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L David Bennett Hill In
Opening i viinjuij5iii
tent t Redy to Follow and
t Work
L IiCmiI Convention W the ArMlralor
pxtn Hen ana no ncccpteo in oecl
ilgg Final Gnat Oulpour
Ing ol Democrat
wrYonit s pt 19 There was a
t Qutpnuriu ui ueuiocrais in
jklyn to night The academy of
of thy Dtmocratlc cam-
JHiihiMv draoed Chairman Tho
fetrtL of tho cnrapaiiru committee
jd the assemblage to order In a
Hween mh nuwi Biriung portion
llkh this
Democrats every where in New
ft ire at iwnc amonir themselves
irere nov r more thoroughly united
jittthi hour Let all Democrats
nlnmaklnc tho majority for Clove-
L3rd si v n on tho laigest evor
r ha rnilntu nf LWnra
Ctoreasman Coomb chairman of
fcliy then introduced Senator II1U
ilr Uill said I urn reminded of tho
Ait was in tins euiico upon n mo-
rthlfl occasion in josowiauuiononor
tmretHlnu to the lutrenid
jMiBoI Kints county thu sentiment
mot rut ana unacrmo oxHt
j political situation I know of no
uilien tod claro thatl wasn Demo-
Ibtloa tho emcago convention as I
i Demoe at still Tho national
nocratic convention of IMiI
jus passed into iiistouy
jTfcMiltd ulumph and itsAb
rr SarintiTK its Tin wisdom of ittractlon
ntnovvto be qut stloned H Is tho
rtoflatn OEtLHUhlihhpd bv nnrlv
beastho final arbitrator to deter
ae nmnicung inmrt sia una ciaim i
nniial of stales and ctloni nrl
feelsiim will lx acc pted wlthloval
iiBhw nr DJ ovory true and
ia inoci at w no rieogn7ies
nee for ourtv or-
iniiatloas and discipline and
peel1 obligations which ho nssumes
hi roombXrihli From this time
UhMiERrd iraporativo dutksaro imposed
I n us i ac tonat app aid should now
iucthe spirit of r son tmcn t should Ihj
liwonvd state pride should busubor
ijied to the general good real or
jfed griuvnncoH bo dlsiirtiwed hic
ml ambir Ions Imj bacriilccd and Indl
uftl disappointments forgotten in
i pr at mi r moy which demands
ni us all an exhibition of v Ide spread
ilofiv nart luitrtotbmi
Tmnit m to rejoat what I hat tho
joroi siinstfiD7 vo mo iammany
My on t M fourth of July last before
nutumm convention tiau scarcely
4 ma aa olio a a Our courK at
nvfji Umo isidaln In tho on-
rphlnT trnrrrrlrt flirt Tirnrtttnif it
lBv lurkonould prtct utu Holld frdnt
i um common euomy ijo any to car
at Domocratlo principles and the
gularlr nominated uandidatos is tho
pirui duty of th hour
I reiterate thoae jontimonts now
aro ent rinij upon tho twenty
vnth nrcald ntial election biuco tho
nnization of our fwvtrnmiMit Tho
idciiiz n desirous of dihCharffimiT
ii full duty in this crlbib aeeordlnf to
I mnarti ntn onl 4iiilmnint until
IjAeMcdbytiilflsh comidr rations will
mwrer two yrtat ourtioa arraved
Kilnst each other and struiilln for
7 wmirui oi tno pOMrnmoni anu
l peallrif to tlio people for ttcir
FHe MTiowed tho history of iho two
kllceandc mtlnuod
yi were asked to deuno ono lunaa
um irenc otuween ino two imr
I should slnto that one believed in
m itrlct construction of tho Federal
JMie One jiarty hi Ilevos tho general
Tcrnmoiita jwwer Bhould bo conlinca
nosoBptcino grants ana mat
IT can hr dnnn ittidni thrt
Wifare clauHO pjecent to oxerclsjo
funrllona incident and ncceusary
tMcarrviiiiTnut of oxnresfted DOW-
Bhllo the other belioves that un-
awiat clause the powers ir constross
lunlybyltswlso discrotion Start-
t m witn uur int vtowrs or tno
tuUon tho two imrtit H tintunillv bue
aoclatl different tlirarte of
VOt ennirtnllv unnn thi nil tmiinrtntlt
Afcet of federal uxatton
A ulTlftlon upon
ii tnoTttable The Ittpubliean party
WKates the doetrlno that tho cov
I iumm has tho constitutional as Treu
IB i115 moral Hunt to lraposo tariff
aUraffir thr purttoso of encournglng
M OuUilMfr up of private lndutrl by
Imposition of duties Buflleiently
J to prevent Xorelgn oom
ntlon Irresix etlro of the que
tl10 n da of tho treasury
Wle tho Domooratio party believe
rovirnmenthas only tho constltu
Ml and moral right to lmpono such
lcu aa may be necessary to raise
clclent n venue to tupport the cov
jljfwnt economically administered
i 1 tho pieciso lsbuo squarely
fjM The rHmiocrallo national plat
J5 Rhos forth no uncertain sound
It k rctj iates tho truo position
ttis party It denies the
J1 1 III gtlVlUUi HV V
r taxpt for othnr than public
Jteth I mot ratio faith V have
ji lnttiHtd and now insist that no
rr1 ot iunu in inu wuiuui
riorthn Unposition of tiirifT duMt
pi pi nai iniu itriej but whihtr
KPh luM il i l
gjtter It is practicable to have the
ffjf1 P mwiK r i d or dinidrti in
win It if Is rltiloufi In
iytt the je il and contrary to the
F1 of on i TPJt mbtitutious
fr A TAHIFF niLl
VfiX Its fane uiiallv HonlArMa that lt
j 2 s t proTidf wa and nieaus
i i fclV rrt n thv government
BJjl artt hih r low
Jbli orei Hunt prohibitoryor
IV l ui rur tat coiirw
I hat tho p u fKiiM of ihi mi
WS Tint auitI TirnrlilA
rrlrnnim - n
r what n0
true oblwt
oeisfull rS can nMUme bo sue-
determination of the consUtutlonality
Sjiwnui w ostensibly framed for
fact Vral8ln wrbttt In
other punwsM iti
Went tot the naUoSfnvent
the ul wV l h doknot uiJon
constltn ihat Prollon
i13 bit Is Imposed
uiwn tho people by fraud falso
for AU Hel protection
which our opponents hvo
climorod and which they havo ot
inrcn 1M on se
cured not by constitutional sanction
but by abuse of the conceded taxing
pwcpof tho government
Ho cited authority in support of his
argument and said-
In the light of tho authorities and
under tho argument presented fair
minded arrive at the
h h taxation for
vate vV uaona
U the
arguments - two very
aulkapo J JTixmos
Governor MeKlnlBj rionator All
rlch but fall to dlatwrw that they pro
scnta single tenable ground uiwn which
protection puro and simple can bo con
stitutionally defended Incidental
on tho other hand U un
objectionable Taiiffs should bo
llnXMed for the express purpose
roenue not for any private purposos
Wo bolleio In revenuo lth Incidental
nroteetion nml nnt In nmtwttnn nl
Incidental revenue Insofar as a trnlff
is necessary to meet Iho netvssitles of
government it may lw Imposed and any
other benellt whltli may tio legitimate
ly derived fiom iU Imposition may ac
comiuny It If the burden Imposed
would operate to orment foreign com
petition the benefit Is indirect and un
President Harrison In his Ingenious
letter of acceptance endeavors to place
our party In a false attitude by calling
attention to the fact that whllo our
platform in 84 le adoptcd In e con
tained an express iilank upon this
quostlon of equalization of wages yet It
Has omiiieu m v anu assorts we nao
changed our jiosltlun I bog to differ
with him there has been no change
uIt is not always practicable to iiluco
In platforms details of proposed legisla
tion Tho plnllornu of 1981 and 18SS
were olaboralo and length and it was
desirablo to simplify them General
principles were stated In 1S9J rather
than particulars In 1884 There is no
conflict betHcen them There was no
necessity for a repetition of the plank
as tho partys position upon it had been
ovldenced by the -Mills bin wnicn had
not been Introduced before the n ittonal
conventions of 1881 and 1888 were held
Parties aro to be Judged as much by
their refolds as their platforms Wo
stand not only
of TlS bulupon0iejnns bill which
was the latest general ltaniocrotiu leg
islation Upon tho tariff subject That
bill was as good an exposition of our
principles us any elaborate platform
qould possibly be
If I were asked to define as concisely
as iiosslble thu whole Dumocmllo policy
I sLould stat It suoslAntluuy us lol
Wo favor tariff for revenuo only
limited to the necessities of govern
ment economically administered and
so adjusted In its application as fai as
practicable as to prevent unequal bur
dens encourage productive industries
at homo and afford just compensation
to labor but not to create or foster mo
These are the fundamental principles
upon which details of all tariff legisla
tion should bo based Our opponents
profess to bo much disturbed because
wot have lu our platform donounood
ltcpubltcan protcodon as a fraud
What clso Is It It is a fraud for these
conclusive reasons
First It Is secured by tho palpablo
taxing iKiwer o me government
Second It benefits the few at the
oxix no ol tno many
Third It is based upon favoritism of
tho worst species
Iourth It tends to citato fictitious
prosperity to be followed by subsequent
business uoprossion
Fifth it is deep la Its promises and
unsatisfactory In its results
siTtii Its nrlnclnal beneficiaries
constitute n privileged class and their
importunities lor guvoriimcuuu am
load to publlo scandal anu uomorai
Urt tltriBl
President Harrison and all other
great and email advocates of this
vicious system diligently - set K to
create tno impression im uuv
party has assumed a bolder attitude
tnau lunucnj - - --
nt nhMiIuLa fruu trade
I said In tho campaign of 88 in
mv opening speech at the Academy of
Maslc New York city that If I he
lioved the Democrats lavored absolute
free trade I should not now ndooat
its cause I repeat the statement here
ti I Insist that neither tho
xAttn Twrtw nor I havo changed
opinion upon this question but wo
gUDOtvuCI no u -
mean free trade Our opponents mis
represent our position now as they hae
orTme sl the famous tariff
ngoof88 In that Historic
oxprasslv repudiated ilie
mir candidate
siggestioe that el1iofMC
cmsade of free trwlt He aid not
demkndtluit ourtanft laws be wiped
out of existence
rMcSeV wMcb
in oart It -
nil wKJ i than the
SS amouuT 1d yar pding
P wi its not prove any Increase In
otiers no w
others TJi nori than the
SITS cZTcc by
ss strises uurs jo jj
fn uu -
this may bo attributed to moderation
and good judgmont of our labor or
ganizations rather than to the effect of
any tariff law I know this much tho
Dsmooratlo party would lo entirely
content to permit every workman whoso
wages has been Increased slnoe Uio
passage of the McKlnley bill to voto
me itcpuoueaa uctcQt ti our opponents
will consent that sll Ihoso whoso wages
shall voui the Demtvmtlo ticket and
upon that basis we will carry the
tjr vj u uiiiiiuu UlstoritV
Cumliur to the tot hill Mr Hill
said- There Is an issue in this cam
paign of equal if not greater
w iunu tuu iaruii wmiii
alleeU thy nnd liberlitvi of
ovry cltlcen Tho ltepubllcan jvirty
tMmi irrevocably omuiltteiI to the
pagans ot thoedenUlccUon bill gen
erally known as the -force bill nnd nl
tnougn H roust be ovident to tho most
patriotic and thotuxhtful mumtwr of
that orranltatlon that it is a niece of
poilticai foollshnets only tMiualed
by lis mendacity there has appeared
for them no euape from its advoency
I baio not the ttrae unlchtlo enter
Into any elaborate preeentatlon of tho
deUlls of the bill ItiaiuOlcleut for
us to know that the only purport of the
measure U ooutrol for purtUan ad-
vantage 01 our eiocuons staisO anu
Fvderat Federal elections cannot well
be regulated and controlled without
interference with Plate elections thuv
ore almost inseparable where held at
tuo tume lime
Tho existlut Federal election law
bod as are its provisions together with
the danger of the enactment of a furoo
bill have already compelled ceteral
states to ieparato state elections from
congreesional and presidential elections
at Urge ex pen and great inconven
ience to the people Our fleet Ion
machinery is rosily enough already and
elections sliould not bo neoujlessly mul
tlplled Tho proponed bill uutM tho
rights and prerogatives of tho stHto
which haoexitHor a twntury and
places all elections at tho iuoiv of lVd
eral officials who hold otnVtw for life
The bill is a desperate effort lo prop
up the failing fortunes of a onou great
rolHical jxii t It was ooueelved in
JHilltionl animosity urged from tho
narrowest aud wot molUes mid Is un
worthy i place ainoug the stutuUo of
tho Amerlrftn rrpubUe
The Democratic parly dwlres
everywhere It desires thein not merely
beuauso they would Inure to Its beiioflt
but upon tho unselfish and high ground
that they are essential to the preserva
tion of our free institutions Our jwrti
has sufforea much In tho past from the
corrupt and tyrannical election methods
of our adversary I he ttepublican jiarty
is a part of wealth pluUxrtwjyeoriior
uto influence nnd pt otected monopolist
Our party is of Uio plain people men of
moderate moans
of the country Vo have nvithor the
diIHMltion nor tlie means to corrupt
our elections and have been foremost
In nil laudable efforts of rwceet yearn to
nlnoo upon tho statute books those re
form elcctlou laws under which corrup
tion bribery and intimidation are ren
aitn iliflldtilttf not ImrxMsible
There has been no such condition of
aAait in the South to justify the
aetmont 01 tne iJAvenpor mwisure
It is truo tho ooloi ed eople in largo
numbers are voting the omocrfttio
ticket but this aiTordi no sutHoIent rea
son for taking away from them or us
the control of their own elections
The colored people were not freed
from slavery to become the slaves of
thu Republican pail- The South is
loj al honest and eng nuble and If per
mitted as it should be it will workout
its social and other problems In it own
way without Injury to tho colored race
Injustfou to the North or
the Republican party or danger
to the elective franchise In
any event tho niajorilyof the American
people will nevtir approve a moasurd
which threatens their lilKtrties legal
izes unfairness and Absolutely guaran
tees imrtlsan victories to an unscrupu
lous party that dares enact It
The ftjteaker then went Into stato
matbirj and closed as follows
Tellow cltUens I need not urge jou
to the performance 6f your full shure In
thb campaign Kings county was nev
er know n to flag in it duty The in
terest Involved demand the great
est Nicrifloos and our highest
and bast efforts It U the
welfare of the old Democratic prty
which we all love so well which Is at
stake I plead not for individuals but
fur the cause In a great contest like
this men are nothing Hit prinol pies are
everything Our candidates represent
our principles and our principles can
not prevail without electing our candi
dates The contest may be a set ere
oue but so much more will be the vic
tory it wo win Hate no uneasiness
will do it duty Look out for the raw
recruits 1 bellovea large majority of
tho treople of Iblstountry are convinced
of the rightfulness of Democratic pnu
clplesand want them to prevail Hut
the election will not win iUelf and
there roust bo complete organiMtloo
I repeat the injunction I uttered be
fore the Democratic state convention
at Albany It is our duty Ut organize
with this motto inscrlbod on our ban
ners public oflioo i a lwUip trust
supplemented by th other amitimenU
I liave endeavored to proseat to you to
night no publio taxation for private
purttOHes and no foroo bill
Lut us close up our rmks and buckle
onourarroor for tbe fight with a de
termination to do all ia our power for
the triumph of our paiiy and the elec
tion of oui honored standard- oearers
Cleveland and rittvenwm
iuli a iiweptios
mils siHftt h wae listen d to atten
tive 1 Onlv at long InU rvslt was ho
interrupted by applaune The txite
ni nt in tliti aidkniv hnwtVM was
uotioeableas the ihmator drew to a
eluMJhis address He spoke over an
hour and not once had he mentioned
the name of Cleveland
Excitement increased as the senator
itaUtd the old guard would do lt 4 duty
and a perfect nurrican of applause
veil aid f rtli when
after on grand puraso of tht dtwpest
m aning lo with the Uiins of
Lit v land ajd sturenson
nv tsaor s inirenloun way of bring
ing about such a cljmaJt to his aidrs
was fully reoognlis i and the audieoos
pe eng maMie and cheered him to the
SabsorJbe to Tax GAzem
Judge Clark Makes a Speech
at Sherman
Working Vigcrcujly for the Republican
Grain and Terrell at Bemllle and FHtntfi ot
Each Claim a Glorious Victory Clcvi
land and Hogg Club NuQtnl
Club In tltiar
Clark it Dsntsos
Siikrman Tex Sepi 10 -Special
Judge Oeorgo ClarW candidate for
mn eruor made one of hit best Kpeeehes
here to night to Ua tmtuense crowd In
the court houso jord Boats and dec
ti to lights had lnen improvised for tho
occasion He reviewed the Hogg plat
form and showed It up Jn Anything bit
a favorable light Resides tno general
outpouring of cUIjumv jioople wrre here
from many other towns nine oouches
of jveoplo coming from ponlsott Clark
Is confident of t lection mm is making a
vigorous campaign Tlje btulnee men
of these elites are In accord with tho
Turner hall platform
Juilg vAlooTSla OonnltHlof rtstkt Klc
llon Uhst H Mill Toll
Denisov Thx StfpV iy 8tcclal
Judge Moorochalrinun f the Itepub
lioan state oomralttee arrived this
morning from irrt Worth and has been
in consultation wltlt leading members
of tliopnrt all day ToaGAlETTKmim
Judge Moore Mild
VVo are golug to whoop things up
front now until the day of election Vo
shall put sitonkerH in the Hold and every
oouuty una precinct wilt lw organised
Tho Republicans will all fall Into line
Rgif eople say vv slmll not pull over
per tent ui our vote nut i my thai
Ueorge Clark will i oueive 75 per rentflf
our votoe Vlctorv ii In our irrasn If
wo work for itand we are golngtovvork
lor it ina i win ossuro ou
An Explanation
Editor Oantto
As I liflvo been Quoted from one end
of the state to tho other as testifying to
the truth of tho charge Unit iu his
lUUsboro speech benator Coke said
nil men who voted against tho Demo
crat la nominee deserroa death 1 wish
to enter an emphatlu dental I never
ueara n wora oi enaior uone s ipeoou
at lllllsboni and ioold not notsiblv
know what ho said 1 believe futther
that If the so callod testimony of the
Mown correspondent was sifted it
vvouia ins io una mat it is nil about like
what purports lo be mi do so distorted
that there Is little If unv truth iniL
This explanation would have been
mano MNner nut lortne net that lor
tttn weeks 1 have Ixn jonflied to my
lud with fever W II OlUt
Kdltif ltiwkaMull
McKlnley Opinion
Pittsburg ia Sent 19 Gov
ornor McKlnley was InU n lowed
to dnyby a rciwrter Re fen ing to tho
political outlook tho governor said
The Republican pai ty In New York Is
firmly united As for tho Northwest
ern Hales I do not tmllevo the Detuo
ciuts will earrv u slncrlo one n
Do you look for any Republican
gains in tho south
I seo no hone for anv Republican
gdlns in the South If we could getn
fair vote ami an honest count I have
no doubt we would gain but there
seems to ua small nope lor tout
Fought OfTl lit llntit
GUTJIMB O Tj Sept 10 ISpoeJall
After uu all day s session on Saturday
tlie iwmwraw ana reopio s party com
mittees here decided on fusion and nut
ono ticket In the field After this de
rision the two committees met to divide
tho ofllcon and as overy member of
each committee vu n candidate for
some ono ollloe they could not agree on
a dlvMon and tho meeting broke up in
a row Fusion is now out of the ques
tion and there will bo three tickets in
tho new
Grfttlrln Min toat
low n fo ilay was crowded beeauw of
General blevensons visit Over 1000
men were in tno jmraao iW tnounttia
tVners Stev ensou reviewed thoparade
which was thirty minutes n passing
The protttout feature of tho review was
700 school children General Steven
son began speaking at 180 Re said
Iheomwd was thu Uu gust that ever
greeted him and ono of tho Largest ever
1 lUrJloC Onto
IjtTe RiVHR Tex Sept J9
KpocUl1 ThDemocratIo voters of this
place mot at this place Bopteinl ar 17
and organized a Cleveland and Hogg
Demooratlo club with a membership of
about twenty flve C I Uurka presl
ent G W Oaks oorrespondtng ecre
tary Dr K M Thmnaa treasurer
Alter afng various resolution In
favor of Gov Hogg and his present
administration the meeting adjourned
lo meet Saturday night Oct J
Dexar Populists
Saw Antonio Tex Sept 19
Special p The Peoples party to day
nominatod W P MIUerf a farmer for
reprwenUllve The second represen
tative to which Uexar county Is eng
titled will bo left to the worklngmen of
San Antonio lo name acd a meeting for
this purpose will It held next Friday
night A Nugent eJub was formed with
a membership of sixty
Craln ani Ttrrctt
DKBViLtiV Tex Sept ltf SpeclaL
Cruiu and Terrell locked horns here
to da addressing an audience of alxut
1000 No now features were brought
out and but little atnustasRi waaxaani
fovd on eith r id Doth rwwle
orttv good D niorTJi spesohos The
Third part poupl Uiotu elalm a
lorf inr innr cam un our m
Rpnn 4cemd able to with hU ad
Tersary Lreryboay sM ms satisfied
with the result
GiJvssfos Clsvtltss
ci2r The CUrk yutriWriJ
palgn was tptned In this city to night
bv aneiithuMvutiorallv at Turner hall
A county executive commltteo was ap
pointed Ijoq Levi spoke
Woml tstM for iVKtrtii
SlTT IMIim tnilMrtB XCf Uanl 11
ISpectalJThe Rapublican rongree
clonal convention for tho Fourth dis
trict convened In this city Unlay
After tho usual routine butnes J A
nuney Of this place was nominated
lie la only twenty six years of age
Will Not Keilibr
San Antonio Tex RepU 10-
i rieci a rout jmu unineso in
Kl IV ki aud 100 In San An
tonio who aro entitle to remain in
the United mate retuo to comply
with tho new law requiring them to
register Their refu wvl Is based on tho
six companies a Chinese organization
orSaarrAnclseowhtchmWisM that it
w 111 contest tho law Unlets the law Is
knocked out these Chluamrn will bo
arrested and shipped back to China
after May Ut the limit of lime allowed
them lo uomply with the taw
Ilrtikdiutn Klblorlt Hlllfit
Waoo Tex SeiiU 11 Special
Hrakemnn K it N I block was run over
by a freight trnlnon tho Cotton Relt
railnad at Solbj sevxm milos north of
Waco at 130 oclock last night sus
taining lnlurlse from which be died In
an hour lie was endeavoring to make
a twitch when his foot hecatoe ftuteticd
in ucattlo guard Ho tried to jerk ft
out but fell and the wheels putoeu over
both bis log crushing them and hU
left arm lie was brought to Waou
and medical attention given but ho
lived only an hour from tho tlmo ot tho
accident Ho waa from Munltolm and
It Is thought ho ho relatives In Texas
A Grand Labor Demonstration
In Tholr Honor
01 lha Condition ol Iho Oriltr Ctremonloa al
Opining A floral Wtlcomo Acconlld
Fori Worth
Uvea PreienL
Dallas Im Sept II Special
Thls has Utttn a grout duy in labor
circles ull tui uMMtunt of the lItto
this city ot tho dclegatos and Visitors
of tho national oonvtinttun of the H M
A A of America ThU morning tlur
were ItX lalegnUte from the dlrluint
cities in lbs union nil hand la purllol
lalo lu the great labor demonstralltm
In thulr honor by the
flven labor unions The progrommo
had lwen prepared and the enure busi
ness roanujrvil by Ierry C Bourwlnc
of locsd lodge No 10H of the Hytitih
mons union to whom groat credit Is
duo for the suooces of this feature of
the programme Klrst caino the iu
lloe mounted under command vl Oa
talnJ O Arnold maWlrg a line ui
poarance City nnd county oftlnluls In
carrlagos tinlfoi m rank of the Knights
of llthuis 1M Btmng Bltohnlns
union No 1WI with W V Moore ns
mnrshnl second division Dallas r
gtopUlcul union lu strong eouimnuuttu
by John Jones and Janus Murtfiy
They wore regulation uniform and
tour tyios carried a magnlfloent llorttl
engine a most exquisite bit ot work
Grand Muster Frank Sweeney and his
nldu and n number of ladles folluwcd
lu carriages aud 4U0 delegatus
on fool The thlrtl division
wan cotnitosed of tho Dallas Fetlemtlon
of tiibor WX strong tutmmanrlu1 by
8tee l sivell and Ilg John Mtlul
lock sottreUry of thu oounly Alltanee
as flog Iwarer Delfgalos from many
orgaulxatlonn adulating with the foil
eratlon marched In this division
The Irish American benevolent
society 2T0 strung funned the
fourth dUlslon with the plumlwrs
union Every man In the plumbers
union wore a Cleveland and Btoronson
hat Frunk Maguo toiumasded the
the well known labor leader was thu
Sag bearer lloch division had a band
It was tho greatest labor demonstration
over mode in tho city and not one
third of the organisations wtro
out Tho Order of Hallway Cannin
the Hakers union and the Brother
hood of Locomotive Firemen had dele
gations in tho marching columns Tho
streets along tho lino of rourdi worn
crowded and tho nwrosnrs welt fre
quently eheored by symputhlxlng bread
wlnness and their frliuirls At Iho city
lull the most Interesting features of
tlie days programme took plans Ier
ry V Huurwluo called the gathering
to order and Introduced lllsliop Jar
rett whomadou most feiTeut prayer
Mr 8ourwlne then mie the even
ing address on which ho welcomed
the delegates to the city
spoke of tho Importance of
harmony end concert of action
In thslr deliberations and also touched
upon the alms and onjncls of tbe ordor
Tln little Nellie Hogan the irlde of
the twltahmenssh Is 3 tears old pro
aentti Mr Lourwlno wlvli an nlegant
Ijme Star floral decoration and rocltttd
an appropriate verse 8ho was loudly
applauded and showor of silver dol
lars descended upon her Mr Murphy
for tho printers preseoto1 the
switchmen tho Coral engine
letters of regret eng read from
ivemur JardeaS Hogg Hon Oeore
Clark R C Clark of the Ordor of JtaTl
way Conductors Frank Sargent of the
Ilrotberbood of Locomotive Flrsraen
T T Slattery of the Ilallroad Train
men 8 Kelly of tho Order of llallway
Cannon Eugsne V Debs of tlie
Brotherhood of Loaomotlve rlramenl
M Arthur of the Ilrotherhood of
IMonjuthe Engineers and D
O Itamsay of the 0ier
of Itallway Ulsgrsphors Governor
Hoggs lsttr was formal Judge Clark
deeply sympathised with tbe switch
men fa their alms and obiotB A
nuntur of the the ludzes toeal admir
ers In the hall applauded when his
nauM iu read on out tne great orowu
present ovtdestly haA jutt come for pol i
imi The readine of the lst
tor of Kugen V Dobbs created great
cheering aa he la povuiar with all
branches of organized labor aud a
stalwart noorter uemucrau ius horua
is at Terra Haute Ind and he will to
in Dallas tills week Mr Arthurs
leUer waa received with ma outtturstof
dignified silence Mayor Connor wel
comed the delegates to tho clly
la a natty little speech and
turned tho crowd loose lion
Dudley O Wooten did some
graceful word painting and then n tel
egram was read from tho Fort Worth
brewery tnvltUig the delegatsa ovor to
sample tho brand ot artesian water
brewed by them Great cheering
greeted the announcement Grand
Master Frank Sweeney of Chicago re
sponded to tho oddresa of
welcome In a most fellcl
tloua manner A delegate from
Chicago obtained tho floor and pro
posed three cheers for Tot as whoro
the clothes and raouey do not tnako tho
man and they were given with a will
After cheers for Maji or Connor Rugeno
V Dobs and the Dallas typograph
ical union the assemblage dis
persed to the fair ground
when n complimentary barbecue
was tendered the visitors and tholr
fl lends It was a hugo affair and tho
best managed barbecue over clien In
tho city lhvist beef pork andmutton
breatl and butter and pickles were
stacked In great piles and mugs of foam
lug lager wahetl dowh tho hearty
reiswt I V Hogers editor of tho
Chicago Ijibttr Age mode a most elo
quent presentatlou of the cause or or
gnnlKiMl latior and m nmndly ni
iilaudud Htm llrynn T llarrv Frank
Inlne 1hll Hairy Jllller and Col John
V C Whitehead also mode short and
pithy remarks A lull followed this
etenlng which was largely attended
Tho convention will mwemble In busi
ness session at 0 oolock to morrow
morning in tho auditorium of tho clly
from Tim ronT
The Ordor ot Hallway Carmen under
TlaMhlcf J 1 1jdon ami tho Trinity
Ijtlge UrtitlierhiMd of Loeomottie
Flrmnen of Firt Worth came
over this morning and Uwk rt
In tho imrode They made n fine Im
pression Tho 10 s leturned homo to
Ihna Who llsv Hn tstl st
llniriiiiin hUr Ntiw mi rttnip fa ft
Oami Iit S J Spt ID The un
fovtutiates who have Imkui detained on
the ihljis at 1 1 off man Island during the
last iwo weeks were landed hare yoster
rtu Tlmy are imssenguiv from the
I lam burg- American pticltvt eompanva
butmers Nurmanta and Kugbi Heven
Jnimlml people lamlnl fim Hoffman
Island and pmsented a remarkable
onngregatlon of nationalities Turks
Teutons Armenians ami Arabians
Own Hamilton all2Vfi p m gave
the O toiling onler nml Camp Low hc
wtnc isolitUtd from the vvoild until
strict quarantine Is raised
tlitenirolerauutsid as entry clerks
taking ihoiminoandago ptsunof blilh
desltnatioii rttid imoio sf thu ship In
which each pamnngtr come Just he
font thf msMtigers landed the pol loo
bunt ialii eame down the lm having
ou Imard Mayor tirunt HmIUi OtTlier
Httpm hititndant Bmw
Quaruhllne ContinlMiionoi Allen and
Immigration f ninnit whuat r Grant
The pel ti wrei o rhown Ui rough the
renip by Gen Hamilton and said they
ixprml nsUmlMbmta and unquatltieil
sstllfaotloa fttthAJWBitJMTtilav
made for the eninfitrt of the detttliiwi
pawongers and rif tliuso fromthriRugla
a iaigu munber am AmerUwi cltisons
who havo lioeit abroad for the sum
NoMtonrr were tho passengers landed
than Gen llamllUm ordered dinner
served That poor I mini prut it went
hungry witsovldelutMl by the nub limy
raado tor the food The women and
children are lvketl nftVr by woti nt
lejidauls Pavilions mo set aside for
AmerlcAi cltlyensund cabin Hisstrngers
Orientals and single men are housed In
tenia along thu btuidt until the bod
raeka are oomph ted
This moinlng tnt more detained juut
sengerM wei o lakoti to Handy Hook from
from HolTnuin Uland the total jkrpu
latlonof quarantine there Is 100S Of
the number landed this tuornlng 31 I
are from tho sletiruor Rugln thirteen
from the SoamllM Isjih jsmt ship
GeiKt ut Hamilton 1 highly Indignant
at Health oflleer Jenkins for sending
the Soniidla passengers hi mix will
other people a itho wliolo thirteen have
hen oonllnod to the post hOfplls on
Hwlmiburu Island and ono of them was
only rehvaswl rrom them ytoi day
seven on Ue4ti 4 on tho IB lntf ami
one ou tho following day They were
ordirud tntitiiitly Isolated during tho
who of their detention In quarantine
A lirsi Number ol Valtrant In Iht Parade
Mce Preildent Morion IUvUki
Iht Procmlon
WAS1I1NOTON Sept 10 Tho oapl
tal Is In holiday attire and tens of
thousands of old oomrudes are In the
city The proMtloi started at 10
oclock and wm revlofd front thu
graud s Jid on Pennsylvania avenue
y ViotvPntsldi nt Morton Senators
Palmor MaiidcnKMi and Proctor and
high army and navy ofCuIuU Tonight
many camp ilresare blazing
Ineieass and DHriass In Tax netli Char
UredChrliUan Endmor
AubtikTrx Opt
taker HrotlTora liuxrr
poratod for the purpose of selling and
manufacturing all kinds of luinlxr and
forest products tboir prlnoljiol oflioo
being looutod at Texarkana oupltat
stock 1jOOUO dlrectiirsjW IL
Reojauilu Whllakar and W T
lludglns all of Texarksna
A permit txj do In Texas
was granted to tbe IL T ColLam com
puny Ilmlt4 iDoorpnrateil under ttwt
laws of rbtiisUna for iueitntlle pur
poAO fptul stock aaoouuO
rollowjiii tax rolls received uvdAy
show as follows
Increases Grayson 123416 Cook
IW Ml iOetntn liJlIlW
Decreaes Shslby 8 Wl Colora
do MSS1 Grimes 1711710 Knox
BBOWW8VILU6 TEXStlit 19 4Spt
cial -Owing to the flood txl coudltlon
of tbe Rio Grand railroad tnwk the
running of trains bsfwoen thbi place
and Point Isabsl I disoontlnued until
further notloe The river oortmonccd
to fall this morning The whole coun
try Idflotried
Writes a Letter in Which Ho
Declares for Clark
The party Declared Fully Its Position on lha
Silver Question
Therefore He Says In Hong FUllorm Ii a
BnUrd Concelvstt In Sin and Brought
Forth In Iniquity Full Text
ot the Letter
8an Antonio Tex Sept 19 The
Express publishes tho following rela
tive to tho tJosttion ot Gov Throck
morton lu the gubernatorial race
Tho KxprorU ukoa groat pleasure In
publishing tho following loiter written
to an old friend of Hon J V
Throckmorton living In this city
Whilst the letter was not written for
publication yot under tho condition ot
affairs when Governor Coko and his
crowd undcrtaku to rend Domocrttle out
of tho old Democratic- party of or sup
porting George Clark its publication is
docmod both advlsiiblo and a Juntloe to
Texas H would indetni lm a hard un
dertaking on tho part of Governor Coko
and his sot to rend such old tried Dem
ocrats as Governor Throckmorton out
f th Demooratlo party for support
ing such u truo and tried Democrat as
Judge Clark
McKiNNRV Tiut Bcpt 13
I O Ilsrmua tiau Anton lo ToXv
VfiAU Sir I vim glaU to receive your
favor of Um fitii Inst Absenee com
homo for a few days has pi evented an
tHirlier answer 1 have refused to ba
ttitorrleuod by tho uowsiinpcrs Tho
IniUi In 1 fool wo hnvo tolltliatly fftlleu
ujion evil ways nnd that danger throat
etvs tlte 1 Vimocraoy of the state I have
no hesitation however in letting my
Trtends know whore 1 stand In tho pres
tmt oouHIuU My homo nelghlsirs nave
known nil the time Isupportod Jitilg
Chtik In the prttunrlcs And while 1
do not think tho Clark delegates wen
altogether In Iho right In withdrawing
from the obAcntioi whnn they did
yet had 1 been a member ot tho con
vention on the rejection of the roioln
lion otTertMl 1 twllnvo by Glddings oi
Hheppnrd approving tho IhTeaga
platform and the adoption of the Mom
platform 1 should havo withdrawn II
Is notorious that tho dolegatee
to Houston in favor nf Ilogg
wore In very many instances choteii
by Third party nnd Alllunoe ieople
Iho platform adopted by tho Hogg
people was In some pespcot a lull
thrown to that clas of suporteriut
tho frtw silver plunk wii nit only prti
Muitoil and adopt oil with the tlew of
placating that olaatf voters who had
supisu tod hint ftml his vlolegntes but
In my Judgment It was also adopted
HU the other puri pue of driving Mllbi
to thnsupportof Cfaik with tho hope
of dnfealiiig htm for tho senate
As notorious as is tho fact thatalmont
eye 17 Hogg riolrgato to lUumton was
elietvi by the help of Iho Iiittor Isirty
Alliance and Third l nrly people Ills si
puuatly imlrlvvuMhat wjih few exoep
ttons these people did rrot iiortlelpaU
In thu eleellon of dohgtvtoato tho Luid
passs wnventlun That oonveutloii
aim oh t entirely wan cnmiHosl of Demo
nrats uud after a spirited debate It
that txm vent Ion thu sliver question
plunk which la In ioi feet accord wltt
llin Chicago ouuvonlton and thi
Clark convention tit Houston whi
tidnptM by n very largo majority
That recognized state onventon ol
lVmocrnUt selnoUd outnldo of jHirHonal
pfereneis und ludeiondout of the
lMmocrnllu candidates for orllco with
the view of Mndlng sound Democrat
to the national am von t Ion should bo
regarded as the orthodox oxjwmmt of
true Ditnourallo prinrlplcs tuolr eniin
nation should lo rooelvod n moet
likely lo express tho genuine wish of
tho Duinotiraey ot tho suite Its mem
liers were selected with tho avowed
pur0He of speaking out oil nntlonaj
Issuos and should bo the ncceiited au-
thorny on sucu quest ions liciiovini
this and fully lMirsuadcil that tho Hog
nlatforinwus cooked and sotuonixl fui
particular purposos and specially In
tended to antagnnUe tho Chicago and
lAinifUsas platforms nt the rlskof bo
liig in otiouiicod 1 traitor to the Domo
cratla party and not fit to live I un
licsitatlngly say to my friends that
stand by the Lampasas and Ill luge
platforms and regard tho Clark plut
form al Houston as In ierfect accord
wllh them and that tho Hogg platfonni
In so far as honest mid truthful Domoo
racy Is concerned Is a baaUnl ton
oelvod In sin aud brought forth U
Iniquity Al to the malodlctlom
uiteroil against Democrats who dare to
think and act for thomsrdvca I console
myself with the reflection that I wot
with Texas in her darkest hours when
others who deal Is such uncalled for
and hitherto unheard of itartUum slang
were enjoving peaceful Hvo far re
move from tho scene of our flangors
and that In other and no les critical
time I proved my devotion to Demo
cratic pilnclplos In a manner that
showed my loyalty lo country and
Ilellavlngaal do I cannot without
stultifying myself do otbcrwlo than
imp per ti lark 1 shall rote for him at
tho election unions ho should commit
some very unexpected withal wH for
feit the good opinion of truotond loyal
Domoonits jB5v 4
Wbllo 1 say thlsI do not wish yon U
tnai pud jault wfth
ninltand file of 11
Tty are S reo mpo m
aqo truo ircmocraM
mUchvDttloo to lha
And ripe
yotllmderftMid that
attAZhtotttioaol Ml
ognlzes HigM ft o
lAtamoeratUi UcJcef
I ueed all lh 1
wrltligr htm w -
from posting t
the state cariiii
Jnauoimed teatv
were Jor Hogg aa
wrllatowmtof A
oanlraj ir v tt
nailoiai L t
TxiTJl m
- a
httpplttt u d
and Otfci iv 1 u
Kiand 1 Ii
theolaen iu
- V
them tried
i t as
nc a 1 am
id t have
lumo to
h heroo
1 as tho
- had by
t kwjp him
e mliting in
Mlf but
t of vhem
f rCtiilcto
Ion ijod de-
1 ljoo aad
miwJ as In

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