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Fort Worth gazette. [volume] (Fort Worth, Tex.) 1891-1898, October 03, 1892, Image 1

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Only n Few Grains Would Keep
rrom starvation
Prejred Upon Their Necessities and They
Were Starving
Then tho Famine Rial Came and the Corn Was
Taken by Force From the Stores ot
ThIp Rtrh HnMi Mau
J - wrPvi
V fl From Morella
rtun jj J
Ha Tkx Oct 2 Spe
cial Finloy formerly a real
dent of Ban Antonio but who for tho
post six oars has boon onfjagod in tho
morcantilo butdneBS in tho City of
Morella Moxlco arrived here to day
Ho wus mot by a rejtortcr and in re
sponse to an Inquiry gave a vivid ac
count of
which occurred in Morella last Sunday
and of wjilch but brief mention uus
made in the City of Mexico dlbputchos
He stated thut it wan one of tho most
oxcltlng and pttlablo scenes over wit
nessed in that pari of the republic and
that if thoMantsof the suffering peo
ple are not kept supplied unother out
break of tho buine kind is to bo feared
Morella is tho capital of tho state
of Mlchcoean and tho residence of tho
arch bishop of tho diocese It la about
ISO miles from the City of Mexico on
tho line of tho Mexican National rail
road It is one of the raont beautiful
cities in Southern Moxlco and afavor
ito point for tourists Uy ialt
Thoronro wiverul thousand poor peo
ple in Morella on there itro in tho
other largo cities of Moxlco as well as
in tho Unitod States Said Mr Ho
ley their oxcluslvo food supply Is
corn and owing to tho failure of that
crop In that part of tho republic there
Is natmally a groat scarcity of the prod
uct and tho poor people havo
for bodio time past be on on tho
vergo ofstanation When the famine
was threatened several months ago a
number of tho wealthy merchants con
tracted for largo quantities of corn in
thu United SUtc the total shlpmonts
amounting to about soventy fivo thou
saiid bushels which to enough to sup
ply tho buttering people but thbso spec
ulators put up tho prices and what
llttlo money tho poor pooplo has waa
soon extorted from thorn
Tor tho past two months tho suffer
ing nmongr tho poor has been lntonto
and it Is clalinod that there huvo boon
deaths from actual starvation Tho
streets became thronged with beggars
and tho hungry mon women and chil
dren made heart rending appeals for
Tills was kept up until last Sun
day night when tho starving band
organized themselves into a mob and
driven to desperation began u con
certed attack upon tho feed stores of
the city There w ere fully 0000 peo
ple In tho mob and tho police were ut
terly powerless to stop its progress
One malceria or feed store after
another was entered and as but llttlo
corn vas found tho frenzy of
Tho two regiments of cavalry and
onoof Infantry stationed at Morella
wero called out to quell the riot but
their appearanco only added to tho des
peration of tho lawless people Tho
conunuuuur piameu mo soiuiors in
front of the mob but thoy fought their
way through General Mercado
the governor of tho ttatet by this time
una mauo nia appearance out
wascomjielled to retire as ho could do
nothing to quiet tho disturbance The
soldiers llred upon tho mob and it is
said that one man was killed and oth
ers wounded Acting upon command
of lta loader tho mob b tar ted for tho
granaries of Joso Marline one of tho
rich speculators In which 6000 bubhels
of corn wero stored They reached tho
hacienda and
mioicn down tub doors
of tho store houses every man woman
and child took all tho grain thoy could
carry away As their temporary want
had boon minpliod thoy quietly
u mil iuuiiuia on iuonaay anu
understand that Ihq government lias
since taken steps to roliivo tho suffer
ings of the poor people of tho city
Mr Flnluy concluded that Irasldcnt
Diaz and the Federal uulhorittds have
been doing all in their power to furnish
tho needy in various parts of tho re
j public with good supplies at low pries
and the trouble at Morella was brought
I about solely by tho avarlciousnu of
1 speculators
With Terrible Force and Three of the Crew cf
One of the Vessels Instantly Killed
llAMDtmo Oct 2 The steamers
Haiy Bee and Daolso came In collision
tjMay Tho latter Teasel was so badlj
danmgftd that she wont to tho bottom
Tho steamers cumo together with great
fdroe add scene of death and ruin re
stllUd Tho Dauisa aa nearly torn
at under by the shfc p ponderous bow of
tho Busy Be and her captain
tha mate and pilot wero killed
Tho wildest oxeltement prenlle
among tho of the Daobe crew who
soaped death aud as it was senat
once the rowol WB bo badly damaged
It was only a quoatlon of a short time
when she would go down they has
tened to leave the steamer before she
The Bus Bee rendered all th asus
Ubu possible and nil but the three
mentioned wore safely rescued
The Daolsu was u Spanish steamer of
1GS tuns bunion Sho arrived at Hum
burg September 1G from Barcelona
May Her Wars Be Ways ot Pleasantness and
All Hot Paths De Peace
Charleston S C Oot 2 Spo
claL A tasteful souvenir was sunt to
day to Miss Hutu Cleveland at Gray
Gables In rcnicmbrunco of her first
birthday which occurs to morrow
It is a leaflet from tho Vandcrbllt
benevolent tuisociatlon of this
city of which tho
is an honortuy member
Tho Inscription on tho card Is as fol
lows Ituth Cleveland October 3
1S01 October 3 1882 tho seal ot tho
association being printed between tho
name and the dat On an inner card
nppeara Greeting from Vandcrbllt
licnevolcnt association of Charleston
S C to Miss Huth Chnalaud on her
first birthday May length of days ho
In tier right hand and In her loft hand
riches and honor May her ways bo
was of pleasantness and all her paths
bo peace
Horace Glbbs Shot and Instantly Killed 1
Tabor at Louisville Ky
Louisville Ky Oct 2 James
Tabor lust night went to tho homo of
Horaco Glbbs u neighbor called him
to tho door and fired at him with n
shot gun Glbbs was slightly wounded
but qulokly returned tho charge
emutvlnir both barrels of a shot cun
ana four chambers of a revohor at his
assailant One ball parsed through
Tabors body and ho will dlo Tabors
mind vtut somewhat unbalanced and ho
imagined Glbbs was lntlinato with his
tthlco Pushes Iho Wanes Flltcen Feci Above
the Land Many Ships Damaged
Many Houses Destroyed
Houston tkx Oct 2 SpcclaL
A torriho etonn sneit Matagorda bay
last night tho waics breaking over tho
iauu a ueigni oi mtn leet
A BlKClal from Port TjivanA snH
Tho new fish house of W J Chap
man was blown off tho piling and It was
a job of veiy short duration for tho
wam to completely tour it to pieces
A two slot y build fin beint eroetoil liv
Rahtgensnnd Smith and which was not
completed was blown off tho blocks and
loownod up
Tho Ico factory just finished was so
warped as to be rendered useless Ono
of tho sldo sheds was completely torn
Tho Injured vessels are tho quaran
tine sloop Mattle William Moore cap
tain which was drhen ashore tho
bloop Olga Hobert I an ote cajn
tain lot her rudder and tho bottom
was Injured Tho sloop Flirt Cowtno
liero captain had her mast torn awoy
and sldo battered Tho sloop Tho
South BIUIo Johnton captain had her
beam and a part of her sides uerluusly
battered Tho schooner LouUa Cou
stantlne Beinotle captain hud her
bottom shattered Tho sloop T Vt
Harry Hahtgens capbiln was drhen
ashore but with minor In
juries Tho sloop Italia Phoebo
lasquale captain hud her
port side stoo in Tho sloop Two
Friends Constantino Margarite cap
tain suffered minor damage Tho
slooi Eleanor James Beattv nnntiitn
had her rigging torn aw ay and tho boat
was bally batterod Tho Bloop Dora
Edgar Huport captain was ery much
shaken up Tho bloop II M Bowlo
Geo Kajraond captain wus caught
across tho bay In tho storm and the
captain cut away tho rigging to pre
vent capsizing Sho was inadod with
oysters and this morning towed in by
the schooner Colombo ot Galveston
No lives were lost but t will tequiro
somo time and much monyy to repair
tho damage At present no accurate
estimate of tho damage can be made
Thero Is mhch umasInH felt hero
for tho crows of u number of boats
which are known to havo baen out on
Matagorda bay yesterday
One White Man and Two Mexicans Shot and
KYLE TlJC Oct 2 TSpeclHll Last
night at a Mexican fandango four miles
from hero a row wasrulstrfi btweeii a
young white man uamed Tom PortU
and a Mexican which finally grew Into
a small battle Thero were several
Americans present and when tho row
started they all took part After tho
smoke of the buttle had clcartd away
it was found that Tom Portia the white
loaa was dead having bwn buth slab
bd and shot Tni ro wero alwj IwO
dead Mexicans and another wounded so
bod ho will die
Behind Time
ifoa vvuaujs wuu in iuo 1aauan
dlo fof Mveral days prior to Saturday
ws4 surprised when no got homo to find
a box oi ooupong uout him by the
iriena oi iooo joums at uor
ton to bo roUd In THE GAZBTTE eon
tost If he had i coived them In tlra
the youog lady would have buen J 4000
nignor on me nn
Tho Chinos liaro a tradition that
stray dogs bring luck
Wjth tho Ghastly Features oi
the Dead
Ardln His Grip of Death Holding
Headed Cane
Slwrf the EncoMned Remains ot an Infidel
Husband Loved By an Infidel Ulle
Slu Will Go lo Oblivion
With Him
New York Oct 2 A special to tho
WotJd from Cordelo Gn tajs Tho
embalmed body of a man upright In n
glass faced install io coffin a gold
headed cano in hand and with a pro
fusion of diamonds and other jewolry
decorates the parlor of Mrs George v
Marvins handsoma residence In this
Tho body is that of her husband who
died tho 10th of last July Dr Marvin
was tho wealthiest man In Cordolo Ho
was president of a bank and worth over
Dr Marvin and his wife who wero
InfiJoIs in ado a Bolemn comitact before
death agreeing they would both enter
otmvion as near mo samo iimo as oouiu
bo easily arranged by moans of sulcldo
When the doctor died tho body was fol
lowed to tho gravtt by all tho people of
tho town
Four days after tho burial In tho
durknoes of night thero was another
fuerul procession but no carriages
followed tho hoarse and no ono on foot
uccompanled the dead except thoso
who helped dig the earth from abovo
tho coffin and bear tho conwo back to
tho placo from which tho first proces
sion started In tho dead of night n
few trusted friends uenttothocomotory
ami urougni nncK mo ixxiy
Noxt mornlnir ombalroer arrived
from New Orleans and embalmed tho
bo y Mrs Marvin refuted to separate
jewelry ana mo remains oj nor
band To bury him in tho cemetery
i cars me uouy wouiu w oxnurauu
I tho iewols stolen Therefore tho
bouy 1 kept In the parlor of her house
and w 111 stuv there uut II she decides on
some sort of a safe tomb for tho
iiitttts fl horself and hei JnRbauVl
When such is prearod by her own
hands sho says sho will join him
The Op eng In a ol Bids For the New Work at
0 unison Newsy Gossip From
the Gate Cliy
Denison Tex Oct 2 Special
W II Hut Ion keeper of tho pump
houw for the Missouri Kunuts and
Texas at Blue Blver I T sjient tho
duy In
A B Little a prominent railway
contractor of San Antonio fs in tho
city Ho Is Interested in the new
switching yards west of tho city
W S Colo a coductor on tho Inter
national and Great Northern railway
out of Tyler camo up to day Ho Is eng
route to Omaha
Pete Bradv enelnoo Ed Colton
aurltnli mn n rtwl Tlkl T1a1a f nt1
conductor in the sen Ico of tho Inter
national und Gnt Northern rauwuv
out of Tyler catno up last night with
dog gun and rod Tho party left early
mis morning lor uaney nottom menco
thoy will iro oast Into tho mountains
They cxicct to be gone ono woek An-
oim r party oi ljior ios navo pre
ceded this crowd
Many pooplo in Denlson havo been
auxlously looking forward to tho own
ing of too Healed bIJs for work on tho
now yards west of tho cltj which was
to have token plueo Wednesday Sop
ttinjor23 Tho delay was occiwloned
by tho fact that Chief Engineer Wilson
and Vioo ProhldLnt Iurdy had Uen
summoned by telegraph lo go on tho
Hannibal division of the Missouri Ivan
sua und Toxn4 where Important busi
ness demanded immediate attention
The two o31clbj w ho will open tho bids
were duo to arrive in 1arsons this
morning and they will probably uttcud
to this Important matter to day Tho
bids no doubt will be kept a secret un
til Monday
Passenger brakeman W O Canfleld
has resigned his position with the Mis
souri Kantfas ondTexas and left to day
for the uorth
Claim Agent Lomasnoy camo In from
tho south to duy to spend Sunday at
Passenger No 5 Houston and Texas
Cent ml was again late to day
Division Biqierln tendon t Maxwell
came up to day on No 2 from a trip
to Waco
Trainmaster A D Bo t hard returned
to day from Henrietta where he had
been on a tour of Inption Ho re
port matters In excellent working
C ii Barrel chief clerk for Train
master Ifethard contemplates leavlug
nnxt week for Springfield III on a
visit to rolatlvos Mrs Barrel and
babies nro already there having left
ten days ago
Wabhinqton Oct For Eastern
Texas local showev south fair north
ern portion southeast winds
Subscribe for Tuu Gazette
3o Ho Answer Long Letters
Vaunting Personal Fidelity1
In a Plain Sensible Way He Kept a
Copy loo
Which Hi Didnt Havo to Hide or to Burn and
Hera It Is Tell Tell Tell tho Truth
Ilosg at Denlon Harrlly
On the Situation
Tho following telegram was recelrwl
A LMaUock yesterday and fully
oiins itsclti
Niw Yonit Oet a
A I Matlock chairman Fort worth
I called on Mr Cleveland this morn
ing and In course of conversation asked
him if it was true nsrouorted In Texas
that ho luul wtltton n personal letter to
W JI Murray endorsing the candidacy
of Governor Hog to which hO replied
i nave written no personal leiier
Not lung slnoo I received a long let
ter from Mr Murray containing strong
expressions ot pertonnl filendllness
and cnthusium far party fuccom In
answer to which 1 wrote this letter
fruullng from cvpyj
iinsx Gammh tJopt is 1392
W H Murray Vj Cursivana Tex
My Dkak miii I thauk ou for your
letter August 31 and deslru to awuro
you that I uppreclato your pergonal
lriendllnossand jour xeal and stead
fastness in the Ikwucratlacuuso Yours
From which It will bo mien Mr Mur
ray has no letter from Mr Clevulaud
endorsing unv thing
John N Simpson
llnllnt 1uiitlcHt NW
DALtAB OcL SrSiwcial1 Gen
W L Cabell has just rulurmv from a
trip to Virginia North and South Car
olina Tennchseo and Alabama Ho
watubsenta month and kopt Ills eyo
jkolcd as to tho political coupltlons In
thOriOstatos A iorresMHideil of TllH
uaxkttij liujoym a oriel cnat wun
OId Tigo ui day Ho returns In ox
collent trim und says work on tho mon
ument lo Jeffersou at Klrhmond has
begun and that it will bo one of tho
most stalely eoluninn of marblo
in the United States Spouklng of
ivittk tuo old wairior mild Thero
is a fierce struggle going on In Vir
ginia uui me jxituoerais win win uy
amajotlty ranging all tho waj fiom
000010 y5lJ0 In North Carolina I
houid Con Adlal HtevchsOn steuk
soeral times and I never saw such vuH
uudienoes in my life Why Urn v hulo
state U amused and tho
electoral v ote of Nut th Cm ollna
is ui txruiiu to bo coiit forCluvelaiid
and Stevenson as tlmt Texas will go
ijomocraiic houui uaituitui iJjmocmts
have irfituliud up a truce and both fac
tions ure puuing logemur iiie oja
tlmu majoilty Is usured Tiny told
mo in Georgia that Governor Northern
win w ru eiocuMi ny mo oiJuni nu
uy ana mat m iiineK win imry
m WatHou In thn Auiriwta dUlriet
In Tonuosseo thora Is no danger
01d Pete Jurney will triumph over
WiiHton tho Uopublican Governor
John IE Buchanan will cut no figure in
the contest Tennessee Is all right
Tho Alabama- Domocraoy has just
cmorgod from a most exciting contest
with victory perched on its banner
IColband the disaffected elements huvo
olcctoial ticket but the Diiuociuts as
sure mo thoiels no danger whatever
Alabama will spen out Woav or and Its
electoral lotos will bo counted for tho
DeiuoeiaUebtaudni dbiururs Tho fact
Is the Third party has gone to pieces In
those states und Cleveland and Steven
son will receive tho united supwrt of
the solid fouth
Tho Clark imii of Jewulln a llttlo su
burb of Dallas havo organ Ired ft Clark
and Clcvelund club with fift ouo mem
bers with Colonel 1 Fitzhugh a prosl
donL Tho boys say thty will carry
Jewclla liands down on November 8
It Is luinorcd hero to night that
Major Frank Oliver of Oak Cliff con
templates ostablNliingu weekly news
paper In that city at oneo It will ad
vocate Jiulgo Clark and turn Texas
Auolphus Zadck of Corulcunu N B
Moore of Port Worth Captain O T
Lyon of Bhoiman und u number of
other prominent ltapubllcun polltlclaiis
wero in tho city to day
Gov Hocir left fui Denton this morn
Senator Coko ex Governor Llhbock
and Col Jake HodgoH ivmalu over and
will depart tor their respective homos
to morrow morning
Hoffir Look tmre Worn
Gov Hogg arrived In tho city hist night
and wa4 driven to tho residence of ills
Judge H C Ferguson
Ho rest d well du Ing tho night but ut
i p m Sunday when ThiiGazettk re
porter called ut tho Fergusou roslduueu
whcix tho governor held an Informal
reception ha was looking care worn
and heavy eyed He seemed in good
spirits however and Mild he would bo
Ilcctoo by a handsome majority Col
F E Plner Col A Griffith Cunt II
H Dawson Hon C C Bell Judge
Davidson CoL Fowler Hon E O
Smith ind Hon A C Ousloy were
among the guests present
In the course oi the conversation the
governor asked Capt E C Smith who
is a candidate for state venutor how he
could help him In his canvass and
Smith and Pluer und Ouster straight
May replied that Smith dldu L need
auy help it wai n question of how
Smith could hoi him tho governor
The utmost good fooling prevailed
und when THE GazbtT scribe left the
governor looked as if ho was anxious to
get to his room to secure much needed
rest for his ipeoch at tho courthouse
cuvtuoci rirsoii
pjiiLAErPiuA Pa OcL 2 Chair
man Harrlty of the Democratic na
tional committee camo over from
Now York Saturday to spend
Sunday with his family Mr Bar
rlty had an ox tended confer
ence with Cleveland Friday last during
which tho work of tho campaign wiw
reviewed and plurin for llm future sub
mtted t lcvtiand expressed himself
much pteafcod wiUi the work and was
quite gratified at thu outlook Mr
FHll3r A TITrsnnn
Harrlty believes Cleveland should
ronfce u fw public rddrosMe during the
Ctmpulgnbtit vfhelher or not ho flt do
bo is undetermined
Th 4rfll Wrd Clurk Cloth
1 ThoClsik clnhof thu Second ward
will hold an important meeting In the
county court room Tuesday evening
at 7 p m Tho meeting Is called at
that hour to that ns many as can may
reglskr lctwcen that time and S
Tho voters will ntahnvo nn opportu
nity of inipecllng an Australian bal
lot booth
Letevii y citlxon in tho second wan
who to In favor of turning Texas looco
como to thi meeting
Urrtlttiiu Wont TslU
CtUCAGO ILL OcL 2 Judgo Wal
ter Q Grcshain will neither utlirra nor
doiiy tho ftoiy printed in a Sunday
paper that he Intends a ollng for Gruvcr
Cleveland He wus seen to right by a
reporter of the AfMlated IVow but
refused absolutely lo say anything upon
mo maiier
The Disease Clalnis Fewer Victims Every
In Day-
At llnintiarc
IlAMnuna OyttS ni iylhroo frosh
cases and twentyftie death from chol
cta In this city yJilny
At Vtn
Paijis OcL 2Tadrtrno fresh
laves and ten deaths from the cholera
vostenlay i t
At Hr IVInrcliurgNi t
St Prtkkshuko OvL 2Tweuty
flvanow putlentsand twent lvodeuthd
from tho cliolera hero yestordaj1
In I ml i r4th
IJuua PrtTir Oot 2 It Is -officially
announced that this city U lufecttnl
with cholera Tho authorities state
the dlsonstj uw IntroduciHl through Iho
medium of impoi ted hides
At Moerlmkft
ItriUHSELH Oct 2 Choleia Jia
binken out at Mom boko a town near
Ghent and has already caused eight
Believed lo Be In CustodyTwo Men Charged
Wh the Crime In Travis Jail
Austin Tiis Oct JBwcIal
Sheriff Brookshlre of Williamson
county and City Marshal MCool of
Taylor brought In Noah Ainutrong
and Clntidtt Ijoflon charged with being
Implicated In the assassination of
Sheriff Olive
Tin men wore tirreMed yeatrtlAV
llm fnrinor at Nilntnun City and Lofton
at Camtrun Thero am now Ms men
tuidir arrest charged with having
coiumltted tho crime nndtho offioers
snyothev have bccured alt of the gang
Thci rofiwo howoor to divulge tho
evidence on whhii the arrete wero
mudo but which is understood to bo
pmvly clrouinshinUivf
OltrMHOHA Citv o i Oct 27
ffijKcIat Horses for tho races arrived
nil lost night and to day from Texas
Tidy Blackburn IMnt Whttnm J
M Brown Bonnie B and Beeswing
owners Crmn A Son Dulla
Sam Small Nettlo M Jack Hardy
Jr Shnmrork ltuth und Maud Cf
owned by J H Smith of Hockwull and
Daliai Oona owner Hunter
Mo Fat Moodslng of Duytou
has Buptist
1Uf iuii
atti llunsl2 hlu 17 errors 1 St
IjOuIb Huns JO hits It errors 1 Bat-
lerJes Mookin and Sullhtin
stein Carullmrs Bjcktey
oeconu ganio rivo innings vincin
nail Kuns 4 hits 8 errors 0 St
txtuts Huns 1 hits 2 on ors 1
tPi loH CliiimlHrnIrt nnil KTnridirf Cur
uthors Buckley aud Biiggs Umpire
S113 dcr
Indian Currency
Simla Oct 2 Tho vleerov has
Itocu Informed that a com ui it bad has
been apolnted with Mr ITorscjIieli ut
nitttldcnt to advise the Imperial
eminent on the expediency of modify
ing tho Indian currency act
ftenan Deal
Paiiis OcL 2 Joseph ErnestRenan
dUUngulshod phllogogist and author
iltul Lurty to duy after a lung 111-
1 1 1
A A Chapman a Dublin banker hi at
tho Plekwiek
Editors Duemus and HobJnwn of
tho Dallas News wfre In tho cty yo
tei day
J ild go Bramlutte of the land ofllou at
Austin woslu the city ywtoi day und
nisxleTUK GAZWTF a jiloaaant vail
Capt M D Lloyd Is home agalu after
a month or combined pleasuro and but
nowt In the cities of St Louis Chicago
and New York
Dr II C Whitehead Icav es this morn
ing for Nashvllld Tcnn whoro ho will
attend another five months term at tho
medical department of Vandcrbllt tinl
Mr and Mrs II W TtUlant will re
turn home via tho H mta Fe this morn
ing from an oxtendoi tip to tho oojL
Mr TsllanL our jwiplo will b glad to
learn U fully restored to health und
coinos back to renew his work in bo
half of the citys growth
M W Johnson of Itaska passed
through tho city last tilght on his way
to Decatur where he upoakb in4 the iu
terost of Judgo Chirk At Petty La
mar county he organised u Clark club
offoittwo whoro Clark had only ono
vote to 125 for Hogg in the primary
C C Mills of Throckmorton was in
Fort Worth yesterday Investigating IW
merits as a local t -at tie market and ho
proposes to sell hum in thu future as
long as ho can gut fair prices In his
experience- not for two years post havo
th cftttto gone into the winter nltb as
prouptcU all fat now and l aago
nexcvdlent condition Mr Mills runs
the E L M bar roach

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