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1i 1i
i 1
fy X0W m
Publishers and Proprietors
Office Corner Fiflh and Rusk Streets
Daily and Sunday one year 10 00
Dally and Sunday six months SM
Monday Wednesday and Friday 6 0
The Sunday Gaziotk < M to 21 pages Ijt lM
The Weekly Gazette Upases one year 00
By carrier in the city and suburbs 25 cents a
week or 41 per month
Give Postiffice Address in full iccludinj
County and State
If address i to be changed give old address
b well as new
The Uazette will be sent only for the time
tcr which remittance is made
Entered at the Po = tofSec in Tort Worth Tex
as SecondCiass Matter
For the beaeiit o our patrons who desire to
send tingle copies of The Gazette through
the mall ne Elv c herewith the transient rite of
Foreign and Domestic Per Copy
ipht and twelve pac pjper 1 cent
Sixteen and twenty page paper 2 cents
All Postmasters in the state are authorized
to tu < subscriptions to THE GAZETTE
Liskkai Commissions Allowed Write for
terms aiid ample copies
Kkmittakcks By draft cl eclt postoClce
ciorey order or registered letter can be ent at
our nil All other character of remittances
kt binders ri l
ilver can be sent in registered letter
All checks money orders etc must be made
pajable to The Gazette Fort Worth Texas
ki ue t ok the public
Persons unible to obtain TnK gazette at
news agencies on railway trams and ir other
places where usually tula will confer a favor
Lj reporting the fact to us giving dales and
The Gazette w11 not unaertake to return
rejected manuscript Persons wishing to pre
ic c their literary productions should retain
copies of all communications tent this omcc
fo publication
J2 A11 letters or communications for THE
flAcru whether on business or for publica
irn ihould b < addressed to TUB Gazette or
Lrpiucra Publishinj Company Port Wcth
1 i and rot to any Individual
111 lOinmun catiun luended for publication
n n bo accompanied by the writer s name and
and addiessnot for publication but a > an evi
dinco of pood faith No attention paid to
aMAitoiiS communications
Parties writing to The gazette on business
PTOI1 to themselves will please enclose
simp lor reply
f W Wnj = o Correspondent ana business
A ert ofhc 231 Elm street where orders
Jcr v ascriptions arid advertising should bo
Tnr Gazette can be found on sale at all
lv j stands in the city
II 1 DorSEY Agent and Correspondent
E E IUdforh Agent and Correspondent
omtn foitofflce building > Ghostnut street
H i floor where all orders for subscriptions
and advertising should ce left
W II Bvun Agent and Correspondent
M G PoniDtlTEit Ageut 102 West Sixth
This paper skept on file and ADVERTISING
PATKS mav be ascertained at the office of the
ASSOCIATION Temple Court New York or
tiom its
4i Tribune Building New York
W The Rookery Chicago 111
Advertisements for publication in the Sunday
edition of The Gazette should be hauded in
before 8 o clock Saturday eveninj Advertisers
will consult their own Interest us well as our
convenience by heeding this suggestion as vre
cannot guarantee the insertion of advertise
ment received after thai hour
The Democrat Publfshin company will pay
the sum of 110 for the arrest and conviction ol
anybody stealing paper from the residences or
offices of subscribers
Editorial Rooms
Uusiucss Office
The only traveling persons male or female
ai present authorized to receive and receipt for
Miiicriptions to The Gazette are
i T Hogan John P McDuff
1 II Barbee i V Bevvley
I Marchman Mrs Minolta Ross
Mrs C II Ilaugh W T Royster
Calhoun O W Ellington
Miss Annie Shapard Mr SI J Roberts
A 11 Bell Geo A Paine
The public are cautioned not to pay money
to auv other persons lepresentin them
selves is traveling agents of this paper ns all
uithomv heretofore issued to any other persou
than iliote named is hereby revoked
Democrat Puelishlv company
llte 1 1SJ1
Venllicr ISulletin
Special to the Gazette
Cu ve iox Tea luly C Tho atmos
pheric pressure is very nervously distrib
ted throughout but is greatest off the
south Atlantic states and least over Eastern
IViiit ami NVsteni lxniislaua On account
i f s < ne liiissino ieiotts no storm is ob
served on todas chart Heavy rains hare
iLioii iiloti tintrulf coast I iuisiatia and
Arkansas The temperature is very low
ver tie entral coast of Texas but in other
IKUlio ij is about normal Winds arc
Wamiixgtox luly T 1 l in For East
ern Texas Fair stationary temperature
except slightly warmer at Palestine vari
Ulo winds
Cotton Reuioa Bulletin
1 nited Stales signal service cotton region
bulletin for twentyrour hours ending at d
p in yesterday showing the maximum
temperature thcniiniimim temperature and
rainfall bv inches and hundredtlis
< uveston
< or uant
j > ar sv
f > ranire
San Antonio
I v cr
V Vatherford
MaxiMln IRam
Tcm Tern fall
6 > 1
S90 W AS1
Friends of The Gazette will confer
a favor on this paper by reporting all
failures to get The Gazette on any
rain < niuin < into Fort Worth as well
as on ary train leaving the city
1Wse give dates anil enable us to trace
ilie cause
MORE money and less tariff is good
Democratic doctrine
Have the Gold Duus acting through
the Cleveland bureau captured the As
sociated Press
Thh Fort Worth mcctinl of the Al
V 3 V i fes l 2sJk8 eSMM diS
liance will represent the brains if not
the numbers ol that organization
The Fort Worth and Rio Grande
railway will soon be at Browrnvood
Fort Worth is a great railway center
Livestock dealers and rakers will
find The Gazettes daily reports of
the livestock markets very valuable to
them The Gazette invites the at
tention of dealers and raisers to these
Gold and silver jn unlimited coin
age both a legal tender for all debts
public and private and as many green
backs as the business of the country
demands should be the Democratic de
mand next vear
Wiiat with being blown up by pow
der and washed away by the waves
Galveston has a hard time of it The
investor in Texas realty will look out
for his present welfare and future pros
perity by buying Fort Worth lots
It is very unfortunate for Galveston
that the sea waves occasionally wash
oyer even a small portion of the island
All Texas is in sympathy with the city
for the injury wrought A great city
will not be built where such perils
It may be set down as a fact that Mr
Mills is not a Cleveland man any
longer Now let Mr Mills use his in
fluence to elect Wilson of West Vir
ginia or Springer of Illinois to the
speakership and help on the Democratic
battle in 1S92
Fort Worth is extending its trade
area to the Southwest through the ex
tension of the Fort Worth and Jtio
Grande to Browrnvood but it is not
recorded that Fort Worth is extending
its trade area to the Northwest by the
building of the Fort Worth and Albu
A Connecticut Yankee is a bigger
man than Jonah This Yankee was
swallowed by a whale and remained in
its belly thirtysix hours before it was
captured and cut open by the whaling
crew and ho released from his close
quarteiti He is now at home in Con
necticut resting under the shade of his
gourd vine
THE Gold Bugs have degraded silver
through demonetization and other dis
criminating enactments and now they
iii > the degraded condition of silver as
an argument against the unlimited
coinage of this precious nfetal Xo
wonder the people listen to visionary
schemes when such financial despotism
is enacted into law
Free coinage of silver means the
addition to our circulating medium of
not less than u0000000 a year It will
probably go beyond that figure for tho
increased demand for and value of
silver will stimulate activity in the sil
verproducing regions and cause the
opening of new mines and add to the
production This increase of circulating
medium will more than keep pace with
the growth of trade
When the Associated Press con
vinces tho country that New York pre
fers Cleveland to Hill the pigs will be
gin to 11 y In 1SS1 the country had to
force Cleveland on New York city
Democrats and in every election Hill
has led Cleveland in New York In
1SSS New York voted against Cleveland
and voted for Hill There are too
many Democratic leaders in touch with
the people on the silver question to
risk battle under a man who lost his
own state
To the Texas girl or woman who
sends to this ofliee the createst number
of subscribers to tho Weekly Gazette
by Noviinber 1 next a S400piano will
be given Now girls is your chance
Get your friends to aid you The
Weekly GAZETTE 12 pages S4 col
umns is only SI a year and for every
subscription inside the state we send
another free outside Texas to any per
son named by the subscriber Read the
notice of this great offer elsewhere in
this paper
Mr Gossstt excuses himself and tho
alien land law by pointing to the law in
forco in the District of Columbia
which he says is like the Texas law
Does it prohibit foreign loan compa
nies from doing business And do the
people of an old community like Wash
ington City where there is much wealth
concentrated have as great need of
cheap foreign money as a new country
like Texas These are two questions
we should like to have Mr Gossett
take up and discuss
At Boniiam whore he acquired an
adventitious prominence by discussing
political measures with Dave Culber
son Harry Tracy proclaimed himself a
Democrat The gentleman s definition
of a Democrat would be worth having
It is shown that while he was in
Arkansas he stumped the district for
Laugley the Republican candidate for
congress against Breckinridge and
worked under instructions of the Re
publican executive committee Sheol
is full of such Democrats
There is not an exvicepresident
living The death of Hannibal Hamlin
takes away tho last Hendricks Ar
thur Wheeler Colfax Wilson all of
whom were elected since the close of
the war are dead There are two liv
ing expresidents Cleveland and
Hayes and Garfield owes his death to
assassination except for whbh he
would probably be alive today The
fatality which clings to vicepresiden
tial positions will not however make
it hard to go somebody to take the
Fort Worth has met and is meeting
the financial depression as well as any
town in the country and much better
than some have met it Fort Worth
has done well but Fort Worth could
have done better if all the
people of Fort Worth had con
tributed their share to the efforts in
behalf of the town Men with large
landed possessions stood aloof and
marked up the price of iots and acres
made more valuable by the works of
others Had all the people worked
when work was effective the Albuquer
que would have supplemented the pack
ery and a fine hotel would have supple
mented the brewery and cotton mill
To give permanent value to lands some
thing else is needed besides watching
other people work and marking up
prices Fort Worth can do much more
than it has done if its people will all
get together but the day has passed
when a few men will do it all
The Missouri Kansas and Texas
railway company has issued a neat cir
cular descriptive of Texas the Lone
Star brightest of the dazzling con
stellation of states The modern Beth
lehem guiding the homeless to fields
of promise to harvests of plenty In
extent an empire in resources a con
tinent A world within a world A
fair country rich in the fulless of her
infancy wooes the investor and settler
A salubrious climate a fertile soil A
progressive and hospitable people
Unparalled Held for the investment of
money and muscle brain and brawn
This circular of the Missouri Kansas
and Texas teils of the area population
climate and production of Texas and
distributed as it will be by hundreds of
thousands cannot fail to do the state
great good Evidently the Missouri
Kansas and Texas railroad does not
regard the railroad commission of
Texas with any aversion and the peo
ple of Texas will remember the Katy
for the good work being done in behalf
of the state
PostmasterGeneral Wanamaker had
considerable dealings in one way and an
other with the broken Keystone bank
That is evident from his own testimony
Ho lived on terms of the closest and
most confidential intimacy with Presi
dent Lucas who died in 1SSS Ho bor
rowed from the bank sums of money
much larger than it was authorized by
law to lend to any individual or firm
Mr Wanamaker appeared before the
investigating committee at Phila
delphia early in June to tell all ho knew
of his relationship with the bank It
will bo remembered that ho expressed
pleasure at the opportunity offered
for giving the committee such infor
mation as he possessed He stated that
ho was a depositor only and never
owned a share of the stock
Recently Mr Ycrdley the receiver
of the bank testified before the commis
sion that the books showed where stock
in the bank to the amount of 1625 shares
had been issued to and signed by John
Wanamaker on two different occasions
in 1SSG and 18S7 It also appeared that
a previous issue of 200 shares had been
made to him in 18S3 Other discrepan
cies were revealed in his testimony
concerning the fraudulent stock loaned
him by Lucas as collateral It is hard
for the public to reconcile these dis
closures with the good man s previous
assurances and statements He may be
able to do it and the wonder is that the
committee has not given him a chance
to do so as he has expressed a desire to
that effect From this brief summary
it will be clearly understood why the
comic papers and others are indulging
in such heartless gibes at the good
mans religion
When The Gazette writes in oppo
sition to the subtreasury and other
wild schemes of political and financial
quackery tho reform press cries out
that The Gazette is trying to dis
rupt the Alliance When TheGazette
pleads for the farmer as the under
dog in this financial and tariff strug
gle the rabid Democratic organs cry
out that The Gazette has gono over
to the Alliance subtreasuryites De
mocracy is the party of the people
This republic can not live with the
farmer degraded to the condition of a
serf Radical financial and tariff legis
lation have gradually impoverished
and degraded the farmer The farmer
is in revolt against conditions that op
press and quack havo availed them
selves of this revolt to offer deadly nos
trums to the people that will grow in
favor unless Democracy is true to its
mission and to its principles The pro
ducts of the farmer are the basis of all
life and the American farmer must
bo protected by American Democracy
against Republican class legislation
and against political charlatanry The
Alliance is doing and has done a great
work in educating the farmer and
arousing him True Democracy has
nothing to suffer or to feat from the
Alliance or from the politicasters who
havo fastened themselves onto the Al
The Alliance has been and is an edu
cator and it has taught the farmer of
Kansas and Wisconsin as well as the
farmer of South Carolina aud Ten
nessee to revolt against the conditions
resulting from Republican class legisla
tion Seeing the inevitable result of
Alliance education political frauds and
adventurers have attached themselves
to tho Alliance either to exalt them
selves or to sell out the Alliance to tho
Alliance education is Democratic
education for the Democracy has al
ways oaDosed what tho farmers North
and South have at last aroused them
selves to oppose
The Alliance should not be con
demned because of Maeune now any
more than Democracy should be con
demned because of Boss Tweed years
Reunion of the Confederates In the Moun
All are invited to attend the reunion to
be held in Marble Falls on tho 30th and 31st
of July next Come and bring your fami
lies and prepare for a grand picnic and en
joy yourselves bathing under the falls and
boat riding on the lake
A gold medal will be given to the best
drilled military company Also gold medal
to the best drilled squad a gold medal for
the best brass band dispensing music for
the veterans a gold medal for the best
baseball clubs taken from Llano Lampas
sas Williamson Blanco and Burnet coun
ties Judges to be selected from the vet
Prominent speakers are invited and will
be present on the occasion and everything
will be dono to make this the most success
ful and pleasant meeting of the year
On the night of the 31st there will be a
grand masquerado ball for tho benefit of the
Marble Falls Guard A premium will be
given for the most consummate disguise
S E Holland President
II L Hauuel Secretary
Citizens Cotninitee
Certain Sections to be Opened
Perhaps in September
Convention or Homeseekera In the Strip tu
be Held ut Arkansas City Kan Some
Indian Killings Toes Mushed
OR Au Elopement
Opening of Territory Lanl4
Special to the Gazette
Oklahoma Citt O T July 6 Hon J
S Struble exchairman of the house com
mittee on territories is in the city He
rioted with evident interest the vast
strides of improvement made by
the Territory during the last
two years in relation to the all im
portant question which is upon everybodys
tongue concerning tho ojieniug of the Sac
and Fox Pottowattamie and Iowa Indian
lands east of here Mr Struble said
to a Gazette reporter The lands
will probably be opened at any time
from the middle to the latter part of frop
teniber provided your people take such an
interest in the matter as to mako it improb
able that the department will pursue a
leisurely course 1 regard it of the utmost
importance on this and all other subjects
affecting the interests of your territory
that your people shall give active and
prompt attention to matters requiring
executive or departmental action You
cannot expect that your affairs will receive
that prompt and satisfactory attention
they should receive simply becauso you
feel and know that such ousrht to
be tho case because of the justUe
involved in the cause It should
be remembered that this is a vast
country with innumerablo interests The
press for consideration on the mind of the
president and his heads of departincutsand
with persistent actiuity of many sections to
secure tiieir richts your people will be
found at the middle or tail end of the pro
cession unless they pass vigorously
determidedly to the trout The ad
ministration is undoubtedly desirous of
doing right by this territory but
the pressure upon it by people interested in
their particular sections may result unin
tentional on the part of the president and
the secretary of the interior in delays
prejudicially to your people when bj vigor
ous and persistent policy jn your
part these prejudicial dclrys
may bo avoided I think that on the re
port being made by the allotiug agents on
the county east of yon a delegation should
be sent to Washingtos and there to remain
until the president issues his proclamation
ojiening these lands to settlement
In relation to the head of tie system of
speculating in soldiers declaratory state
mentsMr Strubie thought it would be wiso
to bring this matter to the ttention
of tho secretary of the interior or
the commissioner of the general land de
partment with a view to such an order to
the local laud ofllcers as will prevent sucli
schemes from being carried into offect Mr
Strublo did not think that without autlio
ity from the department the land ofilces
could bo closed
Mr Struble will leave tomorrow for the
Cluckisan country where he will spend a
few days looking over this fertile field It
is his desire to visit eery portion of the
Names of the Runaways
Special to the Gazette
Akiimoke I T July 6 S H IJoyal and
Miss Florence Lyde of Montague Tex ara
the names of the parties who eloped and
were married yesterday
Tired DoUgInjr
Special to the Gazette
KuFArLA I T July C The noted des
perado Black Tiger who has been giving
work to tho marshals of the
Paris court for somo time and who
was recently reported to have had
a running fight with the marshals in the
Choctaw nation voluntarily surrendered
Saturday to a marshal that happened to be
in his beat Dickson Colonel and Mac
Carser two associates of Tiger also gave
themselves up They say they hare
not dono all they are accused of and
aro tired being on the dodge Numerous
crimes are charged to them but it is doubt
ful if anything more than whisky selling
can be proved against them
Committed in Default of Bond
Special to the Gazette
Ardmobe I T July 6 The trial of the
case of the United States vs Ed Jordan
charged with criminal assault has been in
progress for the past several days in the
United States commissioners court Jor
dan is a colored barber with a wife and
three children and runs a small shop on
Main street next door to the postoffice
Last Wednesday his little daughter and
Henrietta McElroy the child of a neigh
boring negro visited his shop Jordan sent
his little girl to inquire in regard to the
purchase of some chickens when he in
duced the little McElroy girl who is but
eleven years old to enter a small room in
the rear of the shop and after offering her
rum to drink which she refused horribly
outraged her Her cries and sobs attracted
the attention of some passersby who ef
fectedan entrance to the shop but not un
til the brute had accomplished his fiendish
purpose He was at once arrested and
lodged in jail Could the colored populace
have secured hint it is safe to say a trial by
jury would never have been reached and
the courts would have been saved the
trouble and expense of a trial by Judge
Lynch Jordan came here from Henrietta
Tex and was out on a J1000 bond for an
adulterous charge with a woman at tnat
place which was the reason for his coming
to Ardmore After a careful hearing of
the testimony in tho case the accused was
committed to the Paris jail in default of
bond to await trial at the next regular term
of the Paris court to which place he was
taken this morning by Deputy Marshal
Youthful Bride and Groom
Correspondence of the Gazette
ARrMOPE I T July 3 A quiet wedding
at Oklahoma City yesterday uniting for
lifp Royel and Miss Leyton of
Montague Tex is the ending of quite a ro
mantic love affair that is not uninteresting
and illustrates tho old adags that truelove
never runs smooth Last Tuesday there
came to Ardmore a youthfullooking couple
with wason and team and put up at one of
our wagon yards They were accompanied
by two older male friends It was soon
learned that tho party were matrimonially
inclined as the youthful couple at once ap
plied to Commissioner Mathews for a
license to wed when it was learned that
meeting with opposition at home they had
run away and driven overland from Mon
tague Tex to Ardmore to be made one
flesh Royel is the son of Parson Uoyel
a well known Christian minister of Mon
tague The girls people arc very strict
Methodists and for the difference in reltg
ious views young Royel says the old folks
opposed his suit and even refused him the
house Nothing daunted young Royel stole
the girl and accompanied by his brother
with Blake Odell a firm friend of the girl
as chaperon of the party left that night for
the Territory When questioned by the
commissioner it was learned the girl was
not eighteen years old and the prospective
groom soventecn and having no consent of
their parents the license was refused them
This was a new and unexpected difficulty
They soucht legal advice and were advised
to go to the Oklahoma country where mar
riage licenses me more easily obtained
There they were more fortunate and se
cured the necessary license aud had the
ceremony performed returning today hap
py in one
Indian Killings
Special to the Gazette
Eltacla I T July 0 A few days aco
two Indians named Jackson Wolf and
John Frog killed another Indian
near Wewoka iti the Seminole
Nation for threatening to kill
them The Seminole court convenes this
week and they arc staying at home await
ing trial
Another killing occurred in the Seminele
country near Sacred Heart mis
sion a few days ago An
Indian boy clerkim for Tarsack
Hares got drunk and while shooting indis
criminately shot into an Indian camp and
killed a small boy The father of the
murdered boy came out and so severely
teat the youug murderer that he is laid up
in bed
someofthe Soldier Hoys at Indianapolis
Get Into a Runnhi right with Ne
groes ISIood on Uotli Sides
Ixduxapolis IxDTuly C Among ths
contestants for military honors here during
the past week were tho Macon cadet se
This morning as several melnberg
ot that company were vvalkinsr alou
Illinois street one of them said in a joking
way as they passed some bootblacks
Dont you know ivc aro going to kill
a lot of you Then they saw a
colored man named Tom Brown getting
a shine when another remarked We
are going to kill a few of you whereupon
Brown jumped up and struck one of them in
the fuco and started to run The cadets
followed him with drawn knives and one
of them struck him in the back of the
neck Brown then ran into a
colored saloon on Kentucky avenue whe 1
a gang of colored tnusrhs started
out to make it a freeforall light using
chairs billiard cues and rocks as vvoai > ous
In this meleo Cadets Edwards and
Williams were severely injured
and Brown and Lvuuh colored
were badly used The cadets threaten ven
geance before leaving the town The cadets
are being detained pending investigation
All the negroes have been arrested The
affair has caused a great deal of excitement
but it is generally believed there will lie no
further trouble
Corpus Christ riints a Ilttlo Over That
Iluvul rirst Hale
Special to the Gazette
Courts CukisTi Nrrcrs Couxtt Trx
July C Yesterday Col N Gussett of this
county received n letter from E Garcia
Perez of San Diego wiiiih read We are
goiutr to giu the first bale this evening
which will be shipped tomorrow
in the name of Duval county The
bale arrived heie by express over the
Texas Mexican railway at T oclock tonight
accompanied by W L Johnson editor of
t e Sar Diego Sun and L 1j Wright
exsheriff of Duval county A
large number of Duval county
gentlemen gathered at the depot
among whom were C Tibling 1 V >
Thair C Hoffen A J RIddcr K G Perez
James Chappell E J Ling and D
MeNeal Turner The Flavelias Italian
string band had been hired and when
the train pulled in the band played a lively
tune and Dr MeNeal Turner made a short
speech As the bale was loaded into tho
express wagon the San Diego delegation
got into hacks and headed by a band of
music tho bale was started for the Aransas
Pass depot This bale s weight is 531
IKjunds and was ginned at N Gus
sets gin and pick d from a field
within a few miles of ban Diego It was
ready for shipment three days earlier than
the first bale last year and is consigned to
the Houston exchange It will prove a big
advertisement for Duval as a cotonraising
The Man at lie Theater
The moment the chief buffoon of the
piece appeared on the stage my neighbor
clapped his hands until I thought he would
split his gloves for he wore gloves and
he chuckled and I heard him whisper to
his companion There ho is Hes im
mense Am11 saw that he was the owner
of a finely adjusted hair trigger laugh For
the moment the comedian approached a
jest the very upproack fired my neighbors
gun of cachinnation The completion of
the jest with Its accompaniment of facia
aud bodily contortions incited loud squeals
of joy and other manifestations of delir
ious delight But when by accident a
witty line occurred the person seemed
bored and glum
On examining the audience I found thatsr
he was only one of many although he was
a most remarkable specimen of his kind
But what one word in our noble language
describss the kind I cudgeled my brains
in vain but after I had sent my boy to bed
I dropped into the club and my accom
plished young friend the publisher came
to my aid You must coin a word ha
said after tho manner of Louis Carroll
Nothing is simpler A man guffaws when
he sees the buffoon Therefore the man
himself is a guffoon I think this word
guffoon is worthy of adoption Taver
ner in Boston Post
Stole Pigeons 1ap and Parrot
Matthew Keiths thievish propensities
take a peculiar form He is a glass blower
twenty years old of SH Kot Seventyfifth
street New York Justice White reoentl
held him on a plea of guilty of bnrgl ry
One night thirtytwo pigeons were stolen
from the coop ot Frederick Hirsckhom in
the yard of 153 East Sixtyfirst street
Ward Detective Weller found come of the
pigeons in a store on Third avenue and
learned that they had been purchased front
Reith Reith when arrested at once con
fessed his guilt and also acknowledged
that kv had stolen two paps from Ignatz
Schaltz of 2C8 East Seventythird street
and parrot from Charles Clansea of 43
East SeTentyfoartii sireet
Vtlldcr Latest Story
Once upon a time said Marshall P
Wilder to a group of Interested English
men in his hotel a little nigger sat at a
table pounding his thumbnail with a ham
mer and the famous Btory teller screwed
liis face into comical grimaces expressive
of recurring pain while his hands went
through tho motions suggested by the
Presently lie continued a man asked
him what he was doing that for
Causa whimpered the nlcger it feels
so good whea I stop New Vork Baa
Work on the New Car Line Ilidrr Way A
Saug uine View of the future
The week opened fairly well in real es
tate trading Tho recorded transfers
speak for themselves and in addition to
what is recorded several sales of lots in
Polytcchuic institute addition are reported
Tho president of tho Polytechnic college ar
rived in Fort Worth yesterday with his
family The trentlernan is Rev Mr Ad
kissou and he comes to devote his ener
gies to build uu the college Already a
number of Methodists living in different
pans of the stato have decided to send their
boys to school at Fort Worth and several
families propose to move near the college
and build residences and make this city
their permanent home A gentleman saiil
yesterday if he had ten houses built near
tho college he could rout them at once Ho
has seventeen houses in that portion of the
city and every one is rented
Tho contractors began work yesterday on
the street car line to the cotton mill and
college and made considerable headwav
They have quite a force of men and teams
at work this side of the Sycamore The
line will be in full operation b September
The cotton mill people as cx > ected left
las night fort lie East to buy the nuijjjq
chinery for tho spinning mill On their au
return contracts will be let for a largo two
story brick factory building to accommo
date this machinery A large brick build
ing is also to be erected for a dyehouse
Tlu jvoople of Port Worth have but
small conceptions of what this mill is al
ready doing and what it will do when the
machinery is all in and the mill in full o >
eration In six months tho mill will be
making all the vvai from AW to WUOtyards
of cloth per da and if the oxperieuced
hands can be found three hundred and
fifty in live hundred names will be on the
pav roll The weekly pay roll of this Fort
Worth enterprise is already quite large and
will constantly grow
Sanguine a to the Iuture
Mr Martin Casey has returned from an
extended visit to Memphis and other cities
and speaks in a very sanguine vvav alwut
Fort Worth s future He thinks that out
people do not appreciate the wonderful
growth aud prosperity of Fort Worth To
do this he says it is necessary to go awav
for a time and see other places He and
Col J C McCarthy president of the Citv
national bank who were together at the
time both said that somethingof an exceed
ing encouraging nature was i1 store for
this citv in the near future Mr Case v
says the abundant crops of this section of
the state make it certain that Fort Worth
will be unusually prosperous this fall
Chamber of Commerce
There will be a full meeting of the mem
bers of the Chamber of Commerce todni at
4 p in There will be a complete reorgan
ization of all standing committees A full
statement of all receipts aud expenditures
and a report of ull work performed will be
made Tho auioiidment to the bv laws re
ducing the fees and dues will be voted on
at the meeting today Several new mem
lKir are to be admitted and railroad an
factory projects are to be considered Sec
retary Clarke says that every member who
takes any interest in Fort Worth should be
present at this meeting
Notes oT Progres
A Topeka Kan investment company is
making loans on Fort Worth real estate A
loan was made yesterday
Secretary Clarke of the Chamber of Com
merce was in Dallas yesterday and learned
while there that a lanre Dallas house pro
poses to come to Fort Worth
Hecoriled Transfers
II W Nyo to R C Hunt lOOxiy
feet on Pennsylvania avenue t000 CO
R Vickery and S C Ash to Frank
Trimmer lot lti3bock 11 Glen
wood addition
S O Moodie to Joseph Haughton
tracts of land on Indian creek
seventeen miles northwest of
Fort Worth
S M Frv trustee to W II
Waide lot IT block 2 in Pros
pect Heights
L K Tavlor and wife H A Tiv
lor to W F Elliott block Si
500 00
37 0 00
130 Oil
S13 00
Texans Abroad
Special to the Gazette
New York July 0 Austin R G Brock
war St Denis Dallas C O Jones St
Denis Fort Wortn R D Hunter Gilsey
Galveston S D Homeson St Denis San
Antonio S Sawyer Continental Rate
Schmidt Bclidere Texas W C Roberts
How the rcoplo Can Suvo S2 on a Iirst
CIus Sewing 3lHchInp
rnaqjiiBiBV < Tta
in all respects to othgjyiHrtfcmnes can be
boughtXpi nMti the money it is th
jja 5 < > wTsUom and economy to save tho
expenditure Ladies who wish to
buy a firstclass higharm No 4 sewing ma
chine can see such a machine at Tim Gaz
ette business office and they can buy such
a machine for only 23 if they subscribe to
the weekly daily or Sunday Gazette
The Gazette invites the ladies to call
Man a Fortune Has
of August A D 1S91 the court reserving the
right of accepting or rejecting any and all bids
Kor further particulars apply to C T Word
county judtre of Swisher county TuliaTex
Mention the Fort Worth Gazette
j °
One Was
Never Lost By It
Four leagues of schoolJaadi9BWSTer bv
der of the CowrnLgi0tlcuirt of Swisher
countyjTejjM Wlrrwill be received for the
17713 acres of land situated in
ey county Texas on or before the 10th day
P f
I will offer for sale at public outcry for cash
unless sold at private sale before at Duncan
Hros t Cos old stand Paris T r July U
ls il at a p m the stock ot soovt wares
Tierchandise consisting of dry gaort5 > riig
boots shoes hats stapcar y8 r ood on
veyed tome as trmst BJi DShcan Hro Co
JunoOO lS31 STJ tss 0ck is nice clean new
and jsell Wrf rt The ripht to reject any an
50lm lsreserved Inspection of stock solicited
Paris Tex J I McMrmir Trustee
Bids will be received until 12 oclock rn Jul
1 IS9I for the hire of about 7TO conv iets to b
worked on farms in forces of no fes than flfty
Each bid mast be accompanied by l > n <
signed by two or more responsiole sureties
and evidence of their re < ponsbiUty in the sum
Conditioned that If his bid be pcccped tin
bidder will furnish a bond of jiu lor even
fifty convicts and ilOuOo for 100 convicts or over
for the faitnful performance of tho contrac
that may be awarded to him Lachbidand
bond must be inclosed together In a sealed en
velope and directed tolohn V Spivey Secre
tjrv Penitentiary Hoard Austin Tex
The bids will b opened in the presence of
the public at the oitlce of the Penitentiary
Hoard at Austin Tex at 12 o clock in J v
l l s t
Bids may be submitted in two forms one fir
a stipulated amount per capita to bo paid by
the biddT per month the contractor to f urn su
prison ouse to board sergeant and guarus
mrnish ng good plain fare and clean comforta
I e beds for guanK and furnishing horses and
saddles for the guards to use when on duty and
to feed convicts in accordance with the itulsvw
and Itcgutations and to be at the CiXi < sge > Cf
moving supplies and convicts iUjAjteSSrosi tho
nearest railroad station 4wJas
The state to UiMjeMrant and guards to
clothe convuajgytor medical attendance
iid lasojlsfriicmi sickness
ier form of bid will be for a stipulated
mount per mouth for each convict the state to
l at all the eipenso of guarding food and
preparation of same for convicts also for board
of guards the contractor to furnish horses
for guards when on duty and necessary hoUes
for guards and convicts wood for fuel unu
cooking land and team when necessary for n
vegetable garden and to be at the cvtpense ot
moving supplies and convicts to and from near
est railroad station
As there ure numerous stipulations and CO
ditionsto be complied with in bdding for the
lure of these convict ail of whuh is p ric
lailv et rorth in a printed Circular partus
proposing to bid are requested to write to e lliei
I A Whatlev Superintendent of Irnlteu
tiaries lluntsville Tiv or to John W Spivey
secretary Penitentiary Hoard Austin Tci
for a copy of this circular and to the formr
for any further information after reading tho
e rctiar
The hoard reserv es the riyht to reject any and
all liids submitted 1 A Wit vti n
Superintendent Teas State IVMtentni les
Mention tlit Virt Worth tiattti
it FtOST
pROST a 1
xJ6 J mrnNoT44 Hurley Building
i > w vvvie s r iaIiP
Offices Povvi I Uuiluiinr Ioi t W ih T t
Overiuj National Uanis
Fort Worth Ten
AJiiUiatw 5JWitnised to me wih he promptli
attended to Knins Texas
Jjneclit ttentiou given to land andcomnie
ciaT litijnilton jlontague Texas
Office 3W Main Street
< r3SS
x G effah4fftfTwTce Agents
Davis Building
Rooms 1 and 2 corner Second
Houston streets PostoSlce box 33
DATENTS patent S
OfflcersUMIrra street up stairs Will prao
tlceln all the courts of Texas and in the United
States supreme court
H H MOOREr < f0rJT
QEIc np Rtltrs in Johnston Building Broirn
irboa Texas
VBSle La ids for Sale Luting Tex
roiri MCAitr
Hurley Pillcc Building Fort Worth Tcxa <
w Taw
Waxahachie Tej
n DAwsoN ggrss ev
OrCHerrenkind Superintendent
Rooms 73 and 74 Hurley BuiluMnx j
fflce 609 Main Gold
rown and bridge Work a specialty
strictly firstclass Kstablished ISM
All nor
> < W G HisDEasoi
OCounsellorat L
Solicitor of American and
ents Trademarks aaglipr l ooi
SO to 23 Nc gB3JJPnE norner FifJ
streclafsMpMTKston D Seventce
including service in Hxan
rps U S Patent offlce Send sketo
of model for report as to patentability
resrondence invited
Mention the Fort Worth Gazette
wish to secure j
write to
Several yearsexperiffl PlRTiro examin
ing corps U j WWEce Washington D
C andjim
tou the Fort Worth Gazette
J Jt ffg i g SrjQS

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