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Rose etcv
Of perfect purity
Of groat strength
Economy In their use
Flavor as delicately
and dellciously as the fresh fruit
ii < > i rni niuri i1 ip northern district
t f T x ia al Dallas n said Sh day of July
1 > said juilije of tlm United States
ti > c nirt rendurtd l is tl cNion on said
ji4 > i tini for the vrit of habeas mrpus
t i lid a > iii itiin and lciyi k the
< i > for in said pi titionand that said
r > icd u > said judgment and de
> in said application lor the writ of
1 iimm orpus and entired an appeal from
si il idirtii < at and decision a hho vn by
1 wiiiih as signed and allowed by the
t < if said I niUd Statis district
i j snil apjieal being entered in
j iiin willi clause 1 of section 7CZI of
i isd Statutes of the United States
ml lion Ttti of the Revised Statutes
I uiJcd States which areis follows
s in lot clause 1 lYoni tho
t i
i ision of ns court jus
udire iufciior to the cir
it upon aiij application for the
hihcas corpus or upo such writ
ud an apiual may ie t iken to tho
in for the district in which the
i urd iu the taso of any persoi al
ii estruiui J of Ills liberty in vio
i he < istitution or of any la o
i I n tiii Siites
ii < iifl ieidii tiie procui dings
i in the iuses mentioned in the
i liiiir xectioiis id until nal
in and after liual < udginent
iic any piooeilin r auainst tho
i in iiisonid md confined i re
os liberty in any state court
Ur Hi authorii of any
mutter so heard and deter
> i iii ittwess of ueinjr heard and de
i nder such writ of uliabeas ior
dc iiiid null and avoid And
ad aduionitiou is furnished
ui oflifiol lurticw and iruidinco
IJvios J TilIINM
i Ulaor J W Davis
i II Kinks r erk of ihe district
i i i I ntyd States fur the Northern
l o o hciibj certify that the
is facls stated and set forth in the
iirejjiiiii preccp and notice of
I iiijrs and apixal inhabeu corpus
i W IVirii in relation to tlie
piis < > ntinr decision and app 1
iil applicition f r habeas corpus ure
i ci iirc i as is manifest from the
i aid pioceisliiifr in this court
iiiiss m hand and the seal of tho
i nut of the United States for the
ni i district of Texas at Dallas this
u f lulv A D 101
al J II Fixk
ilcrkof the District Court if the
I nitid States for the Northern
Distict of Teias
IVr Cms II Jiiu im Deputy
Iliry Tell llir Cuiim ot Davis Ilea Ii Con
Kistion of tin Itraln
I ii V Toan who was with Davis at the
i me of Ins death was seen He said
1 ia is never entirely recovered from tho
T f the epileptic lit of three
four days aaro His syinp
iins iicau to ret unfavorable
i Tuesday anil yesterday at about 11
c lo 1 1 comnnnced to pet rap ily
v > and died at 715 p ill
in lip < rcinin or congested con
it iion of the brain For three days
previous to ttie epileptic fit Davis was af
f siss with an intense and uncontrollable
i r srliiiir one of tho first symptoms of
at approac nsr epileptic lit Ihe solo
uiw of his sickness and attack of epilepsy
as the mental strain caused by tho antici
l > j on of ln approaching ecution
lir Diiriiit er was seen and said J was
col d in about tweny minutes before
cath look plaiv and found Mr Davis in a
t m as condition He was dtimr lit tha
i ii He had eteessivoly hisrh fever his
i mivra mv being 10 > disrrees His symp
liidiated cerebral hyperemia from
v huh he undoubtedly died
Tin stoky of Tin rituiB
TiliJ 1 W llavis whs to havo Iiecu llun
on August HI
The follow ir from Tin Gazcttk of duly
i isso the story of why theseaflold
va watiinr for the victim of which it has
beu denmed by Ansel Azrael
1 ho mi i woeful oci urreme ever cliront
i d in the ciy of Fort Worth is that which
t k p m at 10 yesterday afternoon in
t 11 If i Uvans lost his lif and a whole
p wi plunpptl in jrnef The blow stuus
i t > irc s men stand aghast with horror
if and iae while the poor heartbi ken
> w weeps and tl e fatherless flildrcn
cu tur aboit the sacred dust of tho oaco
i Mfi jiuvnt Hotter bad Fort Worth been
< i it ishcs than that It C Uaus should
I ive iioi i nbbed of life the way he was
it Worth would liava risen from her
unit beautiful than rver but the
j s
mi iff of the rood man the loyaiciti
11 tle tond husband and father tiie fjreat
ii ishan and the promoter o public affairs
i no l iindono
> ii jeterday ivciiiiyr J W Davis
t ui iJllisl I C U ins Hundreds
w uo woiv within a few blocks of the B C
1 is < mpany = establishment on Main
s i ct heard the sharp rmfr of a i > istol
U 1 tiie times with remarkale rejru
1 rv and from the intoral betweci the
s > t h apparent gr at deliberation
iu standiMt a block awa could sec
t o smoke fiom the pttrl curling
Out tim jrh the eitrance to he carpet
< artinen of the house and carried away
b the pulf b < ze At the lirst shothun
Oxds sarteil to the idaee and when the
las slii nid bicii tired and Urns was put
ting the pistol in the inside breast jioeket
of Ins coat scorco of men were at tht store
iiarshal Fannc was there and at onco
iotk the pistol from Iiv5s and took him
in cus od Charles I White an em
ploye of the company ran to Mr Eans
m ho lay on the tloorof the littlo ofticc in the
carpet room his head and shoulders project
ing under ho baizo curtain and partially
luted htm up Physicians wert summoned
a oi but iiothinp could be done and in
ten minutes the soul of B C Kvans was
with the Creator A scene of wild contus
ion was witnessed both in t o house and on
the streets As f on the wings of the elec
tiic current the news had flown down the
itieets Iic Hvans is dead
E C Kvans has been murdered I flew
from lip to lip and passed from house to
came mcuicg from tvery direction tha
laborer tho mechanic the banker the
lawyer the merchant the clerlr pressed
forward to the iioint where the mortal re
wiains of B C Evans lay The
clerks in tho house cainc
from every point and floor and
from every counter and gathered about the
remains The doors were closed hastily to
keep out the crowd and hide from those
without the body of the dead and the weep
j4S SpIoyes Yes many wept as there
was cause for the best friend many a man
and woman in that house had would never
again speak a kind word or lend a helping
to the widow was a heartrenuinp task
Two lady relatives went at once to the
family residence on Lamar street and told
the wife with chokinpr sobs that Mr Evans
was badly hurt Then Mr Whit Dryden a
brother of Mrs Kvans came and told her
that the injuries were severe that the
doctors had little hope that Dr Burts
said there was no hope And then came
friends bearing the corpse of him who
had been so much to her and who but a
few hours before had kissed her and his
children goodbye stopping at the thres
hold to take little Ethel his twoandone
halfyear old baby girl in his arms and em
braced her for the last time on earth They
bore the form into the parlor and laid it
gently down and even then the widow
could not believe him dead and the agonize
children called for him and to him
In another home friends came nnd told a
stately old lady of sixtyfive that her son
was in jail and why hu had been placed
there That boy was her all he was he son
and she wept for him He had supported
her and had been kin in her old ago and
she grieved he woulu have given her own
life to have undone that days work but
too late and thoinexor > lc laws of time and
God went on with their work
As far as careful and rigid investigation
could arrive at e facts tliey are these
Six years ago J W Davis entered the em
ploy of B C Ettiis Previous to that
time he had b n wth the jt Louis dry
gooc company He was a trusted em
ploye of Mr Evans who had been very
kind and lenient to h t on many occasions
When sick the employer had cone to
se him and saw that he warted
for nothinsr Davis was addicted to drink
ing anu Mr Evans had repeatedly spoken
to him about the > vil effects of the habit
and its damage to his busine prospects
Davis was in the clothing department
and some time ago his drinking continu
ing Mr Evans placed James Johnson in
charge of tho department making him su
perior in rak to Davis and at he same
time reducing his salary Yesterday morn
ing Dai scatnoto the store ad it is said had
lieen drinking Mr Evans had a convcrsa
ion with him in the morning and told Da
vis ho could stand his drinking no Ii ager
ho must stop drinking or quit his em
ploy he must begin new Monday or get an
other nlacc Ab at noor Dais went tj A
1 Aiiuerson sand bougtn i caibtr ioi
savin he wanted it to kill dogs He re
turned tothc storeandit is in evidence that
ho abused Mr Evans to tho other clerks
and made threats against hs life About
> t e conduct of t vis and tho
threats made induced IJobert S m
didge one of the clerks to co
t Mr Hollin sworth the treasurer of the
comparv a 1 ell hm that Mi Evans
si uld be warned Not believing that
Davis i tended harm but feeling that if Mr
Evans were told f Davis acti its the
threats of Davis would be executed noth
ing was said to nim and he was utterly un
conscious of his danger
Mr Fleming who a in the store about
akiu ui Mr Evans noticed Davis
wakng up md down the c rpe room while
he wa there but thought noth ng of it
He lett about itr and Mr Evans seated
himselr in a cliau at tho desk in the office
and picking up vcstenliy s GAZLfTi began
to read it Mr i D ITtlbngsworth who
was in the back part of the carpet
room wit High Ellison saw
Davis walking down the store to wh re
Mr Evans was si ited He turned his head
f ir a second when he heard a shot He
faced about aud saw Mr Evius hold tp the
paper with both hands and heard hin say
Dont iijvis dont He saw Dims lire
asrain and Mr Evans fell fro a the chair
forwtd on his face Davis continuing to lire
into the boiH of tile prostrate man
Charles I White tho man who went in
the store just after tho last shot was fired
says he aud Marshal Farmer entered about
the same time Farmer went to Davis who
ras stauiing aboht the middle of the room
took the Tiistol from him and ar
rested him White ran to Mr Ev
ans and lifted him up t1 > dying
man gaed into his face and a juish
of blood issued from his mouth He
gasped and sad Oh my Clod Again
he aped aud the blood flowed from bis
mouth a second time I afeeble voice he
said My Hod and his eyes closed and his
head dropped Mr White says When I
got to Mr Evans he still had Tnn Gazette
in his Lands his right hand emtched the
fifth pa his left rested on the editorial
page In falling a bunch of keys dropped
from his right pocket I gently took tho
paper from his hands and as 1 did so the
blood gurgled from his throat onto my
hands I sent for blankets and wo placed
his head on them as a pillow I then went
for Justice Kewwlds aud he came and
viewed the remains aud took testimony as
to the cause of death
When Marshal Farmer said to Davis
We had better get to the jail Dans re
marked Imust get my hat and not find
ing it he picked up a straw hat and told a
clerk to charge it to him it wasnt his but
to charge it Anivin at the jail his shoes
were taken off and h was iveu a pair of
slippers he ipctnoved his coat vest and hat
aud was placed 41 a celL
If you are troi
Disorder or Live
P P P and you
workings Fern
P P P It expi
action toeiery
J 1
Ur T cysMitn Chaoite Xifc says
i an injialuablc ncrvtfiofilc a dlJightful buvcr
the bejt wlie the
agejjica one restorer cu
Special Tent Meeting ToXiglit
The interest continues to grow at tho
meeting A Jubilee service will bo held
especially for converts on Friday Dr
Tinnon Coluon and Hov Mr Wear ivill
conduct service as usual Thero are a
large number of people under deep convic
tion that the Christians are praying for
and if Christians will continue their earnest
work srreat results will follow the contiua
tion of the meetings the next few days
Many Christians have pledged themselves
to work and pray in these meetings The
pastors request Christians kindly to read
James V 10 and 20 and try to live its
spirit truly ia tho meeting Let all attend
tonight who can
Lost manhood
debility are all cui
new energy are
Mood purifying
1 P I the gr
cakoess general
P P New life
system by thu
lcansin properties of
lodpuritlcrof the age
Th Caso IllWlssed
The case of the State vs Tom Brown for
aggravated assault was yesterday dis
missed by County Attorney Gillespie on
tho ground that tho plaintiff was asleep
when the offence was committed It has
been held by a superior court that in 3 case
where the victim is asleep tho force that
must be used in committing tho offence is
not used and therefore tho crime as con
templated by tho law is not committed In
view of these decisions two in numbers
County Attorney Gillespie cpuld do nothing
but dismiss the case against Brown
spepsia Stomach
Kidney Complaint trv
rejoice at its magica
uliarly bencflted
and gives healthy
Snbjects from Weathcrford
Queen Citys Encampment Xo 1031 O
O F will hold a spcital meeting tonight
at S olock sharp A full attendance of the
members is particularly desired The de
gree work will bo practiced and arrange
ments made for the reception and enter
tainment of tho patriarchs of the Weather
ford Encampment who aro expected to
visit the city oa Monday next They will
bring with them candidates for the various
degreesj of Patriarchal Odd Fellowship
which they have requested Queen City En
campment to confer
p nr
Secretary McAllister or the rort Worth
Convention Issues the Call for Au
CUit 13 Who Are Invited
Special to the Gazette
Jacksos Miss July 9 A call has been
issued for a meeting here on August 19 of
all Alliance men in sympathy with the pur
poses of the recent Alliance convention
held in Fort Vorth Tex This call is issued
by W S McAllister by virtue of the au
thority given him by that meeting The
following are some of the persons invited to
bo present All opposed to the subtreasury
and loan scheme All oppiocl to turning
the Alliance over to designing schemers and
leprous demagogues who desire to turn
the order into a secret political machine for
their own benefit All opposed to Macune
ism in the Al1tncs with its coiuptio
bribery and frauds All who favor restor
ing the Alliance to its original purposes and
making it a nonpolitical nonpartisan
order and to free the order from the con
taminating influence of intriguing frauds
and mercenary npostors
The fam ny of G H
tan left last evening
Connell the cattlo
or Biv wnwood on a
M ss Jessie Walton of Terrell is in tho
c v visiting her sister Mrs K T Chani
Miss Sahie Clay WiUia ns of Waco is vis
iting friends in the city a U12 East Belk
Miss Annie Guenterl from St Louis is
isiting her sister 2ius C J Hold corner
Arizona avenue and Magnolia street
Officer J W Pembertor is lonely now
Mrs Pembcrton md daughter left on the
Hio Grande yesterday for Dublin to visit
Thirty five cases were
court yesterday The
befoie the city
assessed iines
amounted to 1S3
Examination of tho candidates for
teachers certificates is now in progress at
the Tort Worth University
There will bo sorccs at tli 1 First Pres
byterian church corner Fourth and Cal
houu tonight arid tomorrow night
RedCris Ko 14 K Ot P Juili confer
tuc firsi and third ranks the trustees will
make their report and as there will be
quite a lot of business to dispose of it will
oe very interesting to every Knight
All members oftho Young Men sChristian
ussociation are requested to meet in the
parlors of that organization tonight at 811
oclock to consider important bus less ia
respect to the future home of the ssocia
Dr Burleson of tuc Waco uuiversity de
livered an iddress last iiiht at the Fort
AVorth uuiversity and took for his theme
Tho History of Texas A large ciowd
was present and enjoyed the lecture which
> ras full of information not generally
IJev C Pope president of Miilersburg
female college in Central Kentucky is in
the city and adds to tho interest of Tun
Gazette scholarship vote by offering a
business course free of tuition to the Fort
Worth young lady getting the second high
est vote and tho same to the third highest
in Texas
as you lay plaas to increase your business
that The Gazette is read by 30000 people
every day It goes into
tiii nojirs
rr TdaS
Lost a ladys gold Tyag iSifacc
queen cham a d 8 lTriTii7 M M on
back jj8iiifipaTor its return to the Ga
dress Will
Dallas Tex
organs or
Address W
DaUas Ti
Pure Apple Vineg
At Turner Dinggg
reenwalPs Opera limine
The work of repainting and refitting this
temple of Thcspis is going ahead
uiely Tho gallery floor has been
painted black fireproof mineral
paint being used and thi seats
painted a cherry color the backs well
braced and the whole is no w neat and clean
The balcony floor has been painted a gray
or ash color and the ironwork of the
seats painted with asphaltum The
balcony rail and pillars and ceiling have
also been repainted Down stiirs the work
is not yet underway but the painters will
probably reach it the last of the week
The stage is entirely naked the drop has
been removed and the canvass on the flats
removed in readiness for tho new scenery
The house iu its dress at tho ojiening of the
season will be a very attractive place of re
eachers should ad
J fliin Musio Company
pecial prices on pianos
ical instruments Spec
stitutions of learning
tkin Music Company
Tho Al llajno Iuml
In yesterdays Gazette the statement
was made that the collected subscriptions
to the Al Hayne fund amounted to Si00
This was an error The list of subscribers
has been furnished The Gazette by Mr A
B Smith and by tnis it is seen that only
177fi0 has been collected Much more is
on the list
Abbots East I
quickly all corns
Corn Paint removes
and warts without
Wedded at St Statitslaus
At 630 oclock yesterday morning at St
Stanislaus Catholic church Rev Father
Guyot united in cmarriage James ODowd
and Katie Cullen After the ceremony tho
married pair left for Galveston and other
points on a bridal tour Both parties are
well known in tho city the croom being a
trusted employe of the Texas brewing
company and tho bride a lady of consider
able prominence TnE Gazette wishes
thein well
A Birthday Party
The home of Miss Jessie Chambliss was
last ovening the scene of a pleasant littlo
party the occasion being the tenth birth
day of tho charming little hostess Danc
ing and games were en joyed and all present
joined in wishing their linle friend many
happy returns of tho day Tho presents
were numerous and Landsome The guests
present were Misses Maiaie Shieli
Ida Welch Josephine and Pauline Gould
Maggie Butts ud E a Y cr
Iowa Democrats say the Republii
have sold out to the coldwater men
Irad Ferry fire company No 12 of Xetr
Orleans are in New York on their fifteanth
annual excursion
It is reported tSat Joel B Erhardt col
lector of the port of New York has ten
dered his resignatioa to President Harri
Foai TVOBia
tJL J tek id jLAbj
son and that it would be accepted He de
clined to talk on the subject S BDutcher
of Brooklyn will most probably be his suc
Much anxiety exists in Boston over the
news from China regarding the massacr of
missionaries in that country
William E Sims corsul at Colon is dead
He was born iu Mississippi and was ap
pointed by Present Harrison
The cases ofMcElvane and Trezza sen
tenced to be electrocuted in Sing Sing this
week have been appealed to the supreir
cour of the United States
Collector of Customs Erhardt at Xet
York city says he resigned because the col
lector has been reduced to a posion where
L3 is no longer anindepcndent officer with
auliority commensurate with his responsi
The board of ordinances and for C atioi > =
will meet Saturday when Gen Sehofie 1
will attend Consideration of the bids re
ceived by the war department f rm three
firms for 100 light power guns for tie army
will be had
At Milwaukee Mrs Pays an Mrs
Gregg si ers w ere arrested for the bur
glary c r Mrs Robinsons house aud stealing
about 100 The women are respectable
married women and confessed but were
not prosecuted
The czar and czarina gave a grand banquet
in Peer Xoi ualace Tuesday evening in honor
f the Fi nch officers One hundred and
sixty covers were laio The tables were
beautifully decorated with flowers am hc
gold service was used
The Silk Assoc ation of Aniciica through
its sr retary Briton Hichardsou has sent
to the secretary of the treasury at Wash
iugton a letter intended to disclose a de
1 lorable condition in Le New York custom I
house inspection of silk importation
The Spanish consul at Lisbon has oecn
informed that there are Spaniards impris
oned on board the Chilian cruiser Errazurb
It is also known that several Portuguese 1
rcre smuggled aboard the cruiser during
the night It is believed tha Poiiuguest
government will order that the cuiset be
sean lied before she departs
lSInze at Itlossum
Spec il to the G lzette
Blossom Lamai Cocxtv Tix lulj JA
The ul incss house and tock of goods of
Mr D G Flenneken was burned last nijht
The origin of the fire is unknown The
house and stock were insured ji the Hart
ford company fiXglOOO valued at 1500 01
CapiUsts wouliL lviell to look into he
advantages offetWr bjVNew Birmingham
for investment jo indttst
Messrs Benson Co proprietors of ihe
Ellis hotel are now making preparations
lor the fall and winter trade and ajvifjutt
ting in a new elevator JuBS Smpletc re
carpoting clcjinnif U and painting
Thr JHin iTrt their inarageuieit ind
ug a able second to none in the state
has become deservedly popular v itl tne
traveling public and is the leading h at of
our < ity
The JLiqnor Cases
Six cases were disposed of ycsteiuay n
Justice McClungs court against salooi
men of the city for keeping open on Sunday
Four were convicted aud two acquitted
Justice McClung passed on some of ihe
cases in the forenoon finding
three guilty and fixing the lino
at 20 These were W II Ward F D
Southerns nnd A i Brandt The defens
was not satisfied with the judgment of tin
justice and asLed for a jury The whole of
the afternoon was consumed in the tria cf
a < ise against John Limmer thei suit be
iug a 35 line
Tho question of jurisdiction has been
raised the defence claiming that under th
new charter granted the city of Fort Wort
theso cases come within tho province oLtlie
City court and not within that of the justice
By an act of the legislature granting the
new charter the city was given exclusive
jurisdiction in cases where tho liquor law
was violated oa Sunday between tho
hours of 0 a m and i p
m The prosecution claims that tho
jurisdiction is fixed by the constitution aud
therefore cannot bo effected by aiy act of
the legislature
itfl is understood that one of the cases will
no appealed and a test caso made of it
There are about fifty indictments iu the
two justices courts concerning cases of this
Miss MillieClinpinan Grapevine ThoSnas
Higgins Ohio James C Hall Xew Ys if
Tinkle fit Louis P C Lane Cincinnati
Ohio M B Fryar 1M1ner1l Wells
F X Bull Gilmer J E Moore St Louis W
0 Gore Spokano Falls J K Chilton
Comanche DrF S White Terrell P A
Millen Denver John C Harrison Texas
G W Creath Cincinnati IJev IJufus C Bur
leson Wnco J V Goodc Denver William
Colin Dallas William IJagland San An
tonio T J Pankey Cincinnati J L Waite
Parsons AM McElwee Grand Uapids
Miss Ella Reid Winchester Tenn C M
Clisbee Quanah IIJ Coltou Xew Mexico
A M Dunn Colorado F F Dinsmore Cov
ington Ivy Frank Pinkard Paducah Ivy
1 Darrncott Xew Orleans La T F Smith
Archer Louis Black St Louis T K Mil
ler Itasca C J Holmes Longview II H
Pelton Waco W H McClord and wife Big
Springs D L Chapman Grapevine Wm
Twist St Louis Wm S Sims Arkansas
J Davis wife and son San Francisco D
D Bryan Galveston B D Dashill Tewctt
Tex G M Barnum Ambrose Baruum
Texas II It Murray St Louis Howard
Templeton and family Sulphur Springs
Maj John C Lewis Austin W J Leder
gcrbcr St Louis G P Fcgan Dillas J W
May Xew York B F Day Los Angeles J
Silverstone Xew York J W Wakerran
St Iouis Mo W H Xicely TexarkaiA
Texas T S Mahoney Lontrviow Texas
M E Tansock Galveston H II XycOmaha
Xeb Goo A Gloser Denver Col G C Xun
uolly Dallas 1W Hams Canton Ohio C
W Hill Henrietta BT Hill Big Springs
D E Murphy Cleburne W P Lawson
VacoJno O Hyau Phil W Green wall
Texas G n Boynton and wife Dublin
Telephone Henry Kohn Dallas J
II Horby Xew York Chas C Quigg
St Louis Miss Giddings Brenham
J J Sullivan Wichita Falls Horace Chil
ton Tyler C Bickilman Xew York Joseph
Gehring Springfield Ohio CF Plumer
Louis D H Twaits Pittsburg Pa Xat
Houston Wichita Ivan
To Teephone Subscribers
If any dissatisfaetionejhagijpMipilfuf3
telephone service JjijBtfBWHiiIain to the
undersgnj Wry5ur complaint will receive
F Henderson Manager
VTe 6entl tho marTelotii French I
CALTHOSfreie aadal
rantJhat Cilftios nj
DIkIuiCh i patWoafcy
Zflfilt ax ca lt < it ftadiaaUl
Home Products
is made of pure refined cot
tonseed oil grown only in
the land of
Sold by all First
s t =
tlmofsctnrtrs ot the Celebrated Fort
Worth WeU DrUUiui JIaehlaery
ArGMteetnial Iran fori a Ssecially
Mention the Fort Worth Gazette
It takeklie place omard
for all cooicfijg purpose
Directions Sfj baling
use half the amount you
have been using of lard
Through a ne andvalu
able discovery Texa ifonie
grown cottonsftedpilreiined
equal to the mo del
flavored oli oilMs n
factured into lhe choicest
cooking article eveRorTer d
taiiie American fubli < 3p
Grocers everywhere
See Sundays Gazette
h looted Divine Sayss
Ihavobccn nsinjrTnifuIlverPllIa
for Dysnepsia Weal t fumnchRii l
Iosllvtness wiiii wlileti X bavaiaiiq
been ntf Uctcci
il St
< CTliaa anything < o to me fcomucb
Yooii I recconuuenii Jhcm t J all as
tile best incdleIne In cxJHtauco
Bet F E OSUOOIJ Nov York
OlUce 39 11 Park Place X Y
Removes Tanrimples Freck
vt tea lotii Patcho lUnh and
Jm 8Un diseases nnd PTerr blem
Air and
v lpaon beautj anrt
i 1 defies detection It
i llus ttood tie tat
Ciof 40 jear anij3
so ltarmlesa jre
tatte it to btrrors
It is jiroMrl
made A
coimte rfi
ilaytfSqPlir h
A S3j erjnld to a
iady of itue hutt
too fJl tient
AjfjoiiiadleE will
n 6taeiii recomr
jfaund ifcuianil
> CreimoiUioltart
harmlulnf alltba
liKin prepara
aons For aale by all DrEfrjrirtu Mid Fancy < 3oo < Ja
Dealers In tha USCanadaaiid Fnroi
FKKU T HOPKINS Prop r 7 Urcat Jones
St X Y
Mention the Fort Worth GazetH
RoundTrip Ticket for Al
most Nothing
To induce everybody to vi it Beautiful
Arlington Heiriits the faro was placed at
five cents eatli way botli day and night
nothing extrafter dark Tie old price for
this trip by buy two Persons was J3
Modern electric areet dRrs leave every 20
minutes after 3 pVtind make the journey
in 20 minutes Thi of it Less than one
cent per mile 1 TrJEa ratlroads charge three
cents per mile i or Ability indigestion
dyspepsia teet ng dysejitcry etc etc
one or two trips per da to Arlington
flcights is the greatest remedy on earth
Ask your doctor what he thinks of the pre
scription He will not say of it as he may
do of a patent medicine I do not know
what is in it but he will say that pure
fresh air is the greatest tonic oa earth It
is Gods remedy and tho spirit of God is
Every nickel invested in these outings is
worth a dollar paid to doctors and druggists
Hundreds of certificates can be procured
from adults aud children who have been
cured by morning and evening doses of an
outing to Arlington Heights
patent medicine men could bottle pure
fresh air and sell it they would cure the un
They can not but you can obtain it
at Arlington Heights for a nickel
Try the prescription daily and repeat the
nail t > 1 < e Dublin Land firm I
P iu LxasJ
Tin is fivf U all e cept ci izens jf 7ililt county r i
h is ievir beer weitfh d in I won i be until T p 111 Attjfu
I ii aill particulars of tho Grand Tlcuniou of
and the SLAUGHTER OF DUBLIN DIRTui Auction eallou or
Otlv 2 ROUND TRIP Fort Worth to DV Se 1
Sxh and 1th iraC Fort Worth 730 a n
JOUN lIOWAITD rjkvi loiel 1J V r
T H ilOSAtlC Auctioneer
Capital S3j
t 0 KcCAETET Presideat
M B L0YD Prejiaejt
Corner Second and H
Joav a Jamxs Pretdt
A full unya Siiu co = t anO freiylit
DJ Calkixs
1 01 TIIE
And the Little Folks are Happy
The original ot he awvo cut is at Duuuti L n T <
The OUTFIT girl S years boy 10 years i ejy cart
ami whip will all bo ched to s j t tbo fiat time at Du
the eios al the Old SoldimJ E Jnion and PubLc We F >
Property on tho ev ea nlio
P person wh nes the nearest to guessing the aetua
of the Outfit will Iv furnished
1 uec ket to the v
mJ turn from Fort Worth over liio 1 7 1 n7 t 1
1 always The mone 0 cover the amount of theicket
posit iu the First tional Bnk at Dublin Texas
Fill out lanks below nil 1 > ail to the jJujlli ire1 aud
incut Dublin Texas marked WORLDS FAIR GUESS
So uess received after
Of the big public Land and own Lot Sale
X > jruesscs taken or received tinier
in the blank line am tter ut 01 t n 1
pro it
it Co
on blai Us
i j It AS
Vearr > now oiTcrtnprlhe ahrvo au > Xii mlv
jjr tending purchasors vill lnd it greatl tc tho r
call and tec us or write or pi ice
1 < v tjr u
Call and see the latestimproved styles with steel franits a i
wheels The e drills are unsurpassed by any on tho nar r
have been in the front rank for tho past twentyfive year la
lats and prices mailed on application
Fort Worth Texas
209211 Houston St
s e
frti tfNAL BANK
Surplus S60000
ety Deposit Boxes Fine and Burglar Proof for Rent
DmECTons J Q Sandldge J G McCarthv C M Crane T T D Andrews iv n
Max Elser It K McAnulty T K Sandidge A W Caswell J J Koche Martin C oy
K M VarZAKBT Presidaat TE03 A TIIiBALL V Ei 5 y HASDIa Cusiu
Capita S9
SucjgjS6j5 J0 tall VanZandt Co Iort Worth Texas
Ip7 S500000 Surplus Fund S5OOC0
ti ccral banking business transacted Collections m d nd promptly remueJ vvy
Brawn on all the principal cltlrs of Europe Dihectors K JI A anZandt Thr AT a
Hardinu II It Herd 1 J Jarvis E J Ileall It L KIliFOC Wallace Hendricks It O J >
D 0 BEHHETT VIcePfetti 5SirEASE0LD Cutet
fsTFt Worth Tex Transacts a General BaaVinj B
Surplus SI25000
UFECTOlts Mi = s A Harrold M B tovd C II Higbee Zane Cettt D a EensM
Jackton S P Burnett E B Harrotd and M Harrold if
Fbakk EORiir CasW
A e = eral banking bnslnesj fa all t bii is
j Collections made on all Panhandle roi
Authoriied Texas Ajent for Spalding Base Ball and Athletla
Goods Fishintr and Shooting Tackle Lawn Tennis Croquet Hie
Em Again Bicycles Trycicles Velocipedes Goat Carta Iron
Wagons etc in fact every kind of In and Outdoor Sport
Fort Worth Texas
In Carload Lots
Fort Worth Ice Co Fort Worth Te

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