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Fort Worth gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.) 1891-1898, July 07, 1891, Image 7

Image and text provided by University of North Texas; Denton, TX

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Dallas Texas
The boIMJ ana jrorat y tnoirn spe
cialists in me 1 r ed Ulti The r long expe
rience rrrnrlb K a d in rersa suctess
iiojtSl < x3
l > qslT SJ rtKr for
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V er skillful trcit
fjaraTePd ien w iic t pan or detention
fron bus ne
ceaT and 8uoietsulv cured in e tv case
die erifcea Scrninl weakness Lost Manhood
M iit I it acrn Derajed Faculties Feinaa
v pail i rss ard ail del i ate ord rs peculiar to
Urfi positively eurd as Tell as all func
i era c oider3 that result from youtt ul follies
r tl excf of lrurc yeai
Guaranteed permanently
STRIPTIIPF I cuird removal complete
> c tm caiHtc or dilatation Cures
r > tf d at hooi by patenl without a moment j
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To Young end tiiddio Aged Men
The awful efers or
early ue whkhbrn s
crjai vkness eestrovnp boln mind and
ocJy with all u < dreaded ins permanently
nRQ RFTTQ Addres those who have
LHO ULI u impaiifd themselves b7
u pi r riJuigenieand cliiry habits which
i i a ana hnr < unittirs therefor buei
e 1 v nai e
M HI II D Mt s or lose rnering on test
Imp 1e awaro or hviical deoilily quicltW
< r lUion frre in pf rcon or bvmail If
r uYCted ard lal jol cul Mto to Us
r ft uip fo iepjv 1jiI Lpon oraddre J
1005 Main Street Opposite Postoaice
i 1 in Ft
al one iim >
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i 1 Nif n i io vn
ol J U0 s < m liy tuail
A written l uaru
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ule Age ntv M
Efery iVIonth
DncgbtejIiipj aBlci felVilifiil GA
H W WILLIAMSS Tort ttoijfi rex
Mention the Fort V > Wr rfen <
rasny w men Buffer from Exceulve or U
Scant rfMiitruatson they dont know
who tcrVtmfide ia to get proper advice
Doot siinde In anybody but try
Bradfypid V
oSstelficforPAISKJ PROFUsi
ii Book to WOMAN mailed free
g buld br all BrujeUt i
Wheat Fluctuates but Closes Soiuawhat
Lower Some Ialio Humors About
securitiesDenver rsonds cp
Coiumercial Krctiine
Special to tbe Ga7ett >
Xnw York July C Money rlo cu at 2
per cent the lowest rate The hif hP3t
was 3
Kxchanffc Closed quiet at 4 S0W4 Ss
Slver l 00V
Sugar llaw and refined dull and steady
with prices about at Saturdays figures
Wheat Options weak throughout the
morning on a rush to sell due mainly to
tine crojw in the West In the afternoon
there was a rally on stronger cables but
the market closed l > e to l c lower Spot
us dull and weak
i ol Dull with prices steady and uu
i o ton Spot lots stcadv Middliuj up
jril c Futures eo > ed steadj
offee Spot lou < uiet Fair Hio cir
pupv I9 e Futures closed quiet and
Hides fetcady Buenos Ajrcs dry l jt
1 c dry Texas 10 tflSo
Stoi Ks wore dull toda but prices were
tirm durin the neater part I lie bears
liaurnered liurinuton and Quwcy and
Louisville and Xuhrillc early in the day
itie former on some unfavorablo report B
in the Ireamn t ard ci or Nei os ttoiuo bju tL n m jv
phytic aas lo tie cotiiidnrs of ne announcement that 5
and the latter on
stockholders would
mrreuse tho stock at todays meeting in
Ixiuisville But oven those stocks strength
ened as the day woie on and the whole list
aoanced till late in the day when an an
riiinccipent of the engagement of S 00000
of gold for shipment was made when a re
action took place Closing figures were
howorer V to l percent higher
Tliedis gooils market is without change
and the movement confined to very small
Bonds dull but steady
Denver Texas and Fort AVorth certifi
Fort Worth and Denver 1 s ICO
Atchison general morlgazo 4 s TS
Atchison incomes 15
iMistomi Kansas and Texas 2
Mi > ouri Kansas and Texas ls 7 >
St Louis Arkansas and Texa ls 7i >
Tesis and Tieiiic ls eCi
1 eijs and Pacific 2 s il
iorernments Vocls and llonds
Nrv York July The stock market
opened the new week with a little moie
animation butjt was ionlined almost en
tirely to half a docn stocks which have of
late taken tho lead in dealings and no
h idenimr of the market was to be detected
I he tune was in the main strong despite the
fart that there was resumption of the
outgo of gold and while the lattor failed to
bring about a reaction in the market it cer
tainly checked a most promising upward
movement among leading shares The mar
ket dovd dull but sfeadi generdU at
small fractions better than Fridaj s
final figurs Final changes are in all cases
among the active stocks for fractional
amounts but are quite irregular with a ma
jority of gains
Ifailroad government and state bonds
dull and steady
J lie Third Party Movement Will Not Carry
a rreeinrt in tbt State The
Farmer Heading Fp
Special to the Odette
Thx lulj 0 The reportor for Tue Ci
Eftr meeting ilon J M Melson as he was
tnaUiig his exit Irom the hall in whih tne
Conkderation of Lubor was deliberating
oi nethods of reform and retrenchmi
asked What do ou think of such an as
emblx and what in oui opinion can
lcNomibiy be anticipated as a result of
biuli a movement on u new part line
Mr Melson said Xo v 50ungman as it
madeaput of vour dutv to toit from
public men thai vvhch tnev covet the mot
in i oikealment an opinion on new political
movements 1 will give vou in very brief
ad candid terms an index to rav sentiment
on tins missnieetingof the different labor
organizations headed bv professional politi
cal 1 lamps now convened in cur otherwise
q jiet little cilv 1 do not men to cast any
ixtlction upon the Alliance by the above
expression for 1 hid gieat confidence in
that order in its ongca and nonpolitical
simpliiity in resulting in appreciable ben
efit to the farming cliss If I understand
the fundamental principles of the Alliame
they are entirely out ol harmony with this
bird partj movement After observing for
a whilo the deliberations of this convention
Icamotothe conclusion that anv coinmu
my that has an honest ambition to sub
serve the best interest of the whole pcope
which is the highest aim of all good govern
ments would have reasons to regret the
assembling of such a convention in its
midst Its prcsicWt nails lengthy mes
IjQagcs portraying in flaming languago the
yoppression of the working class without
naming the party responsible for this op
pression at d suggesting methods of relief
shocking to the consciem e of the American
oituen and most levoluimary to civil so
ciety The mo t ob vtlonabie feature to
this convention from iny standpoint is that
the invincible truths of Democracy cannot
ba compared with tho enorsas promulgated
through messages ami studied speeches of
tho leaders But I have an abiding faith in
the intelligence of the masses and in
this lies my hope in the ability
of the Democratic principles to
remove these false gods from their new
el eited and freshly consecrated pedestas
and awaken the unconscious worshipers to
the true motives that prompt the leaders
of this massmeeting to so grossly misrep
resent the Democratic party Everything
the leaders of this new movement advocate
outsido of what they have filched from tho
Democratic platfoims is subversive i5f
Ameruan institutions The people wil
readily see this and upon this we prophesy
the death of this third party and the burial
aid damnation of its blatant leaders The
tariff is one of the main questions between
the two old parties aud all know that it is
1 lie inauguration bv tne Kepubiuan partv
of the protected system tliit is responsible
for all the evils politically to which the
former is heir yet these leaders are all
over this country trving to educate the
inople that the tariff is no longer an issue
1 Heard Mr Spencer a defeated candidate
on the Itepubliean ticket for congress from
NVw York make this declaration before
is audience the other night and then we
fe > lko asking tho fanners of this country
wneie do you expect to drift when you
uoaiL our political fortunes on this third
1artv movement J
Into the Republican party is the
ansv er of the echo I must say to you Mr
liepirtcr that I believe the reduction of
ne tanfffollovred by the free and unlimited
of siver arb the onlv legitimate
ine a ef i ohef to the farmers
IK f V im are the views of one of the
besyavvors iif the state J D Peteet on
tncq t Wnatdo you think of the
CosyeuLon of the Federation of Labor just
TKnIDcJ ln our cityt
t lhe wber of delegates was much
smaller tnaa 1
thought it would be there
fiMincor a snsau nulnber of counties in
the state represented Hopkins county fur
nishing s i un delegates all the other
counties together
I the i
Altogether regard
eeuog as a tame arrairfc fcSom e of fhc dchJ >
s < ounty quit the convention
went home
in isust and say lh Q
S Parlv ad W theTDgpo
t n Mr Spencer an his <
theorj 9fbaukins without money asls t
forth m speech s
i did not hear Mr Spencer
s speech but
ySes av
from the report of it in the newspapers it is I
delusie and wholly As
impracticable o
the man 1 know nothing about him I un
derstand that he was beaten for congress
on the Ilepublican ticket against the
Democratic nominee in New York city I
dont think the farmers of this state
want a man from > ew York to corao down
here to show them how to run their finances
or how to vote
What think you of the strength of this
third party1
I dont think the Democratic party ought
to pander to any of their whims They
wont carry a state in the Union with
out it is Kansas and sometimes 1 think
Kansas is out of the Union auyhowi and
not a county in the state of Texas And
while they are perhaps stronger in this
county than any other county in the state
thoy wont carry a precinct in this county
The Democracy is worse scared than hurt
The farmers are not going to fall in with
their fallacies and political heresies headed
by a defeated candidate on the Greenback
ticket for president advocating fiat money
subtreasury service pensions to United
States soldiers socialism woman suffrage
and the like
What was thetoneof the Democratic pic
nic in j our city on the 4tli
It was a success abou1 5000 people were
out and everybody was satisfied that the
Democratic party will come out ahead at
the next election and that D B Culberson
will carry this county by a large majonty
China cases
Hall trees
Sold on
The Onentlon of Str cns Guilt the Al
leged Denton Iloyselturner
Correspondence of the Gazette
Dentov Denton Cocnti Tex Julv
The criticisms of Mr Graham and Mr
Poe upon the Itjnrrh s article fiim this
place concerning the reversal of the Ste
phens case should not in justice to the true
stato of tilings be permitted to pass un
Mr Graham would make the impression
that there is no difference of opinion here
about Stephens guilt and claims that all
consider him guilty Mr Craham ought to
know that that is not the case
The people of Denton and Denton county
are lawabiding people and are disposed to
wait until a man is proved guilty before
they unite in denouncing him as a crimjnaL
Stephens it is true was found guilty by
the jury but according to the appellate
court the highest authority in the laud
tho evidence before them was insufficient
to warrant them in their finding and their
verdict was set aside The facts and evi
dence produced upon the trial the court
says is only suftlciei t to raise a suspicion
of his guilt Many of the citizens of this
place as they have informed the reporter
are disposed to presume every man inno
cent according to the laws of the land
until hU guilt is established by competent
evidence beyond a leasonabie doubt
Mr Graham and Mr Poe will find by in
vestigation and laving aside piejudice that
those holding a different view from them
are as honest as they are and have as good
grounds for their belief The statement
first made in the Gazette in reference to
the matter was made hastily and
we were possibly incorrect in stat
ing that a majority of tho cit
izens here believed Stephers inno
cent The truth is that a majority have
not heard all of the evidence and have not
made up their minds fully upon the case
There are hswover responsible citizens
here holding radically different views as to
his guilt Tiie great majoriv of our people
it seems are disposed to avvuit the result of
a lair and impartial trial ol the accus I
ami if it is prove I conclusively that Bob
Stephens is one of tho persons who set lire
to the east side of the square last summer
they will gladly see him sutler the penalty
of the law otherwise they are willing to
see him acquitted
Bedroom suits
Ladies de kjjyi
Sohl < ft
tSuineut plan
At Fakes Gos
The people who read advertisements axe
the ones whose patronage of Tue Gazette
is steady and unwavering They also aie
the purcha sing classes
A plebiscite taken in Switzerland favors
the new law introducing tilttademocratic
At San Francisco a car containiug niuety
thousands pounds of tea broke looso from a
train and plunged into the bav
Mr and Mrs Gladstone will anive at
llawarden Tuesday The funeral of their
son will take place Weduesdav
A private cable from Kio Janeiro says
the Brazilian cabinet has reorganized with
Lucena minister of the treasury
Persia has prohibited the exportation of
corn The crops in tho Southern Persian
province have been destrov ed by locusts
Prince Albert of Anhalt who will marry
Princess Louise of SchleiswigIlolsteiu
has received the grand cross of the order of
Editor J D Shaw of the Bishopville S
C Eagle was shot and killed at a picnic by
two drunken rowdies whom he attempted
to arrest
Emperor William will rot have time to
mako a Scottish cruise He coes direct to
Edinburgh and embarks at Leith on the
14th for Norway
At Dublin several fights occurred between
Parncllitcs and antiParnellites yesterday
Sticks and stones were used and several
persons were iniured
The Turkish minister at Washington has
been iustruacd to report the best means to
secure adequate representation for Turkev
at the Chicago exposition
Ten thousand Irish Nationalists marched
to Ixllcagh Ireland Sundav and unveiled
a memorial cross on the crave of Timothy
Daly the Fenian martyi7
A white man named Stone was run oyer
and killed by a passenger train near River
side Ala yesterday morning Ho resided
at Anniston wher his body was taken
The steamship Alvene arrived at New
York from Jeremie Hajti yesterdav and
reports that 3X persons were put to death
by order of Hippolv te at Port au Prince
The Berlin newspapers express great sat
isfaction at tho reception extended the
Emperor William in Eurrland and empha
sizes the political character of the welcome
At Annapolis Md tho remains of Pay
master Frank Harmes of the United States
navy drowned in the Samoa bay hurricane
were interred in the naval cemetery vestcr
It is not yet decided what kind of elec
trodes are to bo used in tbe electrocutions
this week at Sing Sing There are three
methods said to be equally fatal Probably
two or more will be tni
At Duluth Minn yesterdav Kennedy
Bros and Kastin Newmans clothing
store Peasley Co s commission house
audtho American telegraph ottlces were
destroyed by fire Loss jj000 insured
Many persons have called upon MrGlad
stone among them Minister and MrsfLin
coln to condole with him in the loss 8f hia
son Many telegrams frtB thtjPrifcce of
Wales the and v cx =
Oj rsljJrrebPenre
r SSWS fW889
Spot Cotton Unchanged Fut
ures 2 to 7 Points Lower
M heat Ocened Irregular Fluctuated
Widely and Closed at a Decline
Coffee Wool anil Sugar Mar
kets Were Lnclianceil
Daily Iteiiew
OrrxcE or the gazette I
Forcr Wonm Tea July 6 9i f
Business today was perhaps beyond the
expectations of many being quite brisk for
Monday usually a dull day All retail
houses did well while wholesalers were not
The general local markets show no es
pei ml changes today either in condition of
stock or in quotations Poultry c g and
butter are not any too plentiful but the
trade is supplied while vegetables and
fruits are quite plentiful also melons
jgj tfSti Til K FOIST WOltlH MABKET
All quotations below are rev ised dsllv bv lead
ing dealers i > nd will be fourd r3liablf whole
sale and retail as specified
Following quotations are on the bas s of 10b
l ish Xew mackenl half bbls No 1 0 3
JIO TO halfbbls No 2 53 00 codtt h 22 > bricks
f tTc V lb loose codash Sialic fl 3 > pickled
herring per bucket I DO
Holland herrings Kejs 1 tOSl 75
Dried herrings Per box 10c
rtolona tausaje SJMOc
llomtnv New per bbL SJil
f rits Per bbl liftO
Oatmeal New per half bbl 100 fs Jim
bill J7 TO
Cracked wheat Per case 7J lbs fl DO
Coffoe Wholesale quotations Kio 2iS221 c
prime MiC choice li 2SiC fancy 23f5
i Java Uv Coroova SS c leaberrv
2 > 423Kc Vrbutkle s Arlosa 2315c Market
Is v cry arm
Maple svrup OldTime onegahon cans per
doztn f 13 00 halfgallon per dozen Ii i5
quartergallon per dozen 5 > t 50
Sugar Standard jranulated SMc pondered
in bbl CSc powdered ralfbb s 6 = < e cut loaf
bbls 6Jc halfbbls 6k fancy y lloir clari
fied fiic choice yehow clarified
Molasses Fancy open kettle ISu choice
open kettle 15c prime open kettle 32c choice
centrifugal 35c prime centrifugalCSl
Hice New crop prime c choice 7ic head
Cheese Fancy full creaml in boxlScfancv
full cream in box l ic Young Am ncas 1 in
box liijje SwiM per cake about 100 lbs lOVc
small quantities 17c cheese safes M 00
Oils Uriliiant bbls He Eupeen sec Bril
liant 210 cases 11 00 Brilliant 12 15 cases
H H Kupion S15 cases M 90 gasoline ti u
Whisky Rectified il lOSil 20 as prr proof
four mash two years old H 7031 90 tluee
years old U 0092 25 fancy extra old whisky
tl 0025 00
vtnegak cidar tickles
Cider apple hail ddis s 03 trab apple If
gal bbls S4 00 00al bbls tu so prach half
bbls 18 gal 5 00 Eogal bbls 18 50 Vinejar
apple 20 grain per gal lc lOgiaiii per gal
17c vihltc wine per gal 17c pure apple o r
gal MOc Pickles medium halves i5 50 small
H 25 medium bbls 510 00 Mnall bols 11160
small 10 gal H Hi gherkins per bbl J12 5J
Wholesale quotations Best patents II00
per 10O lis half patents tl 90 third grade
SJ 7a fourth grade S2 HO
Starch pearl 44c umps tic Herrinj im
ported il 25 per keg Cider crabapple 41c
Missouii 30c per half bbl M 00 1 25 Vine
gar 1525C Conicntrated lye 3 75 four rioz
mease per case Jugs glazed 10c per gal
crocks glared loo per gal Indigo 75oper
blueing aoTJSl ooperuoz Colemans mustard
4 It Jl 25per ioz Maocarom imported 11
llScperB American R5c P half box Tubs
No 1 oak grain S 50 No 2 iS50 No 3 t 00
p doz No 1 fiber SIT 50 No 2 ill 50 No 3
M nO V doz Redwood No 2 59 50 No A 1350
three in nest vrhlte cedar S3 25 ouhl in nest
oak grain ti ha Buckets two hoops SI 65 >
doz Baking powders bulk lie I 2 > cans
S2i0 Vermicelli small box 65e catsup in
tfSnk per gal 5e tv orcestersiure sauce In
bulk per gik St 25 Rope grass 4 rnli oais
lie cotton J loc 5li 18c hassafraf root IVe
per a Butcher paper 2ye per It
Pineapples standard 2tts t 60JII 75
peaches standard 2 lbs Si 3 3 as S3 65
seconds 2as II M S 3 ll 40 strawberries
2 s 1 50 blackberries 2 s 51 SO green
gages raspberries 23 SI 50 mariowfat
p as 2tbsli 50 ovsterj full vveieht 1tb J IS
iJl 40 2fcs 12 HYQi 50 tomatoes standard
26s Jl OO5I 05 3 16 1 vni 15 green corn
51 lV l 50 salmon la > I 01 45 Columbia
riversalmonil 751 STsardine ssdomestic
55 2505 50 Imported 512315 Eagle condensed
milk 8 00 Calltornia canned gocfis standard
brands Apricots 24Rs ti 35 psuthes yellovf
fiee 52 7 Ji2 H peaches iiliite cling ii 75
260 plums t 0022 10 pears S3 502 75 grapes
52 002 10
< rucKFns
Factory prices goods n 1 a paper
boxes te above price list Quotations per a
Animals etc 12c Boston butters S butters
XXXbc butter scotch He chocolate snaps
He creams XXX 84c creams X Fe corn
hills or nicknacks 9 cocoarnt snaps 14c
cracknells 16c cream pugs 20c coffee cakes
XXX Oc coioanut taffy 1 le cocoanut bar 14c
cracker meal be drop cakes lltc Knglish
coffee 10c excelsiors or monitors 7c frosted
creams 84c fiugers 114c lingers spee and
gingtr 10c fruit sultana He fruit sultana
iced I5c licit currant lie giger snaps
XXX f4e ginger snaps X Sc graham tsr
graham and oatmeal wafers and gms 10c
grandmas cookies 10c honey good iced 13a
lionev goods plain 12c iced creams IXXX
creams iced i 4c Imperials 10c jellj ingeis
15c jelly vvafrs oc jumbles 114c jumbles
spite and cingrtr 10c lemons XXX Ssc
lrmons X be l monsnap 13c lemon wafers
1V P mon biscuits round XXX creams S4c
nnlks so molasses monies ginger cakes
gems etc S4c oysters XXX iii ovsters
uaisv 7c oysteis shell etc Sc oatmeal fc
piebuscuits 12c pretzels machine 94t pret
zels handmade He pretzellcttes lie pennv
takes plxln 10c pennv cakes decorated lie
riflo nuts 10c soda peerless princess etc
Hargo soda cream Sc soda snowflakes 12c
select sodas 7c sodas XXX 8c saw tooth
butters 6c stage planks > 6c 3s 64c
smaller 7c tmyrna biscuits He Southern
mixed 84c sugars XXX J4c sugars x v
sugar cookies lOc vanilla wafers etc Inc
vanilla squares crisp casts etc 10c wine
wafers reveres etc 15c
Danhelfer s frait tolu p r tov 50c pepper
mint nd llmetta per box 65c mana tolu per
nox < V Adams tint fruiti 0j magic trick
c birlev mall 00c swoet fern WX carmel
lolu25t No 1 New York 35c Whites Yuci
tan per box 70c 5box cartoons 13 25 Valen
tine s euchre per box 65c Panama per box
65c California fruit per box Wc Berry s
beauty 90c tolu 25c per dozen 12 50 su eet
gum per box S5c
Almonds new soft shell small quantity lp a
lc English walnuts extra large small quan
tity V to lsc walnuts Chill r > a 124c fil
bert p a He Brazils new crop 9 a 124c
nuts assorted 5a boxes Comet brand 15
pecans new crop 124c peanuts fancy vihite
Virginia by the sack 7c small quantty sc
choice white by the sack 64c roasted white
best quality 10c peanut roasters No 1 Pter
les 4bu size 516 popcorn and peanit
roaster combined at factory JJS popcorn
roaster at factory 30 peanut roaster Boss
green Fiturrs
Apples Jl 0031 25 per bu Oranges Cali
fornia fancy S5 00 Special prices in round
lots Lemons a few extra fancy SdOs p r box
J l fancy 3 0s K 50 5 to 10box lots per box
li 25 Special prices in round lots Bananas
2 033 25 Cocoanut per sack of 100 it 50 less
quantity 55 00 Tomatoes 4bu box 50375
Watermelons S2 0ili33 00 per uoz Cantelopes
il AQl 25 per doz Peaches 50SH 50 per bu
Potatoes new Texas y hu 75c Onions
fancy new California a 3c 5b3g lots p a
2ic Cabbage fancy Northern yi a TJc
Special price in round lot Lima beans new
croD 6c Bayou beans new crop 54c Garlic
double string new extra Jl 00 Chili pepper
bale y a 2oc less quantity 21c
Caromels assorted flavor 5 a box 75c jelly
beans 5 a box 75c gum drops A B assorted
flavors 5 a box 40c Japanese strips cocoanut
flavor 5 a box 65c rock assorted and white
76c French klsse < 75c chocolate creams
Al SOc lemon drops frosted per box 65c
fcumtalrjocdsperbox Toe creams hmdrnad
12 varieties b5c peanut blocks 65c peanut bar
per box 90e lozenges assorted con 5 a box
75c gum drops Mound City 5 a box 65c marsh
mallows bantam 3 a box 65c marshmallows
ikiinms a bosgSlrS mixed caady pails per a
43andeflrarten mixed 12c fancy flint S S
caroyaeMirteclpalls 84c fancy 4 pound
Jt < 5S5V2 > boxes 13c
Jp peserryes jssraxs ETC
feTaies assorted So3 > wood palls a 5c
> tin pails doz fa 25 pregervci
Pa tins poz J3 50 peach and pear
pails He assorted 20 and 40a paibj v ia case
extra y a lie apple butter 5gal kegs extra
I a Pc JOS kanakins Sc mince meat keg
Raisins London layer California ii TO loose
Mn catels California t 2 > praps nw Cal
Ifornhi > eibass r > 3 7c currants new crop
cak about SSiaa V flc boxes ubout TOBs
7c prunes Trenc HI to to > wa boxe
12 c 60 to 65 to B 5VJ boxes lie
Turkish new crop bags about 200
3 > s 10s 50 lots 10 4c lie choice layers
bags about 60 E > V H > c l0t > boxe u g >
lnc oval Vs i 100 boxes is 23 dates Per
sian 505 boxes ic citron Leghorn 2VJ
boxes fl 2 22c
Buyers are giving Dry butchers hides Ilrst
classito fib lights 7c dry fallen 6c dam
airetl 223e peIt320S 0e dry salted heavv 5c
bull hides 4c green salted C3 > c butchers
green SJc shearinzs 10c horns hoofs and
bones per ton M 00 delivered
Wool Light medium liC2lc light fin 1S
16e heavy tine 1215e
Following are wholesale quotations for Fori
Worth packing houe
products Prices are re
vised each day and following quotations are
subject to change at any time Yesterday
closing based on job lots
Hams l to20iDsi0c M to IS lbs to L r to
16 Bjs 10ic 8 to 12 lbs tic breakfast bacon
wide or narrow Syc California or picnic
hams 7ic New Yorlt boulders 7c boneless
ham t c dried beef thara pieces onlv > extra
dry 10c Car lot pnies add lc to loea trane
Dry salt Short clear 7c 1oit 6ic backs
6Jc shouldirs5Jc bellies Tl tarut prices
add Jc for local trade
Smoked Short clear 7 c lorn 7i4c backs
7 c shoulders Cc bellies Sc Car lot
price add e forloci1 trade
Pickled goods Tripe kits vjc V bbls i o
4 bbls 5 25 pigs feet kits SV U tbls 11 70
s bbls i 25 pigs toucies kits l 75 > f bbls
il W 4 bbls S
Lard Basis tierces pur leaf
family 7 5c
Iard scale For tin cans 50 as 2 m case add
yc20as 1 in cafe mid c 10 s n cise
add c 6 as 12 In case add ic 3 a5 20 m
case add lc
For wooden packages 10a palls arid c
20a jiails add iC a tubs add 4c bbls
add jc barrels add 4c
Fresh meat department Dressed bef sides
and carcasses steers 34Slc io sajjic
hind quarters steers 4c cows 2c fore
quarters steers 24c cows 2ie
Beef cut Loins HSPe standard ribs t > 3 ec
rounds 43i54 c back halves r > Q6c chucks
23ac flank steak Sc tenderloins 16c sweet
breads 1240 brains so rumps Sc plutts
24c loin trips 10c loin butts Sc rib rolls
10c short loins SlOc tongues each 15c kid
neys each 4c ox tails p doz 25c
Mutton Dressed sheep 74 < We racks 12i
breast 4c saddles Vc legs 64c
Pork Dressed hogs 04c pork lolus 7c tcn
d rloins sj spare ribs 5c fresh shoulders
54c fresh hams Oc fresh bellies 74c back
bones Be neck bones 2c toncues J doz 00c
pips feet i doz 25c livers t doz 5 c heaits
t doz 10c
sjausages Pork sausage 7c boneless hams
9s liver wurst 5r V ioner wursL 10c bolegna
5c head cheese 5c blood wurst 5c
McAllister coal delivered from a tons up
Si 50 McAllister coal single tou delivered
17 CO McAllister coal 3 to 4 tons aellvered
SO 75 cars JO ftp McAllister nut eoa for cook
ing 1 ton delivered JJ Ul McAllister coal 4
ton delivered it 75 McAllister coal < ton de
llvered 00 McAllister coal less than 4 ton
per 100 a 45c Bner creek coal carload lots or
track SO 50 delivered 2 ton SO 25 Victor
Colorado lump coal carload on track 55 50 jiet
ton nut J1 75 Pennsylvania hard coal 1 ton
delivered floOO Pennsylvanii hard coal 4
ton 57 OJ blacksmith coal 1 ton 512 50 Pitts
burg coal 1 tor 37 50 3 to 4 tons 7 50 Palo
Pinto mines Newcastle screened lump coa
rurload on track 4 00 per ton Cameron Col
lump Srt per ton on track cu rloads lots de
livered singleton 7 f 2 ton lots J8 75 half
tou 13 75 quarter ton S 00 Robinson Col
lumpon Hack5 75 carloadlots Quotations
are on yard salc6 except where otherwise ex
cept when othewise expressly Hated D livery
made at 50c per ton or half ton extra
Cord w ood One cord drj deliv er d 1 50
green 51 75 onehalf cord delivered J2 25
stov e wood one cord delivered H > 50 one half
cord delivered S2 75
Grain and fecdstuCs Quotations bcloiv are
on gram from store
Corn wessc per bushel 111 sacts
Oats backed 5035C in car lots in sheaf 5c
Bran Sic per 100 on car load lots fob
COc per 100 in sacks delivered
Cotton seed Per bushel 25c retail
Hay Loose local 56 0X57 00 best prairie
hay ualed 63 00310 00 pertoa In carload lots
f 0 b ts 0 < ri3 00 mall bales b st 40c best
Forney 10 0ai2 00 per ton
Amber cane seed i 50 per bushel
Millet Per bushel > 1 25
Wheat Bujers ire paving No 2 new hulk
7075c f 0 b at Fort Worth
Chickens Commission men sre getting i2 35 < a
2 60 per doz for hens retailers 111 e getting li 75
SCO per doz supply good com
mission men get II 5032 50 per doz for choice
frying chickens retailers g t J2 0033 CO per
doz Good supplj For turkevs if
tail hens o7o gobblers Jl ij c01n
mission men are getting WiXXglJ CO per do
the latter for extra slow sale Commission men
are getting 25 for ducks slow sale
Lggs Commission men are getting 12iic
percase per doz for Texas eggs letaliers are
getting 15o Supply limited
Butter ommtssion men ore gettinr 12ic
per for fair country 15ffiiScfor choice roiiii
try retailers are gettlng25sac per a for coun
trj 30c for strictlv choice Isupplvlimited de
mand good Choice crramci 15c retail
Quotations based 011 email lots to retail dal
ers Actanllna oz 13c acetic acid No H il
Sc carbolic acid crj ot s3 a fic muriatic
acid C P ft a 21c nitric acid c P a a
25c sulphuric acid C P V a 2 > c tannic acid
biik V a II Sh alcohol 65 per cent gal
J2 40 alum v > 4e antifebrlnc V > oz > c
antipyririe H > oz Jl 40 ammonia caibonate >
a r > cblue vilrol > a c blue mass jj a
00c blue ointment a 50c borax I a He
camphor gum 1 a n5c capicum powaerrd
T3 a 22c toperas 3 a g3c Dover 5 powdei
p a 1 20 ether sulphuric V S P g a 72c
CTim arable Hist pick r > a gum shellac t
a 25c glue brown y a 14c glue white y a
20c mace a 60c mcrcurv y aS5c mor
plune suljih P A W 4s oz 42 45 mor
phine sulph V i W oz bottle > oz l 20
nutmegs y a 70c castor oil V gal 1 u > a
1 15 olive oil ga 5110 linseed oil p gal C5
70e sperm oil W B V gal 1 20 opium M
a ti 50 opium po f 13 H black penper
V B ISc potash bromide V a 44c potash
chlorate a 2llc potash iodide a oz f2 85
2 41 quinine P i V oz bottles a oz 3s
qunine P i W oz cam ft oz 36c qui
nlte P W 5oz ens oz 33c quinme
Brunswick oz bottles V oz 32c quinine
Brunswick 5oz cans 27c sal soda V 3c
saltpeter rcflred a a 10c saltpeter tommw
clil a tc salts Hpsom V 34e salts
Rochelle 45e liicarh soda Pegs y a 3Vc
sulphur riovrers 5bbl lots S c sulphur
Flowers small lots 44c spirits turpentine
market rates p gal white lead h P tf a
74c cream taitar W lbS2c
rrxN ivi
lEritish Consols
Special to the Gazette
London July 6 Consols cloed
money for liver 4 4
Special to the Gazette
Sterling Bank CO days
Commercial fid days
Wi for
lUuhauge at New Yoib
New Yoiik Tuiy 6
4 e54 U S > i
4 S42il fci i
Reichmarks Commercial CO d ij s 9
Francs Bank R0 daj s 5 2P4lesl16
Commercial Wdays 5 M241e slltj
llxehange at New Orleans
New Oiiluvns ri July rt
Special to the Gazette
Sterling Commercial tVidav
Francs Commercial tvj day
New York night Back
I S52t Slj
1U0 premium
25 premium
Fxrhaiige at tlalvcstuu
Galvestov Tev July 6
Special to the Gazette
Sterling 60 days a us
New York tight par
NewOrleans sight par
American silver 4 discount
Bonds nud to
Special to the Gazette
New York July Bonds and stock closed
at the following price bid
United States 4s registered 115
United states ascoupons 11
United States 44s coupons ico
Central Pacific IS jy
Denver and Rio Grande 4 to
Missouri Pacific consolidated s
MI sounICansas and Texas general tin 754
St Louis aca Iron Mountain general f s S7
SL Louis und San FrantLsco general mort
Texas and Pacific land grants
Texas and Pacltic Kio Grandes
Union Pacific ls
Central Pacific
Chicago and Alton
Chicago Burlington and Quincy
Delaware and Lackawanna
Deav er and Kio Grande
Erie common
Fort Worth and Denver
Houston and Texas Central
Illinois Central
Kansas and Texas ex second morfae
Lake bhore
9l i
llll I I mi I 514 HOUSTON STREET
lEW Ssyoiir orders for Fort Worth Pactitg Co s product and build up home industrim fy
= = JWTu
F M COCKRKLL Pre MITCH GKAY VlcePre J Jf c i Trfas
Cockrell Grain ja Cfmmission
Louisville and Nashvle
Missouri Pacini
Northern Paethe
Ncvt York Cptru
Pacific Mil
Rock Island
St Louis and > an I raiHisco
SL Louis and San Fraralsio pieferred
St Paul common
St Paul prei nxd
Tennessee coal andiron
Texas and Pacific
Fnion Pac tic
Liverpool l uturi
Special to lhe Caze tte
Ltvmrvoi Julv A Cotton
steady 2 iwhils toucr
iuv August
Sept mln Oetol r
December January
sales 51 isOO bales
New Orleans
New York
St Louis
2 < ii
Wibash St I mis and Paciiic certiticatis 10i
Wabash St Ioul adPa tc preferred 234
WellsFargo express is
Western Lcion telegrap1 7jt
American cotton 01 22J
Atchison Toptka and s ita Fe 32 > 4
Denver Texas ard Fort Worthc rtlratesos
Denverund HloGlande prefened VJ
tutires close1
12 04 23
t 2N > 4
I 3 T I 33
I TV 4 V
1 raft 4 31
4 r j 4 36
1 3J
I 40S 4 41
i rfr i4t
New ork Iutuies
Special to tbe Gazette
New YorK Julv P Cotton futures closed
quiet 5 to 7 points lower
7 V > 1J 8 Ol
S 02J > 01
Hft S 15
f 27ie s sn
34 35
M U2 s II
> 51rt S 52
1 > > s44 5 6
s 774B b 7s
New Orleans Ititmes
Special to the Gazette
Nmv OirEv L Julv ft Cotton futures
dull but steadv Hot poln s lo cr
July 7V 7 62
August 7 67Jt 7 64
September 7 7MJ 7 7S
October 7 f it 7 9J
November 7 HVi 7 SCJ
December s Ony X 07
January S 05ft h Oi
February S 2IW 5 26
March H 3t s 36
April 5 44ff b 46
sales 9Vt
Comparative > tati > icnr or the Spot Mar
Special to the Gazette
Gaivevton TEV Juiv 6 The follow ing are
the closing quotations for cotton on the spit
todavat th leading markets tojethe Witt
the ilosmg for middling Fridaj with to
days sales
jMId MiS
J 10NF illing dlingsalcs
I to day Frid v I
Dull I 91614 9IGllOOun
Quiet 7i 73 211
Quiet 7 1516J7 1513
Nominal 17
Qu et
iQaiei S
Quiet 17
iQule s
13 15
Daily MoTPinentat interior Town
Gatvlston Tev July d
Special to the Gazette
St Louis
Totals today
RectiptsTPhfprnents Stock
5 >
10 = 7
J1I4 J Vl
12 II
Receipts and Kxports nt All United States
Galveston Tex July 5
Special to the Gazette
Receipts thus far this week lCrK
Receipts same time last v ar i29
Receipts this dav 17
Receipt this dj last year 23
Total receipts tbu far this season R19 54
Total receipts thu f > r hist season 574II 1J
DltTcrenre 1105749
Kxports to Gr > at li itain 4 911
Exports to France 4 0M
Uxports to continent 100
Storks at all tlio United fates Porld
GArvEiTON Tex July 4
Special to the Gazette
Stocks this day 274 633
Stocks this day lat vear hitj3
Keeiptsat United States Ports
Special to the Gazette
4M aetei a6 ku i
New > or
rtnstt 1
West Point
Other poit
Total this day
Total this uay last vear
< iixiii maikii >
rriteor vvnefor pr ceso t XiN HAY FELO CHAIN SMKS and T VINK
lrclghtb trout Calrvstou
special to the Gazette
CIaivestos Tex July 6 By steams p
from ialveston iV
To Liverpool I5C4d
To continent 17WJ
To New York 4A 1 103 a
Galveston Coilee 3l rkrt
Special to tbe Gaiette
t vLVistON Tux J Jy 6Coree
° uifJ
Mexican improved
Mexican carpet
ls7 >
Short rib fsepteinber fti 37
K 50
Cah quotations
Spring wheat 91lJfi53ic
Corn 614 c
1orkilO TtiQin 50
Lardt6 3U
Short ribs Sides in lOCio 15
Diy salted meat Shoulder
shore clear sides 50 60
prim r nrmi 214
> houe n
Cordova ii t
Galveston ugar Market
Special tolhr Gazette
U xvesti > v Tkv Julv 3Suga Pianu
tiou agents prices m round loispv the crioaus
for Louisiana sigai
Market quiet
Plantation grauulnted Nt e
Choice white j
lari v vtllow tlarified Noio
Choice veilow clarltied i
lrimo jellow rlurltle1
OT veilow cltrlhd None
houosctonds No e
Prime secouds None
F tr seconds XoLe
Common seconds No
Stindard grauulnted 4
Staudaid confectlomrs A 44
Cubes i
Powdered 4 jffl
Crushed and < uto if 5
Wholeair jtmitrr ijujtalmi 4jiit higher
Grades omitted not in uiwvet
Galveston Wool M irkol
Speaal to the Gazctt
Galvkston Tex Julv t > Wool
Lnsioured wool
M dium
Ifcisdav Yester v
dav Yester >
U 13
ls 21
Other Produce and Provision Market
ST Louis M > Julv Wheat Tha opi
ing was nervous and uaej tied later strength
ened with corn lhe iaiicr being most active
The lat foreign adva ne snt prices upsharpl >
and on the advunteof shorts toveied tho mar
ket evening up ami deeining rapidl ILe
tloe as cav and J43 below Fridays lart
sales No 2 red cash f84CSS4 July
August S54 St ptember to4 December tS
Corn The market went soaring this morn
ing all condi ions bin faToivible fur an ad
varac later thcie was a break and prices de
tl tied sharply closing easier ihougn lVtMis
abovejesterday s linal llgurcs No 2 tusli
54c Julv 5o4r Aiikusi 53c septeiuu
flUc jear 41e
Oats Julv arfive eash grades Hrm Xa
cash Julv 334c August 23c
liairging 54 < 36V Iron tott < > n te 53
SI 10
Corn meal Firm tS lft < 3 15
1 hiskv steady at 51 P
Provisions Strong witha further advance
in price and a good demand
Pork S10 755UO Hi
Lard 5 9
Dry salt meats Shoulders tnixed uu
long 6 it rib J8 15 short tl < ar 6 SO
Bacon Boxed shoulders 5 50 longs w so
6X5 libs W > j6 Si > short clear J7 10
Ham 00 00310 20
New OnLKNS Lv July 6 Co3ee Duli
Rio good to fair lsJUA
WhiskyQuiet Western rectified II Otfet
Bran Finn at 90395c
Sugar nominal
CliifAne liu Julvfi Trading in vtheat for
th first half hoer was without spirit opera
tors showing a diposltion to await develop
nrnts then strength in corn began to make
itself felt in the wheat pit and little more life
as infuseii into tiealings After somewhat
violent fluctuations themarkets cloed at alout
opening ligures corn gaining a net advance of
14e Leading futures closed as follows
Wheat July 914c Augustfc < 4c Decemb r
Corn July 57 e August 5l8c September
Jork September 10 Hi OttoberJlO 724
Lard September W 524 October W 62
ii 705 75
NfcVv YonK Julv 0 Wheat Spots Uul
and lower No 2 red tl 014 Option
diwn and weak July 11014 Siptemb r
973c D i ember 95jc
Cora Spots higher and quiet No 2 fi li
Options weak July M4c Scptcmbr 6041
D < ciraber 544 a
Coflce Rio options steady and unchanged to
down sales 20500 bage August ltf ToitliJ 90
September 11 95Q15 15 October 113 5U > sl3 65
Spot Rio dull and firm ll < = c
Sugar Raw dull and nominal refined
steady and quiet
Molaescs Foreign nominal New Orleaus
eteadv and quiet
Rice Steady
down frs3t overwa
iirowns In
ifitem aldi dl
id curu malatjBa
> 11S are broken
household tares
ttcrs EebniWiti9
lores excesa of tde
Jet tht Ktauisc
Many a Fortune Has
lii < p
Never Lost By It
1 have
s K
at a aacrints
make use of
tte wautcol
ushuSo Tea
It ca icfuUiW

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