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Publishers and Proprietors
ORics Corner Fifth and Husk Street
Dally and Sunday one year WO ro
six months 6 = o
Dally ml Sunday
6 W
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County and State
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as S condClass Matter
Forthe benefit of our pa rons who desire to
send single copies of THE Gazette througu
the mail we give herewith the transient rate cf
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lht and tel > e page paper 1 cent
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The Gazctte will not undertake to return
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lor subscriptions and advertising should be
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Irom its
3 Tribune Building New York
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The Democrat Publishing company will pay
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The publi0 are cautlonid not to pay money
to any other persons representing theni
elves as traveling agents or this paper as all
iuthorlty heretofore Issued to any other person
than those named is hereby revoked
Democrat publishing company
June l sai
Cotton R lnn Bulletin
Weather bureau sorvico cotton recion
bulletin for twentyfour hours ending at u
the maximum
p m yesterday showing
teniiwrature the minimum temperature and
rain tall bv inches and hundredths
to slcaua
an Antonio
MaxlMin IRain
Tem Tern I fall
Mean I W 3
i > Ai
t > S
r t
1 10
1 5J
Conoiliilatod Cotton Region Bnllutln
Tho following is the cotton region bolle
in for tbo twentyfour hours ending at 6
> m
Yesterdays Local Weather
Corrected Daily by J P Nieks
8 a m 77 ClQndy
2 pm S04 Cloudy
a p m 7Sii Cloudy
Maximum li
Minimum 63 i
Weather Bulletin
Special to the Gazette
Galvlmon Tex Sept 2S Tho anti
cyclonic conditions continue over the At
lantic and East Gulf states but are appa
rently moving off into tho Atlantic An
area of low pressure is central over
tlij lakes while tbo highest pressure
is over the central and southwestern por
tions of the Iioclty Mountain slope
and another low area is moving In from the
northwest of Montana Rain has fallen
over the Western laUe resrion and the West
yulX states and the weather is generally
clear in other portions The tem
perature has fallen decidedly over
tho central and southern por
tions of the Rocky Mountain slope
over tho Missouri and upper Mississippi
valleys and tho Western lake reslon whilo
ithas risen slightly over Northern Mon
tana andhas remained about stationary
over other portions The tempera
ture continues above 80 along tho
Texas coast and the extreme
western portion of the state and over Ohio
and Western Pennsylvania Trie isotherm
of 70 passes to the east of Chicago SU
Louis through Forts Sill and Stanton
The isotherm of 00 passes between
Chicago and Davenport north of
Omaha and through North Platte
between Cheyenne and Denver and north
through Helena The temperature is also
lover the greater portion of Colorado and
New Mexico The isotherm of 50 passes
through Dulnth Bismarck and Fort
Forecast For Texas east of the one htn
dredth meridian for the twentyfour hours
from midnight local rains cooler over
North Texas and tho northern portion of
Central and East Texas stationary temper
ature over other portions variable winds
Wasiiixgton Sept 29 1 a m For
Eastern Texas local showers cooler
in the northern stationary tem
perature in the southern portion
The building of a city hall at this
time would be worth much more to the
city than if built one or two years
HICO Sept 271S91
In what vear did the first railroad reach
Fort Worth J C H
In 187C
The San Antonio Xl < ht remarks that
Garza s frail is as immortal as Simpsons
socks Why Simpson has no socks so
how can they be immortal
Has the Fort Worth Gazette sold out
lock stock and barrel to tho alien land
loan companies Archer Dispatch
No but The Gazette does advocate
cheap money for Texas rather than the
exclusion of cheap money and a return
to 2 and 3 per cent per month
The Tennessee legislatures extra
session worked after the manneuof that
famous king of France who with forty
thousand men marched up a hill and
then marched down again In one re
spect however the Tennessee states
men had the advantage of tho French
monarch Thev drew their salaries
CniciGO capitalists propose to build a
2000000 cotton mill there These capital
ists could come to Tevas with half the
money and double their profits in cotton
manufacture San Antonio Light
Doubtless they could but they wont
An alien might get hold of a share of
their stock and thereuDOii und u
Texas law the 2000000 plant would
be forfeited to the slate Natural ad
vantages count for little when men
make laws to offset them
Choice o location for exhibit space
will be a great advantage at the
Worlds fair Those counties and cities
that come forward with their share of
money for the Texas exhibit will be
given precedence in selecting space
Fort Worth and Tarrant county dont
want to bo stuck away in an outof
sigbt corner To avoid that misfor
tune come forward with tho quota of
money and get in on the ground iloor
A South Carolina judge is work
ing to depopulate his state He de
clares that marriage is indissoluble and
that as the laws of that state do not
permit of divorce a separation obtained
in another state can not be recognized
in South Carolina A man who is di
vorced in another state and marries
again if he returns to South Carolina
o live is guilty of bigamy though le
gally married in another state In
other words South Carolina has no use
for divorced persons and will notioler
ato them The trains for Chicago and
South Dakota are crowded
In the contest between Judge King
of San Antonio and Judge Goodrich of
Waco over the extension of tho Aran
sas Pass it is to be hoped that they are
having all the fun they could desire in
playing their little game ofjbattlodoor
and shuttlecock with a writ of habeas
corpus as the shuttle They have han
dled it with as much freedom as a sub
treasury orator handles facts and tho
truth and it is hard to see how they
are going to get ahead unless one of
them takes it into his head to have the
other jailed for contempt Onceiin jail
the recalcitrant judge would hardly be
in a position to let himself out again by
issuing a writ of habeas corpus for him
self and having himself brought be
fore himself for a hearing on it This
idea may not be worth a copper but it
is mentioned in the earnest hope that
it may suggest some sort of a change in
the tactics of the two judges whereby
they can quit chasing each other in a
circle and adept more strategic man
euvers The habeas corpus racket is
getting tiresome Please try something
else What is the matter with taking
a recess and going fishing
The farreaching disastrous conse
quences that are sur3 to come from4he
operation of the alien land law in Texas
are hardly thought of as yet Taking
no account of the bankruptcies of our
citizens whowill be crushed by the
forced foreclosure of foreign mortgages
the prospect is a gloomy one when we
look in another direction
There is not a railroad in Texas but
has foreigners among its shareholders
or bondholders The alien land law
invalidates the title of such companies
to the land upon which its track i3 laid
and on which the depot buildings are
constructed There will bovery little
railroad construction in Texas as long
as this law stands in its present shape
for alien money i3 required to build
railroads and aliens will notput their
money in roads that are to be escheated
to the state Neither will an American
capitalist make an investment in a
Texas railroad a bond or share of
3Jj ltt + xTB Jl fet
whose stock mayat some time come
into the possession of an alien and
thereby escheat the whole property to
the state
Wo are urging that Texas shall be
madoindependent of the North It is
saidj TandVitb truthand force that the
Texas farmer labors for the enrich
jnent of Northernmanufacturers The
machinery that cultivates his crops
comes from Northern mills The
money that our cotton brings has wings
and flies to Nothern and Eastern cen
ters leaving us as poor after our years
labor as before Make our own tools
implements of agriculture and wearing
apparel and keep this money at home
That is good advice But to establish
manufacturing plants capital is needed
We lack the money Northern capital
ists are not going to help us to build up
competition to themselves by advanc
ing the money Our laws stand in ths
way of getting financial help from
abroad We are left to our fate de
pendent on the North for all that we
use Their tariff robs us of millions of
dollars and keeps us poor They have
contrived a law to prevent us from get
ting cheap foreign goodsand keeping
us dependent on highpriced Northern
manufacturers And we have contrived
a supplemental law to prevent ourselves
from getting cheap foreign money in
tensifying and perpetuating our de
pendence on the North
Such is the prospect before us We
need railroads to develop the latent
tvealth that nature has endowed us
with and we need manufactures to
furnish employment to our people and
keep the money price of our crops at
home But we may ask in vain for
railroads and for home manufactures
as long as the alien land law remains
among our statutes disabling and im
poverishing us
The hardships and privations that
men endure while struggling for a
quarter section of land that each may
call hisown in the newly opened In
dian lands of the Territory prove the
inbred desire of men for land for
homes The love of gold richessocial
position honor and fame are shared in
varying degrees by men of different
temperaments and habits of thought
but the desire to have and to hold for
ever to ones heirs and assigns a home
be it ever so humble is a desire that
fire will not burn out of tho great ma
jority of the human race Man is a
nomad only in the savage state The
highest practical attainment of civil
ization is the home the charmed circle
towards which every homeless man
feels a yearning more or less strong
Not all of course of those who
flocked Into the newly opened territory
were honest homeseekers Many of
them were thieves sharpers specula
tors and the like who hoped to make
something out of the opportunities
meant for bettor men Considering all
things however it is very doubtful if
the settler who succeeded in getting a
quarter section of prairie for nothing
has done as well as he who g023 into a
community more or less settled in
Texas and buys a small farm on credit
even or partly so In the latter case
he has many advantages that are ab
sent in the former It costs several
dollars an acre to put such improve
ments in a quarter section in the Terri
tory as will make it habitable Then
the whole framework of social organi
zation in the latter is wanting and
nothing is as it should be There is
bound to be an unusual amount of hard
ship and suffering from the innumera
ble discomforts and inconveniencies
inseparable from the social chaos
abounding Only the hardiest and
most shifty can endure it while others
will be forced to the wall
A Good Citizen
New Birmingham Times
The Fort Worth Gazette is giving val
uable assistance to the Texas Worlds fair
exhibit at Chicago It deserves and is no
doubt credited for so doing The Gazette
is a good citizen anyhow
The People Against It
The Port Lavacan
The people of Texas should greatly ap
preciate the work of the Fort Worth Ga
zette against the alien land law The Ga
zette has been dealing some telling blows
and has been of vast power in changing the
tide of popular sentiment
Two Road Congresses Called
Southern Cultivator
By reference to the subjoined calls it will
be seen that the Georgia road congress has
been called to meet in Atlanta on Wednes
day October 23 and a road congress for the
Southern states on Thursday October 29
Every county should bo represented in
the first and every Southern state in the
second congress
Atxaxta Aug
Hon TV J Northen President Georgia Road
Dear Sir By the action of the last road
road congress tho president and vicepresi
dents were constituted an advisory com
mittee to determine tho question of a future
meeting of a congress with the power to
determine the time and call the body in
session We therefore as vicepresidents
from onr congressional districts request
you to formulate a call for a session of the
road congress in tho city of Atlanta on
Wednesday October 28 and that each
county in the state be requested to send up
delegatesto said congress doublo the num
ber of their representatives in the lower
branch of the general assembly
Wo further request you as president to
Join the secretary in an invitation to the
Southern states to hold a road congress
for the Southern states in the city of At
lanta on Thursday October 201S9L Re
spectfully H P Smaiitx
V P First Congressional District
M R Mallette
V P Second Congressional District
3 C Eelixgtox
V P Third Congressional District
W J Weeks
V P Fourth congressional District
C T Zaciiert
V P Fifth Congressional District
R A Nisbett
V P Sixth Congressional District
J O Waddell
VP Seventh Congressional District
J G Gibsox
V P Eighth Congressional District
J W Robektsox
V P Ninth CongressionalDistrict
W H Wabrex
V P Tenth Congressional District
Atlanta Aug 10 188L lu pursuance
of the above request I uereby announce that
the road congress of Geonria is hereby
called to assemble in the city of Atlanta on
Wednesday October 31S01 at 10 oclock
am Each county In the state Is requested
to select delegates to tho number of double
their representatives in the lower branch of
the general assombly and forward their
names to the secretary in Atlanta
W J Northks president
Attest W G Wjhdbt secrotary
Atxaxta Aug 10 At the request
of tho vicepresidents ol the Georgia road
congress we extend a cordial invitation to
the Southern States to hold a road congress
for the Southern States in tho city of At
lanta on Thursday October 29 lo91 each
statebeingentitled to double their number
of representatives in tho United States
house of representatives
W J Northes President
W G WniDBr Secretary
A Shocking Insult
Chicago Herald
The Peoples party of iTexas was deliv
ered of the following at its recent conven
We deem the threats made by Europeans
to withdraw their capital from this state an
insult to every American and should be re
sented by every true patriot who has the
welfare of posterity at heart
The malignity of the insult will be better
appreciated when it is understood that the
capital alluded to is money loaned to people
in Texas and secured by deeds of trust and
that the alidn land law enacted at the in
stigation of the Peoples party of Texas or
dains that such instruments purporting to
convey an interest in Texas lands shall bo
It appears therefore that what Europ
eans threaten is that if they can once re
cover the money they have loaned they will
i ot lend it again to people who declare the
security void In other words they
threaten not to lend without security or to
people who first give security and then at
tempt to render it worthless This may be
a deadly insult in the view of the Texas
Alliance patriot but no doubt there are
many true patriots who will not feel called
upon to resent it
The Recent RnlnMaklnc In Texas
From Can We Make It Rain by Gen Robert
G Dyrenforth in North American Review for
Besides these three heavy storms which
occurred after the principal operations not
less than nine showers of much less impor
tance fell during the sixteen days of our ex
periments a most extraordinary occurrence
in this locality and especially at this season
of the year That these results were not
produced at an excessive expense of mate
rial may be seen from tho fact that in the
entire series of experiments only two tons
of iron one ton of acid onefourth ton of
potash and manganese and one ton of rack
arock powder and other explosives were
consumed none of which are expensive
materials In the opinion of the writer tho
experiments clearly demonstrate
1 That the concussions from explosions
exert a marked and practical effect uuon
the atmospheric conditions in producing or
occasioning rainfall probably by disturbing
the upper euiTcnts
2 That when the atmosphere is in a
threatening condition which is fre
quently tho case in most arid regions with
out any rain resulting rain can bo caused
to fall almost immediately by Jarring
together the particles of moisture which
hang in suspension in the air This result
was repeatedly effected during our opera
tions the drops sometimes commencing to
fall within twelve seconds from the moment
of the initial explosion
It also seems probable to the writer that
the immense amount of frictional electricity
generated by the concussions and the min
gling of opposing currents of air may have
considerable intiuenco In tho formation of
storm centers by producing a polarized
condition of the earth and air and so
creating a magnetic field which may assist
in gathering and so condensing the moisture
of the surrounding atmosphere Altogether
considering the great difficulties under
which we labored tho results of our first
experiments have been exceedingly gratifi
ing and encouraging to the advocates of the
theory that rain can be produced at will by
artificial means and the further tests of
the theory which will soon bo made at El
Paso Tex will be watched with great in
Ralph Ray Who Mnrdereil Ills Slother
In Colorado Captured UU Story
f the Inhuman Crime
Doraxgo Col Sept 23 Ralph Kay
twenty years old murderer of his mother
was captured Saturday evening in Canyon
Largo N it by Sheriff Longenccker and
returned to this city today Ho made a
confession to the sheriff last night
in which he gave the particulars
of the crime He said that after he and his
mother had eaten breakfast last Wednes
day morning he went to the barn and took
two drinks of whisky from bottles he had
hidden in the hay Returning to the house he
informed his mother that he was going to
Farmington N M to attend the fair
Mrs Ray remonstrated not desiring
to be left alone This angered him
and as his mother passed him
for the door with a pan in her hand he
struck her a terrible blow on the back of
the head with a hatchet sinking the
iron into her head to tho handle She
fell to the floor without a moan The
son then plunged his hunting
knife into her breast threo times wrapped
the body in a quilt mounted his horse and
started for Mexico The father re
turned from his mine that night
and the crime was discov
ered sooner than young Ray had
expected or he would have successfully
made his way across the border The
murderer was arraigned this morning and
without a tremor or the slightest indica
tion of remorse pleaded guilty
Mr Ray the grayhaired father of the
young murderer has gone insane over the
terrible affair and his life is despaired of
Keeping a Weathar Eje on Chill hut Not
Exercised Over the Situation
Washixqton Sept 23 It is conjectured
here that matters which were under con
sideration at the executive mansion today
were statements from Minister Egan and
Capt Schley of the recent occurrences in
Chili which are also conjectures to be
in accord with special dispatches from Val
paraiso printed in the New York Herald
this morning In brief this dispatch
was to the effect that threo citizens
had been arrested in Santiago by or
der of tho Junta that a cordon of
police had Jbeen posted around the United
States legation building that access to the
legation had been controlled by the Junta
and finally that the United States minister
to Chili was being harassed and annoyed
in his efforts to care for American interests
Just what Capt Schley had to com
municate to the navy department cannot be
learned from any of tho officials
but it is surmised that it is
relative to the treatment of refugees or
that a bitter antiAmerican sentiment in
Chili resulting from the seizure of the
Itata has revealed itself in hostile or un
friendly demonstrations towards the offi
cers and men of the Baltimore However
this may be it is certain that officials
of the state and navy departments are not
alarmed at the situation and if the confer
ence was calied to devise means of meeting
any emergency it is apparent that the per
sons who participated are satisfied that this
has been done
After Desperadoes
Louisville Kt Sept 23 There is
much excitement at Somerset attendant
upon efforts entirely to break up the Gilli
land gang of desperadoes two of whom
were recently lynched for the assassination
of Sheriff McQaigue A posse of citizens
has been searching all day for the other
members of the gang Three were cap
tured yesterday and it is believed the final
roundup will be made tomorrow The
men under arrest are charged with rob
Letters Irom Slembers or tha Legislature
that Passed the Law The Posi
tions Taken in the Hatter
Sir Keiths Views
Keith Tex Sept IT 1SSL
Fort Worth Gazette
Your favor of recent date requesting my
views on the alien land bill came to hand
in my absence and I now give you very
briefly my views on said bill I have long
thought it was bad policy to permit the
ownership of Texas lands to pass from our
citizens to aliens under any circumstances
However I believe that tie present law
should be so amended as to make it avail
able as security for loans which I think
can be done by giving ample time to dispose
of such lands as may be foreclosed
I also believe that it should be so
amended that where companies are com
posed of citizens and aliens its pro
visions should affect only so much as is ac
quired by the alien
Trusting tho discussion may perfect the
hill in such way as to send Texas on the road
to a permanent prosperity I remain yours
truly Johx D Keitu
Representative Fiftysecond District
From Representative DiUs
Ssermax Tex Sept 171S31
Editor Gazette
Dear Sir Your letter of August 27
met me on my return from South Texas
and while I cannot hope to elucidate the
mysteries of the alien land law that seem
to be worrying the people of Texas of late I
will modestly answer tho interrogatories
propounded to the best of my convictions
and belief
1 I voted for the law as it now stands
but did so as many others seem to have
done without tha strictest scrutiny of Its
details I then thought and think now
that a law to prevent large bodies
of our lands from being held
in perpetuity by foreigners was an impera
tive public necessity nnd voted accordingly
2 I would vote to amend section lOo by
striking out tho word heretofore and
leave tho money of foreign capitalists to be
loaned hereafter if the owner is willing to
comply with the provisions of this act I
can see little to discourage loans in Texas if
this were the lawfor the lender would have
an indefinite time in which ho could draw
interest and foreclose a lien and a final six
years to dispose of his lands in the event he
was compelled to buy to protect his invest
They never make a loan above 50 p r
cent of value on tho property pledged and
it would bo hard to find a piece of Texas
land that could not be readily cashed at
that figure
I would further amend by providing for
the investment of foreign or corporate
money in manufactories railroads busi
ness houses etc etc but limit the amount
of real estate to the actual needs of tho en
terprise the land in actual uso
This would relieve the growing cities of
the distiess threatened from the law as it
now stands and narrow the subject down
to the great object I had in view when I cast
my vote towit To protect our West
ern lands from going into and remaining
in tho hands of capitalists for speculative
The question of Americans either cor
porations or wealthy individuals uow own
ing vast bodies of our Western lands Is
conceded to be beyond the control of our
legislature although such ownership is no
less menacing to our future prosperity
than alien ownership but the idea was to
curtail the evil where it could be reached
and this was in my opinion the motine that
prompted the alien land law
3 I dont think any member of the Twen
tysecond legislature intended or desired to
discourage the use of foreign capital in
Texas Every patriotic citizen wants to
see the state grow in population and
wealth both in town and country and if
as is now claimed the provisions of this
law will operate to damage or restrain the
growth of cities or any class of Texas in
dustries I would amend it to prevent such
It is too much to expect perfection in any
original law of great magnitude and tho
wisdom that comes of experience will direct
the amendments needed
As an humble member of the Twenty
second legislature I felt it my duty to help
arrest the aggressions of large capitalists
upon the cheap lands of tho West Under a
mistaken policy in tho past too
much of it had already been monopo
lized and is now held for high
prices when the coming homeseeker
requires it for settlement I saw all the
watered lands in some counties held by for
eigners and vast domains all over the
West embracing the choicest plats that
could be selected when the choice was free
held out of the market by men who dont
care a continental about building up Texas
They do not gitfe a farthing to the public
or private improvements of the counties
where their holdings are but faithfully
collect whatever income is due and draw
it across the Atlantic to encourage royal
living and baccarat parties in for
eign lands I further favor an
amendment prohibiting all corporate
ownership ot lands in Texas except as
above indicated for manufacturers etc
because a corporation is without length of
days and may continue its holdings in the
face of a demand for actual settlement
until the increase in value will be a bar to
the man with the hoe and drive this
desirable class to other and less inviting
lands for a home
I do not think it wise or statesmanlike to
perpetuate a policy that permits the cows
and calves of foreign or corporate owners
to horn off the man with the hoe and his
children who would by their industry
make productive fields and happy homes
where now an unprofitable waste appears
Permit me to say further that it ha3 been
tho policy of onr government both national
and state to sell lands in small bodies to
actual settlers only and to be consistent
about the matter I think it the duty of
Texas Democrats to respect the party ut
terances in convention expressed by taking
such steps as may be within reach to disin
tegrate these vast estates and force if pos
sible their future settlement by indus
trious householders
The same principles and arguments now
being invoked in opposition to this alien
land law have been worn threadbare in
abuse of the Texas homestead law but an
honest verdict has come up from the masses
approving the latter and a fair and faith
ful trial of the present muchabused law
after the abovesuggested amendments are
made will secure for it the indorsement
of a popular verdict so pronounced and
emphatic that it will silence the unjust and
partisan critics for all time to come The
present law will be amended in a
spirit of fairness to all interests
involved but our statutes will hereafter
contain an alien land law
Thanking von Mr Editor for the com
pliment implied in asking me for my views
on this important subject I am respectfully
J H Dills
Representative Thirtyfirst District Twen
tysecond Legislature
Ideas of Mr Vestal
editor Gazette
Dear Sir Your letter of the 27th ultimo
received during my absence from home
AVU1 cheerfully comply with your request
1 1 am in favor of the alien land law but
to article 10 I would favor an amendment
providing that aliens might hold lands in
not exceeding 250acre tracts for manufac
turing sites and that if such manufactur
ing establishments were not erected within
a specified time the same escheat to
state of Texas
2 Was answered above
3 Will answer yes and no H your
question means to imply that aliens should
be allowed to invest their money la Texas
lands and boldthem for speculative pur
poses then I answer yes but if alienvin
vest here andjieclare their intention olybe
coming citizens then I answer no
4 Of course if Texas was or Is depend
J = s 5
> m
ent on other nations for beranoney supply
then the withdrawal of ihj supply would
be hurtful to her interest but our
national government is supposed
to look after tho interests of her subjects
and if tho per capila Is not snfUciciiLto
transact the business ofjhc nation iio prj
capita should bo increased until her
commercial interests rest ea y and
if our congressmen see and know this to bo
so and do not work to relieve the people
then they are traitors to a government they
have sworn to protect by wise legislation
The alien land law t shall never vote to
repeal Neither will the people supporl
any man from this district Fortyninth
that will vote to repeal the homestead law or
the alien land law The foreclosure of mort
gages by foreign loan agents Is only a ruse
to scare the people into a demand for its re
peal They are given six years to close out
or become citizens and their action in thus
foreclosing so early after the law had
gone into effect is conclusive evidence
that they need no mercy at the hands
of the legislature of Texas I am first for
my constituencyand secondly for the great
state of Texas and thirdly for the United
States and fourthly for the foreigners if
they are willing to abide by our laws but
Texas first and tho world afterwards
With these brief remarks on a question
that has never benefited the farmers and
laborers of this stato 1 cent I havo the
honor to be your obedient servant
W A Vestal
Representative 22d Leg 49th Dist Leon
and Madison counties
The Citizens of Jackson Miss Dont
Like It Because It Is Xot a
Good Likeness
Jacksox Miss Sept 2S Tho lifesized
statue of exPresident Jefferson Davis in
tended to be placed in the vestibule of tho
Confederate monument here was
opened in this city today and sub
mitted to the committee three of
whom were absent After a careful in
spection the committee took an informal
vote on acceptance agreeing that the same
should not be formal when all but one
voted against accepting it on the ground
that it was not a good likeness of Mr
Davis Tho committee agreed to refer tho
matter of acceptance to a new committee
of twentyfive citizens composed of per
sons among whom Mr Davis was welt
known Mrs Belmont Manship vice presi
dent of the association to name the com
Destructive Storru In Michlcau
GitANoRvrius Mich Sept 23 It is
learned that a most destructive storm
has passed over the northern > art
of this aud Beltrani counties
felling an immense amount of
pine and causing some loss of life Particu
lars are impossible to get owing to tho
vastness of tho region which is un
settled and unoccupied except by
claim holders and cruisers for
timber and mineral lands Whole town
ships aro known to have been swept over
the timber being leveled as grain
before the reaper One cruiser has
reached hero and reports an almost
marvelous escape Ho says tho chief of a
survej ing party in the woods wa3 struck
by a tree and while being
taken out via the Canadian country
he died His name is unknown
Several United States surveying parties
were at work in the region devastated If
hilf that is reported is true there has been
damage to piles of timber amounting to
many thousands of dollars and if it
is not immediately cut loose will reach hun
dreds of thousands The center of destruc
tion was 300 to 400 miles this side of the
boundary line and immediately north of
this place
Indian School Children
Washington Sept 23 The commis
sioner of Indian affairs has received a copj
of tho recent opinion by Judge Green of the
district court of the territory of
Oklahoma directing the restoration
to his parents of the Indan boy
placed in tho government Indian school at
Schloyby Indian officials The father off
the boy began habeas corpus proceedings
to secure possession of his son
who under the act passed at tho
last session of congress had been compelled
to attend school The Judge held that as
the Indian office had not is
sued as required by the act the rules
and regulations to compel attendance
of Indian children at schools provided
for them the retention of the boy contrary
to the will of his parentswas illegal The
effect of this decision is regarded by the com
missioner of Indian affairs as likely to prove
prejudicial to tho schools and it is the in
tention to carry the case to the higher
court The judge in his opinion took the
ground that the right of a parent to the
custody of his children belonged to the In
dian as well as to the white man
A Double Xecro Lynching
Nolaxdale Miss Sept 28 On Satur
day night a quadroon woman named Lou
Stevenson called called Mr Davis a white
bartender from a saloon While
she engaged him in conversation a
negro named Grant White appeared
upon the scene and shot Davis killing him
almost instantly without provocation The
negro White fled but was captured and
brought back to tho sceno of the murder
The infuriated populace hanged both
White and his accomplice the negro
woman Lou Stevenson to a railroad bridge
near the town during the early hours of
this morning There is some excitement
here but no further trouble is expected
The Air Ship Blown Away
St Louis Mo SeDt 2S The Penning
ton air ship which was under a test at the
fair grounds in readiness for tha trial to be
made Saturday when the athletic sportsi
will be in progress was caught up by a storm
which passed over the city this afternoon
and blown away As no trace of the ship
has been found and as the trial has been
abandoned it is probable that the ship is
destroyed The trip has been abandoned
The ship cost 20000
Checker Championship
Chicago III Sept 2S Tho checker
championship games twentyfive in all
with fifteen openings were concluded this
evening in the rooms of the Chicago chess
and checker club Two games were played
during the day The first was a draw
and Barker won the second with White
side and Dundee At the opening the final
score was Barker five Reed none drawn
twentyone Charles F Barker of Boston
winner of the tournament defeated J P
Reed of this city for a purse of 1000
Texans Abroad
Special to the Gazette
New York Sept 23 Dallas D A
Dyer Gilsey Fort Worth A J Ratcliffe
Sturtevant Galveston R M Cash Gil
sey J P Pepper Grand Central M W
Shaw St Stephens H W Wilson St
Stephens San Antonio Miss M L
Lamb Bartholdi
2tesro Woman Banged
ItlcmioxD Va Sept 2 Henrietta
Muller colored was hanged today at
Smithville Charlotte county this state
for the murder by drowning of
her eightyearold child She confessed the
crime saying she could not obtain work or
support herself and offspring
How tha People Can Save S23 on a Fim
Class Sewing Machine
A sewing machine is a household necss
sity and when a firstclass machine equa
in all respects to other machines can be
bought for onehalf the money it is th
part ot wisdom and economy to save the
useless expenditure Ladies who wish to
buy a firstclass higharm No 4 sewing ma
chine am see such a machine at TheGaz
ettb business office and they can buy such
a machine for only tS3 it they subscribe to
the weekly daily or Sunday Gazettx
The Gazette invites the ladies to call
Ily order of tha comml sioners court ther <
will be on election held at tbeseve afetftfe
precinct in Tarrant I mini i i Mffiiilrii i j
1S31 to determineiwhelk cJs jlWthete shall be
levied aroad daWM faxor fifteen ccuboa
ltgjOltfl0HKFaolUr as provided by th
lent of 1S8S > to tho constitution of tta
state of Texas This Amtu t H 1SS1 W D
Harris County Judge of Tarrant county Tex
From and after this date until Oct 51
the Commissioners Court of Swisher County
v > ill receive sealed bids for building a cour
hou ein Tnlia ground Boor oDvft feet to hs
built of stone or brick with stone trhnni t rs
All bids should he addresseeJOjtfcJisWrjtu ti
closln a certified cceelrhit < rTnBD0 payable o
C T Word as affltMttrfce of good faith and to
1 1 i hi it MiMfWiiil by the contractor Plans
msVsp cllications can be seen at the County
lerks offlce in Tulia or at the oSlce of o
Dodson architect Waco Texas Bid vv m be
opened at 10 oclock x m Mondav Oct T be
right is reserved to reject anr and al old
C T Word County Judge Swisher Co
Tulla Texas feept 91SSI
Mention the Fort Worth G tZETTE
Practice in the Supreme CourvaffrtfceBntteJ
States the Court of Ctoiia > S3WtceiecutlT
aeparlmentsntUMnMVongress Claims for
Indla4aHHpMRcscoll ctea Pension
cu < > e
NMMMC Patents prompUy secured Care
attention glren to all classes of land cases
Liberal arrangements made with local attor
neys or for transfer of cases
ttocia BJfett Tjelw
BlDttee over Tradara National Bank
bScVin powell bld g Main St Ft WorthTc r
ntion cv en all tu
JgatMif Abllene Texas
Mention the Tort Worth Gazette
ver City National Bank
Fort Worth Texss
vAliiiflresstntrusted to ma will be promptly
attended to nnls Texas
attention gh en to land and commer
cial litigations Montacut Texas
j r fhost iijjti ir unvt
Eastland Teiss
Offlc 3liJ mn slreeU up stairs Will pra >
iticbHnTtlie courts of Texas and in tha UolteJ
States supreme court
J H MOORE ° 1Wiie
Oiltsflflrlfrili i la Johnston Balldinf Brown
Wood Texas
Calunnle Lamia for Sale Lullnx Tei
Hurley Offlce Building Fort Worth Toxm
rapes Agents
DsTis Building
WaxahacbJe Tex
tErRrOTenklnd SuperintenJeal
Rooms n and 74 Hnrley gtjUfllcg
iTJItie ktmma l ana a corner Second sn4
Houston streets Postofflce box 39
sas eaBaEsa ss BaeesBEBBSBSBs
Crosra led brldre Work A pecbUty
strictly firstclass EaUMlahed 1ST0
S = S99S9E = BS9Be = = S9S = = S
k ATWpJT Wil O HsotjemoS
TjSrWrtWortb Texas
perience in tha exarain
in cfl jss 07S Patent Office Washington IA
Srid practice
Mention the Fort Worth Gazette
corner Flftn
ashlurton D OV SeTenteea
Including service in Exam
office SJend sketca
ining Corps TJ S Patent
I model for report a to patentability Car
ttssondenea inTitesV
Mention the Fort Worth Gazette
RATENTSH Jagwrrr a
an op
portunity of
making money
by not reading
the want ioI
umn every day
Raw tha People Can Save 835 on a Tint
Class Sewing Machine
A sewing machine is a household necet
fity and when a firstclass machine equa
in all respects to othes machines can bi
bought for onehalf Uia money it is th
part of Trisdom and economy to save the
useless expenditure Ladies who wish tc
buy a firstclass higharm No 4 sewing ma
chine can see such a machine at The Gaz
ette business office and they can buy such
a machinefor only 33 if they subscrib
tha weekly daily or Sunday
Thai GAiKrnt inrita the la
WeaUy Gauttk
i ksffiistL

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