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V fT P B P P
But Little of Interest Trans
piring in the City
A Cobweb Social and Lann Party Re
leased From Jail Coming to Fort
Wortli In tho Courthouse Cor
ridors The Police Uniforms
nigh School Entertainment
The entertainment by the pupils of the
hich school will be jriven at the opera home
Friday night beginning af o1T AU
friends and parents of the pupils are most
cordially in ited to be present
As to Marriage Licenses
County Clerk King reports a distressing
vacuity in ho marriage license business
and attributes it to the warm weather It
requires courage to assume the matrimonial
noose at this juncture and it is said it is
charaetcrist > of Tarrant county that the
mnrriagc irenscs issued during the summer
months are hardly sufficient in number to
pay for the ink consumed iu making them
A High Tea
The series of high teas given by tho ladies
of St Andrews Episcopal church have be
< oine very jmpular and the announcement
01 one of the > e events is always hailed with
delight by the people of the parish and
lne i friends generally There will be one
this evening from 130 to 10 oelock at
tti residence of Mr George Jackson 1213
1 il Weaiherford street The ladies will
in pleased to meet all the members of the
i mgregMiun and their friends upon this
i cation A cordial welcome will be ex
uded to all
A Cobweliand Iawn Parly
Tlit ladies Aid Society of the Mulkey
menuirial church ill iie a cobweb social
ami Litn party this otcuing at the resi
o > nee of Mrs 1 B Sprinkle corner of
lucia and Uuskstreets The ladies extend
a eordial invitation to everybody Just
uhit constitutes the cobweb portion of tho
c ning pleasure Tin G ittc is at a
i ss to know but it will doubtless lie ome
11 nig unique and entertainiu or the ladies
t > i t Ins church would not have thought of
mi it J
The Poller ITiiirnrms
Tlie police force yesterday appeared in
the new uniforms They arcoftho pelpcr
and salt ariuty of gray cloth with summer
helmets of the same color They arc not a
full dress uniform being rather more on
the undress style the coat being a loose
back instead of Irince Albert cut The
police force presents a cool neat appear
ance and the change from tho darling
blue cloth and bright buttons is very re
freshing Light billets accompany tho uni
forms and together with the helmets are
of the metropolitan type
Itele ised From TuiI
Yesterday two prisoners were released
from the county jail and again breath
heavens free air John Jourell who
< barged with killing another negro near
the Cuion depot few nights since gave
bond in the sum of 5 i i0 anil was released
i mm custody
1 T Moijly who has been imprisoned
foi several months accused of robbery and
awaiting his trial iu the district court was
yesterday released from custody tho
case against him having been dismissed
In tho Courts
The Owensboro wa on company yester
day filed suit in the district court of the
Seventeenth judicial district against C W
James J I Goodman and II S Terry on
three curtain promissory notes of tho
amounts of MCi10 4fi lo and iMG UO re
In the suit of John OConnor et al vs the
Fort Worth Cement Company ct al in the
Fortjeight district Judge Stedman ap
poiiitc tt If Booth as receiver
Nothing of interest transpired in the
county court In fact the courthouse was
u dull and Uninteresting spot yesterday
Coming l < t Fort Worth
The Georgetown Republican has tho fol
lowing to say of a well knou n Texas educa
Professor Brooks school closed on last
Thursday Yesterday thescholars parents
aim friends had a picnic on the Chautauqua
grounds and had a most enjoyable time
o are sorry to learn that the distinguished
and popular gentleman and his most estima
ble Liih are going to tesido in Fort Worth
We but voice the sentiment of our people
lien we say wo part from them with many
ivgrets They are honored and respected
b us all for their many excellent qualities
The people of the Fort are fortunate in se
curing them as residents of that city
The llclrherDivorce Case
Tho celebrated Belcher divorce caso was
up again in the Seventeenth district court
jeslerdiy Some time since AY C Belcher
sued for divorce from Georgia Belcher ou
the grounds of adultery Mis Belcher
came into court praying that tho decree be
set aside and asking taat she be given a de
cree and a share of the proiwrtj Judge
Beckham refused yesterday to issue a de
rive ii either case holding that no evidence
had been introduced in support of the ladys
cixiss bill By mutual consent the case was
leopened and arguments will be heard this
morning as to the property rights etc
Work < iu the Streets
Street Commissioner Frazicr is at pres
ent nurking a small force and is devoting
his entire attention to repairing the streets
where repairs arc most needed Street
improvement is almost at a standstill at
present owing to the lauk of funds Yes
terdij the holes in the northern approach
to the l otton Belt bridge across the Trinity
were repaire i Tliis bridge is an old one
nnd greath worn so much so that constant
utlentinn is nevessay in order to keep it in
n passable condition For this reason the
opening of the North Side bridge is very
aniously awaited by people having busi
ness ou the North Side Tho travel across
the bridge this season is said I
double that of last year
to be almost
Ditibllilirt ICemotcd
In the Fortyeighth district court yester
day a petition was presented from E F
IKard who represented that he was a minor
of over the a e of nineteen the owner of an
estate ami for three years past has bv
and with the consent of his father been en
gaged in managing this property and other
wise engaged in business contracts That
iu order to more successfully carry on his
business enterprises he prays that hjs dis
abilities as a minor be removed The con
sent of the father to such aetion accom
panied the petition Judge Steadman
granted the prayer of tho petitioner and he
is now to all intents ami purposes just as
much a fullfledged citizen of Texas as
though he had reached his majority
Fight With a Lioness
Atulsta Ga Juno a gnperintenaent
John Mostcllen at Grand park had a terri
ble battle TvithMoTley the Mexican lioness
yesterday He was tighiinc for the lire of
Inman Bell the eightyearold son of Mrs
T V Bell and nephevrof John lnman of
yew York Both tho little fellow and the
superintendent were injured terribly
On tho rioor of the Illinois Senate Cham
ber Followed by Apologies
SPEiXGHrjuIix June 3 The novelty
of a fisticuff in the senate chamber was wit
nessed yesterdayafternoon It was between
Senators Campbell and Allen and grew out
of a dispute over a bill Of course there
was a commotion and the contestants were
firmly grasped by their respective adher
ents The combatants were separated and
LieutenantGovernor Rayjgjharked The
senate will be in order
Subscqucntly hcre pfo proper apologies
Beccliams Pil
iff Children
a weak
The Torrltory About Terrell Is a ISoundless
Grain Field nndSnch Prospects were
Never Heard of in the History
of Texas
Terrell Tex June 2 We are asked
what is it this community needs most We
say emphatically farmers those who will
work small farms and work them well In
fact that is the need of all other things
Small farmers can get land from 10 to iZO
per acre owing to quality and location raw
or in cultivation sandy raw Iiide buck
shot black sandy or black waxyi with or
without wood with or without water but
everywhere a good school for several
months during the year free of charge
Splendid society can be secured
AVe have good schools good churches
good preachers good physicians good cat
tle and horses and can raise a diversified
crop Cotton is the principal product but
a farmer can raise what he wants and the
most successful farmers here are those who
attend strictly to business cultivate veil
and raise variety crops so as not to be
uei > endent on any one production
Arrangements will bo made to settle a
good size settlement close together if nec
essary For instance if twenty or thirty
young men with families can be secured
from the same section who would like to be
close neighbors we would endeavor to se
i are them small farms in size from twenty
to one hundred acres on terms that would
enable them to pay for their homes with
the produce of their farms and especially
so when thero is one advance payment
However it is better all around when the
land can bn paid for In cash This how
ever cannot alu ays be done
Do you ask why we devote so much space
inviting tho small farmer to this county
We answer that is a matter of our own
Wc want that class and are going to ge
them If other sections want dudes
ers professional ilonothings j ilTOiiers
upon honest toilers and snujjfBjged scape
iraces just send in rfPr cquisitioii and
this community wjjs ndeavor to ship you
an invoice ofj ffuliavivon hand
We arejjing to build upourcommunity
thejp4ffou surrounding Terrell knowing
when this is done tho city will grow
and prosper involuntarily We know this
cannot be done by importing the scrapings
from elsewhere for they do not even make
good scavengers but stick like festers and
flyblows to any good community
Yes we want manufactories we want
hem bad enough too but want only lacto
nes and enterprises as will be profitable
and produce employment and wealth aid in
development of city and county in a healthy
peraumout way We may be selfish along
this line but our selfishness is for the good
of Terrell and those who live hero or even
visit our iteople
As crops will soon be gathered we are be
ginning to look for a good invoice of the
10000 small farmers from the Southern and
Western states Wo are not afraid of in
spection for we want them to come and
spend enough time to see the country as it
is and rely upon common sense judgment
They will seo in our midst as they do
everywhere now and then a worthless in
dolent farmer whose ambition has been
covered up out of sight by laziness
thriftlessness and occasionally stumbL
over the ragtagand bobtail growler whose
aim in life is unknown oven to himself or
anybody else if he has any But there are
lots of good jieoplc here a larger per cent to
tho population than you will find in most
communities This assertion is made with
the knowledge that expectation that peoplo
will investigate That is what we want
and we are prepared to show our assertions
will pan out all right
The health of this section is splendid
there being no large streams of water
owing to tho high altitude Tho main water
supply for stock is secured by tanks or
pond3 during the winter The county is
rolling sunlciently for excellent drainage
Water for drinking purposes is secured bv
wells or cisterns in good quality and quan
tity There are portions where the water
is bad and those who want bad water can
be supplied Tho same can be said in re
gard to soil All kinds of soil except that
there are no rocks TLs immediate section
is almost entirely destitute of rocks at
least any way near the surface
We need the best element of farmers
Wo have room for them wo propose to
secure tliem and that in an honorable way
Accidental Drowning
Special to the Gazette
Waco Tex June 3 A verdict of acci
dental drowning was the result of the in
quest on thoTjody of Dicey Smith found
iu Waco creek yesterday
In the United States court this morning
XBurnham waived preliminary
examina Wnmd was placed under bond ttf
awaitjno acjfrilfIfTlio gqfcd jury Burn
hamM chaJHd with assjplt with intent to
killJt XSfCsfiey last v
and druggist keep iu
Progress or the Deep Water Operations
A Channel that Will Accommodate
Commerce of the Deepest Draught
Correspondence or the Gazette
Coiircs CnuiSTi Tex May TL The
workatKopes Pass is being pushed for
ward vigorously A large force of teams
have cut away the hills and high ground
ahead of the dredge These teams are now
within 500 feet of the gulf This is being
done for the purpose of diminishing the
amount of work to be accomplished by the
Indications constantly multiply that this
is the spot where Corpus Christi Pass
formerly went out from Corpus Christi bay
to tho gulf The site of the present works
was selected because of numerous surface
indications of a similar purport The
dredge is now bringing upout of the bottom
ofthe channel large quantities of perfect
sea shells somo of these are of a kind
which the boatmen about here say they
have never before seen
Ropes Pass is situated at a point opposite
the middle of Corpus Christi bay where
the deep water curves in Corpus Christi
bay come nearest to the deep water curves
in the gulf Tradition has it that when
Corpus Christi pass was upon or near this
spot there were twentyfour feet of water
upon the bar This is doubtles true for it
is well known that there was twenty feet
of water upon Aransas bar when Aransas
Pass was located three miles north of
present position and opposite tho foo
Aransas bay where the amount of tidal in
flow was very much less than into Corpus
Christi bay Corpus Christi bay is the
finest tidal basin upon the gulf coast If
there were twentyfour feet of water main
tained upon this spot without any artificial
means it may be safe to assume that dredg
ing revetting and jettying will add at least
six feet to that depth when this pass is re
People who are not informed upon engi
neering matters may suppose that the work
at Ropes Pass is without a parallel but this
is a mistake A similar canal was cut
across tho Hook of Holland from the
river Maas iu Holland by which the port of
Rotterdam is now furnished an outlet to the
sea which makes it a sea port of great
magnitude This was accomplished by
dreding across tho dry land and running
out jetties into the sea just as is proposed
at Ropes Pass
The jetties at Ropcs Pass will be shorter
and consequently less expensive than at
any point upon the Texas coast The dis
tance to thirty feet of water is about four
thousand leet This is about onehalf the
distance to thirty feet of water at Aransas
Pass and is less than onesixth the distance
to a similar depth at Galveston This will
reduce the cost of obtaining deep water at
this point over that required at any other
pointand will effect a most valuable saving
in iwintof time i
There is no noise or excitement being
created over this work as tho first cut
neaxfts completion but on thu contrary
uople of this section arc apparently
soundly sleeping while work is being
puslred forward under their very noses
which is of the greatest importance not
only to them but to the state of Texas and
the great Northwest
The first cut will give about ten feet of
water from bay to gulf and a channel width
of only fifty feet When the waters of the
gulf and bay are permitted to rush back
and forth through this channel with each
tide the scouring will be very heavy and
tho channel will be widened and deepened
by the currents more rapidly than twenty
dredges could do it The dredge will then
be run back and forth through the cut
which is about 10000 feet long deepening
it with each trip she makes andthis added
to the action of the currents will greatly
and steadily increase the size of the chan
nel until it is able to receive and accommo
date commerce of the deepest draught Jet
ties will also bo thrown out into the gulf to
the thirtyfoot depth JgLcao will lie built
of stone and be pcrmul nffeolid structures
To Overtop All
Fort Worhi Tex June 31S91
Editor Gazette
The above heading appears in tho dis
patches of your issue this morning from
San Antonio illustrating the proposition of
Hon Charles Ogden a lifelong Republi
can to erect a monument under the aus
pices of the G A R posts and the Confed
erate camps to overtop all others of the
earth commemorative of American valor in
the late civil war
A lifelong Democrat responds for one
and to count one Confederate soldier who
agrees to tho proposition heartily provided
that justice is done on its dedicatory space
Ve have read much of traitors and reb
els on tho one side and patriots
without a price on the other We
can settle that and unsettle much
of history as now written by the fol
lowing justice which I propose to go on that
column or words to that effect
to get slioi
rnsset O
now 1
This Week at
re chance
There is
brtable as
50 grade
grade 1
Main Street Dallas Texas
Job offices in the city and out of J
ha e their typo mater
If a Man Is kilty He Needs No
idvertisement caught him
< a e Bond Runaway
Special to the Gazette
I iris Tex June 3 The bond of Tol
Dean arrived yesterday from Temple and
beiug signed uy some of the solid cittfens of
that place was approved and Dean left for
his home yesterday
A runaway team collided with a street
car yesterday One end of tho car was
knocked in aud one of the runaway team so
badly injured aj to require kiU
Wanted A go
it easy enough by
rilla It tones tb
rtc You can have
iig Hoods Sarsapa
estion and cures sick
lUismess Troubles at Marshall
Special to the Gazette
Marshall Tex June 3 Wood Al
bright made an assignment today to E
Key president of the First national bank
who appointed S E Wood as trustee
The stock of goods owned by Mrs M J
Prince was seized jesterday by Constable
v II Hunt to satisfy a debt due Lesser
Used in Millions of Homes 40 Years the Standard
Child Shot Another Kicked
Correspondence of the Gazette
FAiiFiELDTEXJunel Last week while
the fourteenyearold daughter of Mr
B F Whatlcy ana her little sevenyearold
brother were in the field at work the boy
called to his sister to look how far he could
throw a rock with his nigger shooter
Tho rock accidentally struck tho unfortu
nate girl in the temple and knocked her
down She got up and went to the houso
and died in a short while An invalid sis
ter is prostrated by the tragedy and it is
thought she cannot survive the shock
A nincnionthsold baby of Mose Jones
colored was shot in the forehead by a
colored boy a week ago It is supposed the
shooting was accidental The weapon was
apistoL The ball entered above the left
eje ranging downward back of the nose
destroying the right eye Dr J A Sneed
extracted the ball under the skin of the
right jaw There is some hopes of the
child recovering unless blood poisoning
sets in
Late Saturday evening a child of Mr
Willio Gordon living a few miles from
town was playing with and trying to
catch an oSi family horse when the horse
became vicious and kicked the child break
ing the skull aud mangling a thigh At laat
accounts the child was alive
Got Too Much Chloroform <
Special to the Gazette
Pakis Tex June 2 Miss Lucv Davis
the fourteenyearold daughter of ISIrs
Martha Davis had a close shave with death
yesterday She left the houso saving she
was goiny to a married sisters half block
away Soon after she left her mother
going into tho yard found hor in an out
house in a stupified condition from inhala
tion of chloroform Vigorous work finally
restored her Shesaid she had headache
and inhaled the drug to quiet her pain and
unconsciously got too much of it N
Wanted In Texas for Arson
SACRotENToCaL June 3 The police
last evening arrested Horace Harding and
Sam Boles colored badly wanted in Col
lin county Ter for arson and robbery
will be presc
Children50c and
SLOO SOo and
S isr Sif
Everything new Finest tabic best furnished
hou > e in Texas No hotel in the state Is as ab
solutely free from dauger of Are
The Gu2Ctte Prepared to Fill All Orders
lor Casting Stereotype
Doctor McCoy
Rectal and GenitoUrinary Specialist
ffhfnpae without cutting
ICIUreS dilating
TnorrhcBa and all dl
Syphilis JgfSS
ease3 of
ClrcalAturs Notice
All who are indebted to us for the Daily
Gazette who do not pay for
by the 10th of the monj
cut off from
without furtb MpPBR We are com
pelle gggfPWeveTy paper wo take frt
is impossible for us to
unless we are paid This rule w
have no exceptions
B F J B Sprinkle
City Circulators
A man going iLwii Main sMKattracted
some attention nV his jarfng into every
househe passed Phflgpiiiially he got be
tween Eighth anajpn streets he was seen
turn into a door Mrwien the climax came
for he had sjaBRl hormliniment on his new
spring coat Rid tookr k to Gaston Bros
teaming use to ha it cleaned and
hen he lelt with the cdl O If he said
nenco will receive prompt attention
No 207 Houston Street
Agents for the Genuine Oxford Teachers
Gazctts Circulators OKc
Those who wish to subscribe
subscriptions to the Fort WqrjjMpff GA
zette will please calla gplHeTlOf Main
street betwcen jgrtlimord aud First at
W H SprinJjHIPlrTut stand Respectfully
F and J B Sprinkle
CitV Circulators
87000 now Manufactured Used and
E Baum
Evans Co
Maroney assignee Da lla
fe Martin stock of Carpets Mattings Linoleums
tains Shades etc amounting to 20000 for smuu
Was the only exclusive Carpet House in Dallas and carried
a complete line of Axminister Moquette Wilton Velvet
Body and Tapestry Brussels also a full line of Ingrain
Mattings Oil Cloth etc and a tremendous slock f Cur
tains aud Shades of every description
Of Fine Dress Goods China Silks and Grenadine Mull
Batistes Organdies White Goods all at 25 per cent less
than elsewhere
In these departments you can save from 30 to 40 per cent
Try us
at just onehalf the price you pay elsewhere It is impos
sible for any competition to meet our low prices Coma
and satisfy yourself
e bauman
Successor to the B C Evans Dry Goods Company
Friday and
All New Shapes in White Black and
Colored Straw
Your Choice for 25c4
Regular Prices 300 and 350

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