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That is What the AntiCommis
sion M h are After
The Sharp Practice on the Cotton Rate Fixed
Up in St Louis
The Ituads Say the Kate is Kuinous and
They will Take Means Legal or Oth
erwise to Get Around It
Complaint Filed
King the Chestnut IScIL
E pedal to the Gazette
Austin Tex Sept 23 The railroad
commission of Texas is having the common
experience of commissions in other states
which at the outset were denounced as the
enemies of progress arresters of railroad
building and the instruments of confisca
tion and oppression 1 lie story is ah old
one hoary with years and rank with the
odor of the chestnut There is of course
the usual accompaniment of gross misrep
resentation of its action false statements
and deliberate lying about its rules and
rates Those lies and misrepresentations
ere spread purposely where they are ex
pected to do the most good or evil that is
In the money centers of the East New
York especially The object of this is not
so much to intimidate capital for it rarely
or never succeeds in that capital knowing
very well that it is the same old lie newly
upholstered but by a reflex action
frightening the people at home
who less sophisticated may imagine
as many of them sometimes do
thai the commission is terrorizing
the roads and pursuing a course that will
drive away money and investors and play
the demuition generally The lies retailed
in Now York are meant to do service in
Texas among people of timid natures who
may be expected to protest remonstrate
and raise such a howl as will weaken the
commissions backbone This policy is of
courset mark of cowardice and a virtual
confession of the weakness and rottenness
of the cause sought to be so vindicated No
Just cause defends itself by wholesale lying
and wilful misrepresentation If a railtoad
commission adopts a rate that is unfair and
unremunerative the roads have an instant
remedy at law to have it set aside The
Texas commission law contains an express
piovisiou of that nature m their favor and
wo all know that there is not a railroad in
the state that if it had the shadow of a
chance to overthrow a rate or a ruling by
the commission but would go into the
courts at once If there is anything in this
world that a railroad does enjoy it is liti
gation For that reason it employs the
ablest legal talent in every city on its line
and pays well for it And if there is one
antagonist whom it would like more than
any other to encounter in a legal battle it
is a railroad commission There is not a
road in Texas nor perhaps a railroad attor
ney that is not fairly aching for an oppor
tunity to get a whack at the commission in
the courts They all talk about the com
missions rates being injurious ana unre
munorative not to say confiscatory and all
that but not one of them dares go into any
state or Federal court with that sort of a
plea If they tell the truth about damag
ing and unremunerative rates they hae a
certain remedy at law and they are imbe
ciles if thej do not avail themselves of the
rights guaranteed them The commission is
not a mighty and imperious council whose
rulings are final ami conclusive Its ac
tion is fully as amenable to the law as are
the actions of individuals or of the roads
themselves If it makes a rate that does
not permit a fair protit on the money in
vested in a road the road has
only to go into court and
show that fact to have tho rate set aside
How excessively stale and fatiguing then
re the winnings and wailings and lying
complaints heard on all sides against the
actum of the commission Do the insti
gators and blathering propagators of such
falsehoods imagine that tho people are
numbskulls That they cant see through
und easily discover tho motives that prompt
the lies A corporation that will descend to
such a course of vain and futile detention
and dishonorable bushwhacking is not
Ebove suspicion in its daily dealings with
patrons and shipjiers No one understands
this better than the commission which has
heaid too many talcs of woe not to under
stand thoroughly the manner in which the
roads too often treat those unfortunate
luough to incur their displeasure or to rest
it their mercy
There is one thiug that railroad mana
gers and their friends should understand
and that is they will never accomplish any
thing of value by the questionable policy
alluded to If they are beimr unjustly
treated by tho commission let them go at
once to the tribunals of law and show that
fact The courts have never been accused
of unfairness to them If they have no
cause of complaint that thei dare allege in
court then let them for the sake of common
decency and their own good name if they
bank much on that stop the brawling com
plaints of themselves and friends and hold
their peace until they are hurt
The above observations were induced by
a lying circular received by the commission
Saturday from a New York financier
formerly a Texan who sent it here as a
cample of the stories circulated in Gotham
by railroad magnates about the ruinous
action of tho commission in Texas The
circular which is anonymous and therefore
a cowardly document stated that the coin
mission having in commodity tariCf No 2
authorized tho roads to add 10 cents per 100
pounds for compressing to the rate fixed on
cotton now recalled that authority and
compelled the roads to pay the charge for
The result it was stated would be a f ur
tlier loss to the roads of two to three mil
lions of dollars and so forth The circular
it is needless to say was a tissue of lies
from lii st to last The commission never
authorized the roads to exact the price of
compressing from the shipper and never
rescinded a ruling it had not made What
it did do was to fix the rate on flat and com
pressed cotton at the same figure This was
done for the express accommodation of tho
roadswhich through tho general freight
agents had informed the commission of the
practice common among them of having
cotton compressed at their own cost a
privilege that they did not wish to have
taken from them The commission could
nuke no ruling about compressing for that
Is a business clearly beyond its province as
much so as tho sawing of logs or the grind
ing ot corn The only thing it could do
was to fix the rates on cotton so that the
roads if they choose to do so may have
the cotton delivered to them compressed at
their own charge or else haul it flat tho
rate to the shipper being the same in each
case They claimed that compressing
afforded such an economy of car space
fhey could well afford to stand the cost of
It and with that clear understanding the
rate was fixed and promulgated Subse
quently tho general freight agents sub
mitted several interrogatories August 26
to the commission relative to the proper
construction of some portions of tariffs No
1 and 2 Among them was question No 4
asking Is it tho ruling ot the commission
that the rates on cotton established by
schedule No 2 must be net to the transpor
tation companies or are the transportation
companies at liberty to pay the cost of com
pressing out of the established rates
To this the commission replied as follows
The same rate has been fixed on both com
pressed and flat cotton Roads desiring for
their own convenience to compress cotton
may with consent of shipper do so paying
the chage therefor out of tho rate fixed on
cotton by tho commission
That question and answer puts the whole
case in a nutshell The general freight
agents asked if tbey were still at liberty to
pay for compressing out of the fate estab
lished and the commission replied that
they were Nothing more was heard on
the subject andthe rate went into effect
the roads following the old practice
About the time the rate went into effect
tho general freight agents of the South
west met at St Louis to adjust through
rates as it was given out to the com
missions Texas rates Immediately after
its adjounimeut it was learned here that
Ihe reads were refusing to issue waybills
for any cotton to be shipped between points
within the state unless delivered to them
compressed the shipper of course stand
ing the cost of compressiug This ruling
of the agents made the cot
ton tariff higher to most ship > ers than
it had been underthe old rates and brought
the roads correspondingly increased reve
nue The commission wired the general
freight agents at once asking if the informa
tion it had received on that point was cor
rect Answers came back from most of
thera that it was and that they supposed
the practice was all right perfectly agreea
ble to the provisions of the established cot
ton tariff Some of them came here to con
fer with the commission and affected great
surprise at learning that their llttledodge
was wholly out of keeping with their for
mer statements and directly contrary to
the intent and purpose of the commis
sions cotton tariff Their dissimulation
and mock surprise at hearing this from the
commission can be fully appreciated by the
reader in the light of the question and au
swer given above The commission had
learned that the sly dodge was the result of
the St Louis meeting where it had been
under discussion and finally decided on by
a nearly unanimous vote three votes only
and one of them a proxy being cast against
it While the trick was being discussed
the wires to New York it is said were
kept hot with messages of advice from
headquarters It is now known that the
artful dodge was inspired from that city
The commission took prompt action andis
sued a tariff that enables tho shipper to
compress his cottou and deliver it to the
roads at the rate fixed on flat cotton
To show the unpardonable meanness of
the roads it should be stated that they
have never relused to pay for compressing
cotton delivered for shipment to St Iouis
or New Orleans o other points without
the state It is only on local shipments to
Galveston or Houston or points within the
state that they require the shipper to pay
the cost of compressing And not only
that but they have reduced the rates 2
cents on tho 100 pounds on shipments to St
Louis and New Orleans although they
were already far below tho established
rates within the state
The lying New York circular mentioned
above concluded with the statement that
in view of the commissions ruling on com
pressed cottou the roads would bo com
pelled in selfdefense to resort to means
legal or otherwise to avoid ruin Means
legal or otherwise What is meant by
the term otherwise cau only be puessed
at It may mean illegal or such means as
will ignore entirely the commissions rates
and the carrying things with a high hand
or it may mean more artful dodging more
sharp practice such as that coucocted at St
Louis But no one fears it It is a harm
less thunderbolt mere sound and fury So
far as legal means go the roads dont
dare resort to them They have not a leg
to stand on in courtand they know it and
they know too that tho commission knows
it Hence the talk of means otherwise
than legal They mean if possible to bull
doze the commission Imagine their trying
to intimidate John II Reagan A fox defy
ing the lightning is not acircumstanco to it
The average of the commissions rate on
tho transportation of cotton within tho
state is a littlo above 5 > cents per ton per
mile To be preci e it is 554 cents The
rate on the Southern Pacific Mr Hunting
tons road from Houston to New Orleans a
distance of 360 odd miles is tl a bale or
110 cents per ton per mile Now hero is a
rate fixed by Mr Huntingtons traffic man
agers on his own road that is scarcely one
fifth of the rite allowed him by the com
mission Now wouldnt he cut a pretty
figure in court should he co there with an
allegation that the commissions rates were
ruining his roads The rates fixed by the
roads or some of them on shipments of
cotton from Dallas to St Louis a distance
of 73S miles is 217 cents per ton per
mile or less then half the commissions
rato for half the distance within the state
Now if a rate of 11 cents per ton per mile
is remunerative and we all know that Mr
Huntington would not haul for it if it was
not how can he or any other railroad
magnate or man have the face to say that
a rate more than five times as high is ruin
ous Cannot a child see that if the roads
are to get rid of the commissions rates it
will not bo by legal means but other
wise a wise for which they appear to
have a rare fondness But when they go
about it there is going to be some fun aud
dont you forget it
Complaint of Tar id Xo C
Mr Gresham was before the commission
and filed the following complaint To the
honorable railroad commission of Texas
Your petitioners of tho Galveston freight
bureau association of business men having
their domicile in the city of Galveston
respectfully file this their complaint against
commodity tariff No C and state first that
the differential rate of 7 cents per 100
pounds on cotton between Galveston and
Houston is excessive and more than the
service rendered by the railroad companies
is reasonably worth and more thau has
heretofore been charged That it is an un
just discrimination against parties desiring
to ship cotton to this port aud serves as an
inducement to tho railroad companies to
haul cotton to points beyond the state
2 That the distance via the Gulf Colo
rado and Santa Fe railroad from all points
in Texas to Galveston is nearly the same as
to Houston and that the necessary cost to
said company in delivering cotton at Gal
veston is less than it is to deliver it at
Houston Iu consideration of these facts
we respectfully ask your honorable body to
so amend your commodity tariff No C
that the rates on cotton from all points in
Texas to Houston shall be the rate to Gal
veston less 5 cents per 100 pounds With a
view that you may have all the facts bear
ing upon these points before you we ask
that the Gulf Colorado and Santa Fe rail
way company and the International and
Great Northern railroad company and such
other parties as you may think necessary
be summoned to appear before you at a day
fixed and show cause if any there be why
the rate asked for should not be granted
The commission will cite the parties to
appear as soon as Commissioner McLean
returns probably next week
Lumber Rates
Mr Waldo general freight agent of the
Missouri Kansas and Texas railway called
on the commission today and during the
talk let it out that the roads were hauling
lumber into the state from Arkansas at
lower rates than those current here The
commission will probably allow the Texas
roads to meet the cut
Comnt Extradition Case
Attorneys Street and Rhodes of Galves
ton with a Tennessee sheriff appeared be
fore the governor today in the Corsant
extradition case at Galveston accompanied
by the prisoner Corsant It seems that
Corsant had acquired title to some land in
Tennessee under false pretenses As al
leged since his arrest he has sought
to compromise by returning the property
and being allowed to go free Under the
statement of the case made the governor
decided to suspend extradition until he can
hear from the governor of Tennessee Cor
sant is in the meantime under bond to ap
pear when called on
To Han ToDay
Maj Waltonv attorney for Leeper and
Powell who are sentenced to hang tomor
3M 4 S
row at Gatesville made an earnest appeal
to the governor today to com
mute the death sentences to life
imprisonment After examining the
case thorouehly tho governor concluded
that nothing in the record warranted
any further interposition in their
behalf and that the sentence
pronounced against them should be
executed Their doom is therefore sealed
A telegram asking if the sheriff might al
low Mrs Powell to see her son was re
ceived today and answered by the governor
in the affirmative under proper precau
tions s
Mr Harwood a brick maker of Gonzales
complained of lack of transfer facilities at
his town from the Southern Pacific to the
Aransas Pass
Mr Wilson a contractor for stone at the
mouth of the Brazos had a similar com
plaint to the effect that owing to the lack
of transfer facilities at Areola Junction
stone shipped from Brenham to Columbia
must go to Alvin thence to Houston and from
Houston to Columbia
Mr Laird of the Elgin pressed brick
worksmade some recommendations as to
tho proposed tariff on brick and stone
M K St T Injunction Case
in the injunction case of the State against
the Missouri Kansas and Texas railway
the order by Judge Key is in language as
follows Ordered adjudged and decreed
that said injunction be and the same is
hereby modified so as to permit the said S
HI Clark Ira H Evans James A Baker
Sr F A Rice D S II Smith
aud A R Howard as a company to take
possession of the property of said company
and to manage and control all of s affairs
until otherwise ordered by this court but
said above named defendants are still re
strained from calling or participating in any
meeting of the stockholders of said Inter
national and Great Northern railroad com
pany and from voting or transferring any
of the stock mentioned in the plaintiffs
original petition and said directors and
officers of said International and Great
Northern railroad company are
hereby enjoined from operating the railroad
belonging to said company in the interest
of or subservient to auy railroad owned or
operated by the Missouri Kansas and
Texas railroad company and are required
to operate said International railroad as an
Independent and competing road
William Key
Judge Twentysixth district Tex
Capital Culllngs
Tax rolls of thirteen additional counties
show an increase of 4744994 total in
crease to date in IBS counties 51000000
Chartered The Dallas vinegar ind pro
duce company 30000
R G Graham drug company of Young
county capital 10000
Lerch and Mastcrson real estate and
loan agency of Velasco Capital 10000
The university opened for business this
morning with 305 pupils as against 234 on
tho corresponding day of last year
To Suppress Ilricandage
Constantinople Sept 28 The decree
for the suppression of brigandage makes
the local officials responsible for their dis
tricts offers rewards for the capture of
brigands imposes fines for withholding in
formation and forbids the carrying of
arms by the peasants
The Association and People Much En
couraged by the Unprecedented Suc
cess Achieved This Year
Correspondence of the Gazette
Bonham Tex Sept 2C The fifth and
last day of cur fair opened with a good at
tendance The weather was clear and
pleasant The races were good aud closely
For the best lady driver Miss Ella Tepe
carried off the premium only one entry
Best pair of carriage horses one entry
premium awarded to Chet Jackson
Best roadster two entries Hartwood
entered by Chet Jackson was awarded the
Best saddle horse five entries Dr P J
Kennedy carried off first premium and G
M Huffacre second
Most expert bicycle riders consisting of
speed and grace six entries They roae a
onequarter race Time 101 Letellia
Buchanan carried off tho blue ribbon and
Percie Inglish the red
Best saddle and harness horso combined
premium awarded to J T Bell of McKln
Most graceful rider from fourteen to
twentyone years four entries premium
awarded J T Bell of McKinney
The balloon aid not go up on account of
high wind
Thus ended the third annual fair of
Fannin county
The association is jubilant It was a
grand success and tho fanners of our
county are enthusiastic and say that it
shall be a grander success next year There
were over twenty thousand who visited
the fair during ihe five days Including
many strangers from a distance and all
went away full of compliments aud praise
for the fair and the association whose
energy and pluck got up the biggest and
most profitable show which Fannin county
ever had Something over 5000 were paid
in premiums to our citizens to say nothing
of the new impetus encouragement and
spirit of competition infused in our people
to try and excel each other in agriculture
stock raising aud all the domestic pursuits
of life
We have said nothing about the stock
exhibit during the fair on account of press
of time Suffice It to say that there
was as pretty an exhibition of fine stock of
every kind as we ever saw and we have been
at some large fairs Of course our exhibit
was not as largo as the Dallas state fair
but so far as it went we could compete with
any fair in the state Our fair is now an
established and solid Institution The as
sociation is so much encouraged by its suc
cess that It has already begun to talk
about numerous improvements one among
which is a large artificial lake
Maoy of our wealthiest farmers came for
ward and are anxious to take stock The
association however is on its feet and
dont need any ai IU grand success this
j ear paid for the Investment
Continue to Be Successful
Berlin Sept 2S The commercial treaty
negotiations which have been In pro
gress for some time past between Germany
and Belgium continue to be successful The
first reading of the clause agreed upon has
been concluded Reports emanating from
Brussels with a view to prejudicing lega
tions to the effect thatFrance and Belgium
were negotiating a similar treaty are de
clared to be untrue
Trylne to Work Egan
Valparaiso Sept 2 The junta has
been making efforts to induce Minister
Egan to give up all who sought refuge in
the United States legation and claims to
have the right to arrest any one found in
the streets or anywhere outside the four
walls of the legation A number of foreign
ers have already been arrested among them
three Americans A force of police were
on duty around the block where the Amerl
zsa legation is but were withdrawn Friday
last owing to the earnest protest of Minis
ter Egan
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Boys Go Fishing Using
Dynamite for Bait
Assassins Get in Their Work Filling Their
Victim wtih BuckshoJ
A Determined Couple Drive ThirtyFire
Miles In a TwoWheeler to Have
the Nuptial Knot Tied look
Idc Out for the Old Folks
Judge Lynch After Him
Special to the Gazette
GuTiinir O T Sept 28 People at the
Tillage of Sherman thirty miles west of
here are out in force hunting Isaac Ander
son a farm nand who crimlnalryassaulted
Mrs Wells on Saturday night during the
absence of her husband
A Territory Assassination
Special to the Gazette
Vinita I T Sept 2S John Slayton a
farmer living on Big creek twenty miles
west of this place was found in his barn
yard Saturday night dead with a load of
buckshot in his side His sister and
brother were nursing a sick family in the
neighborhood and John was the only per
son on the place save his murderer De
ceased was a quiet and peaceable young
man and it is difficult to discover a motive
for the killing
Went Fishing With Dynamite
Special to the Gazette
DoconEitTT I T Sept 23 Last
Wednesday evening about 4 oclock Charlie
Bothwell and William Pickett both about
fifteen years of age secured a stick of
dynamite and concluded to kill some fish
at tho Rock Creek ford one mile
south of town but the attempt resulted
disastrously to both boys as follows In
making a fuse the boys took an old sus
pender sewing it together making a long
tube One end they inserted into the stick
of dynamite and poured powder in the
other end until the tube was full
Charlie Bothwell was holding the
dynamite ready to throw it in the
water as soon as the Pickett boy lit the
fuse which he proceeded to do when a
terrific explosiou occurred knocking both
boys to tho ground and tearing the right
hand of Bothwell off at the wrist
and severely lacerating the hips
and the stomach of the Pickett
1 v Both boys got up and walked a quar
of a mile to tho home of Bothwell
hen the doctor arrived he picked flesh
and finger bones belonging to Bothwell out
of Picketts hips and stomach The
shock being so great to their systems
the Pickett boy succumbed to the
shock and he died yesterday evening and
was buried today
The Bothwell boy says he will die also
and the doctors agree with him and say he
cannot last over twelve hours longer as he
is also hurt internally which was not
known at first
A Territory Eloponieut
Special to the Gazette
Dougueutv I T Sept 23 Late last
night a young man late from Tennessee and
a young halfbreed Chickasaw Indian girl
arrived here and took the train for Ard
more where they are to be married It was
learned that the couple had eloped
from near Stonewall thirtylive
miles northeast of here arid
as the man was loaded
for bear it was supposed he was expecting
pursuit bul he evidently gave his pursuers
the slip as no one has shown up yet They
arrived in a twowheeled cart driving a
brokendown horse
Sure to bo Tried on the Several Chai ces
Against Him Unless He
Again Escapes
Special to the Gazette
Sax Antonio Tex Sept 2S The ar
rest on yesterday of H T McCabe near
Alice Nueces county reopens an old ro
mance and tragedy
For some time tho rangers have been on
his trail but he had eluded them McCabe
two years ago was the judge of
Hidalgo county and a man of
much promlrence and influence with the
voters of that section He was embroiled
in a number of political troubles was in
constant hotwater withthcsu > eriorcourts
and a participant in several serious affrays
One of the most vigorous of his opponents
was a man named Max Stciu who
finally defeated him for the judgeship
McCabe had a very beautiful
eighteenyearold wife named Inez daugh
ter of a Texas ranchman One night dur
ing a celebration iu the Mexican town op
posite Rio Grande City Inez shot and in
stantly killed Judge Stein claiming that he
had attempted to outrage her As the
offense was committed on Mexican
soil she was Jailed at Matamoras
McCabe was charged as an acces
sory and was jailed at Victoria
Inez escaped by jumping from a window
and broke her aukle in doing so She is
now on Texas soil McCabe escaped from
the Victoria jail after a desperate encounter
with the guards and also made his way to
Texas There are several charges against
him and he will be tried on them unless he
again escapes He is a redheaded man not
iu anyway attractive to the ordinary person
but there is not the least doubt that his
beautiful wife will fly to his assistance
She has frequently said that she would far
rather die with him than live without him
A Verdict or Not Guilty that Virtually
Decides all the Cases 1a
Their Favor
Special to the Gazette
Lake Charles La Sept 23 This
morning argument in the oose of the state
against Rufus Moulton and others was pro
ceeded with immediately on the opening of
court At 4 oclock p m after having
been charged by the judge the jury retired
to their room and in fifteen minutes re
turned a verdict of not guilty as to all the
defendants There being other charges for
murder against the same parties growing
out of the difficulty they were remanded
back to jail It is generally concededthat
the verdict rendered today virtually de
cides all the cases in their favor
They are the redbone men
A Girl Takes Arsenic
Special to the Gazette
Tekeell Kaufman County Tex Sept
2S Late this evening Miss Cora Zink
about sixteen years old daughter of Mr
Buck Zink took two teaspoonf uls of arse
nic The cause she gave is the refusal of a
young man to marry her She is not ex
pected to live The arsenic had been taken
an hour or more before a physician was se
A Panther In Grayson County
Special to the Gazette
Dexisox Tex Sept 28 Considerable
excitement prevails iu the neighborhood of
Munsons farm about craemiie south
nison This morning about 6 oclock
the servant girl stepped into the yard and
a short distance from the house
spied a panther walking calmly
alKiut with a chicken in its mouth
She called for the hostler who responded
quickly and by making a big fuss suc
ceeded in frightening the beast awav Both
parties are responsible and their statements
are generally believed Mr Munson ex
amined tho beasts tracks and says they
were undoubtedly those of a panther
Chicago Races
Chicago III Sept 28 Garfield Park
track fast First race five furlongs Miss
Nelson won Happy Day second Holly
Bolly third Time 102J4
Second race threefourths of a mile
Fan Kinsr won Baukrupt second Lakeview
third Time UUh
Third race one and oneeighth miles
dead heat between Russell and GoodBve
Signature third Time 15G In the run
off Russell won it Time 201
Fourth race mile and onesixteenth
Mile Match won Ernest Race second Van
Buren third Time 14SJ
Fifth race one aud onesixteenth miles
Forerunner won Silverado second Joe
Carter third Time 1 D0
Sixth race one mile German won Tom
Roach second Julius Sax third Time
l4 Vj
Seventh race seven furlongs Exclusion
won Miggie B second Long Broeck
third Time 102
Gravesend ltaces
Gravesexd Rce Course Sept 2S
First race one and onesixteenth miles Ter
rifier won Bermuda second Mabel Glenn
third Time UiSff
Second race one and onefourth miles
Homer won Pessara second Judge Morrow
third Time 2i09
Third race five furlongs St Caroline
won Prita Colt second Vernon third
Time lttiy
Fourth race one and onesixteenth of a
jnile Portchester won Virgie second John
Cavauaugh third Time 14JY
Fifth race eight furlongs Dixie won
Busted second Civil third Time 103
Sixth race one mile Raceiand won
Cerebus second Versatile third Time
Tatonia Kaces
Latoni Race Course Sept 2 First
race one mile Brutus won Sight Draft
second Virgin third Time 145
Second race one milo and twenty yards
Prince of Darkness won Carus second
Royal Garter third Time 144 J
Third race one mile and seventy yards
Eli Kindig won Col Wheatley second
Hopeful third Time 1415
Fourth race four and onehalf furlongs
K Kjwon Annie Irwin second Dearest
third Time 5GJ4
Fifth race five furlongs Aloy won Dixie
V second The Queen third Time 103J4
Sixth race one mile Bonair won Turk
second Portuguese third Time l42Ji
Brown wood ltaces
Special to the Gazette
BnowNwoon Brown Countv Tfx
Sept 28 First race threeeighths of a
mile dash Lady Tom Avon Red Aleck sec
ond Patti third
Second race trotting Joe Graham won
Dollie W second Galveston third Time
Third race pacing Billio H of Brown
wood won Dollie W of Sherman second
Hal Bostick of Fort Worth third
Fourth race yearling trotting Lady Mi
rum wou Time 450
Clevelind Ouio Sept 2S Cleveland
Runs 4 hits 7 errors 1 Chicago Runs
2Jiits 9 errors 1 Batteries Young and
Doyle Hutchinson and Schriever Um
pire Emslie
Philadelphia Pa Sept 28 Athletics
Runs 0 hits > 10 errors 5 Boston
Runs6 hits 8 errors 2 Batteries
Bowman and Cross Buftington and Mur
phy Umpire Ferguson
PiTTsncita Pa Sept 2s Pittsburg
Runs 5 hits 11 errors 4 Cincinnati
Runs 7 hits S errors 0 Batteries
King and Miller Mullane and Harrington
Umpire Hurst
Brooklyn X Y Sept 2S Brooklyn
Runs 8 hits 11 errors 1 Philadelphia
Runs 3 hits 13 errors 2 Batteries
Kinslow and Griffin Gleason and Brown
Umpire Orr
Milwaukee Wis Sept 28 Milwaukee
Runs 8 hits 14 errors 3 Louisville
Runs 2 bits 6 errors 1 Batteries
Dwyer and Vaughn Stratton and Briggs
Umpire McLaughlin
AVASniNGTON Sept 2S Washington
Runs 5 hits 9 errors 3 Baltimore
Runs 1 hits 4 errors 2 Batteries Fore
man andMcGuire McMahonand Robinson
Umpire Kerins
Freight Tralllc Manager
St Louis Mo Sept 28 C A Parker
who has occupied the position of acting
traffic ipanagcr ° f tne Missouri Pacific
Iron Mountain and Southern railroads since
the retirement of Leeds last spring has
been appointed freight traffic manager of
the system The appointment becomes
effective October 1
Jays Jfew Scheme
Chicago III Sept 2S That part of
Mr Goulds interview in which he men
tions a new line to New Orleans in connec
tion with the Missouri Pacific has set
Western railroad men to thinking The
completion ot a line from Fort Smith to a
junction with the Cotton Belt will
give the road a short route to
New Orleans via the Cotton Belt
and Texas and Pacific both of which
are controlled by Gould It is probable
that this will be done in a few weeks It
is also probable that the same rate will be
adopted from Arkansas points to Xew Or
leans that are in force from Kansas points
to Chicago This will of course divert
to the Southern port all export
grain traffic that has heretofore
goie east via Chicago and will work con
siderable injury to some of the Chicago
roads The Rock Island will be the road
most likely to suffer in the event of such
action An official of that company ad
mitted as much today One thing is cer
tain he said if Gould carries outthis
plan and I have no doubt
he will the Rock Island will be
compelled to build to tide water
vWe have been moving In that direction
J slowly for several years but this I Imagine
will force us to stir our stumps and get into
Galveston as quickly as possible Why the
Missouri Pacific can make even a higher
rate to New Orleans than we make to Chi
cago and still get away with all export busi
ness for the ocean rate applies from New
Orleans while Chicago is nearly one thou
sand miles from tide water Already Chi
cago is nearly being cut out as the gateway
for eastbound grain shipments but I am
inclined to think this new scheme of Jay
Goulds will hurt it more than anything
Charged With Seduction
Special to the Gazette
Galveston Tex Sept 23 This even
ing J H Hook a young man who recently
arrived from Nashville Tenn was arrested
on the charge of seduction preferred by
Daisy Epperson employed in the Galves
ton cotton and woolen mills Daisy alleges
that Hook accomplished his purpose under
promise of marriage and instead of fulfill
ing his promise married another The com
plainant is twenty years old while Hook is
yet in his teens He gave bond in sum of
500 for his appearance before the recorder
Discussing the Chilian Juntas
Treatment of Americans
The American Legation Reported Strongly
Guarded and to Be Admitted
A Passport Must be Produced KxSenator
lllalr ami Gen llaum4 Mmes A
Resignation by Kequest Said
to 1m in Existence
An Executive Consultation
Special to the Gazette
Washington Sept 2S A hurriedly
called consultation was held at the execu
tive mansion this morning between the
president Secretary Tracy J W Foster
Commodore Ramsey chief of the naval
oureau of navigation and Acting Secretary
Wharton of the state department It i = >
understood that the meeting was called to
take action on the manner of tho juntas
harsh treatment of Amerieau citizens in
Chili The consultation lasted until after
12 oclock Secretary Tracy remaining with
the president until 1 oclock Commodore
Ramsey came out with several piess eopj
books containing official cablegram and a
book continuing official copies of the navy
department Acting Secretary Wharton
also had official papers He said in answer
to questions as to whether matters had
assumed a serious asi > ect in Chili that he
could not say any thiug on the subject
To the question if war had been declared
he said no
Commodore Ramsey would say nothing
on the subject of the conference and
Private Secretary Halford followed his ex
In official circles the news from Chili that
a cordon of soldiers had been placed around
tho house of the American minister and
that entrance could bo obtained to it only
by passport if furnished by tiie junta and
that American citizens were being arrested
on thu streets of Valparaiso Is considered
serious business It is known that as far
back as last Friday a louir cipher eiblerraui
was received at the navy department from
Capt Schley in command of the United
States steamship Baltimore in Chilian
waters A copy of this was immediately
sent to the state department Since then
cablegrams between the state and navy de
partments have been passing with in
creased rapidity but the contents of none
of these communications have lieen fur
nished the public The bustle and activity
about the executive mansion today iu view
of the fact that today is also department
day has given the president little time to
confer about Chilian matters and he has
denied himself to all callers
The idrTrickecl Kxsenator
ExSenator Blair admits that as far as ho
knows he is not to lw appointed commis
sioner of pensions The rumor that he was
to bo Gqn Raums secrctarj apparently
grew out of the fact of Harrisons well
known desire to do something for the re
jected wouldbe diplomat He would
hardly dare to take such a bold step as to
appoint him pension commissioner how
ever for a Now Hampshire man in that of
fice would put Tanner to the blush but al
though Blair is not apt to be placed at the
head of the i > ensiou bureau there is no
doubt that it has been decided to remove
Gen Raum in fact it is understood that
his resignation is already in tho hands of
the president by request and that it will
be accepted at a very early day
Condition or ISauks
Special to the Gazette
Washington Sept 2S Comptroller La
cey today issued a call for a report of the
condition of national banks at tho close of
business Friday September 25
Will Ask for SIGOOOOOO
Washington Sept 2S The navy de
partment will ask for 410000000 in esti
mates for continuing the work on the new
navy not including new vessels The sec
retary will especially advocate theconstruc
tion of fast torpedo boats aud light draught
cruisers It is considered desirable to con
tinue the addition of large ships but the
navy department will prooably decide in
favor of small ships of the protected cruiser
type such as are required in China and Pa
cific stations
CourtMartlil Finding Approved
Washington Sent 23 The president
approved the finding of the courtmartial
in the case of Col Charles E Compton
Fourth cavalry sentenced to suspension
from his rank for three years on half pay
and confinement to the limits of the mili
tary post for not preventing the lynching
of a gambler who had killed a soldier at
Walla Walla The sentence however has
been mitigated to suspension on half pay
for two years
Serious Complications
Washington Sept 28 Serious compli
cations between the Chilian junta and tho
United States are believed to have arisen
since last Friday Cablegrams in cipher
have been passing between Washington and
Valparaiso relating to affairs in Chili The
president was in consultation with repre
sentatives of state and navy departments
and Commodore Ramsey chief of the navi
gation bureau for two hours this morning
No More Ships Tor Chili
Washington Sept 28 Secretary Tracy
while declining to make any statement rel
ative to the conference at the White House
this morning said that ho did not intend to
send any more ships to Chili and that he
did not regard the situation there as threat
Marble Statue of the Pope Unveiled
Washington Sept 2S This afternoon
the marble statue of the pope presented to
the Catholic university by Joseph Loubelo
was unveiled The exercises were simple
participated in by Cardinal Gibbons and a
largo number of prominent members of the
priesthood Bishop Kane delivered th <
principal address Among those present
were Archbishop Corrigan Monseignor
Preston of New York and Archbishop
Williams of Boston The statue is one of
Guislppi Luocettis one of the bestknown
of the modern Italian school It occupied
him over a year and its totil cost has been
over 20000
The model of the statue was submitted to
the pope for his approval and in return for
thejglf t the pontiff confered the title of count
on Mr Loubelo The statue Is of the size
known to sculptors as semicolossal and
represents the pope seated on the pontifical
throne vested in cassock alb stole and
cape On his head is the tiara triple crown
The right hand is raised in the act of giving
a blessing while the left hand rests easily
on the chair of the throne Three sides of
the pedestal bear inscriptions On one side
are the papal arms which are the armorial
bearings of the Pecci family of which the
pope is a member On the opposite side are
the arms of Mr Loubelo as a Roman count
Claims Its a Case or Blackmail
Special to the Gazette
Denison Gratson Couxtt Tex Sept
28 Last night Joseph OBrien the well
known saloon keeper who was recently
arrested charged with attempting to rape an
old lady and is nowunder bond f orappearance
for the same at the next term of court was
ested again on a second charge of rape
is time OBrien is charged with having
raped Edna Jackson a girl thirteen years
of age last winter while she was bbardinf
at his house and attending school in the
city The grand jury has thoroughly inves
tigated the matter and found a true bill
against OBrien He was arrested takot
to Sherman and released soon after on a
writ of habeas corpus tho bond being placet
at 41SO0 OBrien stoutlydenies thecharge
and as it is a scheme to ruiulUin whict
ho believes was inaugurated by a womac
who wanted to live with him in the capacitj
of genteel housekeejicr aud was refused
Cottou Kelt UrukeiuHu Killed
Special to the Gazette
TsxAUKtXA Bow ie County Tex Sept
2S John Long a freight brakeman in the
service of the Cottou Belt was knocked
from one of the companys trains tea miles
out this forenoon and instautly killed
Near the same place a short time before
an engineer named Frank Fuller jumped
from his engine iu order to avoid a burning
bridee and broke an arm and received other
injuries which it is feared will result iu
death The train went safely over the
Upturn1 a lreo Man
Special to the Gazette
Clehcrnk Jounov Couxtt Tcx Sept
2S Capt George Pierce who was carried
to Marietta Ga several months ago ou a
charge of murder committed just at the
close of the late war returned to this city
yesterday Capt Pierce was tried and ac
quitted and has returned to his family Ho
was met at the de > ot by numbers of his old
friends aud exConfederate soldiers who
were very much pleased to hear of his ac
A Deputy Sheriir 0erpovercd by Desper
ate Prisoners and Hanged DU
coered In the Act
Gvdsden Ala Sept 28 W E Bcntiey
John ientley alias Gage E HarveyThomis
James Cross aud Burn Lathrow members
of a desperate gamr of white robbers iu
jail under sentence for robbery and train
wrecking oerpowcred Deputy Sheriff B
II Melton this morning They put a ropo
about his neck and were haugiug him when
policemen appeared and fired on the pris
oners They lied back to their cells aud it
was afterwards found that all of them
were wounded The rope was hurriedly
taken from the deputys neck and he was
found to bo still alie He will recover
At Melbourne a serious epidemic of influ
enza prevails Justice Webb has just died
of the niscase
A bank grocery and furniture stores and
several shops burned yesterday at Laguou
111 Loss 15 000
Russia is erecting barracks at Shikh
Junid or the Kushk river and has in
creased the garrison at Yulatan
At Sidney New South Wales Gen
Booth of tho Salvation army was tendered
a grand reception by tho largest procession
ever seen there
Ralph Ray who at Durango Col beat his
aged mothers braus out with a hatchet
has been captured and makes a coufession
which is a shocking story
The Belgium government will formanew
regiment of artillery two of infantry and
one of cavalry to garrison the Mouse forts
and will enroll 0000 recruits yearly
Emmet B Stanley superintendent of tho
money order department at Atlanta Ga
has been arrested for embezzlement Tho
amount is believed to exceed 1510
The schooner Daylight which collided
with the steamship Circassia off Firo
island Saturday night arrived in New York
bay yesterday morning badly damaged
about the bow and leaking badly
Russias revenue receipts for the si
months ending with June last show a sur <
plus of ie600000 rubles over expenditures
The revenue receipts for the same period ia
1S90 show a deficit of 2400000 rubles
At Rangoon British Burinah great anx t
iety prevails on account of reports that th <
Dacots are gathering under Refugee Isawbl
and intend attacking the garrison at Wen
tho Several small engagements hav
taken place
Near Marianna Ark William Miller
who started Saturday to join tho posse iii
pursuit of the fleeing murderers in last FrU
days riot was waylaid and murdered
The riot was the outcome of tho negroes1
demand for 1 a hundred for cotton picking
At Milwaukee Wis Barney Baldwin 3
dime museum man with a broken neck aU
tempted to commit suicide by poison H14
wife with five children ran away with 4
man known as Circus Jack and the fail
ure to get his children back led to the at
tempt at suicide
ISritisli Grain flevietv
London Sept 28 The Mark Lane Ex
press in its weekly review of the British
grain trade says New English wheats are
plentifully offered and good qualities are
readily sold at Is advance The average
price in London is 3Ss Sd Offer
ings in wheat are steadier
though prices are rather against
sellers California is quoted at 39s Ore
gon 43s 0d and American winter at 43s 4d
The corn market is depressed and prices
have declined American new crop
is quoted at 23s for January ship
ment Barley values are maintained
Rye is 9d lower Oats are steady
At todays market there was a better tone
and selling was more active English and
foreign wheats are unchanged English
flour advanced Is per sack Corn was 81
lower Barley was down Ud Beans aud
peas 3d lower Oats steady
Failure at Lampasas
Special to the Gazette
Limpasas Tex Sept 2S At about 1
oclock this morning White Aller dry
goods merchants of tbiscitv were attached
by Bonner Bros of New York for 2500
They immediately made an assignment
for the benefit of creditors with no prefer
ences and claiming no homestead exemp
tions Liabilities about 45000 assets about
50000 White Aller were about the
second largest firm in Lampasas
Caught in a Gin
Special to the Gazette
Ktle Hats Countt Tex Sept 28
James Young a young man working at
Goforths gin had his hand caught in the
saws today aud had his arm pulled into the
machinery up to his shoulder His arm
was terribly lacerated the flesh being
stripped from the bones Several of his
fingers were out off It is thought his arm
may be saved if mortification does not set
Opened Anothers tetter 13
Special to the Gazette
Ex Paso El Paso Countt Tex Sept
23 Gonzales Eurcil an employe of the
postoffice at Juarez aud well connected in
that city was arrested last Saturday on a
charge of opening a letter addressed to
another party extracting money therefrom
and perverting the same to his own use
He is now in jail in Juarez pending ex
Skipper Has Skipped
Special to the Gazette
Hocston Tex Sept 2S For sometlma
past a systematic system of roboing regis
tered letters has been going on here and
the officials have been working on clews
Just as the inspector had the game located
he decamped His name is Clarence O
Skipper and a reward is offered for his
tStigst W k4 V

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