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The Story Told by the Coupons Deposited Yes
terday A Good Days Voting
1 he Great Struggle will Soon be Over No Weak
ening Among the Candidates but All Deter
mined to Win the Hardin Scholarship
Its Honors and Emoluments
iintlvt noti <
iTi i is compellt > d to brevi
lift largely today and will
i d < > he Fame The letters are
th the votes as heretofore
v not permit the publica
Monday August 10 no
< > will be adinitW
iiv i iiiro will be just ten
iih ballots may be cast
ii bo now concentrated
i progressed so far that
i Mijly do not count much
are announced who are
some one known to
ml no new candidates
unites accompanied by
r the city bcholarship or
tin Mate scholarship
u > counted where the
i coupons fur more than
itn The system of checks
a separate envelope
aiil the contest editor
> paiate the votes
now offers to donate
io iuihip 1o the second
and Tnth highest both in
iml outside the city This
colieglato course and
painting and drawing but
board fuel liahts
if premiums offered by
of Texas the young
zktte contest are in
mention name of caiidi
and number of coupons
v wish to lessen the
is loimn jAvrsv
r uf 1 he Gazette
i i inlerto settle a disjiute
state whether Little
s i little boy or a little
are about the name if
lnnws no more than
Tommio Punt is
o Tin Gazettu ami
his paper knows nothing
ii riless whether lie is a
Mf boy
imi iiirTTlliMn
jniiitette at Hardin eol
se feel quite lonesome so
i niK without the Daily
in them throughout the
Mail IiDMiiiiM Co
Willi sciiolakmiii
s olarsiiips in Hardin li
I M > > art conservatory uf
s I iuber2 l i ami close
icy emhrace board fuel
irate course also Latin
i i oriuan also music on
Mcstants must be sub
i of the college and mut
A K Yancev President
i i riiKv iimi < nsrs
n Fort Worth who re
i imbirof Mitt s cast as
for candidates from
v tivea scholarship
i in Texas luoive of
i ivteivta the highest niim
t i is licrcalter siieciliei
nuiof Fort Worth will
I the successful candi
viiitied to transfer the
i v other Texas girl pru
jiiuol for any reason at
n awiijij
A ilik IS the ballots
j uinittee of three citi
i ami couut and upon
tinl will ik > niaile and
pioiisheu ana sent to
mLJ Altdili fitoStaifi
incentive to earnest endeavor in music and
art and the Mozart is a favorite with as
pirin musicians The prize piano is a
Cabinet Grand the finest and best made
in tho world and lias taken seventythree
first prizes in comi > etition witli the best
makers of Europe and America The
Moart prize piano is of an entirely new
and very elaborate design raised panels on
front and sides carved trusses roll fall
board and patent music desk carved panels
in place of fretwork seven and onethird
octaves patent agraffe bridge three
siring agraffe throughout four feet ten
inches high five feet four inches wide
two feet five inches dceo COLLIXS
ARMSTRONG Fort Worth Tex are
general Southern agents for the celebrated
1IALLETT DAVIS pianos also twenty
Jive other makes of tine instruments Write
for juices and terms
Tuition 1ree to Seennd Third Iuurtli ami
Tilth Highest in Tort VlIli mill
OuUilo Tort Worth
MEXICO Mo July 5
Editor Cazeite
Gentlemen I respect fully offer to the
four yoiiiu ladies who shall receive the sec
ond third fourth and fifth highest number
of otes in Fort Worth a scholarship each
in Hardin college to include the full col
legiate course and the course of painting
and draw ing for one year from the second
day of Sf ptember iet 1 will pivc the same
t > the four young ladies occupying the sum
positions in Hie state contest Should these
eight oung ladies or any or them not
avail themselves of tho offer they may ap
point aio of their friends to take their
jilaces All to be subject to the rules of
the ooPcge KesMctfully yours etc
A K Yamet
President Hardin College
K tsi > 11 WolltlLAT II 1KU1V
A snperb 1000 piano will be o ered as a
m he Vozart consrratir if miis c
j o this countij oftiisjauiUa eal
of pans and specifications for a 1500
W A Archer will give her lot 1 block
GO Archers addition to Fort Worth
L > > Cooper will present her with the
tJincst ha = ket of good things he has iu his
j js 1l6iifectionery store
< The Fort Worth natatorium will give her
a siaton ticket good for two years and
The Peoples Gallery will present her
with a dozen photographs of herself to the
value of li
Maylield Bros dentists projiose to put
her teeth In good condition before she
leaves the state and last but not least the
On ton Belt will give her a roundtrip
t oktt to Mexico Mo to include sleeping
car accommodations and meals
1 M Letherman subscribes 25 as a
starter Jo build a house ou lot gi en by W
A Archer
Tolk 3rot > offer a fine Jersey cow
The enterprising editor of the Kaufman
Sun offers bis paper for five years
Messrs F E Albright and Ben M Ter
rell t < ider tJOOO worth of lasal services
i > J afciu wM
The Ijiehards medicine company will fur
nish her with all the Cheatham s chill tonic
she may need
f M Yates will give her two bottles of
The Third Best Girl Will Cot a S700 Sterling Upright Piano
Given by Collins Armstrong Co
i nntcil for it innatb < oHone elasticity of touch and durabilit is on
cxhilnlit u at 1 i > i Aniitinir mi i iiuisi > Cos w Mao street and Mi Houston
street Lovers i music and espeui v Hie loniestanis are invited to can and examine
the Slerm Ii is a hue wain n ase a sin n and oneMi id octave upright piauo
oliis jc Arnistnimr Co address Tun G ilttc lis follows
IIimtoi iTi Desirinir to pi t our company on record for liberal dcalinf ivitii
other meivhants whose offers crowd your columns we authorize you to insert this cut of
our pepatJt upright Sterlins piano for the youns lady receivins tlio third highest number
of votes We trust the oung lady who receives the piano will lind it a musical education
to her Very respect fully Coixivs Aiims rnoxo
what > orriiin tiiim
1 Y Smith offers a 2 i dress patten
V Wall offeis to cut lit and make tho
Hcasran t MiDill will contribute a fine
hat to match the dress pattern
W II Ta lor offers a handsome traveling
trunk worth >
The employes of W II Taylor will give a
pearlhandled white Ostrichfeather fan
worth iio
Weltman Bros will shoe her with a pair
each of Oxford ties house slippers and
hiffh button shoes of the finest grade they
E 15auman will jiresent her with a hand
some travelinir jacket of her own selection
II Tully t Co will give her a Ko dia
mond rim or gold watch or any other
jewelry of same value she may select from
tiieir stock
Fahlen Jb Klemschmidt will send her a
pint bottio of Iivcfs quadruple handker
chief extract
Ihil Creenwall mauascr of the opera
house will give her a season ticket and
will reserve any seat in the house for her
IMwin Iirowiie manascr of the American
Ladies Orchestra will issue her a season
ticket to tlieconcerts of the company on its
return to this city
The Fort Worth trunk factory will civo
her a ladies hand sachel or traveling bag
Maj Haggart will give her a complete set
J M Yates celebrated dandruff cure
W Ware will make her diploma when
she graduates
C C Lawson will provide her with a
lunch when she leaves for college
L K Standifer will give two boxes of
Standifers complexion powder
Bunnell McDonald will furnish a life
size portrait valued at sy
Drs Grammer Stevens will donate anv
medical or surgical atteution for the next
two years she may need
James McKenna will send his finest car
riage to take her to the depot
J P Taylor offers a complete set of win
dow shade fixtures
L C Rogers will keep her piauo in tune
for one year
ron the wixxei oitsidc tout wohtu
The Hubigraph typewriting company
offer a typewriter valued at 1
Ii P Standifer will give a bottle of Lone
Star Grippine Drs Grammer Stevens
will donate medical services for two vears
1 P Taylor gives a complete set window
shade fixtures
ron the sixoxn monET
The Dublin land and improvement com
pany through John Howard offers the sec
ond young lady in tho race a choice resi
dence lot 100x143 feet in Dublin Tex
George Pllison the florist proposes to
decorate the lot withiri worth of shrubs
and flowers and will irive her a brides bou
quet when needed
Mr George Bennett of the Acme pressed
brick company Millsap Tex will give her
enough dry pressed brick to build Iit a
neat fourroom cottage on the Dublin lot
Tom Shoemaker of the Fort Worth pack
ery will erect the house on the Dublin lot
and the Huffman implement company will
present her with a force pump
The Home mutual insurance company of
California offers to give her au insurance
policy for one year on the house to be built
on the lot ji Dublin
Harry Meyer offers to give her a pair of
the best French kid button shoes
D II Swartz will present her with a life
sized portrait valued at i >
William J Wasson agent for the lOtna
Continental and the Pennsylvania insurance
companies will insure her house to be built
ou the Dublin lot for three years
F P Preuitt will give her a business
scholarship in the Fort Worth college val
ued at 100
J P Taylor will present her with a full
set of window shade fixtures
The third young lady in the race is of
fered a pair each of ladies shoes and slip
pers by Logan Evans
P A Huffman Co will crive her a lot
49x123 feet in the Park Yiew addition to
the city of Gainesville
T J Boaz donates a musio boot
J P Taylor gives a set of shade fixtures
Ilyam Cohen presents one dozen bottles
of B C B cough medicine
rocnm highest
Fort Worth Electie medicine company of
fer one years subscription to the daily
Gazette also a bottle ofDrEldreds liq uid
For the fifth highest Channing Town
company offer two choice lots In the city of
J P Taylor donates a set of window
shade fixtures Will also give same
to the sixth highest
top defeated candidates onlt
Dr J W Carico offers professional serv
ices for six months free of charge
The Blanket t wn site syndicate offer a
town lot to every girl receiving 5000 votes
The Biggest Cut of the Season
or over with exception of the thrceleading
fob urniiN oinis oxir
The Sun vapor street light company offer
a handsome stand lamp to the young lady
in Dublin receiving tile highest number of
iose fc Jarlton give a choice lot in Hose
Ilili addition to Hillsboro
mi Tin iiioiiEsTiv the state
Flap Card Co at Queen City Tex will
five a puck of line visiting cards and will
also print for her when sho needs them
100 wedding invitations to cost >
i tt > g ±
To reduce the volume of > erur stock we have deter
mined to cut our prices ip nalf and for the next thirty
days to offer you jr
20 SUITS fi r pms paR4oo
15 SUITS E0E 75O 6 PANTS FOR 300
And so on flown through our entire line of suits and
pants and our very full assortment of thin coats and
vests for midsummer Men s youths boys and chil
dren s clothing embraced in this cut Remember sale
opens Monday August 3 and closes in just 30 days
Take advantage of an early selection and pick out your
suit at once
Washer Bros Cor Houston and 4th Sts
EST Positively no goods charged during this sale These are strictly cash prices
iui >
lnll ler Wide Open
Bif Srnixcs Aug 5 Tell the boys to
throw her in the Mexico notch and pull her
wide open Sixty miles an hour is the time
we are making and we carry no signals j
for the queeii Maydelle Engineer
time on Iircnitn
LoNcvirw Aug 5 Cast inclosed 100
ballots for the firemens candidate Miss
Carrie Dickson Come on firemen of
Texas and lets how Miss Dickson that we
will sec that she is to represent Texas at
old Hardin T K Cieiimons
Chief Longview Fire Department
ForT WorTii August 0 One hundred
votes herewith to be placed to the credit
of Miss Maydelle Drake
Xow little Toinmic Pants
iiet your Helton girland aunts
And ligure how the linal vote will stand
Your favorite will be in it
Hut not enough to in it
The prize the ltailroad Girl will surely
W H II Jrt
Hacked by the Bravest
Waco Aug o Here is twenty for Miss
Carrie Dickson Hurrah for the firemen s
favorite She isout of sight Never to
be overtaken She will be queen of the
Lone Star state for she is backed by tho
bravest and their lriends lespectfully
JosEin S Yuiitonocoii
Auctioneer Douniau Bros
iplanatlons irr Cnnrcessjiry
Fort Worth Aug d If you arc a mar
ried man you know how the women are
when they get sick Explanations are un
necessary but will say 1 urn forced to join
the Carrie Dickson club or leave home
My wife is sick I have joined and inclose
two votes for Miss Carrie
In It iu stay
Memphis Tex Auir 0 Herewith 150
votes for the railroad queen MUs Maydelle
Drake We are iu it to stay
B If Gueev Agent
Accept the Challenge
ForT Worth Aug C luelosed find C20
voles forMiss Carrie Dickson the firemens
candidate We accept the challenge of
Protection steam engine company as to
which company puts iu the most votes Re
W B Tcckek Hose Compant
Carrie Dickson Club
The ClerUs Candidate
Inclosed find coupons for Miss Fannie
Ivahu better known as the clerks candi
date Yours Clefks Candid vte Club
1 T lor Willie
Henrietta Aug Sin Please place
the within 17 votes to the credit of Miss
Willie Devall of Sulphur Springs Stir the
boys up down there C S and send more
votes for Miss Willie From a lit Vernon
boy Jcnics
Join in the Work
August 5 Please find inclosed seven
votes for Miss Mary Lizzie Johnson If
every oue knew her as well as I do she
wouldnt be number six on the list Join
with me iu the good cause boys and put
her near the front any way
F W U Cadet
With Compliment or IMv ion 148
Chattanooga Aus i Herewith please
find 150 votes which place to the credit of
Hiss Maydelle Drake with compliments of
division 14S 1J B Stegall S and I
None More Deserrinj
Fort Worth Aug G 1S01 I inclose you
35 votes for Miss Mary Lizzie Johnson a
pupil iu the Fort Worth high school and of
all the girls in the race there is cot one
more deserving
Virginia Lee Bckrows
10 Iroin Doc
Weatderfohd Tex August 8
Ten votes you will flrd
From a Wcatherford friend
Please place to the credit of Carrie
Sometime were behind
But watch the end
Well rejoice that we voted lor Carrie
V S Keep an eye on this vote
We will have our monthly discount sale
next Saturday and Monday August 8 and 2 S
Here Wo Are Again
Sing Sing Aug C Ilcase place the in
closed lucky thirteen votes for the charm
ing young Dallas candidate Hiss Fanny
Katin Get a move on you Dallas hoboes
and rustle as we will be iu t at the home
stretch Plenty more to tolov
Dtiu Gime Sropr
To tho Great Dniililrr
Ive watched your vote quite closely I have
conned it oer and oer
I have multiplied and addd till my very brain
is sore
Ghostly nr iins of endle columns in imagi
nary uar
Marching charging fighting Hgnrrs weltering
in their inky gor
Hover round my resile piow make me
sweat at every pom
And rest refreshinsrann lrviTiig tomes to my
slurcbeis ncermcic
Ob michty floublrr prav inform mc lift this
great load ort my inliia
On the last day will y u tie Were with your cou
pons ready binned
Will you have your gold and silver and your
pocketbook well lined
With bills ol large denomination if Miss Car
rie gets behind
Will you cast them in the ballot will you
inadly raise theblnd
Orha e jou tiluffet ami will theend be noth
ing but a show of wind
Will the crowing mass of ligures like a mighty
magnet be
Like a mighty rushing whirlw iuJ tearing mad
ly o er the lea
Like a snowball down the hillside bringing
coupons unto thee
Or is jour cry for help in earnest do you want
more help from me
Or hate you got enough I thank you
From yours truly
fi A 15
PS I inclose you as my contribution free
Oizette voting coupons to the tune of
Ilrialit anil J rilliant
Audmoahe I T Aug r Inclosed find
eight votes for the bright and brilliant
daughter of the heroic Weltman Let our
hearts beat in unison and our forces act in
concert in honoring the deserving daughter
of the brave man who fousht and died for
the land we love Boone Davidson Walsh
Hubbard and a huudred other brave sons
of the lost cause rally to the bugle call
Lead the charge and the little Confederate
will win C B B
S from a Little dirt
Fopt Woptii Aug 6 Dear Sip I am
only a little girl but I send you S votes for
my papas favorite Miss Maydelle Drake
Little Alice S
117 3lor for Marj
In traveling throush the state I gathered
117 coupons which I am delighted to send
to add to the list of Mary L Johnston I
know her to be a most deserving one and
would do credit to Texas and the college
should she be tho lucky one I enticat all
the friends of tho poor to remember Mary
Ii in the race as sha has neither father nor
means to send her off to school and is very
anxious to become a teacher in order to help
her mother who is now striving hard to
raise and educate five children of which
Mary is the oldest J T 1C
The Belton Oirl Helps Tommie
Belton Tex Aug 01S91
Shame upon you Tommie Pants
Youre worse than one of your redhead ants
To get so hot at little me
Your dearest and owne t that is to be
ilecause In my poetic reaches
I called you Little Tommie I cant say It
These five votes are to help Little Tom
mies candidate and its a long way to the
bottom of the purse yet
ABeltox Gipl
Deierrinjr and ynick to Learn
Here go 10 votes for our favorite Mary
L Johnson the widows daughter a very
deserving girl and quick to learn Boys
rally to oursupport A Ducmuek
10 20 per cent will be kn dfffhe
regular prices
aWtflfifve the elite line of slippers the nob
biest line of ladies shoes and mens shoes out
of sight j
Remember this cut is for two days only
Will lie lleitrl 1roiu
Coioiuno Swings Col Aug 3 In
closed find 111 votes for Miss Maydellij
Drake the rairoad candidate The raiU
road boys are watching this contest and
will be heard from before tho finish
o f ge
Of Denver and Uio Grandu railway
Tnminie Pauls a u Mascot
McKinnet Aug 5 Credit Miss Carri
Dickson with 11 votes We are willing to
accept little Tommie Pants as a mascot
riremen come at a dead run with the belli
ringing Yon will hear us drop something
soon McKiSNtr FinE Depaktuent
As DejerTlnc a Any
Hamilton Aug 4 Find 70 votes for
Miss Klla Lowry of Comanche who 1 think
as deserving a oung lady as any in the con
test F C W
Will lift Her Thero Yet
Fort Wortu Aug 0 Hero arc nin
coupons for Mattie Shaw Justus I started
for The G tzETTn ofllce yesterday tho clock
struck seven so I did not get iu any so I
send the tluce for yesterday today and
will try to be ou time after th s
Miss Mattie dont you fiet
For we will get there yet
To the Queen ofTrxas
Leadvilif Cul Aug 2 The Cloud
City sends greetings to the Queen of Texu >
Inclosed find nine votes for Miss Drake
Yours tru y C J Hamill
I tr the < lirl or Merit
Wake up old man 1 Make our rivalry ii
voting for Genevieve a littie more uiteres
ing for if you cast one vote I shall two if
three four for me and so on What a shad
ing up some old men need Two vrtes
Old Wuhan
The stockmens Candidate
PiTTSiiimn August 5 Inclosed find
twentytwo votes for the credit of liiss
Minnie Leatherwood the stockmens daisy
Let the cowboys and West Texas come to
the front Boys dont let her cet left
C H Mopuis
Ior the Iliililrenj KaTorite
Miss Genevieve I live just 147 miles from
here but every little girl I meet say you
are so kind so I will send you two votea
every day until the IMh Agnes Citj
King orr
TexakkaNa Aug f 1S9L Pa says tho
editor says for me to wring off Ilecly
cot one vote left wont you give it to Car
rie for Little Tom mi Pa n i i
The Carrio Dickson club in your town
sends my letters to mel
Interest Unabated
Hiss Genevieve do not think my interest
has abated because I have not given jol
but a few words of late for as the da j
pass I am glad to see you advancing 1
send you 5 votes today
Mrs O L Thomas
Fort Worth August ti
Amapillo Aug 5 Herewith we hand
vou 1151 votes for the cowmens favorite
Miss Maydelle Drake Come arunnln
Yours Cowman
Only 105 coupons inclosed Contest Edl
ClorkV Candidate
Inclosed find two votes for Miss Fannid
Kahn Shall be glad to see h r get the out
ofFortWorth scholarship Such an amia
ble and deserving young lady needs tho
support of the Fort Worth and Dallas peo
ple also of the clerk of Fort Worth and
Dallas Miss Fannie has thesupport of
the latter I know to be sure aufi by getting
the support of the Fort Worth clerks will
get there with both feet Mhu F nni i s

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