougi
in their eyes he was a dishonored mat
With this remark Sir Charles seemed to
take up another line of argument lor
he said gazing earnestly at the jury
And now how alrut the three princi
pal actors and the plaintiffs action in
regard to them Do you gentlemen o
the jury doubt that the plaintilt
knew that caeli of the gentlemen believed
him guilty He knew that iu their eies ha
was no longer iu the cutrgory of honora
ble men Was it 1 oneeivable that an inno
cent man under such circumstances should
bear such au odious burden upon him De
fendants would tell the jury that
their mouths remained closed in thii
matter until January 7 I5UI
For months after the eventful Baccaret
games at Tanny Croft when Sir illiaiq
Gordon Cummiug made hu attempt through
Mr Bcrkcly Lovett one or the witnesses
to secure a modification or withdrawal 01
the charges the defendants said to that
they were prepared to substantiate the
charges which they had made against
Sir William Gordon Cummiug Sir
Charl then laid speeial stress
upon the jieculiar circumstances under
whica the action was brought about and re
ferred at length to tlie interview which Sit
William Gordon Gumming had with Lieut
Lovett wlw was a subaltern in plaintiffs
regimentand who being asked bi Sir Will
iam to dowhat he could with Mrs Arthur
Wilson in regard to the baccarat
scandal replied that he could not disbelieve
his own hiskt though he added
that he would gladly do anything for
tho sake of Sir William Gordon
Camming and for the sake of the regiment
to which they belonged The plaintiffs
conduct Sir Charles Russell continued
at no stage of this distrosiug story hai
beenthe conduct of an innocentand honora
ble man No
man would have lain quic under the
charges made against him or signed the
confession which plaintiff signed Counsel
for tho defendants then said that tho
present action was brought only when
plaintiff failed in his efforts to secure his
retirement on lialf pay from the army Cou
ttuuiug Sir Charles dilated ujion the inno
cent character of the baccarat games played
there in September last saying One of
the satisfactory results of this case has
been the dissipation of the absurd aud pre
posterous notions whxn have been formed
in regard to the occurrences at Tanby
At the request of Sir Charles Russell
models of the tables used each night at
Tanby Croft in September for playing
baccarat iu default of regular baccarat
tables with the
csncciallv marked tiion them were pro
duced Sir Charles Russell also caused
tne jury to be shown photographs
of the rooms at Tranby Croft
where the now historical game ot

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