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nem exactly
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Houston First and Main Streets Fort Worth Tex
Fort Worth Texas
The Effete East Being Taught a
Lesson in Financiering
How the Bond Extension Will Give the South
and West More Money to Use
The Gold Going to the Old Ladyin
ThreadNeedle Street id to lay Tor the
Pretty Gowns or Duma anil Dainsel
The Bond Kedemption
Special to the Gazette
Washington June 9 The echoes of
Secretary Fosters visit to New York are
still heard about the treasury A veteran
ofHcer of the treasury department said to a
Gazette correspondent today In this
matter of extending the 4J per cent bonds
the secretary proposed to make whatever
extensions were necessary at from lto lif
per cent This had been talked about
in the press for some time yet no New
York banker had raised Ids voice against
it Had the banking world of the West
been opposed to the idea you would have
seen twenty delegations on here in a week
to stop it but not until the secretary goes
over to New York and says Here gentle
men Ive come 2 > 0 miles to find out what you
think of my plan does onejol the financiers
speak Then all join in the chorus and
deprecate the lowering of the interest rate
below 2 per cent Why Because it would
tend to drive them out of tho circulating
note business and that would mean con
traction of the currency which the business
of the country cannot stand Yet these
same men when threatened with an exten
tension of silver coinage or of
the amount of monthly purchases by
the government pleaded that the currency
was already redundant Now if the sec
retary concludes to go ahead on the
strength of the support offered him from
the West and South and renews at 1 or 1x4
per cent it is hard to sec how the currency
is going to suffer any violent contraction
In tho first place with every bond that
he redeems 10 per cent more currency
will be set free since the bank notes now
issued represent only 00 per cent of tho face
of tho bond behind them Moreover if the
rate of interest is reduced so much less
money need be taken out of tho channels of
trade by taxation to meet annual interest
charges and any surplus which the govern
ment may acquire besides its running ex
penses will bo turned back into trade again
by purchase of 4 per cents at a good pre
mium the next time a linancial pressure
There was a report in circulation at the
treasury today that the treasurer had con
cluded after consultation with Secretary
Foster to suspend publication for the pres
ent of the statement of assets and liabili
ties since it served to keep very viv
idly before the public the steady decrease
in the net cash balance This balance has
now reached about 84000000 It is con
tended in behalf of the present secretary
that his reluctance to change needlessly any
of tho forms of bookkeeping which
have come to him as an official inheritance
embarrasses him severely in this matter
He regards for example the fractional
silver now awaiting recoinage as availablo
casli assets which would add something
more than twenty millions to his net bal
ance and it is probable that tho form of
daily statement will be so changed
very soon as to include this among other
available cash Such a courso is deemed
particularly desirable in view of the fact
that the receipts of the government
from customs and internal revenue
together average only a few hundred
thousand a day That the appropriations
authorizhd by the billion dollar congress
begin to bo operative on the list day of
July three weeks hence and the net cash
balance by t lie present showing has fallen
off during the last three weeks at the rate
of between i000000 and 1000000 a week
MrKinley Did It
Special to the Gazette
New York June 9 A foreign house
which shipped sSiOOOJJOO of gold which has
gone out tells its friends that the gold has
been going to pay debts incurred in the dry
goods trade by extra large importation
prior to the passage of the McKinley bill
The reason why gold goes instead of re
mittances of bills is because the bills
wanted cannot be paid Tho lower rates
for exchange it is claimed do not mean
necessarily that the bills wanted are offer
ing The fact that gold is going out with
exchange at4S71 shows the other side
still prefers gold to remittances 01 bills
Jay Gould tells The Gazette corres
pondent he cannot see what there is to
base the predictions of tight money on now
or later in the year in view of the assured
heavy export movement of our breadstuff to
Europe We will begin shipping new wheat
within a week
Industrial Strong
Special to the Gazette
New Yokk June 9 Speculative indus
trials were strong features of the market
Chicago gas reflected the news from Chicago
that at last nights meeting the city oouncil
gave to the mayor and comptroller the
power to settle with the company on what
ever basis they might think best This
virtually is understood to mean that all liti
gation wilbbe dismissed and that the com
pany will pay to the city ino000 per year
Sugar common was strong on the an
nouncement of a 4 per cent dividend
Distillers cud cattle feeders were strong
Silver bullion was strong on buying for
the pool
The bond market was dull and feature
less Prices as a rule were fractionally
London sold stocks at the opening and
traders followed suit hence the market de
clined and closing prices were generally
below yesterday
Sugar advanced on the announcement of
a dividend but lost the advance later
Sterling exchange was weaker in the
morning but strengthened later on
The following table shows the important
net advances and declines of the day
American cotton oil preferred Ji
American sugar retined i
Atchison TopeUa and Santa Fe i
Chicago Haltimore ami Ohio H
Chicagi Gas y
Chicago Milwaukee and St Paul
Chicago Rock Island and Pacific
Chicago and Northwestern A
Delaware Lackawana and West
Loui > ville and Nashville
Nashville Chattanooga and St
National Cord company
New Jersey Central
New York and Northeastern J
N O American company
Northern Pacillc
Pittsburg Cincinnati Chicago and
St Louis
Kichinond and West Point pre
ferred J
Silver certificates J4
Toledo and Ohio Central preferred a
Union Pacific
Wabash preferred
Western Union telegraph
The Sunday Suns Attorney at Dallas Now
Guests of the County and Are
Not Jlosses of Their Liberty
Special to the Gazette
Dallas Tex June 9 H L Strohrn
attorney for the Kansas City Sunday Sun
who for the past f e w weeks has beeu in
Dallas attending to the Suns legal busi
ness is in jail charged with
perjury At tho time of Eugene
Johnsons trial Strohm testified
in the witness stand that the article appear
ing in the Sun over Johnsons name was
written in Kansas City by Preston the
editor of the Sun and that he Strohm
saw him write it Later developments
have come to light which led to the belief
that tho article was wired to the Sun lrom
Fort Worth The grand jury took up tho
matter and on investigation indicted
Strohm and late tonight he was arrested
and locked up The grand jury also in
picted J C Calhoun the attorney who as
sisted Strohm in the Johnson trial Cal
houns indictment was for circulating
lil > elous matter and he too is in jail
The Sun representatives have certainly
struck a rocky road in Dallas
The EiKecelvlng Clerk of the Laud
lire Still Missing Huujr
Special to the Gazette
Austin Tex June 9 Col Hollings
worth exreceiving clerk ol the land office
whose bond was yesterday forfeited for
nonappearance has not been heard from
The jury in the Sam Turner case tho
negro charged with murdering Mrs Whitely
last fall failed to agree and were today
Adjt Gen Maury stated today that the
committee had voted to have th < state en
campment this year at Aransas Pass
but said that he would give it to
Austin as that city would probably have
the permanent encampment
Chartered The GainesvillQ Hay Press
company capital 300 Blake Manufactur
ing company of Waco capital 200000
makers of clothing shirts etc
Against the Award of the Cuiiimisdou
to Select h Permaneut State
Special to the Gazette
Waco Tex June 9 Col George B
Gurley one of the commission to select a
permanent state encampment has wired
the chairman of the committee entering a
protest against the decision awarding
the location to Austin He bases his
protest on reasons given at the last
meeting of the commission which reasons
are not made public Austin was allowed
till today to raise the bonus offered It is
said a perfect title to the site they offer
cannot be given Waco made a handsome
offer and the action of the committee ignor
ing the highest bid and giving the award to
an imperfect bid is much criticised here and
cannot be understood
EACH we will placeNon saleg40 ladies heavy black twill silk parasols
sizes 24 = and 26 inches issWteCi heavy silver handles regular priceL5ft
EACH will sell 700 cod Holland windowshades all and
jjjxxjji we win ecu ivu t yyju jLxuiiaiiu hjuiuaj oiicmco ait new aiiu popu
colors mounted on Hartshorn rollers complete and ready to put up
regular price 50c three Jays only at 25c eaatv
Mm m mimm
Anticipates a Hard Fight
Followed by Victory
The Commissioner Hopes to Reach a Daily
Issue of from 1800 to 1900 Certificates
A Party of Diplomates to Visit Chicago
Next Week Cnder the Auspices of the
State Department to Size up
the Worlds Fair
Work of the Pension TIarean
Washington June 9 Commissioner
Raum of the pension bureau is making ar
rangements to still further increase the
issue of > cnsion certificates and hopes to
bo able to reach a daily issue of from
lbOO to 1900 which would l > e an in
crease of about 400 during Gen Haunts
incumbency The number of cases awaiting
investigation by special examiners in the
bureau has been reduced from 14000 to
2000 and in consequence about forty special
examiners now in the field have been called
in There are now about seventeen vacan
cies in tho bureau which will soon be filled
and these appointments together with the
forty special examiners will increase the
working force of the office to fiftyseven
Gen Raum said today hhat his present
force is doing exceedingly good work and
he expected to make a better record this
year than ever before The number of cer
tificates issued last week was 3000 The
first payment thereon aggregated nearly
To Visit the Worlds Fair
Washington June 9 A party of diplo
mats whose reports to their several govern
ments will have much effect en the success
of the Worlds fair will leave for Chicago
next week The party will consist of the
French minister M Koustin the Spanish
minister M Guianese the Chinese minister
and the South American ministers The
trip will be made under the auspices of the
state department The diplomats will go
west in a special car One of theoftjcials of
the department will accompany them Their
purpose in visiting Chicago will bo to judge
of the scope of the arrangements to bo
made They will be received by the mem
bers of the local board of directors
1utcuts Grunted Texans
Special to the Gazette
WAsniNHTox June 9 List of patents for
Texas Stirrup Joseph V r Baker Baker
store gate Joseph R Benson Junction
Mills at Washington
Special to the Gazette
Washington June 9 Congressman
Mills arrived here yesterday but refuses
to discuss either the speakership contest or
politics in general All he will say on the
later score is that the third party will cut
no figure in the South in this year or next
He expects the South to remain true to the
Democratic party and to cast her full elec
toral vote for the Democratic national
ticket in 1S92 In private conversation
Mills expressed confidence in his ability to
win the speakership He realizes he has
hard lighting ahead and ho is losing no
The Alabama state homoeopathic associa
tion met in second annual session at Bir
mingham yesterday
Tho last census of Ireland shows the
Roman Catholics have decreased over 400
000 in the last decade
The approaching presidential elections in
Guatemala and Honduras promised to be
exciting especially in Honduras
William Arnold of the dry goods firm of
Arnold Constable Co died suddenly of
heart disease at Babylon L I yesterday
Fresh dissensions between the Clericals
and Literals have broken out in Costa Rica
and an outbreak is liable to occur at any
At Denver last night exPoliceman James
C Jones met his wife walking with T J
Strawn and shot Strawn dead Jealousy
was the cause
ExGovernor John McNeill of Missouri
dropped dead from heart disease at St
Louis last evening He was seventyseven
years of age
The omnibuses of Pesth have ceased
running the owners having suspended
operations as a protest against the police
interfering with traffic
The Berne council by a vote of 09 to AS
granted amnesty to all citizens who took
part in the revolution in the Canton of
Ticino in September last
A land slide wrecked a Burlington and
Missouri passenger train opposite St
Joseph Mo yesterday Twotrainmen
were seriously injured
At Richmond Ya the large tobacco
manufactory of R H Mayo and Brewers
distillery caught fire yesterday Loss be
tween 75000 and S0000 fully insured
James Hughes secretary of assembly
231 Knights of Labor convicted at Roches
ter yY of extortion was yesterday
sentenced to one year in the states prison
Yesterdays session of the cabinet was
devoted principally to consideration of the
Behring sea question and the advisability
of extending the 4 1 pr cent loan No ac
tion was taken on tho bond question
John Bardsley Philadelphias excity
treasurer was arraigned in the court of
quarter sessions yesterday and pleaded
guilty to seventeen indictments wherein
the total amount involved is 073000
Mrs Frances James widow of the late
George Payne Gainsford James the En
glish novelist and historian died at Eau
claire Wisyesterday morning aged ninety
Her distinguished husband died at Venice
thirtyone years ago
The French senate has amended the bill
of the lower house reducing the tariff on
wheat 10 francs by providing that it should
go into effect at once instead of on August
1 and that it only required the approval of
the lower house to make it operative
Spanish capitalists residing in New York
Havana Spain and Mexico have subscribed
capital for the establishment of a steamship
line to run in connection with the Spanish
transAtlantic company which will connect
with Mexican gulf ports the Antilles the
United States of Colombia Venezuela Hon
duras and Gantemala and making direct
connection with the United States and
Decisions Rendered at Testerdars Sitting
at Austin
Special to the Gazette
Austin Tex Juno 9 The supreme
court today transacted the following busi
Reformed and affirmed Eitzhugh et al
vs Franco Texan Land Co from Taylor
Reversed and rendered for appellant
Nolan vs San Antonio Ranch Co from
Affirmed on certificate Spencervs Sam
uels from Falls Spears vs HobsonetaL
from Denton Shaw et aL vs Self from
Certificate for affirmance dismissed
Frost heirs vs Davis from Falls Stewart
vs Stanhard from Bandera
The court also approved tho following
findings of the commission of appeals
Affirmed Page vs Carson from Blanco
KF Wl s
Miers et a vs Evans et al from Bell
Holman vs Herschcr from Wilbarger
Winn vs Gilmer from Kerr Montgomery
vsGunther from San SabajClark eta vs
Dyer from Hill Taylor vs Cox from Mc
Lennan Blackburn vs Knight from
Cooke Meyer Bros it Co vs Sligh from
Reversed and remanded Wortham vs
Thompson from Ijnur Leieh vs Degan
able from Kerr Cross vs McKinley from
Cooke Galveston Harrishurg and San An
tonio Railway vs Cook et al from Kinnev
Reversed ana dimissed Frio County vs
Earnest from Frio
31urder in the Seeotid Decree
Special to the Gazette
Texaukana Aik June 9 Sandy Sul
den tho negro who about a month ago
killed his stepdaughter by stabbing her to
the heart at Garland City an account or
which was given in thee dispatches at the
time was tried in the Miller county circuit
court here today convicted of murder in
the second degree and given twentyone
years in the penitentiary
The Haul Made by Ciller Maddox l > ruli lily
at Important One
Some time ago the residence of Mr Guy
Price was burglarized and a gold watch
ami chain stolen and last Sunday night
Mr John Harrisons residence was entered
also and a handkerchief and a small sum of
money taken from his pants pockets This
handkerchief was the means of Officer
Maddox capturing a negro man named Bill
Bennett and the evidence against him is
said to be conclusive The handkerchief
was identified bv Mr Harrison and when
pressed Bennett admitted that he had
stolen the watch It is thought his chances
are good for a term
Resuming Traffic in the Recent
Flooded Territory
3Iau Woman ami Child Found Drowned
the Child inutile Mothers Kmhrace
Additional Reports of Losses of
Life and Property
rather Mother anil Child
Special to the Gazette
TiiAtKErviiiE I T June J Parties
just arrived here from Ijon I T say an
unknown man woman and child were
found in the river near that place drowned
The child was still in its mother s arms
when found and all were cxideutly washed
some distance and were found since the
water went down
Word was received at this place
late last night that W W Lynn a former
resident of this place was drowned in
Hickory creek about lifteen miles north of
here He had been visiting his soninlaw
who lives near here and left Saturday
morning for his home and is supposed to
have been drowned in attempting
to cross the creek The mule he was riding
was found on this side of the creek near
where lie tried to cross He was not found
until yesterday
The approach to Red river bridge on tho
Gulf Colorado and Santa Fe which was
washed out by the big rise is about re
paired and trains will soon be running on
time again
A IVruiiar Storm
Pieuke S D June 0 A terrible wind
storm struck this city at > o clock today
It was accompanied by blinding wind and
dust which left the city in total darkness
The storm lasted twentyfive minutes To
add to the phenomena the memiry fell
from 00 deg in the shadoto almost freezing
point and unless a change tikes place be
fore midnight damage from frost will
Water Spout iu Mexiro
St Louis Mo June 0 A dispath from
the City of Mexico says a water sytout
burst near San Luis Potosi in tho state of
Guanajuato Sunday the water from
which swept away many houses and cattle
and uprooted trees Iu fact for the space
of three miles the country is completely de
vastated It is not known how many lives
have been lost Hundreds of peoplo are
homeless and in a destitute condition
Oats Damaged
Special to the Gazette
BkookstonLoiaii Countt Juno 0 The
hail and wind Saturday did slight damage
to corn and cotton but damaged oats a
great deal
Damage NearIoshna
Special to the Gazette
Joshua Johnson county Tex June 9
A severe hail storm visited the Crill Miller
neighborhood six or eight miles east of
here last Saturday evening and did great
damage to crops The path of tho storm
was narrow but extended almost the entire
length of Crill Miller creek Many crops of
cotton will have to be planted over besides
damage to fruit and other crops
Great Damage in Clay touutj
Special to the Gazette
Heniii etta Ct it Countt June 9 Word
has been received of severe losses in the
northern portion of our county by the big
rise in Red river J C Campbell had 101
acres of wheat and eighty acres of corn
overliowcd and it is all a total loss W il
liam Warrens crop of wheat was totally
destroyed and it is reported that J D
Stone of Bcnvanuo lost 200 head of cattle
that was in the bottoms of Rod river when
the big waves struck and they were all
drowned Many other losses are reported
Those who went out to see the sight on
Sunday report that shocks of wheat and
oats were floating down the river from the
upper country It is thought that should
the rain continue wheat will be seriously
Found on the Floor nf His Cabin in Me
dina County With Iflu Head
Crushed In
Special to the Gazette
Sak Antonio Tnr Juno 9 News from
Medina a hamlet west of here says some
years ago Clinton Jones moved into the
Sabinal canon near here and began farming
and raising stock He was a mo
rose solitary man who had nothing
to say to anybody paid his debts
and attended strictly to his own business
He was unmarried and viewed all woman
kind with distrust He lived alone in a
cabin built by his own hands and did his
own cooking Such help as ho employed
had cabins on the far side of his farm The
few inside of Jones house said it was well
furnished and stocked with books The
few who conversed with him pro
nounced him a man of wide reading
and good literary attainments Three
days ago he was found lying on the floor of
his bedroom with his head crushed in and
a bullet wound in the chest He was re
ported to have made considerable money
Robbery is the supposed motive of the
deed There is no clew No one knows
where Jones resided before coming to this
The Ladies Vith Sir William
the Jury the Other Way
My Lord Chief Justice Compelled to Squelch
the Cholerically Pale Soldier
The Curtain Drops on the ComedyDrnuia
of the lrinfe and the lEaerarat Chips
or the Itoyal Gamester The
furys Verdiit
Against Sir Gordon
London June 9 On this tno seventh
and it > as hoped the last day of the faino
oaccarat trial tho same very fanuaar
scenes were witnessed outside and insula
tho court Tho Prince of Wales to the d
appointment of many wjsabsent He wi
al the Ascot races
The proceedings opened with a most > er
sationa incident The lord chief justice
had hardly taken his seat when Gen Owe
Williams stepped to tiie front of tho bench
and said his fac pale with emotion aiI
his voice husky with feeling
My lord I haw taken your protection
Yesterday Sir Kdward Clarku thought
Here SolicitnGeneril Sir Edwaru
Clarke sprang to his feet and interMting
Ln Williams exclaimed 1 asii Wir
lordship to interfere andtliat Gen Wiliams
not lie allowed to make a statement as he
has not the privilege of doing so
To this Gen Williams hoi rcpliil
all trace of huskiness having disapiieared
uuderthc influence of tho ungrj ueiing
which animated him 1 was accused oi an
abominable eluirge
Here the lord chief justice interfere I
saying I dont remember the expression
but I do not think that you can bo allowed
to speak
But Gen Williams persisted iu gcttn
heard remarking < ngrily Wo are accused
of sacrificing an innocent man This state
ment was made without any evidence being
brought forward for its justification
Ioiil Coleridge again interrupted tho
general remarking with oonsidersblo
warmth I cannot hear any statement
from you and immediately commenced
his summing up while Gen William re
tired frowning and greatly discontented to
his seat where he received the condolencu
of friends who had come with him to
court in order to hear him defend himself
from the allegation made yesterday by tho
solicitor general in the latters summing
up for the plaintiff
The lord chief justice at the opening of
his si > eech explained to the jury at length
the difference of an action for slander as
this one is action for libel His lordship
auded that if the jury found that defend
ants had spoken the truth then tho verdict
should be for the defendants but if the
jury thought probable that the charges they
made were not true and that Sir William
Gordon Cummins did not do anything
wronginplajingbaccarit at TanbyCroft
then the verdict must bo for the plaintiff
Lord Coleridge then entreated the jury to
keep their minds steady on the evidence
and the evidence only Continuing tho
lord chief justice analyzed at length the
evidence givon by the plaintiff which rvi
dence he said was well worthy of consid
eration Plaintiff may lie added have had
his counters on a pile of white paper and
would have been less likely to bo deteewd
if he had as the others did put their coun
ters on the cloth of the table During an
other portion of his summing tip ho said
that the Prince of Wales presence at
TanbyCroft was sufficient toexplain Lycett
Greens objection to creating a disturbance
in tho baccarat room or elsewhere by call
ing attention to actions which he objected
to on the part of Sir William Cordon Cum
< ming
Sir Edward Clarke said Lord Coleridge
had said that the fye siw what the eye ex
pected and undoubtedly if persons had
their minds set on certain things less proof
was sufficient to satisfy them than would
be otherwiso needed But the question
was as to whether in this case the observa
tion referred to would apply Sir Edward
Clark the lord chief justice continued had
commented upon Berkley Lewtts exami
nation Good God Sir William Gordon
Cumming caught cheating but suppose
that the remark had been Good heavens
the archbishop of Nova Scotia a prelate of
the order of the sun caUsht stealing aud
lying Laughter
There would have been nothing unlikely
in such an exclamation Lord Coleridgu
called the attention of the jury to one par
ticular observation which was made on be
half of the plaintiff during the course of
the trial It was to the effect that there
was more in the case than appeared on tho
surface Against this the lord chieC
remarked I most emphatically protest
The jury has nothing to do with things
which are not on the surface You have to
confine yourselves to the sirdc issue aud
what you have heard and what hits been
nroved during tho trial
When Lord Coleridge viad proceeded thus
far with his charge to the jury the hour ot
noon had arrived and the court as usual
adjourned for luncheon
During tho discussion which followed the
remarks of the lord chief justice the gen
eral opinion arrived at was that the charge
was against Sir William Gordon Cummiiig
although nothing decisive had been sa < u
either wav When the chief justice deiiu d
the law of libel as different from the law of
slander aud when he gave special instruc
tions in regard to the amount of damages
which the wry should if they so desired
assess in the event they found for the plain
tiff it was considered that Lord Coleridget
instructions decidedly favored Sir William
Gordon Cumming Hut when he analyzed
the evidence of thedefehdants and that of
Gen Williams the Pince of Wales und
Lord Coventry it was judged that this was
in effect an indorsement of their evidence
In this connection Lord Coleridge said
that Sir William GordonCumming did nos
come there to make a fortune and that his
character would be sufficiently cleared by
the jury awarding him should the evidence
warrant it a small avount of damage
Lord Coleridge also described at length the
high position and brave career of Sir Will
iam saying the latter went to TanbyCroft
as a guest and if I might l > o pcrrmtteg to
say as a sort of guest of whom any host
ess might be proud
After luncheon the lord chief justice re
sumed his summing up White admitting
the impossibility of a man of Sir Williams
> osition and wealth lowering himself to
cheat his friends the Prince of Wales too
Lord Coleridge made strong point against
the plaintiff in calling the jurys attention
to his failure to face his accusers Lord
Coleridge then said Wc have now come
to a very important point in my mind I
have carefully searched for but have been
unable to find any contradiction of the
statement that Sir William Gordon Cum
ming was informed of Mr Lycett Greens
desire to be confronted with him If I am
wrong added the lord chief justice turn
ing to Sir Edward Cirk I desire to be
Sir Edward Clarke for the plaintiff at
once rose to his feet and said that there waa
no evidence that Sir William Gordon Cum
ming had been informed of Sir Greens
desire to be contronted with him the
Thereupon Sir Charles Russell for the
defendants promptly arose and read from
Gen Williams testimony that the latter
had said in court that he had informed Sir
William Gordon Cummingof Lycett Greens
< 4ttire to be confronted with him
ifaKord Coleridge when both Sir Charles
and Sir Edward had said all they wished
to say on tho above point dwelt upon it

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