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Judge Beckham Pronounces the
Death Sentence on Davis
Di < Kereive the Sentence Calmy and
Gltcs no sign An Appeal to Exec utile
Clemency Very Probable Opinions
Eipruisedthat lie AVIII Not JIaii
Tlie mannatc in the Davis murder case
arrived ubout 11 oclock j eiterilay and at 2
0 tailt In the afternoon sentence of death
wis prononnied upon the prisoner by Judge
I3c < kiiam of the Seventeenth tlistrietVourt
1 be fellowing is the order ot the court
The State of Texas vs 1 W Davis
hereas on the 12th day of October
lfO in the district court of said county J
IV Davis was convicted of the crime of
murder in the first decreetand his punsli
mont assessed at death as fully appears br
the judgment of Slid court entered upon ij
minutes of said court and
W hereas upon an appeal from said judg
ment to the court of appeals of the state of
Texas said judgment was in ill things af
firmed and
Whereas on the 27th day of June 1S0O
the said district court pronounced sentence
upon said J U Davis in accordance with
said iudmeiit as luhy appears upon the
2niic of iiid court and
ncrMS in pursuance of said judgment
ruin < ntence the clerk of said district cour
did isa direct and dclher to the sherifl
oln ran county a warrant commanding
l ii to execute said judgment on the 1st
r ot Siptemlxr IWO and
u i > reis the said sheriff has reported in
mi t to tie undersigned that said var
r > t is nut exicuted because of the pro e
c ji Ijv sail 1 W Davis of a writ of error
1 ir > supreme com t of the Cnited Ktatus
1 i the court of appeals of Texas ami
lioreas on the hearing of saI cause be
1 ii I h supreme courtof the United States
1 iu ordcied and adjudged that said writ
iior be dismissed and said cause re
1 In tlie judges of the said court of
at > > s ot the state of Texas for such exe
i ii and proieedmgs as might be haa in
< iiiiU with the judgment of said su
ji i i urt and as appears from a copj of
1 in ii iuIi uf the said supreme court of
l ut i States atticlied lo the mandate
1 < court of appeals of Texas hied with
in i cisaid district court and
Uli the said ciuil of appeals has
mlciii and directed the execution of its
haul ji iliient jlHrming the said judgment
< Hi district cout of Tuirant counl is
jiiijii ai fioin the mandate of aid court of
r opeais issued on the Mb dav of June lsfil
i heil among the paicrt of said cause
I nerefore J I 11 5c > kliam judge of
tlii disirut conn for the Se citeenC
jjin iil district of Texas J hereby iiK
l di Hie 10th day of August A D
lsyi for 1 lie execution of said judgmenr and
seniciii i ami hereby direct the clerk of the
djs > i t i oiu t of said district in and for Tar
rnit lount to issue another warrant for
the c vi nlion of said sentence on said 10th
du Auiru t ls ll
V tuess my hand this 0th dav of June A
D I Mil It E JJcciimi
Judge Seventeenth Judicial District
At ihe convening of the court after the
d mi r lecess Judge Beckham ordered the
pissnmi brought into court and upon ask
ing tnin whit reason he had to say why
Heiitiiiee of deatli should not be pronounced
In snd 1 could say much sir in my de
le me but i dont suppose it will have anv
oflv i
It is then the order of the court that on
MouUat the Kith da of August 1SH you
b Havered by the neck until ou are dead
Dji is did not flinch and save for a slight
pa loi and a t itching of the muscles of the
mouth he iais apparently unconcerned It
v i eviuinl he had nerved himself to the
Titi ii He knew the mandate was e
iei < d and was prepared for the even
M Men the oimers went to the jail he vis
nam and though jot unable to bear his
weight upon his broken limb lie was able
hi lie aid of crutches to walk across the
siiect to the courthouse
I pon rci tuning to the jail he quietly re
entered his cell and began reading In the
ovening his mother called and remained
with him until the hour for the retiring of
The general opinion on the streets in the
aftcutioon was that the appeal to Governor
Hogg for executive clemency would be of
little or no avail and that Monday August
10 would be the date of execution Many
expressed the opiuion that Davis would
manage to commit suicide before the day
Lo9t Ills 840000 Mas
Chicago III June 9 E T > Thayer
the aged expresident of the Brandon na
tional bank of Brandon Vt after transact
ing some business in Omaha left that place
for Chicago on Friday vith a small hand
sachel containing Jo0O0in notes ai I mort
gages and while he was in the dining car
en route the bag disappe red end he
hu been unable to get any iracool it sine
The Gazette Prepared to rat All
lor Catting htcieutypi
Job offices in the city
To ntn e nnbllijitluii in The
all adcrtlAcnients rscri
have their type toaitaBwrm plates any
size at Tttn G jyIPoTncc This will be a
g eafctsajaWfliice to ob printers enablinc
cconomUo In typo and press work
Charges laisoiuble
CircalAlois iitic
AJ who arc indented to us fur tlso Daily
Gazette who no not pay fej Bgjp
by the 10th of the incalijjjPP rii
cut on froin j lilBffnpTion list
without ijMmtweT Wo are com
pelledjagiilWBrevery paper we take from
UdjHBand it is impossibe for us to do
TTis unless Ave are paid This rule will
hav no exceptions
B r J B Sitixklc
Citv Circulators
Ci2Ze CecJitori iWct
Tho = e who wish to subscribe
subscriptions to the 1ort
ZETrr will please caUaBJJMWn e 104 Main
street oetv irtj Hrecrford and First at
fruit stand Respectfully
B F aid J ii Spxinkle
City Circulators
lnust be in i niiin i ijifgtffil inTiTi l i except
WWiirricts ptUI
in cuiQs ffti
A Itravo OfUcer Who Dies lSucause lie
fuictl Dutv lack Countj 3Tnurns
Specul to tlie Gazette
Tu ksboho Tr June 9 II M IIos
kins slieriffof Jack county who was shot
by Byron Cnpo died this morning at six
oclock leaving a wife and three children
lie will be buried tomorrow morning at
nine oclock The Masons will take charge
of the funeral His death has cast a gloom
over the entire community ana couun Xo
more popular here than Mr
To Dispel Colds jjr
and Fevers to cleanse the sys
fctuaily yet gently when costive
is orwhen the blqpd is impure or
TiryieTtnanently Mre habitual con
flon to ajikcn tUejfidneyij and lher
iealthyJctivjj > vipouJriititing or
kening tlw fu e Hyrafrot Fiis
Tho Finest Rmoj
at Anilcrsnn > riMflMffora
WPATHCRFORn QPHflfil < v T state encampment of the Cumberland Pres
i1tni ninrunu OUNUULOi bylerian Sunda school which meets here
T rrom July 1 to K is making arrangements
Of the IVeatberforcl CulIro and
Ieinale Seminary a Carried Ont
Successful Closing
Correspondence ot the Gazette
AVEVTHnrFOKii Tex June S Yesterday
the commencement sermon of the Weather
ford college the Methodist college for this
conference district was preached by Kev
George W Wyatt of Corsicana The young
peoples I eligious meetings were held at 3
I > in conducted by Hev W T Melugin of
Lair ksas bennon at night subject
l lie lJesiiocsiVil ty of Christian Scholar
suip by Rev J L Barcus of Fort Worth
Toda the following was
t programme
carried out
At S30 a m Rev J M Barcus of Fort
Worth opened the exercises of Weatherford
College with prayer
This day had been set aside for public
oral examinations The first class called
was Coraple algebra which numbered
twentyfive After some general class work
a grammar class was called numbering
fifty pupils it being two regular classes
Isext an intermission of fifteen minutes
which was followed by exercises by ele
mentary algebra classes Examinations in
arithmetic and T ttin followed in which
a hundred pupils took part
In the afternoon essavs were read by
Mss Jackie Kindel J B Sikes and L F
Crook on astronomical subjects which
w ere well received
Class exercises in trigonometry followed
Much interest was manifested in this
recitation and the class did some splendid
W > rk
Class recitations iu Virgil and Cicero
were next on the programme and made
a favorable showinsr
These were followed by classes in Greek
reading Xeaophan Anabasis and Homer
Tlie elocution class next went through
various exercises in class work w hich were
received with rounds of applause This
closed the exercises for the da
Numbers of patrons and friends of the
hool were in attendance throughout the
day Many visitors from abroad were
present and every incoming train swells
the number
An entertainment and contest for a rfruld
medal given by the preparatory depart
ment of the school was held Mondav night
Special to the aieite
Weatucufokh Tec Time 9 The com
mencement sermon of the Texas female
seminary was preached at 11 a in by Rev
r Berry of Waxahachie one of the ablest
Ministers of the Cumberland Presbyterian
church The sermon was iudeed an able
sermon and has been complimented greatly
by those who heard it
Monday Juno s there was a public exhi
bition of the literarv work done in the class
room by the president of the seminary
His classes have been examined Those
who were present SB they have never
seen an exhibition of better work Many
parents thanked the president for the kindly
interest ne had taken in the advancement
of their laughters This school has an ex
cellent cass of Jutellipent young ladies and
theadanceineiitof almost every class is
pronounced remarkable
Tlie board of trustees of the Texas female
seminary has been in session looking to the
interest of the school
The contract for the immense amphi
theater at the Chautauqua paik was
awaided this morning to Messrs OGwin
Martin The work is to be completed by
Julj 1 readv for the meeting of the slate
encampment of the Cumberlind Presbyte
rian Sunday school to be held from July 1
to S
At a special meeting of the board of trus
tees of the Texas Cumberland Female
seminary held here yesterday W B Farr
D D of Dallas was elected president of
the college for the ensuing term The
board made some very valuable suggestions
and recommendations for the government
of the school and very shortly two or three
gentlemen will be sent out in the interest of
ie collese and by the time the school
opens there will doubtless bo a very large
Mr R W Lewis superintendent of the
KaveRemovea to their new SevenStory S1k e3trilding
Corner Main and Eighth Streets Fort Worth Texas
Until tle tlo = e of this month w
tIioes for 4 r 0 rash A r
i per cent di mvnT
Call earlv
sell you choice of our 7 button
esliniu childrens shoes
tW Our gentlemens department the most complete of any house in the state 3
and arrarigine details with the Chautauqua
30 for the round trip toJapi r7l > UGblo
and Colorado Sprmu iH < f H in i Worth and
DenverMa33wlW5mco 401 Main street
None but ten years oli
whisky served ovctt
Contest Orer the Groesbeck Mayoralty
A Wire Heater
GnosuECK Limestone Couxtt June S
Reuben Johnson colored beat his wife in
a feaful manner last night He has been
arrested and brought to town He will
plead guilty so we understand
County court convened this morning
Judge W G Rucker presiding No busi
ness of special interest on the docket
It is reported that John Davis whipped
one of his stepchildren in such a manner
that His wife had to get official protection
in order to save the childs life
Tlie commissioners court is in session to
From week to week iu our various departments
Lack of room compels us to close out this entire departine
B Ji Pi O J 11ST
entire stock of
tidings TRUNKS AT
park association for the convenience of
those that will be in attendance on that oc
casion The number ciiiected is estimated
from 2000 to 5000 people from abroad
The large college chapel was filled to
Teta overflowing by S p m on last night to wit
ness the entertainment given by the pre
paratory department of the school This
consisted of a contest in reading for a gold
medal interspersed with music both vocal
and instrumental The contest was a close
and exciting one The successful compet
itor will not bp announced until Thursday
night at which time all the prizes awarded
will be delivered to the fortunate ones
Mrs Switzers little music pupils covered
thcmsehes with glory by their manner of
rendering the selections which were very
difficult for pupils of their age
At an early hour this morning a largo
crowd gathered on the college campus to
witness a competitive drill by the college
military company for a gold medal This
was awarded to Private D K Davis he
being the last man who fell out At 9 a m
the crowd repaired to the chapel where
after religious exercises conducted by Rev
George S Wyatt of Corsicana the follow
ing programme was given
Reading contest for gold medal by sub
freshman classes
1 Fannie Zachary subject Courtship
Under Difficulties
2 Zoe Switzer subject The Chariot
3 George Lomax subject Darius Green
and His Fl ing Machine
4 Pearl Mackey subject The Shadow of
a Song
i Yirgie Corn subject Archie Dean
ii Wiley Hnllingsworth subject Com
mencement Day
T Lou Carraway subject Zingarilia the
Gypsy Flower Girl
5 Daisv Smith subject The Judgment
9 Ernest E Lomax subject Hannibal
on the Alps
10 Lizzie May Lewis subject Flossie
Lanes Marriage
11 Birdie Burkett subject Molly
12 Willis Weatherford subject The
Chariot Race
Vi Carrie Davis subject Tommy Brown
14 Sam Wadley subject Jack Hall s
Boat Race
l i E T Cox subject Uncle Reubens
The elocutionary contest for a gold medal
was announced for 3 p m at which time a
crowded house listened to the following
Recitation Miss Clifiie Varner subject
Mice at Play
Recitation Miss Dora Eddleuian subject
The Hero Woman
Recitation Miss Anna Griscom subject
Selling the Babi
Recitation Over the River a study Miss
Sue Mae
Recitation Shamus OBrien Miss Addie
Interspersed with good music
The Weatherford city and suburban
streetcar company haslet the contract to
extend their line from its present terminus
on South Main street south to the college
and thence noithwest to the Chautauqua
park a distance of nearly two miles and at
a cost of nearly 10000 This company has
certainly done its part in the upbuilding of
this city The president Mr George P
Levy and Superintendent George B Will
banks are the right men in the right place
It has heretofore been hard to get the
right kind of men to act as school trustees
and rather a novel proceeding will take
place hero next Saturday in the waj of
these contests before County Superintend
ent Bromean Last Saturday being the
day for election of trustees throughout the
conty the elections were held and at the
precincts of Carter Olive Branch and
Anneta the candidates are not satisfied with
the result hence the contests
The county commissioners have been in
sessioji since yesterday morning sitting
an equalization board They reached thi
letter R this evening and will probably mi
ish tomorrow This is quick work and
demonstrates what officers with experienco
can do thejentire court with one exception
having been reelected last fall The court
is having the roof of the courthouse and
the iron fence surrounding the same
Late yesterday evening Judge Patterson
granted Will Kidd convicted Saturday for
swindling and gh en two years the penalty
a new trial and today he is out on bail
News reached here today that Sheriff H
M Hoskins of Jacksboro who was shot by
Byron Cope while resisting arrest Ma 30
died at 0 oclick this 1 mining His funeral
will take place at Jacksboro tomorrow it 9
a in under the auspices of the Masonic
and Knights of Pythias fraternities of
which orders he was a member
Cliargeil with Murder
Correspondence of the Gazette
Tascosv Oldham Coott June 3
Capt McDonald has just arrested James M
Cook charged with murder in Deaf Smith
county A writ of habeas corpuiis sued
out for the purpose of obtaining bohd the
trial to take place at La Plata Ola county
scat of Deaf Smith
> 8IfI
We have too
We want to sell il
We give ou extri
We guarantee you bail
Do YoikWaM It
We allfea
are selling
high as 13o a j Suxl akjr
10c goods Up tiijy1icljvr
rics as
with the
the 5c
= < < H
abovevjoe per anfcve giveou disH
nJpif lounS d
25 Perbe1
or onefourth its spot c
day and has a gocd deal of business on
The case of Firmin vs Street relative to
the mayor s office was called up this morn
ing and set for Wednesday It appears
that illegal voting was done at the recent
municipal election and Firium who was a
candidate for mayor thinks the result
would have been different had a fair ballot
been voted He sues for the office and
back pay
About Terrell is a Ureat Cotton Country
and lEaUrouds Una to all Onurtrrs of
the < jlobe Other Advantage
Teereix Tex June 9 Tenell wants
au oil s mill Why Because we
want it as the boy said when he
wanted a biscuit more than was his allow
ance In addition to tho aboo unanswer
able reason we can add as additional evi
dence that Terrell is the center of a large
cotton market Besides this this is the
junction of the Texas and Pacific and Texas
Central railways one running east and
west the other north and south and giving
access to more than double the territory
naturally tributary to Terrell by local
trade This added to the local business
would give sufficient seed to run an oil mill
of good size Several years aso an oil mill
was operated in Terrell with remarkable
success but since then tho population lias
largely increased as has also the cot
ton production of this section These
reasons we think common sense and practi
cal If the former mill which cost about
0000 was a success would not a mill of
the same capacity be more successful now
Any man with a cornstalk fiddle and shoe
string bow would see the reasonableness of
the proposition without stopping the tune
Let someoue who has confidence in the bus
iness and money and experienco to back his
judgment come right away and get
whistle up before the cotton crop get
for the market
Then the street car lineis < j leeded It
is likely tne electric lhdjSlfnpauy will put
on cars after a v t0 f they do not
propose to do gpRsome one else walk in
getthojjLaMffiriniy for a reasonable con
tsidjyjifllPrlo the city go to work and get
eels to rolling This enterprise is
eeded iu Terrell A line to take in the city
and the asylum
We need cotton gin capacity sufficient to
gin every pound of cotton within hauling
distauce of Terrell We have several gins
but there needs to be a combination of cap
ital that will put up a gin of capacity suhi
cient for any emergency and be leady for
any quantity of cotton on short notice The
man or men who know what ve want ought
to get hero and right things It may bo
that our gin men can combine and do things
needed otherwise somebody should do
something and that right early
The coal find if onl as represented is a
wonder for Texas and not alone for Ter
rell Several persons have bceii corres
ponding in regard to putting down a pros
pecting shaft that will enable them to
learn the true status of things There is
ded at this supreme moment capital and
experience sufficient to prospect for the
coal The facts and nothing more aro
needed This quality and quantity of coal
jgp > feet under the surface will make it a
Tegularmint for the coal miner and espe
cially fflr those who may first got to tlie
coal A great many inquiries are made
and especially by persons living in coal
regions or by those who are interested in
coal mining enterprises It is believed that
no superior quality of coal than this is found
in the United States and the idea of a vein
of this quality of coal being ten or twelve
feet thick in a section as drv as powder is
a mammoth thing to think about much
more to develop
Tlie people generally are waiting for ex
perts to take hold of the matter Quite a
number will probably bo on tho ground
during the next thirty days when some
thing definite may be determined upon
Tliere is a strong desire to get at tho facts
regard to this coal and only the facts
It is not desired to create spurious excite
ment and then fall flat but the facts as
they exist are wanted It is now believed
a sample of coal will be obtained either by
sinking a regular coal shaft or putting
down an experiment well probably more
than one and see exactly what there is iu
it AVhoever first strikestkc coal w ill hai e
the inside track on all after coiners Sev
eral samples of the coal dust as taken from
the well were sent to coal mine investors
last week Enquiries addressed to the city
secretary on this or other matters will be
promptly answered
For every dollar received by tlie < ZQfgt
n flubscription to its weekl Htfmr arr ex
tra copy for one jesix WfSe sent to any
address desicgj Wf outside the state or
two coDi4rorone year w 111 bo sent outside
JJa ifate
L >
Extra fine quality Satin Xeg
> c and 1 which arc jorth J
not be had in any qiuer housij
We have snjHb speci
BeautifiuiColored an
Wilson j
ie > er pairii
All this springs stylesjfod colors must go at l 90 EACH They are worth from 350 to 450
The Leading OnePrice Clothiers Hatters and
ored and
riiite lit
ye Black
We have for sale oil
and ten aere blocks jib
tracts are hiirh and rojl
As an investinem tTi
Tlie Amount Taken from tlie XortH Texas
Female College Tibniry > o
View to tlie Thief
Special to the Gazette
Siiekmvn Tex June 9 Last night dur
ing the rendition of a pretty drama by the
North Texas female college and while all
the pupils and teachers were absent from
the college buildings some one entered the
college library and stole S2000 70 of
which was checks The money had been
collected by a member of the faculty who
takes charge of the finances from the pu
pils who were paying their tuition and get
ting rcadj to leave for homo Professor
Powell placed the tunds iu a chalk box at
dusk and secreted it in the library ready to
pay the teachers this morning He believes
some one saw him go in with the money
he door was locked and entrance would
have to be made at v window Bloodhounds
would not take up the trail probably be
cause ram fell after the robbery The
mayor and officers ha e w orked hard to do
tect the guilty party or parties but in vain
Dr > eotfs Deatli A rnlentnl
Special to the liaictte
Maisiiux Tex June P It has been de
finitely ascertained that Dr Walter M Scot
was accidentally shot and killed an account
of which was in todays Gazette by his
room mate and friend Dr Lit JIahon Sun
day night last at Arleston Dr Mahon is
confined to his bed and is almost crazed
with grief over the sad accident Dr Scott
was interred today in tho cemetery at
Scottsville at 10 oclock
Mortifying to Say the Least
An otherwise beaatiful > oung woman who haT
recoil cu an im itation to be present at an even
ing partv > j5ien by her rival in society and to
whichAJfuiTasbionable young men in her
clique hive aW been invited iiut who in view
of tho tHsguSflSg condition of her face liaused
by pimplearid aj > itching eruption ot tSrskin
linds t riecesfeapy to tender her regreJ con
last night sustaining internal injur
which are thought to be fatal He is re
ceiving every care and attention
livering passengers for I opJjijid3Tountain
to connecting lim i iaWTftiilii without
long and disagjjdftWeTomnihus transfer
Tiejjja ttlTbe sold July 4tU to Sth in
SZve good for return until September
30 lfcOl
For further information write or call on
any agent of the companv
W H Winheld
General Passenger Agent Texarki
terms valuable tract
juth and we ftf tlie t f
elegant io4tion > fpf mi
surely BrSible t eble
7s are bargain for
Xo trouble to show these land
708 Main Street
sider tAii wo mortmcatlon woefuUyMnade Eh
A Serious laI
Special to the Gaette
Mineral Wells Palo Pixto Codxtt
June 0 Charlie Hall a citizen of Fort
Worth and a stone mason employed on the
building being erected by D JI Howard of
this place while in a state of intoxication
fell from the balcony of the Central hotel
I mi its
prices in jyr1nanj vears JfcJeci nij rgJfWijft 6 cop
ler citi yif of Rrrt Vorti pf thegejtWTsT jt poVtTI
ands overlooked adjoiurLcMns Wh Propecl Ui
Jlear FojJ mrheM ArHn rton Irookhn Mii
2 m
Sh t lich Jttford t
I Also i special Jtnu of Xi
ThitflpYerii l tiri2j
yi lrJKlfSei
ierjt waj auloC
The largest and handsomest stock in the city atajtoniiui g
racts for
Corner First and Houston Sts Ft Wort > T <
i 91
yT CMcheAt r EnsUth IMb3XPi4 tr fi
ftfrtitmjl ud
Oaty Regain a
fE alf r lWc i oisnir
< ft bfiw
t o he t tot
Jaathcr irAJt xi < 7r o tln v
l rilef foiXadlt n b vtar
f ul 10000 tauwbii v
C1ilelir terlatatc ltxMutn uaNJuarh
Bold t > T H tccal Druff U is U
E LiQyOR Habit
pecdr < iire whilneff the pstifa v EJOUrri
dryrt r or an < cc 21 > fivtF fltlor
Orer 100000 dAnkinb Have SMt d mi ttttt
taken aold Speeic ta th ir coXro wiltioat her
And today bclieva tiiei quudrinkiLtot
tteirtiwii free will 49 pace Cook ofParticulan Fne
II W WILLIAMS fc CO 409 roailnn 3
N N TltfE 50 Ma r
lOi V hh Ti v
MlXlAI l1
united xo Ois
quatertoexprfes her feelings Yet were she tcjs S Weand throat
go to hf r drafgKt and for 50 cents projure one
box of TetteSne and apoly it accordSfe to cii
rectionSjUjfoBld cWfttfuMier to attejicj4he party
posSesHSap a completion that Wivdd at once
capture tip ulmirutiftn o thq jjenMmi i and
hence ajpuse the eray of jprery ladyrjpresent
ilheJtjJlioh lan usi rDuId then contain no
Hk niit would KtVeample expression to tlie
gratitude she felt towards the inventor of Tet
tcrine before the magic influence of which all
skin diseases vanish as the clew before the
morning sun All druggists or by mail by
J T Shuptrine Bro Savannah Ga
Trade supplied by II Williams Co
It c mSe sii i l a cnJof coKro nt or iiijirlioa
Doctor McCoy
Rectal an GenitoUrmary Spsci3ii
Where Shall We Spend Them7 HalfRate Excursions
to Lookout Mountain Term via the Cotton
Belt Route
The only line with through sleepingcarW REAL
service to Memphis and the only uj yc
John A
Piles FistulasJ2
fraf Strictures
Gonorrhcea Syphilis
been in 00Wrth for <
J sLk00mph without brif i
BErsday unable io speak and
ot Aztec Steam Afew tre mfi
speech and he improved so ra
inhalatlon that on the Jollowi
able to travel back to h
by an Aztec Home Trcatm i fo
If > ou are interested suppo
Moore and aslt hini what hn
at ZOQ Kusk street and a
case 1TE m
orsans Offlci
iits Ji
l it
flfte p
Strong as Proof of Hoi
to J >
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Ajtents tor the Genuine Oxforu

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