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Qan Toot Both Ends of the
Ho r > at the same Time
t on Ope Side Southern White
ion on the Other
or or l lirctii the Mlver issue
< I hhiMitgil Appointing
tt to it nitiil Mates
i i < ml Judgeship
f hange l Tactics
> uir C It is claimed
in mi ur a representative of
n a nrominent Ohio Re
ii In opinion it were an un
nov for the Republicans to
i isic Tills is taken as
i in view of the general be
i if iliit Preidnt Harrison
i i iisx > sed to veto a silver
i i ni asure suecced iii pa
uULTf The president
ncived that it would be a
ii i > this moment lo offend
juInvest b v antagonizing
1 these > oiitcally impor
> ii country
nsiu having no end of
iinn threaten tD revolt
Kit y tariff bill has not
irr aed prices they went
I In rhermanForikcr row
o the success of the state
Mmcolored voters are hav
ihc latest reports from
icf that considerable de
mi em from the Republican
in the coining election
nis colored Republicans
ev have riffi ved a fair share
if riven out bv their party
> ie taken pains to reward
tev colored men who have
party in recent years and
i desired effect The tarilT
i ii split off a few colored
h od party The mass of
i faired element it is said
ii o the Democratic party
i pn l > will catch not a few
tit of the iiOOO colored
done lully lfiUO vviii
> i in i
iUc roils Prcdlrumclli
the annruiicement that
1 m is thinking of appoint
if Oiii colored excongress
i 1 to the United State
us hiown the Southern
us into a flutter of excite
1 disiMich from Italoigh X
h 1 Ins evening quotes a
pihiietii hivvver as saving
h he will help the Ke
in Ohio and Indiana bv
nf the Southern negroes to
f much mistaken He
1 i not only in these states
ut one fall swoop his oaly
ut Wes Virginia North
A ur three other Southern
1 if er never go
iiatiisou proposes avoid
< ir ni discontent on the one
irv liU of Southern white
in I lie other can be only
v Ii ale believed to gain
c iitideuce Jt is a kiiotty
doubtful if he himself has
u arrived at San Francisco
1 is being arranged for a trip
teachers to the City of
mi lodge Knights of Honor
1 ifstou yesterday to meet
1 ii
1 Ait Ustin Daily has cot
cmcms for an annual engage
1 1 liVH
ttc sas A vvatcrsjiout on
iisim islands killed six i > er
1 1111 Ii damage
0 it Cal the annual con
Vficii Methodist Episcopal
i yesterday Kl Kev
i in Antonio Tex pre
1icsslold that the iope s
1 r i ihcnslv s application
1 s il the dieibuul and ilie
niesented in the St Raphael
1 is exgovernor of Col
in sly ill with hemorrhage
i ivmout house Chicago
1 > > Co have been tele
1 u > Treves to look upon
is commented and 13i pil
ovv York on the Friesland
fihcled that 100000 will
lie PanAmerican trans
ivedetermined to pur
1 ships vvithn portion of
I ird insteud of construet
i Ii i a B B Switin shot
1 with a shotgun his
l ib rly Snooks because
i iiln inns mother a liar
i rridered himself
1iit active preparations
1 v li military authorities
w ir The officials deny the
It aria recentl v placed a
ai ilery with the Krupps
v l i itvMii who attended See
in < he was ill in Florence
ii en York veslerdij in re
iiTs from the family and
i rliii
Kni Mrs J D Smith
i ed the daughter of Samue
tie w ho shot his wife child
Wedediv died from th
tue news of the tracedy
Sods t of the thicago gas
has seiii out notices to the
ii of directors dcmaudiiur the
n id i first inortiragc bonds o
i ilnir equivalent to the
scpt luber 1
i li yesterday Roger Q
I i a democratic mass mee
id nice was not large bu
ce vvel received 5ov
o h i expected to be jiresent was
iiiiii tee took John Playtor
lire ut Bajhead N J an
i duckiiiir They then cr
f fs and Hogged him till In
oi had been paying too inccl
f if wife of Joseph Parker
h Aeainnt a Vomi White Him at
v i file
i i vi o CoTex August C
uui named Newt Webber w >
iv a a late hour last nigh
wil the heinous crime of rape
s etip oyed at the saloon of Join
i he coier of Houston avenn
Wooilard A voung girl rgei
i veais named Jems Havv
and her mother are in
th of visitinsr the Keithly cstablish
o u > aKe up the beds m the second
> lUuy also do the washing Last
p iy
evening Webher visited the homo of the
colored woman on Austin avenue and was
importuned for money to purchase a bucket
of beer The mother said she wanted <
cents and the girl begced for 10 cents
Webber handed the woman a quarter am
left the premises and went into the allej
where the girl joined him with the bucket
in her hand It is claimed that Webber as
saulted the girl and was taken int
custody by a negro who was passing alonr
the street The trial of Webber is set fo
9 oclock tomorrow morning in Justice
Hughes court Additional evidence de
veloped in the ease this afternoon is very
damaging to the accused
County Tax Itolls Valuation and Increase
A Probable Iatal Miooting Certili
eles ranted Teachers
Special to the Gazette
Actin Tri Aug J The first fatal
accident at Austin s big dam occurred this
afternoon when a heavy stone swung by
the cable struck against a pile of huiie
granite blocks resting on the embankment
immediately above a spot on the masonry
of the dam where the masons and helpers
were at work causing the pile to top
ple and fall down crushing one
of the men at work on a derrick mangling
him fr n htfuUy and killing him instautl v
His name is Charles Clark aired twenty
seven and he came about six weeks ui o
from Kansas City He has brother at
work on the nam also
About > o clock this afternoon Henry
Hill a boy of about Is got into a dispute
with W Ii Turner aged about S > anil a
runner for the Troy steam laundry over
a tiilting account in which Turner
slapped Hill The latter drew a revolver
and shot Turner through the body the ball
entering above the hip and coming out it
the opposite side The wound is probabiv
fatal Turner has a wife and baby
Deaf Smith county tax rolls for lsyi show
a total valuation of VI JUI an increase
over last year of HCiltliiT Parmer county
rohs total valuation S14231 an increase
over last year of iT UOl
The special taxes collected by the comp
troller in lulv amounted to fLi2 H2J of
which amount i3ijJ3 was railroad passen
ger taxSI41000 insurance companies l00 >
telegraph companies CsilT T unorganized
county tax and the balance special taxes
The board of education granted certifi
cates to sixteen teachers of the Harrison
County summer normal
A < Ji7ftte Correspondent on tlie Sceno of
the llecent Itedllone Trouble A
Must Driioiutr IMaC
Special to the iazette
Laki Ciiaki e Lv Aug G Your cor
respondent visited the mi no of the recent
battle near here today for the purpose of
ascertaiuiii the true state of affairs
The distance from this place is
nearly thirty miles the road leading
thereto traversing the most desolate and
weird portion ol Louisiana The camps
were reached about noon and found to be
quietextremely so only ond redbone be
ing seen Little over a half crew of white
men has been mustered together
since Sunday and work resumed
The logging teams are running daily
from where the battle occurred into tne
woods a distance ol twentytwo miles
Vhile men operating it The titrht is no
longer factional and should ii be renewed
it will be between olltccrs and the
outlaws who are still in hiding
The sheriff and his assistants are devot
ing their attention lo tin matter and are
cautiously ferreting out the most active
members of the redbones gang Officers
are now in the vicinity of the redbone set
tlement and contemplate raiding as soon as
they locate the hidingplace of the fugi
Old time settlers claim this to be only
one of many attacks upon the whites by
these people Less than ciirht years ago an
attack of the same nature was made within
fen miles of the logging camp the result
of which was even more fatal than
that of last Sundays occurrence
Three veals ago another attack was
made by the same people A large general
merchandise store owned by Mr
Joseph Moore was destroyed
and live or six men ui Ued
From all of these and many other crimes of
a minor nature there have been no con
victions all escaping the penalty of the
law these many years The band of out
laws have become delimit
A report was circulated here tonicht
that a body of men hfteen in number was
ihis evening seen en route to the
tvdbone settlement where they de
flare they will avenge the death of
their friend Ward killed in the battle Sun
I ock Moore t Co have declared them
selves against the outrages jierjietiated by
he outlaws and are making strenuous ef
forts to convict and punish them
Caught Napping
Special to the Cactte
Bri hen Cas Cointy Tix Aug 0
Mr K Harris was left oY the southbound
passenger train last night in an odd way
lie had a ticket for Corsieaua and had set
tled down on his seat for a good nap
When the train pulled up here he got off
leaving his grip and other baggage He
awoke afer the train left but could only
wire after the train for his baggage to be
returned He leaves for Corsieaua tonight
IllllltsVltle is All Kiglll
Special to the Guzette
Aug 0 Mr W W W Adieks who went
to Austin Tupday to represent the busi
ness men of Huntsville in a protest against
the uncalled for tariff raise made upon the
Huntsville branch road wired this morning
as follows
Huntsville i all rifht In a hearing the
ommission relieves us of the 10 per cent
isi riinination and places us on an equality
with all other points
viarrlige of l rofes r W If Iacy Deaf
Mute to Mis yiolllc Davis at Start
special to the tazctte
Mvist MiLinn CotXTY Tex Aim fi
An interesting marriage took place at the
Baptist church in Mart Wednesdav even
ng at > M Professor W II Lacy
t teacher in the Texas deaf and
lumb institute and Miss Mollie
Davis were the parties most in
erestcd Professor Lacy is a deaf mute
and while Miss Davis hears and sjieaks her
father mother sisters and brothers are
deaf and dumb The ceremony was per
formed by the Kev Dr Bourlind of Waco
md translated into the deaf mute language
v Prof Harris Taylor of Austin The oe
eisiou was a very unusual one hundreds of
> eople flocked in till the chnreh and availa
ble space near the windows were crowded
Jeaf friends of the family came from
11 parts of the state Their
estures and decionstritions while not uu
lerstood by other people were very grace
ful and attractive Professor Lacy is an
efiieient teacher and is well known in his
orofession Miss Davis is a very beautiful
and popular young lady There is accord
ing to statistics one deaf mute to every
15oo population so such a marriage is a
very unusual oae
rv s vi t y <
5apt John Palmer the New
Comrades of the Battlefield Composed of Blue
and Gray Elect Officers
Congress Will be Asl rct to Paj Kllulon
Jrisoiiers SJ Per Day for the Time
TIiy Were Coiiliiied An
other Aloiiumiiit
Closing Days Proceedings
Detroit Mich August 0 The closing
of tlie twentyfifth annual encampment of
the A Ii opened as bright and balmy as
the previous days of the reunion Today
closes the business sessions of the order
Aen now the veterans ate leaving the city
It has been indeed a week of leunion Xo
less than eight national organizations are in
ession or have adjourned and the encamp
ment in its many innovations has certainly
been a greater success than any which have
preceded it
Some sensation has been created by the
die s of the president of the national
ssneiatinn or Union exprisoners of war E
II Williams of Indiana Ueferring lo the
treatment accorded exprisoners the presi
dent says In view of tlie great and peculiar
hardship and Ruffcrinsf endured as prisoners
we believe special compensation is due us
Many when captured were robbed of what
ittle earnings they had saved from the
small compensations allowed by the govern
ment as well as other valuables tuken from
them Many were held long months after
their term of service had expired while
others were compelled to expend their own
means in order to get home after their re
tease all of which ought to be valid claims
against the government For a number of
years bills have been presented to congress
looking to such measures as we felt were
due us but so far all of our appeals have
availed us nothing It would seem that the
sufferings and death ol 47000 of our com
rades who are buried around Southern
prisons should over be kept sacred in the
memory of what they have suffered for
their country for by the sacritire of such
men civilization survives Around the
names of Audeivonville Loreuce and other
prison will ever linger the memory of mis
ery and suffering which has no parallel in
history Yet for twentylive years our
goverumeni has never so much as given us
a vote of thanks for the sacrifice made
This portion of the presidents address
was formally approved by the association
Among the reirfirts of the committees made
was one embodying a bill to be presented
at the next session of congiess in behalf of
soldiers who were in prison for a period of
not less than sixty days or more providing
that they shall receive 2 for every day of
their confinement from the government
The society known a Comrades of the
Battlefield which includes both blue and
gray met and effected a national organiza
tion by the election of the following
officers Majorgeneral George K Dalton
of St Louis lieutenantgeneral Leeds
Allen of Battle Creek Mich register
general Thomas Teak of St Louis quar
termastergeneral J B Moore of Washing
ton judgeadvocate James Shivelv of An
derson Ohio surgeongeneral Dr D II
Briggs of Battle Creek Mich executive
council Co M L Lee Dr D H Briggs
Eugene Payne of Iowa John M Hennesy
of Ohio Roberts Giberson of Illinois and
S J Murphy of Illinois The order only
admits those to membership who have been
under the lire of the enemy not less than
ninety days or wounded and disabled from
further service A constitution and by
laws were adopted The association holds
its next annua meeting in Chicago
The sixteenth annual reunion of United
States veterans of the signal corps showed
a membership of 51J At the business ses
sion reports of officers and committees
were received and new officers and new
committees elected The latter committee
raised a 1000 subscription from tho e pres
ent toward erecting a monument to United
States veterans of the signal corps
The Ladies of the G A Ii have held
a very successful meeting The order is a
purely charitable and social institution and
was called into existence for the purpose of
taking into a benevolent working patriotic
association all members of soldiers fami
lies While the G A Ii excludes women
and the Womans Relief Corps excludes
men the Ladies of the G A It makes both
eligible admitting soldiers mothers wid
ows wives sisters or daughters and all
exsoldiers and marines Its popularity is
attested by its growth This is the fifth
year of its national organization Its total
membership is between 13000 and M000
and the president states that OO new cir
cles have been chartered during the past
year Its object is very broad being sim
ply to render protection and aid to all sol
diers their widows and orphans and see
that no one who has served his country in
its hour of need shall be an inmate of a
poorhouse Its revenue is derived from its
dues donations and proceeds of entertain
Monument to Colored Soldiers
Dr George W Bryant a colored exsol
dier from Chicago is in the city soliciting
subscriptions for the erection of a monu
ment to the colored soldiers in Jackson
Park Chicago before the Worlds fair
An association for that purpose has been
organized at Springfield 111 with Senator
Cullom Governor Fifer and a banker of
that city Sam Jones as trustees of the
funds It is iutended to raise fir0000 and
about jM00tl has been secured so far The
monument as designed will be 105 feet high
and will consist of a granite shaft sur
mounted by the statue of Capt Cailloux a
colored officer who was killed at Port Hud
son Around the base will be eight bronze
statues of abolition and war heroes includ
ing Lincoln Lovejoy John Brown and
Mexican War Veterans
The following resolution was introduced
and carried unanimously at the Michigan
reunion of Mexican war veterans That
an etlort be made by our officers to invite
the surviving veterans of Mexico to meet
the American survivors of the Mexican
war at the next general encampment at
Washington and that congress be asked
for an appropriation therefor
< A It Election
Immediately after the meeting of the en
campment this morning the election of com
manderinchief was declared the first bus
iness There were four candidates John
Palmer of Albany X Y A G Weissert of
Milwaukee W P Smedbury of California
and S II Hurst of Ohio
Benjamin E Bryant of Wisconsin placed
Weissert in nomination in an eloquent
Just before the balloto > ened L II Hurst
the Ohio candidate asked for recognition
and said that as it had been conceded for
years that when the great tate of New
York became united on a candidate the
state which gave more men to the great
army of the Union than any other state
should be entitled to the commanderin
chief Xevv York was now united on a
caudidate and he desired to withdraw in
favor of Palmer of Xew York
The election was by secret ballot a very
slow and tedious process
Palmer was elected on the second bal
Capt John Palmer the new commander
inchief was born on Staten Island March
32 142 and has a splendid war record He
enlisted in the Xinelytirst Xevv York V ol
unteers Septemter 1 lsCl and was
constantly with that regiment until it was
mustered out July 31 6 > taking part in a
its engagements He was seriously injure
at the battle of Five Forks in a coinbinei
charge of cavalry and infantry Since the
war he has been engaged in fresco painting
and the decorating business at Albany X Y
and had the contract for all the decorations
on the new state capitol As a member of
the G A R he was for several terms com
mander of Xew Benedict Post Xo was
reelected commander of the Xew York de
partment and in lri wes elected senior
viceconuiianderinchief all of which im
portant positions he filled with credit He
is said o be a forcible speaker a model
presiding officer at department and na
tional conventions and has frequently been
placed at the head of important committees
by both state and national encampments
lnrued at Gainesville
Special to the Gaztte
Gainesviuk Cooke Cocntv Tex Aug
fi The residence of Mr Chester in East
Gainesville was destroyed by fire this
morning Loss 1100 insurance S1200 An
adjoining house also burned Xo insurance
A Man Shoots His Wife Through
His Brothers Heart
Disappointed In Iove i Man Makes His
Exit Over tlie Morphine lloilte A
Trio of Drunken Choctaw
Only a Pair Left
An Awlitl Tragedy
Special to the Gazette
PcmHOKu Gkaiox CofXTrTrv Auc
0 Thiee mile north of Willis I T lives
John Huff an extensive planter on the
Chickasaw branch of Red river John has
a crazy brother who lives with him
Yesterday the crazy one attacked John
with a knife John in selfdefense shot
him dead with his Winchester hitting him
three times one ball passing through the
All three bullets struck John Huffs wife
who is fatally hurt These bullets passed
through the crazy man s body before strik
ing Mis Huff who was accidentally hit
these three times
Special to the Gazette
Siieuviin Gkavox Cointv Tes Aug
fi Last evening John Huff shot and killed
Jim Huff his brother near Willis Ferry on
Red river The deceased it is said
assalted his brother with a chair and
afterwards with a knife when John
ended Jims life only to save his own Four
shots were fired from the Winchester
three of which struck Mrs Jim Huff who
was lying sick in bed in the house
none of which are considered fatal
Public sentiment is with John as Jim was
known to be very quarrelsome and danger
Choetnw Election
Special to the Gazette
Paris Tex Aug 0 Yesterday was the
day of the Choctaw election Owing to the
remote location of many of the voting
places the result of the election will be
slow of ascertainment Both the Jones and
Smallwood factions have out tickets The
only box heard from is Antlers which gives
the National or Smallwood faction a ma
The two orphan schools which were pro
vided for by the last council have been lo
cated one at Hartshorn and ortftatTuska
homa The contract for their erection
has been let to Hon Tom Ainswortn being
the successful bidder
Iove and Morphine
Special to theuzetie
Cahuo I T Aug G This morning at
Armstrong academy twelve miles east
from Caddo Joseph Woodaver a brick
moulder committed suicide by taking an
overdose of morphine He just went
there last Monday The cause of the
suicide was that of iove and it seems
as if his girl had gone back on him as he
had a marriage liceuse in his trunk issued
at Sherman Tex July 31 The envelope
which contained the deadly poison had the
following inscription upon it Fair one I
now and forever bid thee adieu
He died within eight hours
after taking the drug Four men were
sleeping in the room with him but knew
nothing of it until they heard him vomiting
He was about twentyeight years old Tlie
youug ladys name tnat appears in the
marriage license is withheld for the
Mayen KeEIecteil
Special to the Gazette
Aiciimoke I T Aug 0 Xews just re
ceived here from the Cherokee Xation states
that Mayes is reelected governor by a plu
rality of tiiS votes and that he carried every
district in the nation except Saline and
Delaware These districts gave Benge a
slight majority
Choctaw Kill Chuftuvr
Special to the Gazette
Atoka I T August C John Finley a
fullblood Choctaw was killed near here
last night by two Choctaw men They had
attended the election here and had been
A Youne Port MuiUi Attorneys Accom
plishment Gets Him in Trouble and
in Jail A Little Sensation
Special to the Gazette
Fokt Sviitii Akk Aug C The arrest
on Tuesday night last of J O Clark a
young lawyer of this city on a charge of
forgery caused quite a sensation notwith
standing it was at first represented as
a mere technical violation of the law Fur
ther investigation however developed a
very ugly state of affairs which indicate
that the young man is quite an ex
pert in imitating the signatures of other
people The case was to come up Wednes
day before Esquire Edmonds but a change
of venue was taken to the court of Esquire
Vance It dcvelopes that Clark forged
the name of H J Keyser to a note for iS t
which he cashed at the American National
bank On learning it was a forgery Mr
Clark was notified at once to fix
it which he proceeded to do
by paying part of it in cash and working in
another forged note with tho name of Col
Ben T Duval and Dr G Y Smith on it
However he had obtained Dr
Smiths signature by trickery
but did not present the note
at the bank that contained the genuine sig
nature He is also charged with taking
290 out of Col Duvals safe
and also that he had forged
Keysers name to a 2o0 note which
he had cashed at the German hank but this
note was taken up by a genuine note of
Coh Duvals Clark was held un
der guard Tuesday night but
spent part of the day Wednesday
in jaiL Wednesday night howcverhe was
kept at his home Mrs Clark being ill and
Constable Fuller remained with
him Clark came to this city
from Waco Tex about two
years ago and up to a month ago was em
ployed in the office of Duval ic Cravens
For some time past he has had an office of
his own
Farmers Alliance and Anti
Lottery Democrats
To be Submitted to the Democratic Convention
Alliance President to Head It
The Peoples Party in Convention Assem
bled at Npringticld Ohio A Plat
form Adojiteil V Caiidi
date for Governor
Peoples Party Convention
Spkincfieid Onio Aug C Prayer by
Rev E P Foster of Cincinnati opened the
Peoples party convention at 025 a in after
wMch the committee on permanent organi
zation report was adopted with few dissent
iug votes
The committee on resolutions reported
the platform
We hold that labor is the basis of all
wealth happiness and progress and must
have equal protection by law
In the organization of our party we
know no North South East or West and
we are determined that the government of
our country shall be so administered as to
secure equal rights to all people
We demand I hat taxation national state
or municipal shall not be used to build up
one interest or class at the expense of an
We demand the abolition of national
banks as banks of issue and as a substitute
for national bank notes we demand that
full legal tender treasury notes be issued in
sufficient volume to conduct the business of
the touutry on a cash basis
We demand the pavilion of all bonds of
the government instead of refunding them
in such money as they were originally made
payanle in
We demand government ownership of all
means of transportation and communica
tion between the > eope of the United
We favor liberal pensions toall honorably
discharged L nion soldiers of the late civil
vvar and generous care for their widows
and orphans
A woman s suffrage plank is included in
the platform
The platform favors government loans
directly to individuals favors free coinage
of silver opposes alien ownership of lands
and demands that congress devise means of
obtaining all lands owned by foreign syndi
cates also demands all lands held by rail
roads and other corporations in excess of
what is actually needed shall be reclaimed
by the government and held for actual set
tlers only and demands a graduated tax on
We demand the enactment and rigid en
forcement ol the laws lor the suppression
of all forms of gambling in futures and all
agricultural and mechanical products
We favor the election of United States
senators by a popular vote of the people of
the state
We demand free schoolbooks for our
publiesehools and compulsory education
Whereas the Standard oilccomrauy has
violated its contract by turning over to an
alien trust its powers and privileges re
ceived under the laws of Ohio we demand
the forfeiture of its charter
The platlorm was adopted
A resolution was adopted favoring gov
ernment or state control of the sale manu
facture importation and exportation of
spirituous liquors It was recommended to
the national convention as the solution of
the liquor problem
John Seitz of Sayre a former Greenback
nominee for governor and J C II Cobb of
Jackson a farmer and vicepresident of the
open Alliance of Ohio and a member of the
national executive committee appointed at
Cincinnati were nominated for governor
and lieutenantgovernor
The convention then took a recess
Peoples party delegates representing the
Sixteenth senatorial district comprising
Delaware and Licking counties held a con
vention here today and nominated Daniel
Swisher of Licking lor state senator I hey
cluim the chances are good for his election
Iowa Kepublims Need Help
Nrvv Yoiik Aug 0 Col Charles Jame
son chairman of the Republican national
committee and Senator Allison of Iowa on
the senate finance committee had a confer
ence yesterday on the need of unusual ef
forts on the part of the Republicans in tho
Iowa campaign
Senator Jeorge ISeateu
Jackson Mt s Aug t Senator George
was badly beateu at the primaries by Barks
dale the Alliance caudidate
Senator George of Mississippi
Specif to the Gazette
Civrow Miss Aug 0 Reports that
Senator George is defeated are utterly un
true George failed yesterday to carry his
county Carroll which was due to a large
fanatic Alliance majority The instructed
vote stands today George CO Barks
dale subtreasury candidate 22 It re
quires ninety to elect and George is cer
tain to get 120 Barksdales friends concede
Georges election but hope to elect him
as Walthalls successor who declined a re
election which they cannot do
Tho Lottery tin Issue
Special to the Gazette
New Orleans La Aug 6 Tlie confer
ence between the Farmers Alliance and the
antilottery Democrats at LaFayette re
sulted in aa agreement by which a joint
ticket will be put up by the two factions
the Farmers Alliance having the governor
treasurer and superintendent of public ed
ucation and the AntiLottery League the
lieutenantgovernor auditor attorneygen
eral and secretary of state The nomina
tions are to be made by a convention held
by all white voters who are opposed to the
lottery and afterwards submitted to the
Democratic state convention The Alliance
indorsed this agreement and at once nom
inated T S Adams its president and state
commissioner of agriculture for governor
The campaign will be made almost alto
gether on the lottery issue
Hollrnds Xew Cabinet
Amsteriiam Aug 0 A new cabinet has
been formed with Tienehoven premier
Tak minister of commerce and industry
Qmidt lustice Cremer Colonics and Pier
son finance
Kids Charged with Horse Stealing
Correspondence of the Gazette
Hillshoro Hill Cocstt Tex Aug
G Winficld Boggs and Pierce Rawls aged
respectively twelve and thirteen years
whose parents live here were arrested
yesterday morning charged with horse
stealing It is reported that these
boys for some time past have been
in the habit of taking up any
horse they would take a fancy to and ride
it a day or so and turn it loose to make its
way back home as best it could Pierce
Rawls was released on iiOO bond Boggs
is still in jaiL
A Horse Thief Arretted
Special to the Gazette
HiLLSBORO Hill Cocxtt Tes Aug 0
Last night about Jl oclock Tom War
rington heard a noise out about
the horse lot On going out
there he found his horse gone As it was
raised here and often runs out he thought
nothing of it but when he went out this
morning to feed it he discovered horse
saddle and bridle all gone also
0 rf
a fine grayhound which is noted for its
fondness for tho horse as they are always
together He immediately hunted
up Sheriff I ox and after
spending about 2 > in telegraphing
they received a message from the sheriff
of Waxahachie stating that he had just ar
rested a man there vvith the horse War
rington and an officer will leave on next
train to bring both horse and man back o
aratoga ltace
Suutoov X Y Aug 0 First race
six furlongs Salvador won Glee Boy sec
ond Time 11Vj
Second race one mile and a sixteenth
Homer won Balgovvan second Ayrshire
Lass third Time l > 2i
Third race one mile Bolero won Versa
tile second India Rubber third Time
Fourth race one miie and a quarter Eon
won Carroll second Abi third Time
Fifth race six and onehalf furlongs
Villa Marie won Gettysburg second
Luray third Time 124
Jerome Park ICarec
Jerome Pvrk Aug f First race mile
and a furlong Reckon won Edgar Johnson
second Uno Grande third Tine l1Ts 4
Second race six furlongs Sir Mathews
won Xecromancv colt second Uproar colt
third Time 11
Third race one mile May Win won
Sirocco second Adventurer third Time
1 l
Fifth race one mile and a half two start
er lvaceland won English Lady second
Time 2 > 7V
Fifth race six furlongs Daisy Woodruff
won Soho second Salisbury third Time
Sixth race five furlongs Alcalde won
Iviivch second Schuylkill third Time
1 < WX
Carnld Parte Knee
Ciurirn tii Aug i > First race seven
furlongs Starter Caldwell won Red Fox
second Bill Xyv third Time 12
Second race one mile and seventy yards
Somerset won Arundel second King I Min
ster third Time I
Third nice seven furlongs Sister Linda
won Brazos second SisOlee third Time
Fourth race one and oneeighth miles
Bonny Byrd won Rancor second Van Bu
ren third Time 1 > 4
Fifth race live furlongs Maggio Cline
won Tillie S second Deceit third Time
Haw tliorne Park KllfP
Chicago III Aug 0 First race seven
furlongs Joe Carter won LelaMay second
Insolence third Time lil l4
Second race one mile Helterskelter won
Lizzie B second Red Leo third Time
1 41
Thiid race one and oneeighth miles
Ethel won Silver Lake second Hydy third
Time l > s
Font th race six furlongs Fuiking won
Faleina secoud Ronserthird Time llleo
Fifth race six furlongs Prince Henry
won Blaze Duke second Van Clucz third
Time 117
CotuMi ts O Aug t > Columbus Runs
9 hits 10 errors 4 Washington Runs
11 hits 10 errors 0 Batteries Clark
and Donnhue Foreman and McGuire Um
piie Davis
PiiiiAiiEiiiiiA Pa Aug t > Philadel
phia Runs 4 hits 7 errors 2 Cincin
nati Runs 1 hits 1 errors 1 Batteries
Thornton and Clements Rhiues and
Keenan Umpire Hurst
Chicago III Aug 0 Chicago Runs
Ii hits 11 errors S Boston Runs 2
hits b errors 0 Batteries Hutchinson
and Kittridge Nichols ami Bennett Um
pire McQuaid Thirteen innings
Xew York August G Brooklyn Runs
5j hits errorsC Cleveland Huns 3
hits 5 errors t Batteries Terry and
Daly Gruber and Cimuier Umpire Pow
St Loii Mo Aug 0 St Louis Runs
hits s errors 4 Athletics Runs 7
hits 14 errors 0 Batteries Stivetts and
Munyaii Weyhing and Milligan Umpire
LotisvtiLE Kv Aug C Louisville
Runs 4 hits ii errors Boston Runs
S hits III eriors 2 Batteries Strattou
and Cahilt Bufiington and Murphy Um
pire Iverins Ten innings
CiM inxati Ohio Aug C Cincinnati
Runs 7 hits 11 errors 4 Baltimore
Runs 4 hits s errors 7 Batteries
Dwyer and Kelly Madden and Robinson
Umpire Mahoney
Xew York Aug i > Xew York Huns
S hits S errors4 Pittsburg Runs C
hits 6 errors 4 Batteries Rusie and
Buckley Baldwin and Mack Umpire
A Kali Game > nnday
Xext Sunday afternoon at > oclock there
will be a ball game at the old race track
north of town between Waxahachie s best
team of willow wieders and the Fort
Worth crack team The battery for
the visitors will be Blackburn and Daw
kins and Van Xandt and Van Zamit will do
the scientific work for the home team
These teams have crossed bats before and
are verv evenly matched
Iilldeu v Atlanta
Correspondence of the Gazette
LtxiiEN Ctss Cocntt Tix Aug r A
match game of baseball was played here
yesterday between the Atlanta Reds of At
lanta and the Linden Athletes of this place
It was the most interesting game of the
season as considerable reputation was up
between the two teams After a hard
fousrht battle the result was Linden 10 At
lanta S Great enthusiasm was manifested
and the successful boys were covered with
flowers glory and smiles It was a good
game but Atlanta simply failed to qual
Texa Kihibit Car in Illinois Gov Hnb
bard Addrcssc 10000 People
Gen Palm Present
Special to the Gazette
Virginia III Aug r Today was a red
letter day for Texas at the Central Illinois
state fair and Farmers convention as was
attested by the 10000 people who
passed through the Texas exhi
bition cars and afterwards listened
to the magnificent address of Governor
Hubbard The governor had a perfect ova
tion completely capturing his audience
Senator John M Paimer journeyiil
all the way from his homo in
Springfield to see him and hear him sjieak
and introduced him to the audience as one of
the greatest of living orators and statesmen
and paid a glowing tribute to the
state of Texas Governor Hubbards ad
dress was pleasing forceful and eloquent
The exhibit cars were so crowded all day
that it required the presence of
four > olicemen to keep the people
from crowding Three men were kept
busy handing out Texas literature
Governor Hubbard was followed by Sena
tors Palmer and PetTer
It was heard on every side that if these
cars and Governor Hubbard stayed in the
state long they would depopulate the stale
Hand Torn Off
Special to the Gazette
YoakcmDewittCocxttTei Aug C
This morning JLouis Vaughan while at
work in the Guthrie gin had his hand torn
The Commissioners Ears Open
to Complaints
The Northeast Texas Millmen the 0VI Fellovu
Who Didnt Go to Austin io cfc
Iud e Reagan Has Heard Onlr t om th
Long Haul People und Would 1 ik
ito Know What the Short
Haulers Have to Saj
It Wme Warm
Specal to the tJazette
ArsTis Tim Aug C The discussion ol
the rate questions by the traffic men and
others to day was as active and interesting
a yesterday The song was varied some
what by the arrival of a delegation of
Northeast Tevas mill men who came to re
fute the rate logic of their Southeastern
brethren made yesterday and to susta a
the policy of the commission in promul
gating a mieage rate on their products
Mr Xcvvlin general freight agent of tha
Fort Worth and Denver railway the fir
to tackle the proiwed rates said that lui
represented th iargei single interest iu
the state which wi here doing business on
the faith of the state He discussed tuo
proposed tariff Xo 1 on wheat rye oals
and barley undertaking to how how is
would affect the road adversey
The chairman interrupted him to say
that his constiurtiou of the proposed rain
was erroneous and that the proposed
schedule permitted roads on a division of
freight to apportion the charge according to
the distance hauled bv each that is to say
the proposed rate on a haul of fifty miles u
7 cents If that haul is over two roada
each road receive > couts providing tho
haul of each is twentyfive miles A haul
of twentyfive mile on a single road is Ii
Mr Xewliu compared the grain ratei
proposed with those of Georgia showing
that the latter on haul above thirty mile
were a tnllo higlir than the rales proposed
here lu explanation why interstate rates
Mr Xowliu said that they were so pur
roselv in the interest of the people o
Texas and that if the roads shoald raise
the rates on interstate traffic to meet the
treatened reductions on local rates it would
be hard to teil what would beoiue of tha
This somewhat menacing remark was a
tritle at variance with the positive assur
ance given by several traffic men nt their
first meeting vv ith the commission that a
i eduction of local rates would be surely
followed by a corresponding reduction of
the interstate rate
General Freight Agent Polk of tho Aran
sas Pass read a comparative tabulated
statement showing the losses his road
would incur under the proposed rates Tho
average leduction in cotton would amount
to417 per cent The rates would decreaso
the net revenue of the road 20 per cent
below the operating expenses He desired
to enter a protest against any reduction
whatever in the articles included in tha
proposed schedules unless he could
be shown wherein the commission
would make up tne loss in
other things As other rates
v rre already pretty well up he doubted if
the commission could make the increase
elsewhere necessary to effect
Mr Polk sprong a difficulty in whieo
points on separate roads may he competi
tive though not junction points and there
fore not entitled to the 10 per cent reduc
duction allowed tho long haul at juuetiou
Chairman Reagan admitted the force of
the difficulty and expressed a wish to hear
from the traffic men any reasonable solu
tion they might have So far he had heard
only stories of losses from tho system
and not a word of the gains
which somebody on somo road
must enjoy He heard only from the long
haul fellows and would like to hear from
the short haul gentlemen
The latter failed to show up
Mr Laceyof Waco explained how tha
present system of localing cotton to tha
nearest compress was more desirable and
profitable than that proposed by tho com
The chairman asked if justice would no
result to all if cotton localed to the com
press in whatever direction should pay
freight from the initial point of shipment
The reply was that perhaps it would
Mr Trammel of the Texas Trunk line
read a comparative statement showing tha
percentage of reduction resulting to his
road from the proposed rates
Mr Reed representing the Houston cot
ton exchange asked that the commission
take into account iu its cotton rate the dif
ferential of 10 cents existing at present be
tween water and rail transportation from
Houston and Galveston
General Freight Agent Masters of tha
Gulf Colorado and Santa Ke placed soma
tabular statements liefore the commissiou
showing the effect of the proposed rates oa
his road and also showing that the pro
posed salt rate was
Mr Terry of tho Gulf Colorado and Santa
Fc said that cotton timber aud cattle would
have to bear tho burden of the freight tar
iffs because they were about the only ar
ticles of commerce that brought any reve
nue into the state As well place ail
tlie freight on cotton a half on cotton and
half on the calico brought into the state
Reduce the tarilT on cotton and something
else must shoulder the burden of the reduc
Several lumbermen of Xortheast Texas
appeared to explain how the proposed lum
ber rate on the mileage system
would serve to equalize the conditions
between Xorthwest and South
East Texas mills Under the existing
blanket system Beaumont and Orange lum
ber reaches Sherman and Denison ut tha
same rate given the mills at or near Tex
arkana The inequality of such a system
was apparent and could only be corrected
bv some such system as that proposed by
the commission
After two days talking and palavering
the commission and the railroad men looked
fapged and anxious to be rid of this rata
question when tj oclock arrived this after
noon but the powwow is not yet ended
ludgc Reagar having stated that the cotton
Belt desired to be heard tomorrow Doubt
less others will be here to make statements
as it is the policy of the commission to give
the fullest hearing to every one qualified to
throw any light on the situation
Tlie First Hale Sold at Aurtion for Ten
and ii Half Ceiit Hated as Strictly
Good Middling Shipped from
Special to the Gazett
Xew York Aug 6 The first bale of tha
new Texas cotton crop sold this afternoon
in front of the cotton exchange Its quality
was strictly good middling and the bala
was shipped by Willis Iandes Co
of Galveston to Hubbard Price Co
of this city The sale was made by auc
tion and started at It cents rising
rapidly to 30 Lf cents at which
pries it was knocked down to
Ceorjre Collins of the Exchange Brokers
all said the cotton had sold well consider
ing the low prices realized the other day
for the first bale received from Georgia
< 4 V gawg s a <

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