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rices i FirstClass toil
Figured China Silk at 32 l2o yard
Silk Surahs at 28c yard
Finest Figured China Silk at 50c yd
AH the above goods in the newest
shados and best qualities Will
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250 Plaid and Pongee SiUcBpisols
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sols 48q sgpiflnf
2000 yaMljti > Figured Lawn at 3c a
aSDCadies Vestspink blue
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20000 yards of Embroidery for less than importation
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At Manufacturers Cost Price
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Successor to the B C Evans Company
Corner Houston First and Main Fort Worth Texas
Dont fail to come to the Grand Celebration and Bar
becue in honor of Temples tenth birthday
JXJ3STE 29th
And Reunion of Parsons Brigade Temple has a
bright future Population about 600Q Railroad
shops machine shops compress ice factory elec
trie lights five outlets by rail making a railroad c
ter fifty to one hundred trains in and out daU j lng
employment to several hundred men ffn aay roll
50000 to 560000 monthly a atfon 800 feet
situated on water shed beft 0OTi the Leon and Brazos
rivers The Temple jGHSr Company will
Lyts and blocks in the Freeman Heights Addition
n whlch strictly speaking is a reservation which would
have been built up long since had the owner con
sented to cut it up into lots and blocks The best res
idences in the city are near this property and the
farthest lots are in a few minutes walk of the busi
ness center and overlook the whole city as well as the
surrounding country from 20 to 30 miles The sale
of lots will commence at 2 p m on Monday the 29th
of June 1891 on the grounds near the artesian well
Terms Onethird cash or note and approved secu
rity to be paid by January 1st 1892 balance In one
and two years with interest at 8 per cent per annum
By J E MOORE General Manager
Agents for Anheuser Lemp and SchlifB Beer
Fort Worth v Tpxas
p s Quotations on all trails of Kentucky whistles fsMMtock here or warliou e I Xt
rocky furnished npoa application g T
Children Cry for Ptch rCattpTla
Their Annual MidSummer Po
litical Campaign Well On
Dennis W Bushyhead Will Probably
Win on an Allotment Platform
Farther Particulars of the Conspiracy to
till the Strip With LontUorni
and Indefinitely Delay
Its Settlement
The Cherokees Have an Issue
Special to the Gazette
TAniEQCiH I T June 23 Never in
the history of the Cherokee Nation Trias
there so much intense and exciting inter
est taken in political matters as is being
manifested in this nation at present The
Cherokees are in the midst of a redhot
campaign The election of a chief or gov
ernor and members of a council or legisla
ture takes place the first Monday in Au
gust next There are three organized po
litical parties of about equal strength the
Liberal party the National party and tho
Downing party Each respective party has
nominated a candidate for chief and each
party is exerting every method to elect its
standardbearer The Liberals have chosen
Hon Dennis W Bushyhead as their candi
date the Nationals Hon George W
Benge and the Downings propose to re
elect Hon J B Mayes to the executive
chair Bushyhead will probably be elected
He is no doubt the most able Cherokee of
his day and the shrewdest politician of the
J three candidates He has served two terms
as chief and has been frequently
commissioned a delegate to Washington by
his people He has also served his people
as treasurer of this nation two terms
Bushyhead is a halfblood Cherokee and
speaks both the English and Cherokee lan
guage which
over his opponents in his electioneering du
ties as neither of the opposing candidates
can speak the Cherokeo language He is
now in the prime of life is about fifty years
of age and enjoying the best of health He
is an eloquent speaker and a good scholar
He left the old nation in Georgia during the
California gold fever when a young man
and went to California where he married a
Miss Butler a cousin to Senator Ben But
ler and returned to this Nation about 1S70
After permanently locating here he plunged
into the politics of the country and has
grown rich off the public crib He lives in
a Queen Anne cottage and owns several
good farms He is a statesman and finan
cier He is the only one of the three can
didates who favors the breaking up of tho
tribal relations and tho allotment of the In
dian lands The allotment question is
the Cherokees have ever had in their cam
paigns Heretofore tho loaves and
fishes were the only incentive to control
the government reins But Bushyhead as
one of the most advanced thinkers and pro
gressive men of the Cherokee tribe has
discerned the handwriting on the wall
has stepped forth on an allotment platform
and says it is the nations only salvation
His plan is in favor as a general rule with
the Cherokees and will win Both Mayes
and Benpe stubbornly oppose this measure
and say that their people are not ready to
allot their land and live as the ptlefaces
doMayes as a chief has been a dismal fail
ure He has been in the executive office
but a little over three years and has
brought the Cherokees almost to bank
ruptcy He has stubbornly opposed a sale
to the government of tho Cherokee Strip
and has figured conspicuously as a member
of the cattle association This alone will
prove his defeat for chief
As a general rule the Cherokees favor a
sale of tho Strip to the United States govern
ment at 125 per acre The Cherokee com
missions failure to purchase this land last
year is almost wholly due to Mayes opposi
tion to a salo Mayes is a fullfledged
member of the Cherokee Strip livestock as
sociation Last month there was a meeting
held at Arkansas City Kan between tho
chief and the cattle barons and arrange
ments were perfected to take possession of
the Strip and cover the best portion of it
with Cherokee and Texas longhorns Ed
Hewins and others of the cattle syndicate
are thought to be in tho combine with
Mayes to hold the Strip Their plan is to
establish headquarters at Willows ship
cattle from Texas consigned to certain
Cherokees who will hold the cattle on the
Strip and if Uncle Sam attempts to inter
fere get an injunction and hold the United
States government up By getting into the
courts they expect to hold possession
Contracts have already been let to fence
a portion of the Strip to be used as yards
for the horses used in herding Thousands
of cattle now on the Strip ostensibly for
grazing on the Osage reservation are to bo
held where they are in charge of this com
ftfr Another feature of this syndicate is the
colonization of the eastern portion Of the
Strip next spring by the Cherokees who it
is said are backed in the scheme by a pow
erful syndicate having among its members
wellknown senators of the United States
who will with the cooperation of Chief
Mayes defeat all bills and measures look
ing to an early purchase and opening up of
this vast and fertile domain If successful
in their scheme this syndicate will fill the
entire Strip less that part colonized by the
Cherokees with cattle next spring The
advance in the price of cattle and the charg
ing of a heavy rental by tho istate of Texas
for her grazing lands have stimulated this
colossal combine which threatens to defy
the UnitedStates and to thwart all efforts
to open the Strip to white settlement
Unless the authorities at Washington act
promptly and put a stop to this movement
the opening of the Strip may be delayed for
years Secretary Noble and President Har
rison have been notified of this Texas
Cherokee combination and it is thought
should they neglect to suppress it an old
time Fourth of July barbecue at the Wil
lows 20000 homeseekers feasting on
roasted longhorns with Ingalls as orator
is among the near probabilities
Farmers Quarrel and Shoot
Special to the Gazette
Audmobl L T Juno 23 James Jack
son and Charles H Betts two farmers
residing near Live Grove I T became in
volved in an altercation a few days ago over
some money matters when Jackson pro
cured a Winchester rifle and shot Betts
through the left shoulder inflicting a very
painful though not a dangerous wound
He at once fled and remained in hiding until
today when ho came in and surrendered
himself to the authorities He was given a
hearing before United States Commissioner
Dennee and held under 500 bonds for his
appearance next October at Paris court
Charged With Home Theft
Special to the Gazette
Ardmore I T June 23 Walter Wil
liams a farm hand formerly employed noir
Duncan I T was arrested yesterday by
Deputy Marshal Stewart some sixty miles
east of that place on a warrant sworn out
by Dr Dunaphin of Duncan charging him
with the theft of a valuable horse Wil
liams had the horse in his possession when
captured by the marshal after some hard
riding and was making quick strides to
leave the country He was given a hearing
before United States Commissioner Flem
ing and committed to Paris jail in default
of bond to await trial at the next regular
term of the United States court
Tchee FullBloods
Special to the Gazette
Mcskogee I T June 23 Ten Uchee
fullblood Indians were brought in from the
Fox country today charged with the mur
der last week of Frank Curtis J H Hen
derson and a boy Tho accused claim tho
deceased were stealing their property but
beyond this thev are noncommittal They
will be taken to Fort Smith tomorrow
Arrested for Larceny
Special to the Gazette
Muscogee I T June 23 A Fort Smith
deputy today arrested Joe Lehr George
Crittenden and George Belstedt charged
with larceny of horses and selling whisky
Theofflcers will start tomorrow for Fort
Smith with the prisoners
Nobles Site Rnlinff
Washington June 23 In the case of the
town sites of East Guthrie North Guthrie
and Capital hill in Oklahoma against Veder
B Paine and other agricultural claimants
Secrectary Noble directs that a hearing be
had to determine the rights of the agricul
tural claimants The filings of James
Huckleberry and Benton Turner are de
clared illegal as their agent was in the
territory before the hour fixed by tho
proclamation Ramsom Parment deputy
United States marshals entry is cancelled
also James Keys another deputy The
claims of Veder B Paine and Zenophone
Fitzgerald are canceled The application
of Howard Mayer is rejected also the
claims of Herbert Walcott Jamoa Bell
Henry N Baker Charles Eberle and
Francis Kerber
Kiowa Allotment Finished
Sac a > t > Fox AgenctO T viaSapulpa
I T Juno 23 Special Allotting Agent
Robinson of Kingston Ind appointed to
allot lands in severalty to the Kiowa In
dians has completed his work The work
was begun the 22nd of April and according
to the terms of the treaty was to cover a
period of sixty days after which time if
there were any Indians who ha d not re
ceived allotments Robinsons instructions
authorized him to select at once and set
apart lands for them When the sixty days
expired there were fortytwo Kiowas out
of the 111 that had not yet taken lands
These the agent made short work of allot
ting tho entire number in two days Most
of the Indians have taken their lands on
the Cimmaron river Robinson arrived at
the agency this evening and made his report
to the agent
The Ril Trial
Special to the Gazette
Sax Antonio Tex Juno 23 The ex
amining trial of Neal Rix for the murder of
Thomas Lasater on the Lasater ranch be
gan at Oakville today No important tes
timony was developed Both sides are
represented by prominentcounsel and there
is much excitement Thomas Lasater was
a member of the commission firm of
Aycock Lasater Co of New Orleans
His brother is one of tho most prominent
cattle speculators in Texas
Successor to B C Evans Co
TheFamous Letter Writer Pulls
the Lions Tail
How Sir John McDonald and Sir Charles Tup
per Betrayed an Official Secret
Secretary Blaine Wanted the Troposed
Canadian Reciprocity Contention
to be Mrlctly a Pri
vate Analr
Ottawa Oxt June 23 A bulky bundle
of documents tied with red tape was laid on
tho table of the senate chamber by the pre
mier just before the senate rose last night
It was a message from the governorgeneral
transmitting further papers relating to the
extension and development of trade be
tween the United States and tho Dominion
of Canada including Newfoundland
On March 16 after the elections were
over and Sir John McDonald had been sus
tained the governorgeneral wrote the
British minister at Washington asking him
to ascertain when it would be convenient
for Secretary Blaine to receive representa
tives of the Canadian government and dis
cuss the question of reciprocity
A letter from Secretary Blaine trans
mitted to the governorgeneral by the
British minister at Washington in a com
munication dated April 2 1691 is tho most
notable of the correspondence
Department of State
Washington April 11S91 f
My Dear Sir Julian
I duly received the note which you did
mo the honor to address to me on the 20th
inst I regret that for many reasons I have
been unable to make an earlier response
For convenience sake I here quote tho
substantial part of the note In a note
dated January 23 last I had the pleasure to
inform you confidentially that the Canadian
government in deference to your preference
for an unofficial conference on the question
of reciprocity were disposed to meet your
wishes in that respect It was understood
that you would be ready after tho 4th of
March to discuss this subject officially with
me and two or tlireo more agents from
Canada I have now received a dispatch
from the governorgeneral of Canada in
which he requests me to ascertain whether
the present time is convenient to you for
that purpose in which ease the representa
tives appointed by the Canadian govern
ment will go to Washington to confer in
the manner proposed on any or all subjects
indicated in the base of negotiations which
I had the honor to place in your hands
December 22 last
A copy of tho dispatch of the negotiations
which you gave me December 22 is ap
pended hereto
You told me if my memory is not in
error that you were instructed by Ixird
Salisbury to propose topics to the United
States for discussion and if possible for
agreement I answered that I felt sure
that the president would be willing to ap
point a commission to consider tho proposi
tions as they were stated and further
more that I would willingly submit them
to the president After some further con
versation in which you repeated these
propositions were merely the basis upon
which discussion might be instituted I re
plied that in any event I had not a moment
to give to the subject until after the ad
journment of congress in March but nfter
that date I would be willing to respond to
your request and to give a full private con
ference to the British minister and one or
more agents and go over every point of dif
ference If an official agreement is reached
all well if not no official mention is to be
made of the effort Above all things it is
important to avoid public reference to this
matter This the president will insist on
While no notes were exchanged between
us I carefully minuted my modification of
the paper you left with me containing Lord
Salisburys proposition and did so imme
diately after you left the department You
will observe that the private character I
wished to impart to the conference is recog
nized by you months later in your note of
January 27 when you cabled correspond
ence confidential
In view of the fact that you had come to
the state department with tho proposals
and that the subject was then for the first
time mentioned and in view of the fact
that I agreed to a private conference as ex
plained in my minutes I confess it was a
surprise when several weeks later during
the Canadian canvass Sir John MacDon
ald and Sir Charles Tupper both stated be
fore public assemblages that the formal
discussion of a reciprocity treaty would
take place at Washington after the 4th of
March by invitation of the secretary of
With this explanation it only remains for
mo to say that the representatives of the
Dominion of Canada may be assured of a
courteous and cordial reception in Wash
ington by tho government of the United
States J G Blaine
rocal Option Carried
Special to the Gazette
Denton Denton County Tex June
23 The commissioners court met yester
day for tho purposo of counting tho vote In
the local option election held in this county
on Juno 10 The vote at Sanger whieh
gave a majority of twentythree against lo
cal option was thrown out by tho court on
account of tho tickets cast in said election
having on them the words local option
instead of prohibition as the statute re
quires Tho vote of the Bolivar box was
counted having tickets in proper form
Loeal option was declared carried but the
result was not changed by the throwing out
the box at Sanger as prohibition had car
ried over tho whole precinct by three votes
Salt Filed Divorce Wanted
Special to the Gazette
Decatur Wise Coentt Tex June 23
Suit was filed in the district court yester
day in which John C AVilkinson is plaintiff
and J T Day et al are defendants Tho
suit is brought to foreclose a lien on 010
acres of land in the southeast portion of
the county to enforce the payment of J 000
J H Williams has filed a petition for a
divorce against his wife Mary A Wil
liams on the grounds of abandonment
Friseners Escaped
Special to the Gazette
June 23 All the prisoners in the jail es
caped last night Four bars were found
sawod through this morning It Is evident
that help was lurnished from tho outside
At dark tonight none of the fugitives had
been captured
The Number of White and Colored as Re
ported to the State Superintendent
Mingling With the Teachers
Special to the Gazette
Austin Tex June 23 T J Hurley D
D Bryan and Editor Sentcr are here ming
ling with the teachers
Chartered The Fricke company Penn
sylvania for the manufacture of steam en
gines grain threshers etc capital
The scholastic population of Fort Worth
as rendered to the state superintendents
office is 320S of which 2719 are white and
4S9 are colored tho entire number attend
ing the schools last year and the assessor
reports that there are none that cannot
Toe Brutal Negro who Murdered Mls
Moore Taken to IaGrance for
Safe Keeping
June 23 Tobo Cook tho negro arrested
for tho murder of Miss Moore last Thurs
day evening at Upton had his examining
trial today before Justice Moore and was
held without bail Sheriff Davis took the
prisoner to LaGrange for safe keeping
Sheriff Davis received a message from Gov
ernor Hogg this evening to protect the
prisoner from mob violence and let
the law take its course He
assured the sheriff there was a standing
reward of one thousand dollars for tho
arrest and conviction of every member of a
mob When this was mado known to tho
parties that had gathered here to take the
law into their own hands they soon dis
persed and concluded it was best to let the
law take its own course resting assured
that the party arrested is tho guilty one
and ho will receive his just reward
Somo Hillsboroltcs Tree a Mexican TIon
and a WildCat Hlilsboro Notes
Special to the Gazette
HiLLsnoRO Hili County Tex June 23
For two weeks or more there has
been a general complaint of loss of
small animals such as pigs sheep and
young calves about four miles south of
town The people in that vicinity came
to the conclusion there must be a Mexican
lion doing the damage Last night
Charlie Hunton Willard Robinson
Garland Buck and four or five more
started out with a pack of hounds with
the intention of killing it if it could be
found They were out but a short time
when the dogs started cit It took to a
tree The boys came up and could see
it very plainly as it was in a nice clear
place They concluded not to shoot but
let the dogs Mil it It was made to jump
from the tree Tho dogs let it get
away and could not track it again On
starting back home they killed a wildcat
They intend having another chase soon
Gen William Bate United States sena
tor from Tennessee who lives at Nashville
is in the city He has large real estate in
terests in Hill county
Gen W L Cabell of Dallas is spending
a few days with Hon JoAbbott
Sheriff J P Cox arrested W H Medley
manager of a trapezeperforming outfit
which gavo an entertainment here yester
day morning and last night for failing to
pay city license in Waco where an ade
mittance fee was charged i s6Sr
SubscrihpArift Veekly Gazettb only
J y efyear
At 5c per Yard
rth 10 to 12 l2c
20000 Yards Linen TorchonXace 1 to 4 inches wide
AT 500 WCJRTH 750
300 Mens Feather Weight Coats and Vests in all new colors tans
browns blues yellow salmon and stripes all sizes go for three
days only at 500
The President Becoming a Rad
ical Silver Advocate
Millions of Dollars will Soon be in Circulation
Paid for Interest and Pensions
I Ig European House Coidm Oat all
Hlght and will not l Into Liqui
dation A ClshUalauce In
I the Treasury
Stoney to be raid Oat
Special to the Ga2ette
Washington June 23 Tho deficit in
the net surplus has yielded to the earnest
efforts of Acting Secretary Nettleton and
treasury ollicials to wipe it out The treas
urers statement today shows a small mar
gin to tho credit of tho government Thero
arc htill breakers ahead however for the
interest payment of 4perceut bonds to the
amount of more than t > XK000 has to be
provided for early in tho month The new
system of making pension payments at
each of the asencies each month will call
for about 10000000 more Tho truth is
that no amount of liguring will conceal the
fact that it is very hard sledding for Secre
tary Fosters team and tnat it is likely to
scrape over awkward bare patches almost
any day
Tho jiension bureau is doins its part in
assisting tho treasury department to create
a suBicient surplus to meet the July pay
ments I am credibly informed that thou
sands of certificates are piled up in the cer
tificate division Why are they held back
The claims have been passed on and cer
tificates granted and in all justice if pen
sion laws are > ery Just the pensioner
should receive his certificate and tho United
States government pay the cash asked for
But in order to gain a little leeway tlni
wounded veteran dependent widows and
orphans are compelled to wait until the suv
ply iu the treasury is filled from the dimin
ished stream of expenses There has been a
good deal of grumblingamoug pension attor
neys at the delay in having their cases con
The complaint now is that certiorates
have not been sent out This same goheino
was attempted last month but too lato to
be of any benefit The certificates that
were issued generally called for small sums
This policy being continued through the
month of June may have some effect but
the relief can bo but temporary Even
Commissioner IJaum with all his disposi
tion to help his party out of the hole and
thus prove himself indispensable to the ad
ministration dares not keep pension cer
tificates locked up in his buronu foranjlcon
siderablc time
There is no doubt that the general out
burst of tho Eastern press including eveu
pronounced administration organs in de
preciation of Secretary Fosters plan for
coiuing the entire amount of silver bullion
purchased by the treasury eacli month af
ter July 1 has attracted attention in high
quarters in Washington The cabinet meet
ing on Friday will be a spirited one Every
member is expected to be present except
Blaine whose sympathies are known to be
strong with tho silver clement and tho
whole ground will bo gone over
What will embarrass the administration
most in its effort to carry out its coinage
programme is the limited capacity of thu
mints at least this will be made the excuse
if it shall be desirable to have one
It is claimed in some quarters that tha
mints can turn out about three million
standard dollars in a month and hence that
the proposal to com 3000000 of them would
be impracticable While Secretary Foster
is the putative author of the scheme to con
tinue silver coinage and would loyally re
fuse to bo put in any position of antagonism
towards his chief ho is believed to be by
far the more conservative of the two in his
feelings It may be that he will succeed in
bringing from Ohio and Illinois some hints
which will modify Harrisons enthusiasm
in a measure so that a compromise will ba
reached on some such basis as tho continued
coinage of 2000000 or 2500000 ounces a
month instead of attempting the whola
quantity purchased So many things aro
liable to happen between now and December
that it would bo unsafe to make any prophe
cies but if tho Fiftysecond congress were
to meet for the ffrst session tomorrow the
presidents message would astonish the
country It would ipcommend not absolute
free coinage but free coinage of the Ameri
can silver product
Some Prices Iligher
Special to the Gazette
New Yore Juno 23 The expectation
that the house of Murieta would announce
its liquidation today caused considerable
selling of stocks in our market by I ondon
Tho belief that some millions of gold will
go out this week made traders despond
ent and consequently stocks were weak at
pociing today Later cables reported that
the affairs of Murieta Co had been ar
ranged and that the houso would not go
into liquidation Afailuro in the leather
trade in Boston was an additional bear fac
tor The little boom in silver seemed to
flatten out completely at least the price
fell off nearer to a parity with tho London
price for bullion Yesterdays speculations
sent the prico of certificates up far abovo
parity with London
Railway bonds were more tive during
the morning Prices generally were frac
tionally lower Atchison incomes declined
a point
The stock market opened weak and tho
tone was despondent Later tho covering
of shorts led to a little buying so thai
prices for St Panl Rock Island Louisvill
and some others closed higher than thei
closed yesterday Chicago gas was weak
Cash ltalance
Washington June 23 The United
States treasurers statement issued todaj
showing operations to the close of businest
Juno 20 gives the following figures Casi
balance 097810 deducting 21CW746 oa
deposit in national banks and S20173o2j
fractional silver or totai of MlS403n leav
ing a net balance or surplus of 1259439
A statement prepared in the secrctaryi
office giving operations to date shows a net
balance inthe treasury of 47lw000
The Firm All Illsht
Loxdox June 23 It is again reported
that negotiations which have been in prog
ress for some time past to bolster up tha
reorganization of the firm of ilurietti it
Co havo failed It is expected that thi
firm will be obliged to go into liquidation
but it is declared that this will not affect
this market The secretary of Murietti < Ss
Co refuses tp make a statement to tha
press that will either confirm or deny tha
reports The gentleman referred to says
they are tired of having the firms name
bandied about
Later It is now asserted that Murietti
Co have arranged their affairs so they will
not be compelled to go into liquidation
The details of the arrangement arrived at
will not be known for some days
Mr Cora Bella Fellowe Chaska Wanta
to Break Away
Chaxberlik S D June 23 Steam
boatmen ivho arrived hero yesterday bring
a report from up the river that llrs Cora
Belle Fellowes Chaska will apply for a di
vorce from her husband Sam ilhaska Tha
marriage of iliss Fellowes to the Indian
Chaska caused a great sensation Tha
couple have one child
zmmkxkL fe a s w

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