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v psss g j gps
a B > f ri ne Eyes of Spectators Who
w Uijble to Render Assistance
r ruM ami Their Jrclit Con
r tf > lie rii lnos Demolished
I I rewsNerluuslr Injured
Tim Alleged Cause c
Witness Statement
Hi June 8 News of the
at Savannah J T reached
which was caused by a
o freight trains An oye
lie city says two tramps
o iath also Brnkeinun Harri
i > rs were injured
11 ains Collide
i lime S A fatal wreck
s Anmah L T on tlie Mis
nd Texas lailway at an
morning resulting in the
t el fino mau and serious
v ra more Two other men
j a ride are also reported
< inductor Lincoln and En
i Iiarge of a northbound
meet Conductor Rush
e in charge of a soutt
ram at Savannah On ar
tii lound a work train on the
i < it was dusk they
it was Rushs train
ii In of Savannah llioy mot
i live All parties jumped
to save themselves The
in cars were one mass of
risi int and two cars of case
i ruited and the shattered
1 iiNon did not escape and
i i death under the wreck
I > ii terrible that his body
ijumler before it could be
i is and Crooks were both
tvl may not recover
is aLso received severe
ken limos
ig train was at once tele
iiii could not be gotten across
oofum where the track was
Later in the day the dead
v ore brouglitsouth and taken
a boat and brought to
ii i all live Harrisons ro
ip lothe undeitaker s where
is lor shipment to Iiis home
1 utter that the charred bones
> thought to be tramp
ii mm the wreck and Willi
> ivuiiuh as no one knows
i < were
one of themost disastrous
i on the Missouri Kansas
Ions time Two new
liititl engines are literally
u des tliirty ears heavily
H iuit AL < rsT
hi 1 T June S About 7
ii i ir news reached here
i lit traiis collided about six
iif this station demolishing
and a number of freight cars
nre killed outright ami theen
i1 both trains were more or
The wreck was caused
i > carelessness of the nortli
r who had orders to wait at
I the arrival of the soutS
v inch ho mistook for a work
i lioin the north while his
u ding on tho side rack from
who came from the wreck
liit about thirty empty
mi two oil tanks were
A tramp whose name
jiii was caught under the
11 iieil to a crisp before his
> ued The head brakeman
iiuml train was tieyond ree
i iuioved from the burning
i engineers and firemen
iiiir trains and received but
l Loots Like Murder
1 T June S A J Moore nr
i ht from the Sac and Fox
the dead body of his son
is killed a week ago with
i ii named Given way and
11iii police for alleged horse
hody of the boy was
i condition being swollen
1 composed The killing
now seems to bo murder
Giveaway Ilinkle and
irthwcst of this city about
Mcio looked upon as honest
liners They have hauled
i products into this city for
ami all were quiet unas
i he l > oy Moore whose body
night was only twenty
od and wns never
onio before in his life
noiv taking when thoy met
suddenly was taken simply
Icing over the lands soon
settlement That they never
horses but were shot
icd by the Seminoles is be
case by all h re Tliey
> empriseand each perforated
1 balls having been shot
M ich indignation is felt here
of the murderers by the
umniissjoner who is him
o Ih v of twentyone and a
Iat rick Tho murdered men
Horn behind showing that
ng to escape as best they
ic Jndiaus came upon them
n Town lombardcd Attcmpt ti
ieium i ltrltilt Steamer
June S The toriedo boats
cndell accompanied by two
sports attempted to bombard
oiig range today Very few
C the town They soon le
ivssional ships have gone iu
i sli steamer Sirius from San
v h provisions arrived yester
1 i > rts that the agent of Balma
i aed to detain her at Calla The
ter at Lima opposed it unless
toposited iiOOOO sterling
i i will be ready to sail for Califor
< rer Towery of Smith County Badly
Injured by Itunaway
> to the Gazette
Tex June S This afternoon
E 4 o clock Mr J D Lowery the
reasurer and Mr J C Butler
for a drive and in turning tho
J f Bois d Arc and Locust streets
j e became frightened and made a
> aat cut the hack around too short
° causing it to upsot throw
ho out Mr
two gentlemen
wcry being a crippled man was in
a wheelchair and the chair tumbling out
fell on Mi Lowery and broke both of his
legs one just above the knee the other
somewhere about the thigh Physicians
were summoned and he is now resting
comparatively easy It is thought the acci
dent will prove fatal Mr Batler only had
his left thumb sprained
A Number of Iroinineut Tyler Citizens
Called as Witnesses
Special to the Gazette
1 jieh TfiS June S This beinsr the
homw of the International and Great
Northern receivership the investigation
which is to come off in Galveston on the
10th inst is exciting a good deal of atten
tion Tho Following is a list of the persons
interested or summoned as witnesses that
will leave this city for Galveston to
morrow to attend the same Judge Mc
Cord T O Woldert Senator Cone John
son John Durst C B Eps Hon T X
Jones lion John M Duncan C T Bonner
II M Whittaker Col T I Bonner A O
Mellvane J 11 Brown Hon IC AV Finley
Senator Horace Chilton Ben B Cain I J
Hiche KJ Taylor Henry Cook Hon YV S
Heniuon John Meagher
Bridges Houses Livestock Crop and
Kteiaythiii Jmi inaMe llurryiujr to
Itic Gulf Ilailroutlb Out o sight
Inll Particulitrs froui Vernon
Special to the razette
Yeixo AViLiiAi nrn Cocvtt Tex
June b From B L Appleby of Chillicothe
we learn further particulars of the storm
Mr Applebv came over this morning iu a
buggy crossing on the county bridge A
cloudburst near Chillicothe iu the Wan
derers eroek valley Thursday evening did
the damage olWO acres of wheal being de
stroyed near that place and ten foot of
water rushed pellmell through the town
carrying everj thing betore it Thursday
evenings passenger train is still between
Chillicothe and Quanah unable to get
further on account of washouts and came
within an ace of being wrecked Six men
were drowned at Clarendon and nearly
everything washed away while four men
were drowned at Chillicothe O O Winter
who was cut oT crowed to Vernon on a
skiff and says it uill be at least ten days
before trains will be running across the
i he new bridge across lied river north of
Quanah was washed away also the one
south of Quanah crossing lease river
Quanah people are terribly disheartened as
the hail damaged the crops ami tile miss
ing bridges will compel people living north
and south to trade elsewhere The calamity
is to be regretted
Territory Kiter
Special to the tiazeite
Wuxc I T June P Owing to the re
cent heavy rains in this section at an early
hour Saturday morniiiir the waters of tho
Canadian river commenced rising again aud
havedoue a great deal of damage to the
roadbed of the iulf Colorado ami Santa Fe
railway company thniuirliout tne Territory
At a point some four miles north of here
the track is washed out for a distance of
several hundred feet and the morning pas
senger train duo here at 7 > 0 Saturday
morning was delayed until 0 Sunday
morning when a transfer of passengers and
baggage was made All passenger trains
have been delayed from twentyfour to
fDrtyeight hour and freights forthe time
being practically abandoned until the dam
ago io the roadlwd can be repaired
Special to thcGuzette
TiiACKunvniE 1 T June S The river
has washecLthrough its bank on the com
pany rightofway several hundred feetand
is changing its course
iei > iiivcr
The waters of lied river are higher than
has been known in years and the railroad
bridge at that point badly damaged by the
water and it is unsafe for trains to pass
over live bents being washed away Hugh
H Irrine with a construction train and a
large number of laborers is at the scene to
repair damages which work will be com
menced as soon as the water falls
Red Hirer at DenUon
Special to the Gazette
Dexisox Tex June S All communica
tion from the Territory is cut off and not a
train has been across tho lied river bridge
since Sunday night The river is raging
across the bottom in a perfect whirl sweep
ing everything before it The Missouri
Kansas and Texas bridge is still several
feet above the water but the track across
the bottoms on this side of the river is full
three feet under water for about a mile
The track is being held in place by a num
ber of largo cables which are fastened to
trees The grades are cut away badly how
ever and it will be several clays before the
track will again be in condition for train
service The new macadamized wagon
road which has just been completed across
the bottom to the new wagon bridge has
been nearly entirely washed away Much
damage has been done to bottom crops and
everything iu the vicinity of the river has
been washed away A large number of
people have visited tiie river today and
viewed the sights The water is running
like a veritable rapids and objects of every
description have been going down stream
The rise was the most udden and highest
that has occurred since lsfj and the dam
age cannot be estimated
Victim or the Floods
Special to the Gazette
SitEUMix Tnx June S Dug Johnson
well known in this county proves to be one
of the victims of the big floods iivlf arde
man county on Wanderers creek so his wife
has been telegraphed Johnson had gone
out there and settled on a section of public
Ieil ISIver Climbing Up
Special to the Gazette
Paihs Tex June S Red river is rising
rapidly and already at low points is out of
bank The stream is carrying down a vast
amount of debris including much dead
slock and other dead animals and parts of
houses The Frisco bridge at Arthur is
well protected and there is no danger of its
being damaged by the present flood
The Troposed Reunion at tho Worlds rair
Meeting with Hearty Approval Col
tees Southern Trip
Special to the Gazette
Monticeixo III June S Col E T
Lee manager of the blue and gray reunion
at Chicago duriug the Worlds fair has just
returned from the South where he met
with the hearty approval of the reunion
association Justice L Q C Lamar
gave it his hearty endorsement as did
many of tho Southern leaders The masses
of the Seuthern soldiers are heartily in
favor of the reunion and many soldiers of
the North and South have wriyen CoL
Lee and associates offering their services
to make the reunion a grand success
There will be a national committe repre
senting every stato and territory in the
Union which with a committee from each
state and territory will manage this re
union whioa will last front thirty to sixty
Our Gold Makes London Buy
Our Securities
Secretary Foster Finds That the South and
West Have Money
Xo Gold Taken for Export ToDay All tho
Fatorlte Stuck In London Dealt in
Freely Two Notable Weak Feat
ures Bond Extensions
Tlie West and South
Special to theUuzettr
WasIiixgtox June S Secretary Fosters
office has been the center of attraction all
morning senators political bosses bureau
chiefs aud others pouring in on him to dis
cuss the fruits of the New York visit or
business that has accumulated during his
ab ence The secretary was originally an
advocate of an extension of 4 per ceut
bonds at 2 per cent and the suggestion in
his circular of a lower rate was the result
of a compromise between his views and
those of the president who wanted to bluff
the thing out aud offer to pay every dol
lar absolutely on demand He went
to New York as fjhy impressed
as ever with the notion that 2 percent
would be a good enough figure aud safer
than a lower one to experiment with On
his return however he liuds letters from
the South and West awaiting him offering
to take extended bonds at any rate 1 he gov
ernment sees lit to lix for them The treasury
circular of June 2 has had time to circulate
throughout the sections mentioned and be
consideredand these letters shoMho temper
of the bankers there At lir t glance it might
be thought that in comparison with New
York remoter sections would not be a very
potent factor in financial transactions of
this sort Oneofthetreasury records how
ever shows thai banks in the four sections
held bonds in round numbers as follows
New England i 500000 middle states
S 50001M Southern and Western > 170i0
OJO This showing may modify Mr Fos
ters view of the situation because he is a
believer that New York is the great clear
ing house of the natiou and that anything
which bears too hard upon that financial
center is felt ail over the country
President Harrison however is not so
thoroughly impressed with this notion as
the secretary and when the two men
come to com pare notes it is quite probable
that the president will insist ii > oii makiug
a strong political stroke at New Yorks ex
IKinse if need be In that case the terms
of the treasury circular will be literally fol
lowed Tim South and West which have
for a good while asserted their desire to be
independent of Wall street will it is
thought seize upon this opportunity to
roundin all the loan which is to be ex
tended say at l per cent
A Pleasinje Clianco
Speciallo the Gazette
Nrw York June b There was a pleas
ing change in the financial situation this
morning Sterling exchange was weak
The posted demand rate was reduced
per cent while actual rates for both long
and short bills were reduced H per cent
The better feeling engendered abroad
through the receipt of our gold and through
favorable advices concerning the state of
Baring Bros affairs was shown this morn
ing in liigher prices for Americans in Lon
don anil in large punliases of stocks by
London operators in our market
All the London favorites participated in
the advance Atehisor was helped by the
recent decision in favor of the company iu
the suit of the St Louis and San Francisco
first preferred stockholders and ah > o by the
statement of May earnings
The market weakend on rumor of gold
shipments but strengthened very much
when it was known that shipments would
not be made Hock Island and Missouri
Pacific were the weak features of the morn
ing Wabash preferred was strong Trad
ing was dull In the afternoon prices lag
ged off
The bond market was dull and feature
Prices were irregularly changed with
narrow limits
Advances and declines for the day
Ad De
Name vance cline
American cotton oil is
American sugar refinery J
American sugar refinery prefer
red ii
Atcliisou Topeka and Santa Fe Ii
Clanlaud Cincinnati Chicago and
fct Louis a
Canada Southern
Chicago Burlington and Quincy t
Chicago as sg
Chicago Milwaukee and St Paul t
Chicago Rock Island and Paciiio fi
Chicago and Northwestern Yt
Colorado coal j
Delaware Lackawanna and West
ern H
D and U feed company i
Krle U
Lead trust i3
Louisville and Nashville ii
Louisville N A C Ui
Missouri Pacific x4
Mobile and Ohio s
National Cord company 4
New Jersey Central U
New York and New Inglaud
North American company ii
Northern Pacific i
Northern Pacific preferred s
Silver bullion certificates
St Paul and Duluth 1J
Tennessee coal and iron i
Wabash preferred Ji
AVestern Union telegraph fi
Offers for the 4 l2
WAsnixoTox June S Several offers for
the extension of 4 per cent bonds were
received at the treasury department One
was for 000000 at the rate of 2 per cent
This came from a private citizen The oth
ers were at any rate the department
decided on Thev are all from
Western banks Secretary Foster called
on the president this morning and informed
him of the result of his recent conference
with bankers and brokers of New York
and of their willingness to take up the en
tire 4J per cent loan if extended at 2 per
Tallure at 3Iexia
Special to the Gazette
Mexia Tex June S Win Kamsler
Bro one of our oldest and largest dry
goods houses filed a deed of trust today
placing the stock of goods in charge of W
L Waller aud W L Murphy assignees
Assets and liabilities are not known This
failure was caused by Kamrler Broin
dorsing paper in favor of Levy Bros of
New York who failed a few weeks ago
This failure is regretted by all who hope
to see matters adjusted so that they may be
able to open up again
Have had two days fine rain and crops
are simply grand
Now York Stato Failure
Rosbout N YJtine S Two more firms
assigned here today They were involved
by the failure of Geo R Merritt Co on
Saturday and are the firms of Merritt
Finger grocers and commission merchants
and C E Merritt Co gloves and mit
tens New York June S John C Field man
ufacturer and dealer in gloves at S13 Broad
way assigned today
Recelrer Appointed
Chicago III June S On complaint of
Anna W Baird one of the stockholders in
ilia Northwestern rubber compasy Judge
Blodgctt oftho Federal court today ap
pointed Edgar Whitehouse receiver The
bill of complaint says the company is
wholly insolvent that its debts are over
100000 with no money to meet a great
deal of the paper long due
The Alliance is planning
next fall
to carry Iowa
The new Canadian premier is still a mat
ter of speculation
Gen James Iongstreet wires St Louis
friends that he is in excellent health
Fred Gaines a wellknown newspaper
man of Paris broke his left leg at Arthur
City last night
The International tyjiographical union
began its Thirtyninth annual conference at
Boston yesterday
Lieut Riders expedition for the explor
ation of the eastern part of Greenland left
Copenhagen yesterday
James Dunn colored of Hitchcock Gal
veston county was shot and bidly wounded
while burglarizing a house
Emma Smith a slightly demented Hous
ton cyprian jumped off the San Jacinto
bridge yesterday but was rescued
About eighty feet of a Mississippi levea
caved in Monday between Carrolton and
Southport doing 20000 worth of damage
A special from Calico Calif says an im
mense cavein has occurred inside the Wat
erloo mines severely injuring three men
A E Mincher individual bookkeeper at
the American National bank of Nashville
Tenu is a defaulter to the extent of about
The principal artists singers and actors
of Berlin have promised to take part iu the
great summer fete for the benefit of the
Russian Jews
Frank Benton evtreasurer of the Mill
ward Cliff cracker company of Philadel
phia is under indictment for conspiracy to
defraud the company
PostmasterGeneral Wanainaker ap
peared yesterday before the subcommittee
of the 1hiiadelpnia councils that is investi
gating the affairs of exCity Treasurer
The indictments against exSenator Sev
ens Otto Mears president of the Rio
Grande Southern and exState Treasurer
Walsen for bribery were quashed at Den
ver yesterday
The Vienna correspondent of the London
Times says the czar has rejected a formal
proposal for a French alliance or the
ground that he could preserve peace only by
keeping a free hand
Sir William Hart Dyck vicepresident of
the committee of the council on education
introduced the Salisbury governments
longtalkedof education bill in the house of
commons yesterday
At Glasgow vesterdav fire did damage to
the extent ol WiOOOO Mullocks glass
warehouse and tho establishment of
Messrs Willis Nelson ribbon manufac
tories were destroyed
The brother of W C Bowen the editor
killed on the International and Great
Northern train says W C Bowen never
fired his pistol at all and that he received
nine instead of four bullet wounds
Two hundred thousand dollars worth of
the wardrobe of Emma Abbott which is left
after many sales and gifts in Chicago is to
be offered for sale by Mrs Lizzie Ab
bott Clark sister of the late actress
The bill to enable her majesty to make
special provisions for the prohibition of the
catching of seals in Behring sea by her
majesty s subjects during tile period named
in the order passed the house of lords yes
D F Davis and Dan Parker arrested at
Galveston upon the charge of swindling
Moore MeKiuuey Co out of 000 worth
of groceries gave bail in 51000 each late
Saturday evening and were released from
The Emperor William has announced his
acceptance of the invitation extended to him
by Lord Mayor Savoy to attend a luncheon
given in his honor at Guild hall on the occa
sion of the emperors coming visit to Lon
Col L S Polk president of the National
Farmers alliance and Representative Jerry
Simpson of Kansas have gone to LaCrosse
Wis to attend the convention of industrial
organizations which will meet there Tues
day to unite with the National Farmers
Advices from Port Au Prince state there
is considerable excitement iu that city
Martial law has been declared Some sixty
persons were shot on May 20 Hypolite has
everything iu his own hands and killiug
goes on at the rate of two or three prisoners
per day
Advices from Shanghai are to the effect
that fresh outrages against foreigners are
reported At Wasfeh near Yangtse Kiang
au English missionary and customs
officers have been murdered aud European
residents are appealing for the protection of
a manorwar
The rabbis of sthe principal cities of
Russia have ordered a day of fastingprayer
and intercession against persecution Re
newed rumors are current that Jewish mer
chants of St Petersburg intend leaving
Among those mentioned as about to leave
are Poljakoff the railway king and Buskit
the sugar refiner
Keokuk la society is greatly excited
over the approaching nuptials of Miss
Georgia ICilburne and Gen John M Scho
field commauueriuchief or the United
States army AVliile ail tho details of the
wedding have not been formulated it has
been determined that the wedding will not
be the occasion for an elaborate display of
ponip aid ceremony
At Chicago yesterday Judge Blodgett
quashed the indictments against George J
Gibson secretary of the whisky trust
charged with conspiracy to destroy the
Shufeldt distillery The decision was on
the ground that the case was one for the
state and not for the United States court in
which there is no statute providing a pen
alty for the crime wherewith Gibson is
The death is announced of Hon Samuel
Creelman aged eightythree He was one
of the preConfederation iiolitieians in Nova
Scotia and one of the leaders of the Liberal
party who uuited with the Conservatives
to carry the confederation of the province
When the Conservatives were in power be
tween 1STS aud 1SS2 he was government
leader in the legislative council
At a country church near Warrior Ala
Sunday a large congregation were engaged
in worship when they were suddenly
startled by reports of two pistol shots on
the front steps Hall Hambrich and James
Jitt had had a dispute about a shovel
handle and at cliurcn they renewed the
quarrel winding it up after every one was
in the church Hambrich was fatally
wounded and in the uproar which followed
Jitt escaped
The San Antonio International Fair Asso
ciation Decide to Declares tho
Kxpnsltion Off
Special to the Gazette
Sax Axtoxio Tex June 8 At a meet
ing of the directory of the San Antonio In
ternational fair association held this
afternoon it was officially resolved that
jio exposition be held The reason given is
that creditors have been very pressing and
unwilliuk to scale their claims Some of the
subscribers to the bonds have decreased
their subscriptions and it was found im
> os3ibe to obtain the necessary funds
The fair may be regarded as finally ended
aB S Sg S B Bs S
fP j
tvo Freights Come Together
0P the Katy in the Territory
Loyal Englishmen Dismayed at
MK Clarkes Bold Words
The Greatest Sensation of the Baccarat Trial
Caused by Clarke s Speech
He Literally Flays tile Wiltons Alire wltli
llis sarcastic Utterances About the
Society They 3lore in Prince
of Wales Keuiemliered
Loxpox June s Ouce again the bac
carat scandal was aired in court Previous
to and after the opening of court tte same
scenes which were witnessed on each day
of the trial last week were repeated with
the exception of the fact that much of the
noise and bustle on theStraud was wanting
today owing to the omnibus strike On
the other hand there was an increase in the
number of four wheelers hansoms
and other such vehicles arriving and de
parting at and about the new law courts
and all or nearly all of the fashionables of
last weeks audiences managed to appoar
fully equipped with luncheon baskets and
flasks in their now lainiliar places
Sir Charles Russe upon tne opening of
court resumed his address for the defense
interrupted on Friday last b the adjourn
ment of court Sir Charles commenced by
calling attention to Sir William Gordon
Cunnning s method of playing baccarat
saying If what Mr WiUon swore to
took place it excluded all that class of sug
gestions of which no trace appeared in the
correspondence between Sir William Gor
don Cummiugs Gen Owen Williams and
Lord Covoutrvtotho effect That the accusa
tion arose from a misunderstanding of
plaintiffs system of playing what is kuo wn
cocr pe Titois
The evidence for the defense continued
Sir Charles had given a variety of detail
which pointed out the truth rather than a
parrotlike repetition of alleged events
Sir Charles said that in his opinion tho only
course open to Sir Edward Clarke leading
counsel for the plaintiff which he added
would be fatal wjls to denounce the whole
accusation as an invention Now said
Sir Charles in regard to tho events which
resulted from plaintiff s leaving Tanbey
Croft without seeing anybody in the house
into which ho had been introduced as a
lriend of the Prince of Wales with full
knowledge that he was leaving behind him
a blasted reputal ion if confirmation of the
evidence given is needed it comes from the
acts aud from the conduct of the plaintiff
himself who was doubly condemned by the
independent testimony of a witness who
had no motive against him but every mo
tive to prevent a scandal and by his own
conduct when brought face to face witli the
accusation made against hiin Was it pos
sible for ail innocent man to adopt the
course taken by plaintiff He says
that he did not ask to be
confronted with the witness because he
was advised not to do so but the impulse of
au honorable man would have been to insist
that iiis accusers should bo brought face to
face with him Instead of this the jury
had placedbefore them a feeble suggestion
that the witnesses mistook for acts of
cheating Coupe do Trois If this was so
the plaintiffs conduct could have been ex
plained but there was not a syllabic of
suggestion of that kind uttered at Tanby
Croft Plaintiff signed that paper anil
knew that by to doing it was the same as
an admission of guilt
Sir Cnarles Russell then dwelt at length
upon the testimony of Berkely Levett
Counsel for the defendants showed that
Levett was anxious to be able to shield or
be of service to the plaintiff for the sake of
their past friendship and for the sake of
the regiment to i Inch hey both belonged
but said Sir Charles he had the man
liness to declare that Sir Gordon Cuuimiug
was guilty as lie could not refuse to believe
his own eyes Sir Charles Russell then
cleverly endeavored to discount the arraign
ment of the Wilson family and other mem
bers of the TanbyCroft party which he an
ticipated would be one of the features of
the address for the plaintiff which Sir Ed
ward Clarke would make for the other side
He concluded with the remark that he in
definitely left the defendants case in the
bauds or the jury being wholly satisfied
that the latter would do their duty and by
their verdict uphold the evidence which
had been given in their behalf
When Sir diaries sat down after having
made a most able speech for the defense
there was a murmur of surprise counsel
for defendants having closed his address
rather unexpectedly
Hardly had Sir Charles taken his seat
and while defendants counsel was still re
ceiving the congratulations of his friends
SolicitorGeneral Sir Edward Clarke lead
ing counsel for the plaintiff took the floor
and in a sentence tersely invited tho atten
tion of the jury his whole manner indicat
ing that a sensation was coming Sir Ed
ward Clarke commenced by saying that it
had been common talk that the Prince of
Wales continual presence in court during
the trial of this suit had been for the pur
pose of restraining the tongues of Ihe law
yers engaged iu the case from commenting
upon the Prince of Wales connection with it
This remark caused a sensation but it was
nothing to what followed the further utter
ances of the counsel for the plaintiff Con
tinuing Sir Edward Clarke intimated that
the Prince of Wales presence in court
would not pievent him from making any
comment necessary saying that the coun
sel had a painful duty to perform and that
he intended to perform it honestly and
fairly His opponents he continued had
always been careful to allude to him coun
sel for the plaintiff as solicitorgeneral
And he added While I am proud of that
title I must remind the jury that lappear in
this case simply as an English barristerand
I am obliged to disregard friendships and
even my own interests aud comment on the
conduct and evidence of one of the Inchest
in the land Sir Edward Clarke as he ut
tered these last words turned squarely
around until
of Wales upon whom every eye in the
court was then turned and who nervously
crossed his legs while the audience was
utterly aghast at what was considered to
be the audacity of the solicitorgeneral In
several direction the whispered comment
Why he is going to attack the Prince of
Wales was distinctly heard and caused
all attention to be riveted upon the plaintiffs
Continuing the solicitor general re
marked that Sir Charles Russell for the de
fendant had said that even if the jury
found for the plaintiff aud disregarded the
document the latter had signed at Tanby
Croft the military authorities would take
the matter up and Sir Edward Cummings
name would be stricken fromthearmylist
I wish to say in unmistakable terms ex
claimed Sir Edward Clarke raising his
voice until it echoed tellingly through the
court that it would be impossible for the
authorities to do any such thing and to
leave on that list the names of Field Mar
shall Prince of Wales and Gen Owen
This bold statement seemed to completely
take away the breath of the audience and
caused by far the greatest sensation of the
entire trial A hushed murmur of aston
ishment not unmixed with dismay and some
irritation and lasting several seconds swept
here and there about the courtroom like
breakers on a rocky coast
One must thoroughly understand the al
most religious worship of royalty which
Is throughout Great Britain to
understand the full meaning and
crushing significance of the now ef the
solicitorgeneral aimed directly at the heir
apparent It was a if a thunder clap had
suddenly shaken the building and as if a
fiash of lightninithad uuexpectenlyreutaled
the Prince of Wales in colors totally unex
As those of a common mortal subject to
the laws of England and according to the
solicitorgener tis intimation a possible
violator of military regulations to the ex
tent that his name was liable to be struck
from the army list Amid this storm the
prince jat on a bench to the left of the lord
chief justice immovable Not a muscie of
Ids face apparently twitching loaning his
head uixm his arm and endeavoring to ap
poar totally unconcerned
After the sensation had somewhat sub
sided Sir Edward Clarke apparently satis
fied with the effect he had produced di
rected his attention to tho discrepancies
which he claimed existed between the
charges drawn up at TanhCroft
which accused Sir William Gordon Cum
ming of withdrawing as well as adding
countets to those he had previously staked
at baccarat a statement which the Wion
family now disclaimed That there was a
preconcerted plan to waili Sir William
Gordon Ciiinming or the seooin night Sep
tember 0 The solicitorgeneral i > o iiited out
that the charge was written when tho
nvents to which it referred should have
been st ill fresh in everybodys memory
when events first occurred and
that tto y ncro understood as
correct bv the Prime of Wales by Lord
Coventry and by Gen Owen Williams and
yet he added now such important details
as the agreement towatehiho plaintiff were
repudiated by the Wilson family Sir Ed
ward followed with an arraingmct of the
Wilsons which was most severe and cut
ting and which demonstrated from tho
smiles which ivrvndcd the courtroom that
the spectators of this famous trial are not
much in sympathy with hem
Yes exclaimed tho solicitorgeneral at
a certain portion of his address referring to
the Wilsons they undoubtedly have
money putting a cruel emphasis ui > oii the
word money But even if Sir Wiiliam
Gordon dimming would condescend to take
it from such a source I shall not ask the
j jury to lix the damages beyond a nominal
At another stage of his address
the solicitorgeneral said that it
was not doubted that tho evidence
clearlv showed that the Wilson family had
agreed to watch Sir William onion Cum
niingon the second night But he added
they now saw the mistake which such an
admission would be They know that to
admit this would make TanbvCroft lw
come a byword in the land Wre this
established TanbyCroft would in
future be known as the place where
a man who for twentythree years
had enjoyed an unsullied reputation con
sorting with the highest in the land was to
bo watched and trapl > ed aud tney the Wil
sons would at least have known that no
body would ever visit this place again
The house would bo shuuneil by all hon
orable people as a place where reputation is
not safe There is no doubt as to the
accuracy of the document as it represented
the story told the Prince of Wales to Ijiid
Coentry and to Jen Owen Williams But
is it likely that such men would bo careless
of what they put down upon such au
occasion No thank God The
charge that the distinguished offi
cer has been caught cheating at cards
is not so frequent hero in Rngland as to bo
so lightly dismissed or carelessly recorded
and although Mrs Wilson said that she
dismissed the subject from her mind and
did not tell her husband about it men like
< Jen Williams and Lord Coventry accus
tomed to the best soeiets in the laud would
not regard it as of so small importutice
Another wholesale smile was enjoyed in
the court when Sir Edward Clark referred
to tho difference existing between the so
ciety which Lord Coventry and Gen
Williams had been accustomed to from birth
and the society which the Wilsons had been
used to
The solicitorgeneral also dwelt upon the
fact that the Prince of Wales Gen Will
iams and Lord Coventry all passed their
opinions on Arthur Wilsons statement
which the latter had since modified nod
upon the fact that the Prince of Wales
Lord Coventry and Gen Williams testified
that they had not seen a single suspicious
act upon the part of Sir William
Gordon Cuimning Tne solicitorgeneral
alo said that old experienced players
were watching the game with keen eyes
and yet they saw nothing suspicious in
plaintiffs play but on the other hand
and then as a result of this blundering at
tacked the character of an honorable man
The speaker then referred to the fact that
Arthur Stanley WiLson testified that the pe
l iod when he saw the alleged cheating was
on the first night of the playing and
that it was without having been previously
warned that something was wrong Sir
Edward Clarke then dilated upon tho facil
ity with which people imagine things when
they have been previously advised of their
possible existence and whenever it really
happens Counsel for plaintiff also
created great amusement by Ids re
counting the instance of the wag
who stood in the stand and declared that he
saw a lions tail on North Cumberland
monument A groat crowdsaid the speaker
soon gathered around the wag and before
long several people declared that they also
saw the lions tail wagging Laughter
On the Death of < ir lulin Mollonnlil
Loxdox June S Commenting on Sir
John McDonalds death the Times says
Even death deeoates his triumphs for
the whole people admirers and adversa
ries stood smitten witli grief at his i >
proaching cud The Caimdian Pacific rail
way will be his enduring monument From
his death we must date a new period of
trouble aud danger during which his succes
sors must depend uion the intrinsic worth of
the ideas he bequeathed without the magic
of his great personality
No Omnibuses Kunniuc
Loxdox June S Hardly a single omni
bus of the ST vehicles belonging to the
London general omnibus company is run
ning today and it is estimated that about
five thousand men and one thousand horses
are thrown into a state of idleuess through
the strike which commenced yesterday
The amount of inconvenience which the
workingmen and business men of this city
are thus put to can be readily imagined
when it is understood that tens of thou
sands of people depend upon the omnibuses
to convey them to their work
The directors of the omnibus company
are holding n conference to decide upon
what course of action they shall pursue
During the meeting of the directors a
deputation of nonunion men visited tliem
and stated they were willing to work in
place of the strikers if they were accorded
adequate protection
People Panicstricken
Rome June S Advices from Bada Calar
end and Tiegnanzo two of the towns in
Northern Itajy that were visited by earth
quakes yesterday show the inhabitants are
terror stricken and They have taken to the
fields for safety Large bodies of troo
have been dispatched to these places to
assist the authorities in cleaning the streets
of debris in tearingdown dangerous houses
and to render such other assistance as they
may be called upon to give
For Itoblilug Fare Boxe4
Special to the Gazette
Hocsto Tex June 8 The case of J C
Elkins who was shot by a watchman while
in the act of robbing street railway cash
boxes came up today and he wa3 placed
under SVXK bond
Suit was entered against the Magnolia
park railway today for J000 damages to
property on Commerce street along which
the road runs by reason of its noise and
danger of running trains
Henry A Johnson Hanged at
j Emory Tex Yesterday
In April 1890 and the Affair was One of the
Most Brutal and ColdBlooded
He Xever Faltered iu tlie s ijutest Cp to
I the Time the lu t < omlK > e Were
j Uttered iitict tut lroiiouii el llexd
j iu Nineteen Minutes
Ife Paid the Tenuity
Special to the tJa tte
Euouv ixis CorTT Te June i
Hcnrv W Johnson who murdered Wtuam
Shumate on April 7 isjiy was executed o
da at 1 > p m In nineteen mnues ho
was pioiiounced dead and cot dnir He
spent a quiet night reading until I oclock
and awakened at 7 he ate a hear4 breaK
fast at 7 W Athat time his spiriaa ad
viser Elder 1 J Lockliart of Greeny e
entered the jail aud never left bun un t
ivutcd lie received many visitors and n s
calmness and courage did not ir the least
forsake him When his minister expressed
a surprise at his nerve and courage e e
pliod Vint ought not to bo sirpiised I
learned it from the book which o gav <
me It said ot not your heart ocrc 0rd
neither be afraid
Three devotional exercises wore hen i
the jail At 1045 Sheriff Montgomery r f
the death warrant tn him which no ivooi il
without a tremor At Vi o clock heaei
slight dinner At 14Shcrit1 Montgomery
entered the jail with his attondaios when
he was taken to the scaffold Elder Loi h
hart leading followed inmcdialei i > t
Johnson walking between Deputj Slierffs >
Moore and McMahau Following iinu
were Sheriff Montgomery and Sue T
Mason of Hunt county Johnson ascended
the scaffold with a firm stop and cued
quietly on the crowd before him Eider
Lockliart then sang Jesus Lout of M >
Soul read three verses of John xiv chap
ter aud offered prajor Those on the
scaffold shook hands with him and trld htm
goodbye His hands arms and logs woro
then pinioned aud Sheriff Monlgomeiw cut
tho rope and the drop fell He dieu with
out a struggle
lb ias asked on tiie scaffold if he had
anything to say and he said no
rui cuiMF
Johnson was hanged to expiate one of the
foulest and most cowardly murders it has
been our misfortune to know of He m r
dered William Shumate an old man far up
iu the sixties while he sat dozmg before the
tiro on Sunday night April 7 Is K by
driving a hatchet into hjs brain and after
wards beating his brains out with an ax
And after the body had become rigid and
cold Johnson assisted by Iiis wife put him
upon a horse got up behind the body and
carried it to a clump of timber 10O jards
from the scone of the tragedy and dropped
it off then took charge of all the efforts of
the murdered man and on the night of tho
istli of April lsJO left the country and at
tempted to escape into the Indian Territory
but owing to the swollen condition of Red
river at that time his progress was retarded
tiil the sheriff of Rains county could get
upon his trail and overtake him
Our jail not being constructed forthe ac
commodation of such affairs the execution
took place in the jail yard and was public
The condemned man professed religion and
was baptised a few days since by Rev
Lockhartof the Christian church at Green
ville He was to have been hanged on the 27h
of April but was reprieved by the gover
Highly intertiineil in the Alamo City
l tracleH siclitseeilis Ficuriloiit
speechr mill u Banquet
Special to the Gazette
Stx axtonio Tnx June S The Na
tional travelers protective association was
entertained today Alter a few minutes
spent in arrangements a band headed
the procession which moved fom
Alamo plaza to Commerce street to
the headquarters of Post D Travelers
protective association where a bowl of
champagne punch was passed around
The first president of tne Texas
Travelers Protective association bade the
guests welcome to the Alamo ciy and
made a very felicitous address Fiflli Vice
President C J Hanks of the National
travelers protective association responded
After more music and refreshments the
march was taken up down Commerce street
to Florcs then to the west end street ca
depot where the long line of electric car
were boarded and a two hours excursion to
the suburbs was taken
The party returned at 1 p m for dinner
and reassembled at 4 p in on Alamo plaza
where carriages for the drive to Riverside
park and tlie missions were taken On
their return the government military
> ost was visited At li0 o clock
a military dre s parade was
giveniu honor of the guests Alter parad
a return trip through the city was made
and a rest of an hour accorded A i30a
banquet at the Monger hotel was given and
the guests disjierscd themselves to their
own satisfaction They leave toinorrow
Ilardiuc Admitted to Unit in the Sun
or 1000 Seiisutlouil
Special to the Gazette
Etfinc Tex June S Will Hardlngi
examining trial today for killing Alaj
Hinks yesterday resulted in Harding beina
bound over under 31000 boud The evident
was about like that stated last night Soma
sensational evidence is looked for Hinks
is now supposed to have been a fugitive
from justice and counterfeiter His effect
disclose a complete outfit for making the
queer stuff and he has boasted of beiiijj
implicated in the killing of a deputy mar
shal in the Nation and of his escape front
capture It seems he made overtures t <
Harding to assist in tho counterfeit busi
ness and Harding blowed on him and
the geucral supposition is that he wantec
to put him out of the way He was proved
a teiTor among the boys There is alst
a woman in the background
Houstons Gamblers lilddlne Adlrn
Frotest Agalust NonEnforcement
of Law A sertiouk
Special to the Gazette
Houston Tex June S As a result ot
the determination of the Law and Orde
League to enforce the laws all the gam
bling houses in the city have closed up
About fifty of the gamblers took outgoing
trains for Chicago St Louis and Denver
Tonight Representative W P Hamblen U
organizing a mass raeetingtoprotest agiast
the utterances of the League in saying any
anything about the laws not being enforced
the city

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