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The SubTreasury Bill Discuss
ed Unanimously Endorsed
The Gallant Thirteen Still Arguing the Matter
With the Radical Brethren
Call for ClinnM 3l ftinjri to Kloct Dele
lll 4 to tho Illleratilte Cf ll utiuu
of Anti iil > lr i tlrj At
Jinnee M n
Special to Ihv Ga7Ctt
DiLiAS Tux Aug SI The forenoon
hour of the Alliance session today wis
taken up iirincip illv in the discussion of
the subtrcisurj hill The whole hill wis
tnoniuphh ventilated and viewed in all its
phases When the Mite wa reached there
was hut one meraher who voted against the
bill but he clunked h > mind and went
> ea so thai the hill was unanimously in
dorsed This at I ion was no sm prise u > all
the anti membeis had been excluded from
the meetiiijr and the subtrei > uiy measure
xvas sine to mu
Still Arguing
A rouiile of days ago the alien land law
was indorsed hi a vote of 121 to thirteen
but the ttinteen are yet aiguimr the matter
with the brethren on the outside lm > law
1 a seiiou question Just at piesentand the
11 ulien behee that it should be so
i iended as to rillowaheticoinpiiires to re
in u noli s until suili Tiire as thin see lit
llii jire willing to button alien money
and Ueep n as longts neeessarv but are
ounosed to aliens owning Ieias lands
Inu man was found to ilij who
i ed u loan linn lxpicsentid
1 re a ieitiiii amount of monej
lb w > nt to pay it but the agency expi ssed
0 st oig drsue for him to renew the loan
flux prefi rred the paper to the cash
I n i an < n plional ease and is needless
ij that it ua a domestic tompanj and
not an alien
Cill lor < onnty Oonv MiUon >
i he follow mg call has heeu issued lndiv
Pi at i tail Issued bv 1 1 Kendnik pies
ltiu V H Mutra seiretarv of the Fort
nth meeting and T M Siniih chairman
t it < i on mittee
1 Hi AntisuliTrrasarv Mil > nce men ot
If Mi
1uisiiail to a call issui d onthc IStli insfc
n Itininr L Hall of Hubhaid Mo
i iiiutii on airangements appointed lij
i I l Uuilli comeiitoii of antisuh
tteinn Alliiiiiii men and hi aiilhontv
v ti dm us we do heieby < all all rirnvi s
Allium men who aie in luonl
w Hi said lul Worth cnmuii
iioii to im ft on S ituidat ScptcmbLi i
d i tin ouutv site of their resjieitive
i utilities to olid delegitcs not more than
t ixe in number to n pitsent t iem in the
li ti i state lotivention of antiublieasur >
Aliim men to be held in St Louis Mo
on the thud Tuesday Hhe 11th daj of
beptember lsll This cill is in
temled for all runners Alliance ijfien
who iipjio e using the Iuimers Alliance to
eii itidei lass prejudiics and arrpx tho
people of an oieupation or profession
lira list am other ilass socially uJbialh or
pi mi ilh founded upon class djAttin tions
anv attempt of mi man set r orgiiuzi
tio i of men to hoodwink dicelio and mis
eul the ajiicuituril i lajscs lor the
prumotnin of their own llish onus
in thctelore eieii f attempt ti
inert the Alliatue otf other funnel
iss orginiation into a soiiet ihjuIuiI
jni ami ill who faoij inaking the Al i
u i sin th i tut im is ylliimc bt elui t
i l itiial fumer to all olhies in the
I a mers Alliance both national mil stativ
hi i lun tlie Alliaucoi speaks it si alt
In known e tin oicefol tin famiets
Hcui all who judge inch not bv tltelr oc
< i ti hi hut In the u tliej in thai on u
I i on and who think the raimesAUi
ii ii niil not be an organization for poh
t ii il mauds condemnation ornoyiolt
b Im mdiisttul education and araellorar
t > ytT
i ii ijied that each count v in Uie sfrrt f
w i ml it hast one di leiratoand will aid
in difiunu hu > e tises Tlie railioads
wi gut icdiaed tatcs and hko aiiangc
iikiis will be made with tho St I ouis
h Ms
e especially ask all newspapers in tne
s ite to publish this call
Viluii s al communications to Hon I S
il Hibbaid Mo Hon IV S McAllis
i utiliei Missor Hon Will J Sir
eii Kavucr Tex
sum d i Tom H Smith
B iiimg Croie Te chairman of the
is ciiinmitlee appointed li the Foit
ith cuiiM ntion
15 KtMimcK Piesident
Waco lex
m Hfntt Mikiiai Sri retur
Cade Te
soulliern Interstate ltiirriu oT Imuilra
gration Talk lliisiiu to a < ifMe
vlan riiias to He on tlie 11st
W M lickett of Xortli Carolina
ipt S 1 T lohnson of Corsicana
etc in Tort Woith esierda m the
s of the Southern Interstate Rureau
iinrritio > lliese gentlemen ate on
imraiv of orcrnnution through the
i sun state Hiumli bureaus hio to
i llihshisi to work in cooperttion with
r in ral headquaitors at Kaleigh X C
I i i southein interstate bureau was
ini 1 it Ahmtiromerv Ala in lsss said
ii ti and Ik inu buked and siis
ii < t l > 1iuiteen Smiihern st ites for the
i iosl of iiiuucmg lmmigiation andmonev
sou hem iiolds is heie to stu e
it lo make Texas the objecme jioint of
rat on fiom the JCumlinus or the
h fin that n itteii whuh in turn is
v j i ed b Soitheiu Tilood and mone
I fi < an that people of the Carolinas who
ic i homes to Xoithern immisrraiits
> i so i tedt iiometovour stale tlnough
i i aiitu > n of tour branch bureaus
I nisi rcaniution issometlnmranalogous
i in i J plane upon which wo will
i ihe aimurration into Texas Texas is
n u tfiii in Id in which to implant ths or
t i ioi The foice of immigration is
uuxi to the Ume Star state and it onlj
w to lie liivkoned The iapacit > of ab
ii m mu f t ins immense state is wonderful
j u uieeleiato imiiiiriation > ou must
oj orgaiiizition and supplement orgau
urn w ih w oik j oil will see the change
jii w eg more uerceptib e the towns grow
ii fisui iuiroads bruuchitiEr out more
four si hool lauus irrowing more valuublo
n iuit if ou unite m liiMtinc honest and
ndus nous people fiom eer section of
he counir to make their homes within
four suite jou will > ee iuoie men of meins
snd experience among jon from ether
naies and the immigrant w ith a pamphlet
in bis hand catechising j ou how to get the
si hool lands and how about the Panhandle
inu iVesu > ni Texas
tt e are here for the purK > e of aligning
ever section in the cause of con
centrated effort by orgamziug branch
bureaus of the Southern interstate
Immigration bureau whose mission
is to inite immigration and capital
to the Southern stales by an extensive and
tnorough sistem of udiertising personal
lab5r and correspondence
These branch bureaus may be organized
through the boards of trade or chambers of
commerce The charter fee is in propor
tion to population the minimum fee being
25 for a town of 500 population or
less and 3 for each additional 500 or any
fraction thereof For a town of 500 popula
tion tho charter fee would bo S25 and the
dues w ill be il quarterly for the lirst ear
and monthly thereafter while for a town
of 6CO0 people the charter fee will be S5
and the dues J3 quarterly and monthlv
thereafter The bureau agrees to furnish
local organizations with no less than ten in
quirers each week with whom the members
ate put in communication
A rnrinei Injured in it Kanaway rre
frnteil with TwolTelonuil Kids
Special to the Gazette
Mr Charles M liice a farmer and dairy
man living two miles cast of town had
quite a serious uccident this morning about
oclock Mr Uicc is building a barn on
his farm and has been hauling lumber on a
wagon without tho bed and while coming
into town this morning his horses became
frightened and started on a run down Me
chanic street and upon reaching the public
cistern one rau on each side of the posts
and broke loose from the wagon The sud
den stopping of the wagon threw Mr Hue
w ith tremendous force against the post and
curbing of the cistern hi uising him up al
most all over and causing him very serious
if not f ital injury
The wife of Hmtnctt Skiles presented him
tonday with two twelte pound boys
Three Distinct Slioiks lelt st > C Iouis
Last Milil
St Loui Mo Aug riO Three distinct
shoiks of earthquake were felt in this city
tonight As far as can be learned
the disturbance was noticed only
in the western part of the city
Tho shocks were pteceded by thunder
and lurhtninsr but no rain fell The mer
turv fell some 13 deg just before the
shocks the first of which was sevcie enough
to rock houses and break crockerj and win
dows This was followed by two minor
shocks The time ot the distuibunce was
S 45 p m
A N ew Allltnie Inasilile 1 lie SuliTJen
urjit lur > rroiiotinee tlie AutH
Cuillk anil then Dfinanil Trill
fTeonre L Murray of Azie one of the
leading atitisubtreasuri riiemlicis of thi
Allimceand who was jffiied outofthfr
state Tu mersAlliance at Dallas on the
ISth instant passed through Fort Woilh
esti rdav and the follAwing imiversation
was hi Id between hiiiiiind a G iitte re
porter I
What about the fiial of the antisub
treasury members at Dallas
Well uiesolutionappeuieJ tfWtf
Xcws on the l ith ini Dlrom tin
lion that tlitr ustiii manifesto signeis
would Ipsalowed a lieunng lnfoie the
propeySuthonties of the Alliance during
tbisVession Uteri one was undoubtedly
t pleised to have such prixilccos and we tele
giaphed for all the paities but about J
o lot V on the same day C C Hell B F
I odirers and William H Murrai ail of
whom an members in good standing at
tin n home lodges went up to the Alliance
hall on sonic business peituining to the
trill but befoie theyrcaihed the door
w In rem tho Alliance ivaTtbemg held tliot
were met by Milton Pailc who declaied
that thev could1 not go into the Alliance
They then Risked Why not When
he permitted them to lead a reso
lution oif about tltf1 following in
substance JThat all who sigmd the Austin
manifesto and al who attended the unti
Mib tieasuiSi meetings at Fort Worth and
ah wmWiad Sev uiteiest in airVwaj whjlt
Vrr with JVoild were
inlied tan tKjr piiscnt statu All
irteinc and theyodges1 to which sujfTer
scins beioiif ire comiaanded toicxp feaclji
and eteryoueof fliem and urfaiiuve to < to
so tlieuthecnaiteJsof such lodj pshould
be rovoked by thc presiiIcn o f tAe St te
r 1
Funneis Vlhanj iS bo ifter wyfsaw this
bf course it riis toVlateTo gftjShto tiial
after the = wrdU U had been pipscd by the
Ui < 5iCboit 5 p m on th < > jsamo day a
committee of fourteen puffons was ap
pointed ti > interview us aso whether we
had anj charges to piesc t the bodrnd
thej atso presented us with a resolution
similar to the aboie exiept it did not in
clude those who attended the Fort Worth
meeting We wiote them an answer
whuh will be submitted to
i ± expiessing our willingness
to go to trial provided that the would re
sinid the iiidict of the jui
illou submit oui trial before the
committee jou lofei led to
Xo sir we will not go before any
whitewashing committee we will submit
notlunc to a trial except before the consti
tutional authorities of the Alliance
Well weie you ordeicd out of the Alli
ance hall
Evan lnnes repeated and emphasized
tint the sergcantatarms should put me
Who introduced the first resolution to
oust ou anti suhtreisurv fellows
K l imb was the hrst man 1 saw on
the floor foi the resolution and hence I con
sider that he was the mtiodiuei
What could have been Ins object in in
troducing such icsolution as he is a leader
in the Peoples parti and the Alliance is u
ionpolitical organization
that is erj plain Yon see the Peo
ples party met the daj before the Alliance
met and organized whiih shows en
plainly that they are trwng to uo the
Alliance as a cats paw for their patty
Hows that
By shaping their platform after the
Alliance demands so tlicv can iinulate
thoirliteratuie thiiiugh the Alliume
Well do ou think it mil work
Xo sn the lunl and lite of the Alliance
aietrue Democrats and onli misled by the
third parti ites in the Alliance to suppoit
thesubticasuri plan
Did ion not suj a lew dajs ago that the
rank and tile ofthe Alliame would not fol
low the Demoeiats
Xo sir I said that the rank and file of
the sub treasury wing would not measure
their Dejnoeraci by the subtreusuri plan
but would test or study the plan from its
Aiea majority of the rank and file of
tho Alliance subtieasuiy followers
Xo sir
Well why dont jou fellows organize
jour foues and make jour light
We haieeientiling leadj to work well
just as soon as we use even effort in urg
ing them to go back to the original pur
poses of the Alliance
In case tliej dont back then what
A new Alliance or rather the incor
ruptible part will be organised from na
tional to subordinate lodges and among
our chief mms will be to suppress the class
prejudices fostered by the office seekers
who belong to tho Alliance to have the
persons who follow the plow to be the
pullors and the members of other profes
sions to be pushers
What is the cause of so much prejudice
about the Fort Woith antisubtreasury
Well jou see tho Waco meeting was
culled bj two classes one that desired a
whitewashing the other that desired an
expression of the Alliance so thej would
know how to shape the platform of the Peo
ples purtj in Tetus and tho Fort Worth
meeting was called by Democrats so what
ei er is legal or illegal of the one is legal or
illegal of the other Whoever kicks at tho
Fort Worth meeting and indorses the Waco
meeting is either a third partj man or he
has been mismfonned about them Tho
Waco meeting made the Fort Worth meet
ing a necessity beeause every member of
the Alliance is privileged to retain his polit
ical and religious rights to everything
What decision did jou come to about
the Peoples party in Texas
Oh it will out no figure at all Some of
their committeemen refused to serve It
is better for the Democracy because it will
ssve those tricksters from attempting to
work the darklantern on us
iETt mil isjfpietf > care utfimt <
TiirnMi thu be t ofjfertmces I
The Martinique Hi
lowed by an Ear
f f rw w
r rZ 2 J n Ke f
nfr r1 t
The Superstitious Blacks Believe the End of
the World Has Come
Two American ltrlc Are Wrecked hut
he Crown Are savvil The Value of
rroperty Ie trojed I t nor
mou > CTiatC t Xews
St Pimm STHrn TTitfij Jjjg 0 Tlwf
full extendi Tuesdays ealamitj catgut
jet be de simined Fiom manj nor4 of
the islaiutjbnlj vague and lndefiiutgrfeports
have solar been leceived TheyWiountain
in raunj instances ob
struefedbj fallen Umbels aarJrbtherdebiis
thus rendering miuj ijmges evtiemelj
difficult ot an ess Even fresh ieiwrt
brings riew details of ttnh ersal huvoc and
devastati Ljj Tou ht by the furj ot the
elements The hut ncane struck the island
about 7 oclock Tuesdij iiiht It lontiuued
to ruge till nearly 11 Haidly had the ter
rific storm died away when a sharp earth
quake shod added to the horror of tho
nieht Many of the superstitious blacks
vcrilj thought the end of the world was at
It is impossible to ennvev an adequate
idea of tho tenors and suffering of Tuesday
night People flocked to the open space
and spent the long hours till dajlight in
sleepless susjiense The know not but tnafc
the net moment a scveie earthquake shock
might complete the dcstrm Hon of their al
ready loofiess houses Morning brought
little sense of relief On all sides the evi
dences of destruction greeted anxious ejes
and as death after death was reported the
awful character of the disaster was made
moie and moie manifest Then news began
to come from other paits of tho island
Eieijwheie the same dicadfultale of suf
fering and loss and death w as reported
Xo place on the island so far heaid from
has escaped without serious damage It is
impossible as jet to give auj estimate ot
the monej value of the damage to crops
forests houses and shipping Tho grand
total w ill be something eiioi mous nor can
it be told how many jieople penshed on
Tucsdai Indications wei e that some sixt
to 100 had lost their lives On Fridaj tho
death roll had mounted to 21S Todaj it is
known that > 0met instant death It is not
at allimpiobablo that moie accurate reports
will add still moie names to the list ot the
dead Xo attempt has been made to ascer
tain the number of those who weie mjuied
by falling walls and rljiug dehiis but the
probabihtj is that thousands received m
junes more or less seiious
Efforts aie being made evcrjwhere to
repair the damage IleieinSt Pieire the
first endeaior is to get new roofs foi
hardlj a roof in the entire citj remains in
tact Prices hae been sharply advanced
Tne Ameiican brigs X ed White and Jennie
Phinuej were among the shipping Both
are total wrecks but their eiews escaped
unhurt Xot a single craft that was m the
harlior when the storm struck the island
remained afloat
The village of Momerouge is a total
wieck The number of lives lost there was
about thirti
Foit DeFrunee the second citj of tho
islund Si us nearly destrojed It will be
months before the ravages of the storm will
be obliterated Meanwhile there is great
suffering and especially among the poorer
Trnut Companion to Hold OneThird of the
Crop for One Year anil Pat the
Price Cp to 10 Centu
Coixirnu S C Aug 21 A scheme
the main object of which is to save the
present crop of cotton from being sacrificed
hus been formulated in this citj and is to
be at once pushed through all the cotton
growing districts The scheme was origiu
rted by a farmer E M Stoebes and will
be put into active operation bj the Alliance
which has already approved it The
scheme proposes that trust companies with
a capital from 20000 to J30000 each shall
be formed in every countj in the cotton
belt These companies shall receive as
subscriptions onethird of the cottton crop
of the members So firmly are these trust
companies to be bound that the cotton thus
placed in their trust can positively not be
touched for a jear At the expiration of
that time the companies will be dissolved
and the cotton held in trust be returned to
its owner By this means it is calculated
to hold the cotton supply for this jear down
to about C500000 bales and consequentlj
bring the price up to about 10c per pound
instead of 6c as the present averae
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