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Fort Worth gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.) 1891-1898, October 15, 1891, Image 3

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Dallas Texas
rfi > r
i w Ar y ana lavorablf
i u fd States 3 r long expe
i kaiie lull ji dTluHtrsal success
x aa < LtfU I Nervous Chronic
c r i entftles these eminent
niHrfuu confidence of the afflicted
iht5 r tantce
ol early vce and the numerous
n ii am
u i nrtfh and peiinancntly cured
eid leadilr to their skillful trcat
ci red witiout paiu or detent on
uicrfullv cured in every ca e
decimal weakness Lost Manhood
n Dec jcd Faculties Female
4ti jli iWitate disoiders peculiar to
t leyceed as well is all func
1101 an ir > that result from youthful follies
C r uf ri iture yeas
CTDlPTIRC tuarante d permanently
0 Itll I OIIL cured removal complete
ting caustic or dilatation Cures
mile bj patient without a moment s
rafc w > er
7b Young and Middle Aged Men
I D C P11 D C The awful effect of
AC U 111 UU il L early vmc whielibrins
ru < ri npss destroying both mind and
i u ii a its ilriadtd ills jermanently
npc RFTTQ Address those who have
UflOi DL I IO jmpawu ttcrnselves by
t jn ij Miui eace and ol tarv libils vkhich
i c toJ uullttiM thcin for busi
1 inmate
i i I Ml N oi ihoso entering on thit
l t aware of pLysieil deblity quickly
i it on fre in person or by mail If
fd and cannot tall write to us
era o n untp fur reply LaP upon or address
Mi u eet Opposite Pcvopiee
Al >
> l > ro ribr > it with gTMtx tirt ctloi f jjthe cure of
tU < riii l1 t ± cti tf rrimatrfrjtriV tind Trrtlirv
I F F lis roMiiltoaic nj tc pnsejlre sprrt I
la i tt ptbe nlcmftp3ly f
IIFPHAN BEffiS Proprietors
< kirajintaWr BAVANSAHCA
M i CO Fort IVorth Tex
c Fort Worth Gazette
It jriTes Ilr
tatt iilw ro
to aiiA
iouiu that U Ts now putttUip up a
tihy uvsMpill
jj wljrh Jsofo terclmslysiflnllsjrfjer
Q r tataliiian tKB > irttie otHwlarcer SH
< nr JJiej aresnaranteetl purely
fi T S tllile ISoth sizes of tlirse julU
are still iurtl The exact size of < S
i > hown lu the border of this ad
AUV TS BEilABIJ iiid perftlrSATE Tho
5 = 9 u > t i y thocsaJc of wozaan all over tha
> itilrs initioOID r > OCTOn3 prlvnte molt
° T ° f SSyeart a d Tjpt a lnc bad result
relumed Jt > not represented Sondl
an utsps YBv eiVr a
J55 501ft 117 g
lenlar A f
St Lords Ho
Every IVSonth
many women suffer from Excessive or
Stmt Menstruation they dont know
wiio toconftdi in to get proper advico
Ucnt cennde in anjbody but
g try
Speprffe f MlNFlAylnOFUSE
Book to WOMAN rcjuled fr
B l < by all 9r > Cffllt
i i rvwuTinT
Active Demand for Best Grades
of Range Cattle
The Market S and 10 Cents Loner Win
tered Texans ISrine Good Prices in
Chicago Sheep in Good De
niand Hoc Mow
Cliicaco Stockyards
Special to the Gazette
Umov Stocktakds Ili Oct 14
Receipts 37000 Market active at steady
A A Spangler Henrietta sold 20 steers
IOC pounds at 2 00
Bjers Bros ISO steers 041 pounds at
2 Hi 111 cows S13 pounds atSlbO
T Wilson Brownwood 12J cows 713
pounds at 1S0
W H Godatr Tulsa 50 cows 710 pounds
at 1 CO Sal bteprs 926 pounds at 2 4 j
D Kjjpfent Enid 333 steers 914 pounds
KSJtunberlin company of Ponca S4 cows
7 0 pounds SI 70
V II Ihttson Catoosa 218 cows C07
pounds 170
W Coleman Wichita Falls 240 steers
S91 pounds 2 a 24 cows 7s2pounds J190
Cattle lanch company 321 Indians JS4
pounds 12 > 0
W L Gathn AVasgoner 235 steers S13
pounds 2 bo
J P Dassett Dundee 12G steers 936
pounds 2 4o
lulham i W Catoosa 420 steers 93S
pounds 245
White Bros Ponca 323 steeis 956
pounds 2 35
Home land and cattle company 347 win
tered Texans 1090 pounds J3 50
C B Farwell 124 wintered Texans 11S1
jjounds 3 CO
B W Jones 432 sheep S5 pounds 4 15
07 sheep 07 pounds 4 15 223 sheep 72
pounds 3 40
bt Louis Stockyards
Special to the Gazette
National Stogkiakds III Oct 14
Receipts 120 cars of range cattle Theie is
an active demand for best grades of range
cattle at about steady pi ices but they are
over supplied with canners and prices
leahzed to day are 5 to lOcents lower Cow
stuff sold at 1 25 to 2 20 steers 220 to
310 cahes 13 50 to J7 50 per head
S J Newton Seymour sold 27 steers
SSS pounds at 2 30 52 cahos at 775
Nichols Seymour 12 cows 777 pounds
1 SO 15 steers 9so pounds > 0
Cobbi Wikox Hcniietta oU cow a 74i
pounds 1 ill 19 cows 750 pounds 175 21
steers 932 pounds 2 40 28 calves at S7
Ciowden Bios Midland 25 steers 1036
pounds 2 25
SR Newton Seymour 29 heifers CSO
pounds 2
C W Slav in Doss 24 steers 1001 pounds
S2 45
1 O Hall Vinita 41 steers 9S0 pounds
2 CO 23 steers 907 steers 52 50
J H Paramore Lehaetta 24 steers 1090
pounds 3 10 00 steers 1018 pounds 3 00
159 cows i > 24 pounds 61 S5
P C Paramoie Lehaetta 21 steeis 1155
pounds 2 90
Dashbough bankcCedarville 1G9 steers
951 pounds j2 50
b C Beake Choteau 55 steers S29
pounds 2 25 29 cows 720 pounds 52 00 17
steers 931 pounds 2 30
W M Parkenson Red Fork sold 47
cows bOis pounds at 175
fa S Cobb Vinita sold 20 steers 1153
pounds at 3 10 53 steers 950 pounds at
2 50
Doe Denney Clareraore sold 90 steeis v
S93 pounds at 2 25
Bud Mcrt i Ellis Elgin sold 228
steeis S72 pounds at 2 45 25 steels bJO
pounds at 2 35 21 steers 1154 pounds at
2 40 14 steers 1002 pounds at 240
Ilewms Forsjthe Elgin sold 312
steers 1077 pounds at 2 50
Kinsa City Stockyards
Special to the Gazette
STOcki Anns Kansas City Mo Oct 14
Receipts 100i4 besides 9000 holdovers
on the market Eightytlnee cars in the
Texa division A hcav run of Temtoiy
cattle in tho native division Quality very
common Maiket slow and weak and 10c
Richard Dowhng sold 60 wintered steers
127b pounds average for 3 00
Hume Bros Ai kansas City 92 steers
90 pounds 2 00 94 steers 1018 pounds
2 00 50 steeia 1004 pounds 2 60
Witheispoorf A McClelland Tallaho 70
steeis i > 54 pounds 52 30 45 steers S09
pounds 2 30
Rocking chair ranch company Giles 433
calves each 0 40 121 cows 734 pounds
C V rtogers Tallaho 107 cows 795
pounds 135 92 cows 793 pounds 135 12
caves each 5 25
J J Drew Giles 32 cows 729 pounds
1 00 27 cows bOS pounds 1 00
T H Vaughn Giles 30 cows 805 pounds
Jennings Sherman 43 calves each 6 40
W A ade Miuco 17 cows b02 pounds
SI 05112 cows 742 pounds 105 23 bulls
1200 pounds 1 15
R W Wnght 113 cows 001 pounds at
SI 25 17 cows 711 pounds l 75
L B Ed wards 32 cows 755 pounds 150
50 cows 051 pounds SI 25
Galveston Wool Market
Special to the Gazette
G m f ion TE Oct 14 Wool Market
cloed quiet
L nscoured wool
St Louis Wool
St Lopis Mo Oct 14 Wool Re
ceipts 42200 pounds Shipments 71b00
pounds Market steady but quiet and un
Itflston Wool Market
Special to the Gazette
Boston Mass Oct It Wool Fair de
mand at steady prices
St Louis Livestock
St Louis Mo Oct 14 Cattle Re
ceipts 5700 shipments 4000 Market
lower Fair to choico natives 2 905 90
Texans and Indians S2 303 10
Hogs Receipts 9700 shipments 1200
Market low er Prices ranged 3 S04 05
Sheeu Receipts 1700 shipments 500
Market strong Fair to good 2 404 70
Chicago Livestock
Chicago III Oct 14 Cattle Receipts
21 < W0 Market slow Natives lower others
steady steers S2 256 25
Hogs Receipts 33000 shipments 10000
Market slow and lower All grades 4 00
4 75
Sheep Receipts 9000 shipments 4000
Market active Natives lower others
steady Native ewes 3 254 35 wethers
and vearhnss 5 00o 10 Westerns 4 00
4 05
Kansas City Livestock
Ivavsss Citt Mo Oct 14 Cattle
Receipts 10000 shipments 3S00 Market
TUllaud st adv to lower Steers 3 25
515 stockcrs and feeders 2 003 03
Hoes Receipts 17000 shipments 4400
Market lower All grades S3 254 50
Sheep Receipts 4400 shipments 4300
Market dull and steady
I eT York Livestock
Niw Yoek Oct 14 Beeves Receipts
2100 Market firm native steers 3 052
r rHfft > > iM M Xi d fi m
j psomERs
3 Such as Sickpeadachcm nd Pain in ths i
J Stomach GMness FuUnesttagreiling after J
3 Meals Oiness Drowsiness P Us Flush
Jings ol HA Loss of Appetite SrWrtess J
J ot Breathttivene s Scurvy Blotches orl
JStin Oistunled Sleep Frightful Dreams and
J all Nervous and Trembling Sensations Every <
i sufferer is urged to try one box
+ Of alt druggists Price SS cents a box
New York Depot 35 Canal St
5 85 Texans and Colorados S3 42 t 3 75
Dressed beef steady at C f9 ia Ship
ments 500 beeves and 0500 quarters
Sheef Receipts 11300 head Market
steady at 3 505 25 dressed mutton
3teady 7 > 9c
Shipped from Quanah
Special to the Gazette
Qlanah Haupeman Cocntv Tex Oct
14 Fiftyone ears of stock will be shipped
out on Friday night
To Stockmen cgS
The Dally Gazette canajpa nbe found
at sale at B G licks > 1ll stahd No 535
TiT 1111 iLjU lTfT the opera house near
JLiTw TTifili 1 Kansas City Ma
She Has All the Substantial Klementg
Success Other Places Can Have
the Windy Air Castles
Special to the Gazette
Tekrell Tex Oct 14 There has to
be a gieat many maiden speeches made
about different patts of Texas and they are
generally so soft that they almost melt be
fore j ou can read them They are so easily
digested that they leave no trace of ever
having been Soup is a mighty good thing
when backed up by roughncss but it takes
roughness to make soup worth anj thing
Substantial are what we all need in mental
and phj sical nature Air castles never hav e
any foundation and as a consequence atono
castles at all We have lots of air castle
builders all over Texas but what we want
jou to take hold of has life solid realities
ahoit it Suppose on this momentous occa
sjii vc offer jou some plain stubborn
facts for digestion Wo would like to fill
your mind so full with commonsense ideas
that your mouth will fly open and j our ej es
pop out until they could be roped in bv a
cowboy We aio able to tell jou that tad
poles are found v hero theio is water and
that mosquitoes will not lei use to bite you
just because jou aie a citizen of Teriell
All men who die here do not stop bieithin < j
because of old age Manx die of disease
Ihis is aremaikabry heatthv climate but
peonle do die and some mightj j oung peo
ple die too
Tei 1 ell is not outside of the world we at e
a pai t of Texasand vv e ai e 1 mlit 1 n the great
big heart of tins great big state and of
course partake of the things heieabout But
see heie If jou want to live among better
than an aveiage settlement of good people
vou can find a place heie and hereabou
You will find we aie haid t move
new enterprises because niijjvMflffTrTi have
been cut so many tuncAflaffeRfflsh schemes
full of nothinglui rerEises that we dont
like toJ jj fMrtoait at all even if the hook
that we cant see anything
the w lggling worm Now wa want the
formers ear and we want it bad provided
his neck is bent towaids changing his
abode and in the meantime wo w ill throw
out a bit of advice without charce
Well will commence by sayiag if you
have a good home and everj thing is lovelt
and prosperous healthj and nothing to
mar j our peace j oud better staj there
Thats our advice and its worth its
weight in gold If you are otherwise if
jou are honest w ant a place where j ou can
get good free schools good land to culti
vate good markets and those things appre
ciated bj the honest economical fanner
jou can hud it heie We want to insist on
jour coming to see us light now because
the worst kind of appearauces vv ill present
themselves to vou you will see the soil dry
deep down and dust frying like rain in the
air water seal ce and a thousand setbacks
noticeable You saj we are crankj but
we are not that far off the track jet We
are moie interested in jourself than jou
are You wint to come while trees are
springing the hrst bright tender leaves
when the sweet flowers perfume the atmos
phcie on eveiy hand birds are dropping
their coarse winter garments and donning
heir lovelj plumage and sweet carols and
melody are wafted on every breeze everj
thing is loveliness joy and gladness
Well that would be a good time to come if
jou only wanted to see those parts in all
their grandeur and loveliness but we want
j on to come while there is a drouth in the
land and sorry crops are the go Come and
see 2thc clando while faces are sad and the
farmer is behind on his nrospects If jou
agree to stop with us now we are sure to
keep jou until the gravedigger gets
the last work on jou We are
not feeling so good right now
but we ai e 1 eadj for comparison at any
season of the j ear Tho fai mer that works
his crap is sober and economical generally
gets there vith both feet but tho lazj
slouch is alwajs in the mud here just as he
is evcrjwherc else We have been getting
in quite a number from other states who
are merolj prospectors and who maj after
awhile become permanent citizens More
arc on the road and we now want to keep
the track hot until all the corners aro filled
with good solid honest farmers
Come along farmer joung old little
big lean or fat Come and see us while the
drouth is ob Come quick before it is
broken and the deseit begins to blossom as
tho rose and everj thing from the redbug to
the mulj bull gets on new energy and life
Come along and help us whoop up this diy
l nd
The Remains of Judge J A Carroll Inter
red at Denton
Special to the Gazette
Denton Dentov Cocxtt Tex Oct 14
The remains of Judge J A CarroH
reached here by the 710 southbound train
this morning and were met at the depot by
the Knights of Pjthias the Sol Ross camp
of old soldiers the Denton bar the fire
department the Owsley Rifles and a great
many friends of the deceased The bodj
was taken charge of by the Knights of
Pjthias and taken to the residence where
it was placed in charge of the leral fratern
ity until 3 oclock p tn when the Masonic
fraternitj proceeded with the matters of in
terment after the customs of the order
Services were held by request of the de
ceased at the grave by Rev Dr Martin of
the Presbjtenan church All of the busi
ness houses in tho city the public schools
and the Alliance mill suspended business
for the day in honor of tho deceased The
procession that followed the remains to the
grave was the largest ever known in the
citj and was at least a mile in length
Advertisements under this heading 3 lines 1
day 40c 2 days 60s 3 days 75c 1 week
> 1 5 1 month 1365 In advance
OR SALE lOCUO merino
cattle 150 horses
tlons leased
a afflfwswSfefei ss Tjj
wells fine
only J10 0X1 cash Also
grazing land price only II eer
acre Apply at once to T H Bowman Big
Springs Tex
miles fr
200 acres
for sale
re perfect Cause of sell
ss E Wood bex 174HUl boro
Mention the Fort Worth Gazette
Allp 1 rfi seeking employment or oeslrtn
Help of any character are invited to use this
column free of charce such advertisements not
to exceed three lines
Notices of articles lost and found in this col
umn not exceeding three lines will also be la
E rted free
It is the desire of The Gazette to facilitate
the search of persons for employment and the
recovery of lost property and all are cordially
ETited to use this column forsuch porposei
Parties answering advertisements belowmust
address the advertiser and not The Gazettb
as this paper has nothing to do with the adver
tisement further than to print it
Thb Gazette cannot undertake to forward
replies unless prepaid and addressed envelopes
accompany advertisements
No personal notices printed unless accom
panied bv the me of advertiser
Advertisers should remember that letters di
rected ta initials only are not delivered through
the postomce If initials are used they should
be directed to the care of some person Arm or
postomce box Advertisements can be left at
eur office or sent through the mail to The Ga
zette Fort Werth Tex
In answering advertisements mention tall
Want money
Want a cook
Want boarders
Want a partner
Want a situation
Want to rent roomsM sw
Wanta senflantr gfrl
WantpJfc Seu a farm
Warit to sell a house
3 Want to sell plants or gi am
Want to exchange anything
Want to sell groceries drugs
Want to sell household goods
Want to make any farm loans
Want to sell or trade for anything
Want to find customers for anything
WTant to sell or buy horses mules or cattle
List of letters remaining uncalled for In the
counting room on Wednesday October 14
Persons calling for them will plga Say
a ertised 5p
Bab 2 Tl
Dallas I j fforence 1
ExchangeLiw If
blr JivW James 1
FSTl 1 J G 5
E S Pl Marble Works 2
Viatch this letter list which is changed daily
for answers to your advertisements and call
for them in person or send The Gazette
ADDRESSED STAMPED envelope so they
can be forwarded to j ou This rule applies to
onl such letters as are addressed care of TnE
Gazette Remember we do not hold answers
longer than seven days after dato of receipt
Advertisements under this heading 3 lines3
time free
heirs of E F 13ovker
Smith Barker Trtdt rick Egger A Latoi
Win Grant Jno M Hcaid Box Si Galves
ton lo18
Wanted heirs of Joseph L Wilson
HEIR Wilson Jno Rector M Scott
Chas Russner Hiram A MitchclL
1 AugusT e
Sirs of Dency Simpson
ant county as earl as I
times fre I
st to writemc Gcq
San Augustine 00
A friend in need is a friend
Box 87
ENSHAW Winted the address of An
drew Renshaw was last heard of in Weath
erford Tex working for J M Morris in ice
cream parlor Anyone knowing his where
abouts will confer a great favor by correspond
oseph Brady corner Sixth
ort Worth Tex
If j ou want a 7mwi r9fflfr never
Palo N Y
Advertisements untar this
Advertisements under this heading
times free
Advertisements under this
tunes free
J mines
Wanted on
those i
lin Tex
3 lines 7
JOOK Wanted cook and washwoman Ap
kplj at400 Taylor street 1318
T V anted a cook w oman Ap
Jiam Leahy 506 Kojal avenue
IRLVWanted a white girl or woman to
housetfork for a small family Apply at the
residence of R J Bojkin No 1113 East Bluff
street 1521
1IRL Wanted immediately a j oung girl to
T help in kitchen in a small family A nice
home for neat smart girl 210 North Burnet
14 20
OE MSTKESS First class basque and skirt
O maker at Mme Bidault s Fifth and Burnet
10 16
WANTED At once girls to sew good pay
Applj at Dot Leetie Frenchman branch
house 1821 Jones street Fort Worth Tex
TVTOMAN Wanted a v oman to do general
V housework for small family Mrs N
Stedman Samuels av enue
Fourth street Mrs C Chambliss
WAITRESSES Wanted at once
11 penenced waitresses
restaurant 315 Main street
14 20
7A1TRESS Wanted a white girl for wait
J V ress at Cottage Restaurant S09 East
13 IS
two ex
Apply at Crescent
VfTOMAN Wanted a good white woman to
T V cook and w ash for small family at Ama
rillo Tex Good wages and a good home to
the right party Address W S Day is Ama
rillo 1213
PAXTr WANTED a good cook Apply
OUUlV to Mrs W Hendricks S02 West
Second street 11 IS
WLlM rne Lind
say hotel GaiiMa 8rexTrtwo good chamber
jinjill ikiWIIT I lilllips Townley Props
LU U Will VXXxtJj good appearance as
bouse girl must furnish satisfactory reference
Apply to Mrs W A Huffman at Gazette
office tf
headings lines 7
WANTED For the UnitedStatesa
bodied unmarried men aasMSa the ages
of twentyoneand taa > ylWe7Good pay food
1 11 1 i I IflMn il attendance Applicants
be prepared to furnish satisfactory evi
dence as to age character and habits Recruit
ing office for Twentythird infantry at Mansion
hotel Fort Worth
aifiii 2
Bg Texas Coal
any Weathertora Tex
wort Only
ce and references from mar
apply W E Lowe Co Dub
7OODCHOPPERS Wanted twenty wood
11 choppers at once Apply to A G Relly
300 Main street Fort Worth Tex 15
Y7ANTED A few more
5ll AU
ertlsements tavder this beading 3 lines 7
is free1
rt7TFP nrmiWnnr LnntarTTffy Trl
or exchingebQjjtai T J Boazs book
store POO ilw llfTiTriiil Worth Tex School
or sale
Advertisements under this heading A lines
times free 1
DN PICKERS Wanted at Mif
i cotton pickers G E Eastwo
fAN A ND WIPE Wanted ma
Address J
100x200 feet for
Td in go
take charge of place near the city and
> ard small family Anderson care Gazette
office 11 18
Wanted waiter male or female
in hotel at Albany Tex James Milton
plv to Mrs
W A Huffman at
PffW WAMED A competent white
JJ vIV cook None other need apply Ap
the Gazette
tAdvertisements under this heading S lines 1
times free 1
A REFINED and capable middleaged lady of
cheerful temperament would like a situa
tion as iGmpanion or managing housekeeper
Good reference giv en and sought Address J
R Denton Tex 1420
Wanted situation as
chambermaid in a hotel anv where in Texas
09 Jones street 14 JO
situation as
in a first clas hotel anv
w here in Texas Address KJ3 Jones street 14 JO
HOUSEWORK A lady wishes a position to
do housework in a small family Inquire
at Fountain hotel No 1812 Jones street Fort
Worth Tex 11 17
PEV R1TING Position at shorthand and
tj pe > witing with some good firm now or
Vfjliiofitlder position for first of year Must
t vnave a good salary as I do good work Some
body glv e me a trial T Gazette office U 20
Advertisements under this heading 3 lines
times freeI
TjJteKBEPER Situation wanted
led man as birkeeper or wi
in saloon city or country
anT ompetent Address throu
I Dumez Fort Worth lex
CLERK If there is a vacant as book keeper
or clerk anj where in Fort Worth will jou
please address D this office 1518
COOK A young man of experience desires a
situation as cook in hotel Address J J T
care Gazette office 12 18
CLERK A young man twentyone years old
and trulvfondof business w ants position
as clerk in a dry goods or grocery store Best
of references giv en Address II D Hicks Tex
11 17
DRUliGIST A hrst class registered druggist
wants a situation Address Druggist Ga
zette office
R Wanted situation as reporter city
editor or ad solicitor on expenses paid and
commission by one experienced on great dal
lies Please address Lee 1500 Throckmorton
street Fort VV orth 10 16
PRIN1LK Wanted by apractical printir a
position on a country newspatjer Many
years experience in all departments Strittly
temperate habits Address W L A care
News Waco Tex ivui
PRINTER wants position at moderate viagew
on good paper Good job and news pnnjfr
Good references Address me quick Ijarrv
Ranie Box 42 Morgan Tex 1 IS
X round printer wishes permanent situ J
in North Texas or will lease on easy
J care rconomist Crocket Tex 10 16
tl man chance
WAl CHM AN Wanted
IV watchman
Address J J T
for monumental cemflJMiBWoTir A partner to
take kalfjjjJa Hr JnJuIa be preferred Marble
position as night
Can furnish good reference
care Gazette office 12 18
ocated at Fort Worth at an early
at M Applj to or address Marble Works Iort
ntlbrth Gazette
headin 3 itajjfc J lie line J
f withgoIdJUl
Octav io
Return to Ga
W A ffnTTLOST vvatghjUirt crrT
IVAI LXl Hi 1 lUiiiiiwniTTiil I i n or fif
teen mjJ ta III Ii town Finder will please
b M H S at Gazette office
tl 45 1 montn 363 in advani
TITTjrii nhiri in housegoldring
at box office
fiany Winston
Fort Worth Gazette
1 hree
A good livery
established business in
Box 153 Fort V orth
Advertisements under this heading 3 lines 1
day 40c 2 day 1 60c 3dajs7oc 1 week II 45
1 month 13 6f > in advance 1
Twenty salesme
ery cigar
C O D el
Mention the
WANTED Salesmen on salary or commis
sion to handle the New Patent
Ink Erasing PenciL The gp
elty ever produced aBJ TWrlfTjT6roughly m
tvvoseconds uajajMnBnon paper 2U0 to W0
iercuf4MnT Line agent s sales amounted to
nsix dajs another2 in tvohours We
ant one energetic general agent for e eh state
Advertisements under this headingJ linesjlJ
dir 4uc f aays oua o aays nr i iiiTad terntorj For terms and full particulars
t rm
address TheMonroe EraserMfg CoLa Crosse
Wis X44 Mention the Fort Worth Gazette
Advertisements under this heading 3 lines 1
any 40c 2 days 60c 3 days 7dc L weok
81 4S 1 month SSSS in advance
ROOMS To ren
house two
tered all outhouses
cottiges Price reasonable Ad
care Gazette
Advertisements under this heading 3 lines I
day 40a 2 dajs 60c 3 days 75a 1 week
tl 451 month ti65 in advance
rn M JONES ii CO
KSMain street Dallas Texas
Mention theFort Worth Gazette
Advertisements under this heading S lrses 1
day 40a 2 days 60a 3 days 71c weak
tl 45 1 raonlA Cte in advance
HED room for rent first flat J
building Mrs Eldredge
iir m i 1 1 1 1 1 milieu nmn
North CaUiQjjn atsWeTrone block east of
Tanslent trade soil
lecond floor Also a
Apply 412 East Fourth street
Weatherford street Nex < jJMVPn > eTrTour
room house aUafjjjfjfdMWM rst and Weath
opera h
H te
in street One suite of four
Bobbins flats Apply at 207 East
First street
FOR RENT Elegantly situated 1
rooms large and aiCTfgukA < j jrM0r7b dVe
MaddoxEJiAaBlattMBPrBnJdaln street Ap
ri gr un implement company
corner Seventh and Rusk street
amar street Nicely
with boar
rooms for
without board
i solicited
Advertisements under this heading 3 lines 1
day 40a 2 days 60a 3 days 75a I week
IL45 1 month fa 5 In advance
Ao ertisements und r this heading J lines 1
day 40a 2 days 60c 3 days 75a 1 week
t 45 1 month lofls in vanceQ
watches jewelry etc Bir ine > j8l < ffyTona
dentiaL Willcalloj BiW vneu desird A
large stoc fc rSreueemed pledgei for sale
J Trexas Pawnbroker 309 Houston street
Mention the Fort Worth Gazette
under this headin
ys 65c 3 days 75c
lt6 inadvame1
Wanted to bu > a small
no lot must be chea
box 221 P O
Advertisements under this heading 3 lines I
dtv 40c 2 days 60c 3 days x 1 week
tl 45 1 month JX6S in advancal
FOR SIE Old papers
at Gazette off icu
j tents per hundred
fTl AT TO TIIE IUULIC V e are pre
JJ11J pared to furnish Thurber toil on
short notice in carload lots delivered on T
and Pacific railwaj tracks
Worth or Dallas andakjaMMPniCTory prues
For furtr rjMiirtrrlTsTcall on or address
I 1 in Mllll mi i Ccal Co Room 67 Hurlev
Building HpTt Worth Tex Mention the Fort
Worth U Rue v X
lwant a situation on a weekly
paper in Texas or Indian Territory Am
good compositor and joo printer Will work
reasonable as lwant job for the winter
months Address Printer care News
Whltesboro Tex 12 18
sober and steady voung
to learn the jewelrj trade
Have had some experience Address E E
Brown Gatesville Tex 1016
wer diamond prospecting
L Good as new
therford Tex
PXmnVWQFor SaleThree
lullVTHMLo speed Beck engines II
speed 27o rev doubledisc tj pe inci
under 1
J2J0U0 each
tion complete with all nmaitflrTrttam and
1 1 Ii 1 1 1 I 1 1 ijjiiif > 1Hi i 11 I fittings for
same T nail II iTl In nli l II 1 I1 11 1111 Ap
sljwMi JllliL of the Foit Worth Light and
Power Company 210 Main street Powell
106 Houston strietJ
thel jrt VjgjrtWy
a4 rvV Peak
irth Tex Mention
its 0c 3 days 7
representing Miss S T Ofl
is stopping at the
lies of beautiful nov
> goods and w ill
1 to jou and jou
your rrieaaurc and thereby
ill remain untilSumlav
Three houses
3Un ri
WfirVfift i heplace to get cheap lumber
JCJIill sasTLadoors add shingles in
mixeirear ldts 708 Main street FoiVWorth
glAn finn ° choice improved and unim
pJLUUUUv proved lands and some cash
to trade for stocks of merchandise running
and lots to
JO sell on installment plan
to XMJ each 1100 down balance
good locations BafKainsltf two
buses one lotwo blocks ofuSHoriXtga
Section atnMA fcultuririand
tiPtMrt llve nrpes
deforypioa caj le
D Ffew gajpVcheap tSomes in city
ell oh installments 1 have some pur
SI 4 1 month iAOn in adyar elf ag aj flTei0thin Fort
1 fC A other trades of different kinds
lUUU Rogers26 Powell building
Advertisements under this heading
daj 40c J davs We 3 days 75c
tl 45 1 month 3 65 in advancojl
3 lines 1
1 week
d erencc Address O C Lanphear city
EXCHANGE 5600 vv <
DYE H ° up < sl
JlBfrfB ftifSlbs and gents
rdyed Onlj reliable house
Houston street
Celtintti Fort Wartl Will BnlUiz Hartiitn
Aid ths Dty Oocprsuiea Ice llachias
icunioa THE IOET worth gazette
Many a Fortune Has
Never Lost By It
LAUNDRY Help wanted Firstclass help
male or female to go to Greenville Apply
to J L Bennett at Wares boardinghouse by
5 o clock this morning er Greenville steam
laundry 1319
Adv crtisements under this heading 3 lines 1
day 40a 2 days 60a 3 days 75a 1 we
tl 45 1 month 1365 in advancel
In the
pply at the opera
ery family wants a dictionary
families wart ten dollars also
ome families want the ten dollars also so
much that they go without the dictionarj
The Gazette has the best reprint of the
Original Websters Dictionary
It has the best print the best binding tha
most words the best illustrations
With the Weekly Gazette one year it
ti with the Daily one year onlv
Regular subscribers to The Gazette can
re a copy of this dictionary for 3 00
sent by express or for 1250 delivered at our
You are invited to call at our office and
inspect the book itself and see how much
uperior it is to other cheap dictionaries
OLAKanxif TEX Tab mtu
tomocrat Publishing Cemsasy Fort Wort
Srjta Tha Webitars Uctlsaarr Elves every
aUsfactlan Wa have takes the SaQy Gazette
lor yean u4 think tha dirtloaary and Gazette
r a year at 110 a great bargain Truly yours
> a Ka Sst Dealers
Thorp Springs Tjt Feb 14 itn
I received your Websters Unabridged
Wonary a few days ago snd have examined It
g l must say I am highly pleas d with It 1
IJBuld not take twice the money it cost e fe
It if I could not get another Much success ta
The Gazette j l dillabb
Way Haixcocntt Tex Feb 111J91
r the Gazette
Gentlemen I received your dictionsry la
aue time and am highly pleased with it I con
aider it well worth the money without the pa
per and I would not exchange The Gazetti
lor any other paper in the state
I also have the Encyclopaedia of Human Na
ture and Phjsiognomy that you have been of
fering with THE Gzlttf I think it a splend 4
work and worth at least 10 to any person lual
atarting out in life I have often wondertd how
you could furnish It so cheap Yours vers
truly D H D4vapour
w the Gazette
The unabridged dictionary received front
your office as a prtmium is everjtlniic and
much more than you claim for it No family
anould think to do without it The book is well
bound and worth double its tost anvwherr
J L Foots
Putnam Tex Feb 171MI
DEAR SlK I reieived your dictionary and
was well pletsed so I like your book and I
like your paper Your Weekly Gazette and
your book are weithllO Yours truly
Rckjiels TEX Feb 121S3L
Democrat Publishing Company
Deu Sirs Your dictiouarv received and nix
highly pleased with it and think it is doubly
worth the money paidfor it Very respectfully
J E Gilliau Runnels Tex
Lmpsas Tex Feb 8189L
figct Worth Gazette
Gents The dictionary sent to me as preo
Inm I think is a good book so far as I have beea
able to examine L lam jours truly etc
J E Criswelu
Cross Cet Brovtv County Tex Auj 14 ISSO
Gazette The Websters Umbridged Dic
tionary I bought of you is just splendid worth
three times whatiteost It iseverythins thai
fTHE Gazetti claims for it Use my name if
jou wish D LlNDLET M D
Rkgeicy Tex Aug 15 ISM
Received the Websters Unabridged Coa
sider it the cheapest book I ever bought it is
a marvel of cheapness Success to TnE Ga
zxtxk D A Moor
Glen Rose Tex Aug 8 ISM
The Fort Worth Gazette Tort Worth Tcx
The Gazettes Original Websters Una
bridged Dictionary is all jouclapnfor it and
worth much more than the price paid without
counting a j ears reading of the best Demo
cratic paper in the state and am well please
with my investment Very truly
Mansfield Tkt Aug 91S < V
the Gazette
i Dear Sirs We have examined jour Web
1 ster s Unabrldg a and will
Dictionary ay vto
are pleased bejond expectations would not b
without it for ten times the cost We remain
ous truly J II Blanton
TO realty inn 1 1 ijiutlHrtfllTifTTi land Pan
hand jo < qtHfcWeTFTort Worth and Dallas pre
ddress P O Box 11
EXCHANGE Two lots JtinUunrirrbWCd
TO Kansas pitovJ9diJr > 500 for tw o sec
tiona JaodOTtiieTanhandle Will pvycasb
Gazettes Original
abridged Dictionary is vvartls
you for it I have owned a Wor
Eester Unabridged for about twenty years but
have always wasted a Websters Very re
apectfully J W Bowers
Bonham Tex Aug 91S90
Tb the Fort Worth Gazette
After a cursor examination I can say that 1
am wll pleased with Tim Gazettes Original
WWJ9ters Unabridged Dictionary I think it
Just such a book as should be in the hands of
every earnest seeker after knowledge and no
well regulated library can be complete without
one and the unparalleled offer places it in tha
reach ot all and I will say to those wishing a
Dictionary that they will find The Gazette a
Dictionary to be just as good as higher priced
works and In addition to getting ne of the
best Dictionaries at a nominal low price you
get one of the best papers now circulated in ou
great state Yours truly B C Bragg
Colorado Teic Aug 9 H > 80
Gazette Fort Worth Tex
G entlemen Am well pleased with Webstera
Unabridged Dictionary sent with Weekly Ga
zette Yours truly F L Dearborns
Hamilton Hamilton County Tex I
Aug 16 laaa f
fort Worth Gazette Fort Worth
Gentlemfn I received the Original Web
ters Unabridged Dictionary I am well
pleased with It I would commend it to all
who wish a cheap standard up to the time ot
Its revision I know many who can get it who
will not make the outlay for an illustrated and
revised edition I am yours very truly etc
C C Powell
It is a thousand times better than those
trashy dictionaries so much advertised by
newspapers C C P
Koppfrl Tex Aug IS 1890
The Democrat Publishing Company Forti
Worth Tex
Gents The Websters Unabridged Diction
ary was received in due time and I have exam
ined it and am well pleased with it It is on
of the best premiums that I have seen offered
with anv paper It is worth more than the
money paid without the paper Very truly
jours Rice Maxey p m
Coweetta Ga Feb 21591
sear Sns I am well pleased with the dio
Honary you sent me It is a better one than I
expected from the price asked I think It would
be extremely cheap at 14 even without the
first class weekly one gets a year with it Yours
very truly W II Parker
Llano Tex Feb 3 JS91
4The Fort Worth Gazette Fort Worth Tex
Gentlemen Your dictionary received a
gives entire satisfaction and is worth many
times what it cost as it is well finished I
would advise everone to get a copy Yours
truly M G Terrt
Roanoke Tex Feb 11801
Editor Gazette
Dear Sir I received Webster s Dictionary
It is a very useful book and is needed in all
families The price tlO for dictionary ard th
Daily Gazette is very cheap The diftionary
is worth the money that both cost
Joseph Grace
Kopperl TEX Feb 1159L
IfceTort Worth Gazette Fort Worth Tex
Dear Sir I think the Websters dictionary
eent me with your daily paper The Gazettx
as a premium is well worth the price paid for
the paper and that is saying a great deal for I
consider the daily Gazette one of the best and
most newsy papers in the state Yours re
spectfully M S GREER
Moktaoce Tex Jan 311831
Democrat Publishing Co Fort Worth Tex
Gentlemen The Webster Dictionary I re
ccived as a premium with jour Daily G zetth
I have examined and am pleased Beyond expec
tations and would not be without it for twice
tie cost Yours truly John S Hacler
WnrrECASTLE La Jan 3119L
She Fort Worth Gazette Fort Worth Tex
GENTLEMEN The Webster dictionary to us U
receiv ed which we assure you Is appreciated
and which came in justin time to save us sev
eral dollars as we were Just on the verge of or
dering one without which we consider every
office incomplete Once more rest assured ol
our appreciation of being so fortunate Yours
cost respectfully
S P Busier Limited
Democratic Publishing Comjjany Fort W orth
Sirs I received the dictionary and think it
the greatest book for the money that is made
J H Pattcs
dltor Gazette
The dictionary was received It Is lndeet
well worth the money I would not take se
eral times the amount it cost me In fact I cos
alder such a book s necessity In every fatnlljp
Yours truly F A S SCOTX
FHOME Txx Jan 311S3L
Edltor Gazette Fort Worth Tex
SEAR Sw I think the dictionary the rao
Taluasle and useful premium I have ever seta
Wven wits a newspaper Yurs cKoagafc
Wichita Falls Tex Feb s lilt
Fort Worth Gazette
Be r Sirs The Websters dictionary that
you send us as a premium with T x Gazztth
for 14 is batter than we expected to get lor vi
dont see how you can sell suck a large toot
with so much in It for so little money It il
Just good enough to ga in any house and c xcai
enough to satisfy any one Yours resaecsraQjr
h m i jA j v

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