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ppif iPiis i
Publishers and Prorjrietors
Office i
Correr fifth and Husk Streets
Daily and Sunday one year 10 00
Diily and Sunday six month f 0
Monday Wednesday and Friday 6 00
The Sunday G A7ETTE 16 to 24 pages 1 yr 2 CO
iTe Weekly Gazette 12 pages one jear 1 00
By carrier In the city and suburbs ss cents a
week or II per mouth
Give Postofflcs Address In full includln
Ciunty and State
II address is to be changed e e old address
a well as nevr
The Gazette will be sent only for toe time
for vbJch remittance Is made
Entered at the FostoSce in Fort Worth Tex
as road Clabs Matter
Por the benefit of our patrons who desire to
rend flnrii toplea of The Gazette through
the mad we gl herewith the transient rate of
Torr sn and Domestic Per Copy
Eight ana mtlvc page papr 1 cent
hixteen and tw ea 7 page paper 8 cents
alt Posthasteus in the state are authorized
to Ukp subscriptions to TnE G A721TE
LreuiAi CoMMissioys Allowed Write for
tent ana fimp e copies
klmittancks By draft check postofflce
inonrv order or registered letter can be sent at
our > All otlicr character of remittances
u senders risj
ivrr c n be sent in registered letter
Ai nei 1 money orders etc must be made
pii c o The Gazette Fort Worth Texas
irnjjunsT or the runiiic
Persons unable to obtain The Gazettest
n iv ageneiea on railway trains and in other
uuies vhtre usually sold will confer a favor
< icporting the fact to us citing dates and
to corkkspondknts
nr Gzetxe will not undertake to return
led manuscript Persons vishing to pre
ff ihciliterary productions should retain
oj of all communication sent this office
to piiblicallon
CSTAl letfrs or communications for The
i AZErrn whether on business or for publica
tion should be addressed to TnE Gazette or
Umocrat Publishing Company Fort Worth
Tex and not to any Individual
Ai communications intended for publication
mu < t be accompanied by the writers name and
wndadarcs not lor publication butasanevl
o > rce of food faith No attention paid to
annnvrrou communications
Parti s writing to The G tZKrn on business
perFonat to themselves Till please enclose
iirop for reply
f W Wilson Corn pendent and business
Afint Office S Elm street where orders
lor subst rptions and advertising should bl
ieft The Gazette can bo found on sale at all
xer stands in the city
V SATnenroitD
I B Doksev Agent and Correspondent
I K KADrorD Agent and Correspondent
Olflc Po tofflce building 25 Chestnut street
ttrst loori where ai orders for subscriptions
ted advertising should be left
ci mints k
W H BritD Agent and Correspondent
M G FoiMJEXTElt Agent 10 West Sixth
Thin paper stept on file and ADVERTISING
RATKSmay be tsceriiined at trw ofnee of tbe
ASSOCIATION Temple Court New York or
froa its
< S Tribune Building New York
Uto The Rookery Chicago III
flvertisomcnts for publication in two Sunday
eu lor of The G zrrrE should be handed 13
ijrfnrc Hoclotk Saturday evening Advertisers
w11 consult tneirowa interest as well as our
t jnvrnince by heeding tnis suggestion as V73
uiiot guarantee the insertion of advertise
ments received after that hour
The Democrat Publfohing company will pay
the tum of 110 for the urrest and conviction of
inyhodv ttralinjj pipers from the residences or
unices of subscribers
hditorial Rooms
iiujmess OClce
The only traveling persons male or female
i prestat authorised to receive and receipt for
ubscrptions to The Gazette areC T Hogan
John 1 WoDult J H liarbee C K Bewley
R Marshman Mr Mluona Ross Mrs C H
Dauffh W T Hojster L Calhoun O W
t Uinitton Miss Auuie Shapard and Mrt 11 J
Km its 1 he public art cautioned not to pay
ucniy to sny otter person representing them
1 nt as traveling agents of this paper as cZl
ulionty heretofore issued to any other person
ihuu thos named is hereby revoked
Apnlll 1S
tutton Itr lon ltnllrtln
I 1 J States siuiul servico cotton rccion
buiinii for tvvout vfour uours ending atri
l > 11 > cstcruny sliovving tho uiaMHiuin
t iii i > rat tire the minimum temperature ard
1 i atUl by milies and hundredths
YostcrdajV Loral Weather
7a m 7 Clear
10a m = 5 Clear
Vim t > Clear
i p m Sis Clear
1 > in PS Clear
b p m 3Clear
Wowcrtox Juno 101 a m Forecast
t i s j m Wednesday fo eastern Texas
fair stationary temperature south vnuds
Weather Bulletin
Special to the Gazette
0iiLVE TO Tex June 0 The pressure
of tho atmosphere is jrreatost toniay over
tlie Atltitie states and least over the
Hocky mouutain tlope Tlio temperature
lias risen slightly except over tho South
AtUntio states and the extreme Xorthvvest
vihere it has fallen severe tviuds prevail
raii has fallen over the extreme JCorthwest
and the South Atlantic and East Gulf
states and local showers have occurred in
the Central valleys
Friends of The Gazette will confer
a favor on this paper by reporting all
failures 10 Krt The Gazette on any
train coming into Fort Worth as well
as on any train leaving tho city
Please give dates and enable u > to trace
the cause
Bj5sFge m9s
enceo and fends the country church
meeting is almost equal to the country
The farmers all over the country arc
up in political arms The revolution is
gathering force No antisilver man
need apply
Nest Sunday The Gazette will tell
ita readers something of tho manufac
tures of Fort Worth something per
haps of which our own people are ig
The interest of the people In the off
year is perhaps best attested by the
growth of the circulation of the Weekly
Gazette And the subscribers they
come rolling in
T112 Gazette has remarked upon tho pa
pers and some of the people who claim
that Whatlcy is ineligible will it now dis
cuss the constitutional clause upon which
their claim is based Waco Day
AttorneyGeneral Culberson has so
ably and thoroughly discussed the sub
ject that nothing is left to be said
Fokt Worth bnsiness men are pretty
shrewd fellows and stand by and assist
each other Their brewery has just sot in
nice running order and now the packery
is sendinir out largo chunk3 of dried beef to
editors throughout the state A very good
bait to catch a beer trade Houston Post
The capacity of tho brewery is to be
The editor of the Fort Worth Ga
zette has Hoggophobia is the diag
nosis of the Kaufman Sun The Sun is
very wrong The Gazette is not tho
least bit afraid of Governor Hogg as
this diagnosis implies Hoggopho
bia translated would be fear of
IN view of the financial stringency is
it imperlinent to ask what city in tho
Southwest has accomplished as much
as Fort Worth What city has added
such institutions as the packery and
brewery What city in Texas has
widened and deepened its foundations
as Fort Worth has
The Waelder Dispatch protests
againot working convicts more than
eight hours a day on the publie roads
Eight hours is as long as any man
should be required to work in this
country is its doctrine Thero are
several hundred thousands of farmers
in Texas who look upon ttvehe hours
a day as light labor Are the convicts
liettcr than thev
San Antonio will hold no fair this
year The hard time3 pressing
creditors inability to collect subscrip
tions aro alleged as reasons for drop
ping the enterprise It is unfortunate
for San Antonio and for the neighbor
ing country that the fair should fall
through but tho people who failed to
sustain it and who aro the chief suffer
ers aro not worth wasting pity upon
Gibson the dynamiter who tried to
blow up a whisky distillery in Chicago
has been turned loose because there
is no law on the Federal statutes mak
ing his net a crime This decision is
in line with that of a justice of the
peace who released a prisoner charged
with killing a negro After laborious
searching of tho statutes he explained
that he could find no law against a
white man shootin a nigger
Sam JONES lav and order league a t
Houston has closed tho gambling
houses and disported tho gamblers to
the four points of tho compass A dis
patch from Houston says about fifty
of the gamblers have left Fifty
gamblers professionals in a little
town of 27000 people These many
have left wo don t know how many
remain It was time for Sam Jones to
take upon himself tho work he is
Galveston has appointed a com
mittee to attend the sessions of tho
railroad commissioners and see to it
that no discrimination against that city
is permitted As Galveston has tho
benefit of water rates and thereby could
no doubt get grain rates from Kansas
City cheaper than those given to Fort
Worthttnd Dallas through which cities
the wheat is hauled to the coast tho
concern of Galveston is apparent But
Galveston should teach Fort Worth a
lesson What is this city doing in the
matter What representation will
Fort Worth merchants and manufac
turers have before the commission Is
anybody attending to Tort Worths in
The Western senators aro hard to
keep in harness and have a way of
blurting out their thoughts with little
regard to the sensibilities of the emi
nent rulers of the land Pettigrew Re
publican senator from South Dakota
declares that Secretary Noble is utterly
incompetent and that he would starve
to death trying to earn his living prac
ticing law Stewart Republican sona
tor from Nevada sneenngly says of
Harrison that it doesnt matter a d d
bit what ho thinks Walcott Repub
lican senator from Colorado is scarcely
less offensive in his talk about tho ad
ministration These men all voted
with the Democrats against the force
bill and several other Western sena
tors with them Collars hang very
loosely in the breezy and boundless
Me Caveness writes to The Ga
zette that tariff cannot bo an issue in
the next election because our national
expenses aro so great that no tariff re
duction is possible and the Democrats
cannot contend for it without danger of
creating a deficit in the national
treasury The gentlemans conclusions
are opposed to tho lessons of experi
ence A reduction of tho tariff would
increase the publie revenue because it
would stimulate importations on which
a tariff is collected A reduction of 25
per cent in the rate of duties estab
lished by the McKinley bill would in
crease our customs receipts 50 per cont
The McKinley bill is avowedly for the
purpose of excluding foreign goods
and if it succeeds in its purpose tho
collections on import duties will come
to nothing
A state convention of the Peoples
party has been called by Mr W R
Lamb who designates August 17 as the
date of meeting and Dallas as the
This will bring the Peoples party
together a few weeks after the Fort
Worth meeting of the Alliance element
that oppose the subtreasury At the
Fort Worth meeting it will bo made
known whether the subtreasury or tho
antisubtreasury fellows are running
the Alliance in this state It will be
profitable to watdh the effect of the
Fort Worth meeting upon the Peoples
party movements and their utterances
at Dallas
If the subtreasury wing shall pre
vail at Fort Worth the Peoples party
which in this state is tho subtreasury
part of the Alliance will be in such
high glee that wo may listen for some
resounding enunciations of wisdom
from the Dallas meeting Tho fiat
will be put forth in an aggressive spirit
that those who aro not with us aro
against us and all Alliance members
who do not fall in with the Peoples
party movement will bo made to feel
that they are in a crowd where their
presence is unwelcome
But if the opposition to tho sub
treasury shall bo able to muster a ma
jority at Fort Worth and give a strong
expression to their feelings against
that foolishness their action wilHiavo
a strong influence in checking a too
exuberant outpouring of folly at the
Dallas meoting For as it now stands
the subtreasury is the life of the Al
liance in Texas and the Alliance is the
life of tho third party Lot tho Al
lianeo but givo official utterance against
the subtreasury and tho third party
having nothing to rest upon in this
state will fall to the ground
The speech of the plaintiff s counsol
in the baccarat gambling case now on
trial in London Is a striking piece of
insolence and toadeating His attack
upon tho Prince of Wales was meas
ured by English tradition and feeling
little short of treason It was tho bold
est defiance of the royal divinity that
has ever been made deliberately and
publicly by anj Englishman of conse
quence A hundred years ago the rash
barrister would havo been committed
to prison for his utterances Two or
three hundred years ago he would have
been rushed to the block Now he is
only frowned upon by tho representa
tives of royalty while tho greater part
of the multitude applaud his words
But if this part of Sir Edward
Clarke s speech was a challenge to
the arrogance of blood his treat
ment of tho Wilsons who were defend
ants and witnesses in the case was a
brutal compensation therefor in its
truckling to alleged noble gentlemen
who were his clients and witnesses
The Wilsons a widowed mother and
her son apparently belong to tho
wealthy commoners who have had the
misfortune to earn wealth instead of
inheriting it from some remote ances
tor who stole it Theywcie shown to
b3 very respectable people but they
were overpowered with a consuming
desire to get into British society As
they had money they could gie at
tractive entertainments and these en
tertainments wero frequented by the
Prince of Wales Sir William Gordon
Cumming Lord Coventry and other
blueblooded gamblers who had very
little money but plenty of tone It
is of this that tho plaintiff s counsel
spoke when he said Yes they un
doubtedly havo money but even if Sir
William GordonCumming would con
descend o take it from such a source
I shall not ask tho jury to fix the dam
ages beyond a nominal sum
It is then in the opinion of tho coun
sel a condescension for his noble client
even to cheat such common people as
the Wilsons out of their money For
it is no longer to be doubted that tho
Honorable Sir William is proven to bo
a card sharper It does not need tho
evidenco of the lowly Wilsons to prove
this to bo so for his royal highness
tho Prince of Wales has testified to
enough to convict him
We speak of tbeso things to show
that while among Englishmen that
high veneration for royalty which used
to set it above common mortals is de
clining the opposite feeling of con
tempt for such as have not blood is
as rancorous as ever If a man wins
riches he is considered fit to be toler
ated by the aristocracy for the purpose
of plucking him but their use for him
is at an end when he ceases to let him
self be used as a victim
The advocates of the plan that con
templates the loaning by the govern
ment of money directly to the people
upon land should recall tho nature and
cause of the political upheaval in Kansas
last fall There is a grand moral in it
if rightly understood It is so obvious
and so plain the wonder is that some
body had not long ago pointed it out
But no matter about that its force
and application are not at all lessened
or otherwise affected by delay
The biiuation in Kansas was briefly
that from twoJhirds to fourfifths of
the land in the state was pledged to
Eastern loan companies for money the
rate of interest ranging from 6 to 9 per
cent with commission added For
whatever reasons th tariff monetary
Fim Wr
contraction unfavorable 1 seasons or
what not the farmers found them
selves unable in many instances to
meet tho interest even on their loans
Many of them were carried for a time
by the companies but they still re
mained to a largo extent unable to
meet their obligations and ruin
speedily overtook them following as it
did in the footsteps of tho sheriff
Discontent sprang up all over the
state The cause of their hardship
and ill fortune was attributed to the
neglect or unfaithfulness of their
rulers state and Federal With a
vengeance born of poverty and despair
they rushed into politics overthrew
the machine wiped out the old regime
and elected a lot of new men to execute
their will in the state and Federal leg
In tho state legislature last winter
these new men introduced measures of
the most sweeping and revolutionary
character Some of them were ex post
facto in character and others not
only impaired tho obligations of con
tracts but went so far as in some in
stances to wipe them out entirely
The motives underlying this species
of radical legislation were of course
present relief tc the farmers The le
gal right to foreclose mortgages was to
bo abolished or hold up for a time
The right to redeem was to be extended
indefinitely and if memory serves a
bill was introduced in the lower house
canceling many loans At any rate
the policy of tho legislation alluded to
was plainly in tho direction of repudia
tion and much of it would have been
enacted had not the senate stood in
the way
Now suppose that all the money
loaned on land in Kansas had come
from the government instead of from
private sources Would not tho temp
tation to repudiate when debts and
poverty overtook the borrower ee too
powerful to resist Would not that be
made a political issue and the rallying
cry of thousands of farmers who would
see in it a release from debts and em
barrassment without visible injury to
any individual There can be it
seems but one answer to this query
The truth is that tho borrowing of
money has been the ruin of thousands
and millions Borrowing on land by
by hopeful and credulous Kansas farm
ers merely because they had tho right
and could find the money has been
their ruin It has likewise ruined a
multitude of loan companies on whose
hands were thrown millions of acres of
unmarketable and unprofitable land
If the government instead of private
concers had been tho loaner the dis
aster would be general instead of con
fined to one state
Corn at Klo Grande City
Special to the Gazette
Rio Grande Crrr Tex May 24 Corn
is now selling here at 10 a bushel Mexican
money or about 750 American money
Rio Grande Crrr Starr County Tex I
June tf 1S91 f
Editor Gazette
The above I think is a mistake Com is
planted here extensively but also imported
mostly from Kansas It is now selling
for10 Mexican mouey per cargo i0l
pounds is a cargo
New corn is now selling at twentyfive
cents per pecjr or 023 per cargo Mexican
money liespectfully MissIKvis
Po3t mistress
The Council Passes Three
Hours in this Diversion
The Committee Recommends Its Accept
ance by tlio City Which Is Done The
Claims Allowed Trinity Bride
The Tucberi Hill Well
Three hours were again occupied by the
council in doing one hours work tho
principal diversion being chewing
the rag to use the expressive
slang of tho streets It was hot
in that council room and
tho aldermen evidently were impressed
with the idea that it was oasier to talk than
to transact business and as a result an ad
journment was taken at 11 oclock until this
evening in order to finish up the budget
less than onethird of which was dis
posed of last night The waterworks com
mittee reported tho arrangements agreed
upon for tho acceptance of tic electric light
plant and recommended its adoption
The question of a bridge across the
Trinity came up and after lengthy discus
sion was referred to the committee The
waterworks committeo was given authority
to sink tho well on Tuckers hill an addi
tional 1000 feet if necessary
The Proceeding
Alderman Jones called the council to
order Aldermen White Drake and Arm
strong being absent at the calling of tho
rolL The minutes of the preceding meoting
wero read and approved
Aldermen White and Armstrong entered
during tho reading of tho minutes
The finance committee reported on
the petition of McGaughey et
at to compel dealers to pay
tax on all goods sold by them except their
own product that the ordinances governing
the matter were ample if enforced
The claims committee recommended the
P3vment of tho following claims
Street sprinklers 362045
Miscellaneous 22223
Electric light supplies 37C0
Hospital < 24375
Waterworks claims 120792
Sewers 443808
Streets and roads 1CS710
Paupers 1535
Public printing 210S
Bridge North Side 493000
Public schools 8050
Freight claim Cotton Belt 132S0
The police committeo recommended the
purchase of a new patrol wagon
The fire committee to whom was referred
the J A Martin account reported the ac
count was made legally and recommended
The bill of Ellis Kellner for a bridle for
the chief of the fire department was not
The street and alley committee recom
mended the passago of the ordinance pro
viding for the grading and graeling of Pa
cific street Adopted
The proposition of T J Matlock to build
an Eddy patent suspension bridge across
the Trinity for 12000 and of the Lane
bridge company to build one for 525
o53 or 23000 as the council mi ht
determine was accompanied by tha
report of the street and alley committee
signed by Alderman Dartar only recom
mending the Matlock proposition
This brought out a storm of
words Alderman Darter speaking vehe
mently in favor of the proposition and say
ing that he knew the council could never
get another as favorable proposition
Alderman White stated tho bridge was of
the Howe truss patent known as the best
yet devised by man The iron
was as good as it ever was
Kew timbers could be put in and
a new floor laid for less than iOOOO and the
bridge would bo good for five or six j ears
Alderman Darter was opposed to any
further attempts to use the old bridge
Alderman Clements said that traffic across
the bridge must either be stopped at once
or the city would have a damage suit on
hand beside which 512000 would be only a
drop in the bucket
T J Matlock was called on and said ho
was there simply for the purpose of build
ing a bridge on terms of payment that
would suit tho council
Alderman Armstronir said when the
North Side bridge proposition was up
that or a similar proposition was
up and he fovored it instead
of the North Side bridge Now that they
had decided upon the North Side bridgo
and it was nearly completed lot the people
trom the north and west uso it if they
didnt want to a good ford was near
After some further discussion the matter
was referred to the streets and alleys com
mittee city attorney and Alderman White
Alderman White made a verbal report
from tho sewer committee on the tunnel
under the Santa Fo track and recommend
ing tho contractor be given an extension of
forty days Adopted
The petition of Mr McLaury for sewer
extension was laid over
The following report from the water
works committee was adopted
Fopt Worth Tex June 91S3L
To His Honor tho Mayor aad City Council
Gentlemen Your committee on behalf
of your honorable body was on Thursday
last June 4 made the tender for accept
ance of tho electric light plant by the Edi
son general electric company who had suc
ceeded tho United Edison compauv with
whom the srisinal contract was made They
claimed they had complied with tho orig
inal contract and v ished to turn the plant
over Your committee replied that they would
only act as a medium to convey tho tender
to tho council but in tho meantitno indi
cated to them some deficiencies which we
thought should bo brought up before final
acceptance Since this time they havo sub
mitted their bills for etra work amounting
to S102 This we carefully checked over
hut were unable to fully agree upon same
Our honorable city attorney who was pres
ent suggested as a compromise that the
city exact the entire amount of forfeiture
3000 and allow their bills for extra labor
to stand those eitra bills being for sev
entyseven incandescent lights together
with all poles lines and fixtures complete
also ton are lights everything complete
together with all labor bills ana extras or
dered for original plant
in addition to this all labor and material
furnished for the fifty incandescents and
two arcs yet to go in also to furnish every
facility to complete the oxtra work by pro
viding full maps and details of the entire
work complete and proposed This was
accepted by tho agent of tho company
This compromise your committee would
recommend tho acceptance of We would
respectfully call attention to the fact that
about 1000 of the above extras aro for an
extra armature and carbons extra lamps
globes and other supplies Used in operating
the plant and aro not chargeable as outside
Jlr Maseman of tho electric company
also submitted a proposition in legard to
payment which was taken up by the finance
committee and will be reported upon by
We wish here to state that the original
contract and everything that came under it
was completed as per agreement and for
contract price f 17000 less tho amount of
forfeiture and while some items of the
extra bill of about 7CO0 for outside work is
a little high yet the city has made a good
trade in closing the matter up in this way
Oeo II Nins Chairman
Jno T Montgomery
J T Clements
An accompanyingresolutionof thofinance
committee authorizing the mayor and city
secretary to execute two notes in tho sum of
flC051 each at four and six months
time and to deposit in escrow in the City
national bank thirtysix bonds of 1000
each the funds therefrom to be applied to
redemption of the notes was adopted
The matter of purchasing the tools of tho
Edison electric light company was leferred
to the waterworks committee with power to
Tho waterworks committeo reported a
proposition made at tho contractors
own instance to bore an additional
number Of feet at 750 a foot
the city to pay 000 for rope and additional
material to strengthen the works this not to
be paid by the city if 300 feet additional was
bored Tho well is now 3000 feet deep
This called for some discussion and the
matter was referred to tho waterworks com
mittee city attorney and mayor with in
structions to contract for an additional 1000
feet if necessary and giving them power to
A telegram from W A Underwood ask
ed an extension until July 1 in pre
paring the waterworks plans and for
an hour and a half everything
regarding waterworks except the point at
issue was talked nbou t It was finally re
ferred to the waterworks committee and
tho mayor with power to act
Tho eleotric light committee reported tho
need of another carload of poles and asked
the purchasing committeo be authorized to
purchase them Adopted
Alderman White asked that an electric
light be placed at Ninth and Jones Re
ferred to electric light committee
Council adjourned until this evening
To Fight at San XrancUca
Six Francisco Cu June 9 The Cali
fornia athletic club last night matched
George uixon and Abo Willis to fight July
20 for a purso of 55000 The men are to
weigh 115 pounds threo hours before enter
ing tho ring Dixon now weighs 129 pounds
and WiUis 134
St Louis Itaees
St Lons Mo June 9 First race one
mile Comedv won Maseie K second Kala
val third Time 150
Second race five furlongs Oleverton
won Johnie Winkle jeeond First Day
third Time 111
Third race one mile and a half Pickwick
won Mannoura second Onlteht third
Time 259
Fourth raco one mile and lH > yards
Profitable won Bonnie Annie secoadEmma
J third Time 203
Fifth race one mile and 100 yards Al
phonse won Carter B second Moisture
third Time 101
Sixth race one mile Forerunner won
Adraianni second Chimes third Time
Chic aco West Side Race
Special to the Gazette
Chicago III Juno 9 The races at West
Side park today resulted as follows
First race one mile Bankrupt won Sis
OLee second Ed Bell third Tim 147
Second race five furlongs Rally won
Judge Arkell second Rapidity third Time
Third race seven furlongs G W Cook
won Racine second Proctor Knott third
Time 130
Fourth race six furlongs Portlaw won
Postodde second Tom Hart third Time
Fifth race sis furlongs Ira E Bride
first Nettie Kent second Pickup third
Time 118
Sixth race eight and onehalf furlongs
Souricre first The Moore second Elphin
third Tune
Morris Park Usees
Mouais Pahs X Y June 9 Krst race
one mile Uno Grande won Chesapeake
second Terrifier third Time 142
Second race one milelVIntriguanto won
Masterlodge second Bermuda third Timo
Third race sir furlongs StTloriiB won
m > w w
< Aushaft second Hellgate third Time
Fourth race ono milo and fivesixteenths
Sir John won Riley second Snowball third
Time 214
Fifth race 1400 yards Castalia first
Ennuity second Greylock third Timr
120 <
Sixth race sis furlongs Pearlsot first
Calcum second Waterson third Time
St Louis Mo June 9 St iouis
Runs 0 hits 11 errors 1 Boston Runs
Shits 10 errors 4 Batteries Stlvttts
and Boyle Haddock and JIurphy Umpire
Cincinnati Ohio June 9 Cincinnati
Runs 5 hits 7 orrors 1 Washington
Runs 1 hits 7 errors 5 Batteries
Crane and Vaughan Foreman and McGuire
Umpire Matthews
CoLorcrs Omo June 9 Columbus
Runs 6 hits 9 errors 1 Athletics
Runs 4 hits 0 errors 1 Batteries
Knell and Dowse Callihan and McKeagh
Umpire Kerins J
Loukville Kr Juno 9 Louisville
Rues S hits 7 errors 1 Baltimore
Runs 2 hits 8 errors 1 Batteries
Ehret and Cook Healy and Robinson Um
pire Jones
PniLVDELrnit Pv Juno 9 Philadel
phia Runs 3 hits S errors 4 Cincin
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Chicago III Juno 9 Chicago Runs
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Glen Walker Shows tho Value of Texas
llond by Analogy The Amount of
Mouey Uniug Into Tlulldincs
filed There are other sales closed but no
record made up to the present In most
cases the lots sold have been bought as res
idence sites
Loans made yesterday on real estate for
which mortgages wero filed amounted to
4400 This money was borrowed 011 insido
property and will be used to improve the
holdings of tho borrowers One of the
loan companies doing business in Fort
Worth j esterday received word from tho
home office in the East that there was again
somo demand for debenture bonds which is
an indication that people in the East who
have some money saved arc desirous of in
vesting it in good securities The company
mentioned has in late years done a very ex
tensivo and profitable business in Texas a
portion of the business being done in Fort
Worthand it is tho good returns from Texas
loans that has caused tho first of the n
vival to be for Texas securities
Texas Land Values
In the city of London on April GO 1S91
thero was a largely attended meeting of
Englishmen who had invested J5000000
in Texas tho bulk of it being hi Fort Worth
and country tributary to it It happened
that Glen Walker of Fort Worth was
urescnt at tho meeting being on a visit to
England at the time Mr Walker is well
known to be conservative and his view
aro therefore of value He was called jipon
for an address and this is the way ho was
quoted in the London Financial Times tho
next morning
Mr AValker in response to the chairmans
request said it seemed to him that tho se
curity of their investments depended prin
cipally upon the question of whether land
was inflated in value or at a fair value at
tho present time He thought that the best
way to analyze that was by way of analogy
Good agricultural land could be bought in
Texas today for 5 an acre that being tho
outside price but similar land in Kansas
tho adjoining state could not bo bought for
less than 13 to S20 and in Missouri and
Illinois further North the same kind of
Notes of Progress
There are several hotel projects on the
tapis which bid fair to be brought to a suc
cessful issue
J C McCarthy is putting in a now front
to the twostory brick corner of Houston
and Fifth streets
Work is now under way on four cot
tages in the cotton mill addition
The building contractors as far as seen
Recorded Transfers
S M Fry trustee to Mabel
Fannie and Nellie Christie lot
10 block 29 in Prospect
Heights addition
S M Fry trustee to R W Pen
ick of Denton lot 1 block 5 and
lot 13 block 22 Prospect
Heights addition
J N Dazey and wife to F O
Barron 100x150 feet College
Hm addition
Builders loan and savings associ
ation to Charles Kern lot 1
block 2 Riverside addition
MMnmW i r
150 00
350 00
10000 00
SOO 000
Texans Abroad
Special to the Gazette
New York June 9 Galveston E Samp
son Gilsey house Texas J A Mamer
Astor house
Cant H F OStaa
Linden Tex June 818S1
Editor Gazette
Capt H F ONeal is the author of the
interview on the Barnoy Gibbs bill as pub
lished by The Gazeete the 5th inst and
not Howard
F ONeal president of
Linden bank as was stated in the heading
of said piece Hon H F ONeal is the
father of Howard F ONeal and is a law
yer of ripe experience and sound Judgment
W M Wood r 3 i z
For erery dollar
In subscription to
tra copy for odsm
noon June I ISI for
boiler hou e for tho
asjluui alo for a
stum heating and
land was selling at S50 and upwards It soi jffi2i
happened that he had some knowledge of j SS
Australian land and here again he could
talk by analogy The same kind of land in
Texas that their company was lending 3
or 8s an acre upon large London compa
nies such as tho Scottish Widows and Or
phans were lending 1 an acre upon in
Australia Thoy might not all know that
the exports from Texas a little despised
desJ JSted
sint t
address ontsldo tli < <
two cnmftfnor vrlll bo
onoyenr fnt
KoTlcols herelrf
em courtfor 1 ijihl ciJC
aad sit as a boaof ecSalizatijSJf ai yJpei
house Ufereof jjjr thejnty otiSott v JEr i
urs th th yiJfeA
a J3 A
reeettor ifc > fectim correcfc > rrfjQtt Js fi
nndjfeprj aejgsessmen jlistsf If
Tarranfcofitr T
thtVear 1S91 By order ot t 1
court Attest Jons p >
Countv Clerk Tarrant < nt
By James F Prosser Deputy
Sealed bids srill ber cC 5u
tarys offlce or i JB Tex
p tn MMgiagPJaae IP 1W1 r
tycourt blacks also k
JM > tt
Chairman Printir
Sealed proposals will berecei
dcr i ned at Granbnr > Te
tor the erection of a twott > rv Jjh Cis5is
building Plans can be seens jrjiM iS 7
city secretary to June Sj WflSa1 nV1
date up to thetiidslSSfittt to
oJcooiirsW vRro bon a
JtBwagCTex AH proposa
paaniedhy a certified chcel ct
antee for bond Tha richt is r
any or all propoil Bids to 1
in on Monday the nd iu ta
Four leagues of school la
der of the Comun ioncrs n > c
county Texas Bids will he r a ftv
purchase of 1771J ncres o
liailey county Texas iil gfif >
of August AJVAjjWTTlie co t J
The amount of property conveyed yes
terday as showed by tho recorded trans
fers footed up over 11000 all residence
property but this was bv no means all the
property sold F O Barron has sold a
tract near tho city for about 10000 the
deed to which has not reached the court
house Thero have been sales of North
Fort Worth property aggregating over
510000 for which no deeds have been as yet
lor further particulars apr v v
county udse of Swisher coiT
Bids are Invited and w i
th pr
outlive J lYHrtriS
ins to plansajiita f > 7icaio
seenal a uuuin sncjr
TlieoSlce of I inno
tects Austin Tev
Th right Is reserved to re <
Yours truly 1 viuiuiu
t <
All biiinessIuQTOit a to me w 1 i utu
aU RdflflJrV ni
> Te
ATTO fmV tfft A W
lion given to land a 1 oxac
Office up stat
part of the world was about the same as I tteriftfrg
from all Australia put together Very feejw < rr
people realized that but it was a fact
Applause In Texas tl ore was no low
rato of interest Except during a few
months when it began to look as if the com
petition of the land companies was going to
reduce tho rato of intarest he had never
known in all his experience in Texas tbe
rato of interest to bo less than 10 per cent
At tho present timo in the banks in Texas
12 per cent was the usual rate Applause
yesterday reported work tinder way onAJrfiP
buildings aggregating in cost J370000 This PaVls Butldicg
does not includo a number of cottage resi
dences costing from SO0 to 1500 each
Tho citys artesian well is down 3002 feet
It is said this well is deeperbelow the level
of the sea than any well in the United 9Si
states fpmm
Three residences going up in Fort Worth
today will cost in tho aggregate 04000
This shows our people aro welltodo In
another three years Fort Worth will be the
city of fine residences
The Seventh ward property holders will
meet today to take active steps looking t <
improvements on a large scale
The Leadi
ORtce 3HiJaJa Teet upatitr Wm pa
tlceioaikiMrycourts ct Tens aad ia the UiUti
A5aupremo court
laylor County Tsii
ton Bulldln Hrjn
8 i
Hurley Office Building Fort tVcrh Tm
Office 3 Main Strrc
cgpp0cr5r > RiNTER
aklnd fcwerfrtttl
Rooms73and74 HurleyB LLoj
6ms 1 aaa 3 corner
StoQ streets PostoSce box S3
laui Gold tKT
aze Work a specialty
r nrstclaiS Established Ii
Solicitor of American JBfoSS wC
ents Tridaaaiigal r 1
stton D
xperiencs lccludlaiserTici litVi
Xnini Corps U S Pltent oOcs jiteatift c A
of model for report as to
reapondtBce Invited
to r
r iperience in f w
S Patent Office W4ia
and practice
tM j l
It cai

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