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Fort Worth gazette. [volume] (Fort Worth, Tex.) 1891-1898, September 22, 1892, Image 1

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fl IrooiMi have been withdrawn Irom
Jgne hundred cases of la grippe are
IflTCSodiiuatl 0
fpe switchmen on he Big Four at
g 111 have again stmck
ireCorbetta grand reception
inrHnnTorrltorv muiflpirMKn
gn sentenced to death at Utile Rock
lienryC Moore a minister of Por
jf Arkansas haa loon nrrtsted ior
aalngcounttrfi it money
ft Is reported PlVflldent Carnot haa
Stoned Ed ward Paikcr Deacon who
tilkd hi wife s paramour
Prince Henry of IIce was married
fSlenlay to a sin i r n imed UerIo a
jiifhlerof ftCrotiau deputy
1irI persons have been killed in
Calhoun county Arkansas In u ven
Letts growing out of a White Cup
BJttlie session of sovereign the grand
lie of Odd Follows yesterday head-
Urteri of the order wore changed
trim Columbus to HaUtmore
friaries H Puul who was charsred
WthemU ling 55000 of county funds
hem Hastings INcb nnd sentenced to
airce years In the penltentlarj has
vfii pardoned by Governor James
BradC Slaughter Harrisons united
fttes marshal nt Omaha lias vacated
LliCflce until the Republican
tituoa pays his legitimate expenses
EIcli are 10000 and have been run-
St fourteen month
La tool ICio
trcaNNAlI O bout 21 First
tics Mx and one half furlongs Para-
jeia won seeonu uixie
W llnelSi
Second raco bLx furlongs Critic
anKtudt ra second Tho Oueon third
Kim 1 1 J
Third rate Ono and one- x tec nth
diet Dave Puhitfi r won Holtin
HcCom London third Time 1541
joortn rare rtvt luriongs raistaff
on IV ptlon second lay fa third
Ime 1 0oi
fifth iace Tour and one half fur-
eng St tvro won Fancv liecuml
rrio Pearba thlid Timu 0 59
GBAVE3ENU N Y Sept 21 First
six furlongs St Felix won
iomer second Dugonett third Timo
fjeoond race ono mile Parvenuo won
Carter second Time 1 44
Third race live furlongs Chrysalis
inPttpooh cnt second Japonlca
in Time 10-
Fourth race one mito three six-
ltetkon won KJIdoor second
Mirth third Time 2 01
iilth rui0 tlv furlongH Kingston
i Queenle Trowbridge econd
ajor Oily third Time 115
febtth lato hlr fm Inn a ruivlllawon
MbSoutherlanosutond Alcale third
MUrlielCa lliallrncr
M EW York Sept 21 A locil sport-
jiiai tins ittiiicuuLiuiJiuiu
pa London stating that BUI Baxter
w Uauoa a challenge to fight George
aoa coiorea iefttucr woijni unam
an tor 2j000 or Jlo000 and the lurg
t purse offered and thechamplouship
leirit ige ulo pays Charlov Mltih
lLft4dtpuiit do forfeit of 500 and
hnewtd his chalk ngo to flgbtCoibctt
rtjuwu a side and n puiso oi xjuuu
the Olympic club in Fobiuary
mA Cnrhntt must finht in fclx
nttis or forfeit the chaniplunbhlp
Flllltll OD
l Jht fiht botu ecn Smith and Malic r
h wrmer won in the iwenty mui
au aianor conn tea out ine
nstrolian fcaid he did not hear the lost
wnd called but he wa satisfied as
MflHgs were gone Maber maJo a
Mnwj fight but braith was too clever
il luna 1 hlls 5 errors 1 Louis
Ituns 3 hits 4 erroral Batter-
Biuitvan and Murphy fetrattou ana
ftit Umulre McQuald
t tcVELANu O bout 21
3 hit errors 0
e liuns 2 hlU 6 errors J RUter
ClsrlcRonanaZlmmer Terry and
buuiiCi uuum i
I--- PaiLADEU IUA PA Sept 21
VtOklrn Th ft M 11 wnml
biUdclphla Runs 3 hits 5 errors t
Clements Umpires IJellly and
TfAsmNOTOv Sept 21 No game
gnoAoo III Sopt 21 st Louis
8on 2 hits 9 errors 1 Chicazo
US R Mil 11 Mni 1 TlttrlttA
Itewtoln and Brlcsl HuU hlnson
I X It - urfl
50csro 21 ISpeclal
Kf ck of police protettton tliU
jnu becomf a burglars paradise
TUrttlA nnul wanlr nt hact ft
flxss have been entsrrd and In nearly
jffj insianeo roaooa uii iujn
iw vere iwild in ti nMiilRnceri of
jfj imwdco sunn of mune and io
mri cre obtained Captain John
qv nria at a nepro barfflar Dut
r wed and be escaped Judge Gentry
8t OVF In knL Hnlnnhn lyatfll
War and whiio be was tronohls
i 03110 wis i afcurud and ioblwd
rnt4 tnVB it
ravnx Ky sspt 21 -lire
iqwjbine Cola and ter paramour V
lalr6ur charged with poisonlnff
B1 ahernll nnri Mr Jans Austin
Jf dismissed ln the city court this
ftMrauonior th warn of proof
y Clortf
TiomiB lntu
r iron works resumed uith colored
jw m mm to oay Fifteen
Dollars in Currency Which
j umu not uet
Trtf Pull Bold from fh pale j De
a i rain
FonrBmsMenKniodJuirJ Thlriyr P
nBj Injured The Money They
er aler Burled A Wreck on
IHo Santa Fc
K8 SPt 1 -A million
dollars In
curredey That was the
rrire for which Kansas train robbers
strode Way Anapprdllng loof hu
man Hfo was the price they were iiling
to itay
1 anger train No 8 on the Atchl
ton loinka and Santa te rallwax
east V wad WTotked early this
rn vo mU west ofOag
Sl ybflr9 ko hoixd Ky
aLVVtr the exnresscar
tho City of Beaten A
wrecked trainfou llledandthirlv
fie men women an hiidren injured
aro the only results o tho atteuipted
robfctrj for tho robbers seeured not a
penny of the treasure to wcure which
they linptrllKdHomany lives
Ifce Mi Ltk and thu rebborv was raw
fully aud UelilKrateiy planned To
avoid the posvlblllt oUeasiug u clue
vruujuu iuu ruuuLra bioie mo tools wun
which tbevdld the drvjirtful k in
etead of purchasing them They stole
a crowbar nrencli and sledge hammer
from a tool house at Barkley thite
muwwwifcuuuuBWM oi i no ft ret k
and with them removed tho flsU plites
which Jolunl the rails together which
ould neoftBarlly derail tho train
The robbers had evidently seIecUl
with tare the spot at which law ietk
tho train the top of the grade up
which tho train was obliged to ascend
thus lessening IU spotd and at the
same time lesstnlng the hanoesofso
badly wrecking tho train as to burj Iw
neath the debris tho trtosuie they were
Thelt precautions wetq unavailing
and tlio very thing Uioy sought to
evade thwarted tholi effoits
Wlien tho tmln pussod over the
weakened ti ack the entire train was
wrecked with the exception of the
rear ear and inoet of the cars were
piled one on top of tho other abovothe
oxpusHcar buijiugitand Its treasure
no deep as to require sovtial hours dig
ging tareach It
The englno wheu It posted over the
loosened lalls loft tho track swayod to
and fio fot a second and then toppkd
ovr with a dreadful oiath The nigln
oer and flraman had no warning of tueir
dreadful fate and no thanee ior thulr
JUos They must have been killed
outright when the engine was wrecked
Tho express messenger and ox press
guardsmen were equally unpreimred
and weio killed lu thtlr iar
Ihere wem 250 paKngirs on tho
tntn but net one wa killed IIou
they escaped wems miraculous Tho
ore wore piled one on top of another
and romiKwd a mass of timber and
twisted iron In which it sccimd impos
sible for any ono to haw escaped
death When the work of ivm uo as
completed houer all tht ictlms
Morefoujid allvo faeveral were bad l
Injured and a few may die
The million dollars belonging to the
Mexican Central railway company was
being forwnided to that eompanyu
headquarters at Boston It was res
cued irom tho wreck and turned oier
to tho Wells rargo company hero to
bti forwarded to its destination Tho
faantaFohoa offered 1000 reward for
the train wreckers and several pome
are seai chlng iho country In the vlcln
IU of tho w reck
AdvIeoB from Osage City and Barclay
state Intense excitement aod Indigna
tion prevail among the people there
who boldly declare tho wiecktrswlll
he lynched when caught
Calling on lha Falthlul to Send In Conintw
tionl llojg and Clark Clubt
Orjanlllnj Is fie
An old Clrclr f Ih rnpoluli Com
a Minn
Tho vacocornMionueiiui xuu
ZETTB has obtained tho following copy
ly seTernl aeeks ago which has been
kept very secret
UijDQCiaTiatIMFLtsPiRir I
roar WOK1U It l AUJ 8 I6IB
My TJenr Sir -The emJosed fiixn wlU
eitilata thelawlles
hon oxplJln to you list only 110 for
the i itat campslcn lus been utribod
ind roeelvod by me nd plaoed sub ect to my
orderVrouwt5tm e saod tne Imiwrueee
of seedieir me list Jou 1
int a boots delay I hsvo sr
raJted for a systematic csoraas of
o entire state aiwojs csmp meetinj
otTaoSlaeaclloouoty Ijrt
n teams of three speskw
Squarterssed i up tMs work IT
OOUecl 10 veur -- In tiis
mall and was
tomalusdsilMff frMU
lviS S IbSEd oifuit
irewhueUrTOs Ul
ourcsem a nwijnrm
1 h re I il In a position
il IiomeJiiteljr Jraininr yourt
a u nxiiiiT
Catapalfn Mutffisr
Mtluc t Trrt CQtr llcpblifn
Ctt ftmmttt
The memliers o the Kepubllcn ox
ecutlto oommillee otTarmnt untv
aro roqueted to meet at my otneo nt 2
p in on Sttunlay tho 21th of
Very tinportant baln will come
betoro us amonR whlcli tlt be tho
election of a county chairman
Chairman of county execntlro commit-
rinh ttrrt lrk Clnh
The dart Democrats of the Fifth
ward mot at the Tucker lire hall last
night and orcanhnl permanently W
B Tuiker was olockd president
Luther Boa 6rst lue pival lent Otn
W leata aeoolid vioo ni dont S W
Noble third vlce prcldcttt und James
MoXninara scurotar Tho meeting
was addreMied bj O K Kennedy U U
ljddoek and W B Williams and was
an enthuiatlo ono Tho list iif 187
members im reaeel bj the addition
ot thirty four now name The regular
moetlni IH bo held orcry Thursday
Pint ttrU llnic Club
The Hotfc Democrats of tho First
ward U meet at the llro hall lo ninht
lor tlio purMMO of organising a eiub for
thatwird Some gvid sjieakers will
he presents and the campufgn i ill be
dlsouwea ln all Its bearinjn The Ilrst
ward Hogg IVmoemta are irHtlnfir eng
thuslaitte and throw down the paunt
kt to tho other wards by startlnt out
with the assertion that thoy will have
the larg ost club of any ward in the city
From tho Clarlt Democratio head
quarters these are the appointments for
Hon B A MeDjwell who is candidate
i rtnny Moimav Heptembei 2d
Ivelntly Tuesday boptembor 27
tlroveton WctlneMay September 28
Corrlgan Thursday fioiitcmher 2K
Cotmesnlcl Frldaj Soptcmlwr 30
Lufkln Saturday DcloW I
Hon J W Tavforof Waonirillsiienlt
ln tlio Interest of the Clark tliketand
pun IKilnoerucv at
Wiuahaehle ut night Soptelilber -I
Aharado nt 2 p ul September St
tiroMbeekat 2 p ni Scptomticr20
Corsioana al 2 p in beptember 27
Indicate TMt tho Disease Has Done Ms Worst
In Tills Country A Baby Dying ol
Starvation A Stoker Sick
A GUil Cna
Stpt HI PsTftOL illdenee rested
hero among tho detained pioplo hy tho
announcement In the nuninandants re
poi t Itwued artc tho dull ItiftpeclUm
that there were no new camm of cholera
or suspected cauet In tho liVat twenty
fmir hours and the sick in the hospital
wenr all rdportou as lfilug In a fair
way to i ecoverj ojtcept the nod earn of
the unknown Infant whoso motlicrand
two HtUti sisters died on the Hugla
while at sea The child was left to the
tender moreies tf the ships stewards
and through iholr neglect It Is imported
dying f ram star atlon
rim tiff f Trtirtpfc
erul Porter to day annouaoed tho detail
oi inxipfc iramine inirwHnm rKinini
on guard dutv at Tire Island would be
withdrawn Friday and a detail sent
lnn fwim itm Tiir1juttitli mill
sovonth regiments ol llrookln
Anotlior SupcrU
New York Bent 21 Another o
of suspected cholera wa reported to
the board of healh thin aftornoon It
was that of Patrick btewurt who wa
found stole and removed to tho itsvji
tlon honpltal Stewart la a huller
maker In tho Drooklnnavy yard
llrlr ti QusrADllu
Jtnklnt ordertil back to lowrr quaran
tine thlti afternoon tho Allen line
steamer State of Nevada on acoount of
the recent death of her atoker after her
arri al at her dock
I It an IlaRnk
iASDOXt tSpL SI tt 1 ntated that
thefctoaraer Itelcbfttag which arrived
In the Tagiwjwterday from Hamburg
and which wa orderwl to Uae the
rher had five caww oi tuoiera auoani
lrtli 1 mm Ch1ra
New York SepL 21 Mrs Vlon
Grappolas died to night It U uiKtd
from cholera She wa seized with
vomiting and diarrbti a during the
aftenioon and In a couple of hours was
in n Ute of collapse At H oclock nbe
Htmburt lUcord
Hamhubo Kept 21 Thero waro
149 new cae of cholera and H deaths
In Hamburg yesterday
All I ttood 1lUb
n T- VT V CU 91 A11 fat
quiet here The prtouge of tho Wy
7D1UJJ kixnn
rlrtnrr ltft
6T lETERflBtn01 flept 2L Forty
eiirht ad uueit of ebokra aod alxlcon
death were reportoa In thU cltyje
On Hamh
ViKWA Sept 21 One new eaa of
cholera aod one death are reported at
Przenyil In AurtrlaaGalloU
natpltt o SKtinMi
BDCnARBBT htpt 21 Numerou
cose of atuplolou icknonrrportod
lathla city It i thought that the
slcknena U cmolera
Bnosaixs Sept 21 There hs
been reported to rtnrga In the It
forty eiht hours twenty ca of chol
em and seven death
Btxl Daatfei
PABI3 t5e pt 21 1 Prl and iub
urb there were reported yiterday
twenty nia coacs ci cholera and six
teen aatlia
Subbfrlhe for TUE GAZETTE
He Makes a Speech at Texar
kana that Take
Another Sen iter ial OisttUt wilh a Duilty
of Candidates i
The Populijlt et Witt CoCntyt 0rcn4 a
Cub tt Decatur Tht Field W Teus
Poldica Scraped Cloolytjr Parly
Ken ot all Snata
Cnti ml TiftrtnjL
ctal Seimtor Ooko j 0U1 livre at ih
opera hoiii lou night lu tlfelnbn wt of
Goernur IIoggN Texas eiuMalgii The
senator was ery blttw Ulm arraign
ment of Jjde Clark and Hl lollowem
whom he t led Clark tirttwj A Co
He also ha tit that Clark iA ilnce tht
end or niont of the Fort HHh conven
tlon as much the nomine m the llfr
publican party for gorerttorai ITarrt
m waslor pnuldcnt Hd uld tlte
Clark people belted wlthotiilln ahndnv
of an excuwo and in hli elaawg nmarkn
npiKialwl to alt uch pren to return
to the lemoeratto fold
IluOn a lMns
Vculhti Tex Spt 3L BpeelalJ
The Pcoploa part will Mvoagnuul
reunion dfuner and teecfcmaklng on
tho 2Tth near Angloton HbiUim u ew
mile from llth eltjand another At
Phalr Church Oct IwL
It la umlontoiKl they will twlect can
dldatea for county otlloonifrwtpoeUvo
of peirtt oi whether thrr liv ten
chonen proviouly hy Imoerute or
npubllean tho only test llng tit-
noMi i or noiuing oiuue
They will paitleularly demand a
eoinmlmtonetaeouit of ixtd practical
busine men h the couuto Ik prepay
ing to fcphd Iniire autrui for routi
bridge and other impiovutnvnta
Will Uriu ih ott Up
PAH1H TKX hunt 31T lHpeott J
The olialrman vt the couhu exoi utfve
eoinmlttoe ho Indued u onJl for proclm t
chairmen to ot gunlxe ehibn and end In
u Hat of inumborH to Waller ti llivkei
at Waco and liiHttuct th jwopla In
eaoh precinct that If thefr choir hum
win no tic in 11118 unn u urgauue
liidoiHJiidently and report ft abo
Ihl will probably have a t4Dileiioy to
warm tltingfi up und 1 rtgatdttd m the
oiening of the Hogg campaign
Irsitur rapalUt
A Pi oploa jwrty club waft organised
attheeouit houao laat nlaht J S
nilllland wns elected pftHildent und
Ihnm HhHkt wtroUry The olub
will bo known es tho Wl OountyOmt
tral People arty club At Uiwaliir
HeROlutlnn uero adopt ttiv endoralug
the Omaha and Dalhu putforin aud
stating that tbtt lit u oammigii ot
edueallpn and not of aeltauon At
tlio mutt iwgubnuMjtlqp lV II tttuU
Van wlUaudrawi ihaolubV pjUty four
tiamen were enrolled nlnomirH
rUrk SleKloiif
MrKlNNllV TKX hepL 21
About a den ladlettaiidammt
room about Uiroo fouiiluf full gitwUnl
Tudgo Clark on the octvuilon of hi
teoond lalt to McKluiioy lib anoeeh
wa a brilliant one in Una with hi
epeoohr before the conentlon aud a
orttleim of the oar Htable platform
Thure w a the wimo referetu toThrtxjk
moilon but thl time Maxey took
MHU place lu the galiixy
Ilor xl Cfiim ton
MIDIANJ Tiar Sept 21 Srwelatl
At a miM low ting of the oliuorw of
Midland at the court hotiie onthooven
Jngof thoSlit eeche woi e made by
some of our olltreni und a Hogg and
VDimlwlor club formod for uMiipuIgu
work Forly ouo naioen wo eniollod
and the meeting adjourned to meet
again In two wwk
tikfsaliuiii ttrimjdraU
apeolatl The Young Men
fifty moroberfl and JfiO more expect
Tltere wo great enthiwlaam Tho teni
um ilmliHinn uib I UBtlaif ITnisTrmlt
ruiuLjr iuiiuii
hecretary It J IMward NoxtTliurf
uaypetmaneni oiucervwiu imuiocuhj
iTkd thr
COR8IOANA Tkx bept
L PIvoene a gunamlth of thU
plaro wo arrmtU d yiMterday evening
uii two harajeH One for attempting
to kill 8 Daulelrt and the other for car
rjlngconoealbd weapons
KnatnrUI Wuitn1looi
CoLUItUUS TBL Sept 21 Hpw
ciaL French Hlinnwiu a banker of Ia
vaoa county has ooen iiomlnntfxd for
theaenaleby the Clark party affalmt
Win Hlakeidc tho Hogg nominee In
the regular conventlou Hluipwu wm
Uatov ROVOR Ia Sept 21 The
Dotmocrato of tho filxth dUtrlct renom
inated B AL Itobortwn forcongreaa
Ths f1rl l sJf el Us luii Back al Ihs Wblts
Kouw Ths Pruldtnt Deiply
WMiniCGTOi 8ept 1 The special
tralu bearing Mr Ilarrlsoa rvaebed
Iioreotd 15 tills momine She stood
tbu Journey ttrf welL As tbo train
stopd tho preldenl emerged and
Jumping down op the platlorni too a
look t the ambulation arrsngemenU
and exprewied bilosulf eotireljrsutUlied
A mlnule UUr the streleber was veolljr
Vnwbt out of the car and lying up
on It was Mrs Hsrrlson corered by a
while sheet and boldta a Un orer tier
fn1 She waa at rooo removed to the
White bouse and thlrtj minutes later
she nu restlDf euj In ner Deo ai me
White bouse Her mind m much re
llved br nachlnir home for which
the has been lorjUip throughout ths
tsttl several weeiu
ller physlelan Vr Gardner trporte
that she stoori the trip ry well nd
tfcml hr si lriu weru much hvoredun
J by rcachlnaT WasMte11 whicb h
think will Iw greatly tn her favor
The president warned more attected
Bun jus wjPSTTctv nxi iruui epHig
and with dark rings under thmntold
the tale of hi deep dlatn ami the
vlerrJ night pent at the bwltidoof
his wife
nrftktmtn lUrm HH1M
M RftHAtU TUX Sept 21 ISpe
HalVlUla local freight No IS wa
ranking a running switch in tho Texan
and Ielfiojard at JolTfrrtin about H
ouloctt this mwniag HrfcWeman Gd
Uarrla attemptl to Jump off but Ml
ln wrar unaotXHintable way and wa
caught lneath the wheaU Hi hend
and faea were c ihml to pulp un one
aide and hla trunk was almtMt cut In
two Death rwulteil Intaatl
Ii Will it rin
Ciutwao III Sept ah Arantraot
haa tw n let for building the Tooa
building on the World a fair ground
to i mW Tho butUHne will o
ono of the handttanMtiiUiuUdikgvat
the expoItliti attd tho money ttrpoy
fnrltiabeiuK rtvied by the women of
Ho OftTtls it Scut Unwth on Hit Troubt at
Qutato Slrtnflh o thi OrtJcr Rr
ports ot Other 0ffipr
DAILA8 TKX Hopt fil t SlMWlal
The Hwltotuufir conventlou tackled
the iMtelnwm that demanded att niton
thin morning 11m rupoit of dmml
Chluf Fink Sw vno won laid W fure
the d lejftU It w a eoinprvhen tve
nrul voir luelil oxihi illtuur iu
ple ot tho ordei itgiMth durtig the
met year the utrtkeei nt ltuf
talo ami lew lu rn mul the gen
i ml cmidtilnn of tlu nrdei at tho pitw
cut tlint Much kwico wa dcvnlcd to
tlio Huflato Htilki whlth fiuitlihi ii
tlio public iioihlngnlrtv xlv given puu
littty bv Uie pitwHtif tbec miittf Uiilef
Hwwiiev cot irat ul lei tlio orflm on It
untiHtHl me iiiuoinihiji and tliu grut
gxnl that ho Us ii aiwomplifthuu fur
mat biunt u ut too raUftuy wr
vlce flu rvuoita of
ClilcfJohu Downing hinf Orftnuliter
Milett IksiTOltamHhe nv iullve tftwd
wore iud and reJriHd to thtt uvMr
iKtramltUHi 1heroptrt of iSepretnry
TreaNMPiM V It Klrnm alt shown Hint
eighty two lodge huvn haeu organ leed
ln dllWiDt MCtloiia ut the
noun try ihu wt yri fc 101
death hnd total dlHHblllt elalinethave
Ihwii paid niiHiuiilliig 1o 101000
Thurttweii 10 1 death and txty dlna
mtUkiK TiiutioiMiMttaigDiry that in
men wifit totally dleabtad but that
UhV are unlit to twifonu the dutlM of
tt Hwitetimun The tretuui wn
talon ItfHK AVlinn a death or
dliublUty ulatm com In nil attment
Ih levied Tlie ordr doo nt levy a
nuola noMimnt unlew thorn ui o
i w five uiaima in im ciuihi xiioiv niu
lxm throe special owtiwmenta Uis past
yiar of 1 eaeti To morrow apo
dal 1Uinoa wilt ooiue tip and
Ik refetnxl to aimromlila com-
wltUwe Tho invcuiloii will not ad
journ U foiti Fndh Tin afteriUKin
1 W llofjerfl of tho Clilougu labor
Ago wild lo lw one of Ihu meet ilo
quentandcouvitiolng lalxjr omioit In
America wat Invited to addreaa the
comeutton and iKike for ono hour
Thta evening tho vUHom wtro tken
to Oak Cliff where Major Trunk Olivet
and the cltlEctiir made it ploaaunl for
She Leave i Him lit Hunlt Her up Shoots
Kern Down Trie to Kill Hit Baby
Make i Poor Out at Sulci I
EL Pabo TKX Sept
HI Pao bad qidtc a aematlou to day
In the way of a doutlo tiagedv a boml
oide and an attempted Kulclde A
gambler from Han Antonio immnl
L Hurt fthot and Iruttuutly killed hla
wlfo llrtxlunhot at hi itWptng Itaby
und then ntUunntod hla own life bv
tiring two MioU Into hla left breast but
neither u eonmuenxi nociMmuruy iuiui
Tho HarH arrived hero homo throo
mouthn ago and have devoted muni of
their lime ido to family quarrel
Yelrday they had wm da and ho
alaptMHl hi wife aevLrultlmiH hheca
CAjxd and wont to tho rooms ot a wom
an friend in iho Han Johu houao and
oaked to remain nil nlghl
Today he called on Imr and altera
lengthy ititervlow ho pulled a revolver
and idiot hla wife In the breast then
fired ut hla 1-year-old ulrl and tlu n
look hU turn
Alter being brought to conwloonno
lie gare hi namo ubovo acknol
edged tho shooting and requested that
tckgram be ent Ui bUaUter Mrs
JeWo Dickinaon of Monroe arid Mrs C
ICoierof Bhreveiiortt 1a and hla
brother U M Hart at PioeviHa Ky
itatlng that he won dying
Tho trouble between man and wlf j
woo Jealouay
Tl III at Work
IIhkniiau Tex BvpL 21- JRito
claLJ Two terrible gin aooidenta bap
pncl Uiday in the sam neighborhood
and about the wiine lime The uctl
dent ooeunvd from the acme caua
and with aluwat Ilk nwult At Kar
lnvnLln Tom ijatKiiui nuppeu on
Mime cotton twwd and ln an effort U
lilmwlf ntucged hi- left arm Into
the gin mw chewed up to the
elbow his arm warf amputated and ho
At Cbadwlrkj gin Mallory Cbappoll
lipped on Md grabbed at the glii and
U now miaut hla left arm above the
elbow This It the fourth gin aooldent
la this county within twenty four hour
fblrara KrIWr
Ckicaoo lLLSepL2L Hy direction
of lUyer Waebburae warrant were
worn out tday for the arreat of M C
McDonald charging him with attmjl
Ing to bribe Polioo Jul tlon Woodman to
render a favorable decision fa cao of a
nuxiber of th men arrwted at Garfield
track a few days ago
Subderlbu for TUC OAZiTTE
A Horrible Catastrophe Near
Shreve Ohio
A Train Rushing by Routed Them tt Wat
Number 8
Tho 814 ono Pulled Out on tho Main Track
A Cotillion -Cart Tiled Up Talt Flro and
la Sight ot all Poopto Dangling Out
tho Cart Dura to Diath
CLWfebAlTO O 8epL 1 What
will imOouhtiHily proit to b tho intuit
dtrMMlrtnw acotdont that tin or occurred
tn th hltnry of the IHtbtdmrg int
Wnyrwi nd I hUMgti rivlliwd took
place ilil rk t utng In what Is known a
itrowna out a udlo uiul u hatfwwtof
UiotIIIajP of Bhreve0
The tin In No H a fast east bound
pMenjter tratii collided ut thntpolut
vrllh rtr t atjethm ol freight trdln
No 7fi nt IhHiud
Tho iuiieng r train vva ait hour
Into nt ul nt uulng slxt milt nnhwr
It 1m MtnUnt that tlu engineer and Itro
mutt oS tho freight while standing on
tin NhhtMHik at bhreve fll adoAtpund
wore aKakennil by luaitug tho train
rtmhlng b Thliiklng tt wan No K
tlm i ngluwr pulled out on the main
truck ami had jUMtgotumlei way w lieu
tin t rut nut
Ttte snlllKlnn iHSiuriwd on a sharp
cut vu and In a out where neither crow
wm able to see tho other train ap
The ongines came together nlthsueh
foioe that Ute mall aim Muokltig cir 1
of the xpr wens throw u on top of
the tuMiwngor engine anl a freight ctit
til UkI wtth printing preiswo wn ttimwii
over tbo freight engine
Tht pasftcug and trainmen who
etmttpad naii the rtcotdoiit had hardlv
taken platx bfoi a fUmo burnt for ih
and Utoy believe but two or thrve poo
itlewore klUad outilght the titltrm
lMrlng hion plnmrd down in tlu curs
rnd slowly rtxwlfld to death
trunks have been takun from the
Those known among the dead imi
UauigeMmith Crestline O pwn
gtir divmnn
Ham JaclfHOit expiTm mesMgor
1 K lb esc MawilonO
11 H Ulen iolumbtacnU
t t Maun Chlnugo
4 1 PuiUnxm lleuvei Palls Pa
All pontal etoikH
A 1 Kileim Allegheny Ps brakrv
mau an tht fitduhl tttlti
N Htuummd Allegheny tlroman
on the frvlulit tialti
Two IhmIioh whom tho conductor satd
hud ilekot fir LspoivlHo Pa
Ono luttv ami child who luarded tho
train at lanteld O for AllUuictv
One other unknown
Tlie surtouitl Injuted am Krank
Hurt CrusUtiLu etilmwr uf the i
btsw Jau A tle UpHr hnuduaky
OliUi 1 I Ithulcs Maheulngtowu
Pat XV il Hrown Hiuitirigtoii lndi
1 Koch MuMlllon Ohio M Arm
strong NnMttnvillu nd J liirnot
Mlllvlhe K J
Jnoob Vellmuuof Hhrmu who wa
ftpivmtigir on the tiili wild he wiw
asleep tvhun ho wim uioud by tlu
shVk of tbo collision Hu mid theio
was a lerriblu iitmbllng nulauundul
most Jiiktiiiitly the ulr hm tlilod llh
crhw aud Hinwrns hn help Ho
win pinned to tho lloir of
the car by tint wivekag but
with great dtmulty tlnulli freed
hinurfdf und vtuit with nlliom 1o the
aid of a lady who with In r child was
bold by heavy UrnlKrs Tim wmked
with mlifhlaiul main Ut rttiuo the Iho
but wuro finally driven buck by the
flames and compelled to
to their fat
The tlivmati on Ihe freight liuln
must have had h horrible Ui ath as lie
was caught inthecnbiind his fright
fully burned body dangled In the ntr ln
vlrnv of ibociowd
Ih poor Kwtsl clerks Impilsonod In
tho mall cam whHi tifl thnwii upon
tho awwriger englno hod no clotneo to
cwnilMjund tvero doubt lcsil buiried to
dt dth All thfaulltlcaoocurrci In
the locomotives p Jttil and smoking
nrs an J da ivuohes The aleopr
did not IravHthe trackand their pas-
sencurs OHiuiml Injury
Tic tnluitd vte v tenderly eared for
niu of sh
MV inn icopiu nniovi ami ocry
effort iKHMlble whs modu to incno thone
iwribhlnir In tho burnt ntr cars
Ajiwmu as possible afur the accident
the injured were taken in rhnrge of by
tho railway tympany and all removed
to thtlr bums Two ptwtal i ars filled
with through mall oro exproos ear und
thrt freight cirs vrero oiuMUned by
the lire It will Lm xevei al hours be
fore tbo wreckflse Is cleawd away
In tho mouuumo tmiM aro twlrig
tiansfrred by way of Mansfield and
Cflorgs Addlsr Butcher Shot Down LIVs s
ttssrHs Accunt 8am
AniiMORis T Tt BepL 2l Snorlal
Ceorgo Audler a butclwr was mur
dered by an unknown In aliout
UOoVlockhutnlghLathU daughter
pens just south of town
Addler assisted by n negro and a
young man by the name of Myers were
at the jiuns butchering a beef At tho
south side of the pens Is a sbulo used to
drive tha stock hi
Addler was rniragcd In skloclng a
tref with his left side turned to the
shtito ihu nogro holding tho lantern
While to this isItIon some unknown
patty slipped up through the sh ute and
doiiwralVly placed the muxxlfl of a
double laurelled shotgun through a
crack la tho enclosure anddbw harireda
load 6i buck hot la to the lull side of
Addler eight shot taking effect In the
leftside of the sMuto fO wue in the pit
of the stomach and six shattering the
left arm
ArtiMir wm TAniuiioiis un to within a
short time of his death aud coovrsul
with cxmsidorabla uuucuii auoa oy
Stimulant JUs scte mort m ml
inetitwtsUksnby tLs atieiung
VOI XV t NO 310
slclans and hoard by Miveral wHnwcei
Ills aa fellows
QVho do you think ahotyour
A Sam Hmflh thot mo
Q Did you seo htmV
A IdldnoL
Q Why do you think Sam shot
A necnino I nod been expecting
himorXxiboto kill me and I ooo had
threatened my U o Sam Smith hod just
left tho pent had fomo there aftur n
This Is all tho d Ing man Ud In ref
crcnoeto his iuwum ttl u and It was
unoti this statement that Sam Smith
and W J Leho who aro oMuciated to
siner la uiu uuicner uusinera in
rdmore woro arrested by Deputy
iveynoias una jtotwe imi moriuus
They deny any complicity ln tho Crimo
and claim thoy can prove on nllbl
Tho watchman employed by the busi
nessmen tf Ardmnro to lutrol the
town at hlfiht olalmetl before several
witnesses on Uie dejwt platform ut
alKiut midnight that ho was tn Bam
Smiths company from 8 oclock to 10 20
last night and It la upon his tontimony
that bam Smith proves an alibi
A Prominent Citizen ol Cooks County DIwo
pcirt Toul Play Ono Theory
tiAIMWULtK TrXSent 21 Sno
elal j UutiHwvllloavvoku this morning
tm a dootded son tatlon and from that
tlmo until now little else haa been
talked of It w as oauwd by tho ml to
rlous dlsapiKurauoo of John llnrrlson
ouo of the proiuluontmcuof the county
He has boon missing vluoo Saturday
morning with no more traeo
of his wheivalxmta than eon
if ho had dissolved into ntr
1 In rr ion oarao from his homo near
Forostbu g to Qalnesvlllo Prldfty uf
tirmviii with a load of wheat nndu
lino wtddlo horse Ho told hid wlfu ho
would return tho next drtj Ho wild
hi wheat und put up his Uam in a
wagon jutl lVlday night He thmi
cildoRVoreil to soil his hoto Ha
seetne to Ih oxccodhiKly eager to hoU
tho animal as ho ottered it for WU
whoronsafew ds proviuusly ho had
been offered fill for It but he did not
succeed Saturday morning alKiut 10
n clock ho culled ntthu olllco of llrady
lhiw to receive ivaynont for his wheat
which ho had hold them thouventng
before Tho wheat amounted to about
fJO which n mount ho recctvinl
and lefL That was tbo last
of olui His nbMmco however
won not noted intll jestoitlay event nji
when tho Uepor of the vvareu yartl at
which Hau hum loft hla team notified
HhcrrttT Ware that ho held JlArrhions
outfit und mtked hint to find Harrison
Sheriff Ware sunposlnn that foromi
rcawtn Hat rf son niul gout home nlthu
neighbor neut wmil out that thi team
wa still in the wagon yard ANmt 1J
oclock last night tha alarming irply
returned that llurrlmm had not imen at
homo slndrt Piidy On I cool pt nf this
Information Bhonrlff Ware and thoralw
Ing mana friends -who ar legion
lKaiinnlnvontlgaUoii with tho renult
ulmve given iiscovnrlng no clue
they iNoamo oiarmoa nnt approiieit
stye thut ho hail btnin foully dealt with
ho urrnngomonUi were ttcgort to lnslituto
a inorougn maron tjuriuars iioscriu
lng thomlsMntf man won Issued and
sent tit every dlroattou lih by wlro
ami by mall IaWp onotheriUrcuIar
vsM issued stating that there vrd
reasons for Iwlloving that Harrison had
Wn murdered und offering a reward of
t0 for hi lKty In tho nipautlmo wv
oralftrpitulsofnioii were organtftd to
seal eh tho county und now all tho
country hereabout is being scoured by
lnoio or less excited men
Hvory theory mo tar advanced Is mora
conjecture fniltlctl to noinuo belief
Uiou in d to a gtiens but tho sugges
tion that 1 tarrUun li mentally dci anged
seems to huvu some foundation
Ho was a wuidtdat for county treas
urcr lcoio the late primaries and was
defeated Whleh affoetid him ruined
Jiigly His wtfo wijs that although he
lias manifested liU usual kindness since
that time ho svemed to lumoiwo and
dojfoled Hit wlfa and daughter are
eomplotely priwtratod and fears are
entertained that hi wife wilt not re
cover from tho nonous shock
Becauii Ineiptrlinccd Mn In Homeitsi4
Mill Orsks a 40000 Flr
el tclturi
striker at CaruinliV uialm toliava
rocelvitl wy clnrintf uowa trom ha
lolll Uwlay anil woro cnnnirairoil
li aiatlinid tliu tlitlit U is
tlnlmwl Ilia shMrs In tlio 110 lncli mill
liioklsstnlcht owluifto tlm laeipo
Mfiictxl liaudlinc and as a ronult thu
rullsslopml Xln shear cast lOOn
a isilr una It Is aaid tliu loss f rum braak
m6 will moili tlSUW Tlio mill shut
ilaln lHlay liutall ollior ilrpartmcnts
urn running ihiMo ttun
Tlio mlrlnury imiulll ulaUs that
villi rallKS
went In IUtbuts UIiir tirrd of work
Inu In tlio mill At Urn companys of
lira tho ufllclal dwllnod boluj InUir
C1101 Will b ndy lor Ihs Fori Worln Curl
On Octobtr 3
AUSTIf TKX Sont Zl fSpoclal
As ion w th oouru ot civil apiMials
most which will doubtless bo on tha
first Mmidsy ln October tho supremo
court will transfer to tlicra all oases
then on Its dockotand thnroaf tor clerks
if them courts will filo all transcripts
Tho trial dockets for tbo tbrcv now
oourU liaro lwen prepared and caeos to
bn transferred will bo onterod ln antlot
jiation of tho order to bo mada br tha
supremo court
Iho cases for tho Fort Worth and
Caheston courta will bo bojed and
nKidr to bo shipped on tbo Bight ol
Oolober 3 so as to reach the rourta on
TueMlay mornlny T ic so caseo will bo
tho first ease on tbo trial docket not
nrrdlnjr tho thirty days nolle re
qulrud Ty section SX The clerk of the
supremo court will bo governed by th
following from the court until
October 3 IarUes desiring to file
tranHTlpt In vases berotofoi e appealed
should file thera with tbo clerk ol tlio
supreme court to which they would
htve been sent bad tbero beta no
rtsnjie until tha now courts meet In
Babscrlto for Tut Ouia

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