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Fort Worth gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.) 1891-1898, September 29, 1891, Image 7

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Both the method and esults when
Byrup of Figs is taken is pleasant
ind refreshing to be taste and acts
ently yet promptly i ti Kidneys
Liver and Bowels cfe jselk the sys
tem effectually dispels jAlos head
aches and fevers and cuises habitual
constipation Syrup of Isjgs is the
only remedy of its lend iwer pro
ducedrjleasing to th6iftj eand ac
ceptaDle tq the stomactilp mnt in
its acti6n aSidtruly benecial in its
sffects prftnafcd only from the most
healthy and a eahle ubsubces its
many excellent taalitiSCBsmBiend it
to all and haveifcade 3t die most
popular remedy tno fii
Syrup ofjgjgsji fT kii 50q
and SI bottles DyTS j ad S prdrug
gists Anjr reliable flft Mst who
may not hat it on ha d SU pro
cure it promptlyjt or anj onewho
wishes to try i Do not atsceptany
substitute <
imilSVtllE AT NEW YORK llt
Mention the FortWorth Gazette
a < l preicrib It with g t Mfaf rtH > n fcr tfa cm of
nil form nd t r of Primary S md nr rii TWtltnr
Mention thcvFort Vi
cartilPouoDtTttwr Scalillttltetc etc >
P P r a powerful UxAc told in xcefcnt I
office U WhltehaU str etfartlanta
ES 2
rt A orth Gazette
rplrt Hrei
taib and pr <
erskugen the jjafeuj
> <
Thcro is no better remedy forthss
common diseased liirni utt 11 cer
LilU as a trial nil prove PriceM
Sold JEJvervw2ierQ
SEWA > EE TEXN AUgUStak 1837
MrAK Hawkcs
Sib I have been using your gIasses for tho
greater part of two years Am much impressed
with their superiority T nd tal pleasure in
commending them for lofcg us and perfect
sight when that it possiblesNilrjpcrtfully
i > J x Grecg
Bishop Episcopal Church andiOnsoccllor Uni
veroity of the South > tVe
Theseiflne glasses haTB beenJ sold throush
thlssc cticftj for tne past qcver of a centurj
They hiy > Ben in use daUy Xpd have been cir
thUbiastlraUyitralii Jiy hundreds of the best
wen of the cwotry
save bought tLOt
creases All eves
of thousands
nd still in
Lens G aFinK Plant J9 DoAa
Mention theJo ritWorthfTGazette
> f t i HZ K K i lCt UX
They Were Prominent Features
in the Stock Market
Atwood Violet tt Co s Review of the
Cotton Situation A large Port Move
ment A Fractionally Higher
Close aioney Easy
Commercial Relume
Special to the Gazette
New York Sept 23 Money closed
3 per cent the highest the lowest 2
Exchange i 814 84
Sugar Raw firm refined steady
Wool Dull and unchanged
Wheat Options closed o lower but
firm spot lots firm
Cotton Spot closed steady Middling up
lands 8 c Futures closed steady
Coffee Spot lota steadyJFair Rio cargoes
Hides Steady and unchanged
Stocks ppenedirregular with Missouri
Pacific down 1 Northwestern up ljf
Dealings in Missouri Pacific were ex
tremely heaV arid Ieelined3 > r The gen
eraUist yieldedalso Northern PacIiccom
monandftireferredJilatnoon rhe market
was barfly steady at the close at the low
est figures7 In the afternoon the announce
ment of theformal adoption of the XTnion
Pacifioiundulg plan was followed by a par
tial recovcryin prices Missouri Paclflcad
vancing and the rest of the list from
to 1 per cent cl03ing firm B
Atchison 45 v
Dry goods quiet and unchanged
Bonds steadyi f r
Denver Texas and Fort Worth certifi
Fort Worth and TJenverls 100
Atchison general mortgage 4s S2
Atchison incomes C3Jf
Kansas and Texas ls 77
Kansas and Texas 2s UJ
Missouri Kansas and Texas 2s 44
Miss > uri Kansas and Texas ls 77
St < ouis Arkansas and Texas ls 76
Texas and Pacific ls S3
Texas and Pacific 2s 224
Atwood Violet Co 8 Cotton Report
Special to the Gazette
New Orleans La Sept 23 Atwood
Violett Co say
Futures Our telegram from New York
today said We shall likely close as high
or higher than Saturday and although not
realized as that market closes about 14
points lower than Saturday there was
great steadiness considering the large
movement at portstoday > vluch is 50000
against 00000 last year and the promise
hero tomorrow of 20000 all of which New
York know before closing
The effect upon the market of the Liver
pool decline of 5041 was to cause a decline
of about 19 points at the beginning from
which there was a reaction and we close at
2 to 3 points better than the lowest of the
The bullish influence seemed to control
principally in New York and the evident
strength of the holding power there In
dicates that buyers or controllers in that
market represent moro than usual strength
and although there may be no concentrated
interest by buyers there is evidently suffi
cient gofd buying to make in tho aggregate
a considerable amount of cotton in strong
rt stocks tonight are 204000 larger
than last year If Liverpool can be in
stilled with some of the bullish feeling on
this side prices should improve and if our
advices are correct they will be better
Tho question is really a heavy movement
against tho fear of very unfavorable bureau
reports on the 10th of October This seems
to sum up the situation
Spots Closed easy sales 1S30 bales
quotations unchanged
F o b sales 1750 bales good demand for
strict middling to good middling more in
quiry for middling to strict middling Ger
man buyers were tho principal operators
Governments Stacks and llonrts
New York Sept 2S The stock market
today was comparatively quiet except
during the first hour when eveningup of
deals in Missouri Pacific was in
progress The purchase of stock today
was evidently in the interest of
tho Gould party and judging from theso
purchases the decline in stock has in all
probability reached its limit The sell
ing in tho first hour espe
cially came from professional oper
ators who were looking for further
reaction in prices and selected that stock
as mostly likely to respond to their efforts
and have the most influence on the rest of
the list A wellfounded statement was
circulated on the street that Gould
would abido by the decision of the
directors of the Missouri Pa
cific as to whether or not a onehalf
per cent dividend will be declared This
and other influences started the bears to
eoifering their shorts in the stock late in
the day and it recovered all of its drop of 4
IVJr cent
iTho announcement that the Union Pacific
funding plau was completed and an assured
success was also an influential factor in
the late rise the bears again seeing their
chief reliance was in the invulnerability of
the Gould stocks slipping away from them
The feats of amonetary stringency which
have of late been troubling tho bears are
now pretty well laid aside as some 9000
000 are now on its w ay to this country and
tho movomont has only fairly well begun
Mr Russell Sage said today that there
are no conditions looking to a stringency in
at thiscenter this fall
e money
iTgOutsideof Gould stocks and the early
Weakness and the late strength there is no
part of the list except Grangers and
Vandcrbilts which scored a movement
worthy of notice during the day
The market closed fairly active and firm
leaving most stocks fractionally lower than
Saturday while only a material loss for the
day was in Wabash preferred which Is 1
per cent low er
Government bonds were dull but steady
State bonds were dull and steady
Foreign Wool Sales
Lojtpox Sept 2S At the wool sales to
day 12087 bales were offered These were
of fair average quality containing a large
assortment of New Zealand which was
briskly competed for and especially for
cross breeds Snowwhite sold readily at
full rates as did also good Port Phillip and
New South Wales
Following are todays sales and prices
New South Wales3300 bales Scoured
r Jfdls 5 > d locks and pieces 5 > fdU
2d greasy 8 > 9 > < 1 ° cks and pieces
7 1 id
Queensland S00 bales Scoured lsld
ls 2d locks and piecesllfdls lj d
greasy 0dl < < t9 d locks and pieces 4
4 < 1
Melbourne and Victoria 1500 bales
Scoured Sdls 5d locks and nieces
0K ° ls 4d greasy OMdCSls d locks and
pieces S u
South Australia 5ibales Greasy XH
8 > fdNew
New Zealand 3S0O bales Scoured 7d
ls7d locks and pieces Cdls 4d greasy
3 dls K2d locks and pieces OifS d
Cape of Good Hope and Natal 1100 bales
Scoured ll > fdgls 4d greasy 6 > f7 id
An Unknown White Han Found Dead In
Car at Galveston
Special to the Gazette
Galveston Tex Sept 23 A little
after 8 oclock this afternoon the body of a
white man about thirty yeare old was dis
covered in a boxcar His features were so
bloated as to practically dolyadcntification
There wasnothing on the bddy or on his
clothing that gave the slightest clewtowho
he was nilther were there any signs noon
the resaains indicating tbav violence had
been used The body isthat of a man about
fivefcet eight inches high clean shaved
Iight4X > mpl xfon aadLTight hair Hisc2othes
wcre lainandOfia ifok brown mixture
and he had lace gaiters on his feet which
worpcomparativolynow The generatsup
position is taatrhb was ill and having no
placefto go and finding the car unlocked
opened it and vrawlcd init and died or that
he committed suicide The car in which he
was found arrtved here last Frid ywith
bagging consignedto F Cannon Co
Upontaat6 h8fumsenMved10Qrolls of
bagging and left the car unlocked This
vening when they weafto complete the
unloading of the car bey made theghastly
discovery Decomposition had already set
in showing that death had come to the un
known either Friday night or some time
during Saturday
A Betlred Army Officer Fatally Wonnded
on His Banch la Southern Texas
Special to the Gazette
SaxAstosio Tex Sept 23 Maj J
W Eccles retired from the United States
army was shot and mortally wounded last
Friday morning by 7 W Skaggs
Since his retirement Maj Eccles has pur
chased a ranch on the line of Kendall and
Comal counties twentyfive miles above
here Skaggs has been his tenant The
pasture fence has been cut several times
and Eccles accused Skaggs of doing the
work Friday morning they met in the
roadjbothon horseback Words followed
and Eccles slapped Skaggs The latter as
the story is told drew a sixshooter and
struck Eccles on the forehead knocking
him from his horse It is claimed he then
fired six times at the prostrate man and
rode away Eccles lay beside the road for
two hours in > the broiling hot sun
Skaggs returned loosed down at
him and asked If he could do
anything for him Eccles replied
if it was sot too much trouble he might
ride up to the house and tell the folks about
it Skaggs rode to the gate a mile away
informed Eccles little daughter that her
father had imel with an accident
down tlje road and departed
Yesterday he 4went into Boerno
and surrendered < While only one shot
struck Eccles the bowels were perforated
in four places and he cannot live ntil
morning Physicians from this city are at
tending him Ho is a man of much promi
nence and popularity and the community is
much excited
Many Dallas People Favorably
Impressed With it
Two Accidents In a Laundry Charged
With Lunacy Mr and Mm Connor
of the State Fair Hack from
the East His Report
Special to the Gazette
Dallas Tex Sept 23 Last nights
Texas and Pacifio eastbound passenger
train brought to this city from Arlington
Role Bealan who tells a pitiful story He
says he was stealing a ride on a freight
train and near Arlington he was knocked
off the train by a trainman He struck the
ground with great force mashing his loft
foot He was terribly bruised about the
body and a bad cut is on his head Some
people saw the fall and took the man to
Arlington station where he was put on the
passenger train and brought to Dallas He
was removed to tho hospital where his in
juries were attended
Many people in Dallas are talking of
Velasco the new deepwater harbor of
Texas and all predict for it a creat future
Tho benefits to bo gained for the state can
never be computed While many Dallas
ites favor Galveston and deep water there
yet all recognize the fact that many years
will pass before that city can hope to be a
deepwater port Velasco has accomplished
what Galveston will boyears in attaining
and Texas can at once begin to reap the
bene2tl Men of financial standing say that
Velasco is destined to be a great commer
cial city if she has the depth of water
claimed by her people Railroads will hunt
deep water and the harbor that will first
secure it will get the railroads The rail
roads will seek Velasco and from her ports
will bo shipped the surplus products of the
West The deepwater question has so
long been talked of as a possibility for
Texas that it is somewhat hard to convince
many that it is an assured fact A number
of parties from this city have gone to
Velasco to investigate the matter for them
selves and if the condition of affairs is
found as reported many will move to that
This afternoon Miss Lizzie Chambers an
employ of Vendig Bros laundry had the
misfortune to horribly lacerate one of her
hands Janette a negro girl was put to
work in her place Janette worked about
an hour when in some way she met with
an accident similar to the one that befell
Miss Chambers although not quite so
Anne Phillips a negro woman was
placed in the city calaboose this morning
charged with lunacy All day she raved
ana worked to release herself but to no
purpose She will be sent to Terrell
Hon W C Connor president of the
Texas state fair and Dallas exposition re
turned last night from the North where he
went in the interest of the association Of
his trip Mr Connor says It was emi
nently satlfactorv in every particular I
spent a week in Kansas City and Chicago
and one day at tho St Louis exposition
While In Chicago r closed deals for a num
ber of new and highly interesting attrao
lions for the fair among which was Kiral
fys spectacular play Around the World in
Eighty Days This troupe has 100 people
including many artists of note Nightly
performances will be given in the music
hall thereby keeping the grounds open un
til 11 oclock p in This Is a great attrac
tion and secured at an enormous expensa
I also secured the attendance of Rosebury
the great jumping horse This attraction
alone is a great card as Rosebury is of na
tional reputation having never been beaten
While in Chicago Mrs Connor and myself
called upon Mrs Potter Palmer lady pres
ident of the Worlds fair and other ladles
and extended them an invitation to attend
the fair and bo present with us on Worlds
fair day Many Inquiries are coming in
asking for special days I would say that
all special days will bo named this
week and immediately made pub
lic It has been determined
already to have a Knights of Pythias a
Press and Farmers Alliance day A
School Childrens day has been suggested
I am in receipt of a letter from Mr J P
Pugh president of tho Virginiapress asso
ciation which states that the association
will visit Texas during the fair having
canceled an engagement to visit Cincin
nati Arrangements for excursion rates
with the railroads are entirely satisfactory
All roads West of the Mississippi river have
made low rates and the chances are flatter
ing for these samerates to be had on all
lines as far East as Buffalo and Pittsburg
also from Tennessee Georgia Alabama and
Mississippi If these rates are secured it
will be the first time that Texas will have
secured halffare rates from such an ex
tended territory
Gen Stanley and Ma Burbants have
notified tne that military companies will
move in Dallas October 14 and promise the
grandest military drills ever given in Texas
all during the fair Intact the work is all
well in hand and the fair will undoubtedly
be a success asfar asv attractions are con
Weekly Gamttb
asTaa Qazettj
every man alike is bet
than high rates cut in two fs
Cotton Fractions Futures
6 to 20 Points Lower
Wheat Opened Lower Fluctuated Nar
rowly and Closed at a Decline
Coffee Wool and Sugar Mar
kets Unchanged
MzMikMs MM P
All quotations below are revised daily by
leading dealers and will be found relia
ble wholesale and retail as specified
Following quotations are on the basis of job
Fish New mackerel half bbls No 1 19 00
9 03 half bbls No218 50 coUflsn UB > bricks
6K7c5 ft loose codHsh 26JiE > pickled
herring per bucket tl SO
Holland herring Keg 81 501 7s
Dried herrings Per box 40a
Bologna sausage 9310c
Hominy New per bbl U 50
Grits Per bbL 14 SO
Oatmeal New per half bbL 100 lis U 00 V
bbL 1790
Cracked wheat Per case 72 fts C 00
Coffee Wholesale quotations Rio 233235c
prime SOHc choice 2l7iSiie fancy 23
S3Hc 3axaS0Ho CordovaSiy Peaoody2J4
2l c Arbucklos Ariosa 23 15 Market is
very firm
Maple syrup OldTime VgaL can3 5 doz
J13 OU hatfgaL doz K 5 quartergal y
doz 13 SO
Sugar Standard granulated 5c powdered
In bbls 5 > 4c pondered half bbls 6o cut loaf
bbls 5 > c halfbbls 6c fancy yellow clariaed
Cc choice yellow clarified none
Molasses Fancy open kettle 48c choice open
kettle 45c prime open kettle S c choice cen
trifugal 33c prime centrifugal 33c
Rice New crop prime 6c choice 6iJc head
Cheese rancy full cream 1 In box 13c
oancy full cream 2 in box 185c
Cider apple half obis f i 00 crabapple 16
1L bbls M 00 50gaL bbls 12 50 peach half
bis t6gal to 00 50gal bbls 12v6a Vine
gar apple 30grain per gal 14c 40graln per
gal lfc white wine per gal 17o pure apple
per gal 30c Pickles medium halves M SO
small bbls 5 00 medium bbls JS U small
bbls IS 00 dinall 10goL U 00 gherkins per
Wholesale quotations Best patents S3 00f
100 lbs half patents 3 60 third grade CI >
fourth grade 13 00
Starch pearl 54c lumps 5c Herrings im
ported 5125 9 keg Cider crab pple 40c
Missouri suc half bbl 14 0034 25 Vinegar
1525c Concentrated lve 8275 9 doz in
case y case Jugs glazed 10c W gal crocks
glazed lOo gal Indigo 75c S 2 > Blueing
30SS100 V doz Colemaus musUrd Hm t 24
doz Maccaroni imported liail5cf to
American 05c half box Tub3 No 1 oak
grain S9 50 No 2 3 SO No 3 01 tf doz No
1 fiber 817 50 No 211550 NoS 81350 J doz
redwood No 9 50 No 3 3 XO three in nest
white cedar 3 25 eight in nest oak grain
83 85 Buckets two hoops 8165 9 doz Baking
powders bulk lie 1E > cans 82 53 Vermicelli
small bov 65c Catsup In bulk gak 85c
Worcestershire sauce In bull gal 81 5
Rope grass 14inch basis lie cotton H 15c
516 16c Sassafras root 12c V > to Butcher
paper 2ic toCRACKERS
Factory prices goods in 1to paper boxes 1c
abovo price list quotations per lb Animals
etc 12c Boston butters So butters XXX 6c
butterscotch 14c chocolate snaps 14c creams
XXX8ijc creams X 8c cornhills or nick
nacks 9c cocoanut snaps 14c cracknels 15c
cream puffs 20c coffee cakes XXX 9c cocoa
nut taffy 14c cocoanut bar 14c cracker meal
6c drop cakes HHc English coffee 10c ex
celsiors or monitors 7c frosted creams 85c
fingers ll c fingers spice and ginger luc
fruit sultana 14c fruit sultana Iced 15c
fruit currant lie ginger snaps XXX SJJc
ginger snaps X So graham Sc graham and
oatmeal wafers and gems 10c grandmas
cookies 10c honey goods Iced Ucj honey
goods plain 12c iced creams XXX creams
iced 9Jc imperials 10c Jelly fingers 15c
jelly wafers 15c jumbles lUo Jumbles spice
and ginger 10c lemonB XXX 8ic lemons X
8c lemon snaps 13c lemon wafers 15c lemon
biscuit round XXX creams Sljc milks 8c
molasses cookies ginger cakes gems etc
8Kc oysters XXX be oysters daisy 7c
oysters shell etc 8c oatmeal Sc pie
biscuit 1c pretzels machine Vi pretzels
handmade lie pretzelettcs lie penny cakes
plain 10c penny cakes decorated lie rifle
nuts 10c soda peerless princess eto large
soda cream 8c soda snowfiakes 12c select
sodas 7c sodas XXX 6c sawtooth butters
6c stage planks 2s 6c 3s 6c smaller 7c
Smyrna biscuits 14c Southern mixed 85c
Sugars XXX 8 ic sugars X 8c sugar cookies
10c vanilla wafers etc 15c vanilla squares
crisp cakes etc 10c wine wafers reveres etc
Pineapples standard 2Bs tl 60173
peaches standard 2tos 81 05 3tos 82 65
seconas 2tos 81 50 3tos 82 40 strawberries
2tos 81 50 blackberries 2tos 81 30 green
gages 8 raspberries 2tos 81 50 marrowfat
peas 2tos i to ovstere lull weight 1 8123
1 40 2tos 82 4C2 60 tomatoes standard
2tos 81 00l 05 3tos 81 101 15 green corn
81 151 50 salmon 1to 81 30G1 45 Columbia
river salmon 81 751 85 sardines ts domes
tic 85 255 50 Imported 813 OOQlfr 00 Eagle
condensed milk 88 California canned goods
standard brands Apricots 2i4 s 83 35
peaches yellow free 83 758 W peaches
white cling 82 75 < a2 SO plums IS U023 10
pears 3 503 75 grapes 3 003 10
Oils Brilliant bbls 17c Eupiop 28c Brill
iant 210 cases 82 Brilliant 1215 cases 8414
Eupion 315 cases 82 SO gasoline 2
Whisky Rectified 81 101 20 as per a roof
sour mash two years old 81 7031 90 three
years old 83 002 25 fancy extra old whisky
84 00Q5 0Q
Danheisers fruit tolu per oox 90c pepper
mint and limetta per box 65c mana tolu per
box 30c Adams tuttl fruttl 30c magic trick
60c barley malt 60o sweet fern 60c carmel
tolu 25c No 1 New York 35c Whites Yuca
tan per box 70c 5box cartoons S3 25 Valen
tines eucher per box 65c Panama per box
65c California fruit per box 90c Berrys
beauty 90c tolu 25c per dozen 82 50 sweet
gum per box 85c
Almond new soft shell small quantity er
lb 18c English walnuts extr1 largo small
quantity to ISc walnuts Chili to 12 > 4c
filberts to 14c Brazils new crop ti to 10c
nuts assorted 25pound boxes comet brand
15c pecans new crop 12Xo peanuts fancy
white Virginia by the sack small quantity
Sc choice white by the sack 6c roasted white
best quality 10c peanut roasters No 1 Peer
less i bushel size 818 popcorn and peanut
roaster combined at factory 836 popcorn
roaster at faotory 830 peanut roaster Boss
Apples fancy Missouri 3bu bbl 83 005 to 10
bbl lots 82 90 Lemons fancy 360s and 300s per
box to 50 5 to 10box lots 86 25 Orangesfancy
imported per box 88 00 Grapes El Paso 10lb
baskets 75c Bananas fancy BIueBeld per
bunch 82 503 00 Cocoanut fresh per sack
8500r less quantity each 5Vc
produce Era
Potatoes chQicaCalifornia per bu 95c 5 to
20bog lots 90c cholca Northern per bu 90c 5
to 10bag lots 85c onions fancy yellow Califor
nia per lb 214c 5bag lots 2Hc choice North
ern red per lb 2Hc 5to10baglots2Vc cab
huge fancy Northern per crate 83 OOr trimmed
solid heads per lb 2j < c beans small white
California 5c choice lima beans 55c Califor
nia red 5c special price for round lots garlic
double string new extra 8100 chili pepper
bule per pound 20c less quantities 21c
Caramels assorted flavor 5to box 75c jelly
beans 5to box75cL gum drops A B assorted
flavor 5to Xnx 40c Japanese strips cocoanut
flavor 5to box 65c rock assorted and white
75c French kisses to 75c chocolate creams
Al COc lemon drops frosted V box 65c burnt
almonds V box 75c creams hand made 13 va
rieties 85c peanut blocks 61c peanut bar it
box 90c Iozengers assorted con 5to box 75c
gum drops Mound City 5to box 65c marsh
mallows bantam 3to box 65c marsh mallows
dainty 5to box 8125 mixed candy nails fJ
to 8Kc kindergarten mixed 13c fancy flint
S S candy assorted pails SKc fancy flint H
pound sticks 5to boxes 45c
preserves jellies ttc
Jellies assorted 30ft wood pails 3 ft 5c 5
to tin pails f doz 85 85 preserves 5to tins
9 doz 88 SU peach and pear pate lie as
sorted SO and 5to pails 3 In case extra to
10c apple butter 5gal kegs extra f to Sc 20
kanaktns 8c mince meat kegs to
Apples evaporated choice per to lOtJc S
boxlots10c Apricots new Californiableached
40 and 50 to ba s 16c Raiiina London layer
California 83 50 Prunes French 80 to 85 to to
55to boxes lie 60 to 65 to to 55 to boxes 12c
urkish new crop bags about 200 lbs c soto
ts 8Hc Citron Leghorn 25 boxes to 22a
PAcnsonoBSB products
Following are wholesale quqtations for Fort
Worth packinghouse products Prices are re
vised each day and the following quotations
subject to change at any tlma Yesterdays
lng based on job lots
Haas IS to SOtos nose IS to 18 tosll e 13
ta 10 fts 12c 8 to 13 tos 13Vc breakfast bacon
wide or narrow lOJfet California or picnic
hams 9e New York shoulders 8o boneless
hams 9Hc dried beet ham pieces only ex
jj Jm ii
tra dry 11a Car lot prices add Ho for local
Dry salt Short clear 9c long none backs
9 shoulders 7c bellies 9XC Car lot prices
add He for local trade
Smoked short clear 9 > Jc long none backs
9H shoulders 7Hc bellies 9ia Car lot
prices add He for local trade
Tickled goods Tripe kits 81 00 > i bbls
82 25 bbls 83 SO pigs feet kits 81 00 H
hbls 82 25 H bbls 83 50 pigs tongues kits
fc 25 Ji bbls 00 H bbls irSO
Lard Basis tierces pure leaf 8 ic pure
family S fa
Lard scale For tin cans GO tog two In cose
add He 20 fis four In case add ic 10 tos
six In case add i c 5 tos twelve In case a <
Sc 3 tos twenty in case add la
For wooden packages 10to pails add Jfc
20to pans add Js c COto tubs add ae bbls
add iic bbls add He
Fresh meat department Dressed beef sides
334c cow hinds 538c cow fores 2 < Hc
Beef pieces Chncks 3 > ic rounds 4 c plate
halves So back halves 6c rumps 4c beet
plates 2c livers each 10c kidneys each 5c
oxtails doz 25c strips 10c butts 8c beef
loins 8c beef ribs 6c tenderloins 17c flank
steak 8c rib rolls 9c short loins 10c sweet
breads 12Hc brains 10c fresh beef tongues
each 25c
Mutton dressed sheep 7 c dressed lamb
none breast 4c saddles 10c racks 13c legs
Pork Dressed hogs 7Hc pork loins 10c ten
derloins 12c spare ribs Sc fresh shoulders 7c
fresh hams Ho fresh bellies 9c backbones
neck bones 3c tongues doz 60c pigs
feet S doz 25c livers V doz 50c hears t >
doz 40a
Sausages Pork sausage 8c liver wurst 5c
headcheeseCc bolognas6c Wienerwurst 10c
blood wurst 6c
Casings Pork casings 30c hog stomachs 5
7c fheep casings 80c heel rounds 10c beef
middles 1254c beef bungs 10c
Fresh pork In 100to cuts and 100to lots of
sausage or bologna He off price list
McAllister coal delivered from 5 tons up
86 60 McAllister coal single ton delivered 87
McAllister coal 9 to 4 tons delivered 86 75
cars 86 McAllister nut coat for cooking 1 ton
delivered 8 McAllistercoal Hton delivered
83 75 McAllister coal Jitoa delivered t2 Mc
Allister coal less than 4ton 100 tos 45c Brier
creek coal carload lots on track 84 SO deliv
ered 3 tons 86 25 Victor Colorado lump coal
carload on track 85 50 per ton nut 83 75 Penn
sylvania hard coal 1 ton delivered 813 Penn
sylvania hard coal Hton 87 blacksmith coal
1 ton 813 50 Pittsburg coal 1 ton 87 50 2 to 1
tons 7 60 Palo Pinto mines Newcastle
screened lump coal carload on track 84 per
ton Cameron CoL lump 83 per ton on track
carload lots delivered single ton 87 2ton
lots 86 75 Hton 1 75 Hton 83 Robinson
CoL lump on track 85 75 carload lots Quo
tations are on yard sales except where other
wise expresslv stated Delivery made at 60o
per ton or half ton extra
Cordvrt > od One cord East Texas 84 50 green
and other grades 84 00 onehalf cord deliv
ered 83 25 stovewood one cord delivered
85 50 onehalt cord delivered 83 75
Grain and feedstuffs Quotations below aro
on grain from store
Corn Wholesale 70c per bushel in sacks
retail 75c in ear 60o bushel
Oats Sacked 40o bushel in carlots 45c
single bushel in sheaf 30c doz
Bran 70c a 100 in car lots 1 o b 80e 100
in sacks delivered S
Cotton seed Per bushel 25c retail
Hay Loose local 88003700 best prairie
hay baled 83 00 < ai0 00 ton In carload lots f
o b BUOuiQOO small hales best 40c best
Forney 812 SO 9 ton
Wheat screenings chicken feed 812a 1100
Amber cane seed 83 50 bushel
Millet Per bushel 8150
Seed rye 81 25 per bushel
Seed barley 95o per bushel
Alfalfa seed 17 per bushel
Wheat Buyers arepaying No 3 to No 3
SjSSOc f o b at Fort Worth
Chickens Commission men are getting 83 DO
3 T5 t doz for hens retailers are getting 83 75
< tizm doz supply good commission men
get 83 003 75 doz for choice frying chickens
retailers get 83 00300 doz limited supply
in demand
For turkeys retail hens 50CJ75c gobblers
81 00 commission men are getting to 0013 00
per doz the latter for extra slow sale
Ducks Commission men are getting 8325
slow sale
Eggs Commission men aro getting 18c
case f9 doz for Texas eggs retailers are get
ting 25c good demand
Butter Commission men are getting 15c J
to for fair country 1820c for choice country
retailers are getting 25330c to for country
30c for strictly choice supply limited demand
good Choice creamery 35c retail
Hides Buyers are paying Dry flint heavy
7Hc light 5 < ic dry salt 6c green salt 4c
butchers green 3Vic
Wool Light medium 20c low medium 17
ISc fine 15316c
Horns hoofs and hones 86 00 J ton delivered
Quotations based on small lots to retail deal
ers Actanline oz 10c acctio acid No 8
J to So carbolic acidcryst U to 35c muriatic
acid C P t to 21c nitric acid C P to
25c sulphuric acid C P > to 25c tannic acid
bulk to 81 35 alcohol 95 per cent gal
82 40 alum to 4c antifebrine oz 25c an
tipyrine < p oz 81 40 ammonia carbonate y
to 15a blue vitrei to 8o blue mass to
50c blue ointment to 50c borax > to 13c
camphor gum to 55c capsicum powdered
ft 2lc coperas to 33o Dovers powder
to 8120 ether sulphuric U S P to 75c
pum arable first pick a to 81 gum shellac
to 25c glue brown to 12c glue white to
20c mace to 90c mercury 1 to 7fic mor
phine sulph P W Ms y oz 82 20 mor
phine sulph P W oz bottle 9 oz 8195
nutmegs to 70c castor oil gal 8110
8115 olive oil per gal 8110 linseed oil V gaL
65360c sperm oiLW B gaL 8120 opium
to 83 25 opium po to 81 SO black pepper
fl to 18c potash bromide > to 38o potash
clorate f to 20c potash Iodide oz 83 So
3 90 quinine P WOZ bottles oz36c
quinine P W oz cans per oz 34c qui
nine P W 5oz cans per oz 3lc quinine
Brunswick oz bottles 9 oz 32c quinine
Brunswick 5oz cans 21c sal soda 9 to 3c
saltpeter refined 0 > to 10c saltpeter com
mercial i > to 6c salts Epsom 9 to4Hc salts
RochelleSSc Bicarb soda kegs to 3ic
sulphur flowers 5to lots 3 c sulphur flow J
ers small lots 4Hc spirits turpentine market
rates 1 gaL white lead S p to 7itc
cream tartar V to 32c
British Consul
Special to the Gazette
LONDON Sept 23 Consols closed 91918 for
money for sili er 45
Exchange at New York
New York Sept 23
Special to the Gazette
Sterling Bank 60 days 4 SOU
Commercial 60 days 4 SB1 89
Reichmarks Commercial 60days 94 1I6304H
Francs Bank 60 days 5 26
Commercial CO days 5 27H
Exchange at New Orleans
New Orleans La Sept 23
Special to the Gazette
Sterling Commercial CO days4 77il 731
Francs Commercial 60 days 5 29
New York sight Bank SO discount
Commercial 1 2531 SOdis
Exchange at Galveston
Galveston tex Sept 2a
Special to the Gazette
Sterling60 day3 4 79
Nesr York sight 300 discount
NewOrleans sight H discount
Bonds and Stocks
Special totho Gazette
New York Sept 28 Bonds and stocks
closed at the following pricea bid
United States 4s registered 1151
United States 4s coupons 116
United States 4Hs coupons
Central Pacific ls 1U3
Denver and Rio Grande 4s 7h
Missouri Kansas and Texas general 6s 77
St Louis and Iron Mountain general 5s 89
St Louis and San Francisco general mort
gages 105
Texas and Pacific land grants 83
Texas and Paciflo Kio Grandes 32H
Unloa Pacific ls 107
Central Pacific 334
Chicago and Alton J1S7
ChicagoBurlingtonandQuincy 993
Delaware and Lackawanna 144
Denver and Rio Grande
Erie common 14
Fort Worth and Denver
Hcanon and Texas Central 3
Illinois Central 103
Kansas and Texas ex second mortgage
bonds 18
Lake Shore 1241
Louisville and Nashville > SO
Missouri Pacific 64
Northern Pacific 29JJ
Northwestern 116
New York Central lll >
Pacific Mail 37
Reading 4IH
RocKlsland 84Jj
BtLouis antlSan Francisco
St Louis and San Francisco preferred
St Paul common 74v
St Paul preferred I8l J
Tennessee coal and Iron r 37f
Texas and Pacific UH
Union Pacific 40
Wabash St Louis and Pacific certificates 14 H
Wabash St Louis and Pacific preferred 30ft
WellsFargaexpre3 140
Western union
telegraph < 82H
American cotton oil 28 f
Atcbijon Topeta and Santa
Wholesale Grocers ainwrnran
BFGtve ui you
New York
West Point
Other ports
Total this day
Total this day last year
Tor Fort Worth Packing Cas product and build up home tndajtrloe0tS
DenverTexas and Fort Worth certificates
Denverand Kio Grande preferred 49H
Liverpool Futures
Special to the Gazette
Liverpool Sept 2S Cotton futures closed
dull 5 points low er
September 4 46 bid
SeptemberOctober 4 46 bid
October 4 48 bid
OctoberNovember 4 46 bid
NovemberDecember 4 S0tS4 58
DecemberJanuary 4 52 askd
JanuaryFebruary 4 5T < J4 58
FebruaryMarch 4 5 > 4 9
MarchApril 4 6184 C3
AprilMay 5 OOSii 01
New York Futures
Special tothe Gazette
New York Sept 2a Cotton futures closed
quiet but steady 13 to 14 points low er
September 8 413S43
October S40 S41
November 8 57aS5S
December 8 7344S74
January 8 S93 90
February 9 049US
March 9 1639 IS
April 9 2C 9 2S
May 9 36 9 37
June 94439 45
Sales 84300 bales
New Orleans Futures
Special to the Gazette
New Orle xs La Sept 28 Cotton futures
closed quiet but steady 16 to 20 points lower
September 7 50noml
October 8 Ki 17
November S 2fcy3 30
December 8 4438 45
January 8 568 57
February 8 67feS US
March 8 7WtS 79
April SSS39S9
May 8 mis VJ
Juno 9 0139 09
Sales 38000 bales
Liverpool Spot
Liverpool Sept 2S Spot cotton closed
with business moderate at easier prices
Ordinary 4
Good ordinary 4
Lowmiddling 4 916
Middling 4 1316
Good middling 5JJ
Total salea 10000 bales American 6000
Imports 7000 bales American 530 bales
New York Spot
Special to the Gazette
New York Sept 23 Spot cotton closed
steady at 116 decline
Ordinary 6
Good ordinary 7 518
Lowmiddling 8 116
Middling SJi
Good middling 91
Middling fair 10H
Sales 233 bales
New Orleans Spot
Special to the Gazette
New Orleans La Sept 28 Spot cotton
closed easy
Low ordinary 5
Ordinary 716
Good ordinary 7
Lowmiddling 7 4
Middling 8
Good middling S 1116
Middling fair 9H
Sales 600 bales
Galveston Spat
Special to the Gazette
Galveston Tkx Sept 2S Spot cotton
closed steady 116 decline
Low ordinary 6 316
Ordinary 6 1116
Good ordinary 7
Low middling 8
Middling 8H
Good middling i >
Middlingfair 9 316
Sales 170 bales
Shipments coastwise 4071
Stock 116672 bales
Comparative Statement or the Spot Blar
Special to the Gazette
Galveston Tex Sept 23 Tho following
are the closing quotations for cotton on tho
spot today at the leading markets together
with the closing for middling Saturday with
todays sales
Dally Movement at Interior Towns
Galvlstos Tex Sept 28
Special to the Gazette
Receipts and Exports at All United States
Galveston Tex Sept 2a
Special to the Gazette
Receipts thus far this week 93X64
Receipts same time last year 93 539
Receipts this day 66035
Receipts this day last year G0116
Total receipts thus far this season euo428
Total receipts thus far last season 674S0O
Difference 7388J
Exports to Great Britain 71
Exports to France
Exports to continent 3031
Stocks at AH United State Parts
Galveston Tex Sept 23
Special to tho Gazette
Stocks this day 575 823
Stocks this day lost year 31183
Receipts at United States Ports
Special to the Gazette
Galveston I5J230
2 36
Freights from Galveston
Special to the Gazette
Galveston Tex Sept 28 By steamship
from Galveston Tex
To Liverpool 23 4d
To continent 2364d
To New York 40c V 1031
Galveston Coffee Market
Special to the Gazette
Galveston Tex Sept S3 Coffee closed
Good ordinary 19
ir > >
Choice 20H
Cordova 80H
Galveston Sugar Market
Special to the Gazette
Galveston Tex Sept 88 Sugar Plaata
Galveston Wool Market
Special to the Gazette
Gaivbston Tex Sept 2i Wool Market
closed quiet
Unscoured wool
srniNG twelve months clip
Other Iroduco und lrnlsions
St Louis Mo feeot 2 > Flour Dull and
Wheat Market opened 7io below Saturday s
close This seemed to exhaust the beers anil
the market steadied j et heavy around near tin
bottom the balance of tho day and closed J c
lower No 2 cash 83c September 93 > c
October 93 c bid December 9ohuWS2ie May
51 KU bid
Corn Dull steady and higher October soli
early ic lower but afterwards soldi > cabo
this and year and May closed fullv V abuis
Saturday No 3 cash 51 4c September 51c
bid October4SHc jcsrafc MuyS9SOe
Oats Very little was done iu the peculal <
line the cloe was loner No 2 casn2bc
September 23jc October 27c May SO a
Rice Low er No 280a
Cornmeal 82 soasuf
Vhskyl IS
FroNioni The market was decidedly Let
ter both jn touo and business The demand
was much larger and higher prices were ob
Pork 4I0 75
Lard W 65
Dry salt meats Bosed shoulders 16 00
longs 87 Vli ribs J7 25 shorts 87 51
Bacon lioxeil shoulder sa2 VB637 3 longs
3 00 ribs 8b 0033 12 shorts t 253 37h
Bagging 6l 37c
Iron cottou ties 31 Svai 40
Kansas City Mo Sept 23 Wheat Lower
No 2 red cabh 85o bid
Corn Actie and higher No 3 cash 47i3
CnicAco III Sept 2S Wheat opened and
closed about lo lower today than tho final prica
of Saturday During tho session prices fluc
tuated both above ami below the openiug bin
the tone was generally weak and the market
was dull
Corn was in good demand Offerings wert
rather light and prices firm und deeidedlj
higher October opened at 49i1c and closed al
Slr c
Leading futures closed as follows
Wheat September 9IJc December 98U
May 810JS
Corn September 50c October 51c May
Pork October 89 97 December 810 25
January 19 3
Lard October 86 63 December 86 SO Jan
usry 86 87K
Short ribsOctober 86 77iNovember 86 77
January 86 17 J
Cash quotations w ere
No 2 spring wheat 9iya
No 2 corn 51J c
Pork810 00
Lardt6 G2536 70
Short ribs hides l < 5 8033 90
Dry salted meats Shoulders J5 2526 40
short clear sides S7 1537 bo
New Yoiik Sept 3S Wheat Spot weakei
and moderately active No 2 red iKtti Op
tions steady ami luwer September t uiid
1024 October Jl 03 > Noember 101 De
cember 81 Or May 81 12V
Corn Spot firm and active No 2 C0J 3 e
Options strong September 6c October jU14c
November59 < c December 514c Maj 51c
Coffee Options sleady 25 to 53 points ui >
Sales 5 > ooo bags September 113 7jtl 1 05
October 813 4U312 SO November 81165a
11 75 December ill 55 < ail 75 May 811 45c
11 55 Spot Rio firm and quiet at 17c
Sugar Raw quiet and easier fair refining
27ic centrifugal West 5llc sales isf
hogsheads and 425 bags Museoado kutest
2ac 650 bags sold molasses sugar NMest
2ho and S500 bags centrifugal ltust 5l6c
refined quiet and easitr No 0 4c No 7
3 15160 No83VcoHA3 11lCc confectioners
A 4 5l6c powdered 4jc
Molasses New Orleans fair demaud and
Rice Fair demand ind firm
Itlany ftenjiit an broke
down from overworkJpBsusehold cares
lirowns Irot lkters Rebuilds V
ivstem aids dlge fKn removes excess of tile
nd cures i
Get thl
forget that the
bylhe merchant the
inKcr the tradesman and the
artisan Advertising in its col
umns pays handsome dividends
J forget the consumer
four competitorofi jaitBreetter
Ollf InducemenlaypMf rway he goes
II I TaL M tfEpeople who purchaso
T 9mrllae of Once them
ley will stick as long as you give them
satisfaction The consumers read and through
the Gazette you can ulk to them
x >
MAxurAcrcEEiis or
m CslcMd Fen Worll Tell Rilliiz laciiuri
Asd thi Day Comjruilos Ics Xacliiae
ikohheotubal koh woex A SPECIALTS
have a
write about it talk
It up advertise it Merit Is all
well enough but if you do not
blow your own horn nobody will blow It for
yon nils is uraely way of stating aa Ism
mortal truta
w >

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