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Fort Worth gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.) 1891-1898, June 10, 1891, Image 7

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Dallas Toscas
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ri Jtj < n the United St Their lrg expa
Xzcr rniu liable skill urJtjajnivrrs l success
V i the a mrfcand ureof ta usChronic
Vj iirif a diseases Tntltes these eminent
Jit to to the fulrn lldenco of the existed
ittrvntrre They euarantee
> f r M re s of catty vice and the numcroi
foUcrx in its Train
am v jraplc 4vAnd permanently cured
H tKi yield reaiUly u > their skillful trcat
iriiirsd cured witftput pain or detention
W o > i tra C V
r jKd sufSttftluUTehrod In every case
svf tr CtONCSMHEA GLEET bptr
c a n cmittil OMtajfss Lost Manhood
n H = ion < VDecavtPlaculti Female
u < d all delicate disorders peculiar to
f ei pcsinvely cured aa well as all func
i o onicrs thai resultfrcm youthful follies
r Si of nylure years
CTDIfTTTPP Guaranteed permarently
O I nIV I U ivx cured removal complete
1 i c in canst ic or dilatation Curca
tt tu luM by patient without a moments
j b or rsjance T
7b fotn vaH Mitidto Aged Men
R F PlfiCcA0 awful effects ot
AQ11 M l j U rlErearly vice which brings
ten r a e s dsslroying both mind and
its drrtded ills permanently
nnp JJFTTQ Adjects those who have
UnOi iJfhi I O impalfcd themselves by
apottr no lgftco and sonjary habits which
m t > inlsu and iMjlBUunfittlre tbem for busl
t ilv or m3niagiV
i Pi lbu MLN or thG enterng on that
iT < are of physical debility quickly
sn eaiorJrce In personjor bymalk If
a are afi rfHjind cannot calk write ous
fL us gtump fo reply CaH upon or address
uOu Main Street Opposito Postofflce
ervouB 4J bUity
g UvgwuiHUC
d tliM ifainqtf
Abilri la
i jiE d
ir call on
U Xrnnont Row liueton lis
0 r Pifff rtirJ STrlcfffl frte wlrfl OTef
L tjl St in 1 ti
At i it > Stnt to anraadre > for TCO
DotsflntfitavB ItUVJ
liiro Jmorrl
i < iBirrow Dusslsts
Capital ofi
rtJ5gj fit > dal
4y liead them
i irtfully nnd
jouarcsurc to
pick up bome
tl ive kc > d
irrespondencc from Board
3 5 lumber of Cemirerce or
i err 1 C lub o any Western or
ter c U haing rAtural ud
v nd a flfeire to seek re
X w
V 6ae evpendcvj oer Ore Million
fc t for cittfg ift ihe Central Wc <
tern 3pu Pacific 5asVSates and have
Jinedtauch practical jnftfrfiiation on
tt < 3ftSupmLattcf cities
acar Trntt Declares Dividend Indut
trlnl Stocks Show Much Strength Cor
fee 10 roluts nlcher Bonds Steady
Commercial Keiume
Specal to the Ga7ette
New YonK June 9 Money closed at ft
pet ceV the lowest rate The highest
was S
Evchance Closed steady Posted rates
H S34 SS
SiHcr < j7
Siitrar Itetined and raw quiet and
prices show no decided change
Wheat OptSons active and strong on
some export bujing due to cables report
in daraatre to Russian wheat Prices
Llosed Z Jc higher Spot lots firm
Wool Dull and prices vi ithout material
change Spring Teias lT22c
Cotton Spot lots stead iliddhng up
lands S jC Futures closed quiet C3
Coffee Spot lota quiet Pair Rio 20c
Futures dosed hrm 10 points higher
Hides Steady Buenos Ayres drj 13X
14c dry Texaj 1010Kc
Stocks Dull and weak to day on sellinu
for I ondon account and cjblo advices of
further withdrawals of gold by Russia Jrom
London and also on entrajrement for fiOOOOO
gold for export Prices closed generally
to 2 per cent lower
Atchisou ia
The dry goods market continued dull and
featureless No changes teported in prices
Uonds duih
Denver Texas and Fort Worth certifi
cates yfisf
Fort Worth and Denver ls 100
Atchison general mortgage 4s 7S f
Atchison incomes 40
Missouri Kansas and Texas Vs TO
Missoui i Kansas and Texas 2s 40
St Louis Arkansas and Toxas ls 60
Texas and Pacific ls ft
Texas and Pacific 2 s 30
Attvooil Violet ro s Cottou lleport
Special to the Gazette
Xrw OurrvN Li June 9 Atword
VolcttCo say
Futures How far nop conditions hive
improved since the first ofJune vill be rc
nliied tomoriott when the ciop report is
publislieu The condition has impnned
mUeiialli therefoie the peiuianenc
of an early result of that fact
will bo decided upon Hon much belief
exists in the impression that the uet ie
poitinTuH will bo m ide uioie faorabl
than this one will be established to mornW
Those who have bought will become anx
ious to realize and in orrtei to do that
higher piue > will reqime new lmcrs to
come into tio market lai geH Weue m
iliu d to think the bureau will make lit
tle difleieuce and then the stieiigth or
weakness of the actual cotton will govern
the situation
Sppts are easy ever uhere
Lierpoolsales today aie only COO and
futures unpioved barelj 1 per cent We
close a to 4 points lower than j osterdav
Poitreceipts today iA00 against 1300
last ear
Spots Quiet sales Krt quotatvons un
Governments torlts and Ilontl
Nrw Vouk June 9 The street 13 still in
a tiaiting attitude The market to d ij iaa
dull and uninteresting for the tallioad list
ouisideof a few shaixs which neie ln
Jluencod bi special causes The oiioning of
he maiket tins morning was made at a de
cline fiom last nights hgures except in in
dustrials which wero slightH higher and
ina le fuithci impiotcment inearh tiading
A hoaj tone marked dealings in the legu
lai list throughout the da The market
f rilh closed dull aud steady but generally
t a
small fractional loss foi the daj
Railroad government and state bonds dull
aud stead
Tlmy Met for the I lr t Time on the
Trjiu > ear Munkoeee and Got On at
Denton to Uaie the Knot Tied
Special to the Gazette
Dlntox Tex June 9 Quite a lomantic
wedding took place hero late tus after
noon vthich as far as heard from breaks
tho record for tnre in this section
The contracting parties are Mr Lcc An
derson of Philadelphia and Miss S idie
Michael of St Louis The parties met on
the tiain neo Muskogee and shuck up an
acquaintance Then had never iecn or
heard of each ether befoie Tho lady was
intending to stop at Muskogee and the
centleinan vt as billed for Fort Worth Ho
became impressed with her and on learn
ing she was going to stop at the next sta
tion hnd to make quick work of things
and pioioscd mJtnmonv to her provided
she v ould go on with him He convinced
her that he was in eirnest and thej caine on
to this point this being the hrst point where
thev could obtain a bceuse an official to
p iform the ceremon and a mornago cei
When the southbound evening train
stopped the alighted and took the bus for
the com thouse obtained the nceessan pa
pers tnd the nuptial knot was tied by
Judge V M Duidson according to the
fonns of law The couple seemingly in
blissful content took lodgings at the May
house and will remain in the city for a few
das The groom is a traveling man vor
intelligent nnd about thirt ear of age
1 he bnde is a beautiful brunette of about
A family Narrowly Ji capes 1ououliij at
Wharton Rough na Kodent llatl
Bern Sprinkled Treely
Special to the Gazette
WrmiTox W11 titTov Corxrr Tnx Juno
9 1 here came ver near beng another
traged enacted in Wharton winch m
x oh ed the In es of four or live people One
Hen Love had been living with Betty Pine
and her famil his wife also making her
home with them Love had become ob
noxious to the familv and thev ordered him
to leave Words followed When ho came
to town Saturday ho purchased a box of
rough on rats He went back and was a
second time ordered away and Sunday
morning as tho family were about to eat
breakf ast they discovered tho milk had been
tampered with On searching further they
discovered that rouch on rats had been
sprinkled around pretty lively on other
articles of food Upon adavit before
Justice Schlo Love was arrested and the
above facts elicited He was placed under
a T00 bond
London Wool Sales
Lonox Juno 9 Wool sales opened hero
today Offerings comprised 11000 bales
most v of New South A ales New Zealand
and Victoria Tho attendance was very
large and competition vta fairly slronir
though rather an easier tone prevailed than
at the last series New Zealand cross
breds were well competed for There was
good competition for Port Phillip cross
breds while New South Wales varieties
pissed off well Todajs sales afford little
idea of the tendency of the market and
consequently a comparison of prices with
those of lost sales w ould be of little value
Iuer aro awaiting developments but
so far as can be judged values of good
merinos are unchanged w hlle tho average
kinds sold from par to 5 per cent cheaper
There was nochangc in crossbreds Lambs
wool was daicat of sale ct fron 5 to 10
per cent reduction on prices of last series
Following are todays sales and prices
New South Wales 6000 bales Scoured
J dlsGd locks and pieces 71lCd
IsTJ d greasy 5j d5X < loefcs and
pieces 3V9d
Queensland 500 bales Scoured lsls
2Vd locks and pieces 7Jf10Xd greasy
3Jf < 9Kd locks and pieces GK < 9t d
Melbourne and Victoria 2000 bales
Scoured 10dls Hd locks and
pieces 7dls 1 greasy 6 dls 3d
locks and p > eces G llJJd >
New Zealand 3G00bales Scoured 9 < d
Is 2d locks and pieces Is lj 14d
greasy 7dSls locks and pieces 4 y > jd
South Australia 300 tnles Scoured
Sdgls 2d locks and pieces 6 dls2 > d
greasy 3flld locks and pieces 4 d
Mlneola Has Got Her Uld In for Kinds of
Factories and Wants 3Ien with PlacL
to Come There aud Run Tbem
Mineou TEX June S 1891
Mineola wants factories and she dont
care who knows it We are favorablj lo
cated for them willing to put up for them
and never intend to let up until we get
them do you hen it AVo know what we
have and are determined that other people
shall know it too We dont want any man
or corporation to build a factory here that
wo are afraid to back with our money and
patronage either in donations or
stock We want every manufacturer
that contemplates establishing plants in
Texas to remember that we are on record
soliciting ou to come and see us before
j ou establish a plant of any kind in Texas
We want hrst a compress Our local re
ceipts of cotton will amount to 20000 bales
and the compress will control as much more
f rom other points At SO cents a bale will
give a return of 4000 per month for five
mouths in the ear Is this not good
enough Vve want a canning com
panj organized here with ex
perienced men and capablo to operate it
to can peaches alone which aie worth S4 50
per case of two dozen thiee pounds in a
case Tho fiuit can bo bought at 50 cents
per bushel the sugar at 4 cents iter pound
At these prices money enough can be made
in one season to pay for the plant and leave
HO percent additional as a surplus Situ
111 tho imest f 1 uit belt in the South
ehards of oOO acres 01 more adjgaSpftTVati un
limited supply of goodjMftfcnear at hand
inexhaustible beds JfylgTiitc underneath
with slate covPUgfBBTCr for looting with
all the pur aapwatcr that will ever be
iieededjgBniree grand trunk railwas to
product and a certainty of one
riots in the near future With thcso facts
before us what more can any man w islung
to invest in this line demand Again we
want a furniture factoiy of cxten
sive propoitions We have tho
greatest vatiety of timber here
and hard woodsin this part of the
state being tributaiy to the Sabine bot
toms in all directions Weaieon the line
of the last timber for 1000 miles West and
to Oregon Northwest We alreadv hae a
chair factor here that could not till their
orders were they to double their capacit
andiundav and night Wo want a coni
piny to build a tram or narrow gauge rail
roiil for a logging road into tho pineries
northeast of us for the purposeofsupplying
saw mills erected here and door sash and
blind factories We want a bairel factorv
to supply our farmers who are engaged in
the srup and sugar indrstr Theso are a
few things we want and must have Our
city his appropriated r > 00 to prosiect for
artesian water and contuict let for the
woikto bo done Should we go through
salt beds m boring for artesian watei
is we feel confident wo will
from suiface indications and from the
fact that thirteen miles west of us b < ds
have been found 100 fee t thick wo will
then want a salt plant here commeiisuinte
with the surroundings and advantages here
piesented We aie not bellowing simph to
make a noise but to be heard b all legiti
mate manufactuiing enterprises We
dont care to furnish the capital to start
peope in business but to attract
the attention of manufacturers already ur
business to the advantages hero presented
assuring them that we will meet them ma
liberal spirit and do all thit anv legitimate
manufacturing cnterpns < 5ircould expect if
OU will come and casWs nr lot with us
Some iirsf isJspcond hind phnjlons
and buggies atJKxci low puce at L II
Kellers SOStffetiSjiml 212 Throckmorton
Ttl70 at nirmlnglnin Ala
Birmingham AiAr June 9 A lire which
broke out iu R II Courson Bros cloth
ing factor on Morris aiercuo at midnight
last night was extinguished at 3o clock
this morning The losses aio as follows
Ray Bros on building J0O00 insured
Courson Bros clothing factory 13000 in
surance 12000 Dispatch Printing Co
2000 Kugone Stollmc eick meats and
grceeiies > 000 W M Cosb bioker
Hme Riddell brokers and the
Westbrook estato suffered small losses
Total loss 50000 insured
Two Years for Stealing a Dog
Special to the Gazette
Svv ANTONIO Txr June 9 For a long
time pist the sportsmen of this section have
been trying to secure the conviction of dog
thieves They held that a man who steals
a 100 dog is as culpable as a man who steals
a 20 pony Today Hairy Haib a negro
was gn en two 3 ears in the penitentiary for
the theft of a pointer dog
Indicted for Embezzling
Special to the Gazette
FionESVHXE Tex June 9 A J Will
iams and T P Morns prominent attorneys
of this county have been indicted for em
bezzling the funds of a widow client They
were arrested and promptly gave bail
Both men have hitherto borno the best of
Spot Cotton Unchanged Fu
tures I to 4 Points Lower
Wheat Opened Ulchcr riuctnated Nar
rowly and Closed at an Adtance Cof
fee Wool and Sugar Markets Un
changed Money Easy
Daily Review
Fobt Woirrn Tex June 91991
Both warm and windy today trade
quiet but firm among retailers wholesalers
The local markets show no especial re
vision in quotations from esterday A
good demand for table commodities of
country production is being met bydealeis
at prices satisfactory to producer dealer
and consumer
Pork Packing and Pro isions
The Cincinnati Price Current says The
weeks packing in tho West does not show
an enlargement the total being 215000
hogs compared with 230000 the preceding
week and 305 000 last year Tho total since
March 1 is 2jS35000 against 3200000 a year
ago indicating a decrease of 90000 for the
week and 450000 for the season in compar
ison with corresponding periods last year
For purposes of comparison with previous
ears the average weekly packing in recent
previous j ears for the months indicated is
shown in the following tabulation
1KO ls l ° 1S7 l < x
June xli 000 2fl0C0 300 OJO 810000 SMO000
July 313000 2050CO 1S50M 1000CO 1S0OX
August 310000 1S5000 105000 135000 135UCK
The packing in the West for the three
months from Maich 1 to May 1 aud tl 0
total from March 1 to November 1 compare
as follows
Three Eght
Months Months
1 91 2TbOO
1 0 3 ftttM 9510000
ISO 2611003 6fwllH0
lS J19 WJ0 5315100
l ST 1375030 HCltCO
ISM l JJSOO 55iir Xl
1SS5 1 70000 4 x > 100
ISSt 1320000 4 068000
The average weight of hogs this season is
materially lighter than in any previous
ear The current marketings are variable
in quality a large proportion showing the
lack of the usual influence of grain in their
feeding so that there is more shrinkage
relatively than when finished on full rations
of corn
The provision trade has cevt yet recovered
the activity which it had some weeks ago
and viliich the jobbinc interest desires and
expects in the near future But values are
being well maintained and not withstanding
the slack trade a reduction in stocks of
product is being shown The weeks ex
ports of product were moderate showing
some decrease in meats compared with cor
responding period last year
All quotations oelow are revised daily by lead
ins dealer and will be found Tillable whole
sale and retail as srxcifled
Following quotations are on the basis of 30b
Fish New mackeral half bbls No 19 t0
510 00 half bbls Xo S 13 00 codfish 2 2 > bricks
67C V B > loove codfish b S c fi 2 > pickled
herring per bucket tl 00
Holland herrings Kegs 11 501 75
Dried herrings Per box 40c
Bologna sausage 310c
HomIn Xew perbbL 175
Grits Per bbk U 7a
Oatmeal New per half bbk 100 2 > s WOO per
bbk 17 50
Cracked wheat Per case 72 Sss S3 GO
Coffee Wholesale quotations Elo S 3S2ic
prime 20jc choice 2lh < 22lic fancy B3
13j Java 303c Cordova iSfc Pcaberrv
234Q23Sc Arbuckles Anosa 2d 65c Market
lserj hrm
Maple syrup OldTime onegallon cans per
dozen in 00 half gallon per dozen M
quarter gallon per dozen S3 50
Sugar standard granulated 55c powdered
in bbls 6c powdered half bbls B c cut hnf
bbls be half bbls B4c fancy yellow clarified
6c choice yellow clarified 6Hc
Molasses Fancy open kettle 4Sc choice
open kettle 45c prime open kettle 32c choice
centrifuRil 35c primo centrifugal 33c
Rice New crop pume 7c choice 7chcad
Cheese Fancy full creim 1 in box 15c farcy
full cream 2 in box HsC Young Americas4 in
box loo bwiss per cake about 110 lbs 10JC
small quantities 17c cheese ales 3 m
Oils Brilliant bbl 17c Eupeen 2S c Bril
liant 210 catcs 2 00 Brilliant IJ 15 r = e
5111 Kupion 21 r > cases Vi 90 easoline S3 Is
Wnskj Rectified Jl 1021 20 as per proof
sour mah two t irs old 1 7031 90 three
year = old 52 0022 25 fancy extra old whisky
tl 0035 00
Cider ipple half bbl WOT crab apple lfi
gal bbl S4 O SOgil bbls 112 50 pcaihhalf
bblf 16 gal to CO 50gat bbls JU 50 Vinesrar
apple 1 > gain per gal He 50 grain per gal
15 white w inc per gal loc Pickles medium
halves V5 00 small J W small 10 gal H W
fcherkins perbbl 12 50
Wholesale quotations Best patents e3 00
per 100 fi > s halt patents tl W third grade
65 fourth grade 52 4j
Stieb pearl 4c lumps 5c Herring im
ported 1 2r > per keg Cider erabapple 10c
Missouri Sue per lnlf bbl S4 0f > rt4 2j Vine
gar Ir < i25c Concentrated lye f2 75 four doz
In case per case Jugs glazed 10c per gal
crocks glazed lOo per gal Indigo 75c per lb
blueing ik < jl 00per doz Colemin s mutnrd
t t < 51 25 per doz Maccaronk imported llf
II4cper lb American si hnlf box Tubs
Vo 1 oak gnin 9 K No i fsr No 3 7 00
doz No 1 liber S17 50 No 2 ls O No
HJ 0 V doz Redwood No 2 iJ 50 No 313 i0
thref iuneit vhito cedar 3 lt > eight in nest
oak grain ha Buckets two hoops > l 65 f >
doz Baking powders bull lie 1 2 > cans
2 50 Vermicelli small box 65c Catsun in
bulk per gn tvic Worcestershire auce in
bulk per gal SI 25 Kope grass inch basis
lie cotton = tl > c 516 lw bas afrasroot 12c
perlb Butcher paper 2Vc pel tb
lactory prices goods in l5 > piper
boxes 1c ibove price IKt quotations per S >
Animals etc 12c Boston butters frc butters
rvXX6c butter scotch lie chocolate snapx
14c creams XXX 8c ere ims X oc corn
hills or mcl nacks Jc cocoannt snaps He
craLknells 15c cream puffs 20c co3ee cakfs
XXX ie cocoannt taffy 14c cocoanut bar He
cracker meal 6c drop cakes ll e English
coffee 10c oxcelsiors or monitors 7c frosted
creams t > yc tlnjers HJJc fingers spico and
ginger 10c fruit sultana 14c fruit sultana
iced 15e fruit currant lie ginger snaps
XXX 8JjC ginjer snaps X Sc graham do
graham and o tmeal vafers and gems 10c
grandmas cookies 10c horey goods iced I3c
Iionev goods plain 12c iced creams XXX
creams iced 9J4c imperials 10c jelly finsers
15c jelly wafers 13c lumbles HVjC jumbles
spice and Liugcr 10c lemons XXX 8vic
lemons X Se lemon snaps He lemon wafer
15c lemon biscuits fround XXX creams 8c
milk c molisses cookies ginger cakes
gem1 etc S4c oysters XXX 6c ojsterF
daisy 7c oysters shell etc 8c oatmeal fc
pie buseuits Uo pretzels mnchine 94c pret
zels hand made lie protzcllettes lie penny
cake plain 10c pennj cakes decorated lie
rilio nuts 10c soda pccrles princess etc
large soda cream 8c sod snownakes 12e
select sodas 7c sodas XXX 6c saw tooth
butters 6c stige planks 2s 6e 3s 6 > sc
smaller 7c Smyrna biscuits He Southirn
mixed isie sugir XXX Xie sugars X Sc
sugar cookies 10c vanilla wafer etc 15c
vanilla squares ciisp cakes elc 10c nine
v afers reveres etc 15c
Danhciscrs fruit tolu per box 90c pepper
mint and limetta per box 65c mana tolu per
box 0c Adams tuttl fruiti SOc magic trick
60c bailev mall 60c sweet fern OOc carmel
tolu 2oc No lNev York 35c Whites Yuca
tan per box 70c 5box cartoons 3 25 Valen
tine s euchre per box 85c Panami per box
6 California fruit per box 10c Berrys
beautj 90c tolu 25c per dozen tl 60 sweet
g im per box > c
Almonds new soft shell small quantity B >
l c Eugllsn walnuts extn Hrge mall quan
tity V P > = walaats Chill v > S > 12 c ul
bert fa He Brazils new crop B > 12tc
nut assorted 25tt boxes Comet brand lac
pecans new crop 12SSo peanuts fmc > white
Virginia by the sack 6 < c small quantity be
choice white by the tack 7c roasted white
l > est quantity loc peinut roisted Xo 1 Peer
les bu size 18 popcorn and peanuts
roated combined at factory S36 popcorn
roaster at factory t3J peanut roasted Be
Pineapples standard 2 fts Jl 60511 75
peaches standard 3lbs i 83 SIbs H 65
second 2 6s f 1 50 3tts tl 10 strawberri s
2 lbs 51 50 backberrie 2 3 > s tl 30 green
gage J raspberries 2 S > s Jl 50 marrowfat
peas 25i Jl 50 oysters full w oight 1Ib l 35
01 40 2 s 12 10S2 B0 tomatoes stancard
2 lbs n CKXS1 ft > Jtes 1101 15 green corn
tl lagl 50 salmon 1E > 1 30O1 45 Cohimoia
rl er salmon 1 75185 sardines > is domestic
ta 2a5 50 imported tl2S415 Eaglo condensed
milk S3 00 Californii canned goods standard
brands pncots Si S > s J S5 peaches yellow
free 13 7502 90 peaches white cling T2 75S
2 90 plums 12 OOg2 10 pearsSi BOf i 7o grares
52 0032 10
grees rnnrrs
Oransres California Ktverside fancv 11253
3 50 Fancv Pomonas 53 50 peddler a stock
small size 3 00 Imperial Messinas < boxes
80s S2U0 Special pnce3 in round lots Lem
ons fancy Messin 1 3oOs and 300s So 75SJ8 cu
pecal price in round lots Bananas S2 OJ
3 oO cocoanut per sack of 1 00 35 50 less
quantity J6 00
rrtODUCE nc
Potatoes new Irish it 25JJ1 SO California t
bu SI 25 Utah SI 30 new Louisiana in 4 bbl
batrs 9 bag 53 75 choice oid SI 30 Special
price In round lots Onions new Louisiana 5
lb 5c California S34c cabbage newLomsl
nna fl J 2sic Lima beans new crop 6c
Bayou beans new crop 5VJc Garlic double
tnng new extra 75c Chili pepper balep
SOc less quantity 21c
Caromels assorted flavor 515 box 73c Jelly
beans 5 lb box 75c gum drops A B assorted
flavors 5 S > box 4Je Japanese strips cocoanu
Savor 5 lb box 65c rock assorted and whits
7 French kisses f 2 75c chocolate creams
Al SOc lemon drops frosted per box 65c
buratalmocds perbox75c creams handmade
12 varieties Sic peanut blocks 65c wannt bar
per lox 90c lozenf es assorted con a lb box
75c gum drops Mound City5 fi > boxC5c marsh
mallow s bantam 3 3 box 65c marshmallows
dainty5 box tl 23 mixed candy pails per Ts
She ktadcrjartcn mixed 12c fancv flint S S
candy assorted rails S > c fancy flint J pound
sticks 5 a bees 45c
Jcilies assorted > 3 > wood pails B 5c
5 tin palls sdoz t5 23 preserves
5r > tins r > poz fv 50 peach and pear
pails He 2 orted 20 and 40lb pills 2 in case
extra ti A ic spplo batter gal kegs extra
3b Sc 3J a kanakhis Sc mince meat kegs
Raisins London layers CaJlforaa bsx
12 50 London layers Us rsr box SOc loose
Mucatels California 3 25 graphs rew Cal
Uoiih M2 > bags t3 lb 7c currants sew crop
cass about 330B > s 3 Cc 55 about
200S1 6ijc boxes about TOlbs 7c prnts
French SO to 5 to t > 65 boxes 12Kc 6J to fS
to lb 51Jb boxes 12Kc 60 to 63 to B 55lb
boxrj He Tartith new crop bas atoat 200
lbs 10c 505 lots 104c apricots California
evaporated 23Tb boxes 22e rigs choice la vers
bags about CO Bs V ft t < c ovnl s 11X
boxes 53 S dates Persian 5 > K > boxes be
citron Leghorn 5lb boxes V lb 22c
Buyers are giving Dry butchers hides hrt
class Sc if B lights 7c drv fallen 6c dam
aged 2jJ3c pelts20240c dry salted heavy
bull hides 4 green salted S3ic butchers
green SHc shearings 10c horns hoof and
bones per ton 0 OB delivered
Wool Light medium l iJ21c light fine 13S
16c heavy tine UISc
ncKiNoiiocsE rroDucrs
Followineare wholesale quotations for F <
Worth packing house products Prices are
vised each day and following quotations arc
subject to change at anytime Yesterda s
closing based on job lot Fort Worth mer
chants will duplicate thee prices
Hams is to 20 9l4c 16 to is 9 c 12 to
16 IDs 9 0 8 to 12 2 > r 10c breakfast bacon
wide or narrow h i California orptemc
hams7Uc New York shoalders 6ic boneless
hams Sec dried beef u m pieces only extra
dry ic
Dry salt Short clear 6Jfc long 6c backs
6jc shoulders sijc bellies 7ic
Smoked Short clear 7 > le long 7c backs
7c shoulders 6c bellies 8
Pickled goods Tripe lots 85c Vbbls tl 70
u bbls S3 23 pigs feet kits S5c bbl SI 70
ii bbLs 13 25 pigs tongues kits Jl 75 H bbls
S3 50 bbls J7 U >
Lard Basis tierces pure leaf 7yc pure
family 6 0 prime steam aJX Baker 3 special
6 jc
Lard scale For tin cans 50 lbs 2 In case add
Jc20bs4 in ease add e 10 bs n in else
dd JJc 5 Bis ij in case add iC J lbs 20 in
case addle
For wooden packages 10lb palls ada X
00B pails add c 60 lb tubs add c bbls
add e4c barrels add o
Fresh meat department Dressed beef des
and carer e steers BUSSe cows sat Jc
hind quarters steers 6U9C cows 6QA fore
quarters 2lc
Beef cuts Loin PiiUc standard ribs 6f8c
rounds 4iS5c back fcalesf < 1tSe chucks i c
flank steaks 8c tenderloins ISc sweetbreads
12iic brain 10c rumps lc plate ijc loin
strips 10c loin butts Sc rib rolls 10c short
loins 10311c tongu s each 20c kidneys each
5c ox tails t doz SOc
Mutton Dressed sheep SQf > s racks He
breast 4c saddles ltV legs tic
Pork Dressed hoj Cjc pork lom 7c ten
derloins 9c spare ribs f fresh shoulders
5c fresh ham 90 lresh bellies 7Jc back
bones 2c neck boies 2c tongues doz 60c
pigs feet y doz 25c lhcrs W doz c hearts
do 40c
Sausages Pork sausage 7e boneles hams
8 > c liver wurst f > c Wiener wurt loc
bologna 5c head cheese 5c blood wurst 5c
McAllister coal delivered from 5 tons up
til 50 McAUItcr coil siagl ton delivered
S7 00 McAllister coal 2 to 4 tons delivered
S < 5 75 cars S3 00 McAllister riit coak for cook
ing 1 ton delivered Sfl O McAllister coal 2
ton delivered St 75 MeUIistenoal 4 ton de
llvered 2 00 McAlltsterteal le s than > t ton
per 100 lb 45c Bri r crei k coak carload lots on
track 5 < delivered J tous jo 20 Victor
Colorado lumrCoal caload on track 55 50 per
ton nut S3 7 Pennsylvania lird coal 1 ton
delivered 13 00 Pennsj Irani 1 hard coal y2
ton 87 00 blacksmith coa 1 ton 12 50 Pits
burg coal 1 ton S7 W 2 to 4 tons ST o01 alo
Pinto mines Newcastle screened lump coil
carload on track 14 00 por ton Cameron Col
lump S6U per ton on track crrloads lots de
livered single ton 7 00 2 ton lots 6 75 half
ton S3 73 quarter ton w U Robinson Cok
lump on track So 75 caiload lots Quotations
aroonvard sales except where otherwise tx
eept when othew lse expresslj stated Deliver
made at nOc per ton or half ton eUra
Cord wood One cord dr dcllv ered St 50
green SI 73 one half cord delivered Si 23
stove wood one cord delivered 5 50 one half
cord delivered 52 75
Grain and feedstuffs Quotations below are
on grain from store
Corn 8o90c per bushel in shucks in acks
SI 00 J
Wheat Choice Texas 51 1021 13 Panhandle
81 20
Oats lacked G7370c
Bran tl SO per VO on car load lots fob
SI 10 per 100 in sicks diliv ered
Cotton seed Icr bushel sk retail
Hay Looe loeal SH W1215 00 best pairlc
hay baled 13 0030 00 perton In carload lots
f o b S15 00 small bales best SOc best For
nev tlSOOperton
Millet Per bushel SI 23
routTitv rees and butter
Chickens Commission men are getting S3 OOtf
330 per do for hens K taller ire gettingU50
3 75 per dozlight suppH and indcmandcom
mission men get il 50C 1 00 bit doz for choice
frying chickens retailers tet 5i 0C413 0 per
doz Light supph and in demand For t11
keys retail hens 50375 vobslT 31 00 com
mission men are getting JO OC fU 00 per doz
the latter for extra slow al > > tonimisiionmen
are getting J2 2 > for ducks slow sale
i ggs Commission men an tting lt c per
cae i > er doz for letas eggs r tailrs are set
ting 20c Supply scree and in demend
Butter CommiRRion men ire gettirg 12SS15c
per 2 > for fair country 16Q lc for choice conn
try retailers aie getting2afc30c per 3 for coun
try 30c for strictly choke Supply fulr dc
mand fair Choice creamery Un retail
Quotations based on small lots to retail deal
ers Actanlin lb oz 13c acetic acid Xo 8 fl
8c carbolic a < id en st P 2 S5c muriatic
acid C Piit 21c nitric acid C P 3 lb
25c sulphuric acid C P it lb 25c tannic acid
bulk 1 lb SI 33 alcohol 95 per cent gak
2 40 alum lb 4c antifebrlne 1 oz Joe
antipyrlnc jl oz 11 40 immonia carbonate V
9 > 15c blue vitrol V N Sc blue mass 5 2 >
5i3c blue ointment t lb 30c borax 3 lb 14c
camphor gum p 11 > 65c capsicum powdered
j lb22ccoperas tb2 3c Dovers podcr
ft lb tl 20 ether sulphuric V s p fl jb 72c
gum arable first pick f lb 51 gum shellac t
lb 25c glue brown Iru 12 glue white lb
20c mace t > O0 mercurv 3 lb jc mor
phine sulph P i W js 9 oz Si 45 mor
phiue sulph P i W 07 bottle f oz il JO
nutmegs y lb 70c castor oil V gal 51 10i
1 15 olive oil t > gil SI 10 linseed oil p gak 65
CT70c perm oil W B gal 1 20 opium
lb 3 50 opium po lb S3 10 black pepper
p ft ISc potash bromide It 44c potash
chlorate lb 20c potash iodide lb oz S2 83
2 90 quinine P W oz bottles lb oz C8c
quinine P W oz cans it oz 3oc qui
nite P i W 5oz cans 3 oz 33c quinine
Brunswick oz bottle V oz 32c quinine
Brunswick 5oz cans 27c sal soda t lb 3c
saltpeter refined lb fi > 10c saltpeter commer
cial lb 6c salts Epsom V D > 3cic salts
Rochelle 45c Bicarb soda keg B3ic
sulphur Flower 5bbl lots 3Vc sulphur
Flow ers small lots 4 < c spirits turpentine
market rates y gak white lead S P V a >
7Jc cream tartar V > Ki
British Cousols
Special to the Gazette
Lojtdov June > Consols closed 93 115 for
money for sLVv er 44 916
Exchange at > mr York
New York June 9
Special to the Gazette
Sterling Bank 60 days 4 Wi5JiS4
Commercial 00 diys 4 835i 4 M
Relchmarks Commercial 60 days 94 ll > 6
Francs Bank 00 diys 5 20J
Commercial 60 days 5 21
Exchange nt > ew Orleans
New Ouleos La June 9
Special to the Gazette
Sterlkx Commercial 60 days4 83iei S4
Francs Commercial 60 days 5 22 >
New York sight Bank ltt premium
Commerciak 40 premium
Exchange at Galveston
Galveston Tex June 9
Special to the Gazette
Sterlirg 00 diys 4 S3
New Yorksight Par
New Orleans sight Par
American silver i discount
Bonds and btocks
Special to the Gazette
New York June 9 Bonds and stocks closed
at the following prices bid
United States 4 s registered US
United States 4s coupons 119
United States 44s coupons 100
Central Pacftct s 109
DenerandKo Grande 4 Sl
Missouri Pacific consolidated 6 s
MissouriKanas and Texas general 6 s 76
bt Louis and Don Mountain general 5s
exciv 5J
St Louis and San Francico general mort
gage Iff1
Texas and Pacinc lacdgnnt > 83
Texas ind PscWc KioOraafios 30J
Union Pacinc ls 103
Central Pacific 30
Chicago and Alton 122
Chicago Burbngtonad < 5ui < iey t5i
Delware and Lackwauiia 131 i
Denver and K10 Gmnde
Frle coramen J94
r3riWcr l1 andDenvf
Houston and Texa3 Centrtl 31
niluois Central 93
Kansas and Texas ex scond mortgage
bonds lisf
LakeShoe 103 > t
Louisville and Nashville 73 i
Mlsscuri Pacific t7
Northern Pacific 21
Xorthwestern iyif >
New York Central i 99j
PacinoMail 33
Reading 30i
EockTsland 1 0
H St Louis and San
Wholesale GfocefsjgilJlMtiioo Merchants
510 K fe5 5f4 HOUSTON STREET
t27Glve c your ordj ffir Fort Worth Packing Co s prodsrt and build up hptne ndustnej jQ
Franc eco
bt Louis and ban lrancIco preferred
St Paul common 6H
Trtul preferred 110
Tennesee coal and iron 33H
Tex is and Pacific IS3
Union Pacific 4
Wabash st Lords and PaciHc eertiicates 1014
Wahish St Louis and Paclflc preerred 22 > i
AVelksFargo exore 111
Western Union telegnph 791
American cotton oil 22l
Atchison Topeka and Sinia Fe S3
Denver Texas and Fort V oth cenmcates 17
Denver and Rio Grande pterred oiH
Ltv erpool Iatuxs
Special to the Gazette
Xivrnpoot June 9 Cotton futures closed
stcadv earl months 1 point higher late
months 1 to 2 points lowc
June 4 33akeil
June Jul 4 aked
Julyugut 40 bid
August epeniber Jva44S
September October 4 V bid
October Xoimber 4 15 4 4o
Nov ember December 4 V
DccemberJanuiry 4 13
JanuaryFcnnary 4HaskNl
TebruarjMarch 4 Ssaked
Xrw York Totnres
Special to the Gizette
New York Juno 9 Cotton futures clocd
quiet but steady 1 to 4 point decline
June s 4 it 3 46
JuH SUHf tan
August S n > S 8
September s 75
October SM
November scijl 91
December s ivsn
January > Ou 9 07
February 0 1 9 11
Mirch J2l < j9r >
tales i7t > 00
New Orleins I uturcs
Special to the Gazette
XTw OnrEAs L June 1 Cotton futures
closed dull J to 4 points lower
Juno TOft < s 10
Jul s cfV7 s 10
Augut 8 lvj S0
eptcriber JV4 > i
October s
Xovembr 8i > i4 8 17
December hftlioSV
Januar 8 uia S T
Febmry 8 7 > tr S7 >
March bu < ii 3 >
ball 7700
Lneipool sput
Special to tko Gazette
Lniuioou fine 9 pot cotton closed
dull in b i ers fav or at veSterd i > s quota
Ordmarj 3 516
Ooodonllirv lj
Low middling 4
Middling 1 111G
Good middling > 3
Total sales 6000 bales Amclcan nlOO bales
Imports 2 000 bales American is 101 bale
> cw York Spot
Suecial t > the Gazette
Xkw YORit Jure 9 pot cotton closed
Ordinarv 6j
Uoodordinny 7 716
Low middling 8 716
Middlirg 84
Good middling 9
Middling fair 10
bales 77 bales
Nrw Orlcnns spot
Special to tho ja7cttc
Xevt Orleans La Juno bpot cotton
Low ordinary >
Oidmarj > U
Good ordiniT i > Ji
Lov middling 7
Middling 8
Gcodmuldling J
Middling fair lO1
bales HO bales
Galveston pot
Special to the Gacttc
G Abt eston T nx June 9 SDOt t ottou cloed
Low ordinary f >
Ordinarv 0
Goodordimry b 1110
Low middling 7 916
Middling 8
Good middling 0i
Middling fair 10
Stock So0
Comparative Statement ur the bpot Mar
Special to tli < Gazette
Guviston Tkx June 9 Tho following are
the closing quotatiois for cotton on tLe not
toda at the leading in irkets together with
the closing formiddling jesterdaj with to
day s sales
Daily Jloveincntat Interior Towns
G aiveston TEX June 9
Special to the Cazettc
Receipts and Exports at All United States
G MVTSTOV Ttx June 9
Special to the Gazetf
Receipts thus far this week 14 752
Receipts same time last er 2379
Receipts this day 6133
Receipts this day last year 1399
Total receipts thus far thLs season 6733362
Total receipts thus far last eaou 5 72X313
Difference 1060049
Exports to Great Britain 9 457
Exports to Irance 74 JR5
Exports to continent 12432
Stocks at all the United States Ports
GA1VE3TON TEi June 9
Special to the Gazette
Stocks this day Sfl 319
Stocks this day last ear
Receipts at lnli < l States Ports
GUV2ST03 Tex June 9
Special to the Gazette
Galveston 5R7
XewOrleans 2S3Q
Mobile 5
Savannah 24S
Charleston 3s0
Wilmington >
Norfolk 957
NewYorlc 621
PliilaaMpria HO
West Point 192
Other ports
Total this day 64 3
Total this da last year LJ99
lrelghts from tlalveston
Special to the Gazette
Galveston Trx June 9 By slamhip
from Galvcton Tex
To Liverpool Ud
Tocontinent 17e > ld
To New York 40ctf 100 3 > s
Galveston ColTee Market
SpecHl to the Gazette
Gaiveston Tex Jn 9 Cs Uoed
Good ordinarv
irfOrcw v 11 >
21 t
< nlvotin SngMr3Iarkct
Special to tho Gazette
G aivisrrox Tex June 9 sugir Plnta
tion agentj rlces in roand lots b ue carloads
for Louissn > sugars
Market clocd steady
Plantation granulated Von
Choice white 4
INjniyjelloi rlanti d No 4
Chuieti vellowelaritled 4 4
Prime vellow carlned 4i
OLellowilirined > one
hoiieeeonds No
Prune Second Nona
Fair seconds > > oi
Conme 1 second Nona
nriMD toan
Standanl gnuulated 4
t iJard confectioners A
Cubts l
Powdered 5
Cruhedandcutloaf 5
Vholrali sroter qv utitions l 3c Injiiea
Grades emitted tot in n aket
aUrt n Muni Itarkc
Spceia to th < azitlo
Gvlveston Te Juue 9 Wou M Ve
Unsecured woe > l
si king irnvn jje NTiis ur
Other Procure am Provision Markets
sT Louis Mo Jiiic 9 hevt luenid
aOie highei than vvsterda s cloc ruled
ta lie and weak for awhile tlienrallitd closinr
strong V7 jc higher o J nu cash 93 j
7c luhDlvc Lid August jC December
95iC 33kei
< orn Market opecrd rc nbove yeterdav
ruled quli t then advarced but weukineit at tha
close aud cloedeaJ but aiC higher than e
trdu No2cash jSSSo e Jul k > c Sip
tember ftHc
O its Quiet nnd easier Xo cash 4o0 Juiy >
40e August J4 je
Cornmcal Frm T2 If a3 CO
hlk Stcid SI In
lrov islons Market qu et aud easier
Porl fio 75B11
Lard Dull V s >
Diy silt mots Bo ed shouldTs 54
long So U5 rib is 123 shir eiear W25
Bacon Boxed shoulders Sa 37Vi5fi0 longs
S < iyr6 55 ribs lo oTnitt cO short clear S TOji
6 7
HamsSlO 3oC12 00
Xnv GUIeans L June9 ugir Market
stcadv Open ke tile prime 4 1 It fair to
good filr TSO < cemmon 2VS3 13 16c
friferlor 2c cen rifugals off white 4 c
prime velloiv clari ed e c
Moli es bte id Open kettle good fair to
pime tinn fermenting 2 SJac centrifugal
pine ti ood prime 20c fair to good fair
11613c gooil common 1UGV12C
KAs > Cm Mo June 9 Vheat Quiet
Xo 2 wl cli 92c
Corn stronger No 2 cash June 57lo
Pork Uocd 510 2
Dry salt mc its Boxed shoulders S4 75 short
ribs sides ss long clear side f > S3 short
clfirides 6 H >
Bnakfast bacnu i O
Relined lanlts 75
CHICAGO Dr Jnr 9 Although the wheat
uarkct wobcl d a little at the surt feeling
grvduall went from unchinged to one of
Lorn Operfd strong but weatened under
free felling Dy Iocil traders rallving again
kowever wlthwheit
Provisions M ere qmet with narro v flu tua
1nrk ilowr 15e l > rd 3c nhs Tjsc
Leidirg futuri s elo > d
VUicai luue ti ie July fc > V A gust
95c Corn Jun < 55sC liilv 55 c August 57o
Pork Jul S10 id pttailH 110 fo
Lard Julv U 15 ptember S > 10
Short ribsTulj J 80 b < plmber f 07J
C isi quotation
Spring vvheatwaiWUc
No 2 corn eOe
Ion 810 5 10
Lardo 10
Short ribs sides 1h 75fc > 80
Dr alttd shoulders J > W2 > U short clear
sides to20a6 30
NrwYOtii June 9 vA heat pot fairly
active No 2 rid tl 0S51 Us Options
steady and up Jure 11 OS JalySlcM Aumist
Corn pots loweri2l heavier Xo 2 6Uft
67 c oitlon dov11 June ia > 20c July
t l c August 64c
Coffee Options steady and unchanged to Id
poiiitsdown Sites 25mX bag June JIG 80
July 16 10215 f ug t 21583015 90 Sep
tember Sla 1V Xt spot Rio dull fair
corges IPC
Sugar Raw quiet and about steady sa e
7427 bags centrifugak 96te t at 13jC re
fined dull and cas
Molasses Foreign dull at 2c for 301 < tin
nogsheads New Orleans qu et and stead
Rico Ruled steadv
Ilvestnilc Markets
St Louis Mo June 9 C tttle Receipts
6500 shipments VO Slarketacthe and strong
Good to fancy nitlve stecs > 70CJ6 00 fvir
to food native steer Si UXJ5 20 lexans and
Incians S2 9073 25
Hogs Receipts COOO shipments 70 Mar >
ket steadv Prices ranged St C04 35
Steep Receipts 1flO shipments iiuto Mar
ket slow Good to choice ii 4J23 00
CiucagoIirJune9 Cattle Receipts 500
shipments 2000 Market sttrady to stronger for
all rades SI 7V76 00 Texans slow U5osjt lu
17JO1 10001 Market
Hogs Receipt s < shipments
ket opened active ard closed weak for all
grades St 1034 03
She i > Receipts 8000 shipments T0 Jlar
ket active Texan tl 2XJ1 ji rativfs
tt fflSo 0V reterns si 33 2o
ICvN AsCrrTMo June Cattle Receipt
330 hhipments 7c0 Natv s stiorg Texans
stedy stfers S3 8035 fjs sockers and feed
ers 2 9 4 23
Hogs Receipts SfflO shipments bCO Market
stead All grades 5t 50S4 4 >
bafep Receipts 900 shipments 2ujl Mar
ket steadv
New York June 8 Ilfvcs Xo arrivals
no trade feeling stead D asedbeet dull at
gi TVfc
bhcp Receipts 2600 steady at S4 0023 T3
dressea mutton Arm at 9ai0 c
St Louis Wool Market
St Louts Mo June 9 WoolReceipts
112 600 pounds Steady at unchanged price
Unwashed bright medium 19S23c coarse braid
143JUC low sandy li17c ane light I3210J
Hne hcavv 13219c tabwashed choice 32c J
inferior 230u Texas and Territory qaiet
Ronton Wool Market
Special to the Gazette
Bostox Mass June 9 Wool Qul t smal
sales and at previous prices
If yolh flSl weak
and alljftttx take
want com
nsT nClA

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