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Ice Ice Ice Ice
ggSygawygifT ifijirqrjnwreBW wwTTisn
To enable ill who have been deterred on ac
count of the crovcls that patronize the popular
evening concerts at
to enjoy these pleasant entertainments a
wll be gn en
InoM 7 30 TO 1040 I > M
Kntire change of programme each night
Last car leaves Arllntton Heights at 11 p m
i onn > Ct with Arlington Heights cars
Good boats for hire
No liquors permitted on the grounds
If tie p opie ontinue to demand these and
lltnilsir concerts they will be continued nightly
fluring the sumnitr
LOST ins grip
B taking Aztec Steam You can
Iom your grippe even time bv
treating yourolf at lipni
steam ireneratorS7 f < Snnple and
economiCJil3ri1 a sure cure for La
Gfippe as well as Consumption
Hay Fever and all throat and lung
trouble Call or write Aztec Med
icine Company 503 Kusk Street
Fort Worth Tex
Mention the Fort Worth Gazette
lllalnennd Harrison Oct a Done of Negro
Statesmanship Thry Mill
> ot Soon Forget
New Yoick Jult T The steamship
Prime Wilhelni 111 at rived with several
member of the llavtun revolutionary
part alioniil The main facts of the mas
bacre from Mny 2s tolune2 are fully cor
The private secretary of Minister Doug
lass a mulatto named Rassott is said to be
ruber an incompetent man or he resorts to
fraudulent prai tiees and he is virtually
minister It is true that Minister Douglass
t > i urs the moral blame for the massacie as
he oull have put a stop to it b a sign
MinisteDouglass was locked in his apart
ments in Furgeon v ilia by Bassett when
the tiring uminenecd At the meeting of
he consuls Bassett said white people
Hnched negroes in the United States and
the colored race had the right to kill as
nian white meif as possible where they
were in power and the only fault lie had
to find was that Hippolyte did not shoot
every white man in Hayti
Parlies wanting 10 per rent money in
rans of SMioO vUVgjjpwards on inside mi
jnoted pro rtJCMll at room 42 Hurley
building vWhtio nMhu Fort Worth Ga
Zn te J x
In Ailments df the Throat Lungs hcar Si
and ears catarrh and deatse9 < oTtheir
treatment by mj Jc UeBWysin and chlor
5ne iMid vt oofe1state your symptoms or
vvFiteforlist of questions and pamphlets
Iso lb St Charles street Now Orleans
Directors Meeting of the Merchants National Bank of
Fort Worth Tex
FotrWVORTii Trx Tune 30 1S91
At a meeting otVthe board of jlirectors
lield tins da at heir bankbr house a
semiannual d idenffttff dpfr cent 25
OOOOOl on the eapitalJUlB of j00000 was
declared imable l Sraikholders on July
irth out of thc > nrJt prfcrits of SJ4ftTi6tt
X < the past siUmoutlis id 540000 out of
the undivided profits was carried to surplus
fund which now makes thaisfund 100000
A B Smith Cashier
None but ten yejVTS = ° M < B
fl St Nelson
hsion bar
c c r
The Map Who Got Away With Part or
the ltundle is Arrested His Name
is A P Carney
Special to the Gazette
IJoxcv Gitovi Faxvix Countv Tex
July 7 A man named W A Wheeler and
going by the selfadopted name of Wild
Hill either for effect or through mental
weakness has been making this vicinity
headquarters for the past year Jle dressed
as near as possible to the costume adopted
by the dime novelists for their heroes At
times lie would show insanity and airain
would by his actions and sayings mystify
the officials Finally to get rid of liitn he
was locked up for language not becoming a
citi n4n the presence of ladies He had
iwfliirjirrestcd 227 which the officers re
turned to him today at his release He
started for Windom on foot Not very far
from town he encountered a stranger who
agreed to be his companion in the shape of
a iHrson whose appearance denoted a way
ward dispositionby the name of A P Car
ney at least under that name he had been
stopping at the Yeager house here for
about ten days The above named
jierson is low heavy set black mous
tishe of about thirtythree years of age
This person offered Wild Bill a bottlo of
whisky which evidently had been drugged
for in a very few minutes AVild Bill was in
happy dreamland but awoke to find that he
had been robbed of all of his gold His
clothes were cut and his pistol was gone
with the uioncv However he had a roll of
paper money left amounting to ib l Ho
met Mr Fettin of this city to whom he told
his story and evidence of the section
hands on the Texas and Pacific corrobo
rates his statements Officers here and at
Bonham are making an effort to overtake
th < highwayman
Later Carney returned to town and to
the hotel thinking that in that manner ho
could allay suspicion City Marshal Harri
son however made the arrest recovered
the money and lodged the gentleman in the
iilaboose and Wild Bill is one more
among us
If you place your advertisements in a pa
per of largo circulation like The G vzettt
which is read by the people who after all
are the life of trade
you will send to us for our rates which are
reasonable and the same to ever body vv e
will prove to you that no journal in the
South can
Excursion Tickets to Summer Resorts
Commencing June 1 the Santa Fe railway
will begin the sale of summer excursion
On and after Monday the 13th inst tiwrr Sir Sansonis
= nue All arc
Fort Worth packing compin
the trade with ice at r pacKery at 4 0
cents pe1
erod at 50 cents per
Geokgi L Bakxcm
General Manager
To be Recumuirndpd for PardcHi
B tox KourK Lt July The board of
control of the state penitentiary met this
evening to take an estimate of repairs and
will recommend for pardon the prisoners
who did bravo and meritorious work during
tho disaster Among thosu who will be
recommended will be Judge Ford and Wil
liam Buckley sentenced for killing Capt
Murphy Iouis Claire the murderer of
Hon Patrick Mealy and other New Or
leans convicts I is said the recommenda
tions will be acted upon at once
Surpislig Testimony
Many physicians who have examined into
the merits of B B B Botanic Blood
IJalnii have been confronted with testi
mony whichthey deemed surprising and
thusTbeing convinced of its wonderful effi
cacy have noMailed to prescribe it in their
praet ice as occasion requii ed
H Ia CissidyJ JCenesaw Ga vrites
For twovears mjvvife woia great suf
ferer Skillful physicians Sid her no good
Her mouth was one satter ulcer her liody
v as broken out in so rT and she lost a
beautiful head of JiairJPUhree bottles B B
B cvred her compirteiji incredible as it
may sound and sheis novrahe mother of a
healthy threeinontjtsold fi hy clear from
any scrofulous tain
A H Moms 1ine Bluff Atk writes
Hot Springs and several doctofs failed to
cure me of several running ulcers on my
leg B B B effected a wonderfully qttick
euro after everything else had failed
Three groes IJillcil
New Oait ans 1 k July 7 Ad vices from
Gloster Miss on the Louisville New Or
leans and Texas railway say the country
V Avas visited by a cyclone this morning de
stroying property and doing great damage
Three negroes on a plantation are reported
street and Uoyal ave
Corps wilLgivo an
Thurvitay evening at
30 for tner round trip tg BrtrrcrT Pueblo
and Colorado Sprjn vlaFort Worth and
Denver Til ef office 401 Main street
7v S
It Proves Anything but a Cool
ing Subject
Professor P SI White Chosen to Succeed
Profes or CarlUle n Superintendent
Gone to Xew Euglaud Around
the Jail To Study at lSostou
The School Itoaril Meeting
At the regular monthly meeting of the
city school board held yesterday Tuesday
morning Professor P M White was elected
sujierintcndent of the city schools for the
coming year
The following named persons were elected
principals but not yet assigned to build
ings G 11 Hammon J D Cannon W D
Williams M H Jones
In the high school as follows Professor
J W Buchanan was elected to the chair of
mathematics Mrs C Walden to the chair
of science Miss Annie II Speerto the chair
of English and history Miss Lily Clayton
to the chair of Latin Mrs Mary C Koe
general high school assistant
Teachers of seventh grade Mrs Maggie
Hofce Miss Florence Atwell Mrs L 1C
Teachers of sixth grade Miss Alpha
Woodruff Miss Ituth Wingfield Miss Lula
Building No 1 The following assistants
were elected Miss Mary Vaughn Miss
Mattie Warren Miss Ida Kimbrough Miss
Minnie Clay Miss Nellie Francis Miss
Sadie Dawson Miss Nellie Lamon Miss
Jennie O Johnson
Building No 2 Misses Lena B Terry
Sadie Tcvis Annie F Lane Pinka Jones
Sarah Leever BellBowdry Mamie Adams
Building No i Misses Mamie Willing
Ashley Atwell Era Hall
Building No 4 Misses Ethline Boaz
Clara Fry Beulah Hall Julia Cannon and
one place not filled
Building No 5 Miss Sue Buchanan Miss
Ethel Mitchell and one place not filled
Building No 7 Mrs Nellie H Lewis
Miss Mattie Clark Miss Alice Elliston
Building No S Orphans home No ap
Substitute teachers Mrs M F Wilson
Miss Moilie Binjon Miss Belle Bates
Music teacher Mrs K O Evans
Building No 0 colored school T 5L
Terrell principal II II Butler Miss V L
Moore Miss C C Thompson Miss Dasey
I Trilby Miss A F Woodward Mrs JL
L Terrell and one place not filled
The Ico Question
It is all very well to advise X > oplc to keep
cool during warm weather but paradoxical
as it may seem it is a question of ice that
caused a great many people to boil yes
terday The advance of tho price of this
article from JJ to 1 cent per pound retail
has worked a storm of indignation and
judging from remarks made yesterday will
liave the effect of largely increasing tho
earnings of the Dallas factories Clubs are
being formed to purchase ico in Dallas by
ton and have it shipped here by express
or fast freight if tho ice companies persist
in maintaining the present advances
However it was given out by the pack
inghouse people yesterday that they would
furnish ice at etail at 40 cents a hundred
pounds at the packinghouse or w ould de
liver it to residences at the rate of M cents
per hundred pounds As it is understood
ice can be manufactured at a cost not ex
ceeding 10 cents per hundred pounds there
seems little reason for tho advance other
than a desire on the part of the manufac
turers to squeeze every cent possible out of
their customers Many people however
express the belief that the companies will
return to the old schedule rather than see
Dallas factories reaping the harvest
tickets to the principal points North anilihJfjW people have the correct idea in re
reduced gard to building cities Start manufacto
East at rates
The quickest time fromJB li vorth to
Chicago and the East > fe5ap via this line
and the only jji rWining a through sleejier
on nigWiJiwTiis to Kansas City Be sure
jpurlUckct reads via the
All information as to rates folders and
sleepingcar accommodations furnished on
application to C D Lusk
Ticket Agent Union depot
Ticket Agent 316 JJouston street
ico cream fe
Wants to Join tho Club
To the Gazette
People are becoming very tired of
trusts which tend to advance the prico
of the necessities of life The ice dealers
of Fort Worth who are tho latest to organ
ize themselves into a trust have stirred
up a hornets nest in other localities besides
the South Side which you refer to in yes
terdays Gazette Tho writer has heard
of several consumers who are anxious to
join a club to send over to Dallas for ice
As long as people submit to the dictates of
trusts just so long will they exist The
people should rise as one man and positively
lefuse to buy ice from those who are in tho
trust Crush out all trusts or ikioIs and let
the legitimate channels of competition flow
onward and regulate prices according to
supply and demand Trusts of all
kinds whereby prices arc advanced should
be frowned down upon and the people can
do so if they will commence with the ice
trust A CoXsUMEK
A Distinguished Ouest
W B Stevens of St Louis Mo was in
the city yestciday
Mr Stevens has charge of the St Louis
GlobeDemocrats bureau of information in
Washington D C He is considered one
of the brightest of the many brainy men
who act as correspondents at Washington
for the leading daily paiiers of the United
States He is making a tour of the state
and enjoying a season of rest during the
adjournment of congress He was piloted
over tho city yesterday by W S Decker
who showed him the packing house brew
ery Arlington Heights Iliverside and
other places of interest winding up with a
dinner served in the usual style at the Elks
home The impression Mr Stevens formed
of the city and its people will do the city no
When asked by TnE Gizette man what
ho thought of Fort Worth he said
I have been here before but not for
three years Your growth has been won
derful but when I stop and look at the
packing house and manufacturing enter
prises you have in operation I can see why
it is and why you will continue to grow
ries they are what build cities Mr
Decker and myself have just returned from
a visit to the packing house where I had
the pleasure of meeting CoL J R Hoxie
and 1 had a long and interesting conversa
tion with him A man can learn a gteat
deal about the past present and future of
Texas ftom him
The School Hoard Election
The result of the school board meeting
yesterday in so far as it related to the elec
tion of Professor P M White as superin
tendent was not wholly a surprise as it
was expected for tho reason that a majority
of the board personally preferred him and
jjjjt was almost purely an expression of per
uxi Hs0uajprcference It could not have been
otherwise for Professor Carlisles adminis
tration has been a thoroughly satisfactory
one and he has had a no small influence
i Lto heir ne Seven OjQLStoneBuildiiig
jk AM sy M SLihl 2
orner Main and Eighth StreetsFort Worth Texas
upon the success of the schools As au edu
cator he has no superiors and but few
equals and w hcrever his lot may be cast he
will be au acquisition to the educational in
terests of the locality he makes his home
Fort Worth
The Brilliant in the Coronet of the
Great Southwest is the title of a very
handsome little pamphlet of thirtyfive
pages just issued by the Chatnberliu in
vestment company It contains a vast
amount of information about the city com
passed in the smallest possible space
Among other things it says of Fort Worths
progress and material wealth
The finest and best equipped high school
building in the state completed in 1S0O
The new and imjiosing board of trade
building completed at a cost of SIOOOOO
The eghtstory Hurley office building
cost 150000
The MartinBrown sixstory building
was completed during 1600
The livestory Hendricks building in
course of construction will be one of the
handsomest in the state
The fourstory brick and stone Nata
toritmi building has been finished at a cost
of Ci iO0O It is fitted up with elegant
marble baths swimming pool Turkish
A new and handsome city hall will bo
built at once at a cost of l VO0O
Tho United States government building
will be commenced during 1S01 An ap
propriation of 17o000 was made at the last
session of congi ess and the ground for its
location has been secured
There are two daily newspapers the Fort
Worth G vzette a morning paper and the
Evening Mail
Fort Worth has seventeen churches some
of which are patterns of the most modern
stylo of church architecture thiityseven
miles of streetcar lines fiftveight miles of
sewerage and sixtyseven miles of macad
amized streets two electric light works
The citv ow ns the waterworks
It is estimated that S2000000 will be ex
pended during tho current year lor improve
ments in Fort Worth
The bank clearances of Fort Worth have
increased in such a remarkable manner dur
ing the past year as to attract general at
tention in commercial circles Special dis
patches to the Boston Post from the man
agers of the leading clearing houses of tho
United States and Canada showing gross
exchanges for the week at each point
tiamed iu comparison with the correspond
ing period of the previous year are tele
graphed to the Associaced Press news
papers throughout the country for publi
cation each Monday These dgures indi
cate in a geneid way not only the volume
of business that is being carried on at any
given center where there is a clearing
house but also show nearly tho actual con
dition of trade there In this respect these
statements from the exchanges become a
sort of commercial barometer
Fort Worth bank clearings were for
190 RN11 11360
lssi Mi sijs
Increase t3517SG3137 or wfi i > er cent
Fort Worth is the financial center of the
great West and Northwest portion of Texas
and has i7Go 053 banking capital which
earns more than 12 per cent per annum
The leading jobbing houses as shown by
their statements of ls90 show a net profit
of from 20 to 30 per cent ou their capital
Tn the County Courr
Phc criminal docket of the July term is
now ou in the county court and tho
courtroom is generally filled with an appre
ciative throng of listeners The ease of tho
State vs Harry Chapman and Ben A brains
was concluded yesterday and resulted m
the release of the defendants All the evi
dence tended to show that they had evi
dently intended to frighten Mr Smith into
purchasing their silence but he cheeked
them before they had hardly gone far
enough to criminate themselves Mr Smith
has the sympathy of all the citizens of the
city and this is more especially the ease as
hundreds of people saw him at Arlington
Heights ou the night in question and know
he was not in any of the localities men
tioned by these men that evening
The case of the State vs Charles Best a
negro charged with stealing a ring from a
soiled pigeon was on trial yesterday after
The Ladles Orchestra
The attendance at the performance of the
ladies orchestra last night was very grati
fiing and the programme was not only an
interesting ono but was exceptionally well
rendered As usual the solos of Miss Cave
and Mr Haynes were exceedingly well
received receiving an encore Little Mrs
Newton surprised her admirers with her
vocal solo and guitar accompaniment It
was well taken and the audience seemed
loath to allow her to cease Miss Watson
and her cornet solo were also encored and
taken all in all the entire programme
seemed to have caught the musicloving
people of the city
< 4mgg
Among the Lodges
This evening Fort Worth lodge No 14S
Aucient Free and Accepted Masons will
hold a called communication for work in the
Masters degree The work of this degree
is always of absorbing interest to all Master
Masons and the simple announcement that
acandidate is to be raised is sufficient to
insure a good attendance
This evening W R Gause Division No
2 Uniformed liank Knights of Pythias
will meet for drill A full attendance of
all Sir Knights is requested and all visit
ing Sir Knights in good standing are in
vited to attend
To Study at Itoston
Miss Izora Williams principal of the mu
sical department and teacher in theory and
harmony in Fort Worth university left last
evening for Boston Mass to study during
July and August with eminent artists in
her profession She will return in time for
the opening of tho autumn term Miss Etta
Hendrick of tho same department teacher
of voice culture is visiting at Aransas Pass
Gone to Xeir England
F O Barron treasurer of the Texas
mortgage and loan company and of the
Fort Worth land and investment company
left for Vermont Sunday He sails from
Galveston today on the steamer Concho
Mr Barron will spend the summer in New
England a part in Vermont the rest in
Northern Maine where he expects to en
gage in the exciting sport of moose hunting
Kew Suits Tiled
In the district court of the Seventeenth
district yesterday F L Jennings sued
Claus Veiths for damages in the sum of
10000 for injuries inflicted by the caving
a BJI0
in of a sewer in which plaintiff was work
ing on December 27 1SVH In his petition
plaintiff alleges the caving of the banks was
due to the negligence of the defendant in
not providing lateral supiwrts
In the Fortyeighth district court G H
Day tiled suit vs W Z Manchester W F
Lake and D F White to recover the sum
of 1000 due on promissory note
Attention Kll s
A very important meeting tonight
Wednesday July > Business of vital im
portance to lodge will be considered Every
member of No 124 should be present
W M LiMfTos Exalted Ituler
fAttentIun KxConfeilerates
All members of K E Lee camp and all
other exConfederates are earnestly re
quested to meet at the courthouse in the
city of Fort Worth July U 1MU to make
arrangements for the reunion of Koss Ec
tors and Cranberrys brigades which will
meet in Fort Worth August 11 and 12
W G Veal Captain Communing
Joux W FiiEfMi Adjutant
At ArlliiKton Heights
A large crowd of people went out to Ar
lington Heights last night to enjov the
promenade around the handsomch illumi
nated grounds and boat riding on the spark
ling waters of Lake Como while Professor
Aults military band discoursed sweet
music The cars gave good service and
were run at intervals sufficiently frequent
to thoroughly accommodate all who desired
to attend These concerts are proving a
strong attraction to the people or the city
especially the younger portion
Around the Jail
Lloyd Ginter was arrested and lodged in
jail He is charged with the theft of a dia
mond pin
Deputy Marshal Skelton of Piano arrived
in the city yesterday and took Tom Wagner
a negro back with him He is wanted for
jumping a fine
Sheriff Sisk of Parker county was at the
jail yesterday and took a white man named
Price back to Parkea county where there
are two cases pending against him
Kuptlst Keilvul
A large crowd gathered at the Bethel
tent last night Dr Bateu preached a
grand discourse on the judgment Several
professed religion and a change of heart
and a aeep feeling prevailed in the con
gregation The meetings grow and great
good will follow
Meeting this morning at 9 oclock All
Christians are invited to participate in the
morning and evening services Good seats
and plenty of fresh air and cool water Dr
Baten will preach again tonight His dis
courses are wonderfully full
The Bethel and Young Mens Christian
Association workers lead the S p m prayer
and praise services which last till S30
What Texas Town Can ISoast of More Xat
ural Ailiaiitage than the rrogrcs
t > i e Town ot Gri ham Ken < t
the iacts
Railroads from any direction through
Graham would cross over coal and other
minerals which through hot or cold wet
or dry seasonsvfor all time w ° uhl reliably
contribute to trlem and general local trades
and business au Qnormous trade compared
to that from agriculture aittl livestock
which would fully equal that their only re
sources for business along bther lines
Moreover state mapsAshow Graham mid
way of the ISOmile distancebetween the
Texas and Pdcjflr and For Worth aud
Denver railroads and the central point of
the circle alwaysMhOj stjtmg point the
hub formed by the neatest surrounding
railroad towns nine of thenfccach approx
imately sixty niiles distant > vt iose thrift is
more or less iuppoVtea froia Grahams
legitimate trade So great thap neverthc
less it is a live town whichbeing without
and so remote from Vajlroa s considered
aU passing strangers pronounce it the best
and prettiest town in the stateAjJWilh rail
road advantage Young couirty would
treble its population within a year and its
agriculture and varied mineral resources
would accordingly dbyelope KNow exclu
sive of the coming SKock Island four
railroads or their mashed grade range
within from fortyone Wj fiftyseven miles
either of which could build here within
fourn mths time their construction only
coningent unon the sale ofjtheir bonds a
propable matte soon aoilcompjeted hereto
would assure thJM LoveryiHiies legitimate
tradeVj dA > J Vio y concentrate it in
greater Stro fronT urroundltagXraihoad
towns than before taey wresujd it from
her So homeseekersMnd tho seeking
places for new business teterprisfc should
look well to Graham wmse location in a
healthy beautiful rcliabf good j agricul
tural and stockraising cocbtry certainly
the equal of the best west at Dpllas and
amidst abundant valued mineralesources
distant sixty miles Mo nearMt railroad
towns and from ninetylo onejfacdred and
twenty miles from nearestttliessshow its
exceptional favorable position an1J condi
tions to warrant a marvelous growth and
progress in industrial and general business
and finally bound to take precedence and
lead all towns west of Fort Worth
The Treacherous Kerosene Can
Special to the Gazette
Abilene Tatlor Couktt Tex July
7 Claude the youne son of Rev J C
Wingo pastor ot the First Baptist church
at this place was very seriously if not
fatally burned this evening at a late hour
He had poured an ant bed full of oil to burn
out the pests and fired it it seems while
still pouriag on the oU The can took fire
and exploded with above results
It Was Sam Hard
SjVcial to the Gazette
Wtxie Collin Cotnrrr Tex July 7
The remains of Sam Hurd the unfortunate
deaf mute who was killed by the train near
Richardson Tex yesterday were brought
here today by his Wylie friends and in
terred in the city cemotrrv with aU de
For every dollar reeelrt
In subscription toiti pM0B OTinr u ex
tra copr Mej he sent to any
signated outside the state or
two copies for one year will be sent outside
Tre Finest Rizars InthaJ
at Andersons gurij
They will be hung and festooned from every direc
tion a sort of May pole to catch the breezes
Gusttt Circulators Offira
io trho wish to
subscriptions to
streflfcJsjU eh Weatherford and
iprinkles fruit stand Respectfully
B F aso J B Sprixklc
City Circulators
Bargain Week Real Hot Weather
We will close Black
Lawns formerly 12 12
15 and 18c for 6c
Cic White Victoria Lawn
we will close at 3c
Oabies Lace Caps none
worth less than25
35 and 50c IOceachonly
slightly soiled
1250 Gloria Silk Con
am aras a beautiful trav
eling wrap 750
Fans Handkerchiefst
Light Underwear Blouse
Waists Belts Silk Mittst
Stainless Hosiery Nick
Nacks for traveling aL
going at closing prices
The grea st shoe saie of the
Commencing Mond y July 6th for
ten days wew411ell choice of our
elegant stock arSyiENS SHOES for
5 and choice of INDIES SHOES
for 4
ese are strictly cash
We ov
are agents
for one hundred lots in Erooklyi
Idition to Fort Worth These properties llij
Arlington heights iThey are the cheapest
lots beyoiitUgJspute now on tlieniarvtt
easier of approach
and nearer tliait na y of lie neweradditions and lots are
sold cheapej
street iAv
Silver Keeps Its Firm Toue Kxcliango Is
Weak Whirh is a lunil Jndicutluu
Increased Dltidund
ltonds Stronger
Special to the Gazette
New Yohk July 7 Tho stock market
opened rather weak London sold a few
thousand shares Chicago gas declined 1
point and New Jersey Central advanced 5
points Bnt in spite of London selling
sterling exchange was weak and this fact
induced a better feeling which showed
itself in slightly better prices m the morn
ing and early afternoon
Silver was active and strong
The bond market was fairly active aud
strong Among the features are Oregon
improvement Vs Chesapeake aud Ohio 5s
Wabash 2sand Atchison incomes
Yesterday and Last Nights Programme A
Longr Kun 3Iarried ou the Uuck
Trip Seriou Charge
Special to the Gazette
Weatiiehfokd Pvkker Cotntt Tex
July 7 The attendance at the Chautauqua
was not quite so large today as on pr
vious occasions though the exercises we re
quite as interesting and instructiveyThe
programme as carried out was as follows
Music by the Harmony club J f
Devotional exercises Rev B L Cqck
rell president Trinity university 9 10
1 class RcvTioJJ
Coekrell 2 Woman s class Mrs 11 T
Phillips superintendent 1 Aidsocieties
Mrs Lillie Shorei Greenville Tex 2
Missionary societies Mrs S L Trumbull
Sherman Tex 10 to U oclock
Lecture Theistic Conception of the Uni
verse Most Rational Dr A B Miller 11
to 12 oelook
Advanced Normal Work Rev Ceorge O
Bachman to 4 oclock
Bible Study Dr Foster 4 to 5 oclock
Lecture A Galilean Trip Rev A H
Stevens S30 oclock
Tomorrow will be a big day as it is the
last of the meeting Tomorrow night the
meeting will be closed
Last Friday a young gentleman by the
name of Lew Mast accompanied by ayoung
lady by the name of Miss Moilie E Cun
ningham arrived in this city from the
West The young man procured a marriage
license and they were married by Squire
Winston The young man stated to the
deputy clerk that they were from Little
Rock Ark He said that they wanted to
marry at home but that he met with very
stern opposition from the girls people and
that he was afraid of guns pistols and tho
like and they concluded to run away Thcy
started under the pressur of such a fright
that they never stopped until they arrived
at Chihuahua Mex They then started
back towards home arriving here as above
stated After they were married they
started for home to ask forgiveness of the
old folks He said the trip had cost him
over tfiOO but they had had a fine time
William Rhoton has been arrested on a
charge of seducing Miss Vira Wiseman
Both parties live in this ccunty near
sfKf lAifsTs
Practice linUUrdJ wseases o the Eve Tai
Nose nnc zojH Cur fth and Main SU
< xj tftTOu Una Fort Worth Gazette
Doctor McCoy
Rectal and GeitoUrinary Specialist
Ski i
rues Filtufir andall dLa efW < herea
tut twuvaetentiouriuu
business 3 r
Uretf ctures cuttIn °
r JViaUucuttIn
iSond rrhcea Syphilis ijL u
organs Offlce
Mention the Furl Worth Guzette
CorrespjryjHsyeWlll receive prompt attention
entioa the Fort Worth Gazette
harpodii eWnever eenSmnTo
KAui Sjw 6biHiSurJjCW sent himall
4rjocp4dT > uJPceipt ofprice A written Guaran
tee rosirtvely given to each purchaier of
boxes when purchaed at one time to refua
theSUl paid if not cured uarantee lssttec
by J P Nicks Co Druggists Sole AgentsSk
ilaiu street Fort Worth Texas j f
fcample packages free j
Mention the Fort Worth Gtmftte
lie Kis es the Feet ot Ills Lawyer fill
Cane to he Carried to tho Higher Cuurtf
Special to the Gazette
New Yoisk July 7 When Lawje
House accompanied by his colleagues Levj
and Friend called onAmeer Bpn Ali in t h <
Tombs yesterday the latter prostrated
himself before Mr House and kissed uij
feet When three reporters called latcrin
the day Frenchy offered the courtesy ot
his country Giving a puff at his pipe
Smell smoke smoke hcVsaftl in Knglish
as he stuck the stem toward each man
When they declined the honor French
said Goodbye and skipiied upstairs ti
the balcony to join the exercising process
sion On Friday when Frenchy Is ap
raigned before Recorder Smythe for sen
tence Mr House will move a new trialwitl
arrest of judgment If his motion isn
granted and he hasnt the slightest ide
that it will be he will carry the matter tt
a higher tribunal and fight it from court U
To Insure nubile
all advertise
most JM0sfsKpstnIed by the cali xo j
celred at this offla
where contracts exist
Circulators Notice
We are con
every paper we take f roa
and it is impossible for us to it
this unless we aro paid This rule wil
have no exceptions
City Circulators

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