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Ross etc
Of perfect purity
Of great strength
Economy In their use
Flavor as delicately
and dsllclously a3 tha fresh fruit
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unity of
sking money
by not reading
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umn eiervdaT
association ad
ln tho after
tui ai tiicnoouiiting
A MfsuiiuVrstainllng Uivid es tbo Hod lor
an Hour or io
o ng to some inisundersianding a part
0 Mil utenins wont to Riverside and the
riiiiidr to the Chamber of Commerce
t Como pari pavilion an address was
tiiuii by Capt Ycal who apologised to the
mruis for the unfortunate predicament
n wlich they vero placed
ap1 O I Forrest chairman read a
f igrain announcing the death of Lieut
in lames C Hates a member of Ross
b > luik of the Ninth Texas cavalry who
li < 1 at 1aris Tex
i lie matter of selecting a place for the
t annual reunion came up and Wills
3 < iit and Weathorford were placed in nom
it if but after some discussion the qucs
1 n f selecting a Kiint was deferred until
t di
J mice Tongue of Venison aud Judge
J mui of Marshall made brief addresses
Vifn tin days that are dead and the glories
r tu Southei n arms which though van
r shed had no cause for regret at the
a oixi they had made as men and soldiers
messenger arrivi il from the chamber
otnmerce hall and thu meeting adjourned
I tlai
Wl ile Dm veterans at tho chamber of
rmniniice hull were waiting fo the return
Df 11 ir comrades from Riverside Gen F
M Clarke secretary of the chamber of
mnicroe who worn the blue for live years
vai mvitcd tospeek and for half an hour
In d his audience enthralled as in graphic
voids he pictured some of the
f eues of the war as viewed from
lio trenches oi the boys in
1 ue lie said on April 4 ISM ho laid
aside tho uniform of blue he had worn for
iivo long years and put it away he had no
further occasion to wear it lie spoke of
tho chivalry of tho Southrons of the valor
with which they fought tho grand courage
ifpy displayed He delivered a
niist interesting address and
i was thoroughly appreciated
by those who wore the gray The Ja
2 ki i jv regrets its inability to publish the
tuldiess in full
t pon tin return of the Riverside contin
ent a resolution was passed that tho body
ime at the Chamber of Commerce at D
i cincU this morning and repair to
1 reride it being thought the
i would have become bright
a ii mny Tho general meeting then
a > in riid and the three brigades held their
j > itiiips with the following result OfEe
a bi leade tho following were present
V Williams company F Tenth Texas
1 I MKinney company A Fifteenth
leva M M Hobiuett company II Tenth
j I N Kiugler company C Tenth
IxjsA 1 i5ooly comuany F Tenth
i XI K M Wynne company II Tenth
1 xa
t Francis surgeon Tenth S Yates
iiiiiai F Tenth 1 M Minter company
1 Ii infantr H O Thomas company
A Mirli 1 1 Loving company D Ninth
li N lliidcrson adjutant Ninth T 1
s ii ns company D Fifteenth D F Red
< in ininpany 15 Fifteenth J M Ash
m company II Fifteenth 1 P Crower
mpaiy P Fifteenth J I John
t in company C Fifieenth 15
r t company J Fifteenth
A I Andrews colonel 11th A 1 Sanders
i I lilii K 11 White Co 15 11th U
1 II Mlerson Co 1st sharpshooters
i iftcws were electeil as follows
i icnt T Kster Texarkaua viec
i i nt Col A 1 Andrews Helton
iiind vicepresident 1 11 Ash
s pimr Sprints secretary K M
i i Sulphur Springs
i uniiiiitlot on resolutions on the death
i John 1 Camp of San Antonio
el tho Fourteenth Texas was ap
t 1
r i
Ktos introduced the following res
mi l esohed that it is the duty of
c Confederate soldier to lend his aid
i IT down to those who succeed us
history of the war between the
i s causes and our achievements
s u cd further that as individuals we
ulidiityto demand of those who
nt us in our state legislature a just
> un of our services in defense of the
1 that we lcep it before our
isluturo that humanity justice and
ii demand that the state should by
ii icibe means care for indigent and
il i i oufeuerate oidier and that our
i bo requested to take all legal
ii Maid going a moneyed ivnsion to
liid and needy exConfederate sol
our state
i i iibeir s brigade there were pres
ti I Van Zandt Co 1 7th
r > I Forrest captain Co II TthTev
i lhiison Co stli Tex lolin W
j L 10th To George W Sto
C 10th Tex T V C They re
i < iii O 1 Forrest president and
1 n andt secretar
> > f i is brigade there were nresent
in ilmiIo N C Stains eompani II
I n iinetit J 11 Ilroun company 1
i Iisriinent D F Willis company A
11lion K W Tittle company II Third
r > meat Fd O Williams company f le
gon T F Smith company O Sixth B
I Tarkiiiirtoncompany H Third rezimeut
1 lam l DawsoniOiiiiiany II Third recr
l ic t U C Smith company ij Legion
1 < s Kimball company F Jegion S
< iserine adjutant Ninth regiment II F
iiM ie company F Third J II JJroek
imnany 1 Sixth K K Bell company 11
lliitil M t Miller company I Third T
Wooillouse company F Sixth
A M Witi ii company I Thini
< 1 leer empany A Third
i A Bowcii company J Third
lJ Uridires company K Sixth T M
Pres company K T bird T T Anderson
company D Third Jeff Cee iompiny 1
Th iv William Uyan couipany F Thinl
lain letre company C sixth 1 N
Sparks company C Ninth D W Odell
tompanv 1 Ninth II C Dial company K
NiaU J 11 Maloney company B Ninth
1 I > Cummings company A Ninth F
t tunner company F legion C C IIus
ttaci cutiipany C Sixth Miss Fannie
Soaius hoiiorary II Loser company Iv
S ti 1 W Milter company I First
b i i Arkansas cavalry
> meeting of this brigade was called to
b apt II C Dias A committee
us snug of T T Anderson of theTliiiil
i i M I Miller of tho Ninth Texas II
s Ivi uiiicle Ixjgion and T Z Woodhouse
< e > th Texas was appointed on inor
tini iirous consent the brigade made
n liabrey a sou of CoL IIP Mabray
ii rjrv member
si ution iras passed reuuesting the
i i < o telcgiaph icsolulions
yirpaiLy to thu widow of
CoL J C Bates of Paris and
a committee was appointed to draftsuitable
resolutions consisting of M G Miller G
L Gnscom of the Ninth Texas The elec
tion of ofllccrs resulted
T Z Wordhouse iiresident J F An
derson vicepresident Third Texas J II
Brock Sixth Texas John N SparksNinth
CoL Smiths legion treasurer George W
Geer IV Ml Wilson colorbearer B F
Stephens chaplain G L Griscom secre
thi CAMrnitE
A Thoroughly Knjojable Evenlneat Como
Park Paiillmii
The meeting at Como park las night was
called to order by Col R M Henderson
The programme was that Mayor Smith
should on behalf of the city welcome the
exConfederates to Fort Worth but on ac
count of an important meeting of the city
council he was unable to be present aud
Hon James W Swayne was called uxjii
to welcome the visitors to the
city Mr Swayne said It seems
that some one has to be called upon to wel
come our visitors to Fort Worth and I take
it as a pleasure and as an honor that it falls
to my lot to do so That Fort Worth has
alwaj s been hospitable to every organiza
tion that has met within her borders and
sjft 3ks always extended a welcome to whomso
ever has come is well known throughout
Texas and how much more should
we welcome you who fought for
us and bled for the lost cause But it mat
ters not so far as our hospitality is con
cerned whether you fought lor the North
or for the South you are welcome to our
city If there is anything in Fort Worth
which you want ask for it and it is yours
If there is anything that you hesitate to ask
fortake it without the asking remembering
that you are exConfederates and
that Fort Worth knows that you are
her guests If there have lieen mistakes in
your reception it is because others have
waited for the committee to act thinking
that all necessary arrangements had been
made I f there has been any seeming lack
of hospitality I assure you it is not in tho
bosom of this people The body of the
people rejoice that you are in our inidstaud
on behalf of these 1 asrain extend to you
a most hearty geeting and welcome from
the people of Fort Worthassuring you that
one and all of us will bo more than pleased
to entertain outit our firesides and give
you our heartiest welcome
Capt C C Cummiugi was to have deliv
ered an address of welcome on behalf of R
E Lee camp of exConfederates but for
some reason presumably on account
of sickness he was absent
and Capt Veal addresoed the veterans in
behalf of Ii 11 Lee camp as follows
Capt Cummings who was to have deliv
ered an address of welcome on behalf of
our camp is absent H is absence is I am
certain occasioned by some reason that is
imperative I shall make you no speech
but as a member of U K Lee camp in ai
dition to what Mr Swayne has said I wi
to extend ou a hearty wcleojtie
from every citizen of Fort IVoifh
and from each member of Lee camp eoi
a soldier s welcome These reunions
conduchu to a rejuvenation or us old sol
diers When I attended the lirst reunion I
felt as if live years would be added to my
life After I had returned from the second
I added ten more years to my allowance
At tho next the period was lengthened to
fifteen then to twenty and when 1 re
turned from the last one about three
mouths ago I felt as if t would
like to live always among ihose old Confed
erate comrades who fought so bravely In
this connection I wish to say in honor ot
those who died and tlso of those who
still live that no history however ancient
furnishes a counterpart for the bravery and
silfsacriiice shown by the Confederate sol
diery Those opposing us had the treasury
of the government to back them had full
rations and all the equipments of
war iDifferent motives promptedjthe North
and the South Somes of those whowore
the blue fought for the freedom of the ne
gro others for glory and others still for
the old Hag The South s motives were the
preservation of tho homes of her people
and to keep inviolate the rights which she
deemed were inalienable In tho attempt
to protect their firesides and retain these
rights I hey fought with a desjieration sel
dom witnessed Fought shoeless without
clothes and hungry I have known com
rades to exist for live dais with no more
than a handful of corn to each man and
lighting constantly Such sufferings and
such privations as these were endured by
the men who have met here today
Some years since I stood in the cemetery
on Arlington Heights overlooking Washing
ton City Here are buried many brave sol
diers Over the grave of every Uuionsoldier
rests a white marble shaft that glistens in
the sunlight So far as possible the name
of each soldier is carved in the stone In
one corner of the cemetery there is another
patch of graves Over these no marble
shafts point sunward Instead there rests
at the head of each mound a narrow pine
board made yellow by wind aud weather
On this board there is painted in letters of
black the single word rebel Standing
before these graves in company with
a party of irentlenien with these crceu
mounds and this epitaph of ono syllable star
ring me in the face I was asked what I
thought of tho inscription I answered
tnat it was the grandest that could have
been written and that 1 wanted no grander
placed upon my tomb Every Confederate
should remember the noble women of
our Sunny Southland Had it not
been for the encouragement and
love of daughters sisters and
wives the struggle would have ended much
sooner What they endured for us should
never bo forgotten but should be a crown of
glory to the sex And now my comrades 1
again bid you a hearty welcome in behalf
of K E Lee camp
Judire II J league a member of Ross
brigade on behalf of the association re
siKmdcd to the address of welcome Judge
Teague said In the tns t place
on behalf of the Confederate vet
erans who have assembled in
Fort Worth I desire to thank the gen
tlemen who have spoken o kindly and
through them to thank the citizens of Fort
Worth We accept the kind expressions for
their full worth and feel certain thaV
it but echoes the sentiment of the people ot
Fort Worth We have become gratified at
our reception and assure you that we shall
take nothing home save kind remem
brances of our stay in jour ciiy
This could be made the occasion for re
marks of a varied nature but 1 wish to
sjicak a word for the soldier who lost his
all tar that which he thought was right
For him who fought and lost all
except honor a word of good cheer is al
ways salutari When I met my immediate
comrades at Terrell some years ako at the
li lst reunion pleasant feelings came over me
When 1 saw these old comrades whom I had
last seen on the bloody field of battle and
talked with them of the old battle grounds
of the lost cause and of the brave boys
who have left us breasts heaved and faces
blanched that had not done so since
the scenes we talked of had been in reality
enacted I knew then that the bond of
sympathy was unbreakable aud would last
through life It was the Confederate soldier
and 1 am glad that an opportun
ity presents itself that 1 inav
express my appreciation of his lofty char
acter and high attainments It may seem
strange to the youth of the country to see
us meet together and to witness the en
thusiasm displayed but to you my dear
comrades it seems natural
Judge Teague then reviewed the causes
which led to the war and showed whv the
> eople of the South thought it was their
right to secede He said he thought it
but right that all the causes
should be known and that the
children of exConfederates should be
taught that their fathers were not rebels
and traitors but men who fought
for a cause which they thought
was just and for principles which
weio imbedded in justice HetoM how the
South thought the institution of slavery
should ba governed locally and that the
srovernment had no right to interfere that
the South when it seceded contemplated
no treason to the country and that
no one will accuse them as traitors The
si > eaker then reviewed some of the great
lessons taught the nation by the war and
closed by pnying a tribute to the bravery
of those who fought on either side saying
that tho military achievements of both
sid f were but the common heritage of the
American people and would ever live green
in their memory
Judge Teagues speech was an exceed
ingly interesting one and teemed with elo
quent climaxes and beautiful descriptions
Space forbids a more extended report of
the speech
I r 1 c Hates Died at laris
Special to the Gazette
Paris Tex Aug 11 Dr J C Bates
died here at noon today Ho went in the
Confederate service as a private in the
Ninth Texas cavalry Ross brigade and
rose by regularpromotion to the colonelcy
Tho news of his death will be read with
sorrow by the brigade now assembled in
your city
The Northwest Texas Association In Ses
iuu at Vernon A Large Gathering
The Programme
Special to the Gazette
Veuson Wiibahgep CorxTr Tex
Aug 11 The Northwest Texas press as
sociation was in session here today with
the largest representative meeting it has
over had Every train brings new addi
tions and several members are expected
to arrive later Several members are
accompanied by their wives and relatives
The hotels and private residences are
crowded and the best attention is given
them The morning was spent in
sightseeing and driving about town
aud the afternoon was devoted
to a business session of the association
with Col Dawson in the chair
Eight new members were admitted
Nearly every paper in Northwest Texas
is represented Several amendments were
added to the constitution and the advisa
Oility of striking from the roll nonpartici
pating members discussed
Mr Doherty of Wichita FalLs was the
orator of the day his subject being the
press which was well received Tonight
a ball and banquet to the members is in
progress attended largely by the most
prominent citizens of the town Tomorrow
morning promptly at S oclock the associa
tion will be driven through the town and
inspect the elevators see the factories
flour mills aud other enterprises
and proceed to Paradise Heights
where Capt E J Waldran and R
B Gaut iiresident of the board of trade
have arranged for a grand watermelon
spread They leave on the afternoon train
for Denver Col the Fort Worth and Den
ver city railroad through Mr W V Now
lin general passenger ageii having kindly
tendered the pie t inexcursion to that
nt grafts jff
> J
P Old Ahtl
Lrd Li
uirg AI
e ten jKantJis oldVAas al
5oiffteeth glVe JtrjJr HI
ilKTvCjra l4rTrfe lutppJest
ed K ryJofflcshouWiavr
Do you feel weak aud ba
dozen bottles of Spate
At Dcnlxnl
Special to the Gazette
DkxisON Gkaysov CorxTV Tex Aug
11 The election on the amendments to the
constitution in this city today was very
quiet aud not over t10 otes were cast
The first third and fifth amendments were
carried and the second and fourth were
lost by small majorities
At IVaco
Special to the Gazette
Waco Tex Aug 11 Tho election for
constitutional amendments today was
quiet Following is the vote for the amend
ment to section 4 article 0 of the constitu
tion relating to voting 1544 against SI for
the amendment to section 1 article 7 of the
constitution of the state of Texas 140
against 21S for the amendment to section
11 article It of the state constitution to re
duce rate of interest 245 against 113 for
local control liil against 11J for the
amendment to article 1 of the constitution
relating to the judiciary 2S1 against 74
At IVrrj
Special to the Gazette
Peihiv Fills Coixti Tex Aug 11
The election was quiet only twentyone
votes polled
At WeatheiTord
Special to the Ga7ette
Wkatukpfokd Paiikku Coextv Tex
Aug 11 All amendments carried atthis pre
cinct with a large majority except the one
pertaining to local control of the liquor traf
fic which earned by a very small majority It
was the lightest vote evercast here the four
boxes in this city composing this precinct
casting less than 200 votes The same boxes
usually cast between 1200 and 1500 votes
At Austin
Special to the Gazette
Austin Tex Aug 11 The saloons were
all closed here today and tho election was
extremely quiet The vote was the lighest
on record there being no apparent interest
whatever Indications are that the Jester
school fund amendment has failed in the city
by a small majority and was swamped
in the country The judiciary amendment
has carried in town by a big majority the
vote in the Fourth ward beiug 12 against to
57 for The vote for local control 12 for to
K against This will be offset in the country
The vote on the interest amendment
in the same ward stood 10 lor and Si
against on the school fund amendment 32
for and 3o against ouTthe registration
amendment the vote s twd 53 or and 14
against This Ltiraiif indication of how
tI M > N Jtfb fcc t
the capitalcitgfbtedvCilrthe amen
laK Zt
forty jjJSrs cnriuR
oft greajrr pa
ic bracate utunTX
pi > jcrr
An Assignment Made The Ite li or Car
rjiuff out the Laws
Special to the Gazette
Dexisox Tex Aug 11 W T Cutler
proprietor of the White Elephant saloou
made an assignment of his business and fix
tures last night to John Nevins for the
benefit of preferred creditors This has
been tho sporting headquarters of the city
for a long time and it is thought that the
closing of houses on Sunday and stopping
gambling had a great deal to do with clos
ing down
Kmployes of a Dallas Electric Kailtrar
Want Their Taf
Special to the Gazette
Dallas Tex Aug 11 For some time
there has been much dissatisfaction among
the employes of the Live Oak and Pearl
street electric railway on account of non
payment of their wages Late this evening
the matter culminated in an attachment be
ing run on one of the cars to satisfy claims
of three of the men amounting to about
one hundred and twenty dollars The car
is now locked aud in the hands of the con
Kefase to Pay Scalp Fees
Special to the Gazette
Stx Axgelo Ton Green Couxtt Tex
Aug 11 The county commissioners in
session hsre today bluntly refused to pay
the fees ou the scalps of wild animals as
provided in an act passed by the recent leg
islature It would require thousands of
dollars to pay for the scalps of the wild ani
mals in each county in West Texas which
would virtually throw tbein into bank
The Sanie Hone OnPy au Hour Before Hail
Won the Second Kace au the Pro
gramme Other Sports
Kecord Rroken
Chicago III Aug 11 Another record
was broken at Garfield park today Van
Buren carrying ninety ixjunds and with T
Sloan in the saddle ran one and one six
teenth miles in 140 flat the best
previous record being l ijo made
by Prince RoyaJ at Sheepshead
Bay last year What makes the perform
ance more remarkable is the fact that Van
Buren had only an hour before won the
second race on the programme in very fast
time The horse was an extreme outsider
in the betting The results are as foliows
First race one mile Osborne won Boreo
second First Lap third Time 1 Aii
Second race seveneighths of a mile
Van Buren won Camillia second Alphonzo
third Time V
Third race fiveeighths of a mile Addie
won Fariue second Gorman third Time
Fourth race ono and onesixteenth miles
Vau Buren won Silver Lake second Nina
Archer third Time 140
Fifth race threequarters of a mile Lar
garder won Mary L second Gadabout
third Time 110
Sixth race one mile Hindoo Lass won
Ora second Neva C third Time 14
To be Iletlred
Sax Fkixciuco Cal Aug 11 Surol is
to be retired from the turf having recently
sustained a serious injury of the thigh and
her trainer says it would ruin her for life
to drive her now and it is doubtful if she
can be driven again
At Morris Park Xew York
MorRis Paiik X Y Aug 11 The junior
champion stakes for twoyearolds six fur
longs was won by Sir Matthew with Dag
onet second Bashford third Time 1 M
Hawthorne lark Kare
Cntciro III Aug 11 First race one
half milo Glenola won Miss Nihil second
Miss Bulwark third Time 1 l
Second race one mile and one furlong
Lory Doxey won Friel second Prince
third Time 000
Third race onehalf mile Milo won De
ceit second Fannie S third Time M sec
Fourth race six furlongs Fanking won
llyaulioe second Lizzie D third Time 119
frites v Fijth race steeplechase short course
Evangeline won Leander second Specula
tor third Time 3110
Saratoga Karls
jlSiSAi tTOGA N V Aug 11 First race
one mile aud seventy yards Racine won
Eon second Madstono third Time 144X
Second race six furlongs Leona V won
Emma Primrose second Rio Grande third
Third race one and onehalf miles Ber
muda won Santa Auua second Bolero
third Time l Ai
Fourth race seven furlongs Riufax won
Los Angeles second Time 123
Fifth race sixth furlongs Luray won
Tearless second Cerebus third Time 110
Morris Park Karls
Morris Park N Y Aug 11 About
10000 persons made a trip here today to see
the struggle for the junior championship
and they were treated to a day
c firstclass racing The number
of persons present did not indicate
the interest in the race by any means but
the weather was so insufferably hot
that when the time to start for the
track arrived none but the most en
thusiastic could muster sufficient courage
to undertake the journey They thought
that the grand stand would be a roaring
lurnaee but they were mistaken About 1
oclock heavy clouds came up and acted
as a veil to the suns rays and
quite a respectable breeze as
sisted very materially in cooling
the atmosphere Still it was not exactly
cool but it was better than roasting in
the city The best twoyearolds of
the year including His Highness
St riorian Victory and Normad w ere not
eligible to start for the rich purse but
thero were Merry Monarch a colt
that was considered but a few pounds
below His Highness Dagonet
Yorkvillo Belle Georgia and a number of
other good ones to make it interesting for
the talent The track could not have been
in better condition and ono of the best jun
ior champions ever run was looked for
The big event was the second on the card
and names of the probable starters were no
sooner posted than a wild rush was made
for the betting ring Nothing was wanted
but Merry Monarch He opened at 7 to 5
and thousands of dollars were bet on
him The bookmakers stood the onslaught
manfully but the bulk of the money was so
great that his price was gradually cut to
11 to 10 at which he closed There
was a rally on Dagonet and at
C to 1 he was heavily backed The next to
receive support was Marcus Dalys stable
consisting of Sir Matthew Silver Fox
and Tammany At S to 1 they
carried thousands of dollars while
They all carried US pounds except Geor
gia aud Yorlrville Belle who had 115 pounds
up Mr Caldwell secured a good
start at the second effort with
Merry Monarch the first to show
Lew Weir coupled 20 to 1 Freemout 15
to 1 Air Plant 1 to 1 Sir Mathew Silver
Fox and Tammany coupled 0 to 1 Merry
Monarch 0 to 1 Dagonet 5 to 1 Yorkvillo
Belle 0 to 1 Lavish 200 to 1 Georgia S to 1
Lord Motley 20J to 1 and Osric 12 to 1
Of the others Bashford Yorkville Belle and
liiKWrifia were about the only ones to receive
support The starters and betting were as
follows Bashford 12 to 1 Phil Divyer and
closely followed by Dagonet Georgia aud
Patrimony colt with Yorkvillo Belle aud
Ij W Wier last Georgia at once shot to
the front and showed tho way to the top
of the hill when she fell back beaten and
Dagonet took up the running Ho showed
the way down the straight chute to the
quarter where he had half a length the
best of it with Sir Mathew second
First race seven furlongs Arab won
Terrifier second Strideaway third Time
127Thfrd race mile and furlong Riot won
Reckon second Peter third Time 1 1ijta
Fourth race six furlongs Wyandotfe
Colt won Hyacinth second Alcade third
Time l14i
Fifth race six furlongs Sir George won
Lawriston second Laurel third Time 113
Sixth race one and ahalf miles Celia
won Ben Kingsbury second Rover third
ime 14
Cixcixxatl Omo Aug 11 Cincinnati
Runs 3 hits 0 errors 4 Boston
Runs 9 hits 0 errors 1 Batteries
Keenan and Kelley Haddock aud Murphy
Umpire Davis
Louisville Ky Aug 11 Louisville
Runs 3 hits S errors 2 Baltimore
Runs 2 hits 5 errors 4 Batteries
Stratton and Cahill Madden and Robin
son Umpire Ferguson
St Loris Mo Aug 11 St Louis
Rum 10 hits 1 errors 1 Washington
Runs 4 hits S errors 0 Batteries
Easton and Boyle Foreman and McGuire
Umpire Kerins
CoLUMurs Oiuo Aug 11 Columbus
Runs 2 hits 10 errors G Athletics Runs
5 hits 7 errors l Batteries Gasihght
and Dows Chamberlain and Milligan Um
pire KnelL
Nkw York Aug 11 New York Runs
2 hits 5 errors 1 Chicago Runs 0
hits 4 errers 2 Batteries Ewing and
Buckley Luby and Merntt Umpire
Botox Mass Aug 11 Boston Runs
12 hits 15 errors 1 Pittsburgh Runs
5 hits 8 errors 7 Batteries Clarkson
and Ganzel King and Bergcr Umpire
Philadelphia Pa Aug 11 Philadel
phia Runs 3 hits 7 errors 2 Cleve
land Runs 1 hits 7 errors 4 Batteries
a3 2a
4 iiiM
Gleason and Clements G ruber and Zim
mer Umpire Hurst
New York Aug 11 Brooklyn Runs
S hits 13 errors 3 Cincinnati Runs 0
hits 11 errors 2 Batteries Lovett and
Daily Radburn and Keenan U
All of the latest
style at I
served in
Concluded at Sherman Ye te > iay Other
Cases for ToDaj A Minister on
Trial for Criminal Assault
Speeial to the Gizette
Sherman Gratsox CouxTr Tex Aug
11 The cases of assault to inurder Mar
shal Blain Policeman Wallace and B art
Savage against Frost Hutchcraft and John
Bond were concluded today before Justice
Hinkle three days being consumed in tak
ing evidence The cases against
them for assault to inurder James
Stoody and John G Hammond on the same
night July 24 will bo heard tomorrov
The last two were wounded Hammond is
still in a dangerous condition A pieee of
cloth was taken out of Savages leg today
which went in with the gun
shot on that awful night and he
now has a good chance for recovery The
bond of Hutchcraft and Bond will be fixed
up on the completion of the case begin
ning tomorrow
A package of letters were lost off the
Texas and Pacific mail train near this city
yesterday which was found by a little boy
and returned today
Tho Vau Alstyne justices court has a sen
sational case against an aged minister
charging him with criminal assault which
first came to tho surface in a church triaL
The other principal is a niece about eigh
teen years old
W tgfea tS Sa MiS8 >
Scarcity of Water mill Poor Crops Caus
ing Many > eedy to Turn Desperados
Special to the Gazette
Sax Axioxio Tex Aug 11 Advices
from many points tn the states of Gotnvil
and Durango Mexico are condensed into a
water scare poor crops and no money In
all portions of the republic a good cotton
crop has been made in but one settlement
and this is the colony of Hualilus in which
President Diaz and one of his ex ministers
are personally interested These people
have obtained water from the
river Nazas thereby depriving the
planters of the Laguna district and their
hundreds of dependents A riot has been
narrowly averted Corn in Durango is
selling at 410 per vieuga of 10a
pounds A deputation of citizens recently
visited the city of Mexico to induce the
government to remove the duty on Ameri
can corn but with no success Many of
the poor classes of Durango are destitute
and their needs have converted them into
very dangerous characters
Trouble Hetween the Two Races at Hous
ton Chancing lilse
Special to the Gazette
Houston 1rx Aug 11 There has
been trouble between certain negroes and
Italians in this city since January last be
ginning in a dispute in a horse trade
between a negro named Mich
ealu aud an Italian storekeeper
who was doing a thriving business in the
suburb The outcome has been the murder
of a negro named Scott and the wounding
of an Italian and the exodus from
the city of a number of citi
zens of Sunny Italy notably the
storekeeper who abandoned his store aud
stock and had them attached aud sold for a
debt of onethird value A dozen or
more Italians left for New Orleans
impelled to change residence by the threats
of tho uegroes The situation is regarded
as critical and only prompt action by the
authorities can avert trouble
A Iirute or a Negro Killed by a tViiman
IVhom He Was Heating
Special to the Gazette
RicnMoxn Fokt Bexi > Copxtv Tex
Aug 11 On tho Cunningham plantation
eight miles out a negro womanbeater was
last night killed by a woman Sev
eral times during the day William Wat
kins a burly brute unmercifully beat up a
little negro woman known as Stumps
About dusk last night he made another at
tempt to beat her up She fled through the
house and spying a pistol grabbed it and
shot her pursuer Watkins dropped dead
and Stump is in jail
An Oil Can Kiplodes with Fatal Kesult A
Fatal Fall
Special to the Gazette
11 Eil Holmes daughter was fatally
burned late of yesterday evening by the ex
plosion of acan oil
Mis Harris died last night from the ef
fects of a fall a lew days ago dislocating
her hip
For Throw lug Stones
Special to the Gazette
McKixxEi Coilix Cocxtv Tex Aug
11 Last night Ben Brown and Ben Tim
mons threw rocks through the windows of
a passenger coach ou the Houston
and Texas Central railway City
Marshal Burke took charge of
the case and arrested them
This afternoon they were arraigned before
County Judge Abernathy and each of them
fined i70 and put to work on the county
roads Neither of them will get Christmas
dinner at home this year
Died Suddenly
Special to the Gazette
Galveston Tex Aug 11 Lewis Leath
ern who was badly carved up by David
Hall his brotherinlaw in a
melee over family matters died sud
denly tonight He had so far
received from his injuries as to be up and
about attending to his business affairs and
was supposed to be out of all danger but
he collapsed suddenly tonight and died al
most instantly
An icecream soda for 5 cents i
at Pendery Brc
ItMeets in Annual Session at McGregor
Delegates Stracgllng In
Special to the Gazette
McGregor McLexxan Couxtt Tex
Aug 11 The state Grange convened this
morning at 10 oeloek at the Baptist church
with fifty delegates present Oth
ers arrived on the evening train
The address of welcome was delivered at S
o clock tonight by Mayor Walton Re
sponded to by John B Long of Rusk
The Maryland Alliance boasts that it can
defeat Senator Gorman
The Ozark Lumber company of Prescott
Ark was closed yesterday under an at
tachment for 101774
The latest in the way of Kansas Alliance
commercial organizations are shipping as
sociations They form part of the Alliance
programme for managing their own wheat
sales without the use of agents of any kind
Waukegon Conn reported 103 degrees in
the shade yesterday
The board of commissioners of the West
ern traffic association is in session in Chi
Galvestons t20000 protested note is still
Beeville BeeColxtt Aug 11 About
200 bales of cotton have already been ginned
in Bee county and the gins are all running
tnough tho dry weather during July has
cut the crop somewhat short and unless the
fall is very favorable the yield per acre will
be considerable less than last year though
the acreage is about onefourth more Tho
low price will cause soma of the farmers to
hold for better prices
Rockpaie Milam Cocxtt Aug 10
Cotton is arriving slowly about thirtyfive
bales of the new crop received todate but
picking is progressing and receipts will
daily increase The crop in this section
will not exceed the average and farmers are
much depressed over theprOspects for very
low prices
Browxwoop Browx Copxtv Aug 10
We have had fine rains in this section in
the last week plenty of water Cotton
peas and iwtatoes are growing nicely Aii
small grain turned out well and is uow
housed There is plenty of corn
Graxbukv Hood Cocxtt Aug 11
There is great complaint from all parts of
the county about ball worms in tho cotton
Some report the entire crop of balls are
on and the blooms aro being dropi > ed as fust
as opened The crop is very eviaently dam
aged beyond recovery and cannot possibly
make over onefourth the amount promised
one week ago They are still working anil
the rains will only strengthen them The
first bale of new cotton came in Saturday
August S classed strict middling and
weighed 510 pounds sold to J Baker A C >
at s1 cents and was shipped to Houston
yesterday It was raised by George Fitz
hugh eight miles west of town A ve
heavy rain has fallen in this section of the
country during the last twelve hours and
only increases the anxiety about the worms
in the cotton J ore rain is appearing this
Rockdale Milam county Work on the
Christian church will begin in a few days
and wheu completed li will bcan ornament
to the town
Rockdale Milam county The brick
buildings ou Main street being built by
Witcher Coftield and Judge J S Perry
are Hearing completion aud quite a num
ber of dwelling houses are springing up
Rockdale Milam county A large force
is at work on the cotton seed oil mill which
will be completed in ample time for the sea
sou s business
The fine suspension bridge over the Big
Elm will be ready for travel by Satuiday
Aug S It will bo turned oer to the
county next weekat the regular term of tne
commissioners court Decatur Monitor
Land sales are rapidly improving and the
prospect for the fall trade is erv gocd
Brownwood Banner
The county assessor is of the opinion that
the total increase of valuation < < f property
over last year will amount to 722311
Artesian water was struck on A II Bu
rows farm near Waring Kendall county
last week at 117 feot of depth The curb
ing was forced up four or live feot above
the surface and the stream pouted over it
with a bold flow Cuero Bulletin
Thomas B Miller is having a well bored
on his place which is now eightythree feet
deep Limestone rock was struck at tweu
tylive feet This is the first limestone
rock found in the eouny Claude News
Garland will have a grand Democratic
1 lien ic and barbecue on the 22nd W lie
Gainesville Cooke Cocxtt Aug s
The Confederate reunion in this city next
week promises to be the biggest thing ever
seen in Gainesville There will be a tre
mendous crowd but arrangements are
being made to entertain all
SiLiiirr Sfuixos HoikixsCoixtv July
9 Preparations are being made for a grand
Democratic barbecue here on tho 15th inst
Culberson Chilton and other prominent
speakers have accepted invitations to lie
present ou that day and a good time is
looked for
Beitox Beil Cocxtt Aug 0 Meas
urements of the third artesian well were
taken yesterday aud it is estimated that it
flows 1100000 gallons of water per day
which shows it to bo the strongest well in
Texas It Hows more water than the two
other wells combined The water is better
than either of the others beiug 4j degrees
Beeville Bee Cocxtv Aug 11 The
commissioners court for Bee county is m
regular session this week and will approve
the lax rolls for Istl which are completed
Said rolls show that there was rendered for
taxation 5534b7 acres of land valued at
S221S4M1 horses 1602 valed at 100100
cattle 07bG3 value 303163 sheep 32S0 at
il per head hogs ltis > value 1760 eitv
property 493050 carriages buggies and
wagons 5S0 value 22590 and other prop
erty aggregating in all a total valuation of
3949fV57 This is an increase in valuation
over lbJO of 10074W
The number of polls tendered in lSs were
44S in 1S90 5S7 aud in 1591 Ml The Aran
sas Pass railway tenders fortynine and
twofifths miles of road valued at t3702i i9
including 44299 for rolling stock The
Southern Pacific thirteen aud ouethird
miles at 50775 rolling stock only t2s72
The Western Union telegraph company
tenders sixtyone and onehalf miles at
3075 State tax iV > s3 state school 4937
county advalorem tax at 15 cents on the
109 valuation 5923 road and bridge tax
the same total state and county taxes
24045 There are on the rolls the names of
sixtysis individuals firms or corporations
rendering property in value between 500i
and 10000 and eightythree rendering in
excess of 10000 Those rendering 50OUO
and over are First national batik Bee
ville 50001 A C Jones 131205 Kohler
Heldenfels isO442 R E Nutt 09
575 J R Driseoll 131591 Lott
Pettus 5272sT D Wood 07002 Burr
Bros 50057 and J S Thornton 7s0flS
Beeville Bee Cocxtv Aug 11 The
artesian well at Beeville is now down over
one thousand feet aud no water yet except
that near the surface The entire distance
been through alternate strata of rock
nil clay mostly rock At Skidmore the
artesian well is not yet quite seven hundred
feet and has been through rock the most of
the distance At 000 feet a stratum of some
kind of mineral substance was encountered
There appeared to be copper and silver in
it Both wells will go down to water if
Rockdale Milam county Waterworks
and electric light plants will be established
here soon a contract having been awarded
to the Dallas construction company It will
be remembered that a contract was let some
time ago to one Mr P Kelley who failed tn
come to time much to the disappointment
of the town The new award it is confi
dently believed will be promptly carried
Bkowxwood Browx Cocxtt Aug 10
The exConfederate parade Wednesday
August 12 will be as follows Assembly
call will be made at U a m sharp The or
der of procession The P C U C band
city council lire department board of
trade exConfederate and exFederal sol
diers the H P Rifles states represented
by fortyfour young ladies in uniform on
horseback citizens The council
will reopen bids for electric lights on tho
20th of this month
For every dollar received by the Gazette
In subscription to its week
tra copy fo MgiliBMffrr > e sent to any
nated outside the state or
wo copies for one year wilt be sent outside
ttie state
What is Scrofula
Itlstbfttlapcrttriathobood wh s
latinc In tlie plandj of tha ne i p
i5htlT lu np or swelling vri h cA
martini sorts en the arm l > c or
7it will ne irivi >
win iiiijuiiv of tliiin i
vincei tint tli < lit
l > v Atci Steam Aiv
tliftcil with Ionium
iliitis or Niiintliria can
tiuV will trv
in li iiK St Fori W
Il K v I
G V Smith St louiN
son Chii i i 1 S I
V t Lev AnM
Helton Tex R I
T C Hill Lominam
Indian Territory V 1
Tev IC Hrauiloii New I
and wile Henrietta V I
Mi h 11 T HmiTinib
1 R Milam Clen Ro
J Smith Waco Mrs t I i
Ceo V Wear Itjllas D C li
MoI R Flair and wife Dm
lli enbolhyin Dublin T
ter Atlanta Cla WI
1 F Pebble Colorado pi
Sherman Dallas John Ii H
etta A 1 Colp Iowa Par <
St Ioni T O Anderson
I jive Dallas R D Si i V
Cha II Sparks Ivovoi N V v
son 1 1 Ilittii I
Tex Wendon A
W II Keefer Chicago 1 t >
Denton F K unoii > l > in
Mo W IC IlawUin Pal a < >
Comment Henry Ollrii
1 SaiKanl St Ijiius i i
San Antonio t > M IJuiii
P Hudirins Chicago D <
nali lohu W Henri c
Civan Pallas i J Rn 1
ludIohnF ClirIy Mi
Kansas City W ft Kuun i
A K Allien Temple A I
fjelo Cal IS 1 Wade Ut
St loifn II I Toasren I >
Marshal i Mabry Honlir
Dorado Springs Mo
i ii i
1 1 Hineinan Aiuki i
telnian Xew York 1 U
Kv E D Frazler St Lot
New York II C Harlail a
Kock 15 T Kstes Tomiiv i
Marshall M Slaub i i t
Arnold Marshall JiUn
York 1 Karlii anI iv
Hugo Sacks lalvetn
Iiorough Knni > Tex P i >
Henrv Terrell St Ijii i
Dallas RM Iliggs Au
Dallas WM Dannie Vi
Burns Cleveland Ohio U i
York II 15 Warlster I
George Knglatid iulf < a
Fe railrway Dr Grant ai
ter Texarkana W M Iiai t
nati OhioG T Anderson Mi
Dutz Graham Matj
ens Tex 1 P u <
Prairie A Xewbergir i I ii
A LotisilaV New York IJ > <
1 F Mulhall I5ryanl IS
Mo V mOxiie and wiu >
Robinson Chicago IjO V h
Levi Orcr Galveston Jij l
nati Ohio Francis K Hi 1 i
heimer New York
John T Ileal Colorado J t > i
lanta IMFPfatne New Slr i
ing Comanche FWtobl i
K Jaines Goldlhwaite Mr 5 i
Yicksburg Miss Mrs Jo y
Comanche Mrs It B httoi Ar >
Mis Sadio Carter Pju >
Maud Jackson Oscoot 1 T i uut
anihe Mrs Stella WhitUi Ar
lewisSey mour S V Iangstu M v
J L Lomasney Dallas 1 A Kji
veton William Henderson N >
V Gathings and wife 15 F i
ington J R Sanders Quana > 11
ball Sherman D G Duffei
Faulkner QuanahH M ilo > t
W P Johnston St Lou Mi
Dallas Tux W R Mour
Tex R C Smith S > pi
1 L Morgan Cleburne C 11 K
Yernon Kd Dewey Sim Sj <
Francis Mater Charlie Fran i
Mrs S V Sherman Amor a 1
Galveston Col F R HawL
J J Gibson Winusboro M H
Yernon L Hearn 15elle Plan H
Hearne Sherman R If C > h
Smith Ark John D Mil he i u
1 Dorsey and wife Dublin Wn I
J F Moore Mt Yernon P J5 M
Louis A J Parker W > bii i
Shannon and daughter 1
Etta Witttl Denver 1 M A <
phur Springs M G Miller s ir r
J J Davis Atlanta Ga Mr A
aul children Greeuvilie I
Wcatherford J MISrownS j
II A Lewis Grapevine K h I
error 15 C Faikingtou Vea ei
Iirock Wcatherford
plan will tigure largely in our w
in that state have become soi u
1 tn
r r =
ieYtloit ulc r in the rjre far err s
ciasinpVniine < spreafLiej whii fc 9 3
o pimp cancerous growths or c T r
minifesta onj Usually crtbil ti >
It ii a inorSformdibfe en m f than m
or cancer Ae for icroSa comb
possible fcat bs of tg > 3j Uein tber
it is the most LfctM of all diseases
for very KE 09 are entirely f rp
How canJtfco < < 2 By taking i s
parilla uElchbT tmcurrs it has ai
often Jkheti other 1 ditnt tave
profc Itself tobeapotwte ani y
for Jrii Urease For allSS s
Hoc Ja Sarsaparllii uacquarrpd5r
cure it has ejected art really w u < <
suCcr from scrofula in any of
bo suro to gi j Uoed > iiriji
Hoods SarsapariHa
SoldbT nil druricists f I sit for
tjC 1110ot > i to Apotie 3
A7rKc7rHAM U in <
TION r iOMlllTl llli
Nnv i tin linn ft
inir wiili any of ili < k i
to i ill it lit
tivatiil witi Aiit i
tttfin lia < iuei f niLyasi > rV
s si
I l
J ii
The National Assoiialion f UemucMtW
Clubs favorable to 1
Special to the Gazette
New Yoiik Aug 11 Th e
mittee of the National asso a
ei itie clubs met today 1 i i
private Secretary Gordon
purpose in conversation vt n
Tin Gaettk We tv
gether he said
for the national eone
Although wo have done aa 4
the last two years M0 Den
have held together Thi n j
speedily doubled Weesix o 5
in every town in the courtr m
presidential campaign We d <
ures for further organization a
many suggestions that have b > <
as to the methods of f
directing the clubs I think
political organizations and have Uw > f
did work for the party b offc
efforts of the clubs of the Fa > uu l
ance I expect these will be iWJ
adopted when the full commute >
national association meetiJ r

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