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Fort Worth gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.) 1891-1898, August 27, 1891, Image 7

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rbrat Active and Prlcea are TIlRlier Ao
tlvity In Vanderbllt Stocks London
t > Good Buyer of Our Stock
Commercial Reiam
ffil to the Gazette
rv Yoke Aup 25 Money closed at 2V
M ert the Ion est rate llielighcst was
naDgo Steady Posted rates 4 S4
er < 3Vi
ar Raw quiet but steady Musco
iMest 3c centrifugal ls > tcst 3 71lk
i dull cut loaf and crushed 5c
Hied 4 5 1G4 71 0c
a Options falrlj active with irreu
< s dunrs the day but closed hrm
i4c higher Spot lots closed firm
Ihere was comparatively little
v d tho market today with few buj
iiiinR Texas 17 < i2 C
Spot lots dull middling uplands
utures closed steady
ve Spot lots quiet Fair Kio cargoes
t utures closed dull >
Steady Buenos A res dry IS
ir > levas lOWlJc
u > Dunns the morninq dealings
veie btronp for the preatcr part
i od fractionally higher on higher
Amcrran stocks in London and
it monimgtheiu as afairli active
j nd At noon the improvement
ccniip IVures ranged Iroin J < to
i nt During the afternoon there
artivily and pines continued
V underbills were feature Iiko
i oi e time was up 2 per cent CIos
s ueie near the best of tno dav
i ice ranged from J to 2 > j per cent
poods market was moderately
i some round lots ueie taken to
v vme not distuibed however
Kill but stroiii
lei s and Fort Worth ccrtifi
rh and Denver ls iM
ge < vi mortgage 4 s SlJa
on is fib1
K msas and Texas ls 77f
Kins is and iexis 2s 41X
rkatisas and lcxa3 ls 7G
l Iailllc 1 s cw
u iacilie 2 s J3
The to < k Market
r Ga ete
h Aug 2 i IOidon pics re
i the btinnm of business
ittuliu e tins morning were
aoovo closing tcuics llus
he ii iU to opeii active and
from to point
i lit s i osmr As was the case
Vaidiit stocks emie to the
t iidit and vvcio the most
mi i of the hat
i n i w 1 ie other active stocks
t tli ii ouiias compired with
tin mdei bills weie to 1
tri opi iiing pi lee L ike Shore
i < t uitivo and Atcltson was
of the W stem toi Its lha
the re of tins roal ate
i i l pretic ilj out ef dJigct
i Ksofdamagetotnemoie
Imb frost will bo used as a
r uist thu Graugei roads for
vs et
i i uic wis 3eady at Jits opening
i with Hock Islaod St Paul
uei n pat the it tailed to beier
i Ihn disci editors of Lniou
m to lie chiclh fiom Now Ua
i no trio ultiinate outcome of tho
is assined Uissentcrs will Live
to iruko a tlc1 of tioublo In
i s i continued steady with
ii v i d u inc Liu tom
1 1 i t on heavy buy ing and
o became moio active aid
oss Su ar was less stit > nsr
< s showed an average gaiu of
l tl Ua
< s were very actiio at ad
> in Atchison incomes and
ai d lUiiib seconds were notably
Cotton Outlook
to the oiiilte
c > iiF4s La Aug 23 Atwood
c co si rutuiis lo day has
11 etition ef the reaction from the
> tut Liverpool whero th J mar
i uid i osi il lowei Whoieas
opened three lowei but tueu
i J points closing however whero
ew oik alsoopeneild points
x rn vered the IojS Our telo
i ti a iNutv Yoik ate not encour
roie ponicnts saj that tho
r 1 one prominent house thcio
ii > rovemeut aso that in tho
i tu r iiop < innge they think
In immediate position is icis
ie it tenncii He positions aio
itiu distant positions they
ie anil therefore the1 favor
ciu the Deal side
i nt crop accounts of tho
ii i uikols have been icccu
t liaa all of the clo t likely
nit shoald further damago
iw i s oi tli it character bo
i ition we ovpiel to soo a icio
ac < hues whenever there is too
On the otheu hand with
ciop ai eo mts we anticipate
> n mo in tho maikct
i Livrpool are V01 to ilty
ii i il heio and oKowhcio in tho
ii h If soots acvumul ite in
v 11 bj because there is uiihculty
I iii seis uid not b auso of a
Ms ou lo sell
i Saks 0 Quotations un
> isales bUO
c leruuipnts StocUi anil lonu >
i ik Aug 2 > Iho stock market
utno aid itronir to da Iho
11in rn slrenirli ith a moderate
of aitvitj among letding stocks
v u and w nile tho net unproveiaeit
i he tcw shares vvhuh reciivcd
s iKii an smill iho advame
a poitious of thu list iRluith
s r al zations on tho stlong stocks
11 For tho list two d ivs thoio
ii i s of a pofossional liHik aliout
is turn m al lor a long tinio and
s sulored ecellent vilnle minv
i c it bulls who wore looking and
iiia reaction last wee have con
ab mil at the higher level and
tl ho tlJl >
Piii ag g ns this morning extended
ii tu and vvhilo in subsequent
s s Paul and Atchison were laihor
ouiiiiict in the tiadirg tlcv did
ii anv muenal advaueo more than
oi of the list until lite in the d i
uc uiiir spuited upward notwith
u the rumor of aheavv llo itmg debt
ore several inaiked advances
ilu oactne shares and gams in Hio
Western stoiks Chesapeake and
aou uioat Nonheic profeired vvero
v piomincnL
udvamo ctiiiinued almost without
iouou tbDughout the da although
w snoshurp upwaiil movement and
i t eflur eo prevent it 1 he onl iu
o note ociutred in tl e last hour but
et at the cioso was agun active
aonjjer at the highest prices of tho
uti ii railroid bouds was again most
> d i uiji net was dei idedii strong
no whole list is materially higher
< lincut bonds Dull and firm
scaio bonds tulnely ntijleeled
Inquiries from Citizens oTTrxan Answered
by Col 1 It Hltt of Chicago
CltlCACO IlL Aug 17 1S01
J orGaiette
or iso oral months past I have received
ter of laquirv from citizens of Texas by
a oust evcrv mail asking when the court
cm Ctiiins will ad upon the iDdua depxeda
Hon claims and what will ba tho probable
outcome Other questions on the same
subject are asked and knowing the wide
circulation of iour papfr we have thougl t
it advisablo to write you for publication a
letter vbich will rive much of tha Informa
tion called for bv those letters of inquiry
Thoro are ovor six thousand claims of
citizens of the United States against the
Indians for losses growing out of Indian
depredations A largo number of the
claimants are citizens of Texas
The law of March 3 lbOl give the court
ofcliims jurisdiction ovor these claims
This court sits in the citv of Washington
where all these claims will be Iron under
tho law and the rules and regulations of
tho court of claims
Most of the clims which have been here
tofore filed with the commissioner of In
dian affainj h ive been transferred to the
court of claims by petition of the claim
ants the fa ts stated in the petition having
been verified under oath either by tho
claimants or their attone s of re < ord
No claim has j ct been tried before the
court Iho court adjourned lite in June
for tho summer vacation and will not meet
until October
CThe appointrceitof an assistant attorney
general provided forbi the act of March 3
1lil h is lioen made The appointee Hon
L V Colbj of Nebraska is familiar with
tl > c character of the claims the extent of
the many Indian raids and the consequent
looses and misfortunes of the men of tho
border states
Ihere are throe classes of cltims now
being docketed bv the eerk of tho court
under the instructions of the attorneygen
eral viz
1 Those cases where a finding has been
had hi the depirtmeut and a favorable rec
ommendation made to congress
2 Those cases where a fending has been
mide by special areats of the department
and a favorable recommendation made by
h in but on which there has been uo final
act ion by the dep irtment
8 Ihose cses wnere no artion has been
taken looking to an investigation of tho
claims bv the dep utmenL
With lus third class will bo docketed
cla ins which have been investigated bi the
lUp irtment together with those where an
unfavorable repoit was made to congress
Ia tc I IllTT
Forecasts for the Next Storm
Wave Its Course
The KalnMaKrrs Mr ToMer Discusjes
Their 31 tlmda ami Cfira Uncle
bam it 1 riemilr Tv About
Tlli4t Mioultl ho Done
Spcclal to tho Gizette
Sr Josli ii Mo Au 2J My last lotter
gvef Jiee istsof thestoim w ivodae to cross
thecoirment fiom Zi to Jjth aid the uet
w ill be uuj to leve the P icillo co ist about
August J7 cioss fu iocivj Ailoghonv vil
li i from sth toSOlh and loach the Atlm
tie co ist about tho list Very hot weather
ill p cede this sto in wave and severe
loi il stoi ns in iv ba etpjt < d Conip ir i
liveii the wea hci v ill oe quiet tin ou hout
August pepaiaton to tho g c ii stoims to
follow Iho weather will aveiage hot dur
ing the last lulf of August and the first
hall of SoptMiiber aftei which a decided
enaiice mai be expected
I will teisj it that all shoald ho prepared
foraneaih anil hard winter cspectillv in
all that counlii diainel b tl o Mississip l
liver i nd the Western great lakes Ihose
who wish to save corn todile will need to
do so crlv Late com inthoNortheiucon
blt will need to be cat befoio it is matuie
to save it trom caiiv fiost I expect a kill
ing fi ist m the not thai n edges of the com
bell on September 17 or Is with a piobaoil
n v th it fiost vvid do sooie dam c on the
lath or lltli Iot math rainfall is expected
fiom tho stoim wave of 27ih to 31st but
iAlitor ti iutiese of tho drouth area
Loral rams will continue to be of the cloud
burst llitUll
wcvTitni csn nrCE voTn
Contiauingl e discussion of the national
vvpither maps I must aud th it the weather
baieiu does not lecogmzo tho tact thita
high and low bnoiieter constituting an
c ktin pan ofiru form within a low ba
toineui oi sotrn ceater and in failing to
reiornize in s fact both tho forceasis ard
the maps beeamo deheioat Clou lb lis s
Viitesi oils and totnaooes are small lov J
baromcers of geat foice and much lower
th in the low birometei in vhah thearo
fonned alhou h thev are lisuillv far from I
tho ceutei of the geneial low buomctei
1 nei causo ten ifie upspouts of atn osphers
and must bo fed b a louespoiidiuglj hieh
buoniotei and downpour of atmospheie
which ofteu foim vUhin the geneial low
biionictcr 1 he watlermap ai lists fill
ing to tecogtiie this lqiortant fact ill iw
then so irs and lsohcruis so as to m ike it
aj ear that duos reirrns where in lealitj
is tho most peifeet older
nit lain MiKnri
Let us give their a f ur h aiing I hone
the prcs will not be < o unfair vith them
as it was with me lue oi six veatsago
ihohrst expenment bi tleiiur makers in
Texas was somewhit favoiaole to their
theoucs m tint tho expeiiment wis ner
fjrmed whoie a diouth has been affecting
thocountrv and in a eliui lto tint vciagcs
onli a small lainlill Cut on the other
hind thciu vvero tlnee stoim waves duo lo
ciossthe KoekvAIleghiiiv vallev from Au
gust > to 1 aud their U itcs hid beea m
uoiuiced m ii lottots and southern rouos
piedieted for them Mecuii pissed its
gieatcst disturbing point on the lith and Ml
increased amount ol foggv clouJv weitliT
h id been piedieted lhe moon nassej its
gicatest tustiiibiug point on the Itth and
tie storm centet tint would be most
afTectcd by those disturb mces was due to
piss east of the Hoi ltv mount uns on tho
10th lhe weather m pi sliow tlntastoim
wave h id moved f om the Pacil e coast and
its low b irometer w is m Jeiv Mexico its
hiclt in Montana on the Uth and lams had
fallen fiom Matutob i to Southwestern Col
oiulo lhe nmement of the storm no
was veri lavorable to runs in Texas on tho
luh but we cannot sai that rains would
have fallou without tho explosions of dyna
mite and powder 1 he experimenters h ivo
a light to choose the most f ivorable time
foi thnr tests and to locito their tests in
the pith of the moisture from the fulf of
Mxno Midland Tex is one of the most
and loc limes in the state but for several
veirspast thov hive hid a vcii considera
ble ramfalh Judei the cueumstances a
numbor of successful expeuments will ba
lecessiri before the public will be con
vinced that ram can be pioduced bi explo
sions at an expense which tho government
ran afloiii to poj Hut rain making is a
mattci of gieat imioitanceto the public
and i OOO is not sufllcieut to thoroughly
test the theoii Even if the theory doc3
not piumiso much congress should make a
liberal appropriation aud luvo it mote
thoioughlj tosted
1 Uo Australian who has been making
rain in Ohio is also attractiur much atten
tion It wih be observed that be ilso se
lci for his experiments the dajs on whiih
the sorm w ives are due and this proves
him to be a close observer If ho is cor
rectly understood his scheme is tho op
posite of the bombardment plan Tbe lat
tei is bi expansion causing a rlsinc atmos
phere and a consequent suction drawing
the moisture and clouds to a focal point
1 he Australians theory appears to be that
of condensing the atmosphere by chemi
cals thereby causing an tndraujht aud a
diawing togethei of thuclouds and moisture
by that means Both theories are coireet
and tho only question is as to their practi
cabilitv It is not doubted that uncer
favorable circumumces rain can be pro
duced bi either of these processes bat tho
amount and cxpeaso are tho great ques
tions The theor of the Australian should
be given a fair test and althourh ho has
not asked it congiess should make a liberal
appropriation for testing it Xotrly ono
fomth of tho tillable land of thacailh is un
pioductive for want of rmn and tho wnolo
human race would be benefited if a means
of economically producing rain could bo
Wo aro on tho eve of groat discoveries
that will vastly benefit all mankind and
governments should be on the alert not
only to aid in making these discoveries
but also in securing tho benefits to the
masses and preventing corporations from
turning tbee discoveries into means of ex
tortion and oppression As a rule the in
ventors the men and women who mako
great discoveries and the massesdo not re
ceive their due pottlon of benefits while
corporations receive morn than is thctr
due W T Fosteij
> o 215 Enigma In niirme
I Uveil before tbe Pootl yet still am roans
I Entitle all Knguagcn > et ha e no longus
In desert I wan born neer veut to school
Nor ever understood a grammar rule
Vet hen the courtly gallant talks lo ma
Iv e is polite a uiaect as lie
I sympathize with all in jo and pain
Laugh with the raerrv with the fad compLJa
By nature taught such nn obliging way
I cocr shall contradict whatoer yoa saj
> o 31G Decapitation
Eehcui a flower of pleasing hue
A useful fluid twill bring to v levri
Beheail a plant Its odor sweet
And lo a swain j our eye will creeL
No 217 A Zlgxac Fozzl
Maie seven three latter words of ths
smtll pictures Tace the seven letters
w hich arc lined In the sm ill diagram and
they will make a place of resort
Vo SI3 Beliojillns
I im a word of sit letters Remove my
Initial letter and an officer of n p nal
institution is changed into the hero of a
fimouspocm Then remove my first two
letters anil there will reniim a lair Re
store to my whol nnd remove tha last
threo letters and a cause of desolation will
No S10 An Ilourslai
o o O o o
o O o
o o O o o
o o o O o o o
The central v erticil represents ths nnmo
of a planet Tho upper horizout il of nine
the college or seminary wiere one is edu
cated The row of seven auj violent
agitation of the mintl approaching to dis
traction The row of live compassion
1 leniency Tho row of three water in a
sold state The roT of five a verified
fact Tho row of seven the first ip
rcinnce of the sun above the horizon in
the morning Tho row of nine the sci
ence of anal sis
No 220 PI
Eht dwil pho rofrn tch gunyo slem ohjrub
Saiey nohct clnlaud zebrec
Daj beer nail tleer teh umtana stint
Larrec llnfaty hubsrot eht Etcre
Lai runatctshlcpot wells hct cons
Van tanch eht mass relnfar
Jylu adn unje vaho ledpips yawa
Nda catugus reho inaja
No SSI Wont Squarei
1 A body of water 2 A bird 8 Part
ofaroof 4 Concerning 5 Certain homes
1 An animal 2 To worship 3 A poet
L A mistake 5 Arch looks
No S23 A Trctty Anagram
The scIonI < t huiEmn a rLerful refala
With telescope Feire be the uarrr domain
Hoipies theGreat BearnnilthosncetPIiiaes
Tho rcont moon trembling abov e the daxlc
AnJomeda holds for a moment hb gaze
And Hcgulus too scarceeocn throagb the hare
And bo think3 as ho swcc > 3 oer the galaxy
That forttargazingtlsnciostglorlens nlht
But now lathowest thcronprcrsailarkcloud
Whiles deep n its b03om the then ler grovs loud
The btorm Kings abroadl he u mounting on
flo Ticcrs hlsdarkbannerathwarttheblaesky
His legiini cpborno on tho wings of tho wind
Rush oni ard and Icav e not a twinklcr behind
And gaialng tho zenth the svviftl descend
To blast every hopoof our star gazing friend
Win sullenly caarls nt tho window ho bars
Ill just go lo bed for tbcraU be iO Monc6r ns
No 333 nurlcd Elvers
1 As he was crossing the street a gust of
wind carried avvnj Ins hit
2 If oj take the right path a messenger
will meet you
3 May all good angel ever near thee
i LVil deeds do not always prosper
5 Is not the tiger a cruel beastf
TTOir a Footstool to Ite Sure
Myflrt is a prop my seconds a prop
and in > wbolo n a prop Dsar me joti
will exclaim this is very proper What
Is it
When giving a man tn opportunity of
nsing one of your footstool say this to
him My first I hope you are my econd 1
fee you are my v Lola I know you an
Wei come
A Variation
Hary hid a little pug
And ever wbero would trot him
But she failed to pa his tax one day
Andtha dog catcher got him
Key to tli Huxzler
No 20C Heads nnd Tails George Ken
nin Cross Words 1 Giraffe 2 Eclogue
8 Ottoman 4 Cleaver 5 Glacier fi
Exclude 7 Knuckle 8 Suffice 9
Naughty 10 Xankesu IL Avidity 12
No 207 Cross Word Vcimttat
Nq 203 A JDaiuondi
O X 3 T I L I A K
DEI Till
x o a
No 200 A Pnnls for Very Little Folks
Open jour heart to the poor
No 210 Numerical Enigma Look be
fore joti leap
No 211 Hidden Buildings Cottage
inn hut shed barn hotel house man
sion pilace ctbtn
No 212 Geographical Puzzle 1 Ararat
2 Bagdad 1 CaCrana L Havana B
No 213 Charades L Bond ago 2
No 21 Hidden Game L Dosr IL IUb
F ftti85ftf3fi > GF
Spot Cotton Unchanged Fut
ures I to 5 Points Lower
Wheat Opened Loner Fluctnateei TVIdely
anil Closet at iinj VUvancc Coffee
Wool anil sugar Markets Un
changed Vlonejr Kaij
All quotations below are revl cd dally by lead
Ing dealers and will be found reliable whole
sale and retail as specified
Buyers are payirjr TCSTsc according to grade
Following quoutions are on tho basis of job
FishNew mackerel half bbls No 1 J GO
10 00 half bbls No S SS a codlish S5 > bices
6iQ7c V lb looi codfish 624W PisUed
herring perbucUet tl M
Holland herring Kegs Jl 1X21 75
Dried herring Per box 10c
Bologna sausage CJlOc
Hominv New per bbl 54 50
GritnPer bbl 53
Oatmeal New per half bbl 100 as 00
per bbl J7 si
CmcUed wheat Per case W Bs S3 SO
CoCfee 1 olci ile quotations Ko 2JC522VC
prime Mc c oice iliGJJc fmev iQ
ioiC Java 30 c Cordova f iic PeabodjiPt
SJ3VC irbucUle s Ariosa to 6d Market is
verj lirm
Muplc svrup OM Time 1 fal cans doz
JL10 halfgaL y tloz loJj quarter gal y
cloz S3 U
Surar Standard granulated fiic powdered
in bbls 5 c powdered half bbb Be cat loaf
bbl 54c halt bbs 6 fancy jcllow clariUed
choice jclovv clarited none
MoUs e > Fincyopcnkelte Ie choice open
Vettle < prime open 1 ettlc 2 choice ccn
trifugal 1e prime centrifagal Ss
Klce New crop prime Tc choice 7 c hfad
cheeie Fancy full cream 1 In box ttijc
fancj fell cream J in box 11c Young Ameri
cu > I In box lijC bviUi per cae about 10J
Os ltiic small quantities l < ic cheese safes
VI > EGn ciDEn rtcKLES
cider apple lalfbbls Hio crab nppe 15
gilbbW Jl Ol rOgal bbls tlJ ju pca h half
bbls 18 gal > uu jOgal bbb 51 n > ne
gar apple iflgriin per gil Uc iOgrain per
fil lie vbite viae per gal le pure appc
per gal X Iutles medium halves i > i0
fmall Vi r mediuii bble 10 DJ small Ibs
St 1 V small 10gal il j0 gherkins per bbls
Wholesale quotations ISest patents V 00 Tl
100 lbs half p items J 10 third grade ti 2j
fourth grade U 10sn
sn Ditins
Starch pearl lte lumps Ec ITerring im
ported tl J per keg I idcr cribipple 1Je
Misnun 3Uc per half bbl 51 i riit Vine
gar l ki Concentrated Is e 7j per doz
in ca e per cisp Jugs glazed Ilk per gal
eroiKs gl izi iL 10c per s il Indigo 7 > e per b
blucint JkCJl IW per doz Colemin s mustard
It 3 Clier doz Maccaronl imported 115
llseperra Vmer cm iil prh ilf box lub
No 1 oak grain tJ O No ts O No 3 S7 10
per doz No 1 liber 17 W No r > i0 To
tlor < i per doz ItcduooJ No rlf No J
H rO three in net ivhite ceuar Sv > > ci ht in
nest oik grain il kt Iiuikcto t o hoops
Sltoprdoz liakmg powderi bulk lie IK
ean Si Vermicelli f mail box ii > e Cafup
in i ulk per gal Sis orecstersliire sauce in
bulk rergal fl Ji IJoie gia3inch bisin
lie cotton 3 llw tlH loc fa issifraoi root
1e per ii liatiher p iper ic yer IS
CVNNLll cootie
Iine apples stand ird 3 lb SI G0317 >
peacLcs staLdard lis 51ft 2 5s 5J t
iouu 2 ilis Jl W J fci ii 4J strawberne
E > s ftl SO bsckbrics lbs Si JO gieen
gages I raspberries Ds il 60 mjrrovfat
pas 4 = Jl al ovsters full weight lb Jl i >
10 a 11 4JCJ to torn itoes standard
Kis Jl JUGtl U J lbs il 1 51 fi green corn
1 1 I K > taliron 1 lb Jl lu l 15 Columbia
river sa men Jl 1OA S sardms l4i domes
tie i0 impjred J U C I 01 Eule
condensed milk li UU California iinued goods
standird brands Apicots lus t >
pi aches jellon free tJ Vfi3A W peaches
white cliiie S2 TO CO plim 12 cUJ 10
pears U HQ2 73 gr ipcs uj 10
Ola Brilliant bbls I7e Eupion 30c Bril
liant S 10 cases tl W linlliint li 1 j cases
54 14 Eupion J 15 cases i 30 gasoline
hisky Rectified 51 10CJ1 20 as per proof
sour mash I iro years old 1 7031 60 three
vcars old 82 lxJ2 Jj fancj extra old whiskey
factory prices goods in 1 lb piper boxes lo
above price list quotations ner E > Animals
etc l e Boston butlers Se butters XXX 6e
batter scotch He chocolate snaps Uc crcami
XXX fcic creams X Sc cornhills or mck
nacl s it cocoanut snvps 4o cracknels 13c
cream pulls 0e codec cakes XXX Ue cocoi
nut tatli 14c cocoanut bar He cracker meal
He drop cakes lltc 1 nglish coffee 10i ex
ceisiors or monitors 7e frosted creams SliC
tinccr U4e lingers spice and ginger lUe
fruit sultana I4c fruit sultana iced 15c
fruit carant lie ginger snips XXX Sc
girccr paps X be graham tc granam and
ii in til Wifern and ccms 10c grandmas
cookies lUc honev goods iced l e bone
goods plain lc iced creams XXX creams
iced liic Imperials 10c jellj lingers 15c
jelly waters 1j Jumbles 11e lumblcs spice
and ginger 10c lemons AXv sc lem
I ons X be lemon Fnap = 1 lemon wafers
I 11c lemon biscuits round XXX ei earns S c
I milks be molasses cookies ginger cakes
gems eteSji ovsters XXX 6c oysteis
I daisv 7c oysters siidl cte tc oatmeal be
I pie bi cull I e pretzels machine Jac pret
zels hand rrdi He pretzeiettes lie penny
tiles plain 10 pennv cities decorated lie
rifle nuts 10c soda peerless princess etc
dirge soda cream Sc isoJa snow Cakes Ui
select sodas 7c sodas XXX Cc uw tooih but
ters bi stage planks 2s 6c 1 l > c sruiller
7c braj rn i biscuits Uc boutl ern mixed bc
sugars XXVte sugars X be sugar coon
I les 10c vanilla wafers etc r > c vanilla
squares crisp c ikes cte 10 wine wafers
reveies etc Iji
chewi a cum
Danheiser s fruit tolu pe box ° 0c perper
tnint and limetta per box lie mana tolu per
box 3Jc Adams tuiti frutti Mc magic trie
I cue barlev malt COe sweet feru fiOc carmel
tolu jiC No 1 New York Vjc Ulites Yuca
tan per box 7Je Vbox cartoons 53 Jo Valen
tine s cucher per box tlie Panama p r box
tie Caliiorma fruit pe box W Eerrjs
bciut J0c tolu 2ac per dozen ti 50 sweet
gum per box baa
Almonds new soft shell small quantity per
lb se English walnuts extra lagc small
qiuntity per lb lbc walnuts Chill per lb
USc tiiberts per pound 14c Ilrizils rev
crop per lb uuls assorted 2lb boxes
Comet brand lac l > Lc
pecans ne crop pea
nut fancj v hue Virginia by ire sack 7e
small quantity c choice white bv the sack
6 c roasted white best quality 10c peanut
roasters No 1 Peerless bushel size tld
poiKorn and peanut roaster < jmbmcd at fac
torjli t popcorn roaster at lactory Ji pea
nut roaster lloss Se >
cpeen Fiturrs
Lemons choice bright per box 15 00 5 to 10
boxes per box T > 50 apples eboice Northern
per bbl IJ J5i3 W graps Coniord lotb bas
kets gross iec white Niagaras 7 > c Uelwares >
il tomatoes Joli bisuels 75c peaches tl per
bu hel
Potatoes choice Vorthcrn V bu E SSOc cab
baire etioue Northern i D Je onions choico
yclov v E 2 CJ3c kraut bbl JJ r > lima
be ms new crop eSc biyou beans new crops
6i garlic double strng new extra Si chill
pepper bale t 20e less quantities 21c
kew dried Fitnrr
Apples evaporated new fancy I21c choice
llhc Apricots evaporated new fancy ISc
Caramels assorted Ilavor 5S box 753 jelly
beans 5tt > box 75c gum drops A U assorted
tlivors nib box 40c Japanese strips cotoanul
bavor 5ft box fio rok assorted and white
7 > e French kisses It 75c chocolate creams
il 0e lemon drops frosted per box 65c
birntalmonds perbox75c crians hand made
U varieties t c peanut blocks U peanut bar
per box We lozenges atsorted con iU box
7 > c gum drops Mound City 5S > box 65c
marsh mallow s bantam 3 2 > box b > c marsh
mallows daintv i > 3 > bjx SI 2s mixed
candy pails V C > fie klndcrgartea mixed
l c fancy mat fa fa candv assort d pails
b o fancy flint ii pound sticks S boxes
Jelll < < assorted 30 wood pails 9 t > 5c
5S tin pails p doz t2 > preserves
5B tins doz S4 5j peach tad pear
pail lie assortd CO and 40O palls 3 in case
extra V 2 > He apple butter 6gal kegs extra
wt be 20 > kanaklns be Sc miace meat
kegs V B Sc
dried rnuT it nsprs etc
Haislns London layer California S3 CO loose
muscatels California f Ii grapes new Cali
fornia tCt > bars y i 7c currants new crop
cask about ycfts 3 ec boxes about 70i > s
c prunes French to to S > to fv > b boxes
l ic tO to 6M0 5ot > boxes 14c Turkish
n > w crop tgs about COOtts 10c Oa lots
lOc LVs choice layers bags about CO 2s J
a 61 1a a boxes y a itc oval 4 s 100
boxes i A dales Persian WS boxes Sc cit
ron Lescora iSB boxes tf a SJc
FoUowicg are wholesale quotations for Fort
SB r 5 y 1J1 fj t > w B W r T St
Worth packing house products Prices are re
vised each day and the following quotations
are subject to change at any time Yesterdays
closing based on job lots
Hams 13 to 0 as lie IB to 18 Il c 12
to IG as llic 8 to lSs Uc breakfast bacon
wide or nirrow 10c Calitornia or picnic
hinis 85c New York shoulders 74c boneless
ham 0c dried beef ham pieces only extra
dry He Car lot prices add Sic for local trade
Drv fait fahort clear SHc loagS c backs
S4c shoulders 7c bellies 9a Car lot prices
add Sc for local trade
Smoked fahort clear 9c long SijC backs
8c shoulders 74c bellies Sbc Car lot
price add He for local trade
Pickled goods Tripe kits SVo bbls SI 70
bbLs fits pics feet kits fie K bbls II 70
bbls J3ti pigs tongues kits U 2a 14 bbls
51 CO bbls 17 00
Lard Basis tierces pure leaf EJc pure
family Sc
Lard scale ror tin cans SOBs 2 In case add
c VOBs I In ease add Sc lO as Sin case
adt c 5 ts 12 lnca e add 3C 3as 20in
case add lc
For wooden packages 103 palls add ± c
20a pails add Sc SOB tubs add Vc bbls
odd tc barrels add 4c
Fresh meat department Dressd b cf sides
and carca rs steers 4Q5c cows S4c hind
quarters steers 7c cows 0hi5 fore qnarters
steers 4 a
Decf cuts Loins fijjio standard ribs fe3
Sc rounds 5c back halves 6c chucks 34c
flank steak Sc tenderloins 17c sweetbreads
U4c brains 10 rumps 4c plates 240 loin
strips 10c loin butts be rib rolls 10c short
loins I tongues each J > c kidneys each 5e
ox tails t3 do 10c
Mutton Dressed sheep 75Je racks 13c
breast 4c saddles 10c legs 64c
Pork Dressed Logs 7c pork loins 74c ten
derloins 5c spare ribs fc freali skould c rs flo
freshhams 9c fresh belli s 8c backbones sc
neck bones 2c tongues y doz Vc pgs feet
r > dozjc livers dozode hearts tJ doz
toe Sausages Pork saUsage 7c boneless hams
S4c liver wurst 1c wienerwurst 10c bolozna
5c head cheese > e blood wurst 5c
McAllister coil delivered from > tons up
M W MeAlllstercoaL single ton delivered 7
McAllister km 2 to 4 tons delivered 14 75
cart McAllister nut coal for cooking I ton
delivered M McAllister coal 4 ton delivered
13 71 McAllister coal H ton delivered 2 Mc
Allister coal less than 4 ton lJO 4ic lrier
creek coal carload lots on track ti 50 deliv
ered 2 tons S2 > Victor Colorado lump coal
carond on track Jo o0 per ton rut S3 73 Pinn
svlvanla hard coal 1 ton d liereii fll Penn
sylvanii hard coal 4 ton 17 blacksmith coal
I ton V20 Pittsburg coal I ton t 50 2to4
tons 57 ri0 Palo Pinto mines Newcastle
screened lump coal carloid on track tl per
ten Cameron Col lump per ton on track
daiload lotsi deliveredsingle ton 7 2ton
lots J 7 > 4 ton U 7i 4 ton tl Ilobiisoi
Col lump on track iv 7 earloio lots Quo
titions are on yard sales etcept where other
wise cxpresslv stated Delivery made at 50c
per ion or bilf ton ettn
cord wood Ote cord drv delivered W VI
gnen SI 7 > ouehilf lord delivered 1121
siovc wood one cord delivered > ad onehalf
cord delivered 7
iJaln mil fcedstioTs Quotations below areon
grain from te re
Corn 7 iC < lc per bushel In sacks in ear oOc
per bushel
Oils backed Gicper bushel In cirlots 40c
singl busbel in sheaf 30e per dozen
Bran Uc pe r IOJ ii car lots fab SOc
per luOlnsuk dclivircd
Cotton seed Per bushel 2 > c retaiL
IlayI oose lo il JS l 27 O best palrie
Say bale s OKJIO per ton in carload lots f
0 b 5s 009 ou small bales test 40o best
Fori ey ilJ i0 per ton
Wheal scrcLiijirs chicken feed 51 2o per 100
Amber cane seed JJ il per bushek
Mliet Per b isbel Jl V
belt Duyersare paying No 3 to No 3
S5SJ0ifo b at Fort Worth
Chickens Commission Lien re getting 12 Q
CJ7irerdoz for hens retailers are getting
M 7id 3 0J per doz supply good commission
men get il 0j2 75 per doz for choice fry ing
chickens retailers get tl 0OtJ3 CO per do
L raited supple in demand 1or turkeys re
tvii bens rioiirC poliblers il 00 commission
men are gcling W UolSli CO per doz the 1 itter
forextri s0w sile Commission men are get
ting 11 25 for ducks slow dale
I ggs CoLimision men are getting 12413c
per cise per doz for Texas eggs retailers ure
getting Sue Light dem intL
Uutter Commission men ire getting l > c p r
B for fair countr isaJk for choice countrv
retailers are gettingi > Xe per a for country
O for strictly choice bsupply limited demand
good Choicecreamerv n retaiL
UIDhS and woou
Hides Buvera are paying Drv Hint heavy
7ii light > 4c dry salt be green salt 4c
butcheis grrin 3c
ool Light medium 20c low medium 17
ISc lino IiTJICc horns hoofs and bones ton
Jo delivered
Quotitions biscd on small lots to retail deal
ers Actatilin SJoz 10c acetic acid No 8 il
lb Sc carbjlic acid cryst V > C muriatic
acid C I i3 B > 21c nitric acid C P t B
25 suiphuncacid C P 1 B ltc tnnncacid
bulk p B fl S alcohol J > per cent l gal
JJ 40 alum B D 4c antifebrins oz Jtc
antipyrmo 1 oz 5110 ammonii carbonate t
lb lie blue vitro t B Sc blue mass y a
50c blue ointment V a Mo borax fe B I ic
cimpliorgun x > B Vie capslcam powdered
< B lc coperas t B > JWe Dover s poivder
V B tl 00 ether sulphinc U fa P < 7
gum arable first pick VB 51 gum shellac V
lb 25c glue Lrown B 12c glue white p B
20 maic V B tOc mecurv JJ B 7 > c mor
phine uph P 4s y oz J to mor
phine alh I A V os bottle V ° zSl 0 >
nutmegs JS B 70c castor oil 9 gal 51 Iij
1 I olive oil VfcaUfl 10 linseed oil t > gal
KVjrCc sperm oil W IJ V gil J1 20 opium tf
B 3 5 opium po 1 B t3 0 black pepper
V B lbc potask bioiiide v B 4Je potash
chlorate V B JO potash Iodide V oz il S
2 sj quinme P bottles V oz Ci < e
quinine P t W oz cans T oz 33c qui
nine I W 5oz c ins oz C3c quinine
lSrunswick oz bottler ° z 32o quinine
Urunswi k Voz cans 27c sal soda p B 3c
siltpeter renned B 10c siltpetcr comrrcr
cial B fl 6e salts Lpsom 1 fi > 44c salts
Ilochel e 6c llicarb sodi kegs fl B S c
siilphu flowers > B lots J4e sulphur flow
crs small lots 44c spirits turpentine market
raies V gal a hue lead fa P y B ic
cream tartar fl B J2c
liritlsli Consola
Spcciil to the Gazette
London Aeg 25 Consols closed K51310 for
money for silver 45 3 10
i2xchanc at s jr York
New Yoke Aug 25
Special to the Gazette
Sterhng15ink COdiys 4 S34CJ4 3i
Commeriil lOdavs 4 i24
lteichmarks Commenlal OOdays 94
lnncs Hank W dayo 5 2 f
Commercial CO days 5 > U
Hxchangn at Sevr Orleana
NEW Oulea > s La Aug 2S
Special to the Gazette
Sterling Commercial COdavs 4 81 j S4 25
Franc Commercial fiOdajs 5 2 > 4
New eork sight Bauk Ipremim
Commercial 2opremim
Exchange at Galveston
Galvestoj Tex Auj 25
Special to the Gazette
faterling OOtlsys 4 SO
New v ork sight 4 discount
New Orleans sight 4 discount
American sllv er U discount
ISonds aud Stocks
Special to the Gazette
New Yon Aug 25 Bonds and stocks closed
at the following prices bd
bo > ds
United States 4 s registered 117
United States 4 s coupons I17H
United Sutes44scoupons 1UU
Cential PaciHc 1 s ja <
Denver and ItioGrande4s S71
Missouri Pacihc consolidated 6 s
Missouri Kansas aid Texas general 0s 77i
fat Louis and Iron Mount iln general 5 s Ed
fat Louis ind faan Francisco general mort
gage 103
Tna and Pacific land grants h5
lexasand Pacltlc KioGrauJcs Sl i
ULioa Pacihc ls 1U5
Central Pacific exdjv 21J5
Chicagooud Alton 130
Chicago Burlington and Qulncy WJ
Delaware and Lackawanna 139
Denver and Kiol > rande
Erie common 23
Tort vTorth and Denver
Houston and Texas Central 4
Illinois Central 97
Kansas and Texas ex second mortgage
bonds 15
Lake Shore HVi
Louisv ille and Nashville exdiv 734
Missouri Pacific 714
Northern Pecinc 25
Northwestern 100
New York Central 103J4
PacIflcMail icj
Beading M
Rocl island 60 i
St Louis and San Francisco
St Lojia and tan Francisco preferred
St Pnul common 67
SL Paul preferred 1114
lenressee Coal and Iron 33Jt
Texas and Pacific Ill
UniorPaclflo 3Tj
Wabash faL Lonis and Pacific certlflcotes 11
V abash SL Louis and Pacific preferred 2Si
Wells Fargo Exprees 1SS
Western Union Telegraph S2J
American Cotton Oil 224
Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe 2i i
Denver Texas and Fort Worth certiflcatesllS
Dearer and Kio Grande preferred 44
Liverpool rat ores
Special to the Gazette
LrvTitpoou Aug S5 Cotton futures closed
steady 1 point lower
August 4 CCJl 29
AugastSeptember 4 2 > S4 29
September October 4 29 askd
October November 4 VS 30
NovemberDecember 4 34 bid
DecemberJanuary 4 37JJ4 33
JanuaryFebruary 4 40
FebruaryMarch 4 4 Q 43
March April 4 4 >
April May 4 474 43
New eork Foturea
Special to tho Ga7ctte
New YoriK Aug 23 Cotton
steady 1 to 3 points low er
O tober
Sales SbcVXJ bales
futures closed
7 8ie7S3
7 91
S 0C < 07
8 1M48 21
b S2S8
S < S17
S f7US ftS
8 7SCJS 79
Sbb3 89
Now Orleaaa Futiir a
Special to the Gazette
NEwOtiLKAiNs L > Aug 23 Cotton futures
coed steady 3 to5 points lover
August TfO W
September 7 54447 5
October t iti
November 7 S1c7 S3
December 7 92
January 1 ccJJS 03
February 8 IXLS H
March 8 JwS 23
April S JAiji S5
Mil 8 iJiiH 4J
bales 15411 bales
Liverpool Spot
Special to the Gazette
Liv Enroot Aug 23 Spot cotton closed
dull and in buyers favor
Ordinary 3 1316
Good ordinary 4 116
Lovmidclling 44
Middling 4V
Good middling 4 i 3
Total sales Ufa bales American 4JU0 Im
ports 60UU American XO
New liork SpoL
Special to the Gazette
Nn v York Aug 25 Spot cotton closed
quiet but firm
Ordinaiy 6
Cood odimry 6 1115
Low middling 7 718
Middling 8
Good middling 8
Middling fair 10
faales J73 bales
New Orleans Spot
Spcial to tho Gazette
Niw Oiuxan3 La Atg 25 Spot cotton
Low ordinary fi 513
Ordinary ST
Good ordirary fi 718
Low middling 74
Miedling 7 11IS
Good middling S4
Middliugfuir 9 >
faales 100J bales
Calvrston Spot
Special to the Gazette
Galveston Iejl Aug 25 Spot cotton
Low ordinary 5 710
Ordinary 5 618
Gcod ordinary G
Low middling V 7
Middling 7i
Good middling h
Middling fair 1 310
Sles btt bales
Home consumption 82 balei
Stock 0531 bales
Comparative Statement or tha Spot Mar
Special to the Gazette
Galvlston Ira Aug 25 Tho following
are the closing quotations for cotton on the
spot to day at the leading markets together
with the closing for middling yesterday with
to iiij s sal s
Dally Movement at Interior Towns
Galvesioj tzx Aug 23
Special to tho Gazette
Itecelpta and Kxports at All United States
Galveston Tex Aug 25
Special to the Gazette
Receipts thus far this week
Receipts same time Ust year
Receipts this elay
Receipts this day last vear
Total receipt thus fir this season
Toal receipts thus far last fceason
Uxports to Great Britain
Kxports to France
Exports to continent
206 7
3 TW iSl
11k SS
Stocks at All United States Forts
Special to tho Gazette
Stocks this day 209733
Stocks this day last year Woil
Receipts nt United states Torts
Special to the Gazette
Gilveston 2
New Orleans l r < 3
Moble 12a
Savannah 423
Charleston 67
Wilmington 6
Norfolk 163
New York 824
Philadelphia 61
WestPolnt E97
Other ports
Total this day fi231
Total this day last year 7078
Freights from Galveston
Special to the Gazette
Galveston Tex Aug 5 By steamship
from Galveston Tex
To Liverpool
To continent
To New York
Galveston Coffee Market
Special to the Gazette
Galvestos Tex Aojj 5 Coffee closed
Ordinary J014
Good ordinary 201
Talr 21
Choice seconds N
Galveston Sojar Market
Special to the Gazette
Galveston Tex Aujr 25 Sugar Planta
tion agents prices in round lots by the carload
for Louisiana sugars
Market clcsei arm
Plantation granulated None
Choice vhite None
Off white None
Fancv yellow clarified None
Choice yellow clarWei None
Prime yellow clarified None
Off yellow clarified N
Prime seconds None
Fair seconds None
Common seconas Noes
RZriSED ivaAits
Standard rajml 6
Standard confectioners A 4 41
Cubes 1 50
Powdered 173
Crushed and cut loaf 5 15
Wholesale grocer quotations KSUo hiihat
Grades emitted not In market
Galveston Wool Market
Special to the Gazcttc
Galvfstov Tex Aug 25 Wool Market
closed qutf t
Unsco ire d wool
opitNG twelve iioirrns mar
This day itestery
< J >
rviL wool
Sales 03000 pounds
Other Produce Riiel Provision Mnrkets
sT Lons Mo Aug 23 Wheat tr ry
thing had a bearish tendency at theoptung
list prices beirg weik but aLc tiosjmeas
yesterdiy s co e Immediitely afterwa ds a
slump of 1 iti as recoreltd then a rady oi 4c
and another drop of 4c Later the crowd was
caught short and ii the scramble to lover
prices shot up 2c above the bottjm and tne
market elosed strong ai d 14c abov e yesterday
No 2 ed cash 0sJ < l 0J ug ist Js j
closiiir 51 Oland nominil facptcmoer 1 C04
Deiember il u 4
Corn Open > d weak and lower with 1tht
trading Later the miriet turned strui <
and advanced in sympithv wii sharp recov
en s elsew here anil Coed 5Cs l s c above yes
tcrdav No cah b34 iwc beptcmber
s cbid vrar 41 c
Oas Dull Vo 2 cash 27c September
294c lay closed V jc
Corn meal ll S I u
hskyfatendy tl IS
Provisions Ojn ncd weak and depressed bui
closed strong and advancing
Pork10 4 1
Lard J 12486 IS
Dry siii raeatsHaxed shiulders 13 24
longs fu SO ribs J t > 7 O short clear J7 W
BaconBoxed shoulders loi longs J7 37 2
7 45 ribs 57 oiV7 U s ot clear 7 < 27 74
New Orleans La ug 2j Rioe Qu <
Ordirary to pr me 1 c
Coilee Dll Kio ordliary to fair lSeil
Chicvoo In g 23 Im aion3 ths
start todiv vm n fora continuation of weak
uess and the decline of Monti iv but in 1 si
than an hour alter openug mdli Hi > s b 1 all
been lost sight of ind ib unrkeis whiih
viere soft early bname wicked und song be
fore the close Decemler wheat wen 1 < ui < i
time was down to e 1 sold up to Jl Co and
closed nt 1 Oj the r ebtieg dae to s nsa
tinnil news from Ku s a dtt bea recip
Con was wkiist d by the iliqae rl shor
sellers who took aeiv nt ige of the iuomoiLs re
ceiptstose lfnely wcrcfortcd to cover < ay
which sent piicsup4 orfx it a jump sptem
ber sold of tor c went tuJ ilos 1 ut
W4c and Octobersold at eu i J5JUc and closed
Iok was quiet ind falrlvseadr Cudahy
1 mour v ere fre e ielle rs of tnith pcrk an I iaru
while ncin it koucht jKirl acdlird ej jjer
pork sold it I0 iili to faeponter norksoll
at f J lAe10 o
L ird Quiit it about S3 Co for October and
riis < s etS <
Leading futures closed
Wheat August il m t September 034
December II 0jQ1 U >
Corn Aujust co4c oeptemb r 614 Oc
toner fo
Pork optrnber 110 20 October 10 3S
January tl
Lird sept < mber Su 47 s October lo 57H
Januirv Jo 874
Short r September i 5c October
to 70 Jmu iry V 75
Cash quotations
No J spring wheat 51 04S
No 1 corn k
Mess Pork 511 174210 20
Lard J 474
Short rib s les J VCiTrG en
Ury silted me Us boulders ti 20 S Ui
short clear s acs 7 li 7 0
KvnsasCiti Ho Aug 25 Wueat Steady
No 2 red cash PI bieL
Corn steady No 2 red cash 614 bid
Augast > > i Lid
NPiTTroik Aug 25 Wheit poturseitled
ard modeTiiteely actiti cesedsircij er No
red 1 lut 11 Ootioeisoiiued 4aJto
lowir faltlcr declined 3uiiC adiamed
ard closed firm eS e above yesterday
No red August 31 11 cptember Jl Ui
December 51 11 May 1 l >
orn Opened weakcranilclosed strongT and
dull No 7Kg77c Optu 113 opened unchanged
to 34c lower advanced Iftl c and closed tlim
iA coveryesedav Auust5So faept mbcr
62c December fiJc Mav 7
l offee Options opened steady 5 points up
to I points uom closed stci ly > points down
to 1 points up Mies Isoui bags August
tie 6YU8 7a icptember 113 UcKSio 66 Octo
ber tl5 iuar > l > Novcmier S14 25ai4 Jl
December iIJ HI March tl3 20 Spot Kio
quiet and easy 19c No 7 17c
Sugar Kavi dull and steady refined quiet
and easy confectioners A 4 310c powdered
4 J 16c cubes 4 7 18
Molasses New Orleans quiet and steady
Kice Firm good demanX
Oiyon are ail wo
ing it is cei
It will cure voi
tcK Ajrnrs
y good for notoV
ty Try
llTer iad ttra
Many a Fortune Ha
Made by Advertising
One Was
Never Lost By It
time Jor which
you are paid and
renew promptly All papers are
stopped on the day to which they
are prepsdd

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