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They Sleet to Take Action on the Death of
the Latu Irish Loader
St Locis Mo Oct 10 Pursuant to
call a large number of prominent Irishmen
of this city anions whom wcie lit Hon
Thomas Riley Judge Dillou president of
tho central branch of the National League
and Messrs Patrick M Staed P T Mad
den and Patrick Melody met in the parlors
of tho Lindell hotel tonight for tho pur
pose of taking some action on tho
death of tho late leader of
the Irish cause Charles S Parnell
After tho election of Ryan as chairman and
Hanley as secretary speeches were mado
by OReilly Judge Didon and several other
gentlemen beseeching all Irishmen to
stand firm shoulder to shoulder and hand
in hand walking in tho footsteps o fParnell
and the great Irish leader before him
Robert Erunwt
The following resolution was adopted and
the meeting adjourned
Resolved that we recognize and appre
ciate the eminent service rendered by tho
late Irish leader Charles Stewart ParnclL
to the people of Ireland and tho cause of
liberty and earnestly hope that all personal
ambitions and animosity will be buried with
tho great leader and that tho people and
ffi a l i fe
and Carpet
This week we continue the sale of what is left of the
885 pairs of slightly soiled Bed Blankets
S 5 00 Blankets for 3 75
8 50 Blankets for 5 00
10 00 Blankets for 6 50
15 00 Blankets for 10 00
20 00 Blankets for 15 00
Blanket Department on gallery between floors
Tomorrow Monday we will sell about 1000 yards of
Striped and Plaid Melange Suiting for the unheardof
price of 8c or a dress pattern of ten yards for 85c These
goods will be taken out of our Dress Goods Department as
1 he price is so low cashboys can sell them Remember
85c for a dress pattern of ten yards
Cloak and Suit Department
This week we expect more activity as the tide of win
ter approaches We have heavy medium and light weights
we have Jackets Capes and Long Garments made of plain
and shaggy material corkscrews and diagonals for the
more quiet tastes Readymade dresses and tea gowns
Childrens clouks jackets and dresses You can spend a
pleasant hour in this department Second floor take ele
Under the roof out of sight causing no commotion is
the busiest part of our house Carpets ije house office or
church any article in floor covering Jv e can supply cur
tains of every kind at very low pricejiF Our stocks on this
floomre large we are anxious to reduce them A full line
ChinaV Mattings summer and winter Third floor take
elevatot JF
black and cowrs
gaining favor all tl
for ladies called
from the skin of ca
cling to the hand
largely the gaunet
We also have t
The Celebrated Reynier Glove is
me A new thing in Driving Gloves
f veocha some call them Castor made
These gloves have a velvet finish
re tdygh wearing and have supplanted
drivmg gloves Price 150 and 175
for menNm lined and unlined
UmbrellatfReCovereWhile You Wait
And about fiv
your favorite
cover them as
frame and handle
minutes is all you
mbrella frames
as new
ve to wait Bring in
jandles and we will
ing the cost of the
That glorious line of Highland Embroidery flannels and
allover Polka Dots the admiration of all The hemstitched
patterns are the favorites nothing in our house sells Better
CANTON FLANNELS Over 2000 yards direct from
the manufacturers Price 5c die 7 c 8c 10c 12 c 15c
bxjJlok 3ooids
We will offer the best two black goods bargains
710 AND 712
Bargain No 1 will be ten pieces of 40 to 48inch wide
all wool Henrietta Serges Bedford Cords and twills 68c
per yard real worth and cant be matched at less than 1
and SI 25
Bargain No 2 is twelve piece of real Mohair and Bril
liantines high lustre 38 to 42 inches wide regular price
75c Monday Tuesday and Wednesday sale only 34c per
party will present a united and determined
front upon the question of their personal
It is a benefit to some kinds of cloth to
have in it a mixture of cotton Take the
cloth made of shoddy wool old rags picked
to pieces mix cotton with that to give it
strength and you have got a respectable
fabric It makes good clothes for very
poor people Interview in New York
now the Britons Appeared to Caiar
Of the Britons Citsar said All Brit
on however paint themselves with noad
vitro which gives a dark blue color and
by this means they appear terrible in bat
tle They wear long hair and tho whol
body is shnved except the bead and upper
lip Popular Science Monthly
Advertising is the life blood of business
Merchants who wish to reach the purchas
ing classes should invito them to call by ad
vertising in The Gazette which has a
larger circulation than any paper in Texas
The Bundesrath Opposed
Liquor Laws
TOBT 1701110 Tex Oct 81691
Editor Gazette
I have read with interest a communica
tion from Mr J S Works of Iowa Park
Wichita county in The Gazette of the
7th inst
In my opinion the opening up of tho Fort
Sill country is a subject that directly inter
ests all who have interest in Texas and es
pecially tho people of the northwest part
of the state Fort Worth would
be largely benefited by the settlement of
that country by farmers It is tributary to
tho Fort and her board of trade
could and no doubt would use their
influence to assist in calling the attention
of the government to tho discrimination
practiced by tho Indian agents in favor of
the stockman as against the wouldbe act
ual settler
If the case is as Mr Works states it in
his letter which I am quite sure it is all
interested should investigate the matter
and do what they can towards having the
country thrown open for settlers
Fort Worth and all counties and towns
on the line of the Fort Worth and Denver
railway would bo benefited by the settle
ment of the Fort Sill country and it is but
right and proper that those who can
should assist in the good work
and not leave it all for
Works to do Mr Works has
devoted much valuable time and considera
ble money to this move and in case he suc
ceeds with this as ha did in the settlement
of Greer county the merchants of Fort
Worth and thoso located at Henrietta
Wichita Falls Iowa Park Vernon and
Quanah will all make good money out of it
In the Fort Sill country there is room for
101000 people and that number will be
there in less than sixty days after the
country is declared open
Speaking of Greer county I am informed
that there is a family on nearly every
quarter section in that county The
move to settle that county was
started by Mr Works and the result of his
work has done a great deal to build up Ver
non and Quanah and anything that bene
fits these towns and others on the Den
ver road naturally contributes to Fort
The work that Mr Works is engaged in
is eithor for lha good of Fort Worth the
Denver road and the people living on
the line of it or it is not
If it be good all hands should
take an interest and assist in the movement
and mako short work of it On the other
h and if it is not for the best that the country
should be occupied by the white man we
skould do what we can to suppress the
movement It is not a case where we should
stand and look on or bo neutral
The questions are can we assist in the
Emperor WillUm Objects to tend
lug Money to Bmiia A Spy
Arrested Socialist
The Emperors Liquor Bill
Copyrighted 1S91 by New York Associated
Beblis Oct 10 After a long recess the
bundesrath or legislature representing the
individual states of Germany reassembled
on Wednesday The house considered as
the first order of the day the projected
law to repress drunkenness which as is
well known is a measure of the emperor
The fact that the initiative comes from the
emperor failed to commend the bill to the
bundesrath The majority of the plenipo
tentiaries declared that their governments
could not accept the project in its present
form The member appointed to the bun
desrath by the Bavarian government inti
mated that the state he represented de
sired no such liquor legislation as the bill
provided The bill ought he
declared to bo withdrawn The
Prussian member acting under instructions
from tho emperor was the only plenipoten
tiary who defended the measure The bill
was finally referred to a commission It is
certain that it will appear in the relchstag
transformed from an attack upon the liquor
trade into a mildly beneficial bill for the
protection of drunkards Liquor dealers
though feeling reassured as regards tho
adoption of the bill of sweeping reform are
arranging for the holding of a congress at
Stuttgart for the purpose of organizing a
political defense for themselves
The Socialist Congress
Special interest attaches to the Socialist
congress which will shortly assemble at
Erfurt A committee has revised the pro
gramme of proceedings which is now form
ulated with a clearness and precision necr
before seen in auy authorized
Socialist platform In ten resolutions tho
entire policy and economic plans are stated
They compose universal suffrage without
distinction as to sex proportionate repre
sentation voting on Sundays or holidays
tho payment of members tho popular
right to initiato or reject legislation pro
vincial and communal administrations an
annual vote on taxation a popular decision
as to peace or war tho creation of inter
national immigration tribunals the right of
free speech and free meetings tho aboli
tion of state subventions to churches
universal military instructions the militia
replacing the standing army tho secularli
zationof the schools free education free
justice that the judges be electod by the
people gratuitous medicines stuto sup
ported doctors a progressive incomo tax
the abolition of indirect taxation eisrht
hours for a days work an unbroken
repose for thirtysix hours weekly
for every workman the state surveillance
of factories mines and other industries
the formation of labor bureaus the co
operation of the workmen in the ad
ministration a universal state insurance
tho prohibition of tho employment of
children under fourteen years of age tho
prohibition of the truck system and the
right of workmen to form coalitions
Comprehensive as theso demands are
there are extremists in tho party who want
more If the young section dominated in
tho congress there would be some general
declarations against property and other an
archistic resolutions adopted
An Electrical Exhibit
The congress of Volksparter held at
Pforzheim approved the proposal to vest
the reichstag with tho right to determine
questions of peace or war
llie emperor Prince Henry of Prussia
and the Duke of Hesse visited the electrical
exhibition at Frankfort today They spent
two hours in looking at the exhibits
Upon leaving the emperor ox
pressed his admiration of the progress
that had been made in electrical appliances
During his presence in Frankfort an at
tempt was made to ascertain the imperial
opinion in regaiil to the Russian loan It is
renorted that his majesty said Bankers
can do what they please My peo
ple understand that loaning money to
Russia means war on us Nothing is now
heard of tho loan on the bourse Some
Jewish brokers may speculate but no Ger
man will invcit in it
A Spy Arrested
The German war office has been informed
of the important capturo of a
spy by the Austrian authorities
The man who was arrested at
Succsawa in Bukowina was discovered to
be a French staff oflicer Papers of a
highly compromisiug character relative to
the PrussoAustrian frontier were found on
now Texas Will be Itencfited by Such
Move and Why She Should Work
to Accomplish that End
work and will we derive a benefit in case
wo succeed J
That we can all assist there is cot the
least doubt We certainly can do if wa
will what the people and press of Kansas
did in tho way of opening up tho Oklahoma
country That wewould receive a direct
benefit no sane man will deny One hun
dred thousand people located in tho Fort Sill
country would be the next thing to having
them in Texas Their influence and busi
ness would insure the building of the Rock
Island and other roads to Texas in the near
future This would of course give us
cheaper co al and aid us in ways too numer
ous to mention here
Oklahoma with over 150000 people is
a benefit to Texas as it has helped to turn
the tide to the Southwest from the Middle
and Northwestern states and were it not
for the persistent efforts of the people and
press of Kansas and Missouri that country
would be a blank today as far as business
is concerned
The opening up of the Fort Sill country
would be tho means of flooding Korthwest
Texas with people and many would no
doubt locate on this side of Red river and
those who located in the Territory would
contribute to the building up of the coun
try on this side It is distance and popula
tion not state or county lines that counts
in business
Knowing tha good results of tho work
done by Mr Works for Greer county and
seeing the effort he is making to
repeat this in the Fort Sill country
and believing that he is right in
tho statements made in the columns of
The Gazette and being of the opinion
that those who are to be benefited by
the movement should assist in it
is my excuso or reason for
asking space for this letter If the settle
ment of tho Fort Sill country will insure
the building of tho Rock Island road
to Texas which it surely would
this of itself to say nothing of other indi
rect benefits we would receive is enough to
justify making quite an effort Yours re
spectfully Jons Howaku
H H Cannaday is stopping in tha city
R B Wills of Gatesvillo is in the city
J H Woolf of Denver is a visitor in tho
L J Caswell is among the visitors to the
J F Haugh of Commerce is stopping in
tho city
Miss Mamie Tate of Decatur came down
D E Bentley of the Abilene country is in
Fort Worth
J R Sanders of Quanah is registered at
the Pickwick
Mrs J A Younger of Ballingcr is visit
ing in the city
C W Miller of Kansas City is registered
at tho Pickwick
W H Cannon of Philadelphia is regis
tered at the Pickwick
John C Montgomery of Sweetwater is
among the visitors here
Mrs J II Ilallornn is at home again from
an extended trip to Ohio
W D Johnson of the Pecos country is
quartered at the Pickwick
Messrs W H Doss and II C Howell
are visiting in tho city from Coleman
Jerry Reeves now located in Tyler
formerly of Fort Worth is in the city
County Clerk John P King went up the
Denver Friday to Bollovuo on legal busi
Hunter A Craycroft formerly of this
city is visiting here meeting his many
Mrs Alfred Kent returned last evening
after an extended summer tour on the Pa
cific coast
Misses Carrie and Joe Hornby who have
been visiting friends in Michigan are
again at home
The family of Dr Parker returned Fri
day from an extended stay in Cincinnati
and Mount Sterling Ky
Attorney J R Robinson leaves for Jacks
boro this week to bring his family to this
city where thay will resido in future
Chief Maddox Policeman Darby and Mr
Ridgeway were in Dallas yesterday as wit
nesses in the case against Joe Purvis a
negro from this place
E G Scntcr returned yesterday from a
three weeks visit to Lebanon Tenn He
brought back with him Mrs Senter and
daughter and Miss Mary Malone who
spent the summer at Lebanon
Mrs Arthur Springer has returned from
an extended trip to Iowa and was accom
panied on her return by Miss May Carpen
ter who will spend the winter with Mr
and Mrs Springer in this city
Are you going to the excursion
James Connor was escorted to tho camp
of the county road gang yesterday to do
The first section of the Waco excursion
leaves the Union depot at 8 oclock sharp
tho others fifteen minutes later each
Mr M J Bohan and Miss A B Wood
ruff and Mr Henderson Millican and Miss
Lizzie Wilkinson were permitted to wed
Mrs Maggie Magee was resting quietly
yesterday though quite weak The attack
she experienced the night previous was the
most severe sho had ever had being sub
ject to epileptic fits
The country was well represented in the
city yesterdny by a prosperous list of farm
ers and trade in the various mercantile
lines from this sourco was quite a feature
of the days business
All lovers of football aro requested to
meet at the office of Jake Zurn city passen
gor and ticket agent of the Texas and Pa
cific radway at 11 oclock this morning for
the purposo of organizing a team to accept
the challenge of the Dallas team
The colored railroad club will give an en
tertainment under the Mansion hotel next
door to The Gazette building Monday
night October 12 for tho benefit of their
candidate They cordially invite their
friends Colored Railroad Club
Tho Arlington FirstClass
When you want a number one mea
anything to eat on short o
the Arlingtonxe gpBWH5 supplied
with aJiitoMJWtwHSsof the season and no
can be found in the state than
are employed at tho Arlington
corner of Fourth and Houston st
One Way to Save m Pottage Stamp
Ill wager 3 that I can address a letter
and have it stamped and mailed for me
without touching it after I write the ad
dress or without speaking to anybody
remarked a commercial man at the Grand
Pacific addressing a traveler friend
Cant play any of yonr tricks on me
responded the companion
No tricks I want to teach yon a point
about hotel life Watch me
Bigelowhnrried np to the counter seized
a hotel envelope and addressed it in a
bold symmetrical hand to a friend in SL
Louis Then he suddenly left the counter
leaving the envelope ready to be mailed
near the register
Soon along came Clerk Shaeller He
eyed the missive sized np the penmanship
said something about the guest trying to
play the house for a postage stamp placed
one of those necessary little pasters upon
the envelope and mailed it
See said Mr Bigelow I told yon the
gag would work in a large hoteL That is
an old trick played by a great many chair
warmirs Theclerks find the unstamped
envelopes and fearing that a guest had
forgotten to mail an important letter they
send i That is one way of saving post
age but let us hope it will not spread
ChicasB News
Nothing Made at Home Good Enonch for
Hi Something Radically TVronjr
la Oar Slanner of Living
TEMPLE tex Oct 3 1831
To the Gazette
Every true American should take an in
terest in the coming Worlds Columbian ex
position It was unwise that our legisla
ture made no appropriation for an exhibit
from this greatstato of ours but that cannot
now be remedied and as Toxans wo must
do our sha e towards properlyreprcsonting
our state Texas is being looked at now
by investors more than any other Southern
state and can we continue boasting of our
empire boundaries our snowwhite cotton
fields and all the other riches which tho
Creator has showered on this section and
then make no effort to substantiate these
wonders of speech by our more real won
ders of sight
The Columbian exposition will far sur
pass tho fatnousJCeutennial In fact it will
be second to none the world has over seen
Thoso of us who remain at home who
travel little and especially who have not
been abroad cannot realize the benefit aye
necessity to the United States that this ex
hibition will be Millions of dollars are
spent every year in Europe by Americans
Probably not onetenth of this sum is
brought back to tho United States by
foreigners traveling hero Why do wo
have hard times and complain of tho out
flow of gold to Europe Shall wo also put
a tariff on foreign travel Foreigners aro
very slow to acquire new fancies and new
extravagancies Few aro tho American
goods I have seen for sale abroad I have
seen our Indian corn thrown to the hogs in
Germany its value on our tables not being
known We have acquired a taste for
their every article of food clothing
and ornament Our ladies must wear
their costumes and uso their perfumeries
and soaps Our tables must have their
dishes our children their toys our sick
their medicines our men their clothing and
wines and even hens eggs are imported
It is money money monoy going out all
the time Nothing mado at home seems
good enough for us Every little town in
Texas scorns to buy Texas manufactured
goods Put a St Louis brand on them and
they will sell Put jour cottonseed oil in
foreign stamped bottles and it will sell as
olive oil Every American who has eaten
his six foreign olives must crave thereafter
ali foreign delicacios You know it
shows breeding and culture and travel
never to be satisfied with
home things Most Americans who
return from Europe must hae thereafter
foreign goods And how do we pay for it
By the toil of our farmers by our cotton
wheat and pork The farmers aro continu
ally upbuilding what our foreign palated
Americans are tearing down Can Galves
ton be made a great city if her citizens buy
all their goods in Houston J Can Texas
grow rich if St Louis remains lorover her
smokehouse and everything wo eat driuk
wear and manufactured implements ba im
ported Can the United States afford to
import luxuries at this rate Ours would
be the richest country in the world if our
industries were recognized and patronized
Wo try to stimulate by a protective tariff
what we as Americans should foster ami
encourage to success on a free trade basis
We now have an opportunity to educate
our people to a greater patriotism and to
advertise the riches of our country as they
never have been A largo majority of the
traveling American public are batter ac
quainted with Europe than with tho natural
wonders of our own country If we have
not freo trade wo have at least free travel
Lct us make a grand and glorious exhibit
of our nation at Chicago Let as not dis
appoint the hundreds of thousands of
foieign travelers whom we expect Let us
bid them welcome to every state Many
will remember our luxuries and call for
them at home many will hear again tho
echoes of our great waterfalls and
return somo day to visit our pieturesquo
shores Many will see in tasscled com
and golden grain and snowwhite cotton
fields an attractive feature and something
to draw them permanently to us Our cities
will surprise them our railroads please
them and our future impress them and
when we go abroad to sell our securities
we will not be treated as mere adventurers
They will have seen ua and know that our
collateral is good Travel in America up
our mountains and down our valleys in our
cities and on our lakes is what we want
For once let tho balance of travel be this
way For one summer let the 50000000 bo
blotted out Let us all united bid them
welcome and give them something worth
seeing and many will bo tho happy returns
on our small investment
W Goodrich Joxes
Chief of the Forestry Exhibit for Texas at
the Worlds Columbian Exposition
Shot lilt Wire and Killed Himself
CniixicoTHE Mo Oct 10 A week ago
Mrs John MeFarland wifo of a stone
mason left her husband refusing to live
with him on account of his dissolute
THE GAfcCTTE has for eight
1re awakened to tho
i resources
habits Todav MeFarland tnst hi wife
en the street and arew his revolver as if to
shoot her She ran into tho first house at
hand whither he followed her and shot her
in the forehead He then shot and killed
himself Mrs MeFarland will recover
The Increase In the Number nt GIumfc
The rapid increase in the number of
those who are obliged to wear glasses now
adays especially children is so alarming
that we are at once driven to the conclu
sion that the human vision is now more
defective than ever before But such U
not the case Formerly spectacles were
thought to be necessary only for the old
and the idea of chiltlre wearing glasses
was considered the greatest absurdity
Fortunately this erroneous idea is fast
dying out With the advancement of
science and the discovery of certain de
fects of vision hitherto unknown the pub
lic are becoming better educated and are
not slow to apply the remedy when any
defect of vision Is found to exist But
much still remains to be done in this direc
tion Philadelphia Star
Klngsl and tils ISullerSy
As everybody knows Charles Kingsiey
loved well both man and bird and beast
This feature In his character was curiouslv
displayed one Sunday in church He was
just about to enter the pulpit to preach his
sermon when all on a sudden he disap
peared from the view of the congregation
What was amiss it was soon seen how
ever that nothing serious had happened
He had only stooped In search of some
thing on the floor which when found ho
had taken to the vestry And what was
this something do you think An injured
butterfly which was fluttering about on
the cround Being unable to fly away
owing to its hurt King > Iey was afraid it
might be trodden on and so he had inter
rupted the service of the church until he
had removed the wounded insect out of
harms way Loudon TitBits
Ob what a night for a soul to col
The wind a nan k uml tht fields in snow
Xo screening rover of leaves in the wood
Nor a star abroad the way to shoir
Do they part in peace nnl with its clay
Tenant and landlord what do they say
Was it sIkU of sorrow or of relca > o
I heard Just now as the face turned gray
What if aghast cm tho sborcleu mala
Of Eternity it sought again
The shelter and rest of the Nle o Time
And knocked nt the door of its house of palni
On the tavern hearth the embers glow
The laugh is dep and the Unions low
But without the wind ami the trackless sky
And night at the irules a here a soul would so
Arthur S Hardy in Atlantic Monthly
Laudanum DrliiLiug
It Is surprising what ones constitution
can be made to stand in the way of narcot
ics From smell beginnings it is possible
to go on increasing the doses until a quau
tity can be taken which would kill two or
three pelsons unaccustomed to anything
of the sort In the course of a coroners
investigation at Sheffield England it was
shown that a man had been a constant
laudanum drinker for ten years Com
mencing with a pennyworth at a time ha
had gone on until he Imd taten fully an
ouuca a day N ew York Telegram
Many subscribers ignore the stipulation that the aboye offer dates
from January 11 only and does sot apply to subscriptions received
prior to that date THE GAZETTE could not antedate it3 offer
for one subscriber without doing so for all of those who subscribed
prior to the 11th day of January 1891 and to apnlv this offer to all
who were subscribers to THE GAZETTE on the 10th of January
would cost THE GAZETTE more than it could afford to doeven for
The Fort Worth
rrerf fiom 1IS pocket heres a
Subscribe for tho Weekly GAZSfJtf w Reckon not said Jii
Com ofloSrtNTie Sixteenth Century
yjiJSSwsfoTthe railings around St Pauls
cathedral claimed by several Sussex par
ishes but really made at Lamberhurst a
parish partly in Kent is recorded in the
account books of tho manufactory as hav
ing been 11202 0s Cd The totiil weight
was 200 tons The amount of employment
given mny be conjectured fiom the state
ment of Richard Woodman one of the
Marian martyrs burned at Lewes in lfnT
that he had net a hnndred persons to work
for tho year together London Spectator
WvsrtixGTON Oct 11 la m For East
ern Texas Fair slightly warmer north
erly winds
Despatch Wrecked
Lewes Dni Oct 10 The Despatch was
totally wrecked All tho crew were safely
landed and housed on tho beach
Pearls in Great Quantities
Gctiirie O T Oct 10 Pearls of rare
beauty and great value have been discov
ered in large quantities in shells in the Cot
tonwood riveij near here
Subscribe for tho Weekly G 4Zette
H Cut Hli Thruut with a Pocket Uaif
While Dtllrloun
Thedsath by his own hand of exGov
ernor Albert P Morehouse of Missouri
was not only a shock to all citizens of the
state bat had a tendency to excite the
superstitious Governor Morehouse was
the second executive of Missouri to
take his own life and was the object of a
peculiarly venomous prophetic curse de
livered by the aged father of that Maxwell
who murdered his traveling companion
Preller in St Louis some years ago
Thoma3 Reynolds of Howard county
Mo was elected
governor in 140
On the 0th of Feb
ruary 1S44 eleven
months before th
expiration of his
term he fired
pistol ball into his
head and died af
ter several houw
of lingering
agony The Mor
mon prophet Joe
A P MOREHOUSE of t1lj saicile
Governor Boggp predecesor of Governor
Reynolds had ordered tho expulsion of
the Mormons from the state and had been
shot but not killed while sitting at nn
open window Governor Reynolds had
striven so earnestly to have Joe Smith and
Port Rockwell extradited from Xauvco
Ills that he had involved the two state
in a judicial conflict so his suicide woj
hailed by the Mormons as n judgment
Albert P Morehouse was born July 11
16S5 in Delaware O and went to No 1
away county Mo with his parents in
IS06 His aged father still lives on the i
old homestead The son was admitted tc
the bar at Maryville in 1SG0 took an active
part in politics as a Democrat and after
holding minor offices was elected lieuten
ant governor in 1SS1 On the death ol
Governor Murmadukohe became governot
Dec 29 1SS7 Since retirement he has
been busy in the management of h > >
stock farm near Maryville and overexer
tion led to a sunstroke which was fol
lowed by typhoid fever and delirium Ic
a paroxysm of the latter he cut his throat
with a pocket knife and died in a few rein
A Story < if Two Cattle llirnuf
One of the stories of the rapid rise and
decline of the cow bnron owes authorship
to Colonel Jim Bntton in the days whe3
Texas had a railroad commissionexship
with only ornamental functions Colonel
Bntton was appointed to fill It While he
was commissioner Colonel Ilritton went
out to Abilene The time was the tlush
period of the cattlemen Millionaires were
thick At one of the exchanges of Abi
lene Colonel llritton was a witness to a
controversy between two of the new mil
lionaires These cattle barons had just re
turned from their first trips to New York
where they bad gone to get rid of some of
the profits and to have a royal time
Jim said Jake thats a pretty lins
watch youve got there
Yei replied Jim I got the ticker of
a fellow in > ev York Its the finest in
Well continued Jake drawing one
better one
im Whatd It
Paid 323 for her said Jake Whatd
you give for yours
Cost me SS0 answered Jim with a
triumphant grin
Jake was blue over the discovery that ha
didnt own the costliest watch in Abilene
He stood holding the now despised chro
nometer in his hand and looking nt it
Bracing up after a few moments he said
There aint much difference between em
But Ill bet I can throw mine farther than
yon can yours
Everybody laughed and looked at Jim
The latter was not to bo bluffed Quick as
a flash he replied Ill just go you one on
The crowd went ont into the rocky
street A scratch was drawn It wks
agreed that the man who throw his watch
the farthest should have what was left cf
both watches They threw and the fellow
who won led the way back into tha Ex
change and set up tha drinks
A few months afterward said Colonel
Brittou concluding tho narrative I wa
back in Abilene i saw Jake and Jim
Each had a Waterbury and when ha
pulled it out or his pocket he held it in
both hands for fear it would drop on the
floor and get hurt St Louis GlobeDem
Will do it For every dollar received we will send to you for one year
12 nages 84 columns and another copy Free One Year
you name Outside
ggpe P
willing and liberal worker in behalf of Texas and now when the people of the state seem
effort and to the benefit to accrue to this state from a truthful and comprehensive representation
agriculture stock farming mining manufacturing education religion etc to the people of other stat03
Gazette Palsies Tliis IProipositiori
Froraand after this date for every subscription made to tho WEEKLY GAZETTE for one year another subscription to the WEEKLY
GAZETTE for one year or two subscriptions to the WEEKLY GAZETTE for six months will be donated by THE GAZETTE and
entered on our book3 provided such donated subscriptions are sent to parties outside the stvtc of Texas and provided the subscriber
sends us the name for one year or two names for six months to whom he wishes the WEEKLY GAZETTE sent octside the state
This offer applies only in cases where we receive One Dollar the full amount of one years subscription to the WEEKLY GAZETTE
To secure this extra copy of the WEEKLY GAZETTE for one
year or two extra copies for six montlis they must be sent
This office must receive 1 in full for the paid subscription And
this offer dates from January 11 1691 the day it was made and
does not apply to subscriptions received prior to that date
WltlOL TPeoole
I AW < A < WW < V V > i A < W WW
Fnr flnft Dollar ftnlv You can get a firstclass newspaper for
vuiy one year7and help the statewtexas
Address all orders and money to THE GAZETE Fort WorthTexas Sample copies free on application
January 111S8L
Snliscriliers paid urior to January Hi can haTe benefit of tills offer oy renew or sendins 50ets for tie pauer to p4b

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